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Tumblr media
requested by: anonymous request: roommates out of convenience arguing all the time but secretly liking each other
Feel free to use and reblog!
criticising the other's quirks while secretly adoring them
quietly looking out for the other when they're not feeling well
being worried when the other comes home late
making enough food that the other can have some too
liking the sound of their voice
considering what the other might think, even though they actually 'don't care'
"You have your own room! Why are you always sitting here?"
being weirdly disappointed when the other is in their room all the time
stealing their food/stuff because they have an immaculate taste
secretly enjoying spending the nights in with the other
"If you are leaving your clothes lying around like this, I warn you I'll adopt them as mine."
"You know, I might find a better place to live. This is only temporary after all." "What?!"
humming the songs the other always puts on full volume
being in a much more stable place since living together, even though the other irritates them to no end
"Stop inviting your friends over all the time! You alone are enough to deal with."
"Okay, bye! Love you!" "What did you just say?" "Sorry, it's a habit. It has nothing to do with you!"
"What do you mean, you're going to be away for a week?"
keeping on the lights because they know the other hates darkness
"By the way, there was someone asking for you, but I send them away. They were no good for you."
arguing like mad about the chores but hey, it's still an excuse to talk with each other
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Sixth Day of Gift-Giving
Six Sappy Sentences
"I missed you like I never missed anyone before."
"You’re so beautiful, it’s hard to directly look at you."
"I get so sappy when I’m around you."
"Feel this? My heart is excited to have you close to me."
"Can’t even concentrate with you around."
"I want to keep your hand in mine, so I can’t lose you."
Bonus 6:
"I never believed in love at first sight before I met you."
"You make me fall in love with you over and over again."
"I will never get over you. And I don't want to."
"Holding hands with you makes me feel so giddy."
"I feel completely safe when I'm with you."
"Seeing you smile makes it so hard not to kiss you right then and there."
24 Days of Gift-Giving
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mangocherri · 2 days
Enemies to friends prompts:
CW for mention of death
Tumblr media
Hugging each other after an argument only for them to playfully suplex the other, and then laughing about it
Reminiscing the old times, thinking about how far they have come
Trying not to crack a smile at a dumb joke they told
Taking a stance after they see their enemy approaching them, thinking they’re about to attack, when they suddenly pull them in for a hug
Switching from using last names to nicknames (like buddy, pal, etc.) to refer to each other
Helping each other take down a common enemy and becoming friends in the process
Not believing them at first when they compliment them on something
Finding their enemy injured and treating their wounds
Bickering like they used to, but now it’s more endearing than annoying
Feeling very awkward in the beginning because this was the very person they wanted to kill, but now they’re an ally so they have to be nice, regardless of how annoying they are
Tumblr media
“Well, what are you waiting for? Just kill me and be done with it!” || “…I can’t do that”
“Are you here to mock me?” || “Uhm… no. I just wanted to check up on you”
“Do you think… if things didn’t go the way they did… we could’ve been friends?”
“You? Taking care of me? Are you sure you aren’t the one who has hit their head instead?” || “Geez, can’t you be grateful for once?”
“I kinda miss the old days” || “What, you want me to stab you?”
“You’re so stupid” || “Your influence” || “Hey-”
“You defended me?” || “Yeah, well, we’re friends now… isn’t that what they’re suppose to do?”
“You forgot our anniversary!” || “What anniversary?” || “The day you first tried to kill me!”
“It’s funny how fast time goes by… I still remember the times you tried to capture me as if it was yesterday”
“I’m glad we’re friends now”
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seaside-writings · 2 days
Tumblr media
I've wanted to make a bingo card prompt list for a while now, and what better time to do so than the Christmas/Holiday season?
This is a fluff prompt list for anyone to use; you can use it for familial, platonic or romance stories. I just ask that if you use this list to please tag/credit me so I can see what you've made!
With that out of the way, please enjoy this list!
I hope you all stay blessed and safe throughout your day.
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays: Celia 💚❤💚❤
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maehemthemisfit · 2 days
Tumblr media
🌨️ First Snow Fall
☃️ Building Snowman
❄️ Playing In The Snow
🚪Snowed In
🏂 Sleigh Riding
🎄 Decorating
🌿 mistletoe
🥳 Christmas Party
💌 Secret Santa
🍪 Gingerbread House
☕ Hot Cocoa
🔥 Warming Up By The Fireplace
🤧 Getting Sick
🕯️ Blackout
✨ Trapped In A Room Together
😴 Staying Up On Christmas Eve
🧣 Sharing Warm Clothing
💖 Blanket Fort
🚧 Car Breaking Down Scenario + Snow!
🎁 Christmas Gifts
🥰 Cuddling
🌡️Receiving Help Warming Up
Tumblr media
feel free to use these! might add onto it later
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dialogue4urocs · 2 days
Hellooo! How are you? Can you please write some dialogue prompts about a couple working in A's father company, please? They do different jobs, but the company is the same. Thanks!
Sure thing! Hope you enjoy them. :)
"Are you sure it's okay that we're working together? I mean... the company has a strict no dating coworkers policy-" "No, our manager has a strict no-dating policy. But have you forgotten whose child I am?" "No..." "Stop worrying so much."
"I can't believe I was able to work here with you!" "Yeah, now we can have sex in every room of the building!" "Ooh... challenge accepted!"
"Who do you think we could make blush by being all couply in front of them?" "Well, [Coworker Name] seems to get flustered any time they think anyone is into a fellow company-man." "Oh, [Coworker Name], I need to talk to you...!"
"We have to keep this on the DL." "Yeah, I know. I don't want my own father to have to fire me." "Oh, he wouldn't. He's the owner, not the manager." "I don't know how, but somehow that's even worse."
"You have to stop coming into my department and acting couply with me! I need to be respected and I never will be if everyone believes I was only hired because I'm dating the owner's child." "But you were hired because you're with me. Don't you remember? I got him to give you this job."
(alternatively) "You have to stop coming into my department and acting couply with me! I need to be respected and I never will be if everyone believes I was only hired because I'm dating the owner's child." "I'm sorry! You absolutely weren't hired because of who I am. My father recognizes talent and you've got loads of it."
"You're the best worker in the whole company!" "You're only saying that because I'm dating you." "Hey, you can be my partner and be really good at your job. The two aren't exclusive."
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denofdreams-writerblr · 5 months
soft prompts to make you yearn
resting your head gently on their shoulder
them running their fingers through your hair
them gently tilting your chin
and looking into your eyes
so that your eyes lock in a deep gaze
placing a soft kiss on their forehead
interlocking your fingers while holding hands
back hugs back hugs back hugs
embracing them from a sudden hug from behind
and whispering in their ears, “i love you,”
soft kisses on both cheeks and tip of the nose.
cupping your face in their hands and them telling you, “you. you are the one i love.”
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novelbear · 4 months
"show, don't tell" - other ways to say "i love you"
  good morning/good night texts 
 pulling the other into a random embrace
 “this reminded me of you” 
 complimenting the features you love most about you lover
 going to hold hands in a stressful situation 
 holding their hands in general 
 “tell me about your day.” 
 saving their name as something cute in your phone
 taking pictures of each other on dates, telling the other how beautiful they are 
 “i’m here for you.” 
 doing a chore/task that you know they don’t enjoy doing
 calling just to hear their voice
 running some errands for them when they’re sick 
 bombarding them with blankets, tea, heating pads, and anything else they’d need when injured/under the weather
 knowing the medicines they’d usually take and having no problem going to get them when needed 
 getting lost in their eyes 
 reminding them how lucky you are to have them 
 peppering kisses all over
 or going in for one passionate kiss that just says it all
 cupping their cheek 
 wiping their tears when they cry  
 “you’re my everything.” 
 “let me know what you need, alright?” 
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linwritesif · 7 months
A List of Prompts
because yeah i think it would be helpful if there was a comprehensive list of those, so
ANGST. want to cry? here's some onion for you.
someone is injured
reluctant allies
shedding a tear
secret relationship--getting caught and confronted
enemies to lovers
corruption arc
sentence starters
forbidden love
101 ways to break the characters (and readers) heart
broken trust
hit em where it hurts
for the damaged
short angst sentence starters
soft angst sentence starters
high pain tolerance
dark and angsty sentence starters
from the villain
SMUT / NSFW. having horny thoughts? endulge.
action prompts
subtle intimacy
sexual tension
kissing starters
smut dialogue prompts
sfw friends with benefits
types of kisses
soft dirty talk sentence starters
consent is sexy
spicy actions
subtle smut sentence starters
nonverbal sexual situations
bdsm and dom/sub prompts
build the tension
love and leashes
FLUFF. for when your heart needs healing.
simple actions.
forehead touches.
things done while spooning
things done while dancing
oblivious idiots in love
idiots in love
dancing prompts
dialogue prompts
simple touches
casual affections
soft and sweet sentence starters
types of hugs
domestic intimacy
comforting actions
soft touches
BITTERSWEET. for those who like to hurt and then soothed.
reassuring your lover
reassuring your lover pt. 2
sacred moments
hurt/comfort prompts.
hero x villain prompts
lovers in denial
comforting a lover after a nightmare
grumpy x sunshine
enemies with benefits
noticing trauma
all about the yearning
found family
nightmares and sleeping
reunion after (physical) trauma
for the heavy hearted
enemies to lovers
hero x villain sentence starters
dissociation starters
enemies to lovers and lovers to enemies
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lyralit · 5 months
[ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴀʀᴇ ᴡᴇ? ᴍᴏᴍᴇɴᴛ] ᴘʀᴏᴍᴘᴛꜱ
sparks when skin brushes skin
secret smiles
checking to see what they think
seeing an object and thinking of them
hugs that last a beat too long
looking for them in a crowd
holding hands and that's all they can think of
rubbing comforting circles into their skin
laughing more around them
friends pointing [it] out
acting without thinking then checking to see how they reacted
lighting up when you see them
inside jokes
leaving notes
signing off a written correspondence with a kiss or "love"
accidentally referencing them as "my"
comfort in their presence
personal gifts
growing really close really quickly
knowing what they'll say
feeling a flutter after something they've done dozens of times
they start analyzing everything to guess if it's romantic or not
face turning red when they get too close
face turning red when they think of them
smiling more easily
glowing after a nice remark and having it pointed out
overanalyzing what others say about them both
thinking maybe...
requested by anon
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promptful · 6 months
70 Taunting Enemies Prompts
Remember, requests are open.
Tumblr media
1) “Is that really all you got?” 
2) “Come on, you can do better than that.” 
3) “I’m not even sweating yet.” 
4) “Think I broke more of a sweat petting my cat than I did fighting you.” 
5) “I’m sure you can hit me if you try hard enough. I believe in you.” 
6) “So close.” 
7) “You’re… boring me.”
8) “I expected more.”
9) “Why couldn’t the cops deal with you?” 
10) “Oh, no.” (said really sarcastically) 
11) “I’m sooo scared.” 
12) “Honestly, if you weren’t threatening actual lives, you’d be more of a nuisance, really.” 
13) “This is what I was called for? You?” 
14) “What… is this?” 
15) “Do you want me to slow down for you?” 
16) “If it makes you feel better, I’ll let you get a hit in.” 
17) “This is stupid. Goodnight.” 
18) “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be good enough to beat me one day.” 
19) “Come and get it.” 
20) “That actually hurt. Wow.” 
21)  “Compared to my usual crowd, you’re nothing.” 
22) “Get out of my way.” 
23) “Move.” 
24) “Having fun?” 
25) “Aw, you’re not hurt already, are you?” 
26) “I was just playing. Surely you can take more.” 
27) “Oh my, is that blood? Just from that?”
28) “You have to get through me!”
29) “Shut up!” 
30) “I can keep going.” 
31) “This— this is nothing.” 
32) “I’ll make you regret saying that!”
33) “Then let me make this a little more challenging!” 
34) “Of course it hurts, dipshit.” 
35) “You should be scared.” 
36) “Stop— stop taunting me!” 
37) “Fun? Fun? Don’t insult me.” 
38) “I’ll show you better!” 
39) “I can’t stand you.” 
40) “Get out of my way!” 
41) “Over my dead body!” 
42) “I won’t let you get to them.” 
43) “I’ll make sure you can’t hurt anybody else.” 
44) “Over my grave, you bastard.” 
45) “Dammit, all right, here we go!”
46) “I’ll take you down if it’s the last thing I do.” 
47) “If I can’t take you down, I will never forgive myself.” 
48) “Try and move me, I dare you!” 
49) “You’re gonna regret that!” 
50) “You want to see what I can do?” 
51)  “You’re nothing.”
52) “Keep taunting me and see what happens.” 
53) “I’ll give you one chance, walk away.” 
54) “Fine, I guess we’re doing this.” 
55) “Y’know, talking during fighting isn’t very professional!” 
56) You have a stupid smirk on your face, and I’m just trying to be serious. Why are you like this? Can we fight already? 
57) Why are you taunting me? Stop— stop dancing. We’re in the middle of a fight. 
58) When the cops/superhero/my friend told me what you were doing, I wanted to stay in bed. And now that I’m here, I’m thinking that maybe I should have. 
59) Is that bomb fake or real. I can never tell with you.
60) I’m bleeding from your knife/kicks/punches, but I’m not gonna stop fighting until you’re finally taken down. 
61) Every time you taunt me, I see red, and you know this. I should be stronger, but I’m not. 
62) I won’t let you hurt the people I love. Not while I’m still breathing. 
63) You notice that I’m breathing heavy, and you just keep smirking. I— I can keep going. I can. 
64) We used to be friends, what happened to us? Why do we always have to fight? 
65) If you’d just put that gun/remote/knife, we could go home, y’know? We don’t have to keep fighting. 
66) You’re not fighting like you used to, what happened? 
67) This is pathetic and a waste of my time, you’re in my way. 
68) You’ve gotten weaker, I can’t help but let a smirk cross my lips, this is almost… funny. 
You stumble against the wall with half-lidded eyes. It’d be so easy to just stroll by you, but for some reason, I can’t help but keep taunting you. 
69) You hate me. I hate you. Yet, taunting you is one of my favorite things to do. 
Tumblr media
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Coffee ☕
Coffee ☕
"Don't even try to talk to me right now. I need my coffee first."
"This is literally the perfect cup of coffee!"
"I really like you. Would you want to grab a coffee with me?"
"You don't have to marry them. Just grab a coffee together and see where it leads you to."
"Do you actually know my usual order? I'm impressed!"
"I'm not sure I'm ready for a full dinner yet. But how about a coffee?"
It was a very slow day in the coffee shop, so the employees decided to launch a competition, to see who could come up with the weirdest coffee orders that were still safe to consume.
He started his day like he always did - with a coffee in hand and no ambition to be more social today.
The latte art was so spot on that she was left speechless.
It was so cliché to crash into someone and spill your drinks on each other, but that doesn't make it less annoying, when you have a job interview in a few minutes and are drenched in coffee.
Coffee Shop AUs + How to create a coffee shop atmosphere + Coffee Shop Prompts
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mangocherri · 3 months
Love realization prompts:
Tumblr media
They don't smile/laugh often, but when they finally do, you feel your heart skip a beat
Waking up and finding yourself snuggled up with them on the couch, when it dawns upon you that maybe you do love them
They're doing something stupid, and somehow, you find yourself thinking that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with
They're going to go away soon. You're going through some of your old memories together, which is when the realization hits you (and you don't have much time left)
You find yourself unable to look away after seeing them in a fancy dress/suit for the first time
Reuniting after being separated for a while, realizing how much you missed their presence
Thinking about how they have all the qualities you'd like in a partner
While pretending to be in a relationship with them, you realize how much you wish it was real
Being worried that these new feelings might ruin their friendship
"I think... I'm in love with (Name)" || "Congrats on being the last one to find out"
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juicywritinghoard · 5 months
prompts to shake things up
I didn't know you wore glasses and I'm thinking normal and platonic thoughts about you right now I swear
I'm going to take over the world and no one can stop me not even y- okay well if you ask nicely I guess
you say childish like it's a bad thing but I see you eyeing that life size Pokémon plush don't kid yourself 
be honest are you crying about the commercial with the kitten in it
this marriage was supposed to be a scam but, but listen,
soooo *twirling hair and fluttering eyelashes* why does everyone think you're a freak
I know I'm your doctor and the horns growing in overnight was kind of a surprise but why do you want them removed those are sick as hell
babe. my love. song in my heart. are you purring 
okay so if you want me to rescue you from up there you have to try to come with me--okay I guess I'm picking you up
I have never been this sick before I'm sorry did I, haha this is so weird, but did I confess my love for you? f- four times? yeah? haha oh
every time you taste my cooking you just say it's amazing does it need more salt or not I swan to John
oh it's nothing it's just. you sing when you're happy and the place has been so quiet for so long, and I heard you- nevermind,
you frost cookies like you're neither left or right handed but a third other hand that you don't actually possess and I can't stand it (affectionate)
I don't think you understand how much your good morning texts legitimately keep me from rotting in bed all day 
you must be pretty down if me juggling your oranges doesn't even get a laugh out of you :( should I light them on fire? 
no I see the super powers yeah I just, I'm not sure you got them from your medication, yeah, and would you say that's a negative side effect or
ooh what's this potion do? coffee? that's a funny name. what happens if I press this button? humans are so fascinating this is the best I hope I never go home
you've been blinking SOS in Morse code at me for ten minutes honey this award ceremony is supposed to be honoring you 
when we kiss I feel like I'm floating, like literally gravity stopped working on me please don't let go?? also another kiss wouldn't hurt just saying 
so it was YOU who took a full bite out of that stick of butter!! please. please. why??
let's go on vacation somewhere cheesy and act like we're a couple wouldn't that be sooooo funny haha
okay so sleeping it off didn't work. let me consult my list. hypnotism, no. meditation, certainly not. well something has to work because I simply cannot be in love with them
I'm a spy. i can do unspeakable crimes under the morally bankrupt cover of night but I'm not sure I can pretend to look at real estate as a couple with you 
my love is your arm stuck in the claw machine. you were going to steal that prize for me?? oh my gosh. let me rescue you and also show you how to actually do this
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jaylaxies · 4 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
holding their hands
kissing their forehead before sleeping
trying to cook their favourite dish
softly rubbing your nose against theirs
dancing together in the rain
caressing their cheek
pulling them in the warmest hugs
complimenting them at random times
smiling in-between kisses
reassuring nods and being supportive of their choices
leaving small love notes for them to find
remembering their favourite food/drinks and getting them that
gently wiping your tears
helping you wear your necklace and kissing your neck softly
slow dancing with soft smiles
pulling them close while sleeping
making playlists for them
feeding them as they work
being observant to their likes and dislikes
confessing when the other one is sleeping
handwritten letters
resting foreheads together
giving them nicknames
putting a blanket on them as they sleep
fixing their tie
feel free to use and share!
Tumblr media
© jaylaxies | tumblr
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The 'married' couple that is just friends
"You're coming over? bring me coffee I ran out,"
"ah, my friend looks like he's about to kill you, you best leave,"
"I'm going to have to beat people off with a stick aren't I?"
"Man, thanks, I haven't been able to get to the dishes, you're a life saver,"
"do you have my sad hoody? I need my sad hoody,"
"Can you come over? I need your cooking,"
"We have plans! why do we have plans?"
"you're like my child, call me daddy.... nevermind, that sounds wrong,"
"we're going to your parent's for Mom's birthday tomorrow?"
"I left you lunch,"
"who's apartment are we in?"
"I have a key, it's not breaking an entering,"
"I don't care if it's 2am, I'm lonely, come watch a movie,"
"you remembered my snacks right?"
"Did you just get slapped? oh man, I need to high-five them, where are they?"
"Nooo let me sleep,"
"do you remember where I put my purse?"
"Buy me food, I'm broke,"
"Of course, you're my ATM, who else is going to give me money and not expect it back?"
"I forgot my wallet, hey! I need your bank card,"
"This is why I love you,"
" I can't believe you're making me do yoga,"
"What are we married?"
"yeah sure take it,"
"we're out of brain cells,"
"no milk? aw man she hates black coffee,"
"Is it safe yet? I brought Icecream?"
"I got us tickets to the concert, you owe me,"
"if you're going to cry I'm going to punch someone,"
"Hey, hey, It's okay, I'm here,"
"we won!? man, I'm good at this,"
"he did it,"
"excuse me? I was innocent, you corrupted me,"
"you fixed my sink! thanks!"
"I gave a dude your number, he wouldn't stop bothering me, give em' hell,"
"What's for dinner?"
"you have plans that don't involve me? since when?"
"Happy Birthday hoe,"
"isn't this illegal?"
"who's body are we hiding?"
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