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Art by Arizawasan
Posted with Permission (reprint/edit and/or commercial use prohibited)
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[2017] Zukka x AoT 
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Pre-Order Nov-27 - One Day Only
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some very little guys
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Attack On Titan is a Work of Love
Something I'm always in awe of, is how love is depicted in Attack On Titan. Mostly, because it feels realistic and relatable. Love isn't always the big, over-the-top Romeo and Juliet type.
Love is Eren wrapping a scarf around Mikasa.
Tumblr media
Armin regularly going to see Annie.
Tumblr media
Love is Levi and Hanji knowing each other so well, they’re able to communicate without the need for words.
Tumblr media
Historia trusting Ymir so much, that she was the first one she revealed her real name to.
Tumblr media
Love isn’t always flowers and big confessions like the ones we see in movies or media. Daily, human love lays in the detail. It’s in consistency, in those little day-to-day gestures a person can have with another. it's in waiting for your partner with a nice meal at home, in sharing a moment of comfort, in understanding eachother by just looking into one another's eyes. it's in protecting and caring and nurturing and motivating.
And it’s why love in Attack On Titan will always feel real. Palpable. Beautifully subtle.
To me, it will always be grounbreaking how, in a world so full of hatred, Isayama managed to create so many unbreakable bonds of the most imperfectly pure love, and how he was able to explore love in all of its different phases and colors.
Love between brothers/family:
Tumblr media
Love between friends:
Tumblr media
Idolatry (the tpye of love that makes you go blind)
Tumblr media
Unrequited love:
Tumblr media
Grief (the loss of someone you loved):
Tumblr media
New-found love:
Tumblr media
It will always be close to my heart, how Attack On Titan shows love at every corner, in every frame: in words of hope, in helping somebody who struggles, in the will to protect somebody at the highest of costs, in the joking and teasing in affectionate ways. It’s all there, in the small, in what the eye doesn’t always see. It’s always been.
So, even when Attack On Titan can be seen as a work of war and life and death and how the evil parts of the human world work, to me, it will forever be a work I remember for being overflowed with love, too.
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... </3
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⌗︙・teaching reiner how to kiss ⸜⸜・
i just wanna teach inexperienced reiner how to kiss. i know he would try his best but he would make it so messy. imagine: you and reiner lay entangled in bed while his tongue explores his mouth. your tongue meets his with spit everywhere as he moans in your mouth. you can feel him rubbing against your thigh, humping you like a little puppy. you almost melt at how adorable he is. his thrusts before frantic and he whines into your mouth.
"did you just cum in your pants, rei?" you tease him, making him hide his face in your chest. "im sorry." he mumbles into your chest and you can't help but to chuckle.
"it's okay, baby. you are just too adorable."
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I'm trying some new border designs!
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Congratulations! It's two weeks before Christmas, and you've been selected as a lucky winner to spend a night at the Winter Wonderland Lodge! A lodge known for its festive atmosphere, strictly open during the winter holidays, where guests alike spend their winter holidays in hopes of bringing each other closer.
ABOUT THE LODGE: The Winter Wonderland Lodge is sat atop of a large hill, surrounded by fluffy blankets of snow and a vast, large forest of pine trees, as well as a large frozen lake. Not far from the lodge lies a ski slope, as well as a sauna in a bathhouse! The lodge includes several spacious rooms, each included with their own amazing view of the surrounding area. Here, guests can enjoy several activities, such as: reading in the library, playing pool in the recreational room, work out in the gym, go skiing on the ski slope, have a drink at the bar, grab some food in the on-site restaurant, or relax in the hot springs.
So, as an honorary guest, how will you be spending your winter holidays here? Will you spend some much needed relaxing time to yourself? Or will you spend your time bouncing from activity to activity? Or would you rather get to know the other guests at the lodge?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
HOW TO PLAY: First of all, ALL CHARACTERS HERE ARE 18+ WHETHER THEY ARE ALREADY ARE CANONICALLY OR ARE AGED UP. If you do not like aged up characters, please leave! Also, all characters (I will refer to the characters as guests* in the event) are from Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, & Obey Me. All of the fanfiction will purely be tooth-rotting Christmas fluff, and, for the guests you can romance, I will include a smut scene at the end. Not all of the guests are portrayed in the images above & below*
Now that the formalities are closed, welcome to the lodge! To play, simply follow the prompts! It is a, "choose your own adventure," type of event, where one fanfiction will take you to another based on your choices you make! All choices will be available in bold and will most likely appear after you finish reading the "chapter" you are on.
You can either continue making your way forwards, or, if you did not like your outcome, you can simply go back and try again!
If you're looking for a certain guest to appear in the fic, you're going to have to keep reading to find them! There are about 40 love interests, and about 10 more guests to greet! No, I will not be telling you who's a love interest & who's not. It's your job to read and find out! So, if you're looking to play, the event begins below with CHECK IN. I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
On a bright, snowy day, you walk into the lodge with suitcase and baggage in hand, you go to Check In...
Done checking in? Why don't you explore the Lodge?
No, I'll go back to my room.
Yes! Let's go explore!
EVENT STARTED: DEC. 1st, 2022.
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Eren’s Insta Spam (pt. 2)
eren x black!fem reader
pt. 1
Back again with these since I’m not making imagines until my uni work is somewhat up to a good standard *chu chu*
OKAy!! so as we know Eren is cautious of putting you on his main/public spam but he genuinely really wants to post more of you so he has a private insta where it’s mostly just his irl friends and family who can follow it
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He’s on this account waaaay more but its actually amusing because most of his family dont know that he’s a public figure/internet famous. Not because he’s scared to tell them but simply because they’d just embarrass the hell out of him sudidxkdk so erens tricked them into thinking that his priv spam is his main. the only consequence to that is that they always urge him to treat it like Facebook TM
“Habibti, post that baba picture I sent you the other day on instagram.” Carla directs towards Eren but says as she scrolls on her phone.
“Oh my gosh, Eren’s baby photos?! Let me see!” Hearing part of the conversation, Dina comes from around the table to look over Carla’s shoulder, eager to see her step-son’s adolescent stage.
Rolling his eyes, Eren only slugs his feet towards the fridge to get himself something for the two of you to eat. Don't get him wrong, he was happy his mother and step-mother got along but together they were an insufferable pair.
“Amma, why would I show everyone my baby pictures? That’s too embarrassing. In every picture my hair always looks dodgy. If I didn’t know it was me in them, I’d think the child was neglected.” He joked.
With an expression of shock, Carla looked over at her son.
“What you mean you looked neglected? Your hair always looked right! I always made sure to have it cut and nice on the sides. Not like how you and your Abba have it now, all long and untidy.”
“My hair isn’t untidy.” He’d mumble. Not because he was ashamed in his hair but because he knew saying anything louder would count as backtalk and therefore get him in trouble.
“Hey, darling! Come!” Upon seeing you enter the kitchen, Carla beckoned for you to come to her. Unsuspecting of what conspired before you came in, you glanced in Eren’s direction before walking in to his mother instead.
“Hey Mama.” You’d say as you stood next to her.
Seeing the cheeky expression on her face and the quick look she made in Eren’s direction, you knew she was up to no good.
“Look, look.” She’d say in a hushed tone, gleefully turning her phone in your direction. “This when Eren was a baby.”
In her hand was a picture of a child who sat in the bath tub, face displaying childish tantrum. Clearly the child had a disdain for the bath time activity but what made the picture all the more memorable was the plethora of bubble suds that mounted on top of his head.
“No way. That’s Eren?” You laughed behind your hand.
Unaware of what was going on behind him but hearing his name in conversation, the brunette turned around to witness the commotion.
“What the— Amma, No!”
Even though its mostly embarrassing, Eren genuinely likes when you interact with his family. They were so receptive of you from the first time they met you. To a certain extent he even believes they like you a lot better than him 😭😭 They make this especially clear in his comments section
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ej__jaeger can a guy ever get any sleep around here??? @ynprivnotpriv
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carlaakarjaeg_34 She Can Never Do Wrong!! Eren Make Sure You Be Nice xxxxx
lordhokagetheninth I. find this very amusing because….. i was never allowed to look at girls let alone havr them in my room at ur age. i walked so u could run.
ej__jaeger @lordhokagetheninth zeke can u stop changing ur @ i barely ever recognise u i was about to sb,, + ratio
ej__jaeger @carlaakarjaeg__34 always amma ❤️
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ej__jaeger to my beloved. @ynprivnotpriv
on your special day id like to say thank you for being the most incredible thing to ever happen to me. without you there’d be no improved me. you always push me to higher capabilities but simply because you care and not because you have to. your capacity to love and to be uniquely you will never cease to amaze me. never change, not even for me. ill keep this short because i’ve literally written u 5 different paragraphs elsewhere but know that i appreciate you, way more than u imagine.
every time i will always choose you.
happy birthday baba.
urs always. ej x
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dinafritz_off_fifth Happy Birthday @ynprivnotpriv!! Hope your day is full of love, joy and all things lovely Just Like You!! 💖
annie_leonhart12 Happy Birthday X @ynprivnotpriv
yummir Eren you beyyer sling it on her today and i mean it. she deserves to be d1ck3d down 👽👽
ynprivnotpriv Thank you for all the kind wishes everyone 🥺🥺 I love you all @carlaakarjaeg_34 @arminarletarmin @lordhokagetheninth @dinafritz_off_fitfh @annie_leonhart12 @mikamikamii @grishaj__ @conniethe_conman @sashabear7891 @reiner_braunofficial @jeankirjr @berth_hoovr
ej__jaeger @yummir HELLO??????
Tags: @quiveringdeer because once again thank you for that reiner camera roll one and bc imma just tag you into these from now on
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Tumblr media
This art is finally over, I'm so proud of it not really for the body but for challenging myself to grab my brother's computer and, even when I've never used photoshop before, give it the full vision I had in mind.
This is supposed to be a scene from my fic, or sort of. Don't judge my backgrounds please, I don't mind drawing hands for days, backgrounds?... I don't even know how to do a bed. It's not my territory.
To be honest, I'm glad I almost lost my hair trying to do the photoshop thing. It didn't pass the same vibes without the night light arrangements.
I hope you like it :)
BTW, it's thanks giving for some today, happy thanksgiving. I can't cook anything for you from the place I am but I can draw you a smoking Levi haha hope that makes it up somehow.
Lots of love.
PD: open the image if you can, Tumblr's small view of the post reduces a lot the quality.
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Incorrect AOT quotes
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haedraulics · 2 days ago
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art for the eruri wedding zine! 💐
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thankful for levi ackerman 🫶🏻
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A Captains Kids dinner party
Content: 2.6k words of modern post war fluff. Levis leg is acting up while you take on too much by yourself, so he calls in reinforcements.
Extras: This is for @levi-supreme Happy Birthday Levi event! Thank you for letting me join and helping me get back in the swing of things!
Levi sat at the kitchen table, watching you move about. You were up early, starting chores, when he came limping in. His leg injury acting up again.
You stopped what you were doing and after a little tiff you got him seated with his tea, the newspaper and a small breakfast.
He is very grateful to you. Generally he's the one making breakfast or you both make it together. But sometimes when his leg is bad and it's hard for him, you try not to let him exert himself.
You sense him watching you and turn to give him a kiss on the top of the head. "Everything okay?"
Levi sighs and shrugs. Yes, it's okay. Not great. "I'm sorry." He says quietly.
You squeeze his shoulder. "Stop that. It's okay to rest sometimes."
He is usually a get it done type of person and doesn't like to sit on the sidelines when he could be helping.
He puts his arm around your waist and leans into your side, making you smile.
You stay like that a few minutes rubbing his back.
He let's you go and you go about the laundry and cleaning breakfast dishes and help him to the couch when he's ready.
"Thank you." He looks up at you.
"Can I get you anything? A heating pad?" You make sure to ask because he won't.
But Levi shakes his head. "No. I'm okay." And he is, now that his leg has been resting it's feeling better. But he knows not to try to push it at the moment.
You lean down to kiss him and continue working around the house.
You are both off today, thankfully. So while Levi rests you can clean and be there for your husband, not worrying about serving customers. Which while you love, he comes first.
But it's Levi who is worrying. You're hosting a dinner tomorrow and want to start prepping everything today. And he knows it's going to hard for him to help, and it's going to be a lot for you.
He thinks maybe if he just sat at the kitchen table with a cutting board and ingredients, maybe he could at least chop. But, he'll probably forget something and not be able to reach it without your help, or his back will hurt sitting there too long, or he'll just be in the way.
"Levi?" You come in from the garage to see he's lost in thought and come sit by him on the couch.
"Maybe we should postpone." He blurts out.
You smile. "We have all the things we need, the recipes are ready, people are coming over. It'll be okay." You snuggle into his chest and he sighs and plays with your hair. How you manage to comfort him every time.
"I might not be much help." He tells you.
"Don't you worry. I got it covered." There is more than enough time to get things done by yourself.
He sighs and leans back against the couch. He knew you'd say that.
"Hey, it's fine. I can do this." You encourage positive thoughts.
Levi nods. "I know you can. I just want to help." He feels useless when this happens.
"You do more than enough. You help me and take care of me all the time." You sit back to look at him. "Please don't worry. If you feel better later than yes, come into the kitchen. I'll find something for you to do. If you're still tired but insist, it can be something small. But otherwise, stay out of my way."
The last line is said jokingly as you push your forehead against his and smile, making him chuckle.
"Okay love, thank you." He moves his lips to kiss your forehead and promises to be good.
And with that you start in, getting out cutting boards and mixing bowls and blenders and pans so you can prep and get done anything that can be premade.
Levi hears you working hard and has to bite his tongue to not ask if you need help.
It's obvious you do as you let out a curse which isn't in your nature.
"I'm fine!" You yell out, knowing Levi is listening.
In spite of himself he smiles. He closes his eyes as you put on some music to try to drown out the noise you make and hears you singing along.
You are barely into this with so much more to do. And suddenly Levi has an idea, that he usually wouldn't go on with, but he knows this is the best option and makes a phone call.
Not more than half an hour later there's a knock on the door as you are hands deep in dough.
You let out a sigh and wash your hands, going to see who it is. Levi is closer but you aren't going to make him get up.
"Afternoon Ackermans!" Connie shouts making you jump.
"What are you guys doing here?" You ask as he, Jean, Sasha, Armin, Mikasa and Eren file in.
You've known their families for a while, and they've all taken a liking to you, and somehow, to Levi as well.
"We got a call from Levi that we could be of service." Armin says as they all wait for instructions.
You don't know what to make of this. "To the kitchen, please. I'll be right there."
As they wander to see how they can help, you slowly turn to Levi who is smiling.
"What did you do?" You raise an eyebrow.
"You're looking at it. I can't help much but, they can."
You put your hand on your hips.
Levi lets out a chuckle. "Don't do that."
You fall on the couch next to him and hug him tightly.
"You're not mad, right?" Levi asks to be sure.
"No, it's very sweet for you to still think of ways to help me. I appreciate it." You kiss his lips gently and stand up.
You squeeze each others hand. "Let us know if you want to join us." You tell him.
"That noisy bunch? Hardy." Levi jokes as you laugh and pat his head, going into the kitchen.
The young adults are all ready with aprons and smiles.
"Okay, let's get started." You smile back and put them to work.
As expected, it starts out rough. Right away Jean tries to soften butter in the microwave instead of on the stove and it explodes before you realize it. He and Eren argue as he tries to clean it and Mikasa has to help separate them.
Connie accidently puts one cup of flour instead of one cup of sugar into a recipe and Armin looks for ways to fix it.
And Sasha who is trying her best chops too close and nicks her finger, and you have to take her to the bathroom to fix her up.
"I'm sorry." Sasha says to you while you're putting a wrap on it so she can still help.
"Don't worry. We'll get this done. I really appreciate you guys coming over." You reassure her. Besides, it can't get much worse, you think.
"Well, when Levi told us to come of course we did. We're always happy to help!" Sasha looks up to you both and it's rare Levi is the one inviting them.
You give the younger girl a hug. "Thank you Sasha. Come on. Let's see what's going on."
As you get back to the kitchen, Levi is sitting in one of the chairs helping supervise.
"Mikasa, careful not to overmix, Armin, cut those a little smaller." He's directing them as much as he can from what he's able to see from the chair.
He sees you walk back in. "Everything okay?" He has a soft spot for Sasha.
"Perfect." You smile.
"Hey Sasha, I thought Niccolo was teaching you some things in the kitchen." Connie says loudly to embarrass her, and her cheeks do turn red.
"Who's Niccolo?" You don't recall that name.
"No one!" Sasha says a little too quick and goes to stand by Mikasa and looks for ways to help.
"Her boyfr-" Jean joins in the teasing.
"Shut up!" Sasha is ready to throw a spoon at him.
"Cut it out." Levi speaks up and they settle down. "You have a boyfriend?" Levi wants to know more about this, so when his leg feels better, he can go have a talk with this guy. Makes sure he treats Sasha right if that's what's really going on.
Sasha shrugs and continues chopping.
"Leave her be." Eren mumbles as he and Armin work the blender.
Levi knows Eren's not saying it to him but to the ones bothering her, but he doesn't ask anymore questions.
With all the extra hands now working together things go much smoother.
"You okay sweetheart?" You ask Levi quietly, knowing the chair can bother his back.
"I'm fine. The guys helped me in here, and I got a pillow." It's small and supports him but doesn't make him lean forward. So far, so good.
You squeeze his shoulder. "Okay, good. Thank you for helping."
You are not too surprised when he rests his head on your side. He isn't openly affectionate with you in front of others, but uses small gestures still. Behind close doors is a different story. Cuddle time is all the time.
Most of the prep work is done and things that can be baked ahead of time are in the oven, and a pot of soup is boiling on the stove, being watched by Connie, who gets mad when Eren tries to distract him.
"Cut it out." Levis tone is just enough they know to behave.
"Come, help me." You pull Eren and Mikasa over and give them serving trays and put some drinks and pastries from when you baked the other day on it and send them inside.
Jean, Armin and Connie assist Levi back into the living room, with you and Sasha finishing stirring the soup and pulling out tomorrows baked goods.
"I want to thank you guys again. We would've been here way longer without you." You tell them, happy to see their smiling faces.
Levi closes his eyes and sighs slightly. You use the word we all the time, even when most of it is all you.
But still, there are days when he takes care of you more, which happens at least half the time. Not enough as far as he's concerned.
However, you two are a team, two halves of a whole, and cannot function properly without the other for too long. So Levi will let you say we, because it is always you and him.
"So, what's all this food for?" Mikasa asks.
Levi goes to speak but you beat him to it.
"We're hosting a party tomorrow."
"A party! Are we invited?" Sasha asks with excitement.
"Of course. We're visiting a couple friends first but then we want you guys to come over." You let them know the plan, and Levi goes along with whatever you say.
Mikasa and Armin quietly look at each other, knowing this is the very moment they were invited, and not before. But still, they play along because they want to come too.
"How are you doing?" You turn to Levi to check on him while the young adults talk.
"Pretty good. Thank you." Levi says honestly. Since he's been able to rest, his leg has stopped hurting and he hopes he'll be up more tomorrow for the party.
"Do you want us to come over early and help?" Jean asks you later while they all help clean up.
"Hmm, maybe. Perhaps. I'll have Levi call you." You say with a smile as Levi tries to hide one of his own.
Once everyone leaves for the night, and you and Levi grab something for dinner, and you've had a relaxing bath together, you lay in your bed, safe in your husbands arms.
You kiss his cheeks, his nose, his chin. "Thank you for today."
"You're welcome. I couldn't let you do it all by yourself."
"I know you love me, you called all the kids over at once and are letting them come tomorrow too." You chuckle at the turn of events.
Levi smiles. "It's fine. They aren't that bad. When they aren't whining or arguing or exploding butter." You both laugh.
You reach down and rub his leg. "You feeling better?" You know it wasn't as bad before as this morning.
He nods and scooches closer and kisses your forehead.
"Yes love, I'm doing great."
It's not long after that you're both asleep and the next morning it's you is are sore from standing and bending and cooking all day.
Levi sets you up with a heating pad and makes you breakfast and gives you a shoulder rub all before 9am.
"Thank you." You hug him from behind while he's doing dishes.
You're both feeling good and soon get started up again with finishing recipes from yesterday. Levi calls Sasha and tells her "bring that chef you've been hanging out with."
He can be of help and Levi can monitor.
Sasha and Niccolo show up and it's clear they're smitten with each other and you smile at seeing them flirt.
While Levi generally takes a little longer to warm up to new people, especially ones interested in these guys, but as he sees Niccolo help and encourage Sasha and not make fun of her whatsoever like the others for doing something silly, he thinks maybe he could like this one.
Later on you hug them both and thank them, letting them to come back later with the entire crew.
With things ready for your dinner party you and Levi sit and rest for a short time before your guests show up, and right away they rave about how the kitchen smells.
You mingle and get drinks and appetizers going and the young adults all make it for the large dinner.
There's a good twenty people sitting around your kitchen and dining room tables as people laugh and talk and eat.
"We couldn't have done this without them." Levi gives credit to the kids.
As everyone is helping clean up afterwards Connie suggests a game and it turns into a great idea.
You get paired with a friend, Eren and Niccolo, while Levi is in a group with another friend, Armin and Sasha. Jean and Mikasa are with two other friends, with Connie in another group.
You look over and see Levi full on laughing at one point and smile widely.
In the end it gets late and no one is sure who actually won any of the games but it doesn't matter.
You say goodbye to your guests and thank the young adults for all their help.
Levi goes and gets some of the leftover appetizers and finger desserts for them to take home and you hug them all again.
"Niccolo, nice to meet you." Levi tells him, and it's clear Sasha is happy he approves.
As they are step out Connie turns one more time.
"So, whens the next party?"
No one says a word at first.
"We'll let you know." You say with a smile and squeeze Levis hand who squeezes back.
Armin and Mikasa share another knowingly look and smile at each other.
With everyone gone you two go to bed pretty quick after your long day and cuddle for a bit.
"Thank you." You whisper to him. For the help, the party, being there for you.
He strokes your cheek softly. "You don't have to thank me. We do things together."
You rub his chest and put your arm around him and nestle in closer.
As you exchange 'I love you's and fall sleep together, you quietly think of the day you can add another little one to your household.
A tiny baby who will have the best aunts and uncles, and the most loving and doting father.
As Levi holds you through the night, what you don't know, if he's having the same thoughts as you and can't wait to see you hold your child one day.
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