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nothing would’ve been better than an episode where dean is being all sweet on cas and there’s a voice over of dean saying things like “cas is just this cute dorky lil guy” and it cuts to cas with angel powers flaring as he takes out 5 demons at once. “he’s so angelic in all the conventional and unconventional ways,” while cas is beating a werewolf bloody. “he always makes me laugh” and it cuts to cas as he’s glaring down a vampire. “he watches movies with me and wears a cowboy hat for me” flashes to cas as he’s tearing heaven apart. “he’s my best friend, and I think I love him… yeah, I love him,” and cas is casually throwing angel blades at monsters. and the end of the episode is dean and cas being domestic and dean’s like “I didn’t see you today, what were you up to?” and cas is like “nothing at all” even though he was out chasing monsters, but then he leans down and kisses dean and it’s soft and tender and gentle and dean smiles and is like “movie date night, sunshine?” and cas smiles so brightly it rivals the sun as he says, “anything for you, dean.”
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(click for better quality, full version here)
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a national holiday
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I can't do my job if I'm worried about you. Dean. You won't have to be. I can handle myself. Okay? All right, good talk.
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same character
different font
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aka they’re all bi, neurodivergent, and chaotic
+ honorable mention
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"umm Cas?!"
HENLO IT IS ALMOST DECEMBER AND I DID FUCKALL DESTIEL CONTENT so here is one of two Destiel artworks for you lovely people :D This time it's Castiel getting all touchy on his favorite human. Why is Dean naked? Why is his beer more excited than my will to live?? WHO KNOWS! 😏😏😏 I hope you like this silly piece 😋
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4 . 1 6  ➼  O N  T H E  H E A D  O F  A  P I N
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the thing is. i like the idea of dean and cas vaguely talking about their feelings and being like. when the time comes. when the time comes. but the time never comes
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Happy Holidays from Dean & Cas ☃️❄️
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made matching icons for u and ur bestie♡
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jack and claire have a movie night together one night, and when they’re channel surfing and it’s 2am, they find ‘the parent trap’ playing. claire suddenly gets a sneaky idea and she turns and grins at jack and is like, “take notes, because it’s now operation parent trap time” and by the end of the movie jack asks “who are we parent trapping?” and then suddenly he goes “oh, I get it,” as he grins at claire. “I’ll get dean if you get cas,” claire says, holding out her hand for jack to shake on the deal. two weeks later, dean is standing across from cas at a very romantic dinner table set for two. dean glances around, catching a swish of long blonde hair and the hint of a nephilim’s laugh, and he turns to cas and says, “I think we’ve just been parent trapped.” cas squints in confusion for a second, before a shy smile tugs at his lips. “I think you’re right,” and then he gestures at the table and quietly says “join me for dinner?” and dean laughs as he tugs cas down to sit next to him. in the background, jack reaches up a hand to high five claire, “mission accomplished” jack says and claire rolls her eyes fondly and guides jack away back towards the ice cream parlor they saw earlier as she says, “c’mon, before they start being gross and making out”
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Destiel Fic Recs
Who needs to stuff your face with turkey when you can stuff your brain with fanfic? Fresh out of the oven, please enjoy these fic recs.
Raise the Black by valleydean (emmbrancsxx0) @valleydean (Explicit, 246k)
There are passion projects and then there is Raise the Black which takes it to a whole new level. It's not surprising that the author of The Shawnee Trail and A Ghost Story knows how to write historical fiction, but there are so many gorgeous bits of pirate life in this fic from the superstitions to the metaphors tied to the sea. 
The story is a Pirate AU. A chance encounter has left Cas, an officer from the Royal Navy, with a lasting obsession with Dean Winchester, the notorious pirate Captain of the Impala. When presented with the opportunity to defect and save his son from the abusive practices of the Royal Navy, Cas finds himself a part of Dean’s crew. 
I cannot overstate how good this one is. The underlying pirate mythology and superstition, the horny sparring, the epic battle scenes and of course the incredibly unhinged Dean and Cas that drive this story. The story had me anxious, like literally unable to focus on work because I had to know what happened.
It's @valleydean so she gives us a happy ending, but she makes us pay dearly for it in angst (so sexy of her really). 
And it isn't just the Destiel. The casting is phenomenal. I would die for pirate Meg. The use of the younger generation (Jack, Emma, Claire, Kaia) is amazing. Sam, Benny and Charlie as pirates. Truly we get so many great characters in this one y'all.
Without giving too much away, I'll just day that this one falls into the sweeping epic category and the results are staggering.
o weary traveler by dothraki_shieldmaiden @dothwrites (Explicit, 107k)
OK. So you know when you are in like Chapter 1 of a fic and already know it's going to be one of your favorites? That was this fic for me.
A mash-up of the Odyssey and Beauty and the Beast, this fic grabbed me and refused to let go. When Dean and his crew are shipwrecked on an island, they inadvertently anger its inhabitant, Castiel. Cas, an exiled angel, decides to take revenge, culminating in a Beauty and the Beast style pact for Dean to accept punishment on behalf of his wayward crew. 
Cas in this fic is very much an ancient being lacking the human perspective and Dean is just some guy who hunts monsters. It's my favorite dynamic. The way they dance around each other and eventually come together is beautiful to watch.
Throw in some delightful worldbuilding and poetic prose and you have a powerhouse of an epic tale.
The Common Hours by quiettewandering @wanderingcas (Mature, WIP 29k so far)
I very rarely recommend WIPs, so you know when I do it's because I think there's something special about the fic. I honestly think this one and the process of getting a bit more information each week is worth diving into, even if you are normally a "wait until it's done" kind of reader (and if not, this one is worth at least marking to be read with stars and highlights and little hearts).
The fic is a twisty mystery that has me throwing out theories every chapter. Cas is an amnesiac trying to recover from trauma he doesn't understand or remember. Luckily, he met Charlie who has been helping him rebuild his life. But Cas is haunted by half memories and a forgotten life, especially the memory of a man with green eyes who inhabits his dreams.
I don't want to say too much because half of the joy of this fic is pulling at threads and watching to see how it unravels. I'll just leave it at this: the story is captivating and fresh and these versions of the characters instantly grabbed me and wouldn't let go.
Vibrato by Tiamatv  (Explicit, 69k)
Tiamatv really does write some bangers. I couldn't put this one down. They are both disasters in this fic, but in a way that makes you to hug them and smoosh their faces. Dean meets a cute boy, has a full blown bi panic, realizes he was an ass, and strikes up a friendship that morphs into a friendship with benefits that morphs into basically a long term relationship but they're both idiots. It's idiots to lovers (but still idiots) at its finest.
Oh and also Cas is a super old genetic vampire. Whoops. One of the most delightful things about this fic is how well tiamatv captures the ancient and terrible being and also just some accountant dynamic that makes Cas so deeply loveable.
Despite some heavy stuff, this one is fluffy cotton candy most of the time and it's really about their irresistible dynamic. It is immensely readable.
The Sweetest Con by aimforsplendor @aimforsplendor (Mature, 19k)
If you are looking for some fairly low angst fun, this DeanCasBang (Taylor's Version) entry is an absolute delight. Dean and Sam are Robin Hood type con men using tech to steal from the rich and give to those who need it. They've finally found the head of a crime network, a billionaire resembling a particularly prominent and news worthy one recently which makes it fairly cathartic actually. But the mission is threatened when Dean gets sidetracked by a particular blue-eyed hottie.
This one is plain fun with a healthy dose of humor and really likeable characters. This one is truly just readable. Fun and fairly light and with enough interesting turns you keep you on your toes. 
Anything You Can Do by FagurFiskur (Explicit, 21k)
From the Dean Winchester is an absolute disaster genre, this is a surprisingly sweet, crack-taken-seriously smutty romp. 
Dean overhears his soon to be ex-girlfriend Daphne talking to a friend about how their mutual rebound relationship isn't working, especially because her gay ex-fiance, Castiel, was better in bed. Dean can't possibly let that stand. 
So he does the only logical thing and tracks Cas down. And hooks up with him. So he can win at the sex. Even though he's totally straight. 
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spn-lesbian · 3 days
Cas: when I get my hands on Dean Winchester, I'm fucking him
Naomi: don't you mean fucking him up?
Cas: that's what I said
Naomi: no you didn't
Cas: this isn't about me
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