My, what big feets you have...
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elina-clevergull · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hogwarts Houses Common Rooms Midjourney AI art by Elina Clevergull
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the-darling-badger · 8 months
Crookshanks being an unpaid intern for Sirius Black is my favorite thing about Prisoner of Azkaban. He had that cat running ERRANDS. Ordering the Firebolt for Harry, stealing Neville's list of passwords. Crookshanks was Booked and Busy
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wolfstardaughter-jj · 4 months
Random Ravenclaw: I wonder how Lupin-Black survives dating a chaotic mess like Weasley.
Random Hufflepuff: Right? He's good looking and all but I don't think I could survive the constant pranking and detentions.
~meanwhile with Y/n & Fred~
Y/n: Can I-
Fred: No love, you will not eat the levitation candy.
Y/n, pouts: But I wanna fly like Peter pan.
Fred: And I don't want you to end up on the Great Hall ceiling and never get back down. They're just prototypes, they're still in the works.
Y/n: But-
Fred: No buts, sorry love.
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varianthetarnished · 2 months
I've just been made aware that Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid in the Harry Potter films) has past away.
This breaks my heart because Hagrid is my favorite. He was so kind and gentle despite his size and somewhat rough features both book and in film. He cared about every living creature like they were his own children no matter how dangerous.
Robbie really brought this character to life. In the words of Harry himself...
"There's no Hogwarts without you Hagrid.."
Tumblr media
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*Harry and Ron arguing*
Ron: imagine waking up and the first thing you have to grab is a pair of glasses
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authorofstories55 · 3 months
*draco malfoy voice* my therapist will hear about this
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Draco: One annoying thing about Y/n is that she offers information when no one asks for it.
Theo: another annoying thing about Y/n is that her information is almost always right.
Draco: … It’s really hard to stomach :(
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artsymushu · 4 months
Things guys normally do that look terribly hot when Fred does them
It's canon, he told me himself.
Leaning on the door frame while talking to you
Running the hands through his hair subconsciously, when he's thinking or when he's sweaty after quidditch practice
Stretching, just that. When he's tired in the mornings, or even if he's trying to reach something that's really high and his shirt lifts a little
Helping younger students. no explanation needed here, it's just hot when he helps kids
Being protective, not in a possessive way but in a hold my hand I don't wanna loose you way
Rolling up his shirt sleeves, does this need an explanation too or...?
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yoursecrett · 3 months
His Hufflepuff
Theodore Nott x HufflepuffReader
Summary: You were known as the sweetest Hufflepuff at Hogwarts, from tutoring students to being Madam Pomfrey's helper, you were constantly busy you liked it that way... Theodore Nott - The Slytherin Prefect, you had caught his attention, and everyone knows Theodore Nott never gives up on something or someone he wants.
Tumblr media
You could hear the cheers from the quidditch game Gryffindor vs Slytherin, the biggest game of the year as you heard everyone say, as much as you wanted to watch the games you knew it was your number one priority to be ready for the injured players.
You were happy being Madam Pomfrey's helper having it on your file knowing it would do you well in the future, you always dreamed of being a healer, you just had to prove you were good enough and you knew you were nearly there.
"Y/n darling I need your help" You heard Madam Pomfrey say, as the room began filling up with chatter, you closed the file standing up walking from behind the curtain, safe to say you weren't surprised when groups began carrying in the quidditch players in.
"Place him on the bed please," You say to the group of Slytherins carrying who you knew as The Slytherin Prefect - Theodore Nott, they did as were told before moving back "What happened" You questioned, feeling his pulse "One of them Gryffindors set a spell on him, made the broom go out out control, before smashing into the ground Theo still on it," Blaise says to you "I bet it was that filthy little mudblood" Draco says pacing back and forth.
He was distracting everyone in the room, you turned to Pansy "Please take him out, to cool down" You say politely as she nods following your instructions, once everyone was out it became quiet again the only sounds being the injured students groaning and Madam Pomfrey speaking.
You had wrapped Theo's hand carefully, he was lucky it was only minor injuries, a sprained hand, black eye, little cuts on his leg, arms, and head but nothing major... You had begun writing up his injuries in his file when you heard him beginning to groan. You stood up slowly walking over seeing him look around the room confused.
"Good evening Mr. Nott", You say smiling softly "How are you feeling" You question pouring him a glass of water, which he drinks in one gulp "Why am I here" He questions beginning to sit up "Please be careful you have some injuries." You say causing him to look down at his wrapped-up hand "Do you have a mirror" He asks beginning to mess with his hair, you nod passing him the mirror from the desk behind you.
"Damn" was all he said before placing it down "Even looking like this, I look amazing" You laugh softly, causing him to send you a soft smile "It seems as though you are feeling better, There are still 30 minutes left of dinner, I would suggest going to get some," You say signing his pass, as he stood up "thank you" He mutters taking it from you "Aren't you coming to dinner" He questions you shake your head softly "I still have many patients to care of, enjoy your night Mr. Nott" He nods before walking away, "The name is Theo by the way" He shouts across the room before leaving.
You had finally finished your shift, it hadn't been a bad day you managed to get some studying in but that resulted in you being even more tired. You walked through the dark halls, you loved Hogwarts when it was dark and quiet it was peaceful and beautiful.
"Hey wait up" You heard a deep voice say behind you causing you to turn around seeing Theo Nott running up to you. "You know you really shouldn't be moving your hand so much," You say looking down at his wrapped hand.
"It'll be fine, it has been through worse," He says smiling "I actually wanted to thank you for taking good care of me yesterday" You smiled softly "You are welcome MrNott but it is part of my job" You respond laughing softly, you saw Theo's smile grow wider "Yeah - Yeah I know that, but you know I feel like you and Madam Pomfrey don't get the recognition use deserve you know" He leans against the wall crossing his arms, keeping his eyes on you, you couldn't help but raise your eyebrows.
"Well thank you, Theo, are you feeling alright" You question making him chuckle "You finding it concerning a Slytherin being nice" that statement made you feel guilty because it was true you heard what everyone said about them and you yourself have had many bad experiences with them.
"Don't worry Y/n, I won't be insulted if you feel that way, I mean at least the Slytherin house is living up to their reputation" He began moving closer to you, you back away until your back hits the stone wall behind you "I don't mean to intimidate you" He mutters looking down at you.
Theo wasn't that taller than you, you were 5'7 and it seemed as though he was 6'0, you noticed how his eyes glistened from the moonlight, your faces being lit up by the candles on the wall, you couldn't find the words to talk, you didn't know what was happening to you, the only sound coming from you both was your breaths, you both continued to stare at each other.
"Mr. Nott" You both heard Filch's voice echo through the hallway, causing Theo to back away from you "Ahh Miss L/n I must say I do not think Professor Dumbledore will be impressed to hear his top students were breaking the rules," He says stopping in front of you both. "Of course, not Mr. Filch, but I must assure you no rules were broken I am simply doing prefect duties and Miss L/n has just finished her shift in the infirmary, I had gotten confused and pulled Miss L/n up thinking she was just wondering around." He says a smile spreading across Mr. Filch's face "Of course Mr. Nott, please escort Miss L/n to her homeroom."
You had never gotten into trouble before, you really hoped this wouldn't go onto your file. "This is how you thank me after helping you get better, you get me in trouble with Filch." You say crossing your arms, an amused expression on your face... You were shocked when he wrapped his arm around your shoulders beginning to walk you down the hall.
"Well I got you out of that trouble didn't I" He says stopping outside your homeroom door "Hm I guess so, but if this goes onto my file, you will have two injured hands," You say before muttering the password, the door opening the door "Goodnight," You say sending him a soft smile before the door closed.
Safe to say you were confused by what just happened, why was Theo Nott even speaking to you, you found it nice that he approached you thanking you for helping him, but the whole conversation afterward, the backed up into the wall had you flustered, you had never even seen anyone like that in Hogwarts, yes you had been asked out on dates but you always turned them down, you were too busy, your career meant more to you that a stupid relationship.
It had been two weeks since that night with Theo, you managed to avoid him since, he still sent you smiles across the corridors or dinner hall, of course, you couldn't be rude and sent him one back... But you couldn't allow yourself to now get distracted especially by a boy.
"Y/n sweetie, you can go now, go have some fun it is Friday night," Madam Pomfrey says walking towards you, "Madam Pomfrey I assure you, I do not mind staying, if I leave all I will do is study" You watched her raise her eyebrows "I am unsure about that, it seems you have a visitor" That made you confused, who would visit you at 11pm on a Friday night, you stood up from your chair looking around the curtain seeing Theo walking back and forth.
"Go on sweetie" You smile softly grabbing your cardigan, walking over to him... You were confused on why he was here, by the news you heard of the Slytherins winning the Quidditch game, you would imagine him partying by now.
He looked up at the sound of your shoes clicking against, a smile appearing on his face "Hi" He says standing up straight, "Hi Theo" You respond back "Is there anything I can help you with" you say knocking him out of his daydream, you couldn't help but blush under his stare. "Oh yeah, um I don't know if you heard but the Slytherins won the game."
You nod "I did, by how many Ravenclaws arrived at the infirmary, I figured out use won," You say chuckling softly, "Yeah it got pretty brutal out there, I hope it wasn't too busy for you if you must know I actually attacked fewer players then I usually do just so you would be able to finish early" You look up at him surprised, wrapping your arms around yourself to try and shield you from the cold.
"How sweet of you Theo," you say sarcastically making him chuckle "Well the main reason I am here is to actually invite you to the celebration party" He questions looking down the hallway, nervous of what your answer would be "I have never been to a party before," You say quietly, he looks back you surprised "Well if you say yes, I can promise you this will be one of the best parties of your life"
"That is a big promise to make," You say raising your eyebrows slightly, he nods "It is a promise I tend to keep too, so will you be joining me," He says holding his arm out for you to link, which you.
You were surprised you actually decided to go, you hadn't thought about it, but it was something about Theo that intrigued you, you didn't want to think when you were around him and you had no intentions of doing so.
You heard him mutter the homeroom password before walking us both in. You were immediately met by loud music, you grabbed Theo's hand tightly instead of his arm, he turned to you smiling softly "Come on" He says squeezing your hand, pulling you through the crowd towards the stairs.
You were confused, to say the least when you stopped outside his room "Why are we up here" You question confused, "Don't worry, the real party is in here" He says pushing his door open you were immediately met by a strong smell of weed, Theo pulled you in carefully.
You weren't surprised to see Draco, Pansy, Blaise, Mattheo, Enzo, Crabble, and Goyle all sat in a circle, playing games, drinking, and smoking, the door opening caught their attention as they all turned to you.
"Wait isn't she a Hufflepuff" You heard Crabble mutter only to receive a smack from Pansy followed by a shut up, "Hi Y/n come sit down." She says moving over to make room for you, you looked at Theo as he nodded letting go of your hand as you sat beside Pansy who sent you a soft smile...
You didn't know how long you had been here for, Pansy had managed to get a few drinks down you, you lost count after 5, it was fun, you actually felt free and you never imagined it would have been with a group of Slytherins... You were now watching Blaise and Draco wrestle to see who was stronger, you ended up leaning against Theo's bed, whilst he sat behind you on it his legs either side of you, you felt his soft breath hit your cheek as he bent down "You having fun" He whispers into your ear, you nod slowly.
You gasped quietly, closing your eyes as you felt Theo's lips on your neck, leaving trails of kisses his other hand moving your hair to one side "This feel good" He questions kissing towards your ear, "We shouldn't" You mumble pulling away slightly, you felt his hand on the back of your neck turning your head towards him as he leans sideways, his thumb pulling your bottom lip "Come on Y/n, nobody will find out" He mutters his hand pushing your head towards his, your lips smashing his "no Theo" you say pushing him away.
You heard him huff in annoyance, you stood up stumbling slightly Theo grabbing your waist "You getting laid" Draco questions chuckling "I wish man, she too stuck up" Theo says making the group laugh... You were drunk but not that drunk to let someone talk bad about you in front of you, you spun around slapping him, hearing the group gasp.
"Don't you ever try that again" You say pointing your finger at him "You are pathetic, trying to get me drunk to take advantage, get a life" You mutter harshly before grabbing your cardigan walking out the room.
"Well, that was entertaining" You heard Enzo says before Theo tells them to shut, you shoved yourself past the crowd and out the Slytherin dorm room, feeling hot tears run down your face, you walked into the bathroom stopping in front of the mirror looking at yourself.
You look pathetic, crying over a Slytherin, what did you expect they were horrible people. "Y/n" you heard a quiet voice say behind, you look behind you seeing Moaning Mrytle. "Hi Mrytle, I am sorry for disturbing you so late," You say smiling slightly but you could see the concern on her face "Why are you crying, I don't think you have cried at all whilst being here" She questions, you sniffle grabbing a tissue wiping your eyes "Because I actually thought I could trust a Slytherin," You say laughing bitterly "But of course, he took advantage of a Hufflepuff, how could I not see it," You say turning back to the mirror looking at yourself.
"Miss L/n you must not let a Slytherin upset you, you are better than them, and beautiful and beautiful women do not cry," She says standing beside you "Show them that Hufflepuffs aren't just nice and quiet" You glance at her slightly before looking down at your hands "I guess you are right, I must go now and get some sleep but I will see you tomorrow," You say smiling at the ghost as you walked out.
It had been a week since that night, you acted as though that night never happened, carrying on with your usual day-to-day plans, exam week was coming up meaning everyone was studying, with it being exam week that meant you couldn't do as many shifts at the infirmary as you were used too.
"Hey Y/n can you read this" You look up from your book seeing Pansy standing in front of you, you hadn't spoken to any of the group since that night "I am a little busy at the moment, but I am sure someone else would love too" You say grabbing your book and bag rolling your eyes, beginning to walk away.
"Look Y/n I am sorry for Theo did, but I honestly did not know what he was doing, all I got told was that Theo was bringing you as a way to say thank you", She says a guilty look on her face, you couldn't help but chuckle "Yeah that was a really good thank you." Pansy seemed like she was telling the truth, you sigh "Fine I will read it" You say walking back over.
Theo watched you and Pansy in the library as you were explaining the work to her, "You really got to get over her, she's a Hufflepuff" Mattheo says walking over to him "shut up" He mutters walking away from his friends.
"Pansy come on!" Draco shouts catching both your and Pansy's attention "Just watch the way you spell them and you should be fine, but other than that it's great" You say moving back "Thank You Y/n, do you want to do walk into town with me" Pansy ask grabbing her bag, you look up at her shaking your head "I am good thank you though" you say standing up "They aren't coming" She says quickly, you raised your eyebrows slightly "Sure" you say slowly, Pansy turning back to her friends "I will just catch use later."
You and Pansy had actually become good friends over the past few weeks, you were pretty sure she had spent time with you other than her actual house friends, she always hanged around the infirmary no matter how many times Madam Pomfrey told her to leave she never did, she would sit by in all classes, sleepover in your dorm... Without admitting it she was slowly turning into your best friend...
You still hadn't spoken to Theo, you weren't avoiding him you simply ignored this existence, you were doing fine, well until you would see Theo with other girls jealously would show on your face... Whilst Theo he was still trying to figure out why he would treat you like he did that night, he tried for weeks for you to even become his friend, he just got embarrassed getting pushed away by you which he understood, he just couldn't deal with being embarrassed.
"This is great Taylor, well done this is such an improvement," You say passing the young girl her book, who smiled happily before skipping away, you were shocked when you felt someone jump onto your back "There you are!!" Pansy says hugging you tightly before jumping down, you turn to her seeing her friends standing behind you.
"I literally searched the entire castle for you," Pansy says trying to catch her breath, you couldn't tear your eyes away from Theo, who couldn't look away from you either, this was the closest use had been since that night "Right I actually have to talk to you," Pansy says catching your attention, you looked at her confused as she pulled you away from the boys.
"What" you say confused, she smiles slightly "They are getting annoyed that I keep canceling plans with them, and I kind of accidentally said you and I would join them at the Slytherin party tonight" You chuckle at her words before stopping "oh you are serious" she nods before looking behind me, following her stare you see her friends leaning against the wall watching you both "They want you to join" you turn back her crossing your arms, "Pans" you say but cut yourself off she begins frowning "fine" you mutter hearing her cheer and hug you tightly, you ignored the boys muttering a yes as they fist bumped each other...
You were not happy to be here, stuck on a couch between Draco and Enzo and to make it worse Pansy was kissing Draco and some random blonde girl was with Enzo, you sighed standing up walking over to the drink table... You already promised Pansy you wouldn't leave and at least try to enjoy the night, but there was nothing to enjoy and you just wanted to go to sleep.
"Hey" you heard a familar voice say beside you, you glanced towards the voice seeing Theo standing beside you getting himself a drink "hi" you reply back looking away "listen um can we talk somewhere private" Theo questions, you think for a minute before nodding "sure" you watch as he offers his hand for you to grab, which you just look at before looking up at him "I can walk by myself thank you" you rolling your eyes, you followed him through the crowd and up the stairs up to his room.
He opens his door allowing you to walk inside, you look around the room hearing the door close behind you, you sip your drink taking a seat on the end of his bed as he watches your every move "Has anyone ever told you it's rude to stare" you say raising your eyebrows, you didn't have time to wait for him to start talking, did you feel bad for how you were treating yes, but did he deserve it also yes.
You rolled your eyes standing up "I didn't come up here to sit in silence Theo" you say beginning to walk towards the door "I am sorry" Theo says making you stop and turn to him "I am sorry for what I did and what I said, I do not know why I acted that way after you turned me down, but I like you, I really really like you, you are literally the most beautiful and sweetest girl i have ever met in my life, no matter how hard I try I cannot get you out of my head, everywhere I go you are there, ever since that day in the infirmary you have invaded my mind" he says letting out deep breath running his fingers through his hair, "and I have felt guilty ever since that night, we were having fun and we were being touchy with one another I tried shooting my shot with you to see what would happen, but when you turned me down I was embarrassed and I know that is no excuse for trying to force you to kiss me or embarrassing you in front of my friends and I am truly truly sorry about that" he finishes stopping in front of you.
You felt like you were in a trance, unable to move or say anything, once again just like that night your second conversation, use didn't say anything the sound you could hear with the breathing "You look beautiful Y/n" Theo says softly pushing a strand of hair behind your ear "Theo" you whisper looking up into his eyes away from his lips "Why are you making me feel this way, I shouldn't feel this way towards you" you mutter beginning to back away.
"What - what do you feel Y/n" He questions walking towards you, you shake your head "no,no I do not have time for this, I am far to busy with studying and the infirmary, my mother she told me one of you Slytherins would try to distract me this year... I need to go" You say running your hand through your hair reaching for the door.
"Y/n I would never sabotage your future, if that is what you are scared about, I will do everything to help you get where you want to be" He says touching your arm softly, you melted under his touch... you hid your emotions well but whenever he was around you just couldn't.
"Come here" Theo says softly pulling you towards him, as he wraps his arms around you tightly "I know your family have had a bad experience with us Slytherins but I will hurt you the way your parents got hurt" You looked up at him softly, you were letting your barrier down he could tell.
You smashed your lips to his, you felt him begin to kiss back your hands reaching for his shirt beginning to pull it "y/n, y/n" he says pulling away, now it was your turn to be embarrassed "listen I want to okay, but not tonight and somewhere better then this, plus you are drunk Y/n and I really hope you remember this in the morning" He says taking your hand softly.
"We can either go back to the party or go to sleep" You look around before smiling "i am not drunk Theo, I am just tired" you say quietly "how about we sleep" you suggest watching a bright smile take over his face "yeah- yeah do you want to stay here or I can walk you back to Hufflepuff common room"
"Can I stay here" you question, he nods quickly walking over to his drawer pulling out a long shirt "here you can wear this, the bathroom is just over there" he says pointing to a door, you nod taking the shirt off him walking in the bathroom.
You were glad you went with no makeup tonight, you tied your hair up before washing your face with water, pulling the shirt over your head leaving your dress on the side folded up neatly, you walked out seeing Theo laying on the bed shirtless... he looked amazing, you hadn't expected to end the night like this.
He looks at you before opening up the duvet, you smile softly walking over climbing in beside him, you watch as he lifts his wand up muttering a spell as the lights turn off, the only thing lightening up your faces was the moon, you both lie down facing one another.
He looked perfect
She looked beautiful
you slowly felt sleep taking over you, feeling Theo's arm wrap around your waist pulling you closer to him... Safe to say that is the best sleep you both had ever gotten before.
(Theodore Nott story is now up!! - hope you all enjoy!! If you have any suggestions of what you would like to be written let me know!
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Tumblr media
Existential contemplation.
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elina-clevergull · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hogwarts' Houses Common Rooms ⚡️ Midjourney AI art by Elina Clevergull
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notpikaman · 19 hours
Tumblr media
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queenmoriarty · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
POV: you just arrived at Hogwarts and are about to get sorted into your house
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adharastarlight · 4 months
*before a match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff and before jegulus are together*
Regulus: oh Potter, one more thing. If I do come to this match tomorrow and you win, what are the chances I can take you to the three broomsticks for a celebratory drink?
James: are you asking me out?
Regulus: are you agreeing?
James, grinning: wear something red
*later that night*
Regulus, freaking out: I dont own anything red except for a jumper my great great aunt knitted me and I am not wearing that
Pandora, Barty and Evan: *dying of laughter*
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marauder-queen · 8 months
Remus: The sun is melting my chocolate, I hate this fucking season.
Sirius: *walks in without a shirt and hair up in a bun*
Remus: never fucking mind
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prettygirlkay · 5 months
one shot
REQUESTED - soft for hufflepuff reader.
Quidditch can be a brutal game, but a protective boyfriend is even worse.
Tumblr media
“alright, you imbeciles, listen up!”
draco’s voice bellowed to his players, a captain’s order of silence as he went through the strategies of his game. of course they were already full of clever tactics to help them win, so he rounded off the entire thing with a slightly quieter demand, “and if anyone is knocked off their broom, make sure it’s the opposite team, not us.”
that was the ritual for every game. however - today was different. only one thing had changed since the last game for draco, and it was his love life. his lovely girlfriend - a pure, kind hufflepuff, one he had the biggest soft spot for and protected like she was golden. Y/N was also like a little bubble of protection for draco because he felt safe around her, as if nothing could hurt him. it was why he’d made it his sole duty to keep her from harm’s way - something that would be quite difficult when his parents had forced him into this particular life.
however, on a smaller scale of quidditch, he could easily do it. and that was why he added something to his speech as they readied to fly out onto the pitch.
usually, he would end with a ‘just not get caught’, or ‘a little blood was okay’ and it would suffice, but today he had a new requirement. “right, idiots, one final thing.”
they looked blankly at him, ready for the preparation talk.
it never came.
instead, a warning took its place. “we’re playing against the hufflepuffs, obviously. i don’t care what happens to the other players, but you’ve got two orders today; win the game, and don’t fucking dare touch Y/L/N.”
his eyes narrowed at the team’s beaters, “you two - you’ll be off the team if that bludger goes anywhere near her.” he looked at them all, “got it?”
a chorus of yes and okay’s sounded out, and it contented draco enough to nod and then call to get ready to fly out.
the grass was entirely sodden from the showers from above, and the smell of wet grass was something the players could still smell from all the way above in mid air. there, they couldn’t shelter from the aggressive rain, and so all the slytherin and hufflepuff players were soaking in mere minutes.
the audience was riled up and so ready for the win. usually, anyone would assume slytherin would be the victors because they did whatever it took, and didn’t get caught. jabs, elbows, grabs, kicks, all so subtle that only a trained eye could see them. however, when draco and his girlfriend were against eachother and hogwarts had seen themselves how defensive he was over her, who knew which team would prevail?
had he sacrificed his usual tactics to keep her safe, or did competition come before his lover’s physical well-being?
the boy watched from above, searching for the little golden snitch while trying to push his eyes away from Y/N. it was near impossible to not watch her as she played, and it wasn’t just the thundering rain distracting him but also the ruthless blushers flying around - much too close to her for his liking.
eventually, the thoughts all blurred into one as he spotted a flash of the trophy he needed to win. draco dropped from his hover, diving down to get to it incase he lost sight of it - or worse, incase the hufflepuff seeker saw it too.
the wind lashed against his face and the rain felt like pins of cold piercing his face, but the sooner he finished the game, the sooner slytherin won. and the sooner he could get Y/N out of this weather, and preferably all to himself for a few spare hours.
his hand outstretched, so, so close to the snitch, when he heard a shout from below. his head whipped around instantly, slowing the chase to see what had happened. it was a hufflepuff chaser who’d shouted, yelling something in a hysteric manner.
the chaser’s eyes met Draco’s in midair, and exclaimed something with a panicked expression. once he registered what he’d said, his stomach plummeted.
“she fell!”
draco immediately froze and hovered mid air, the snitch long forgotten about. his heart thumped and pounded in his ears as his eyes scanned the floor, looking for a girl’s falling figure - not just any girl, his girl. his mind hummed in a mix of screaming, panicking thoughts, and draco hated it.
fear. the stench of it was in the air, taking the form of damp grass and cold rain.
his worries only grew stronger when he couldn’t find her anywhere near the ground, when shouts then started echoing around him. he ignored them, thinking they were in correlation to whatever had happened to Y/N, all up until his eyes met hers.
she was still on her broom, yelling at him through the heavy rain and becoming an unclear image because of it. she had stopped playing, but it wasn’t because of an accident. but, what was she saying? what was going on?
“he’s lying! play, draco!”
once he registered what had happened, he spun back into action with a brief snarl. the shouts had been his team players and they weren’t warnings, they were annoyed. just as he set off in find of the snitch again, one last shout echoed through the stadium.
loud, clear, and from the announcer. “humberstone catches the snitch, hufflepuff win!”
he stomped onto the ground, thudding all his rage onto the descent. he ignored his teammates ready to console him and offer ‘it’s alright’s and whatever else they had to say. draco made his way all the way through the hufflepuffs to where Y/N stood beside a few of the players, one of them being his target.
zacharias smith.
hufflepuffs were kind, loyal - not scheming and deceitful.
“smith, what the fuck do you think you’re playing at?”
at the sound of his voice and the sight of the anger in his eyes, he turned and cringed inside. draco noticed Y/N make a move towards him, no doubt to comfort him over the unjust way of losing (despite all the times slytherin had cheated themselves), but he ignored her.
smith’s hands held up in truce. “sorry, mate. a games a game.”
draco narrowed his eyes and threw his expensive broom onto the ground, “a game means you play with strategy! you don’t lie about somebody falling off their broom, you filthy little mudblood.”
perhaps he was halfblood, perhaps he was pureblood. it didn’t matter, because draco only cared about insulting him, and provoking the same fear that he had felt minutes before.
“it’s not that big of a deal - we already won, malfoy.”
“you think i’m bothered about you winning?”
zacharias grinned, a cunning twinkle in his eye that did not belong to a hufflepuff. he sauntered over to Y/N a few steps away, provoking a sound that sounded too close to a growl from the back of draco’s throat.
his arm went around her shoulders, pulling her close in a move that’s anything but friendly. draco’s jaw ticked.
“move. away.”
his teeth were gritted, but zacharias’s flashed in a smile. he shook Y/N playfully and taunted draco further. “ohh, i get it. you’re bothered about Y/N!”
the fake revelation made his finger poke Y/N’s arm, her hand coming around to cover it in offence. “draco’s little girlfriend.” he cooed while draco gritted his jaws together.
the boy raised his entire hand to push his housemate around more, before the slytherin stormed over. his eyes were dangerously narrowed with a promise of pain, and within moments he had smith raised by the collar of his sports uniform. the next words were seethed with venomous poison, “touch her again, and i’ll kill you.”
his voice was low, and it was enough to send a shiver down zacharias’s and Y/N’s spine. both for quite difference reasons.
smith’s hands raised again, his breathing frantic and his eyes wide. “alright, alright. just playing, pal. calm down, draco.”
draco’s grip tightened, shaking him in a way to show he wasn’t joking, or on a first name basis. “i’m not your fucking pal, and don’t you dare say my name.” draco brought his face closer, a leering smirk taking over the angry expression at the hufflepuff’s lack of confidence now. the rain dripped down his features, one droplet specifically about to fall on his nose. draco relished in the fear of his eyes, satisfied that he was getting what he deserved. “and if i hear you even say her name, you’ll lose your vocal chords. got it, puff?”
zacharias glanced around at the audience they’d gathered, awkward and now almost blushing at the attention. he subtly gulped and nodded slowly, enough to make draco drop him on the ground. the boy fell and scrambled to gain his balance again, trying to desperately pick up the pieces of his dignity on the wet grass.
draco left, a loser in the game but feeling like a champion. his arm casually draped over Y/N’s shoulders, painting over where the other fool had touched.
she glanced up at him with amused eyes. “you didn’t have to do that, draco.”
he grinned, “felt pretty good though.”
her eyes rolled. draco smirked down at his lover, leaving one final glance over his shoulder to see zacharias surrounded by his fellow players, grumbling something and slowly walking to shelter from rain.
1-0, draco malfoy.
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