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missing nerd!reader and eren rn real bad…..
“shut. the. fuck. up.” eren growled in your ear slapping his palm against your mouth to mute your pathetic moans. it was no use of course you both knew good and well when he fucked you like this it was damn near impossible to stay quiet. the front of your body was pushed against the wall while eren fucked into from behind not even caring anymore if someone saw what the two of you were doing. you were supposed to be tutoring him again but of course your neediness got the best of you and that’s how you ended up here getting fucked stupid in the back of the library. “what do you think everyone would say if they found out the smartest girl in school was a slut for my dick? that i’ve fucked you completely brain dead to the point where you forget your own name? think they would believe me? probably would since everyone knows the shyest girls are the biggest whores,” he chuckled bringing a hand up to squeeze at your breasts over your button up shirt. “i bet since i gave you your first good fuck all you think about is sex huh? it’s okay baby i know you can’t help that you have such a slutty pussy, but it’s my slutty pussy now right? all mine to play with and fuck?” a wicked smile made its way onto his face when he felt your lips move against his palm but no words would come out. eren let out a low groan seeing your slick began to stain his dress pants and he should be mad but he just couldn’t—no not when you were squeezing him so damn good. you could tell eren was close by the way his hand pressed harder against your mouth and his pace had begun to turn sloppy and you were more than happy to let him fill you up and send you on your way but eren had other plans. “s-shit turn around t-turn around,” he gasped removing his dick from your pussy, jerking himself off until his cum had painted the crotch part of your pink lacy panties in pretty white streaks. eren pulled your panties up and gave you a sweet kiss on the forehead before tucking himself back in his pants making a mental note to change out of them before he left. “that was good shit y/n i’ll see you same time tomorrow? and this time wear those crotchless panties i got you ‘kay? these just get in my way,” he chuckled pulling at the elastic of your panties before letting them snap back into place.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
among the amaryllis | 02 | levi x reader
synopsis ↬ every week, you secretly leave flowers by levi’s door in the hope to eventually woo him. unfortunately, your plan fails horribly as levi suffers with hay-fever and thinks that someone is pranking him.
chapters ↬ one, two
themes ↬ fem! reader, 18+, flower shop au!, unrequited love, pining, mutual pining, secret admirer, fluff, falling in love, slow burn, angst, eventual smut, wet dreams, make up sex, rough sex, oral sex, mutual masturbation, touch starved levi, army veteran! levi, florist! reader, levi suffers with ocd, reader is a short ass like levi
word count ↬ 5.2k (semi-edited, lowercase intended)
a/n ↬ as requested by a lovely anon that i received the other day, here we are with another chapter ~ i hope that you enjoy this one, and as always, if you do, pls reblog to boost ♡
likes, reblogs, follows and replies are appreciated ~
Tumblr media
two days pass before you see levi again.
you’re awaiting a delivery from your usual supplier, repeatedly eyeing the small alarm clock on the far side of the counter as you busy yourself with a large order of yellow roses. it’s another warm day, and today, you’ve used one of the trolleys to prop open the entrance door in the hopes to encourage the humidity outside. it does little to filter the air, however, and it isn’t long before you’re taking a break to try and switch on the large air-conditioning unit. however, the machine is notorious for breaking down on you, and it’s because of this that you rarely attempt to use it. but today, you’re desperate enough to precariously balance on the top of the stool that you’ve swiped from behind the counter. you’re too busy pressing just about every button on the blasted device, other hand thumping down on the lid, that you don’t register the sound of footsteps until it’s too late. 
‘i don’t think you’re supposed to hit it like that.’ 
startling, you release an embarrassing shriek, followed by a curse word that is expelled from between your lips, and your entire body wobbles dangerously. a pair of warm, strong hands reach out to grip your bare thighs in order to stop you from falling, and when you turn your head, it is levi who happens to be your saving grace. you’re sure that your expression reads as embarrassed as you feel, and you stammer out a rushed apology. 
his expression is passive as he slowly pulls his hands back once he deems you safe from falling, before offering his hand to help you from the stool, and you pray that your palms aren’t clammy, your hand easily slipping into his. 
once both of your feet are safely upon the ground, he takes a hesitant step backwards, eyes sweeping over your entire form. you can already feel your left eye twitching with annoyance as he regards your outfit with a calculated stare, and although he doesn’t comment, you’re not blind to his disapproval. 
‘you wear that to work?’ 
your eyes close, and any form of thanks that you’d previously planned to say are now quickly forgotten as you blow out a puff of air from between your lips. personally, you don’t see the issue with your clothes; a pair of mid-thigh, light washed denim shorts, and an oversized t-shirt that is tucked into the high waistband. your legs are bare, save for the dainty anklet that hange had gifted you after a trip to the seaside a few weeks ago, your feet stuffed into an old pair of sandals. it’s definitely a casual outfit, but it’s also weather appropriate, and you turn away from levi’s raised eyebrow. 
‘it’s warm,’ you point out, bending down to pick up a stem that has fallen from the counter. 
‘you’re inside,’ he counters, much to your chagrin, because even though he’s not exactly incorrect, you refuse to allow his matter-of-fact attitude to put a downer on your day. 
instead, you click your tongue at him, not realising that his gaze is still fixated to expanse of skin that is displayed before him. you’re too busy staring up at the air-con unit with a frown pinching between your eyebrows. 
‘any idea how to work one of these?’ your question snaps him out of whatever daydream he’s fallen into, and his eyes move up to your hopeful expression. 
he hums a non-committal answer and uses his shoulder to nudge you out of his way. 
‘you got a ladder?’ 
‘a ladder?’ you repeat, blinking at him dumbly. 
he looks almost annoyed by your answer, tutting loudly, ‘yes, a ladder.’ 
you tilt your head toward the storeroom. ‘yeah, but it’s all the way at the back—’
‘fetch it,’ he orders, turning his back to you to roll the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows. he’s busy running his fingers through his hair when he realises that you haven’t moved, cool eyes darting over to you once more. ‘well?’ 
you ask, exasperated, ‘can’t you just use the stool?’ 
his eyes narrow, expression twisting into one to display his irritation at your defiance. ‘i’m helping you, aren’t i?’ when you nod, albeit a tad dumbfounded by this fact, he says, ‘so go and get the ladder—i’m not risking breaking my neck on a shitting stool—not even for you,’ he adds under his breath, watching you huff, but spinning on your heel to do as he tells you to. 
you disappear into the back of the store, and as he listens to you rummaging around inside the storeroom, he crosses his arms over his chest and sweeps his gaze over the entire shop. he eyes what looks to be the sapling of some kind of fruit tree, his nose crinkling with disgust. even though he made sure to swallow down an antihistamine with his morning tea, he can still feel the irritating sensation of his eyes beginning to itch, and he has to press the tip of his index finger to his nose in an attempt to suppress the urge to sneeze. when you finally emerge from the storeroom, you pause upon seeing the reddening of the whites of his eyes, and your mouth opens with surprise. 
‘did you forget to take a—?’ 
‘i never forget,’ he snaps, all but snatching the ladder from your hands. you watch with mild amusement as he quickly muffles a sneeze into the crook of his elbow before straightening his spine and pointing a glare at you, as if daring you to say a word. you hold your hands in mock surrender, lips pursed in order to hide your smile, and you watch him climb the ladder, setting himself to work. 
whilst he does so, you decide to duck into the small staff room—only just big enough for a small kitchenette, a bookcase, and a couple of soft armchairs—and fill the kettle with fresh water. as you wait for the device to finish its cycle, you prepare a cup of earl grey tea. it’s not his favourite—no, that’s a sentiment reserved only for a special blend that is flavoured with cinnamon—but it’s the best you have in stock. you’re certain that he won’t settle for something as bland and tasteless as a cup of simple breakfast tea, so you go about pouring the freshly boiled water over the teabag, allowing it to brew for a short while before you remove it. you’ve remembered to forgo the milk, which is something you learnt the hard way after levi had literally thrown the tea—mug and saucer included—into the bin in a fit of complete and utter disgust. he’d then spent the best part of an hour explaining the importance of tea brewing, with a very detailed demonstration, which ended with an annoyed expression of how he didn’t understand why people felt the need to mix cow tit juice into their tea. after that comment, it had taken weeks before you’d bought a carton of milk again. 
the memory brings a soft smile to your face, one that you can’t get rid of, even as you’re entering the shop floor to see that he’s now leaning against the counter, with his arms crossed over his chest, having completed his job. there’s a strange grating noise that emits from the device in a worrying manner, but it’s working nonetheless, and there’s now a constant fan of cool air that circulates around the small room, and you’re thankful as the air is no longer stifling or uncomfortable. your smile broadens, and you offer him a thanks, leaning to press the cup of tea into his outstretched hands. as you do so, your fingers unintentionally brush over his, and you pause for just a second too long before you pull them away, avoiding his stare as you circle back around the counter to continue your work. he watches you over the brim of his cup, swallowing down a deep mouthful. 
you’re creating two piles of stems—one for those that are in an acceptable enough condition to sell, and one for those which are not—when you ask him, ‘not in work today?’ 
a thin black brow rises, and he snorts, ‘obviously not.’ 
your eyes roll at his reply, but you don’t look up long enough to see the smirk that is curling the corners of his mouth upwards. there’s a moment of hesitation, and then you dare to mention, ‘so... hange mentioned that you received flowers the other day.’ 
levi scoffs, evidently irritated as he taps his fingers against the ceramic of the cup. ‘that shit-faced, big mouthed moron—’ his chest heaves as he sighs, clicking his tongue as he does so, ‘it was just some idiot playing a prank.’ 
he doesn’t notice your hands stilling upon the second bundle of stems, taking another sip of his tea and humming his approval as his head tilts to peer down at the cup.
‘how do you know?’ 
‘hm?’ he’s humming again, downing the rest of his drink in one mouthful. 
you’re smiling, but even you can feel that it doesn’t reach your eyes. ‘you said it was a prank. how’d you know it’s a prank?’ 
he’s scoffing again, ‘i mean, it was obvious; they didn’t even bother leaving a note. just scribbled my name on some shitty little napkin and ran off like some child.’
you hide your wince by bending down to retrieve yet another stem that has fallen to the ground.
‘besides, everyone knows i can’t stand flowers. couldn’t stop fucking sneezing for an hour after.’ 
you straighten your knees to stand upright, discarding the stem onto the countertop. you don’t bother to look where it’s landed, already reaching for another. your voice is quiet as you then dare to ask, ‘what’d you do with them, then? the flowers, i mean.’ 
he looks at you, as if deeming your question a strange one, ‘threw them out, obviously.’ 
you were already dreading his answer, and you suppose that it’s one that you should’ve expected, given his reaction. but it still hurts to hear, and you wince as if he’s physically slapped you in the face. he frowns, lips parting to ask what the matter is, when you suddenly hiss, a sharp pain blooming across the tip of your right thumb. a thorn has snagged itself into the skin, and although you should now be used to the sensation, it stings when you pull it free, crimson now trickling down the side of your hand. a curse falls from your lips easily, and you spin on your heel, heading for the staff room. you do a thorough job of washing your hands, putting in a little extra effort as levi is now watching your every move having followed you into the room. when you dry them on the town hanging on the cabinet door, the bleeding has already stopped. your thumb, however, along with the uncomfortable lump that has formed in the back of your throat, still aches. 
levi eyes you carefully, your gaze now fixated to the ground when you finally turn to face him. he’s gentle as he pushes you out of the way so that he can wash out the cup he drank from before placing it on the draining board. and when he turns, he’s still frowning. your sudden change of demeanour has confused him, you realise, and you feel a little guilty as you know that his reaction isn’t entirely uncalled for. 
he doesn’t know that it had taken weeks for hange to convince you to build up the courage to confess your feelings, and in a last-ditch attempt to preserve your dignity, you’d compromised with the promise to leave flowers until you eventually felt comfortable enough to reveal the true depth of your feelings towards the dark haired, foul mouthed army veteran. 
so, you can’t really blame him for thinking that your gesture is nothing but a mere childish prank. 
and so, even though his revelation makes the corners of your eyes sting with the promise of tears, you force a wobbly smile and dismiss him with the excuse that you’re going to close the store for an early lunch. and of course, he stomps all over your plans to sulk by yourself in the comfort of your own home by offering to take you out to lunch. 
‘that’s okay,’ you mumble an excuse to try to reject him politely, climbing the ladder to flick the power button off the air-conditioning unit. the grating noise is silenced, and you don’t miss the way he loiters by the counter, watching you swipe the surface clean of any loose petals as you place the respective piles into two different boxes. they are then stored away into the back room, the door locked behind you. you take a moment to gather your belongings, and levi follows you to the exit, yanking the key from your fingertips. bewildered, you watch him lock the door, turning to you with an unhappy frown as he then stuffs the key into the front pocket of his trousers. 
‘uh,’ you start, pointing to where his hand forms a bulge in the fabric. ‘i kind of need those.’ 
‘you can have them after lunch.’ 
you’re not even allowed the chance to protest, the fingers of his free hand reaching to curl around your bicep. he pulls you after him, practically frog-marching you down the street. you’re unsure as to why he’s insisting on the notion of having lunch together, but the bite of his fingers digging into your skin is enough to warn you to not even attempt to escape. instead, you reluctantly follow, stumbling to keep up with his unrelenting pace. he decides on a small cafe just a few streets away, only releasing your arm when you’re both queueing up to place an order. you tell him to order for you, as this isn’t a regular haunt of yours, and you can’t help but stare at the movement of his jaw as he orders an arrangement of sandwiches, with more tea, your brows tugging upward when you hear him ask for earl grey. he pretends to not feel your knowing smirk scorning the side of his face. when the cashier asks if you’d like to sit inside or outside, levi snaps, ‘outside,’ eyeing the crowded tables with a distasteful look on his face. 
the food and drinks are paid for, after he’d literally slapped your hand away when you’d tried to pay for your half, and you start to weave past the growing queue behind you, aiming to make your way out of the humid building to find a seat outside. however, just as you’re reaching for the door handle, someone knocks into you from behind, and you hurtle forward, barely catching your balance on the door frame. 
before the poor man can apologise however, levi is gripping him by the front of his shirt and seething at him as if the man isn’t a good six inches taller than him. for such a short man, levi is definitely intimidating, and it shows as he uses his strength to drag the man toward you. ‘fucking apologise,’ he spits, blue eyes ablaze with what you can only describe as unrestrained anger. 
‘levi,’ you call his name in a poor attempt to calm the situation, ‘it’s fine—’
the stranger tries to push his way free, but levi’s grip only tightens, and from where you stand, you swear that you can hear the sound of fabric tearing. ‘oi, let me go! it was a fucking accident!’ 
‘levi,’ you try again. but he’s not looking at you, nor at the other customers who are nosying in on the altercation, his stare fixated to the man before him. 
‘apologise,’ he repeats the word through gritted teeth.
the man is glaring back and shoves a hand at levi’s chest. ‘fuck you, man—it was an accident. hey! tell your boyfriend it was an accident!’
your cheeks are aflame, ‘he’s not my—’
levi’s knuckles are strained white as he suddenly shoves the man backwards so harshly that he flies to the floor, hands darting out to break his fall. you wince at the thudding of his knees impacting with the ground, narrowly missing a nearby table. 
‘hey—!’ he starts to scramble to his feet, but he’s forced to still by the heel of levi’s boot pressing to his stomach. 
hands stuffed into the front pocket of his trousers, forearms exposed for all to see, and the strands of hair that hide his eyes as his head tips downwards, levi is certainly a sight to behold. and if it weren’t for the fact that he’s currently starting a fight with a man he doesn’t even know, you’d probably take the time to admire him. instead, you spot one of the employees shoving their way through the small crowd that has formed, and you step forward to reach for levi. 
‘levi,’ your fingers curl around his, attempting to tug him towards the door. but he doesn’t budge, not bothering to shake you from him as he digs his foot in harder. 
‘apologise,’ he orders a third time, voice low, thick with vexation. the man splutters below him, his hand locking around levi’s ankle, as if trying to push himself free once more. but he doesn’t have to try much harder, as you suddenly yank on levi’s hand, hard enough that he has no choice but to stumble away. his head whips to you, lips parted he begins to reprimand you, ‘what the fuck are you—?’ 
the rest of his sentence dies on the tip of his tongue as you pull on his hand, yanking him out of the building. somewhere behind you, the same employee manages to break past the crowd, following you out of the door. 
you rush off down the street, the two of you now running hand in hand, your fingers still intertwined with his. you run until you deem it safe enough to slow to a brisk walk, still tugging levi along with you. you’re just a few streets away from his house when he asks, ‘you going to hold my hand all day?’ 
you practically rip your fingers away from his, as if his skin has scolded yours, and you hope that your embarrassed expression isn’t easily read. when you dare a glance in his direction, his jaw is clenched, eyes pointed forward, his hands now fisted in the front pockets of his trousers. 
‘sorry,’ you murmur. you feel guilty that his lunch plans, no matter how simple they may have been, have now been ruined. his reaction is still bewildering to you, but his immediate need to defend you is enough to fill you with gratitude. you’re just relieved that you managed to pull him away before anything serious happened. 
he seems to understand the meaning by your apology, but still deems it unnecessary, the palm of his hand reaching to pat the top of your head, and you pretend that the gesture doesn’t make your stomach swim with giddiness. he hums, mood seemingly improved by the time you come to a halt outside of his home. he pauses by the iron gate and you discreetly look for any signs of petals on the concrete. when you don’t see any, you’re a little relieved. 
and then, much to your surprise, he tilts his head to glance at you from over his shoulder, ‘tea?’ 
‘he invited you inside?!’ 
you wince at the volume of hange’s voice, cringing as you lean away. 
you’re currently visiting the nearby park with both hange and erwin, sat on the spotted blanket that hange had packed away in the picnic they’d kindly prepared. again, it’s another sunny day, although slightly cooler, something which you’re glad for because you don’t think the burning on the bridge of your nose can take any more heat. the picnic has been set up under a large tree, and the three of you relax under the shade. you’re in the middle of recounting the details of yesterday’s happenings, hange definitely a lot more enthusiastic in their reactions than erwin, who simply nods, tilting his head every so often. there’s a knowing smile that has been fixated to his face since you started your story, and after almost an entire hour, the sight is starting to unnerve you a little. however, before you can dwell on it, hange’s hands are grasping your shoulders, and they’re sporting a smile that practically stretches from ear to ear. 
‘like, actually inside?’
when you nod, you’re a tad concerned by the inhuman squeal they then release. 
‘that’s a big step for levi,’ erwin translates, head tilted toward the sky. his eyes are closed, large frame taking up half of the blanket as he sprawls across it, his arms tucked under his head. ‘he doesn’t invite people inside.’ 
‘never!’ hange reiterates, bouncing in their seat. 
‘never?’ you ask, dubious. 
hange shakes their head so vigorously that you fear their glasses will fall from their face. these frames are new, as they’d proudly displayed upon their fashionably late arrival. ‘we’ve known levi since our army days and it took at least eight years before he told us where he lives. and an extra two before he let me even use his bathroom!’ 
‘probably shouldn’t brag about that, hange,’ erwin’s tone is laced with mirth. 
you share his sentiment, sparing a soft smile before you pick at the bunch of white grapes that have been packed into the basket. ‘there’s nothing to be excited about, anyway,’ you pretend to not see the way hange’s expression falls, ‘he threw the flowers away.’ 
‘he what?’ it is erwin who looks up, surprised. 
hange is frowning, ‘i didn’t think he’d actually throw them.’ 
‘you knew he was going to throw them away?’ you must’ve not been able to hide the hurt in your voice, as even erwin shifts his body until he’s sitting upright, his expression morphing into one of pity. somehow, the look on his face makes you feel even worse. hange shuffles on their knees until they’re sat directly in front of you, their hands reaching for yours. your bottom lip juts out into a pout, and your voice breaks a little, ‘maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all.’ 
‘nonsense!’ hange bellows, hands squeezing tight around yours. ‘he invited you inside,’ they breathe your name, voice desperate, ‘he wouldn’t do that if you weren’t special to him.’ 
‘you’re special to him. erwin is special to him—him inviting me inside his house doesn’t mean he feels anything towards me. i mean, why would he?’ you laugh, but it’s one that is fuelled by disappointment, ‘we’ve barely known each other six months—it’s not his fault that i was stupid enough to get too attached, so, really, i think we should just stop this now, before—’
‘you will do no such thing,’ hange snaps at you, dark eyes glaring as they regard you with a look of disapproval. ‘if you can fall in love with someone in six, short months, then who says levi isn’t able to?’ 
‘i didn’t say i was in love with him—’
‘look,’ hange’s voice is stern, and you attempt to cower back, only their hands remain glued to your shoulders, keeping you locked in place. ‘i’ve known levi for over ten years. i know how difficult he can be, and i know that he is an incredibly stubborn man—and he has a lot of anger stored up in that tiny body of his—but he cares. he cares a lot, and he’ll never say it, because, again, he’s stubborn, and he’s also kinda, sorta, definitely emotionally constipated, but that’s a story for another day,’ hange rambles, freeing one hand to push their glasses further up the bridge of their nose. ‘i know him. and erwin knows him. we all know him. the kids aren’t blind either, you know—we all see how he acts around you.’ 
‘all he does is criticise me,’ you point out. 
‘that’s his way of saying ‘i like you but i won’t tell you that i like you because having any form of sentiment towards other people is absolutely disgusting, so i’m going to nit-pick every single thing that you say or do to make it less obvious that i actually care about you very much’,’ erwin cuts in this time, picking at his fifth sandwich. ‘it’s a levi thing. you get used to it eventually.’ 
hange points at him, grinning as if proud of his evaluation, ‘bingo.’ 
you continue to pick at the bunch of grapes until you choose one to chew on, mumbling, ‘doesn’t change the fact that he threw them away.’ 
erwin looks at you pointedly. ‘he doesn’t know they came from you. if he had... well, actually, he’s allergic to pollen, plus, he’s... well, he’s him. so yeah, he might’ve still thrown them.’ 
your face immediately takes upon an accusatory glare that is aimed at hange, ‘see?! i told you it was a bad idea! let’s just give it up now and pretend—’
‘oh stop, don’t listen to him,’ hange waves a dismissive hand, ‘erwin doesn’t know what he’s talking about.’ 
‘shut up, erwin,’ hange’s smile is almost terrifying, and even you feel a tad concerned about the tall, blonde man, whose mouth immediately snaps shut. turning back to you, hange squeezes your shoulder in what you think is supposed to be a reassuring manner. ‘we’ll continue as planned; maybe if you do this every week, he’ll finally build up an immunity to pollen. that, and he’ll have no choice but to accept that it’s not a prank.’ 
you have high doubts about that, but don’t bother to voice them aloud. 
‘i’ll make him come shopping with me on saturday,’ hange thinks out loud, ‘or no, maybe not that, ‘cause he’ll try to get out of it, that little weasel. hm... is anyone’s birthday coming up? actually, no, he always gives everyone the same copy of edgar allen poe, even though no-one actually reads them... oh! that reminds me, when’s your birthday?’ 
you inform them of the exact date, the words mumbled with confusion warping your tone.
‘erwin, make sure you remember that, because you’ll probably have to remind me,’ hange is already jumping back to their plotting before erwin can even agree. he does so anyway, hiding a smile with the shake of his head. hange claps their hands in front of your face, the action making you start a little, ‘don’t worry, i’ll think of something. i’ll keep him out for as long as possible, you just have to make sure you drop the flowers off before he gets home. don’t use daises this time.’ 
you exhale, as you already know that there’s no use in arguing. in the short time you’ve known each other, you’ve already come to learnt that once hange has an idea, there’s very little in changing their mind. you easily accept your fate, with the nagging hope that maybe this won’t end horribly. and so, you concede to hange’s plan, but your nose crinkles as you remember something that levi had said, ‘he said something about there not being a note. should i—?’ 
‘no,’ both hange and erwin answer at the same time. 
‘bad idea, it’ll give him clues,’ erwin shrugs when you turn your questioning stare to him first. ‘he’s a clever bastard; he’ll figure you out straight away.’ 
hange is nodding, agreeing. ‘plus, he’ll recognise your handwriting.’ 
you frown, expression pensive, ‘i don’t think he’s seen my handwriting.’ 
‘still, don’t risk it,’ hange shakes their head. ‘just leave the flowers. different ones, maybe some roses. something really cheesy—that’ll get him thinking.’ 
you’re not entirely sure if you agree with their way of thinking—because surely roses are far more suspicious than daises—but when the three of you eventually decide to call it a day, you leave them with the promise to ditch the daises this time. 
for the remainder of the week, you’re surprised to see that levi’s lunchtime visit wasn’t just a one time thing. every day, at half eleven, on the dot, he visits with an array of different excuses. your favourite was a very blunt, ‘i was bored,’ followed by a loud sneeze that embarrassed him so much so, that he spent the remainder of his hour-long visit sulking in the staff-room. when he’d left, you’d saw that he’d actually spent his time cleaning the entire room, the overwhelming scent of citric cleaning products lingering for days afterwards. 
it is mid-week when he asks you to lunch again. 
you’re mildly surprised, but still, for the next two days, the two of you spend your lunch hours at the nearby park. it’s only a small space, with a pond, a small play area that looks to be abandoned, and a family sized bench that is comfortable enough. and of course, levi has a comment to say about the cleanliness of the table top, but when you snap at him to either sit the hell down or go home—further pointing out that it is far too warm for you to be dealing with yet another of his temper tantrums—he surprises you by obeying without another word. and when you peek at him after a few minutes of eating through a very tense, awkward silence, you swear that the tips of his ears are tinged pink. 
it is when you’re walking back to your shop when he says it, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck and his eyes purposely looking at anything but you. 
‘you don’t look ugly today.’ 
and before you can think of anything to say to that, he’s spinning on his heel and taking off in the opposite direction without so much as a goodbye. 
you can do nothing but stare after his retreating form, bewildered. 
come saturday, you’re still nervous. you’ve already prepared the box of flowers that sit on the coffee table in your small apartment, and as promised, there is no note. it’s peonies this time, and after checking over each petal with painstaking precision, you’re satisfied that these, at least, look a little fancier than the daisies had. you just hope, the box now clasped between two clammy-palmed hands as you slowly make your way over to levi’s home, that hange is correct with their prediction that maybe this time, levi won’t throw them away. 
today is yet another hot day, and although you’ve waited all afternoon for hange’s signal, you’d still waited another hour, just to be safe. still, waiting hasn’t saved you from the heat, as the sun is still high up in the sky, the air thick with humid. levi’s home isn’t far from yours—it’s just a mere ten minute walk away—yet by the time you’re crossing over the street to enter his front garden, your hair is already slick with sweat, the strands sticking to your temples in a way that it makes your shoulders roll, uncomfortable. you pause in the gateway, looking from left to right, and back again, just to triple check that he’s nowhere in sight, before you release a deep sigh of relief. but just as you’re bending down to place the peonies down onto the front step, there comes a voice that shyly expels your name from somewhere behind you, and you immediately feel your heart leap into the back of your throat. 
‘i knew it!’ 
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kinktober: 2022
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vixenpen · 2 days ago
Levi x Black Fem Reader (Intimacy)
Sex with Levi is attentive and gentle
Foreplay is an event and Levi pulls out all the stops🫠
Candles, scented sheets, oils, chocolates, aaall dat
He’s amazing with his hands and will knead sweet smelling oils into your brown skin
Licks the shell of your ear, warm breath tickling your neck
Massages your scalp through your soft coils while muttering his desires and lust into your ear🤤
You’re his: Baby girl, sweet heart, love, his heart
Coaxes you to moan for him
Slides his dick along your clit, between the lips of your pussy or the crack of your ass to tease you
He loves the way your dark eyes flutter close and the way you buck your hips back against him🤤🤤
Loves the sheen across your Melanated skin as he works you to your edge
Holds your hands while he strokes your gspot🫦
Favorite position is missionary 😩
He loved your soft body pressed flush against his hard pecs and sculpted abs, loves the humidity that builds between the two of you as you writhe in the sheets. Deep slow kisses, hips rolling against you, his pelvis grinding against your clit for that added sweetness. hand holding and deep eye contact
He definitely forces you to keep your eyes on him while he slow fucks you to your orgasm
Tumblr media
For @feelingsandemotionsnotexplored Because I accidentally answered the wrong request for you before 😂
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iwaizumis-bitch · a month ago
you can't makeout with him without it leading to sex. the moment your lips are on his for as short as 10 seconds you aren't leaving until he's pumped you full of his cum. the moment your lips are parting from his, eyes hazy and glossed over as you give him that delectable bambi eyed look, his cock is straining against his boxers as he guides your hips to align against his own, grinding up against you. it's his mind's weird way of functioning, he likes to think. most of your mornings start with a lazy makeout session, and with him knowing your lips are pressed against his, and that your body is right there, under a layer or two of clothing nearly always ends with you caged under his arms, a blush creeping up your neck as you beg for him to touch you.
atsumu, oikawa, kageyama, matsukawa, hinata, bokuto
eren, connie, jean (sometimes), reiner
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ilygetou · 15 days ago
SO OBSCENE ft. eren jeager.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING$: pervert! eren jeager x fem! reader.
C/W: dubcon, reader cries, hints of bimbo! reader, slight dacryphilia, creampie, slight fingering, and the rest is just eren being a pervert.
N0TE: this is my second eren head canon in a row :’)
Tumblr media
pervert! eren who ends being your partner on this science project — and by coincidence, the project was about female anatomy.
pervert! eren who acts all confused — acting like he doesn‘t understand what to do. he acts all dumb and confused, saying that he can‘t get himself to understand unless he gets to see the actual thing — he needs to see the realistic female anatomy. physical form.
pervert! eren who asks you if you could show him your pussy, and your boobs. he faked pouted, and lowered his voice — acting shy.
pervert! eren who got his plan to work, because you were so dumb and dense — so easy to convince, all it took was a few pleadings from eren to get you to say yes.
pervert! eren who had you bend over the table and face the wall, he hikes your skirt upwards — revealing your white panties to eren. he rubs his index finger on your clothed pussy causing you to let out a small whimper.
pervert! eren who moves your panties to the side — revealing your wet folds to him, your tight hole very visible to him. eren felt himself drooling at the sight — his cock twitching and throbbing in his pants.
pervert! eren who pushed his finger as your walls sucked his finger in, so eagerly. “e-eren? what‘s that..?” you asked — a moan following right after, “h-huh? oh! don‘t worry about it – just something to help me understand more.”
pervert! eren who‘s pants grew tighter at your obliviousness. thrusting his finger in and out of your gushing pussy, your slick dripping from the side, covering the floor.
pervert! eren who couldn‘t stand how tight his pants were, eren freed his hard cock that was already leaking with pre-cum. eren removed his fingers from your cunt, which made you let out a low whimper. he started rubbing his dick against your folds, teasing your entrance as your walls kept sucking his length in — eren only pulling out every time.
pervert! eren who couldn‘t stand it anymore, bullying his thick tip inside your tight cunt — making eren let out an audible moan. “eren...w-what‘re youuu—!” you were caught off with a sudden thrust of erens hips, his cock thrusting in and out of your cunt, your juices dripping and coating his balls.
pervert! eren who doesn‘t even try to hide what he‘s doing anymore — fucking into you as a fucking hungry animal, his hips jolting against you so fast and rough. you were on the other side, letting out loud moans as drool dripped down your chin, letting out moans of eren‘s name.
pervert! eren who doesn‘t even last long because of how tight your cunt is around his dick, he threw his head back as his hips quivered and cock twitched — stirs of eren‘s hot cum filling your pussy up.
pervert! who as soon as he pulls out of you let‘s out a whimper because he already misses being buried inside your warm cunt :(
“y/n...?" no response. “y-y/n, are ya’ mad at me?” no response. eren turns you around to find your eyes puffy and red, tears staining your cheeks, mouth wide open as drool was dripping down your chin. “felt so gooood” you slurred which made eren let out a sigh of relief.
pervert! eren who got hard because of how your face looked, you looked so cute and adorable. making eren want to go again.
pervert! eren who buries his face on the crook of your neck and mumbles about how it felt good for him too and how he wants to go again.
“wanna do it again, pretty please?”
Tumblr media
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getosarea-archived · a month ago
18+ content, minors do not interact
the category is boyfriends who love laying on top of you. they gently rest their heads on your stomach, wrapping their arms around your hips with a relaxed grin on their faces. you ruffle their hair and they glance up at you with a loving gaze. but the second you meet eyes with them, it changes to a look of mischief, and they slowly snake down your body, spreading your legs and slipping your pants off so they can take care of you the way they want to.
eijiro kirishima | touya todoroki | jean kirstien | bertholt hoover | osamu dazai | yuji itadori | yuta okkotsu | toji fushiguro | tooru oikawa | atsumu miya | kotaro bokuto | tetsuro kuroo | keisuke baji | hanemiya kazutora | hanma shuji
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tatakaebomb · 6 months ago
Feelings Mutual
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ꕥ Pairing : Dads Bestf Son Eren x Y/N
ꕥ Synopsis : Don’t put two of the worlds worst enemies in a bed together, not when ones so oblivious…
ꕥ Word count : 2.3k
ꕥ A/N : Sorry about inactivity last week :), gonna get to some asks this week
ꕥ TW : fingering, yandere themes, smut, enemies dynamic, finger sucking, cream pie, ass play, titty play, eren an ass hole, manipulation, non con, dub con, unconsensual semen spraying (idk what to call it but he jizz’s on dem tiddies), pet names, degrading, dacryphilia, vouyerism, somniophilia, mentions of blood, eren a pervert frrrr, masterbation, panty stealing, breeding kink, size kink, pussy cupping, azzzz eating, probs more 18+
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Your dad is your bestfriend, always so loving to you and spoiling you whenever you want. Getting you the bests gifts, spending time with you - there's nothing you could do without him.
But this request was too much, as lovely as he is, your dad was not worth the stress this boy is about to give you.
The boy that's tormented your life for as long as you known him, always grabbing the opportunity to call you a whore or steal your food, kick your foot under the table. But when you complain your the bad guy.
You don't know why he's had it out for you, ever since you've known him he's hated your guts, found you despicably undesirable, rolling his eyes at your presence and never making an effort even when you try.
But there's nothing you can really do about it
Not when he's your dads bestfriends son...
'Y/N atleast try interact with him, he's a nice boy' your mother spoke, laying the table out as your father sets up the barbecue.
The weather was beautiful, the sun shining and the heat was astronomical and that only means one thing - social gathering, and this social gathering of course involved your dads bestfriend, his wife... and his son eren.
Eren was tall, reaching around 6'3 with these pretty green eyes and his hair always thrown in a man bun. It's a shame his personality was no match to his looks, nothing but rude and ignorant, always on your ass and hating you for no apparent reason.
'But mom he hates me, I am nice to him but when I try speak he's just rude' you rant, pouring yourself in a glass of water as you scoff at the ring of the doorbell... guests have arrived
'Well y/n, I'm afraid you've gotta get along with him, for your dad right?' Your mother spoke, patting your head. Glancing over to your father as you could see how excited he was to see his bestfriend, a huge smile plastered on his face... only to see the nightmare next to him. Grey shorts hung on his torso as the white shirt gripped his skin, his hand reached out to shake your fathers, does he even try? Gosh he's so rude.
Around 30 guests came, all swarmed in the back garden as they say they hello's and hug you warmly. Today was the perfect weather to wear a pretty sundress, the perfect red and white one you've been so eager to wear ever since you brought it, synched nicely on your waist and not too short that it's completely inappropriate, but eren wouldn't see it as that - heck you could wear a ninja suit and he would still call you a slut.
'Y/N come over here!' Your dad called, your eyes flickering over to see his best friend grisha, his hand moving to nestle in your hair as he pulled you into a tight hug.
He was lovely, so sweet towards you, practically a second father. And it didn't help that his wife, Carla, was an angel. So helpful to your mother and such a gem towards you, so why did their son ascend from hell?
'How you been y/n!'
'I've been okay uncle grisha, how about yourself, I see you got a new set of glasses.'
'Oh! You noticed-' he flinched, small smile lingering on his face 'Been around a month and I'm sure eren over here hasn't noticed.'
Glancing over, you see eren at the barbecue, too busy flipping the burgers over to even notice his dad talking about him.
'Ah yeah, I'm fairly attentive'
'Y/N do you mind helping eren over there, I'm pretty sure he's burning the burgers...'
Fucks sake... 'Yes... of course' you beam at Carla, trying your best to hold back the tears pricking your eyes. Today was about ignoring eren, NOT helping him.
Trailing over to him, you could hear his scoff from a mile off. Phone turned off and shrugged into his pockets as he didn't even spare a glance towards you, continuing to play with the spatula and watch the oil splatter.
'Your gonna burn them.' You comment, knowing how much it hurts to even hear your voice.
'Yeah? Like you'd know, didn't think you'd be anything more than a whore let alone a chef'
'Oh please, from what I've heard your nothing less, fucking mikasa only to break up with her the next day.'
Placing down the spatula he turns to face you, looking at the way how the cup of your bra pushes up your boobs and the necklace that hangs down your cleavage reflects from the sun. Pretty red sundress enveloping your warm thighs and legs. 'Didn't you do the same thing with jean'
'We was never dating, and I've never had sex with him. Why? Jealous your such a sleaze and I'm not.'
Tongue poking his cheek, he lifted up the spatula, only to tap it at the flesh of your exposed breast.
'What the fuck?'
'Thought doing that would atleast make you take off your bra... we both know what you'd do for even a little bit of contact...'
'What the fuck is your problem?!' Your tone raised. Swatting the spatula out his hands and throwing it at him, the metal part hitting his nose and making it bleed. Hands moving to grab at it as you watch the blood drop all over him.
'Fucking psycho!' He shouts. Pushing you away as your family all gather round him, his mother quickly escorting him to the bathroom. Lingering stares quickly observing you, so quick to assume you did that on purpose.
'Y/N?! What the fuck?!'
'You two need to learn how to get along.'
Forced in your room, you felt the eyes of both yours and erens parents. Angry faces smitten on them as your dad continued to rant, so furious about what had just happened.
'I'm so embarrassed, on behalf of you both. More importantly you y/n, I cant believe you'd hit eren like that! I know you don't get along but...'
'But mom-'
'No buts! You two are sleeping in here tonight. I don't wanna hear anything about it' Slamming the door behind her, the room was left in utter silence. Eren sat behind you not even caring about what just happened, simply flicking through his phone whilst you sat at the side of the bed. Nose completely cleared up.
'Don't you care? Thanks to you, were having to sleep in the same bed'
'No were not. I'm taking the bed, you can sleep over there' finger pointing towards your small pink couch cradled towards the corner. Three lots of love heart pillows and a warm throw placed on top of it. No way are you sleeping there in your OWN room.
'What? No. This is my house, your lucky enough I'm even letting you sleep with me.' Arms crossed over your chest as you stare at him, his phone thrown on the bed. Tired green eyes flickering up at you with his expressionless face.
'Are you forgetting your the one who punched me?' Arms pushing him up the bed, walking to stand infront of you. 'Shouldn't you be more remorseful'
'Remorseful? Maybe if you hadn't been such a freak and-'
'Why the fuck are you shouting.' Hand moving to clamp over your mouth, eyes crossed peering down at his hand 'Such a trouble maker'
Pushing him off, you move towards your bathroom, wanting to brush your teeth and fall straight asleep in hope this is all just a nightmare.
The time was 11pm and you had just finished cleaning up, the sky was getting dark and most people had head home, you infact, were still arguing over the sleeping arrangements, only to finally come to the conclusion that you would share, as long as you face other ways.
Flicking off the lights, you move to take off your top and pants, exposing the lace croquet on your bra and panties.
'I'm not gonna fucking have sex with you so you can put your clothes back on.' He shrugs, pushing himself to the other side and pulling the duvet over his head, you climbing onto your pillow and turning off your lamp.
'I sleep like this, don't like it you can sleep on the couch.'
'Whatever, fucking whore.'
'Your topless too? What's the difference...?'
'Just... Shutup...'
'F-fuck y/n... shit...'
Your head rolled on your pillow, trying your best to fall back to sleep but the noises and heavy breathing filling your head was making it too hard.
'Eren shutup...' you grunt, rubbing your eyes and pulling the duvet over your head. The noise instead not quieting down.
The more you attempted to sleep the louder it got, ears occupied and head delirious about what was going on.
Quick jolting of his body and heavy pants catching you off guard as you lean up to see what was happening, only to be faced with the sight of him palming himself. Raw veiny cock broad in his hands, finger tips calloused and touching his tip.
Your eyes widened as you made eye contact with him, his instant reaction to grab the blanket and cover himself up, boner still clearly evident through the sheets.
'OH MY GOD...' you shout, crawling off the bed and hitting your back off the desk. Eyes still locked on how his girth grew through the sheets.
'SHIT Y/N-' He shouts, cheeks blushed and eyes peering right at you 'Stop fucking looking..'
'I cant... I- what the fuck eren?!' As disturbing as it was you couldn't erase the image from your mind, throbbing in your core causing your thighs to clench at how big he was. It was nothing you could've expected from such an unlikeable man. 'Didn't know you were a fucking CREEP!'
‘Don’t fucking blue balls me like that-‘
‘Is that what your seriously worried about?!’
'Get over it dumbass- fuck...' His fingers crawling under the sheets to tap at his cock once more, only for you to peer down at your body. White mess coated on where your nipples leaked out of your cups, he fucked himself to you? ON YOU??
'OH MY G-' Grabbing you get slams you on the bed, quick to cover your mouth and straddle your hips. Your hair splayed out on the sheets as you stared up at him in fear. Fear of how tall he looked on top of you.
'This is your fault... you fucking caused this...' your eyes looking down to watch him touch himself again, this time the tips of his fingers lightly tapping at your cunt every time he thrusted. Small moan escaping his pretty lips every time you moved under his touch. The flesh of your breasts rippling so gently. 'Always wearing these short outfits, always got these pretty tits out... fuck and you wonder why I hate you- so fucking untouchable.'
'You fucking creep!' You muffle. Eyes squinting shut as tears start to drop down your cheeks
He quickened his pace, head fallen back as he lets go of your mouth. Smile lifting off of him as he notices you liking this, such a naughty girl huh?
'Are you getting off to this?' He questions as he lowers his spare hand to your bra, pushing it below your tits and pinching at your nipples. Your head rolling to the side in shame and pleasure 'Oh fuck yeah, you are..'
'Shit eren- your such a perv...'
'Keep those pretty lips shut, only wanna hear your moans from now on.’ You gasp as he quickly cups your pussy in his hand, wetness adamant and almost leaking onto his fingers.
'Least you could- ah- do is touch me…' Words shared with hate and snark
He heard what he's been wanting to hear for a long time, hand darting down to rub at your wet pussy. Puffy clit standing out to him a mile off as you arch your back off the bed. The sight of you so much better in real life.
He's never hated you- not in a million years could he ever hated you. He just hated how beautiful you were, his phone camera filled with photos of your ass from your short skirts, room drawers stacked with your used panties, and mind occupied with the image of you on your knees for him, lips wrapped on his cock as he gets to face fuck you. Saliva dripping all over your face and dribbling down onto them pretty tits.
'Fuck- yes...' You moan, wrapping your arms around him and pulling him into a long kiss, his fingers pacing inside of you and before you knew it, you felt your core being split by his girth. Long veiny juicy cock, touching the brink of your stomach. You could almost feel it in your throat.
'Knew you'd like it hm?' Croaked voice echoed in your head as he jolted his hips inside your dripping pussy. Squelching noises occupying your words as your salty tears fell into his mouth. You tried your best to ignore how wrong this felt, but the feeling of him fucking you so good was better than what you could imagine, better than any man you've ever had... 'So tight for me.'
'Ah- yes...' words cooed as your tits jump at every action, his eyes glued too your contorted face and blushed nose.
'Yes what?'
'Y-yes daddy...' the gape of your mouth sent him feral as he watched how you collected the saliva at the corners. Small tongue lolling out as he picks up the loose cum almost dried on your chest and pushes it down your throat. His balls swelling at the sight of you sucking his fingers so well, pussy almost about to gush at how he was fucking your once half awake body.
'I'm gonna cum- gonna breed this pretty pussy so much- fuckkk you gonna wear all them short dresses and claim that ass as mine fucking finally...' Words mumbled off his lips as he continued to spill inside of you, drapes of sperm tipping your stomach as you wailed. Back arching off the bed and squirting all over his stomach a loud cry of 'Fuck!' Had your eyes going all teary and head foggy...
Catching his breath, he finally got off of you. Admiring how fucked out you looked on the bed, hair messy and face tired. Tits spilt from your bra and underwear holding on by a thread.
'Take off your panties.' His hand held out to you as you did what he said. Pushing them off your legs and throwing them at him, eyes glinting to watch him shove them into his sweatpants as he ties the drawstring back up. The cocky grin on his face never once leaving.
'Who knew you were such a fucking pervert eren... all along... no wonder you were fucking offended.'
His hand cups under your chin to pull you towards him, a long drape on your lips and a harsh slap to your ass had you winced.
'Ass up now, or else I'll be showing everyone this video of you. Wouldn't want that now would you? Your precious daddy watching you get fucked to his bestfriends son. How these tits shake just from the flick of my fingers' His phone held between two fingers as he mockingly hung it infront of your face, chuckling a small laugh as he watched how you spun around and pushed your naked ass towards his mouth, tongue licking at your hole as his large hands move to spread them eagerly.
'I hate you jeager.'
'Feelings mutual...'
Safe to say the morning after was nothing pleasant...
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oomiya · 4 months ago
𝐀𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 — college football player!eren.
Tumblr media
୨୧ ꒰ warnings ꒱ smut (mdni), virginity loss (fem), eren has a big dick (but we knew that), college!au, mentions of playboy eren (but he falls head over heels for you), pet names (baby), f!reader, fingering, cursing
୨୧ ꒰ word count ꒱ 1.2k 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
college football player!eren who’s known to be a bit of a playboy - but how could he not be? the most popular guy at paradis university and the star quarterback of the football team. eren had girls at his beck and call, his confidence and charisma radiating off of him in waves. he naturally drew people to him; one lopsided grin shot in their direction, and people would be flocking to him, completely enamored with his carefree and easygoing personality. eren jaeger was the university sweetheart, jumping from girl to girl but still managing to be so kind and sweet. it has girls’ hearts fluttering and their panties soaked. so imagine his surprise when the flirtatious eren jaeger, known playboy of the school, fell for you.
college football player!eren who’d recognized you as soon as he laid eyes on you in class one morning; they were mundane interactions, that he’d recognized you from: passing by in the hallway, seeing you laugh with your friends at the outdoor quad, sitting two rows in front of him in your chemistry class. however, somewhere along the line, eren had found himself hopelessly pining after you, desperate for those small interactions where you dropped your pencil and he just so happened to graciously pick it up for you. somewhere along the line, eren jaeger fell for you, and he fell for you hard.
college football player!eren who made sure his affections were known. one day, he sat next to you in class, offering a goofy, lopsided grin before setting his bags down next to him. “I’m eren, by the way. nice to meet you,” he said, gazing at you with sweet eyes and a cute blush on his cheeks. he said it as if you didn’t already know who he was - of course you knew who the eren jaeger was. what you didn’t know was why he was suddenly sitting with you. with a shy smile back, you returned with a sheepish “I know,” ducking your head so cutely that eren was sure his heart would beat out of his chest. from there, it was history.
college football player!eren who treated you so sweetly and gently. completely head over heels for you, he made sure you got a front row seat at all his football games, and when he caught you adorned in his jersey, with his number and his last name plastered on the back, he swore he never felt a high greater than that. he didn’t even care about the teasing remarks his teammates shot his way, large slaps on the back and congratulations for “scoring such a catch!” only further deepening his crush on you. and, after his game, when you ran into the field to embrace him with a tight hug, eren couldn’t help the way he spun you around, his body rushing with adrenaline. the squeals you let out boosted his ego, and with the way your lips brushed the curve of your ear, your sweet voice lilting with a: “congrats, ‘ren,” he also couldn’t help it when his dick throbbed in his tight pants.
college football player!eren who was overwhelmed with emotions later that night, with you lying all pretty in his bed, ready to give him your virginity. he wanted to be gentle, hovering over your bare body with such a delicate sweetness that it caused your head to swim. the way his fingers curled against your walls, pressing against your sopping folds to rub languid circles against your aching nub, had your head spinning, and eren wasn’t faring any better. he was entranced with how well your tight pussy took two of his fingers, eyes wide with adoration when you let out little moans of his name, your fingers clasping around his broad, muscular back to pull him closer to you. his lips dragged over yours when you pulled him down, his body covering yours as he pressed tender, languid kisses against your addicting lips. his shoulder length hair was down, the strands still damp from his recent shower as they formed a curtain around your head. you noticed that eren moaned a bit louder when you wound your hands through the strands, tugging lightly when he nibbled on your bottom lip.
college football player!eren who asked you a million times if you were sure about this, if you were ready for him. the airy laugh that escaped your lips was like music to his ears, and eren couldn’t stop the dopey, lovesick smile that took over his face when you cradled his cheeks. “I’m sure, eren,” you reassured him, and that’s all eren needed. he embraced you tightly, strong arms winding around your waist to pull your hips flush against his. he kissed you deeply, tongue licking into your mouth, overwhelmed with the smell and taste of you, as he so slowly pressed his cock deep inside of you. the sounds you let out were heavenly, and eren had to stop multiple times to prevent himself from cumming right then and there. he’d never felt better than in that moment, with your sweet pussy sucking him in, clamping down on him and massaging his aching shaft with your swollen walls. his hips stuttered as he cursed, pressing his forehead against yours as all the air was sucked out of his lungs. he felt dizzy and lightheaded as he pulled out again, drinking in your addicting sounds with with passionate kisses as he started lazily rolling his hips, grinding his cock deep inside you.
college football player!eren who couldn’t stop the praises from falling past his swollen lips, murmuring words of affirmation against your mouth as he held onto your hip. he angled it up, allowing him to press his leaking head against the cushy spot that made you see starts, clenching down even harder around him until eren was sure you were suffocating his cock. he swore again, muttering under his breath as he panted heavily against your lips. “fuck, feels so good, baby.” “you feel like heaven - g-god - so good to me.” “yes baby, stay just like that. I’ve got you, I’ll take care of you.”
college football player!eren who adored when you moaned his name, feeling your fingers dig into his back when he curled his body on top of yours, circling your clit in time with his deep thrusts. you swore you could feel him in your stomach, feeling overwhelmed with the intense emotions swirling in your heart for the sweet football player above you. eren felt the same, and even though it had only been a few months of dating, eren couldn’t help but confess to you, whispering confessions against your lips as you both came. “I love you - god I love you, baby.”
college football player!eren who, after that, got you a tiny necklace with his initial on it. he presented it to you proudly, a goofy grin on his face as he helped you put it on. “so everyone knows you’re mine,” he said, and it wasn’t in a possessive way; no, it was in a pure way, a sweet way - evidence of his love for you. when he fixed the clasp, eren made sure to spin you around, his heart pounding in his chest and a cute blush littering his cheeks.
college football player!eren who never expected to fall for you, but was so glad that he did.
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sukunababy · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
— Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlert, Jean Kirschtein, Reiner Braun, Levi Ackerman x f!reader
cw. mdni. daddy kink, size kink, creampie, praising, riding, doggy, oral sex, dirty talk, mild degradation — rbs are appreciated — m.list
Tumblr media
"Look how this little cunt swallows me so well" Eren snaps with a smirk on his lips, his thick cock disappearing between your glistening folds as he pushes his hips against yours.
His fingers press to the sides of your throat as he fucks you pressed to the mattress, your legs on his broad shoulders, "Daddy, harder" you mewling squirming under his thrusts.
Your cunt stretches as Eren buries deep inside you, "say it again" he murmurs grabbing your ankles and pushing roughly against you, your cream making a mess on his shaft as you come, "say it baby, who's making you feel good uhu?"
"you daddy" you babble, eyes rolling in the back of your head and fingers gripping the sheets as you are slammed back and forth, "that's it — fuck uhu, good girl" Eren sighs kissing your ankle as he stains your clenched walls with his thick seed.
Tumblr media
Armin's cheeks heat up and turn pink as you keep bouncing on his cock, "Daddy, feels so good" you babble holding onto his chest.
Blonde wisps cling to his forehead and when he gives a harder thrust with his hips you fall on him, "let daddy take care of you" he murmurs in your ear wrapping his arms around your tiny body and beginning to fuck his cock into you.
You gush quickly onto his shaft and your walls tighten as you come around his cock, "that's daddy's girl" Armin praises you grabbing your hair and lifting your face from his shoulders, pressing a sloppy kiss to your puffy lips, "so, so good".
Tumblr media
"Shit, you're tight" Jean moans as he thrusts his hips against your ass sloppily, your pussy clenching around him as he holds you down with your head on the pillow.
"Tell Daddy how it feels to have a fat cock in your pretty cunt" he moans holding your cunt lips open to watch you make it disappear, "come on baby, tell daddy" he yells at you with a resounding slap on your ass.
"Daddy is ..." you meow clinging to the headboard, "Daddy makes me feel so good, it’s so good", Jean roughly squeezes the fat of your ass as he snaps against you, cream gathering on the base of his cock as a slow spasm builds your orgasm.
"Yeah, only Daddy can make you feel this good," he moans as your pussy tightens on his sensitive cock and his thick balls empty into your gut, bulging your belly and making you full and swollen, "only Daddy".
Tumblr media
"Da-daddy m-more" you stutter, Reiner's fingers in your cunt as his lips suck on your puffy bud.
Your walls tighten around his thick fingers as you slide your hands into his hair and ride his face, "are you coming?" he moans licking and nibbling on your nub, your cream sticking to his fingers and his smile growing and you can feel it pressed against your pussy.
"Mh I can feel you coming" he moans resuming pushing his fingers inside you, curling them into your spongy spot, "so pretty when you cum, give it to daddy, give it all to me" he whispers running his tongue over your swollen clit.
The words come out slurred as you come on his tongue, "daddy daddy daddy" you meow making Reiner smirk, "yes, come for daddy, pretty girl".
Tumblr media
"Let me make you feel good, Daddy," you put emphasis as you say the last word and squat between Levi's legs.
His cock throbs as you grab it in your hand and squeeze it in your too-small fist. When you give it a quick lick he gets nervous, his fiery eyes nailing you, "don't tease, Daddy's not in a good mood".
Levi's face relaxes as you swallow his shaft, your throat swells as you take him in and tears gather at the sides of your eyes. Drool slips down your chin falling to the floor and as you begin to bob your head up and down you manage to take him in deeper, the way he likes it.
"Yeah, that's right, my girl knows how to make daddy happy" Levi moans grabbing your hair and holding you down on his throbbing cock as streams of cum slide down your throat, "you'll swallow every drop just like a good slut" he moans, his eyes rolling back as he empties his balls into your mouth making you choke on his shaft.
Tumblr media
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shawtuzi · 3 months ago
“She say I’m obsessed with thick women and I agree”
cw include: chubby reader, black coded reader but you can picture her however you’d like <3, slight talk of body image, size kink, drug and alcohol use, basketball player eren bc that deserves a warning, oral both receiving, unprotected sex, choking n a little manhandling, pussydrunk eren, squirting, lots of dirty talk and praise, mating press, sex standing up, backshots, creampie, eren has an abnormally huge dick...i think that's about it///wc: 4.3k
Eren Jaeger was known as a legend on campus. Not only on the basketball court but with the ladies as well. If you had a girlfriend it was common knowledge to keep her away from him because lord knows once a girl catches sight of him all morals are thrown out the window. Fortunately he did have a type; short and little on the chubbier side. Of course Eren thought all women were gifts from god in their own way but something about manhandling a chubby short girl into any position he wanted until she was crying made his dick jump every time he thought about it.
That’s where you come in.
It was a Friday night after a game and per usual there was a party in Eren’s honor seeing as though he carried the entire team through their last game of the season. Eren was sitting on the couch nursing a red solo cup filled slightly with Hennessy taking small sips every now and again (eren is a dark liquor type of man i wont be elaborating). In the other hand he had a blunt pearled and ready and to be lit until he laid eyes on you. “Holy shit…” he whispered, taking your physique in.
Short was one way to put it, everyone in the room was basically towering over you. The tight black dress you were wearing hugged your curves in the best way possible, the skimpy material barely covering your ass. “Hey Con” Eren grunted slapping Connie in the chest but not once taking his eyes off of you, “who the fuck is that.” Connie looked in your direction and smirked, “that Y/N but don’t even waste your time she just got out of a breakup with Jean he dumped her” he chuckled making Eren roll his eyes.
Jean was the schools quarterback as well as the frat president of the house he was currently partying in. Eren had now noticed you were following Jean around like a lost puppy trying to get his attention but he ignored you pretending you weren’t even there. Poor baby he thought to himself his heart wrenching when he saw tears brim your eyes. You were about to just call it quits and leave but Eren was quick hopping off the couch and right in front of you. “U-um excuse me” you mumbled, bringing your eyes up to the gorgeous emerald ones above you.
“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you I just saw how upset you were looking and was wondering if you wanted to share this?” he smiled holding the blunt in front of your face. You bit your lip contemplating if you wanted to take the risk of being seen with Eren. The girls here were very protective and cutthroat when it came to him plus Jean was not too far away and- what were you thinking??
“Yeah sure” you gave Eren a small smile and he beamed, grabbing your much smaller hand and bringing you to his previous spot on the couch. “I don’t think there’s enough ro- oh!” you gasped when Eren pulled you onto his lap, his arm finding purchase wrapped around your back. Normally you would’ve gotten right back up and just found literally anywhere else to sit but it felt oddly comforting being in Eren’s strong arms. “So what’s wrong you looked like you were about to cry back there” Eren chuckled lighting the blunt as if he already didn’t have a good idea.
“Well…my boyfriend broke up with me and I thought if I got all dressed up he would- I don’t know it’s stupid. He’s stupid” you pouted and it took everything in Eren not to kiss the adorable pout off your face. “Well for what it’s worth I think you look beautiful” Eren smiled passing the blunt to you, “if I was Jean I wouldn’t let you go for anything in this world.” You were absolutely speechless. Was the Eren Jaeger coming onto you? There’s no way.
Instead of responding you took a couple drags of the blunt trying to ignore Eren’s intense stare. His words kept on replaying in your mind like a broken record until you decided to speak up. “You really think I look beautiful? To tell you the truth I wasn’t so sure about this dress” you giggled starting to feel the effects of the drug. Your body image was never really a problem for you until you met Jean, it’s not like he ever straight up told you but the little microaggressions he would make here and there made you a tad self conscious.
Eren smirked, tightening his hold on you, “of course I mean it Y/N I don’t know if anyones ever told you but I prefer my women on the thicker side. A little tummy on a woman never hurt nobody” he laughed downing the rest of the Henny that was in his cup. By now Eren was the kind of fucked up to where he’d say whatever was on his mind and by the looks of it you were hanging on to his every word. “To be truly honest with you it’s probably a good thing the two of you broke up, Jean wouldn’t have any fucking idea what to do with all this” he whispered the last part in your ear making you whimper quietly.
“Can’t believe I’ve never seen you before, why were you hiding from me?” he chuckled, pulling you impossibly close until your faces were inches away from each other. “J-Jean didn’t want me going to your games, but I did go tonight which is probably why he’s not talking to me” you laughed breathlessly, “you did really good tonight I never actually realized how tall you were until I saw you next to all the other players.” You couldn’t help but trail your eyes to his abnormally large hand rest on your thigh squeezing it every so often.
“Well I am six-seven so yeah I’m pretty tall, I’m assuming you’re about four-eleven? Five foot?” he smiled, giving your thigh another squeeze. In the corner of his eye he saw Jean standing in the kitchen, smoke practically coming out of his ears at the sight of his ex-girlfriend in Eren’s lap. Before you had the chance to answer his question Eren lifted you off of his lap with ease urging you to stand up.
“Let’s get a drink yeah?”
Eren enveloped your small hand in his bringing you to the kitchen, completely ignoring Jean. He grabbed an empty solo cup pouring a shot of Henny into it, “drink up!” he smirked holding the cup in front of your face. You shakily took the cup out of his hand and he could tell you were hesitant so Eren being the sweetheart he was decided to help you out. He leant against the counter and pulled your back into his chest. It took all his willpower not to pick you up and fuck you on the counter with everything he had but he managed. “I’ll take this” he mumbled, grabbing the cup from you and wrapped his other hand around your throat making you squeak in surprise. “Now tilt your head back, open your mouth, and swallow” he grunted and you complied making a smile grace his face once more. He poured the foul tasting liquid down your throat until there was nothing left, “good girl” he whispered in your ear squeezing your neck softly before letting go.
You turned around and looked up at him lust swimming in your bloodshot eyes,”Eren” you whimpered clutching onto his hoodie. “C’mon follow me” he growled, grabbing your hand once more and dragged you upstairs but not before shooting Jean a wink, a quick way of saying ‘I just took your girl and there’s nothing you can do about it’.
Eren went into the first room he could find that was unlocked and pulled you in pushing you roughly against the door once it was shut. “You want me?” he asked tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, “because I sure fucking want you.” You couldn’t speak too horny to even function. It was embarrassing. “Haven’t even touched you yet and you’ve already gone dumb how cute. Just nod your pretty little head and I’ll take care of you Y/N.” You were nodding before he even finished talking, feeling your wetness begin to trickle down your thighs.
Eren pushed his hand under your dress cupping your sensitive pussy, the both of you moaning at the contact. “Shit you’re fucking soaked. Good thing too I’m gonna need to prep you before you take me” he growled rubbing your clit over your panties. You brushed your hand against the bulge in his pants gasping at how thick he was, “I’m not even fully hard yet either I’ll let your imagination run wild with that while I eat your sweet little pussy ‘kay?” Before you could reply Eren was on his knees hoisting your thighs over his broad shoulders. Being the good girl you were, you bunched your dress up to your waist giving him better access to your soaked center.
“That’s my girl” he whispered, pressing multiple kisses to your thick thighs sucking on the soft skin every now and again. “Don’t worry about me dropping you either, you weigh as light as a feather to me” he smiled, making your heart flutter. He could sense the hesitation on your face the second he picked you up and had to let it be known now and so on your weight would never ever be a problem in his eyes for as long as you would let him indulge you. “Eren you’re too- oh my gosh!” you squealed when you felt him lick, kiss, and suck at your pussy over your panties, the mixture of your wetness and his saliva soaking the material further.
You pulled your panties to the side to give him better access and his eyes nearly popped out of his head at the sight of your dripping, bare pussy in front of him. “Oh Y/N…” he whispered, making your heartbeat quicken negative thoughts beginning to swarm in your head. “I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to leave you alone after this, you’ve got the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen…never wanna let you go” he spoke more to himself than you. He licked a fat stripe up your pussy then wrapped his lips around your clit, his eyes rolling back at the taste of you. Sweeter than he imagined.
His shoulder length hair that was usually in a bun was down tonight and although he did look beautiful with his hair down from this angle it was slightly affecting his performance. “Baby” he grunted looking up at you through his eyelashes, “would you tie my hair up please it’s getting in my way” he chuckled, pressing a soft kiss to your clit. “Mhm” you whimpered, taking the hair tie from him with shaking hands. “You’re a doll” was all that was said before he dove back in, bringing your body closer to his face. Tying his hair up felt like mission impossible every time you bunch up his hair enough to tie back he would suck hard on your clit faltering your grip, almost like he was doing it on purpose.
“E-eren you’re making it- ah really hard to do this” you whined almost giving up until you felt a slap on your thigh. “Put my hair up or you aren’t cumming” he smirked spitting on your pussy before lapping at it once more. You moaned pathetically letting your head fall against the door and just when you thought it couldn’t get worse you felt something push against your entrance. “Ease up for me baby it’s just one finger” he chuckled, pushing his finger in slightly groaning at how tight you felt around him. “Just o-one?!” you gasped gripping at his soft locs. “Yeah and I actually think you’re ready for two now yeah?” he sent you a wicked smile before shoving a second finger in without warning.
The obscene squelching of your pussy made your cheeks heat up in embarrassment but Eren didn’t seem to care curling his fingers in a way that had you dripping on his palm down to his wrist. You bit your lip impossibly hard and tied Eren’s hair up sloppily strands of hair falling out of the bun by the minute. “There it’s tied up can I cum? I need to Eren” you whimpered feeling your thighs begin to shake. “Of course you can baby be a good girl and cum on my tongue” he growled bringing his mouth back to your pussy. Within minutes you were cumming high pitched moans and whines escaping your lips, “E-Eren” you huffed out attempting to push his head away.
With one last kiss to your clit Eren pulled away setting your legs down gently, standing at his height once more he brought his fingers to your lips a single to open your mouth. You sucked on his fingers greedily gagging slightly at how big they were. He pulled them out of your mouth with a string of saliva connecting to your lips, “you know I haven’t even kissed you yet and here you are sucking your cum off my fingers…cute” he smiled squishing your cheeks together. “You want me to kiss you Y/N?” he whispered resting his forehead against yours and you nodded tears brimming in your eyes at how bad you actually wanted him.
Eren licked his lips taking in how adorable you looked before pressing his lips against your shoving his tongue in your mouth. One hand was wrapped around your throat squeezing ever so softly while the other was possessively gripping your waist. Eren was relentless, barely letting you pull away for air then shoving his tongue down your throat. A smile graced his face when he felt your small hands pawing at his cock through his pants, “you want it?” he asked breathlessly, making you nod quickly. “Get on your knees.”
You obeyed, getting on your knees with quickness eager to please him. Eren slowly undid his belt then pulled his pants along with his briefs an accidental laugh escaping when he saw your reaction to his dick. It was a well known rumor on campus that Eren had a massive dick but this was nothing compared to what you thought. “Ten inches the most people can take is about half, but I think you can take all of it because you’re my good girl now right baby?” he smiled answering your question before you even had the chance, he stroked your cheek with his thumb looking at you with pure adoration. “Yeah m’your good girl” you whispered, taking him in your hand. He was so thick your hand could barely fit around and he was heavy, balls full and ready to fill you with every drop he could. You started off slow, taking only the tip in your mouth but as time passed Eren grew impatient insisting you needed a hand so being the sadist he was he grabbed your hair roughly shoving more of his cock into your mouth.
“Yeah that’s it fucking take it” Eren growled the tightness of your throat making him want to cum already. His dick was more than halfway in your mouth which made him adore you even more. He knew his good girl could take his cock with ease. “Just a little bit more c’mon baby you do it- fuck yeah there you go good fucking girl” he praised once his dick was fully sheathed in your mouth. You looked completely wrecked. The eyelashes you had glued on were coming undone and your makeup was streaked due to the tears that were streaming down your face. The glittery lipgloss you were wearing was no longer there, the remnants coated on Eren’s cock along with your saliva. His balls slapped against your chin roughly and you made sure to run your tongue over them adding to his pleasure.  
“So fucking good” he brought his free hand to your throat feeling the bulge of his dick and that’s what finally did it. In seconds ribbons of cum were shooting down your throat and of course Eren made sure you swallowed every drop. “Fuck I don’t think I’ve ever cum that fast c’mere” he grunted bringing you to your feet for another sloppy kiss. You brought both your hands to Eren’s softening cock jerking it until you felt him start to harden up. “Mm Y/N” he moaned softly against your lips bucking into you every time you stroked his sensitive tip.
“Lay down…wanna fuck you now” he whispered and you complied taking off your dress before you did so, Eren following your lead and taking off his hoodie giving you a full view of his body. All those years of working out and playing basketball paid off wonderfully. You couldn’t help but drool at his physique. A tanned toned chest, swole arms, and deliciously thick thighs. He was every woman's dream but he was yours tonight.
“Look at you” he spoke softly, settling himself between your open legs “so so beautiful.” He pushed his cock slowly between your folds, coating his dick in your essence. “Look how far I’d be if I put my dick in all the way baby I’d be in your stomach” he chuckled, slapping his cock against your soft tummy, “you gonna let me put it all in you? Want my dick in your tummy?” he grinned at your quiet pleas finally giving into you. Eren gripped your plush thighs pushing them back until they were practically touching your ears before slowly pushing his cock in the both of you moaning in unison. “Eren I-” “I know baby I know so fucking tight” he growled halting his movement to let you adjust.
He was about halfway in and he wanted nothing more than to fill you up, to see the bulge in your tummy every time he fucked into you all he needed was the green light to do so. “You good? Gonna let me put the rest in?” he whispered, bringing his thumb to your swollen clit rubbing slow circles. “Y-yes please Eren” you whined squeezing around him. “F-fuck okay baby tell me if it hurts too much” he groaned pushing the rest of him cock in your already stuffed pussy. Eren rested his forehead against yours, his eyes fluttering shut. You were gripping him like a vice already making him want to cum but he held back using every ounce of strength he had.
After taking a moment to gather himself Eren began fucking into you at a brutal pace the loud claps of his pelvis against your ass echoing throughout the room. “Ohhh shit” you cried, digging your acrylics into Eren’s flexing biceps. Eren brought one leg onto the bed and you knew he was about to put in some serious work. His pace went from fast and shallow to slow and deep, his swollen tip bumping against your cervix every time he fucked into you. “That feel good?” he grunted removing one hand from your thigh instead finding its place on your throat. “Yes Eren s’good” you sighed dreamily bringing both your hands to his face caressing the smooth skin of his cheeks. The moment was so raw, so intimate it honestly made you want to cry. “Feel so good-fuck you’re so beautiful should’ve been with me not him” he growled tightening his grip on your neck. “M’all yours Eren you can have me please please take me” he whined the lack of oxygen making your head fuzzy.
“P-put your arms around my n-neck” he panted planning to show you right now why he absolutely loves shorter women. You complied wrapping your arms around his thick neck, but what you weren’t expecting was for him to lift you up keeping you securely in his strong arms. His dick still remained inside you, the new angle sending shivers down your spine. “Don’t worry baby I’m not gonna drop you just pay attention to me and me only” he pressed a sweet kiss to your swollen lips before bringing both hands to your ass and proceeding to fuck you.
“Yes yes fuck Eren right there” you squealed burying your face into his cologne scented neck. You kissed and sucked at his neck and normally he wouldn’t be into that with his usual hookups but you were different. He wanted you to mark him up in fact he’d show the scratches and bruises proudly around campus letting everyone know he had the honor of fucking you.
Eren roughly pressed your body against the door fucking into you like his life depended on it. Before you knew it you were cumming covering Eren’s lower abdomen and thighs. Your thighs were shaking violently, tears of pleasure beginning to fall from your eyes. “Holy shit did you just squirt?” Eren laughed gripping bringing one hand up to grip your cheeks smushing them together. “Mhmm” you whimpered trying to recover as best as you could from your earth shattering orgasm, “never done that before” you mumbled feeling your cheeks begin to burn. “Want you to do that again… this time in my mouth.”
“Wha-?” before you could muster out anything else Eren was on his knees for you once more, your thick thighs caging his head. He took it upon himself to shove three fingers in your sopping pussy, his lips wrapping around your puffy clit. His fingers were consistently brushing against that spot that drove you crazy and he knew in no time you’d be cumming once again. The pleasure was so overwhelming you hadn’t even realized you were pushing Eren’s head impossibly close against your pussy giving him little to no room to breathe, but he didn’t care too drunk on the smell and taste of you to come up for air. In no time you were cumming once again soaking the entire bottom half of Eren’s face and his chest. “So fucking sweet I should really punsih you for keeping this pussy away from me too long but we’ll save that for next time yeah?” he grinned up at you, his heart rate quickening at your impending answer.
“Yeah…next time” you smiled back down at him, the thought of there being a next time making your heart flutter. Eren picked you up once more, bringing you back over to the bed and he could tell you were getting tired but he couldn’t stop, not until he's filled you up with his cum. “C’mon princess, arch your back for me” he huffed, wiping the excess cum off his face with the back of his hand. You being the good girl for him that you were arched your back giving him a mouth watering view of your swollen pussy. Eren wasted no time slipping himself back inside of your comforting heat feeling his orgasm quickly approach.
He grabbed both your arms pulling you against his chest putting you in a chokehold with his strong bicep (OMFGGGG IMAGINE okay anyways). “I’m so fucking close Y/N can I cum in you? Please lemme cum in you” he moaned pathetically, feeling his balls tighten. “Y-yes Eren please cum in me” you cried your eyes crossing from the lack of oxygen and immense pleasure you were receiving. “Ah fuck!” Eren growled pushing your face in the mattress pounding into you like a madman. With one final thrust he was filling your pussy with his cum so much it began to dribble out of your cunt trailing down your thighs. Eren’s legs gave out making him collapse on top of you, his eyes fluttering shut.
“Um Eren?” your voice was muffled due to your face being smushed into the bed, “you’re kinda crushing me” you giggled. “Oh shit my bad” he grunted rolling onto his back, he pulled you into his side stroking your back softly. The perfect moment was ruined though when the two of you heard the doorknob rattle and then hard knocks at the door, “who the fuck is in my room?!” the voice cried and your heart froze when you recognized it. Jean fucking Kirstien. “We’ll be out in a minute, asshole!” Eren snapped slightly annoyed at the fact that Jean has ruined this soft moment with you.
Eren stood up on shaky legs beginning to put his clothes back on, “get dressed m’gonna take you to my dorm so I can give you some proper aftercare” he smiled tossing you your dress. He sensed the skepticism on your face and looked back at the door trying not to show his annoyance, afraid you would think it was towards you. “I won’t let him say shit to you okay? You don’t need to worry about him anymore plus…I’ll give you a piggyback ride” he chuckled, giving you a cheeky smile that you returned. “Okay okay fine” you giggled putting your dress back on but something was missing. “What about my-” “Oh these?” he smirked holding up your damp panties between his fingers, “I think I’ll hold onto them for a bit.”
Once you looked semi presentable Eren finally unlocked the door revealing a gaping Jean too stuck to say anything. “Great party Jean and we’d love to stay but Y/N needs a little bit of tending to if you couldn’t hear” he smirked wrapping his arm possessively around your shoulders. After leaving the party Eren kept his promise and carried you all the way to his dorm making sure to kiss every mark he left on you along with multiple praises about how gorgeous you were and how lucky he was you gave him a chance. It turns out that Eren was right after all, Jean would never know what to do with all you had to offer…not like Eren does.
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certifiedjaeger · 7 months ago
All Bets Are Off
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eren Jaeger x Reader (Modern AU)
Summary: When a bet is made between your boyfriend and yourself to see who would last longer without sex, heated tension rises to explosive levels, revealing who is the weaker between you two.
Notes: This is basically pure smut 😈 I had a lot of fun writing this, so enjoy! ♡
Warnings: 18+ content, dom!eren, sub!reader, rough sex, unprotected sex, slight praise kink, dacryphilia (just a little bit), dubcon (also, not really? but there is one line in there that is borderline dubcon, so I thought I'd add it here)
Word Count: 9K
⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ ⋆✦⋆ ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯
A whole month. That’s how long Eren and yourself had agreed to remain abstinent; no sex, no quickies, no oral, nothing. With the small exception of kissing, of course. Kissing had been agreed upon as the only exception to the rules of the current bet as it was brought to your attention that surely no touch at all would end in disaster. Simply put, somebody would crack under such strict conditions. And neither of you intended to be that person. So, why deny yourselves of a simple peck or two here and there and ultimately set yourselves up for failure? You two were just being smart… or at least, that’s what you told yourselves.
How you ended up in this predicament was no mystery. And if you were being completely honest with yourself, this whole mess definitely started with you. You just had to challenge him, didn’t you? A slight offhanded comment about how your boyfriend “could never last a week without sex” and the competitive wheels in his head were already turning.
“Oh, is that what you think? I think you’d be surprised, babe,” he had spoken defiantly that day, not liking the insinuation in your words that he was a weak man. “Plus, I’d last way longer than you. I could easily last weeks… a month even,” he retaliated, narrowing his eyes at the scoff you hadn’t even tried to hide.
“Oh, really? You genuinely believe that you, Eren Jaeger, the man who so desperately paws at me every night, begging me to touch you and play with you, could last longer than me?” The sheer ridiculousness of his statement had caused the incredulous smile on your face to grow even wider, which in turn caused your already offended boyfriend to only become more and more annoyed.
“So what if I like fucking my girlfriend into the mattress every night? That doesn’t mean I need to. Plus, don’t act like you’re not obsessed with me, either” his head had tilted to the side as his accusatory eyes bore into your own, the corner of his lip rising before whispering huskily, “or my body for that matter…” It was his turn to wear the smug smile you had so easily worn seconds prior, as he reached out to gently graze your arm with his fingertips, instantly setting the skin there ablaze; with annoyance or lust, you didn’t know, and you’d see to it that he didn’t either. “Don’t think I don’t know how badly you want me, all the time,” he had emphasized his last words with a smirk, relishing the newly irritated, and slightly flustered, expression that had adorned his girlfriend’s face.
“Well…” you had started, trying to compose yourself at least somewhat, before glancing up at the overly self-confident, yet very perceptive, brunette, “you’re forgetting one thing.”
“Hm? And, what’s that?” the soft tone of his voice instantly being betrayed by the dangerous, emerald eyes threatening you from above.
“I’m strong and you’re weak.”
“I’m weak?” Now, it was his turn to scoff, “Have you lost your fucking mind? What, did you hit your head and forget who you’re dating?”
“When it comes to sex, you’re the weaker one,” you had shrugged as though it were the most obvious thing. “It’s just a fact,” the finality in your tone and the smug expression you wore had him wanting to toss you over his shoulder, throw you on the bed, and punish you all night long, but he knew that that would only prove your point. And, he wasn’t going to let that happen. If Eren Jaeger was anything, it was a stubborn man with something to prove.
And that’s how you two ended up here. Stuck in the middle of a bet neither of you were too keen on participating in, yet stubborn enough to agree to. Who would last an entire month and who would not, that was the question. He was convinced that out of sheer will and spite, he would not be the one to break first, but you knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold back from you for forever. If you wanted to be the one to come out on top, well then maybe, you would just have to get a little creative…
The next two weeks had been nothing short of torture for Eren. You truly were bent on making his life hell, it seemed. The fact that lingerie was apparently the only thing you wore nowadays and that you, suddenly, decided to start sleeping naked was testing his patience more than he cared to admit, or show for that matter. But you saw it on his face, of course you did. How could you not? With his jaw clenched and eyes intensely watching your every move, you knew just how badly he wanted you; how he wished to devour you completely and make you pay for every taunt and criticism thrown his way. After all, it was your fault that you two were in this mess. If he could only have you to himself, even if just for a moment, he would show you just how very sorry you should be. No, he would have you on your knees positively begging for forgiveness. Because how dare you put him through this, how dare you enjoy it so much. And yet still, he would be there to forgive his cruel girlfriend. He’d forgive her malice in forcing him into this bet and would listen to her sung praises as his body ravaged hers at long last. Well, at least that’s what he told himself. Or more like, that’s what his indulgent mind thought about as you pranced around carelessly tempting your poor, sweet boyfriend these last couple of weeks.
It really was only a matter of time. Someone was bound to snap with how you two continually toyed with each other. You with your barely-there lingerie, draping your soft legs over his sensitive, needy lap. And him with his toned chest that never seemed to be covered by a shirt these days, wearing only boxer briefs to retaliate against your new disposition for wearing next to nothing. ‘Fight fire with fire’ is what they say. And Eren was never the type to back down from a fight. He may not always win, but he’ll be sure to give ‘em hell in the meantime.
But god, did losing begin to feel like a more welcoming idea as the days went by. He thought to himself that maybe he was weak, and that maybe being weak for you wasn’t so bad. If it meant that he got to feel your skin against his again, preferably sooner than the fourteen days that remained of the bet, then maybe he would be okay with being a weak man. There was only so much strength left in the poor guy.
The days trickled by and his lingering gaze continuously followed you around the apartment as though he were a predator and you were his prey, slowly stalking his next meal and waiting for the right time to pounce. Anybody could tell that it was only a matter of time until his animalistic impulses took over, even if Eren still wished otherwise. And with you looking as delectable as ever, that moment came shortly after the two-week mark on one very mundane Saturday afternoon.
On this particular afternoon, you had found yourself sitting atop your boyfriend, the two of you intertwined together on the couch and paying attention to the only thing that had truly filled your minds these last two weeks: each other. With you straddling his barely clothed lap and with him gripping your hips in a way one could only describe as being from that of a starved man, slow, sloppy kisses were shared between the two touch-starved people in the otherwise quiet apartment. He found himself deliriously drunk off of the feeling of your lace-covered entrance brushing up against him, leaving a light, glistening spot of slick atop the already dampened mark he adorned; his own arousal leaking through as the agonizingly tempting girl on top of him refused to cease her movements. With the growing tension in his boxer briefs becoming harder to ignore with every passing second, surely something was about to give.
“Fuck,” the boy underneath you whispers, annoyingly detaching his lips from yours while his eyes close as if to gain some semblance of composure. Your bewitching stare doesn’t leave him for a second and he is painfully aware of it. With the way you were looking at him, one might say that the roles had reversed, that Eren were now your prey and that you were absolutely starving. “You have to stop,” he weakly laughs, swallowing dryly at the feeling of his blood continuing to rush to his already-pulsating cock, making him dangerously hard.
“What if I don’t want to?” you whisper back, tightening your arms around his neck and closing the distance once again between the both of you. “This feels nice, don’t you think?” You ask quietly and honestly, your own need for him betraying your other need to win the bet set before you. As strong as you thought you were and as much as you hated to admit it, you wantedhim. You wanted him more than anything, and that thought alone made you wince out of how pathetic you seemed to yourself.
“Is someone enjoying herself too much?” he questions teasingly with a raised eyebrow. With his eyes slowly starting to open, he runs a free hand through the dark brown locks of hair that have escaped his bun while leaning back to rest his head against the wall, his Adam’s apple becoming more pronounced in the process; you watch it bob slightly as he swallows again. The action itself betrays the cockiness in his voice.
“Is it such a bad thing for a girlfriend to enjoy her boyfriend’s touch?” you lean in and tenderly nip at his jawline, taunting him just enough in the hopes that he’ll lose the last sliver of restraint he so desperately is clinging to. The groan he lets out, one that sounds like a mixture of annoyance and desperation, tells you that you’re doing something right. And then suddenly, a tight grip is felt in your hair and you’re yanked back from him.
“Stop teasing me,” his voice carries a serious, threatening tone to it as his eyes stare back at you with a desire so lethal, you almost feel intimidated by it. Almost. But that was just it – You alsodesired the person sitting right in front of you. And at this point, nothing, not even Eren’s failed attempt at scaring you, would get in the way of that. With him wrapping your hair around his fist, keeping you at arm’s length, your lips weren’t able to do any real damage being so far away from his own, which is why you had decided that your hips would do just fine. And, they certainlydo. An enthusiastic roll of your hips against the tight bulge in his boxer briefs instantly causes him to suck in a harsh breath and you can’t help but feel satisfied. “Y/N, stop,” he nearly growls, tightening the relentless grip he has on your hair.
“Do I not make you feel good?” The sweet, almost shy tone in your voice has him rolling his eyes the second he hears it. You stare at him doe eyed, face full of faux innocence, and he doesn’t fall for it – not even a little bit.
“You know exactly how you make me feel,” he drives his hips up into yours, letting you feel just how hard you’ve made him and enjoying the shaky gasp that leaves your lips as a result of the unexpected friction. It was your turn to lose your composure and hold onto him desperately. With your half-lidded eyes and lower lip being bit from how badly you wanted him, you were sure you’d never last another two weeks, not like this. And Eren? Well, Eren was right there with you; he actually thought he was about to lose his damn mind. The sight of his girl like that, sitting so needily on his lap and so desperate to feel him that she couldn’t stop herself from grinding against his thinly clothed cock, well that… that had him seconds away from giving up on the bet entirely. And before either of you knew it, his lips were suddenly attached to yours again, just as desperate as your previous actions had been, if not more. All he knew was that he needed to taste you.
The hand used to keep you away from him found itself to be doing quite the opposite now, as the rough grip he had on your hair softened and instantly brought you as close to him as he could manage. His tongue danced rhythmically against yours and his hands, needy and strong, found their way to your waist, holding you firmly in place, almost as if to say that even if you wanted to leave, he wouldn’t let you. It wasn’t enough, though. He needed more. When it came to you, he always needed more.
“Just wanna fuck you already,” he quietly whines, breath shaky with desire, as he forces some distance between your lips. He knew he was too far gone, that it would just take one little thing to make him break; mere seconds away from giving up on the bet and just giving himself what he trulywanted. Fuck the bragging rights. He needed you and he needed you now. And, there you were. Just as bad as him. Just as needy and desperate to feel his bare skin on yours, to feel him inside of you, stretching you out and hitting that spot so deep inside of you that you were forced to cry out for him. And you would, you would scream his name as much as he wanted, just so long as you got to feel his body against yours once again. The desire you two felt for each other in this moment was so unbelievably unbearable that he felt himself start to give in to you; he was positive that the possessive, eager kisses placed at his jawline were surely about to be his breaking point. Well, that was until he heard you speak…
“Just want your cum in me,” you quietly whine, partly to yourself and partly to him. With how heavenly it feels to have his hands fervently explore your body, and not to mention how unbelievably amazing the scent of his musky cologne is as you continue your assault on his neck, how could you ever think you’d last longer than him? As much as you didn’t want to admit it, you were just as weak as he was, possibly even more. With how pathetically drenched in your own arousal you were, it was time to face the facts and realize that you were the weaker of the two. All the strength you had in denying him instantly left your body and instead was replaced with something else, something that could only be described as total submission; the man didn’t need to say a word, you were prepared to lay down on all fours if he so much as looked at you.
However, it appeared that it wasn’t only your strength that had disappeared in this moment. Because at the sound of your declaration, his body instantly stills and the room grows eerily silent, save for your needy panting against his neck. “What did you just say?”
You shudder slightly at his low, gravelly tone, feeling slight embarrassment from the new wave of arousal you can feel dripping from your center onto the tight bulge in his boxer briefs. The whimper you let out is slightly muffled as you refuse to ease up from his neck.
“Use your words,” he threatens as he grips your waist, digging his fingers into the soft skin there.
“I,” you start, wincing at how pathetic you must seem having been the one to suggest that he was the weaker individual. You whine again, continuing to hide your face in his neck, breathing in his musky scent until your dizzy with desire… until you don’t feel so ashamed anymore. “I said,” you sigh softly, coming around to face him this time and instantly noticing how dark his green irises had become, how piercing the gaze upon you was. The man before you licks his lips and tightens the grip he has on you, waiting in anticipation for you to tell him the one thing he so desperately had been dying to hear these past two weeks.
“I said… I want your cum in me.”
He stares at you for a moment, breathing heavily and looking as though he were fighting with himself, telling himself not to give in, to just walk away and not be the weak man you had so rightfully claimed him to be. But in the end, he was a weak man. And he would gladly take on that title if it meant that he could be inside of you once again.
Before you could question the motionless state he was in or the clear internal struggle going on his mind, he instantly pulls his already leaking cock from his boxer briefs and moves your lacy underwear to the side with his unoccupied hand, thrusting directly into your drenched folds with one swift motion. As he bottoms out in you, feeling your tight, warm walls squeeze around him, he takes a moment to relish the sweet familiar feeling and lets out a deep groan; the raspiness of it mixing perfectly with the softness of your own whimpers. He allows you both a moment to adjust to the new feeling, a feeling that hasn’t been felt in two weeks by either of you. ‘What a fucking joke,” he thinks to himself, realizing how wildly stupid he had been to give up on this feeling just to win some ridiculous bet. He could’ve been experiencing this for the past fourteen days if he simply hadn’t been so stubborn. He makes a quick mental note to never do that again in the future before pulling out of you achingly slow. With his tip nearly falling out of you, your slick juices coating his rigid, veiny cock to make his descent from your body an easy one, he suddenly slams back into you, eyes darkening at the lewd noise filling the apartment.
The scream you let out, sounding like heaven to him, sends a jolt of electricity straight to his flushed tip, already sensitive and needy from being so graciously engulfed by your warmth. You hold onto him tightly and your nails that drive into his shoulders, leaving deep, painful marks, only seem to excite him more. He roughly grabs onto your hips and raises you, making it so he can thrust into you at the speed he wants, and before you know it, he has begun chasing his high. The way in which you hold onto him, as though your life depended on it, brings a smirk to his face and he can’t help but wonder, for your own sake, why you had insisted on teasing him so much the past two weeks.
“P-please… feels s-so good,” you barely manage to get out with the ferocity in which he drives his aching cock into your equally as desperate entrance.
“Yeah, you like that, baby?” his breath falters as if he were in the middle of running a marathon and a moan of agreement slips from your mouth before you even realize it. “Gonna be good for me and let me fuck you the way I should’ve been these last couple of weeks?”
You’re meeting his thrusts at this point, trying to keep up with his relentless pace as you hug his shoulders tightly, your face finding safety in the warmth of his neck once again. “Mhmm,” you mumble against his flushed skin, being entirely too focused on the feeling of his cock slipping from your aching core one second only to have it be driven back up into you the next. Words fail you completely and Eren notices. Of course, he notices.
“What’s wrong, baby?” One might think these were the words of a concerned gentleman, but the voice that speaks them carries no gentleness. Instead, you find yourself shuddering from the mocking, condescending tone used by the man underneath you. “You had a lot to say earlier… Had a lot to say the past two weeks actually,” he licks at your exposed shoulder, nipping the skin there lightly. “Now you grow quiet?” His smirk against your neck is what you feel first, and the deep vibration from a chuckle is what you feel second. As the sound of skin slapping against skin overtakes the apartment, he almost didn’t catch the small whine you let out. Almost. But he would recognize that small, angelic whimper anywhere. Suddenly, you’re roughly and swiftly removed from your hiding place as you’re once again pulled back by your hair, the pain instantly melting into pleasure.
“Use your words,” he growls as green eyes a few shades darker than you’re normally used to intensely lock onto yours. “Tell me you want me.” Words that are normally muttered as a pathetic act of desperation, a man begging to be his lover’s object of desire, but instead are given as an order, commanding you to tell the truth. Because truth be told, he knows exactly how badly you want him. He just needs to hear you say it.
“Want you,” you struggle to speak, moans seeming to be the only thing your voice is capable of right now, before you then feel him still all of his movements, the apartment once again growing much too silent for your liking. Your nails dig deeper into his skin as you wait in anticipation, secretly wishing that he would stop playing with his food already.
“Sorry, love, couldn’t quite catch that?” The aggravating smile evident in his voice causing you to groan with annoyance, before his hips viciously drive up into yours, making you scream out for him once again as he then goes back to relentlessly rutting his cock into your warm entrance. “It’s quite loud in here from somebody’s wet cunt making such lewd noises,” he grunts. “You’ll have to speak up,” the genuine laugh he lets out, you know, is caused solely by the bashful, displeased look overtaking your face.
“I want you, you fucking asshole,” you mumble with furrowed eyebrows. The pout that forms on your lips makes his harsh façade fall for half a second as he takes in the adorable sight of your needy, angry face.
“That’s all you had to say, baby,” he eagerly leans in to reattach his lips to yours, showing you just how much he needs you, as well. Excitedly, he holds your body against his and moves you both so you’re laying down; your back resting comfortably against the seat of the couch and his warm chest resting against yours. He moves like a man who’s been neglected for far too long, like a man who’s finally got what he wanted. Quick work is made of the little clothing you both wear, and before you know it, your bare bodies are intertwined with one another, back to making the crude noises Eren so desperately had wished to hear these past two weeks.
The kisses he places along your neck quickly turn into bites as he sucks and nips at your delicate skin, leaving it to bruise under his rough, frenzied touch. The combination of his woodsy scent and his deep ragged breaths against your ear leaves you dizzy with how much more you need of him. His eyes are shut tight from the pleasure your body so graciously awards him, but you’d never know from the way he hides his head in between the crevice of your neck, strands of dark brown hair softly touching the side of your face with every movement. He momentarily licks at your skin before his breath falters, the feeling of your warm walls squeezing around him quickly sending a hot spark throughout his body at the deliciously tight sensation.
“Fuck,” he groans deeply, biting your shoulder to quiet the pathetic moans begging to escape his lips. “Turn around,” a harsh, demanding voice suddenly speaks out, contrasting greatly with the needy groans that had just filled your ears. His patience, if he still had any, is wearing thin, and you know he isn’t going to be able to hold himself back for that much longer. The composure he still tried to hold onto has all but nearly gone and he needs to be even further inside of you. You quickly do as your told, feeling slightly dissatisfied with the feeling of him detaching from your body, before you turn over on your wobbly hands and knees. His own hands have a slight tremble to them as he grips the soft flesh of your hips and leans in close to your body; his tip that leaks precum along the inside of your thigh does well to chill the skin there, but the feverish breaths he lets out against your neck only serve to make you warmer. With his giant presence looming over you, he places a small kiss against your back, his all-too-familiar way of checking in with you during moments such as these. “Be good for me, yeah?” he whispers against your skin, the softness in his voice contradicting how he was about to treat your body.
“Always,” you whisper back. A small chuckle is heard from the man above you at the sound of that word; it was your response that you always gave to him and yet, he could swear that you were in fact notalways well-behaved when he asked you to be. But who would he be to question your authenticity right now, especially when you were so sweetly and obediently lying underneath him like this? “That’s my girl,” he confidently smirks, teasing his aching tip at your entrance and rubbing small circles against your hips with his thumbs, before then plunging his cock deep inside of you. He couldn’t help the raspy groan he breathed out or the way that his eyes closed as he threw his head back in pleasure; the feeling of your warm, succulent walls taking him in once again causing him to grow delirious. “You fucking,” he growls, roughly pulling away before slamming himself back into you, “always feel so good, baby.” As a way of trying to get even closer to you, his body mindlessly leans forward, driving his cock so deep into your pulsing walls that he nearly has you seeing stars; he’s so eager and desperate to have you swallow him whole that the whole couch moves alongside his own powerful movements. The rough grasp he has on your hips disappears and instead you feel the warm, rough palms of his hands on your back, pushing you further down to the couch until your stomach rests perfectly against the cushion. And, he holds you there. Relentless and determined, he holds you there. The powerful hands that encompass your back don’t allow you to move even an inch as the man above you drills into you from behind, too engulfed in his own pleasure to even think about letting up. And you lay there, taking it all like the good girl you said you would be.
You supposed that it was what you deserved after all this time teasing him. You know how your boyfriend is and you also know that he can only take so much before he explodes. Not that you were complaining. You had always thought it to be one of his more entertaining qualities. And now here you were, seeing him overcome with too much pent-up frustration and taking it out on the one person who deserved it. Except that you were loving every second of it. With the way that he was holding you down like a doll to be used solely for his own pleasure, and with the feeling of his tip repeatedly brushing up against the spot you needed him most, he had you on the verge of tears, deliriously crying out for him. But you wanted more. After a long two weeks without his touch, you needed more.
“Does that feel good, baby?” He listens intently to your needy whimpers, loving how you just can’t seem to hold back the moans forcing their way from your lips. Not to mention the way your face contorts with pleasure, eyes shut tight and mouth agape, too overcome with the euphoric feeling of him inside of you to hide the pure ecstasy written all over your face. He had missed seeing and hearing you like this, and as a result, hatedhimself for ever agreeing to that ridiculous bet. “Fuck, you sound so hot when you’re moaning my name,” he groaned, muttering the words mostly to himself, almost as if he had forgotten how heavenly his name sounded coming off of your tongue. He could actually feel more precum trickle from his sensitive tip at the sound of your next melodic whimper and before you knew it, one of his large hands reached into your hair and pulled you back, making a simple, yet serious demand in the process.
The grip in your hair was persistent in its strength as he continued to pull you up until you were once again weakly on your hands and knees for him. “Good girl,” he praised, his voice husky, yet starting to weaken, seeing you in such an obedient state for him; the sight of you like this causing him to lose even more of his composure. You see, he actually hadbeen holding back. Ensuring himself that he wouldn’t go too far, that he wouldn’t be overly rough with your body, but here you were, once again making things more and more difficult for him. All he wanted was to truly let loose, to show you just how much you were driving him fucking crazy. And with the feeling of you constricting your walls around him, suffocating him with your warmth so deliciously, something was about to give. ‘The things you do to me,” he thought to himself. Only those who have had a glimpse of heaven would probably understand. It was too much, and he suddenly found himself leaning down to hug his warm body to yours, snapping his hips into yours with a feverish passion one could only describe as being from that of a man whose animalistic instincts have finally taken over. With his head swimming with thoughts of the release he so desperately needed your body to give him, and with the way he seemed to lose all control of his hips, driving his cock into you further, deeper, he felt overwhelmed and bit down harshly onto your shoulder.
“God, you have me out here like a bitch in heat,” the raspy sound of his voice and the ragged breaths he lets out against your skin perfectly complement the ferocity in which he thrusts into you; very much like how a wild animal would who’s simply behaving as nature intended them to.
“Shouldn’t I be the bitch in heat?” you correct him weakly, breathing out a small laugh, which makes him grunt against your skin. As much as he loved joking around with you, he had no time for jokes right now, feeling too preoccupied with how fucking amazing it felt to be inside of you once again after all this time. If you weren’t as strung out on carnal bliss as he was and somehow had the ability to laugh during this, well then, he would just have to fix that.
With his hand suddenly and mercilessly reaching in between your legs, he began to rub powerful circles against your clit, feeling positively smug about the fact that he was now the one who was laughing. The loud gasp that filled the room brought an arrogant smile to the man’s face as he continued his skillful work on your little bundle of nerves. “Go ahead, babe. Keep laughing,” his dangerous tone threatening you to so much as mutter a soft chuckle again while he carried on with his harsh, heavenly movements. But you could barely even focus on his words at this point. All you could think about was the fire beginning to pool in your abdomen as he brought you that much closer to your peak.
“God, please,” you cry out, the glistening tears in your eyes spilling over at the almost-too-intense feeling. Your hands, desperate and weak, hold on tightly to the cushions underneath you as your body tenses, feeling your release approaching.
“Oh, is that how you see me? Like a God?” he mocks, adorning a smirk once more; fully aware of how dangerously close you were to your release with how your body trembled underneath his. “Fuck, babe, I knew I was good… But I didn’t know I was that good,” the smug expression on his face surely would have cost him a slap if you were able to see him. And with the arrogant tone of his voice, you desperately felt the sudden need to humble your overly-confident boyfriend. But with the state you were in now, so hungry to feel that coil inside of you snap and so desperate for Eren to be the one to make that happen, the best you could do was constrict your warm walls tightly around his throbbing cock once more. And boy, did that wipe the smile right off his face.
“F-fuck,” he stutters, feeling his cock twitch at the sudden feeling, and groaning deeply while a shiver runs through his body. “Baby, I can’t last much longer with you like this,” his voice, now weak and soft, speaks only the truth; all traces of arrogance suddenly disappearing. “I need you to cum, babygirl. Please cum for me,” he pleads as his ring-adorned finger viciously continues rubbing small circles against your clit. And who would you be to disobey his request? Especially when he was so sweet and desperate for it; almost as much as you were. And, of course, since you were in the business of being a good girl today, you had no other choice but to do exactly as you were told.
You give yourself over to him completely and feel yourself quickly begin to lose control. As the pleasure in you starts to build up, you feel your body quiver underneath his and it becomes more and more of a struggle to hold yourself up. And suddenly, as if sensing your weakened state, he holds one arm tightly around your waist and hugs you closer to his body; small strands of hair starting to fall in front of his eyes as his thrusts become more erratic, more wild. With one last bite on your shoulder from the man above, you suddenly feel the tight band that had been expanding in your abdomen snapand you have no choice but to succumb completely to the new white-hot pleasure coursing through your veins; mind-numbing ecstasy filling every area of your body.
“Fuck-“ he grunts, ragged breaths making it too difficult for him to speak. “Such a good girl,” he breaths out, closing his eyes this time at the overwhelming feeling of you writhing underneath him, clenching your now soaked cunt wildly around his overly desperate cock. With the blissful pressure he felt building up inside of him, his body begging for release, he had to do everything in his power just to hold on for a couple of more minutes. Because he wasn’t ready to let go yet. He needed more. He had been deprived for too long and he sure as hell wasn’t ready to give up this feeling just yet. “Makin’ it so easy for me to fuck your perfect little pussy, baby,” he huskily whispers, continuing to drive his cock wildly into you as you send a new wave of slick along his length, beginning to feel the earth-shattering electricity in your body start to dissolve into a soft pleasure. The apartment was filled with obscene, lewd noises just as Eren was filled with carnal lust; he swore he was about to explode right then and there, which unfortunately, is why he had to force himself out of you.
“Why the fuck do you have to make me go crazy like that,” he panted, running a shaky hand through his now messy locks while slowly pumping his unattended length with the other. While he was giving himself a moment to catch his breath and collect his composure, you were still coming down from your high and also focusing on catching your breath to even notice the absolutely wild state you had left him in. But with a glance back in his direction, your eyes, now hazy and full of bliss, fall upon his dark ones, and you’re able to see right there in that moment just how far gone he is. However, regardless of the urgent, lustful look in his eyes, a sudden boyish grin appears on his face as he shakes his head in utter disbelief, thinking only of how beautiful you look beneath him and that he had been the one to make you look like this. It truly baffled him. He lets out a shaky breath and slowly leans down to carefully rub his hands down your back, soothing you in your sensitive state. Another gentle kiss is placed to your back and you find yourself instinctively preparing for the overwhelming, raw feeling of pleasure you were about to experience. “Are you ready, babe?” his voice silky and tender as he whispers against your ear. The breath you let out is one of excitement, for you know that he doesn’t intend to hold back anymore, that he means to give you everything you had only dreamed of the past two weeks.
“Eren, please,” you whimper weakly, needing to feel him in you again, needing to be full of him.
“Once I start, I won’t be able to stop,” he bites your shoulder softly before leaning in closer to your neck, placing a gentle kiss to the skin there. “And after all, you’re the one who said you wanted my cum, right?” he chuckles lowly in response to the way you lightly sway your hips back toward his leaking tip, needy and desperate to feel him inside of you once again, wishing desperately for him to unload every ounce of cum he has into your now sensitive walls. “Isn’t that right, babygirl?”
Weakly, yet eagerly, you nod your head at the enticing man’s question, turning your head slightly to watch him lick his lips before leaning back to place an impatient kiss to them. He tastes you completely, devouring you as much as he desires, and savoring every last bit of it. He swirls his tongue around yours and sucks your bottom lip into his mouth before biting it, swallowing your moans all the while. Sucking, and nipping, and licking at your bruised lips, just needing to feel you on him, needing you as close as possible. It was the type of kiss that made him feel both weak and strong, powerful and breathless; the type of kiss that had him swearing he'd never again complain about being a weak man for you, not when you made him feel like this, not when this is what awaited him every night. He would gladly become a weak fool of a man, yearning and begging for the simple touch of your warm lips against his, anytime you deemed it necessary. He’d be as weak as they come, if it only meant he got to have you.
“Fuck me.”
And with that small whisper against his lips, he found that that’s exactly what he was going to do. The sound you hear him emit could only be described as a low growl as the warmth of his chest suddenly disappears against your back, only to have the feeling of his hands on your hips reappear. With a sudden snap of his hips, you cry out in both pain and pleasure, as he instantly drives his pulsing cock back inside of your overstimulated walls. Much like yourself, the couch seemed to be moments away from breaking, and you’d be lying if you said there wasn’t a part of you that feared what your neighbors would think of the loud, crude noises coming from your apartment; an obnoxious mixture of obscene moans, skin slapping against skin, and sobs of pleasure filling the building as no other than Mr. Jaeger of apartment 3F desperately chases after his own release.
At this point, you’re deliciously overstimulated; tears start to peak out over your eyelashes once again as your hands search for anything to hold onto. All the while, he never stops, relentless as ever; not letting up for even a second. And god, did it feel fucking amazing… Maybe that was just it, perhaps he had been right - Maybe he is a God.
His thrusts quickly become erratic once more, pure animalistic instincts taking over as the man begins to lose control of his hips. With his grip on your waist loosening, he’s suddenly bending over you and pushing as deep as he possibly can into your wet heat, all the while cursing under his breath a string of expletives and moans you were sure the devil himself would find obscene. Then with one last deep, raspy groan filling the air, his thrusts slow tremendously, his hips seemingly moving on their own accord now, as he lets you milk his cock for everything he has; everything he has wanted to give you over the past two weeks, but couldn’t. He gently slides his cock in and out of your folds, his long length twitching inside of you as hot ropes of cum shoot out from his sensitive tip, filling you to the brim just as you were meant to be filled. The sweet, desperate moans you hear come only from a man who has completely lost control, who has given himself over to the mindless, explosive pleasure your body so graciously awards him. In this moment, he loses all memory of any bet, of any ridicule from his lover, and of how torturous these last couple of weeks had been for him; all that consumes him is you. And then with one last final thrust, he plunges his cock as deep as he can into you and holds you there, savoring the feeling of you being so utterly and completely full of him.
After a moment, he eventually lets go of your body, slowly pulling out of you to his and your dismay, and collapses in exhaustion next to you on the couch. Your equally as exhausted body drops to the cushion, and you lay there panting against the fabric. The silence that ensues has a calm air surrounding it, regardless of the rough, raw nature of what had just occurred. An unspoken comfort fills the both of you while you lay there, relishing the last little shockwaves of pleasure that hit you in the aftermath of your sinful time together. The dawning realization of your lost bet comes only a few moments later as the sweet bliss in your veins starts to dissipate.
“Fuck,” you groan, slowly starting to turn onto your back. “We didn’t last long at all,” you comment, earning a soft chuckle from your lover.
“No, we did not,” he playfully agrees as a content sigh leaves his lips. With a quick glance in your direction, he notices you staring at the ceiling with eyes glazed over and mouth slightly parted, looking absolutely exhausted from your previous activities. “C’mere,” his voice is but a soft whisper as he raises his arm, beckoning you over to lay on his chest. Your weak muscles somehow find the strength to move you into this new position, with your head resting on his chest and his arms snaking their way around your waist, securing you tightly to him as if they meant to never let you go. A sudden kiss is placed to the top of your head, lingering there as the man, so rough and wild before, now softly breathes in the scent of your floral shampoo. “You okay?” he speaks up after a moment, voice tinged with just a hint of worry as he observes your quiet, disheveled form.
Sensing the slight panic in his voice and feeling the need to quell his worries, you look up at him with a lazy, yet happy, smile, whispering a soft “mhm”. The positively blissed-out expression and satisfied tone of your voice causes a quiet laugh out of the brunette.
“Are you hurt?” he gently asks; his thumb rubbing small circles against your bare waist as the now slow, steady pace of his heartbeat relaxes you even further. With a small shrug of your shoulders, you do your best to calm the already worried man, but you know full well that you’ll be a sore mess in the morning.
“I guess we’ll find out tomorrow,” you answer honestly, the man beside you clearly being dissatisfied with the answer you give him as a small frown forms on his lips.
“Fuck, I’m sorry, babe… I was a bit rough,” he runs his hand down your arm soothingly, wincing as he thinks about the brutal, merciless way in which he just used your body. He sighs once more, albeit this time out of disappointment and shame, before placing another kiss atop your head, almost as if saying ‘please forgive me’.
“Should’ve been more gentle,” he quietly muses to himself as his fingertips trace gently across your skin. “Give me a second and I’ll look you over.”
“Hm?” you question, immediately hating the feeling of his warmth leaving you as he moves his body off of the couch. You watch him walk away, hair the messiest you’ve ever seen it as the bun he had secured it in prior to your intimate activities barely held on to his dark brown strands, instead now having most of his shoulder length hair run wildly. The sight alone brings a giggle to your lips and you instantly feel the need to fix it for him. Your entertaining thoughts are cut short, however, by the reappearance of your very nude boyfriend suddenly walking back toward you, this time accompanied with a washcloth in his clasped hand.
And what a sight it was. This tall, tan absolute God of a man confidently striding toward you; veins prominent in his strong arms from the adrenaline that so viciously coursed through his body moments earlier, the couple of tattoos he had on those very arms looking that much better with every flex of his muscles, and the way his ring-adorned fingers shone under the golden glow of the sun in your apartment. Not to mention the way that you suddenly missed resting your head on him as you glanced at his toned chest and the way that you wanted nothing more than to nuzzle your face in the crook of his neck, breathing in his musky cologne and feeling his silky chestnut hair against your skin. How carefree and godly he looked casually making his way back to you, as if without a care in the world who saw him like this. As if it was a gift to any who caught a glimpse of his true self. And it was. God, it was.
He must have noticed you gazing at him, as vibrant green eyes, that hold a certain all-knowing look to them, suddenly narrow in your direction; a confident smile playing out on his face while a shy smile plays out on yours. Then before you know it, he’s playfully grabbing your ankle as if to say, ‘I know what you’re thinking about,’ before leaning down to place a gentle kiss along the skin there, emerald eyes never leaving yours for a second. His smile says it all – He knows how badly you adore him. He just hopes that you know the feeling is mutual.
He's careful and attentive as he gently cleans you up, placing more tender kisses to your skin and eliciting small giggles from you in the process; a particular sweet sound that makes his heart flutter, only further encouraging his cheeky behavior. He sighs in satisfaction, feeling comforted by the fact that he doesn’t see any visible marks on the front of your body; your neck is a mess, however, being covered in red marks where he had lovingly nipped at you, but the rest of your front seems to be okay. He smiles to himself feeling that he wasn’t a total vicious asshole.
“Baby, could you please turn over?” he asks softly, to which you do; his strong palms meanwhile helping you to lay on your stomach. He looks you over once more and instantly frowns. “Shit,” he quietly mutters to himself, noticing some purpling already taking place on the sides of your hips. He already knew that he had maybe taken it a bit too far, that he should have eased up his hold on you, but this just confirmed it. Not that you would ever complain. He knew you liked it when he was rough and he also knew that you would tell him no matter what if it was too much or if you weren’t enjoying yourself. It’s not even that he doesn’t like seeing his girl all marked up by him; the marks left behind being his own beautiful way of making his territory, his own desire and attraction toward you manifesting on your skin. Simply put, it’s just that he hates the guilt that follows. He feels like an absolute failure of a boyfriend for having hurt you in the first place, even if that hurt comes from pleasure. Eren knows how much you hate seeing him worry like this, though, so even though he feels dejected and releases another small sigh, he tells himself not to fret too much about it, which coincidentally, is what you would have told him, too. He knows this because it’s always what you tell him. And yet still, he can’t seem to stop his face from wincing as he takes in your appearance.
“What’s the verdict, doc?” His thoughts, and the trance he has on your body, are quickly interrupted as you turn around, giving him a warm smile and lightheartedly joking to distract him from his worried thoughts.
The dazzling smile you wear eases his heart and he finds himself leaning in closer to you, resting on one arm while the other traces gentle patterns on the soft skin of your stomach. “Well, I’m sorry to say, but…” he trails off, a fake frown adorning his face. “Looks like we’re going to have to take a trip to the hospital… You see…” The way you’re already rolling your eyes at him causes a small chuckle from his lips as he leans in closer to your own. “My girlfriend has been terribly hurt-“
“Oh my god, shut up,” your laugh fills the apartment as you hastily put your hand over his face, blocking his lips from reaching yours. “You’re so dramatic,” you roll your eyes once more as you then roll onto your side, hiding the giant smile you wear from your ridiculous boyfriend. “Why are you like this,” you question playfully, voice muffled as you hide your face in the cushion beneath you.
“I just think that a quick trip to the ER would really help with these bruises, babe, that’s all,” he replies sarcastically, not bothering to hide his laughter like somebody he knows. The sight of you trying so desperately to hide the smile he had caused does wonders to his heart, while his mind seems to fill with only one resounding thought: ‘god, she’s so fucking cute’.
“Shush,” you softly laugh through the smile you could no longer hide as you turn around to face the charming funnyman, placing your hand over his mouth once again. “Shh, it’s quiet time now, you’re not allowed to speak anymore,” you jokingly threaten before shrieking at the feeling of his tongue peeking out to lick your hand. “I hate it when you do that, Eren,” you try to sound like a mixture of both disgusted and serious, but your laughter ends up betraying both efforts.
“Okay, fine,” he rolls his eyes before taking that same hand to place a kiss to the back of it; his own personal form of an apology. “I am sorry, though,” his tone more gentle now as his green irises softly find yours in a moment of sincerity. “I’ll be more gentle next time, I promise,” his boyish grin reappears, making you smile contentedly as you reach up to rake your fingers through his messy hair.
“Not too gentle, I hope,” you raise an eyebrow, watching his innocent smile began to falter as you slightly smirk at the man before you.
“Don’t start,” he warns with an incredulous smile, shaking his head at your devilish ways.
“Wait!” you exclaim, eyes widening as a terrible thought suddenly occurs to you.
“What?” he quickly asks, voice laced with concern and eyebrows furrowing at your sudden state of distress.
“Does this mean that we have to start the bet all over again and still do another month?” You ask, terror rising on your face.
“NO, we are never fucking doing that again.”
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poohbea · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
eren yeager | smut, slight fluff, angst if you squint | aristocrat!au
Tumblr media
wordcount: 5.8k
content: upper class shenanigans, softdom!eren, fem!reader, oral (receiving), penetration (missionary and doggy), rough sex, pet names (princess, beautiful, etc.), crying, dick drunk reader, daddy kink, eren is a liiiittle pushy and an asshole (just a tiny bit), both of them holding a very weird hatred for each other (idk how else to describe it), unprotected sex (use protection kids)
― synopsis: being the heir of the biggest company in paradis holds it's challenges but no one prepared you for eren yeager
note from pooh: this turned out to be longer than expected lmao, writing smut after a long time is so hard omg i never know what the hell to say, hopefully it's not that obvious. i'm not too happy with it but i'm so over re-writing it at this point hahaha.
WARNING: this is smut, so please ensure you have your age visible on your account before interacting. Minors (below 18+), ageless and blank blogs will be BLOCKED
Hope you enjoy ♡ reblogs are greatly appreciated
Tumblr media
“Oh don’t look so glum,” your mother chastised, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “Enjoy yourself my love.” Her diamond earrings glistened in the warm candle light cascading from the chandeliers of the grand ballroom. She was an angelic vision in her lilac dusted gown, the same diamonds as the ones in her ears speckled through the fine fabric like dew on flower petals.
You sighed, sipping from your recently refilled glass of white wine. “Easier said than done.” Your gaze moved with the dancing crowd below you, dots of assorted colours and jewellery, black, white, green, pink. You hadn’t seen him yet.
She chuckled at your seriousness. “Do you really think hiding yourself away up in the balcony is going to solve your problems?”
Yes. “What else am I supposed to do?” You sent her a questioning side glance.
“Oh I don’t know… go down there? Dance? Mingle? God forbid you have fun.” She positions herself at your side against the bannister, dress brushing against your own.
Silently you leaned your head on her shoulder, a scent of vanilla and roses floating from her skin. “Is he here?” You whispered as you played with the delicate lace on your sleeves.
“He is.” She replied solemnly, resting her head on top of yours.
Your heart sank as her words solidified your anxiety. Of course he was here, how could he not be?
The man in question was one Eren Yeager, son of Lord Grisha and Lady Carla of Maria. A man who had been a thorn in your side since you were children. Lord Grisha generated his wealth from his medical practices littered across the country, this was valuable to your family, valuable enough to do business with.
Your parents thought it a good idea for you and Eren to become acquainted, being about the same age, maybe something would blossom. Though the only thing that did blossom was the growing hatred between you both. You somehow were always getting on each other’s nerves, so much so that you began to despise him. It started with small childish things, hair pulling, petty fights over trivial topics like who got to have the last of everything, but when you hit adolescence he made it a point to make a snarky comment no matter what you were doing.
“What the hell happened to your face?” He’d scowled at you one afternoon while you lay idly in the grass reading a book. It just so happened to be the same day your mother decided you were old enough to start wearing makeup.
You threw him an irritated look. “It’s makeup.”
“Your mother let you leave the house looking like that?” His shadow covers your face as he leans over you curiously, running a finger along your cheek.
“Piss off Eren!” He laughs as you throw your book at his face, easily dodging the hardback.
It was even worse as you came of age to actually date. He somehow managed to wriggle his way in and meddle with all your potential suitors, spreading rumours, interrupting dances and private conversations. There was a time everyone believed you’d slept with all of your father’s business partners, of course it wasn’t true but that didn’t stop your parents from losing their minds over the allegations. Your reputation was an important one, it was make or break in this dog-eat-dog world you were born into. You never really did find out who or where that rumor came from, but you had a funny feeling Eren had something to do with it.
“Maybe he’ll behave himself now that he’s in public.” Your mother continued.
“Fine I’ll go, but if he says anything out of turn...” You looked to her, finding no trace of disapproval, just her soft features watching the sway of dresses below.
“You’ll be fine.” She shifts to stand upright again before kissing your temple. “What’s the worst that could happen?” She smiles, disappearing through the curtain draped over the entryway of the balcony.
Sighing, you down the last of your wine and readjust the bust of your dress, smoothing over the lace that hung off your shoulders, dress twinkling in the light like stars at dusk. With a deep breath you found your way to the staircase that led onto the ballroom floor, hesitating at the top as you watched a parade of colour flutter by. You had yet to see Yeager, you reassured yourself. And hopefully you’d go the whole night without the misfortune of running into him. As you began your descent your mother’s words echoed through your mind one last time.
What was the worst that could happen?
Foreign and familiar faces welcomed you with curtseys and bows of reverence while you walked through the crowd, head held high and a bright smile on your face, greeting your family’s many business partners.
Being the heir to one of the largest companies in all of Paradis held a lot of responsibility, the primary one, being the picturesque daughter your father sought you out to be. Proper, intelligent and scandal-free. Something that was already hard to do in a sea of people who fed off of gossip.
“Lady y/n.” A kindly voice pulled you from your thoughts. “Could I interest you in a dance?” Jean Kirstein - the newest addition to your fathers growing list of associates- greeted you coyly with a hand outstretched in invitation.
You gave a half-smile “Of course.”
He was a handsome man to say the least, with tousled blond hair and a smile that had butterflies churning in your stomach. His suit was a classic black and white three piece, a teal tie bringing a pop of colour that complimented his alluring hazel eyes.
With one hand in yours and the other securely on your waist, he whisked you out onto the dance floor, taking the lead as he began moving you in time with the music. His gentle gaze never left yours as you floated across the floor effortlessly, touch warm against your hips that he guided in a rhythm that met his own.
“You’re quite good at this aren’t you?” Your playful expression made him chuckle.
“Of course my lady,” he replied, spinning you before continuing. “I had to make a good first impression didn’t I?”
The tempo rose with the changing routine and it was time to switch partners. He laid a soft kiss on your hand before releasing you in another spin, a laugh bubbling in your chest as you landed in the arms of your next partner.
“Good to see you’re enjoying yourself my lady,” your smile faltered as you looked up to see the face of the man you’d so desperately tried to avoid all night. “Don’t look so upset, frowning was never a good look on you?” A smirk hung on his lips as he towered over your smaller frame, loose hairs framing his face as he pinned you with mischievous eyes.
“What are you doing here, Eren?” You spat, feeling your skin tingle where his touch slowly made its way down the small of your back.
A huff left his chest. “I was sent an invitation? Why were you hoping I wouldn’t come?”
“Yes,” you retort. “I was hoping for a night of peace.”
He extended an arm and spun you in place, then roughly pulled you back into his chest. “You and I both know that’s never going to happen.” There was a knowing undertone in his voice, a tone that you knew always held bad intentions.
“Why must you always ruin my night?” You carped, trying your best to maintain your composure. There were too many important people around for you to make a scene and not face the consequences, but the longer he spoke the closer he was to pushing you there.
He dipped you low and your gaze caught Jean’s, who smiled at you softly while dancing with a woman in red. How you yearned to be back in his arms again.
“So you and Kirstein? What’s that about?” Eren nodded to the man in question as he brought you back up again. Your breath nearly left you with how close his lips were to your own, too distracted by that fact you didn’t even register his question.
“What?” Your brows furrowed at him as you took a step back to put some distance between you.
He met you with an icy expression. “Are you and Jean...an item?” He pressed, voice faltering at the end as if it pained him to even say those words. Why did he care?
“No, he’s an associate of my father’s, why does it matter?” You answered honestly, unconsciously moving your hand from his shoulder to his chest, running your index finger over the key shaped pin on his jacket collar.
“You seem awfully fond of someone who cleans horse shit for a living.” You catch him glance over his shoulder to where you could only assume Jean stood, not missing the irritation in his voice.
“He does not,” your hand smacks his chest. “He runs the biggest transport company in the country, horses are just one of his divisions.”
Eren rolls his eyes at your defensiveness. “Oh so you do like him. I didn’t know you enjoyed the smell of horse shi-”
The song comes to an end and you break away from him before you do something you’d regret. You opened your mouth and closed it again, fists balling at your side as everything you ever wanted to say became stuck in your throat. For all the belittling, the mocking and the embarrassment, you wanted to let him have it, but something held you back. Your tongue was stiff as he watched you with an inscrutable expression, waiting for you to break.
Instead your face softens, an equally unreadable expression etched upon your features. “Thank you for the dance Eren, good evening.” You said simply, giving a final curtsey before turning your back to him, you weren’t going to give him the satisfaction.
With a hastened pace you pushed your way through the sea of guests, odd looks cast your way as you haphazardly bumped into a server holding champagne, making you lose your balance. The glasses clattered to the floor with a loud shatter, most of it spilling on your dress in the commotion as you landed on your hands and knees in the liquid. The crowd around you gasped and sneered, encircling your distressed figure on the floor, apologetic and frantically searching for an exit. You saw Eren among them, a taunting glint in his eyes, as if he enjoyed seeing you like this. Beneath him.
You were mortified.
“Y/n! Are you alright?” Jean’s voice broke your fixed gaze. The man knelt down to help you up, but to his surprise you tore your hand from his, offered him a pained smile and curtsied half-heartedly.
“Excuse me.” You choked before speeding up the staircase, uncaring of the array of murmurs and snickers that followed your abrupt and dramatic exit.
This was his fault, Eren fucking Yeager. You cursed as your feet blistered in the tall heels you’d been wearing the whole night, reduced to hobbling down the long hallway, body sticky and damp from alcohol. This was the worst that could happen, you thought. As if being ridiculed wasn’t enough he had to go and add insult to injury with his stupid fucking face mocking you from the crowd.
Was this his plan? To rile you up so much that you’d slip up in front of everyone that was important to you? To your family?
“Fucking Yeager!” You growl, stepping into your room and slamming the door shut behind you. You began pulling pins from your hair tossing them onto your vanity in frustration, strands falling over your shoulders as you kicked off your shoes in the process. You were done with this evening, with everyone and everything associated with it.
As you finally tore the last pin from your now disheveled curls you heard a knock at your door. “I’m not accepting guests at this time!” You called out, frustrated with the ties on your dress. There was silence, then another knock. “Go away!” A string of curses fall from your lips as your fingers continue to slip against the silky fabric. “This couldn’t possibly get any worse.” You sigh. Then you heard your door open. “I said go away-!”
The source of your fury stood leant against the door frame, an arrogant aura emanating from his figure as he watched you struggle to undress. “How unladylike-”
The shoes you had discarded on the floor found their way into your hands and you aimed for his head, disappointed when he narrowly dodges the object. “Get out!” You glowered at him, other shoe in hand ready to throw.
He gave you an incredulous look, smoothing the loose strands on his forehead displaced due to evading your attack. “Are you insane?!” He shouts, picking up the shoe you’d just tossed at his face.
You threw the other shoe, this time at his groin, to which again he narrowly dodged. “Have you not had enough of making a fool of me today? You had to come up here to see your work first hand?” You’d given up on your calm façade, letting your emotions spill as you saw fit in the privacy of your room.
“You’re blaming me for that disaster?” He brayed, both of your shoes now in his palms.
“Of course this is your fault!” You spat callously. “The constant degrading, the fucking agony you put me through every event. You love to humiliate me every chance you get! And for what? Your own twisted sense of humour?” Your chest heaved as you found yourself mere inches from him, breast almost against his in your fit of rage, defeated tears spilling down your flushed cheeks.
You hated to cry, especially in front of Eren but at this point you couldn’t think of anything else to do. The pained attempt to stop the tears from falling ended in hundred more flooding out, you couldn’t bottle it all up anymore, not this time.
Silence filled the room, save your shallow shaky breaths and his deep ones. His face was once again unreadable, eyes scouring yours, for what, you didn’t know. Abandoning your shoes on the floor, his hand brushed a stray lock of hair that curled at your collarbone, grazing the skin there as his now softened gaze lowered to your lips, then back to your watery-eyed glare. The touch set goosebumps upon your skin as he continued up your neck to your jaw, wiping a thumb over your tear stained cheek.
“Let me make it better.” He breathed onto your lips, pleading eyes piercing into yours. His thumb traced your bottom lip tenderly, time slowing as his own met yours. He walked you backward further into your bedroom by your hips, closing the door behind him with an audible sound that reverberated off the hinges. His hand shifted to caress the back of your neck, pulling you into him further to deepen the kiss, moulding against your lips as he used his other hand to loosen the knot in the ties of your dress.
When the back of your knees hit your bed you parted, out of breath and thinking a bit clearly. “Eren,” you sighed, forehead against his as your breathing fell in time with one another. “Please, we-” He places a kiss on your cheek, turning you around to have better access to the back of your dress.
“Shh.” He whispers. His fingers pry the ties free and from their loops and he watches your body visibly relax, finally released from the confines of the material. Softly he pulls the fabric from your arms and down your waist till it became a pool of colour on the carpeted floor. His jacket and tie join it as he flicked the first few buttons of his shirt open to expose the tanned expanse of his chest.
You felt oddly vulnerable in your underwear, even if this wasn’t the first time he’d seen you this way, his gaze still painted a flush upon your skin. Instinctually your arms came up to cover your bare chest, breasts almost spilling from between them.
He chuckles, neck lowering to plant a kiss on your shoulder as he smooths a hand over your stomach. “I’ve seen you like this plenty of times but you still hide from me.”
His fingers played with the waistband of your panties mindlessly, lips continuing their way up your shoulder. The heat of his touch has your mind going fuzzy, losing yourself in the way his hands trailed over your skin, familiar with every mark, every crevasse, every curve your body had to offer. Your lips part in a gasp as he bites into the soft flesh of your neck, sucking a dark bruise into the skin. “I’ll never get tired of seeing you like this.”
He turns you back around to face him, pushing you onto the mattress softly. His hips nestle between your thighs as his body envelops yours, pressing his hard-on against your clothed pussy.
“Eren.” With a sigh your hips squirm beneath his, attempting to ease the arousal rapidly pooling at your core.
“Yes, sweetheart?” You lose your voice at the way his mouth paths down your collarbone, laving marks into the depths of your skin. His hands find yours still covering your chest and pries them away, entwining your fingers to pin your hands above your head. Beneath his intense gaze the flush on your skin deepened, struggling to keep still while your heart threatened to beat out of your chest. He looked like he wanted to devour you.
“Y/n.” He whispers mindlessly against your skin. Before you could answer him a gasp caught in your throat as his tongue encircled your nipple. He released your hands to cup your tits, rolling the other bud between his thumb and forefinger. “Keep them there.”
Your back arched unconsciously, rubbing yourself against his cock — still uncomfortably strained against the zipper of his trousers — causing a deep groan to sound from his throat, the sound alone making your clit throb.
“Fuck, Eren.” Digging your nails into your palms you struggled to keep them above your head, as you whined. It was embarrassing the amount of power he had over you, the way a simple flick of his tongue birthed an impossible ache between your thighs. After doing this with him for this long you’d think it’d have worn off by now.
“That’s it beautiful, say my name.” He coos, continuing his assault down to your thighs. His fingers curl around your panties and guide them down your legs, letting it join your dress on the floor.
A breathy moan escaped you as he wastes no time drawing a long strip from your entrance to your clit, moaning at the way your arousal danced on his tongue. Pushing your thighs apart he did it again, dipping his tongue into you this time to gage your reaction.
Those sweet sounds he craved for weeks finally fell freely from your lips, like music to his ears. He drank in every gasp and every whimper as your head lulled back and your back arched, still obeying his instruction as your fingers dug into the bedsheets.
His cock twitched as you began rocking your hips into his face, matching the pace of his tongue fucking into your dripping cunt. How did he always end up here? Back in this position, on his knees, between your legs, savouring the way you tasted like it was the last time he’d ever get to experience it. How tightly did you have him wound around your finger? Pretty damn tight apparently. As much as he tried to deny it, push you away with insults, humiliation and bickering he always found himself here, worshipping your pussy.
He hated you for it.
“’Ren, please. Please, please, please, fuck.” Your thighs strained against his hold, trembling as you continued fucking his face.
Fuck, he could listen to you beg forever. “What do you want princess?” He asked in a husky tone, planting tender a kiss on your inner thigh. His eyes were glazed over, a deeper green than they were on the dancefloor. Fingertips ghosted your entrance as he waited for your reply, his breath on your clit making you clench around nothing.
“I need you... I need you inside me, please.” You panted desperately.
“Shit,” he mutters under his breath as you open your legs wider for him. “Look how wet you are.” The way your arousal dripped down your ass and onto the sheets made his mouth water, the view never got old. Reluctantly pulling away from you he finally rids himself of his clothes, sighing softly as he finally frees his cock from the confines of his pants.
The sight had your mind reeling. He reminded you of an art piece, like marble where the finest detail was carved to perfection. His skin glowed in the candle light, glistening in a thin veil of sweat with your arousal still on his lips — rosy and plush. Muscles pulsed as he reached behind his head to pull the band in his hair, freeing a cascade of long dark hair onto his back and shoulders.
He hovers over you, lips ghosting yours as he guides his cock through your folds with a hiss. “You’re going to be the death of me.”
“I’d hope so.” You reply with a cheeky grin, laying a kiss on his chin.
You yelp as his hand slaps your ass harshly, the sound reverberating off the walls. There was a handprint now burning red on your ass. “What was that for?” You hiss, trying to move your hips away but find them pinned to the mattress under his weight.
He bites your neck in reply. “For being rude.”
“Oh, piss off.” He raises a warning brow as you roll your eyes.
Again he smacks your ass as punishment, this time harder in the same place. “Do that one more time, see what happens.”
The sting of your ass seemed to have clouded your judgement as you proceeded to take him up on that challenge. “Fuck yo-!”
Before you could finish your rebuttal he shoves his cock into you without warning, completely filling you to the hilt. Your hands find his shoulders instinctively, embedding crescent shaped marks into his skin. The sound you made was a mix between a gasp and a moan, both in shock and pleasure at the sudden intrusion.
“I’m sorry, what were you saying?” Eren chuckles beside your ear, smirk evident in his tone.
A shaky breath leaves your chest. “I hate you.” You grumble in reply, the words coming out breathier than intended.
He shifts to rest his forehead against yours, a shit-eating grin still on his face. “If you hate me so much…” The pause is met with a harsh thrust of his hips, sending another moan tumbling from your lips. “Then why am I the only one that’s able to have you like this?” Your breath hicks as he repeats the same action, nose brushing his as he moved.
You didn’t have a real answer, it’s not like you didn’t seek sex from other partners, you did, but none of them could compare to the man before you. There was something comforting in how he knew your body inside and out, your expressions, the way your skin flushed under his touch, every moan and stutter. You trusted him with your body as he did you with his, but in doing so it fed into an addiction, one that could only be satisfied by Eren.
“Who said you were the only one?” You teased back.
His breath hit your nose as he huffed out a laugh. “No one can make you feel the way I do. Admit it.”
It was your turn to laugh. “Don’t flatter yourself. Anyone can do what you do, you’re not special.”
“Oh really?” His cock twitches inside of you, hips moving at an agonisingly slow pace. “Like who?”
“O-others, why do you need to know?” You stutter out, unable to draw a realistic name from the top of your head.
“I’d like to know who my competition is. That is if they even exist.” Your skin tingles as his nose traces the curve on your cheek. Eren knew exactly what that stutter meant. You were a liar. But that didn’t make going along with it any less entertaining.
“Of course they exis- fuck!” Pleasure overwhelms you as he hits a familiar spot, fingers playing with your clit as he continued his strokes.
“Mmm.” He groans against your cheek. “You know how much I hate lies, y/n.” His pace doesn’t let up as he speaks, fingers and cock moving in time with one another, a sweet harmony that had you struggling to maintain your fragile composure.
“I’m not-”
“Stop lying to me sweetheart,” he warns again, upping the pressure on your clit. “Who’s the only one that can make you feel like this?” You could barely think, let alone speak as he continued his ministrations. Your pussy was a sopping mess, so much so that the lewd sound of your wet cunt taking his cock was audible with every delicious stroke.
Your breath fanned against his neck, hot and fast between moans and whines. The longer this went on the quicker your resolve dissipated and soon you were at his mercy. “You ‘Ren, it’s you.”
“I’m sorry?” He smiles, leaning his ear to your lips. “Say it again I don’t think I heard you.”
“Fuck, you’re the only one who can make me feel like this ‘Ren.” You repeat begrudgingly between breaths.
“Good girl.” With a kiss to your cheek he leans back on his heels, letting his cock slip out of you. “Turn over for me.”
Obediently you flip over on your hands and knees, chest brushing the mattress as you position your ass in the air. You feel him move over you, watching as he retrieves two pillows at the head of the bed to place under your hips, to which you happily lay on.
His hands slip themselves into the crease where your hips met your thighs, memorising the way your back arched in this position. He proceeds to run his thumbs over the small of your back, parallel to your spine before his grip tightens slightly and he’s pushing your hips into the pillows. Slowly he eases into you, moaning at the way your pussy engulfed him eagerly, tightening as inch by inch he drew deeper.
"Holy fuck, ‘Ren!” You cry, nails clawing the sheets. It was like he was in your stomach, if that was even possible.
His tongue paths its way up your spine, leaving spaced open mouth kisses on your skin till he reaches your ear. “Does that feel good princess?”
You could only moan in response, heavy breaths wafting your hair that had fallen over your face. He wasn’t even moving but he still managed to turn your brain to mush.
With a chuckle he pecks your shoulder. “I can’t hear you.”
“Yes what?” His hips shift slightly, drawing a string of whines from your throat. “I want to hear you say it.”
“Yes, daddy.”
“Mhm.” The weight of his body leaves yours as he sits back up, pausing to give your ass a squeeze. “And what if I move like this?” His hips draw back slowly before pushing back into you with a force that almost knocked the breath out of you. “That feel good too, baby?”
“Yes, fuck it feels so good, daddy.”
That was all the confirmation he needed to let go and fuck you into the bed the way he knew you loved. Hard and rough. Using your back as leverage he pressed into your skin, grip tight around your waist as he watched your ass ripple with every slap of his hips against your own.
You were so damn intoxicating it wasn’t even a joke anymore. There were days he’d actually miss this, miss you. Your face, your scent, your taste, how your pussy felt as it squeezed him at every inch, it was like you were made for him and vice versa. He’d never actually tell you any of that though.
This wasn’t love. It was sex, reoccurring mind blowing sex. Or so he continued to tell himself.
“Fuck, yes, yes, yes, yes!” By the way your toes curled he knew he was hitting that sweet spot along your walls. Satisfaction swelled in his chest at your cock drunk form scrunching the sheets between your fingers, losing your voice in the pleasure surging through your body.
“That’s it sweetheart.” Cooing, he slows his pace to pin your hands behind your back, trapping your wrists in one hand and using the other to play with your clit. “You love this dick don’t you?”
Mindlessly you reply. “Yes daddy, so deep in my pussy.” At this point you would say anything, do anything if he asked you to. With the way his dick kissed that spot inside you over and over it was hard not to lose yourself, to let your eyes roll back and just take it.
“You feel so good princess, fuck you take me so well.” He looks down to where your bodies met, almost cumming at the sight of you creaming all over his cock. Your nails were digging into the back of his hand that still pinned your hands to the small of your back, grip tightening as your thighs tensed.
“I’m gonna cum, I-I’m gonna cum.” You whine with a hick.
“Cum for me, sweetheart. Cum all over this dick.” He wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer as you grew tighter with each passing stroke, but he needed you to cum first, he needed to watch you come undone on his cock.
“Eren!” You hold onto his hand for dear life as you fall over the edge, your whole body tightening as Eren fucks you through your orgasm, fingers still softly caressing your clit.
“Good girl, that’s it.” He praises, out of breath, soon following with his own high. White hot ropes of cum painted your insides as a variation of your name fell from his lips in an incoherent mess. Normally he’d never be caught dead cumming inside if it was any one else but because it was you he bent that rule.
You groan softly as your body grew heavy, sinking into the soft mattress. Almost ready to pass out then and there you feel Eren shuffle behind you, moaning as his cock slides against your walls, slowly drawing from your warmth.
He falls onto his back beside you with a sigh. “Come here.”
“Mmm.” You groan, still fucked out and limp with flattened pillows under your hips probably damp with his cum as you felt it leak from your hole.
He clicks his tongue and pulls you forward effortlessly by your arm, cradling you in his side. There was a long silence as you both lay there listening to the rhythm of each others breaths, content in the comfort you had both built after months of this routine.
When all this first began you refused to even look at each other after the fact, getting dressed and leaving the room immediately. But one drunken night when you woke up to find him still there beside you, arm around your waist and pulled into his chest, you couldn’t bring yourself to pull away. It soon became normal for you to lay like this, naked and vulnerable, listening to his heart beat.
“You okay?” He questions, still looking up at the ceiling.
“Tired.” You sigh softly. Your fingers traced the grooves of his chest, circling his pectoral mindlessly.
He exhales heavily. “Feel better?”
With a chuckle you trail your finger down his abdomen. “A little.”
The look he throws you has your smile grow wider. “Only a little?” He turns on his side, resting his head on his hand. “Still lying to me.”
“Gonna have to try a little harder than that, Yeager.” Teasingly you tap his nose, laughing at the way he frowns at your simple gesture.
He caresses your face with his free hand, running a thumb over your rosy lips. “You really think I don’t know you after all these years?” The question was longing, like he was reminiscing every encounter you two ever had.
“I didn’t think you paid that much attention after all these years.” You roll your eyes playfully.
“I’m observant.”
“You’re a nuisance.” You corrected, but despite your insult the smile never left your face.
“You love me.” The rebuttal caught you off guard, unsure if he was joking or not as his tone remained serious.
“Are you drunk, Yeager? Why would I ever love you?”
His face draws toward yours knowingly. “You wouldn’t still be here if you didn’t.”
“I-I could say the same for you.” You deflect, gesturing to his figure.
Did he really want to admit his feelings for you, after having pushed them down for so long? Did he even have feelings for you? When he saw you on the dancefloor for the first time tonight his stomach erupted in a flutter of butterflies. Not to mention when he watched the way you smiled and laughed with Jean. Who the fuck was he anyway? Some corporate kiss-ass who shovelled shit for a living. Transport, what was Jean’s transport company compared to the medical empire Eren was managing? Is that what impressed you? What you liked? He followed the way Jean’s hands glided along your body, like he knew where to touch you, how to make you…
“Eren.” Your soft voice breaks him from deep thought. You look at him with those eyes you do, the ones that somehow manage to break his resolve every time.
“Let’s get you to a bath.” He smiles at you sadly, laying a kiss on your forehead and getting up from the bed. His fingers rake through dishevelled hair before offering you an outstretched hand.
You witnessed the way his green eyes dulled as they bore into yours sullenly. His expression was placid, unreadable as it always was when he decided to shut you out, an action you’d become all too familiar with as you came back to the reality of the situation.
Not wanting to question him on it you take his hand. “Lead the way.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© poohbea, all rights reserved. DO NOT copy, reupload or modify my work to other accounts and platforms. if you intend to translate any of my works please ask permission first ♡
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tooruslove · a month ago
Tumblr media
don’t you just hate it when one thing leads to another and the lingerie which once hugged your curves snugly is now long gone and you’re suddenly on top of his toned body bouncing on his fat cock.
when a different sensation occurs every time your tight cunt sinks down on his shaft. when praises and whimpers fill the entire room. when he holds your waist to support you as you arch your back into his touch and his other promiscuous hand is settled in between your plush thighs circling your clit making you see stars. don’t you just hate it?
Tumblr media
— levi. KUROO. ATSUMU. bokuto. EREN. suna. osamu. 
Tumblr media
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noriken · 17 days ago
stoner!eren is so fucking needy.
he gets so horny when he smokes, needing to feel you all over every innch of him. he begs you to ride his dick when he pulls you into his lap, nuzzling his face into the warmth of your neck. “You just look so pretty.” he mumbles when you ask him what’s got him so bent out of shape.
his hands make quick work of pushing your dress up around your waist, grinding your clothed pussy against his bulge. It’s enough to have Eren’s teeth digging into his bottom lip as his hips rut against you sporadically. he can feel the way your slick begins to pool in your underwear, a prominent wet patch appearing where the two of you meet.
Eren’s neediness has you reeling, panting as your hips roll over him a little faster. you’re pushing your panties to the side, looking for that extra hit to push you over your impending edge, but you just can’t get it. the room feels stuffy as Eren presses you into the beds, pushing his sweats down around his thighs.
“Can’t wait,” he pants against your lips, head of his cock catching on your entrance as he bucks his hips. “Wanna feel you.”
he’s so desperate to feel how you clench around him that when he finally pushes into you and feels the way you suck him in, Eren’s moaning into your neck, fisting the sheets beside your head as he slowly begins to rock his hips.
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ilygetou · 20 days ago
MY B0YFR1END >> Y0UR$ ft. eren Jaeger.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PA1R1NG$: boyfriend! eren jeager x fem! reader.
C/W: overstimulation, mentions of oral (f. receiving), creampie, kinda sensitive! eren, sub/Dom dynamics, mentions of rough sex, fingering, praise kink, very cold & mean eren, overprotective eren, short n’ sweet.
N0TE. this is so short, like at least 300+ words :c
Tumblr media
boyfriend! eren who‘s always so cold & mean to you, never giving you attention unless you beg and plead for it but also he‘s one of the best boyfriend‘s anyone might ask for, there are many reasons why;
001. he‘s actually very soft & nice to you.
002. he‘s very overprotective over you & hates it when any guy—looks or talks to you, if he saw you talking to just one guy, just so you know it won‘t end so well.
003. eren is actually very good at fucking, you love how he fucks you so fast & rough—not caring if he‘s hurting you or not, just focusing on himself. that is if he wasn‘t in a good mood, but when he‘s actually in a good mood, boyfriend! eren fucks you so soft & gently<3 like you‘re something that would break so easily if he went rough on you, boyfriend! eren who always washes you with praises, when you‘re sucking his cock, when his eating you out, when he‘s fucking you, all the fucking time—eren would be throwing & washing you with praises.
boyfriend! eren who likes to act tough & insensitive when in reality he‘s the softest guy ever, so sensitive & soft. boyfriend! eren who as soon as he sinks his fat cock inside your tight hole—would start letting out choked moans & whimpers, “fuckkk” always following by.
boyfriend! eren who cums in only a couple of seconds—your cunt too fucking tight & warm for his own well being, sniffing his moans back as he cums so deep inside your walls.
boyfriend! eren who‘s always so soft after cumming ,though he‘s aware that he was—not able to get an orgasm out of you because of how fast he came, so he either fingers you till you cum at least five times on his fingers or will eat you out till you start crying & begging him to stop because of how overstimulated you got. this is just the way boyfriend! eren apologizes for being a shitty boyfriend who didn‘t make his girlfriend cum on his cock.
boyfriend! eren who‘s just the perfect boyfriend ever—you‘re so happy to be the one who has caught his eyes, to be the one who he fell in love with. you love love your boyfriend, so much <3.
Tumblr media
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weluvsosa · a month ago
𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐛𝐟𝐬 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐜𝐧𝐜 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤 ~ 𝐚𝐨𝐭 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐬
Tumblr media
pairings ; eren , armin , jean , connie
cw # dark content , cnc kink , roleplaying , degradation , dom! connie , dom! armin , slight somnophila , slapping , sub! eren , mommy kink , begging , exhibition , dacryphilia if you squint , raw sex
Tumblr media
• he was definitely caught off guard more like horrified
• when you told him, he had to take a few moments and just register it, you couldn’t really read this facial expression, but it definitely wasn’t his usual warm and kind one.
• “n-no i’m not judging you! i just didn’t expect it” he reassured you.
• and he really didn’t, armin knew you were into stuff like choking and slapping and stuff like that, but this took the cake.
• he had spent the next few weeks with it swirling around his head, much to your dismay, a little disappointed that he hadn’t tried to do anything yet.
• until like two months later.
you were on the brink of falling asleep in your bed, head turned to the side as your legs were sprawled out, staring up at the ceiling as your eyes got heavier and heavier. you heard heavy footsteps coming inside the room followed by the sound of clothes hitting the floor. you just assumed in was armin getting undressed and getting ready for bed, but when your foot was suddenly yanked to the end of the bed, alarms started going off inside of your mind.
armin moved his hand from your foot to your thigh, digging his nails into the meat making you wince in pain. your eyes were wide as saucers, armin had his times where he could get rough but he would always make sure you’re okay and checking if he was hurting you or not, but the way he cruelly tugged your panties off, almost ripping them made you question on whether this was even your boyfriend or not. you put your hand on his lower abs in attempt to push him away “armin! i don’t wanna-” a harsh slap was sent to your face, stopping your words in your throat as you stared up at him in shock, your pussy throbbed at the way he was hovering over you, a look of false concern on his face. “you sure you don’t wanna don’t want it? hmm?” he slammed into you, pulling a gasp from your lips.
“cause she sure is telling a different story baby” he spoke through a groan from feeling you clench around his thick cock. “let me use this pretty pussy and fill you up real nice, just how i know you like it”
Tumblr media
• “the fuck is that?”
• poor boy was so confused
• you had to explain it to him so many times because he was just lost, confusion written all over his expression as you tried to break it down to him easier
• “wait…isn’t that basically r-” — “no connie, it’s like…y’know the forced dominance that’s hot”
• he knew you were into some different stuff but this really boggled him
• overall he ended up understanding and said he was open to trying it out in the bedroom, coming up with a safe word and everything so you were happy.
• you just didn’t expect him to put so much effort into it
you sighed as you walked to your car, digging through your purse as you fished for your keys. soon as you walked in front of it and getting ready to unlock the door, you were suddenly roughly pushed against the car, a hand slapping against your mouth before you could even register the fact to scream. “don’t make a sound pretty girl, i’d hate to hurt you” your eyes widened when you recognized your boyfriend’s voice, thighs instantly clenching together as he pressed his body against yours, the print in his pants rubbing against your ass.
connie backed up a little as he used his other hand to pull your waist closer, his hand loosening around your mouth a little. “w-wait no-” you tried to say but he shoved his fingers in your mouth, turning your words into small gags. “y’know you want this slut” his harsh words went straight to your cunt, a low whimper falling from your mouth when you heard his belt being undone as he forcefully moved your skirt up. “so just shut up and take it”
Tumblr media
• “are you serious?”
• oh he was so into it.
• like soon as you told him you could literally see his emerald eyes light up in joy
• and that’s when he told you he had a cnc kink too, much to your surprise
• the conversation actually went better than you expected with you mentally taking notes on how he described his dream fantasy about a girl taking him
• so what kind of girlfriend would you be if you didn’t make it come true.
eren’s face was flushed bright pink all the way down to his neck as his shoulder length hair clung to his sweaty face, tears running his cheeks as you bounced up and down his overstimulated dick, his broken moans and babbles muffled by your panties. your teeth sunk into your bottom lip as you watched his desperately pull against the cuffs connected to the bed and throw his head back in pleasure, thighs shaking and his dick twitching inside of you when you clenched harder around him.
you leaned forward and pulled your panties out, his huffing and whimpers filling your ears. “please! please! i can’t take no more! stop!” he whined loudly and you leaned forward, wrapping your fingers around his throat as you slowed your bouncing, grinding your hips back and forth against him. you kissed his tears “aw…but i thought you were gonna be a good boy for mommy, that’s what you said isn’t it?” you brought your hips up before slamming back down on him, eren’s balls tightening up again, he’d lost count of how many times he’d came already “but it’s t’much mommy, i don’t wanna” he babbles, a little drool leaking down his chin.
you picked your pace back up, looking down at him with a small pout on your lips, eren’s stomach tightning up as he started to buck his lips up into you against his own will. “that’s too bad ‘ren, you’re my pretty little fuck toy right now”
Tumblr media
• “wow”
• jean was kinda on the fence, he wasnt totally against it but he wasn’t 100% for it either
• you had to keep reassuring him that it was something that you wanted it he wasn’t really gonna hurt you
• he constantly brought up different safe words or actions you could do to let him know it was too much, like a pinch to his side or his arm (depending on the position)
• it wasn’t too long till he acted on it, making sure he fully understood the kink before trying it out on you.
you woke up out of your sleep to the feeling of his hard thrusts, his large hand tangled up in your hair while he pressed your face into the mattress, his other hand tightly wrapped around the bed frame until his knuckles turned white. his grunts of pleasure flooded your ears as he heavily rocked against you, sounds of skin slapping together filling the room. you’re so confused so you started squirming around and whining but he pushes his body deeper into yours, his hand moving from the back of your head to the back of your neck, holding you in place as he starts to fuck you faster, cock brushing against your cervix as he feels his high approaching.
“fuck—be still, i’m almost done with you” he didn’t bothered to hold back his harsh thrusts anymore, slamming his cock inside you over and over, telling you how much of a good cum dump you were when his hips finally still and a deep groan resonates from his throat, jean’s thick cum pouring inside of you.
Tumblr media
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syzzislost · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
brother’s best friend!eren gives you an alternative plan for your evening.
Tumblr media
— NSFW SMUT ! virgin fem! reader pretty vanilla for the most part ; pet names (pretty girl, princess, baby, pretty) groping, fingering, head—fem! & male! receiving, praise, missionary, unprotected sex, creampie.
Tumblr media
not proofread, expect gramatical and spelling mistakes. lowercase intended!
Tumblr media
now playing: don’t - bryson tiller
Tumblr media
— eren has always been kind of protective over you. he grew up with you, and quickly figured out you were that you were too sweet for this world. it was natural that your beloved older brother’s best friend was who you had a crush on, too.
it was innocent at first; few blushes here, a subtle compliment there, all around mindless flirting. he thought it was so cute the way you’d hide your face if he ever complimented you. and then slowly, as you got older, it escalated to not-so-innocent flirting. he’d purposely stare at your chest while you spoke, saying “i’m sorry, what were you saying? i got distracted” when you’d wave your arm in his face to get his attention again, or snarky ass comments like “what’re you gonna do about it, pretty?” after you got mad at him.
eren just knew you so well, it was in his nature at this point. he knew just about everything about you, probably more than you knew about yourself. it was his job to be annoying, but to also be the person you’d go to if you needed help.
though, when he said “if you need any help, text me”, this isn’t what he meant.
Tumblr media
Y/N: eren, i need help.
EREN: what’s up, pretty?
Y/N: can you come over? i need to show you
EREN: yeah, gimme like 10 minutes
Y/N: okie thank you <3
EREN: anytime
Tumblr media
so when he got there and you pointed him to the direction of your room, and he saw two pairs of lingerie on your bed, and oh man, when you said “which one should i wear? i’m going to meet someone”, something in him went off.
“you know, when i said you could text me if you needed anything, i meant like if it was a live or die situation, right?”
you pouted. “i know what you meant, but technically this falls under the category!”
“how so, huh?”
“because i…” you mumbled through the rest of your sentence.
“speak up, shorty.” eren looked at you, green eyes piercing your skin. you sighed.
“because…i’m a virgin. and tonight is the first time i get to experience something new. i just…want it to be special.”
“so you’re asking me what lingerie to wear?” he looked so confused, yet somehow managed to make you feel like your reasoning wasn’t solid.
“i mean, you’re a guy, i figured you’d have an opinion on what looks good and what doesn’t.”
“okay first of all, you don’t need to do anything special to impress a guy. chances are he just wants to hit and leave, so taking off lingerie is gonna be too much of a hassle. second, you’re a virgin?”
“well yeah.”
“i could’ve helped you with that part.” eren let his mouth go before his brain could process what he said.
“i mean, do you know this guy?”
“don’t lie to me.”
“damn okay i don’t. i just want to get it over with! all of my friends already lost their virginities and i’m literally the only person who hasn’t!”
“so you want to give it to a random guy?”
“well when you say it like that it makes it sound dumb.”
“because it is y/n. look, either you go to this guy and fuck someone you don’t know, or go with plan B.”
“what’s plan B?”
“let me fuck you instead.”
you froze. was he being serious? you can’t fuck your brother’s best friend, let alone lose your virginity to him!
“and why would i do that?”
“because i actually know you, and how to please a girl. there’s no guarantee that guy knows what he’s doing, but i do.”
eren stepped closer to you, grabbing your chin and running his slender thumb down your lip.
“whatdya say pretty girl, wanna let me fuck you?”
you looked up at eren with bright eyes, he swore up and down that was the cutest thing you could ever do.
“i-i mean, yes, but i don’t know what i’m doing.”
“that’s why i’m here. i’ll make you feel good, trust.”
you nodded as eren leaned in to kiss you. you’d kissed people before, sure. but this one, this felt different. maybe it was the way he combed his fingers through your hair, or how his tongue licked your lip for access to yours. or even how his hands somehow travelled to your waist and picked you up from under your thighs. no, it was definitely the way he tasted like mint, and how he would make small mmph’s and exhale audibly every time he needed air. it was all so much to take in.
your fingers started wandering as well, making their way to his hair, allowing eren to let out the most arousing noise you’ve ever heard. if you weren’t already soaked, you definitely are now.
you felt eren start to move towards your bed, supporting your weight on his hips with one hand while he threw the lingerie aside with the other. he then placed you on the soft surface, looming over you, his body in between your legs, as your lips continued to mindlessly move together. you felt his silver chain against your hot skin, his hands trailing up and down your waist, his tongue fighting you for dominance, the way his hips lightly grind into yours. you loved everything about it.
“‘m wanna go down on you. can i, pretty girl?” eren spoke in between kisses. his voice was quiet and deep, contrasting perfectly with your high pitched squeals and whimpers. his slender fingers made their way to the hem of your shorts, ghosting over your skin on his way there.
“yes, fuck, please” was all you managed to get out. your mind felt hazy, maybe it was the lack of oxygen, maybe it was the way his breath fanned over your core. we’ll never know for sure.
“have you been..?” he questioned, looking up from his position between your thighs.
“n-no.” you turned your head to the side, feeling eren’s gaze on you.
“okay. i’ll start slow, alright? make you feel good.”
and that he did. eren kissed on your thighs, purposely teasing you. as you squirmed underneath his touch, the thought of his tongue on your core drove you insane with anticipation. finally, he tugged on your shorts, signaling you to pull them down, and stepped back when you were left with your panties on.
“have i ever told you how fucking pretty you are?”
“maybe a few times, but i thought you were joking.”
“is it obvious now that ‘m not joking, y/n?” eren looked at you with desire. he wanted to know what you’d say next. he meant what he said, you’re stunning to him. you’ve always been.
“i guess it’s pretty obvious now.”
“good, cause you’re really fucking pretty. c’mere.”
eren pulled you by your hips closer to him on the edge of the bed. he bent down and pulled your panties off of you. you heard him groan slightly, his breath fanning on your pussy.
“so beautiful, y/n.” he mumbled, right before-
“h-holy shit!”
you swore you had the wind knocked out of you. his tongue felt amazing. the way he’d lick long and then suck on your pretty little bundle on nerves, and when he added a finger, then two?! you saw stars.
“you’re so wet, baby. so sweet.”
you had never felt this much pleasure in your life! it was too much, so when you tried closing your legs, the boy in between them forced them back open, pinning your legs to the bed.
all you could do was moan in response, too weak to say anything else.
eren continued lapping at your cunt, finger-fucking you into oblivion. you felt a knot in your stomach form, threatening to break any minute now.
“eren! ‘m gonna..’m so close!” your moans filled your bedroom, the pleasure too good for you to worry about how you sounded.
“you’re gonna what? tell me, use your words, pretty girl.”
“i’m gonna—fuck!—‘m gonna cum!”
“go ahead, cum for me.” eren’s hands made their way up to your shirt, lifting it slightly to gain access to your tits. he squeezed and caressed them, not forgetting to pinch your nipples.
although it was all so friggen good, what sent you over the edge is when he hollowed out his cheeks while sucking on your clit. you let out a loud, drawn-out moan, voice breaking at the end. your back arched off the bed as eren continued to lap up your juices, stopping shortly after the overstimulation started to kick in.
“you did so good, baby.” eren cooed, pushing the hair out of your face. he pulled off your shirt and kissed the valley between your breasts, his hands groping your pretty tits.
“do you still wanna go all the way?” eren asked, detaching himself from you. he was already happy he made you felt good, but part of him hoped and prayed that you’d say yes because the raging cock in his pants was begging for attention.
“yes, you have to feel good too, ‘ren.” you said hazily. your eyes were barely open, the post-orgasmic sleepiness kicking in. eren smirked.
“good. do ya think you could suck me off, pretty girl?” eren lowered his sweatpants to where you could see the print in his boxers. your eyes widened as you look at him.
“w-will it even fit?”
“i’ll make it fit, don’t worry.”
you sat up and got on your hands and knees, eren standing in front of you. slowly, you peeled his boxers off, palming his erection as you went. finally, his tan length bounced free, blushed tip angry and leaking with pre.
you took his length into your hand, feeling his shudder against your touch, and as you placed a few kisses on him, you heard him mutter a small “fuck”. you could tell he was getting impatient, so why keep him waiting?
you started slow, only taking an inch or two into your mouth, swirling your tongue along him. you felt eren’s hands make their way to your head, and suddenly his entire cock was shoved down your throat.
“i hope you don’t mind princess—ahh—but i’m gonna fuck your face for a lil’ bit, hmm?” eren said lightly, his moans soft and loud. his hips collided with your face as you opened your throat for more access. at this point, you were gagging pretty harshly, and there were tears streaming down your face. your throat was definitely going to be sore, but holy shit did it feel good knowing he was moaning because of you.
eren’s hips began to stutter, his pace becoming inconsistent. he pulled away from your mouth with a whine.
“i don’t wanna cum yet, but thank you for warming me up, pretty.”
you nod and smile. that was the cutest thing you could’ve done in that moment and boy was eren happy you did it.
“can you lay down for me?”
you obliged, laying down on your back as eren spread your legs once again. he towered over you, lean body and prominent muscles looking delicious in the dim lighting of your bedroom.
eren lined himself up with your entrance, pressing lightly against your pussy.
“eren, is it gonna hurt?”
“maybe a little at first princess, but i’ll be right here. let me know if you want to stop, kay?”
you nod, reaching out for his hand. he took your hand, interlocking your fingers and pressing them against the bed. eren leaned down to kiss your lips, lovingly and sweet.
“you ready?”
was this actually happening? were you about to lose your virginity? to your brother’s best friend? you never imagined he thought of you like this. it made you feel special, that your first time had some meaning to it.
eren pushed slightly into your pussy. you winced a little, the stretch was painful.
“shhh, it’s okay.” eren whispered into your ear, pressing light kisses below your ear and around your neck.
he continued pressing in, the stretch almost too much to bear.
“eren, it hurts!” you yelped, arching your back off the bed.
“i’m almost in, pretty girl. do you want me to stop?”
“..no. can you just…do it faster?”
eren chuckled. “you sure?”
“yes, just get it over with!”
eren thrusted his hips against yours, finally bottoming out in your cunt. you moaned loudly, trying to adjust to his length as quickly as possible.
“you’re so tight—ahh.”
he waited for you to adjust, your walls hugging him tightly. he kissed your lips once more, whispering “good job, pretty girl” and “i’m so proud of you.” once you were acclimated to the new feeling, your tapped eren’s hand and he started moving slowly.
your moans and embarrassingly loud cunt’s squelches quickly filled the room. you never felt so full in your life! you felt each and every part of his cock brush against your walls, the large tip kissing your cervix easily.
“‘ren—faster please” you managed to say, moaning your way through the request. with a grunt, the boy started moving faster, steadily increasing his pace.
it didn’t take long for the familiar feeling of the knot in your stomach to reappear. eren could tell you were close, too. the way your virgin pussy hugged and pulsated around his cock so nicely, he wasn’t gonna last long.
your moans became increasingly higher, eren adding a few moans here and there to the symphony. he just felt so good. the pain was long gone at this point, pleasure overloading your senses.
“‘m gonna cum!”
“me too, princess.”
eren sped up somehow, his hips at a inhumane pace. his mouth latched on to one of your breasts while a hand reached down to circle your clit.
with a few more thrusts into your pussy, you came, and you came hard. so hard that eren was almost forced out of your soaking wet cunt. he detached from your breast to whine, speeding up even more. the fingers on your clit sped up as well as eren’s head loomed on your chest, his bun falling down to tickle your chin.
he grunted into your chest, mumbling sweet nothing as his hips stuttered and his thrusts became inconsistent.
“cum— where do i cum, pretty?”
“inside—cum inside me.”
“i-inside? fuuuck!”
eren’s cum shot deep in your pussy, warm and in spurts. he continued to fuck his cum into you at a much slower pace. his fingers on your clit moved to a fist on each side of your head as your own made it up to his hair.
“you did so good, baby.” eren mumbled as he kissed you lazily. “let’s get you cleaned up.”
eren pulled out, not without you whining at the loss of his cock, and went to get a warm wash cloth. as he cleaned your body, he couldn’t help but wonder why you agreed to letting him do something so vulgar to you. his best friend’s innocent little sister.
he laid down next to you, pulling your back close to his chest.
“t-thank you eren. i don’t think i would’ve been able to enjoy it the way i did with someone else.”
“‘m just glad you let me.”
should you tell him? that you’ve always liked him? that you wished it was gonna be him to love you for the first time?
here goes nothing.
“i know that this is probably not the best time, but i really like you. i always have.”
silence swelled the room as you worried he didn’t feel the same. what if you were just another casual hookup? or if he only saw you as your brother’s little sister?
“i love you. i always have.”
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