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Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Inspired by the manhwa, The Monstrous Crowned Prince (some parts of it)
PAIRINGS: Azul Ashengrotto/Mermaid!reader(Fem)
NOTES: May contain spoilers for Azul's backstory (set before yuu's appearance) (Also reader has no knowledge about Twisted Wonderland) (NRC is a co-es school in this universe)
Tumblr media
It's already a month since my death
It was a car accident. I was too busy with my phone, not aware of my of a car nearing by
It was until I heard a loud beep and saw a flashing lights was my last time on earth
When I woke up I was in a body of a child. Not an ordinary one, a mermaid
I wasn't used to the ocean, but my god was it so beautiful to be in here. The parents of the girl was kind too, they didn't have any issues, it was very peaceful to be in here.
I adored being a kid again. The other kids were so nice to me, we all played games like tag trying to chase each other. They were such nice kids...
Or so I thought
"Ink-spilling Azul! Even he can't fit in the pot", "Look at him! I think he's a gonna cry!" two mer-folks were taunting what looks to be.. a pot?
You got near the two, curious to what they were doing. "Hey... What's going on?" They shrieked when they heard you, "[Name]! Come join us! We're trying to get the octopus out of the pot" one said, the other one was just giggling. "What octopus?" You went near the pot not before spotting a few tentacles on top
As you're close by, you saw the cutest mer-folk you have ever seen, he was curled up in the pot. He has the prettiest baby blue eyes, the chubbiest cheek like a dumpling. It looked like he was crying - his tears making his eyes look like crystals
He finally glance at you, panicked spread his face. Were you gonna bully him too? He started to move around, trying to avoid your gaze. "Look, he's being weird again!", "C'mon [Name], let's leave him be. It's not like he can catch up anyways" the two boys continued to torment the boy in the pot, you glared at the two, then said "How about you two should run away before I tell the adults what you were doing!"
"EEK! Fine we'll go! But this isn't the last time. remember this!" The two swam away. Finally at peace, you tried to console the octopus, "It's okay now. I think they're gone now". He peeked his head out but still wouldn't budge from the pot, "I promise I won't hurt you. Uh, here, you can have this weird shell I found" you picked a nearby shell you saw. He let his arm out to grab it, your hand and his brushed against each other - it was the softest hand you have ever touched. "What's your name by the way? Mine is [Name]" you tried to engage a conversation but it seems like he wasn't speaking. "Don't worry! You don't have to talk, I'll still stay here until you feel comfortable enough around me" you gave him a closed eye smile. Sitting near the pot
A few minutes came by when he finally started to speak "A-azul... My name is Azul" he said, almost like a whisper. "Azul is it? What a really pretty name!" You said flustering him as he went back in the pot "Let's be friends! I'll make sure to drive those bullies away!" you said, "Drive...?" he asked, but he was doubting to what you said
"What if you're lying? Y-you're not trying to get me to do something for you, will you?". What kind of question was that. You felt bad for this kid. "Of course not! I'm not the kind of per- mermaid that would use people" he seemed hesitant to your respond but eventually let his guard down, accepting your friendship
Ever since that day Azul would always be next to you, you'd always scare away to those who makes fun of him. They call you his shark guard, you never hesitate to bite anyone who'd let out an insult to Azul.
The tweels was then added to your small little friend group, they were not easy to handle but they do mean well and would also defend Azul if you weren't around
You guys were an outcast, but it didn't bother any of you
"C'mon Azul! She might disappear if you don't tell them" Floyd was teasing him, "He's right y'know. What if a princely merman or mermaid steal them away from you" Jade joined in. "B-but what if they don't accept?! I'll just embarrass myself" Azul sulked. He wanted to confess his undying love for you even if you guys weren't in the right age yet. But he can't help but feel those little tingling feelings...
"Accept what?"
You suddenly appeared out of nowhere, "AH! You scared me!" Azul hid his arms behind his back. Avoiding your curious stare. "Fufu- how about me and Floyd leave you two be~" Jade grabbed Floyd's arm and swam to the side, "NO WAIT! I WANNA SEE WHATS GONNA HAPPEN!", Flotd tried thrashing around to get out of Jade's grip as he dragged him away
Azul then swam near you, pulling out a bouquet of sea flowers with a golden paper on his other hand. "I want you to sign a contract with me! A marriege contract!" He shouted, his eyes closed, lowering his head. "E-eh?!" you jumped at his propersal "But we're far too young for marriage" as much as you like Azul, you haven't even thought about marriage - even in your previous life. "It can be a secret marriege. Only me, you and the tweels will know about it" he clutched the bouquet and paper wrinkling it, his eyes lookes like it was sparkling. "It's a our way of saying that we'll always be together, no matter what!"
That's right... Azul doesn't fully understand the concept of marriage yet. It's best to play along for now, you don't wanna break his poor heart. "Then I'll accept" you sweat dropped, this may or may not be a good idea in the future. "Really?! Th-then we'll have our wedding when we grow older. I promise to make you happy" god he was just adorable - you suddenly hugged him "You're so cute! Please never stop being so adorable" you gushed. Azul started to blush and stutter his words, it looks like you have broken him.
Few years had passed and several changed, Azul certainly changed. He became more sinister and shady unlike his previous cowardly personality. He started to trick others for momentarily gain. The tweels didn't change much, Floyd is still Floyd and Jade is much more cunning than before. They kinda resembled a movie you used to watch as a kid
The four of you got accepted to Night Raven College, because of your magical abilities. Azul didn't waver to trick others to sign his contracts, even the Headmaster to open up Mostro Lounge.
You were a bystander to all of this, choosing not to engage to their evil schemes. That doesn't mean you spent any less time with them, infact you were always labeled as their special guest - often eating there for free food, Azul does have a soft spot for you.
"I don't understand why you wouldn't want me to pay, it's the least I can do since I spent most of my time here" you said while cutting a meat into small slices, "Hmm? Why would I? Shouldn't a husband spoil their future wife?" You choked as he spoke, he grabbed a nearby glass and held it near you. "You still remember that?" You took the drink he gave you, "Why of course, it was a very memorable day for me. I still have the contract somewhere in my office" he put his arm at his table, hand in his chin, staring at you with loving eyes - his other arm grabbed your hands, thumb caressing your knuckles. You blushed at his actions
Right... He may changed a lot, but to you he's still the same
It doesn't matter to you how wicked he become, to him, you're willing to stay
Even if the whole world was against him you'd still defend and be by his side
It's you and Azul against the world
Tumblr media
Not proofread + horrible ending, I could've done better
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okay but, i don’t think we’ve seen peter as angry as he was when he was fighting goblin 
like i felt peter’s rage. it was all over his face and his stance and it was just spewing out of him. and also it was the fact that peter wasn't even using his webs- he was just giving everything he had on him with his fists and body and i really thought peter was going to kill him before tobey’s peter stopped him
tom did such a great job during that scene
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i'm not in love - eddie munson x reader
🎧.˳⁺⁎ summary: as the photographer of the school's journalism club, you were given a task to take pictures of the hellfire club for the highschool yearbook. when everyone notices a sudden change in eddie munson's demeanor the night of the campaign, it may or may not have something to do with you.
⋆ warnings: 18+ only, minors DNI, swearing, fingering, making out, dirty talk, aftercare, orgasm, eddie munson (bc this man is the death of me)
⋆ a/n: based on the song: i'm not in love by 10cc. i had a lot of first time's writing this: my first smut, fluff ig and of course, eddie munson <3 the grammar still needs a bit of work but this one's special, folks. 
⋆ word count: 3645
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm not in love
So, don't forget it
It's just a silly phase I'm going through
And just because
I call you up
Don't get me wrong, don't think you've got it made
I'm not in love, no no, it's because...
Scattered voices fell into hushed whispers the moment you walked inside the campaign room, steadily following your presence like a prancing fox. With your photo camera in hand, you sauntered slowly, trying to blend with the crowds in normal hallway fashion, but to no avail their eyes were on you. Your skin prickled and flushed; goosebumps flared up your arms while you unacknowledged a drop of sweat trickling down your forehead. Even with the air of suspense lingering in the room, a few familiar faces waved at you on the long table across from you. You recognized some of them, boys you’ve had classes with and others you’ve seen around the neighborhood, but the one you’ve secretly kept a keen eye on was the man sitting at the far end of the table: Eddie the “Freak” Munson.
Before the start of spring break, Nancy assigned you to take pictures of the clubs for the yearbook. For the week, you’ve just done Chess, Taekwondo, Debate and the cheerleading squad. You wrote the list with the help of Nancy, arranged them in numerical order, putting Hellfire Club at second-to-the-last. Even though you’ve known Dustin and Mike since they were little kids, you were half-convinced by your parents to stay away from anything DnD-related or as they would like to call it, “the Devil-worshipping game”. 
You knew it was never like that since you used to play as a young girl, wholeheartedly fascinated with character sheets and the little details put into these games. Overall, you respected the heart and passion of these players. So much so that every time a certain guy with long curly locks starts to march on his usual table, calling out every clique in the cafeteria, you couldn’t help but stare, longer than one’s supposed to every time someone makes a scene at lunch time.
“I’m not in love.” You whispered to your friend, Megan, as you placed your pile of textbooks inside your locker then checked the state of your dusty old camera with a few snaps. Megan rolled her eyes with a teasing smirk, knowing that that’s not the definite answer to what she saw at lunch lately. “Yeah, right. A few minutes worth of Eddie’s lap dancing versus your twenty minutes of staring doesn’t seem to look up on your behalf.” You grunted, showing no signs of defense at Megan’s conviction. 
“Ha, ha. Alright Megan, you got me. Now, can I have some of your gum?” Megan handed you a packet of pink gum from her skirt pockets, putting on red lip gloss in front of the locker’s side mirror. “Okay, fine. I’ll let you change the subject for now. But I want to hear more about this little crush on the phone later.” Megan clapped your cheeks with pouty lips before she walked off to her next class. As you closed your locker doors shut, your heart jumped right out of its chest when you noticed Mike’s presence, not really knowing how long he was standing there. 
"Hey Mike, what's up?" You didn't know why you fidgeted like a kid grabbing candy from the sweets bowl; judging by Mike's weird expression, he must've waited by your side the whole time. "Well, I'm wondering if you can take Lucas' spot for Hellfire later, since he can't come because of the championship." You remembered the game because of Nancy, when you insisted on taking photos on the court instead of the other clubs. Nancy must’ve seen right through you, but you gave up all your pleas just to get the job done and not mess with Nancy’s temper any longer.
“Sure, but I won’t play. I have to take pictures for the senior yearbook. The layout committee saved you guys a page.” 
That very answer leads you here in the old theater room, now fully occupied by the Hellfire club. Mike explained to you in a hurry that they desperately needed someone to replace Lucas for the evening or else their DM would be bothersome if they didn’t get a replacement for tonight's DnD session. It was a surprise to them that someone like you would want to watch them play. You were quite infamous for dating a lot of guys since you were thirteen; puberty has both been a blessing and a curse.
Dustin cleared his throat to break the prolonged awkwardness, asking Eddie to continue but it was only met with coughs from the other members. You were avoiding the table the whole time and decided to play around with your camera until they decided to continue, yet Dustin’s question was only met with more silence. That’s when you looked up for the first time, and your eyes were met with Eddie’s, who was across from you sitting on his throne. 
His curly bangs failed to cover the dark look in his eyes, his all too familiar gaze sharpening the strictness of his jaw. His intertwined fingers went rigid just by the way his metal rings stopped clicking against each other, while his chest heaved heavily like something was about to explode from inside him. Unfortunately, you knew that he was going to react the way he did before you entered the room. His avoidant stares from your side of the cafeteria, the bitter tone in his voice when he asked Mrs. Hanks to change his seat farther from yours, and his cold invisible cape that brushed your shoulders every time he walked past you in the hallway. The summer of ‘86 was a memory you can't etch to forget, and it was evident that it was also that time for Eddie’s.
I like to see you
But then again
That doesn't mean you mean that much to me
So, if I call you
Don't make a fuss
Don't tell your friends about the two of us
I'm not in love, no no, it's because...
The momentum in Eddie drastically changed as he started reading the folder in front of him, narrating flawlessly. “The hooded cultists chant,” Once again, his eyes darted to yours while you captured the game with the snap of your camera. “‘Hail Lord Vecna’. They turn to you, remove their hoods. You recognize most of them from Makbar. But there is one you do not recognize,” Their eyes were on him now, clenching their fists as they listened intently. 
“His skin shriveled, desiccated. And something else.” Eddie rose from his seat and placed an arm behind him. “He is not only missing his left arm, but his left eye!” Everyone clamored in their seats as you took the perfect shot at the edge of the table. You can tell by the look of amusement on Eddie’s face that he had accomplished his expectations for the campaign, placing them right where he wanted them to be. 
“He was killed by Kas!” 
“So, it was thought, my friends. So, it was thought. But Vecna lives!” 
The game started from there. You were quite enthralled the whole entire time, adoring the sight of cards and notebooks scattered everywhere on the table. You even placed your camera down to shout when one of them never got lucky with the dice. It was surprisingly fun at times, enraging at some points, but the thrill distracted you from Eddie. 
Well, that part isn't fully true. 
You would find yourself smiling when he laughs back at his throne, or even look at his fingers clenching the handles of his throne while the other members of the club attack the enemy. Tonight was the first time you’ve ever been this close to Eddie. This was the first time he ever looked at you, saw you and stood in the same room as you. Every school day, he fished you out like a choking hazard, and you deserved it. This was punishment—a punishment that you’re willing to take since that last summer. 
Your final days with him were nothing short of regretful choices. You were scared to be sure, the assurance that someone would actually want you apart from anything else. You shroud love with cowardice, completely used to the idea that any guy can easily discard you like garbage. A simple, pretty girl who never took real relationships "too seriously", or a himbo who only dated "just for the fun of it", whatever else the rest of the school talks about behind your back. But you knew— you knew deep down that Eddie was different from the rest of them. 
It was very hot that day; you were sweating profusely through your striped polo shirt and you were in a desperate need to find a water bottle. In the woods, you were walking down the faint grassy trail, where you heard loud music playing from his van. You rounded towards the back of the vehicle, the backdoors hanging open in both directions. That’s when you saw Eddie for the first time. 
It was like a scene from a sappy movie, where everything around you went into slow-motion and the world just stopped turning; it's as if nature paused its shift for the two of you. His dark curly locks were tied up, a few strands of hair hanging like ivy vines on his neck. He was wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt and gray denim pants with handcuffs around his waist. The loud blaring of his guitar stopped when he narrowed his brown eyes towards you, like the world also stopped turning for him. “What are you playing?” You asked him while he drank a water bottle, his steady gaze still on your figure. “It’s an original. I’m still playing around with the chords, but I think it’s going well from there.” He placed his red guitar down, leaning it carefully against the wall before he sat at the end of his van, close to where you’re standing. "Is this what led you here?"
"That was you? It sounded like it was played from one of your records or something.” You sat next to him, your hips touching slightly against his. After he took another sip of his mineral water, he handed it to you with a small, endearing smile, gesturing you to take it. You smiled back at him, mindlessly placing the cap near your lips and flushed in embarrassment when you realized that you haven’t opened the bottle yet. Eddie chuckled softly at the sight, before he wrapped his fingers around yours on the water bottle to loosen the cap for you. “There you go.” He leaned back on his side, resting his weight on the palm of his hand. You tried not to stare too much but to no avail, you find yourself lingering at the sight of his bat tattoos. “Thanks.” You finally looked away then started drinking like a Nomad in the middle of a Sahara Desert. 
“So, what are you doing here? In the middle of the woods, I mean.” You set the empty bottle down on the space between you and Eddie. 
“Oh, my uncle kicked me out just this afternoon. He didn't want me to disturb his guest with solo practice.” The lids of Eddie’s eyes fluttered upwards to the sky, the blues settling down into a shade of orange. You can’t help but notice his vibrant brown eyes, the sweat trickling down the sides of his neck and his pink chapped lips. You wondered how someone like him could look so beautiful in the mellow glow of the summer heat. Icarus, who flew too close to the sun.
The humid afternoon air placed its fiery warm hands on your back, pushing you carefully towards him. Eddie stared back at you the moment you leaned in closely, his gaze traveling every delicate feature on your face. “I want to hear you play sometime.” You whispered into his ear, feeling the vibrations of your throat sending electric sparks all over your insides. Then that smile, that crazy grin of his, sent you into waves of unfamiliar, exciting emotions. 
You want him to smile at you like that forever. 
“I’ll be here whenever you need me.” He placed his hand on top of yours, feeling the warmness of his palm come into contact with the coldness of your sweaty backhand. Instead of thanking him like a simpleton, you find yourself touching his left cheek with your other palm, then slowly but surely kiss the skin closest to his lips with a flourish. 
The next thing you know, you find yourself around this part of the woods for quite some time. The unknowing trail became a familiar place to you, the anticipation creeping into your veins the moment you set foot on grassy paths, broken cobblestones and fallen branches. The smell of the smoky engine wafted your senses completely, making you break off into a sprint until you knocked repeatedly on the metal doors. He pulled you inside his van, his arms tightly wrapped around your back in a warm embrace. You both laughed like children, letting your bodies slowly drift into nerve-wrecking oblivion. 
His shoulders relaxed as you placed your fingers behind his neck, his steady breaths fanning against your skin. Your face was like a pleasing ladder to his eyes; he climbed at the sight of your lips, up to the bridges of your nose, then your eager eyes, covered slightly by the strands of your hair. He gently pushed it away with his thumb, then leaned his head to the side to press his soft lips against yours. Your lips moved with his, an easy rhythm you’ve memorized and pictured so vividly even when you're fast asleep. 
Both his hands traveled down to your waist, pressing his fingertips hungrily onto the fabric of your shorts. You grunted and bit his bottom lip mischievously, signalling him to carry you to his leather seats and set you down with his calloused palms, kneading the back of your thighs. He kneeled down in front of you and set your legs wide apart, before pressing his thumb to the wetness in between. “You’re getting wet down there, sweetheart. It’s a shame that it's still covered for me like that, would it?” He continued rubbing small circles onto the wet fabric of your shorts, sending you into a euphoric high of teasing pleasure. Your teeth sinked itself deeply into your lips, holding back a groan you so desperately want to let out as his index and middle finger swiped your covered folds like a credit card holder. 
Your back arched at the overpowering sensation, as you carried your hips closer to where his fingers played with your pussy. He started unbuttoning your shorts, then slid it down to your curled ankles along with your white floral-patterned panties. Out of impulse, your thighs closed itself like a clam, your bare sex flushed at Eddie’s ravenous sight. Slowly, he slid one hand in between your legs, which opened itself so eagerly to him like it had a mind of its own. He started rubbing and flicking your clit with his thumb, while the other sneaked itself under the hems of your shirt to pinch your hardened nipple. 
You gasped and roughly grabbed his bony wrist as he slid a finger inside of you, feeling the coldness of his metal ring hitting your warm folds. “Fuck, you’re so tight for me, sweetheart.” His large, expectant eyes found its way back to you, crazily grinning at the look on your face. You can’t help but drool when his index finger slithers side to side between your inner walls, not minding the sloppy sound it makes. You closed your eyes as he thrusted one more finger inside of you without any preparation whatsoever, which is something Eddie likes to do: surprise you. 
Both fingers slowly push themselves inside you; your mind going completely blank at the depth of his place. He pulled and pushed it back more rapidly, his fingertips pressing harder against your wet walls as you swallowed large gulps of saliva down your throat. Your muscles contracted as his swift fingers obliterated your pussy in painful yet wonderful delight, savoring every inside space as possible. Your feet lifted themselves off the ground, while he held your raised hips with his rough calloused hand; one that would surely leave a mark in the showers later. 
“I’m getting there, Eddie.” Your unsteady breaths made it harder for you to speak properly. You can’t even think clearly because of him. Everything from his soft long curls brushing past your shoulders to the hungry look in his eyes as he goes down on you. “Cum for me. I know how much you want to cum all over me.” Like a struck of lightning, he slid a third finger in between your petal-like folds and pushed it farther inside, to the point of absolutely no control. You rolled your eyes to the back of your head as you cursed his name over and over again, not wanting him to stop. With one final bounce, you shuddered under your raspy breath as his drenched fingers released itself from your stretched pussy. 
Eddie stood up from his knees and kissed you on the forehead, staring down at you with that dimpled smile of his. “Was I good?” He plopped himself down beside you and snuggled his head on your clavicle. Underneath all that confidence, there was a desperate tremor in his voice that you knew all too well. He wanted to be good for me, you smiled softly at the thought. 
He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and looked up at you expectantly, waiting for an answer. “What, why are you smiling?” Eddie asked, his smile slightly faltered. You faced him quickly, your body leaning slightly to his side. “You were amazing.” You gave him a small peck on the cheek. 
Now, there’s that amazing smile of his, shining brightly at you like those many times before. “You've also become a different person when you’re horny. You really like to talk me down, huh.” Eddie covered his eyes embarrassingly while laughing at your brutal honesty and critique. “I’ve always wanted to please you in the best way, that’s all.” He whispered into your ear as his hand scooched you closer to him, gently rubbing your sides with his palm. 
You grinned at his words from ear to ear, then subtly caressed his cheek with the small of your thumb, closing the tight space between you into a passionate kiss, letting his soft moans melt under your tongue. “I love you.” He muttered in between kisses; his brown eyes significantly locked into yours. You inhaled from surprising exhilaration, resting your forehead against his. 
“I love you too, Eddie.”
Wanting him is never the same without him. If only you knew that your careless past would come back and sabotage the one and only thing that’s good for you, you would’ve snatched the keys to his van and locked yourself inside, throwing away the keys until he comes back. 
By the time you ran out of things that reminded you of him, you pictured yourself regretfully harboring his love into permanent frames just to slip into your memories of him once more. That summer haunted the crevices of your mind like a dusty old paragraph fading into unrecognizable colors; barely even a photograph to look at. The summer of ‘86 ended like many summers before, yet you felt it in your heart that you would never find the courage to depart from it ever since.
I keep your picture
Upon the wall
It hides a nasty stain that's lying there
So, don't you ask me
To give it back
I know you know it doesn't mean that much to me
I'm not in love, no no, it's because...
The DnD session ended surprisingly successfully. Members older than Mike and Dustin were crying out of joy, while some applauded Erica Sinclair’s lucky draw, welcoming her officially early to the club. Your smile widened at the sight of her waving towards you in her cape, tiptoeing in the middle of the crowds to see you. 
Before you start to walk towards her, you caught a glimpse of Eddie heading out the front door with keys in his hand and a black metal box. It wasn’t like you expected him to talk to you after the campaign, but at the same time you felt a pang of pain tugging at the strings of your heart. You’d rather curl up inside your bed and ugly-cry under a blanket for hours than see him leave like that. As you tucked your camera into its old leather case, a small folded yellow paper slipped from the bottom edges of the case, like someone purposefully sneaked it in there while you weren’t looking. You picked it up and opened the contents of the yellow piece of paper, secretly hoping that it was for you. 
“Hey, it’s been a while. I don’t have the stomach to reconcile or anything, but Henderson asked me to be nice since you’re only taking pictures for the yearbook. It’s not like I wanted to bother you. I never even thought about it when you showed up with that camera you always bring around. Did your new, older boyfriend get that for you? Anyways, I’m pleased that you enjoyed the campaign tonight. It’s something I’ve specially crafted for weeks now. I guess all that hard work finally pays off when an outsider such as yourself finds it decent at best. Tell me when the photos arrive and keep an extra for me, will you? You always know where I am.” - Eddie.
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ladysharmaa · 5 months ago
Bridgerton family x sis!reader
summary: while protecting Daphne from an abusive suitor, Y/n ends up getting hurt. Her sisters and mother end up remembering some moments they spent with Y/n
requested: yes
warnings: angsty, mention of death
Tumblr media
"For the last time, Lord Bentinck, my apologies but I'm not interested in being courted by you. As you may know, my wedding is exactly in two days." Daphne repeated, keeping a tight smile on her face out of politeness. However, her patience was wearing thin with a man's persistence.
Lord Bentinck was one of Daphne's suitor for most of the season, but his advances were always interrupted by Anthony. Despite that, that didn't stop him from continuing to try, the desire to be a Bridgerton greater than anything.
"Daphne!" Y/n called, walking over to her, squeezing her coat that she stole from Anthony tighter as the night breeze made her shiver. She was surprised to see the Lord with her, looking enfuriated. "Sister, is everything alright? Should I fetch for mother?"
"No, it's quite alright, Y/n. Lord Bentinck was already leaving." Daphne said, nodding at her. "Let's go inside, Y/n."
"You cannot refuse me." the man hissed though a clenched jaw, gripping Daphne's arm violently. She groaned in pain, trying to pull away but finding it impossible.
"Hey Lord I don't want to know your name, let go of my sister!" Y/n immediately said, as Eloise never cared about behaving like a lady and the language she used. "Let go, she is to marry and you have to go live your miserable life."
"Is this how you educate your sisters?" Lord Bentinck asked in disgust. "Don't worry, Miss Bridgerton, this is going to change when I marry you."
"Bloody hell, you must be really deaf. My sister is to marry the Duke. I shall repeat it because I already noticed you are slow, the Duke!"
"Y/n!" Daphne scolded her, fearing that the situation would be made even worse by her sister's difficulty controlling her mouth when speaking to someone superior. "Careful with how you talk. Now go inside."
"And leave you with this-" A glare from Daphne was enough for Y/n to change her phrase. "-with the magnificent Lord Bentinck? No."
Daphne sighed in desperation, her arm still caught in the man's grip that was increasingly pulling her closer to him, making her even more uncomfortable. Y/n, having noticed how he didn't give up and without her brothers at home to be able to help them in this situation, she decided to act. An impulsive but necessary act when she saw the Lord begin to touch Daphne's leg, climbing higher and higher. With a groan, she ran behind the man, leaping onto his back, forcing him to release Daphne, who was looking at them in shock.
"Get this animal off me! That is not how a lady acts!"
"Who said I was a lady when you are touching my sister?!" Y/n immediately replied. She looked around as the Lord continued to try to get her off him. "Sister, I'm afraid I haven't thought of the next step in my plan."
"Lord Bentinck stop trying to hit my sister! She was just trying to protect me, stop! My brothers should be arriving soon!" she threatened, fearing for Y/n's safety, trying to intervene but not knowing how with all the movement.
Ultimately, the man got what he wanted, causing Y/n to lose his grip on him and fall to the ground. The next few seconds passed in complete silence. Daphne and Lord Bentinck staring wide-eyed and breathless at Y/n's motionless body, blood starting to come out of her head due to a rock that her head hit.
"Oh my god, Y/n!" Daphne screamed in horror, her scream echoing throughout the mansion's garden. She ran to her sister, kneeling beside her, while the man took the opportunity to flee before he was caught. But deep down he knew he wasn’t going to survive the bridgerton’s family wrath.
But Daphne didn't care, her only concern being Y/n, tears already streaming down her cheeks. "Mother! Eloise! ​​Help! Someone help me!" she lowered herself to the youngest Bridgerton's hand, crying there. "Please do not leave me, sister. We need help!"
Lady Bridgerton, Eloise, Gregory and Hyacinth had never run so fast in their lives. When they heard Daphne's scream and Y/n's absence, fear coursed through their veins, immediately getting up from the couches and running to the garden. Violet felt herself losing strength as she noticed the youngest Bridgerton, her baby, lying on the floor unconscious, looking dead. Daphne's cries were the only sounds that reached their ears.
However, the mother's instincts were above anything else, Violet quickly sprang into action. She took the other place beside Y/n, inspecting the wound but not knowing enough to know if it was very serious or not. 
"Gregory, find your brothers, they must be arriving soon. Hyacinth, run to the house and asks one of the maids to call a doctor. Hurry!” she demanded when they were stuck in place in shock, springing into action as soon as they heard their mother's urgency.
"It's okay, dear. You're going to be just fine. But you need to open your eyes. Please."
Eloise watched the situation a little from behind, bringing a gloved hand to her mouth, having trouble breathing. It felt like her lungs had constricted painfully until she couldn't breathe. Her sister, the one she was so proud to teach about women's rights, could be dead. Since she was born, Eloise knew she had to corrupt her into a mini version of her. It was her dream to have a sister with the same ideas that her, being able to talk about anything until the sun comes up, night on end and they never get tired. Y/n has always been more impulsive than her however, not being able to control herself when talking to someone, often getting into trouble with their mother because of that.
But deep down, Eloise was pretty sure Violet always enjoyed having those arguments with Y/n, because she knew the world needed someone like her youngest daughter. She could be the change society needed. Of course, Lady Bridgerton never said anything about this, always keeping a serious and strict face when dealing with these situations, but her eyes told everything her soul felt.
"Is she breathing, mama?" Eloise asked, not even realizing she had formulated those words until she heard her voice.
Violet, cautiously as if preparing for the worst, brought her ear slowly to Y/n's chest. After a few moments, she breathed a sigh of relief, nodding her head at her daughters in confirmation. But she knew the danger wasn't over yet.
"It's my fault. It's all my fault." Daphne cried, her breaths ragged and her hands shaking uncontrollably. "I... She was just trying to protect me. Mother, please forgive me. Y/n, forgive me."
She was trying to protect me, when that is all I always tried to do with her, she thought.
Tumblr media
She remembered when Y/n was just four years old, roaming the gardens while Daphne watched over her. Suddenly, Y/n came running with tears streaming down her cheeks, quickly sitting on her sister's lap who helped her up, crying into her chest.
"What happened, dear? Are you hurt?" Daphne asked worriedly.
"I was playing with a ladybug, but I don't know what happened. She couldn't fly, and she fell and died. I really liked her, sister." Y/n whimpered, her baby voice causing her sister to have some difficulty understanding the words.
"Oh, it's okay, Y/n. I'm sure she really liked you too."
"Of course!" the older Bridgerton assured. "Here, would you like a rose to make you feel better?" Daphne asked, picking up a rose she had picked up, and handing it to Y/n.
However, a thorn penetrated her skin, making her yelp in surprise and pain. A drop of blood oozed from her finger, causing her to take it to her mouth and suck it, making sure no one watched her do it.
"Daph! Are you hurt?" little Y/n asked, eyes still teary. She took her older sister's hand, kissing it and hugging her to her chest. "Does it hurt?"
"Don't worry, sister. You've already made me feel so much better. Thank you." she giggled, Y/n soon following.
Tumblr media
For Lady Bridgerton, the only thing that crossed her mind was the memory of when she had first held her. When Y/n opened her eyes, Violet let out a gasp. Her eyes were just like Edmund, who unfortunately passed away before Lady Bridgerton even found out she was pregnant. Whenever she looked at Y/n she was reminded of her loved husband.
"She is going to be fine, girls. She is a fighter after all." Violet tried to reassure them, or herself. She wasn't sure. "The doctor and your brothers must be arriving soon.”
And sure enough, Anthony, Benedict and Collin came running, faces smeared with worry and panic, the old doctor trying to keep up behind them.
"What happened?" Anthony questioned, kneeling down beside Y/n and carrying her in his arms after the doctor said he was safe.
The other Bridgertons followed hurriedly behind, all of them teary-eyed and hearts beating so fast they feared it might burst out of their chests. Anthony shouted orders to the maids, quickly carrying her to her room so she could be treated.
When Y/n was left alone with the doctor and her sisters, Collin had to physically restrain Anthony from walking out the door and kill Lord Bentinck with his own bare hands while Benedict punched the wall. But make no mistake, they stayed up all night planning his death. First thing in the morning, Anthony, as the Viscount and head of the family, would challenge the Lord for a duel. And oh, Lord Bentinck would loose.
Nobody messes with his family and gets away with it. That if the man wasn’t found by his mother or his sisters first. Women are scary when you attack someone they love.
He was certain Eloise, Daphne and even Violet would want to slap him for what he did to Y/n. And he couldn’t be more proud.
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barneswinterraven · 12 days ago
a small fluff piece about bucky based on a text my husband sent me (if you have the time!) : "i dont have the capacity to love anyone but you" it can have some angst, because the situation in which it was sent to me involved some, but it was a happy ending for us lol <3
Only You
Tumblr media
Pairing — Avenger!Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader Summary — bucky loves someone, but maybe it's not her A/N — my first request!!! i apologize for only getting to this now, my academics have been making me tired all day :') thank you @kingfleury for this prompt. it may have become longer than i intended to
It has been several days since Y/N had any kind of interaction at all with Bucky Barnes. Actually, it's been 5 days and 4 hours.
It wouldn't bother Y/N much if they weren't practically joined at the hip before he started ignoring her. She keeps thinking back to their last interaction and if she had said or done anything wrong to deserve this silent treatment.
"Hey Buckybear, are we still on for movie night later" Bucky only frowns at her question and sighs. "Maybe we could take a rain check on that? I'm still pretty beat from our last mission and maybe you should take a rest first, considering that you were almost shot to death." Y/N gives him a smile and nods as they both walked back to their own rooms.
Nothing. From that last memory, Y/N can think of nothing that may have offended him. It was normal for them to have a movie night and it was normal for Bucky to take a sabbatical from everyone after a hell-bent mission.
But ever since that day, Bucky would take extra measures to not be in the same room as her, to not even at the slightest bit acknowledge her presence. If anyone has noticed this weird interaction between the two, nobody said anything.
The first few days, Y/N thought nothing of it. She thought that maybe Bucky was having some personal days considering everything that he has been through. So she left him alone to give him the space she thought he was silently asking for.
But now, Y/N was frustrated, stressed, anxious, and even annoyed. All these emotions bottled up made her walk up to Bucky's room and demand he explain what the fuck is wrong.
Taking a deep breath, she put up her fist to knock on his door when she noticed that it was left slightly ajar. "Hey, Bu-"
"Look, I love you. Ever since that day I met you, my heart was already beating for you. And that moment on the train, I felt like my heart was literally gonna stop at thought of losing you. I can't even bear to think of another day without you in my life."
Y/N heard every single word come out of Bucky's mouth and shifted her eyes. Steve. He's sitting right beside Bucky on his bed.
With a slow intake of breath, Y/N now understands. How could she have not noticed. Best friends since birth, of course someone was bound to fall in love.
But this discovery and realization only shattered her heart in pieces. Because she has already fallen in love with James Buchanan Barnes, her best friend.
Not wanting to ruin the moment inside the room, Y/N decided to leave. And just when it cannot get worse, her hip accidentally knocks on the door, further opening it.
Both men looked in her direction, her face going red. "Y/N, what are you doing here?" Bucky utters out.
Y/N can only gape her mouth open like a fish, no word falling out of her mouth.
"I'll leave you guys to talk" Steve stands and immediately leaves the room while giving Y/N a slight smile and a friendly wink.
"Look Buck, I heard your confession to Steve. And don't worry about it, I won't tell anyone. I'm just happy that you guys can now be open about your relationship." Y/N meekly tells Bucky, shifting her eyes to not look at him.
"What the hell are you talking about?" Realization sets on Bucky's face after thinking back to the words he said before he saw Y/N at his door.
"Doll, honey, you got it all wrong. Yes, I do love Steve but definitely not like that" Bucky can only laugh at how ridiculous this situation is.
"Bucky, it's 2022. You don't need to hide your sexuality. There's no need to be asha–"
"I'm gonna stop you right there. Look, I didn't want you to find out this way but, everything I said that you heard, all of that was meant to be for you. I know I have been a jerk these past few days, ignoring you and shit. But my head has just been a mess ever since our mission on the train. Back there, you almost died. And all I could think was that I was gonna lose you when I haven't even had you."
Tears were welling up on Y/N's face at Bucky's sudden confession. "But why were telling Steve all that stuff?"
Bucky shyly chuckles, his hand rubbing the nape of his neck. "He was trying to help me out what and how I was gonna confess to you. And now I may have ruined everything."
"You're lucky that I love your dorkiness and that I do also love you." Y/N steps closer to him smiling so wide, her cheeks started to hurt but she does not care. No pain can undermine this happiness and love that is blooming from her chest.
"So you love me? Not Steve? Well, at least not in that way?" she jokingly asks.
"Doll, I don't have the capacity to love anyone but you and only you." Bucky whispers as he gently cups her cheeks and leans his forehead against hers.
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chubbyheadquarters · 22 days ago
Heyy, could I request a reincarnation situation with monkey King, macaque and redson where the reader was their past lover who died an early death and the boys finally to moved on but in the present they meet again and fall in love all over again if you don't mind!
NDNJSBSJ ( ✧Д✧) YES!! Pfft had a Tang moment there- I most definitely can. I was so excited to write this! The possibilities for reincarnation fics are endless. (*´▽`)ノ
Genre: Romantic + Bit of Angst + Good Ending
Pronouns: Gender-Neutral
TW/CW: Mention of Death
Character(s): Sun Wukong(Monkey King), Liu Er Mihou(Macaque) & Red Son
Tumblr media
This could take place during his journey, where you had joined and fought alongside them as their healer. Granted, you weren't strong like him, nor fast, but you understood him. You listened to him rant and gave advice. You played along with his jokes. Heck, you even defended him when Zhu Bajie would try and get him in trouble.
He quickly fell for you, and made it known as soon as he found out. And eventually, after a long conversation, the two of you got together. He would go on about all the places you could visit and the adventures you go on together after he got you an immortal peach! You planned out where you'd go first, what you wanted to do-Oh, if only those precious days could last.
Being used as bait and immediately being killed off once your role was over definitely wasn't part of the plan. Safe to say, no one was safe from Wukong's rage that day. Blood painted everything it could reach, and no one could calm him, not even his companions, who were like family to him. He spent...a lot of time alone on Flower Fruit Mountain.
After wallowing in his sorrows, he began to slowly accept that you were gone. And as everyone passed on and time marched forward, he truly believed that he would be alone, but it isn't until he sees you delivering noddles with MK that all those buried emotions would come out, and he's in a state of shock. You, with the same hair, the same features, but the only difference being your choice of clothes to match the new times. Even your warm, soft voice is the same.
When he starts training MK, the first thing be asks is for him to bring you with him, which he obliges. You're confused, but are happy to make a new friend and introduce yourself to the Monkey King. You're talking about how you've heard a lot about him from Tang and MK, who's gushing about his mentor. And believe me when I say that it takes every ounce of his strength to not just hug you right there.
But that doesn't stop his little monkey friends from doing so. They're all over you, crying and holding onto you so tightly, and there you and MK are, confused and worried. He has to tell them that you don't remember anything, and that you may never be able to. They eventually understand, but still cling onto you, getting upset when you have to leave. You've joked about how you're like their mom, but Wukong never denies it.
He sees that your kind nature has stuck with you, and you're always offering to help him when it comes to moving stuff, cooking, cleaning, etc. You still give wonderful advice, and he takes it all in, using it the moment he can. He sees how you take care of his monkey friends, never losing your temper with their little antics, just like before. He realizes that he's quickly falling for you all over again, but he's not gonna stop it.
And you could feel yourself falling for him. He was so attentive, always making sure that you were comfortable. He cracked witty, and sometimes old jokes, but they made you laugh. The way he talked to you, and the nicknames he used with you, it made you feel special. Like you were the most important person in the world. And if anyone dared to hurt you, by calling you rude names or making fun of your appearance, he's gonna have a few words with them. In his civilian disguise of course.
At one point, he notices that you're more nervous around him and asks about it. When you confess that you've fallen for him, he's ecstatic, but it turns into panic when you start talking about the downsides of being in a relationship with YOU. "You're the Monkey King, you're super strong, and I'm not. So if an enemy were to use me as bait... That'd suck really bad."
He's shutting that down real quick and confesses that he's fallen for you too. Even with your concerns, he's showing off his powers, which calms your fears a bit. And if you wanted to, he could train you! More time to spend together! Whether you agree to it or not, he's fine with it, just as long as you accept his feelings back, which you do.
He doesn't waste any time and gets an immortal peach. He's not going to make the mistake of waiting like last time- So the next time you visit, he's asking you to eat it and spend eternity with him. When you hesitate and ask for a few days to think about it, he panics. Anything could happen in that time, you could die again-He's not gonna lie and say he wasn't a bit pushy cause he was-
But eventually, you accept it and are now immortal. "I don't feel different. It was a good peach though." And at that moment, his fears washed away. Of course, he's still worried about you getting hurt, so he'll give you an item that'll protect you should you ever need it. He has less nightmares about the possibility of you dying again, but the past memory still haunts him. Those nightmares-heck, even the thought of you getting hurt scares him. He just wants to be with you. 😔
If you were to remember, it'd probably take a hard whack to the head. Say that you're training with MK and he accidentally hits you with the staff, knocking you unconscious. Both him and Wukong are freaking out, and when you wake up, you're asking where THAT demon is. It takes you a bit to remember where you actually are and what happened, now being dazed by the fact that you've been reincarnated.
MK's asked by Wukong to leave for a bit, and when they do, he's embracing you. He's spouting about how happy he is that you remember everything, how lonely it's been without you. You, as usual, comfort the big monkey, soothing him. Eventually, you're both talking about everything he's accomplished since you've been gone, which leads to a conversation about the places that you both still need to visit.
Tumblr media
Macaque never thought that you two would get together. I mean, you did help patch him up after first meeting, and you were absolutely gorgeous, but you were human. Humans feared demons, hated them, wanted them dead. Expect for you. You believed that everyone deserved a chance at life, and a second chance if they made a mistake. And as nice as that sounded, Macaque warned you that there were beings who simply wanted to kill just to kill.
And yet, you tried to reach out and help a demon, but they laughed in your face and attacked you. Obviously, Macaque attacked back and whisked you away, trying to find help. You kept apologizing to Macaque, who keeps telling you to just focus on breathing. Your last words to him are you apologizing and hoping to one day make it up to him. He's devastated, crying his heart out under the moon, begging for you to open your eyes, begging for you to not LEAVE HIM ALONE-
For as long as he tried and as much as he said it, he never truly got over you. Never dated anyone, not even trying to get to know someone like that. You were his first love, his ONLY love. You were the only person to truly understand him and stay with him. Comfort him when no one else did. Defend him through every accusation, even if it got you hurt. You were a mere human, beings that're known to get hurt easily, and yet, you stayed with him.
So when he dies, he welcomes it with open arms. If he can at least see you in the Netherworld, then he'll find his happiness again. But when he's told that you've been reincarnated, he's booking it and takes the deal with LBD without ANY hesitation. And once he's brought back, he'll look for you, scouring the whole world, but alas, he can't find you. He's so close to giving up.
So when you show up to one of his plays, he's stunned. You look the same as you did back then, like nothing had changed, other than your outfit. He decides to tell a tale about a memory that the both of you shared, and he can see the subtle look in your eyes, like him talking about it is reminding you of something. It gives him so much hope.
He gets your attention after the play and y'all talk, with you both exchanging numbers. You would begin to visit the theatre, talking about anything and everything. He's asking all sorts of questions, wanting to get to know the you of the present. He realizes that you may never remember your past life, and that you may have changed with your reincarnation, so he wants to know everything.
He begins to note all the differences and similarities you have with your past self. How you're much more reserved and anti-social, keeping to yourself and those you know. And yet, you're still kind to everyone and always willing to lend a hand. He IS happy that you're more apprehensive when it comes to those who give off bad vibes. He's also glad that your love for the arts hasn't changed a bit. More for you to converse about.
And you can't help but be pulled towards him. His sarcastic nature being playful to you and only you. Whispering kind words in your ears and flirting with you and you alone. The soft look in his eyes everytime he looks at you. Him only allowing you to hug him or hold his hand, and you being the only one who can brush his hair. That level of trust with him makes you feel like you're on cloud nine. But when you realize that you're falling in love, you're panicking-
And he's absolutely freaking out when you don't come by the next day. He's texting you, and though you say that you're fine and just busy, he can read between the lines. He can tell something's bothering you, so that night, he goes to visit you at your home. You're startled, but invite him in. After some back and forth, you blurt out your feelings. You're both shocked, and you refuse to look at his face.
When he hears your sniffles, he's quick to confess back, and you're still crying but stunned. You ask him why, telling him he can do so much better-but he won't let you say another word. He won't let you degrade yourself. He tells you that, to him, you're a goddess, and that you're perfect to him, which gets you all shades of red. Eventually, after talking it out, you get together.
He's not worried about anyone taking you away. He doesn't see them as a challenge, and if someone tries to flirt with you, he'll give them a glare as a warning. If they insult you, he'll have his shadows deal with the person in question. What he worries about most is if there's anyone dangerous around. He's not going to lose you again. He absolutely refuses. He'll tear down everything and everyone in this world if it means keeping you safe.
He decides to borrow steal two manfruits, a delicacy that can extend your life by 47,000 years. He eases you into the idea of prolonging your life, asking questions about what you thought and felt about it. You joked that as long as he'd have you, you'd eat one to stay with him for as long as you could. So when he presents them to you, you're understandably shocked. A part of you is happy that he looked for something this precious, just so that you two could stay together longer.
Remembering your past life would probably involve him saying a specific line from the past. Maybe you'll be on a stroll, and he holds your hands under the night sky. "You're my first and only love. No matter where you go, I'll always find you Moonlight." And then, it all hits you. He's scared at first, but when you look at him with those apologetic eyes, he knows that you remember and he's holding you as close as he can.
You're apologizing to him for that night even happening, but he keeps telling you that he's just glad that you're here with him again. The two of you go back home and he tells you what happened since you've been gone. His journey to find you, the things he's learned, even his vengeance with Wukong. You're worried about the latter, but he soothes your worries. He wants revenge, yes, but he's never going to put it above your relationship.
Tumblr media
You, his precious childhood friend, stood by each other's side, fighting enemies together. Growing and becoming better with each other. He knew that you would be his spouse one day and proudly proclaimed it to everyone he knew. Of course, you believed that as well, and the both of you were never seen apart, other than when you had to go home and rest for the night. Both of your parents thought it was adorable.
He truly believed that you would stay together forever. But when you took a hit that was meant for him, he exploded, tearing down his enemy before cradling you in his arms. Your last words to him were to "find happiness". How could he find happiness if you weren't there!? He felt like a part of him had died that day.
His mother had tried to console him, but he would lash out. He didn't want to talk about it, since if he did, it felt like he would HAVE to move on! To move forward without you! It felt like it would be betraying YOU-The memories you made together-EVERYTHING! It...took him a while, but he did talk to his mother eventually and had at one point, moved on. His father, after being released, was informed of your death, and felt bad for his son. Maybe if he had been there, he could have stopped it...
It isn't until the New Year's Festival that you two meet again. You're strolling along, looking for something spicy, and you stumble upon their shop and place an order. As soon as he hears your voice, he's stunned. He thinks it's an illusion and tries to shake it off. But he turns to see you and drops the bowl. His father, upset, goes to scold him but sees you, and he too is stunned. It's like you had never died.
You're a bit confused, but ask for the menu, which DBK does while Red Son is still frozen, trying to process what he's seeing and hearing. You ask for the Boiling Lava and you're talking about how good it is. You're even more confused when the red head asks for your name in a hurried manner, but you answer, and that's when he truly knows that it's you.
When he flies off with the venom, you're right next to him. He NOT going to lose you again. So during the trip to the Celestial Realm, he's right by your side, and the others are confused, but he ignores them. At one point, you're looking at him, and he asks if he's got something on his face. "No! It's just... I don't know. I feel like I've seen you somewhere before." Oh my god his hope meter has crashed through the roof-
After that fiasco, he'll shyly ask for your number, which you give and y'all grow close right away. You share the same humor that you had back then and that big smile of yours still warms his heart, but to his surprise, you're hobbies are different than before, but regardless, he's willing to learn about them just for you. They bring you happiness, and your happiness, is his and his love for you only grows deeper.
You begin to adore his fiery personality, finding it adorable when he would blush at your compliments. You fawn over how cool you think his hair is, and when it bursts into flames, you're awestruck. His speeches are inspiring, and his nicknames for you make you swoon. And when you ask about his inventions, he's so excited to break it down for you. A lot of people feared him, but you never did. If anything, you felt pulled towards him, but you didn't mind one bit.
HE actually confesses first! He even set the day up and everything! You came over, he made dinner and steered the conversation to make the confession flow, instead of just nervously blurting out his feelings. When you discuss the reality of your short life and if he's sure, he gently holds your hands and looks at you with a determined gaze. "My Dear, I've never been so sure of anything in my entire life."
He definitely becomes more protective. If anyone even DARES to insult-even LOOK at you the wrong way-he's blowing up on them. One pat from you and it's like it never happened. If they FLIRT with you-ohmygosh they better prepare their funeral. You have to drag him away and remind him that you chose HIM. He makes it up with his cooking and hugs.
What would trigger you remembering your past life is a specific move he repeats. The two of you are training, and he does a specfic move that only him and your past self knew. Suddenly, your head starts to hurt, becoming more unbearable until you pass out. When you wake up, you're surprised. Both at being reincarnated and remembering everything. When he comes in and sees you crying, he's nervous and asking what's wrong. "I remember everything..."
It takes him a moment to process what you just said, but the moment he does, and he sees that distinct look in your eyes, he embraces you. You're both holding each other for the rest of the day, just holed up in his room, with the both of you whispering apologies and words of comfort. His parents are told the next day, and they're happy about the news! They see how happy the two of you are and, for a moment, it reminds them of the old days.
Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors! Hope y'all enjoy!
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thisishellfire · a month ago
ok so first angst idea of many ..
so , reader is going through a depressive episode & isolates themselves & won’t talk or spend time w/ eddie , out of fear being seen as a burden. they’ve started sh again as a cope after the whole vecna situation. Kinda contemplates 💀, but vague
Eddie: Grabs your arm * “ Sweetheart, why won’t you talk to me”Reader: “ What do you mean I’ve just been busy with school n shit” Eddie: “That’s bullshit & you know it”
It builds & takes a while for him to figure it out that they’ve relapses :/
Sorry, if this triggering or romanticizing in anyway, kinda a self indulgent request :’)
Scars | Eddie Munson x F!Reader
Tumblr media
Synopsis: No matter how tough life gets, your thoughts will always be mean.
Warnings: DEAD DOVE: DO NOT EAT!!!!! Mentions of Self Harm, Mentions of Hurting Ones Self, Angst, Mentions of Death, Blood Mention, Brief Mention of Su*c*de, PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE TRIGGERED IN ANY WAY!!!
Rating: M
Author's Note: Let me make one thing clear about this; In no way am I romanticizing/fictionalizing self harm. This is a more self indulgent fic for the anon who requested it - and as someone who struggled with SH for close to ten years, I know what it is like. I accepted the challenge to write this because a lot of us may struggle with SH, every once in a while it's nice to see how our favorite character would handle it.
Word Count: 3.7K
Life can be so cruel, just like its people. Sometimes it feels like it is going out of its way to make things around you a living hell, spinning it so out of proportion that there is no way to calm down. The everyday scenario of being on a tilt-a-whirl, no matter how much you try and stay still - it just seems to have a mind of its own. Days when things feel like they're going to be okay again, the softness and serenity of the world becomes clouded with the darkness, with the rains of bullshit around - there is no escaping. Though you are the only one that can break out of this storm, to remove yourself from the anger and hatred - it feels relatively impossible with how far down you are. No matter how hard you claw, beg, cry and scream - its as if no one can hear you, as if you don't exist. Just a trapped soul on this vessel of life that cannot move forth until the evil is banished. Everyone says it takes a strong-willed individual to overcome such addictions, but what it takes to start is knowing you can do it. We don't know our own support systems until it is too late. For you though, you knew it right off the bat.
Hawkins, Indiana - population of ten thousand picture-perfect Americans. On the surface level everyone can see how great each family is; A carbon copy of the Stepford Wives. Control, that is what it amounted to. Every family had their own control over their household but the second they were in public, it's like Hawkins possessed them to be the family from those American Dream movies - quite annoying if you ask any of the youth today. The town wanted more, wanted to be seen as the peak of Indiana - bringing more wholesome families in to reign terror over. Hawkins was a cursed city, everyone knew it - all starting back in 1983. Little Will Byers went missing after biking home that early November night, taken and almost had his little flame snuffed out by some otherworldly creature. A few weeks later he was found and was perfectly fine - but every year since then Hawkins has gotten worse. The demodogs, the mind flayer, now Vecna. Each monster grows stronger the longer they hibernate; No matter how many times they were flayed, decimated or incinerated, they came back stronger - there was no leaving now.
Although you heard of these monsters, you had never quite seen one - not until now. The Starcourt Mall fire was a stretch even at the extent of that monster, there was no way you'd believe Robin Buckley about its existence. But now, seeing Vecna for your own eyes, you knew this shit wasn't a game - it was real life. He wasn't just a boogeyman who wanted to kill for power, for fear, he wanted to kill for the game of it all - see who was strong enough to make it out alive, and who would perish due to their own sadistic morals. Vecna saw humans as disposable slabs of meat - only bound to eat, sleep, reproduce, die and repeat - what kind of life was that to live? When the headaches started a week ago, same with the nosebleeds, you never anticipated it being the mark of your life ending, or at least, trying to end it. How many instances you've had like that, it was beyond anyone else's control but your own. If you were going to leave this world, it would be by your own sacrifice, not Vecna's. Thankfully your friends thought the same, hence why you're sitting in the back of Nancy Wheeler's SUV, peering out at the night sky as the town of Hawkins floats by in a blur. You were more than content with yourself but, no one else was.
Vecna had cornered your mind when you were in Hawkins High - helping Max figure out what Ms. Kelly was hiding from her with Fred and Chrissy's files. Everything had happened so quick, you didn't see the switch in Harrington's eyes when he spun around. "You are a waste of life, trying so hard to end it all but cannot seem to make the final cut," Steve's possessed body spat out, eyes as white as the snow of the winter - his lips curled into an unnatural smile. How gangly his arms became as he reached out for you was a clear indication that something was truly wrong, there was no way in hell any of this happened. Well, that was just the first of it all - Vecna had Max tranced at the same time, so there was proof to back up the matter. But the hours that went by made you feel stuck on edge; Any given moment Vecna could force you into a vision, or a trance without you ever noticing, giving everyone heart attacks whilst you were whisked away. The only moments of peace you got between all of the bullshit, was when the blade was flush against your skin.
You hated this, you hated the feeling of it - but the euphoria you felt within the moment subsided all those beliefs, leaving you with a road of regret and guilt for the next few days. All you needed was a small fix, enough to bring you solidarity while being hunted. The rouge seeping from the slit, dribbling out in small pearls of liquid, each one growing bigger the longer it sits. A wave of a fresh breath, that was the best way to describe it. Each slit was easing the evil out of your bloodstream, and instead letting the air pile in, removing Vecna's curse from your being. The feeling of not being in control scared you, this was a way to show not just yourself, but Vecna, you were not to be fucked with. No one could hurt you as much as you hurt yourself. But for every cut you made upon your flesh, each one only caused a whirlwind of guilt to sit behind. Sure, for the moment it stopped Vecna's visions but, at the same time what did it leave you with? How could you now explain your relapse, to Eddie?
The only man to make you feel whole in this world. The only man who was patient with you, not turning you away like a sideshow attraction - helping in the healing processes, something you were forced to embark on alone for the longest time. Even whilst he was being hunted, his main priority was to make you feel safe again - to make you feel whole. Eddie Munson wasn't this horrific murdering monster everyone made him out to be; His baby cow eyes were made for fantasy and metal - that was it. The biggest nerd anyone would ever meet, the sweetest man everyone had the pleasure of knowing - he was just as scared as everyone else. But he refused to run again, he refused to let his friends get hurt for his sake. Eddie wanted to show Vecna how powerful he truly is, and promised to do so to keep his family safe - no longer would be flee from battle, but be the one in control of it. His large, brown eyes and full mauve lips held so much wonder, so much knowledge - that's where you found yourself curling up when times were tough.
You couldn't remember the last time you physically spoke to Eddie; There was no official status on your relationship, but still you had been avoiding him like the plague. Ever since Vecna started to show you couldn't bear Eddie being effected by it, especially where he was accused of killing Chrissy for what Vecna did. It hurt knowing you had to keep him at arms length but, this was for the best. Though it killed you slowly; No late night cuddles, or hair playing sessions so you could fall asleep. No more worshipping you in the amber lights of his bedroom whilst Wayne worked late. It hurt, so much to know neither one of you had slept and ate in a few days, trying so hard to not let your mind lay claim to Vecna. What killed you even more was knowing Eddie was struggling too, yet he would not dare to burden you - he would not dare to make this any less about you, or any about him. He did not feel as if he was worth it all.
Staring up at the nights sky, you couldn't see Eddie staring directly at you, eyes shrouded in sadness while his body ran rigid. He was the reason you were broken out of Vecna's trance, blasting your favorite Megadeth song whilst you fought your way through Vecna's rage. All you saw within that blast through your vision was Eddie holding your face in his hands, rubbing his thumbs over the apples of your cheeks, coaxing you out with the lyrics to My Last Words. His tears cascaded down his face like the waves on Lover's Lake. He felt so weak knowing you may die, you may not be here any longer. Eddie wanted to tell you but alas, felt as if it was not the best time. But that's when you heard it fall from his lips so easily, it was unlike anything else you had experienced, the coaxing of I love you falling out into the open, making everyone go silent. Those words brought you back into your body, collapsing freely within Eddie's arms, he felt warm knowing you were back - but could tell something else was off. Yet the silence begin again between the two of you, leaving him hopeless.
With his knees pulled to his chest, Eddie rested his elbows over the side, chewing on the inside of his cheek as he watched you like a hawk. How your eyes, your lips, and your overall expression never faltered made him worry; You were a shell of your former self, no more was the happy-go-lucky you that Eddie fell in love with, but the quiet and scared woman he found last year crying in the Hellfire Club room - wanting to end her life. Eddie was afraid you had spiraled back into that same mindset he first found you in, worrying that tomorrow you would no longer be here, and he could not love you the way he wanted. Having you almost be taken by Vecna was enough to break his mind cold but, now knowing you may have been trapped in your mental prison again, Eddie could not handle it. Pushing his legs down to fall against the carpeted back hatch of the car, he scooted forward as your eyes remained locked on the sky - taking deep breaths every so often to feel. Both of his meaty hands rested swiftly on your crossed knees, rubbing the jean-clad skin softly. "Sweetheart, why won't you talk to me?"
There was a tinge of sadness and pain within Eddie's voice, his eyes glossy against the obsidian sky. You felt your body shudder for a moment at the implication, not realizing how much it was killing Eddie to not be with you. Shrinking down onto your side of the car, you curled into yourself, bringing your legs as close as you could to your body whilst resting your head against the glass window. Sighing out as your eyes moved to his, you could see just how close Eddie was in the moment, your heart wavering for a moment as you tried to fully comprehend what he was about to say, or about to ask. "What do you mean?" You asked small, keeping your eyes on Eddie's forehead over his eyes, knowing you'd be too lost in them to say a lie. Shaking your head as your eyes fell back upon the desolate road, you sharply let out; "Eddie I've been busy with trying to stay alive, to not be tranced by Vecna." It came out harsher than you were intending but, just enough to where you may have thought Eddie wouldn't necessarily freak out.
"That's bullshit, and you know it." You had to give it to him, Eddie was quick on the retorts. Instead of letting it go and leaning back against the wall, he decided to take no part in it. He could see something was bothering you, something that was threatening your well being - but he needed to see it, hear you say it first before he could physically be brought to relaxation. He was not going to let this go for as long as he was alive and kicking - no chances were going to be taken. Before you could even get out your own words to undermine what is going on, Eddie had a different plan. Reaching out he grabbed your wrists firmly, enough to pull you closer to him. What he wanted in this moment was to have you in his lap, cuddling into him like old times - instead of the bizarre, and fearful silence. But as he gripped the sliced flesh of your wrist, you cringed away with a yelp - holding it flush to your chest. Instant tears filled the corners of your eyes not just from the pain of the cuts, but from the hurt knowing that you relapsed - that Eddie was now going to know.
He didn't quite catch on at first, the darkness of the car made it hard for him to see what was going on. Instead of sliding back to where he was before, Eddie moved as close as he could into your space - the small sliver of moonlight helping for him to see what you were doing. A calloused hand was laid out directly in front of you, eyes never deterring from your own. Eddie was trying to cajole you into handing your wrist over, needing to know if he was correct in the matter. At first you were hesitant - scared to see what he would think. Though before when he initially saw your scars, he laid a kiss across each one - having you promise him at any point you felt like hurting yourself, you'd talk to him instead. You felt like you were betraying him for doing so, felt like you were hurting him by relapsing. Your shaky hand pushed off of your chest instead of latching tighter, handing the appendage over to Eddie. Small, smooth breaths slipped passed your lips as your wrist laid open on Eddie's palm, the denim of your jacket covering beneath.
Eddie took a soft approach, using his fingertips instead to gently roll the cuff up. Each inch the denim moved he could sense that something was going to show - that it would be your regular scars laying across the skin, not a new one in sight. Instead Eddie was greeted with the stark white coloring of gauze, syrup brown coloring tainting the fabric, showing that his gut was correct. Eddie's face sunk slightly, as did his shoulders. You hated to see him disappointed, especially knowing it was in you. All you could do was tuck your head between your shoulders with a small sniffle, trying to push down the sob threatening to rip through your lungs. "How long?" Eddie's tone never shifted, there was no tinge of sadness or anger, but worry more than anything. It caused your own heart to speed up, the rushing of blood in your ears making it hard to comprehend the context of his words. "A few days - since I saw him." The break in your voice caused Eddie's heart to hurt, no wasting a moment before he made his next move.
He didn't say another word to you, instead he nodded to you - before sliding back to his original position. Not having his body heat around you let the cold seep in quickly, causing a shiver to run along your spine. Embarrassed, defeated, saddened - that was the best way you could describe yourself within this moment. But those thoughts came to a great stop when Eddie moved to pull your back to his chest, taking you off guard for a moment to maneuver your body. Though it was not the easiest to do in a cramped space, it was well enough to where Eddie could easily help you turn, rather than struggling yourself. As soon as your back hit his firm chest, you felt the stress of the day melt away very quickly - the annoyance of relapsing flying out of your mind as comfort set in. Silently you berated yourself for cutting Eddie off from you, to give him the space neither of you needed - just to protect him from yourself. No words needed to be exchanged, he said everything he wanted with his movements.
Eddie placed a sweet, loving his to the side of your head, rubbing up and down your sides as he pushed his legs over yours, tangling your being into his. "I'm not mad at you, I never could be. I hope you know that." It was reassurance that she needed, knowing Eddie didn't hate you for going back to this again. He could never but, he did want to get you the help you need, be the help you need. All too well he knew about this, how it felt and how to overcome it. Hell, it wasn't long ago that you had saved him from himself. Eddie wanted to do the same for you. "I know, I'm mad at myself." The gentle squeak of your voice was like music to Eddie's ears, hearing it finally after days of forced silence. But what broke him was how hard you sobbed, shoving your face into his shoulder so no one could hear your cries over the lilt of Madonna. His arms braced tightly around your body, rocking you from side to side with every sway of the car. Eddie wanted to make you feel so loved, and cared for - no longer would you be a prisoner of your mind.
Pulling your face back by your hair gently, Eddie tilted your chin upwards to look down into your eyes, running his thumb across your bottom lip; "I promise you, we are going to kill him. He is no longer going to hurt you, or Max. I'll protect you, beautiful. You have my word." It felt like a loaded statement to make, a clear indicator that you would all get out of this alive. But there was no guarantee in the matter, there was no knowing in all honesty. "But-" you began to verbally push against Eddie, not believing in what he was saying, now having seen said monster in questioning. But he did not want to hear it, he wanted you to know this wasn't going to be your forever - but in actuality be the start of something beautiful. Eddie was going to protect you from now until his dying days - because love made him realize, you were worth fighting for. "No buts, okay? I promise you, I will make sure you stay with me. No more of this. Anytime you feel scared or anxious or, just need to cry and scream - come to me, baby. I don't want you to feel alone."
There were no words to describe how this made you feel, the tears rolling down your cheeks was enough to make Eddie know how much that meant to you. Nodding at his words, you pressed your forehead against his own, letting soft cries slip passed your lip as his arms held you tight, never daring to let you go. "I love you, Eddie." It was crystal clear through his mind, words he has been wanting to hear fall from your mouth for so long now. All Eddie truly wanted was you - to have you in all of your glory whilst he reclaimed his name. Everything he had done, was for you - everything he built, was all for you to notice him. Years Eddie pined after you, circumstances now brought you closer together. "I love you too, pumpkin. We are going to get through this together - you're going to overcome this." The road to recovery was shining bright up ahead. After you two defeat Vecna, Eddie would promise to help you through this little blip, to help you realize how worth it your life is, how this endless pain and hurt was not worth it down the line. Eddie promised from day one, he would help you see the beauty in it all - and you, you were willing to finally start your redemption.
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angelst4re · a month ago
So It Goes- Jace Wayland x Reader
Tumblr media
୨♡୧ this is the first (and longest) Jamie fic i ever wrote, jace literally owns me. i wanted to post it when my tags started working again but i don't think that's gonna happen :( so reblogs are very much appreciated!! :) <3 UPDATE: MY TAGS WORK AGAIN!!!!
୨♡୧ warnings: NSFW!! smut, oral (f and m recieveing), praise and degradation, jace being jace, spitting, shower sex?, inexperienced reader, experienced jace (ofc), innocence kink?, possibly breeding kink? p0rn with a bit of plot, i could add to this forever, enemies to lovers?, based on a taylor swift song (so it goes IS jace's song, just listen to it!!)
From the moment he first laid eyes on you, he knew you were going to have an impact on his life. He would never say he believed in love at first sight, but it would explain a lot. The way he got excited when you entered the room, he felt himself blush when you’d speak to him, anything you’d do would make him wish for a chance to be yours. But he knew that could never happen, to love is to destroy. 
The first time you met Jace, you could tell instantly that he hated you- despised you, even. You could hear him sigh whenever you entered the room, as if he was already bored by your presence, he’d look the other way when you tried to talk to him. Isabelle had told you he was like this, but you refused to believe this was his normal behaviour. 
You arrived at the Institute a couple of months ago, your family had been friends with the Lightwoods for years, so when you were made to leave your hometown you were told to go there. It was rather nice, but it wasn’t home. Jace made it obvious that it wasn’t your home. 
When the Institute was informed of a large-scale demon attack down in the city, Jace had demanded you stay here ‘she’s too young, she’s not as well-trained as us. She’ll make us fuck it up.’ Oh, how you hated him- but a part of you could never hate him, you were intrigued by everything he did, everything he said, how he fought like he had a death wish, there was a part of you that admired him, maybe even loved him. But he would never feel the same way. 
Once, when it was Jace’s turn to train with you, you had tripped and almost knocked him down with you, but he had caught you by the waist. There was something about the way he touched you that day that told you he may not hate you, maybe it was just more of a dislike. But his hands lingered on your waist for longer than they should have, and as you turned around it took everything inside him, all his strength and self control, to stop himself from kissing you. 
“What do you mean? I’ve fought before-”
“And you almost got yourself killed, y/n.” Jace stated, picking all the  blades he would need for this fight, “I don’t want to risk that- risk you getting us all killed, okay? Just stay here. Leave it to us.” 
“But she’s been training with us for months now! I’m sure she has it in her!” Isabelle said, grinning as she handed you some weapons. 
“No.” Jace demanded again, taking the weapons from you, what is his problem, you thought. 
“Jace, Isabelle’s right. She’s been trained now, she knows what to do.” Alec added. 
Jace sighed, it looked like he was deep in thought. His eyes met yours and you quickly looked away. 
“Fine.” He said, handing you another blade, “but if she gets us killed-”
“I won’t!” You groan, loading your belt up with weapons. 
The fight ended pretty badly. Shadowhunters from all over the country had come to help, it was believed that this was another attack from Valentine. So far, the death count was at 6. Alec was leaning over Isabelle, drawing the healing rune on her as quickly as possible. Her entire left arm was covered in blood, but selfishly all Jace could think of was you. Where were you? Were they going to find you dead or alive? He knew he should never have let you come with him. 
With Isabelle now healed, Alec helped her up and they wandered over to Jace who was sat on the ground, covered in dirt and blood. 
“We should head back,” Alec began, “the suns rising, they won’t come back-”
“Where’s y/n?” Isabelle interrupted, turning to look around. But you were nowhere to be found. 
“Probably dead.” Jace murmured, rising to his feet, “I said she shouldn’t have come with us.”
“We’re going back to the Institute, I need to get Isabelle to the infirmary, why don’t you stay and look for her?” 
“Why should I?” Jace huffed, “she’s not my probl-”
“Jace, she may not be your problem, but if she’s dead that will be our problem.” Alec said, sternly, “and also, if you wouldn’t be so arrogant all the time, you would’ve noticed the way she looks at you.”
And they were gone. 
Jace stayed for longer than he would want to admit, looking for you. Holding his breath as he came to a pile of dead bodies, he prayed that one of them wouldn’t be you. And they weren’t. He had been searching for almost half an hour, and there was no sign of you. His heart dropped and he felt a lump in his throat. He told you to stay behind. He didn’t want you to get hurt, knowing how much that would hurt him. 
Soon enough, he gave up looking. He just accepted that you had been killed and possibly turned to dust, or something along those lines. Why didn’t you listen to him? Maybe because he’s always such a dick, of course you won’t do as he tells you. As he walked back to the Institute he was filled with regret, it became overwhelming. He wished he hadn’t gave the impression that he disliked you, as it was far from the truth. The truth was that he was just scared. He had never felt the way he feels about you with any other girl before, it terrified him. He would do anything for you, but you wouldn’t do the same. 
Once he got back to the Institute, he checked on Izzy in the infirmary. Alec had informed Jace that Magnus Bane would be paying her a visit, as the runes didn’t have enough power to heal her fully. Jace knew how Alec felt about Magnus, along with how Magnus felt about Alec. He simply nodded and left, making his way to his room. 
As he approached his room, he noticed his door was slightly open. Flooded with panic- which always turned into adrenaline for Jace- he grabbed a blade from his belt and slowly pushed the door open. His eyes widened as he saw who was waiting for him. 
“Y/n?” The blade fell to the floor and he rushed over to you, you had a similar problem to Isabelle, yet yours was less severe. Your arm had been caught, possibly clawed by a demon. “What are you doing here?” 
“Alec didn’t want me seeing Isabelle’s-”
“When did you get here?” 
“Just after the others… Jace I need your help,” you motioned towards your arm, “I didn’t want to ask Alec and I can’t draw runes very well with my other hand-”
Wasting no time, Jace reached for his stele and gently held onto the underside of your arm as he drew the mark on your injury. He felt you suck in your breath as he drew over the wound. 
“It’s okay,” he comforted you, “you’re doing so well for me, such a good girl.” 
He barely had time to realise what he had just said, too busy trying to not screw up the mark, as a slight whimper left your mouth, causing his body to stiffen. 
The air in the room had seemed to have thickened. As Jace finished the rune, he looked up at you with a gentle smile as if to say ‘all done.’ This was the first time he had ever smiled at you. 
“Thank you,” you whisper, your hand reaching up to his face to wipe off some of the dirt, “Jace, you're filthy!” 
He was going to something back, maybe along the lines of ‘i can be if you want’, but instead he leaned in towards you. The feeling of your skin on his drove him crazy, he had been craving it for months and now he finally had it he couldn’t hold back. Your lips brushed against each other, and you felt him swallow hard before tangling his hand into your hair and pulling you close, kissing you as if he would never kiss again. 
Neither of you could quite believe what was happening, and neither of you wanted to stop. It was as if your prayers had been answered, you could not ask for anything more than this, than him. 
“Jace,” you whisper as he pulls back for air. You were going to say something but he cut you off. 
“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he confesses, “when I couldn’t find you after the battle in the city I assumed you…” he couldn’t seem to say it, the one simple word. As if saying it would make it become true, “and it made me regret everything, I should’ve told you sooner, I shouldn’t have been such a dick towards you. I’m sorry, y/n.”
You couldn’t believe what he had said, he didn’t hate you and he even apologised? Jace wasn’t one to apologise very often, Alec had mentioned once. He’d always be so honest, even if it meant being mean. 
Without replying to him, you pulled him back towards you again, already missing the feeling of his lips on yours. His tongue swiped on your bottom lip as he tugged on your hair, causing you to gasp, your mouth opening enough for him to slip his tongue in, deepening the kiss. Everything about this felt so intimate, you had never been kissed this way before. It had even caused tingles in your lower belly, and you knew there was only one way to relieve yourself of them. 
As Jace’s hands slipped under your t-shirt, you knew how this was going to go. Thinking quickly, you pulled back from the kiss and smirked, running your fingers through his hair. 
“Why don’t we take a shower?” Your tone was very suggestive, there was no way in hell that Jace would turn you down. 
“Sounds great, I was going to mention how you smell like pond water- Hey!” You smacked his shoulder playfully, standing up from his bed and taking his hand, leading him into his bathroom. 
Once you shut the door, you pushed Jace against it, making sure to lock it before wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him down to your level and crashing your lips together once more. This time was a lot more heated, as Jace played with the hem of your shirt, before lifting it up and over your head, breaking the kiss briefly and throwing it to the floor. You could tell he was quite experienced by the way he easily unclasped your bra, making you feel slightly worried- you had only slept with one boy, and he only lasted two minutes. 
As your bra fell to the floor, Jace pulled back from the kiss, his mouth now kissing down your chest, to your breasts and finally your nipples. They quickly hardened with arousal as Jace’s lips wrapped around them, your hands stroking his hair as your mouth fell open. You had never been so turned on. You needed him, now. 
“Jace,” you whimpered, “I thought we were gonna take a shower?” 
“We will, darling. But you want this, right?” He checks, you tell him how you’ve never wanted anything else more in your entire life, only boosting his ego- in the moment, you couldn’t care less. 
As Jace pulled away again, you felt cold at the lack of his touch. He started undressing, leaving both your clothes a messy pile on the tiled floor. As you began to undo your belt and slide your jeans down your legs, his hands stopped you. He took your hands and lifted them away as his hands slipped into your jeans, pulling them down along with your underwear, throwing them to the side. 
As he went to turn on the water, you noticed that you were both bare, exposed in front of each other. He motioned his finger ‘come here’, and so you followed him. He took your hand as he pulled you into the shower with him. You couldn’t help but giggle as the water fell on the both of you, it was rather cold- Jace noticed this and reached over you, as he pulled back the water started to become warmer. 
You both stood and admired each other, you took in the scars on his skin, old wounds that would have possibly been fatal for any ordinary human. As he looked at you, he was also drawn to your scars, but also your curves. He couldn’t help but rest his hand on your hip, then his eyes betrayed him and you caught him staring between your legs. 
Slightly flushed in embarrassment, you picked up his shampoo bottle. Pouring some into your left hand, you spun around him, so he was now under the water, facing the wall as you ran your fingers through his hair, working the shampoo in and washing out the dirt and blood that had dried in his blonde locks. As it washed out in the water, you couldn’t help but watch in awe as his hands ran through his hair, the way he always did. 
Then it was your turn. After pouring the shampoo into his hands, Jace pulled you close against him as his fingers ran through your hair, he massaged your scalp as he worked in the shampoo. It felt too good. As he accidently caught a knot in your hair, you let out a small gasp and he chuckled, wanting to tug on your hair again- but he decided to save that for later. 
He took the bottle of body wash from the small shelf in his shower and worked it into his hands, before rubbing it across your body. 
“Sorry, love, but you’re going to have to smell like me.” He couldn’t help but start at your breasts, massaging them with the bubbles, before working down your arms, neck, stomach, back- and finally, your legs. As he washed your legs, he got down on his knees. You almost moaned at the sight of it. He poured out some more body wash and began washing your left thigh, moving down to your knee, then your calf, your ankle, and foot. He then repeated this on your other leg. As he washed you, he couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of your pussy, you were practically dripping. 
He quickly finishes, standing again as you now start to wash him. You feel as his body eases under your touch, your hands move from his back to his arms, making sure to clean all the dirt from his skin. You’d never imagine Jace being this vulnerable with someone, but this wasn’t anyone, this was you. You moved down, now to his legs, you try your hardest not to look between his legs, knowing how it’ll make you feel, so you carry on down his legs. 
Despite your inexperience in bed physically, you had come up with many scenarios in your mind. One of them was riding Jace’s thigh, and as your hand rubbed the bubbles into his skin, your mouth was practically watering at the thought all over again. 
“All done,” you smile, standing back up again. Saying no more, Jace pushes you against the wall, his hands on your waist as the water continues to fall on you both. He connects your lips once more, the last time had been more desperate, now this was full of love, passion, want. 
You bring your arms to wrap around his neck again, partially for balance. His kisses trail from your lips to your jaw and down your neck, where you feel him begin to nibble the skin, sure to leave some bruising for tomorrow. 
“Can I go down on you?” He asks against your neck, his kisses now moving down to your collarbone, “please?” 
This completely threw you off, Jace was asking to go down on you?
“Please. Nobody’s ever done that before.” You confess. He lifts his head back up, giving you a look that says ‘seriously?’. 
“Then I’ll be the first, darling. You’ll never forget it.” He says, smirk spreading across his face as he kisses down your chest to your tummy, and gets back down on his knees again. You feel those familiar tingles as he spreads your legs, placing one of them up on his shoulder. “If you don’t like it, tell me to stop, sweetheart. Okay?”
“Okay.” You nod your head, biting down on your lip as you feel his fingers begin to spread your folds, his mouth placing a delicate kiss on your clit. His tongue then began to lick around the nub, gently flicking it up and down as you groaned, your hand coming down to his head. His mouth wrapped around your clit and sucked slowly, stopping for a moment and then sucking again. You felt your core clenching down on nothing, you wished he’d slip a finger into you, but one of his hands was wrapped around your thigh, holding you in place, and the other was holding your hand. 
You were left gasping for air as you felt his teeth graze your clit, the new sensation clouded your brain, it seemed the only words you were now capable of saying were ‘Jace’ and ‘please’. This only encouraged him to tease you further. He wanted to ruin you for any other man, make sure that nothing could ever compare to the pleasure he gave you. 
As he started sucking on your clit again, you began grinding down on his face. Then you felt your stomach tighten, this was more intense than any orgasm you had ever given yourself with just your fingers. You hadn’t yet realised you were holding your breath, but as you came on his face you let out a loud, almost pornographic moan. 
“Holy shit,” you heard Jace say from between your thighs. His fingers now toying with your clit, causing you to squirm from the overstimulation. “I’ve never made anyone squirt before, that was insane!” He grins, wiping his face as he rises to his feet again. He notices you burying your face in your hands. “Baby, don’t be embarrassed. That was so fucking hot.” He says, moving your hands away from your face, cupping your cheek as he places a kiss on your lips, causing you to taste yourself. As he pulled you closer to him, in attempt to deepen the kiss, you slightly pushed him back, plucking up the courage to ask him-
“Can I go down on you?” 
He eagerly nodded his head.
“Only if you want to, of course.” He says. 
“I want to try it. I’ve never done it before.” You say, settling yourself on your knees in front of him. Before you reach your hand out to touch him, he stops you- you worry that you’ve already done something wrong and look up at him. 
“What have you done before, darling?” He asks, not a single hint of judgement in his voice as he strokes your cheek again. 
“Only the actual… act.” You explain, “it didn’t last very long, either.” 
He frowns, looking down at you sympathetically. 
“Poor baby,” if this was in any other situation, you would’ve smacked him. But right now wasn’t the time, “it’s okay, I’ll teach you.” He says, removing his hands from you. You take his cock in your hand, although it was too big for just one hand. You begin pumping it in your fist, but you worried this wouldn’t be enough, “if you want, you could use your mouth,” Jace says between pants. Like him, just the sight of you on your knees for him was enough to make him cum. You take the tip of him into your mouth, your tongue swirling around it, tasting the pre-cum that had leaked out. You hear him moan your name, knowing you must be doing something right, you continue your actions. 
Soon, deciding you wanted to change it up again, you attempt to take his entire length in your mouth, although you ended up gagging after taking just over half of him. His hand comes down to your wet hair, stroking your head, telling you to only do what you’re comfortable with- but after giving you the best orgasm of your life, you feel like you owed him this. 
So you try again, hollowing your cheeks and you manage to take more of him down your throat. His hand comes down to hold you in place, forgetting in the moment that this is your first time and that he should be gentle, but you didn’t want him to hold back. You gagged around him again, and he quickly removed his hand, cursing himself and apologising to you. But all you did was take his hand again, putting it back where it was and looking up at him as if to say ‘it’s okay.’
You suspected he was close, words fell from his mouth such as ‘good girl, taking my cock like this’, ‘your mouth feels like heaven’, ‘look at you, with my cock stuffed down your throat’, ‘my pretty little slut’. You loved hearing the words that came from his mouth, they only pushed you into taking him further, desperate for him to cum in your mouth. 
“I’m gonna cum, darling.” He warns you, but to his surprise you only suck harder on him, needing to taste him. 
He was pushed over the edge when you looked up at him, your eyes half-lidded, he had never seen anything like it. The way you took his cock, every last inch, into your mouth. You felt his cum start to leak out into your mouth- to your surprise it tasted quite pleasant, unlike what your friends described it as, but maybe it was just because it was Jace. 
You swallowed every last drop, taking him out of your mouth when you knew you’d worked him through his high. You opened your mouth for him, showing him how you had taken his seed. All he could do was moan, and smile down at you. 
You stood back up, holding onto him for support as your knees ached. You were so desperate for him to fuck you now, you felt your hips grinding into his without you even realising it. 
“I need you,” you whisper against his neck, peppering him with kisses, “I need you to show me what it’s like to get fucked properly.” 
Your words seemed to have the same effect on him as his did on you, as you heard his breath hitch and his hands grabbed your hips. 
“Then I don’t think we should do it in the shower, baby.” He says before he turns the water off and helps you step out of the shower. He reaches for a couple towels, wrapping you up in one and him in the other as he leads you back to his room. You begin to dry yourself as he goes to double lock the door- you guess that he had been walked in on before. You try not to think too hard about Jace’s love life. 
Once you were dried, you didn’t bother getting dressed, you just laid back on Jace’s bed like he instructed you to do. He smirked when he came back and saw you doing what he had asked. 
When he was dry, he joined you on the bed. Leaning on top of you as he connects your lips again, his hand coming down to cup your heat. 
“You touch yourself, right?” He asks, to which you nod your head. Afraid that opening your mouth will cause you to moan out loudly again, “of course you do,” he smirks, “I’ve heard you late at night. Such a dirty girl… show me.” He whispers, leaning back, his eyes on you. 
You try to catch your breath, but it was impossible in this situation. Your right hand moves down your body, reaching where you need him the most. You rubbed your clit with your middle finger in tight circles, small gasps leaving your mouth as Jace just chuckled. 
“You can do better than that.” Jace states, and you begin to go faster, feeling as your stomach tightens, you bite down on your free hand to stop the moans and whimpers spilling out, but he moved it, “I need to hear you, love.” He says. 
As you were on the edge on another orgasm, Jace takes your hand in his, making you whine beneath him. He just continues to smirk, enjoying the sounds you make for him. Sounds you’ve made only for him.  
“Jace,” you whisper, your hand tangling in his damp hair as his mouth comes down to your nipples again, “I need you.”
“Where, darling?”
“Inside me. Need to feel you here.” You say, taking one of his hands and placing it on your belly. It’s as if you flipped a switch, he licks over your hardened bud once more before spreading your legs apart for him as far as they could go, his cock pressing against you as his hand holds your hip. 
“You ready?” He asks, his thumb stroking where he held your hip. 
“Yes,” you moan, wanting to just take him and shove him inside you already. 
You knew it would hurt, the size of him and your experience wouldn’t go well together, but you seemed to forget he was also rather experienced. As he begins to push himself into you, he whispers praises into your ear and he kisses down your neck. 
“Taking me so well, good girl. I know you can do it.” He says, your eyes were screwed shut as you ran your fingers through his hair, tugging on it when you were in discomfort. But once he was fully in, he paused for a moment, kissing you on the lips before telling you, “I’ll move when you’re ready, okay? Just let me know when.”
You were so grateful for how caring he had become in this moment, the thought of losing you had made him appreciate you more. He was so careful with you, but once you were both comfortable enough, you wanted that to change. 
“You can move.” You whisper into his ear, and he begins to move his hips, thrusting himself in and out of you. Rubbing against your walls deliciously, each time you clenched around him you heard him groan slightly. 
As his pace quickened, you let go of his hair and flopped against his mattress, the pleasure becoming overwhelming. You had truly never felt anything like it. The way he angled his hips caused him to brush against the special spot inside of you, causing your vision to blur and your mind to become fuzzy. 
“Feels good?” Jace asks, knowing it clearly felt wonderful. “You’re doing so well for me, baby. Taking me so well.” 
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you feel a sudden pressure on your lower stomach and you look up to see Jace pressing down with his hand. Each time he thrusted into you, you felt like you were going to explode. 
Drunk off the feeling of his cock, you look into his eyes. It was such an innocent thing to do, but the words that were about to leave your mouth were far from it. 
“Jace,” you said between breaths, “I need you to cum inside me, please, please, need you to fill me up, all the way…” You trail off as he lifts one of your legs over his shoulder, reaching deeper into you than you thought was possible.  
“Look at you beginning for my cum,” he chuckles, his voice dripping in lust, “sweet little whore, wanting me to show her how it feels to get fucked right, now wanting me to fill her up.” His words only made you worse, you couldn’t think straight as you clenched around him even more, “so desperate, aren’t you, darling? But you asked so nicely. Make a mess on my cock for me, and I’ll give you what you want, okay?” 
You nod your head, not knowing what you had agreed to exactly, but if Jace was offering something who were you to turn it down?
“Open your mouth, sweetheart.” He says, leaning over you again, his arm beside you, supporting him. You do as you're told, and he spits into your mouth. You hold it there for a moment before swallowing, opening your mouth again to show him you had indeed swallowed it. 
Eager to make you finish before him, he pushes himself back up and begins toying with your clit again, knowing how sensitive it had now become, pinching it, rubbing it between his fingers, rubbing it in tight circles, trying to figure out what you like best. 
“Jace!” You gasp, “I’m gonna…”
“Do it. Cum around my cock for me, and I’ll give you what you want, darling.” He pants. 
And before you know it, your body begins to squirm underneath him as you see white. You can only moan out his name and profanities. Your head was thrown back, your arms coming up lay on the pillows beside you. Jace lifts you by the hips, holding you as close as he possibly can before letting himself go inside of you. He holds you there for a moment whilst he comes undone, as if you’ll disappear if he lets go of you. 
“Jace,” you whisper, his body collapsing beside yours.
“Holy shit.” He gasps, he couldn’t believe what had just happened. “Y/n, I love you. I have done since I first met you, I was just… scared. Scared you wouldn’t like me back. I know this is a lot to take in but-” 
“I love you too,” you giggle, still coming down from the pure ecstasy he had gave to you, “I… I can’t think straight right now, baby. Let’s talk about it later. Right now I just want to cuddle.” You say, snuggling up to his chest. 
“I guess I quite literally fucked your brains out.” Jace said, earning a half-hearted slap on the shoulder from you. “Sorry.” He added, his fingers playing with your damp hair as you fell asleep on his chest.
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fabricated-misslieness · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: Din Djarin x gn reader
req: no | wc: 939
summary: Din is curious about that ring you always seem to be wearing.
warnings: mention of death, lightly touched upon
a/n: Don't ask me why it's only been about rings with Din so far.
Tumblr media
Din thinks, in these moments where you get to lay in bed without a worry in the world, that everything is right. He thinks, as he absentmindedly fiddles with your fingers, that nothing will trouble him. Nothing will trouble him, so long as you're here. You're safe here, in his arms; unarmored as they may be.
It wasn't morning, nor was it night, yet you laid in bed together. The midday sun of this planet did not allow safe travel during the afternoon. If he were to leave at this time, he would burn alive in his beskar, obstructive armor.
Although, the conditions did give him an excuse to relax. Your offer for an afternoon energy nap was agreed upon instantly.
"What is it with you and rings?" Din asks rather brashly. It was just a thought, one that came out of his lips in an impulsive tumble.
"What ever do you mean?" You reply, feigning offense.
"Sorry." He mutters, registering his previous tone. "Just… I was thinking about it—your ring. You used to wear it a lot before I met you, and you continued on until we officially started traveling together. After that, you suddenly stopped. Your hands were bare. And then, when we had our first kiss, you–"
"When we started dating." You correct.
"Yes. You started wearing it again. Only this time, differently." He continues, spinning the ring around your finger as he talks, "You wear it on your right hand. The first time, the heart was pointed towards the fingertips; the second time, towards the wrist."
Din was an observant man, you knew that. But to be this observant? Especially of you? It was a little flattering. He had noticed your ring even early on.
That posed a question. "How do you suppose I should wear it?"
"Hmm." The Mandalorian hums as he thinks. Then, almost gingerly, he slips the ring off your right hand's index finger and switches to your left hand. He splays the hand atop his own, and continues to debate himself internally.
"No." He says immediately.
As if you kickstarted him, he finally makes a decision. He pushes the ring down your left ring finger, with the heart's point toward the fingertips.
You grin rosily, which confuses him. "Did you just propose to me, Din Djarin?"
His head snaps down to you, his visor fixing in a way that you know he's staring into your eyes. "What?" He blurts out, a tinge of shock in his tone.
He was never one to share the knowledge that he was surprised; that information was valuable to morally gray bystanders.
You laugh, knowing that you'd set him up. A ring with a crown atop a heart (and hands holding them both) was most fitting on a ring finger.
Din huffs in return to your laugh, wanting to know exactly what was going on. Otherwise, he wouldn't know how to handle your accusation of proposal. The idea wasn't too far-fetched to begin with.
"This is a Claddagh ring, Din." You say, but he is still puzzled. "It has different meanings depending on which hand it is on and where the tip of the heart is pointing."
He nods, slowly, finally comprehending; so you continue. "The way I wore it before I met you–"
"Right hand pointed outward?" He recalls.
"Oh." So you liked him that early on. "Me too. I mean that—that I liked you too, then. I was interested."
"Precisely." You reply, "It means that I'm single and looking for a partner. So when I moved in with you, and took it off, it meant that… that I wasn't looking anymore."
His heart speeds up, and you can hear it, having your ear to his chest. "Mm," You hum and press a kiss to the back of his gloved hand. He hums too, pleased, despite it not being exposed skin. "that's good to know."
"Then, once we knew of our feelings for each other, and we started dating," You repeat the words that Din is somehow, still to this day, afraid to say sometimes. "I wore it on the right hand, pointing in. That meant I was in a relationship."
"And now on my left hand?" You prod.
Din answers, "Ring finger, heart pointed outwards. Engaged."
"Yes." You affirm, but you leave it at that. You glance up at him to find that he stares, now, at the ceiling. He's thinking. You can almost see the gears turning in his head through the helmet.
He doesn't speak for a while, still thinking. You're sure his perception of time in that brain storm of his isn't active, but if it was, he'd notice that it's been well over five minutes.
You give him that time, tracing your finger along his clothed arm, from his shoulder to his wrist. Then, when you run out of that, you move to his stomach and run circles along it. Din shudders in a way that lets you know he's still here, conscious.
"Then it's correct."
It had been a fifty-fifty. Fifty precent chance that he'd accept the idea, the idea of your engagement, and then another fifty that he'd rather stay comfortable in a relationship and not marriage. You had prepared yourself for both outcomes.
But, even so, you find yourself shocked. "Truly?" You ask breathlessly.
He stares down, you stare up. Then, he gives you the smallest yet most reassuring of nods.
With a grin, you prop yourself up on your elbows and lean down to his helmet. Din meets you half-way, pressing his forehead to yours.
"Will you marry me?" He finally asks.
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omi-anime · a month ago
hey omi!! It’s me, 🍄. Can i get the obey me brothers with a dazai like reader? Also how’s your day?
~Obey me brothers with an Dazai like s/o~
Author notes: Yesterday was alright. Sorry I didn't answer yesterday but ya. Hope ya like this 🍄anon!
Tumblr media
Was curious on why you had so many bandages but didn't push the questions too far.
Sounded a little irritating he couldn't figure out a ton about you considering your sweetly happy facade.
You definitely got on his good side considering you were quite intelligent and never had any trouble with assignments.
Doesn't like when you're quite lazy and slacking off though. He also doesn't like that you're overly confident especially in certain situations that are bad.
Is definitely someone who does not like your teasing and will tell you to leave him alone with your teasing.
Does question your Suicidal Tendencies and probably gets concerned when you ask for a double suicide.
Definitely found your mysterious personality interesting considering you kept a lot of info about yourself hidden.
You cannot tell me he would not get flustered with you flirting. He goes so red and tells you that he's not flustered yet he is badly.
He does wonder why you have so many bandages but I don't see him asking you.
You both of you have trouble showing you care for your friends which is a little ironic meaning you may have a little trouble at the start of your romantic relationship.
Probably never can read what you're thinking and always asks you instead.
Probably thought you were like a certain anime or a video game character and definitely wanted to see if you had similar personality.
You are very mysterious and kept a lot of info about yourself hidden at least the stuff that wasn't on record anyway.
Is it curious about why you tease so much and definitely ends up beet red by the end of your teasing.
I do see him being concerned for your tendencies and even more so when you ask for a double suicide.
Probably learned of you being a little sadistic upon finding you torturing some demons for attempting to attack you.
He probably gets a little irritated by you considering your mysterious personality and overly fake cheery attitude.
He definitely turns red when you tease him it's hard to decipher if it's anger or blush but when he averts his eyes it's obvious.
Is quite interested you're can easily decipher what's fake When someone tells you and what's not is curious on how you know.
Overall concern for your mental health and tries to help you see the better sides of life.
If you ever ask for a double suicide he does sit down and try to talk with you especially because he doesn't want to lose you. I definitely see him maybe reading to you to distract you.
I see him loving your mysterious personality. It would give him satisfaction if he could break that and learn stuff about you.
I'm learning about your sadistic Tendencies was quite shocked considering you didn't seem like the type to, but didn't think too much.
Whenever you tease him he teases back it's honestly just a game who can get more flustered. But if you compliment him and genuinely mean it and he can tell he's the one who's red.
Probably one of the few people who sees you do sweet little actions to help out your friends though you will deny it.
Gets concerned when you ask for a double suicide and does talk to you about why you would want to and always deny it of course though he can't die. Well that way anyway.
I see him as one of the few people who can actually understand you the best.
Is curious on your mysterious and overall very locked personality considering you keep a lot of info about yourself hidden.
I don't see him actually understanding your teasing fully anyway.
He was probably quite shocked at your tendencies to be sadistic considering he didn't think you would be but didn't question too much.
I see him being concerned whenever you mentioned anything close to death after he learns about your suicidal thoughts and ideas.
Gets concerned for you when you ask for a double suicide and always says no.
He ends up kind of becoming your therapist honestly he is so concerned about you.
I feel like he'd be a little annoyed he couldn't decipher what you think right away.
Does notice how you always seem to understand and read situations very fast well when he's actually awake anyway.
I see him being shocked at your sadistic Tendencies but then just saying all right and going to sleep without caring.
He does blush at your teasing and probably tells you to stop being a silly human.
Whenever you mention anything after learning of your thoughts he does try and make your aspects on life better.
Don't ever ask him for a double suicide it's one of the few times you see him this sad and upset. Surprisingly goes into a rant about how you matter.
Tag list:
@cupidsmatch @apyrose
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neil-gaiman · a year ago
Tumblr media
More casting news on Sandman...
Every afternoon I get an email telling me that there are “dailies” from The Sandman ready to be watched. It's the best bit of the day. Once every few weeks I get an email letting me know that there's a finished episode waiting for me to watch it. It's the best bit of the month.
The Sandman is being made, and it's... well, it's The Sandman. Which is the best thing of all.
You may know that The Sandman is based on my comic book series of the same name. A rich blend of modern myth and dark fantasy in which contemporary fiction, historical drama and legend are interwoven, The Sandman follows the people and places affected by Morpheus, the Dream King, as he mends the cosmic — and human — mistakes he's made during his vast existence.
You might already know that Tom Sturridge (he/him) is Dream of the Endless, Gwendolyn Christie (she/her) is Lucifer, Sanjeev Bhaskar (he/him) and Asim Chaudhry (he/him) are Cain and Abel, Charles Dance (he/him) is Roderick Burgess, Vivienne Acheampong (she/her) is Lucienne, and Boyd Holbrook (he/him) is The Corinthian.
But there are more parts to be announced. And I thought it would be fun to tell you about some of them, and the thinking behind them.
DEATH – Dream's wiser, nicer, and much more sensible sister. Significantly harder to cast than you might imagine (well, than I imagined, anyway). Hundreds of talented women from all around the planet auditioned, and they were brilliant, and none of them were right. Someone who could speak the truth to Dream, on the one hand, but also be the person you'd want to meet when your life was done on the other. And then we saw Kirby Howell-Baptiste's (she/her) audition and we knew we had our Death.
DESIRE – Dream's sibling and everything you want, whatever you want and whoever you are. Desire is also trouble for Dream. Families are complicated. We had barely started looking when Mason Alexander Park (they/them) reached out on Twitter, and threw their hat into the ring. We were thrilled when they got the part.
DESPAIR – Desire's twin, Dream's sister. She is the moment when all hope is gone, the bleakest of the Endless. Donna Preston (she/her) will be playing her, and her performance is chilling and sad. You feel her pain.
JOHANNA CONSTANTINE – Eighteenth Century occult adventuress, John Constantine’s great-great-great grandmother. This Sandman character became so popular that she even had her own spin-off series. I created her to fill the role that John Constantine does in the past. When we broke down the first season, given that we knew that we would be encountering Johanna in the past, we wondered what would happen if we met a version of her in the present as well. We tried it and the script was sparkier, feistier, and in some ways even more fun. So having written her, we just had to cast her. Jenna Coleman (she/her) gave us the Johanna of our dreams – tough, brilliant, tricky, haunted and probably doomed.
ETHEL CRIPPS – Roderick Burgess's love, John Dee's mother, is a small but vital role in the comics, but she became more important as we told our story. In the 1920s and 30s, she is played by Niamh Walsh (she/her): a betrayed and determined young woman seeking to survive. In the present day, now a woman of a hundred identities and a thousand lies, she's played by the brilliant Joely Richardson (she/her).
JOHN DEE – Ethel's son is dangerous. He was driven mad, long ago. Now he's out and on a quest for Truth that may destroy the world. We needed an actor who could break your heart and keep your sympathy while taking you into the darkest places. We were lucky that David Thewlis (he/him) took the part.
Now we're shooting The Doll's House, the second big Sandman storyline. It's the story of:
ROSE WALKER – a young woman on a desperate search for her missing brother, who finds a family she didn't know that she had, and a connection to Dream that neither of them can escape. We needed someone young who could make you care as she ventures into some very dangerous places. Boyd Holbrook's Corinthian is waiting for her, after all. Kyo Ra (she/her) achieves that as Rose.
LYTA HALL – Rose’s friend, a young widow mourning her husband Hector. Rose doesn't know that Hector has started showing up in Lyta's dreams, though. Or that strange things are happening. Razane Jammal (she/her) is Lyta, and she's terrific.
UNITY KINKAID - Heiress, Rose's mysterious benefactor. She has spent a century asleep. Now she's awake, having missed out on her life. She's played by Sandra James Young (she/her).
GILBERT – Rose Walker's debonair protector. A dab hand with a paradox and a sword cane. Stephen Fry (he/him) is a National Treasure, and we forget sometimes that he's also a remarkable actor. Seeing him in costume and make up on the dailies made me blink: it was as if the comic had come to life.
MATTHEW  – Dream’s trusted emissary. A raven. I expected our animals to be CGI, and was both taken aback and thrilled when the dailies started coming in, and there was Dream talking to... well, a raven. But ravens don't really talk. The question was, could we find an actor who could make you care about a dead person who was now a bird in the Dreaming – one who isn't certain what's going on, or whether any of this is a good idea? And could we find a voice performer who was also the kind of Sandman fan who used to stand in line to get his Sandman comics signed? The answer was, we could if we asked Patton Oswalt (he/him). And Patton was the first person we asked, and the first person we cast, the day before we pitched The Sandman to Netflix.
Of course, there are more delights and nightmares cast than I've listed here, and we have a few more secrets up our sleeves. I can't wait until you can start watching.
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mypoisonedvine · 3 months ago
hi, have you done any steve harrington fics? if not, may i request 8. with steve and the reader is trapped with the scoops troop in the russian base and maybe get some alone time (with some smut😏)? also i would like to request 91. and 94. w/ steve if you can if not it’s ok i love your work btw<33
8. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
the other prompts are good too they just don't really work with this so I'll do them in a separate one if you don't mind!
Tumblr media
If someone had told you at the beginning of the summer that your job at Claire's was going to end with you being stuck in a Russian spy base with the threat of death just around the corner, you would've just been a grocery scanner instead like last summer. But, if they had told you that your job at Claire's was going to end with you making out with your crush-since-freshman-year Steve Harrington, well, you would've worked for free.
You see, it's all about whether you're a 'glass half full' or 'glass half empty' kind of person.
Because, yeah, you'd been running from Russian spies for a while now and you were at risk of being murdered and buried in a shallow grave if any of them found you hiding in this air-duct-thingamabob or whatever you were in. But, on the bright side, all the adrenaline had sparked this moment-- for a minute you two were just panting, your backs against the wall, hardly believing you'd survived, and then suddenly you were straddling his lap and running your fingers through his hair and kissing him.
Truth be told, there had been a sort of tension between you and Steve for a few weeks now, you just didn't realize that he felt it, too. But he was the one who looked at you like that, eyes raking all over your body before centering on your lips as he absently licked his own. "Looks like we'll be trapped in here for a while..." he'd told you, his voice a little deeper and breathier than usual, and you just nodded because you were totally gone just from hearing him talk like that.
And now this was really happening-- at least you were pretty sure this wasn't a dream, even though it was all so insane that it didn't feel 100% real either-- and your hands were moving down to his chest as he pulled you closer with his arms snaking around your waist.
"Are we really doing this?" you heard yourself whisper as he started to lift your shirt up.
"I hope so," he breathed in return. "I mean, if you want to..."
"If I want to?" you chuckled. "Steve, I've wanted this since freshman year."
"Oh, I've got you beat then," he smiled, "'cause I've been thinking about this since eighth grade."
Your laugh was cut off with your own moan when he pulled you down and kissed your neck, breaking it only for a second to tug your shirt off over your head. The cool blast of air on your exposed torso made you shiver, but it was his fingers running down your back that made you break out into goosebumps.
"I've been thinking about undressing you just like this," he continued, whispering. "I've been thinking about kissing you everywhere."
"Oh," you breathed. "What... what else have you been thinking about?"
"Well," he smirked, "I don't want to say too much. I'm trying not to come on too strong."
"Steve, I'm topless in your lap right now," you pointed out, "I think the time for shyness is behind us."
"Sorry, sorry," he agreed, eyes focusing on your chest as he ran his hands up your stomach slowly, "it's just... I've been dreaming about this for so long, it's hard to believe it's really happening."
"Y-yeah," you smiled, "I get it, that's how it feels for me, too."
You pressed your hips down against his-- not exactly intentionally, mostly just instinct-- and hissed in a breath through your teeth as you felt his erection through his jeans. "Oh, uh--" he stammered.
"You said we'd be trapped for a while," you remembered. "Do you think we'd have enough time...?"
He looked at you with a raised eyebrow. "Enough time?" he repeated.
"You know," you mumbled, feeling your face heat up. "Enough time to..."
"To fuck?"
You choked, not having expected him to just come out and say it. "Yeah, uh, to fuck-- or something like that."
"Yeah, I think we have enough time," he grinned, "but it depends on how fast you are."
"How fast I am?"
"Yeah," he laughed. "What, did you think I would leave you hanging? Babe... I didn't know you thought so little of me. We're not gonna stop until I have you screaming my name."
"Oh..." you breathed, "well... that shouldn't take me very long, then..."
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thefieryphoenix · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Pic from: Pinterest
You were a first year who'd be starting Hogwarts this year and you were really excited to be attending the prestigious school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You still weren't able to believe how you even managed to get an acceptance letter in the first place but your parents were very proud of you. However there was a little complication that you needed to take care of before leaving for Hogwarts. You needed to hide your cat tail and ears. Yes, you were indeed in fact a cat and you became one due to drinking a wrong potion when you were a kid. Your parents did their level best and even took you to St. Mungo's to get the cat features removed from you but no avail, they told your parents that you wouldn't really survive if they removed the cat ears and tail from you now because it had now become a part of your body and it would be very tedious and may even be life threatening 
You didn't like being a half human half cat at first, it made you feel strange and weird. Moreover you also felt really nervous about other people calling you a freak and making fun of you. Which was why with the help of your parents you can manage to hide your tail and ears by consuming a potion. Of course you knew how to make it as well. Currently you were supposed to be heading to Diagon Alley with your parents for shopping for the new semester at Hogwarts. You were at Flourish and Blotts and you saw none other than the famous Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley themselves. You've heard stories about them from the Daily Prophet and it made you admire them. They were currently in the their third year while you were going to be starting your first 
You were carrying some books in your arms and people kept pushing around here and there, which made it a bit hard for you to maintain and steady your balance. Someone bumped into you and your books were about to fall from your hand but luckily Harry saw you and immediately rushed over to help you. You looked up at him feeling grateful and spoke "Thank you... and I'm sorry for being a bother'' and he replied that it wasn't a problem. Your eyes widened and you spoke "Oh, you're Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. I've heard about you guys, you guys are really cool'' and they smiled at you. Ron felt biggity and he started bragging and boasting a bit about the things they've done in their precious years but Hermione narrowed her eyes since he was boasting and bragging too much and she felt that you wouldn't like it too much. So she elbowed him and spoke "Ron, stop exaggerating. He'll know'' and gestured towards you and she turned to you and continued "Don't believe everything he says'' and you ended up talking to the three of them 
"Where are your parents?" enquired Harry and you replied "Oh, they're just getting some money from Gringotts and left me here at Flourish and Blotts. I reckon they'll be coming back soon though'' and Harry nodded but felt a bit uneasy. Why in the name of Merlin would your parents take such a risky decision and a poor choice by leaving you, a poor defenseless boy out on his own when there were Death Eaters and Dementors running amok. Harry, Ron and Hermione immediately felt an urge and a sense for protecting you and their protectiveness increased when they heard a familiar voice go "So who is the so called Dream Team trying to brainwash this time?" and they saw none other than Malfoy himself. "Shove off Malfoy'' said Ron savagely and Harry gave him a disgusted look as Hermione rolled her eyes. Malfoy then turned towards you and spoke "If you're starting at Hogwarts you'd know better than to hang around with riff raffs and filthy mudbloods and blood traitors like them. They're liars is what they are'' and Harry spoke "I think Y/N is capable of making decisions himself, thanks'' and Malfoy recalled the incident during the first year when he tried getting Harry to be friends with him. It was the exact line he'd told him during that time as well 
Malfoy scoffed and he turned back towards you and smirked and replied "See you around'' and went off with his father. "Who was that?" you asked and Ron replied "That was Malfoy, you should stay away from him, he's bad news and causes nothing but trouble''. Just then your parents came in with the Weasleys and Hagrid and Arthur spoke to his kids "Kids, look who I met, my good friend who works in the Ministry, Mr. L/N, he's an Auror'' and your parents were introduced to the trio. You learnt that there was also another girl who'd be coming to Hogwarts named Ginny but currently she was at Florence's Ice cream parlor. It was time for you to leave soon and Molly squished your cheeks and spoke "We can't wait till you to start Hogwarts, we'll all be better acquainted and it'll be like you're part of the family now'' she smiled and you didn't really know what exactly she'd meant by 'Part of the family' but you just smiled at her and thanked her 
Days passed and soon it was time for you to leave for Hogwarts. You met Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Molly and Arthur at Kings Cross and your mother being worried for your safety asked Harry to keep an eye out for you. "Mom, please stop!" you whined embarrassed at what she said but Harry smiled and replied "Please don't worry Mrs. L/N, of course I'll keep an eye out for your son. He's very important to me after all'' and it was soon time for you to board the train. You waved bye to your parents and you got in the same compartment as Harry, Ron and Hermione. They gave you an introduction of the houses and Ron expressed how excited he was for you to end up in Gryffindor. "What if I end up in another house?'' you asked worried and Hermione replied kindly "We'll still be friends of course'' and you continued "But what if I end up in Slytherin, it sounds like he hates them'' you replied sadly and Hermione shot him an angry glare for making you feel upset as she replied "We'll be friends even then. We don't hate Slytherin, hate is a strong word. We dislike only some of them like Malfoy and his minions since they're bad and they pick on others and act like gits'' which earned a chuckle from you and the others in the compartment 
When you got down from the train you saw the guy with blonde hair from Flourish and Blotts. His name was Malfoy you guessed since the others called him by that name. "Oh it's you again. What's your name?" he asked you and you told him your name. "Why do you want to know my name, for you to pick on me or something?" you spoke boldly and Malfoy smirked and replied "You've got spunk I like that. And no, I don't go around picking on everyone, just those three since they're insufferable prats. I'm waiting for you to get sorted in Slytherin, we'll have the best time together. See you around'' he said and went off. Your heart was pounding and racing against your chest, even though your parents told you not to take any stress no matter which house you'd end up in and they'd still love you either way, you didn't really want to end up in Slytherin since you've heard stories about them. You knew not all Slytherins were bad and it would be unfair on your part to assume so but you still didn't like Slytherin too much
Your name was called and Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Malfoy were waiting with bated breath. The sorting hat told everyone in the hall something rather unique which perhaps had never even been heard of before. For the very first time the Sorting hat was having a difficult time in sorting you into a house which surprised everyone including the professors. Even Snape looked interested. "Hmm... you're quite the challenge Mr. L/N. You've got bravery so you'd be good in Gryffindor. You've also got brains and plenty of smarts which you'd do well in Ravenclaw, a good kind and helping nature which you'd be perfect for Hufflepuff and ambition for which you'd do well in Slytherin. But where do I put you?" it spoke and there was bated silence in the hall 
Dumbledore watched on calmly but even he was a bit surprised as well. You were the very first student the Sorting hat had difficulty in placing, truly you were something special. Snape made a mental note about you and Professor McGonagall liked your innocent features and your friendly smile. She wanted you to end up in her house, Gryffindor. "Any house is fine, it's up to you'' you whispered to the Sorting Hat and after a few minutes of deliberation, it announced that you'd ended up in Ravenclaw. Everyone at the Ravenclaw table cheered and applauded for you and you felt red from embarrassment at the applause you'd received. After the sorting was done, it was time for you to head to your dorms and you slept peacefully for the first night after consuming your potion 
Classes started and you had a routine. Classes, hang out with Harry, Ron, Hermione or Ginny, Neville and Luna or Malfoy and Pansy, Quidditch, Study whatever you learnt so far in class, have dinner, spend some time in the library, consume your potion and sleep. Professor Snape was hard on everyone and gave everyone a tough time but with you he behaved much better and offered to explain things to you. He'd explain things patiently to you and tell you to take it lightly and not to make the same mistake again if you'd make a mistake. Heck, he'd even offered special study sessions for you if you had any doubts or didn't understand a concept. You both would have tea or your favorite drink and favorite sweets from Honeydukes as he'll patiently explain things to you. If at all you forget to do your assignment he'd extend the deadline for 2 days for your sake. McGonagall also liked you and she was really nice to you as well
You had lots of people who wanted to be friends with you for your adorableness and teachers liked you as well because you were their dream student. However life is like a roller coaster and there will be occasional ups and downs. One day you forgot to take your potion during the night and the next morning you forgot that you had cat ears and a cat tail. You didn't look at yourself in the mirror and you earned a lot of surprised gasps on the way to the Great Hall. You wondered what was up with them till Ginny pointed it out to you as she squished your cheeks and your eyes became wide in horror. Harry thought you looked really cute and adorable and Malfoy came by and told you the same thing as well. Which of course made Harry, Ron and the others around fume with jealousy and when Malfoy tried to fondle your ears that was the last straw for Harry. He silently hexed him and pretended his wand had a malfunction but Malfoy knew better 
You didn't know that your friends and teachers were starting to get really obsessive and possessive of you. Whenever you'd be talking to someone else, Harry, Ron and Hermione would make sure to steal you away or if Malfoy and his friends spotted you alone at the Quidditch stadium they'd invite you to sit with them. Or take your own team mates for example: Roger Davis always tried to make you join the Quidditch team till Cho would make him get off your back and she's spend time with you. Only for Ginny to get jealous and she'd try to steal you away for herself and you'd have to spend time with her and Luna. It was like a battle between all the houses for your love. And let's not forget the teachers as well. Whenever you'd tell Flitwick or McGonagall that you had an extra remedial Potions class they'd just pretend nothing was wrong but they wanted you to spend time with them. So, they'd offer you remedial classes as well and Snape would be livid that the other professors were trying to steal you away from him. And of course let's not forget crafty old scary smart Dumbledore, he has his own way of making you spend time with him by pulling you into his office every now and then for a cup of tea and he'd share stories with you, pet your ears(He does like cats) and send you on your way with a box of your favorite Honeydukes sweets which he may or may not have found out by deploying his Gargoyle statues to spy on you 'for your safety' of course 
It's like the freaking Hunger Games where everyone in the castle including the ghosts are competing for your attention. You're the only one Peeves won't prank and if anyone dares to make fun of you or call you bad names Peeves will be on their tail like the Flash(Whoops... wrong fandom and pun intended) and will prank them so hard they'll never dare to make fun of anyone again. The Bloody Baron smiles only for you and indicates that you look cute with cat ears. The Fat Lady usually won't allow people from other houses into the Gryffindor common room but for you she's willing to make an exception. The only time Harry, Ron, Malfoy and Hermione and a few others will work together is when someone actually tries to steal you away from them, like asks you out or something. Doesn't matter if it's someone from their own house or if it's someone from another school or whatever. They have to go and that's that. So, all in all, they're all obsessed with you and love you for who you are 
I'm so sorry this was utter nonsense and damn this was long as hell TvT
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not-your-fucking-kacchan · 8 days ago
Hi you really don’t have to do this…… anyway I’ve been told I act like near from death note so could you do a mha x child male reader where the reader acts like near from death note like he pulls out toys in the middle of class stacks cups at lunch and is very quiet and stuff oh yeah could you make it class 1-A + Aizawa maybe other teachers in there too sorry if it’s too specific
Ofc! I haven't gotten that far into death note yet so I had to watch a Near compilation on YouTube, so I hope I got a good enough grasp of him in that time lol
Also I'm describing you as antisocial rather than shy, because near didn't strike me as the shy stuttering pushover type, and seemed just withdrawn or disinterested, and I also high-key headcanon izuku may have ADHD. I will not elaborate <3.
𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐬 1𝐀 𝐱 𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐞!𝐀𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥!𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬
Tumblr media
It draws a few sets of eyes every time you pull out a pack of tarot cards or dice to play with in the middle of class, but noone really got distracted as long as you were quiet enough. Though, a few times you've knocked over a power ranger or transformer doll while taking notes and drawn the classes attention.
During break on your second week of school, you find yourself approached by the 'bakusquad'. Kirishima introduces himself politely and mina stares in awe at your tarot collection, but Bakugou looks livid.
He doesn't expect you to meet his glare directly with an unamused stare, and he's a second away from lunging at you and taking it as a challenge before Kaminari and Kirishima simultaneously bonk him in the head.
"Dude you don't even know him, give him a chance!"
You can't stop yourself from raising an eyebrow at the statement, figuring that these two must be the perfect balance for Bakugou's... Overbearing personality.
The next thing that catches your attention is the green haired boy that joins into the conversation, quietly asking you a question with a cute tilt of his head. "Have you maybe got ADHD? I've just seen a few of the signs on you- It's perfectly okay if you do! You won't be looked at differently!"
You already like this one, he's so precious.
Your eyes look straight into his as he studies you, and it's very intriguing to watch the gears turn in his head while he figures you out like some sort of puzzle. You could definitely get along with him. "No, I don't believe so."
He seems a little surprised by your words, but then again, you very well may have ADHD. You were never allowed to get tested for it, because your parents refused. Without a diagnosis, they can pretend there's nothing "wrong" with you.
He studies your eyes, figuring that you may have an irregular sleep schedule from the dark circles under your eyes, and that your eyes seem to be very sensitive to light because of how wide your pupils are. It's almost unnerving, to be honest. Your eyes look almost fully black.
Over the next few days you're scolded a few times by Aizawa Sensei for being too loud when knocking over your dice or your robots, but he never once asked you to put them away. All he asked in return was for you to be a little more active in the lessons.
"You get to keep your toys as long as you answer questions and participate a little more. Does that sound fair?" You nodded, slowly backing away to walk back to your desk and wait for break to finish, but from then on, you start drawing attention to yourself.
At first the attention is unwanted, and as you sit Criss cross applesauce on your chair, playing with your tarot cards, Izuku comes to sit next to you, starting to ramble about a random hero that you don't know anything about. He's very easy to get used to, however, and you quickly become what some would call friends.
Everyone's a little creeped out by your social awkwardness, and the fact that you never seem to talk, until they start to include you more, and you're forced to make new friends.
That doesn't mean you don't have trouble opening up though, and during lunch you sit in silence with your new friends as they chatter and smile at you, stacking cups that Izuku gave you to help you focus on something other than the amount classmates you have crowding you.
It takes a few more months for even Izuku to pry anything even remotely emotional from you, and even then it only shows in the waver of your voice, but he's proud nonetheless.
He would escort you around school because he didn't want you to be alone, and after a while your newfound closeness with Izuku branches out as mina comes to join the two of you.
She gives you an absolutely radiant smile as she grabs your hand, izuku taking hold of your other side for them to both drag you away to some part of the school you're not familiar with. The warmth of their hands in yours leaves you in shock, though, and your mind blanks a little when you feel the greenette squeeze it reassuringly, a tiny, pale blush creeping into your cheeks. This feeling, it was something you wanted to feel every day. It's so warm and comforting.
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allaboardthereadingrailroad · 6 months ago
In Too Deep
Summary: He loves you. Plain and simple. 
Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader
Warnings: Language. Smut. Smoking Weed. Typical stuff from me.
A/N: After my last fic of Frank, I’m taking it a bit softer with the emotions. This is a part of a loosely connected compilation of one-shots called Outside the Lines. No need to read other installments before this. 
Tumblr media
Never did Frank think he'd feel this again. The very notion was shoveled with dirt years ago. It can't happen, therefore it shouldn't. Emotions he's shoved down are fighting for dear life, clawing to the surface.
It starts innocently. Doesn't it always? Innocuous until time has proven it deadly. Until it's too late.
He knows your coffee order. You like the swanky stuff and he grabs you an iced whatever when he knows he's fucked up royally. Think of it as an olive branch because he's not good with verbal apologies. He's always harsher than he intends to be. The yuppies make him uncomfortable as he orders it, but he does it for you. He wonders how he's involved with a hipster.
You accept the coffee and let him eat you out on your dining room table until you’re crying. The drink gets knocked over in the process. He even cleans it for you when he's done.
Tumblr media
It grows like weeds in an unkempt yard. Before he knows it he's twisted in the thick of it and doesn't want to escape.
Hazy morning light pushes through barred windows. The black bars are crusted in a heavy layer of rust, like barnacles suctioning the keel of a ship. Still, despite the odds, light pushes through the black, the rust, the dusty glass, and into the small kitchen.
It offers you just enough luminance to work on art lessons to teach your elementary students. They'll be drawing a daisy on green construction paper, you tell him. So you try yourself, practicing with oil pastels and gauging if teaching eight-year-olds about texture and shapes may prove too difficult.
You teach kids around the same age as his son when he painted a soldier on a wall to protect the family. It makes Frank wonder what his son would've been like now. If he still would've been artistically inclined. It makes him wonder what his son was like back then. Touring forced Frank to see his family in vignettes. One minute Frank Jr. can't read and the next time Frank sees his son he's got a trophy for winning the spelling bee.
Sometime's he'll ask you questions about your students. Get to know them. The troublemakers, the teacher's pets. How a kid tried to coerce another student to snort glitter in exchange for their chocolate milk at lunch.
You don't know how much it helps him to hear. He can close his eyes and imagine if his son would've been the same. In a world where he only sees burnt sand and the reek of death, you give him temporary sanity.
He continues reading The Razor's Edge and enjoys the uncomplicated silence.
Tumblr media
His fate is sealed when you visit him in the hospital.
He's ugly. All black and blue and weak. You're not supposed to see him like this. Not with the beeping of an EKG. Or when a nurse brings him fucking applesauce. He's a fucking man, not someone you should be embarrassed of.
It's in your eyes. Fear. Big and worried. He doesn't want you to worry. You shouldn't have to. The spoonful of guilt is right there, ready for him to swallow down if you start to shed tears over him. He's not worth the tears.
"You finish it?" you sigh a shaky breath, trying to be strong. That's his girl. "Job's done?"
He can't even look at you when he nods.
"Cool," you whisper. "Because you look like they rocked your shit sideways."
You stay every day he's holed in there. Called out sick just to keep him company at night. You both watch the Price is Right and talk about nothing. Even when he says he's ok, you tell him to fuck off and sleep in a chair with a spare blanket a nurse hands over.
There's a day Curtis comes to visit. He introduces himself, gives you a firm handshake. You eye Frank at first, see if it's safe to introduce yourself before he gives you the green light.
"I'm going to grab something from the vending machine." You give a quick excuse to leave. "Nice meeting you."
"Likewise," Curtis says. His smile grows twenty times bigger when it's just him and Frank alone. "Someone special?"
Frank shifts. "Yeah."
"Good, man. Good. I'm glad to see it. You uh, you deserve something nice."
He really doesn't know what to say. What he should say. Curtis is one of the few who knows Frank from before. He knew his wife and kids. Everyone so quickly can tell him to move on, why has it taken Frank so long to think it's possible?
"She's all of the above," Frank says, "Fucking scares me."
"It should," Curtis laughs. "Don't screw it up."
Tumblr media
You make him feel so damn good. Real. The most real thing his death-stained hands have touched. Scars 'n all. He's not afraid of your baggage. You both can unpack together.
"You're so good to me," he mumbles. He's sure you can't hear him. You're not paying attention to his dark pinings. Not as you’re riding him, legs locked around his waist for dear life. You take him just how you like it. The pace, the start, the finish, it's yours to commandeer. Whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. "I'm all yours."
He reaches out, extending his arm to trace the pillow of your lips.
Opening your mouth, you take his pointer finger in your mouth. So wet. So warm. Fuck. You're going to ride him into delirium.
"Make me scream, Frank," you whine. He's watching the muscles of your thighs flex with every slippery bounce you give. "I-I need it."
"Okay," he breathes, "okay."
The mattress squeaks and cries when he flips you over. You're moving instinctively, going to curve into a proper arch, but that's not what Frank wants though he appreciates the preemptive thinking. He pushes you down flat, body riding the waves of the bed from the force.
Shifting your leg, he raises it high. As far as it will go. Gives him a pretty image of you. All open and vulnerable. You don't shrivel beneath his hard stare. Don't shy away from the seconds that pass as he drinks it in.
"You want that?" On his knees, he teases you. Gets the tip of his dick wet in you and he slides up and down. Massages your clit just enough to get your engines revving. "Y'wanna scream for me?"
"Uh-huh," he breathes back. Disappearing inside you, he goes slow. He doesn't want to kill you, after all.
You're choking for him when he bottoms out. It's a lengthy moan as he stills himself. Let's you tremble around every inch of him. The hands he digs into your lower back vibrate as you cry for more.
"I hear ya, I hear ya," he coos. You swirl in boozy bliss. Drunk on him. He smothers himself against you, his chest on your back. The weight grounds you in reality. You're safe. He's not going anywhere.
He starts thrusting, working you off nice and nasty.
"Were you scared?" he grunts, kissing your shoulder. He wraps you up in his wide arms, props your head up as he asks his questions. Lips placed right against your ear.
All you know is pleasure. Down to your toes. Behind your eyelids. Coming in hot. "Wh-what?"
His thrusting gets harder. Violent. It beats at your chest.
"At the hospital." His breathing becomes ragged and labored. But make no mistake about it, his stamina doesn't break. "You worry about me?"
That ain't fair for him to ask you questions like this! Not now. He knows you'll put on a brave face just for him, but you can't help but be honest. He's fucking you dumb.
"Yes!" You're so loud, but this is what you want. To purge that fear you held for him as you watched him lay helpless on a cot. That energy has to go somewhere. He's popped the cork. "Fuck, Frank, yes."
"I ain't leaving you," he undulates, so rough and manly. "Never. I promise."
You give a satisfying noise. Light and snowflake soft. He knows you're not about to give full sentences and he doesn't need you to. The message is received.
Manicured nails dig at your burnt sienna-colored sheets. He shouldn't know that's even a fucking color, but he remembers you telling him the shade. It's important in your world and therefore means something to Frank. You're engraved in him. Woven liked the fibers of his DNA.
"Y'about to come?" he presses particularly deep inside you and you're fluttering. He knows you’re at the brink, but needs to hear it in the air. “Lemme hear you say it."
You announce it for him, writhing and wrangling it out your lips. Ain't nothing better than that.
"That's right," he grunts, "Attagirl. There you go. There you go."
You need to be loud. Obscene. Eradicate what's all the way down inside you. Let it out. He can shoulder it for both of you.
There's a harder grip around your neck. It's all the warning you need. He's snarling, erupting hard-earned praises out his chest like the flames smoldering inside a dragon. He breathes it all over you. Good, you want to eat the fire. Burn the taste of fear off your tongue.
Tumblr media
"You're it for me," he says as he crushes pretty purple indica between his fingers. You're surprised when he offers to take part in your post-sex ritual. This is a first. Even offers to roll the joint. You're particular about how tightly packed your spliffs are but don't make any fuss. You're stoked to smoke with him. "The ending, the beginning, all the shit in between."
You want to think it's just the sex haze talking, but you know better than to let your insecurities eat at you like that. The hammer of this feeling has been cracking your stone for a while. You didn't think either of you had the guts to say it.
There was a time when he told you it was you and him but that meant sex to you. Something frivolous. Not like this.
"Yeah?" you ask. You sure about that?
He rolls the raw papers, twirling the end.
"Yeah," he says. Very sure. He hands you the joint and a neon pink lighter. "After you."
You toke it up. Light the end and roll the spliff to make sure it burns evenly. That first hit is smooooth. Like a Ferrari hitting 110 on an open road with no end in sight. It's got a good pull to it. Not rolled too tightly, but not loose where you're wasting more than smoking. Exhaling a thick cloud, you honor the rules and pass him his marvelous creation. "That's fucking legit right there."
He takes a drag like he's never missed a beat. Your smile must be so obnoxious right now.
"Wasted my high school years on grass. Poor -"
"Did you just call it grass?" you screech. "Gross, I'm fucking Willie Nelson."
"Yeah, right, got a big dick though," he says, taking the insult in stride, "this shit sent me straight to the military."
Your turn to smoke. "How so?"
"Colleges won't accept a bumfuck stoner with no GPA to speak of," he says, "the Marines will. That's who they want. Directionless. Gives someone purpose, a sense of belonging."
"Is this the shit you want to talk about while high?" you ask. "I'm not about to handle your category five freakout. Dank nowadays is stronger than the reggie of your time."
He laughs and it's so genuine and beautiful. "Ask me something then."
God, now you're on the spot. You pass him the joint. "Ok...Cupcakes or muffins?"
"Come on, muffins."
"Why would you ask me that shit if you were gonna scorn my answer?"
"I dunno! I thought maybe you'd answer cupcakes like every sane person on the planet. Then we could talk about preferences. Red Velvet – is it just a chocolate cake with dye in it? Something normal, but you had to go ahead and make things weird. Muffins. What, you like bran?"
"Blueberry! Don't bullshit me. A blueberry muffin is in front of you right now, you're gonna say no? Fuck outta here."
You think over the answer and he can see the whites of your eyes turning a reddish tint. "A blueberry muffin sounds gooooooood."
He squints, not sure whether to hand you back the shared joint. "You high right now?"
"I'm flying through Andromeda, on my unicorn named Peridot," you say, "when you offered to smoke with me I pulled out the intergalactic shit. Matt Damon didn't grow potatoes on Mars, that's just stupid, he grew this."
The way Frank's body is buzzing, snuggly soft and heavy-lidded, makes him agree.
"Now come on." Hopping from bed, you grab your sweats and pull them on with no need of grabbing underwear. "Get dressed."
He doesn't think twice. Whatever adventure you're up for at one in the morning, he kind of wants to be a part of. "Where are we going?"
"There's gotta be someplace open where we can get a blueberry muffin."
Let me know if you want to me tagged in future Frank Castle stories. And if you prefer cupcakes or muffins :)
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writingforatwistedworld · a month ago
I really enjoy the way you write Lilia in the Self-Aware AU. He is the most amusing combination of grandpa and lovesick teenager.
Imagine the Reader is with Silver when he tells another one of those fluffy stories about his amazing Dad. Reader comments "He must be proud of you too, you are an ideal son." How would Silver and Lilia react to hearing that?
Writing for Lilia is also a lot of fun for me in this au. I mean, it's so deprived of goodness within a living being and I do enjoy my fair share of Angst.
Tumblr media
Self-aware au
I do not take any responsibility for you reading this no matter which age group you are from!
WARNINGS: Yandere themes, kidnapping, imprisonment, death, murder, obsession, possessiveness
Lilia Vanrouge/Silver-Player complimenting Silver as a son/Lilias raising methods for Silver
Tumblr media
How sweet! He, his son and his soon second parent *cough* you are sitting on a bench, enjoying the cloudy afternoon...
Lilia is just so happy with the moment that what Silver is talking about enters one ear and leaves the others
Aka he doesn't listen to what's said
And now, my dear Overseer, I would like to ask you if you really want to do this. I mean fae are really different in the Self-aware au... oh really? You want to say that??! Ok...
Lilia falls from the bench when he finally realizes what you said to Silver
You... you think his son is the ideal one? Does that mean that he did more than just a splendid job at parenting??! DOES THAT MEAN YOU WANT TO BE PART OF THE FAMILY???!!!!
Easy Lilia, you aren't as young as you once were
After this you just part and things go back to normal.... kidding! He plans your wedding at this point
Over the next few days he asks a lot about yourself, what you like, yada yada that stuff
And before you know it suddenly you have everything you could ever ask for
Gold, diamonds, Lilia who is holding a chopped-off head because that individual was getting too close to you
Before you know it you are in a lavish house.... palace.... mansion?
You just woke up here and don't even know how who brought you here
And Lilia is also here! And Silver too!
Now you can be a real family! Just you three!
Don't think about going out dear! Isn't this nice? Otherwise he might do something which could leave your legs in pretty bad shape...
All for the Overseer's safety and love!
Tumblr media
Chokes on air and nearly dies
Too fast? Ok let's not jump right into the middle of the plot
You, Silver and Lilia we're sitting outside... talking about life whilst trying not to pet the bird which sat on your lap....
Silver wanted to tell you how kind Lilia was to him, taking him in when he was nothing but a human child, caring for him, loving him like a real father...
It all was nice and dandy until he told you that his “father” once shielded him from a storm whilst running into the house with him
And then you dropped the words
Now we are where I started: Chokes on air and nearly dies
He is... the ideal son??!
But uh... all jokes aside, you might want to call an ambulance... his face is turning kinda blue... (could be the lack of air)
Does that also mean that he is also an ideal partner??! Don't hold back dear Overseer! He is all ears for your words!
This can go two ways now
Either you say but and go away, avoiding them for the rest of your life
Or you are confirming what he asks because all he is saying is “Really?” which makes you think he is still talking about the son thingy....
Silver may be human but he was taught by Lilia everything he knows about love and when I say everything I mean everything
In other words, he thinks that it's totally ok if you lock your weaker partner into a room and don't let them leave
He has trained since he was a small child so he has to be stronger
But don't worry dear! You will be visited by many people. There will be Silver, Silver and Silver... have I mentioned that you will also see Silver?
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evans-heaven · a month ago
Close ; Joseph Quinn
Pt 2 of Scene, girlies. I'm too tired to write a quirky intro so we'll just get right into it.
Pairing: Joseph Quinn x Fem!Actress!Reader
Warnings: Unedited content, language, in depth talk of anxiety so please be cautious, a little angst, a little fluff, mention of Eddie's death, also y'all I'll be honest i don't like this very much but maybe you will 😅
Wc: 3.5k
Read Scene here
It was around 1AM, and you and Joe were in his rented car driving back to your apartment complex. You’d been staying there since filming began, like a lot of other cast members. Though you and Joe had separate apartments, many a night came about where you crashed at each others’ places, whether accidentally falling asleep during a hangout session or on purpose when you wanted company and everyone else was on set late. Tonight may not have been one of those nights, though.  You were emotionally and physically exhausted, and could tell Joe was as well. You practically drooled at the thought of curling up in your own bed, the one you’d gotten used to in your home away from home.
The ride was pretty quiet, aside from the odd yawn from one of you here and there. The car faintly smelled of takeout, which you two ate about a half hour prior in the parking lot of a 24 hour Chinese restaurant, starving and not being able to wait until you got home. Of course a full stomach ended up making you even more tired, so you weren’t surprised when you began nodding off a bit.
It wasn’t until Joe caught you by surprise with a question that you found yourself fully awake as you stared at him, eyes widened.
“So, are you ready to tell me why you were so worried about today?”
He spoke casually, like it was a throwaway question, he’d ask anyone else, but since there wasn’t anyone else in the car, you knew he was talking to you.
“What do you mean?” you were nonchalant, asking in the same tone he did. If you acted unbothered, it wouldn’t seem that deep, right?
Unfortunately, he didn’t buy it. “Y/N, we know each other better than we know ourselves. I can tell today was about so much more than you’re letting on,” he said. “It kills me when I can tell something is bothering you and I don’t know what,”
Your heart rate increased, partly because of the conversation that was about to happen, and partly because of how much Joe cared for you. Even though you weren’t new to the concept of people caring about you and your feelings, it still blew your mind just how much this man you had only known for just under 2 years cared for you.  He had one of the biggest hearts that had ever been bared to you and his ability for love and compassion could be damn near enviable. It was like this friendship had been going strong for decades, simply because of the closeness developed between the two of you. You knew it, the crew knew it, and the cast especially knew it (and reminded you of it daily).
Still, talking about your feelings was fucking hard, especially face to face. You almost wanted to suggest he shoot you a text message asking what as wrong so you could write a damn book as a reply. You’d always been better at writing what you felt than saying it out loud.
But this wasn’t virtual, it was real life. He was asking, and he was waiting for an answer. You had one, but the trouble would be getting it out to begin with.
“To be honest with you,” you started. “Even I didn’t understand at first what had me so worked up about it,” you admitted. And it was true. Like most of your anxiety induced tyrants, initially you couldn’t figure out why your nerves to film that day seemed stronger than they probably should have been. In the week leading up to it, the feelings seemed to grow, and so did your frustration with yourself because you just couldn’t figure out why the nerves were there and why they were so relentless.
Anxiety really grabbed you by the boobs and made your life hell sometimes.
You were so over it consuming you, until realization dawned on you the morning of shooting. It finally came to you, as you and Joe hugged before he had to go off and shoot some scenes that didn’t have you in them, why filming that scene in particular would be so hard and why it was affecting you as much as it did.
“But now, I do understand,” you said to him. You felt your emotions rise on your throat again, and you shoved them back to wherever they came from. This was going to be hard. “And maybe….my nerves didn’t have much to do with Eddie’s death at all,” you began.
“Ouch,” Joe said, smirking at you.
“Even though,” you stressed, holding up a hand, ignoring his fake offense. "I love Eddie, and a lot of those tears I shed were real. No one wants to see their pretend boyfriend die, or see their best friend who plays their pretend boyfriend, pretend to die," you said, looking off to the side, wondering if that made sense. 
However, Joe agreed. "True," he said, nodding, keeping his eyes on the road ahead of him.
"But....I think the real reason it affected me today the way it did is because of what it might mean," You said. Okay, good start.
Coming up to the stoplight just before your destination, he turned to you with his brows furrowed. "What will it mean?" he asked, his voice soft and patient.
Christ. "Well, I hate to be blunt, but this is essentially the end of Eddie and Stacey, as we know it. I mean, Stacey's leaving Hawkins, but the Duffers told me upfront I'd be back for season 5. But what about Eddie? Is he coming back, is his death permanent, who knows? I just...can't help but worry,"
"You've got a point, sadly," he admitted, looking a bit somber. "But what's there to worry about?" he pressed.
You made a noise that was somewhere between a groan and a sigh, wishing Joe could just read your mind and know everything you wanted to say. You sat up straight in your seat and placed your palms on your thighs. "Like, okay, these past two years have been the best of my life, and a decent chunk of that is thanks to you. Seeing you everyday, and being close to you, is something I've gotten used to, it's one of my favorite things,"
He smiled at you, the warmest look in his gorgeous brown eyes. "It's one of my favorite things too, love," he said, pulling your hand from your lap and threading his fingers through yours.
The red light changed to green, and as he drove forward, you squeezed his hand. "I just need to know, will we....will we always be like this?" you asked him, finally done beating around the bush. It almost felt like him taking your hand gave you a boost of confidence you’d been lacking.
After your question, a sudden silence fell upon the moment. It was very much unlike the comfortable silence that normally would, like earlier in the car, or when you had movie night, or walked to the deli near your apartment building for lunch on a day off. This was awkward, almost eerie, as eerie as a rented Honda could feel.
You thought it was a pretty easy question, but he clearly needed to ponder it. You simply waited for a response. Words, a sigh, a shrug, anything. Your face was calm, but it concealed a mind worried about what he'd say next.
Just then, the quietness was shattered by his illegally adorable laugh filling the vehicle. His shoulders shook with it as he kept his eyes ahead. A blush coated his cheeks, illuminated by the passing streetlights.
Definitely not a reaction you were expecting.
You just looked at him, a confused look in your eyes and an uneasy smile on your face, any confidence you found in yourself now dwindling. You wouldn't be surprised if your face mirrored that one meme where a character from The Simpsons says "I'm in danger". You let out nervous chuckles that were drowned out by his loud laughter. What is happening right now?
He took a moment to catch his breath, his laugh dying down but a smile remaining on his face. He shook his head. "Are you trying to get rid of me, Y/N?" He asked, looking at you, and it was clear the question made him want to burst out laughing again.
You became wide-eyed. "No? No, that's not what I meant, I-"
"Do you really think I'd let this affect us?" He asked, cutting you off gently.
Oh. Your face relaxed and became heated.
"I would never let one of my favorite people out of my life just because we're not working together anymore," he said. 
You looked down to avoid his intense gaze, feeling somewhat ashamed. It was because of his wording, you feared he was a little offended by the implication you made, even despite his prior bout of laughter. You almost totally ignored when he said you were one of his favorite people. At any other moment, your heart would have done a little ‘!’ at that statement, but right now, you were tense.
He noticed, because of course he did, and mumbled “Hang on,” as he pulled into the underground parking lot of your building. He quickly drove into a spot and stopped the car, then turned to face you, as much as he could in a vehicle.
He brought his other hand up to grasp your chin and tilt your head back up so you were face to face with him. 
"What brought this on?" Joe asked as he stroked your chin lightly a couple of times.
You shrugged a shoulder, trying not to get side tracked by the soft, gentle movement against your skin. "I've just been thinking all day," you said. "Things are gonna be so different now. We won't see each other everyday, won't be in the same apartment building, you'll probably be off working on another project. I love that for you, but at the same, it sucks. You’re the one who helped me through my anxiety everyday, until everything was okay eventually, and now you’re one of my closest friends. The thought of losing that has just been eating at me lately,"
It wasn't that you weren't close with the other cast members-they'd become some of your closest friends. Just yesterday you'd had one of those wine mom-esque brunches with Maya and Natalia, and Millie and Sadie always came to you for big sister advice. The boys on set were something like annoying, yet loveable little brothers you loved to mess with just as much.
But your relationship with Joseph just had something special about it. You were naturally a very lowkey and shy person, and that often culminated in being nervous around new people and during new experiences, which was only made worse by you having anxiety. Stranger Things was your first acting role after you finally decided to listen to your gut, swallow your worries, and pursue your dream of being in Hollywood.  Excited as you were for the role, being the new girl amongst a cast of people who had known each other for years was almost enough to make you back out. You didn’t expect some type of Mean Girls situation, of course, but you did expect to be just awkward and jumpy enough to make you feel like you were being a bother or alienated, which you probably wouldn’t have been. But, good ol’ anxiety had a way of making you panic about things before they even happened-if they happened at all.
And that brought you to what you had with Joe. With how strong and borderline intimate it-a perfectly platonic friendship- was, you'd feel it's absence when filming for season 5 began. You couldn't help the sad feeling that gave you. Joe was also the newest cast member who had a pretty substantial role as Eddie Munson, the ‘villain’ of the season, and your character Stacey’s boyfriend. Having to play a couple meant you guys already spent a lot of time together on set, but offset is where you really felt your closeness thrive. Joe made you feel calm, almost making you forget about how nervous you had initially been at the start of production. You loved having people like him in your life, people who made everything seem okay, even if for one moment, and every moment with Joe felt like that.
And when you eventually settled in well with the cast, but still found anxiety creeping up on you for various other reasons, he was always there with open arms whenever you both needed a hug. Or to lend a palm to place yours in or to draw absentmindedly on when you felt anxious. He would also tell you distracting stories, like failed auditions or awkward stories from his days as a theater kid. All these things aided in you being free around him, no sweaty palms or lurching stomachs in sight.
At some point, you realized it became about so much more than him helping with your anxiety. You just enjoyed each other’s company regardless of whether he was helping you stay calm or you were just hanging out together because you could. Always together, to the point where, if you walked into a room alone, people wondered where Joe was, and vice versa. You became those best friends that made others feel like third wheels (unintentionally, of course, and you felt bad whenever that happened). It was such a tender and close bond you two had, unlike any you ever felt before.
And it was because of that relationship you had grown so accustomed to, that you felt the anxiety begin to show its ass again. That it would all disappear, little by little, after Eddie died and Joe possibly wouldn’t return. The hustle and bustle of Hollywood was impossible to ignore, and you had no doubt he would get swept up into it-he was too damn talented not to. 
But the change would be so palpable, considering he was the one who made you so comfortable to begin with. Would you go back to feeling like the meek new girl on the block? Even if you had your other cast members, something would still feel like it was missing. You hadn’t been candid with them the way you’d been with Joe, because you were so selective in who you opened up to. And you were beginning to regret doing that, feeling like it hindered your security with everyone else, making you think you weren’t as close as you could be. Maybe then, things would be okay. 
You just had to latch on to Joe. Stupid, stupid, stu-
“I get you,” Joe said, pulling you from your thoughts.  “I do, because it's been the same for me,” he dropped his hand from your chin and leaned it against the door handle.
You raised your brows. “Really?”
“Yep. C’mon, I was joining the cast of one of the biggest shows in the world. You heard me before we filmed the scene, I was so scared I would ruin the show,” he said. “Joining a show 4 seasons in felt like switching schools in the middle of the term, for lack of a better analogy. Everyone knew everyone, had their unbreakable bonds, well established in the industry simply because of the cast they were a part of. It was intimidating,”
Listening to Joe made you feel so seen and heard, every thought he just voiced was one you had in the beginning. Realistically speaking, anyone would have their own insecurities about joining a show, four seasons in, like he said. But clearly, he was damn good at hiding them.
“But what made it slightly less intimidating, was learning that I wouldn’t be alone. Learning that an outrageously talented and charismatic, not to mention beautiful, actress would be playing my girlfriend, and meeting her at that first ever table read, was enough to make every worry I had feel so irrational,” Joe turned to face you again, pressing his fingers into the back of your hand to punctuate his statement. 
The smile that began to spread across your face was unstoppable, and you couldn’t even try to hide it. Your face became heated, not from embarrassment, but from holy shit what did you do to deserve this man?
He chuckled at the probably comical grin on your face as you remained speechless. “The last two years have been so fucking incredible to me because of you, Y/N. You made this experience," he said. “And that’s a type of influence I never, ever, want to lose,”
He was still squeezing your hand, not to the point of white knuckles, but where it made his words sink in even more than any words should.
His sincerity coated your heart, nerves, and entire body like a salve. You felt like you could explode from the amount of feelings you were experiencing right now. You loved how the smile on your face felt, because of what brought it. You never wanted to relax your face, and you never wanted Joe to stop talking.
“So with that being said,” he declared, then placed a look that very much read like the word ‘duh’ on his face, “Give me one good reason why I would ever let you go?”
It was your turn to laugh, as your already upturned lips opened to release a series of giggles. Maybe it was his tone, maybe his face, maybe you felt foolish and just couldn’t help but laugh about it.
Or maybe, you were just happy because every last fear you had about the relationship you built with Joe fizzling out just because you weren’t working together anymore (allegedly), had disappeared. He made them all vanish with his words, building back up that certainty in you, in him. 
You had been so focused on your own side of the bond you two shared, you never even stopped to consider if he would ever allow it to die out, because it meant just as much to him, as it did to you. Every embrace, every inside joke, every movie night, every moment, held the same weight in both of you.
He was never letting you go, and you sure as hell weren’t going to let him go.
You also seriously envied him for his ability to get to the damn point, but that was another conversation.
“Okay, okay, maybe I was a clown for believing anything would change,” you admitted sheepishly.
“A huge clown, actually,” Joe corrected, leaning in closer with a look of faux seriousness on his face, taunting you.
You gasped and whacked him on the shoulder with your free hand, leading to the both of you exploding with laughter. The sound bounced off of the walls of the car, ringing in your ears to create a noise you never wanted to hear the end of. Your happiness mixed together as the previous angsty atmosphere of the car completely went away, and the weight on your shoulders lifted in its entirety.
After sharing that laugh for what felt like forever, it died down into sparse chuckles, but the energy was still there, even when you both became silent and simply stared into each other’s eyes. 
You realized it turned into one of your ‘they’re doing it again’ moments. Moments where you’d fall into a comfortable silence, not needing any words as you simply read each other’s eyes. You and Joe had those a lot, and the cast loved to call you out on it. But with the view in his eyes, you never brought yourself to care.
“C’mere, you,” he muttered, ending the silence and releasing your hand to pull you into him gently by your shoulder. He wrapped you in his embrace, one arm around your shoulder, the other pressing your face into his warm chest. You dug your fingers into his plaid shirt covered back, the thrum of his heart in your ear feeling like a sweet song. 
Never before had such a fast paced sound been so soothing. 
“I just never want this to end, Joe,” you said, words muffled by his chest, but still loud and clear to him, as he tightened his hold on you.
‘It never will, babes, I promise you,” he vowed, and you knew he wasn’t lying.
Your embrace was longer than the laughter, longer than the silence.  You could stay there until the sun came up, and even longer. His arms were becoming one of your favorite places on earth to be, a location you knew like the back of your hand. 
And you would always have it, because he wasn’t going anywhere. The man of your (platonic) dreams was here to stay, and whatever you were to him, you were gonna be there for him, no matter what, as well. Nothing would take you away from each other. Not the death of a character, not a rapidly changing career, nothing.
Your hold on each other was still intact when he spoke again, after pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“Movie night?’ he asked, lips against your hairline.
“Movie night,” you replied.
Hope you enjoyed <3 ya girl is gonna get some sleep now lmao
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