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i love nasty armin.
study games, armin arlert
no one really knew how armin managed to bag you.
you were probably the baddest bitch in the entire school—no, you were—and there was without a doubt always a set of eyes on you no matter what you did in that building. always showing up with a fresh set of braids or even a new lace front, brand new filled lashes and acrylics that you liked to keep trendy from the 90’s—you always looked good.
you were a living bratz doll because fuck barbie.
so you could see how everyone found it a complete shock when you walked in to school and immediately found your way to armin’s locker kissing him good morning in front his friends.
“hey baby, i made this for you,” you smiled up at him brightly, your braces matching the color of your hot pink hair. you handed him a container of food that you proudly made the night before; what you’d usually eat for your lunch period and remembered that you’d promised your boyfriend a plate of.
eren and connie watch in complete shock as armin mutters something to you with a smile and peck your lips with a bright blush on his face.
i appreciate you so much, is what he told you.
“dude—“ connie grabbed armin back by his collar the moment you kissed his cheek and walked away. “what the fuck what that?”
armin doesn’t wait till lunch to start smacking down on your delicious food. “my fucking girlfriend made me lunch?” armin spoke with a mouthful of oxtail and rice in confusion.
“no shit—how is she your girlfriend?” eren asked, causing the blonde to roll his eyes. “no seriously. how the fuck did you get hot ass y/n to date you?”
good dick, armin wanted to say badly.
but instead he shrugged and took another mouthful of food. “being funny goes a long way.”
but that was three years ago, and now you both were seniors in college; still in love. over time your style started to dye down and you hadn’t realized that you were actually subconsciously matching your style with armin’s until you noticed that you hadn’t had colorful hair or worn excessive jewelry in months. your hair was natural, simple colors, having being ginger for the past year or so.
you still had your nails done sparkly and your lashes cute as ever, but you actually dressed a lot like him. your love for miniskirts gave out a few months ago, but you still enjoyed your platform boots. instead, you were wearing more button downs over your skirts if you did wear them, and blazer jackets with stockings and some small platform shoes. you dressed like a cute schoolgirl now.
armin actually hadn’t noticed the similarities in your style either until you asked him where your favorite shirt of his was so you could wear it to school. of course with high pink cheeks, the boy dug into his dresser and pulled out your favorite shirt that you loved to see on him. armin loved how you were your own entity of femininity. you were never afraid to wear gallons of perfume or fix your makeup in the middle of class—even if it wasn’t the time. you were different from the other girls at school. he loved you for it.
the truth was; armin made you feel safe. you were defensive as hell when he became your chemistry tutor, not because you were rude but because you were socially awkward when it came to new people getting to know you. but once you actually got to know armin outside of school, you actually preferred his quiet aura much more than the messy ones beside you. the football team, the cheerleaders; they all gave you migraines.
“you know what white boy, you ain’t so bad after all,” you grinned at armin when you finally started to get a set of practice questions right. “i like you.”
little did you know that, that like would turn into love and adore barely a year later. armin allowed you to be vulnerable in his grasp. a lot of people tried to look into your relationship from the outside and had no idea why you were going out with such a nerd, but he really balanced your personality all the way out.
he was the sensible one between you both. you wanted to impulse shop with whatever money you made from your job and armin compromised with you that he’ll buy whatever you wanted with his own money as long as you saved yours to buy the more important things you actually needed like the car you desperately needed to get to classes.
you wanted to fight someone for disrespecting you? usually armin was there to hold your earrings and make sure your necklaces dont snap, but he also tried to calm you down and deescalate the situation most of the time. although your anger wasn’t directly toward him, with a glare, you’d leave whatever environment you were in and hold his hand tight in attempt to not run back and run up on the bitch that tried you.
his quietness matched your expressiveness. you weren’t even ‘loud’. but if you were passionate about something, you were going to make sure them people heard you. and armin always heard you. he always listened. whether it was about breaking a nail in gym or simply feeling like you weren’t smart enough for whatever STEM class you took that semester—your man always made you feel like you were in a safe space. you were able to be yourseld aeohnd him.
and boy—when he saw you without any braids or a wig on—it’s safe to say that you two solidified your future marriage.
armin was perfect for you and you could care less about who had what to say. at the end of the day—the pipe was good as fuck.
people overlook armin because he’s a nerd and keeps to himself, but he’s super tall and skinny compared to you so just know that third leg is fucking insane!!
like truly. you weren’t even sure how you survived the first time having sex with him. you expected armin to be a little unexperienced, but that boy knew what the hell to do okay !! he knew just how to touch your body and where. he knew your stressors, your pleasure spots, and even areas that you didnt even know you could feel good in.
your sex life was perfect.
but there were times where you’d finish your homework ahead of time (really not at all) and armin would always do his work with you perched up in his lap. usually you’d listen to music and fall asleep against his chest as he worked out his study problems, but today was different. you were needy.
“baby,” you whined from armin’s lap. he mindlessly ignored you as he stared down at his homework on the table. his large hand rested comfortably underneath your shirt, holding onto your breast for comfort like he usually did unconsciously. “‘min,”
“hmm?” armin looks up at you with the pair of innocent eyes that you always managed to fall in love with.
“take a break,” you tried to encourage. “i’m bored and you’re not helping.”
letting out a breathless laugh, armin began rubbing his pale hand against the deep brown of your skin as he spoke. “yeah? where’s your homework, dove?”
you rolled your eyes. you didn’t want to think about homework right now; you wanted your boyfriend to stuff you to the brim and fill you like he had no more left to give.
you ignore armin’s question and get straight to the point. “fuck me,” you whisper with a pout, pulling his head into your chest. “please baby.”
“one more question?” armin teased. he knew how bad you needed him, but he just liked watching you beg. he enjoyed the fact that there were equal dynamics in your relationship. he let you do whatever you wanted outside the bedroom but in??? oh you were all his. you did whatever the hell that boy told you as soon as he got you into a bed. or a bathroom stall. or a corner. or an empty classroom…
with a huff, you role your eyes and nod your head, completely missing the smirk that fell onto armin’s face when he began to feel your thin clothed core rub against his crotch. you were now almost doing a full split against his lap, the only thing separating you two was the thick fabric of his cargo jeans and the thin fabric of your panties that you liked to wear.
as a small sign to tell you to stop, armin slipped his large hand (he actually has very big hands. idc!) under your skirt and rubbed small circles against your soaking cunt, warning you to behave seeing that there were two people studying in front of you. to them, it just looked like you were big on PDA, listening to music on your boyfriend’s lap while he did his work.
but what they didn’t know what that under the table, armin was discreetly helping you lift up to sit on his now free cock. with a small gasp, you screw your mouth shut when you notice a pair of eyes glance at you. you pick up a random book from armin’s pile and pretend to read it, when really you stuffed your face in the pages just to hide your twisted expressions.
armin continued to rub your clit through your pushed panties as you rocked your hips against him in a circular motion. it was a good thing you two were in the back of the library, in order for the two people to see you bouncing up on your man’s dick, they’d have to squint pretty hard.
“ohhh,” you moaned, clenching around armin. this causes him to grip onto your waist tightly. he’s posed that he hated it, but you knew deep down he loved it when your cunt gripped him like a vice. he always busted like two minutes after you did.
if there was one thing about armin; it was he was damn good at vouyerism. no one expected the nerd to be fucking anyone in such public places, so he got away with a lot of shit. no one ever thought twice about him fucking a girl—and the school’s hottest one at that.
“just like that min,” you barely whisper, almost bending over the table for a new angle. at this position, armin got a clear view of your ass as your skirt began to fall against your back. he rubbed his hands against the plum of your skin as he played with your dripping pussy.
the both of you freeze when the pair prepares to pack their stuff and head out the library, completing their studying. they take about a minute or so, and while the whole time you’re trying to hold your breath from letting a moan out, armin is still discreetly thrusting into you with very slow but very deep strokes. there was a point you felt him hit your cervix once.
once the pair was gone and you knew the library room was completely empty, you let out the loudest moan into the arm of your sweater. “armin,” you cried as he sped up.
“you liked that, baby?” armin teased, fully bouncing you on his cock now. “you liked almost getting caught.”
he was so right, but you weren’t gonna tell him that.
“oh, i’m gonna cum,” you whine , throwing your head back. to aid your orgasm in arrive faster, armin pulls your back flush against his chest and rubs your cunt faster.
“‘m almost there,” he whispered. your legs fully gave out minutes ago, so now armin was doing all the work. he never minded though. he liked using you like a puppet sometimes. you close your eyes and clench tightly around him as you feel your orgasm approaching.
“‘min ‘min, ‘min!” you scream into your hands, finally feeling yourself soak his green cargos. armin’s orgasm immediately followed right after, filling you with so much of his cum that a lot of it leaked out while he was still in you.
letting out a hum of satisfaction, you crane your neck so that you were looking up at armin. blond locks sticking to his sweaty skin, he smiles down st you once he sees your fucked out face. with a smooth kiss, you proudly swallow armin’s lips in your own, sensually making out with him.
“fuck, fuck,” armin groaned against your lips. you were sure you wanted to go another round after hearing him. “‘m gonna pull out, ‘k?”
you lick your lips and nod your head, eyes still closed. with one grunt and a loud ‘pop’ from your pussy, you gasp at the sudden empty feeling between your legs. armin leans over to grab a roll of paper towels the library kept at every table and quickly cleaned you up.
with a peck to your forehead, he smiles at you. “i’ll give you more later.” you grin brightly and kiss him. you loved him so much.
armin always matched your energy.
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I'm a sucker for whispered vows
Your hands hold his head closer to you as you whisper vows into his ear, gently caressing the back of his neck. You say something that makes him laugh and he moves his arms further around your waist until he's fully pressing you against him in a hug. You're still whispering your vows for only you and him to hear and he's nodding along while you do so. When you're done, you kiss his jaw and switch sides for him to whisper his vows to you.
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notpikaman · 9 hours
Tumblr media
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i need eren and reader getting caught in eren and his wife’s bed…
You tryna tell me…….you want his lovely wife to walk in on Eren raw dogging you from the back!?? With one of his hands on your waist while the other is dug into your hair, gripping your curls so harsh that you have to hold your head back to relieve some tension?
You want his sweet, caring wife to make direct eye contact with you as Eren continues to thrust into you, watching how a white ring forms around the base of his dick. Squelching sounds filling the bedroom mixing with your moans, his heavy breathing and skin slapping?
You want his wife to cry out softly to her husband, who is mercilessly ravaging you from behind, who I might add is too pussy drunk to react to anything around him other than your body. The same wife who gives you are hard cold stare as you try to apologize to her and at the same time try not to cry out his name?
“That’s it baby. Doing so good f’me.”
So nasty and vile 🤨. Yet, you wish is my command🙃.
Link to chapter 1
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Tumblr media
TENDERㅤ fwb! eren yeager x gn! reader — fluff + suggestive [ 1.5k+ wc ] cws mentions of drinking ! MDNI
Tumblr media
ㅤeren yeager wasn't someone you would describe as tender, but with how peaceful he looked in that moment, you couldn't help but think that he was just that after all.
Tumblr media
eren yeager wasn’t someone you would describe as tender.
he wasn’t particularly unsympathetic or rough either, but his gentleness wasn’t great enough for tenderness to be the first thing to rise up to the top of your head whenever you thought of him. recklessness maybe, or even determination and stubbornness, but definitely not tenderness. eren yeager wasn’t someone characterized by tenderness, at least not in most situations, but as you stared at him in that moment, you couldn’t help but feel the sweet sensation of it fill your chest.
he looked gentle, peaceful, ethereal even, and you didn’t understand why eren of all people was making those adjectives be the first ones to pop at your mind while you looked at him, but you also weren’t complaining, because for some reason, they felt comforting. you felt safe, even if the man laying by your side was fast asleep and in no way capable of actually doing anything to protect you, and you also felt calm, as if an invisible ocean of peace had just swarmed you. eren yeager wasn’t someone who should be giving you such comfort, the relationship you two shared too shallow for that, your physical attraction towards one another the only thing that brought you together and yet, you couldn’t stop such feelings from taking over you, and that scared you, because you knew that as soon as he woke up, everything you were thinking about and feeling so overwhelmingly would have to be immediately discarded and left in the past if you wanted to be able to still share a bed with him every now and then.
eren’s lids were slid shut, his chest rising up and down calmly and his lips ever so slightly parted, the way his long hair drew messy waves over his pillow comical. you had seen that sight uncountable times before, that being what usually greeted you on saturday or sunday mornings whenever you two met up over the weekend after having had one too many drinks, the alcohol in your system leaving you to feel needy enough to resort to someone like a friend with benefits to satiate your cravings. your relationship wasn’t perfect or ideal but it worked and that was what mattered — right now, however, you worried you were about to put all of it in jeopardy. it was as if your hands had created a mind of their own and were moving on their own accord, the thought to stop them from reaching for eren coming entirely too late as you only realized what you were doing once your fingers were already tangled with strands of his hair, your eyes too focused on how the moonlight that sneaked through the window was casting pretty shadows over his features to notice how you had started to massage his scalp, pulling softly at the long locks, smiling when you heard a small, satisfied groan slip through his even breathing. it all felt wrong, but you still felt no motivation to stop any of it whatsoever, if anything only growing more and more inclined to keep going by the second, subconsciously hoping this moment could last forever.
amidst the silence of it all, and with how caught up you were in your own head, you didn’t notice when eren’s eyelids slowly opened up, green irises staring sleepy up at you while a faint smile curled his lips. maybe he was just tired enough to be hallucinating, maybe even still a bit tipsy, but as he stared up at you, eren swore you looked like the closest resemblance of an angel that he could think of, the way the moonlight hit your own face and enhanced your features way too graceful.
“you don’t need to do all this if you wanna go for another round, just need to ask nicely” he chuckled, voice groggy and raspy, and you swore you felt your heart jump out of your chest in that minute, immediately retracting any contact you had with the man lying next to you. “i didn’t tell you to stop” he complained, lids sliding closed again, waiting for your fingers to go back to playing with his hair, sighing with a shameless grin once his request was fulfilled.
“i didn’t mean to wake you up” you said after a second of silence, tone low and cautious, careful to not break the calm atmosphere.
“i don’t mind waking up in the middle of the night everyday if it means getting to look at a pretty thing like you every time” and you swore that eren didn’t know what he was rambling about, probably still too sleepy to even think about what he was saying, because there was no way he would say something like that to you of all people, the one person he had always kept at a safe distance while somehow still having way too close to him — his up-frontness still not enough to justify his words, you concluded.
“you don’t mean that”
“why would i say something i don’t mean?”
“you’re just tired”
“i’m tired, but i still know what i’m talking about”
now it was your turn to sigh. you didn’t know what to make of his words, didn’t know what to reply, so you stayed quiet, assuming silence would be enough for him to understand that it was better both of you forgot anything even happened — but deciding that pretending to be oblivious was the right thing to do was what eren concluded, so he kept talking, ignoring the fact that he knew he was most likely about to ruin your perfectly fine relationship just for something he was feeling in the spur of the moment.
“i don’t see the problem with me saying that, not my fault you look like a pretty angel right now”
you looked at eren confused, wary of why he was saying such things and wondering where he had been hiding such a sweet and soft side of himself. he had called you many nicknames, those two a combination he had used before more than once, but somehow, they felt more real now, not like just something meaningless he was saying while too far gone in his own pleasure to think through whatever was coming out of his mouth.
“eren, stop” you warned, letting out a hesitant chuckle as you spoke.
“don’t want to” he all but whined, one of his large hands wrapping around your wrist and pulling your palm to rest against his cheek instead, moving your thumb against his skin, waiting for you to continue the caress without needing his guidance. “i’m only saying what is going on in my heart”
you scoffed as reply, rolling your eyes but moving your thumb according to what he wanted anyways. “you’re not supposed to say those things to me, save them for when you get a girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever”
“why would i not say them to you if you’re the one who’s making me think these things?” he asked rhetorically, green irises looking up at you in a way that made you want to coo, his gaze so gentle, so tender, it made you want to lean down and kiss him — so you did just that, not thinking twice before pressing your lips against his, the peck you shared brief but somehow more meaningful than any other deeper or longer kissed you had ever given each other.
“we’re supposed to fuck, that’s it, nothing more, nothing less”
“i don’t wanna just fuck you tho…” eren said, his tone making it sound like he was on the verge of throwing a tantrum over the topic, the way his lower lips jotted out not helping in making him look any less like a child about to cry because they weren’t given the candy they desired so badly in that moment. you chuckled at his expression, lowering yourself into a more comfortable position, your face just above eren’s, your noses so close you could almost feel the tips touching.
“i’m afraid you can’t do anything more than just fuck me, i’m sorry” you teased through a smirk.
“i wanna keep fucking you, but i also want to do more” he replied, the hand that was still wrapped around your wrist moving so he could press your knuckles against his lips, kissing each one slowly, taking his time as if he was using that as an excuse to think what he would say next. “let me take you on a date, a real one, not just something lazy like eating take out on my couch. we could go to a fancy restaurant, or maybe to the park and have a picnic, or maybe to the cinema — we can do anything you want! just let me take you out, please”
you hummed at him, looking down for a second before agreeing with a small “okay”, watching as eren smiled at you happily, immediately leaning in for another kiss, this one far more eager than the previous one.
you had never thought of eren yeager as someone tender, but as you looked at him in that moment, with a bright smile stamped across his lips and with enthusiasm burning bright behind his eyes — and all of it because of you, nonetheless — you couldn’t help but think that he was exactly just that, the prospect that there were still so many sides of him you had yet to meet one that excited you far too much.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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shall we hold hands and head home? — an anthology ft. levi ackerman and eren
Tumblr media
mission title: how i met your father (wc: 6.1k) | masterlist
Tumblr media
You have a problem.
“Eren, let’s review for the entrance examination!” you call from the living room, straightening your posture after putting a couple of books you borrowed from the library you’re working in (you got the job) on the coffee table.
Almost immediately, you hear a door slam shut. Specifically, the door to Eren’s room.
You sigh, putting your hands on your hips. “Eren, this is the fifth time you’re doing this now.” He doesn’t answer from behind his bedroom door. “Eren.” Again, there’s only silence. You purse your lips as you narrow your eyes at his door.
This has been going on for three days now and there are only less than five days to prepare for Eleutheria Private Academy’s entrance examination. The day after Eren moves in, you visit the nearby bank for a  withdrawal . The documents you received alongside the money contain the application forms, appointments for the examinations, and the test itself. The moment you read the first question, you instantly question whether this academy is right in the head for asking about how many hectares of land George owned or how many kilometers James trekked in five minutes with the proper direction. The questions are truly for the geniuses of this generation. It baffles you that at Eren’s age, you never had the proper education to solve or comprehend any of these. This is why you should try your hand at teaching Eren how to be a proper student. But that’s not as fruitful as you think when he’s scurrying away every time you say the word  study .
It’s like he’s a kitten. A terrified kitten. And this terrified kitten is peeking through the crack between his door right now. Green eyes narrow at you. You can’t even see it but you know he’s pouting.
“Eren, you have to prepare for the exam,” you coax. The crack between his door and the frame decreases and decreases by the second. You have no choice but to bribe him. You have enough money to spare anyway. Everything you received from your organization has led to this moment. “I’m going to buy you the limited edition  Super Spies  blanket  and  a Merry Meal of two cheeseburgers from the local fast food restaurant.” The crack becomes an open door. Eren is now looking at you like you’re responsible for the positions of the constellations in the sky.
“Pinky promise?” he asks, lifting his pinky in the air.
You smile. “Pinky promise.” He runs to you and loops your fingers together. You seal it with a gentle kiss on his thumb, something that has him beaming. “You have to make sure you have to do the end of your bargain.”
Eren nods, that adorable determined look plastered on his face.
“Now, let’s start with Mathematics.”
At the subject, Eren looks like he’s about to shit himself.
Tumblr media
Eren doesn’t like studying.
It triggers nightmares. It gives him chills and he freezes. When the scientists finished their experiments on him, they subjected him to rigorous examinations to maintain the maximum brain power needed for his abilities to occur. Every day for almost twelve hours, Eren was studying in a lab like a newly-bought pet in training. No matter how much he cried or had a tantrum, the scientists never batted an eyelash, including that bespectacled man who took part in his existence. After he escaped, he didn’t touch a single book in the orphanage, except for the times the old bat of a caretaker forced him to do so to appeal to the couples wanting to adopt him, which was quite a challenge because he would fight against it and it would lead to him getting a lashing or not getting adopted in the end. 
The marks on his back start itching as he listens to you drone about the basic operations of Mathematics. Addition and subtraction he can solve with ease. But multiplication and division? He might as well listen in on the other applicants’ thoughts while answering the exam. Now, you’re moving on to more complicated parts of Math. Eren’s left eye twitches when he sees shapes and bigger numbers jumbled in the problems. 
He sniffles at the one-hour mark.
“Eren?” you ask him in the middle of formulating a problem for him to answer.
His bottom lip wobbles in distress. “I can’t do this anymore!”
You gawk at him, your head bouncing between him, the wall clock, and the pile of books on the coffee table. You sigh, the sound encompassing all the incoming exhaustion leading up to the examination. “Eren, you promised, right?”
Eren looks up at you. “But this is hard, Mama!”
“I know it’s hard but you have to study to pass this test.”
“What if I just read—”
You slightly narrow your eyes at him. “Are you planning on cheating?”
Eren purses his lips shut. That’s a mistake; an act of desperation. He almost revealed his powerful weapon. He stays silent as you huff. 
I already have the list of answers from this exam thanks to Hange, maybe I should just let Eren memorize them , he hears from your mind.
Eren’s face morphs into a childish wonder. That’s right, you’re an awesome spy like the main character of the show he loves watching when you’re off running errands or doing what spies do. Maybe you infiltrated a secret base with top-notch security, specifically the hidden vaults of the academy he’s about to enter and suffer from, just to get the test papers and the answers. You’re so cool. Eren keeps on staring at your side profile until you have no choice but to glance at him from the corner of your eye. The both of you regard each other, one gaze filled with admiration while the other is painted in confusion. 
Then, he comes up with this brilliant idea. “I don’t want to study anymore,” he whines. He makes sure to take glances at you in an attempt to gauge your reaction. When you give him a blank stare, Eren keeps on lamenting his fate. “This is so so hard! I don’t think I’m going to pass!”
He hears a sigh. That catches his attention. “I suppose I have no choice but to do this. Eren, I hope you have room for more than one promise. You mustn’t tell anyone about this.” You fix him a stern stare, your pointer finger wagging in front of him. Eren prevents a grin from surfacing on his face. “What I’m about to do is something against my morals but since we have no time, we’re going to take a shortcut.” You take out an envelope with a stamp that says  do not touch . Eren wants to touch it. His eyes brighten at the document. “This,” you wave the envelope in the air, “is an important piece of paper and it has all the answers to your future. All you have to do is to memorize every single letter in here, Eren, and then we’ll be on our merry way. Do you understand?”
“Yes!” It’s not even a second and he immediately answers. He vibrates in his seat as you raise an eyebrow at him. Maybe he shouldn’t have answered that quickly. Oh, well.
“Here you go.”
Eren takes the envelope from your hands and stares at it. All he has to do is to memorize the answers. That should be easy enough.
Tumblr media
It’s the day of the exam and Eren doesn’t remember anything from that blessed envelope.
His eyes are shaking in nervousness. His forehead is breaking into a cold sweat. His hands are trembling to the point that he can’t hold the pencil properly. All your efforts of making him look presentable as possible went in vain when Eren looks like he was about to combust and launch himself from the window of the examination room. It’s on the fourth floor of a large Victorian building. His shaggy hair is messier than usual with all the scratching he did just to lessen this funny feeling in his stomach that’s stirring the breakfast you made earlier in the morning. Eren clutches his tummy with a scrunched face. It’s alright that he feels this way because the other applicants look way worse than him. Others are murmuring prayers under their breath, something along the lines of asking a woman named Ymir for guidance (who is that?), while some are already apologizing to their parents.
Eren doesn’t want to apologize yet. He has to finish this test first.
“D-Do you want some ointment?” A timid voice comes from beside Eren.
He turns to the voice and sees a blond boy handing him a tin of aromatic salve. “What?” Eren dumbly asks.
The boy lifts the tin. “Ointment.” At Eren’s intense gaze, he looks down at the long desk connecting their two seats. He starts fiddling with the tin container. It doesn’t help that Eren looks angry when he’s nervous. “M-My Dad gave this to me before I entered the building. He said that it helped my older siblings when they took their exams, too. He told me to open it when I feel too  o-overwhelmed  with the exam.” He pronounces the big word carefully and tentatively. “Y-You look like you need it.”
Eren tilts his head, regarding the tin container as if it’s an unknown flying object in his favorite show. It’s a mystery waiting to be solved. He watches as the blond boy twists the cap and almost immediately, Eren gets a whiff of something minty, fruity, and soothing all at the same time. His shoulders relax and he inhales a good portion of the air surrounding them. How can this measly item make all the butterflies in his tummy vanish? Maybe he should tell you to buy something similar, one with a container filled with stickers of his favorite cartoon characters. Eren doesn’t realize it but he’s starting to lean closer to the blond boy’s side, his nose adorably twitching the more he nears the tin container of ointment.
“Here,” the blond boy pushes it to his face.
Eren backs away when a cooling glob touches the tip of his nose.
The boy jumps as well, panicking that he probably scared off his possibly new friend. “I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!”
Still, Eren looks at him with his tiny hands over his nose. His eyes narrow at the questionable thing that shines underneath the streaming lights of the examination venue. It’s shiny though, he gives it that.
“I’m sorry!” the boy continues to plead.
Eren glances away from the now teary-eyed boy. Great, he made someone cry. Now, if you catch any wind of this,  he’s  the one crying while going home. He’s never seen you mad. Frustrated, yes, but never angry that has him tucking his tail between his legs. And seeing as he never wants you to be mad at him, Eren tries to stop this boy’s tears by reaching out his hand, palm up, all the while still not looking at him straight in the eye. “The ointment.” Eren pouts. “Can I have some?”
The blond boy sniffles, his blue eyes glistening with tears. “A-Are you sure?”
Eren nods, almost a huff coming out of his mouth.
The boy wipes the tears from his face and flashes him a brilliant smile. It makes Eren squint. It’s too bright. Not as bright as your smile, though. You have the most beautiful smile in his little mind and he doesn’t squint at the sight of it. In fact, he basks in every fiber of your being. The boy says something and it brings Eren back to reality. “You have to apply it near your nose so that the scent can stay until the exam is over.” The blond boy takes a good dollop of the ointment and smears it on Eren’s hand.
Eren follows his instructions and even makes an invisible mustache around his mouth. “I’m going to tell Mama to buy this,” he says, determined to make you buy this.
“I’m glad you like it!”
“Eren. That’s my name. What’s yours?” Eren peeks through his eyelashes.
The boy beams. “Armin. My name’s Armin.”
A small hand waits for another. “Wanna be my friend, Armin?”
Now, the lone palm has someone intertwining with it in a handshake. “Yeah! I hope we pass this together, Eren! That way we can be classmates.”
Eren doesn’t expect to have a friend for this exam. But one thing’s for sure, he’s thankful that he was directed to this seat because Armin knows all the answers to the questions. At least that’s what he thinks. After seeing the test papers, Eren wants to go home the next minute. He knows all the answers to this but the nervousness plaguing him minutes before the start of the exam flicks the memorized letters out of his head. So, he tries reading everyone’s mind all at once. It gives him a headache but still, he perseveres. He strains himself but all he can hear is a jumbled mess of children crying in their heads. Until Armin starts mentally narrating his calculations. Visibly, Eren brightens in his seat and vigorously writes on the test paper, the lead of his mechanical pencil a pleasant sound to his ears. 
Wait for a second, there’s no 10 in the choices!  Armin thinks out loud.
Oh. Now, Eren’s in trouble.
Maybe praying to this girl named Ymir can help him survive this.
He wants to go home and bury himself in cuddles with you. But just like how you have a mission, he has a mission, too. Eren shuts down his mind-reading abilities and starts writing from his memory. It’s a steady flow onward.
Tumblr media
You have your hands entwined underneath your chin as you sit in one of the chairs of the ‘waiting room’. With how this area of the academy is constructed, you’d think it belongs to a hospital. The chairs line up the hallway and you’re one of the parents who are praying to some unknown deity just to have your kid pass the exam. You know Eren can do this. Aside from making him memorize the answer sheet, you tutored him in between breaks of memorization just to jog his intellectual and technical reasoning. You still don’t have the heart to break free from your morals of straying from the path of shortcuts. It’s how you achieved where you are right now. You hope Eren took note of that philosophy while you two were studying.
The bell rings, signaling the end of a five-hour exam.
Children crying fills the silence of the waiting room. The doors to consecutive rooms burst open to small pitter-patters of shoes leading the owners to their parents. What the hell? Surely Eren didn’t cry inside his examination room.
You stand from your chair and crane your neck to find that shaggy head of brown hair. After a couple of minutes, you see Eren walking behind a group of rowdy children pushing each other. He doesn’t hold that usual annoyed expression he has when you two go out to the business district. Instead, Eren has his head down, his appearance looking more disgruntled than earlier. Did he battle something in there? You can’t help but think. Like he can feel your gaze, he slowly looks up from the patterned floor. The expression on his face upon seeing you sends a flurry of dopamine inside your body and the next thing you know, a small body clutches your leg in the tightest hug a little kid can achieve. “How was it, Eren?” You gently pull him from your leg before lifting him in the air so that you can carry him in your arms. It baffles you that at six years old, Eren can still be carried like this. He really is too small for his age. 
Eren nuzzles himself into the crook of your neck and you catch a familiar scent of an ointment you smell in passing whenever you are with Mike in the headquarters. The big bear of a man briefly mentioned that it’s the rage in the continent after it was patented by someone working in the business district of Liberio, the zone of Eldian people residing in the heart of Marley. “I finished it, Mama.”
Pride settles in your chest. Your hand runs through his hair, fixing the unruly strands popping in different directions. “That’s great, Eren. You’re so amazing like that spy character you very much like.”
He giggles. “I am, aren’t I?”
“Yes, you are.”
From across the hallway, you spot a head of blonde hair done in an elaborate bun, and an expensive dress adorning her figure. She is greeted by a boy sharing the same features as her. Blue eyes that are as beautiful as the sky, are the features only the Tyburs wear with dignity. Suddenly, the little boy points in your direction, the girl following his finger to you and Eren. You look down at Eren who swivels his head from your neck. “Did you make a friend, Eren?” you ask, still staring at the child in your arms. You try not to psychoanalyze the actions of Willy Tybur’s children. Hange once told you that you can be intense when you’re observing someone. Better lay low for now. With the way Eren kicks his legs in the air, you conclude that he did make a friend before the exam started. 
Eren and the little boy exchange waves at each other before the former looks at you with stars in his eyes. “Yeah! His name is Armin. He’s the one who let me use this ointment. Do I smell nice, Mama?”
You heed his question and playfully inhale the area where he’s ticklish the most, right behind his ear. His giggles are a manifestation of seraphs; it makes you smile. “You do, Eren. How about we buy some of that ointment to help you in the future?”
He beams at your suggestion, nodding like a bobblehead charm.
“Okay then.”
Armin A. Tybur. The youngest in the Tybur family and the reason why it’s highly encouraged for you to put a child in this year’s academy admissions. According to the file given to you, Armin is a six-year-old prodigy who is expected to sweep the academy off its feet. Despite having no appearances in public, the maids and tutors working in the Tybur estate mentioned that the little boy started learning how to read when he was only two years old. He even wowed his family by expressing highly advanced emotional intelligence when normal people couldn’t even begin to understand emotions as adults. The Tyburs already placed their bets that the boy won’t have friends while attending an institution that’s open to the general public (in other words, those who have money and wits).
Yet here’s your child befriending such a genius recluse on the day of the examination no less. Eren can be the key to understanding more of the Tyburs than you originally thought. At first, you planned to be closer to the Tyburs by being a part of the parent organizations but with this opportunity in your arms, you’re presented with something that puts Eren on a much more purposeful path.
“How about some ice cream on the way home, Eren?” you propose.
“I want the new flavors, Mama!”
“Anything you want, Eren.”
Tumblr media
The mail always comes at seven in the morning.
You open them at nine after your morning routine has settled you in a fresher mindset and a new set of clothes.
On the table a week after the examinations is a plate of breakfast, a glass of juice, a cup of caffeinated tea, and the mail that has been delivered hours before. Eren is happily gobbling spoonfuls of chocolate chip waffles into his mouth as if it’s his last day on Earth and you’re occasionally taking sips of your preferred flavor of tea as your eyes trail on the envelopes with various stamps. You recognize a few of them containing codes that only the Wings of Freedom formulated for any undetected letter sending but your eyes unconsciously move to an intricate piece of scented paper with a wax candle for a seal.
The seal says  Eleutheria Private Academy  in elegant, cursive letters.
Your breath hitches. The result of the entrance exam is here. You take a quick peek at the little boy oblivious to today’s mail. You try calming yourself down — taking a deep breath while closing your eyes. It’s such a waste to open such an expensive letter but you hardly care now that it carries the fate of your mission. It doesn’t even crinkle at your hold. The seal pops off from the paper and the scent of something floral drifts inside the dining room.
Eren now stares at you. “What’s that, Mama?”
You internally cringe. “The result, Eren.”
The boy gulps down his waffles.
You’re acting as if you’re the one who took the exam. You gingerly take the folded letter from the envelope. The floral theme of this piece of paper mocks you. You faintly hear Eren jump down from his seat in front of you, his small footsteps nearing you until he’s leaning on your knees. “Are you ready, Eren?” He nods at your question with wobbly lips. You nod back before opening the letter.
“Good day!
We are so happy to inform you that your child, Eren Jaeger, passed the written—”
“Oh, my God!” you shriek. “You passed!”
Your mission is still on the go.
Without thinking twice about it, you lift Eren in the air like that cartoon he previously watched, the one where the monkey presents the lion cub to all of the savannahs to see and marvel. You’re the monkey and Eren’s your lion cub. The pride you felt during the entrance examination doesn’t compare to the pride you feel right now. It’s all-encompassing. You can take on any villain right now. The rush inside your veins pushes you to plant kisses all over Eren’s face, his giggles coloring the dining area with the most vibrant hues and shades known to humanity. It’s contagious and it has you laughing along with him. You dance with him in this imaginary tune, your journey leading you to the couch inside the living room. The laughter coming from the two of you dies down a couple of minutes later.
“Did I do good, Mama?” Eren asks you against your chest.
You happily hum, hugging him close to your heart. “You did  very well , Eren.”
Eren giggles, nuzzling more into you.
As he relishes in your warmth, you finish reading the letter in your hands.
“The second phase of the admissions is a mandatory family interview. Both parents  must  attend with the applicant. Absolutely no exceptions. Failure to meet this condition will amount to immediate termination of the application.”
Eren flinches in your hold.
“Why?!” you whine. “Why do they need both parents?!” It’s unbecoming of you to whine.
Eren lifts himself from you. “But I don’t have a Papa!”
“That’s the problem — there is no Papa.”
Where will you find someone who will stand in as your husband?
Tumblr media
Levi finds himself in a predicament.
Once a dweller of the ‘Underground City’, the most dangerous place in the continent, it’s befuddling to know that he never leaves any traces of himself after a kill. This is why, as an assassin, nobody has ever uncovered his tracks except for the type of wounds he inflicted on his targets. When one sees holes in the chest right above the heart, that’s the work of Midnight. After his tenth kill he realizes that murdering people undetected runs in the family, only this time, he has an edge compared to his uncle who is literally called The Ripper in Marley and her neighboring cities. Levi kills people who are threats to the government or threats to the clients who hire his services even if those who hire him aren’t ideal citizens, to begin with. He doesn’t even like the lifeless eyes staring at him when he digs his stiletto knives into their chests. He does this to purge humanity of the miasma plaguing its core.
If he wants to continue this gig of his, he has to prove to the government that he’s not a spy. Because right now, he stares from the window of his other job in the City Hall. An Eldian employee of thirty years of age is being dragged by the authorities for being an unmarried man. The man’s screams are piercing and the whispers that follow are ruthless. This is what Marley does to Eldians who reach the age of thirty with no house or family to come home to. They think that by being married under their laws, one pledges their life to the cause and vision of the nation, that there’s no reason for them to betray Marley. Levi thinks it’s bullshit.
“Poor man,” a coworker whispers. “Well, it can’t be helped. It’s better to be wary instead of letting  them  run around here.”
“You’re absolutely right.”
Levi rolls his eyes and goes back to his desk in one of the large offices.
“Levi!” An irrelevant human being calls for him.
The man leans over his divider. “You’re still unmarried, right, and you’re what thirty-five?”
“Yeesh, you look older,” the man grimaces. “Better hurry up and find a dame or else you’re the next coworker to be tortured by the Military Police.”
You don’t have to say that again . Levi rolls the sleeves of his button-up to his elbows and starts typing whatever document their manager ordered him to do. On better days, Levi would have stabbed that stingy manager in the chest but seeing as he poses this law-abiding citizen with a penchant for tea and hand sanitizers, he chooses to type whatever shit this is. The man continues droning about whoever he finds attractive these days and who he’s planning on marrying but Levi doesn’t listen one bit.
On second thought, maybe finding someone to pose as his wife would be the best solution. Then again, it’s also a win-win situation when this country hunts down all the bachelors and bachelorettes they have their sights on. Preferably, he wants someone who can comply with whatever condition he throws on the table or someone who’s not that noticeable for his coworkers to suspect. Before he can prevent his mouth from opening, he says the stupidest thing he ever said in his lifetime.
“I’m actually married.”
“What?! For real?”
“I heard that! Dom, you owe me fifty bucks!”
“God damn it!”
Now, Levi starts digging his grave for the sake of his other, more important career and life.
This is all he can think about until he’s on his night job.
Bodies surround him in this presidential suite booked by one of the mafia leaders working on the surface. Someone gurgles their blood, clearly alive despite the wounds, and Levi throws his stiletto knife right in the middle of his forehead without looking. It hits its target and the gurgling dies down. Hours before, this suite is bouncing with sound waves of a random Bossanova song. Women are sitting on every bastard’s lap and money is thrown everywhere without care. Now, the women are safely escorted out but not before Levi pushes a specific nerve to make them forget what happened on this night. The bastards create this painting on the suite’s floor, another one of Midnight’s masterpieces. It’s an elaborate abstract one entailing the dirty deeds of humanity — the perfect shade of red splattered on a dark canvas, with no light for days on end. 
Levi sighs, his head tilting to the ceiling. He realizes that there are rips on his black suit. Great, he should visit the tailor shop by his apartment first thing in the morning. For now, it’s another sleepless night of never regretting where he is right now. He’ll put the wife-hunting on tomorrow as well.
The grandfather clock of the suit rings through the room.
Midnight welcomes another day and it’s tomorrow already.
“I fucking hate the world.”
Tumblr media
“ Midnight ?”
“ I have a  client  for you. ”
“ He goes by the name Lobov and he wants a man named Erwin Smith dead .”
The line goes dead. The  dealer  is always like this — cutting to the chase, considering no questions. He dials another number as soon as the call is dropped.
“Farlan, I need you to look into someone.”
“Sure, go ahead.”
“Erwin Smith.”
Keyboard clacks reverberate from the other side of the call.
“Hmm. Are you sure he’s a real person?”
“Why would I ask for you to look into him when he’s not?”
“Okay, okay, geez.” Another round of keyboard clacking. “Wow, his files are locked in the database.”
“Who are the people in his close circle?”
Farlan whistles. “Are you going through the “ getting close to subordinates to take down someone”  route? Damn, okay.” It takes him a minute. “I found something. Belladonna.”
“Someone named Belladonna is his closest ally. Get close to her and you’ll be closer to your target.”
“Belladonna, huh?”
“She’s a spy of Eldia, Levi. Be careful.”
Tumblr media
One would think you’re too excited to put Eren in this private academy. With his application still in processing, you’re already taking him to the tailor shop to have his uniform fitted. You’re one pretentious, confident mother who fully trusts her son to further explore his academic prowess in a place full of prodigies and children of those who treat money like passing interests. 
“Your son is an adorable one, madam,” the owner of the tailor shop gushes as she takes Eren’s measurement. The little boy is trying so hard to make himself taller by standing on his tippy toes. 
You chuckle, leaning on the countertop and watching your son do the most ridiculous faces. “He is. He’s so excited to go to this school that he can’t wait to have his uniform already.”
“Eleutheria Private Academy, huh?” The tailor stands up to write down the measurements on a piece of paper that has the design of the uniform, a detailed piece with the insignia and all. “That’s one fancy school. Your son must be a genius.”
I wouldn’t say that , you silently laugh. You don’t notice Eren swivel his head toward you with a scandalized look on his face. As you open your mouth to retort something practiced, you feel a chill down your spine, your blood running cold in your veins. You inhale a sharp breath, the weight of the gun lodged in the thigh strap beneath your skirt creates this foreboding urge inside you to shoot someone. The door doesn’t ring but a person is walking in front of you, sliding past your senses in a completely predatory-like way, as if they’re a creature of the night. You turn to the person standing beside you, waiting for the tailor to accommodate him in the store. What the fuck?
Levi Ackerman .
A man nearing his thirties and has yet to be married. He’s one of the people on the list of probable marriage partners Hange gave you the night before. His file is too empty for him to be called a citizen of Marley. The only things you know about him are that he’s unmarried, an Eldian, and that he works for the City Hall under the Taxes Department. Oh, and he has no historical background. The more you stare at him in the corner of your eyes, the more he seems suspicious. How did someone like him get past the strict security of Marley? Is he a person of importance behind that office worker facade? You narrow your eyes at his appearance. Black hair neatly styled on his head, a three-piece suit with no creases, muscles straining against the material of his clothes — he’s actually attractive. There’s not a single flaw found in him. His side profile is otherworldly and makes him appear like a sculpture made by the finest artist of the century. He puts all the muses for the perfectly-proportioned man to shame.
Silver irises meet yours.
Your face burns now that you’re caught staring at this man.
“Is there something you need from me?” His voice is blunt and takes no shit. It’s almost intimidating the way he trails his eyes from the top of your head down to the toes of your shoes. “I don’t appreciate the staring.”
You fix your panicking mental state. “No, I just found you handsome, that’s why.”
His eyes widen a little. He fully turns to you. God, did the deities take time in making him? “You find me attractive?” He’s not even skeptical. You nod at his question because it’s the truth. “So—”
Oh, yeah. Eren.
Tumblr media
The man you’re talking to is the one Eren saw when he held your hand for the first time. This future of yours that he got a glimpse of is within a golden hour, lights down low and slow songs serenading the kitchen of a much cozier home. Sizzles coming from a frying pan brought the scent of a multitude of savory smells that had Eren wishing he could have a taste of the food being prepared in this vision of his. The two of you are not alone though. The black-haired man staring at you right now also stared at you in his vision, eyes softer and riddled with an overflowing efflux of love and adoration that remained superior to the present. The man was holding you close to him as you were humming along to the tune of one love song, his more muscular build swaying you to the melody. And Eren was sitting on his shoulders, looking over to watch you stir vegetables and meat, his tiny hands holding Levi's ears in a tight yet harmless grip. It was a picture-perfect family worthy of being placed in a museum.
There’s no doubt about it — Eren has to put you two together so that the future will be met.
Shit, she has a kid? Did Belladonna marry someone? How will I go about this situation now? But she’s the one Erwin Smith trusts the most. Fuck. This is the kind of thing that exposes me as an assassin. I can’t exactly terminate her now.
Eren gasps. This man is dangerous. An assassin and he’s after you? Not on Eren’s watch. But the vision didn’t show any sign of this behavior at all. 
He grasps your leg tighter, his viridian eyes glaring at the man that’s supposed to be his father. He doesn’t know if he should trust this man that easily yet.
Fathers are cursed anyway.
“ I’m your father, Eren, so do as I say! Stay still and let me inject this so you could be the one who saves us all! ”
Eren shakes his head free of that memory. This is no time to dwell in the past.  You’re  the one who saved him from that path and you’re happy with this man in your future.
“Oh, Eren, are you finished with letting the kind lady take your measurements?” You lean down and pat his head, something that he nuzzles into. It never fails to make him feel warm.  So cute , he reads your thoughts. 
“Yeah!” he cheers. He loses his smile and looks up at the angry-looking man staring down at him with furrowed brows. Eren uses his so-called cuteness to hide the fact that he just read something life-threatening from this man’s mind. He tilts his head to ask, “Who’s this, Mama?”
You don’t answer the question. Instead, you turn your head to the man standing in front of you with his hands inside his pockets, expectantly waiting for him to say his name. “I believe he hasn’t introduced himself to us yet, Eren.”
“My apologies. My name is Levi.”
“Okay, Mister Levi.” Eren emerges from behind your skirt. The way he stares at Eren can be adorable but you recognize that look anywhere. It’s the same one he had when he was wiping his face from tears as he was memorizing the answer key to Eleutheria’s entrance exam. You saw it when he was trying to imitate the fighting scenes in his favorite shows. During the times Eren is trying to make himself stronger and older than he is, he has that look on his face. Your first meeting with him was there. When you saw him for the first time, it was blazing, and right now, his eyes hold the summer sun. Levi doesn’t even have time to respond because Eren opens his mouth to say, “Be my Papa!”
Maybe having this man as his new father will be the key to preventing you from getting killed, all the while becoming the best son there is. After all, Levi looked so bewitched and besotted with you in the future. Eren will make everything come true.
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svftackerman · 23 hours
Tumblr media
Twelve days of Christmas : Levi Ackerman x Reader
If one thing is for sure it’s that the future is never certain.
The future of your bakery?
The possibility of you not waking up tomorrow morning?
But there was one thing that you definitely were certain of and it was that the guy who owned a tea shop across the street hates you.
But when the future unpredictably lands the both of you in circumstances that neither of you would be able to handle alone, perhaps you could fight against this uncertainty for the love of your professions.
Tumblr media
Chapter one: A partridge in a pear tree
Releases Friday 2nd of December
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Tumblr media
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𝙈𝙮 𝙎𝙥𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙧-𝘽𝙤𝙮
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➾ 𝙎𝙥𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙧-𝙈𝙖𝙣!𝙀𝙧𝙚𝙣 𝙅𝙖𝙚𝙜𝙚𝙧 𝙭 𝘽𝙡𝙖𝙘𝙠 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
➾𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙡 𝙐𝙣𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙚 𝘼𝙐
➾ 𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩 - 2.1𝙠
⚠︎︎- 𝙉𝙤𝙣𝙚
➾𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮: After a very long and stressful battle between him and Rhino, he felt hurt in many places of his body. His legs, arms, thighs, stomach.. everywhere! When he finished the battle with Rhino and once again returned him to prison, he had to think of an excuse of how he got all these injuries.
So instead of going back to his place..he decided to go to his best friend's house knowing she’s basically a nurse and good at these things. But the only problem is..she doesn’t know that Eren Jaeger, her long lasting crush AND best friend is the most famous Spider-Man.
Tumblr media
Shit! Shit! Shit!
How am I supposed to explain this to mom? There’s no way in hell I can explain how I have a busted lip, bruised ribs, a bloody wound on my leg and a swollen eye.
I groaned as I started to pace around on top of the building I was currently limping on every now and then trying to think of what the hell I'm supposed to do.. If i go home i’ll have to explain to mom on how i got these fucked up injuries. Man cmon! Think Eren think!
Who else can I go to who I trust the most?..I can’t go to Armin because he would just freak out and ask me a bunch of questions. I can't go to Mikasa because she would scold the hell out of me and give me a whole lecture of how dangerous this is. I most definitely can’t go to the trio's house..For one Connie has a big ass mouth, two Jean would just clown me like he always does and Sasha? She would freak out.
Man, fuck..who else is there…
..(Y/n)! I could go to her! She’s the quietest out of the friend group so that’s a good option to go for. And she lives close by which is perfect..considering the fact that i only have little to none strength. I smiled to myself before leaping off the roof top swinging myself towards where her house was.
Let’s just hope and pray her dad isn’t there..
Tumblr media
“Oh my god, Hitch no! There’s no way in hell-“
“Oh cmon (Y/N)! If you don’t say anything to him now he’ll be snatched up in seconds.”
“I know..but I can’t! Do you know how embarrassing that is? What about..i do it over text? Yeah, that seems like the best possible option right now.” Hitch stopped what she was doing to stare at the screen giving her the ‘Are you being deadass?’ look. “(Y/N), you cannot, be serious right now..over TEXT? Bitch it’s better if you just do it in person- or better yet! Invite him over tomorrow and confess that way.” (Y/N) could only just groan into her hands, she was stressing out over a boy..
How ironic is that?
“Hitchhhh.” She whined. “(Y/NNNNN).” She whined back. “Man..i can’t believe I'm stressin over a nigga..who isn’t even a nigga. How ironic is tha-'' Before she could finish her sentence two loud knocks on her window had interrupted her. She furrowed her eyebrows together, leaning back in her chair to see what it was to see the one and only Spider-Man..
Her eyes almost popped out of her skull by the sudden surprise, there was no way thee Spider-Man..
the one man who’s responsible of being the hero of the city is standing outside my window..
This is really happening..”Hitch..imma needa call you back,” She had already hung up the FaceTime call before she had the chance to respond back.You got up almost in an instant to walk over to your window furrowing your eyebrows together to see him in a squatting position holding his stomach..you squint your eyes to roam his body more to spot a patch of blood on his thigh that was going through his suit. You gasped at it as you pulled your window up for him to enter.
He groaned slightly sliding his body through your window, now standing in front of you giving you more view of what he looks like..and he’s fucked up. Half his suit was ripped, there was blood patches everywhere on his body, and a big stab wound that was in his thigh.
How the fuck is he still standing..?
So the sweet person you are, you motioned him to sit on the bed not caring if it gets dirty or not. Every rule of being a medical student you always put your patients first then anything else, as he limped to go sit on your bed you instantly ran to your bathroom to get the supplies you needed.
While you were doing that, Eren decided to examine your room. His eyes darted to your wall where you hung up pictures of you, your friends, and him. He smiled under his mask to see a picture of him sleeping on the desk with drool slightly coming out of his mouth taking a selfie as you threw up a peace sign in the camera. He then darted his eyes to see him and you together with matching Christmas pjs doing silly faces, he smiled at the cute memory you both shared at that time.
It was cute you kept all these pictures of your friends and him hanging up on your wall. Before he has any time to look around your room more you came back with alcohol, bandages, cotton balls, a needle and the string they put in you for getting stitches (i don’t know what it’s called lol.), bandaids and some kinda cream for bruises. You walked over to the bed where he sat and placed the supplies down on your bed, you huffed out of breath and moved some of your braids out your face to stare at the injured man with a soft smile.
“Okay! So I got what I needed and now i just need you to..” You pointed at his half ripped suit, “You need me to take off my suit?” You nodded slightly feeling nervous that the fact THEE Spider-Man is in your bedroom right now and might i mention..he was huge! At least 5’11 or 6’1 somewhere in between. But you can’t become distracted, your top priority is to help him.
He bit the inside of his cheek, before pressing against his chest, clicking some sorta..button? To deflate it, you almost choked on your own spit to see how ripped he was…he had a 6 pack with very attractive collarbones..you could feel heat go to your body just by staring at his body..
God he’s so hot.
Eren looked up to see what else you wanted him to do but grinned seeing you stand there like a frozen statue staring at his body. He chuckled a little catching you off guard, “You gonna continue staring at my body? Or you gonna help me webs” You shook your head out of your thoughts ignoring the fact he called you Webs starting to get to work ‘(You were mentally freaking out in the inside trying to keep your self restraint)’. “Sorry..” You mumbled, he only smiled under his mask shrugging his shoulders. You were so caught up in helping him that you didn’t even question why he came to your window all of sudden? And how he knows where you lived which is pretty strange..
You put a mental note to remind yourself to ask that question once you're done.
You decided to start with the small bruises that were on his stomach, putting some typa of cream on the bruised spots being careful to not press on them. As your fingers worked applying the cream he slightly groaned from the feeling..feeling how soft your fingertips felt against his skin as you put the cream on, you stopped for a second to question if you accidentally pressed on it which he instantly said no and just said it felt good.
You only nodded your head and continued to apply it to his skin. After the last bruise on his body you now moved onto the hard part..stitching the stab wound. You got on your knees in front of him motioning him to take the rest of his suit off so you can inspect the injury. He smirked at the command, deciding to do what he does best..being a huge flirt. “Wow doc, getting me to undress already? We just met.” Your eyes widened at the comment he made, shaking your head instantly, there was no way he was making such comments while his thigh is half way gone.
“How could you be flirting with me when you’re a walking corpse?” She asked with a raised brow, he only shrugged his shoulders pulling the rest of his suit off to reveal the stab wound- and surprisingly it didn’t need stitches which was good, the blood had seeked all the way through his suit making it look like it was big but in reality it wasn’t. You grabbed the alcohol, cotton balls and bandages to get started on it.
Tumblr media
When you were done with his thigh you gave him the clear he could put his suit back on which he did, when he got it all the way on he pressed the chest part of it and it reflated back onto his skin. Now since you were done…questions are about to be asked, 
Because how the hell did he know where you lived?!
“Okay, Spider-Man. First why the hell did you come to my house? Second how do you know where I live?? Are you stalking me?” You stared at him, I mean you weren’t complaining! Shi you manifested he would one day come to your window and well..look where we are now!
This was the hard part for Eren, his dumbass didn’t think of any answers, so in the heat of the moment he had to think of something. “Uhm.. Well I heard from someone that you were a medical doctor.” You raised a brow crossing her arms, “Uh huh..so explain how you found out where i lived?” Shit..
He was caught at this point.
He stumbled on his words a little trying to find out the correct words but just sighed. “Look, don’t freak out when i show you this okay?” You raised a brow in confusion on what he was about to do,,you heard him sigh one more last time before he reached up to grab his mask, pulling it off to reveal..
“Eren?!” You yelled, with wide eyes. The person you helped and practically got a glance of his sexy body was Eren? My Eren?? “What the fuck?! When the- How the- WHAT?!” At this point you started to freak out, Eren was the all mighty Spider-Man? The one who kicks ass and saves the city 27/7? “Oh my god..” You whispered out, continuing to stare at your best friend with wide eyes, he only scratches the back of his neck with a nervous chuckle. “Hey..(Y/N)..?”
Before you knew it..you threw the alcohol bottle at him earning a whine from him. “Hey! What was that for?” You scoffed. “You know exactly what that’s for you buffoon! You really kept this from me?? Ooo I ah.. OOO you’re so lucky you’re injured because I swear to you I would've-“ Before you finished that sentence, you felt a thing being shot at you. You looked down to see he shot a web towards your stomach to pull you towards him, launching you into his chest, feeling his hand go to your waist holding you place. “(Y/N) There’s a reason why i didn’t tell you.” He sighed. You raised a brow. “One reason being because of that!” He laughed, earning a scoff and slight laugh, “Two because I have many enemies who target me, and if I told anyone my identity I knew, they would target my weakness which is you and the others. I couldn’t bare to live with the thought of your guys life being threatened because of me.”  He spoke in a soft tone, you looked up at him with a now softened face and small smile. “Well now i know i’ll always be protected by my one savior and whose always there for me.” You chuckled, wrapping your arms around his waist and giving him a hug,
He raised a brow “And who might that be?” He teases, you roll your eyes and playfully pushed him away. “You Spider-Boy.” You teases back, he furrowed his eyebrows with a smile. “What did you call me?”
“What? I didn’t call you anything.”
He only scoffed at it before pulling you back to his embrace. You were about to protest but got caught off guard when he placed his lips onto yours, you gasped into the kiss shocked that he did that. You didn’t even have enough time to kiss back before he pulled back, chuckling at your shocked expression. “You wanna tell me what you called me? Or do I need to kiss you again for you to do it?” You blinked a few times before stumbling on your words. “I think you gotta kiss me again to remind me.” He only shook his head with a smile on his face before he leaned down again to take your lips into his making it longer, giving you enough time to respond back.
You pulled back after a few seconds, wrapping your arms around his neck with a smile of your own. “I called you Spider-Boy.”
“Really? ‘Spider-Boy?’”
You nodded your head and pecked his lips one last time
“Yep..my Spider-Boy.”
Tumblr media
“You know if you wanted to keep your identity from me..think of a better plan then just randomly popping up at my house thinking i wouldn’t notice.”
“Hey! I was injured and you were closer to where I was!”
“God..i know you’re stupid but you can’t be THAT stupid.”
“Okay first of all…”
“First of all what?”
“I- Well.. Man!”
Tumblr media
A/N: Hey ya’ll! I’m back with another story. I got this idea by watching far from home and decided to say hey let’s write a Marvel AU of Eren and make him spider man lol. This is for the AOT and Marvel fans ‼️ But anyways hope you guys enjoyed this ❗️-E
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pumpkinpot · 2 days
Could you write Chubby!Levi x Fem!reader ? I mean imagine him with curves like his face is filled out , his cheeks are chubbier , his waist is getting plumped without forgetting his cute rounded tummy (fluff)
Okay, but could you imagine him gaining happy weight?
Like he's always been small, especially as a kid, but post-war when he's able to relax a little bit and settle down? Here is what I have in mind.
You two met briefly while he was still active military. It was a long time ago, there wasn't much exchange. He was there to ask you a couple of questions about some MPs that were causing trouble.
Usually, it wouldn't be his job to take on such a mundane task but the trouble the MPs were imposing did affect the scouts and pixis felt Levi needed a day to do something less blood-soaked after their last failed mission.
You were a bakery owner. Rationing had hit everyone hard but especially people who made their living in food. you made what little you could throughout the day and some newer mp recruits had taken to believing you owed them for their service. This resulted in a large portion of your scarce inventory being forcefully taken per day.
After getting the information Levi needed from you, including the time they usually show up he came back meeting the perpetrators at your counter. He almost didn’t have to do anything. Seeing him was enough for them to know they fucked up, but the unease in your eyes pulled a string in Levi’s chest. 
He put a stop to their egos with significantly less force than he felt it warranted, but breaking your bakery furniture wouldn't help you and that’s technically what he was trying to do. 
In return, you gave him a scone. It wasn't anything like you made before, but it was all you could reasonably give. He took it hesitantly seeing your pastry case already getting low for the day but with a little insistence, he took it.
All day long he thought about it sitting in his horse saddle bag, but wanted to eat it properly with tea so he waited. By the time he got to it, it was squished and crumbly but still, he made his tea, sat down at his desk, and took the first bite.
That was it. That scone was on his mind for years and in connection, you.
Post-war he'd been given a little flat in town. It was so noisy and the years he'd spent jumping from building to building made walking the streets without threat feel somehow more dangerous. but he found peace in a little bakery in the studio below him.
He didn't pick the apartment but whoever did really couldn’t have picked better for him.
Now your business was booming with customers constantly asking for big doughy cheese croissants and sweet jam-filled Danishes, but somehow you always found time to have a cup of tea and a scone at the corner table ready for him a few minutes before close.
One scone often turned into two and leftovers were always for him to take if he wanted. Of course, he only ever accepted if you split it with him over a cup of tea.
Sometimes this was in silence, other times gentle conversation about the city's revival. Both were saturated in the comfortability of one another's company and often even after the food was gone you'd just sit there basking in the post-food glow.
He hadn't noticed the change in him. He did notice the comfortability he found in his bones now. he wasn't as agile as he was and the felt good. It meant he had enough peace in him to not need to upkeep that harsh regime anymore. Don't get me wrong he was strong and still retained a solid portion of his muscle, but now it came with more bulk.
The first time he'd noticed it was when Hange came to visit. They decided to meet at your bakery rather than his place and when Hange saw him, they were in awe.
"look at you!" they say, pinching his cheeks and his filled-out hips. "I could barely get you to eat anything at camp, who is feeding you so well-"
The question cuts itself short by the smell of fresh cream cheese and toasted bagels. "On me," you say, setting one in front of either of them.
Hange looks down at the bagel and then at Levi, who was staring at you as you walk back behind the counter.
Hange watches his eyes with a sense of softness. They haven't seen him with a look of peace like that in years. Maybe ever.
His cheeks were full and his eyes light. For Hange it was the true sign that they could maybe start letting go. Like it was possible for them to build a life after death and grief as he had. 
They keep the sentiment to themselves as they take the first bite of the bagel. Hange’s eyes light up. "Oh that's good," they say, "that's it, I'm moving in with you."
Bonus headcanon
I was thinking of getting a civilian job, “he says, washing down the flaky pastry with a mouthful of tea. “I don’t think sitting as I have been is doing me any good.”
“what did you have in mind?’ You ask.
It was the question he hoped you wouldn’t ask but of, course was the most logical. He hadn’t actually found anything that he wanted to do yet. The job idea up to this post was just a brewing thought. “I don’t know yet.”
You hum a thought into your cup. “You know ,”you start, “I don’t actually have tea on my menu.”
He looks down at his cup the up at the chalkboard menu behind the pastry case. Sure enough no drinks were present at all.
“Though,” you continue, “I have been thinking of expanding to it. Though truthfully I don’t know much about tea.”
The warm drinks you’d made him were always fine but he did notice that you never strayed from making the same two over and over again.
“If you wanted, you could always help here, I can give you the contacts the vendors showing interest and you could tea test for me. I was going to ask you to go to the tasting with me anyways, but this way you could actually get paid and have a real say in the direction-”
“yes,” he says, “I’ll do it.”
A smile tugs at your lips. “Perfect.”
Hey if you like this content I have more on my Master List
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sukuna-darling · 13 hours
sᴇᴄʀᴇᴛ ᴅɪʀᴛʏ sᴀɴᴛᴀ ⥂ Pʀᴀɪsᴇ
tags ⥂ 𝐦𝐝𝐢, PwP, established relationship, praise/reassurance, pussy job, overstimulation
@dickdeprived | Christmas Event!
     Grinding your clit on Eren’s cock, which parts your puffy lips. Whilst he cups your ass, “You’re so beautiful, your lips are so soft and wet. Hmm baby I love your sloppy pussy, she’s so good to my throbbing cock.” Softly squeezing your cheeks, guiding your hips up. Until your lips cover his cock head. 
His cockhead catches on your hole, and you push your hips down. As Eren lifts your hips, whilst he tells you, “Baby girl, I want to see you cum on my cock from grinding on me like you’re in heat. You said you would do anything I wanted as a gift. So be a good girl for me.” Pouting whilst he leans down and kisses it away. 
Nudging his tongue past your lips whilst he groans. As you give into Eren’s wants, grinding your puffy clit on his cock. Whilst you wrap your arms around Eren’s neck. He slides his hands up the shape of your body to your breasts. 
Softly massaging your nipples whilst groaning into your mouth. As his hips jerk, grinding his cock. Whilst you squeeze Eren’s hips with your thighs, you slip your fingers into his soft brown hair. 
When he breaks the kiss you ask, “Am I being doing a good job at this?” Whimpering as pleasure rolls over you in a consuming wave that makes you forget what your words. So when Eren says, 
“What makes you think you aren’t, baby? My cock is drooling on my stomach from how much I love your beautiful drooling pussy.” It takes a moment for you to recall what Eren is answering. And you look away as you whisper,
“I love it when you praise me.” Sliding his hands down from your breasts to your lower back. So he can lean your body back to bury his face in your neck. 
Tilting your head to the side, as you softly tug Eren’s hair. Whilst sliding your hand over his shoulder to his muscular arm. Which he flexes underneath your touch. 
Between the kisses, he mumbles, “Baby girl, I think you’re so beautiful. Your puffy clit and soft lips are going to make me cum. I’m holding off so I can stuff your princess' pussy.”  
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mommypieck · 19 hours
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ training with zeke
✿ zeke jeager
✿ this is request by @daddys-litle-boi-toy
✿ smut
Tumblr media
"i don't think im gonna get chosen." you whisper as you sit next to your friend after training. you have always dreamt about becoming the jaw titan but lately your chances were getting lower due to your physical ability.
"you'll do great." zeke smiles at you, his hand squeezing your shoulder. zeke has been like your brother, nice and helpful in any situations, but you couldn't ignore the tiny butterflies that spread their wings in your heart everytime he smiled at you.
"but still, do you want help?" he asks, his hand still touching your shoulder. you nod softly at him, which makes him smile before he leads you to back to the training area.
Tumblr media
"you're so good for me." he whispers as your tongue laps on the underside of his cock. his eyes are shut and his hand holds your head in place. you would lie if you said he isn't big and taking him all in your throat is a bit of challenge for you.
you softly suck on his head before taking him in your throat again, making him buck him lips into your mouth.
"am i too big for you?" he chuckles when he hears you choke. "don't worry, you are taking me so good." he lifts you of the ground before pressing you against the wall. he rips your shirt off, revealing your chest and the soft of your tummy. his lips latching onto your chest, pinching your nipples and making you moan.
"i need you fuck you now. let's go." he says before taking your hand and leading you to his room. he presses you against the doorframe, his hands undressing you the second the door shut closed.
you feel yourself being thrown on the bed and zeke crawling on top of you. you can feel his erection pulsing against your thigh.
"im gonna fuck you now." his hands find your underwear before pulling it off, leaving you bare in front of his eyes. he stops for a second, carefully viewing your body.
he guides his tip to your entrance, your juices coating his cock, before he pushes in. your hands shoot to hold his arms, "too big." you whimper at his size. zeke just chuckles before ramming into your tight heat.
his hands are on your thighs, holding them apart so he can fuck you deeper. his cock is hitting the deepest parts of your hole, your insides being abused. you feel like a ragdoll underneath his body. his thrusts making your body bounce up and down everytime he goes in.
"fuck baby." he moans against your ear before his hands find your throat. he squeezes, earning a choked whine from you. you can feel the knot in your stomach tightening with every thrust.
"im gonna cum." you whimper when his hips fuck into your faster. he leans down to kiss you on your lips, "cum for me."
your whole body shakes as you cum, juices spilling on his cock. you can feel him pulsing inside your hole so you tighten your walls to finish him. he cums with a growl, painting your inside white. he stays inside you for a while before pulling out.
"i think we covered everything this training."
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house-ad · 2 days
Tumblr media
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greenfoxeyedbrunette · 3 months
“Ahh!” panting, you came all over. While he lapped up your juices, he looks up at you as if he really wants to tell you something. Eyes glazed over from your high, you nod. “C-can I be your boyfriend?…” he crawls closer to you with his hands on your hips. “I can’t.. I can’t take this anymore..” he pouts, brows furrowed as if he’s going to cry. “I need more..” tears filled up his eyes, hovering over you—he’s face to face with you now. “I want to be the only one.. I want you to only be mine!”
bokuto koutarou, oikawa tooru, miya atsumu, manjiro sano/mikey, takemichi hanagaki, kazutora hanemiya, jean kirstein, bertholdt hoover
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mollyville · 30 days
Need sum nasty ass sex with toxic eren, I’m talkin back shots, him cumming all over ha back, talking to her taking the d , neck kisses, I want it all 😮‍💨😮‍💨
in honor of reaching 1k. y’all so nastyyyy i love it!
eyes on me, eren jaeger
your breathing changed about six times every thirty seconds. eren’s strokes were slow and controlled, but almost as if he had absolutely none. the room was clouded with smoke, almost enough pollution to sting your eyes, but the tears falling from them came from erotica instead.
drool hung low on your chin as you gripped onto the silk—no soaked—sheets of your mattress with whatever little strength you had in you, and whatever your man wasn’t pulling out of you.
“you wanna talk all that shit,” eren grunted lowly, forcing himself back into your throbbing hole. “nah, take this dick now.”
you didn’t even do anything wrong. the only thing you were guilty of was ignoring eren for showing someone a little too much attention. and that was marina, a girl whom you’ve hated for nearly two years. she had no respect for your relationship, and eren seemed to enjoy entertaining her bullshit just for the reactions it pulled out of you.
eren watched himself slide in and out of your puffy cunt as thick bursts of smoke left his lips. he was sure he was getting cotton mouth, but he was sure to hydrate with something else later.
“you gonna say sorry?” he teased, although you both knew you hadn’t done shit wrong. “you like being a jealous slut? my jealous slut?”
when you hadn’t answered, eren forced a response from you by arching your back even lower than it already was. the position was starting to illicit a cry from you, but it hurt so good. you were sure you felt him in your cervix right now, but you didn’t bother to stop him.
eren bought his large hands to the plum of your ass and slapped it hard, causing ripples to flow along your skin. he stares down at you in an intoxicated haze, amazed at the intriguing sight. “shit’s like water,” he muttered to himself. “who’s dick is this?”
you still didn’t answer him. you were bound to keep your guard up, and you get that promise. but when eren had moved back to pull out of you, you unconsciously backed up against him in response.
“nah,” your boyfriend drawled out, burning spliff in his mouth. “answer me first then i’ll fuck you.” he ordered. but you were desperate. desperate for him, desperate for his cock; you didn’t even care what he was eaying. you kept pushing your ass back against his thighs in hopes of slipping him back in again, but another harsh slap stung your skin like a bee.
you were nearly crying from the torture. he was entertaining another girl’s bullshit and you were the one being punished?
“please daddy,” you cried. “lemme—“
eren’s large hands suddenly cupped your pussy, signaling for you to stop trying to be slick. then, you felt the tip of his fat cock threatening to enter your begging walls once more. eren ran his head against your lips coated in your arousal, but begging to be stimulated once more for another release.
“answer me, mama. then you can fuck me all you want. whose dick is this?” eren ordered. “you tell me and you throw that ass back all you want. but for right now, i’mma need to hear you.”
“it’s mine,” you finally cried out. your voice was muffled as your face pressed down in the sheets. normally this position you were in would nearly cramp your back, but sex with eren meant that you were going to be turned into a cum filled pretzel every other night.
eren lightly pushed the tip in, already gaining a response from you. “can’t hear you,” he teased malevolently. it was almost as if he enjoyed watching you squirm beneath him. “speak up, baby.”
“it’s mine, fuck!” you yelled out, lunging forward when you felt your velvety walls immediately be filled up with him again. eren forced his hands into your hair to push your head down and force you to take him as he thrusted in and out of you roughly.
eren was a dick sometimes…sure. but the same dick he gave you? you were always cockdrunk over that shit. his dick was just as good as his weed.
“that’s right mama, this shit yours,” eren nodded. “want you to keep repeating that shit till you believe it. go ahead.”
you were stuck repeating the words over and over, and with each time, eren managed to sink you lower and lower. he wasn’t even giving you backshots anymore. you were sure he was just fucking you into oblivion and saw stars.
eventually, eren’s hips began to stutter as he sped up his pace, now full on ramming into you. with one masculine groan, he released his seed into, yelping at all the energy you began to take from him. even after he filled you to the brim, he still had more to give.
with a quick pull out, he gripped the base of his cock and roughly jerked it off, shooting warm, thick ropes of cum onto your pretty brown back.
“look so pretty ass up face down painted in my cum,” eren muttered, putting out the roach in his mouth before using the same fingers to rub the cum oozing out your abused cunt. eventually, he began to just play with it like a kid in slime as he subconsciously fingered you; far too fascinated to notice you squelching around around his fingers.
you hadn’t bothered to answer him as your mind drifted off to a slight subspace. when eren began to nice, collapsed beside you and moved to place tour head on his chest. with a soft rub of your back, it didn’t take much for him to bring you back to reality.
“you’re okay.” he whispered. “you’re okay.”
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sukunababy · 8 months
Tumblr media
— Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlert, Jean Kirschtein, Reiner Braun, Levi Ackerman x f!reader
cw. big dicks, creampie, deepthroating, cum eating, pet names, praise, mating press, squirting | m.list
Tumblr media
∴ BIG. LONG. THICK. FAT DICK. Probably one of those cocks you can see the outline of when he pushes it in — Eren's cock is one of those cocks you have to be properly prepared for to take it. Pink tip that tends to dark red as it begins to drool pre cum — veiny shaft, fat and heavy balls. 10/10 he teases cause he's aware he's big and never misses a chance to tease you, "my pretty girl is struggling to take me, im gonna make it fit, baby"
His arms hold your thighs up as he pushes his fat cock inside your tight pussy, your back resting against the cold tiles of the shower as Eren grunts in your ear, "fuck, huh baby, you like that, don't you?"
His cock hammers your tender spot hard and his balls slam lasciviously against your ass, "It's to-too much" you sob under his thrusts and you can feel how his girth twitches inside your hole as you cling to his long hair.
Your pussy grips its length so well that Eren can't suppress his moans, "fuck, you're gonna make me cum" he coos grabbing one of your hard nipples between his teeth as the hot water keeps running over your sweaty bodies, he angles himself so well that his crotch rubs against your hard nub making you spasm.
Your folds flutter around him messily as he continues to thrust deeply into your dripping pussy, "yes, so close" he babbles when your eyes roll and your walls tighten, your stomach clenches before you gush over his throbbing cock.
"Shit, that's it, what a good girl" Eren hums holding you between his hard body and the wall, his throbbing cock continuing to fuck your abused hole as you tremble in his arms.
Tumblr media
∴ his cock is LONG, fills you so well — you drool as soon as his tip presses on the bottom, and his cock is not all the way in — Pinkish tip and not very veiny. Heavy and sensitive balls, he could cum just watching you take one in your mouth and adore it. 8/10 is always tidy and his seed tastes good, not sorry for this
Your eyes roll at the lewd sound of your pussy being fucked good, his moans escape lightly from his puffy lips hidden on your throat, "baby, uh you're so good" he stutters rubbing the head of his long shaft on your sweet spot.
Your fingers are wrapped in his blonde hair as Armin works his hips against yours in a slow rhythm, his balls slamming into your ass gently, "I'm gonna cum" you meow, your cunt continues to stretch under his thrusts before he lifts off of you.
"Please come for me" he hums rocking his hips back and forth, his pretty long cock throbs as he disappears inside your tender cunt and reappears with a white ring all around it, his thumb rubs circles on your hard wet nub triggering your orgasm.
Tumblr media
∴ Jean has a long and pretty dick. The longest and prettiest of them all, thick enough, in proportion let's say — not very veiny with a nice thick pink head when fully hard. His balls are heavy against your tongue when he makes you lick them and pre cum starts to slide down his shaft. 10/10 loves to have you choke on his pretty cock.
His heavy balls slam on your chin as he holds your head still and rams his hips against your face.
"Oh you are fuckin good" Jean growls low throwing his head back as he hits the back of your throat tearing a gag.
Your eyes fill with tears and your jaw starts to ache, "is my cock too big for you baby?" he asks amused tearing you away from his thick shaft, drool keeps your tongue attached to the tip of his cock as you chase back the tears and start pumping him with both hands.
Jean smirks as you greedily suck the tip and work the shaft with your hand, "you're eager for my cock uhu baby you drive me crazy" he admits watching as you try to swallow his cock deeper.
Drool drips on his pretty balls as you bob your head back and forth, your moans buzz in his ears and his hips lift towards your face.
His thick cock throbs on your tongue before his load starts to fill your mouth, "fuck baby, take it all," he gasps pushing into your mouth, "let me cum in your cute throat."
Tumblr media
∴ THICK. VERY THICK. Reiner's cock is bigger than long, heavy and veiny — a large vein runs through his shaft and throbs when he cum. The tip is dark pink and tends a little to the right, — balls so full and heavy that every time he cums your belly swells, and it comes gushing out of your slit. 9/10 one of those that won't make you walk the next day and loves the idea of breeding you.
"T-too big" you sob as you try to slide onto his shaft, your nails scratching his shoulders and digging into his biceps as he holds you still in his lap.
Reiner smiles placing his lips to yours before pulling you down completely ripping a scream from you, "you've taken it before" he coos grabbing your ass and starting to make you jump on him, "take it all" he says sinking deeper again.
You whimper savoring the way his fat cock spreads your tight cunt, your eyes roll back as you feel him hit your sweet spot, "you always take me so good, my good girl" he hums in your ear.
Your pussy clenches so tightly around him when Reiner finds your bud and begins to circle his thumb around it, your hips begin to roll taking his cock deeper and deeper, your swollen, slick walls fluttering around him.
"Reiner ... c-close mh," you stutter, his eyes fixed on your tight little pussy swallowing his thick cock as you keep grinding against him.
"Yes, will you come like a good girl?" he asks as you spasm desperately in his lap riding out your orgasm, wrapping your arms around his neck and your lips to his in a sloppy kiss.
Tumblr media
∴ omg Levi is FAT and LONG. — he's not aware that it's way too much until you ask him to slow down while he is hammering because he's splitting you in half. It has so much girth that you can't get your hand around it. Sensitive cock, literally just rub your thumb over his tight slit and he'll twitch. Breeder balls. Yes please, your cunt is a 10000/10 for him when he sees his cum dripping out because his load is too much. 9/10 his cum is bitter because of the tea he drinks
The headboard slams against the wall, but the possibility that the neighbors might complain doesn't cross your mind, not when his thick cock grinds fiercely inside your abused slit.
"Levi, oh shit" you groan, his strong arms hold you wide open as he rolls his hips against yours, his heavy balls slap your ass filling the room with lewd sounds, "I'm gonna fucking cum like this" you babble.
Your eyes roll back as Levi pushes your knees to your shoulders making you hold them open for him, "be good" he moans from above you, your mind feels too fuzzy but you do what he says.
You grab your thighs and take everything he gives you. His thick shaft pounds against your sweet spot making you feel full, his tip drooling pre cum as it sways back and forth.
Your eyes fill with tears and your walls throb around his cock, "a little more" he slurs grabbing your hips as he pushes his shaft past your slick folds, "you're so tight" he coo lasciviously.
His thick cock spreads your tight walls making you moan as Levi begins to pound desperately, he grinds his thumb on your puffy clit making it throb as you start to cum and gush, squirting around its girth.
"Fuck, that's it" he moans slamming his shaft down on your clit as he is pushed out by your milky cum, "that's a good girl" he coos rubbing his cock on your folds to extend your pleasure and release his load on your belly. 
Tumblr media
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ficsforeren · 6 months
Shhh, Baby, Daddy's on The Phone
Pairing: Eren Jaeger X Female Reader
Genre: Rockstar AU, Domestic AU, Smut, Fluff
Summary: Your husband, Eren Jaeger, comes home from his band’s tour to the sight of you moaning his name on your bed with a vibrator buried deep inside you. Burned by the desire to ravish you right then, Eren decides to have his way with you, not caring if he’s in the middle of a phone interview with a music journalist.
Warnings: rough and unprotected penetrative sex, having sex while on the phone, reader masturbating while Eren watches, blindfold, daddy kink, cunnilingus, blow job, hand job, having sex while being recorded, squirting, spit kink, overstimulation, cum play, creampie, choking, degradation, spanking (with hands and belt), slapping, dirty talk, heavy swearing
Word Count: 9K
🎉 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 7000 FOLLOWERS! 🎉 Here's your gift, darlings ❤️❤️❤️
Poster art by the most talented @rainbuniart
Tumblr media
A day. If you had waited for just one more day, you wouldn’t have gotten caught masturbating on the same bed you shared with the man you had loved—and loved you—for seventeen years. But you were lonely, weren’t you? You were impatient. You hadn’t seen your husband, Eren Jaeger—the frontman of the notorious rock band called Empire—for almost a month. You hadn’t touched him, made love to him, tasted the sweet taste of his lips and the exotic rosewood of his perfume on his sun-kissed skin and it became unbearable with each second passing by.
Phone calls weren’t enough. Watching his lips form the line, “I miss you,” and “I love you” through FaceTime wasn’t as satisfying as having them whispered directly into your ear with his smirk grazing against your shell. His words didn’t light your body on fire, not in the way they did on that night before his departure when you spent endless hours gasping his name and hearing him call yours between a string of expletives and filthy words. You missed him. You wanted him. Which was why the second your parents took your two children into their home to have a sleepover party with their cousins, leaving you all alone in the lovely suburban house you had shared with your husband and kids for three years, you decided to… look for some relief.
You didn’t plan on it, of course. Your plan was to finish all your chores to make sure the house was spotless by the time your husband arrived home the next day. But you managed to finish everything before sundown, leaving you wandering along the house, not knowing what else to do. Once you had cleaned yourself in the shower, you were dressed in your silky nightgown, climbing to the middle of the bed with your favorite novel in one hand. 
You only managed to read a chapter when your thoughts flew back to your husband. You checked on your phone. The last text you had gotten from him was this morning, telling you not to forget to eat your breakfast as you tend to skip it. Eren was always attentive like that, sometimes acting more like a wife than you were. The rest of your texts hadn’t been read. Maybe he’s busy? You wondered. He had been dealing with endless interviews, photoshoots, and live performances to promote Empire’s new album after all. It often took him a few hours before he could get back to your calls and messages. He was only in a different town, not overseas, but it felt like he was a thousand miles away from you.
Sighing, you closed your book, unable to concentrate on your reading any longer. You searched for your phone, your thumb sliding across the screen, going through your gallery. There was a video—a sex video—that you once took with Eren during your friends-with-benefits days. That one Sunday morning when the two of you engaged in debauchery while he was still drunk and half-asleep. With your cheeks warming up at the memory, you tapped your finger on the screen and the video played.
“Bounce back,” Eren said, his husky voice sounding a bit deeper, heavy with sleep but also laced with urgency. “Bounce back on my fucking dick, baby, come on.”
You lost count on how many times you had seen this video when he was away. You convinced yourself that it was just a way to cope with the longing, but you couldn’t deny the way your body squirmed, aching to redo everything you did in that video. 
“Harder,” Eren commanded, followed by the sound of his palm meeting your ass cheek. “Fucking take that cock like you own it.”
The video was so pornographic, so raw, and passionate. Eren was a feral beast in bed while you were reduced to nothing more but a whimpering mess. He wasn’t being himself that day, too intoxicated to register the things he did and said to you.
“Wanna make you my bitch,” he rasped. “Wanna make you my cumslut.”
That man in the video almost didn’t feel like him. Eren—the version of Eren that you fell in love with—had always showered you with praises at any time he could. He didn’t do it just to flatter you. He did it because each compliment he gave you was a form of his honesty. He respected you, cared about you, loved you more than the earth loved the sun. That morning was the only time he ever treated you like a whore he rented for the night, and he felt so guilty for treating you that way but you loved it. It was a nice change. He felt dangerous, uncontrolled and it was so exhilarating that a mere thought of it sent your blood boiling.
You squeezed your thighs, heat pooling in your center. You were so aroused at the little grunts and groans your husband was emitting in the video, so titillated at the sight of him taking you from behind and fucking you against the headboard. He had his head thrown back, his lips parted in a breathy moan, “Fuck, so good. You’re so fucking good, baby girl.”
Your eyes, just like many nights before, drifted back to the top drawer of your dresser where you kept your rabbit vibrator hidden safely in a box. It was the one that your best friend Pieck gave you on your birthday; the same one that your husband used plenty of times before, not because he was incapable of satisfying you. Eren was beyond fantastic when it came to handling things in bed but there was something hot, he said, about watching you clench yourself around the toy before he fucked you senselessly. He did it so you’d know just how good his cock was compared to it. And it fed his ego so well when he found you squirting on his cock just after a few thrusts. “Fucked you so good, didn’t I, baby?” He would ask with a smirk, not giving you a chance to breathe until he reached his own high. 
Fuck, okay. You couldn’t hold back the temptation, not when the images of your husband pushing your legs high up in the air as he rammed his hips against yours resurfaced in your head. Taking the sex toy out of the box, you returned to the bed.
You took a glance at the clock. It was only seven pm, still so early to be doing something as sinful as this but you couldn’t help it. Your bedroom door was still open but you didn’t care. You were the only person in the house anyway, and the front door was locked. The only one who carried the spare key was your husband and his flight back home wouldn’t be until tomorrow evening. 
Taking a deep breath, you lifted your nightgown until the fabric pooled around your stomach, your thin spaghetti strap falling off your shoulder as you slid your panties off your legs. You propped a pillow behind your back for comfort, keeping your thighs open wide. You rewound the video, playing it from the beginning. You didn’t have to watch it, as you already memorized the scene from replaying it so many times. You just needed to shut your eyes and your memory would display everything behind your closed lids like a movie projector. 
Holding your vibrator in one hand, already covered with lube, you tucked the end of your dress between your teeth so you could watch yourself sliding the toy inside your entrance. The internal stimulator was able to penetrate you deeply enough to reach your G-spot, and as you switched it on, waves of pleasure coursed through your veins almost right after. Even so, it could never satisfy you the way Eren’s cock did. Your husband was the only one who could stretch you perfectly in the way you liked it.
The smaller arm of the vibrator, flexible enough to bend and move as needed, stimulated your clitoris at the same time you thrust its long shaft inside you. You clicked on the buttons, increasing the intensity, exploring many kinds of vibration modes until you found the right one. You focused on Eren’s moans, the way he was calling your name, the way he snarled out, “No one can fuck you like this but me, you got that?”
You remembered him again, remembered the way your husband held you, the way he kissed and plundered your mouth with his tongue, the way his fingers would curl tightly around your throat to make you choke out his name. You chewed on your bottom lip, pinpointing the vibrations right where you wanted them. You started pumping them fast, remembering the way he slid his cock in and out of you, matching his pace. It might not be as gratifying, but you could feel your thighs quivering in pleasure. 
“Ah,” you moaned, your muscles tensing at your impending orgasm. You were so close. “Eren…”
“Yes, baby?”
Your eyes jolted open in shock, your body freezing at the sight of your husband leaning one shoulder so casually against the doorframe, watching you with a pair of naughty eyes. He was dressed impeccably handsome in formal attire, must be because he just returned from another press conference. His tailored black suit highlighted his broad shoulders perfectly, its color a stark contrast to how bright his viridian eyes were. Eren had both hands stuck inside the pocket of his trousers, a suggestive smirk written on his lips. The matching black tie he wore was hanging loosely around his neck, his crisp white button-down shirt still tucked neatly inside his pants but he had his top buttons unfastened. He was still wearing his Oxford shoes, his expensive coal-black Tag Heuer watch reflecting the dim, golden light of your bedroom.
His hair, as always, was tied up to the back of his skull, designed by a pair of expert hands to make it look stylishly messy. Eren was breathtaking. Even before he was a celebrity, he was already gorgeous. As a college boy, he was boyish and mischievous. Right now, he looked so mature, reeked of charm and sensuality. But as he watched you with his emerald eyes coated by desire, he only seemed devilish to you. 
“Sorry to interrupt,” he crooned, his voice light and airy. “Didn’t think my wife would be so…” His gaze traversed down your body until it stopped right at your center, watching your hole clenching around your vibrator. His tongue peeked out to wet his lip before he returned your gaze to yours. “Occupied.”
You scrambled back, pulling the toy out of you in an instant before you closed your legs in shame. “Eren!” you squeaked out in horror, blood rushing to your face so fast that it left you feeling lightheaded. “Why are you—I thought you were flying back tomorrow!”
“I wanted to surprise you,” your husband chuckled, making his way to your spot while dragging his suitcase behind him. “When you said the kids were staying at your mother’s house for the night, I just couldn’t bear the thought of you being alone.” He stopped near the end of your bed. “I figured my wife would be lonely with me being gone.” He kept his hands inside his pockets as he loomed tall, his knees a few inches away from grazing against the footboard rail. He looked down on you. His gaze was intense. The previous mirth that graced his lips had vanished without a trace. “Seems like I was right.”
You found him glancing at the phone beside you. Your sex video was still playing, the sound of your moans filling the room. You panicked, utterly flustered. “I—this isn’t—”
“Open up.”
“Your legs.” His voice was an octave lower. “Let me see that dripping cunt.”
You swallowed your breath. You didn’t think the first lines that fled out of your husband’s mouth after weeks of separation would be so obscene. Eren could be the gentlest man in bed if he wanted to, spooning you as he whispered sweet nothings in your ears, your body rocking together as you listened to the pit patter of the rain knocking against your windows. But he knew how much you loved it when he was being rough and dominating, craving for a little pain between waves of pleasure. This, right here, was him giving you a glimpse of what he was planning to do to you in a matter of minutes.
The mischief in his eyes was quickly replaced by impatience when you didn’t comply with his words right away. “I said, open.” He lifted his chin, his gaze condescending. The superiority in his gaze left you weak. “Or do you want to be punished?”
You shuddered. The coils inside your stomach tautened at his words. Eren remembered. He remembered when you told him you wanted to try something new in bed. Something filthier, something more thrilling, just like the way he behaved in the sex video you shared with him. You wanted him to do the opposite of what he usually did. You didn’t want him to be gentle. You didn’t want him to be respectful. There’s a time to make love and there’s a time to fuck like animals. Right now, with this amount of yearning burning inside you—a craving so intense that you couldn’t even wait for one more day to be stuffed with your husband’s cock and instead resorted to a silicone stick—Eren could tell it was the latter that you wanted.
You had spoken about this once on the night before he left the town—how you wanted him to be more merciless in bed—but it was weeks ago. You didn’t think he would remember it. But that’s where you were wrong. Eren didn’t just remember it. He wanted to do it. If this was a way to please you, he would do anything to fulfill even your filthiest dream. He had been thinking about it so much during your days of separation, that sometimes he lost track of conversation during his interview. And now that he was finally home, he was planning to give you just that.
You used to be diffident in bed, especially since you knew how experienced Eren was when it came to sex. But after spending years together, with him constantly praising every curve of your body, your confidence was built. But not tonight. After spending weeks not standing on the receiving end of that lustful stare, you were back to being the timid girl that you were like on the first day he laid his hands on you. 
Slowly, you parted your legs, giving a glimpse of your folds, soaked and glistening with your juice.
“Wider,” he demanded and you fisted the sheets beneath you. You were moving too slow for his liking. Eren reached out a hand, clasping his fingers around your ankle, and yanked you forward until you found your body sliding down the bed. You yelped in surprise, your legs were dangling over the edge when he placed both hands on your thighs, gripping them hard enough to leave bruises. He forced you to spread your legs as much as you can, exposing your twitching hole to his hungry eyes.
“Look at you,” he simpered, one hand pinning your thigh to the bed while the other one slid up your leg, his fingertips ghosting over your pussy’s lips. “You’re drenched, Sweetheart.” Eren plunged two fingers inside his mouth, coated them with saliva, and brought them back down to glide between your folds. He pushed two digits inside without warning, crooking them up and making your entire body jolt in sensation. He tittered, retracting his fingers only to push them back inside his mouth, his tongue swirling to get a sliver of your taste. He kept his eyes on you as he let out a little mmm around his fingers. He slid them out, his smirk was salacious. “I’ve missed you, baby girl.”
You were on the verge of vocalizing his name when he grabbed the front of your gown, forcing you to sit on the bed before he clasped his fingers around your throat. You were being lifted to your knees, groaning into his mouth as he burned you with his kiss. His tongue pushed past your lips, moving in a maddening dance against yours that left you squirming. His grip around your neck was tight, suffocating you with his hand and his kiss at the same time.
When he released you, his face hovered above yours, letting you taste the scent of peppermint in his breath. “You should be glad that you’re smart enough to fuck yourself at the sounds of me fucking this little cunt,” he emphasized by plunging his fingers harshly between your folds. “If I had caught you watching someone else’s video, you know I wouldn’t be so forgiving.”
“I-I wouldn’t—” He tightened his grip, ending your sentence abruptly in a choke.
“Speak only when I tell you to,” he growled. “You’re my fucking bitch for the night. Behave.”
Thrill suffused your body like a shot of adrenaline. You melted in his hold, your lips parted in a strangled whimper. 
Eren kissed you once, softly, languidly, but when he dragged his lips to your ear, his voice was perilous. “Want me to fuck you, baby?”
“P-please,” you answered, begging at his mercy.
He purred, his smirk was pressing against the skin below your earlobe. “Where do you want me?”
You swallowed thickly. “I want you inside me, Daddy.”
He chuckled, pleased at the title you gave him. Removing his hand from your throat, he squeezed your jaws until you felt his nails digging into your skin. His lips were only a breath away when he whispered, “Pathetic little slut.”
He ripped your thin nightgown with both hands, shredding everything in one try. He tossed you back to the bed so carelessly that your nude body bounced once before you settled on the sheets. He removed his blazer, his gaze never left yours, only getting heavier by the second. The white shirt he was wearing was plastered to his sculpted chest. Eren was still as sturdy as he was five years ago, his muscles were drawn by the angels themselves. “Go on,” he said as he rolled each of his sleeves up to his elbow. “Put that toy back inside. You didn’t get to finish before, did you?”
You wanted him to touch you so badly that you wanted to go on your knees and beg him for it. Even without using your words, Eren could see it. “Let me know when you’re about to cum.” For once, he let his heavenly smile return. “I want you to squirt on my face.”
Your breathing ragged. “Yes, Daddy.” You reached for your vibrator again, feeling your heart beating so fast at the way your husband was watching you closely. When you were about to push it inside, he stopped you. 
“Don’t you think it’s a bit dry?” One corner of his mouth was raised higher than the other, gazing down at you so pompously. “You should do something about it, Sweetheart. Don’t want my little whore to hurt herself. That’s my job.” 
You knew he wasn’t referring to the bottle of lube on your nightstand. He wanted you to give him a show. Breathing heavily, you pushed the vibrator inside your mouth. You could taste yourself on the silicone, feeling absolutely humiliated that you had to suck a plastic cock in front of your husband with your legs spread open. Eren leaned forward, landing a palm on the sheets as he drew the sex toy away from your hand. “Here, let me help you.” He jammed it back in, choking you and fucking your mouth with the toy until you felt tears brimming in your eyes. You gagged in reflex, your fingers clutching around his wrist to stop him. “Don’t choke. Hold it in,” he chuckled, easily dismissing your feeble attempt. “You can do it, baby. You know mine is twice as big.” He repeated his actions several times. By the time he pulled it away, you were coughing. 
“Think of it as a warm-up,” he said as he pushed the vibrator inside you up to the hilt, not caring if your body was still tense to have a foreign object slide past your ring. “Before I wreck you apart with my cock later.”
He switched on the button, eyes gleaming in amusement at the way you were squirming at the sensation. “Keep your voice down.” He clamped his mouth around your nipple as he pumped it fast inside you. “I’m not gonna let you cry over a fucking toy.”
Despite his warning, you couldn’t hold back your whimper. The sensation was too much. He was pushing it too deep, too hard, too fast, sucking and biting on your sensitive bud all the while. “Ah! Ren—mmph!” He slapped a palm over your mouth, removing his mouth from your chest to hover his face above yours. 
“Too much, baby?” He asked almost melodiously. “Here, let me tone it down.”
Eren clicked on the buttons, putting the level of intensity to the maximum. You jerked forward, arching your back, your legs shaking from the vigorous vibration that ran up your skin. He took in your features, enjoying every bit of your expression as you turned into a sobbing mess. “Tell me when you’re about to cum,” he reminded you, his wrist moving back and forth. “Wanna drink all that fucking juice, baby.” He dipped his head in the crook of your neck, his fangs teasing your supple skin. “Come on, give it to me. Give it to Daddy.”
His words worked like magic and with a few more thrusts, you clutched your fingers on his shoulders, fisting his shirt. “I’m—I’m about to cum—”
Eren slid out the toy and flung it away without a care. Before you could whimper at the loss, he hooked his arms around your thighs and dove between your legs. He darted out his tongue, eating you out in the way that left you gasping and tugging on his hair. “Fuck, Daddy—” The word slipped out your mouth as your legs closed around his head. 
Eren growled, pinning your thighs back to the sheets as he lapped up and down your folds. You could feel the tip of his nose grazing against your clitoris every time and when you mewled, he finally closed his lips around it, sucking hard on the nub. That was the final push you needed to reach your ecstasy. You were squirting on his face, a sprinkle of your juice stained his cheeks before Eren took the rest inside his mouth. “Finally,” he breathed out, panting as he continuously lapped at your cunt like a starving man. “Been waiting for weeks to taste you again, baby. Mmm,” he moaned, his tongue dipping inside your entrance to clean every last drop. “So fucking sweet, I want to eat you up all night.”
You were dizzy, breathless, and spent but Eren was far from done. He unfastened his tie with one hand, letting it hang loose on his collar. “On your knees,” he commanded but you were too weak to comply right away. “What, you’re tired?”
He permitted you to speak. “Give…” You swallowed, your throat felt parched. “Give me five minutes… M-my legs are shaking—”
Eren bent himself down, grabbing you by your jaws again. “I don’t care if your legs are shaking,” he said through gritted teeth with barely an inch of space between your faces. “I’m not finished.”
He brought you up, forcing you to sit on your heels as he stood on his knees before you. “Look at me.” You tilted up your chin at his command, hooded eyes meeting his lustful ones. A proud smirk painted his face as he observed your features. “Such a pretty little bitch,” he simpered, his lean fingers stroking your cheek. “Whimpering like one too.” Eren shoved his thumb inside your mouth as his other fingers were glued against the underside of your jaw. He forces your mouth open, pressing his pad against your papillae. “I’m gonna fill you up tonight, baby girl. In every way possible.” 
You closed your lips around his thumb before you sucked on it, treating it like his cock. His eyes glazed with desire when he pulled his hand and slapped you across the face.
Fuck, it burns, you thought, as the stinging pain his palm left on your skin spread across your cheek. But this was what you wanted, wasn’t it? You had asked him—no, challenged him to do this. “I don’t think you’ll ever have the heart to slap me,” you remembered the words you’d once said to him. “You can be rough in bed, sure, but you’re always so… vanilla. I want you to treat me like you did to me that morning, Ren. Calling me your cumslut, treating me like one. It was exciting. I think it would be a nice change if we—”
“You seem distracted.” Eren slapped you again, ending your thoughts short. It wasn’t hard enough to leave his handprint on your skin, but the pain was searing nonetheless. “Don’t you want this, baby?” His fingers returned to grasp your throat, lifting you up. “Don’t you want me to treat you like a fucking whore?”
“Y-yes,” you choked out. His grip was so tight that your nerves were screaming in agony. “Yes, Daddy.”
“And what do you say?”
“Thank you, Daddy.”
“Good. Now, show me.” He unwound his hair tie, letting his silky smooth chestnut hair cascade down to his shoulder. He reached behind you, using the elastic band to tie up your strands in a messy ponytail. “I want to see how grateful you are.”
You nodded. Your fingers, albeit a bit shaky, toyed with the button of his slacks, tugging down his zipper. You lowered his trousers just enough to free him out of his briefs, taking his cock with both hands and stroking it to life. You started by kissing him on his tip, letting him know the softness of your lips before your tongue came to play. 
“Eyes over here,” Eren reminded you, and you looked up from underneath your eyelashes. The sight of you acting so docile sent his blood running south. “Dart out your tongue.” You obeyed, giving him small licks on his slit as you used one hand to pump his dick. He snorted, immensely pleased at how submissive you were. “Naughty kitten. Gonna milk my cock dry after this?”
You dragged your lips to the side, tracing the veins on his shaft with your tongue. “Yes, Daddy.”
“If you waste a drop, I’m gonna punish you.”
“Y-yes, Daddy.”
“Good. Now open up. I’m gonna fuck your face.” When you weren’t moving fast enough, Eren pulled your head back by your ponytail. Your mouth slightly opened in a gasp and he used the chance to slap his cock against your lips. “Wider.” You complied. Eren didn’t waste a second. He drove his length entirely inside your cavern in one try, hitting the back of your throat. Your lids closed in reflex, your mewls muffled by his skin. “Keep your fucking eyes on me.” Your red, glistening eyes shot open to meet him as you struggled to breathe. His disparaging smile made him look wicked. “You look the best when you have my dick in your mouth, Sweetheart. Come on, take me deeper.�� 
He closed whatever space that was left, keeping your nose pressed against his pelvis, and blocking your airways for about three seconds before he released you. You coughed, gasping for air, choking on your own spit. A little longer than that and you would’ve gagged.
“You remember our safe word, baby?” He held you by the chin, forcing you to meet his gaze as he spoke. You nodded, tasting the saltiness of the tears that glid down to your lips. “Good. I want you to keep that in mind. I won’t slow down. You want me to be rough on you and I’m here to give it to you. I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk. You have my words on that, but…” he paused, swatting the bangs out of your eyes. He broke the tension for a moment. His touch was gentle, reminding you that it was still your husband underneath this vicious persona. That this was just a performance—a role that you asked him to play. There was a genuine worry in his voice when he said, “If it gets too much, say the word and I’ll stop immediately.”
“I’m okay,” you promised him with a smile. Eren was terrifying before, but that was part of the game, part of the excitement. You kissed the hand that caressed your face, your lips brushing against his palm. “I’m all right, Ren. You can do whatever you want with me. I’m enjoying this,” you purred, leaning into his touch like how a small kitten would. “Truly.” 
He hesitated for only a couple of seconds before his smirk returned. And that was it. He wouldn’t ask for it again. You wanted him to drive you to your limit? So be it.
His palm smacked against your cheek, throwing your face to the side. “Then get back to work.”
Still a bit dazed, you tried your best to please him with your tongue, hollowing your cheeks around him and pulling away with an obscene pop. Eren was about to thrust inside your mouth when suddenly his phone rang. The ringtone echoed from the inside chest pocket of his blazer, growing persistently with every second passing by. He reached over to his side with a sigh, snatching his phone. The name Levi Ackerman was written on his screen. 
Your husband clicked his tongue in vexation. He knew for certain that his strict, foul-mouthed manager would constantly call him until he picked it up. Your curiosity almost turned into words but you stopped yourself at the last second, not wanting to upset him by talking without permission. You stroked his length with your hand, hoping he’d notice the question in your eyes. Who is it?
Your nervous look granted him an idea. Wanting to tease you a little bit further, he pushed your head down to take his cock back inside your mouth. He slid his thumb across the screen, answering the call. “Hey, Levi,” he addressed, pressing his phone against his ear. 
You pulled away with a gasp, perplexed at the way your husband so casually greeted his manager—who was also a friend of yours—over the phone. “Ere—” The second you parted your lips, he used the opportunity to ram his cock back inside.
“Shhh, baby, I’m on the phone,” he said, his lopsided grin almost as lewd as the way he rocked his hips. He was enjoying it, loving the way you could do nothing but loosen your jaw and let him fuck your mouth until he was satisfied. He returned to his phone, putting it on speaker so you could listen to the conversation. “What’s up?”
“Am I interrupting something?” Levi’s voice rang from the other line, sounding as formal and cold as ever. 
“No, it’s okay. I was talking to Jace.” Eren pushed your hair back, gripping tightly onto your bangs as he picked up his pace, reaching a little deeper with every thrust. “We’re just…” He let out a breath. He could feel how fucking warm and wet your mouth was. A little bit of mirth stood evidently in his voice when he continued, “Playing a little game.” Your husband reached back to seize your ponytail, tugging tightly on your strands. “Watch your teeth,” he uttered sotto voce, his stare degrading.
“I swear to fucking God, Jaeger, if you’re fucking your wife right now, I’m gonna chop off your tiny fucking dick.”
“I swear, I’m not.” Well, not exactly in the way you’re thinking anyway, he sneered inwardly. “Also, leave my dick alone. I’ve got a wife to please. I don’t wanna make her cry, you know.” He hit the back of your throat, continuously shoving your head down, and maintained that position until you felt suffocated. “Though she does look pretty when she cries.” He knew how harsh he was being, judging by the tears that coated your eyes but he didn’t plan on stopping. He moved his phone away, whispering, “Take it,” as he kept one hand behind your skull, his hips rutting against your mouth. “Take my fucking dick. Ah, fuck, yeah, just like that—you fucking whore—”
Drowning deep in pleasure, he could faintly hear Levi calling his name. He returned to his phone. “Sorry,” he answered breathlessly. “What were you saying?” 
“What the fuck are you doing? If you get distracted one more time, I’m gonna—”
“Jesus Christ, enough with the threat already. What’s up?”
The older man sighed, too weary to put on a fight. “I’m calling to let you know that we have someone from Kerrang Magazine looking for you.” Judging from his tone, impatient but not yet aggravated, he was oblivious to what was happening.
Eren released you, thick strings of saliva dribbled down your chin as you gasped frantically for air. He slapped his palm over your mouth before you could cough, reminding you to be silent. “Yeah? Another interview?” He angled your face upward, wanting the light to shine on you so he could witness every detail. You had tears streaming down your face, your lips bruised and glistening with your spit. Eren bent his head down, and for a second, his angelic smile fooled you. Thinking that he was aiming for a kiss, your body jerked when he spat onto your mouth. He giggled, couldn’t help but find this situation amusing. “Okay. When?”
“Now. She wants to interview you over the phone.”
“Now?” His grin grows wider when he sees you shaking your head, your eyes widening in protest. “Yeah, I’ve got some time to kill. I don’t have anything planned.” He framed your jaws, biting his lip at the thought of painting your face with his cum. “Yet.”
“All right. I’ll give her your number then.”
“Tell her to contact me right away.” He observed the way you ran your tongue all over his fingers, coating his digits with your saliva from his tips to his knuckles. “I’m a bit tired. I don’t want to fall asleep while waiting for her call.” Eren inserted his fingers into his mouth, watching you with a pair of mischievous eyes as he rolled his tongue around them, savoring the taste of your saliva mixed with his earlier pre-cum.
“Fine. You better watch your words, Jaeger. Stick to the script I gave you.”
“Yes, Sir.” Ending the call, Eren flung his phone to the bed. “Bend over.” You were being tossed like a rag doll before you could react, your breath knocked out of your lungs as you fell onto the sheets. 
“Shut the fuck up and let me fuck that cunt,” he snarled, spinning you around until you were on all fours. Yanking his tie away from his collar, he wrapped it around your head, the black silk blinding your vision. Eren leaned forward, the material of his shirt grazing your backside as he snickered right beside your ear. “Our sex tape is a little bit outdated, don’t you think? Why don’t we make another one? Maybe this time we can upload it online. Let everyone see how good you are at taking my cock.” 
A whimper barely broke free when he shoved your head against the pillow, robbing your ability to speak. He gathered your phone, switched on your camera, and positioned it on the little space on your headboard. The video started recording, filming you from the front. On the screen, Eren could see himself taking off his belt. Both of your bodies were exposed. Your husband was still dressed perfectly in everything but his blazer, while you only had his tie to conceal your eyes. 
Smirking in satisfaction, he folded his belt and slapped your ass cheek with it. You flinched, whimpering in both thrill and pain. “You know what I’m so pissed about right now?” He spanked you again, not letting you answer him with words. “It’s the fact that you’re such a fucking whore, you couldn’t even wait for a day for me to come home. What, that fucking hole of yours is so loose now that you had to stuff yourself with a dildo to keep you satisfied? What would happen if I left for a month, huh?” Another slap, this time harder than before that a bruise bloomed instantly on your skin. “What are you going to do when your little toy can no longer please you? You’re gonna look for another dick, baby? Gonna fuck a guy and beg him to fill up your cunt, is that what you’re planning to do?” When the leather met your skin again, your arms quivered under your weight. “Answer me.”
“No!” You cried out. “No, I will never—I will never do that—o-only you, Ren!”
“That’s right, baby.” He chuckled, rewarding you with one last slap before he cast his belt to the side. “You belong to me.” 
His cock, still wet and lubricated with your saliva, was held firmly in one hand. He settled it against the crease of your ass, gliding it back and forth. “I haven’t fucked you here in a while.” He probed his tip against your rim. “But it would take time for me to loosen you up and I don’t think I’m up for that. Guess I’m just gonna have to fuck your ass later after I’m done with your cunt.”
You gulped at the thought, your fear and excitement were wrapped into one dizzying emotion, but once his phone rang again, it turned to nothing but panic. 
 “Oh no, they’re calling me so soon,” Eren sniggered. “What should I do?” His question was rhetorical, answering the call without a trace of shame or remorse in his voice. “Hello?” He spoke, pressing his phone against his ear while he maintained his other hand on your hip. “Yes, that’s me. Oh, yeah, from Kerrang Magazine, right? Hi, Hannah, it's a pleasure to meet you.”
Your heart plummeted to your stomach when you felt your husband nudging the head of his cock against your entrance. “Ere—mmph!” You were being shoved down again, your face buried deep inside your pillow.
“No, you’re not calling at a bad time.” Eren’s voice was exceptionally friendly and enthusiastic, putting on his best behavior. “I was just chatting with my wife. You know, enjoying her—” Eren, without warning, pushed himself inside, nipping on his lip to refrain himself from giggling, “—company.”
You could only whine, biting at the end of your pillow. Even after having that vibrator inside you, you could still feel how he was stretching you out so nicely. Losing your vision somehow heightened your senses, making you feel ten times more sensitive than you already were. Being recorded in this position was already a thrilling thought, but conversing with a stranger during your sexual intercourse? It felt like you were tiptoeing your way on the edge of a cliff.
“Yes, we’re planning to go on a tour during summer,” he let out a breath, almost groaning at the way your warmth was enveloping him at once. He had missed it. God, he’d missed how warm you were. How wet and needy your pussy felt around him. “So far, we’ve got fifty-one cities confirmed.” Your husband kept one hand pressed against a spot between your shoulder blades, pinning your upper body flat against the sheets while he kept your ass raised high in the air. 
“Oh, you do?” He chuckled, feigning bashfulness. “I think you’re just being too kind, Hannah, but thank you.” His voice reeked with innocence but the rest of him was anything but. He yanked you back up by your hair, holding you only by your ponytail as he fucked you senseless. A sudden forceful thrust almost sent you knocking your head against the board and you whined. 
“Hmm, it’s hard for me to say,” he continued, smacking his palm against your ass to remind you to stay mute. “Sometimes the music itself will lead me in and draw out a kind of weird emotion from me,” he answered yet another question, seemingly unbothered with the way he had his cock sliding in and out of your hole. There was a slight change in his expression when he felt your walls squeezing around him, your thighs quivering as he rubbed a spot inside you just right, but his voice remained steady. “Some of it does end up being autobiographical.” He brought you to your knees, his chest completing the dip of your spine as he grind his hips. His fingers were back inside your mouth to silence the noises, but whenever a whimper sounded a little bit too loud, you could feel him smirking against your ear. He loved it. Deep down, he wanted to get caught. “Yeah, exactly. It’s in those situations where I tend to actually go a bit more autobiographical with the lyrics.” Wanting to switch positions, Eren pulled himself out and rolled you over to your back. “Singing about love or relationships and things like that.”
He spread open your legs, settling himself between your thighs and sliding back in so easily even without using his hand. You had your fingers clawing against the sheets, your mouth covered by the back of your palm as you tried to keep quiet. Your face was decorated prettily with his tie. To Eren, you were the prettiest little slut he’d ever seen in his life. “You mean, my wife?” He chortled lightly into the phone, desirous eyes watching the trail of saliva that rubbed off to your cheek. “Yes, she’s been my inspiration since I was young.” 
You couldn’t see what was happening before you, but you could feel it when his lips ghosted over yours. He landed one hand on the sheets, right next to your head. You vaguely could hear a female voice resonating from his phone from the proximity you were in but you couldn’t make out the words. As she spoke, elaborating further on her question, Eren kissed you, softly but deeply, his hips coming to a halt for a moment. He occasionally muttered a small, “Mm-hmm,” between kisses, not giving a fuck over her words. 
“No, you’re not wrong,” he said, his thumb and index finger trapping your chin and pulling it down until you had your lips parted. “You could say on some levels some of the fans will know elements of my persona or subconscious better than I do.” As the interviewer elaborated further on his answer, Eren pushed away his phone, whispering, “Stick that tongue out. I wanna see that fucking tongue, open up.” Eren let his saliva pool inside his mouth before he darted his tongue and let it dribble down onto yours. “Swallow.” His eyes glazed with lust as he watched you take it in. He stuck his thumb inside your mouth, tugging down your lower jaw to make sure you had swallowed it all. “Good girl.” He smirked in satisfaction, his face dangling close above yours. “Now, say it with me.” He gestured to you to imitate his words. “Good girl,” he said at the same time you pronounced the words, giggling before he returned to his phone. 
“That’s correct, Hannah. But in terms of my personal life, there's not many that know who I really am,” he stated, taking off your blindfold and grinning at you when your gaze met. His eyes were as dark as the night, wild as a starving wolf. “How would I describe myself as a person?” His little laugh gave such a gentle, amiable vibe but the way he was strangling you with his fingers was the exact opposite. Your husband tucked his phone between his ear and his shoulder. “I don’t know.” He had one hand choking you while he slapped your breast with his other one. He started moving again, his hips swaying obscenely. “A devil, maybe?”
He was. He truly was a devil in disguise. Fear started to crawl on your skin when you felt your lungs starting to burn. The sensation of him fucking you fast and rough with pain scorching your senses drove you to the brink. Right before your pleasure could rip through you, Eren stopped everything at once. He was edging you, torturing you, sending enough amount of frustration that made you glare at him.
“Hannah, sorry, can you give me a sec?” He dragged his phone away for a moment, making sure the interviewer wouldn’t pick up his conversation. 
He slapped you across the face, hard and fast. “You better show me some respect,” he uttered disdainfully. “Look at me with those eyes again and I wouldn’t be so kind.”
You gulped, your body left frozen under his smothering gaze. “Y-yes, Daddy.”
Taking your breast in one hand, he squeezed it tightly until you flinched. “You can only cum when I allow you to. You understand?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
He caressed your cheek, soothing the reddened skin even when his eyes still gleamed dangerously. “Good.” Returning to his phone, he dropped the superiority in his voice, reusing his affable tone once more. “Sorry about that. What were you asking me again?”
But he wasn’t making it any easier for you, was it? In fact, Eren was trying his best to make you cum, rubbing your clit on purpose with his thumb as he thrust his dick inside. You couldn’t stop a wanton cry from breaking free, clasping a palm over your mouth a second too late. 
Eren was pleased. “What? You heard something weird?” He spoke to the phone, acting nonchalant. “Oh, my daughter is watching TV, maybe that’s why.” He pitched his voice louder, pretending. “Irene, baby, keep it down, okay?” He rammed himself deep. “Daddy’s on the phone right now. I can’t concentrate if you—” he added three more thrusts, pushing you up further against the headboard that you had to reach back and place your arm on the surface to stop your head from knocking against it, “—keep making noises,” he finished with a haughty smirk.
The interview went on for a whole twenty minutes and you were being edged continuously without mercy. You were so close to lashing out when Eren gave a polite chuckle. “No, thank you for interviewing me today. It was really nice talking to you, Hannah. Yeah, take care. Bye.” Eren ended the call, throwing his phone over his shoulder. His pretty crooked teeth peeked behind a devilish grin as he giggled at your expression. “Now, where were we?” He removed his white shirt, giving you a nice view of his abs but he didn't let you marvel at his beauty for too long. 
He lifted both of your legs high in the air, pushing them forward until you had your body folded in half. He wasn’t planning to waste any second longer. Both of you had been playing a dangerous, torturous game for half an hour and it drove him feral.
Eren was so deep, deeper than before, deeper than ever, rubbing against your insides in a way that left you wailing. “That’s right, scream for me, baby. Scream for Daddy,” he simpered, sounding breathless and hoarse. “You’re still taking your pills?”
Yes, but you couldn’t remember whether you’ve taken one today. You were too hazy to think about it, or about anything else, really. “I—I don’t know—ah, Ren—”
“You know what?” He moved to your ear. “I don’t care. I’m still gonna stuff your tight little pussy with my cum whether you like it or not. You want to be my cumslut, don’t you? Let me grant your wish.”
Your legs were dangling over his shoulders, your bottom half raised in the air as he plunged himself repeatedly. “Fuck—” He gasped out when your walls quaked around him. “You’re sucking me in. You want to cum, baby?”
You threw your head back, slamming your skull against the pillow as you cried out, “Yes! Yes, I’m so close—”
“Start begging then.”
“Please,” you sobbed out, “Please, let me cum—”
“Daddy, please! I can’t—” Your mouth was opened wide in a silent scream. Lightning bolts of ecstasy shot through your body, going straight to your core. Your orgasm hit you so intensely that you squirted on his cock, feeling nothing but shame when he laughed degradingly at you. 
“You came without my permission.” He pulled away to see how much you’d coated his skin with your slick. “Filthy whore.” He slapped his hand against your cunt, the stinging pain causing your body to jolt in response. “You want to be punished?”
“No, Daddy–” He smacked it again, his fingers hitting your swollen clit. “Ah–Daddy, I’m sorry!”
He heard your words well, but even then, he still gave you another slap. “What was that, baby?”
“I’m…” You tried to withstand the throbbing pain that vibrated from between your legs. Your voice was reduced to a whimper. “I’m sorry…”
Under different circumstances, the sight of your eyes glazed by your tears would paint his heart with concern, but for some reason tonight, Eren just wanted to see more. “If you’re sorry,” he brought two of his fingers inside you, pumping them fast in a come-hither motion that made you yelp and squeeze your thighs together. “Spread those fucking legs. I wanna feel you cream all over my fucking dick again.”
You were being overstimulated, your body convulsing in response but your husband left you with no choice. You did as you were told, hooking your arms around your thighs and pulling them up as much as you could until every part of you was exposed.
Eren snorted haughtily, stroking his cock at the sight of your twitching hole. “Now, what do you say, Sweetheart?”
“Please fuck me, Daddy.”
He smirked. “That’s right.” 
Something shifted within you as you fell into the dark heat of his eyes, and once he plunged himself back inside you, you were once again consumed by the smothering passion he gave you. You landed a hand on his chest, trying to push him away to give you a moment to catch your breath. “W-wait—”
He removed your hand, grabbing you by your wrist and pinning it down against the sheets. “Shut up,” he growled, quickening his pace. “Take my fucking cock and scream my name. Or do you want me to use my hands again?”
“N-no, Daddy, I—oh my God–” This was pure animal fucking. Not a hint of romance, not a hint of love. And not a hint of your husband underneath the man that shared the same face with him. 
Eren could feel that he was so close to being blinded by the explosion of pure bliss. “I’m gonna cum, baby, you ready?”
He let your legs slide off his shoulders as he focused his everything on reaching his high. Wrapping your legs around his waist, you brought him closer until your chests were plastered to one another. Eren smashed his lips against yours, his kiss as forceful and messy as his thrust. “Fuck, so fucking tight—“
“Cum for me,” you plead in his ear, drawing his earlobe between his teeth. “Cum for me, Ren.”
“Ah, baby—” A strangled moan filled the air as he came, his hips stuttering before he slowed down, riding his orgasm. His arms were shaking with exertion, his nose pressing against the side of your throat. You could feel his cock throb with each shot of his cum, filling you up so much that his white seeds trickled out of you, staining the sheets underneath. He was still moving, lazily fucking back every little bit of semen that seeped out and you let him. 
When his body stopped trembling, Eren kept himself inside you the way he was, only reaching out one hand to snatch your phone from the headboard. It was still recording until he tapped his thumb on the screen. A new video was saved to the gallery. Tossing the phone to the bed, Eren returned to you, releasing the most blissful sigh as he laid his body flat on top of you.
“Did it really record everything?”
“Yeah, let’s watch it later. Put it on a big screen, grab some popcorn. It’ll be fun.”
You rolled your eyes. “You’re not going to pull out?” You asked him, your fingers idly playing with his strands.
“No,” he slurred out the word, feeling drowsy and enervated. “Let’s stay like this for a while. I love it when I have my dick inside you. You feel so warm.” 
“You’re gross.”
“You’re beautiful.” He elevated his face just enough to kiss your cheek. Joy bubbled up inside him at the sound of your pretty giggles but it only lasted for a few seconds before he turned pensive. “Baby… What if I got you pregnant again?” He mumbled, sounding more like himself than how he had sounded all night. There wasn’t a hint of amusement in his voice. He was concerned, maybe even guilty, for taking out your options. “We haven’t really talked about having another kid.”
The sudden change in his attitude was so baffling, that it robbed a burst of laughter out of your mouth. “You’re so cute.” You circled your arms around his neck, pulling him closer until his lips were a breath away. “It’s okay.” You kissed him once, unwinding the taut muscles on his shoulders. “We’ll let God decide for us. Whatever it turns out to be, I’m ready.”
He smiled, so delicately and beautifully, as he stroked your head, pushing your hair behind your ear. He lost himself in your gaze, planting a soft kiss on your temple before he asked you in a whisper, “Are you okay? Did I hurt you too much?”
“Just a little bit,” you giggled. “I can’t believe you really slapped me. Like seven times.”
“Oh my God.” He turned pale. “I’m so sorry, baby. I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you like that but you said you wanted me to do it and I—” You interrupted him with a kiss, letting him feel the glee in your smile. When you broke away, he was pouting at you. “You’re laughing at me.”
“I am,” you replied with a grin. “Were you really just pretending for my sake? I think you enjoyed it a little bit too much, treating me like a whore.”
A flush crept up his cheek. “W-well, I, uhh…” He cleared his throat. “I wouldn’t say it wasn’t enjoyable.”
“Can’t believe you ripped open my nightgown.”
Eren turned a shade redder. “F-for dramatic effects.”
Though amused, you gave him a look, judging him with narrowed eyes. “You could’ve just slapped me once and stopped there, you know.”
“I know, I’m so sorry,” he whined apologetically, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he drowned in shame. “It’s just… You looked so cute after I slapped you. I think I I got too… excited.”
“I’ve always known you were a bit of a sadist.”
He pulled away, slightly panicking as he peered into your eyes. “Will you forgive me?”
You melted into a smile, stroking his face. “Of course, Rennie.”
He leaned into your touch. “Will you still love me regardless?”
“Well,” you faked a weary sigh. “I’m married to you so…”
“Babyyy,” he nuzzled his nose against your neck, acting similarly to a dog, begging for your forgiveness. “Please still love me.”
“Fine, I’ll try my best.” Eren brushed his lips against yours again, laughing into your mouth. You stopped him before he could deepen the kiss, placing one finger on his lips. “On one condition, though.”
“Anything for my beautiful wife,” he replied, kissing your fingertip. 
“Let me make you my bitch and slap you next time too.”
He was baffled at first, then he stared flatly at you. “Couldn’t you have phrased it more romantically?”
“Let me make you my bitch and slap you next time, baby boy.”
“Literally didn’t change anything but okay.” Bestowing another kiss, Eren pulled himself out of you, kicked the rest of his clothing away, and rolled to his back. He was ready to cuddle close as he waited for his strength to return so he could take a shower. But to his surprise, you shifted and mounted yourself on his hips, your hands landing on the tight muscles of his abdomen.
You slapped him hard across the cheek, tossing his face to the side. Eren had his lips parted in shock when he returned his gaze to yours. “Bro, that felt so personal!”
You chortled. “Did I hurt your feelings, Princess?”
“Well, no, but—” You slapped him again and he whined. “Babyyyy, you make me feel like a whore!”
“You are a whore.” You yanked him up harshly by his necklace, forcing him to sit on the bed as you straddled his lap. “You’re my whore for the night. Gonna be a good boy for me, Rennie?”
He gulped. “Give me a five minutes break? I'm a bit tired—”
"I don't care if you're tired. I'm not finished." You curled your fingers around his throat, your grin was even more wicked than anything he had showcased earlier. "I'm gonna take care of you now, baby."
"Have mercy on me, please."
AN: DON'T LOOK AT ME OKAY Y'ALL REQUESTED THIS!!! I hope you enjoyed it despite all the slapping LMAO thanks so much for reading! Also huge thanks to Sandra for beta-reading this for me, you're the real MVP, babe!
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ilygetou · 3 months
SO OBSCENE ft. eren jeager.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING$: pervert! eren jeager x fem! reader.
C/W: dubcon, reader cries, hints of bimbo! reader, slight dacryphilia, creampie, slight fingering, and the rest is just eren being a pervert.
N0TE: this is my second eren head canon in a row :’)
Tumblr media
pervert! eren who ends being your partner on this science project — and by coincidence, the project was about female anatomy.
pervert! eren who acts all confused — acting like he doesn‘t understand what to do. he acts all dumb and confused, saying that he can‘t get himself to understand unless he gets to see the actual thing — he needs to see the realistic female anatomy. physical form.
pervert! eren who asks you if you could show him your pussy, and your boobs. he faked pouted, and lowered his voice — acting shy.
pervert! eren who got his plan to work, because you were so dumb and dense — so easy to convince, all it took was a few pleadings from eren to get you to say yes.
pervert! eren who had you bend over the table and face the wall, he hikes your skirt upwards — revealing your white panties to eren. he rubs his index finger on your clothed pussy causing you to let out a small whimper.
pervert! eren who moves your panties to the side — revealing your wet folds to him, your tight hole very visible to him. eren felt himself drooling at the sight — his cock twitching and throbbing in his pants.
pervert! eren who pushed his finger as your walls sucked his finger in, so eagerly. “e-eren? what‘s that..?” you asked — a moan following right after, “h-huh? oh! don‘t worry about it – just something to help me understand more.”
pervert! eren who‘s pants grew tighter at your obliviousness. thrusting his finger in and out of your gushing pussy, your slick dripping from the side, covering the floor.
pervert! eren who couldn‘t stand how tight his pants were, eren freed his hard cock that was already leaking with pre-cum. eren removed his fingers from your cunt, which made you let out a low whimper. he started rubbing his dick against your folds, teasing your entrance as your walls kept sucking his length in — eren only pulling out every time.
pervert! eren who couldn‘t stand it anymore, bullying his thick tip inside your tight cunt — making eren let out an audible moan. “eren...w-what‘re youuu—!” you were caught off with a sudden thrust of erens hips, his cock thrusting in and out of your cunt, your juices dripping and coating his balls.
pervert! eren who doesn‘t even try to hide what he‘s doing anymore — fucking into you as a fucking hungry animal, his hips jolting against you so fast and rough. you were on the other side, letting out loud moans as drool dripped down your chin, letting out moans of eren‘s name.
pervert! eren who doesn‘t even last long because of how tight your cunt is around his dick, he threw his head back as his hips quivered and cock twitched — stirs of eren‘s hot cum filling your pussy up.
pervert! who as soon as he pulls out of you let‘s out a whimper because he already misses being buried inside your warm cunt :(
“y/n...?" no response. “y-y/n, are ya’ mad at me?” no response. eren turns you around to find your eyes puffy and red, tears staining your cheeks, mouth wide open as drool was dripping down your chin. “felt so gooood” you slurred which made eren let out a sigh of relief.
pervert! eren who got hard because of how your face looked, you looked so cute and adorable. making eren want to go again.
pervert! eren who buries his face on the crook of your neck and mumbles about how it felt good for him too and how he wants to go again.
“wanna do it again, pretty please?”
Tumblr media
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prettyboykatsuki · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you say the word, im on the way | e. yeager
♤ tags ;; fem!reader, cheating (on reader but not by eren), exes to lover, past toxic relationships, arguing and insults, very emotionally charged sex, co-dependency (in a way), childhood friends to lovers, streamer!eren (BARELY mentioned), make-up sex, oral (f!recieving),, unprotected sex, so much dirty talk, praise kink, petnames angel, baby, pretty girl, eren kinda.. talks to ur pussy djhsdj, 18+
♤ wc ;; 10.2k (utter agony)
♤ a/n ;; i really like. this isn't the best. but that's fine i had a lot of fun alr. very self indulgent. title from teenage fever by drake.
♤ synposis ;; after your boyfriend cheats on you, your ex, eren, shows up for you against all odds. you give into him against your best interest.
Tumblr media
You wait for him on the side of the road. 
The rain is coming down in heavy sheets. You’re soaked to the bone having left in a hurry with only a single suitcase of your things. Your phones nearly dead, less than 20 percent with an ever-depleting battery. The closest place to charge your phone is too long to walk in this weather.  And it’s so late the buses have stopped running. 
Even if you could leave, it’s dark and dangerous. Your heart is in your throat, and the only streetlight is so far it hardly makes you feel any safer. You don’t know a single person in your ex-boyfriend's hometown other than his parents, but you aren’t sure you can face them right now if you wanted to. 
It’s not like you wanted to call Eren. Or for him to see you as sorry as you are. Dehydrated, exhausted, emotionally battered - you don’t even like seeing Eren when you’re at your best. You’re sure as soon as you get into his car, he’ll start arguing with you. You’ve spent the last 15 minutes mentally readying yourself for his harsh comments whatever they may be. 
You don’t have the luxury of being picky. He’s safer than venturing by yourself or taking an Uber. And he owes you one, anyway. Nows a good of a time as any to take him up on that. 
Relief fills your whole body when you see a car pull up onto the side of the road. It’s an all-black sports car. Typically Eren, it sticks out sorely from all the other cars that have passed by. Wiping your eyes, you clear your vision to see Eren inside. He’s wearing a black cap and mask. 
Your feet sink in the mud as you walk up to the car, but he beats you to the punch. Approaching you in the dead of night with a sort of anger you can feel before you even look at his face. He has a jacket with him made of that thin plastic material. 
Before you open your mouth, he’s pulling the poncho over your head. He puts your arms through before he drags you by the wrist to his car. Hurriedly, you grab your suitcase and track it through the mud while you follow. Your voice is too hoarse to protest him, but you shout over the rain. 
“Fuck Eren,” You half yell, wriggling your wrist free from his grip “Let me go,” 
When he does, you stumble forward. You don’t get a look at his face as he walks over to the driver's side. In your exhaustion, you don’t think twice about it or assume he was doing it on purpose. You resign yourself. Hearing the back trunk of his car open, you try and read his face through the tinted windows. But even with the lights on, you can’t. 
Sighing, you truck it towards the back. Your feet sink into the soft earth under you, huffing as you pick it up and shove it into the trunk. After you close it, you hurry back to the passenger seat, finally opening the door to see Eren. 
He doesn’t even look at you when you do, eyes focused on the road. You stare at the interior of his car, grimacing at the thought of having to pay him back for getting it covered in mud. Left without a choice, you get in. 
The plastic on his seat tells you he might’ve thought ahead. You aren’t sure if you should be comforted by that or not. 
The door closes with a soft thud as you get to sit. The sound of the rain is muted almost instantly and leaves you with nothing but the radio, virtually silent, and Eren with a hand over the wheel. You put your seatbelt on and then settle more into your seat. Turning your body to face the window. The tension in the air is so thick you can feel yourself choke around it, breathing through your nose. 
Eren’s car smells like spearmint. You’re expecting to be berated at some point, for inconveniencing him or otherwise. After all, you called him through a sob and asked him for something you’re sure he’d rather not be doing. 
Instead though, he puts the car in drive, steps on the gas, and does a turn until he’s back on the road home. 
He doesn’t say a word or even looks at you. Maybe reminding him of the fact he owed you meant he was going to treat this interaction as entirely transactional, which is infinitely better for you. You let out a breath of relief, shivering. He turns on the heat without you asking. 
You decide against speaking and give him a glance of acknowledgment. He doesn’t return the gesture. 
You hear your phone buzz in the pocket of your pants, and fish it out. As you expected, it’s just your ex-boyfriend. A slew of missed messages and calls. Your eyes hurt getting adjusted to the bright lights as you send him a quick stop texting me tonight before clicking it off. You want to throw your phone in the river, and yourself. To float down somewhere far from here, and pretend nothing ever happened. 
With the white noise of rain no longer drowning out your invasive and sad thoughts, you find yourself choking back more tears. The wound is still fresh, tender, and bleeding. 
You’ve always had bad taste in guys. 
But you thought this time would be different. He was different. Patient, and attentive and so thoughtful. It was always stable. You met his family, for fuck sake. His mom, dad, and sister - are all good people. A nice house with a garage, health insurance, and a college graduate. From a different place than you and your friends. 
It was never all that exciting, but you thought it was better that way. To keep it simple. You put in the effort to make it work. Got comfortable with complacency, and waved off all of your friends when they insisted you should date someone better. Someone who suited you more. 
Maybe someone like Eren. The thought makes your stomach sour. 
But your ex, he wasn’t a bad guy. It wasn’t so easy. He was safe, and after your other experience with romantic relationships- safety wasn’t something you could dismiss with the idea of deserving more. More was abstract and intangible. Slippery. 
 You were content, so you stayed. Stability, you told yourself, I just want stability. 
He was the last person you could imagine cheating on you. Unsurprisingly with a girl from his hometown who he’d told you about before and swore he got over. Feeling stupid, you let out an exasperated laugh. It’s your fault for trying so hard. For taking his inch and trying to turn it into a mile.
For believing it’d be enough to try. Maybe you know better than anyone, there are just some people you never get closure with. That distant look in his eyes concerned you. But a guy like him didn’t seem like he’d cheat. 
You’ve never been so wrong. 
Your stomach rumbles as you close your eyes and go over the fight. Subsequently, you forget Eren is even in the car with you. His presence fades into the background, face pained as you think of your exes apologies. He seemed sorry. 
But you’re not someone who can forgive or forget easily - so you broke up. It just complicates everything. Already broken up, but you have to get your things. Find a place to stay for the month because it’s too expensive to go home early. Delete him off your socials, and maybe get in touch with your therapist again. The laundry list of post-break-up things to do is the most frustrating and most taxing. 
The emotional healing and distrust go in some compartment until you can actually unpack them. After the initial devastations scabs over, you’re sure the sore feeling of sadness will come back with a vengeance. 
That’s later though, and this is now. 
Moping is a pipe-dream, seeing as you’re in a place where you have no one and nothing. The only person you know lives here is Eren, but you’re not really expecting any help from him after tonight. Maybe 3 days max, if he’s feeling generous enough. 
At the very least, he must feel pretty sorry for you. No snippy remark or sarcastic gripe since you’ve gotten in. You can’t figure out what he’s thinking, just as before. It’s almost impossible to get a read on his face, and that thought leaves your mouth bitter. 
As bitter as a favor. As bitter as a memory, you swipe your tongue on your teeth to rid yourself of the taste but it lingers. 
You avert your eyes to your hands, peeling the skin off the edge of your fingernails. After a minute or two, you drive in front of a stoplight. The red reflects onto your sneakers and into Eren’s car. 
“So,” He starts, voice filled with that familiar sharpness “How’s the boyfriend?” 
Ah. There it is. He almost disarmed you with his silence. It’s a weird way to start scolding you, but you’ve never really understood why Eren does what he does. You sigh, clearing your throat. It’s thick with tears you’ve been shedding all evening. 
The light goes green, and he takes a right. He lives farther than you thought. 
“How’d you fuck it up this time?” 
Normally, his insistence on blaming you would frustrate you. It’s classically Eren. The projection was always the name of the game when you two were dating, especially at the sour end of your relationship. 
Your desire and ability to fight are diminished though, turning into ember and ash. Giving him a shrug, you laugh a bit. 
“Don’t know,” You say with a little more honesty than you were intending to  “I just uh. I don’t know.” 
He sighs this time, and his voice goes a touch soft. Sympathy feels worse than his anger. How pathetic you must look settles in. 
“...What happened?” 
It’s hard to get yourself to say it. Even though you know it. Getting the words out feels like climbing a mountain. You lean back into the headrest and turn away from him. Watching the passing cars intently, you smile. 
“He cheated on me. From uh, a girl with his hometown,” You say, forthright. Hoping his pity might make him go easy on you “His first love. I came home and found them in our bed,” 
You can feel him go stiff beside you. 
You realize that anything he said to you right now probably wouldn’t hurt. The numb pain outweighs everything else that you think it’d slide off your back.
“Uh... I don’t know. She left. And we got into a fight. Broke up with him and said I’d figured something out. Just didn’t really want to be in the same room with him,” You sigh, rubbing underneath your eyes “Packed my shit and sort of wandered around trying to figure out what to do. Called you when I saw how late it got,” 
“Should’ve called me earlier,” He says simply. You chuckle. 
“Like when?” 
He huffs. 
“Earlier. Would’ve picked you from his place and fought him or something.” 
You smile somberly. 
“I thought about it, buut I thought that'd upset him, so I didn’t,” 
This he scoffs at, anger in his voice. 
“That’s so like you,” 
You wish you could disagree. 
“Yeah,” You say back, unsure of what else to do “Yeah, guess it is.” 
“What’re you gonna do now?” 
You take a deep breath in. 
“I won’t be in your hair long. I’ll try and score an Airbnb and wait it out. Leaving early is expensive as fuck.” 
“You could stay with me if it’s just a couple of weeks,” He offers easily “Airbnbs are more expensive than a ticket, right?” 
“Would your girlfriend be okay with that? Does she know you’re picking me up?” 
He stares out into the road, jaw clenched. 
“We broke up a while ago.” 
“What happened there?” 
“None of your business.” 
You scoff. 
“Of course, it isn’t,” You reply, a little angrier than you can control “Your personal life never is. My mistake. I’m a little rusty on how this works.” 
His voice is so cold it’s chilling. 
“Don’t,” He grits, hands hard on the steering wheel “Don’t fucking start,” 
“I’m not trying to start anything. But it’s hypocritical for you to ask me about the shit that just happened and not even tell me why you and your girlfriend broke up.” 
“I’m doing you a favor,” He justifies in a half-hearted way you’ve grown accustomed to “I deserve to know,” 
You laugh, voice strangled. 
“You deserve a fucking foot up your ass,” You spit, suddenly shaking “A simple ‘It’s complicated or ‘I don’t want to talk about it right now’ would’ve sufficed.” 
“You’re still good at picking fights,” He goads, mouth twisted in a sneer “Did you nag him too? Maybe that’s why he went crawling back to his first love” 
It’s too far. He’s too far, and he knows it. It’s all over his face, even masked in anger. You shoot him a deadly look, arms crossed over your chest. Suddenly, tears well up in your eyes and you can’t even look at him. It was a mistake, of course it was. You shouldn’t have bothered. Expecting anything from Eren was your own fault. Even basic decency.
Whatever camaraderie you used to have dissolved a long time ago. You bite your tongue
“You’re the fucking worst,” You sniffle, closing your eyes “Just drop me off at a hotel. I don’t want to be around you. It’s my fault for assuming you’d be civil.” 
His hands are gripping the steering wheel tight. 
“Tell me how you really feel,” His voice is dripping with sarcasm. “I think I’m being plenty civil right now,” 
“Fuck. Do you get off on provoking me? On hurting my fucking feelings?” Your voice comes to a scratchy yell, unable to contain the anger in it “I just got fucking cheated on. In the middle of a city where I don’t know a single person other than you. You’re the last person I want to fucking see, Eren. The last,” 
“So why’d you call me crying?” 
“I didn’t have a choice! If I had a choice, I would’ve called anyone else. Would’ve called Jean or Connie or Armin—anyone. Anyone who isn’t fucking you.” 
He clicks his teeth. 
“Liar,” He says with the sort of confidence that floors you “You would’ve still called me even if everyone we know was in the city,” 
It stings that he’s right. Your strength crumbles. 
“So what if that’s true? What does it matter that I thought of you? That’s always been my issue, right? How’d you put it again?” You laugh out loud, a little out of it “I should stop expecting anything from you, right?  It’s my fault. I should just stop having expectations for anyone. It must be me.” 
He looks a little strained. Almost sorry. You scoff. 
“Yeah,” You mumble, exhausted “You’re right. I shouldn’t expect anything from anyone. No matter how much I heal, or how hard I try to do the right thing” 
“I worked on myself. Went to therapy. Took time off from dating altogether. Did everything right and still,” Your mouth fills with iron “Still. Still. I can’t find one person to treat me decently. Congrats, Yeager. It’s just like you hoped.” 
The silence that follows says more than you ever could. You rub your temple. He’s probably right that you pushed it. 
“Sorry for snapping on you,” You reply, voice tense “But, I still want to be dropped off at a hotel.” 
You laugh. 
“What do you think? Think we’re gonna be able to play house for two weeks? It hasn’t even been an hour and we’re fighting,” 
He’s thinking. You can see it on his face, the tight strain of his jaw, and his brows. You haven’t seen him in person for more than a couple of years. But the familiarity always lingers. It doesn’t feel unusual, even the fighting. 
He hasn’t changed. That much is obvious. 
You shouldn’t have called, you think. It might’ve been better to get hypothermia and walk to the nearest motel.
“It’s not your fault he cheated on you,” He says. You think it’s his way of apologizing, a piss poor attempt at comforting you “Guys are just scumbags. Hung up on their first love or whatever. It’s not uncommon,” 
You don’t know if you want to laugh or cry. Frankly, you don’t have the energy for either.
“Does that include you?” You attempt to joke. To your surprise, he laughs. His voice is hoarse, and a touch resentful. Not at you, though. That feels important. 
“Yeah.” He replies, not looking over at you “Me especially,” 
It’s the first time he’s said as much about himself in your presence. Before it was that you didn’t understand him or that you didn’t get it. It’s too early to retract your previous statement. Hope sparks anyways. For what, you don’t want to know. 
You nod sagely.
“You especially,” You affirm without any trouble “At least you know.” 
This time, he smiles at you. It’s barely there. This whole conversation and the good nature of it is like walking on eggshells. You both know that. 
Eren breaks the silence first as he pulls into another lane. 
“Stay with me for tonight,” He offers “Just tonight,” 
You don’t know why he insists. A loud yawn slips through your lips and your inclination to protest dwindles before being snubbed out completely. Shivering, you nod. Your head feels heavy. 
“If you say so,” 
You think you feel a pair of eyes on you before sleep washes over you like a tide. They might be Erens, but in your delirium, you can’t be sure. It doesn’t take much for you to succumb to sleep. 
After your car ride ended, Eren woke you up gently to help you inside. This time, he took your luggage without your asking and helped you into his home. 
He lives in one of those luxury apartments with a doorman. It’s fancier than you could ever imagine yourself living in. There’s a chandelier in the lobby, with a gym and a pool.  Trekking mud into such a nice place makes you feel guilty. Eren seems unbothered. 
You take the elevator up to the 7th floor, and then a right into the hallway. Eren fishes the keys out of his pocket, unlocking the door and stepping aside to let you in. 
This is a bachelor pad. It’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you enter.
 The decoration is minimalist and expensive. Boyish in its extravagance, littered with pricey things only Eren Yeager would buy. The couches are black, the carpet is white and the windows are big panes that overlook the entire city. 
A flatscreen takes up most of the room. There’s a kitchen but it looks unused. It’s lived in, in the way that there are running shoes and clothes. Mess that happens when you spend your time somewhere, but it’s void of things a girlfriend would have in the house. You would know. 
On one of the walls is a painting of a woman's naked body, tastefully done. From what you remember of Eren’s ex-girlfriend, she’d have his head over something like that. 
Eren clears his throat behind you. When you turn to look at him, he looks a little sheepish.
“Broke up a while ago huh,” 
He looks surprised at your deduction. You poke your head at the painting. 
“She would’ve beat your ass for even thinking about putting that up,” 
His expression is affirmative. After you’re done taking it in, all of your sensory issues hit you all at once. You pull the sleeves of your soaked hoodie over your hands but you’re freezing. His eyes widen. 
“Ah, shit. Let me get you a towel. I’ll turn the heat up too,” 
“Thanks, ‘ren.”
The nickname slips out of habit, but you don’t get a chance to retract it as Eren shuffles off to grab you a towel.
 It doesn’t take him very long, a few in hand. You watch him idly as he turns on the heat before hurrying back over to you, shoving towels your way. You make him hold them for a minute, taking off your poncho and hanging it to him. 
You dry yourself off to the best of your ability as Eren goes to put away the raincoat. 
“Mind if I shower?” 
He shakes his head. 
“Would be concerned if you didn’t. I can get us food or something while you’re in there,”
“That’s… thoughtful of you. I’d appreciate it. I can Venmo—”
He puts a hand up, sitting on the back of his couch while you dry yourself off. 
“Save your money if you’re worried about it.” 
“I don’t want to owe you anything.” 
Your frank way of speaking to him irritates him, same as always.
“You won’t owe me,” He assures first “I know we hate each other's guts now, but I’m not gonna let you go hungry.” 
Warm. It makes you feel warm. You avert your eyes as you dry yourself off. 
“Your mom would have your head,” You murmur. He laughs. 
“My mom might forgive me. Zeke and my old man would hang me like a flag,” 
“How’s Zeke been?” 
His expression goes dry. They’re fighting. Eren rolls his eyes. 
“Fine. On my ass, as usual. Business is good. I’ve got a niece now. Zeke’s wrapped around her finger,” 
You’ve seen it floating on social media. You feel a little melancholy. It must show on your face. 
“You should still visit home sometimes. Don’t be a stranger,” 
You smile sadly.
“Easier said than done,” 
“...Even if you don’t see me. I’m not the only one who misses you. Jean hasn’t stopped bitching about you going to see just Armin.” 
You don’t know if he catches it. He misses you. You’re too afraid to confront it but unable to ignore it. You think over his words.
“It’s not like I don’t want to,” You start, voice slow “But after everything… after everything.”
There’s a minute where neither of you talks. Yet it’s not silent. The room is tense with everything you want to say or everything you did. Every regret, every memory starts to buzz all at once inside of your ribs like a spark of electricity through your hollow. 
“If tonight didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have ever seen you again,” 
He shakes his head with the same confidence as before. 
“I would’ve found you.”
He says it like it doesn’t need any explanation. As casual as relaying the weather to you. He gives you a look, scratching his jaw. 
“Go shower. How’s Thai? Same as before?” 
It takes you a second to find your voice. 
“Y-Yeah. Same as before. Where’s your shower?” 
He directs his eyes towards the bathroom. You grab your small luggage on your way, offering him a quiet thanks. The sound of your heartbeat thrums in your ears, faster than the pounding rain. 
Time passes like sand between your fingers. 
After a shower, a change of clothes, and a full stomach - you and Eren are left totally in each other's company. Your expectation of it being awkward or even marginally uncomfortable becomes unthinkable after a while. Despite how late it is, you aren’t tired or all that sad. 
Truthfully, you don’t know how to handle how familiar Eren feels. Like a durable winter coat with a heavy and comforting weight on your shoulders. It’s not burdensome to talk to him. He matches your pace and picks up easily on your quips. Natural lulls in conversation don’t feel uncomfortable and every misdirect or anecdote opens the door for more conversation. 
Maybe you should’ve expected that. You and Eren grew up together. Along with Mikasa and Armin, and everyone from your hometown. It shouldn’t surprise you that Eren is comfortable. 
When you look at him, you see home. If your gaze lingers. even a second too long or if you think for a minute more than necessary, you’re caught in the web of memories you’ve spent your whole life making. 
You wonder about your ex-boyfriend. The irony of it isn’t lost on you. Maybe it hurts because you understand perfectly. No matter how much you love after, there’s nothing like first love. If he saw that in her eyes, it’s all that much harder to feel angry. 
The only thing keeping you grounded is remembering that you’ve tried before and it failed miserably. It sinks you when you float too close to your heartwarming nostalgia. 
The acrid truth is that this is all temporary and circumstantial. 
Every now and again you remind yourself you’ve just been very vulnerable. And Eren’s grounding presence is helping you. 
Again and again, you remind yourself that. 
“High school was so ass,” Eren leans back into the couch, stretching his legs out “Mrs. Carnegie was such a bitch,” 
You give him an unimpressed look. He looks like you remember when he’s like this. Having changed into his own clothes, hair tied up messily. He’s adjacent to you on the couch, far enough to stretch his limbs comfortably.  
“She was nice to me. She was a bitch to you because you kept interrupting class,” 
He rolls his eyes. 
“And who was I doing that for?” 
Your heart skips a beat. . 
“Man, whatever.”
He laughs at you. 
“Weak come-back,” He hums, laying his head on the back of his couch. He tilts his head in your direction “I was a good boyfriend in high school at least,” He adds, a little softer. 
“You were. You were kinda like a puppy,”
He groans. 
“Don’t say it like that, that’s humiliating.” 
“What are you talking about? Puppies are cute.” 
“Yeah, but hearing that now is embarrassing. I’m a man now,”
You raise a brow.
“Men can't be cute like puppies?”
“But Armin is right there,”
“Doesn’t count. He literally looks like a fairy prince. Statistical anomaly,”
That makes you laugh hard enough your stomach hurts. 
“Why’re you laughing? Am I wrong?” 
“You just said it so seriously. He is an anomaly but I think Connie is cute in a puppy way too,” 
“Connie’s bald ass? Seriously?”
“Yes, seriously. I like it, his hair looks good buzzed.”
“You’d find something nice to say about a pile of trash,” 
“I like your long hair, Yeager.”
He gives you an unimpressed laugh as you break out into laughter. 
“Low fucking  blow,”  
This time he laughs instead, throwing a pillow at you. You catch it easily, holding it to your chest. 
“I do like the hair though. It’s all you ever talked about,” 
He gives you a little smile. 
“You remembered. I thought it’d make me look cooler. Alternative or whatever. Don’t know if it’s working,” 
“Your fans seem to love it,” 
He looks sheepish at the mention of his work. You laugh. 
“It gets a mixed response. A lot of people miss the short hair. I mostly keep it long because it’s easier to style,” 
“Both are nice. I like your short hair more when I think about it,” 
“I guess it’s cause it was short when we’re growing up. And uh,” 
“When we were dating?” 
You give him a tight-lipped smile. 
“Yeah. When we were dating, it was always short,” 
He closes his eyes, suddenly deep in thought. 
“You wanna know why I kept it short?” 
You think you’d be better off not knowing.
“When you’d play with my hair,” Subconsciously, he pushes his hair back a little “I could feel it better when my hair was shorter. Thought if I’d grew it, you wouldn’t touch it cause it’d get greasy quicker.” 
All at once, you pull back. Whatevers on your face isn’t enough to make Eren waver when he looks at you. It’s easy to get lost in his eyes. Ocean blue, and full of something dark. Tempting like an abyss or a siren song. You swallow a lump in your throat. 
“It’s something I’d do,” 
The way Eren stares at you is so intense. You’re dancing around it now. What you both want to talk about it. A conversation that’s gone untouched for more than 4 years. Sober and aching. Different but the same. 
Eren breaks the tension first. That’s twice.
“I’d cut my hair short if you asked me,” 
You’re quiet. 
“I’d do whatever you want,” 
What do you say? Don’t? Please? What could you say that means more than his name in your mouth? 
“You know what,” You say weakly “You know,”
A conversation you’ve had a hundred times before. It burns like bile rising in your esophagus. Crushed windpipes under the burden of love. Your hands grip the ends of the pillow tighter. He sits up straighter. You don’t want to talk about it. 
“Do I?”
“Eren,” A warning. 
“There’s not any point in talking around it, “ He shoves his hands in the pockets of his hoodie “Around this. Around us.” 
“There is no us,” You correct sharply, shaking your head “Not anymore,” 
His face doesn’t have anything you can read. You know yours must read of resentment. Eren is his usual blank. 
“There could be,” 
You shatter at the sentiment. The hopeful, easy way he says it. Like he doesn’t remember anything, and that you two are strangers. You know better that you aren’t. That no amount of healing can take it all back. Maybe you could forgive Eren, and somewhere far down the line - you could even be friends. 
But us is impossible. You tried us. It blew up in your face. 
“Fuck you for even saying that,” Your voice comes out garbled “Fuck you for even thinking it,” 
“How is it fuck me? For wanting to fix our relationship, seriously?” 
You hate him. With everything you have in you, with a burning fiery sort of anger. A resentment that’s spent  years strangling you. Every time you’ve bitten your tongue, all the time you tried to fix it. 
It’s all so messy and so unspeakbly touchy. 
“The sooner you get it out of your head there’s a relationship to fix, the better off we’ll be,” 
“Bullshit. Bullshit there’s nothing. I make you feel nothing?” 
It’s not what you said. He knows that, but he means what he’s saying. And he knows your answer already because he’s like that. He already knows everything about you. Where to make you hurt, and how to make it sting. Eren is a scar, not a bruise. He stays, for as long as you’re alive. No matter how faint, or how healed - he stays a part of you. 
He knows that as much as you do. That’s why it took you so long to leave. Of course you’d end up talking about it like this, but that’s not what you wanted. Or maybe it is. You don’t really know what you want from Eren. What you were hoping for when you stayed up late to talk to him and reminisce. You think just camaraderie. 
“I hate you so fucking much,” You croak, wiping away angry tears “More than anyone in my life, I hate your fucking guts,” 
“You don’t mean that,”
“I do,” Your reply comes in an angry hush “I can’t forget how we ended Eren. The months after I left were some of the worst of my life. Do you know how long it took me? To get better?”
His jaw clenches. 
“I didn’t think you would leave,”
His confession stuns you into silence. His arrogance never fails to astound, Like this, it feels incredibly frustrating. Your stomach sours. 
“...You thought I would stay? After everything?” 
“You said you would,” He raises his voice this time. He sounds hurt. Angry. Sad. All things you didn’t know he could still feel “You—you fucking promised. It was supposed to be forever and you left first.” 
“You can’t be serious,” 
“You promised,” 
“Yeah,” This time you sit up. Everything hits you at the same time “When I was 17 and in love. Before you treated me like shit,” 
He winces. So he does know. 
“You remember now, don’t you? You changed. You left for college, you stopped picking up my calls. You were such a fucking flirt that half of your campus thought you were single till I moved in. You remember that Eren?” 
His silence makes you madder. 
“You remember. right? How I’d desperately try and fix our relationship while you ran around doing whatever? You always looked so fucking indifferent. All we ever did was fight. Nothing I did worked,” 
“I didn’t know anything other than you. If it was anyone else… But it was you,” 
“You used to tell me when we were kids that if any boy hurt my feelings, you’d kill him. You remember that?” 
He closes his eyes. 
“Don’t make it sound like I just up and left for nothing. We both know that’s bullshit,”  You choke back a sob as you think about it. The gaping hole in your chest that Eren always left splits open again. 
“I’ve always loved you. Always. From the minute I could walk and talk. I didn’t leave because I didn’t love you, Eren,”  Even now, you don’t want him thinking that “I left because you didn’t love me. I left because I realized that” 
The silence that follows your rant exhausts you so much you slump back into the couch. You learned your lessons the hard way. That love was meaningless to safety. That stability was a luxury few can afford. Nothing is guaranteed.
This second time around, you know that love can’t be one-sided. Maybe that’s what all of this has been trying to teach you. 
You cry silently, taking in deep breaths. You have no idea what he’ll say, and you don’t know if you care. 
“I’m sorry,” 
“I’m sorry,” His voice breaks a little this time. You don’t remember the last time you saw him cry “I didn’t mean for things to end like that,” 
“Sorry doesn’t fix it,” 
You know it’s a mean thing to say. It’s not kind or forgiving. His sincerity doesn’t even feel real to you at the moment he says, but sorry doesn’t make you feel better. Sorry doesn't fix it.
“I know,” 
“Then why say it?” 
“I still love you,” 
Drowning. You’re drowning in murky waters, hardly getting air. 
“You don’t love me,” 
“Don’t say that,” His voice sounds weak and desperate. You haven’t heard it like that in so long. Vulnerable “Even if you hate my fucking guts. I still love you, always did. Always.” 
“Then why did you do that to me?”  
“I was terrified,” 
It’s been a long time since you’ve seen Eren. Spoken to him, or even called him on the phone. Years. Checking on him through his social media and streams was all you ever got. Sometimes Armin would fill you in, or Mikasa.
But Eren, in your eyes, had remained how you left him. He got arrogant you think. He got his fix and grew up to be tall and handsome. Had aspirations and grew out of his shyness. 
And instead of growing together, you grew apart. You started to accept the fact that the Eren you loved was no longer someone you could reach. The young, doe-eyed lovesick boyfriend. Eren was just a college boy now. Not your only exception, not the love of your life. 
Accepting that was the hardest thing you’ve had to do in your life. 
So why does he sound like someone you used to love? And why now, of all times? 
“When you talk like that, it makes me think you’re different.” 
“I am,” He stops for a minute, hands folded “I’m trying to be.” 
“...Why were you scared?” 
“It’s uhm, I don’t know how to say it,” 
“Take your time,” 
“Doing long distance made me realize how much I needed you,” His voice is hardly over a whisper. “It was ego. But I hated that. I had it in my head that you were off with other guys, and I—I don’t fucking know—I was stupid. I wanted to feel like you still wanted me,” 
“So what? You made me chase you?” 
“Yeah. Something like that. When you moved in, it just… I don’t know. I saw how everyone looked at you. I didn’t think it would make me so angry to see you like that,” 
“Sounds like…” 
“Self-sabotage,” Eren interjects “That’s what my therapist said, at least.” 
“You’re in therapy?” 
“Only a few months, but yeah. It helps.” 
“I don’t understand you at all,” You shake your head “ Not at all,”
“You bring out the best and worst in me.” He replies with a humorless laugh on his lips “Still. Around anyone else, it doesn’t matter. What they do or don’t do,”
“And me?” 
“You,” He rubs a hand over his face, voice shaking. He tries to be lighthearted but the sentiment is sincere “I make myself sick thinking about you,” 
It feels hot under your clothes. 
“We shouldn’t be… I shouldn't—”
“I know. You drive me so fucking crazy and I get so angry. I know, but how the fuck could it ever be anyone but you?” 
Your breath hitches. 
“What’re you saying?” 
“That I want you. I want you so fucking bad. I don’t want to ever be away from you ever again. I can’t help but want that,” 
You can feel him coming into your space. How he scoots closer to you, just enough that he’s moving across the couch. He’s so much bigger than you remember. Stronger. It's all moving so fast. When he puts his hand on your knee, you tense but don’t move. The dizzying smell of his cologne catches on your tongue and tickles your throat. 
His eyes dart down to your lips. His hands running up your outer thighs. You’re defenseless. Weak, you pull back a little. He doesn’t move. 
“I can’t just forgive you overnight—” 
“I know,” He leans in a little more. Close enough that his breath touches your skin “I’ll keep trying. I want to try again. I’ll earn it this time. I’ll chase you, and you can ignore me all you want,” 
He’s being cheeky as much as he’s being serious. Classically Eren. You’re so screwed. 
You feel your throat close up as he inches forward. 
“You’re so bad for me.” You whisper, the words too heavy. 
“Two sides of the same coin,” He says back, then he smiles “We’re made for each other. You think that too. I know you do,” 
“I wanted stability,” 
“I’ll try to give you it. If that’s what you want.” 
“And if you’re just a rebound?” 
“As long as I’m yours,” 
“You’re such a scumbag.” 
“I know,” 
Everything falls from under you the minute you kiss him. 
A little noise of surprise leaves his lips that instantly morphs into desire. It’s an uncouth display of emotions, so animal that you can hardly call it love. It’s something in between love and hatred, the opposite of indifference. All the intensity of life, of every terrible emotion you’ve ever had. You kiss Eren Yeager first because you miss him, despite yourself. Everything after that is just another blurry detail. 
He moans into your mouth. Where your hand has landed on his chest, he grabs your wrist and then drags you into his lap without ever breaking apart. You end up over him, with his lap under yours.
When he has you where he wants you, he hugs you close to his body. You can feel the hardlines of muscle through his shirt, his arms secure around your back. Your tits are pressed against his chest, bra forgotten. The slightest brushes are what make you feel the most.
Eren’s shaky breaths and the overwhelming way his lips move against yours. Indecision in how to treat you. Soft kisses that are followed by rough ones. The intensity of your own desire consumes your ability to act cordial, as you squeeze against Eren tight. 
You can feel the rapid beat of Eren’s heart in his chest, grinding your hips into his. 
In between kisses, he makes sure to nip at your jaw. You can feel his teeth pierce your pulse point, his tongue lapping over the leftover wound that leaves you shaking. 
He litters bites like that on every inch of your skin, your neck left with an ache. There’s something ironic in Eren licking your wounds over, but the words escape you before you can utter them.
Even in just being claimed, the feeling is intense. It makes you visceral. Not to be worked up from touch or words, but something else entirely. Something cosmic in it’s very existence. 
Eren finally pulls away from you, just barely to glance at your swollen lips. He meets your eyes as his teeth sink into the lower one to make you whine. He talks to you while your eyes are locked. 
“Fuck,” His voice is thick with lust. Heat splits you right in half “Fuck, fuck, baby. Been so long,” 
“Y-Your hands,” 
“Can’t take em off you,” They’re smooth as they feel you up. Shamelessly squeezing the fat of your hips in between in his fingers, grabbing your ass hard. A guilt creeps up for comparing him to your ex-boyfriend. 
But all you can think about is how Eren is the opposite of stability. Images pop up of when you used to have sex, so many years before. He was meeker before, less assured. You thought his confidence would make you sick, but it doesn’t. 
Rather, the look on his face while he gropes you makes you wet. Chewing his lower lip, feeling your body like he’s dying to see it under his clothes. Impatiently and unabashedly wanting you in a way that is distinctly Eren. 
There’s truth in the sentiment that no one could ever fuck you like Eren could. It’s one you’ve kept to yourself for so long that you almost forgot it. Eren knew your body and shaped it to his hands years ago. You like being touched because of how he touched you, a memory you carried like a torch. 
It was Eren who wanted you first, who fucked you first, who made you cum first when you were both so awkward and clumsy. 
“Look at you,” He groans. His hands inch under your shirt, skin on skin. Pinching your nipples gently, till they’re hard against your shirt “Look how sexy you are,” 
He knows what you like, what you like being told. 
“My pretty fucking girl,” 
Fuck. Of course, he remembers that. 
“Oh, you—” 
“So pretty,” He parrots. Even with electricity buzzing in his movements, he’s patient. Undresses you gently. When your skins bare, your shirt tossed to the other side of the room, he kisses the underneath of your tits. Each one, he kneads them. Appreciates them,  worships them. All of that undivided attention that he always used to give you when you were dating. 
When you were in love. 
“You still like when I tease ‘em too,” 
His tongue runs over your hardened nipple, sucking it into his mouth, His free hand occupies the other, taking time to give them both equal attention. Your body starts to ignite, little sparks of electricity flitting up your spine. 
Letting your fingers card through his hair, you glance down. He looks up at you with his mouth full, eyes lidded. His lashes are long against his olive skin, sun freckles over the bridge of his nose. Your hands reach to touch the moles along his cheeks, all in places you remember. 
You don’t resist the urge for intimacy. Not things you did with your ex, but with Eren. You press a kiss to his hairline and his hands get a little tighter. Your want expands, fills like a balloon. 
Feeling his cock nudge against your shorts is surprising. A blush crawls over his face, grinding his hips up into you. It’s muscle memory to do it back - rocking yourself until he’s nestled between you. Dry-humping like this makes you feel like a teenager again, doing this in Eren’s dingy basement when you weren’t ready to lose your virginity. 
Except Eren knows what he’s doing. He shifts his weight, sitting up enough to push up against your clit. His mouth deatches, a string of saliva in his place. The cool air against the swell of your tits make, adds to the sensation. 
He grabs your ass again, this time just to push you up. To set a pace as you grind against each other. 
“Wanna know something?” 
You choke back a whimper. 
“I used to jack thinking about you,” His voice is slick when he speaks, a low whisper “Remember? You used to be too sensitive so you’d rub against the edge of your bed. Thought about it all the time after you told me,” 
Your jaw drops open. 
“You’re a big girl now, aren’t you? Not too sensitive for this, but—,” He does it with more purpose, a long slow drag so you can feel his shaft against your clothed cunt “you still like it slow,” 
“Eren, holy—” 
“Everything you like,” He hums, this time matching how he moves you with his own body “Still remember every detail,”
“Yeah baby,” He dips his head to kiss against the column of your throat again, this time sucking deep dark hickies. You can feel his lips when you moan “Everything. Kept me company,” 
You’re almost too afraid to ask what he means. 
“Eren,” You half beg, fingers twitching with want “Don’t tease me,” 
“What do you need?” 
“Uhm,” Embarrassed. For some reason, Eren asking you is making you embarrassed. You’ve never been before “This is so humiliating,” 
“You were always shy about asking for it,”
“So why’re you making me, asshole?” 
“I like watching you squirm,” 
“Shut up, you’re awful,” 
“Put something in my mouth, then?” 
Your eyes go wide, and he smiles. His breath brushes against the shell of your ear. 
“You wanna sit on my face, right? Shut me up,” 
It was a stupid arguement you had. At the latter half of your relationship, sometimes the only way you two resolved things was sex. Eren referencing it makes you mad as much as it makes you wet. 
When you were both a little inebriated, he used to beg you for it.The memories of that make you nod. Your voice is coarse with lust.
“Wanna sit on your face,” 
“Take your shorts off,” 
Taking off your clothes is haphazardly done. You and Eren part ways. He takes off his shirt and hoodie to reveal a body cut from pure marble. He was always athletic, but clearly his gym rat posting on his IG story were genuine and not for show. He sends you a little smirk when he catches you staring, flexing his muscles a little. 
“Do I look good?” 
You nod, awestruck as you wriggle out of your shorts leaving you in just your socks. Eren does the rest slowly, stood up and taking off his sweatpants His thighs are muscular, strong with a little dark hair. It’s on his stomach too, just barely there. 
The fabric of his boxers strain against his cock. It’s big, bulges against the black material that you can see the skin. It’s intimidating to look at. 
Your eyes follow him to the couch. You watch him get comfortable, moving pillows around to make sure there’s enough space. He flashes you a smile when he’s laid down, untying his hair as a last touch. 
“Come here, angel,” He signals, waving you over “Come sit,” 
The air brushes past you as you approach him. He reaches a hand out to lace with your hands. 
“Face that way. So you can hold onto my hair, yeah?” 
It takes you a minute. It’s easier to climb over his chest, inching towards his face. When you’re spread right over his neck, he gives you a cheeky grin. His hands reach over your thigh, pulling you apart. His eyes are zeroed in on your clit, finger brushing back the hair on you. The affectionate way he does both makes you want to hide away.
Eren is holding you in place so you can’t move. 
“Look at that,” He whispers, breath fanning your cunt “Look at how wet you got for me,” 
Instead of putting his tongue where you need it, he cranes his neck to one side and presses kisses into your inner thigh. Licking at the skin, he holds your eyes. 
“Tell me something,”He goes an inch highe and leaves a hickey before repeating it a little bit aove “Did he ever get you this wet? You can be honest,” 
Your clit throbs between your legs. Eren grins, as you squirm. You look down at him, shaking your head. 
“Not like you. I mean, he wasn’t bad but he wasn’t—”
“But he wasn’t me, was he?” He goes on, his lips pressing right against your achy clit, arousal on his lips that he licks with ease “Could never be me, could he?” 
“Eren,” You whine. His smile gets bigger, tongue licking one long stripe against your folds. 
“Say it baby. That I’m the best you’ve ever had?” 
Your reply is a meek yeah. It’s hard to do anything with confidence or self-assurance when your entire body is begging to be pleasured. Eren gives you a few more kisses on your clit, like he’s making out with it. It’s sweet and lazy, making your hips buck for more. 
“I’m the same,” He coos, sticking his tongue out as he forces your weight down so you’re not longer hovering but sitting on his face “There’s nothing like you,” 
He doesn’t hesitate to dive in right after that. Burying himself deep, your hands immediately fix at the base of his hair. He’s not shy about it, his tongue laid flat, creating just enough suction around to feel. It’s perfectly pracited, familiar. 
Eren eats you out from memory. That much is obvious to you as soon as you feel him, the wet heat of his mouth and his tongue. It’s a measured build of pleasure, soothing a long-time ache that slowly escalates to something more. 
A mewl escapes your throat. He moans against your pussy, nose bumping against you. Tugging at the roots of his hair, you wiggle your hips to get him to give you more. 
You feel the coil in your tummy when Eren goes a little deeper, sucks a little harder, moves a little faster. Encouraging you to use him to the best of your ability as he pushes your hips, nails dug in the skin to keep you steady Looking down makes you see him completely blissed out, like he’s in a comfortable dream. 
You don’t really remember the last time someone went down on you like this without asking. Like he’s enjoying it all on his own, like he wants you. There’s vigor to how he takes you into his mouth, tastes you greedily, with appreciative grunts and groans. 
The word perfect falls flat to how Eren licks your pussy. Perfect is too prim, too neat. Whatever Eren makes you feel between your legs, is far from perfect. Eren is something more. More intangible, hard to touch. He eats your pussy perfectly, but messily. Desperately, lovingly. Every inch of you is wanted, tongue nestled against your folds and on your hard clit like he wants to stay. He looks at you intoxicated and it shows in how much joy he takes in tasting you. Hitched to your very existence, like a planet revolving around the sun. 
He does it like it’s a privilege, a divine gift. Sucks like it’s sweet, ripe fruit in scorching summers. Water in an oasis, deserving of only the highest praise. Not worth wasting even for pride. Shameless. 
You can feel yourself tipping closer and closer to the familiar edge. Each second pushes you to it, closer and closer and closer before you feel the feeling again. Deep in your body, undoing you completely.
“Eren, oh—” 
You cum hard. It’s the first one, the most intense. Eren is unyielding as you hit your high and start to fall back down, catching on each layer of the ozone. You moan his name over and over, Eren, Eren, Eren. It’s all you can think to say. The only person you’d trust to catch you from this high, you fall foward. Hand gripping on the couch, you try to wiggle away but he won’t let you until he’s had his fix. 
When he pulls away, he takes in a deep breath. 
You lean back, catching sight of his face. It’s dripping down his chin. He reaches his hands to wipe it with his fingers, then sticks his hands up to you.
“Open your mouth up,” He says, pushing his fingers against your tongue “Or come down here and clean me up, maybe?” 
You widen your eyes. Curiosity getting the better of you, you wiggle down until you’re face level with him. He gives you a glance, encouraging you. Unsure, you push your tongue out against his neck, tracing down to his adams apple. He groans, voice vibrating. 
“Fuck yeah,” His hands comes around the back fo your neck “Just like that baby. That’s perfect,” 
Your memory reminds you. You repeat your actions, tongue dragging over his nec and chin, presses kisses and bites all along his jaw and neck. Eren moans above you appreciatively. The sound is pleasing. Hearing it over and over eggs you on to “clean” him up well until you reach his lips. 
The way he kisses you is sweet and gentle. He kisses your lips before peppering them on your face. 
“Fuck, look at what you’re doing to me.” 
“Making you sappy?” 
“Already was. I’m so hard for you right now, it’s fucking stupid,”
You let out a whine.
“Condoms upstairs,” 
“Don’t need ‘em. ‘s fine. Just give it to me how it is,” 
He shivers against your body. 
“I wanna cum just thinking about it,” 
“Don’t think about it and come fuck me,”
He laughs, handing coming down on your ass. 
“Get up,” 
You stand up and Eren follows suit. He gives you a quick peck before whispering in your ear. 
“Bend over the edge of the couch for me,” 
Shivering, you nod your head and walk beind the couch. You shoot Eren a look over your shoulder, seeing him ease his cock out of his boxers to give it a quick stroke. It’s just high enough that you struggle to get over it all the way. His eyes are piercing, watching you as you bend over like he asks. You push your ass towards him. 
“Like this?”  
“That’s perfect, angel. Stay like that,” 
You can hear him coming towards you. The weight of his body, bare chest against your spine is almost startling. He’s not crushing you, but you’re still completely pinned under underneath him. You wriggle your hips back, struggling to move.
His hand creeps lower and lower, finger slipping through your folds. He feels you up like that for a while, whistling. 
“You’re so wet,” He coos. His voice is smooth in your ear. You moan. He rests his chin just over your shoulder as you turn your head to kiss him. Slowly, he slips his middle finger inside. You’re surprised how little resistance there is really. The pad of his finger reaches far, rubs against your g-spot without second guessing it.
Your squealing makes him do it again. It’s a careful move. Your body responds to him eagerly as he slips another one, steady. Until he’s knuckle deep, stretching out unhurriedly. When it’s no longer a tight fit, he pulls away from you. 
Over you, he repositions. You can hear him spit in his hand behind you, the way his palms move against his cock. It’s all completely quiet besides that, lewd little noises that clue you into what he’s doing. Not seeing him makes the anticipation greater, leaves you vulnerable to whatever he wants to do. 
“Missed this pretty pussy so much,” He hisses, the head of his cock pushing past your folds until he’s snug against your hole. The muscle clenches “So fucking warm,” 
He pushes forward, a calculated push of hips. You both moan when he enters you. Just the tip, just the familiar curve of his cock. Your inside ache, deep inside. A place only Eren could reach, you think. He groans nto your ear. Your feet are barely touching the floor in this position, Hardly reaching the ground, toes holding you up. The back of the couch digs into your stomach. It’s puts a pressure on your lower belly, that Eren must feel.
All your muscles are tense. Tight. The tip of his cock rubs against your walls. He’s so hard. Intrusive. You clench around him again. Jaw agape, you moan as he pushes even further. 
“See that?” He whispers, against the shell of your ear. His hands grab yours, putting them behind your back till your defenseless “She remember me,” 
The moan you let out is entirely involuntary once it hits you he means your pussy. Your walls spasm around him. He chuckles at that. 
“That’s right. She loves me even if you don’t, doesn’t she?” Pulling his hips back until your empty, he fills you again. Harder this time. You choke on air “We made love tonight, didn’t we?” 
“Eren, shit” 
“I like when you say my name baby,” He says, another thrust “Like when your pretty pussy welcomes me home. It’s mine, isn’t it? Always has been. Bet he wasn’t making you feel like this, was he?” 
All at once, you feel Eren for what he’s worth. You feel his cock, the curve and the shape the weight as it drags inside of you. You feel the weight of his body, all the stretch in your thighs as he casts over you like a shadow. The gravelly way that he speaks reverberating in your bones. He’s fucking you like he’s all the way in the bottom of your stomach. 
Like a puzzle piece, Eren completes you on a level no one else in the world could. The way he talks to you reflects his, confidence not unearned. He’s cocky and awful, but his dick is doing this to you. Making your mouth fall open until your drooling underneath him. He answers every craving you ever had, that bone-deep sense of dissatisfaction that you’ve spent an entire year burying. 
Eren fucks you like he’s in love with you, and only you. His cock kisses your cervix, and it feels like the same kind done at weddings. A vow to you, a promise. It feels so fucking good when Eren fucks you. Nothing in the world could ever quite comparing to that satisfaction. Deep in your body, primal and hungry. 
“You were made for me,” He pants in your ear “Made just for me. No matter how far you go, I’ll find you. Remind you that. You get it now?” 
You whimper out loud. Yes comes out naturally. Eren kisses your shoulder blade before sinking his teeth into it.
“Knew you would, 
Eren fucks you the only way he’s ever known to. Deep and paced. You can’t say how he does it with anyone else, but with you it’s always been the same. Like he’s carving you out with his cock, the way you’ve always needed. You know you’re starting to be close again with each thrust. It’s a memory that your body welcomes. 
Eren knows what you need to cum, but he waits. Like always, he keeps at it until your walls are tremor. Until you’re just getting there, and you need the extra push to get you to your end. He keeps you at the end as he fucks you, whispers filthy things in your ear until you reach the point of desperation that you’re begging. 
“Please, Eren,” At your limit, pleaing “Please make me cum,” 
“There’s the magic word,” 
He snakes a hand around, reaching your clit and giving it a gentle rub. Everything happens at once. It’s perfect motion. Equilibrium. You can feel your knees start to give in as he gives it to you, the tension gently easing out. A carbonated soda, cracked open slowly to make way for the big finish. The release. Eren speaks to you again.
“Cum for me angel. Give it to me,”
Like a seismic wave, you cum hard on Eren’s cock just like he asked. He’s not far behind you, thrusting through the waves of pleasures. Your brain melts out of your ears completely, babbling to him to give you his cum too.
And he does in record time, shallowly rutting into you until you’re full of him, shooting deep. You feel your insides painted white, content at the feeling. 
When he pulls out of you, you feel it drip onto his hardwood floors. You’re unsure of what comes next, but he pulls you right into your arms. Into his chest, even with wobbly legs. 
“I’m not gonna let you go again,” He assures, more to himself than to you “You’re mine. Forever and always,” 
Against your better judgement, you give in. Just for now. Just for the time being. 
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