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Scaramouche x male reader
[Highschool AU , angst (?) To fluff , sfw]!
Note : i changed my writing style a little  ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠  ...
Reblogs are appreciated (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
staying by his side seemed stressful for some people, his attitude was completely something else.
he seemed rude to others, always gets pissed off by little things
you were the quite opposite of him , people couldn't understand how you could deal with his personality
he himself couldn't understand why are you still by his side
he was always complaining and never helped you in anything but you still stayed beside him no matter what
even his mother abandoned him , his friends left him because they couldn't bear with the drama he causes daily
while you stayed
people were still surprised when you told them you were dating him
even though your relationship with him wasn't that touchy or romantic, you two didn't even kiss all because you thought he might be comfortable later
your relationship with him was a little tiring , if you would admit the Truth
whenever you two sit together he starts complaining about how much time you spend with others you would immediately apologize with a blank face
he always gets annoyed with your cold attitude too , he once caught a group of bullies trying to start a fight with you while you apologized and tried to end the fight before it started , he yelled at them until they ran away and scolded you for not defining yourself
you couldn't pay attention to what he was saying, he just looked cute when he was mad
he was too short too , whenever you try telling him how much you like his hight he turns his head Away saying "you are just too tall ,my height is average!"
after months and months of "dating " you two got into a fight, he started it as usual but this time you couldn't bear with it
your vision got blurry, you were mad at him
wasn't he your lover? why couldn't he act like he's a little interested? why should YOU put effort in the relationship when he doesn't even give you the bare minimum?
scara was on the floor, hands on his right cheek that was getting red
'eh .?.. what..' he didn't understand, you would never do that right? maybe he did a lot of wrong things but you loved him you wouldn't do that.. right??
"enough scara , you talk too much "
you couldn't even believe yourself, that was too harsh on him but he needed to understand.
his vision became blurry, tears falling down his eyes as he looked at you
he understood, he knew he was in wrong
and now he's going to be left alone again
you obviously were mad but you couldn't stand him crying like that in front of you
"sorry.." you turned around leaving him, walking away while blaming yourself about how cruel you were
it has been a two weeks since that day
you two didn't talk or even looked at each other
he missed your messages
you always messaged him some simple things
"did you eat well today?"
"how was your day?"
"are you back home? should i walk you home myself? it's getting dark.."
"don't stay up late"
might seem pretty simple and stupid but he really missed them
now he was absent for 2 days straight
you were worried about him
after school you immediately walked to his apartment, opening the door without knocking because you had a spare key
he wasn't in the living room, the kitchen or the bathroom. you slowly Walk to his bedroom as you heard coughing.
he was laying in his bed , his face is red and clearly was a having a fever .
he was asleep when you took care of him , he kept mumbling your name saying he was sorry he wants you back, "don't leave" many times .
scaramouche opened his eyes to find everything clean, his health was getting better
you took care if everything while he was asleep.
once he heard foot steps, turning around to find you carrying a soup bowl , you looked a little tired too since you had to clean his mess
"you .. should have called me when you got sick. it could have gone worse if i didn't come in time "you said as you avoided his eyes a little embarrassed
"..." he kept silent, fists clenching on the bed "sorry.."
"about what"
"for not being a good boyfriend..i-i .. "
you looked at him , he was crying
"(y/n)! (y-y/n-n)!" he kept sobbing while repeating your name
warping your hands around him , taking him in a warm hug got him surprised, he kept crying on your shoulder like there's no tomorrow
and after calming down you apologized too
taking his cheek with your hand, placing your lips on his as his accepted it
he sure didn't know how to kiss since it was his first time ! once you pulled away his cheeks were flushed his eyes weren't looking at you
you ended up wanting more which got him more embarrassed and red
"D-don't you have a-any shame?!"
"but didn't you enjoy it too? "
he smacked your head
he's still the same, you were glad
so glad you had him .
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bonus:(⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠)
How I imagined scaraboobies crying:
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This was on one of my back up accounts that got deleted but anyways- I'm too lazy to add gifs so just enjoy text lol.
Marvel Men x Male!Reader
Marvel Preferences: They React To You Sitting On Their Lap
☆Steve doesn't know if he should be squealing or embarrassed (spoiler alert: he's both). He thinks this is over all adorable, and gladly wraps his arms around you and kisses your neck, tickling you.
❄️Bucky freezes and is kinda surprised, but he slowly ends up smiling and hesitantly hugs you from behihd. He kind of buries his face into the crook of your neck (in a shy yet loving way). He enjoys being this close to you.
💲Tony smirks and asks what's the special occasion (cheeky bastard cough). He always brings this up and the future, and teases you by patting his lap (especially in public, he'll love to show you off).
🕸Peter is really embarrassed, but he doesn't try to gently push you off (unless you're in public lol). He hugs you from behind, though it looks like he's trying to hide himself, in more of a shy way. When you would ask him if he's uncomfortable, he immediately refuses to let you leave his lap, telling you he's happy to be with you like this.
⌲Sam ruffles your hair and teases you for the most part, joking about how his lap isn't supossed to be a seat. When you'd maybe get frustrated with him, he says he's sorry (while still laughing lmao).
🐜Scott is swooning at this point, and he doesn't really know how to react (aka him literally going back and forth forth either hug you or laying back to look cool lmao). He somehow eventually falls over and ends up on top of you.
💚Bruce blushes (and kinda wants to disappear tbh but he doesn't make any effort to get you off him). He really doesn't know how to react other than to let you sit there, and teasing him well just make him cover his face in embarrassment.
⚡️Thor cuddles with you and kisses your cheek. He absolutely loves it and it feels like you're being hugged by a huge teddy bear..
🐍Loki immediately holds you in a possessive grip. May seem dramatic to you, but it keeps him a sense of being powerful, especially with how he would touch and tease you, enjoying you squirm a little as he tells you how much yourself out there to be so vulnerable.
🖤Eddie is so happy, and happily wraps his arms around you (with Venom wanting to join in, but Eddie just wants to have some peace with you without him always chiming him lol). If you do this to Venom (which is a bad idea), it's guaranteed that he won't let you go and admits he enjoys this.
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being cater's boyfriend who he always posts on his magicam
Tumblr media
this man loves to show you off at any chance
he wants everyone to see how attractive you are but also that you're his
suprise pictures everywhere.
while you're eating, in lessons, napping, just walking around
he thinks you look good everywhere and he can't help but let other people see it too
he tries to convince you to set up your own account, if you do, you let him mostly run it
its nice how much attention he pays to you, if it was anyone else you wouldn't care about the attention, but this is your cater
to someone else, you'd probably look like any other guy on magicam, but youre his, you don't even compare to the others, they all blur together
Ace and Deuce were confused on what was happening at first
but it didn't take long after Trey explained how whipped Cater was for you that they got used to it
The other houses caught on pretty quickly, if you were somewhere, Cater wasn't far away
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— Thank you for doing my request and happy belated birthday! Can I request another one? Reader makes Sanzu choke on his cock until Sanzu's face is all flushed and eyes are filled with tears.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Sanzu × M!Reader.
Words: 1200+.
CW/TW: deep throat, blowjob, humiliation, a little praise at the end, the reader has a big dick (this can be considered a warning, right?), Sanzu is just a sub.
Notes: I love Sanzu so much... Just so you know, I adore him.
Tumblr media
His gaze slowly slides up your sitting figure until it reaches your eyes looking down at him. The look of your calm eyes causes an exciting warmth in his stomach, from which the pain between his legs becomes more and more unbearable. The desire to rub his hips against each other in order to achieve at least some friction is growing exponentially, but he tries not to do anything and even spreads his legs wider, as far as his tight business trousers allow. 
- And what are you waiting for? - you ask, putting your elbow on the armrest, and you put your head on your hand, inclining your gaze. 
- Your permission. - he answers meekly, running his hand over the fabric of your trousers, almost without touching them. 
-You're too obedient today. I thought you'd take off my pants and underwear a long time ago and suck on my dick like it's the last thing on Earth. - he whines a little at your words, feeling the emptiness in his mouth and throat. 
- I'd like to, but... You look... - he mumbles something at the end, looking down at his bulge. 
He makes a surprised sound, feeling your hand on his chin as she squeezes him and raises him, forcing him to look into your eyes. 
- And now again. Loud and clear so I can hear. - you say firmly. 
He swallows, feeling his favorite feeling. A sense of submission to you. The dominance you're radiating over him right now... He's ready to cum just from thinking what you're going to do with him in the future.
-Well... You look too bossy today... And sexy. - he tries to speak as loudly and clearly as possible, but it doesn't work very well. 
- Oh, okay. I figured it out. - you release his chin, returning to your previous position. - Now suck me off, slut. 
He licks his lips, already anticipating your taste on his lips, in his mouth and throat. And, of course, his hands immediately reach for your belt, unbuttoning it, then unbuttoning the button, and pulling the zipper down. He slides your pants a little lower and gently slides your underwear, exposing your erect dick. 
His tongue slides over his lips again, wetting them. He looks at you again, earning a lazy nod from you, and starts. 
The tongue sticks out of the mouth to first moisten your cock with his saliva for easy sliding on your organ. He licks your head, on which droplets of preculate are already appearing. His tongue slides lower while his hand wraps around the base of your penis, slightly jerking his hand up and down. He licks the wreaths that have protruded all over the trunk, slightly pressing on them sometimes. 
When he gets to the top of your penis again, he takes the head in his mouth, sucking it. His tongue teases your slit, licking the precum, instinctively swallowing the sweet/salty/bitter liquid that he has already loved so much. He takes a little more, licking right under your head, on sensitive skin. 
His problem increases even more when he hears sighs/groans/growls from you. He pulls away from your dick for a second, looking at his problem, but immediately returning your cock to his mouth. Now you are the main character, so he should please you, his problems will wait. 
Your hand rests on his hair, pulling it a little further along your base, which he does with pleasure, taking more. Your hearing picks up sounds that mean that your cock has started to reach his throat and you have a great idea. Your hand pulls his hair even tighter, making him cry out, but immediately get used to it, removing his tongue when he felt your movements. 
His hands cling to the fabric of your trousers, trying not to lower them lower. Guttural moans, dirty sounds of his mouth filled the whole room. He felt your dick touching the back of his throat, but he wants more. Even if it's impossible, but he wants it. 
- Fuck, Haru... So gorgeous to me... - you whisper, making him whine. 
He feels an unpleasant pain in his eyes, which means that in a few seconds tears will form and they will roll down his cheeks, stuffed with your dick. And damn, that would look great. 
He feels you twitching slightly in his throat and he understands that you will come soon. Tears are already rolling down his cheeks, red as ripe strawberries. Saliva flows down the chin in a mixture with preculate. His eyebrows twitch as he frowns, trying to stop the tears. 
And he lets out a surprised exclamation when he feels you cum in his mouth. He immediately swallows, trying not to miss anything, and after a few seconds looks up at your satisfied face. 
- Did you like it? - he asks, his voice hoarse from lack of air. 
- Yes... - you swallow, trying to calm the dryness in your throat. - You're just the perfect whore, Haru, you know? 
He giggles shyly, as if
there is still something left in his twisted mind that he would be embarrassed about. But he immediately moans, feeling you pull his hand up to you. His thighs rub against each other accidentally and he whimpers when you put him on your hips. 
He looks great. His disheveled pink hair, red cheeks and nose, his mouth swollen from blowjob. 
- So beautiful for me. - you say a little ironically, running your hand over his cheek as he bends down to your touch.
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diego's bf talking to diego and failing to keep eye contact because he can't keep his eyes off diego's broad chest
Tumblr media
“M/n, my eyes are up here.”
Diego smirks when he says it. He can’t help but find it both hilarious and a bit hot that that his boyfriend can’t keep his eyes off his chest? He personally didn’t think he had anything to show off but apparently M/n thought so. This wasn’t the first time he caught his boyfriend staring at his chest.
“Sorry, you’re just so big…”
Diego laughed at that. Okay now that was funny. “Then if you’re so focused on them why don’t you spend some time with them?” With that he pulled M/n into his chest, smothering the man’s face in his chest. M/n let out a little noise of happiness but stayed where he was. They’d continue their conversation later.
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pairing: aizawa x professor!reader
reader’s pronouns: unspecified !
I write content for trans-masculine, nonbinary, gender fluid, and other similar identities that are underrepresented in fiction. women and fem-aligned ppl: dni or you will be blocked.
Tumblr media
Aizawa has no idea what to do with you, and that much is incredibly obvious within your first few interactions. You try to be nice without being pushy, and it seems to be working out... sort of. You can’t quite tell what the pro-hero is thinking. He often raises his capture scarf over the lower half of his face when speaking to you. You idly wonder if he’s annoyed at your presence.
Regardless, your conversations with Eraserhead are often short. You exchange greetings in the halls and occasionally talk in the teachers’ lounge, but that’s about it. You think Aizawa is pretty damn cool, and you’d like to get to know him. You just don’t exactly know how to go about it. 
Your strategy of remaining present but not overly so seems to be paying off, though. As the days pass, you notice Aizawa’s responses to your greetings becoming less stiff and more relaxed. One time, you even think you see him wave. You quickly rid yourself of the notion, however. You’re likely just seeing things. 
At least, that’s what you think. You think you’re overanalyzing things. You’re thinking about Aizawa as you walk down the hallway and, in your distraction, someone sneaks up on you. 
“Heya, teach.” You exhale slowly and turn around, refusing to admit that your student’s sudden presence caught you off guard. Kaminari Denki stares at you, a mischievous glimmer in his eyes.  
“Hello, Denki,” you sigh, struggling to keep the suspicion from your face. Nothing good comes from Denki’s conniving smile, and that’s a lesson you had to learn a few weeks ago. 
“I was just wondering why Aizawa-sensei likes you so much.”
“Excuse me?” Your voice sounds a bit strangled, but you can’t exactly control it. Denki’s eyes are burning into your skin and you’re beginning to feel as if this conversation is really an interrogation. You struggle to find something to say, other than the misguided stammering you’re currently doing. 
“Yeah, I even saw him smile when he was talking to you,” Mina pipes up, casually popping out from the hall around the corner. You take a deep breath and pinch the bridge of your nose, manifesting the patience for what is to come. 
“Alright, everyone else, come on out.” To your bewilderment, Kirishima, Jirou, Sero, and Hagakure are all listening in. They have a wide variety of expressions on their faces. Jirou, for one, looks strangely satisfied. Sero and Kirishima have guilty smiles on their faces. Hagakure... Well, you’re not sure what her expression is. “What is this?”
“We just wanted to ask you about Aizawa-sensei, promise!” Kirishima seems to be the person to take one for the team. Sero pats him on the shoulder reassuringly, before chiming in himself. 
“Aizawa-sensei seems to actually tolerate you,” he shrugs, fiddling with one of his elbows. The others exchange nods at this. Jirou doesn’t say anything, but the smirk on her face suggests that she knows something you don't. You take a moment to collect your thoughts, before shaking your head in disbelief.
“While I admire your enthusiasm, my relationship with Aizawa is none of your business,” you explain, crossing your arms over your chest. You raise an eyebrow at the smirk that grows on Denki’s face. You don't realize your blunder until it’s too late. 
“Relationship?” Denki is wearing the biggest, most shit-eating grin you’ve ever seen. You resist the very tempting urge to expel the entire group of students standing before you. 
“Wait, no, that’s not what I meant,” you scramble to explain, but the students are too far gone to notice. They're all wearing assorted expressions of satisfaction and knowing. You take a deep breath. “Alright, that’s enough, everyone.” You shoo the students away, pretending not to hear the excited whispers and gasps that echo throughout the empty hallway. Once the group is gone, you lean against the wall and close your eyes for a moment.
“Hey.” You open your eyes, shocked to find Aizawa himself standing before you. His hands are shoved in his pockets and his gaze is cast aside, but he’s standing in front of you nonetheless. You’re so surprised by the sudden greeting that it takes you a moment to respond. 
“Hi,” you eventually say. “What’s up?” Surely, the pro-hero must need something. That’s evidently the only reason he’s standing in front of you right now. Aizawa isn’t fond of small talk. 
“You seem troubled,” Aizawa squints at you and you just barely prevent yourself from withering under his gaze. It takes you a moment to process his statement, but when you do, you’re a bit shocked. In all honesty, you thought Aizawa disliked you. Apparently, you were wrong. 
 “Your students are very… persistent,” you answer, struggling to hide your coexistent amusement and humiliation. The pro-hero across from you, however, seems to settle for contemplating his life decisions. 
“What did they do now?” Aizawa grumbles, crossing his arms over his chest. You resist a laugh at the dramatic gesture. You’re well aware that Aizawa cares for his students. He just pretends that he doesn’t. 
“They kept asking me about you,” you recall. You think about what to say for a moment, before deciding on simply telling the truth. “They seemed to think you find me tolerable. I told them that was ridiculous.”
Aizawa is uncharacteristically silent. You wait a few moments for his response, but it never comes. Chancing a glance at him, you find him to have a conflicted expression on his face. It’s perhaps the most emotion you’ve seen him express. “Is it ridiculous?”
“Well, I mean, it’s not true,” you choke out, avoiding eye contact. You’re feeling increasingly embarrassed throughout this interaction. Somehow, Aizawa doesn’t seem to notice. Instead, he seems to be thinking about something as he frowns. 
You’re not sure what you’re expecting him to say next. Maybe he’ll remain silent and simply walk away. You’re expecting a death threat, a punch in the face, anything. What you’re certainly not expecting is his next statement. “What if it were true?”
“What?” You’re sure your voice cracks as you speak, but you can’t find it in yourself to care. No, you’re focused on what the pro-hero just said. You could’ve sworn you heard him say-
“I tolerate you,” Aizawa clarifies, his hand coming up to his scarf habitually. You watch as his fingers twist in the fabric. He seems restless. His gaze, however, hasn’t strayed from your face. You’re beginning to feel intimidated. 
“Oh, ha, that’s good,” you eventually say awkwardly. You’re starting to feel secondhand embarrassment too- in addition to your own personal humiliation. 
“I more than tolerate you,” Aizawa says, his eyebrows furrowing as he takes a step closer. You instinctually back away, only for your back to hit the wall behind you. Aizawa doesn’t cage you in, but he does look at you with a smoldering intensity.
You’re not quite sure how it happens. The question falls from your lips and, before you can comprehend what the answer is, Aizawa is tugging you in and kissing you. You tangle your fingers in his hair and pull him closer to you. His hands fall to your waist and you’re starting to feel robbed of breath when you’re rudely interrupted. 
“I win the bet!” You recognize that voice. Desperately hoping your thoughts are wrong, you look behind Aizawa’s shoulder and stiffen. Sure enough, Kaminari, Sero, Mina, Jirou and Hagakure are standing behind him. Aizawa’s hands fall from your waist and you swear you see his eyes glow red for a second as he turns around. 
The students don’t look the least bit embarrassed, instead grinning victoriously. You resist the very strong urge to curl up into a ball on the floor, instead glancing at your coworker. Aizawa is glaring at them with enough force to take out their Quirks, despite the fact that his eyes are a warm brown. 
“New assignment for you all, due tomorrow,” Aizawa orders. “Write two pages on the concept of privacy when it comes to pro-heroes.” The students scramble away, letting out assorted groans. 
“I don’t think that dissuaded them,” you huff out a laugh. You can’t help but find amusement in Aizawa’s students and their investment in your relationship. Clearly, the group cares for Aizawa.  
“Probably not,” Aizawa sighs, pulling his capture scarf up to cover his mouth. “I’m getting coffee. Care to join me?” You nod and fall in step next to him, smiling to yourself. 
snippet + endnotes after the cut :)
Aizawa, eyebrows furrowed: They’re so... tolerable. 
Present Mic, sitting next to him: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY-
I wrote this in bullet format and then got rid of the bullets... lol. I think I write better without them.
Anyway. Love Aizawa. Sobs. The only man ever. 
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supercap2319 · a day ago
Chaps: “Come on, Y/N. You can tell us. Why are you really with Ray? It can’t be because of his looks.”
Ray: “Hey!”
Mika: “Or his intelligence.”
Ray: “Double hey!”
Y/N: *Smiles* “I just feel sorry for him.” *Leans over and kisses a pouting Ray*
Tumblr media
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blossomsl0ve · 2 days ago
Incorrect quotes | House of Wax |
Vincent: I currently have 7 empty notebooks and I have no clue what to put in them. Suggestions?
Bo: Put spaghetti in it.
Vincent: I'm currently taking suggestions from literally anyone but you.
Lester: Put spaghetti in it.
Vincent: I'm currently taking suggestions from anyone but you two.
Y/n: Put spaghetti in it.
Vincent: I'm no longer taking suggestions.
Y/n: Listen, I can explain...
Bo: You’re making $500,000 and you’re only gonna pay me $30,000?
Vincent: You’re getting 30 grand? I’m getting $1,000!
Lester: You guys are getting paid?
Y/n: Hey, you want some leftovers?
Bo: What's that?
Y/n: You've never had leftovers???
Bo: No, because I'm not a quitter.
Bo: You're right.
Vincent: That's... That's an unusual phrase for you. Did you just learn it?
Bo: Must be hard not being able to laugh
Vincent: I do have a sense of humor you know
Bo: I’ve never heard you laugh before
Vincent: I’ve never heard you say anything funny
Be: I can’t believe you live nearby, and you won’t let anyone crash at your place.
Y/n: You people already know too much about me.
Vincent: I know exactly three facts about you, and one of them is that you won’t let any of us crash at your place.
Bo: Vincent , can I talk to you for a second?
Vincent : Yeah, what’s up? Lemme guess. You and Y/n are having problems and you want me to teach you how to kiss?
Bo: What? No, stop that. I know how to kiss. I’ve read books.
Bo: What did you do with Vincent 's body?
Y/n: What didn’t I do with the body?
Y/n: Okay, that sounded more sexual than I intended. I disposed of the corpse respectfully.
Bo: Fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself. Some say 8 hours of sleep is enough. Why not keep going? Why not 9? Why not 10? Strive for greatness.
Y/n: Next time you’re working out do 15 push ups instead of 10. Run 3 miles instead of 2. Eat a whole cake instead of just a slice. Burn your ex’s house down. You can do it. I believe in you.
Vincent : There were so many mixed messages in that I can’t-
Bo, threatening the others with a paintball gun: Listen... Life comes at us fast. We don't know what life is gonna give us... And today, it's gonna give you... a paintball!
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prettybrownelf · 19 hours ago
Could you write a Steve Harrington x Male reader where Steve accidentally kissed him while they’re hanging out in his room.
Whatever ending you want, thank you 🫶
a/n- i hope you enjoy!
Hanging out with Steve was always fun. He somehow never runs out of things to talk about. 
The moon lights the room along with his desk lamp as the two of you relax on his bed. His parents weren't home so naturally, you were having a prolonged sleepover. Most people would say that's childish but you and Steve didn't care, you enjoyed each other's company.
“I'm just saying, I think we should have more sections.” Steve says. You can't help but laugh at his serious expression. “Steve, the video store is so small, how do you think you're gonna get more movies in there?” Steve throws his hands in the air as you fall back against the bed, gigging at your best friend. “I don't know! But we’d get more sales!” You shake your head as you fix the pillow below you. “Steve, this town is small as hell, we don't need a bigger video store.” Steve rolls his brown eyes as he falls next to you. 
The two of you sit in comfortable silence as the sounds of crickets fill the air. You don't realize how close you and Steve are until you turn to talk to him. “Whatever happened to you and Nacy?” Steve seems caught off guard as he sits up, resting his chin in his hand. “Nothing, we just weren't good for each other I guess.” You nod as you roll over towards him. “Oh, I thought you just sucked at sex or something.” Steve hits your shoulder and you let out a laugh. “You're not funny asshole.” You would think he was mad if it wasn't for the grin forming on his face. 
“You're so defensive, Harrington! You probably couldn't even kiss her.” Steve grabs a pillow and hits you with it. Your stomach was already hurting from laughing so hard. “I kissed her and it was good!” You're finally able to catch your breath as you stare at him through your eyelashes. “Sure, Steve.” 
You stare at the ceiling as you get air back into your lungs, but it's taken away from you in an instant. The feeling of Steve's lips on yours makes your body freeze. It takes a second for you to react as you slowly kiss back, enjoying the feeling of his soft lips on your own. Your breath comes out shaken as Steve grabs the back of your neck, slowly deepening the kiss. 
A small moan leaves your throat as Steve pushes his tongue into your mouth. You never even try to fight Steve for dominance as you let him crawl over you. His hands move to hold your hips as you wrap your hands in his hair. Steve groans into your mouth as the grip you have on his hair tightness.
Steve finally breaks the kiss, allowing both of you to get air back into your lungs. Your mind is going everywhere as you stare up at him. A smirk crawls across his lips as he looks down at you. “Told you.”
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localspiderboy · a day ago
Come on, live a little. | Billy Loomis x Scaredy Cat!MaleReader
You’ve always been one to play by the rules. Your friend Billy thinks it’s time to take you out of your comfort zone. 
Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI, sneaking out, shy reader, inexperienced reader, coercion, oral male receiving, face fucking, corruption kink, hair pulling, sub!Reader, dom!Billy
Word Count: 1463
Kinktober Prompts
a/n: I'm like 3 days late but I warned y'all. I'm also not doing the prompts in order just whichever ones I'm most excited to write that day. Here's one for Billy, none of the events of the movie would have happened if they just let you kiss your homie rip. Wrote this at 2 am it started out great and then well, you tell me lol. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Billy?” You whispered head swiveling left and right trying to spot your friend. 
“Billy!” You repeated, harsher this time. This is so stupid you thought. He’s the one that wanted you to sneak out and not he’s late to his meeting. Why’d he wanted to meet at an abandoned house of all places? He’s always been a horror fanatic but that was never really your thing. Despite how many times he and Stu tried to get you to like it, you just couldn’t handle it.
Your mouth opened prepared to call out to him again but was interrupted. Thunk. You heard what sounded like something falling come from behind you. Quickly you turned around, using the flashlight in your hand to try to light up the area. It didn’t help much, the house was surrounded by forest your small flashlight did nothing against the inky darkness. “Billy!” You called out straining your neck trying to spot your friend anywhere around. No response. You sighed, you knew Billy was probably around here somewhere.
Another sound coming from the side of the house makes you jump, quickly turning in that direction. “Billy, if you’re trying to scare me it’s not gonna work.” Slowly you step carefully towards the direction of the sound, fed up with the game Billy was playing. But then you have the sudden thought that it could be a squatter and not your friend took any bravery you felt left your body. 
 “Seriously this isn’t a funny man! If you don’t come out I’m gonna leave.” Another bang makes you jump, skin raised with goosebumps and hair standing on end you quickly back away. “This is ridiculous.” You mutter under your breath. Suddenly two hands grabbed your shoulders and pulled you into their firm chest. A shrill yell left your lips and you flayed your arms around in an attempt to get away. Not stopping until you heard Billy’s familiar laugh. 
“Hey! Hey it’s me.” He spoke in between laughs, letting go of your arms and allowing you to turn around. 
“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” 
“You know I scare easy Billy.” You huff as you look around for the flashlight you dropped in the struggle. You could feel your heart thumping hard against your chest.
“I know I’m sorry.” 
You hum non-committal, not completely believing that he was all that apologetic. 
“What are we doing here anyway?” you asked hitting the flashlight with the back of your hand, it flickered on only for a second before dimming out again. Dead. Great.
Billy lifts his polaroid camera, shaking it in his hands with a smile. “We, my friend are here to take photos.” 
“And why are we doing that exactly?” 
“Halloween decorations… and memories.” Billy hands you his camera and gestures for you to follow him. The front door isn’t gonna work he explains but there’s a window around back that’ll do the trick. 
“We can’t just go to the store like normal people?” 
“Nope.” He grunts as he struggles to pull open the old window but after some effort it budges. “Plus we gotta get you out of your comfort zone. After you sir.” 
You simply sigh and crawl through the window.
Somehow you lost Billy again because of course you did. You can’t seem to catch a break tonight. You had turned your back for one second to look at the graffiti on the wall and then all of a sudden he was gone again. “Please don’t scare me again Billy.” 
You could feel your heart thumping hard against your chest in anticipation. 
“Woah, your hearts beating fast. I didn’t even mean to scare you that time.” His sudden presence makes you take in a sudden breath your eyes shutting quickly. I need to put a bell on this man, you think to yourself.
“Yeah, that’s what happens when you  terrify me multiple times in one night.”  
“Terrified huh?” He places a hand at the curve of your waist, leaning further into you.
“Billy.” You pay no mind to his hand on your waist, you’re just ready to go home no longer wanting to be teased. 
“You know if you’re this scared we could do something that will really get your mind off things.” 
“Replace that feeling with something good.” He whispers against your ear. His breath sends a shiver down your spine. You want to ask him what he means but he answers the question before it could even leave your lips, pressing his erection up against your back. 
“O-oh I uh...I’ve never really done anything like that before.” You are flustered and a little embarrassed to admit that you don’t have much experience. 
“Really?” His voice is husky as he kisses down your neck. It makes your knees weak. 
“You don’t gotta worry I’ll take good care of you.” He lifts his head, turning yours to face him. His eyes are barely visible to you but you can tell they’re looking right into yours. Everything about him is so utterly intoxicating, it’s hard to resist. “Teach you how to do everything. What do you say?”
“O-okay.” You mutter quietly and he smiles. 
He looks down towards your lips but doesn’t kiss you. “Let’s start you off with something easy hm?” You nod and he turns you around to face him, pushing you down on your knees. 
You looked up at him wide-eyed and he unbuckled his belt, opening his pants enough to pull his cock out. 
“Don’t look so scared baby I said I’d walk you through it~” He teased as he pushed his member against your lips. “Open the mouth of yours baby. Yeah stick your tongue out~” You followed his instructions whimpering when he taps his dicks against your tongue. 
He grunts. “You look fucking good like this. I’m just gonna push the tip in okay?” You hum in acknowledgment preparing yourself as best you could for the intrusion. You try to lift your hands to his thighs to brace yourself but he swiftly pushes them off himself.
“Ah ah, keep those hands to yourself, babe.” Billy rests a hand on the back of your head. “Gotta move your head y/n.” He pushes slightly at your head, just to encourage you to find your rhythm. 
Your movements are slow and unsure, the furthest you go is about halfway down. Billy allows this for only a few moments before he gets impatient and takes control. “Lemme show you how to do it.” 
The hand resting on your head suddenly grips your hair and forces you down the rest of his cock, holding you there. You try and fight the urge to gag around him. “Fuck.. you're a natural y/n.” He moans, his head falling back. He curses again holding you for a moment longer before letting you free.
You immediately pull off of him coughing. “What the hell Billy?” You spoke angrily. 
He shrugged at you with a smug smile on his face. “It distracted you didn’t it? Now do you still wanna learn or are you gonna keep complaining?” You looked at him skeptically but nodded, scooching closer to him slowly. You trusted Billy not to hurt you and he was right you did feel way less scared now. Way less.
“Atta boy.” He encourages you and pulls you back around his dick. Moaning at the feeling of your warm mouth. “Keep your head still for me, okay?” He doesn’t give you much of a warning before his hand is tugging at your hair to keep you steady and thrusting his hips at a steady pace. 
He curses under his breath as he fucks into your mouth. You squirm, rubbing your thighs together. You’ve never been used like this before and it’s doing something to you.  He takes notice. “Is this all I needed to do to keep you from getting scared? Use you like some cheap whore?” You moan at his words and it causes his hips to stutter. 
“I’m the first person that’s ever gotten to fuck this mouth huh?” He picks up the pace, his rhythm much more uncoordinated as he approaches his end.  “Gonna be the first to cum down that throat and you’re gonna take it.” 
He slaps your cheek to catch your attention. “Hey, hey look at me.” You make eye contact with him and your utterly fucked out expression is what helps his climax. He holds your head to the base of his cock, forcing you to swallow all of his seed. 
He lets you go and watches as you cough and try to catch your breath. You don’t get too long of a break though because soon he’s gripping your chin and forcing you to look his way. “We’re just getting started baby.” 
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thebisexualdogdad · a day ago
A night to remember- Robby Keene x M!Reader
Tumblr media
You and Robby had been dating for six months now and after many discussions you were both ready to take the next step in your relationship. 
Sure you had given him a blowjob in the dojo locker room once after practice but neither of you had ever had penetrative sex and made sure to take your time to not rush it. 
Johnny was going to be gone for the night since Carmen and Amanda convinced him and Daniel to go dancing so Robby went to the liquor store, nervously buying condoms and lube after you decided tonight was the night. 
When you got to his apartment you ordered a pizza and watched a movie but half way through the movie you ended up in his lap as you heavily made out. 
"You want to go to your bedroom?" You suggest, reluctantly pulling away from his lips. 
"Only if you want to," he says out of breath. 
"I do," you tell him. 
He smiles and turns the movie off, guiding you to his room where you spend another twenty minutes making out along with wandering hands. 
Your shirts are gone and you began to unbutton his pants before he stops you. 
"Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?" He asks.
"A hundred and ten percent," you assure him now successfully unbuttoning his pants and helping him get out of them.
Next goes your pants leaving you both in just your underwear. 
His hand rubs the outline of your erection through your underwear and you gasp. 
"Can I take these off?" He asks cautiously and you nod. 
With your underwear gone Robby stares in awe at your hard cock. 
He bites his lip and experimentally strokes you like he does when he touches himself causing a loud moan to escape your lips. 
He smiles and strokes you faster, not even noticing you reach in his boxers and freeing his own cock.
Robby kisses you passionately as you touch each other and explore what your bodies react to.  
"Wait, I don't want to cum yet," you say moving away from him, "you got condoms right?"
"Yeah," he replies, reaching over to the bag on his dresser and pulling the condoms along with the lube out. 
"So do you want to top or bottom?" You ask.
"Can I top?" He says and you nod again, "how do you want to do this?" 
"You should probably use the lube first," you tell him.
You guys get into a comfortable position, you laying back against the pillows and Robby settled in between your legs. 
He squirts a little too much lube into his hand and nervously says, "I'm gonna touch you okay?"
"Don't be nervous Robby, I'll tell you if I want to stop and you can do the same." 
Robby takes a deep breath and rubs his finger over your hole, lathering it in lube making your hips jolt.
"Are you okay?" He asks thinking he did something wrong. 
"No, no I'm good, the lube is just colder than I thought it would be," you chuckle. 
"They had like ten different flavors of lube, I got cherry, it felt like a safe option," he says gently pressing the tip of his finger inside you. 
"Good choice," you say groaning at good it feels for him to be touching you, "you can put your finger inside."
"Okay." He says easing his lube covered finger into you and you moan giving him more confidence.
He's pumping his finger and taking his time to stretch you out over the next few minutes. 
"Robby I need more," you groan, desperate for his cock. 
He removes his finger and grabs the lube again, coating himself with it after putting on a condom.
He pulls his hips into yours, teasing your hole with his cock. 
"Robby please," you beg and he pushes the tip inside trying to be gentle. 
"Holy shit," you moan.
"Does it feel good?" He says slowly rocking his hips.
"So fucking good," you tell him.
He picks up the pace, loving the way your mouth is hanging open wide in total bliss.
His hand is on your chest, running down to your stomach needing to touch you in any way he could.
"Harder," you grunt and Robby is thrusting his hips as fast as he can. 
His bed is creaking but he doesn't care about the very real possibility of it breaking underneath you, Johnny did put it together after all, because all he cares about is making you cum.
The next several minutes are silent except for the sounds of both your moans echoing through the room. 
"Robby I'm gonna cum," you tell him when your release approaches.
"Me too," he says. 
"I want to cum together," you tell him.
He pulls out of you, taking the condom off and you both steadily jerk yourselves off to completion. 
Robby finishes first, cum splashing on your stomach making you cum as well which blends with his on your skin.
"Fuck yes," you both moan as you cum together. 
When your orgasms end he falls over onto the mattress next to you, sweat glistening his body.
"Holy shit that was hot," he says, breathing heavily.  
"It really was," you reply, kissing him sweetly, "I'm really happy I got to experience this with you." 
"I love you Y/N," he tells you.
"I love you too Robby."
This surely was a night to remember.
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Kinktober Day 5 — Wall sex/Hickies
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings — Bully!Billy Hargrove x Wheeler!Male reader
Summary — Having the house to yourself was always a bonus but a certain Hargrove stumbles in and breaks apart your plans for a relaxing night…
A/N — Okay so I lied, I’m back on with Kinktober I just needed to clear my head and really decide on characters I find easy to write, so here it goes…
──────. • ☆:*.☽ .* :☆゚• . ──────
He pushed past you, making his way into your home through the open front door. You shivered at the cold draft he brought it, he looked to be cold himself but you didn’t say anything.
Instead you sighed, slamming the door shut before turning to Billy. He made himself at home, sitting on one of the counter top- stools, his ring clad fingers travelling over to the freshly made batch of cookies.
The smell almost had Billy weak in the knees, he didn’t waste time, placing the warm crumbly biscuit in his mouth.
“Hands off Hargrove, there for my little sister’s baking stall-“
You were angry, you spent all night trying to perfect the recipe and once you did, Billy had to come and tear it all down, like he did with pretty much anything you did.
He stood before wrapping one of his much larger and warmer hands around your mouth, pushing you back into the wall behind you harshly causing a thump to ring out into the open space.
He was close, practically breathing down your neck.
“But there’s so damn sweet-“ he teased before taking another bite of the soft, halloween themed cookie. A certain blush crept up into your cheeks, blossoming like a tree’s branches.
Billy took that as an invitation, removing his hand his darted forwards, lips crashing into your own. Your anger was replaced with an almost tethering hunger, one that had you give into him, to your previous feelings for him.
This whole year was like a chase of cat and dog, Billy always coming out on top, including tonight.
“Get off of me you dick-“
You struggle to get out of his grips but of course, Billy wasn’t going to make it that easy for you…was he?
Another chuckle and a shove later your turned, now facing the cold, wooden wall. You begin to panic knowing full well Billy had some shitty trick up his sleeve.
He secured your hands together with one of his own before using the other to twist your face towards him gently. Your met with his ocean blues, his messy, dirty blonde curls hanging over his forehead…you really needed help.
“You know…this game, it’s got me thinking” Billy pressed his front into your arched back, before looking back up at you, licking over his teeth before his lips stretch into a menacing smile.
“Thinking what?” You slightly stutter over your words but the shyness only added fuel to his fire. He cockily began attacking your neck with his lips, kissing the sensitive skin residing underneath your right ear, toying with it before sinking his teeth in, sucking, creating a dark, red blotch.
“Thinking that maybe…just maybe you’d be into me” his voice continued on it’s low tone, it’s raspiness causing your thighs to press together, relieving the ache between your legs.
“You t-thought wrong” your cheeks heat up, you were the same colour as Billy’s open, burgundy shirt. He took note of that and used it to the best of his abilities. Releasing your hands, you rest them above your head, against the wall like the rest of your body, giving into him.
His finger tips graze over the waist band of your denim jeans, already they unclasped the button seductively, which helped Billy push them down, along with your boxers, that alone had you squirming in place, you were lying if you said you never thought about this…
“There we go, fucking perfect sweetheart” the nickname alone had you pushing back into him, your bare ass rutting against his clothed ass.
Quickly, due to his own aching member, Billy too unfastens his belt clasp and button, shoving his denim jeans lower until they pooled around his ankles, his cock slapping up into his flat stomach suggesting his boxers had also joined the mess of denim material on the kitchen floor.
He settled into you, his girthy cock slotting perfectly between your ass. You melted into his touch, clearly giving up your tough demeanour.
“How wrong was I…?”
The question left you speechless, you could only concentrate on the way his cock felt…down there, you’d give anything to know what it felt inside.
“B-Billy please; I’m begging- fuck” your whimpers of neediness encourage Billy to spit into his hand, reaching down he began fisting his dick, lathering the slick until he was satisfied.
He pressed the tip against your hole before silence fell over the both of you, preparing yourself’s for what was to come.
Once you breathily sighed, wiggling your hips antagonistically, Billy pushed forwards, stretching your pucker uncomfortably, he was big, so damn big you were scrambling to grip onto the hands securing your hips in place.
“Stop- please, it hurts”
Billy understood, slowing down but still pushing forwards, willing to break the boundaries you’ve had in the past, you were his now…nothing could change that, especially judging by how your body was reacting to him.
“Look at that- so fucking accepting, this body needs it- fuck, that’s it sweetheart”
The burn slowly sizzled down into a dull pleasure that began to ring from your gut upwards, blooming across your body. Billy was fully sheathed inside, he’s never felt more at home.
You nod before allowing your bully to start his ravishing, you were certain by the end of this, you and your body wouldn’t be the same, that’s for sure…
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harrypotterbrainworms · a day ago
Best Not-A-Date Date
Tumblr media
Summary: Arataki “Ever Oblivious to His Surroundings” Itto doesn’t realise you’re taking him on a date.
Pairing: Arataki Itto x Male Reader (No gendered terms used or described so take what you will)
Word Count: 2618
A/N: Dedicated to all my Itto mains out there, I have slowly gained in the confidence to start writing again. I hope you enjoy it!! Also how many Arataki “____” Itto can I fit into one fic.
“One more time.” He held his hands out towards you, a determined fire in his eyes. You rolled your eyes, you glanced over as a few restaurants started turning on the lanterns outside.
“Fine.” You mused, holding your hands out as well. A few people stared at you as you entered the tenth round of rock, paper, scissors. He’s lost every round so far, you found it cute the first few times, thinking he was losing on purpose so you could choose where you were going. Though by the sixth round you quickly realised that he was pulling the same thing whenever you won in cards. “One more round.” He said, leaving him with no more snacks to bet and sulking in the corner before you feel “too full” and give him half of your “hard earned” snacks.
“One more.” He groaned holding out scissors to your rock, you smiled a little annoyed. His fist rested on his palm once again. You crossed your arms, refusing to play again, you won fair and square after all. It’s what you’re owed. He looked at the ground, kicking his feet on nothing. He wasn’t Arataki “Make you feel bad for winning against him, but you can’t help it” Itto for nothing.
“Itto.” You warned, you just really wanted to eat now. You both have been standing there for the better part of 10 minutes playing this endless game. You were growing very impatient for this date.
“Just one more., please (Y/N)? Pretty please?” He begged, playing his puppy dog eyes on you, on any other occasion you would have given in, but you had a particular location in mind for your date. Uyuu Restaurant, you had saved up all of 2 weeks of odd jobs for Itto. 
“Just admit I won.” You pat his shoulder in a comforting way, mockingly of course. He knew how to play his cards, but he always managed to give what he was hiding.
“Mhmmfine.” He finally gave in, sulking a little bit as you walked up the path toward Uyuu. He stopped a few times assuming that you were going to choose one of the usual spots, but your eyes were locked on your destination. 
When you arrived at the doors, Itto looked like the blood had drained from face, the gang rarely ate here. It was expensive and for a short time Itto was banned. You urged him to join you inside. “Are you sure I’m even allowed in here anymore?” He whispered to you. 
“Don’t worry, I checked and you’re all good. Here!” You pointed to the two lone bar stools in the back. “Perfect! I thought they might have been taken” You sit on the stool closest to the wall, waiting for service, Itto settling in next to you.
You both started talking as waited to be served, nothing too involved, just some ideas Itto had for the gang. Something about hitting the new “Mondstat tourist market” having met a strange green bard a few weeks back, advising him about the “True Mondstat Experience” before you could get too in depth about this new “business venture”. A server cleared his throat, looking at you.
“What can get you two?” He smiled, pointing above him for the menu.
“I’ll have a beer.” He said politely, trying not to disturb the buzzing atmosphere of the dinner hour.
“Make that two beers and some Tri-Flavored Skewers to start us off?” You looked at Itto for confirmation and he nodded warily, a little dizzy thinking about the bill already.
Before you had a chance to continue talking, there were two beers and a very delicious platter of skewers awaiting in front of you.
“A second round after we finish these?” You added, pointing at your drinks. The server nodded, continuing to take orders from the bar.
“Nothing better than beer and skewers” You said, bringing your hands together, rubbing them in anticipation. You grabbed one, tearing off a piece and sighing at how good it was. Couldn’t get this quality at a cheap bar outside the main city. Itto grabbed one and bit his fangs into it from the side, you intently stared at his teeth before looking away. You felt flushed and you hadn’t even touched your beer yet.
“So that bard, right? Voice of angel I swear. Almost fell asleep the minute he started a tale. Definitely not because it was boring, but that voice!” He added emphasis where needed, as animated as ever. “Something about him really draws you in.” He added, nodding as he took a huge sip of his beer. You nod along to his tale, only interjecting with questions about this mystery bard from Mondstat. 
“Enough about what I’ve been doing, tell me where you’ve been? I haven’t seen you for more than a few minutes this last month.” He frowned, tilting his head to the side. You choked slightly on your drink, hoping he wouldn’t ask. You clear your throat with his eyes completely focused on you.
“I’ve been working mostly, keeping records for the warehouse while the festival was going on.” You feel slightly boring compared to Itto’s grand time at the festival, ending up in the hospital where you visited him the next day, flowers in hand and a small bag of his favourite candy.
“Run into some money trouble? The Arataki Gang always asks for help, remember that.” He was frowning again, this was more frowning than should usually happen on a date.
“No, nothing like that. I was just saving for this.” You said, looking away.
“For this?” He asked, still missing the point. “For dinner with you.” You added, blushing as you took another sip of beer for your nerves.
He nodded, turning to face the bar, waving the bartender down for refill, thanking the Archons that the beer seemed to hide blush. “For me?” He chuckled, somewhat humbly, flustered and flattered that one of his most trusted friends and members would go to such trouble.
“Yeah, for you.” You said softly. As if on cue, your server returned asking for your dinner orders. Without needing to ask Itto, you order Tonkotsu Ramen for him and Butter Crab for yourself, you deserved it. 
“You don’t have…” He said, a little more shy than before. “I can just have the Udon Noodles, I don’t want you to spend that much.” He shook his head, his hands waving the suggested meal away.  “Nonsense, it’s so good.” You smiled, sending the server on his way and getting your second refill.
You and Itto were practically drooling by the time the main course arrived, having had an extra beer each while chatting away. Itto thanked you profusely, declaring that he owes you next time before digging in. You started chewing away at the criminally delicious crab, the meat soft and buttery in the perfect way. You both enjoy yourselves, you try desperately not to disturb fellow customers every time Itto had you in stitches.
“And then you wouldn’t believe who I saw-” He whispered low against you mid story, sending shivers down your spine. 
“General Kujou Sara was in line RIGHT next to me, I almost had a heart attack, thought I was trespassing the line for the limited Ms.Hina merch sale.” He added, still low in your ear, this voice was making you light-headed with the added beer.
“No.” You said, shocked. Itto’s eyes glinted, he loves telling stories and you would say right now in your buzzed state that he was better than whoever that bard was.
“Yes! Except she wasn’t in line for Ms.Hina like I was, but a limited Shogun figure!” He said, his facial expression exploding with the surprise he had on his face that day. You laughed, taking the final bite of your meal and finishing off your beer just after Itto had. 
“That hit the spot.” You sigh, stretching and yawning. “Let me walk you home:” Itto laughed, asking for the bill, you nodded. This was probably the best first date you’ve had in a while. Itto felt a bit embarrassed looking at the sizable bill, watching you drop your hard earned money on a twenty five thousand mora meal. You just thanked your server, taking Itto by the arm to leave.
With full stomachs and hot cheeks you both left Uyuu, you suggested some dessert on the way back and Itto nodded pointing out a food stall with relatively cheap dango. 
“Two Tricolor Dango, please!” You said, pulling out your wallet before Itto cleared his throat stepping in front of you.
“Let me cover this.” Itto interjected, pulling out some mora before you could even protest, giving the vendor the money. “You paid for dinner, let me cover it.” He took the dango from the vendor, turning to you with a smirk. “Wouldn't wanna tarnish my Arataki “Always the Gentlemen Even if He’s Kinda Broke Right Now” Itto reputation, would I now?” He said, handing you one of the tri-color dango. 
You moved your party down to the taller walls around the food stall, sitting together with your feet dangling. Itto nudged you to look over at him.
“Thank you for dinner, (Y/N). Don’t remember the last time it was just us.” He said before taking one of the spheres into his mouth in one go, chewing away happily. “It was a good time, Haha!” He laughed, cheeks full of dessert. You took a bite as well, chewing and swallowing unlike the oni.
“It really was a nice date, Itto. Thank you” You add look up at him for a moment, the moon reflecting in your eyes. You look away bashfully, chewing your dessert much less loudly than the big oni next to you. Regardless of the hiccups, it was a lovely day you recall. No one seemed to make you laugh as much or made you feel as safe as he did, it was only natural to finally ask him out. When you looked back at him, his cheeks were full of his second treat already, his eyebrows raised in shock.
“Thifs wath a dae?” Itto asked, mouthful of dango, he swallowed hard. “Archons. This was a date.” He repeated to him, a deep blush settling on his cheeks. He felt suddenly embarrassed by his usual behaviour. If he knew this was a date, he would’ve doubled the Arataki “Hopeless Romantic, but refuses to admit it even to himself” Itto charm, maybe bought you flowers and not insisted on winning the stupid rock, paper, scissors match. “Why didn’t you tell me??” He abandoned his last dango next to him, turning to you and taking your hands in his.
“I thought you knew” You laughed a little, your clear amusement making him even more embarrassed. “I did say “Hey, you want to go out for dinner?” and when you were already running to invite the entire gang, I stopped you.” Itto bowed his head down to hide his face in your hands, now very aware of your implications earlier that day. “I’m an idiot.” He whined against your hands, you could feel how hot his face was. 
“Hey you’re not an idiot, I should’ve been more clear.” You lift his face up to stare into his fiery red eyes. “Why don’t we start from scratch?” You smiled softly, watching his expression change from, frankly, cute sadness to hopefulness. “You really wanna still go out with me after this?” He searched your eyes and you laughed to yourself, he really was the sweetest (and only) oni you’ve ever met. “Now you’re being an idiot, of course I do.” His demeanour lightens up, grabbing your hands excitedly. He stood up and dragged you along with him which wasn’t hard considering how goddamn strong he is. 
“Hey! Slow down, big guy” You gasp as he marches with determination you’ve only seen in the toughest of beetle battles, you resign to your fate, being dragged through the streets of Inazuma City. You whip past closed restaurants and stalls, the city quiet, save a few cicadas in the late summer air.
“Here.” He stopped, letting you go finally. You rub your arm a little, frowning before you look in front of you, Itto smiling proudly as you look over the calm water. “What do you think?” He shrunk into himself after you didn’t say anything, scratching the back of his neck. “Itto, I-” It was beautiful, you didn’t quite have the words to say, so you sat down on the ground. You urged him to join, patting the spot next to you.
“This is beautiful. I don’t think I’ve been here this late.” Your hands are glued to your lap, afraid to make things weird for the oni, though he seemed content just sitting there together. “I come here to think a lot..” He stared up at the moon, relaxing with you in his presence, letting his usual mask slip. “Just about things, ya know? Life, Granny, The boys… You.” He admitted the last thing while staring at the ground, careful not to let you see how flustered he was.  “You’re surprisingly introspective.” You chuckled softly and in a moment of confidence you slipped your hand to his.
 “I hope you have no complaints about me!” You blurted nervously, laughing stiffly toward the end. “No, no.” He laughed too, the vibrations landing deep in your chest. “All good things. Promise.” He squeezed your hand and looked at you, a wide grin on his face. 
Watching the eternal cherry blossoms fall into the water, you sat silently together. Probably for the first time since you met Arataki Itto, he had nothing to say. He was just happily watching the small cat across the water play with the floating blossoms on the water, his thumb rubbing small circles around yours. 
“Itto?” You turned to him, putting your other hand over his, trying to grab his attention,
“Hm?” He questioned, not taking his eyes off the moon, his red eyes holding a beautiful reflection in them.
“This not-date-date was great.” He nodded, keeping his eyes fixed on the sky, the stars more visible since you arrived here, you took your hand away making him frown a little, but you cupped his face bringing him closer. He held his breath as you forced him to face you, his eyes darting around your face. “What’s u-up? Something on my face or somethin’?” He said nervously, you rolled your eyes, facing your body toward him.
“Can I kiss you?” You asked, his eyes lit up, his mouth about 2 seconds too fast for his brain as he nodded. “Am I dead? Did the Shogun strike me down finally? I think I might be in heaven!” He rushed through his sentence, dramatically holding his hand to chest to feel his heartbeat.
“Shut up and just kiss me, idiot.” You smile and roll your eyes, you give him a chaste peck on the lips before he pulls you in deeper, humming into it as you locked lips. He felt warm as he snaked his arm around your wait, pulling you close to him. 
You squeaked in surprise when he lifted you up, putting you on his lap, hugging you tight. “Never wanna leave.” He murmured into your chest as he engulfed you. You kissed the base of one of his horns, Itto hummed in content, melting into you.
You stayed like that for a while before a chill settled over the night, you going to tough time explaining to Shinobu why you both were out this late without telling anyone, but why worry when Arataki “Officially Numero Uno in Your Heart” Itto was rubbing circles into your back?
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k1ng0fn0b0dy · a day ago
❤ Destiny
[600+ words]
Summary: Everyone is born with words on their wrist, words their soulmate will say to them someday. You have the words "I love you" written in golden cursive on your wrist. (Dream x Reader)
You have grown up fearing the words "I love you". When your first boyfriend says it to you for the first time, you start crying. The relationship didn't end up lasting long but in every relationship you've had, it ends not too long after they say they love you.
You can't say the words back. Not because you don't love them, you always have, but trying to force the words out of your throat only brings vile, disgusting throw-up clawing its way out of your mouth.
Nothing about that ever changed when you got into your most recent relationship. You got the same chest-squeezing fear the first time Dream said "I love you" except after hearing your explanation, he didn't leave. He promised you never to leave saying "I love you" so that you never had to be scared of something bad happening.
Until it did.
You have never trusted someone as much as you have Dream, he is a sweetheart, he cares so deeply, and he loves you in the most honest way you've ever had anyone love you. He's the first person you've ever told you loved, and he's the one you're most scared of losing.
You wanted so desperately for him not to be your soulmate, only so you never had to lose him. But life doesn't always work out that way.
You were walking home together after dining out at a local pizza place, hands swinging together as you walked. It's such a peaceful night, a full moon shining down from above.
"We should eat out more often," Dream sighed happily. "I've never had better pizza."
That was pretty true but, "You said you were going to diet with Nick," You point out. Dream groans, pouting dramatically at you. "You can't just abandon him. He needs you."
"That pizza needs me!" Dream shakes his head with a laugh. "But fine, maybe another time. When he drops it in a week, we can all go together."
You try to hide your fond smile, "You're the reason his diets don't work out."
"Oh please," Dream scoffs. He then pauses and nods, "Yeah no, that's actually pretty true. But I have helped him work out so it evens out."
You giggle at his cute pouty face. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, babe."
Dream can't even pretend to look mad, cheeks flushed at the nickname. He coughs, "I picked last time right? What movie do you wanna see today?"
"Maybe Coraline. I haven't watched it in a few months, I kinda miss the funky little clay people," Dream pouts again at your words.
"Hey, I'm the only little Clay person you need."
You press twin kisses to his freckled cheeks. "Of course, you are, babe."
You're both laughing as you walk down the street. All you can see is his face, his smile, and the way the moon bounces off his hair. Headlights light up every freckle, every strand of his stubble. There is nothing but Dream, his wide eyes, and you.
And then he's pushing you. You fall hard on your back, pushing yourself up instantly and staring, misty-eyed, at the car that's speeding past Dream's still body.
You can't remember much. You know you had started screaming only because people started pouring out onto the street. You do remember holding Dream's hand, carefully cradling his face. You were probably crying.
His eyes fluttered open for only a second and he smiled, teeth bloody, the second he saw your face. After a second of open-mouthed silence, his voice croaked out quietly. "I love you."
You don't remember anything more from the night. Dream didn't make it. You were gone soon after.
[Whoops, forgot to mention it was "Last thing your soulmate says to you" AU. My bad. Anyway, Dream is my little meow meow. He might've lied about being blonde and his freckles but honestly I had no expectations (my mental image of him is still a blob, ngl).]
[Tell me any other sad prompts you have, I might end up writing them, who knows :)]
[L0v3, k1ng]
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
୨୧ — ꒰ CHARACTER(S). virgin!sub!thoma ♥︎
୨୧ — ꒰ SYNOPSIS. “ that was assault with a deadly weapon, by a virgin no less. ” ♥︎
୨୧ — ꒰ CW. body worship[brief], oral sex, deep throating, ♥︎
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Do you like that, Thoma?”
He is at a loss for what to do. He's never done anything like this before. Sure, he's fucked his hand, rutting into it with a feverish desire, wishing it was a soft, warm hole, but now that he's been presented with the idea, his eyes are unable to hold yours, and he is aware of how embarrassed he is.
“Can I kiss you?" you ask, pulling him from his thoughts, but you're already so close to him that when you speak, he can feel your lips move.
His large hands grip the supple flesh of your thighs so tightly that it almost hurts, but it only makes you grind harder against him. The fact that he has obviously never done anything like this before simply makes you want to relieve him more. You’re only wearing boxers, and the outline of his dick begins to press against you. His size makes you feel little, and the way he pants beneath you has your hole clentching uncontrollably. You're so eager to ride him that you’re beginning to ache.
“Thoma,” you press, “Can I?”
He nods, no words coming to his saviour when you taste everything he offers as you gently and deliberately lick into his lips, your eyes flashing upward to catch his expression.
He already looks completely fucked out. It awakens something primal within you, having the Kamisato Clan's housekeeper so helpless between your thighs. You waited too long for this.
You parted, attacking a spot on his neck causing his cock to jerk madly against you and hands gripping slightly.
“I’ll take care of you, okay?” you hum, tracing your hands down his arms to those firm hands on your thighs. “Just relax for me…”
He vigorously nods, shuffling down to rest his back flat against the mattress, eager to obey your command.
“Which one do you want, “ you begin grabbing his hand from your thigh and pulling it to cup your ass. “My ass or…”
Once more you led his hands again, this time upwards. Pass your slightly wet boxer, hard sensitive nipples, and unmarked collarbone.
Eventually coming to your lovely, opulent lips, which poured out the words that caused him to feel as squeamish as he is.
“..my mouth?”
You enthusiastically sucked on two of his soft fingers while you waited hungrily for his answer.
“Y-Your mouth.. please.”
He can't take his eyes off you, as if he's anticipating your next move.
“You’re so cute..” you dipped down to kiss him on the lips and then slid off his lap to kneel between his legs.
He gulped when you opened his thighs farther to gain more access.
Your eyes widened in disbelief after you hooked your fingers into the smooth waistband of his trousers and pulled down impatiently to emphasize what you wanted.
His painfully hard cock snaps upward, proudly sitting against his toned stomach.
It’s twitches from the cool air and constant gaze from you.
“Don’t stare...” he pants, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. “You’re making me... feel embarrassed...”
“Not my fault you have such a monster in your pants..” you say as you massaged his tight balls, heavy with a load that you desperately want to dump down your throat.
He whimpers under his breath at the touch, “Should… we stop..” he pants.
You gripped his boner, smearing precum over your puffy lips, sighing quietly, “Don’t wanna.”
You slip him inside your mouth like he was meant to be there, and Thoma nearly crumbles when you vigorously suckle his head - just the head - tongue soft and flat, tickling the underside, before your movements are tense and deliberate, sliding and slobbering over his flushed red tip - so aching and sensitive that a whine bubbles out of his sealed lips, and he grasps your shoulders, entire body shudders.
He inhaled, watching as you hallowed your cheeks, bobbing up and down. Your throat made some faint gagging noises when his tip struck the back of it. His pubic hairs are brushed by your nose. It felt like heaven.
He moves his hands through your curls without thinking, hips bucking up, going impossibly deeper down your throat. But you don't even gag; you just keep letting Thoma gently face fuck you. His hands grip your hair and apply pressure to the back of your head.
“My cock… I can’t.. hah.. I’m c-cumming!”
He starts to pull out, but you moan hard in protest, and he appears stunned, his eyes wide and his mouth open.
“A-ah, wait, don’t—”
You hum loudly, and he grimaces, clutching your face as he abruptly cums, pouring everything straight down your throat as he lets out a series of curse words.
He pants loudly every time, whiny and exhausted, and you feel his dick flex fiercely, spurting streaks of steady semen down your throat. When he finally finishes, he appears in a daze, his eyes glossy and distant.
He’s brought back to his senses from the sound of your coughing. Eyes catching you, panting, wiping the semen and drool from from your lips.
“Thoma..” you say after happily sucking your fingers clean. “You did so well, but I still need my treat.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
୨୧ — ꒰ SYNOPSIS.
Tumblr media
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Day One: Wade Wilson
Day One: Face-sitting || Cream-pie || Anonymous sex In this version, you have a dick! CW: Some cursing, smut ;), and that's about it.
Today was another stressful day. Though I should be used to that by now. Every day I deal with the same cases, targets, coworkers run-ins, and so on. I’m tired, very tired. I thought I would be able to move away from some of that, moving across the country, but I suppose not. 
I continued to walk down the street, my destination, my apartment. At times, I would classify it as an apartment, but then again, it’s what I can afford right now. Moving can be expensive and to New York nonetheless. 
I sigh escaped my lips as I passed by an alleyway. There were people walking out of the building, drunk I assume. Perhaps a bar? I could stop in. A couple of drinks wouldn’t be so bad. Might even help me relax before I get home to nothing and no one. So, I decided to stop into the bar. 
It wasn’t too busy. To be expected on a Wednesday night I suppose. People must already be at home sleeping or getting extra work finished before the next day. But not I. Tonight, I will drink away my stress and enjoy a well-earned sleep when I get home. 
I took my seat. A man with curly hair took my order and walked off to prep it. I glanced around the bar. Mary Margret’s Dead Pool? There were a list of players and bets and ages? What kind of bar is…oh, that kind of bar. They work in the same field as me. At least I know a place to make friends now, I thought as the bartender placed a drink in front of me. 
I continued to down my drinks. Over, and over, and over, and over. I didn’t want to stop. I saw the bartender give me a weary glance a couple of times before he finally came over. 
“I think that’s enough for tonight. This isn’t the place you want to get too drunk at,” he said, attempting to pull my half-drunk cup from me. I clenched my hand around it before he could. 
“I know exactly what kind of place this is…”
“Weasel,” he said. I held back a chuckle. 
“I know what kind of place this is Weasel. Anyways, I’m not that drunk,” I said, pulling my drink and hand from his grasp. Weasel gave me a long look before walking off to tend to other people at the bar. 
“You shouldn’t give Weasel too hard of a time yea,” I heard a man say behind me. 
I went to turn but saw no one. I was confused. Wasn’t there someone just here? Maybe I’m drunker than I thought. I turned back to my drink only to see it gone. I looked down the bar to see Weasel talking to another patron, so it wasn’t him. 
“You like this stuff,” the voice said before I saw the glass that once held my drink being placed on the bar in front of me. 
“What do you want,” I asked the unknown person. I was on edge. I don’t like not knowing who’s interacting with me, especially when I can feel that they are in my space. 
“I just wanted to say hi to the new face. We don’t get too many new people here…well new people who last very long. Hopefully, you’ll last longer than most,” the voice said. 
“I’m sure I will,” I told him as I went to stand. I didn’t bother looking for the face to the voice, I just wanted to leave. I didn’t think he followed me, so I just left the bar and walked home to my warm bed. 
A couple of months went by. I started participating in the “dead pool” as they call it. I wouldn’t say I’m the best when it comes to betting, but I tend to have pretty good luck, and it’s nice to have more money in my pockets. Work has been…normal. Not much different than the last place I was from. The biggest difference being the number of contracts coming my way. But that was to be expected. New York is much bigger than h/t. 
I did make a few friends here. And by few, I mean two exactly. Weasel and a man named Wade. Wade doesn’t usually talk to me as much, but he can be pretty nice, aside from his dark humor and misplaced jokes. 
“Nice to see ya y/n,” the voice said behind me. 
And to this day, I still don’t know who this voice belongs to. Every time I try to look behind me or peek a glance in a reflection, he’s not there. So I gave up trying to know. Besides, he doesn’t seem too hostile. He usually just says hi and leaves after a bit. I will say, I am interested, but that interest will have to wait for another time. I packed up my stuff and began to leave the bar. 
I was walking through the alley until I heard his voice behind me again. 
“You’re going home already,” he said. Strange, he’s never followed me outside before, and I’m not too sure what to make of it. 
“It’s been a long day, and I want to go home. Did you need something,” I asked, but he was silent. That was until two large arms wrapped around me from behind. I panicked for a moment. Was he trying to kill me? No, he was hugging me? His arms wrapped around my shoulders and I felt a weight, probably his head, lay on my shoulder as well. 
“This is unexpected,” I said before continuing, “Are you drunk,” I asked, only to receive a husky laugh. 
“Nah…I can’t get drunk,” he said. What a weird answer. 
“Again, is there something you needed,” I asked, but he said nothing. Nothing happened until I felt his body press closer and closer against my own.
“What are you doing,” I asked. 
“I’ve been interested in you for a while, y/n. Don’t you feel the same,” he asked. I felt my face grow warm with embarrassment. I don’t even know who this man is, but I can’t deny I’m interested. 
The man grinded his body against my own. His arms moved from my shoulders down to my hips. Grabbing them with force, and pulling them back, stilling them, as he continued to move. I went to turn my head, but he grasped it with one hand and kept it facing forward. 
“Ah, ah, ah. The mystery is what makes it fun,” he said. 
“Could I at least get a name?” The man went silent for a bit before he started talking again.
“Wa-no. No, I have something better! Poolio!”
“Yea! Like coolio-poolio-“
“I’m not calling you that,” I told Poolio. Ugh, even saying that in my head feels awkward. The man laughed some before he went silent. 
“Then what are you going to call out later tonight hmm?” My eyes widened and I turned once more. The man was gone? But I heard him suck his teeth at me. 
“What have we said about turning around y/n?” I groaned. 
“That mystery is what makes it fun Anyways, where did you go,” I asked. 
“Sit down and find out,” he said. 
Sit down…sit down…oh..oh. I took off my pants and underwear and began to crouch down, resisting the urge to look down at his face. 
But in the process, my hips were grabbed from behind and I was yanked down onto his face. I was going to complain, but he interrupted any complaint I had. 
I expected him to be quick and rough, but in actuality, he was slower, more sensual. He placed kisses along my ass and blew on them from time to time, sending cold chills throughout my body. He nipped and sucked until he finally reached his destination. His hands pulled my cheeks apart as his tongue dived in. I jolted in surprise and pleasure. It’s been so long since I’ve been with anyone. He grabbed one of my hands to replace one of his before his hand moved under me. He grabbed onto my cock and began to stroke it up and down, occasionally stopping to rub the tip. I couldn’t leave him out of this. So I bent over and pulled down his pants a bit…his skin…it reminds me of…never mind. He was wearing no underwear, so it wasn’t too long before his cock sprang from his pants. I drew my head near and just as I opened my mouth, pool, I refused to call him Poolio, he probed my hole with his finger. I moaned as I took him into my mouth, my hand stroking what my mouth couldn’t take in. His smell and taste enveloped my senses as his fingers and mouth worked on me from down below. As I continued to take him in, his hips began to rut against my face and his breath against my ass got warmer and warmer. I felt encouraged to take him deeper, but he pushed me off of his face and lab. I was on the cold New York ground on my hands and knees. 
“I wasn’t finished yet,” I said through gritted teeth. 
“You’ll get to finish now, just let me…” he said trailing off. I felt him pushing my shoulders down until I was balancing on my forearms instead of my hands. I could feel his eyes looking over me.
He dragged his hands across my skin, making his way down to my ass. He took hold of me and needed my skin.
“I’ve been waiting for this for some time…” he mumbled. I don’t think he knows I can hear him. I have my own suspicions, but it doesn’t matter right now. 
“You getting cold feet back there,” I called out. 
“Me? No…not getting cold feet. Just working on control. I want to take my time,” the man said. Scare?
His hands pulled him ass apart as he continued to push me forward. He angled himself forward and began to push in. 
“Fucking…fuck” he cursed to no one. 
His body bent over my own and he didn’t move. I was a big grateful for that myself seeing I needed to adjust my body to him some more. 
But just as I was relishing in his stillness, he sprung up before and pulled out of me only to slam himself back in. 
“Pool,” I howled at the surprised force. 
Pool continued to fuck me like some toy of his. Occasionally muttering to…himself or me maybe. He pulled my ass cheeks apart to watch him penetrate me over and over. I felt my body begin to slip from the force and before I could react-
“Get your ass up,” he grunted, as he continued to smack my ass until I got up. 
His pace resumed, he pulled my hips back into his hands and continued to drag me up and down on his cock. 
My vision started to grow narrow as my eyes struggled to keep open. I feel as if I could melt right here in this alleyway. 
“Can’t believe I waited…so long…too long,” he muttered to himself. 
I felt my head being yanked back as something grabbed my hair. My back arched.
“Pool, please…”
“Please? I’m afraid you’re going to have to use your words y/n.”
And with that he pushed me down and onto my side. My leg was pulled into the air, and he buried himself inside of me. 
The thought of looking up at him hadn’t even entered my mind as my hand traveled down my body towards my pulsing cock. I stroked it, chasing my own orgasm, over and over as I moaned out Pool’s name. My stomach started growing tighter and tighter until I felt I might orgasm, but my hand was pushed out of the way, only to be replaced by a larger and firmer one. 
His hands were rougher than before. Less precise and caring, but even still the build grew more and more. 
“Pool I’m-”
“Do it-Do it, please do it.” 
And with his words, shockwaves jolted throughout my body. I cried out in ecstasy at the feeling of pleasure Pool brought me. But soon I was whimpering as his fingers continued to stroke my cock and he was still fucking into me, his rhythm gradually worsening. 
“A little more…you can take it can’t you,” he grunted out to me. 
I laid there as he slowed until his body finally stopped. He didn’t leave me, not yet. We just sat there in the silence…well as silent as New York can get in the middle of the night in an alleyway. 
I finally turned my head to meet his gaze.
“Y/n,” he responded with the same questioning tone despite the goofy grin on his face.  
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supercap2319 · 3 days ago
Bucky: “Y/N? What are you doing here?”
Y/N: “Isn’t it obvious? I’m here to audition to be a part of the illustrious Thunderbolts.”
John Walker: “What makes you think we just let anyone in?”
Y/N: *Smirks* “Hey, they let you in. They must be desperate for members.”
Bucky: *Chuckles*
Y/N: *Looks at Bucky* “So, can I join fearless leader?”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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