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One Piece log no 4 maybe
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can you tell who my favorite is
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Had an almost 3 h train ride with my two friends and I was like "what should i draw?" And their immediate response was Zoro and Sanji, so here you go
I'm gonna put it in digital later on, maybe sell the print if anyone is interested
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I thought it was fitting for them
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Sanji with an indigenous s/o (powwow edition)
post type: headcanon/ scenario
summary: sanjis first time at a powwow and the rez with indigenous s/o
bear note: native representation is here!!!! lmk if y’all like this!!!!
Tumblr media
- Okay but sanji watching you do the grass dance at a powwow is something he’ll never forget.
- Keep in mind Sanji has never been to a powwow. In fact none of the straw hats had been to a powwow.
- the minute the drum circle plays he’s in awe the way you move your feet. Twirl around. he can’t help but be in awe
- the beaded regalia you have compliments your skin tone. And braids in your hair.
-he’s taking a smoke out of his cigarette as he watches you squat you down and jump into your dance. you prance around. You look like an Angel light on your feet.
-“Y/N! CHWANNN!!!!”””
-“she looks so gorgeous.” He doesn’t sexualice you nor culture appropriate your native regalia! WHICH IS MAD RESPECT PERIOD!’
- you have him join you and didn’t even have to drag him by force. He danced along with you having fun.
-when everyone met sanji they weren’t shocked they were very welcoming and loving
-“oh so this is the lucky fella eh?” Your dad will be all pointing with his lips telling him his stories.
-the aunties love him. They even give them FRY BREAD RECIPES! FRY BREAD RECIPES!
-“Why did you hide such a good looking man from us y/n?” you’ll roll your eyes.
-he’a going to cherish this moment, with you. your uncle will lecture sanji, and of course try to embarrass you!
-“uncle!! No!!!” You’ll blush as you cover your face.
-“Sanji!! I want you to marry auntie Y/n! So you can be our uncle and cook for us!” Your favorite little niece will cling onto his leg the rest of the night.
-“well what about your auntie?? I can’t let her starve.” He chuckled and pat the little girls head.
-sanji gets terrified of rez dogs! but everytime y’all are on the rez he gives them some food.
-“ what they were hungry?”
-“ the minute you feed a rez dog, they become your responsibility now.” You chuckled at him.
- he loves learning about native culture especially your tribe. he gets to know your ways of living. which made him fall in love with you in the first place
-as soon as y’all leave to set sail your mom, will give you tons of left overs, sage, beaded jewlery, and more regalia.
-“take care of our daughter okay boy? I expect my kid to come back in one piece.” your dad will Pat his back.
-“yes mr. (l/n) i will protect your daughter with all of my life. as long as your creator lets me.” He shakes your dads hand, then hugs your mom. finally taking your hand to intertwine with his.
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Some older Law and Sanji doodles too
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zorotitties · 3 months
I think about the one piece statues placed around Kumamoto Prefecture often
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's just so cool that this is part of a much bigger project that Oda put together to help his home who had experienced a devastating earthquake. He made an extremely generous donation and they finally completed all 10 strawhats! Jinbe was just unveiled back in late July!
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hi (⊙ᴗ⊙)◜✧˖°
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my fave boys :]
print available here!
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milf sanji
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Law + monster trio with a s/o who like to borrow Thier clothes/hats to wear them
Character(s): Law,Luffy,Sanji,Zoro
Tw: fluff
Notes: check my blog for other Things I've written 💀🫶
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're brave to be doing this to him ngl
He will Allow you to wear his shirts or hoodies but his hat off limits like don't even try
Who am I kidding, You're cute when you wear his hat he actually allow you to take it sometime only in the private of your room or his office
He actually enjoy seeing you wearing his hoodies ,it do things to him, you're so... precious wearing them like that, specially if you wear nothing but his hoodie
He want to take picture of you wearing his clothes and keep it to himself for... memorial reasons..yeah no other reason
He is secretly a pervert and he allows you to wear his clothes because it low-key turn him on
9/10 have warm clothes and fashionable that's actually nice to wear ,but they aren't very colorful bit since u love his emo ass it is not a problem
Tumblr media
You can wear him as your clothes and this man will not mind
No really you can wear it occasionally when he allows you to ,which is kinda a lot ,he kinda like how the hat look on you!
His clothes are very .. interesting ngl,you wearing them will allow your chest to be free always and perhaps that's why he never mind you wearing them cuz you always look like a snack wearing them
Will start wearing from your clothes actually,he think it's fair enough,rip to all your clothes if you're smaller than him
8/10 his wardrobe isn't very diverse and he stick to red colours but it's okay ,his hat make up for his sense of fashion
Tumblr media
He doesn't mind much just keep your chest covered he is the only one allowed with his bonkers chest out like that
He will get bit too blushy seeing you Wearing his clothes ,it give him a warm feeling in his chest
Like if he thought you were pretty before, you're for sure 10 times prettier wearing green
He will occasionally tries to matches with you ngl
he might even buy you something that match his clothes! He will deny he did it so you can both match but by how his cheeks had darken you are pretty sure he did it on purpose
8/10 his sense of fashion isn't bad and also nami buy him his clothes sometimes so u bet ur ass he got nice cloth he never really wear that u now get to wear
Tumblr media
he loves u even more than he thought it was physically possible now
You might as well wear him ,he will not mind,he will encourage you even! Take his whole wardrobe like you look so good wearing his clothes
He will almost die from nosebleed everytime you do wear them
He will start to buy clothes that he think that will look good on both of you really
Please wear his shirts without pants for at least once 🙏 he want to experience that please
10/10 he have wide range of clothes ,you can almost always look good wearing them plus he is very supportive of you wearing them anytime you want,so you pretty much win by dating him
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one pees my beloved
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When You're not speaking to them.
Info: SFW, gn/reader, head/scenario, strong language use at end, slightly suggestive themes
One Piece: Sanji Vinsmoke, Trafalgar Law
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Five hours. That how long this will last. It's rare that you and Sanji get into arguments/disagreements, but he pushed it too far this time. Honestly, how could the man get upset when you're nice to another male when he practically flirts with all women kind.
Sanji knows your mad with him and while he still believes he was in the right, that Law guy couldn't be trusted, he wishes he hadn't reacted the way he did.
He'll sulk, a lot. He won't burn the food, or forget to cook, but his gloomy mood is enough to ruin any meal. Both the crew's lunch and snack were lacking in taste. Luffy wanted to beg to you to forgive Sanji, but Usopp and Brook told him it would be best to stay out of it. Zoro had to point out that if Law hadn't saving you from falling during a storm that "shitty cook" wouldn't be in such a mood. Law stays quiet.
What gets you to talk to him is seeing how miserable he is around the ship. That, and Sanji keeps reminding you that you're not talking to him.
"I know you're not talking to me, but are you still going to help me in the kitchen today?"
"I know you're not talking to me, but what dessert do you think will be good tonight."
"I know you're not talking to me, but you look so beautiful right now."
Each time slowly gets on your nerves till you had enough. You walked into the kitchen knowing that Sanji would be there planning tomorrow's meals. His face lights up at the sight of you, then dims when he remembers that you're not speaking to him.
"I started planning for tomorrow, but I can start over if you want. I'll get a pen paper, so you don't have to talk to me."
"Sanji!" You said exasperated. He frozen and gazed hopefully at you as you walked up to him.
"I thought you weren't-"
The last two words were cut off by a kiss, which you gave him. His arms came around you and he returned the kiss. It had only been five hours, but it was pure hell for him.
When you broke the kiss, he looked at you with a small smile and asked, "So you are-"
"Yes, Sanji. I going to talk to you and forgive you. Just stop picking fights with our ally. He helped me one time and all I said was thank you. If I can handle you being kind to all women, you can handle me being kind to other men."
Sanji had tears of joy in his eye but at the very mention of other men, his eyes darken slightly. "Never!" His answer made you laugh, and he growled, declaring, "The only man Y/N-san should he kind to is me!"
You couldn't help giggling as he went on ranting on how it should only be you and him. You snaked your arms around his neck and pulled him back down till his lips was hovering over yours.
"How about I show you how kind I can be in our room. And every time I'm just a little nice to another guy and you behave, you get a special surprise?"
Sanji's head streamed at the idea and without saying a word, nodded vigorously. It was five hours of hell for a lifetime of heaven with you
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A month. That's how long Law thinks he can handle this childish tactic you're trying on him. In reality, he can only last a week.
Maybe if you were just not talking to him, he could have lasted a month, but you were completely cutting him off. He was back to sleeping alone, which he now hated. Back to working alone in his study, which was now too quiet, and he was back to dealing with his personal needs, which wasn't the same.
You made yourself scarce in his presence. Anytime he walked into a room you would walk out. He tried giving you orders, but it's not like you had to talk to him to complete a task.
On the third day, he started not talking to you and leaving a room when you entered. The crew stood back and watch the odd farce of the two of you walking in and out of rooms and using others to deliver messages.
"Y/N, captain wanted me to tell you that the book he was using for research has been misplaced." Shachi reported tiredly.
"Tell him, no it isn't and to look again." You said pertly.
You glared at Shachi and the poor man sighed. "Right, I’ll tell him.”
“Captain, Y/N wanted me to tell you not to forget to eat today.” Penguin
“Tell them that I will do what I want!” Law snapped.
“Can’t you- “
Law glared that the man and he ran out of the room. Shachi and Penguin happened to meet in the middle, and both complain how tiring this was. They then both had the bright idea of making up a message.
“Captain!” “Y/N!” “They say their sorry and are ready to make up!”
“They can say it to my face!” You both shouted. The fighting got worse and soon the whole crew was trying to hide from you both. Only Bepo was trying to deliver messages and helping out.
“Y/N, why are you mad at the captain? I thought you liked him.”
The polar bear was pure sweetness and loyalty. The question would have anger you if anyone else had asked you. You sighed.
“I do, but the captain can be so thick headed, and I-I don’t know…”
His eyes blinked at you and his head tilted to the side. “You don’t know?”
When Bepo asked Law the same question Law just said, “They started it.”
“Captain! That sounds childish!”
Law pulled his hat over his face and glanced away. Damn he was tried. He hated sleeping alone so much that he started to stay up late to work. This messed up sleep schedule also messed up his eating habit which made him irritable all the time.
Your act of leaving a room whenever he walked in it was perfected by you disappearing altogether. It has been two days since he had last seen you. Even your messages and replies became less.
It was getting to the point where Law was becoming paranoid that you had somehow left the ship. Bepo assured him that you hadn’t, but Law had hit his limit on the seventh day.
You had just gotten out of the shower and was dressed in a soft robe in your old room. You were rubbing a towel over your head when Law came barging in. You both froze and stared at each other.
“Wha-”, you started to say then covered you mouth to keep from speaking. Law growled at your reaction and said, “Enough of this already!”
You were swept up in his arms and carried through the ship. You were determined not to say a word and Law used it against you. “I’m taking you back to our room and I will get you talking to me.”
You huffed and turned your eyes away. You then blushed and pulled your robe close when members of the crew peeled out to see what was happening. Law could have used his ability, but he was doing this to get you to break your silence.
The door to the room was opened and he walked in and kicked the door closed. You were dumped on the bed. You scrambled to sit up while making sure you were still covered, when to arms came down onto the bed, trapping you.
You narrowed your eyes furiously at the captain, then paused as you noticed how terrible he looked. The dark circles under his blood shot eyes were huge and he looked thinner than before. He was always neat in his appearance, but his clothes were wrinkled, and his hair was an obvious mess under his hat.
“I know you’re still mad at me, but this has to stop. You can stay mad all you want but I need you back in my bed, my office, my life. You don’t have to talk to me ever again but stop hiding from me!”
You let out a sighed, thinking you should just give-up and forgive him. However, Law read that sigh differently and was too damn tired to think and did the one thing he swear he wouldn't do after the argument seven days ago, given in.
“Fuck it! I’m sorry! I’m sorry I pissed you off. I don’t even remember why we fought in the first place!”
“Yeah, me either.” You sighed.
Law paused and stared at your sheepish expression. You peered up at him from under your lashes and said, “I was so mad at you that I stopped talking and didn’t want to be in the same room with you. But when you started doing the same thing, I thought you were challenging me. In the end, I forgot why I was originally mad.”
Law was too shocked to say anything. What was the whole point! You touch his face and frown at the stubble he neglected to shave. “I told you not to stay up late. It messes you up every time.”
“I-you-”, Law’s emotions were stuck between rage and relief as exhaustion slowly started taking over. He didn’t know how to react to the foolish you had told him. You looked over at the clock on the wall, then turned back to him.
You smiled shyly at with pink burning in your cheeks. Your hair was still damp, and your skin glowed from the shower. “I’m sorry too,” you said sweetly. “If you’re not doing anything, maybe we can take a nap?”
You didn’t know how he would react as you tried to look sweet and innocent. You wouldn't blame him if he was furious with you, but you were hoping to avoid any consequences.
The man was too exhausted to think of any consequences at the moment. A nap sounded good, and you were here, in his bed already barely dress. Yes, a nap sounded perfect.
A smirk appeared on his lips making you tenses. He leaned in close to your ear and whispered. "I'll forgive you this time, if you can make it up to me the way I like it."
That made you smile, since you knew exactly how to do that.
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post sanuso proposal 
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