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the-mcu-is-amazing · a year ago
MCU fans: okay so it would be nice if Loki had some self love ya know, he’s been through enough
Marvel: okay so we’ll create room for a ship between themself and a very different but still a version of themself.
MCU fans: …
MCU fans: wait a minute…
In this household we stan Lokius and love a SIBLING LIKE dynamic between Loki and Sylvie
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poppyseed799 · 11 months ago
I have a LOT to say about the reading lists my dsmp fanfic on Wattpad has been put in but I just really wanna say that the fact that it’s only JUST NOW been put into a list called “DNF” is shocking. It’s been in soooo many dreamnoblade ones despite techno not even being mentioned, but only NOW is it in a DNF one (George also hasn’t been mentioned)???? Shocking.
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unorthodoxx-page · 7 days ago
Avatar: The Last Airbender Fic Recs
So, since I have some readers who aren’t familiar with atla, I have decided to use this opportunity to list some of my favorite atla fics!  I will say one or two pairings are Zuko/Sokka, so I’ll tag them for people who don’t like the pairing.  There are also two Zuko/Katara fics listed below and they are labeled as well.
1. While Mighty Oaks Do Fall by @witch-of-endor (Sokka/Zuko) can’t rave about this more.  I live for the next update - IN PROGRESS
High Sage Kenji blesses Fire Prince Zuko with the resilience of the reed, who bends in the wind and never breaks. When he is done, Fire Prince Ozai narrows his eyes, seemingly displeased by this blessing. But Kenji does not speak for himself; he is only a vessel.
The newly-crowned Fire Lord Ozai offers his firstborn son to service in the temple.
This turns out to be a catastrophic mistake.
2. Mountains and Badgermolehills by @glass-0nion 10/10 Zuko joins the Gaang early - COMPLETE
After the Blue Spirit frees the Avatar from the Pohuai Stronghold, Admiral Zhao captures Prince Zuko under suspicion of treason. Isolated from his Uncle and his crew, Zuko has only one ally: the chatty prisoner one cell over.
3. The Blackfish and the Dragon by ama (unsure if they have a tumblr) I don’t typically read Zuko/Katara but I love this!! 10/10 COMPLETE
Katara grew up in the Southern Water Tribe under the tutelage of Hama, the only waterbender ever to have escaped Fire Nation captivity. When Zuko arrives at the South Pole, seeking the Avatar, they are more than ready to defend him. Iroh watches as his beloved nephew throws himself at the ice walls again and again in an impossible siege–-and resolves to do anything it takes to save his nephew from himself. With the assistance of the Order of the White Lotus, he deposes his brother on the Day of Black Sun.
A week later, the Southern Water Tribe receives a petition for peace, and a proposal of marriage.
4. Such Selfish Prayers by  @andromeda3116 another Zuko/Katara story!  I loved this from Katara’s point of view.  COMPLETE
Katara's ambition, so long set aside for the good of others, breaks free and sets fire to her soul. Or, Katara has a vision of her canon future, casts it aside, and becomes a world-changing politician instead.
5. The Dragon-King’s Temple by Kryal (unsure if they have a tumblr) now this is a CLASSIC crossover fic in the fandom.  Not to age myself here, but I remember when the first chapter was posted as a teaser, then waiting, like, two years for the update.  This might be nostalgia talking but I don’t think so 100/10 no pairing. Toph and Zuko adventure.  crossover with Stargate SG-1 COMPLETE
Through the spite of the spirits or plain rotten chance, a door that would have been better left untouched has opened. On the other hand, with Fire and Earth as one's allies, sometimes escaping is the easy part.
Even the Dragon-King's temple floods.
6. The Family You Choose by TunaFishChris (unsure if they have a tumblr) a platonic soulmate with all the Gaang (including Suki and Zuko).  Zuko’s point of view and it’s REALLY good. COMPLETE
Some people are born with soulmarks. Zuko has them, but his grandfather burned them off because they "make you weak."
Team Avatar has a few things to say about that.
Enjoy this small feast of Avatar the last air bender content!
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sabertoothwalrus · 7 months ago
no one asked but I’ve had this blog for 10 years and I actually don’t mind prev tags, but it is absolutely not a REPLACEMENT for screenshots. here is my rule of thumb:
if the tags are about a personal/private experience, I’m more inclined to use prev tags. yes if they’re posting their tags online then technically anyone could view them, but it’s like…. the difference between someone sharing something to a class of 25 people during a discussion and saying “good point so true” vs filming what they said and posting it to tiktok.
if the tags are an inside joke and only me or a couple other people would get it, I’m using prev tags or a “SO-AND-SO YOUR TAGS” (and in the same breath adding a response)
if the tags are blorbo related and maybe it’s a fandom I know my followers like, but is far from generally liked, and I don’t want to derail op’s post, I’ll use prev tags (or repeat them)
if the tags would derail op’s post in general. maybe the post was about something important, and the tags are also important but a bit irrelevant, and would do better on their own post. prev tags
if the tags are A Lot, like maybe a bit Too nsfw for what I typically like to have on my blog, but reading them suckerpunched me and I want to inflict them on anyone who’s willing to look, I may use prev tags (case by case)
if the tags add NECESSARY CONTEXT or ENHANCE THE PUNCHLINE, they are getting screenshotted
if it’s a conversation, and it’s better if people can see the full thread rather than just @‘ing people in the replies, I’ll screenshot
if I was browsing the tags and found multiple very funny ones, I will screenshot my favorites
I DO screenshot tags like 80% of the time. They are still my preferred method of tag peer review.
I think what people are forgetting is why we like writing comments in tags in the first place. it’s because they are impermanent. if every prev tags situation was screenshotted and added to a post, it would actively make a lot of posts worse. No one wants unfunny additions tacked on,or two people that keep reblogging your posts over and over to rp their omegaverse rpf or whatever.
sidenote: idk who started saying the “prev tags trend was started by twitter users” because the first people I saw using it were people I followed 8-10 years ago 🤔
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girlfictions · a month ago
i don’t even know what to think or how to feel. i barely know the details behind this situation and im not even sure i want to. it’s so incredibly surreal and fucked up to think that someone an entire community has known for so long, someone in so many circles, someone so famous, was capable of this. and when we all thought things were going well, too. i can’t even process this, i don’t know how, and im crying but i can’t even pinpoint a specific feeling that’s driving my tears. i don’t even know what to do with myself now. i’ve been so hopelessly hyperfixated to this fandom and its content creators for so long, and to primeboys in particular, and all i’ve ever done to pass the time recently is read fanfiction, and i don’t even know if i’ll be able to step away from that, because that’s basically what all my free time was dedicated to, and what my only source of consistent joy was. i don’t know how im going to recover from this because im not in any other fandoms and i wasn’t interested in any, because i couldn’t find one that clicked in the right way for me and because i was so assured that this was a fandom i would be in for the long con, for at least until i lost interest and drifted to something else. never had i thought that it would be ripped out of my hands instead. i can’t even be sure that i still won’t read fanfiction and won’t daydream little stories in my head, can’t even be sure that i won’t rewatch one of his videos on a day that i feel empty and want a distraction, and i can’t even be sure that i won’t mourn the person i thought he was or wanted to believe he was because all i want to do after i finish writing this ask is curl up in my bed, read fanfiction, and cry.
i hate him for that if nothing else. you held the world in your hands, you had people who looked up to you, you have friends who cared and loved you, and now it’s all for naught. every piece of art someone made for you, every story they wrote about you, every defense they made for you, every love they’ve had for you, every joy you gave them through a like on twitter or a late night stream—it’s all dirtied by your name. at least for the near future, anyone who looked up to you, and loved you, and included you in their long-winding, passionate stories, and knew you, and laughed with you, will feel embarrassed and guilty that they ever cared about you at all.
and i hate that it hurts, most of all. i hate that i can’t enjoy those memories or stories or moments without knowing that those memories and stories and moments were spent with someone so horrible. i hate that you are everywhere, because it makes it that much harder to forget you, when your impact is so well-known. i hate that i would still enjoy your videos if i watched them right now, that i would still reread my favorite fanfic even if you were a main character in it, and that i still want to write those stories with you in it that i’ve drafted in my mind from beginning to end but never wrote. i hate how much of a constant you were in my life for these past two years that weeding you out seems impossible.
and i don’t know what to do. i can’t express how much this changes what i do, because i’ve done nothing but sit on the primeboys tag on ao3, reloading to see if i can find any good fics, and i’ve done nothing but imagine and indulge in daydreams of stories and plots with him in them, and i don’t know how i’ll get by every day without these things to fallback on. i don’t know what i’ll do.
thanks for reading my spiel, if you’ve gotten this far. i’m sorry, i just don’t know where else to put it. thank you for this, even if you don’t see it. im sorry if it’s a bit of a mess.
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obi-whumpkenobi · 17 days ago
Obi-Whump Fic Rec
someone asked me for fic recs and I already had it listed out, so I decided to post here! these are some of my fave fics that (for the most part) focus on whump. these are in no particular order. this is not an exhaustive list by any means, I have plenty of more favorites that I have saved but I wouldn’t quite call them whump fics. also, these don’t really encompass a broad variety of whump genres, more like I have a type and that is captivity/torture. yes, i’m a sicko. if I could, I would rec everyone’s whumptober/febuwhump/etc, but maybe I’ll do that separately if there’s enough interest. obviously, there’s some heavy shit on this list, including noncon, so please read the tags and take care of yourself.  
without further ado:
A Temporary Mercy by @swranger (6k, M, GDOV, series WIP) - citadel au. so this one is great because if you’re like me you were probably disappointed by the quick save obi et al got in the citadel arc and that he wasn’t...hurt a bit more.
something inside this heart has died (you’re in ruins) by @revanchxst (22k, T,  CCNTUAW, completed) - two things i love, codywan and pain. I was craving a fic where cody replaced rex on kadavo and goddamn this one delivered. 
i just wanna keep calling your name (until you come back home) by @revanchxst (15k, T, NAWA, completed) - what if chipped-cody started dreamsharing with obi-wan? this is the first one that’s not quite physical whump but it’s sprinkled in there along with plenty of angst. also there’s a line in here that made me cry so much i have it saved to a widget on my phone.
Recollection by @elwenyere (18k, E, NAWA, completed) - within the first few paragraphs i knew this one was gonna hurt. honorary mention because it’s cody whump and not obi whump but still plenty of pain.
Suns Tempered By Devotion by @come-chaos (15k, E, R/NC, completed) - another one that’s more codywan than whump, but this one is on here because it killed me and i have still not recovered.
In the Line of Duty by shipping_ruined_my_life (5.7k, E, GDOV, completed) - the obi whump exchange was good to us. codywan + the good ole tortured-in-front-of-the-other with a twist!
Offset by @deviantaccumulation (64k, M, GDOV, completed) - i have this one saved as “qui-gon’s alive and dooku’s a bitch”, pretty self explanatory. A+ whump.
Example by @swranger (40k, NR, GDOV, completed) - this would be like christmas if i celebrated it. every new chapter is some horror for obi and i fucking love it.
Dreams by @geodax (2.7k, M, CCNTUAW, completed) - so grievous definitely had some kind of psychosexual obsession for obi and we all know it. this...builds on that :)
Of Teachers and T'ayl'e by @levitatingbiscuits (8.7k, NR, GDOV, WIP) - also not a whump fic per se, but he’s hurt for enough of it that i’m including it. this encompasses everything i love about jangobi.
The Dark Side of Obi-Wan Kenobi Part 1 by @mostthingskenobi (25k, M, GDOV completed) - a post-lawless au with some truly delicious torture.
Conjuring Miracles by @kcrabb88 (30k, M, NAWA, completed) - again, we were deprived of some good whump by the kenobi show when tala shows up miraculously to save him (and vader forgets that he controlled fire like 2 seconds ago). this remedies that beautifully.
See My Dreams All Die by @temporaryuniverse-writing (34k, M, GDOV, completed) - what if obi-wan killed anakin on mustafar, so sidious tried to make him fall instead? plenty of great whump, but also comfort.
And This Guilt, Please Bleed It Out of Me by @letitrainathousandflames (6.2k, M, GDOV, completed) - another beautiful OWE fic. obi-wan continues to suffer from anakin’s actions (this time, the tuskens).
Only One Allowed to Hurt You by sereq_ieh_dashret (15k, E, GDOV, WIP) - maul is basically like “wait you can’t hurt kenobi, i’m the only one who can do that >:(
The Mandalorian Wars by @geodax (66k, M, GDOV, MCD, completed) - my first whump fic i read in the prequels fandom! heavy as fuck, but so good.
Two Months by I_Gave_You_Fair_Warning (14k, E, GDOV, completed) - cody replaces alpha-17 in the rattatak storyline, pain ensues :(
vital signs by marketchippie (18, E, GDOV, completed) - everything that’s great about ventrobi. tfw when you have sexual tension with your torturer?
And When In Shadows by @the-last-kenobi (1k, M, CCNTUAW, completed) - a short whumptober fic that i could not get out of my head for weeks. chef’s kiss mwah
A Treatise On Breaking and Repairs by @glimmerglanger (52k, E, GDOV, R/NC, MCD, completed) - of course i could not forget glimmer, the whump monarch. i remember staying up until 5 am every day just to catch the updates and being in awe each time.
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theonly1outof-a-billion · 3 months ago
my friend, mon ami
「︎ pierre gasly x reader 」︎
formula 1
↪︎ summary: pierre wants you to meet his friend but he’s not sure how it would turn out.
↪︎ warnings: mentions of death, mentions of a death of a loved one, mentions of antoine hubert’s 2019 crash, ends in somewhat a happy ending.
↪︎ type: blurb - angst - happy ending-ish, 0.9k words.
↪︎ w/c: 0.9k
author’s note: feel free to not continue reading this fanfiction but before you think too much of it, please at least read the authors note
disclaimer: all stories are a work of fiction and imagination. the fandoms on which these are based on belong to their rightful owners. character names, places, businesses, incidents and events are purely coincidental.
this is for an old friend. i remembered a friend of mine who was hit by a car and she passed away not so long ago but i miss her so much. she always told me that my writing was good but if i practice more it would be better. this is all for her.
if you don’t feel comfortable reading this then don’t, but for those who had a similar experience, just know that they’re somewhere up there guiding over you. your experiences and your emotions are valid. may you rest in peace, r. i love you, i still do.
another note: i am not using pierre’s pain and grief to make a fanfiction out of it. this is mostly based on personal experience and what i felt when i lost my friend. please don’t try and accuse me of something that i didn’t or will never do.
Tumblr media
"mon chéri?” he called out to you from the bed and you popped your head from the bathroom. “can you come here for a second please?”
“alright babe,” you wiped your face with the towel you were holding then you threw it to hand on a chair. the bed shifted as you sat down, putting a hand over pierre’s leg. “what’s up?”
“i was thinking…” he paused, fiddling with his phone. it was a habit you picked up on, he always did it when he was nervous. you held his hand, stopping his motions. you smiled at him reassuringly and he breathed out a sigh, like he was holding something back. “would you…would you like to meet a friend of mine?”
inside, you were relieved that it wasn’t like he was gonna break up with you or something. “of course. when are we gonna meet them?”
“later, when we get to the track. is that okay.”
“definitely. i’ll go get dressed. you should too, lazy.” he chuckled at your teasing before zoning out as you retreated to the closet.
“where are we going?” you asked him, almost tripping as you held his hand, walking around the paddock. “are we going to see your friend yet?”
“patience, mon amour.” he smiled at your eager expression but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. he looked tired­­­­­, you noticed. ever since you landed in belgium, he had been quiet and tense. you made him laugh a few times but that was the most you could do.
he held your hand tighter as you climbed the steep hill of eau rouge. you looked at pierre and his jaw was clenched, his eyebrows furrowed, but his eyes were unfocused, like he was deep into his thoughts.
you reached the top of the hill and walked towards the raidillion corner. when you reached it, pierre stopped, staring at the barrier. you looked at him curiously until he kneeled down and rested the bouquet of flowers he was holding on the yellow barrier. then it hit you.
you were walking with lando, him insisting you to accompany him just a few minutes ago. you walked around the track until you bumped into alex who wanted to tag along on your journey with no apparent destination
you ended up near the track, talking amongst yourselves about who was your favorite driver growing up. alex and lando were arguing about who was better—someone or someone— you were trying to listen but you got distracted with the cars passing by you, trying to get ahead of each other.
you were just about to interrupt the two boys with your own favorite until—
collective gasps from the crowd had you frozen in place. you stared at the screen, the drone capturing the crash in the raidillion. debris was flying, screams pierced the air, and whispers ran around the paddock.
your breath hitched, looking over the barrier to try and see if the driver was alright, knowing quite well that you wouldn’t be able to see anything from there. you check the screens but they didn’t show anything else.
let him be alright, please. you thought to yourself. they were still too young.
you didn’t hear what lando and alex asked you. it was something along the lines of  “y/n…okay? back to us…” something something, i don’t know.
all you knew was everything hit you too close to home.
we were having a movie marathon…she was only supposed to get takeout…you didn’t know that you would end up crying on the bed. and it wasn’t because of the movie.
you placed a hand on pierre’s shoulder and he looked up at you. you kneeled down next to him and sat on your heels. “hi anthoine,” you greeted, smiling at the flowers. “pierre said he wanted me to meet you.”
he was going to ask what you were doing until you leaned on his shoulder. “he hasn’t told me much about you but i’m sure you were a good friend. shame i didn’t get to meet you before in the paddock but i’m here now.
“you know what pierre did this morning? we ordered in the hotel, right? so i ordered a hawaiian pizza and that has pinapples on it. you know what he did? he took the pinapples off! i got a little mad at him cause he was wasting food but then he kissed me, i don’t know, maybe like a million times until i shrugged it off and said “y’know what? i don’t even know what I was angry about.” but i ate the pinapples so that it won't go to waste,” you gave pierre a teasing glare and he nudged you with your shoulder.
“you know, anthoine hates pinapple on pizza.” you gasped, putting a hand on your heart.
“anthoine! i thought we were friends! actually,” you turned back to him. “i don’t believe you.” you poked an accusing finger to his chest.
“excuse me, i was his best friend.”
“well, i am his new best friend now, right anthoine?” a second of silence passed. you thought you ruined it until the wind whistled, the flowers moving along with the breeze of the air.
“ha! see, i told you. i’m his best friend.” you pushed pierre and stuck your tongue out at him. he acted like he was hurt.
“oh please.” but he was happy. you were anthoine’s new best friend and he can’t wait to tell you all about him.
─── ·︎ ⌓︎ ∙︎ °︎︎ ⁎︎ ✧︎ ⁎︎ °︎ ∙︎ ⌓︎ ·︎ ───
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enitysworld · a month ago
Tumblr media
Yandere Hanzo and Soldier 76/Jack(separately) with a Bimbo!Fem!Reader & Himbo!Male!Reader who got their favorite sweets for their birthday.
TW/CW:Yandere behavior, unhealthy behavior, abusive relationship, abusive behavior, unhealthy relationship,Y/N stupid as hell,Like bitch don’t even realize why her/his Bf/Husband(depend which one) has red stains on their clothes,if I forgot any do not fear to tell me!,hella long!
A/N:So I changed jack’s to himbo as he’s gay (recently was told because I’m now just getting back into the fandom) and I wanna be respectful
Tag list: @originalgothhoagiefish-blog
Tumblr media
In a simple way? Shocked yet happy,you thought of him on his birthday even though you do that very often. He sadly still had work so he went but not before you pampered him as much as you could which made him embarrassed yet loved. As he was at work you started your plan as you made sure to do all your chores early just to start celebrating his birthday. You knew he didn’t like big celebrations for him so it was just gonna be a cake big enough for a few family and friends,a whole lot of pampering,spoiling your husband,and surprising him!
How would you surprise your lovely husband? Easy! Getting his favorite sweet! You made sure to get body guards as he always wants you protected how sweet of him! You soon got back with his favorite sweet. He got home exhausted as you got towards him very excited which made him smile. “Happy birthday honey!” “Thank you my love” “oh I made you some cake for any friends and family you chose and I got you something~~!” He was intrigued and curious. You ram towards the kitchen then back with a bag. “Shit your eyes!” He did so reluctantly as he smiled and sighed.
Putting one in your mouth you kissed him which he didn’t mind until he realized it was his favorite candy. When you pulled away he saw your giddy and happy face. “Well~? Did you like the surprise?” “Yes my dear I did and my favorite candy?” “Of course! I wanna show you how you make me feel! Loved!” He smiled and hugged you sniffing your scent. He’s happy he never told you his profession and that he married you his wonderful wife!
Tumblr media
He didn’t expect it one bit. He was exhausted and tired and all he wished to do was spend the rest of his birthday with his lovely stupid boyfriend. Nothing seemed odd at all before he left to work. As soon as you knew he was gone you started to bake a cake for him and make his favorite candy which was snickers…it wasn’t easy but it did help! You weren’t paying attention to the time and didn’t hear the door opening.
He knew something was off when he opened the door. He saw a light on so he silently went towards it only to see you his beautiful stupid lovely boyfriend in his oversized shirt,shorts,and an aperan on which made him feel as if you two were finally married. He saw the cake you made for him and some snickers? “Not sure if these are good…hope he’ll enjoy them enough..” he walked behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist as he rested his face in your shoulder. “EECK-!” “Easy baby,also anything you make I’ll enjoy it sweetie” “oh Jack! It’s you! Wait why are you home so early?” “Babe,I’m on time today” you were confused as you checked the clock to see he was right.
“Oops…lost track” “I know darling. How about we eat some cake and snickers then clean up and see where the night goes” “of course! Anything you want as it’s your day!” Such a stupid boyfriend,you didn’t even know where your old male friend went after he flirted with you. You didn’t know that the red splotches on his outfit were blood that belong to enemies that flirted with you. Such a stupid lovely boyfriend.
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scuttling · 5 months ago
Wish You Were Here
Fandom: Criminal Minds Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Female Reader Word Count: 1002 Tags: Some typical case talk, Hotch on vacation, not much else Summary: Just a blurb based on the prompt 'wish you were here' to get me creating again. 🤍 Overthinking is my enemy.
It’s day five of a serial murder case in Central Florida, and the weather is humid, the air thick and stifling. Aaron is standing—quite literally—in a swamp, his feet shoved into borrowed wading boots, his sleeves unbuttoned and rolled up. Mosquitoes buzz around their faces, and Morgan repeatedly slaps at his arms and mutters when he is bitten by yet another; apparently they’re sweet on him. Reid crouches down and lifts a muddy, slick clump of seaweed out of the water with a stick. 
“Sargassum. Chinese herbalists often prescribe it in powdered form and recommend drinking it as a tea,” Reid tells the group. “Some species have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anticoagulant properties.” He looks up, squinting against the brilliant sun overhead, and the seaweed—sargassum—slides off and falls back into the water, which splashes him in the face. He grimaces, and Morgan smacks himself on the arm again and curses like a sailor. Aaron sighs. 
“Would it have had any impact on decomposition?” he asks as patiently as he can; he can’t imagine having Reid’s brain, knowing so much, and being expected to use it specifically for their benefit, nothing more. He knows Reid appreciates his patience, can tell by his light shrug as he comes to standing, his own rubber boots stretching up his long legs and stopping mid-thigh.
“Not to my knowledge. Whatever caused the accelerated decomposition, it wasn’t this.” He swipes the back of his hand over his face, wiping away the dirty swamp water, and Aaron pulls his phone out of his pocket to update the other half of the team. He pauses when he notices that a text message was delivered ten minutes ago, then drags his finger across the screen to unlock it—and he smiles for the first time in five days when he sees the photo attached. 
It’s nothing unexpected or urgent, just you and Jack sitting on the bleachers at one of his soccer games, your heads together and grins on your faces. Jack has a green smear of a grass stain on his uniform, and you look lovely as ever, glowing in a blue sundress with little white flowers on it, your signature iced coffee in your hand.
The caption is simple and effective: Wish you were here!
Morgan slaps a mosquito on the back of his neck; Reid loses his footing and grabs onto a nearby sheriff’s deputy for balance, takes them both down in a splash of brackish water and mud. 
Aaron sighs for what feels like the hundredth time today, missing his son and his girlfriend and their uncomplicated, happy little slice of life. 
He wishes he was there, too.
“Jack, sweetie, come tell Dad goodnight; he’s only got a moment.” You duck down into the video chat frame, your phone propped up against a box of pasta, and Aaron can almost smell your fragrant, homemade marinara from Oregon. He is stressed, exhausted while the team hunts a preferential sex offender who has just kidnapped his third young boy—a home-cooked meal, a glass of wine, and a night in with his two favorite people sounds like absolute heaven right now. 
Jack rushes into the kitchen, stops next to you out of breath, with a smile on his face.
“Hi, Dad. Taylor’s spending the night, we’re playing Minecraft!” 
“That’s great, buddy. I can tell you’re having a lot of fun. Listen, I’m not sure if I’ll be home tomorrow or not, so make sure you have your homework done and your gear ready for practice Monday, okay?” Jack crinkles his nose and dismisses Aaron with a wave of his hand.
“I did that already, don’t worry. We have a system.” He looks up at you, and you smile, setting your hand on the top of his head. “Goodnight and stay safe, Dad. Love you.” 
"Love you." He scurries away, leaving as quickly as he came, and Aaron huffs a tired laugh down the line. “We have a system.”
“We do have a system, for your information, and it’s a pretty great one,” you reply playfully, stirring your sauce. He takes in what he can see of your outfit—leggings and one of his t-shirts, oversized even on him—and can just imagine the two of you on the sofa, you cuddled up to his side. “He asked to invite Taylor over to play for a couple hours, and I told him he could, but first he’d have to straighten up his room and do his homework.” 
“And that worked?” he asks, taking a sip of coffee—it’s going to be a long night; you turn to face the camera and give him a soft wink.
“Almost. But he’s a bargainer just like his dad, asked if Taylor could sleep over instead.”
“And you gave in like the marshmallow you are.” You scoff in false indignation, and he laughs, can’t help himself. “Best step-mom-to-be ever.” 
"Best husband-to-be." Prentiss steps up behind Aaron, a signal that his short-lived break has come to an end.
You sigh affectionately, and he can almost guess exactly what you’re thinking: 
Wish you were here.
It takes five long minutes for you to find the perfect postcard. And then…
“Ten dollars?” Aaron says, incredulous, when he flips it over to examine the price tag. “You could get this back home for fifty cents.” 
“Maybe in 1980,” you reply with a laugh, and he slowly raises a brow in challenge. “Even stamps cost more than fifty cents now, Aaron. And besides, it’s perfect. They’re going to love it.” 
He looks down at the piece of card stock in his hand, at the crisp cyan of the ocean, the dreamy blue of the sky, the green palm trees, and the gold lettering stretched across the middle of the scene; it reads ‘Dominican Republic’—the only potential honeymoon destination you could both agree on—and he buys the card and watches over your shoulder as you scrawl a message onto the back in black ink. 
Dear Jess and Jack, we love and miss you. 
Wish you were here!
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luvvoratorrrrry · 3 months ago
Extremely Unbiased Thread About Why Kintoki’s Design is Good, Actually
hello. you may call me Luna, however im sure most people here know me as ��the kintoki huge tits artist”. today i’ll be doing something quite a bit different than my usual posts, and thats that im going to be analyzing why exactly i think kintoki’s original design is actually really nice. no i am not biased in any way. 
the reason for this is that, being a huge fan of kintoki (and frequently browsing his tag on here), a sentiment that i see a lot is “i really like kintoki, but i hate his design/i like his rider and heian designs more”. which is fair! you are very much allowed to think that. all i want is to possibly give a different perspective on why i think the opposite (and to gush about my favorite character). 
so come with me on this design-analysis slash luna-talks-about-how-sexy-kintoki-is journey!
(this thread will for the most part be discussing his 1st ascension. the reason being is that he really doesnt change much design-wise as he ascends aside from the big coat in his 3rd ascension. also, its my favorite of the three! see, totally not biased.)
Tumblr media
hi handsome ;)
we’ll start at the top and work our way down. first, i need to address the elephant in the room, aka my biggest fate fandom related pet peeve. 
Tumblr media
this hairstyle? this is not a bowlcut. this is a bob haircut. and its CUTE OKAY. (op has a bob cut and therefore takes these jokes very personally)
Tumblr media
a bob is typically longer, enough so to hide the ears. a bob is also meant to frame your face. the bowl cut is much shorter, shows the ears, and is one length all around. 
Tumblr media
for reference, the only other character that i can think of who cant beat the bowlcut allegations is tsuna. i see a lot of people saying stuff like “wow, they both work for raikou and they both have bowlcuts!” when their hair looks completely different... 
firstly, his bob is cute! come on :( second, this haircut has roots in historical kintarou depictions! 
Tumblr media
this is a kintarou doll, and is clearly what inspired fate kintoki’s hair! despite the rest of his design being very modern inspired, i quite like that he keeps his “historical” hair. i think its a nice little touch/nod to his younger self. 
moving on, lets talk about kintoki’s fashion sense.
Tumblr media
it took me a bit to pin down what i think kintoki’s fashion sense is exactly, and i think its fair to say he’s very 70s inspired. this is extremely funny to me for reasons i will talk about later. after doing some light research, a big *big* staple of 70s mens fashion ive picked up on is having your shirt unbuttoned like. basically all the way. just absolutely tits out, and i respect that so hard. 
(technically his extremely popped collar is more 80s, but i think its fair to say hes designed after some amalgamation of decade-fashion)
Tumblr media
all kintoki’s missing is a crazy pattern on his shirt. come on raita i believe in you
something else of note is, of course, his jewelry! kintoki very clearly wears a lot of big, bold jewelry like his necklaces and bracelets. ive said it before and i’ll say it now, i wish to god he had been given earrings. that would take his design from a 10 to an 11 imho
Tumblr media
one word i see thrown around a lot about kintoki’s design is that its very tacky, and im 99% sure these comments are referring to his obnoxious amount of jewelry. however, i believe kintoki’s design works so well because its tacky. again i’ll talk about this more later, but i think a lot of kintoki’s charm comes from his dorky, tacky accessory choices. 
Tumblr media
(im sorry kintoki for just straight up putting your crotch on the dashboard)
speaking of tacky and gaudy, kintoki’s belt buckle. yet again kintoki’s quest to look as cool as possible makes him look absolutely silly, and i adore it. i dont have much else to say here except that i love that he wears not one but two belts. (and yet we still see a peak of his underwear in his 2nd and 3rd ascensions? i love him so much) at this point, we all know that kintoki looks the way he looks because hes trying to be as cool as possible in the modern era. but its not very modern, is it? im not sure if this was intentional or not, but a small detail i really really love about kintoki’s design is how... outdated it is. sure decade fashion comes back and becomes cool every few years, but kintoki looks very outdated. again, i think this all adds to his charm. as much as he tries to look like a 21st century cool guy, he just ends up looking like the bully jock in an 80s film. 
i want to take a second and talk about another small detail that i absolutely love about his design, and that’s the use of pink. its kind of small, but its present enough that i feel justified talking about it. kintoki has a pink bracelet on his right wrist, his sunglasses are tinted pink, and my personal favorite, he wears pink underwear! judging by the other characters hes drawn, im sure this might just be because raita happens to like pink, but i love the implications here regardless. definitely a “real men wear pink” sort of thing (toxic masculinity? never heard of ‘im). or, maybe kintoki just likes pink almost as much as he loves gold! he has good taste. 
Tumblr media
and not just pink but hot pink! 
(up till this point, ive been talking about and had only planned to talk about berserker kintoki’s 1st ascension design, but for this small portion, i would like to direct your attention to heian kintoki as well:
Tumblr media
PINK!! AND LOTS OF IT. kintoki definitely has at least 2 favorite colors.) 
Tumblr media
this guy slaps your girls ass wyd
lets look at kintoki’s full body one last time. like i mentioned earlier, at first glance he definitely looks like he shoves dweebs in lockers as well he should. and this, i dare say, is the best part of his overall design. i know that at this point when talking about fictional characters, subverting expectations is not exactly a new thing, but i think kintoki does this so well. just look at him. this man wants you to know he goes to the gym. he wants you to know that he’s over 6 feet tall and has a 6 pack. he wears sunglasses at night and indoors for gods sake!!! he’s also extremely kind and dorky. he loves his mom. he loves children and teddy bears, and he respects women.  
kintoki’s design is tacky and silly and outrageous and thats exactly why it works so well. it bums me out when i see people write this design off as being ugly just because they think they see a bowlcut, because i personally think a lot of thought went into this. well done raita! i do see why people might prefer his other designs, because its hard to compete with a cool leather jacket or a half-tits out samurai. that being said, this design is my personal favorite of his! his cheerful personality and lack of objective swag has endeared him to me greatly. 
this may have been incoherent, but i hope you’ll walk away from this thinking differently about our friend kintoki <3 
if i missed anything or you have anything youd like to add, please feel free! 
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jilyarchive · a month ago
Tumblr media
Q: Where can we find you and your stories?
A: @missgryffin​, AO3
Q: How would you describe your writing style?
A: Intense, sexy, snappy, and fast-paced. I have a rampant imagination and love a good sexual tension build-up, so my fics usually include a lot of plot, drama, and (of course) smut.
Q: How do you come up with ideas for your writing?
A: It’s such a grab-bag. A pretty substantial number of my fics have originated from prompts, actually! I also draw a lot on TV shows/movies I’ve seen, novels I’ve read, tropes I see that I’m inspired to try, etc. Also, I find that a lot of my ideas actually form while I’m writing. I’ll go in with a sense of direction, but it’s not until I’m writing and really in the thick of it that the details take shape, and then new ideas begin to spout off from there, based on what I learn about what the characters and story need.
Q: When and why did you begin writing fanfiction?
A: Technically, during the two-year wait between the releases of books 5 and 6, because I was utterly HP obsessed, my imagination was in overdrive thinking about what could happen in the final two books, and I had discovered MuggleNet fanfiction / FFN by that point, so I’d been devouring all of that early era of HP fanfic. I actually have a giant binder of my own fanfic writing from that period; I would type up stories in Word, format them with fun fonts and fan art covers I found online, and print them out for myself. (Which, I still do this!) Fun fact: there’s even a Marauders story in there that I had completely forgotten about that has a striking resemblance to the bones of Eternal Summer. It genuinely freaked me out a little when I found it, ha! 
 But even though I wrote creatively through most of my childhood/school phases of life, I had taken a pretty substantial break in early adulthood and didn’t “return” to writing until the pandemic in 2020. Life was bizarre, Netflix had gotten boring, and I was craving a creative outlet or hobby that could make lockdown bearable. I randomly stumbled my way back to fanfic / fandom, and here we are!
Q: What’s one thing you’d tell someone who is considering reading one of your fics?
A: Buckle up! 🎢 Also, I hope you are either i) at home, or ii) have a really great NSFW poker face 😅 But to give a more serious answer, I’d say that I write a wide range of tones, and I really lean in to what that tone is. If a fic is tagged for fluff and crack, it will be so adorably sweet and cringe-funny that your face will hurt from smiling. If a fic is tagged for angst and darker themes, it will feel like a knife to the gut. (If it’s tagged for all of the above—cough Eternal Summer cough—you’re at the front of a line for a wild rollercoaster, my friend!) Since I write both extremes, I’m never offended when readers skip fics or prefer one “genre” to another. But please know that Jily is always endgame in all of my stories—that’s the whole reason why we’re here 💗
Q: What are some of your favorite Jily tropes?
A: Enemies to lovers is my #1, even if it’s more of that “enemies-ish” rivalry at the beginning. There’s just nothing more quintessentially Jily to me than the process of them discovering more layers to the other person and slowly realizing that the other person is so much more than the antagonist they’d built up in their head. (And that they -gasp- actually…like them! Worse, they like them like them! A lot!) Gets me every time. 
Other favorites include There Was Only One Bed, Hurt/Comfort, and Forced Proximity/Stuck/Trapped. 
Q: What do you like most about the Jily fandom?
A: That we celebrate how much of a power couple Jily is. I’m going to quote @jilyss’ answer for this because it’s so true: we understand James has an arrogant streak but grew up, we celebrate Lily for the intelligent, strong, cool, bamf woman she is, and we appreciate how they’re true, complementary equals finding real, raw love with one another. (And also all the wonderful reader and fellow-writer friends I’ve made! 😘)
Q: Pick a favourite Marauders era character.
A: My man JP. From only the few hints we get about him in the books, we know he’s such a dynamic person, and I really love bringing him to life. Also, his growth/redemption story deserved more air-time, so I’m glad fanfic is here to fill that gap.
Q: Self-promo time! List the fics that you are most proud of writing.
Eternal Summer – My first born! Even though it’s far from being finished and needs a lot of work, I’m really proud of the world-building I’ve done thus far. 
Vindicated – This was thrilling for me to write because it’s a total departure from what I’d previously written: second chances, canon-divergent AU, American settings, original characters, more adult relationship, etc. I have more planned for this universe and I’m really excited for it. 
for the hope of it all – My latest completed fic. I challenged myself to write a softer, friends-to-lovers, mutually pining kind of summer fic, and this came together in a flood. But what makes me proud is that with this fic, I could really see how much my writing has evolved and improved from those early ES days. 
Q: Fic rec time! Could you recommend a few of your favourite Jily fics?
Of Chrysalism by @maraudersftw​ – It’s only a short one-shot, but the way this fic haunts me!! Exquisite. 
The Wedding Ring by @mppmaraudergirl​ – Lauren is the Nancy Meyers of Jily, and this fic is the epitome of that. A total comfort fic for me; I want it to be a movie that I can play in my living room over and over again until I know it by heart. 
Eighteen Again by @scriibble-fics​ – If I didn’t know scriibble was getting her PhD in History, I’d think she was a screenwriter. The world-building in this fic is like no other—I’m in a constant state of chills when I read it. The emotional depth, the heartbreak, the romance, the political intrigue…it’s one of those fics that never leaves you.
Thank you @missgryffin​ for letting us ‘interview’ you and for sharing your fics with us! ❤️
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sassy-ahsoka-tano · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Character/Fandom: Austin Butler (Incubus!Austin)
Requested: sorta kinda maybe
Prompt: It's all so wrong, so bad, so sinful. Even so, you want him. You crave him. You need him. You are utterly and completely ADDICTED to him, perhaps even at the cost of your soul. [ Fem!Reader ]
TW: Pretty rough sex 💀 a variety of BDSM stuff (choking, biting, spanking, etc.), pain and discomfort for the reader, mentions of death/demon stuff/other demonic symbols and themes, overstimulation, blood, degradation.
Just be careful reading this if, like me, you were instilled with an unhealthy dose of Catholic fear starting from a young age lmfao
Rating: M ||   Word Count: 7017
A/N: okay so this is a bit fat sin 😅 Just a quick FYI to always have a safe word with your sexual partners and keep checking in for consent, especially if you're gonna fuck like this 💀 also probably DONT engage an incubus IRL just...this is for fun pls don't go off and like summon a demon hoping it's gonna be austin cause...lmao
Part one of the Supernatural Series. See all three parts by checking out my #SupernaturalSeries tag.
🦋 mila
You stir, a pleasurable sensation swirling around in your stomach. You moan and bite your lip, curling the bedsheets into your fingers. Your heat throbs with pleasure and desire as you feel something, although you can’t see what, circling rhythmically around your core. The waves of pleasure are growing and growing, sending you toward the top of a pleasure-filled mountain. You jerk awake with a yawn.
Your eyes start to flutter open and you tilt your head as you see a dark black figure in front of you. You blink, trying to adjust to the darkness of your bedroom. Sucking in a breath, you yelp and scramble up onto your bum. You scoot away from the dark figure as quickly as you can. Your chest heaves as it stares back at you with black eyes.
Your fingers drop down to its long black claw where you can just barely see what looks like your favorite pair of panties hanging off the nail. The pair of panties you put on before climbing into bed tonight.
As you open your mouth to scream, the figure is suddenly straddling your lap, its hand clamped tightly around your mouth. What little voice you have left vanishes and you fall completely silent. When you try to speak, nothing comes out. You’re frozen under its touch and you don’t know what’s going on or what it even is. You can feel your body trembling under its touch, shaking with the intense fear pumping through your veins.
You close your eyes for a moment, praying that when you reopen them, you’ll be somewhere safer, away from whatever vile creature this thing is. No such luck. It’s still there, staring at you and holding you hostage. You try to move but find your body frozen under its touch.
“Shhhh,” it says in a deep, raspy voice. “Don’t be afraid, darling. I’ll take good care of you. Just relax.”
It raises a finger to its lips and hushes a quiet “shh” before releasing its grasp on your mouth and returning to its position down between your legs. You take a moment to observe its figure.
It’s a large, menacing form, tall and extremely well-built with rippling muscles. It looks like some sort of humanoid bird being. Its black hair glistens in the moonlight, mostly pushed back off its forehead with a small portion flopping down into his face. Now that you have a closer look at the eyes, you can see that they aren’t just black. They have deep, dark red pupils that glimmer eerily in the darkness of night. You can still sense your body gently shaking with fear.
It feels like the eyes are pouring into your soul, glaring into your very essence with terrifying power. Your gaze travels up its head and locks onto two curled horns protruding from its skull at the top of its head. As it straightens, you can also see that it has two small, feathery black wings outstretched from its back. They rest, half-opened, against its skin which is covered in black tattoos or markings of some sort. You don’t recognize any of the symbols, but they look sinister, evil. Based on what you’ve seen, you assume it’s a male of…whatever it is, although you can’t be sure.
“W-what are you?” you ask in between shaky breaths. “What do you want with me?”
You suck in a breath as the being smiles, his sharp pointed teeth shining a blinding white in the darkness. A red forked tongue darts out and circles around one of the two large fangs. He smirks and chuckles, a deep, sinister sound that makes your stomach flip.
“I am what you crave,” he replies with a tilt of his head.
“What the fuck does that mean? Answer me straight,” you say firmly although your heart is beating a thousand miles a minute.
“I think you can guess it. Let’s play a game, shall we?”
You shake your head, the fear rising in your chest. Whenever creepy characters in horror movies suggest a game, they’re really asking if you’re prepared to die.
“No, I don’t want to play. Please just leave me alone.”
“Tut-tut,” he clicks its tongue and holds up a long black finger. “It’s an easy game. You just have to guess what I am. I’ll give you a hint. I prefer my victims asleep.”
You shake your head, closing your eyes and again begging to be transported from this place.
From what little you know from Halloween movies and such, you’re pretty sure that this…thing is a demon of some sort. But why is he haunting you and why hasn’t he just possessed you already? You don’t remember the little girl from The Exorcist having a conversation with the demon before it flew into her body. And why was he holding your panties????
You clutch your legs together upon remembering that your pussy is totally and completely out there for this demon creature to see. You gulp and reopen your eyes to look at him. He’s staring back at you, his black and red eyes shining terrifyingly through the darkness.
“How about another hint, hm?” he says. “You won’t be able to resist my touch after you’ve had it.”
You suck in a sharp breath as his fingers crawl up your thigh. You can't understand how, though, since he remains too far away to physically touch you and he hasn't moved even enough to lift his arm.
Despite your best efforts to resist, your heat spikes with a throbbing sensation and you clamp your legs tighter as if that will somehow stop the invisible hands that are crawling up your skin.
“Come, darling. Guess. I insist.”
You gulp and think through his clues again. Demon, asleep, resisting his touch? You wrack your brain trying to understand and just when you’re opening your mouth to guess, it hits you. Your eyes widen and you shakily reply, hoping desperately that you’re wrong.
“A demon.”
“Oh come now. We can do better than that. What sort of demon am I? Say it. You're a smart girl. I know you’ve guessed.”
You gulp and shake your head, avoiding his eyes. You open your mouth to respond but find your gaze drawn back to him. You try to rip it away, but you physically can’t resist peering back into his eyes. They’re horrifyingly evil but somehow captivating and enchanting in ways you can’t describe or understand.
“An incubus.”
“Ah, good girl,” he replies, flashing his teeth again. “Since you know what I am, then you understand what I want with you. And now you will get your reward.”
You feel the sensation of his fingers again and your heart slams faster against your chest. You scoot your body back again, as far as you can against the frame of the bed, and shake your head vehemently. His figure starts to move forward, wings flapping as his palms curl down into the soft bed and he crawls up toward you. You thrust a hand out, your open palm pointed toward him.
“No, stop! Stop!” you shout, waving your hand.
To your surprise, he pauses, lifting his gaze to yours.
“W-what should I call you?” you ask.
He tilts his head, his black eyebrows quirking. His eyes slowly drag up and down your figure and he nods.
“I don't see the need for such a thing, particularly since my true infernal name cannot be uttered on human lips. But you may call me whatever you’d like.”
You nod with furrowed eyebrows. You sigh as your brain turns around a number of names that you could call him. One suddenly jumps out at you.
“Austin. It was my first crush’s name,” you say, the hint of a smile tugging at the corner of your mouth at the memory of little blonde-haired Austin from kindergarten.
“Austin it is, then. This will be much better for you if you relax.”
His fingers, surprisingly gently, pry your legs open and he crawls between them. You allow him to move your body even though your heart is aching tremendously with fear. He tilts his head as he stares into your eyes, one of his long fingers tracing the skin of your inner thigh. Your leg twitches and his hand curves around your thigh, harshly holding it in place. You wince at the slight pain of the tips of his claws digging into your skin.
“Don’t move,” he growls, shaking his head.
You curl the bedsheets into your fingers as he uses your leg to drag you down onto your back. He moves to straddle your body and grabs ahold of both of your wrists. He lifts them over your head and pins them down firmly with one of his large hands. You wriggle momentarily under his touch, terrified by the thought of being trapped by him. Even though he moves his hand away, you find that you’re unable to shift your arms. Your heart begins to beat faster and your breath catches in your throat as you struggle against whatever magical restraints he’s put you in. You grimace at the sudden pain, like rope burn, on your wrists. But there is no rope. How is this happening?
Austin straightens himself and smirks down at you, flicking his pointer finger up. Your eyes widen as you watch the sharpened black claw grow larger and longer. He lifts his chin as he lowers his finger down to your throat. Your breath catches in your throat again and you squeeze your eyes shut, anticipating intense pain when his claw pierces through your skin. He gently scratches it down your throat and onto your collarbone. You release a relieved breath as he hooks it onto the top of the t-shirt you’re sleeping in. You open your eyes to see him staring at you. He slowly starts to draw his finger down your shirt, his claw acting like a sharpened razor blade as it tears easily through the cotton fabric.
You gasp, wriggling against the invisible restraints with an overwhelming urge to cover yourself. But you can’t move. All you can do is watch as he rips a line straight down your shirt, which falls to the sides of your body. You clamp your legs together in embarrassment but he pushes them open again, the claws digging into your thighs.
“Stop squirming. Let me look at you,” he growls, holding your legs open.
You whimper but keep your eyes trained on him as he observes your naked body. Taking his claw again, he starts by the edge of your mouth and draws his finger down the side of your face, onto your neck and throat, down your chest, and circles it around one of your nipples. You suck in a breath. You can feel it hardening to attention with the combination of his haunting touch and the cold air. You gulp as your gut begins to turn with the movement of his finger ghosting across your stomach. He trails his touch down your leg again, drawing tiny circles on your inner thigh. You wriggle under him, your pussy beginning to throb and swell with desire. You bite your lip and release a strained breath as he pushes your thighs up to position himself near your heat.
You watch with horror as he draws one of his fingers across your folds. You bite down hard on your lip to refrain from making any noises of pleasure, although his touch feels divine. He runs his finger over the folds again and bites down harder, averting his eyes. Without even touching you, he pulls your gaze back to his. Your chin rotates back to his face against your will.
“Look at me while I touch you.”
Too terrified to disobey, you follow his command. Your hips jerk back as he presses one of his claws between your folds. You squeeze your eyes shut momentarily with the sudden pain of his pointed claw invading your body. It burns and stings, but after a few moments, the pain subsides and you can feel your gut spinning in circles as it begs for more friction. He removes his finger and reinserts it, pumping in and out of you agonizingly slowly. You bite down hard on your lip and taste the metallic tang of blood in your mouth.
Austin chuckles deeply, evilly, before lowering his head down to your heat. You yelp as you watch a long red forked tongue dart out from behind his teeth and swipe a wet strip up your folds. He chuckles again, wrapping his claws around your thighs and hoisting you up toward his mouth. His tongue darts out again, swiping up and down your pussy and adding more juices to your wetness. You grip with white knuckles onto the bedsheets, resisting every urge you have to moan in pleasure. But you can’t hold out for long when he reinserts three fingers into your pussy as his tongue circles expertly around your clit.
You accidentally release a moan and Austin snarls against you. He curls his fingers up inside of you and you yelp in pain. The way the forked tongue manages to stimulate both sides of your clit simultaneously makes the pleasure that much better and, combined with the pain of his claws scratching the walls of your pussy, instinctual moans and groans begin to slip from your lips, one after the other. He pumps his fingers into you mercilessly, his knuckles slamming against the inside of your thighs with every thrust. He glares up at you with gleaming red eyes.
When he sucks on your clit, you somehow manage to yank your wrists away from the invisible restraints. Without even really meaning to, your fingers find their way to his horns, curling around them. He growls into you and you flex your toes into the bedsheets. Your fingers absentmindedly trail up and down his horns, similar to how you would touch his dick, as you pull his tongue against your pussy to wherever you need to feel him.
“Don’t touch,” he hisses but his actions just make you grip harder onto his horns. “Naughty girl.”
You know it should be alarming and scary, but you somehow find him irresistibly sexy. It starts to hit you how illegal, how sinful it all is. And that only makes you feel dirtier, like you want to be punished by him, disrespected by him. As if he could read your mind, your vision suddenly grows black. You gasp, scratching at his horns but he just growls onto you. You suddenly begin to feel the walls of your pussy clenching on his fingers, but he doesn’t let up at all. Somehow, he manages to pump you faster as his tongue darts madly around your clit. With nothing else to focus on anymore, every feeling he elicits feels ten times as stimulating.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you repeat in a strained voice as you orgasm under his touch.
You grip harshly onto his horns but you no longer have the power to move him. Your arms are frozen, outstretched onto him as he licks you clean. All you can do is buck your hips up again and again with each wave of pleasure. He pulls away with a growl, your vision still black. You blink into darkness and one of his hands intertwines with yours. You feel his fingers on your lips.
“Clean it,” he commands and you obey, swirling your tongue around his fingers and tasting your salty, metallic juices on his skin. “Good girl. Now you can have your sight back.”
You blink as the blackness starts to recede from your eyes. After a sigh of relief, your breath catches in your throat. Without even moving, Austin’s pants are stripped away and you can see his figure fully. Your mouth pops open with shock as you take in his dick. It’s extremely long and very girthy; the most impressive dick you’ve ever seen. The tip is especially pointed, not sharp but close to it. And you can see a texture to him that human men don’t have, almost as if his dick itself is ribbed. You gulp.
“Turn around, on your hands and knees.”
You shakily obey him, flipping around onto your hands and knees. He gives you no time to adjust, harshly pulling you backward on the bed. You yelp with surprise and wince as his claws dig into your skin. He forcefully pushes the top half of your body down onto the bed and pulls your wrists behind your back, securing them there with the same invisible restraints that he’d used earlier. You turn your head on the bed so you can breathe. You can just barely see his face as he smirks down at you, his white fangs gleaming in the darkness of the room.
He spreads your legs, sliding his open palm down your back and across your ass. He circles it around to your pussy and gives it a light slap. You jolt forward, gasping in surprise. He snickers and clutches his fingers into your ass cheeks, his claws digging into the skin.
You feel your back arching as you anticipate the pleasurable feeling of his dick inside you. His hand slips from your skin and brutally slaps against your ass. You yelp and your eyes fly open. As you try your best to glance over your shoulder at him, he spanks you again, even harder this time. You bite your lip, knowing that you’ll have a big red mark on your ass tomorrow.
“You like being punished, don’t you, dirty slut?”
You moan at his words, arching your back more. He spanks your pussy again and you quiver under his touch. He hums in approval and brings his leaking tip up to your folds. You grind back against him as he brushes your pussy again with his dick.
“You want me to fuck you hard, huh, fucking whore?”
You gasp. No one’s ever spoken to you like that, but, then again, you’ve never had sex with a demon before. Although the words surprise you, they also make your stomach churn with delight. You moan in response.
“Yeah, what?”
“Yeah, I want you to fuck me.”
You yelp again as he spanks you for the third time. Your body quivers with the pain and you bite your lip hard and wait for him to enter you.
“Try again, bitch. What do you want?”
“I want you to fuck me, master,” you say, cringing at your own words.
Even though you might have felt awkward uttering them, he definitely approves, because the next thing you know, his dick is slamming into your tight folds. You cry out with the sudden sensation. Your fingers curl behind your back as he burns your insides. His dick stings against your walls and you find yourself desperately searching for breath, your chest growing tight.
You pull against the restraints and your hands break free. They fall onto the bed and you lift yourself up, trying to breathe through the pain. Austin’s hand circles around your neck and he holds your head gently upright. His other hand snakes around your waist, holding you steady. One of your hands moves back to rest on his forearm. Your fingers flutter at the feeling of feathers on his arm. You hadn’t noticed them before, but they’re extremely soft and well-kept. He flinches momentarily under your touch and you wonder if you’ve done something wrong or too…intimate.
“You’re fine. Just breathe," he mutters into your ear.
You close your eyes and, with his help, take a few deep breaths as the pain subsides. You release his arm and your hand falls back to the bed. Interestingly, you don’t notice any difference in your sex drive. You still desperately and madly want to get fucked by Austin. As such, it’s not hard for you to settle into a rhythm as he begins to slide in and out of you. You’d been right, his dick is ribbed and as your pussy walls clench around his thrusts, you revel in the feeling of his textured member.
Once he starts to find his tempo, your body responds. You jerk your hips back against him, moving in circles around his thrusts. His hand returns to your neck and his fingers curl around your throat, digging into the sensitive skin. You choke for a second before you adjust to him. When he squeezes your throat, you moan loudly and thrust your hips back against him. You feel his hot breath on your neck and whimper, biting your lip.
He drags his wet lips against your skin and then swipes his tongue over your shoulder. You moan in response, his fingers still wrapped around your throat. He squeezes at the same time that he thrusts into you and bites down hard on your shoulder. You cry out, your body teetering forward with the overstimulation. His teeth are sharp. You feel an aching soreness as he bites down at your skin, humming deeply against it.
His hips slam against your backside as he thrusts in and out of you, the air filled with the sounds of your bodies meshing together. Your moans start to come faster now as you feel yourself approaching your orgasm. With his fingers around your throat, it’s harder and harder to breathe but it just makes the sensations even more evocative. Austin growls deeply in your ear as his movements start to become sloppier. You can feel the strength of your arms giving out as your elbows buckle under your weight.
Austin’s hand releases from your throat and he forcefully shoves his fingers into your mouth. You moan against them, sucking and biting on the tips with what little strength you have left. He rams into you from behind, his hand clutching the skin of your waist hard. His fingers start to pierce your skin and you wince against his hands, opening your mouth.
His fingers fall from your tongue and immediately cup around your breast as he hisses into your ear. Your body starts to shake with too much stimulation. You shudder under him and he growls deeply into your ear. Your whole body is jarred with the force of his thrusts into you. His movements slow to a stop and he pauses, breathing heavily over your shoulder.
Your body quivers as you slowly come down from your high. You can feel your legs shaking violently with the intense pleasure and pain you’ve just experienced. You wheeze breaths, the stimulation so overwhelming that you’re fighting back tears. You feel his hand as it pushes on your back and he exits you. You wince as you draw your legs up underneath your body and gingerly roll onto your back. You whimper with the soreness in your pussy and take a few minutes to slow your breathing before sitting up. You glance over at him and see his back turned to you as he reassembles himself. He says nothing and you bring your knees into your chest, suddenly feeling incredibly dirty and disgusting for what you’ve done.
You suck in a deep inhale as your fingers fly onto the skin of your shoulder. You squeeze your arm tightly as a stinging pain ricochets through the muscle. It feels like the same sensation when you’ve accidentally touched yourself with a hair straightener or curling iron. After a few moments, the pain finally subsides and you release a sigh of relief. With your fingertip, you trace the area and feel a section of raised skin in a pattern you can’t identify.
Moving quickly, you stumble off the bed and run toward the mirror above your dresser. You fumble for the light switch and flick it on frantically. You thrust your shoulder forward and gasp when you see what’s happened to it. There’s a small red scar on the skin in the shape of a pentagram. You grimace as your finger brushes against it. It stings to the touch as if it’s been burned into your skin.
“It’s the mark of Satan,” Austin says dryly and you turn to see him sitting on the edge of your bed with his arms crossed over his chest.
“What? What the fuck are you talking about? I’m marked by Satan?” you hiss, stepping toward him.
“It will fade with time. It’s just there as punishment because you willingly engaged in one of the seven deadly sins. Lust.”
You curl your fingers into fists at the calm way he relays the information as if there’s nothing out of the ordinary about this situation. As if it’s completely normal and not at all concerning that you’re literally marked by the devil for your actions. As if it’s not damning to your soul and sending you into a moral frenzy and panic.
“But, I…I can’t be…I can’t…”
“Don’t worry, human,” he says, standing.
Your eyes float up to meet him and your mouth pops open with surprise at how tall he is. He must be at least six feet if not more. You gulp under his demanding gaze and, as you stare up into his eyes, you realize that they’re actually more dark blue than black.
“It won’t tarnish your soul just yet. You have to make a habit of it for that to happen. And that’s not a choice you get to make. I’ll be the one to decide what happens to your soul after tonight.”
You sigh frustratedly and cross your arms over your chest. You have a million more questions that need to be answered and you’re starting to wonder if you’ve been taken advantage of. Although part of you feels like you should regret what you’ve done, you can’t bring yourself to feel any guilt about it at all. And when you think through the situation, you know that you would have done the same thing had you gotten the chance to redo it all.
You close your eyes, running your fingers over your face and formulating an answer to his comment. But when you open your eyes again, ready to respond, he’s gone, completely vanished. You rush toward the window, peering outside and glancing both ways down one side of the street and then the other. Nothing. You throw open the doors to your closet, desperately searching for him, but find nothing. Plopping on your bed, you curl into the sheets and angrily pull them close to your chin. Clutching them in your fingers, you squeeze your eyes shut and beg for sleep.
Although you probably should have heeded Austin’s warning that night, over the next few days you find yourself yearning for more, for his touch. You find yourself missing his presence and hoping, almost wishing that he would return. At night, you can barely fall asleep. When you close your eyes, you think about him. When you touch yourself in the dark, it can't compare to the pleasure you’d experienced when Austin visited you that fateful night. Doing your daily tasks is agonizing and monotonous and you're growing more frustrated with your human existence.
It's like, after Austin’s visit, everything in you craves him and only him. You can't experience anything quite the same. It's all a disappointment to you, everything comes up short.
You’d figured that Austin wouldn’t be visiting you again. All the research you’ve done on incubi, however conflicting or nonconclusive, pointed to the fact that most incubi only visit a human victim once in their lifetime before moving on to a fresh one. That experience would have to be filed away and you have to find a way to move on from it or you're going to combust. You’re beginning to wonder if he’s even real…
Until it happens again. He comes again, scaring you half to fucking death as he drops in through the window. At first, you think it’s a dream, that there’s no possible way he could be back in your bedroom again. But when he touches you and reminds you why you’ve missed him so much, you realize that those sensations are very, very real. And they continue to somehow be real each time he visits you from then on.
Although his visits are sporadic and inconsistent, he manages to fit you into his busy demon schedule every few weeks. At the most, he makes you wait three weeks before he returns to you again. You never know when to expect him so whenever he chooses to arrive, he usually gives you a pretty good scare.
Like this afternoon, for instance. You jerk awake at the sound of knocking on your window and laugh when you see Austin waiting on the other side. You hop down from your bed and let him in. He’s never visited you during the day before, but you’re certainly not complaining. You let him into your bedroom and he smiles sweetly down at you.
Somehow, he’s even more beautiful in the warm sunlight. His black feathers are glinting almost blue in the light and you can also now be sure that his eyes are blue and not black. You walk back toward the bed and climb under the covers, beckoning him to join you.
He follows your lead and pulls you into his grasp. You nestle into his warm chest with your eyes closed and your fingers intertwined. One of his warm hands is gently caressing your head and stroking your hair rhythmically. You hum contentedly as the sun shines through the window and onto your bodies. You open your eyes and stare up at him to see him glancing softly down at you with the hint of a smile on his face.
Your eyes fly open when you hear your window pane slamming against the wall. A cold breeze follows and you sit quickly up in bed, clutching the comforter to your chest. You release a sigh of relief when you see Austin climbing, more like floating, through the window. Brushing your disheveled hair back, you realize that your experience with Austin in the sunlight was all a dream. It had felt so unbelievably real...but it was all just a dream. You shake yourself back into reality as you wait for Austin to assume his normal place at the foot of your bed.
“Jesus, Austin, you scared me.”
To your surprise, he climbs right into the bed next to you and lays down on his back, bending his elbow behind his head. You don’t know exactly what’s going on since Austin has never done this before. You freeze and watch as Austin’s wings dissolve back into his skin, something that you’ve seen him do when he's preparing to lie down.
“You’re too much of a scaredy cat, Flower,” he says and you smile at his use of a nickname.
You can’t stop yourself from giggling even though you raise your fingers to your mouth to stop the noise from escaping. Unfortunately, Austin notices and his head turns in your direction. He sits up, propping one of his elbows onto his knee.
“Why are you laughing?”
“I just wasn’t expecting it, that’s all. How come you called me flower?”
You watch in silence as Austin’s head tilts and his eyes drop from yours, circling around your bedroom. He’s trying to formulate his answer. You hadn’t meant to laugh. It’s just such a sweet and innocent word to come out of the mouth of a demon that it’d caught you off-guard. You weren’t expecting it at all.
“I don’t know very much about humans, but I heard once that they consider flowers to be beautiful, and so I decided to call you flower since I cannot speak your real name. Do humans not consider flowers beautiful, anymore? We don’t really have the concept of beauty in hell. It’s difficult for me to tell.”
“No, they still do. We consider flowers to be very beautiful. I love it,” you say with a smile.
You reach out to place your hand on top of his. You can feel his fingers twitch underneath your touch but he doesn’t pull away. As your mind catches up with what he’s said, you realize that he’s never actually called you…anything. He's really never had any need to address you by name but you didn’t know it was because he can’t.
“I didn’t know you couldn’t use my name,” you say. “Why is that?”
Austin glances back up at you, his eyes flicking from your left to your right eye. You watch his decorated chest as it rises and falls silently with deep sighs.
“We…incubi are not permitted to establish relations with their victims,” Austin says, dropping your gaze. “We are expected to feed on a victim and then progress to another the next night and another the next. We may return to victims that fed us well, but not more than three times. As such, there is no need for us to learn their names. Most incubi don’t even spend enough time with their victims to think about their names. For me to address you by your name would be too…too…”
“Intimate,” you suggest as you try to ignore the pang of grief in your heart.
He says nothing in response but returns to your gaze once again. You gulp under his eyes as he holds you captive. Your heart slams against your chest but not with the usual desire. You want to kiss him; not because you want to feel him inside of you, but because you want him to hold you. You want him to love you, somehow, even though you know a creature like him is incapable of the very thing. Austin lies back down and heaves another sigh.
“Lie with me,” he commands and you straighten your legs to lie down on your back.
Silence falls between you as you both relax in silence, faces pointed up toward the ceiling. You gulp and glance over at Austin through your peripherals. He’s lying perfectly still, his chest rising and falling consistently. You clear your throat.
“Do you need to eat?” you ask expectantly.
“I already fed,” Austin responds and your heart thumps louder in your chest.
The sole purpose of him visiting you is so that he can feed on your sex. The only way he can survive from one day to the next is by having sex with sleeping women. Although his more recent visits have involved more conversation than the first ones, his main objective is always to feed from you first. And he always does, every time, even though now he tends to stay with you until you fall asleep afterward. But if he’s already fed tonight…why would he visit you? He has no reason to be here.
“Do you know what I remember most about the first night I visited you?” he suddenly asks and you shake your head into the darkness. “I saw you at the library while I was scouring for potential victims. You were all alone, reading quietly by yourself, and I thought you would be the perfect partner. I knew I could persuade you easily but you did something that surprised me that night. You asked what you should call me.”
You chuckle quietly.
“Well, yeah of course I did. That’s a normal thing to do when you meet someone for the first time.”
“Not for something like me,” he says quietly. “No one has ever asked me that question before. None of my victims have ever asked for my name before.”
Your smile quickly fades and you turn your head to glance at him. He’s still staring straight up at the ceiling,  although his chest is moving more quickly now than it was a moment ago. Your heart pangs with pity for him and you gently reach your fingers forward to grab onto his. His hand recoils from yours at first but you persist, shoving your fingers through his. He accepts it although he doesn’t make any movement to hold you back. His fingers remain awkwardly straight.
“You know I had a dream about you,” you say and his head finally turns to look at you. “Yeah, we were here in the bedroom but it was daytime. The warm sunlight was shining and you came in through the window like you always do. And you just sort of swooped me up into your arms and pulled me close. We were cuddling and just holding each other and talking in the sunlight. Your feathers were blue and so were your eyes and you were so…beautiful.”
You don’t miss the sharp intake of breath that Austin takes after you say the word. No one has probably ever called him that before. A few moments of silence pass in which you and Austin stare at each other in the darkness.
“I don't have dreams. And that doesn’t sound like me,” he says as the corner of his mouth quirks up into a smirk. “Although some demons claim to have visited their human victims in dreams.”
“Oh really? Did you pay me a visit earlier?”
A few moments of silence pass before Austin responds.
You giggle and shake your head, pretty sure that maybe he did visit you in your dreams this evening. You roll onto your side and rest your head on Austin’s chest. You can feel his muscles stiffen as you do so and pause.
“Is this alright?” you ask.
Again, silence falls between you and you start to move away when Austin speaks.
You nestle into his chest and your fingers happen to fall on one of the markings on his chest. You close your eyes and absentmindedly begin to trace around the marking. They are raised on his skin just as the pentagrams are on your skin after you feed him. You lean up and examine one of the markings.
“What does this mean?” you ask, gesturing to a snake curled around itself in a circle.
“It’s a uroboros, a snake eating itself. It symbolizes infinity and reminds us that demons have eternal life as long as we serve our master.”
You nod, gulping at the thought. It’s so easy to forget, even with his devilish appearance, that Austin is one of them, a demon, and that he serves the Satan.
“What about this one?” you ask, tracing another marking that looks like a widened star.
“A unicursal hexagram, a six-pointed star which symbolizes magic and spirituality. Although the human association with these things is generally positive, demons have been taught how to utilize them in the service of our master. We can pervert them and use their power against victims like you.”
You nod, even though his words are a little concerning. You point to another marking that looks familiar to you.
“An alligator head.”
“What does it mean?”
“Nothing. It just looks badass.”
You laugh and trace the design again with fondness. As your fingertip trails to the left, it crosses over something different than the other markings. It’s less like a tattoo and more like a burn scar, similar to the pentagrams that are left on your shoulder after Austin feeds on you. You circle it again and your smile fades.
“What’s this?” you ask, glancing up at Austin.
His lips are flat and his nostrils flared angrily. You gulp, worried that you’ve upset him. He breathes deeply twice before responding.
“A punishment.”
“Punishment? For what?”
Austin’s eyes raise to meet yours and he holds your gaze for a moment. Although you know anyone else would be terrified of his face, you find a softness in it that you adore. You feel strangely safe with him, despite the evil expression that rests on his horrific features.
“For returning to you. I was commanded to avoid you, to stay away and move on to another victim but I…”
His words move your body before your brain can catch up. You raise your hand to his cheek, turning his face toward yours. Surprisingly, he allows you to manipulate him, even though he’s normally the one in charge. Your eyes flick down to his lips and then back to his eyes. He doesn’t move when you lunge forward to press your lips to his. But within a matter of seconds, his lips are moving in time with yours and his arms are curling around your frame to pull you close. You sigh into the kiss as he tilts his head to reach you better. You pull back and open your eyes to look at him. You find him already gazing at you with lazy, half-opened eyes. You can’t imagine you’re right, but it’s possible that a small tear is gathering in the corner of Austin’s eye. You smile and scoot down to nestle into his chest again.
“Goodnight, Austin. Sleep well and maybe I’ll see you in my dreams tonight,” you say, closing your eyes.
Just before you fall asleep, you feel Austin’s arms wind around your figure and pull you close to his body. He sighs long and hard and then you feel his soft lips on the top of your head.
“Goodnight, my Flower. I’ll see you soon.”
When you wake up the next morning, you’ve rolled to the complete opposite side of the bed and the sun is shining brightly into your eyes. You blink them open slowly and yawn, sitting up in bed. You rub the sleep from your eyes and glance around you. Austin is gone and, as you often do, you momentarily wonder if last night actually happened or if it was just a dream. You glance down at your shoulder but see no pentagram there. You remember that Austin didn’t feed from you the night before and sigh sadly. Your gaze happens to fall on your nightstand and a smile spreads across your face. You reach over and lift up a freshly picked bright yellow marigold. You spin it in front of you and bite your lip.
He had been there. It was all real. He was real.
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...That Wears the Crown ( A Royalty AU Collab)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Heavy is the head that wears the Crown." A popular statement that rings true in every area of authority, and when you're a royal, it's not an easy task to lead an entire country. As for my 150 followers and 3 and a half monthversary celebration, I'm hosting my very first collab based on one of my favorite AUs in recent times: royalty.
This is a multifandom royalty AU Collab, so whether you want to write for Prince Tetsuro Kuroo or the royal Joestar bloodline, all the fandoms are welcome. I'm accepting mainly from Haikyuu, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, Tokyo Revengers, My Hero Academia, Black Clover & Marvel/DC Comics, however, even if you send me a request for entry with Black Clover, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Bleach, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, OR EVEN Bridgerton, I would gladly accept.
Status: Accepting writers RN!!
Tumblr media
I know this blog is SFW, but since there will be NSFW or Dark Content entries, this collab is thus open for writers/artists aged 18 and above. I suggest minors please DNI with this collab, I will organize an SFW collab in the future.
It's preferable if you're following me for this collab, if not, it's fine too, just send me an ask :)
No anon entries for this one.
Please send me your application requests for the collab through asks and not private DMs. I will also allow changes if necessary.
Please specify if it's going to be an artwork or a write-up.
For simplicity purposes, a character can be chosen twice at the max to involve some variety in the masterlist. :D so please keep some backups just in case.
Exceptions: Jotaro Kujo, Atsumu Miya, and Erwin Smith (since I’m writing on them, I’m leaving two more spots open for them)
Multiple entries are possible, provided you don't exert a lot of pressure on yourself.
If you're writing an NSFW or DC entry, please make sure that your age is visible on your blog and that the entries are marked as 18+
Oh and most importantly, there is no due date for the collab. This is especially for those who’ve given their entries in multiple collabs. However, if you want a structural deadline, it will be Jan 10, 2023, Feb 18,2023 ( the day I chose for Jotaro’s birthday ‘cause he’s Aquarius)
When your entry is accepted, please rb this post as much as you can.
When you're done, please tag me at @/jotatetsuken and use the following hashtag: #👑.thatwearsthecrowncollab for a guaranteed reblog :D and please don’t forget to attach a link to the masterlist.
If you’re the first to write for any fandom that’s not listed, I’ll add that accordingly.
Oh, and SFW works will be reblogged from @/tetsukentona and NSFW works will be reblogged on @musings-and-moans
Oh and this doesn’t have to be only for reader inserts. OC x Canon Ships and Selfships are allowed too. 💖
Tumblr media
NSFW/DC will be marked by 🔞
Kenma Kozume (artwork) - @mrskenmakozume
Rintarou Suna (storyteller/bard Suna x royal!reader writeup) - @saltyvanilla 🔞
Rintarou Suna (stepbrother Suna Rintarou and stepsister reader writeup) - @wakasa-wifey 🔞
Kenma Kozume and Tetsuro Kuroo (Prince Kenma x Princess reader x Bodyguard Kuroo write up ) - @beware-of-the-rogue 🔞
Wakatoshi Ushijima - @wakatshi 🔞
Shugo Meian - @haikyutiehoe 🔞
Hajime Iwaizumi (Knight Commander Iwaizumi) - @mxonigirimiya
Tooru Oikawa (arranged marriage/enemies to lovers) - @oikawas-milk-bread
Meant to Be (Series) — Atsumu Miya (bridgerton! au) (feat. Osamu Miya) - @/jotatetsuken
Attack on Titan
Reiner Braun (bodyguard! Reiner x Royalty!Reader) - @cirigiri 🔞
Erwin Smith (personal-guard!erwin falling in love with his charge, princess!Reader) - @/jotatetsuken
body guard!Armin x princess!reader one sided enemies-to friends-to lovers - @honeylmnade 🔞
In Another World — Reiner Braun (vigilante!reiner x princess!reader) - @mattsunkawa
My Hero Academia
Katsuki Bakugo - @/haikyutiehoe 🔞
Eijiro Kirishima - @lou-struck
Jujutsu Kaisen
Satoru Gojo - @aizumie
Suguru Geto (Tribal Leader Geto) - @/mxonigirimiya
Ryomen Sukuna x Reader - @tetsoorou 🔞
Ryomen Sukuna x Reader - @ry0m3n 🔞
Okkotsu Yuuta & Inumaki Toge x Reader - @/ry0m3n 🔞
A Prince Dressed in Blood — Naoya Zenin - @mekiza 🔞
Toji Fushiguro - @/mekiza 🔞
Tokyo Revengers
Manjiro "Mikey" Sano & Izana Kurokawa (prince! manjiro and prince!izana writeup) - @21-06-1996 🔞
Ryuguji "Draken" Ken (crown apparent reader x step bro draken) - @/beware-of-the-rogue 🔞
Haruchiyo Sanzu (princess reader with knight sanzu) - @kshira 🔞
Prince!Izana + Royal advisor!Kakucho x Princess!Reader (Arranged marriage and enemies to lovers.) - @usagiiboo 🔞
Prince! Ran Haitani x Princess!reader x Guard!Haruchiyo Sanzu - @bxnten 🔞
Prince!Ran Haitani x Chambermaid!Reader - @shinigamiplayroom 🔞
Lord!Kakucho Hitto x princess reader - @pulchritxde 🔞
crowned prince! Takashi Mitsuya x maid fem!reader - @portfolio-of-dreams 🔞
Black Clover
Julius Novachrono (dom!bodyguard!reader x king!Julius) - @simpingforthisonedeer 🔞
Nozel Silva x f!Reader - @arcanestage
Yuno x f!Reader - @/arcanestage
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Prince!Jotaro Kujo x Princess Consort!Anika Sen — @/jotatetsuken (suggestive part 1, 🔞 part 2)
Prince!Jotaro Kujo x Knight!(AFAB Reader) - @/jotatetsuken (suggestive)
Prince!Giorno Giovanna — @mrsgiovanna
Duke!Prosciuttto x Commoner!Reader — @jellyluchi 🔞
Jervis Tetch x Reader - @fuckedupandevilblorbos
Tumblr media
Locked Characters 'cause they've been requested twice:
Rintarou Suna, Kenma Kozume, Izana Kurokawa, Haruchiyo Sanzu, Ryomen Sukuna, Ran Haitani, Kakucho Hitto, Reiner Braun
Tumblr media
tagging my friends here so that they can see and hopefully enroll in this :D
@sanoinc @quirrrky @festive @ceo-of-daichi @chronic-claire-universe @megumischubbycheeks @animated-moon @ffsg0jo @hyeque @lunaevangeline @lunarmins @rueren @suckerforsugawara @p-antomime @maitaro @beelenciaga @atsumeii
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Dangerous Affair
An Alfie Solomon's X Arleth Shelby(FemOC) One-Shot
A/N: Hi everyone I hope you all have been enjoying Fall so far and yes I am back again with another One-Shot of our favorite Camden Town gangster. This was just cute and wanted to bring more of the Peaky Blinders world and also include Thomas in the picture. And yes this is a Thomas Shelby sister fic with a twist with Alfie. I hope you all enjoy this short story of a forbidden love that shouldn't exist between a Shelby and a Solomon's. Thank you all again for following and as always please comment, reblog and enjoy my stories. It means alt for the blog and I appreciate every single one of you as always. Please as always enjoy this short story and catch you guys on the next chapter or One-Shot. See Ya!!!
More of The King of Camden Town??? (If you wish to witness something fucking biblical!!!) 👇🏻
Word Count: 4,409
WARNING 18+ ONLY!!!: Fluff, Some Smoking, Some Cussing, and SMUT!!!
TAGS: @hecatemoon87, @ao3feed-symbrock, @annisse, @zablife, @jarvisrocks, @omgeternal, @ninja-potato-shelby-solomons, @kittycatcait219, @theshelbyclan, @theshelbyslimited, @thealmightybitchgoddess, @star017, @tomhardyspinkyfinger, @97freaknik, @weirdgirl16355, @solomons-finest-rum, @madame-wilsonn, @tea-atfive, @veddieiscanon, @symbean, @edwardthomashardy1, @mollybegger-blog, @rikki-b-lake, @raincoffeeandfandoms, @darklydeliciousdesires, @rayanee05, @bubblyani, @buttercup32sstuff, @thehardy-boys, @smellslikeillusorydreams, @mariadecapitated, @quarterpastmidnight, @queenofthefaceless, @queencoraline3, @queen-multi-fandoms, @professor-alfie-solomons, @alfiesolomons-treacle,
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Polly please, you’re the only person who I can rely on and trust, unlike Tommy and the boys. I… I have a confession to make,” Arleth said, stopping her pacing around the small living room while her Aunt Polly sat on the couch with her arms crossed together.
“Arleth, whatever it is you’re going to say to me, I will support you no matter what. Tell me, my child, what would you like to tell me?” said the grown woman, patting the side of the couch gesturing for her niece to sit down.
The girl took a seat next to Polly as she took in slow, deep breaths. Feeling that her heart would burst out of her chest at any moment. Nervous to tell her wise and caring aunt about what she was going to say that might either be joyful about or be wildly upset. Arleth clasped her hands together, placing them on top of her knees while Polly placed a gentle hand behind her back. 
“Go on, my dear, tell me what’s on your mind. Is someone causing you trouble again? Or did one of your brothers say something that made you feel uncomfo-.”
“I love Alfie Solomon’s auntie Polly, and he wants me to be his bride. And… if you can grant me permission to be with him, he is not a wicked man as Tommy and the boys think he is. Mr. Solomon’s has been awfully gentle and sweet, and never put a single hand on me. But you have the last word and if you say no, then… well, I’ll guess I have to decline his offer,” Arleth said, lowering her eyes down, tightening her hands together, feeling sweat forming against her palms. 
She felt Polly’s hand stop mid-way behind her back, knowing that this was going to be a terrible talk. Polly felt so many emotions at that moment, trying to acknowledge if she heard her niece correctly or if she was fooling around. Arleth felt herself become anxious and felt her heart pumping uncontrollably. Expecting to be yelled at the most and knowing what type of afflictions she will get into with her brothers. But what shocked her the most was what Polly told her next: that she didn’t expect the most.
“How long have you two been seeing each other” Polly said, making Arleth gaze back into the old woman’s eyes.
“Your not mad at me, auntie Polly? Not even for a single bit?” said Arleth in a timid tone. Her hands fiddled together as she was holding her breath in between.
“Well, yes, in some parts I am disappointed with who you are in love with, knowing that it is Tommy’s enemy, Arthur’s, John’s, mine, and The Shelby family” Polly said reaching out the small case of cigarettes placing one in between her lips lighting the small roll with a fire match.
“But I want you to know something Arleth,” Polly continued talking, taking a slow drag from the cigarette and letting out a small slow puff from her mouth, “if this man ever even if it means one slight mistake he does. If it either means he puts a hand on you, breaks your heart, or if he is just manipulating you to get close to your brothers, I will tell Thomas. It is a warning right now, my dear. Do I make myself clear?”
Arleth thought long and hard about what her aunt told her, knowing the many risks that will take place. Since she is doing this behind her brother’s back’s feeling like she was betraying them. But the love that Arleth had for Alfie was something she couldn’t resist or ignore. It wasn’t love at first sight when she first met the Jewish king of Camden Town. Thomas, to her surprise, told her to come along with him, which was something unusual about his personality. Tommy was very overprotective of Arleth since she was the youngest in the family, besides Ada. But on that day, he suddenly decided for her to come along since he was making a deal with a man that has double-crossed him and his other two brothers so many times. Arleth didn’t understand this reasoning at first, but once they got to Alfie’s distillery, she was furious.
“My sister here would be of some use in your business here, Mr. Solomon’s. She would be a great secretary,” her brother said, making Arleth’s eyes grow wide in shock.
“Are you fucking around, Thomas? Me, working for this man here who has betrayed you so many times. And you think I should be his secretary? Have you gone mad Tommy!” she burst at him, getting up from the chair while her big brother only remains quiet.
After a moment of silence, she made her way out of Alfie’s office, leaving both men on whatever else business they will discuss. She waited patiently outside for Thomas, still furious about her brother bringing her along. For only to make her work with someone who Thomas can’t trust and probably get stabbed in the back again. She let out a heavy sigh under her breath until she heard the front door of the distillery open. Thomas walked his way towards his little sister, who looked the other way, not wanting to speak to the person who was supposed to protect her. He then took out a cigarette from his gold box, lit it up with a match, and took out a long, smokey drag. 
“Arleth, listen to what I am about to tell you.”
Arleth didn’t want to hear what Tommy had to say and instead made her way to the car instead. On the ride home, it rained, which didn’t bother both Thomas and Arleth for one bit. They were gypsies by blood; it ran through the Shelby family tree, which she was proud of. Tommy and Arleth didn’t speak to each other for a long moment until Thomas broke the silence.
“You won’t be working for Alfie in his distillery, ok? Instead, you will work with me at the betting shop. Does that sound better for you?” he said, making Arleth arch a big eyebrow in his direction while he was busy looking up ahead on the road.
“Are you being serious this time, Tommy? Or this is another game of yours for you making me spy on Mr. Solomons? Because I am not falling for your stupid games, brother,” she said, folding her arms together, feeling like she is wasting precious energy on a ridiculously false proposal.
“I’m being serious with you, Arleth. You will work with aunt Polly, Ada, Lizzie, and Esme but nothing more, yes? But I know you won’t like what I’ll be saying next. You will visit Alfie sometimes. You will be the messenger and nothing more, alright? If he dares touches you, asks you out, or anything that wasn’t part of our deal, I’m going after him. I promise you on that little Arleth, he is a fucking dead man, ok?” Tommy ended his proposition, while she just rolled her eyes looking out through the side window overlooking an endless green field not liking the job he was offering.
Some 3 months later, Arleth has been coming back and forth to deliver messages to Alfie. While being the bookkeeper at the betting shop with her aunt Polly, and the other ladies. It was fun to be at the shop with her family, seeing many people betting on the amount of money they were putting in. Some won and others would burst into anger after losing so much money, which made Arleth laugh on the inside. However, whenever Thomas sent her to Camden Town with Alfie, it made Arleth feel scared. Not knowing if this could be the day Mr. Solomon’s would want to ask her out for dinner or anything that could make her big brother upset. It was something that Arleth wanted the least to see both men get into a bloody fight. Or even worse, go to war over for someone like her she would think would be unreasonable. But in the end, she did her job, and she wanted to do it fast, give the message, exchange a few words with the Jewish man and get back home. The car stopped in front of the building. The driver then opened the door for Arleth saying “thank you” to the gentleman. Once inside the building, Ollie was there to greet her, as always, leading the way to Alfie’s office. As they reached the front office door, Ollie announced Arleth’s arrival. The bearded man looked up from his paperwork, looking into her bright dark purple eyes.
“Ah Ms. Shelby, do come in love please have a seat, yea? It is nice to see you again, as always wha’ news have you brought for me from your dear old brother today?” he said as the woman didn’t take a seat saying nothing in return.
Alfie didn’t seem bothered by her behavior since he got used to not getting a reply from Arleth. He too reminded himself to not get too close to her since she is both a Shelby and Tommy’s little sister. And Alfie knows how dangerous the Shelby boys can get if they found out he has been growing feelings for her. He found Arleth an attractive woman, strong-headed, sarcastic, and smart, but what he liked about her the most was her almond purple eyes. Never in Alfie’s life has he seen a woman possess such a vibrant color that he felt himself get lost in them. But he would only shrug that thought away from his mind, pulling back into reality and still with the deal he made with Thomas. They both said nothing after what felt like minutes going by until Arleth took out a brown folder with the paperwork inside and gently tossed it on top of Alfie’s desk. She said nothing from the entire exchange until she finally said something to Alfie which he really didn’t like.
“Am I finished here, Mr. Solomons? I would like to go home now if that doesn’t bother you?” Arleth said in a fret tone while crossing her arms together against her chest and tapping her right index finger against her left arm. 
Alfie didn’t want to let her go just yet. He really wanted to get to know Arleth a bit better than just being a simple messenger, greeting her and saying a quick ‘goodbye.’ Alfie saw something in her which he couldn’t quite get a grasp on, but he has been wanting to ask her out for dinner. But he knew of the consequences, but he couldn't care less if it meant putting his life at risk of getting close to Arleth. So he took the ladder as he stood up from his chair, placing his hands on top of his desk. Arleth took a step back, looking confused what the man was doing, feeling uneasy about what he was going to do next. 
“Darlin’ I… well, would you like to accept my invitation to take you out for dinner? I know we’re not supposed to talk further with each other or whatnot. But I would like to get to know you better. You are a lovely lookin’ woman, especially your purple eyes,” Alfie said, feeling his insides become undone, knowing he was getting into deep waters in where this was going. “You don’ have to give me a straightaway answer, love. Take your time in thinkin abou’ this. I would be happy to take yous anywhere no matter what it is you ask, yea?”
Arleth didn’t know what to say about this unexpected invitation, wondering if he was being truthful or toying with her. She only stood silent and without saying another word Arleth left the dimly brown office, trying to steady her breathing. She tried her best to pretend and ignore Alfie asking her out for dinner some days later. But once Tommy told her sister to go with Mr. Solomon’s again, Arleth’s blood turned cold. Making her way back to Camden Town some weeks later, she could feel a lump form in her throat. Expecting the worst to come when she has to see his face once again. Making her way with Ollie as always, she made it to his old brown-lit office. Where he was writing some notes down on a piece of paper, stopping mid-way to see Arleth on the other side of his desk. 
“Good afternoon Ms. Shelby, it is nice to see ya again like always. How may I help? Any news tha’ you have for me today, love?” Alfie said while his small spectacles rested on the top of his nose, looking up in her direction. 
“Mr. Solomon’s I… I’ve been thinking about your invitation for a while and.. may I ask. Why? Why is it you have so much interest and want to know me better?” Arleth said, questioning Alfie as if they were making some sort of interrogation.
“First, my treacle, you will address me from now on as Alfie, not Mr. Solomons righ’. And to answer your question, love, I could see through your eyes and body language who wants to break free from your brother’s reign. And because… well, to put it out lightly, you’re the most lovely woman tha’ I have ever seen in me life,” Alfie said, removing his spectacles from his nose as Arleth felt her cheeks become warm.
Alfie stood up from his chair and walked his way around his desk towards Arleth. She stood her ground while he was coming in her direction, feeling helpless at that moment. She had the sense of hitting him with all of her strength or on the other side of herself. Arleth wanted to let him come to her. Arleth didn’t realize her hands turned into fists and she relaxed her hands afterward. She felt his warm presence next to her as they both gaze at each other’s eyes, catching a hint of what must have been a mix of smoke, rum, and a pleasing fresh cologne. 
“Well, umm Alfie,” Arleth said, trying her best not to make eye contact as she continued, “Thank you for your kind compliment. But I also wanted to tell you about my decision to accept your invitation for dinner. And… I want you to be sincere with me here at this moment. Are you trying to manipulate and use me for your own pleasures? Or do you really have to want to get to know me as in you really have grown feelings towards me as a person? Because… I… I have liked you for quite some time and it would be lovely to get to know you better than this, really.”
Alfie placed a tender hand on her left shoulder. Arleth’s body suddenly tensed up while goosebumps filled her entire body. 
Is this really happening?
“I am not in any way manipulating you and will never take advantage of you love. You are something special in me eyes and I really wan’ to get to know who you truly are, Arleth Shelby. Besides being your brother’s messenger and his youngest little sister, when will you like to have dinner, love?” he finally said, giving her a small side smile that Arleth found welcoming.
“How about Friday evening, outside of Small Heath, yes?” said Arleth, gesturing a shy but bright smile at the tall man in front of her.
“Friday evenin’ it is, then.”
After their first secret date that Friday evening, it then became another date. After many shadowy meet-ups both Alfie and Arleth lost track, they were busy enjoying each others company. Until now, however, they both have done so many things together. Including giving gifts to each other, teaching Alfie to speak her family’s tongue, visiting his home in Margate, and they especially never missed a chance to make love to each other. Arleth and Alfie knew they were doing these things behind her entire family’s backs. She knew it was wrong, but her heart was easily stolen away by the man that she at first despised, hated, and didn’t want to be close to until he show his true colors to her. 
While Arleth was busy processing what her aunt Polly said about her injunction, she suddenly gave her last word.
“However, you have my permission for you to marry Mr. Solomon’s and that is final,” Polly said, placing her hand on top of her niece’s hands, making Arleth look in her direction.
“Do you understand what I have told you, Arleth?”
“I understand, Aunt Polly. I promise you, he is not as bad as Thomas and the boys think he is. But thank you very much, Polly, and for also understanding,” she said, holding onto her hand while both ladies exchange a smile at each other.
“Your very welcome, my dear. Now then, how about we grab a cup of wine, just you and me, eh? To celebrate your secret soon-to-be wedding day?” Polly suggested, making Arleth chuckle at this request.
“Why yes, of course, aunt Polly, I would love that very much.”
Later That Night
The sun was setting behind the ever-bright green fields, illuminating a pleasing dark orange sky with gray clouds. Alfie paced slowly back and forth on the dirt brown road waiting for Arleth to arrive at their hidden get-together. He would always grow worried every time when they both meet each other at these hours. Thinking if they would get caught and that they have been followed all this time by one of the Peaky boys. Or, even worse, the main three brothers themselves. But as time has passed by, both Arleth and Alfie haven’t been caught yet, so that was a good sign to begin with. As Alfie continued to hear his pocket watch tick-tocking for the past few minutes, Arleth suddenly appeared from behind a large oak tree. Making Alfie jump in fright, thinking it was some unknown person he didn’t recognize. She let out a small giggle, seeing his spooked reaction while Alfie cursed under his breath.
“Fuckin’ hell love, you almost gave me a fuckin’ heart attack I though’ it was fuckin’ someone else,” said Alfie while putting away his small watch back in his waistcoat while Arleth wrapped her arms around his neck giving a small kiss on his left cheek.
“What a way to greet your future wife, my lovely king,” she jokingly said, closing the gap between his and her lips and feeling Alfie’s hands on top of her small hips.
Parting their lips away from each other, they rested their foreheads against each other. Arleth caressed her thumbs against his scruffy beard. Alfie’s right hand cupped her delicate chin. 
“Wha’ you say we get out of here just you and me yea?” He asked, giving a cheeky smile at his future wedded wife she will soon be Mrs. Solomon’s.
“I thought you never asked.”
The heat inside the car became moist while the sky outside became cold as small drops of rain poured down. Arleth and Alfie embraced in each other’s arms, exchanging kisses back and forth. They parked in some quiet forest where there was no other living human except for trees, wet dirt, and chilly rain. Arleth’s exposed chest became visible as Alfie took in her right nipple while teasing her other breast with his left hand. His massages became erotically enjoyable while her hand reached down between them. Feeling his hard cock growing in her right hand. 
“You like that, don’t you, my dirty man, hmm?” Arleth whispered in a seductive tone next to Alfie’s left ear, thrusting her hand up and down his length and nibbling his ear with her lips.
Alfie went off like a madman as he teasingly bit down on the side of her neck, making Arleth let out a soft moan. Their kisses became alluring as Alfie gently laid her on top of the back seat of the car hovering over her small body. While her thrusting increased on his dick, Alfie now left a hickey mark on her neck as he lower himself down between her breasts. Leaving a trail of kisses so passionately until he reaches her long black shirt. Kissing her stomach, Arleth gently grabbed his short brown locks as he undid her shirt. She was now only on her lingerie lace panties, which Alfie found the sight pleasing and sexy. Her perfect round breasts, those lips, her eyes, everything that he never thought he would feel so lucky to possess and to have. Arleth bit her lips together as she smoothes her hands against his semi-exposed chest. He then undid his white long sleeve shirt, feeling the chilly atmosphere hitting sound his upper body. He didn’t hold back a grudge when he made his way down between Arleth’s legs, kissing both of her thighs. The roughness of his beard made her insides tingle with delight. Feeling her now wet flower become hot and moist against her panties. 
“Alfie…,” she moaned out, feeling his hands now digging underneath her panties. Feeling the material go down underneath her hips. 
Once the soft panties were off, her pink pussy was shown in front of Alfie’s eyes, ready to consume her tasty juices. He then licked the top of her clit while gently extending her folds apart with his fingers. His tongue roamed between tasting her sweetness as he then placed two fingers inside of her vaginal canal. Arleth arched her back, letting another luscious moan as she grip his hair harder than before. He held nothing back as he licked and fingered, fucked her loving to hear Arleth moan out his name.
“Fuck… Alfie, please go harder… I think… I’m going to cum,” she said with her eyes closed, feeling she was being sent up to the sky, loving the way his mouth and fingers felt inside her cunt.
Alfie went quicker than before as he added a third finger inside of Arleth while messaging her clit with his long fingers. 
“Fuck, ALFIE!” she exclaimed as her orgasm came undone around his fingers while he consumed her white orgasm with his mouth. 
After releasing her juices, Alfie then pressed another hard kiss on her blush lips as he then took off his black trousers. Feeling desperately hungry to just already fuck his lovely sweet queen. As their tongue danced between their lips, Alfie readied himself between her legs once again. Lifting her legs to rest on top of his broad shoulders, loving how Arleth looked below him. Alfie reached out his right hand and he placed it against her small right cheek, while she gave him a smile back.
“Arleth my dove, please be mine forever? I love you so much and I will give you everything that your heart desires. Would you want that, my dear sweet jewel?” he said as Arleth placed her hand on top of his, placing a small kiss along with her touch.
“Yes, my Alfie, I want to be your queen and your happiness forever. The only thing that I desire the most in this life is you, my Alfie Solomon’s, and nothing more. For you are my king that I want to please. Be a good wife too and give you as many children as we ask. That is the life I want with you, my love,” Arleth said as Alfie placed his other hand on her other cheek, rating his forehead on top of hers.
“Then I’ll give you the life that you are askin’ for, my beautiful Mrs. Solomon’s. I love you forever and ever,” he said, finally nuzzling his pointy nose against her small nose as they exchanged another kiss.
Not before long, Alfie was in no time inside of Arleth’s warm wet canal, as they both moaned together all at once. As they both felt each other’s tightness as Alfie thrust in and out of Arleth, feeling small beads of sweatiness forming on his forehead. His pressure only grew heavier as he felt the tip of his cock hitting her G-spot, knowing he was hitting her favorite place Arleth loved to feel the most. Alfie’s animal side showed while he picked the pace up, grabbing hold of her ankles. Arleth’s breasts bounced lovingly while she rested her hands above her head as the car made a creaky sound. While rocking slowly from side to side, thinking they might break the delicate machine at any moment. Arleth slapped her right hand against the car window, leaving an exposed handprint. 
“Oh babe, Alfie more, more, please. Don’t stop fucking me, keep going,” she said while Alfie wrapped his enormous arms around her as he thrust her precious flower, hearing a faint slap between their genitals.
‘You so fuckin’ tigh’, love. Cum for me one last time, my dirty little slut. Let your juices consume my godly made cock,” he said between breaths while Arleth only continued to moan louder. 
As they both felt they were reaching their highest peak, Alfie then grabbed both of Arleth’s breasts as he gave his last few hard thrusts upon her pussy. And as they both expected, Arleth and Alfie’s orgasms burst together, feeling his hot white liquid consume her wet walls. Alfie breathe in and out against her left shoulder while Arleth hugged his muscular shoulders, giving a side kiss on his left cheek.
The sound of the pouring rain outside of the car made the couple doze off into a deep sleep. Alfie slowly caressed the top of Arleth’s hazel hair, watching her sleep with no care in the world. Thinking about the many happy memories of what their future as husband and wife will be until they all come true. But only time will tell of what the future awaits them and what mattered to Alfie the most was to embrace the moment and get a good night’s rest. He slowly dosed himself to sleep as the last thing he thought about the most was seeing Arleth with her round stomach. Carrying inside of her were both his and Arleth’s bloodlines in one.
A Shelby and a Solomon’s… now that is somethin’ worth lookin’ forward to…
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fanficsforheartandsoul · 2 months ago
Mistake | Daryl Dixon x GN!Reader | Imagine #1
Note: This boils down to my random need for my favorite comfort characters to tell me I matter to them.  I usually don’t write imagines but I feel like I might write a longer piece for this later after finally posting all my drafts, so yeah... Small blurb it is. I’ve never written a story from 2nd POV, so this is another first, haha. 
Fandom: The Walking Dead
If you want to be tagged in my stories send me a pm with the fandom/character name! Or comment on the fic :)
Warnings: Self-Conscious Reader, Mentions of Suicidal Thoughts, Slight OOC
Word count: 481
Tumblr media
“What the fuck were you thinking?!”
You stared at him baffled. Sure, you expected that the sort-of-self-sacrificing thing you pulled on your latest supply run would maybe rouse some anger but you honestly didn’t think it would be Daryl’s. 
Rick’s, maybe, but not his.
But here you were, your feet aching from walking 20 miles in the last 12 hours, standing in front of a furious Daryl Dixon who you randomly came across in the woods on your way back to the prison. And he was shouting at you.
“I had a plan!”, you defended yourself but even in your ears it sounded kind of dumb. 
You weren’t thinking during that moment when you had locked the door in front of Glenn’s face, shot off your gun and ran away to distract the walkers from the others. You just wanted your friends to be safe.
They were important to you. More than they knew. They were your family even if you didn’t particularly show that you felt this way about them, and you didn’t want to lose your family twice. 
It would probably kill you if any of them died. Each of them was important to the group and contributed in ways you were unable to.
If anyone had to sacrifice themselves, it should be you. You weren’t as connected to the others, as you met them while traveling alone, so it would hurt them less. You were not as important as Daryl or Glenn or even Maggie. That’s at least what you thought.
But it seemed like you were wrong.
“What plan? To kill yourself?! There was no need for you to do that! The door would’ve been strong enough!”
His words stung. Deep down you sort of knew he was right. The door would have probably been able to hold out against the walkers but you didn’t want to take any chances. You sighed.
“It doesn’t matter, okay? I made it out alive.” 
This time remained unsaid but the deep furrow of his brows made it clear that he knew exactly what you were thinking.
You wanted to walk past him but he pushed you back with two fingers, clearly not yet done with this stupid discussion.
“It doesn’t matter? Rick had to return to Carl and explain why you weren’t with us, the last two days we had to think you were dead!”
“Why are you so worked up about this? You barely even talk to me when we’re in the same room!”
It just didn’t make any sense. Why was he so angry? You always felt like there was a certain distance between you and him. He was never the one to stir up a conversation with you, so why...
“Because you matter to me! You’re important to me! And if you think about pulling any sacrificial bullshit again, I’ll make sure you’ll regret it forever!”
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💜us against the world💜
tags: @carl-unironic
AU: Vampire!
Character: Donatello
Warning: Snarky comments n fluff🥰
Reader: im going with female, Yokai-human hybrid on this one because idk it’s just more interesting🥺. And you’re a Chinese dragon hybrid
                                     ୨⎯“us against the world”⎯୧
It was a cold, October day, the perfect weather for taking a stroll down your fellow neighborhood in New York City. Ah, yes, the big apple! It was home to a lot of creatures, this Y/N knew.
Y/N was a Yokai.
Well, only half of that statement is true. Her father was a human and her mother was a Yokai. In any form, Y/N was proud of her family and her Dragon side. She used cloaking magic to cover up her dragon features like her soft ears and scaly tail. The said magic emblem was a necklace in the shape of an emerald, that dangled on a silver chain.
She lived about an average life, as average of a life you can live as a mutant. Y/N was told at a young age to keep herself hidden, as much as she could anyways. She became a fan of ushankas and dresses.
October was the one month of the year that Y/N could walk around with her ears flopping free and her tail dragging on the ground and no one questioned her. That’s why Halloween was her favorite holiday.
Y/N had awesome friends that accepted her anyway she was, except she hadn’t told them that she was a dragon hybrid. Y/N was scared that they would only see her as dangerous and scary, she could manipulate fire and she has a prehensile tail. People said it would be cool to have a tail, but it was kinda hard because it kept getting stepped on every two seconds, but hey! Still cool.
Once, Y/N asked her father why she couldn’t show her true self to anyone, and her father simply replied with wise words.
“People fear what they don’t understand, sweetie.”
Y/N lived by those words, especially after her father died when she was only 14 years old. It was sad, her mother was destroyed, but did her best to care for her daughter.
But it was almost time for dinner, so she rushed back to her apartment complex with two steaming hot coffees. Being careful not to spill the coffees, Y/N bolted up the stairs and unlocked the door with her tail, no one was around anyways.
“Hello, Nomi!” Y/N chirped, setting the lattes down carefully and greeting her mother with a peck on the cheek before helping her with dinner.
Afterwards, she did the dishes to ease the burden of being a single mother with a 15 year old girl.
“Y/N, darling, I’m not feeling so well,” Her mother spoke, “I think I’m going to go to bed early.”
“Okay!” Y/N sighed, resting her gloved hand on her head and on her hip, “You rest up, I’ll handle the dishes and then I’ll take a walk.”
“Okay, dear,” Mother sighed, “Just.. be safe, please.”
“Your wish is my command!” Y/N saluted.
Her mother chuckled a bit, “You’re so silly, Y/N. Good night, dear heart.”
“Good night, Nomi.” Y/N smiled.
Soon, Y/N was finished with the dishes and took a quick shower before taking the midnight stroll. Night time was Y/N’s favorite time, there was barely anyone awake and the streets were mostly empty. That gave Y/N an excuse to let her dragon features show.
She lifted up her dress and twirled around, embracing the so-crisp-it-almost-stung autumn air, and let her ears flick back into visibility along with her tail.
Unbeknownst to Y/N, there were red, shining eyes watching over her. The owner was perched on the ledge of a building, along with three other figures hidden in the shadows.
The looming eyes were quickly covered by goggles with blue and red lenses. The goggles zoomed in on the girl frolicking around along the city streets. The watching figure switched a setting on his goggles and it showed the female’s Yokai magic.
“Found something of interest, Don?” The one with the blue bandanna nudged the purple one as they came into the moonlight.
“Not particularly,” Don said, briefly looking around the other city streets.
“Then why were you staring at Walkway street for, like, 45 seconds straight?”
(AN; I don’t actually know if there’s a real street in New York called walkway just roll with me here😰)
“B-Because,” Purple huffed, “That girl down there appears to be a Yokai, Leon.” The goggle-wearing hero spat out.
“Whatever you say, bro.” Leo smirked.
For the split second that Donnie had taken his eyes off of Y/N, she had managed to wander down into an alley following a cat.
Frantically searching for the darling— for the girl Yokai, Donnie spun his head back and forth before his youngest brother called him to action.
Y/N was being held at knifepoint being forced to give up all their valuables.
“I-I told you already sir!” Y/N pleaded, “I don’t have anything!”
“Sure you don’t,” the raggedy man hissed, “That’s what they all say,” he slurred his words.
Just then, four shadow-like figures jumped down from the building behind the female, weapons bared. Their eyes glowed red, and their fangs were visible.
The scraggly man looked shocked, almost dropping his knife before clasping it tighter and pointing it at the threatening creatures. As they lurched closer Y/N stepped backwards and let them surround her in a protective circle. She noticed the green hue of their skin in the dim street light, and the fact that they had shells. That too.
“If you touch her or us,” The red one stated, “And we’ll eat cha alive.” He grinned while leaning in close to the man, making sure to show his fangs off.
The man then screamed and ran out of the alley, dropping the knife and pushing Y/N onto the ground. The dragon hybrid fell to the ground with an “Oophf!” As she landed on her back.
The group of turtles turned to face her, each of their bandannas coming into view. Their glowing, red eyes became yellow in the light and their curious expressions were now visible.
‘Huh.’ Y/N thought, ‘Color coded ninjas. Where have I seen that before?’
“I’m so sorry, lady!” The orange one said, taking her hand and lifting Y/N onto her feet once again.
“It’s okay,” Y/N said, rubbing her back and smiling lightly, “I’m fine,”
“Oh wow,” The blue one stared in awe of Y/N’s ears, “A-Are those real?” He asked, stepping closer and poking them lightly.
“Are those real?” Y/N laughed back, poking his fangs as he stepped back in surprise.
“Yeah,” the red one said, “We’re all, erm, vampires.” He said nervously.
Y/N blinked, processing what he had just said. Then a look of bewilderment washed over her features before morphing into an excited grin.
The purple one was observing the dragon the entire time, taking in every little detail. Who knows? Maybe there’ll be a pop quiz about that one strand of hair that got hooked in the side of your mouth or what degree does her eyebrows rest at compared to the rest of your beautiful, glorious face?
“You mean, like, real vampires?!” Y/N almost jumped with joy, “But your turtles?” She almost shouted.
“Yeah,” Orange said, “Half man, half turtle, half bat!” He said, making claws and waving his arms around with every “half.”
“That would be one-third, you brainless sea sponge.” Purple said, lightly skidding the back of the poor kids head.
“One-half, one-third, who cares? Important thing is, I’m about 99.9% sure that we just made a new friend.” Blue smiled, pulling Y/N in for a side hug.
“I’m sorry,” Y/N interrupted, “But I didn’t get your names, who are you?”
“Oh!” Orange raised his hand and waved it back and forth, “Me! Me! Me first!”
“Okay, the uh, ninja in orange!” Y/N pointed, “You can go first,”
“My name’s Michelangelo, but everyone just calls me Mikey!” He smiled, “Or Mickey, or Mitch, or Mike, or Angelo, or M, or—“
“I’m Rafael, Raph for short.” He said, sweet and simple.
“You already know me, I’m Leonardo, fearless leader. Leo for short.” He winked.
“And the antisocial blob of purple in the corner is Donatello! Don-Tron why don’t you give a warm welcome to Y/N our new BYFFAE.” Leo said, scooting Y/N towards Donnie. “That means best-Yokai-friend-forever-and-ever.” Leo whispered.
He cocked a brow while looking Y/N up and down, his glaring eyes looking down on her made Y/N start to sweat.
Donnie sighed and stuck out a hand for her to shake, “Hello, Y/N. I am Donnie, formally known as Donatello Hamato.”
Y/N shook his hand which was smooth but clammy at the same time, “Wait, did just say the word ‘sigh’?” She asked, but got no reply.
He paused for a moment, not letting go of Y/N’s hand in an iron grip.
“Why aren’t you scared of us?” He questioned, leaning closer to the dragon, “You should be terrified that we might suck your blood or something.”
“Well,” Y/N inhaled sharply, “I just thought that you guys would like me since we’re both… sorta freaky.” She said sadly, thinking that they didn’t like her.
“Hey, we’re all freaks here,” Raph said, smiling. “You’re welcomed.”
“Well, now that’s settled,” Raph began, “We should get headed home, Dad’s waiting on us.”
“Yeah, I should get going too,” Y/N said, yawning. “Tonight was crazy!”
“Yeah, I’m sure all of us are tired, we had a big day, can we all just go home now?” Donnie said annoyed at first, but then descended into a desperate attempt to hide his newfound interest in this Yokai.
As Don was pushing Mikey by his shell towards Leo’s portal, Y/N came scrambling back into the alleyway with a pen and a crumpled up poster.
“What’s that?” Don asked, shoving Mikey into the portal.
“My number,” Y/N said, “So we can hang out again!” She smiled.
Donnie felt his heart skip a beat, perhaps he was having a heart attack, which would’ve been fine by him at this moment. His face was so red it felt like it was burning holes through his mask.
“Tha-Thanks,” He said as she sloppily shoved the paper into his hands.
“No problem!” Y/N said, running out of the alley, “Just make sure to call me!”
Don huffed out a laugh that was more of a sigh, astonished at fact that Y/N had given him (and his brothers) her number. To call her! And hang out!
“Hey!” Leo shouted from the other side of the portal, “Quit gawking and get squawking!” He said making chicken noises at the purple turtle.
“What are you talking about? That makes no sense.” Donnie sighed stepping into the portal.
“You make no sense,” Leon resorted in a mocking tone.
It had been a couple of months since Y/N and the turtles had met, and almost every weekend they would go out for pizza. This time all the turtles had gotten sick with the common cold, and Don was the only one left standing.
“Hello, Hello!” Y/N called out, balancing the 4 pizzas on her palms, “I’m here with your food!”
The red eyes peered from the shadows of the sewer lair, hungry growls leaving the mouths of the boys. Donnie stepped in front of Y/N protectively, stopping Mikey from lunging at Y/N and eating all the pizza.
“PIZZZZAAAAAA!!!” The orange one hissed.
“Not on my watch, Mike,” Don said through a purple medical mask, holding out his Bo-tech to stop M, “Go back to the sick cave and wait for me.”
Y/N chuckled at the sight of the sick boy’s attempt to gobble up the delicious midnight snack. Mikey slid off the staff like a snake and the others looked just a worm-ish.
“Sorry about that, Y/N,” Donnie murmured, “They’re sick, so they’re more feral than usual.”
“Understandable,” Y/N smiled, “You want me to help you get them back into bed?”
“Sure,” Don actually smiled a bit.
After the bros were safely hanging upside down, after a full meal of course, Y/N and Donnie had some time to spare.
“So,” Y/N started, looking at the hanging turtle bats, “Won’t blood rush to their brains?”
“Implying that they have brains for blood to rush too,” he laughed, “But, uh, no. You see, due to the crazy clump of biological disasters we are, our anatomy is all messed up.
We have a constant flow of blood from our hearts to the rest of our body. That fact that it doesn’t it doesn’t rush to anywhere at all makes it very easy to hang upside down.” He went on.
“Aaand, you don’t care, do you?” He said getting self conscious as he realized that his crush was looking up the entire time.
“No, no,” Y/N interrupted the bad thoughts, “Blood can’t rush to your heads because of the constant flow of blood from the heart, but look!”
Y/N pointed to the ceiling, grabbing Don’s arm and pulling him close to her to see what she was seeing, “They’re all huddled together.”
Donnie smiled fondly, “Ah, I remember when we used to do that,”
“Huddle together?”
“Yes,” he sighed, “Bats of the same family often huddle together for warmth and comfort, we used to wrap our wings around each other.”
“That’s adorable, Don,” Y/N said, still interlocking her arm with her friends’. They faced each other and kinda just stared before Donnie finally broke the awkward moment.
“Uh, you can let go now,” He mumbled almost reluctantly.
“Oh,” Y/N let go and looked away, trying desperately to brush off the moment, “My apologies.”
“Apology accepted,” the purple turtle said as he picked at the carpet.
After a few seconds of silence, Don finally spoke up about something he’s been overthinking for a long time.
“Hey Y/N?” Don looked over to the dragon with worried and pleading eyes.
“Yeah, Donnie?” Y/N faced him, trying to hide the blush from her embarrassed blush.
“Why..” He choked on his words a bit, “Why do you stay with us?”
“What do you mean?” Y/N asked concerned.
“I mean, I’m a monster and you’re,” he paused looking down at the carpet again and started picking at it, “Well, you’re not.”
“I’m not a monster,” Y/N repeated, as if she was processing the information she just heard, “You’re not either, Don. None of you.”
“Well, people don’t seem to know that.” He huffed, scrunching up his face into his usual glare.
“My entire life, I’ve been told to never reveal myself to anyone.” Y/N started, “You guys are the first people, er, turtles to accept me as I am. Even with… this whole situation.” Y/N said, waving her spread hand over her face.
“What situation?” Don asked, “The half Yokai or the cute face?”
Donnie didn’t realize what he had just said.
Y/N blanked, her cheeks when red and her ears turned up. Something, Donnie had noticed, she did when she was shocked or embarrassed.
Then it hit him like a truck.
He had called Y/N cute.
He was so shocked that he hadn’t even realized that he was holding his breath. He inhaled sharply, trying to think of a quick response to brush off  the awkward comment and bring the conversation back on track.
“Well,” Y/N said, snapping him out of his thoughts, “I think your face is cute too.”
“Why thank you,” Donnie boasted, “Wait, what?”
“Yeah,” Y/N sighed out, bringing her knees to her chest, “I’ve always thought you were handsome, but the way you focus on your work so intensely, yet your touch is delicate.”
Donatello was taken aback, was this a confession? That wasn’t supposed to happen until next week! He even had it on his calendar.
“Is this…” he paused to process, “Is this a confession?” He would blush, but you know, constant flow of blood.
“I guess it is,” Y/N looked at him with hopeful yet disappointed eyes, “It’s fine if you don’t like me back, I understand.”
“No!” He basically shouted, “No, no, no, I like you also! I mean I really, really like you. A lot.” Donnie looked away, sort of mortified.
“So, I guess we both like each other,” Y/N stated, after a few seconds after Donnie spoke.
“Yeah, I suppose,” He looked at Y/N and took a huge breath of confidence before hooking his finger under Y/N’s chin turning her to face him.
He leaned in and planted a long kiss and her lips. Y/N was shocked, but promptly kissed back, making Donnie relax into the kiss. They both pulled away, breathless, and feeling like all was well in the world.
“Wow,” Donnie was only able to mumble out.
“Agreed,” Y/N smiled.
“AWWWWWWW,” they heard from above, “That’s adorable!” Leo slurred.
“LEON!!” Donnie growled before lunging at his brother, before Leo was saved by his Don’s new girlfriend.
“It’s okay, Don,” Y/N said, patting the top of the grumbling turtle.
“Well, now that loud mouth knows, everyone’s gonna hear about it.”
“Let them talk about us,” She said, “We’ve got each other and that’s enough.”
“Us against the world.”
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