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more ghostface!Steve bc why not 馃懟
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mrs-thomas-hewitt 2 days ago
Incorrect Slashers
Thomas: In your opinion, what鈥檚 the height of stupidity? Y/N: *turning to Hoyt* How tall are you?
Chucky: I trust Tiffany. Y/N: You think they know what they're doing? Chucky: I wouldn't go that far.
Y/N: Tell Billy about the birds and the bees. Stu: They're disappearing at an alarming rate.
Y/N: *Screams* Bo: *Screams louder to establish dominance* Vincent: Should we do something? Lester: No, I want to see who wins.
Y/N, struggling to keep upright in their 1 inch heels: Yeah, I-I don鈥檛 really think heels are for me Freddy, pointing at them and walking flawlessly in sparkly golden 6 inch heels: WEAK.
Brahms: Let鈥檚 watch Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Y/N: Okay. Brahms: And make out during the scary parts. Y/N: Th- Y/N: The scary parts. Y/N: Of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.
Y/N: Whaddya call a fish with no eye? Hannibal, not looking up: Myxine Circifrons Y/N: Y/N: fsh
Chop-Top: Why are Y/N and Bubba sitting with their backs to each other? Drayton: They had a fight. Chop-Top: Then why are they holding hands? Drayton: They get sad when they fight.
Y/N: In my defense, I was left unsupervised. Otis: Wasn't Baby with you? Baby: In my defense, I was also left unsupervised.
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baby-ditzzy 2 days ago
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our costumes
Tumblr media Tumblr media
our weapons
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yes or yes???
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im-here-for-aliens a day ago
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if they put the three ghostface together in this scene it would be something like this (I have no proof and no doubts either)
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yesimwriting 2 days ago
Loving how you write the dynamic between Billy, Stu, and Y/N! They seem much more possessive of her (in a "not yours, not mine, but OURS" kind of way) than they do their *actual* girlfriends, which I'm really enjoying!
Makes me wonder if they used to butt heads over who they chose to date previously. Like, gotta keep up appearances of being Normal Heterosexual Boys, but it sucks when your partner's girlfriend isn't your type.
Anyway, lovely work! Have you posted it on Ao3?
ahh thank you!! and no, i don't write on Ao3 yet, but i've been thinking about it,, i have a wattpad but this is updated a lot more frequently and wattpad is more for the occasional OC idea (might be making a scream one on there soon tho! i have some ideas lol, if anyone's interested)
i really do feel like what makes y/n special to them is that she's theirs in the sense that they both want to have her and keep her around
ohhh i love that concept...i definitely feel like the whole dating thing has definitely caused some conflict between them, especially when dating first comes up
like they've been getting closer and neither of them are big about talking about their emotions, and then billy gets asked out by a girl or stu's parents bring up that they'd love to see him with a nice girl and so they both look into it, and at first they both swear up and down that they couldn't care less bc it wouldn't really change anything
but after stu "accidentally" scares off a perfectly nice girl (it's not his fault, billy, how was stu supposed to know that she'd freak out after seeing a gutted frog the first time she came over to stu's place? he was just practicing for bio class, and technically he didn't threaten her, stu just pointed out that she and the frog had some similarities) they both come to a sort of silent agreement to not bring home anyone the other wouldn't like
which kind of leads to an era of just checking out the same girls, but more in a fantasy sense, maybe even making a game out of who can hook up with a specific girl first, and maybe picking out public girlfriends for each other to make sure no one doubts their ability to be attached to other people or their ability to be heteronormative
and its not like they never have feelings for other people at the same time, but they know their silent boundaries, and as long as they're each others top priorities everything's fine <3
i think they might've given up on the idea of finding the perfect girl worth keeping around, mainly bc of their lack of attachment to other people, but then y/n pulled up and when they both brought her up at the same time they were like 馃槼 (omg i think it'd be fun to write a fic/drabble that's in the final girl fic universe about billy and stu's thoughts on y/n , specifically that first discussion about her and how she caught their attention)
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pup-pyro 2 days ago
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Billy and Stu DEFINITELY explored each other's bodies
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hiddenqveendom 2 days ago
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* 鈥 oc halloween challenge 2022 : [ day one - slasher聽馃敧 ]聽
ft. ophelia wheeler ( scream )聽 / if she were billy鈥檚 accomplice as ghostface au
tag list : @mysticalficvoid鈥嬧 , @txlktomerooster鈥嬧 , @sgtbuckyybarnes鈥嬧 , @joaquinwhorres鈥嬧 , @decennia鈥嬧 , @veetlegeuse鈥嬧 , @arrthurpendragon鈥嬧 , @raith-way鈥嬧 , @scootermcooter鈥嬧 , @stanshollaand鈥嬧 , @chrissymunson鈥嬧 , @foxesandmagic鈥嬧 , @eddiemunscns鈥嬧 , @farklelucas鈥嬧 , 聽@waterloou鈥嬧 , @guardiansofheroes鈥嬧, @kingsmakers鈥嬧, @https-svnshine鈥嬧, @starlit-epiphany鈥嬧, @m1ke-wheeler, @fragilestorm , @nolanhollogay
send me a message to be added / removed !
gif credit : [ x , x , x ]
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besstolku a day ago
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tw blood // ghostface!steddie is everything i have for now they keep me up at night
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loveandmurders a day ago
Ghostface鈥檚 fan #1 (Part II)
Hello everyone! You seemed to have enjoyed the first part of this series (that you can find here), so I鈥檓 posting the second part of it. If you haven鈥檛 read the first part, it鈥檚 basically a Billy Loomis x female reader x Stu Matcher fiction. Reader is obsessed with Ghostface.
Hope you鈥檒l enjoy <3
As said, female reader, but no physical description, not even for outfits/lingerie.
Warnings: very morally grey reader, DNI, mention of sexual activities (oral (female receiving), light bondage, blindfold, strip tease, knife kink,...), mention of killings, mention of people hurting reader, mention of unhapiness (but reader is doing better now), quite fluffy.
The day after, once you came back from school, you were hoping to find Ghostface in your room again. And you couldn鈥檛 lie at how disappointed you were when you found the place empty. You still hoped they would come later tonight though so you dug up some nice lingerie in your wardrobe and put it on after a very nice shower.
Lately you hadn鈥檛 taken a great care of yourself but you really wanted Ghostface to keep coming to you, so you thought you needed to be better. You put some cream on your body and tried to be more gentle with yourself. You even ate a proper meal for once. You finally ended up laying down on your bed, waiting. It was getting late, and you were slowly losing hope, wondering if last night wasn鈥檛 just a very wonderful dream and nothing more. You聽 were softly falling asleep, when you heard your window being opened so you sat up, wide awake. Your face lit up at the sight of Ghostface and you were quick to jump off your bed and helped them inside your room. You were so happy you had been good enough for them to come back to you!
鈥淵ou鈥檙e back!鈥 you excitedly cheered and Ghostface looked down at you. You could sense they were confused and surprised, and you noticed they were looking around your room as if it was the first time they came there. You understood it was probably the person who called the Ghostface of last night, but really you didn鈥檛 care. For you, it was still Ghostface and you were still super eager to be played with if that was the only thing that would make them come back to you. You needed them in your life.
鈥淚 found some lingerie, I thought you would enjoy seeing me in this鈥 you continued and Ghostface鈥檚 attention was soon back on you, which you enjoyed a little too much for your own good. Their hands were quickly on you; Stu was definitely liking it. He perfectly understood why Billy hadn鈥檛 killed you last night, and he was quite happy he didn鈥檛. Wasting a little pretty thing like you would have been a shame. And you were so cute and eager鈥 and obsessed with them, like they were obsessed with their killing. You were fitting so well in their world. He roamed your body, and you noticed he was a lot gentler than the man who came the night before. He finally nodded at you and your smile widened even more. You took one of his hands to guide him on the bed and he followed you like a soft puppy. You loved how complementary the two Ghostfaces were, and you hoped the two of them would enjoy you equally.
You noticed that the first Ghostface - Billy or 鈥淜nifey鈥 (like you nicknamed him for yourself) - was sometimes a little bit rough and clearly into knife play (hence the nickname). He was dangerously playful. He was often fidgeting with his knife around you, knowing you both were aroused by it, and after having threatened you with it, he would undress you by cutting your clothes with it. (He was bringing you new clothes and underwear pretty often, mostly because he loved to see you in outfits he picked for you). During sex he would even move the blade all over your body, but you trusted him because he never hurt you. He also liked to have you tied up and blindfolded; it allowed him to eat you out and to pleasure you out of your mind. He was definitively into overstimulation and you loved it. It was allowing you to forget about all the things that saddened your life.
When the second one - Stu or 鈥淧uppy鈥 - was a lot more tender with you and was acting most of the time like an excited puppy (hence the nickname, once again). When you had opened your legs for him, the first time, he had almost jumped on you which made you giggle a little. Unlike Billy, he stayed after the sexy time for some cuddles before leaving you, and you could tell he was pretty reluctant from doing so. He wasn鈥檛 too much into tying you up but blindfolds were quite handy so he could fully kiss you up and eat you out as well. He loved to purr into your ear to undress yourself for him too and he would forever enjoy the little show you put out for him. He had greedy hands, always touching and roaming your body. He couldn鈥檛 stop himself, and it was impossible to leave his embrace. He made you feel desirable and almost loved. You could pretend to be theirs.
Each time you saw them, you reminded them you loved them and you wanted them to come back to you, even if it was just for fucking you.
And sex was definitively one of the reasons Ghosface came back to you, every night. But there was something more. And for the first time in your life you were feeling wanted and appreciated, and by two dangerous killers, which was a bonus.聽
As time passed, the two Ghostfaces grew more comfortable with you, because you never asked questions and you never tried to know who was behind the mask. They could be fully themselves around you. And they started to pass by even when they didn鈥檛 want to have sex with you. Stu was often sneaking at night, when you were already asleep to cuddle you. Billy had to wake him up more than once before they could get caught. And Billy was often coming by when he needed some peaceful silence. Stu wasn鈥檛 always allowing him to think in peace, but with you it was easier. He would just bring you on his lap and you would play with his fingers, as he thought his plans out in a comforting atmosphere.聽
They were also flirting with you! And you loved it so much. Billy would cup your chin and seductively brush your lower lip. His hands would also happily roam your body, making you feel desirable like never before. He loved to squeeze your arse, as to remind you you were his. But how could you forget that. He would also praise you, for being good to them, but also for your good grades or for having taken care of yourself. Billy could tell you were trying your best for Ghostface, and he was proud of you. But you never dared talk to him, or to Stu, about the people who were hurting you because you weren鈥檛 too sure what your relationship was with them and you didn鈥檛 want to annoy them.
Stu was a cuddly boy to you, always touching, hugging you and stealing your kisses through the mask (or not when you were blindfolded). After sex, he would enjoy tracing abstract patterns on your skin, which always made you shiver in well-being. He was also into keeping the blindfold on so it would allow the two of you to have a bath together, and he would wash you. The more time he spent with you the more tender he became, and he always pouted behind the mask when he noticed you were feeling a little bit down. He would always try his best to cheer you up but he hated it, and he hated you weren鈥檛 talking about what was bothering you.
Stu started to talk a lot more about you to Billy, because he felt the boys needed to agree on the definition of your relationship. And truth to be told Stu just wanted to be allowed to look after you. But Billy was worried you would be in the way of their master plan, and he thought it would be better to keep things like that: they came to you for sex and affection, and the three of you minded your own business otherwise. Stu hadn鈥檛 been very happy about it, but he didn鈥檛 argue anymore. He still tried to keep an eye on you at school, without showing it to anyone. Billy was now forced to distract Stu before he could stare at you and he really wasn鈥檛 impressed. He didn鈥檛 want you to become a problem, because you were truly enjoyable.
Stu knew you were far from a problem, you were the perfect Ghostface鈥檚 girlfriend and he was certain Billy would be forced to admit it sooner or later.
And because you were quite unaware of what Ghostface truly thought of you, or wanted from you in the end, you weren鈥檛 too sure if they were going to kill you one day or not. You weren鈥檛 stupid and you knew that no matter how they boosted up your confidence in yourself, they were still killers. And you had been an accident in their plan.
You had the answer the day you were chatting in the house of a future dead girl. You had a class together and you had been paired up for a group project. It was getting late so you ordered pizzas and you were taking a little break from working. It was quite a nice evening, and you enjoyed the company even though you hoped you wouldn鈥檛 be late to greet your killers in your room. The girl was in her bathroom as you were chilling on the couch, thinking about them, as usual. You thought you heard a door being opened but you weren鈥檛 too sure about it, and didn鈥檛 really care either. You jumped when you felt the cold of a blade on your throat; a knife you knew well by now. You looked up at Ghostface and smiled at him. Billy leaned towards you to kiss your forehead through the mask before getting you up. As you faced him, you felt the arms of the other Ghostface wrapping around you. You leaned into the embrace. It was the first time you saw them at the same time and you liked it a lot. Gosh, they were too hot for your own good.
鈥淕onna kill me or should I go?鈥 you asked and the two Ghostfaces exchanged a look.
鈥淵ou stay here until we kill her and then you call the cops鈥 Billy said but for the first time you shook your head at something he said
鈥淣o, I don鈥檛 want to talk to the cops because they would need to call my parents鈥 you quickly replied 鈥淟et me pretend I need to go, and then kill her once I鈥檓 gone鈥 you countered and you were serious about it. You loved Ghostface and you would never betray them, even if your life depended on it, but there was no way your parents or the cops discovered anything about your obsession or anything. Your mother hasn't been home a lot lately but she would be nosy if she heard anything happened to you. And she would discover something and you didn鈥檛 want to lose what you were finally having in your existence. You hadn鈥檛 been happy a lot in your life, and now you finally were feeling better, you couldn鈥檛 let your parents take it away from you.
鈥淎nd?鈥 Billy asked, because he didn鈥檛 see where the problem was
鈥淗aven鈥檛 you noticed my parents are never home? Trust me, it鈥檚 better that way鈥 you replied quite fiercely and you felt the Ghostface still holding you moving his head at the one in front of you, probably to tell him to leave you alone. Billy sighed. He had tried to pretend they were still in control of this relationship with you, but he was only lying to himself. Every night, Stu and him were arguing about which one of them would come see you. Billy and Stu even broke up with their current girlfriends, because they couldn't pretend anymore. That was really not part of the plan, but the unforeseen relationship with you and its consequences brought a lot of fun to their killing experiences as well.
Billy sat up on the couch and Stu tightened his hold on you and you took comfort in the getsure. 鈥淭he cops will ask you why you left鈥 he said and you looked away, knowing he was right.
鈥淐an鈥檛 you come back later?鈥 you asked
鈥淵ou won鈥檛 tell her anything?鈥 he asked back and you arched an eyebrow
鈥淓ven if we both could, I haven鈥檛 talked and you haven鈥檛 killed me鈥 you replied and you felt Stu softly chuckling in your ear.
鈥淎lright then, see you tonight, love鈥 Billy said as he got up and Stu finally let you go. You enjoyed the nickname more than you would ever admit.
鈥淗ey, come back together tonight for once?鈥 you offered and they exchanged another look.
鈥淐an try, but he is jealous鈥 Billy said as he pointed his knife at Stu, who scoffed
鈥淎nd he is possessive鈥 he replied, pointing at Billy and you laughed.
You worked and ate the pizza with the soon to be dead girl, but you didn鈥檛 really care, because you were now certain that the two Ghostfaces were liking you a lot, and it was all you needed in your life to be happy.聽
You thought that one day, maybe, you could also be a Ghostface and you hummed happily to yourself. Life was getting good.
@erasable-mustache 聽
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steddie but they're ghostface 馃懟 馃憖
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Skeet Ulrich as Billy Loomis, Scream (1996)
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Just some dudes being guys
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tomubruh 6 months ago
yall ever see a fictional character n be like "this is my rotten little man and i encourage his rotten little shenanigans"
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boys night! *stabs you in the kitchen*
Scream (1996) Hannibal (2013-2015)
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Ghostface my beloved,,,
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"Oh my god he's fucking crazy" i say, while smiling and giggling like a teen girl who just got her first crush
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me when people are surprised to learn that Kevin Williamson (the screenwriter for Scream) is gay
Tumblr media
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