I'm a big fan of Stranger Things.
No, I don't watch the show on Netflix.-
I meant the gay version of Stranger Things on Tumblr
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Tumblr media
max mayfield as TWO hands
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phrogfrommars · 2 days ago
No I’m sorry we’ve all been lying to you gay people actually don’t exist we’re all just fictional characters living in Hawkins, Indiana 
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givehimthemedicine · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
yes precious baby you get to have that too ❤️❤️❤️
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booksandpaperss · 2 days ago
There is not NEARLY enough appreciation for how pivotal it was for El to be able to stand her ground against brenner multiple times while he was using all of his fucked up manipulation tactics and constantly triggering her past trauma.
And then, like the queen she is, el actively chose to not forgive him and say she understood him just bc he was dying. All she said was “goodbye, papa.” Acknowledging their relationship for what it has been, and refusing to let him guilt her into putting up with his abuse anymore. That was SUCH a powerful scene and we should talk abt it more bc as someone who’s been abused, I actually CRIED I was so proud of her.
So TIRED of everyone only focusing on the Mike part of El’s s4 arc, she was so fucking amazing this season and finally found her independence from the manipulative, and in brenner’s case ABUSIVE, men in her life. I love Mike but this ain’t abt him anymore. I’m done with El’s arc being abt him in any way.
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dis-a-ppointment · 2 days ago
We don’t talk about her enough
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
all the queers anxiously waiting the results of el’s “am i gay?” buzzfeed quiz
Tumblr media
johnathan making sure mike doesn’t go and have a gay heart to heart with will while he takes a nap (much deserved after babysitting 4 chaotic queers for a week straight gay and driving across the country sleep deprived stressed and high)
Tumblr media
johnathan showing will every guy ever he could date instead of michael wheeler
Tumblr media
gays rocking the bad posture 🥰🥰 (tell me mike doesn’t sit like that all the time u can’t he’s autistic and gay he stood no chance of sitting in a chair properly)
Tumblr media
els bestie and bros hovering as she calls her crush (max) on speaker - disaster sleepover phone call imminent because they’re all dumb and gay and bad at romantic advice (yes even u will) ALSO PEEK JOHNATHAN ALLY SUPPORTIVE BROTHER MODE AND MIKES GAYASS WRIST
Tumblr media
footage taken 2 seconds after mike asked will if he would still love him if mike was a worm and will replied “you’re halfway to wormhood already and i’d die for you in a second does that answer your question?”
Tumblr media
noah preparing for wills spirit to possess his body when the cameras roll (and charlie trying to catch in on camera youtuber style) OR will calming his gay heart through meditation and a mental pep talk before seeing mike again
Tumblr media
johnathan giving mike a phone number and telling him it’s the “i’m gay and in love with my bff” helpline but really it’s just wills number (after johnathan and mikes mandatory fight, confession, and “gay is ok” talk)
Tumblr media
noah explaining why he feels will should cry in any byler scene the van scene OR describing how him turning on and off the gay crying yearning and blushing on command is really just will byers’ essence taking control of his body
Tumblr media
the whole cast to homophobes in the ga <333
@dis-a-ppointment thank you for putting these out into the void 😭😭😭 the cast is really too iconic how do they just exist as walking memes
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l0v3c0r3e · 2 days ago
maturing is realizing el is queer
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axquiva · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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bowlcut-cleric · a day ago
Byers Hopper family headcanons:
-Family game nights at least once every two weeks sometimes more and Will, let’s commit a felony in Vegas, Byers regularly cheats especially when El is his partner
- El really wants to braid her hair but she doesn’t know how and neither do her brothers which leads to Joyce walking in on both boys and El trying to learn how to braid hair with magazines tutorials and hair elastics all over the floor
- Upon learning that El doesn’t know what kind of music she likes Jonathan and Will made it their mission to introduce her to all different kinds of music until she found one she liked
- having lived together Will and El have a bunch inside jokes and often share looks with each other which leads to jokes about them being related from the party
-Joyce and El have a soap opera they like to watch together and they keep trying to rope the boys into watching with them and the few times they do the boys get really into it and will gasp at twists and shout at the tv
- On their bad days Will and El just sit next to each other without talking because they both get it better than most and it helps just having someone around
- When Jonathan makes breakfast he always makes an extra plate because if Mike didn’t sleepover to spend time with Will then Max slept over to spend time with El
- Anytime one of his siblings tease him about his crush on Mike/ his relationship with him Will starts throwing pillows and erasers at his siblings and won’t hesitate bring up their relationships/crushes
- Hopper makes an effort to get know his stepsons so once a month the boys have a boys day and Joyce and El have a girls day
- When the boys have their day Hopper makes an effort to do things they enjoy instead of making them do stuff they have no interest in
- The first Father’s Day with Hopper The kids all give him hand made gifts and work together to make him breakfast (and if it makes Hopper a little teary eyed that’s no one else business)
- Joyce and El have an at home spa day and end up getting all three boy to participate with various levels of enthusiasm
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dunbarsmunson · a day ago
associating all my ships with taylor swift songs? therapy.
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lady-celeste25 · 2 days ago
El sobbing in her room:
Will: Hey, hey!! What’s wrong lil sis?
El: I don’t wanna date Mike anymore!!! 😭😭
Will, in mind: score
Will; El why? What did he say?
El: Max says I love you more than he does and I love Max way more than him!!!! Mike is like you. Like my little brother!!!!!! I like Max in a boyfriend way!!!! And Mike in a brother way!!!!!!!
Will losing his shit:
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hermesinslytherin · 20 hours ago
1. Byler, Jargyle, Elmax, Dustin, Erica
2. Steddie, Ronance, Jopper, Lucas, Suzie
Time's ticking, or should I say the grandfather clock
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castielinpastel · a day ago
max : what are you guys doing?
lucas : makin some cocoa.
max : in the middle of summer??
el : …
lucas : it sounded good.
max :
lucas :
el :
el : do you want some?
max : …
max : yes please.
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octobergrae · a day ago
People really hate Will for calling Jane "some stupid girl" in ST3 as if they aren't best friends and siblings now, and as if it isn't exactly like Jane throwing Max off her skateboard with telekinesis and then completely ignoring her when Max wanted to shake her hand, and then later becoming best friends and more than likely having a crush on her.
You can't hate Will unless you want to hate Jane too.
They're the same. They're twins. They say and do dumb things when they're jealous. It's them.
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fantasticallyfruity4 · a day ago
The Hargrove-Mayfields never leave California. Where in California do they live and stay?
Lenora fucking hills.
Billy’s not as much of a dick, because he doesn’t have the hostility of having had to leave California. He’s still a dick, but like, not a mega dick.
When the byers/hoppers move to Lenora, el has her struggle in making friends but sits beside mad max in history class.
Max tells Angela to buzz the hell off, and is els only friend. she tells her boys are dumb and Mike is dumber, and by the time Mike visits for spring break Mike is on such thin ice with el he ends up hanging out with will his whole trip in ‘86. But then spring break ‘86 happens.
And max is right with will and Jonathan and Mike trying to get to el, trying to find el, to help El.
and when Billy shows up and Joyce’s to pick max up one day during spring break suddenly there’s a whole ass shoot out and before he really knows what happens he’s in a pizza boy van with those two stoners from school, that quiet kid whose absolutely gay, some guy from bum fuck who is apparently els boyfriend (like he believes that, okay) and of corse his stupid step sister.
So the two of them are just along for the ride to find Nina.
And max isn’t actually fighting vecna, no. Max isn’t one of Vegas victims, but el is still trying to protect her friends in hawkins, save her friends in hawkins. Someone else had to take maxs place after all.
Max being fiercely protective of her super hero “bestie” girlfriend.
They go back to hawkins, maybe returning more victorious than they did in cannon.
And that’s when Lucas and el meet, in the midst of the chaos.
And Billy is just this shell shocked California ken doll who’s a bit taken by everything which is Eddie and the preppy douchebag who refuses to leave his side.
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dis-a-ppointment · 2 days ago
Party Members and their drivers license
Lucas - Studied for months, aced his test, and his parents got him a car as a reward
Max - Didn’t study, came to the test sleep deprived and ran over a mailbox. She has to wait six more months to try again
Dustin - Steve won’t let him drive
Mike - Can’t drive for shit
Will - Jonathan has been teaching him for several months but he still didn’t feel prepared so he wants to keep practicing for a little while longer
Eleven - Joyce won’t let her drive
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