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"I wish we were dressed like ballerinas."
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30 Things To Do Alone
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Go for a walk. I've been trying to reach 10k steps daily.
Read a book, article, or blog... just like you're doing right now. ;)
Watch a tv show. I'm currently watching Gilmore girls.
Watch the sunset/sunrise. I prefer sunsets.
Try a youtube workout. Daisy Keech is my favorite!
Do your nails. Nice nails make a vast difference in my opinion.
Go to the grocery store and buy some snacks that you've never tried before.
Try a new recipe. I'm trying carrot cake oatmeal later!
Write a letter to your future self. <3
Test old pens and throw away the dry ones.
Make a birthday wishlist. one of my favorite things to do when I'm bored and have nothing to do.
Take the 16 Personalities test. I'm an ENFP :)
Make a bucket list. I just started writing my autumn bucket list!
Research something or watch a video essay on youtube. One of my favorite channels at the moment is Mina Le.
Make a mood/vision board. You can check out my Twitter or Tumblr for some inspiration.
Scroll Pinterest for the next 6+ hours; we've all been there.
Take a long bath. Do a full skin/hair care routine.
Cut/dye your hair. I just cut curtain bangs, and I'm loving it!!
Bake something for a loved one; I made lemon-poppy seed cookies for my Dad.
Create a new playlist. I've started making an autumn playlist, lol.
Make a photo wall. I made one last year and still love it!
Accomplished your to-do list, and you'll feel great once you're done.
Get rid of old clothes, make room for new stuff.
Go to a new coffee shop and get something to try.
Learn how to crochet. I made a sweater for my dog, lmao.
Make yourself a drink, like a tea, coffee, or smoothie!
Declutter your digital space. (emails, photos, apps, etc...)
Make your room cozy and take a nap, or just relax for a bit.
Plan some outfits and look for things to buy online.
Apply a facemask and watch a coming-of-age movie. (my guilty pleasure, lol..)
Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments! <3
✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩
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blushydior · 2 months ago
     welcome in a new month ♡
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set goals for self development
plan brunch & dinner dates with friends
read 5-10 books
indulge yourself more in your hobbies. do what you love unapologetically.
have more rest days without guilt
reflect on last month. what can you do differently that’ll help your overall state of being? physically, mentally & spiritually
stay off social media
do the butterfly hug method for bilateral stimulation. tell yourself all the things you wish you were/are told. ♡
make slight adjustments to your morning and night routine. keep it interesting.
schedule routine appointments (health, pamper)
get on top of deadlines.
say affirmations every morning & night
be more kind to yourself
stay firm on your boundaries, make adjustments as needed.
stand up and show up for yourself.
walk with your head held up high and shoulders back. don’t cower.
prepare for any upcoming events
learn a new skill
try a new recipe
journal often
explore new places. meet new people and make friends.
keep your thoughts in check. what you focus on grows.
daily walks
meditate, stretch.
declutter your environment (digital, physical space, social circle)
be safe.
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for the girls and others written by sylvia plath, directed by sofia coppola, sung by lana del rey, styled by miu miu, and painted by berthe morisot ♡︎ coquette, dollette, waif, lobotomy-chic, pink academia, pink pilates princess, baby pink, vanilla, miu miu, vivienne westwood, blumarine, dior, literature, the arts, architecture, swans, bunnies, puppies, deer, lambs, spring.
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i am going to pretend i’m here tonight ♡︎
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Please I’m begging.
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Channeling elle woods rory gilmore spencer hastings energy for this school year 💖📖⭐️
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malusokay · 2 months ago
Morning routine ideas
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Creating a proper morning routine can be so much fun, especially now that so many people are starting summer break; it's the perfect time to get used to a new routine! <3
Open your curtains + Window. Fresh air and sunshine are always good for you.
Read something, waking up the brain, haha.
Say good morning to your pets and/or plants. It's something cute.
Wash your face and brush your teeth. Best feeling in the morning.
Drink a glass of water and take your vitamins. I like taking my vitamins on an empty stomach, so a bit before breakfast.
Make yourself breakfast; I never understood how people can go without breakfast. I would be dead by noon, lol.
Try eating breakfast outside; literally so relaxing.
Exercise, go for a walk, try some yoga or pilates.
Journal, Paint, blog. Do something creative that makes you feel good and inspired; I obviously write blog posts, hahah.
Brew a fresh cup of coffee or tea. Slay.
Connect with your friends or family. A simple good morning text is enough and might make their day a bit better :)
Choose an outfit. Whatever you feel comfortable with, your clothes should always empower you!
Put on your favorite perfume; I like 'Thank U Next' by Ariana grande, 'Black Opium' by YSL, or Victoria's Secret body spray.
Make your bed and maybe tidy up your room a bit.
List three things you want to do today. You can also write down more but don't push yourself too much.
Do your makeup and/or hair, I'm currently trying more simple makeup for summer, and I'm loving it!!
Listen to your favorite song, my fav atm is Cry Baby by The Neighbourhood, lol.
Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments! <3
✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩
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