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loved your latest chan fic! i was thinking what about the same angsty prompt but instead the reader feels like chan is only using them for sex as a stress reliever and they haven’t really been communicating even though they’re in a relationship, they’ve just been fucking and the reader finally brings it up to chan
so i just typed this out in a few minutes. sorry, i’ve got a lot of wips right now and don’t really have the time to make this a proper thing. maybe i’ll come back to it at some point. ended up being ANGST. hope someone likes anyway.
pairing: chan x gn!reader genre: suggestive themes [18+ only], angst, fluff. word count: 1k content: profanity. lots of tears. discussion about consent.
Tumblr media
He collapses over you, the full weight of his body knocking the breath from your lungs. It feels good, for just a moment—to have all your focus on your lungs. But then he rolls off you and as oxygen floods into your chest, the reality of your relationship floods back into your head. 
You roll over to face the wall, hiding your watery eyes from him. 
“Good?” he says, breathing heavily. 
“Good,” you answer, glad for the steadiness of your voice. 
The bed rocks as he stands and disappears into the bathroom. By the time the shower stops you’ve cried, cleaned yourself up and pulled on your favourite pyjamas. When he emerges you’ve curled up under the covers, ready to pretend to be asleep so he has no chance of noticing your puffy eyes. 
His arm wraps around you, pulling you back against his chest. “You awake?” he whispers. You suck in a shaky breath, attempting to keep a sob from escaping. “Alright?” he whispers again, his warm breath tickling your neck.
You open your mouth to say yes, everything is fine. Instead your walls crumble, chest heaving as you cry again. He pulls himself from you quickly, sitting up and leaning over you to see your face. “What is it? Baby? What’s wrong?” When you don’t answer he pulls you up to sit in his lap—his back against the headboard. You don’t wrap your arms around him, letting them fall to your sides as he rests your head against his shoulder. “Talk to me. Please,” he whispers.
Talk.. to him? Your heartache twists into a sharp rage as you pull your head from him, practically jumping off his lap. His eyes are wide as you shuffle back from him, his arm reaching out for you. You stop just out of his reach, sucking in a deep breath. “Talk… to you? You want me to talk to you?” you gasp out, voice shaky. 
He frowns, arm dropping back to his side. When he says nothing you continue. “You’re asking me to talk to you when you’ve hardly spoken a full sentence to me in weeks. You come home grumbling about how hard your day was…you—you never ask me about mine. You haven’t asked me anything. You don’t—” you swallow down a lump in your throat, desperately trying to get the words out before your sobs take over again. “You don’t care about me at all apart from getting yourself off… do you? I may as well be a fucking fleshlight.” 
He’s quiet as you catch your breath, eyes dropping from yours to his lap. You watch as he fiddles with one of his rings. Just as you’ve had enough of the silence, opening your mouth to tell him to say something, he lifts his head. Your breath hitches at the tears streaking down his cheeks. He falls forward, crawling towards you and grasping your hands in his—pressing his lips to each one, his tears wetting your skin. Then, he sits up, keeping his hold on you as he looks into your eyes. 
“You didn’t—” he sucks in a shaky breath. “You didn’t want…” he drops his head as he trails off. “I didn’t—” his sob breaks you from your stunned stillness, pulling your hands from his so you can lift his head. 
“Breathe,” you soothe. As much as he’d hurt you, seeing him cry still tore through you. You couldn’t stand it. 
“Did you not want it?” he manages to say, chin wobbling as he very clearly holds back another sob. 
“What? No, I—I didn’t mean… I wanted you. I told you I wanted you. It’s the fact that’s all you wanted from me.” 
His shoulders drop and he lifts your palm to his lips. “It’s not,” he mutters against your skin. “It’s not,” he repeats. “I need you, I need—I need you and I have nothing to offer you. Nothing but—” he cuts himself off, bringing your palm to his bare chest and pressing it to his warm skin. “When my head is worn out, when I have nothing left to give you because life has sucked everything out of me, all I have left is my body.” 
You frown. “You were… too tired to ask me about my day?” 
“I feel like I have nothing left in me. I get home and you’re here and I’ve been so…so much all day and I just want to be nothing. I just want to feel you…and be nothing,” he says, looking between your eyes like he’s desperate for you to understand. You’re not sure you do, pulling your hand from where he still presses it to his chest. 
You crawl off the bed, feeling like you need some space. You walk to the door then turn, looking back at where he sits in the middle of the bed. “I need you too,” you say, voice much steadier now. “I need you to be more than that. You come home and you’ve had a hard day but what if I have too? What if I need to talk about it and you’re… nothing.” 
“Have you? Been having hard days?” 
“Of course I have, I—” you swallow down another lump, desperate to finish this. “I’ve had plenty of hard days and having you here, fucking you, it’s better than not having you at all. But I need more. It’s…not enough.” 
He climbs off the bed, making his way over to you slowly. “I’m sorry,” he says, voice breaking a little. “Look at me? Please?” he whispers, standing directly in front of you now. You look up into his watery eyes. “I never—I never want to hurt you. I’m so fucking sorry. Please.”
“Do you want…to know about my days? Do you care?” 
“I care. I care more than anything. It’s hard…sometimes for me to get out of my own head.” His voice is soft now, steady. His hand rests at the side of your neck, thumb brushing gently against your skin. “If everything I've been working on this month works out, we'll be set. For life. I'm working so hard for us. Even when it feels like I haven’t been here, everything has been for you.” 
“You’ll… try? You’ll try and be here more than—more than physically?” 
“I’ll be here. I’ll be here, I promise,” he whispers. “I love you. You still know that, yeah? I haven’t let you forget?” 
You're not sure if you did know that, not recently. But you believe him now. So you let it rest, suddenly exhausted. “I know.” 
He guides you to the bed, settling you against his chest. His arms wrap around you, holding you tight. “Tell me,” he mumbles into your hair. 
“Tell you what?” 
Tumblr media
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𝐅𝐨𝐜𝐮𝐬 𝐎𝐧 𝐌𝐞
Word Count: 6k
Warning: afab!reader, swearing, slow build, photography, slight voyeurism, slight exhibitionism, smut, unprotected sex (wrap before you tap), praise kink, oral (f. and m. receiving), riding, cumshots, threesome- F/M/M, photographer!Hyunjin, dom!Hyunjin, dom!Felix, switch!reader
Synopsis: In an attempt to find some inspiration Hyunjin asks both you and Felix to model for his next shoot. Little do you know what kind of inspiration he was looking for.
A/N: I haven’t posted in awhile but that doesn’t mean I am not writing. I’ve got a couple series chapters I have to write and part 2 of For The Birthday Girl that will be coming out on my birthday and part 3 of Power is Power. Anyway I hope you enjoy the fic and please share any feedback that you might have :)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Well, I can’t guarantee I’ll perform to industry standards.” Felix mulled over the request as he thumbed the edge of the mug. The cafe was busy this evening thanks to the location on a busy intersection, unfortunately it was the best meeting place for both of you right after your shift, plus something as cute, frilled with an animal theme of cats and dogs, was a surefire way to sway the freckled man’s decision. 
You leaned closer to him offering as much reassurance as possible. “Don’t you, you’ll be fine. You’re one of the handsome men I’ve ever met and the camera loves you. Plus, you know the photographer. So that helps, right?”
Truth be told, while it was no surprise to everyone that Hyunjin had taken up a side-career in photography, it surprised everyone that the main focus was on modeling and headshots, Hyunjin having been expected to be the model rather than the one behind the camera. It was an unexpected turn, though when he had mentioned in passing that it had something to do about the human form being intriguing definitely caught your interest. 
You, in fact, had modeled for Hyunjin before, but this time he requested a two-person shoot to broaden his portfolio. Felix had come to mind without hesitation because to be frank, he was the most attractive man you had laid eyes one, so angelic, ethereal, though he could easily portray a darker side to him with a stare that could make anyone freeze and so what if you had a thing for him? Modeling with him would simply be a bonus.
“I guess it is better with someone I know than a stranger. Alright, I’ll accept your offer.”
You had to force your smile into less cheek splitting as you nodded. “Great, I’ll text you the details. Hyunjin will want you to wear certain clothing and colours, depending on his set up.”
“Gotcha.” He said, before downing the rest of his drink and stood up. “Now, let’s get outta here. It’s a madhouse and I’d rather enjoy talking to you in a less hectic atmosphere. There is a quiet cat cafe near my house.” Before you could even respond, Felix was already pulling you by your feet and headed towards the door. It seemed that everything seemed to be going in your favour, so how could you argue when the man you had been crushing was offering to take you out?
Tumblr media
On the day of the photoshoot Hyunjin messaged you with the address of his new studio. From the outside it looked inconspicuous, a small garage type building with a fresh coat of paint. It was late afternoon, as per the photographer’s request, the best lighting was from 4-6pm was the words that came from him, and everything was just starting to catch an intoxicating red-orange flow. You sat in your car, deep breaths one after the other. No matter how many times you stepped in front of the camera, the pre-shoot jitters always got the best of you, add Felix into the mix and you were a proper mess. You flipped down the visor mirror and inspected your make, or lack thereof. A light dusting of powder and mascara was too minimal for typical shoots but Hyunjin was the visionary and you were the mere subject matter, so you respected his suggestions. After a final breath, a deep in and out, you left your car and entered the studio.
The inside was contrasted from the out, vaulted ceilings strung with multiple studio lights in all different colors, fabric panels hung here and there while random props gathered in a corner and cleared the area from the main attraction. When you saw what Hyunjin had set up, your jaw almost smacked the hardwood floor.
There in the center of the studio sat a massive king sized bed, white sheets and all, a thick plush duvet topping it off. The frame was beautiful, ornately carved walnut. You had to wonder, given its size how the hell he got into the studio. The afternoon sunlight filtered through a frosted window and cast a luminous glow on the bed, a bed you wish you could sleep in every night, despite costing two month’s salary.
The photographer was nowhere to be seen. His camera was set atop a tripod pointed straight towards the bed, anticipating, waiting. Your internal organs danced. Hopefully, this wouldn’t be too much for Felix to handle. A photo-shoot in a bed on his first day off the bat? That was asking a lot. If he said he wasn’t comfortable you wouldn’t blame him. You approached the bed, sat on the edge and rubbed the duvet fabric between your fingers.
“There’s my favourite person to shoot!” Hyunjin cooed as he entered the studio from a small office in the back. He was beaming as he approached to give you a quick peck on the cheek before plopping down on the bed beside you. 
You frowned sarcastically in response to his greeting. “I really hope you mean with a camera and nothing else.”
He rolled his eyes, giving a rather famous disgusted glare. “Oh please, you know what I mean. So…” He gestured to the setup before patting the bedspread. “How’s it look?”
It was terrifying, but for all the right reasons. “It’s well… not what I expected. Who know what Felix is going to say.”
Hyunjin gave a buoyant laugh. “Are you kidding? Please, you’re downright gorgeous–” He paused pretending to tousle a loose, flowing strand of hair. “--and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t leap in bed with you.” 
Try as you might to prevent it the smile found its way to your lips, spreading up to the apples of your cheeks. “Shut up.” You said, shoving him and nearly knocking the lanky man over, causing him to flop over the bed. “So, are we just waiting until he arrives?”
“Actually.” He hopped off the bed and all but skipped towards his camera. “I was hoping to grab a few solo shots beforehand. That alright with you?”
Thank goodness. You felt relieved at the chance to warm up.” Sure, sounds good.” As you said that you got off the bed to get ready.
You shrugged out of your clothes, goosebumps peppering your skin, the white tank tip and tiny white shorts ensemble not suit for the air conditioned studio. Everything in this shoot was so, so… clean, so crisp. Blank. It both intrigued you and made you question Hyunjin’s thought process. You hurried back to the bed and got under the covers to get warm, chattering your teeth in a rather over dramatic fashion. “Holy shit, it’s freezing in here!”
He snickered. “Wee bit nipply?” At that a long, ring cladded finger pointed towards your chest, the evidence of your chill clearly on display.
“Oh hush.” You tutted at him, rubbing your arms so that they would heat up. “Okay, let me know what to do.”
He studied you for a long moment, chewing his lip and eyes darting back and forth, with the focus of a predator hunting its prey. When he spoke again though, his voice was soft, providing requests in the kindest way. “Let’s start with you laying down, on your side– yes, just like that. Okay, put your hand right there, on the pillow, yeah you got it…”
When the camera shutter sounded from the first time it startled you, the noise echoing off the huge walls of the studio, punctuating the silence. Hyunjin had tried shooting with music in the background before but he complained it was either too distracting or never captured the perfect mood he was looking for, so he opted for quiet, intimate sessions. It made the whale experience special and worthwhile, as his work always reflected nothing short of perfection. 
You followed his instructions when prompted to move this way, or look over there, or hold your hair like this. Soon the bundle of nerves in your stomach unraveled and you felt at ease, delved in your element, confidence now oozing from your pores as the shutter went off over and over.
After some thirty-odd shots or so the door to the studio swung open, spilling bright sunlight in the room and Felix entered looking like a lost puppy. He took his coat off and soothed it over his arm. “Hey guys.” He announced his arrival, his silken voice music to your ears. 
Hyunjin placed the camera back on the tripod and greeted him. “Hey, Felix. What took you so long?”
“Chan wanted to ask about Genshin and I was explaining to him…” As he spoke his eyes landed on you, sitting up in the bed and the sheets rumpled pile around your waist. His voice trailed off and though his expression never faltered his eyes revealed the truth, the slight flicks of his gaze up and down, how his eyelids fluttered… Right before the screen of exercised composure snapped in place. You had messed him up. Big time.
Hyunjin, who had noticed, only had a small grin plastered on his face. “You were saying?” He asked in a rather smug tone.
Felix had to look at his taller friend while he finished the sentence, clearing his throat before responding. “Sorry. He wanted to explain the artifact building system and how domains work. I told him I would later because I had to come here.”
“I’ll tell him what the internet is then.” Hyunjin joked and before Felix would muster out a witty response to joke around with him, Hyunjin was back to photographer mode, already bossing him up. It was borderline comical. “Okay, time to undress. You’re wearing what I asked, right?”
“Of course.” Felix replied in his honeyed voice as he laid his jacket over the arm of a char and began to undress. You watched in hypnotized silence as he unbuttoned his dress shirt, one by one by one the buttons came loose. Hyunjin made small talk with him as he removed his clothes until he was left in a, unsurprisingly, white cotton shirt and white boxer briefs. It was the nearest to naked you had ever seen him, and no amount of makeup could camouflage the blush that spread to your cheeks. Your eyes automatically landed on his package and trailed up to fixate on the bare skin below his navel, until he pulled the hem of his shirt down. You brought the duvet to your face to try and hide behind it.
“Alright, get in the bed.” Hyunjin instructed as he turned the camera back on. You scooted over as Felix slid under the cover to join you, his expression composed yet he offered you a kind smile. You hoped like hell he couldn’t hear your heart rate.
Both of you looked at Hyunjin for the next step. His voice fell back into that gentle, but firm instructor like tone again and he plotted out your first shot together. “Felix, lean back on your elbows and keep looking this way. Okay, now, look over this way, yeah just past my shoulder..” Click! Click! “Nice, now look back towards – yes, just like that.” Click! Click!
Hyunjin circled around the bed to your side. “Okay, I want you to pull the blankets up to your chest and hug them. Yeah exactly like that. And Felix, lay on your back and – Oh man, yeah look at her like that. Hold that gaze, don’t blink.” Click! Click! “Remember to just breathe…”
Felix was a natural, no surprises there. He had insisted that he never modeled before but you could have second guessed it from how laid back he was. You were the nervous one this time around it seemed. Hyunjin snapped picture after picture and you lost count past sixty or so, the only measure of time in the increasingly saturated orange light spilling into the room.
“Alright.” Hyunjin hummed as he filled his camera. “I want to try something. Are you two okay with um, well, touching each other?”
Your eyebrow raised. “How so?”
Sensing your reaction, Hyunjin immediately backed up. “No dirty stuff, just some light stroking. Is that too much or…?”
You at Felix for a response, who to no one's surprise, considering that physical touch was his love language, nodded. “I’m comfortable, but are you?”
It melted your heart that he was considering how comfortable you would be with it and it put you at ease remembering how sweet Felix actually was. “Same.” You breathed.
Hyunjin offered you both a small smile before leaning forward at the foot of the bed. “Okay. Stay where you’re at but turn your bodies just a bit towards each other– yeah, you got it. Could you run your fingers over the top of Felix’s hand?”
You grazed his skin with the lightest of touches, surprised at how warm he was. Click! Click! It occurred to you he wasn’t wearing any gloves despite the cold weather outside. It must have affected his senses, or perhaps the cold in the room, because when you made contact with him he shuddered. “Is everything okay?” You asked him, voice barely a whisper.
“Yeah, sorry.” He murmured. “Just feels nice, is all.”
Before you could even ask what he had meant by that, Hyunjin spoke up. “Can do the same to her?”
You placed your hand on the bed sheet, Felix’s fingers tracing slow, smooth patterns on your hand, nerves going off like fireworks beneath your skin. Click! Click! Click! You fought to keep your breathing under control but when your eyes inadvertently met and two dark brown orbs sparkled in the sunset light, it was more than you could take and you exhaled a shaky breath you didn’t realize you were holding in.
“Okay, now run your fingers across his shoulder and down his arm.” The cameraman requested and you followed suit, holding Felix’s eye contact more to keep focused than anything but at the same time not finding the ability to look away from the glittering brown that had been dusted with stars that found their way on his cheeks. There was so much wonder there and your curiosity gorger on it. His lips had parted slightly. It was destroying you.
Just as you suspected, Hyunjin asked Felix to return the favour and when his fingers ghosted across your shoulder, desire pooled deep within your core for him. Click! Click! Every ounce of willpower held you back from pouncing on him right then and there. His touch left a blazing trail in its wake. Click! Click!
“Run your fingers through her hair.” Again the instruction came and Felix lifted the same hand to comb through your locks, grazing your temple. He was trembling. Click! Click! Click! The slow burn below was radian, and he was stoking the flames with his touch, his gaze, those goddamn perfect lips that looked took soft to exist–
A telephone ringing from Hyunjin’s office abruptly interrupted both the photo shoot and your reverie. “Damn, sorry guys, been waiting for this call, gotta take it. Give me a second.” He set the camera on a desk nearby and trotted to his office, shutting the door behind him.
You turned back to Felix who from what you could tell hadn’t taken his eyes off you, seeming all too entranced in the build of sexual tension. Your name fell from his lips in a faint whisper and then his hands were on either side of your face. Every nerve ending in your body grazed the flames, igniting a volatile reaction under your skin that you couldn’t control, couldn’t resist. He held you there for a lingering moment, almost with silent praise, before leaning in and pressing his lips to yours.
His kiss was softer, just a gentle brush but your lips soon melted together in a slow dance that doused your internal fire with gasoline. His hands combed back into your hair, holding you as if you were made of glass and with all the care in the world. You scooted closer to him without breaking the kiss until your knees bumped into his folded legs, your hand resting on his calves. He let a stuttered breath out of his nose and it tickled your cheeks.
You deepened the kiss, nipping at his bottom lip. His throat hitched, instinctively you pulled away, worried you had done something wrong, but his eyes told a different story and he leaned into you for another one, this time with unabridged passion as his hands left your hair and skimmed down your lower back pulling you closer to him. His taste was so delightful, a natural sweetness akin to cherries and almost floral, something you would crave long after today. Your hands wrapped around his neck before your fingers netted in the hair at his nape. 
Felix froze against your lips as your eyes darted to the side. Hyunjin had stealthily grabbed his camera while you were distracted. “Not cool, Hyunee.” You chided, playfully.
His guilt was clearly apparent as he bowed his head. “Sorry, you guys were… well, take a look.” He brought the camera over and flipped to the preview screen to show both of you in the last shot.
It was so beautiful you wanted to cry. Hyunjin had captured a perfect moment, Felix’s lips parting against yours, his arms around you and your hands behind his neck. The sheets were gathered around your lower bodies, the sunset cast an otherworldly flow against your skins. You wanted to buy multiple prints of this photograph and put them in random places all over and scream at strangers to simply look at this beautiful artwork. You weren’t being narcissistic, or vain, it could have been anyone in the shot and you would have felt the same way. The eye of a good photographer, it seemed. “Wow…” Was all you could muster, anger dissipating as soon as he came.
Even Felix was moved by the shot. “Wow…” He repeated after you.
“Yeah. I just, I had to get it.” Hyunjin said, his voice low. After a long pause, he finally asked the question that definitely caused a spark to jump through the room. “Do you both want to keep going?”
Felix looked at you, the faintest smirk was all it took to bring your lips crashing back into his, the blaze out of control inside of you and lapping at your insides as you ran your hands up his arms and around his back. He did the same to you, pulling you backwards until you were laying on top of him. His hands skimmed down your back to rest at your hips and you let out a moan escape into his mouth. Hyunjins camera went off at a rapid pace, taking all opportune shots that he could, the shutter clicking along with your laboured breathing, the only two sounds coming through the studio.
It was when Felix’s hands had slipped underneath your shirt that you hesitated and he gave you an earnest look, that do-you-want-me-to-continue look, which caused the two of you to crante your head towards Hyunjin. His photoshoot was about to go off the rails. The expression on his face confirmed he was well aware, a rather knowing look on his face. “You guys can keep going, if you’d like.” He told, suggestion laced within his tone.
Oh, goodness. Hyunjin liked this.
There was no hesitation as Felix pulled your tank top up and over your head, long whips of duvet covers spilled around him as he resumed kissing you. His tongue parted your lips and found yours as you relished the taste of him. You reached back, undoing your bra, Felix;s hands trailing along the newly exposed flesh as you slipped the undergarment out and onto the floor. Your naked torso clung to him and you motioned to flip over until you were beneath him. He gazed down at you, swollen lips, hazy eyes. “You’re so pretty.” He whispered before pulling his shirt off as well. Our fingers tugged gently at the Christian Dior necklace to bring him back down to you. 
A tiny voice in the back of your mind screamed that you had an audience and as Felix made out with you, you peeked through your lids at Hyunjin who was still taking photos though he was obviously enjoying himself more than you had expected. Had he done… this before? Your mind began to wander to very undiscovered territory. You pulled the covers over Felix’s bareback, your hands running up and down the plains of freckled skin. He sighed and you started to feel him, down there, pressing against the heat between your legs. Maybe you should have taken your shorts off.
You reached down to peel them off, taking your underwear with them, blushing at how wet you were. All the slow, delicate touches from earlier had parked you into sensory overload, it surprised how ready you were, without the need for foreplay. Though it didn’t seem to bother Felix one bit, his underwear tenting affirmed he was right there with you. You pulled at his waistband, and immediately reading the signal tugged them off.
Part of you was thankful that Hyunjin couldn’t see what was happening under the covers as you palmed Felix’s stiff cock, the velvet flesh hot and wanting as he inhaled sharply, teeth nipping at your neck as you did so. You smoothed his precume against the head and down the shaft. His appreciative thrust in response sent a hot wave of tingles southwards. You needed him inside of you, and you needed it now. The sound of the shutter going off became more and more infrequent, but your consciousness was far beyond that. Felix was everywhere. It was overwhelming in all the right ways.
Your hands found his hips, pulling them towards yours, locking your thighs around his waist and pressing him right against your slick core. He let out the most amazing moan as he throbbed, twitching against you, he hungered for this as much as you had, it seemed. Felix pushed up slightly, parting your folds with two delicate fingers and dipped the head of his shaft inside of you. Instinctively, you pushed your hips upwards and it brought him deeper within you, until he met you halfway and drove deep inside of you, fully entering you. Your head craned back as you let out a full fledged moan while Felix kept at still, savouring the tightness of your walls. He rested his head in the crook of your neck as he started to move, pulling out in slow strokes and thrusting upward lilts.
Felix fucked you slow and with undiluted passion. Your lips were sore from making out, yet begged for more, each time he kissed you it was as if it were the first kiss, full of longing and desire. He kept the slow rhythm even when he flipped you on your side to face him, hitched your leg over his hips and pushed his pelvis into yours. It felt phenomenal to be connected to him this way,having an audience just made– wait, where was Hyunjin? Come to think of it, you headn’t heard him taking pictures in awhile. You pressed your hand against Felix’s chest, signaling him to pause, now looking around the room.
You located your photographer sitting in an armchair, several feet away, camera idle in one slack hand, his bare, erect cock in the other. He was completely hypnotized, lidded eyes drinking in the scene before him. When he noticed you watching him he froze, reality coming back down as pink blotches blooming on his face. “I— Oh, I mean–” He stammered awkwardly. “You guys are just so– this is so intense…”
Felix kissed your jaw in an attempt to bring you back into the world that you both created underneath the covers, but you were fixated on Hyunjin touching himself. A myriad of fresh inappropriate thoughts came to light and an exciting new scenario formed in your head. You leaned to Felix’s ear, whispering your adulterated suggestion to him, then watching for his reaction. To your surprise the corner of his mouth turned up and he nodded. 
You eased out from underneath Felix, already missing how perfectly he filled you, slinking out of the bed, prowling stark naked and on your toes towards the photographer who sat slowly masturbating in awestruck silence. Your eyes told of the hunger you felt, and Hyunjin would soon be the fresh kill, your meal. You kneeled before him, placing your hands on his legs and holding his gaze as you dug your nails into his thighs. His breath came out in raps and his hand tightened his cock. You pushed his knees apart, taking his hot shaft in your hands, dancing your tongue around the head, never breaking eye contact with him. You breathed through your nose as you took him into your mouth, lapping around the tip, and a hand gently cupping his balls as you started going down on him.
Hyunjin twitched at the sudden assault of your hot and wet mouth blowing his mind. “Oh-oh, fuck…” He whimpered as you sucked the precume straight from the source. You pulled up until only the tip was still in your mouth and ravished it with your tongue. Ever so gently, you grazed it against your teeth, his hips immediately bucking forward, pushing back into your mouth. “Fuck…” He ran a hand through your hair and out of your face, watching your lips stretch around his girth beautifully. From behind you an airy groan escaped from Felix, he was really enjoying the view as well.
Wanting to prevent anyone from feeling left out, you stopped, sliding Hyunjin’s milky cock out of your mouth with a wet “pop” and winked at him. You strode back to the bed to pounce on Felix, who wrapped his arms around you and thrust his tongue into your mouth before rolling onto his back beside you and you beckoned the other man sitting a few feet away from you over. 
The sound of clothes filled the room as he shrugged out of his clothes, joining the two of you on the bed, kissing up your skins and past your knees. You moaned directly into Felix’s mouth. It seemed Hyunjin wanted to return the favour, your mind telling you what a good guy he was for doing so. Blackened, lust filled eyes watched you from below as he drew his tongue down, slipping it between your sensitive folds, tasing you, lapping greedily at your wetness. Your hand combed through his hair, now shortened you noticed, as he sucked hard on your clit. The air rushed out of your lungs at the sudden flicks of his tongue, your thighs trying to become a vice around his head but Hyunjin hooked his arms around them and held them down, spreading you wide to appreciate you with every motion of his lips and tongue. Felix, in turn, began kissing your sternum as he massaged your breasts, eliciting a squeak of pleasure as you watched him intently. Hyunjin lapped at your sex with a fervor you hadn’t imagined possible. Wanting to touch Felix, you reached for his cock, stroking it as he bit the tender skin of your cleavage.
You needed one of these cock, in you, stat. You gently pulled at Hyunjin’s hair causing him to groan as he disconnected from you, flopping over and on his back facing the edge of the bed, shaft standing tall. You crawled on top of him to face him and Felix, you lowered yourself gingerly over his firth, surprised to find that he was thicker despite his length. It stretched you and provided a delightful resistance before you sank down on his entirety. 
When you were fully seated, you began to rock back and forth, making Hyunjin yours. His hands dug into your hips, trying to speed you up but you weren’t having it, not yet, so you swatted them away and held them down against the bed. Felix was watching as you rode Hyunjin into the mattress, pumping his own cock to match the speed of your gyrating, his chest billowing heavily. You locked eyes with him as you clamped down on the man beneath you, who thrusted up into you just as you came down again. The impact made you shudder and you moaned out for him. “Oh, Hyunjin.” Your pleasure drive sigh came. “Please fuck me.”
At your request he numbly broke from your grasp, flipping you onto your knees so you were still face Felix and sheathed himself inside of you from behind. Hyunjin plowed into you, hard, your ass slapping against his lithe but toned abdomen and his hand, finger so nimble and precise, massaging your bundle of nerves. You wanted to come so badly, but you couldn’t leave Felix there to play with himself. You gave him a come hither grin and he scooted forward, placing the tip of his cock on your lips and you eagerly took him in. The way he sighed your name in response was heaven.
You sucked him off as best as you could while Hyunjin continued to speed up approaching orgasm, using the momentum from his thrusts to take Felix in and out of your mouth. You hollowed out your cheeks, relaxing your throat as his hands knotted in your hair, steadying himself on his knees as he bobbed in and out of your mouth. You fought to focus on him, the creeping oblivion tugging at your awareness. Soon you couldn’t resist it any longer, Felix slipping from your mouth and you allowed yourself to be guided by Hyunjin’s actions to where you needed to go, to reach your peak. He pulled you up until your back was flush against his chest and hastened his thrusts, one hand on your breasts, the other pressing down on your clit. 
You felt all your nerve endings explode, walls clamping down on his cock, a loud cry of ecstasy punctuated your peak, your eyes glazed over as stars dotted your vision. Hyunjin slowed his pace as you rode out your release, flexing around him and letting the warmth radiate you. You eased him out of you, nearly flopping on top of Felix, who was glad to have you back and decorate your jawline with kisses. 
He sat up, pulling you into his lap, guiding his hot length inside of you. “Ahh, fuck, you feel amazing.” He panted as you locked your legs around his back. Your inner walls quivered both from the aftershock of orgasm and at how rock-hard he was. His mouth found yours again and he wrapped his arms around you, holding you close as he thrust upwards. Hyunjin shuffled to your side as you took him in your hands, still slick from fucking you, and you stroked him with a firm grip. His eyes nearly rolled back in his head as you kept going, inching him closer to coming as Felix’s mouth found purchase at your neck, sucking, biting, leaving marks on the delicate skin. 
“I’m gonna–” Hyunjin stuttered out, words not being able to form as your hand was replaced with your mouth, sucking him hard and your tongue drawing frantic patterns around him. Felix, being as kind as he was, slowed his pace so that you could focus and moments later, Hyunjin threw his head back, jutting forward as he came in your mouth, the hot stream hitting your throat as you swallowed him, sucking him clean. You held it there, letting the twitching slow before pulling up and releasing him. He leaned in, giving you an appreciative kiss with lots of tongue, no doubt himself on your lips. 
Felix started up again just as you broke the kiss, his mouth nipping at your ear, voice husky and low as he spoke. “Can I fill you? I really want to, but only if you let me.”
His words cranked your arousal into overdrive, if that was even possible, as you clung to Felix greedily as he fucked you, your bodies slick with persiration, hitting all the right spots and never letting you falter off of him. Hyunjin laid back on the bed, enjoying the finale, a satisfied grin on his flushed face. Another orgasm was on the brink and you arched your back, calling to the man that was inside of you. “Felix, I’m close…”
“Cum for me.” He purred in your ear.
It was more than you could take, mere seconds later your mind shattered as you climaxed a second time, coming down on Felix hard. He joined you in pleasure, ecstasy taking over, as he inhaled sharply through his teeth and spilled his release inside of you. His head leaned back, eyes closed, before coming to rest his forehead against yours. He was so gorgeous in his post-coital bliss. You wished you could hold onto this moment forever…
Your head snapped towards the sound, a stark naked, semi-hard Hyunjin was pointing the camera your way. You were still quite drunk on your orgasm, not having the energy to protest as you groaned. “Not exactly the time for that, Hyunee.”
He climbed back on the bed just as you slid off Felix’s lap and switched back to the preview screen, handing you the camera without a word. Hyunjin had caught the exact moment and your heart swelled. It was a close up of your faces, foreheads pressed together, cheeks flush and sex styled hair on both of you. It was perfection, possibly better than the precious secretive snap he had gotten before. “I think you found your calling.”
He pulled his pants on and chuckled. “What? Doing it with my subjects or taking pictures of them getting it on?”
“Either or.” You told, blissed out smile on your face as you shrugged. “I can vouch for both.” You craned your neck back to look at Felix, who was stroking your arm, still laxed out. “So, how was your first photoshoot?”
He gave you a rather soft smile, one that reached the corners of his eyes and almost made every freckle disappear from his cheeks, then it soon turned into a smirk as he called over your shoulder to ask his other friend something. “How many photographs can fit in your camera?” He asked.
“A few hundred. Why do you ask?” Though it seemed that Hyunjin already knew what he was saying, as the same smirk was not plastered on the other man’s face.
Felix let out a snicker, winking at you and causing your pulse to accelerate. “How many photos did you take today?”
Pushing the buttons, Hyunjin tilted his head at him. “Just shy of 150.”
Felix turned his attention to you, leaning in closer. “Well, looks like my first photoshoot isn’t over, just yet.” As he said this he beckoned Hyunjin to come closer to the both of you, Hyunjin allowing the pants he was putting on, to drop to the floor again. “Gotta fill up all the memory space so Hyunjin has something to work with after all.”
You wanted to argue, tell them that this was just about enough but as plush lips found your skin, your retort turned into a moan, calling out to both of them as you heard that infamous click of the camera. 
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved to spilledtee. There is no copying or modifying of writing. Translating and reposting work is prohibited. Please inform me if you see anything similar to my work.
If you like my work please support me here and send feedback here. Thank you so much :)
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lix-ables · 3 days
# temptations # . . . danceracha.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing. hyunjin x reader, felix x reader, minho x reader, (slightly inexperienced reader)
☰ non-idol!au, pornstar!au, friends with benefits!au
☰ 18+ / nsfw content, minors do not interact. ( warnings will be added later on )
☰ synopsis. when hyunjin, your fuck buddy, who also happens to be a professional pornstar, which you don’t have an absolute clue about, overhears a conversation about you wanting help with your… sexual needs, decides to help you. but what happens when his friends, who are in the same line of work interrupt?
☰ date. tba.
note. ( do let me know if you want to be on the taglist for this )
Tumblr media
“so you’re telling me that this whole time, i’ve been fucking a pornstar?” your whisper is harsh, your fingers are around hyunjin’s collar, bunching it up into your small fists. “when you put it like that, it seems insulting, darling,” he rolls his eyes at you, straightening his shirt when you push away from him, leaving him to lean against the wall.
“you were going to mention this to me, when exactly?” you cross your arms to your chest, frowning at him. it was no wonder that every time he was over at your apartment and finger fucked you (most nights) - it seemed a bit too perfect, you thought. “i was hoping it never came up actually,” hyunjin shrugs, his gaze watching your every move - from the way you paced the small alley that you were in, to the way you twirled your hair, tucking it behind your ear. how he wished he could tug on it, and play with it, twirl that same strand of hair between his fingers as he looked down at you on your knees. but your ‘relationship’ hadn’t crossed or reached that stage. yet.
Tumblr media
permanent taglist: @hwajin @starlostseungmin @chrisbahng @niinjo @chvnnie @lixhues @joonszn @cherryhanji @blueberry-chan @dnadoublefelixx @ethereallino @stuckwithaphobiaa @chewryy @bangchanbabygirlx @zizis-world12 @aimeexx @whatudowhennooneseesyou @seobinniesshi @nightlychans @americanokisses @katieraven @comet-falls @hwan-g
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hwajin · 3 days
#! – [ crazy ] Bang Chan
– gn!reader // nsfw – just rlly nasty and not proofread, enjoy <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You had Chan all over you, his hands caressing every and any part of your body he could possibly hold on to, hands never breaking contact, breath never not fanning over your heated skin. It was desperate, him and you were, and yet you were fully dressed still despite impossible need growing between your legs. And you were touching, too, hands tangled in your boyfriend's locks, holding a tight grip, or travelling down his body, toned and sweaty already, fingers sneaking to feel underneath his shirt, sending his brain to orbit. His breath was hitched, scattered, and his back arched when your palm reached to caress his ever growing bulge. He was a goner, visible in his behaviour and movements, and you haven't even done much.
"Fuck me, please."
Your patience was running low, and your desperation for Chan, to have him entirely and fully increased by the second. Your own, sinful words flustered yourself, yet nowhere near enough for the embarrassment to take the lead, to win over the lust that has set into your body and made it's way right to your core. You needed him, the sooner the better, and no words would ever be too pathetic to say out loud.
And Chan as though lost control right the moment, when the sentence, breathy and hushed in your throat, said so seductively, rolled past your lips. His eyes widened in shock, not used to you being this straight forward, to not having you stutter out your hearts desires to him. He knew he got you shy, was aware of the effect he had on you - and hearing you so sure, so needy for him that you forgot all about your initial shyness, your normal flusterness - it was impossible for Chan to not fall deeper into the idea of you, to not lose his head and have his mind short circuit. He rolled you over, having you lay on your back and in no time he found himself atop of you, bodies so close it was suffocating, in a way so insanely pleasurable. Chan would have surely ripped your clothes if you weren't a tad faster, having your shorts and underwear off in less than a second, watching him with hunger as he, too, undressed before you, disregarding shirt and pants and piling them next to bed, adding them to your garments. And it was a sight to see, visible need and lust rushing through every of Chan's protruding veins, seeing his desires written all over his face and pool at his eyes - and all of it for you, only and entirely.
"Drives you crazy when I say that, huh?"
Your boldness didn't disappoint to make Chan halter in his act, another wave of shock running through him upon watching your smirk, watching you eyeing him up and down, as though knowing he'd combust any moment. His hands, now ever so wanting and much needier than prior, found their way to your hips, holding onto them so harshly one might think you'd slip away if he didn't hold you securely enough. His dick, in contact with your entrance now, yet keeping a teasing distance, not giving in right away, gliding up and down your slit to have you worked up this much more, despite both of you needing nothing else - it got you wild, got you arching your back into his chest already, elicited the sweetest sounds off you, ringing right in Chan's ears and hitting him right at his core.
"Fuck- you drive me crazy."
Tumblr media
@etherealeeknow @linoskitty @unexceptional-h @rseanne @diue @es-kay-zee @urcracksisx @jeyelleohe @yunkiwii @meloohmel @nyrasneedy @seochhj @spidercomics @chans-starlight @angelwonie @lix-ables @yvniek4ng @ppiri-bahng @sstarryreads
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chalamentgfd · 1 day
Hi!! I was wondering if you can do a skz reaction to you kissing them out of the blue? It would be so cute ☺️
✦𝙆𝙞𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙮 𝙗𝙤𝙮𝙨 𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙤𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙡𝙪𝙚
Tumblr media
✦ — pairing: skz x reader (no gender explicit)
✦ — genre: fluff
✦ — cws: none
✦ — length: 796
✦ — N/A: I loved that request! I thought it really cute. Hope you like it <3
Tumblr media
✦ — Bangchan
Cute cute, chan would definitely love that. Let's think your went out to dinner tonight so Chan as a gentleman who offered to walk you home, it was a very pleasant walk lots of jokes, passionate smiles, accidental hand touches… Then finally your destination your apartment.
Your spent some time still talking, not wanting the night to end, but it was getting late and your had work tomorrow and what better way to say goodbye than a goodnight kiss. During the conversation you get closer until you arrive and kiss him, he stands still for a few seconds trying to process and see if he wasn't dreaming but then he returns the kiss. When it's over you say goodbye to each other and as soon as you walk in Chan has the biggest smile on his face on the way back home
Tumblr media
✦ — Lee Know
Okay, just imagine the two of you haven't been together that long and you're a little shy about initiating PDA because you're afraid to step into his personal space. But you were so happy when he made you your favorite food for dinner after you arrived tired from a day you just made it, it was just a lingering peck of thanks and soon you were back looking at food you didn't even notice.
The poor guy stood still for a few seconds to process what just happened so once everything is processed he opens a smile totally in love with you.
Tumblr media
✦ — Changbin
It would be total soft he pretends to be mad tough but he would be broken the moment you kissed him when he was showing you his new song he said it was bad but you loved it so in the heat of the moment you kissed him saying how much you loved the song. Bin felt his cheeks heating up at the time, opening a smile enjoying his attitude, he would probably realize there that you were certainly the love of his life
Tumblr media
✦ — Hyunjin
Now think about it, he was being dramatic complaining that you were paying more attention to Kkami than him.
So to resolve the situation you go there and kiss him to shut him up and show him that you love him, him would be quiet at the time, he is used to your kisses but it was so unexpected that he kind of froze. He would process quickly and would pull you in for more kisses.
Tumblr media
✦ — Han
You paned the poor boy's system, he would be so red. he was rambling about his performance at MAMA, he was extremely nervous afraid of screwing up so you thought the only solution was to shut him up with a kiss you weren't impulsive usually he was the one who took these actions but you didn't want any more spoilers so you thought the best solution.
He got blue screen for sure but he loved his new attitude, maybe he'll tease you later.
Tumblr media
✦ — Felix
Your unexpected kiss was a way of saying thank you, you spent the week focused on your studies and barely saw your boyfriend, part of you was really sad about it but you really needed to pass your exams. Felix knew that and would never charge you for attention knowing how important your studies were for you so he went to your house to take care of you a little so you could rest.
you think that so cute that you couldn't hold back and gave him a long kiss as soon as he finished explaining, he would be shocked at first but soon he would love it.
Tumblr media
✦ — Seungmin
he and the boys had just finished their AWESOME performance at MAMA and you got to watch it all up close, you were so happy and proud of everyone, especially your boyfriend, that the first thing you did when the boys got backstage was just go to him give a kiss.
Kissing you guys was nothing new but in public it was different oh he was soooo embarrassed all the boys were there and their crew yeah he loved it but as soon as you pulled away he was red as a tomato. You could tell he's been teased about it for quite some time.
Tumblr media
✦ — Jeongin
your were on one of your first dates but you already liked each other a lot! You two were trying to get a teddy bear from those stupid machines (sorry I hate them, I always lose) you were already giving up but Jeongin didn't accept that, he wanted to give you the teddy bear he saw your eyes shining.
And then he finally did it, you were so happy you didn't even notice his actions, you walked up to him and gave him one of those movie kisses, and I must say you broke our boy he was so in shock I feel like you could see the butterflies flying from his stomach. Soon you were back to reality, you apologized for being impulsive but he soon assured you that you should do it more often
Tumblr media
✦ — N/A: if you liked this post reblog (helps get it to a wider audience) And comment, I would really like to know your opinion and if I should do more
my requests are open, if you want something, just send me! I will try to do as much as possible
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sir3racha · 2 days
Day Eighteen - Overstimulation - Felix Lee
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Explicit sexual content; implied creampies
Kinktober 2022 Masterlist
“I’m done with you when I say I’m done with you.”
Felix had whispered those words into your ear after your first orgasm, courtesy of his fingers. You had whined at his statement, parting your lips as he slid his fingers into your mouth. Goosebumps erupted across your exposed skin as you tasted yourself, not realizing just what an eventful night you were in for.
Here you were, five orgasms deep and about to achieve your sixth, and Felix was showing no visible signs of fatigue. He himself was already two orgasms deep, though the way he was thrusting into you with such fervor would have made anyone believe he had been denied for the past month.
"God, Felix," Your voice was hoarse from over-use, but you couldn't prevent yourself from at least attempting to warn him of your impending orgasm, "I'm-"
"Oh I know," Felix cut you off, his pace never faltering, "but I'm not stopping." The way that his eyes bore into yours after his statement made your breath catch in your throat, and only took a few more thrusts on his end for you to attempt to close your legs around him as your sixth orgasm washed over you.
True to his word, Felix didn't stop. If anything, he took the knowledge of your orgasm in stride as as his own pace quickened, on top of moving one of the hands that was supporting his weight over you and applying friction to your clit. As the initial pleasure began to wear off, a burning sensation took over, and the pain was almost enough to get you to tell Felix to stop, or at least to slow down.
Your words were failing you however, your brain telling you that while this pain was new, the foreign sensation was becoming pleasurable. All you were able to do was let sounds of pleasure escape your mouth, and these sounds did nothing but spur your lover on as he rubbed fast, disjointed patterns to accompany the thrusts that were now beginning to lose their rhythm.
"Come on, love," Felix coaxed, the gruff tone of his voice making the familiar knot in your lower stomach grow tighter. This one felt different, though, a little more intense, not like any other orgasm you or anyone else had given you before. "Let go for me."
With your body being so obedient to Felix, like it always has been, it didn't take long for your seventh orgasm to wash over you, though it was much more intense than the other six that Felix had brought over you. Your legs shook as your eyes rolled back in your head, your tired voice only managing strained whimpers and whines as Felix continued to abuse your overly sensitive area.
Felix reached his third orgasm very soon after, the feeling of your walls fluttering around him making him inhale sharply through his teeth before letting out a low moan, the sound ending in something akin to a husky growl. He threw his head back, riding out his high as he emptied himself into you for the third time tonight.
Once your body had stopped shaking and Felix had calmed down enough, he looked down at you, using his opposite hand to caress your cheek and make you look at him. Your eyes were half-lidded, and you were already starting to fall asleep. "I'll clean you up, honey, just rest for me," He soothed, leaning down and placing a soft kiss to the tip of your nose. All you could manage was a smile, feeling exhaustion beginning to take over.
As you faded in and out of sleep, you vaguely registered the feeling of a warm rag softly cleaning you up, Felix coaxing you to drink water, and a warm blanket being placed over you before sliding into bed next to you and pulling you close to him. Hushed praises reached your ear, but they were unintelligible at best as your tired brain finally decided to succumb to sleep.
- - - - - - - - - - -
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I'm nothing by myself." Pairing : Lee Know x F!Reader TW : heavily revolving around marriage ; nothing else really ; just general angst ; Word Count : 2.8k
Lee Minho, better known as Lee Know, but to you, he was your boyfriend, someone that you had spent the last ten years with. Everyone adored high school sweethearts, but the two of you had been more than that, you had started “dating” in middle school, although most people frowned upon the fact that you were devoting more of your time to each other rather than your studies, but you both made it, and he had made it further than anyone ever thought he would. You were proud of him, of course you were, and you loved him, but sometimes that love just wasn’t enough. 
Being together for so long meant that you were with him always, no matter where he went, no matter what he did, you were the one who got to be beside him. The shared presence in each other's lives had become such a norm that you found it hard to think of a single moment where you weren’t by his side. Even if he was on the other side of the world, you were waking up in the same bed as he was because he refused to leave you behind. In a way, you both had gotten so used to being with each other, that you both found it hard to function without the other right there with you. 
The problem was that the relationship had been going for so long, everyone just assumed that you were both married already, and he found it to be convenient that everyone thought that way because it meant that he didn’t have to actually tie the knot, he didn’t have to go to the courthouse and get those papers signed. As long as everyone just assumed, it meant that the relationship was fine enough as it was. That’s the way he thought, but not you… 
“So he still hasn’t popped the question? He hasn’t asked you to marry him yet?” Your mom asked as you stood in front of the stove back at yours and Minhos shared apartment. It was becoming a common question that she asked whenever you managed to find the time to call her, but at this point, you were almost avoiding picking up the phone and dialing her number because you were running out of excuses as to why you weren’t married yet. “What’s he waiting for? You both aren’t getting any younger.” 
You sighed softly, securing the phone between your ear and your shoulder as you stirred the vegetables that floated in the pot. “I don’t know, ma… Maybe he’s just not ready yet…” It was the final excuse that you had, it was the only reason you had been giving yourself. Just because you were ready didn’t mean that he was, and while you weren’t sure if that was really it, you kept telling that to yourself to try to make it easier to deal with. “It’s not like he’s out there cheating on me, we just aren’t married, that’s all.” 
The sound of your mother tsking her tongue had you mentally preparing for whatever she was planning on saying next, knowing that it would be something that you didn’t want to hear, but something that she felt she had to get off her chest. “And how would you know whether he is or not? Hmm? He doesn’t even have a ring on his finger, he could be going around saying that he’s single whenever he’s out without you.” You rolled your eyes, thankful that she wasn’t there to see you do it. “And don’t make those faces, I know you are… Honey, I just want you to be happy and I know that it’s bothering you that he hasn’t asked you yet.” 
Damn, mothers really did have eyes everywhere. You quickly lowered the flame and dropped down into the breakfast table chair, running your fingers through your hair and shaking your head. “What do you expect me to do, ma?” You groaned exasperatedly, dropping your head into your hand. “It’s not easy, not when he has his career and everything, and-” 
“And what?” She cut you off, her voice growing stern and you had no choice but to listen to her. “Aren’t you the one who told me that everyone already assumes you’re married anyway? He takes you everywhere with him too. What difference would it make if he married you or not? Hmm?” Fuck, not only did she see everything, but she remembered everything too. “You should’ve married that nice boy that wanted to take you out back in high school. This is what happens.” 
The call couldn’t end soon enough. “Oh, ma, don’t say that. Minho loves me, I wasn’t just going to leave him to be with that other guy.” You mumbled, wishing that Minho would just come home so you could end the call on the account of being busy. “I’ll just… I’ll talk to him about it, okay? Can we just let this go?” 
There it was, the tsking of the tongue again, and much like she could see you without being there, you could envision her face, the look of disappointment etched across it. “I just want you to be happy, I don’t think that’s too much to want for my daughter. Your happiness is just as important to me as it is to you.” Her tone had grown softer and you hated the fact that you understood where she was coming from, and while you weren’t a mother yourself, you knew that you’d feel the same way for your own daughter if you had one. 
“I know, ma…” Your own tone softened along with your demeanor, slumping in the chair and closing your eyes as you tried to think about just what it was that you were going to do. “I love you, thank you.” You whispered, waiting for her to say it back before ending the call and placing your phone in the center of the table, trying to focus on the sound of the bubbling liquid in the pot behind you rather than the obnoxiously loud questions that were sounding off in your head. 
It wasn’t as easy as your mother assumed it would be, and you wondered how she even began to think that it would be easy for you to just end things with Minho as if you hadn’t spent the last ten years of your life with him. It’s not that her words didn’t make sense to you, they made a great deal of sense, and they set off the alarms in your mind that had begun to grow content with the fact that he might just… not marry you ever. There was no way that you could be mad at her for it either, she was a mother, she wanted the best for you, and in her eyes, Minho wasn’t good for you at all and he never had been. It felt like you were being pulled in two different directions at once. 
“There’s my love!” Minho called out as he walked through the front door, kicking off the shoes that he hadn’t switched out of from practice, and while you knew he would be tired from the day he had, he still seemed energetic as ever when he walked over to where you sat at the table, leaning in to kiss the top of your head. “What have you been up to today?” He asked, moving around the table to take the seat across from you, leaning back and letting out a yawn. 
You loved him so much, and he always made you feel just as loved. How were you supposed to just make a decision like this? Was marriage more important than the healthy relationship that the two of you seemed to have? “He doesn’t have a ring on his finger. He could be going around saying that he’s single whenever he’s out without you” Damn those words and the flags they had going off in your head as you sat across from him. Would he really do something like that to you though? Would he actually hurt you like that? You weren’t sure, and god, it hurt even worse to doubt him the way you were right now. You needed that reassurance. “So I was thinking…” You began, and he let out a soft “mmhm” in response, urging you to continue. “We should get married… Before you have to go on your next world tour, you know? I mean, you’ll be so busy with promotions, we should do it while your schedule is pretty clear…” 
He sighed softly, pulling his phone out of his pocket and holding it in front of his face, his way of shutting you out when he knew that an argument was impending, and it had happened enough times for you to be used to it, but it didn’t make it any less upsetting. “I don’t know why this is so important to you, love. Aren’t things going perfectly well right now?” He muttered as he scrolled through his device, and his lack of care about it had you only growing more irritated. 
“B-Because I want to be yours! I want to officially be yours! Why can’t you just… What’s stopping you? Do you not want to? Am I not good enough?” Your voice trailed off into nothing more than a whimper when you asked your last two questions, for some reason scared of what his answer might be. You could see his eyes roll over the top of his phone, his head shaking just enough for you to pick up on, but he didn’t say anything. “Lee Minho, listen to me! Please… Why can’t we? If it’s not me, then what is it?” Your heart hammered in your chest, your mouth becoming dry as the next question worked its way up your throat, landing on your tongue, just waiting to be spoken. “Is there… someone else?” 
His phone was finally lowered, that final question had his head tilting with both disbelief and frustration. “Are you really asking that? Do you really think I’d spend a decade with you if there was someone else?” You swallowed thickly at his sudden questionnaire, the tables being turned and the cards being stacked against you now. “You are mine, and you are officially mine in the eyes of everyone who sees us together. Do we really need the certificate? What difference will it make? I’m yours, and no document will make that any more true than it already is.” He sighed loudly, leaning back in his chair as he picked his phone up off the table, scrolling through it once more now that he had seemingly gotten it all off of his chest. “You’ve been speaking to your mother again, she’s putting you up to this. She’s never liked me.” 
Those words had your fists tightening on your lap underneath the table, soft sniffles sounding from your side as you clenched your jaw. “She just wants me to be happy. She knows I’ve been wanting to marry you for what feels like forever now, and it’s upsetting to her that it hasn’t happened. Is that so wrong?” He scoffed quietly, letting his phone occupy him as you ranted from across the table, and the tears were warm as they began their trickling descent down your cheeks. “Maybe she’s right…” You whispered, not exactly to him, but to yourself. It could be the only reason why he was so adamant against the one thing that should be so easy, especially since the world already knew about you. That could be the only thing holding him back, that desire for constant freedom. “Right about what?” He muttered, still never even sparing you a glance, but you simply shook your head, getting up from your chair and heading to the bedroom. 
“You can’t just end the conversation like that.” Minho grumbled, letting out a loud puff of air, and you heard the sound of the chair being pushed back against the linoleum tile of the kitchen floor, his footsteps coming closer and closer to the door until it was pushed open, revealing you sitting on the edge of the bed crying into your palms. “Why are you crying?” He looked around the room and noticed that the closet door had been opened, a small bag pulled out that you usually only used during overnight stays in hotels with him. “What does she have you thinking, love? What is it?” 
You whimpered quietly, shaking your head, unable to speak. It was hard, it was hard to make a decision based on just what your mother had said, but the way he was acting, the way he spoke, it made the decision easier, it made what she said make more sense, all of it made her words believable. “I don’t want to talk about it anymore… clearly there’s no point anyway…” You whispered, your breaths shuddering with your words. “It’s foolish… that it took me ten years to realize that we just don’t want the same thing.” With a quick swipe of the back of your hand, you wiped away the tears from your cheeks, trying to hold your head high as you got up off the bed. “You can do whatever you want now… See whoever you want… I won’t bother you anymore…” You began pulling out clothes from your drawer, your hands shaking as you tried to neatly fold them and place them in the small bag, but Minhos hand quickly grabbed your wrist, causing you to drop the shirt that you had been holding as he pulled you against his chest. 
“Hey… Love, don’t… What are you saying? I’m not seeing anyone but you…” He lulled, rubbing soothing circles over your back as he held you as close as possible, peppering kisses along the top of your head. “I’m nothing by myself, I’m nothing without you… You’re everything to me. My entire world revolves around you… You are the sun, the moon and the stars, and I’m simply the earth that wouldn’t be able to function without you. Please… Don’t leave me. I know that things… things just don’t make sense… and I know what you want… I wish I could give it to you, I really do…” With your ear pressed against his chest, you could hear his raspy breaths from trying to fight back his tears. 
“Th-Then why c-can’t you…?” You stammered between shaky sobs, keeping your face pressed against his chest, letting your own tears absorb into the cotton fabric of the t-shirt he was wearing. “What’s stopping you? M-Maybe I can help?” You said, almost feeling embarrassed by how desperate you probably seemed, but he let out a dry chuckle, shaking his head as he gently pushed you back so he could look at you. 
“I’ve been trying… And I haven’t stopped trying… I wanted to marry you, and I asked management and they said it was a bad idea because no one knew about you… So I started taking you everywhere with me and the fans love you, you know they do… But that wasn’t good enough, they won’t let me…” He took a deep breath, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth. “I know that’s not a good enough reason… I know that our relationship should come before everything else because it came before everything else… but-” 
You bit your lip, giving him the best smile you could muster through your teary eyes and chapped lips from breathing so much through your mouth. “I get it… There’s a lot on the line… You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place… You don’t know what to do.” It was just as hard a decision for him to make as the decision to leave him had been for you to make. He had worked so hard to get to where he is now, he had trained and busted his ass to become the man he is now, and it almost seemed selfish of you to want something that you now knew would make all of that work for nothing. 
“I won’t stop trying…” He murmured, his hands lowering down to find your own as he stared into your eyes. “I’ll do whatever I have to do to make them say yes, just so I can hear you say yes. I know I should have told you this sooner… I just thought you’d be more upset. I wish I could give you everything you want, I do… And I’m going to… I’m going to find a way to make them agree to it. I love you, and I don’t want to lose you… I’m sorry for making you wait… I’m sorry for giving you any sort of doubt…” He sighed softly, the light sparkling and reflecting off the tears that built on his lower lashes. “We’re going to get married… I promise you that… And if I have to go against them… Then I’ll do it. I need you in my life… I’m not going to lose you because of them…” 
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A Work Proposal (Part 3)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Hyunjin x Reader Word Count: 2.6k Genre: Smut Warnings: 18+, minors dni, unprotected sex (don't be stupid), vaginal fingering, oral (F receiving),
You had been working with Stray Kids for a while now and after a long day at work turns into a very unexpected but intriguing proposal. Will this change your world or end your career?
The following days you weren't able to spend on the music video shoot you had problems left and right with higher management not wanting to sign off on things until certain meetings were concluded and magazine shoots that had to be reorganized because of schedule clashes. It was a chore but it was your job so normally you wouldn't have minded the chaos, but when you had mentioned to them that you wouldn't be at the next few days they had looked a little disappointed which made you feel guilty. However, the next thing thrown at you was going to make everything much harder for them and you.
"Chan I need to speak with all of you, let me know if the dorms or the studio is better for you and it is going to need to be ASAP" you left the message knowing he would probably panic about what it was about but there was no way you were going into details on the phone, what if his messages got hacked.
Dating scandals were always going to be part of the landscape of K Pop and they always would be but this level of members being involved in one at once was going to be a pain in your butt. Still as stupid as it seemed to have to talk to them about the whole thing after you had signed a contract to fuck them at their leisure seemed bizarre. While you were getting lunch you phone rang and before even looking at it you knew it would be Chan.
"Hi Chan" you sighed sipping at your iced tea.
"What's up? you seemed really down in the message" he asked casually but you could tell his voice was tense.
"Have you seen the latest rumors?" you whispered hoping no one could overhear you.
"No....why?" he seemed genuinely confused by your question.
"Well they aren't great I need to talk to all of you and prep a formal statement for the company by tomorrow so I can come to you all or you can come to me" you replied honestly hoping he wouldn't stress too much.
"Fuck" he muttered and you could tell he was pacing from the sounds around him "Come to us if you can. We should be finished here by 7"
"I'll see you at the dorms then, it's not career ending stuff so don't stress to much but it is important" you tried cheering him up knowing it was useless he stressed about pretty much everything all the time anyway.
You had gotten to their dorm a few minutes before they had and immediately noticed how tired they all were.
"Hi sweetheart" Changbin smiled noticing you waiting for them.
"Did you have to wait long?" Minho asked smiling tiredly.
"No, only a few minutes and I'll make sure this is fast so you can all eat and rest properly" you apologized as you followed them into the building. Gathering them all in the lounge area you took a deep breath before continuing knowing that they were not going to be thrilled about these latest rumors.
So I don't know if you have seen them yet but the dating scandal that's about to blow up isn't great, Chan you have been linked to Lily which I know is stupid since she's so young and its a sibling like thing between you, but Hyunjin and Han have both been accused of dating fans and sending them pretty intense messages" you explained gently noticing how Chan and Changbin's jaws both tightened and Minho looked furious.
"Now I know they aren't true that isn't what I am here to discuss, I've seen the texts and the images and they are pretty graphic so we need to hit back with the big guns" you continued noticing how they all relaxed a little at your words "I'm going to suggest we start a lawsuit against the people who started this bullshit and then also have each of you confirm what wording you want me to use for you denials, again I suggest really strong worded denials to keep the public onside as much as we can"
"You don't think they are true?" Han murmured softly "Like you aren't even going to ask us to explain anything you just know they aren't"
"Yeah I think its all garbage, I'll admit I don't know you as well as your members do, but the texts and photos are borderline pornographic and I know you would never send messages like that" you smiled at his as reassuringly as you could.
"But what if we do send flirty texts and stuff to someone were interested in?" Hyunjin asked frowning slightly.
"Then I know you would send them in a smarter way than this" you smirked trying again to lift the mood, you were going to fix this for them and you were not going to let them stress over it by dragging them in front of higher ups to prove it wasn't them when you knew it wasn't you had already started the whole denial but you wanted their input to make it sound more like a personal statement.
"Minho and I will come in with the two of you when it needs to be explained to the upper management guys" Chan smiled leaning over to squeeze Hyunjin's thigh.
"That's not going to be necessary Chan, I've already done that you wont have to front them" You again smiled while you went back to typing quickly " Ok this is what I have written so far, read through and tell me what you want me to add". Chan took the tablet almost grinning at you, he read it quickly before passing it down to Han and Hyunjin to read.
"Yeah that's good" Hyunjin smiled shakily and Han nodded along.
"You don't need to worry so much Hyunjin" you soothed taking the tablet back from him to place beside you, and take his hand in yours "I'm not going to let them put you on hiatus again, I'm not going to let them put Han on hiatus either it will be fine" you could see the worry in his eyes and it annoyed you that total stranger thought it was alright to cause him pain for no reason. "Now go all of you rest, I will take care of the rest".
You had headed back to the office and had the statement run through legal before making a formal police report about the slander and harassment and then you sent it out to every news outlet, gossip site and social media you could. Hopefully by the time the boys had all woken up it would be a 180 degree flip from the vitriol that was expected to be rained upon them. You texted Chan knowing full well he would not be asleep to let him know you would be late in the next morning since it was already after three in the morning and went home to rest yourself.
You woke the next morning late and started getting ready for you day ending up making yourself coffee in the kitchen when there was a knock at your apartment door. You looked through your peep hole as saw a large bunch of flowers with legs making you instantly smile, opening the door you realized it wasn't just a delivery it was Hyunjin holding the flowers tightly looking a little nervous.
"Hello Hyunjin" you beamed at him as he handed the flowers over wordlessly seemingly lost in his head "Would you like to come in?"
"Thank you" he whispered following you in as you closed the door behind him and took the flowers to the kitchen to find something to put them in.
"These are beautiful Hyunjin, thank you, you really didn't need to get them for me though" you were still smiling as you sniffed their beautiful perfume and gently touching the petals.
"I hoped you would like them" Hyunjin finally said his voice still a little tight "I wanted to say thank you for looking out for us so much, and for believing us, well me" he admitted softly smiling at you.
"I will always look out for you, I would have thought you all knew that by now, at least based on the latest developments" you bit your lip shyly hoping you wouldn't seem to forward bringing it up. Hyunjin grinned at that stepping so close to you that he was almost touching you, raising his hand he softly took your chin between his fingers forcing you to look up at him wetting his lips with his tongue.
"Princess" he breathed against your skin making you shiver under his intense gaze "I want you, can I have you?" you were too caught up in his presence to even answer so his slowly lent in pressing his lips to yours in a delicate kiss before pulling back to look into your eyes again.
"Yes" you whispered your eyes flicking between his eyes and his perfect lips making him smile brilliantly before claiming you lips again in a slow sensual dance. Letting go of your jaw his hand instead came up to cup your face his touch almost too gentle for you to bare, his other hand pulled you against him as he lazily continued to kiss you.
"Where is your room princess? I want you comfortable while I worship you" he sighed leaning his forehead against yours making you melt against him in anticipation. Pulling slightly away you took his hand in your and led him through your apartment to your room where he once again pulled you against him to kiss you once more. "I'm going to make love to you princess for as long as you will let me".
You gasped softly feeling your skin heat up which he took advantage of tipping you head back slightly so he could deepen the kiss, his tongue sliding against your slowly, teasingly while he slid his hand down to your hip to hold you against him. Wrapping your arms around his neck you let him take the lead in how fast he wanted to move, feeling warmth pooling inside you with each brush of his plump lips against yours. Agonizingly slowly Hyunjin's hands made their way around your body making you whimper against his lips.
"Oh is my little princess feeling warm under my touch?" he teased sweetly unbuttoning the blouse you had put on for work "How about we rid you of some of these layers then hm?" pushing the fabric from your shoulders and down your arms to fall to the floor.
His unhurried actions gave you time to savor him, the darkening of his eyes, the reddening of his lips, the neediness of his touch it was intoxicating as so different from Chan or Changbin.
"Chan said you feel perfect but that no one has treated you properly" his words were hushed like he knew you were under his spell and didn't want to risk breaking it.
"Yes" you whined quietly as his lips returned to yours his tongue seeking entrance to your mouth to massage your own. He backed you towards your bed carefully to keep you from falling before gently lowering you both to the soft sheets. His hands continued to roam across your skin squeezing and massaging you skin, your own fingers skimming the bottom of his shirt and lightly running your fingers across his abs and the waistband of his pants.
"May I?" he asked sweetly undoing your jeans and dragging them leisurely down your thighs and calves to drop them beside your blouse.
"Can I see you?" you purred looking up at him innocently making his eyes widen before creasing up into little crescent moons.
"Of course princess" he murmured easily slipping his shirt over his head and letting your fingers trace his skin again. He continued to kiss and caress you preparing you for what was to come, kissing his way up and down your body only to miss the areas you wanted him to. You almost cried out when he gingerly began grazing his long beautiful fingers against the crotch of your long soaked underwear.
"Can I begin now princess? Do you think you are ready for me?" he smirked against the skin of your neck lightly mouthing at the skin there.
"Please Hyunjin, my god please" you groaned making him smile as he deftly pushed your underwear aside and began stroking you wet slit, gathering your wetness he circled your clit a few times before dipping just the tip of his finger into your entrance and feeling no resistance, he allowed him self the first whine of pleasure.
"So wet princess, I can't wait you make you come all over my cock but first let me spoil you" He muttered against you lips as he languidly slid two of his fingers into your core tenderly thrusting them and curving them at just the right angle for you to writhe against him in moments. He coaxed your first orgasm from you faster then you expected by pressing his thumb against you clit making you buck against him all the while his mouth devoured your moans and whines until you threw your head back almost screaming his name. He slipped his fingers from you bringing them to his lips to suck clean.
"Delicious, can I continue?" He asked watching you panting wide eyed and you nodded desperately "Good" he grinned lowering himself between your open thighs, taking one in each large hand he looked to your face before agilely letting his tongue go to work on your dripping core, carefully focusing on long slow strokes of your clit and gentle sucks and nibbles with his magnificent lips suckling at you with desire. You could feel your whole body burning as he once again sucked his clit between his lips humming around it as your fingers found their way to his head grazing his scalp with your fingernails and tugging his hair slightly.
"Hyunjin, please, I'm so close" you mewled trying to grind your hips to vigorously into his face but he just growled holding you open further sucking harsher on your clit and finally biting at it is softly as you began to come undone again "Hyunjin...Hyunjin....oh fuck Hyunjin" you called again and again until you felt light headed.
You could hear him chuckle as he wiped his face on the back of his hand bringing himself back up to you lips as he easily slipped inside you, your walls were still quivering with the intensity of your second orgasm but it only spurred him on as he continued the languid pace he has set earlier thrusting into you gently before pulling almost completely out of you again. Unable to contain your quiet moans he smiled down at you resting his weight on his elbows as his hips driving his length into you brushing places you were sure you had never been touched before.
"You are perfect princess, perfect, so tight and wet and perfect for my dick" Hyunjin moaned finally taking his own pleasure from you his hips speeding up as he pounded his cock inside you heard and deeper making your eyes roll back in you head. "Can I come inside you?" he gasped as you squeezed him with your swollen walls.
"Yes, yes, yes" you chanted making him speed up again as he began to lose his tempo as he approached his own climax. You could feel how close he was so you squeezed him again wrenching another perfect groan from him.
"Fuck princess" he gasped as he spilled his seed inside you leaving you both a panting and sweaty mess. Resting his forehead against yours he sweetly pecked the tip of your nose.
"I forgot to mention Chan asked for you to have the day off so you aren't going anywhere princess" He grinned lazily kissing you again.
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Closer to You - Han Jisung X Female Reader
Tumblr media
Best Friend! Idol! Jisung X Best Friend! Stylist! Female Reader
Established Long Time Friendship
Requested: Yes
Genre: Fluff and Smut with a bit of Angst
AN: This fic will contain 18+ content Minors DO NOT INTERACT!!! I hope you guys enjoy this. This is my first time writing a friends-to-lovers plot type, so please leave feedback. I'm open to any and all criticism as long as it is constructive. Thank you, Enjoy!!
Y/N had known Jisung for as long as she could remember. The two had been as thick as thieves since they could walk. They both grew up studying in Malaysia, and when Jisung went to Seoul to chase his dream of being an idol, Y/N followed him to support him. She studied while living in Seoul and eventually earned her fashion degree. After her graduation, she applied for a stylist job at JYP Entertainment.
She was assigned to Stray kids around the God's Menu era. When Jisung found out his best friend was going to be their stylist, he was so excited. While she would take his measurements, he would pick at her. "Ji! Hold still! I really need your accurate measurements! Channie-Oppa, please control your kid" She whined. Chan chuckled, "Jisung-ah hold still so y/n can get your measurements."
As time passed, Y/n's feelings for Jisung got stronger, and she was having trouble ignoring them, especially when Jisung hugged her every time he saw her. Soon Jisung and Y/N became friends with benefits. Y/N hated that all she was to Jisung was his best friend with whom he had sex, but she knew that if she confessed to Jisung, she could lose him as her friend.
Y/N was waiting for Jisung to arrive for their weekly movie night, but he was running late from dance practice. She sighed as she was dressed in her pajamas, knowing what would be coming as soon as they sat down to watch the movie.
When Jisung arrived, he smiled and hugged her, still sweaty from practice. "Hey, how was practice?" she asked softly. Jisung groaned, plopping himself down on the couch with his head on Y/N's lap, "It was stressful. we had to learn two new routines today." Y/N chuckled at him softly, "Looks like someone needs to let off some steam. Any way I can help?" Jisung smirked up at her.
He sat up and kissed her passionately while wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into his lap, straddling him. She ran her hands through his hair, kissing him lustfully. Jisung picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, still making out with her.
As he laid her down carefully on the bed, Jisung quickly took his shirt off, throwing it somewhere in the room. Y/N took her shirt off as well, her bra following. Jisung looks at her, his eyes dark with lust, "Fuck, you look so beautiful." Y/n felt her heart speed up quickly as he pulled her into a rough kiss. Y/n pulled on Jisung's belt as she unbuckled it. Jisung's chuckle sounded in her ear, "Eager, aren't you? You're such a slut for my cock" She nodded at him, "Yes, please need it, Ji"
Jisung wasted no time completely undressing himself and Y/N and pushing himself into her. She moaned out as she felt him enter her, "Fuck Ji! You're so big," Jisung groaned lowly in her ear, "how are you still so tight?" Jisung thrusts into Y/N roughly, eliciting moans and whines from her mouth.
Y/N whined and whimpered softly as Jisung grabbed her throat applying pressure softly, "You love when I'm rough with you aren't you, slut?" Y/N nodded quickly moaning softly. Y/N felt the knot in her stomach grow tighter as she felt her orgasm grew closer. "F-fuck Y/N if you keep clenching around me like that I'll cum" Jisung groaned softly.
"Do it! Feel me up Jisung!" Y/N moaned as she threw her head back as she came. Jisung moaned deeply as he trusted as deep as he could cumming inside of her, "F-fuck you felt so good."
Jisung pulled out of her and laid beside her almost instantly falling asleep. Y/N looked at him and sadly smiled. She gently stroked his hair and whispered, "Good night, Ji. I love you" Y/N fell asleep soon after.
A few weeks later...
She had been avoiding Jisung for weeks now and she had even ended their friends with benefits arrangement. It wasn't that she didn't want to be around him. She was worried that her feelings for Jisung would be revealed if she continued with their arrangement.
She found out that she was pregnant and was afraid that Jisung would hate her if she told him. The only person she told about the baby was Minho since he was the only one who knew about the arrangement and her feelings she had for Jisung. "Y/N, You need to tell him. He has a right to know. This is his child too." Minho told her quietly as she arrived to work. "I know. I just don't know how to, Min" She admitted. "He won't hate you. Just do it soon."
Later, Y/N groaned softly as she took Chan's measurements so she could quickly design his outfits for the Maniac world tour that was quickly approaching. "Y/N? Are you feeling ok?" Chan asked looking at her concerned. Their leader's sudden question alerted the other members to their stylist's side. "I'm fine. Just feeling a little nauseous" she replied. "are you sure? you look a little pale, Y/N-ah" Changbin said softly. "Guy's I'm fine. I promise. it's probably something I ate3 making me feel like this" Y/N insisted.
After she finished with most of the members, she sat down before she started taking Jeongin's measurements. In the middle of writing down the measurements, she felt sick and ran to the nearby bathroom. "Let it out Noona" Jeongin said as he rubbed her back and held her hair back as she vomited into the toilet. She groaned after she finished. The other boys gathered outside the bathroom waiting for Jeongin to let them no how Y/N was feeling.
She sat down and waited for the nausea to pass as she drank some water. Jisung sat beside her softly feeling worried. He rubbed her back softly, "Let me bring her home she needs to rest." Chan nodded. Y/N sighed but let Jisung bring her home.
"Y/N talk to me. You've been acting weird lately. First you end our arrangement, then you won't hang out with me, and now you're keeping secrets from me. I know you talked with Minho about me. What did I do that made you hate me?" Jisung said feeling frustrated as she sat on the couch. "Ji...I don't hate you. I could never hate you. I love you so much that I couldn't stand to continue our arrangement knowing that you'd never feel the same!" She confessed, "I-I can't ruin your career like this. You worked so hard to be an idol and I don't want to come in the way of that"
Jisung looked at her confused, "What do you mean? You couldn't possibly ruin my career, Y/N. I've loved you since we were teenagers. I didn't think you'd ever love me like that which is why I loved our arrangement so much." Y/N looked at him tears falling from her eyes as Jisung pulled her close.
She quickly shook her head, "No, you can't love me. I will ruin your career. Ji, I'm pregnant" Jisung looked at her softly in shock but he only pulled her closer and wiped her tears away. "Baby..baby..baby... This won't ruin my career. Our baby is just another reason for me to love you more. I love you and I'll be here for you." Jisung gently stroked her hair as he laid on the couch holding her close.
"I love you, Ji" She said feeling tired. "I love you too baby" Jisung said kissing her forehead, "Let's get you into bed." Jisung carried her to the bedroom and laid her down before getting in beside her with his arms around her. Y/n slowly fell asleep in Jisung's arms with his loving gaze on her. "Don't worry sweetheart, I love being closer to you" Jisung whispered to her softly kissing her cheek as he took a nap with her.
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i’m not sure if ur requests are open so feel free to ignore if they are not but i was wondering if i could request some hyunjin fluff. maybe like reader and hyunjin spending the day together.
no worries || hwang hyunjin
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❥𓂃𓏧 warnings: none.
❥𓂃𓏧 genre: fluff.
❥𓂃𓏧 pairing: hyunjin x gn!reader.
❥𓂃𓏧 word count: 1,4k words.
❥𓂃𓏧 notes: hi anon! thank you so much for your request! i hope you enjoy this! <3
please make sure to reblog and if you want to, drop a comment!
Tumblr media
finally a day off.
as of late, you and hyunjin had been extremely busy, him with his idol schedule and you with your own job and boss that thought that you were willing to work extra time and days.
so seeing each other and spending days together had been something that couldn’t even cross your mind.
but today was finally the day that you two could coordinate to have off.
you opened your eyes and immediately saw hyunjin laying on his back, with his head turned away from yours, the room was completely dark, since your boyfriend had convinced you of buying black out curtains.
you turned around and looked at your phone, it was barely 9 am, and you cursed at your brain for waking you up this early when you had nowhere to be.
hyunjin turned his head and in his sleep, wrapped his arms around your body and pulled you closer, his face rested a few inches away from yours, and your noses barely missed eachother.
now that you were this close, you took the time to admire his angel looking face.
months ago you had already memorized every detail of his beautiful face, but you decided to try analyze it once again, trying to spot any changes, maybe a new mole or pimple.
he had always been dedicated to his skin routine, and it definitely paid off, since you could feel the softness of it when you laid your fingers on his cheek.
you pushed away a strand of hair that had fallen in front of his eye and softly scratched his nape.
“if you’re trying to wake me up, it’s not gonna work”, hyunjin surprised you when he spoke softly.
“i think it already did”, a big smile made it’s way into your lips.
hyunjin whined and snuggled closer.
“what time is it?”, he asked.
“it’s almost 9 am”
“agh, y/n why did you wake up so early?”
“i don’t know! my body is conditioned to wake up early i think”
he opened his eyes and saw yours wide open, he placed his hand on top of them and closed them in an attempt to get you to get back asleep.
“shh, sleep now, shh”, he lulled, you softly snorted.
“i don’t think it’s gonna work, love”, you told him as he continued his hand motion over your eyes.
“shh, you just gotta try, now shh, go back to sleep”
you let him continue, not wanting to burst his bubble.
after a few seconds he stopped and asked, “are you sleeping now?”
“yeah, honey, sure”
he opened his eyes and saw you staring at him, and sighed.
“i did what i could, now you’ll be the only one awake”, he got comfortable and tried to sleep again.
“yah, don’t, you already woke up!”
“yeah! but not because i wanted to! you woke me up by touching my face”, he frowned.
“i was just admiring you!, it’s not my fault you’re so damn gorgeous”
he opened one eye and pulled his head a bit away from yours as if he wanted to examine your face better.
“you think i’m gorgeous?”
“hyunjin, we are not gonna have this conversation again”, you roll your eyes at him playfully, he gives you an offended look.
“what conversation?”
“the one where i say you’re beautiful, or gorgeous, or cute, and you act like you either didn’t hear me or pretend like you don’t know what i’m talking about and ask me to say it again, instead of directly asking me to compliment you again”
“wha- i don’t do that!”, he exclaimed frustrated.
“you just did!”
“agh, whatever, let’s just go back to sleep”
“if i say you’re gorgeous again, will you get up and come with me to have breakfast at this coffee shop i found?”
“which one?”, he asks but doesn’t open his eyes.
“i don’t remember it’s name, but i found the instagram yesterday and it looked cute, it had like cottage vibes”
he opens his eyes and raises an eyebrow, “will you pay?”
you roll your eyes, “sure”
“okay, now tell me i’m pretty”, he smiles.
you sigh, “you’re really pretty, baby, now, will you go with me or not?”
“of course, you just had to ask”, he opens his eyes again and before you could protest, he kisses your lips, and gets up, heading to the bathroom to take a quick shower.
with an enamoured grin, you follow him.
♡。·˚˚· ·˚˚·。♡♡。·˚˚· ·˚˚·。♡♡。·˚˚· ·˚˚·。♡♡。·˚˚· ·˚˚·。♡
you had been sitting at the cafe for about two hours since you arrives at around 10 am, everything was delicious, the coffee was just on point and the food was sweet and tasty.
you’re conversation had jumped from topic to topic, and you hadn’t shut up since you sat at your table, the lady at the front desk had been eyeing you for a while, and you assumed it was because your really never stopped talking.
“what do you wanna do after we finish?”, hyunjin asks, pushing aside his coffee cup and grabbing your hand in his.
“mhmm, that’s a good question, what do you want to do?”
“there’s an art museum not far from here…”, he suggested.
“are you sure you haven’t gone yet?”
he avoids your gaze and scratches the back of his neck.
“hyunnie…”, you’ve caught him, and you find extremely amusing the fact that he’s trying to deny he’s already probably spent hours there.
“okay, maybe i went, but i didn’t see everything!”
“okay, fine, i might’ve gone there and stayed for like 7 hours, but that’s not important!”
“yeah, i got carried away a bit”
“a bit? that’s not a bit babe”, you laugh.
“well the art is really good so you can’t blame me”
“i bet it was, if you managed to lose track of time and stayed seven hours”
“so… you wanna go?”
“sure, let me pay and we’ll go”, you call for the waiter and move to get your wallet, but hyunjin grabs your hand firmly.
“don’t worry, i’ll get it this time, you’ll pay next”
“that’s what you said last time”
“did i?”, he gives you a fake puzzled look while he pays the bill.
“have a good day”, the waiter smiles and walks away, you two get up, get your stuff and walk out of the cafe.
the day was sunny, but it wasn’t hot and there was a nice breeze.
walked hand in hand slowly, like you had you had no worries, and that’s exactly how you felt.
once you arrived at the museum, you saw hyunjin nod at the guard respectfully.
“back again, huh?”, the guard asks.
“yeah, i’m bringing my love to appreciate this beautiful art”
“hope you have a great time”
“thank you”, you say. “seems like you two became friends on your stay”, you point out.
“yeah, i spent like 2 hours admiring the paints with him, he actually knows a lot, he taught me what techniques some of the artists used and told me the stories behind them, i also showed him my art”
“yeah, he said he hoped to see my paintings up here someday”
you smiled wildly at him and kisses his cheek.
“let’s go see what all the fuss is about”
you spent all afternoon there, admiring and debating which paint had a better technique, and even though you weren’t much of an effort, you enjoyed listening to hyunjin speak so passionately about the paints.
he pointed out little details you failed to see and told you how much he wanted to reach that skill level he saw in many artists.
when you noticed it began getting dark and you decided to head out, you waved goodbye to the guard who was still there and headed back to your apartment.
once you arrived, you took your shoes off and took a shower, you then prepared dinner and decided to take the plates up to the roof of your apartment complex.
as you were staring into the night sky and contemplated the stars, you felt hyunjin’s gaze on you.
“can i help you?”, you ask and turn your head to face him, when you did, you saw him staring lovingly at you.
“no, i just really love you”
you felt your heart skip a beat.
“i really love you too”, he leaned in and kissed you.
and at this time, you wanted to stay here, in his protecting arms and a nice breeze, with the sounds of the busy city under you.
Tumblr media
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buggieastro · 20 hours
can you do bang chan as a boyfriend please? ❤️🖤
based on tarot, take this lightly!
he's good at rolling with whatever life throws at him
so he could handle potential drama or struggles from his partner well
the type of boyfriend who welcomes his partner's struggles, he wants to help
he's pretty good at multitasking, so he's usually good at making sure he's putting enough attention into the relationship
but he's super work oriented, so when work becomes demanding he has a habit of neglecting the relationship some
he tries his hardest to find a good balance in the relationship, making sure both him and his partner are happy and satisfied
he's kind of a sensual boyfriend, rather than a cute boyfriend, but he definitely has his cuter moments
he likes to get along well with his partner's friends and family as well, so he tries to introduce himself well and make good conversation with them
he's pretty sweet, caring, kind, etc.
he definitely sends "you up?" or "wyd" texts at 3 am lmao
he tries to be optimistic for his partner
dates usually consist of home dates with the very occasional nice dinner date
he might spoil his partner for holidays
he likes to take on a lot of responsibilities in the relationship, but he might take on too much which causes him to be overwhelmed
he might change his opinions and beliefs to best fit his partner sometimes
basically he lets his partner influence him and his opinions
because he's so busy and takes on too much responsibility, he might lose his sense of balance and it can sabotage the relationship
he might hold grudges in relationships, but tell his partner he holds no grudges
and if the relationship requires changes that he doesn't want to make (or put in the effort to make), he might abandon the relationship, but if he's super committed he would make an attempt to make the changes.
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tasteleeknow · 22 hours
— hello stranger. part one.
Tumblr media
pairing: minho ft. hyunjin x fem!reader genre: smut, angst, fluff, soulmate!au. content: 18+ minors dni. chapter warnings below cut. word count: 7k
summary: after watching everyone around you pair off with their soulmate, you finally get your turn. a slow burn strangers to enemies to lovers soulmate!au with jealousy and angst and smut and suffering (and softness ofc).
Tumblr media
mention of death (a recurring theme, not a main character). mc has anxiety. mention of body insecurity.
“I’m so happy for you, Mina. I-I really am.” 
Your roommate was engaged to her soulmate. She’d woken you up at 2am, flicking your lights on and jumping up and down on your bed until you’d roused enough to comprehend what she was saying. A little over a year ago she’d gotten a notification—the person that suited her more than anyone else on earth had been found. 
“She’s been trying to do it for weeks, apparently. She kept chickening out,” Mina giggles as she fiddles with the ring on her finger. “Isn’t it pretty?” she says, holding it out for you to inspect. 
She’d shown you many times in the 20 minutes she’d been sitting cross-legged on your bed. You indulge her, taking her delicate hand in yours to take another look at the admittedly very pretty ring. Her joy was a little overwhelming, you’d been so low for so long. 
It was only a few months after Mina met her soulmate that your boyfriend met his. He’d lied to you, signing up for the matching service behind your back. When he’d left, you’d signed up yourself in your anger—as if it could do anything to hurt him back. He didn’t care. 
Neither did you, not anymore. You watched the people around you pair off, so distracted by their own joy not one of them had asked you about your lack of it. Then, a few weeks ago you’d received your notification. You’d stared at your phone screen, trying to comprehend the reality of it. All you had to do was acknowledge the match and agree on a time to meet. Then… you’d be one of the happy ones? You’d thrown your phone onto the bed, ignoring it until you were forced to pick it up again. You hadn’t told anyone since. 
You look up at your friend again, her cheeks rosy—likely from a mixture of wine and excitement. “Mina?”
“Mm?” she responds absentmindedly, not looking up from her ring. 
“I-I got my notification…” Her eyes snap up to meet yours. “...a few weeks ago,” you finish. 
“What?! Who are they?!” she squeals, falling forward to grab your hands in hers—flapping them up and down. 
“I don’t know, I didn’t respond.” 
She drops both your hands onto the bed, eyes wide. “What? Why?”
“I…don’t know. I’m scared, I guess.” 
She shuffles up to sit beside you against the pillows. “Ya know, I was scared at first too.”
You look up to her face, she’s looking at her ring again. You remembered the first week after she got her notification. She’d been so bouncy and overwhelmingly happy, you don’t remember her being nervous at all. “You were?” 
“Mm, I know the whole idea is that you are supposed to be perfect for each other. But… what if I was the exception? What if I wasn’t enough for her? It felt…like such a huge thing to live up to—being someone’s perfect person. I just wanted to be enough for whoever it was I was going to meet.” She reaches over to take your hand. “Then I met her…and that all felt so silly. She was everything and I knew that even if I wasn’t enough for her yet, I'd do everything to make sure I was. She made me wanna be the best person I could be and it…was a lot—but in the best way.” 
“I don't… know if I’m ready to be the best version of me.” 
“That’s the point, even if you aren’t. They’ll help you. Besides, what if they need you to help them be the best version of them?”
“I’m not sure I could help anyone with that…” 
“Just try? Yeah? I’ll be here,” she says, squeezing your hand gently. 
You look over to your nightstand where your phone is charging. You couldn’t really bear to look at it these days. Mina nudges your shoulder. You reach over to grab it. She’s quiet as you open the app. Your heart races as you enter times you are available to meet, hesitating over the final button that confirms your agreement. You look down to Mina’s hand on your leg, the delicate ring catching your eye. You take a deep breath, then hit confirm. 
Tumblr media
Three weeks and they haven’t confirmed a time. Whoever they were, they clearly didn’t want you. You knew it was silly, to be upset about something you’d done yourself. Maybe they just had the same insecurities you did? Mina was busy with wedding preparation, you didn’t blame her for being distracted. She was happy and you were happy she was happy. Everything was fine. 
“What about these?” Mina says, pointing out some blue carnations. The only other time you’d been in a flower shop like this was when you’d bought some roses for your anniversary with your ex. 
“They’re pretty, are you definitely going with blue then?”
“Mm,” she confirms, “blue and purple.” She wanders away again and you trail behind, fiddling with the chain dangling off your phone case. “Haven’t heard back?” she asks. You pause briefly, it’s the first time she’s asked in over a week. 
“They’re probably panicking like you were.” 
“Yeah,” you mutter. 
You’re a little out of it as she leads you around the store—fiddling with the chain the entire time. The loud ring of a notification startles you, a small squeak leaving your lips. Mina looks up at you as you flick your phone to silent, you must have absent-mindedly flicked it while you were fiddling. You look up to meet her eyes. 
“Check it,” she prompts. 
“It’s probably nothing.” 
“Check it,” she repeats. So you do. He’s confirmed to meet the next day. Just like that. Mina snatches your phone from your hands. 
“Tomorrow?! Oh my god,” she says before shoving your phone back in your hands. “Confirm you’re going.” 
“I’m going…” you mumble, staring down at the screen—attempting to process it. 
Mina’s laugh breaks you from your daze. “Yes, you’re going. Come on, let’s go pick your outfit.” She grabs your arm, pulling you from the store. 
Tumblr media
You hardly sleep that night, spending the entire next morning cleaning your apartment—attempting (and failing) to distract yourself from the anxiety stirring in your chest. Your small cat brushes against your leg as you bend down to clean her tray. 
“Hey, baby. You might meet a new friend soon, hm?” She meows at you. “Mm, I know. It’s scary for me, too. We’ll be okay, I'm sure they’re nice.” 
A clap of thunder makes you jump. It had been storming all night. Usually storms relax you but apparently not even that could calm you now. “Gonna shower now,” you whisper to your cat, stroking her fur one last time. 
You’d been putting it off, showering. You didn’t feel like looking at yourself. You didn’t consider yourself a particularly insecure person, most of the time you managed to stay pretty neutral about how you looked. You were fine. Right now though? Every negative thought you’d ever had was stirring to the surface. You couldn’t help pausing just before stepping into the shower, twisting back and forth to inspect yourself in the mirror. You’re fine. 
Tumblr media
You struggle to close your umbrella, shoving the handle into your stomach so you can push it down—eventually managing to collapse it fully. It’s still pouring. You’d closed your eyes the entire bus trip, listening to the rain and attempting to settle your nerves. You weren’t particularly successful. You rest your hand on the wall, steadying yourself—your empty stomach growling as you gather yourself. This is fine. 
You look up at the revolving door. A girl walks out with a huge grin on her face—giggling to herself as she passes you. Clearly her meeting went well. You suck in a deep breath, the fresh air helping a little. Then, shoving the umbrella in your bag, you head inside. 
The receptionist hands you a clipboard and a pen and asks you to wait for someone to collect you. It makes you feel like you’re at a dentist appointment. Not great for your nerves. You settle yourself in the corner to read the forms. You expect a disclaimer to cover the company's ass; terms and conditions. It’s a little more than that. Your leg bounces as you scan the pages, pen tapping against the clipboard. 
Customers retain the right to withhold personal information from partners and discontinue communication at any time. Security is present on the premises. You read a paragraph about a wristband each person can use to signal for security discreetly. Why would anyone need that? You realise you're chewing on the pen. Crap. You look up to see if anyone has noticed. You can’t read anymore. You feel like your entire brain is consumed with trying to keep it together. You scribble your name at the bottom of the last page and head to the desk to hand it back. 
“I’m—I’m done with this.” 
“Oh, good. Felix will take you through now,” the receptionist answers, pointing to the blonde man holding a door open for you. 
“Thank you,” you say quietly, adjusting your bag on your shoulder and heading over. This is fine. 
“Good morning, I’m Felix” he greets. His voice is calm and his face bright. You can see why he has this role. 
He holds the door for you as pass then leads you down a long hallway, turning to speak to you. “Nervous?”
“A little,” you say, offering him a small shaky smile.  
“You’ll be fine, promise. I’ve worked here awhile and never seen anyone leave without a big smile.” He stops at a cupboard built into the wall, pulling the door open. “Could you hold your hand up for me? Just wanna check your size.”
You offer him your arm and he wraps a small smartwatch around your wrist. “Perfect,” he mutters to himself. 
“This is to call for security?” you ask. 
“Yeah, just press this button on the side. It won’t make a noise. They won’t know you’ve called.”
“Why…why would I need this if everyone always leaves with a smile?” 
“I’m sure it was suggested by a lawyer at some point, just a precaution.” Your hand shakes a little as he secures the strap for you. “You’re okay,” he says, obviously noticing your visible nerves. 
You’re okay. 
“I’ll take you to your room now, okay?” he asks, voice gentle. You look up to his face, counting a few of his freckles as you take a few slow breaths. 
“Okay,” you say after a few seconds. He smiles then turns and leads you through a door to another long hallway. This one has many doors along each side, each one numbered. You count them as you go. He finally stops at door 14. “This is you,” he announces. He doesn’t open it, just turns and looks at you—clearly waiting for you to prepare yourself. 
“Are they… in there already?”
“Mm, we stagger arrivals. He’s been here about 30 minutes.” 
“Oops, spoilers,” he says, offering you a playful smile. 
You offer him a weak smile in return then turn to the door only to freeze, staring at the door knob like you had never seen one before. Felix waits patiently at your side. “What if he doesn’t like me?” you mutter under your breath. 
“You know how long I’ve worked here?” Felix says in response, apparently ignoring your question. “4 years,” he continues. You look from the doorknob to his face. “I’d say about 80% of the people I lead to one of these doors ask me some variation of that question.” 
“And they leave happy?”
He smiles and nods. “Mm.” 
You grab the doorknob, ready to get on with it. “Felix?” 
“Thank you, really.” 
“No worries,” he says, “you’ll be fine.” 
You smile at him one last time and take a deep breath, pushing the door open. A chair scrapes across the ground and you look up to the man standing at a table in the middle of the room. You suppose, he’s yours. You wonder if he thinks you’re disappointing—if you’re not what he expected, what he hoped for. Felix places a gentle hand on your shower, helping you enter the room—the door closing behind you. 
The man holds his arm out, gesturing to a lounge along the wall. You suck in a breath, only just realising you’ve been holding it. 
“I saved you a seat,” he says, the first to break the silence. You suppose that was something like a joke, you’re too nervous to offer anything playful back. So instead you hurry over, dropping your bag to the ground as you collapse into the soft couch cushions. He sits himself at the other end, space for another two or three people between you. There’s two water bottles on the table. You should say something. Your name. Name’s are good. You fail to meet his eyes as you introduce yourself, reaching for the bottle instead. 
“Minho,” he offers in return. You look up at him, a nervous smile on your face. He’s pretty, too pretty for you. He’s wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. You’re overdressed. 
“Hi,” is all you manage. 
“Have you… been waiting long?” 
One corner of his lips curves up. “No, not long.” 
He doesn’t seem nervous at all. Why had he waited three weeks to respond if he wasn’t at all like you? “Ah, that’s good.” 
“Nervous?” he asks, nodding to where you were twisting the cap of the bottle on and off repeatedly. You place it back on the table. 
“Yeah, sorry.” 
“Don’t be.” He stands, walking over to a bookshelf. “Do you wanna play a game?” 
“A game?” 
“They have a bunch here. Uno?” 
He pulls the deck from the pack as he makes his way back over. “You know how to play?”
You huff out a half laugh. “Uno? Yeah.” 
He smiles. “Just checking. The only thing I know about you is your name and that you like yellow.” 
You look down at your yellow sundress. You had stood out amongst the crowd on the bus, everyone in dark raincoats and jackets. It wasn’t cold, just wet. Your cardigan was enough. “I… It’s my favourite colour, yeah.” 
“It suits you.” 
You look up. He’s focused on dealing the cards. “Thank you,” you say, just above a whisper. 
He flips a card over on the small coffee table and grabs his cards. You exchange small talk as you go. Your ages, what you do for work, if you have any pets. You talk about your cats a little, the first commonality you’ve discovered. You figure you’ll latch onto them whenever any come up, maybe more so than with any other stranger. The unspoken knowledge that you are supposed to be ideal for each other makes it feel like more is at stake. Instead of risking merely an awkward interaction with a stranger, you are both risking… well… your future happiness together. 
He seems kind. Maybe a little reserved, but so were you. You get the feeling he’s holding a lot back, like he’s not entirely here. You wonder if his anxiety just presented differently to yours. 
“Do you live alone?” he asks, slapping a pick up 2 on the stack. You slap one on top, looking up with a small smile. “Got me,” he says, returning your smile and then picking up 4 from the deck. 
“I have a roommate: Mina. What about you?” 
“Hyunjin. Met him at dance lessons years ago, he stuck to me like a leech.” 
“So he loves you?” 
He looks up from his cards, eyes flicking across your face for a moment before he answers. “Mm, I guess he does. Are you close with Mina?” 
“I’m gonna be her maid of honour.” 
“Ah.” He moves a few cards around in his deck. “Is she… with her—I mean did they meet through this?” He gestures to nowhere in particular with his cards, like he can’t speak the word soulmate. 
A small knot of anxiety reappears in your chest. It had eased without you realising, returning now. 
“Yeah, they met a year ago,” you answer. 
“A year? That’s quick.” 
“I guess.” You watch him continue to fiddle with his cards. “It’s your turn,” you prompt. 
He looks up at you. “Right.” Then leans forward to grab a card from the deck. 
“Is Hyunjin… has he met his?” 
He places a colour change card down gently. “Green,” he announces quietly. You expect him to answer your question, but he doesn’t. So you take your turn. It isn’t until you’ve both had two more turns each that he speaks. “He hasn’t.” 
You get the feeling you’ve said something wrong. You fiddle with your cards, realising you’re guaranteed a win. You look up at the man next to you. Is he a sore loser? You know nothing about him at all. You finish the game, looking up at him to see his reaction.
“Well done,” he says calmly as he begins to collect the cards, stacking them into a neat pile. You tuck away another tiny puzzle piece you can use to put together this person who was supposed to be your soulmate. 
You look around the room, desperate to find another activity to save you from any awkward lulls. A big wooden chest catches your eye. You leave him to finish putting the cards away, wandering over to the mysterious chest. It looked like something that would be full of pirate’s gold. You bend down to lift the lid, conscious of the man appearing at the bookshelf next to you. It’s heavy and his hand appears to help you pull it the rest of the way up. 
It’s full of clothes. Costumes and props. You pull a witches hat out, lifting it onto your head and smiling at the man next to you. He smiles back then retrieves a big sunflower hat. “Put this on, it matches your dress.” You drop the witches hat back in the chest. Then, before you can take it from him, he gently lowers the sunflower hat onto your head. You readjust it, feeling your cheeks warm as he bends down to search through the chest again. 
When he stands he has a big red clown nose on. The serious expression on his face makes it all the funnier, drawing out a small laugh from your lips. “Try squeezing it,” he says stoically. You reach up, squeezing the red nose between your fingers. It squeaks, a lot like a dog toy. His mouth curves up a little in one corner then he pulls it from his nose, holding it out to you. 
“You try.” 
Your fingers brush together as you take it from him, a shiver running down your spine at the contact. His eyes on you as you attach the nose to your face makes you nervous. When you look up he wastes no time squeezing it, the high pitched squeak pulling the first actual laugh you’ve heard from him. You join him, the contagious quality of his loud laughter getting you more than anything else. 
By the time you’ve exhausted the large chest of its treasures your stomach hurts, collapsing onto the floor as Minho pulls a big pink bow from his hair. “No, leave it!” you gasp out through your laughter, reaching out to wrap around his wrist before he can drop the bow into the chest. He joins you on the floor, his leg brushing against yours pulls your awareness to your hands. You pull back quickly. 
He stretches his legs out, leaning back on his palms as you both catch your breath. It’s quiet for a moment. It doesn’t feel awkward. Your mouth tugs up at the corners at the revelation. “Why’d you take so long to respond?” he asks, bringing you back down to earth. A heaviness settles over you immediately. 
“I uh…just wasn’t ready,” you answer, pulling a flower crown off your head. Your heart races in your chest as you prepare your next words. “You…took awhile as well.” 
He pulls his legs to his chest, arms resting on his bent knees. “I wasn’t ready either.” 
“You’re ready now?” 
He’s quiet, eyes flicking between yours. Then he stands, offering you a hand up. You make sure your dress stays down as you let him pull you up, his hand warm in yours. He pulls you up effortlessly, fingers brushing together as he releases you. “Would you like to come over for dinner?” he asks. 
“I… Yeah, sure.” 
He walks over to a backpack under the table, pulling it over his shoulder. “Great, I think Hyunjin might be home tonight but he’ll probably stay in his room.” 
He looks up at you. “Yeah… that alright?” 
“Did you drive here or…?”
“I can give you a lift home?” He says, eyes dropping down to his phone as he types something quickly. “I’ll pick you up later. Gotta get a few things for dinner.” 
“I can get the bus.” You’re not sure why you turn him down. 
He looks up at you, brows furrowed. “You sure? It’s probably still raining.” 
“I like the bus.” 
He steps towards you and you hold your breath as he reaches towards your hair, picking out a pink feather—a remnant from your dress up session. “I’ll pick you up at six?” he asks, close enough that your eyes fix on the freckle at the end of his nose. Your soulmate has a nose freckle. Soulmate. 
“Six,” you confirm, voice a little breathy. 
Tumblr media
“I…told Hyunjin you were coming and he showed…a lot of interest. He might hang around, sorry.” Minho warns as he steps up to his door. 
“I don’t mind.”
“He’ll keep you company while I finish up with dinner, anyway.”
You follow him into his apartment, taking in your surroundings as he leads you to the living room where a boy with short blonde hair sits at a small table on the floor. He jumps up as you enter, a wide grin spreading across his face as he approaches. 
“You’re here,” he greets you like you’re old friends, like you were here for him and not the man standing beside you. You offer him a friendly smile. 
“I’ll leave you two to chat for a bit, i’ll be done soon,” Minho says before backing up towards the adjoined kitchen. You catch him giving his roommate a pointed look and then he turns, leaving you alone. 
Hyunjin gestures to a cushion on the floor by the table, sinking back down to resume his position on the other. He pushes aside a notebook and as he closes it, you catch a glimpse of some sketches. “Can’t believe you’re finally here,” he says, propping his elbows on the table to gazing at you like you’d put the stars in the sky. 
You drop your eyes to the table, feeling a little overwhelmed by his intensity. “Uh, I—I can’t really believe it either. It’s a lot.” 
“Did it go well today?” 
“Um…I think so. Minho hasn’t said anything?” 
He looks to the kitchen then leans over the table so he can lower his voice. “He’s not particularly talkative. You may have noticed.” 
“He…seemed a little reserved but so am I. I don’t mind.” 
His plush lips curve up in one corner. “So it was a quiet session then?” 
“Not…exactly. We played dress up.” You look down at the table, smiling a little to yourself at the memory. Hyunjin is quiet and when you look up at him again he has a soft smile on his face. You drop your gaze to the table, his closed notebook catching your eye again. “Do you draw?” 
He sits back, pushing the notebook in front of you and flipping it open. “Mm, you can look if you want.” You flip through the pages as the boy across from you sits quietly. They’re mostly sketches of people, a few watercolours scattered in. You pause on a page of a silhouette, turned away—hair falling over their face. It makes you sad. You close the book, sliding it gently back across the table. 
“They’re…really good.” 
“Thank you. Do you like art?” 
“I like it. I can’t do it.” You look over to the kitchen, wondering if Minho was an artist. You hadn’t asked. 
“He’s not an artist,” Hyunjin says, like your thoughts are written across your forehead. “I know how it feels…all of this—it’s terrifying.” 
“You—You know?” 
He smiles sadly just as a loud crash comes from the kitchen. “I’ll check on him,” he says, standing and leaving you there at the small table. You take the opportunity to wander around the room, attempting to gather as much information about the man who was supposed to be yours. A small jingle draws your attention to a cardboard box in the corner of the room. A small cat is curled up inside, lazily licking at his paw. 
“Hello baby,” you coo, crouching down to stroke his soft fur. “I have a friend at home who’d love to meet you.” You scratch his chin, the cat lifting his head so you can get a good view of his collar. No name tag. “What’s your name, baby? Which one are you?” 
Minho had mentioned his cats earlier. You’d forgotten their names, too anxious at the time to retain information properly. You look back to the kitchen. Hyunjin hadn’t returned. You lean down to kiss the purring cat on the head and then head towards the kitchen, freezing when you hear the two men arguing—clearly attempting to keep their voices down. 
“I did this for you,” Minho’s anger comes through his voice clearly, despite it being practically in a whisper. “I could lose Sana over this.” 
“Shhhh, keep your voice down,” Hyunjin scolds. “Why are you acting like this?” 
“Like what?” 
“Because I’m working my ass off to cook for a stranger when I’d rather be with the girl I fucking love.” 
You stagger back a step, kicking a cat toy across the hardwood floor. The men go silent, alerted to your eavesdropping. Hyunjin appears in the doorway, catching you as you take one more step back. 
“I’m—I—” you stutter. “I’m sorry,” you blurt out, spinning and rushing for the door. 
In your rush to snatch your bag from the small table your shin comes into contact with the sharp corner. The pain snaps you out of your panic as you drop to the floor, clutching your leg tightly against your chest as you rock back and forth. He loves someone else. He didn’t want you. He loves someone else. He lo—Hyunjin appears in front of you. 
“Show me,” he says gently. You shake your head, squeezing your eyes shut. You wish you could pass out, just leave the next hour of your life to a clone of you. You can’t do this. You need to get out. You stand abruptly, grabbing your bag from the table and rushing for the door. Hyunjin hovers around you as you shove your feet into your shoes, heels hanging over the ends. “Let me drive you home,” he says, the gentle touch of his hand on your arm snapping your eyes to his. You’d felt comfortable with him since the moment you’d met. He felt safe. You don’t look over his shoulder properly, merely glimpsing Minho standing silently out the corner of your eye. 
“Okay,” he says, offering you a small smile. He opens the door for you and you fight the voice in your head that tells you to turn around, to take one last look at the man you’d thought was yours. 
Hyunjin is quiet as you both walk down the stairs. He’s quiet as he unlocks the car and hands you his phone with the maps app open. He’s quiet as he drives you to your apartment. When the car is parked and the engine is off, you’re almost afraid to break the silence. You do it anyway. “Thank you. I know–I know we just met but you’ve been…very nice. I’m—just thank you.” 
“Can I come in?” 
You turn to look at your door, then back to him. “I—”
“Just wanna make sure you’re alright…and explain things a little.” 
You’re not sure if you want things explained. You feel like collapsing into bed and crying until you pass out. The adrenaline has well and truly worn off, you're too afraid to look at your leg. You’re sure it’s bleeding. “Alright,” you mutter, opening the car door and stepping out on your good leg. You start hobbling towards your door as the sound of the car locking goes off behind you. 
“Can I help?” Hyunjin asks. 
“I’m fine. It’s fine.” 
Mina isn’t home. You’re not sure if you’re relieved or disappointed. You’re not sure about anything. Hyunjin digs out your first aid kit after listening to your directions and joins you in the living room. He’s quiet as he cleans you up. It’s only when he closes the first aid kit that he speaks. “I don’t know how to say this without… without sounding like I’m trying to say I have it worse. I’m… just trying to explain this whole thing. Okay?” 
You nod, emotionally drained. 
“She died. My soulmate. I don’t know if Minho said anything,” the corner of his mouth pulls up into a sad smile. “I can’t imagine he would.” 
“You don’t have to do this.” 
“I do. Just… let me, please?” You sit back, giving him a slight nod. “She—It was… it was the day we were supposed to meet,” he stands up, placing the first aid kit on the table and then sitting next to you on the couch. You don’t know whether to turn your body towards him or give him all the space you can. You stay completely still. “I’m telling you this because I want you to understand why I did what I did. I… encouraged him because I love him like a brother and I want him to be happy. I need him to be happy and you’re—you’re the thing he can have that I can’t. I need him to have you.” 
You can’t help looking at him, turning your body slightly as you try and find a position for your leg that doesn’t hurt. “He doesn’t want me.” 
“He doesn’t know you.” 
“I don’t think he wants to know me. He loves… someone else.” 
“He’s infatuated with a girl he’s known for years. She doesn’t feel the same way. She sleeps with him because it’s easy and he’s there. It’s not… it’s not love.” 
“I’m sorry. About what happened to you. I—I can’t imagine…” you stand, forgetting about your leg and stumbling a little as you catch your footing. He stands quickly, arms outstretched to attempt to catch you. “I can’t be with someone who doesn’t want me. I can’t—” you cover your mouth as your voice wobbles, not wanting to cry in front of someone who was essentially a total stranger. 
“Can we exchange numbers?” he asks. “If you ever want to get coffee or… anything…” 
You collapse back onto the couch, digging through your bag so you can hand him your phone. Part of you wants to send him out the door and never see him again, breaking off any connection to Minho entirely. But then, the other part… it wants to hold on, to take Hyunjins hand and beg him to keep you. To help you convince Minho to want you, to love you. When he’s finished he hands it back, a heavy silence falling over the room. 
“I’m not sure… if I'll want to keep in touch,” you say eventually. 
“I won’t contact you. Just… message me if you ever want to talk or meet, yeah?” 
Tumblr media
“You have to tell me… please?” Mina says as she lays a blanket over your lap. She passes you the mug of coffee she’d made you. “Please?” she asks again. 
“He didn’t want me. That’s it,” you say before blowing over the surface of your coffee and taking a small sip. 
“It doesn’t make sense. Why wouldn’t he want you?” 
You shrug. “He found someone better.” 
“It doesn’t make sense.”
“You said that.”
She’s quiet for a moment. You imagine what she must be thinking. Pity, probably. Her poor friend. Dumped by her boyfriend and then dumped by her soulmate. “You can’t give up. He’s—He’s yours.”
You lean over to place your mug down on the table. “What am I supposed to do? Bother him until he decides to give me his attention? I’m not begging someone to want me, even my soulmate.” 
“Just speak to him. You haven’t even given him a chance to talk about it.” 
You pull the blank up over your shoulders, tucking your chin into the soft warmth. “What if I cry?” you whisper. “I don’t… want to cry in front of him.” 
Your friend leans against you, laying her head gently against your shoulder. “You’re brave. You’ll be okay. If you do cry and he judges you for it then he’s an ass.” 
“I don't… think I can. Not yet.” 
“Alright,” Mina whispers, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Mario Kart?” 
Tumblr media
“Morning,” Hyunjin greets, a warm smile on his face—like you were two friends meeting for a casual chat. You look around you, at the other people sitting around engaged in their own conversations. You wonder if they have their soulmates. 
You’d given in, messaging your Minho’s roommate only a week after rushing from his apartment. Minho hadn’t contacted you at all. You wished you were strong enough to let him go, but you weren’t. So here you were, attempting to form a connection with his roommate because you were too cowardly to message the man himself.
A hand waves in front of your face, snapping you out of your trance. “How have you been?” Hyunjin asks. 
“Is that a polite ‘how are you’ or are you actually asking?” 
His plush lips curve up into a small smile. “I’m asking.”
“I miss him. I don’t even know him and I miss him.” 
“Mm, I get it,” he says, tipping sugar into the iced coffee you’d ordered for him. 
“Has he.. said anything?” 
He wraps his hands around the cup, tipping it back and forth a little. “We’ve… not really been talking. We had… a conversation that night and not much since then.” 
Minho was really that angry at his friend for making him meet you? You look down to your empty cup. “Right.” 
“He’d like to meet you.” 
“Would he really or is this another set up?” you mumble. 
“I didn’t force him. To meet you.” 
“That’s what it sounded like.” 
“I think… this is something he should talk to you about.” 
“You’ll meet him?” 
“Not yet.” 
Hyunjin twirls his straw around, playing more with his coffee than actually drinking it. “Would you like to come to a gallery with me? There’s one near here.” 
“I have to go to work soon,” you say, watching as he drops his eyes to his lap. “But I can tomorrow?” 
His eyes meet yours, one corner of his mouth lifting a little. “Alright.” 
It becomes a regular part of your schedule, visiting galleries with him. Once a week, at least. He gives you a tour around the entire city's art scene, opening your eyes to a whole world you’d never bothered to explore yourself. He’s kind, easy to open up to and he doesn’t bring up Minho unless you ask first. It’s nice. It’d been weeks since you’d seen Minho. He hadn’t said anything.
“She was an artist, apparently,” Hyunjin says suddenly, eyes fixed on the large portrait you’d been appreciating. You think he means the woman in the painting at first but when you look at his expression, it’s obvious he means his soulmate. He hadn’t brought her up since the night in your apartment, after he’d finished cleaning your blood from your leg. 
“Do you know much about her?” 
“Her family invited me to the funeral. I kept in touch with her brother. He… told me about her,” he says, moving each arm behind him so he can lean back on the long bench you both sit at. A couple walks past you, more engaged in each other than the artwork around them. You’re both quiet as they pass. “If she was here, and I had the chance to know her—” 
“I know,” you say, cutting him off. “I know. But… what if it’s not… everything people say it is. What if it’s a placebo effect? We all think this other person is perfect for us and so they are. We convince themselves they are.” 
“Maybe. Does it matter?” 
“Because clearly it isn’t working on him.” 
He turns his body towards you, leaning closer. “Will you talk to him, please?” 
You sigh. “Okay.” 
You lift his hand from where he’s gripping his own thigh, intertwining your fingers. “I like you, Hyunjin. I like spending time with you and… if this will make you happy… I’ll do it.” 
“It will.” 
“Is he home now?” 
He grins, pulling you up from the bench. 
Tumblr media
“You warned him?” you ask, fiddling with the hem of your shirt. 
“He… he wants to meet?” 
He huffs out a light laugh. “I promise.” 
“You’ll be nearby?”
“Cafe across the street,” he says, pushing you gently towards the steps to his apartment. “Now go. You’re okay.” 
You trudge up the stairs, begging your body to be calm—to hide the anxiety coursing through your entire frame. You knock on the door before you can change your mind, sucking in a deep breath as it swings open. 
“You came,” Minho says, brushing his hand through his damp hair. He stands to the side, holding the door for you. He looks calm, as always. His lack of anxiety during your first meeting made sense now. He didn’t care like you did. He was doing a favour for a friend. You hesitate, turning back behind you to the coffee shop where Hyunjin waits. This is fine. You step through the threshold. 
“Do you want a drink?” he asks as you sit down on one of the cushions at the small table where you’d first met Hyunjin. He’s hovering by the kitchen, looking like he’d rather be anywhere else than here with you. 
“I’m fine.” 
He rocks back and forth on his heels for a moment then joins you at the table. You wait for him to speak; to explain. He taps his nails on the wood, the only sound in the room for a minute or two. 
“I didn’t… want to hurt you. You seem nice,” he says, still tapping on the table. 
You seem nice. Not exactly how you expected your soulmate to feel about you. 
He flattens his palm against the surface of the table, then continues. “Has Hyunjin told you about… what happened? With his—” 
“He’s been here for me through a lot. I owed him this.” 
You clench your fists in your lap, struggling to contain the sharp anger that bursts in your chest. You take a deep breath before speaking. “What about me?” you say. His brows furrow, like he doesn't understand what you have to do with any of this. Your nails cut into your palms. “You did ‘this’ as a favour to him. What about me?” 
His palm curls into a fist on the table. “I don’t… owe you anything.” 
“You don’t?” 
“I don’t know you.” 
“That’s the thing though, isn’t it? You don’t know me and you never wanted to know me. Hyunjin wanted you to try. That’s what he wanted from you and if you didn’t want to do that you owed me the courtesy of telling me. Instead you strung me along for weeks and then when we met didn’t say a thing about being there against your will.”
He’d taken 3 weeks to agree to meet you. You’d done the same, but he’d done it because he didn’t care. You did it because you cared too much.
“I had… to sort some things out before I could agree to meet you.” 
“What things?” 
His eyes drop to his phone, sitting on the table between you. “I needed to explain it to someone.”
He means the girl. The girl he loves instead of you. "That's what you were doing for 3 weeks?? Fucking her?!"
He looks up at you, brows raised. He scoffs, snatching his phone from the table and standing. "So what if I was? And don't act like I fucked you over, you took just as long."
You grab your bag, jumping to your feet. "I was questioning if I was good enough for you! I was sitting around feeling shit about myself and the entire time you were fucking the girl you love."
"You're acting like I was cheating on you,” he throws his hands up in the air, then points his phone at you. “I had no fucking clue you existed."
"You did though, you knew I existed. You just didn't know my name or my face."
"Same thing."
"No, it's not. You knew I was waiting for you. That I was thinking we were it. That we were meant for each other—”
"Maybe we're not,” he says quickly. 
Both your chests are rising and falling rapidly as you catch your breaths. You step around the table slowly, moving closer towards him. He takes one small step back as you press your finger to his chest. It’s still rising and falling quickly, his breath mingling with yours. “You’ll regret letting me go. You don’t deserve me,” you warn, just above a whisper. His warm breath brushes against your skin and then his eyes drop to your lips. He takes a large step away from you, mouth pursed tight. 
Tumblr media
please reblog and share your thoughts. caption, tags, replies, or ask box, i read it all. feedback is what motivates me to write more!
↳ masterlist ↳ part two (coming)
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astroyongie · 2 days
oh hey well I wonder if anyone ask you this but Skz ideal sign in chart please ? 🌼🌼🌼
Bangchan: Sun Aries, Moon Aries, Merucry Aries, Venus Taurus and Mars Gemini
Minho: Sun Taurus, Moon Gemini, Mercury and Venus Taurus and mars Pisces
Changbin: Sun Aquarius, Moon Aquarius, Mercury Capricorn, Venus psiques and Mars Taurus
Hyunjin: Sun virgo, Moon and Venus pisces and Mars Libra
Jisung: Sun Pisces, Moon Virgo, mercury and Venus Aries and Mars Libra
Felix: Sun Pisces, Moon Libra, Mercury and Venus aries and Mars Aquarius
Seungmin: Sun pisces, moon Capricorn, mercury and Venus Aries and Venus pisces
Jeongin: Sun leo, moon Aquarius, mercury Leo, Venus libra and mars taurus
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⨳ new things — hwang hyunjin.𝄒 ⭒ ݁ .
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[mdni, this post contains smut, face riding, mentions of mirrors and cameras, slight mentions of edging, dirty talk, reader gets called desperate and needy etc etc ] words 538. ( anyways, i wrote this while being upset about the interactions, hopefully this makes up for my shitty writing )
Tumblr media
when hyunjin is in control, he knows what he is doing - especially while he’s being under you. when hyunjin is also thinking of something, maybe during a five minute break at dance practice, and talks about it to you, you can’t help but be intrigued. so the moment he messaged you, telling you he was on his way home and he wanted to try something new, you got excited.
which got you to the place and position you were in, or trying to be in, right this moment - with him laying down on your bed, his head comfortable on the pillow, wearing nothing but his sweats that he slipped on quite quickly, and you - your nails trying to find something to hold on to, desperately clasping the headboard in front of you as you tried balancing yourself, making sure you tried your bed not to fall on hyunjin’s face.
“slowly, doll. i’m not going anywhere. i don’t want you hurting yourself hm?” he mumbled, watching you intently from under you, your clothed cunt getting him distracted every once in a while, as he steadied your body in such a way that your thighs almost choked him, but he liked it - so far.
“i am being as slow as i can! i just don’t want to crush you, baby -” you sigh, your thighs trembling, shuddering under you, mostly with the fear of actually hurting him. “you know that even if you fucked my face, and somehow ended up suffocating me a little in the process, i would like that,” he mutters. his nose is now very slowly and tenderly nuzzling your inner thigh. “plus it’s hot when you grind against my face like a needy little thing. more access for you, don’t you think?”
you mewl at his words, wishing he’d make this easier for you, until you feel his arms pulling you down against his face, a gasp leaving you, as you steady yourself, holding onto the headboard once again, gripping onto it so tight, that you can see your knuckles turn white almost. “fuck,” you hear hyunjin from below you, the movements of him nimbly trying to shift your panties to the side, letting his nose touch your bare clit once, and that’s all it took, for you to whine out loud.
“are you that desperate, pet? you’ve been wanting me between your legs for how long now?” hyunjin mumbles, opening his mouth a little, wide enough to attach themselves onto your clit, ready to suck on it almost immediately. “shit… all day,” you manage, waiting a moment before letting your hips guide you against his face. hyunjin, who lets out a low hum from his throat, making the vibrations hit you in the right spots, waits for you to move your hips, his hands reaching to grab your ass from behind, squeezing it and earns a yelp from you.
“you’re not going to come until i tell you to, yeah? you can manage that, baby,” he says. “maybe next time i should just save this image in my camera - you, on me, perched so prettily, so desperate to come, and all you can do is listen to me tell you to watch yourself in the mirror.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @hwajin @starlostseungmin  @chrisbahng @niinjo @chvnnie @lixhues @joonszn @cherryhanji @blueberry-chan @dnadoublefelixx @ethereallino @stuckwithaphobiaa @chewryy @bangchanbabygirlx @zizis-world12 @aimeexx @whatudowhennooneseesyou @seobinniesshi @nightlychans @americanokisses @katieraven @comet-falls @hwan-g
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Black Rose
Tumblr media
Pairings: profiler!chan x prosecutor!reader
Genre: criminal au, angst, coworkers to lovers au
Synopsis: helping people was something you loved doing and becoming a prosecutor felt like the best decision you have made in your life until you got teamed up with the person whose nickname is "partner's grave".
Warnings: MDNI, profanities, suggestive, suicide, mentions of anxiety, graphic description of trauma and murder scenes, death of a character and other mature themes and topics
Word count: 0.2k
part 15
Tumblr media
"She is completely fine, Mr. Bang. The only thing she consumed in the last 8 hours is a single sleeping pill." The doctor informed Chan. "What?" Shock was written on his face. "Your partner is just in deep sleep at the moment." The doctor patted Chan on his shoulder then left the room with the nurse, her filling a glass of water for when you before she left.
An hour later you slowly opened your eyes and saw your partner resting his head on your bed, his hand holding yours. Chan lifted his head when he felt you squeeze the hand that was holding yours. "Hey." Chan smiled down at you, making your own lips curl into a smile. "Did you have a good sleep?" He chuckled, you nodding in response. "We caught him!" Your smile dropped as you moved your attention towards the TV showing Minho's face on the news with the title "Black Rose killer caught!"
Chan's hand caressed your cheek, making you look back at at him. "You're going to be mine forever, Yn!" You felt a sharp pain in your lower stomach. Looking down you saw Chan's hand holding a knife, the same knife piercing through you. Twisting the object in you, Chan kissed your lips. "Sleep tight, my princess!"
In the end every rumour you've ever heard about Chan turned out to be true. Including him being the Black Rose killer, but who would have thought he would sacrifice his only friend, Minho, for his own freedom.
"Thank you for turning in the recorder audio evidence, Profiler Bang!" Chan read the email sent to him from the chef officer as he got on the plane with a one way ticket to Australia. A new life waiting for him there!
Tumblr media
taglist : @seungly @notonehorangdan @staykkk @yaelx @qnjayn @gold-dragon-slayer @starlostseungmin @bluechans @starshine-moon @lachinitaaaaa @comet-falls @lix-ables @yejis-biggest-simp @l0veph0bia @snow-pegasus @crispybangchannie @moonlightcandy00 @armystay89 @l3visbby @chrispychans (minors are removed from the taglist)
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DOGFIGHT | lee felix x fem! reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
cursing & fluff & little bit of smut & frat boy! felix & angst & university au & more under the cut !! MINORS DO NOT INTERACT
it was all supposed to be a bet--who could find the nerdiest girl and bring her to the party? who could get the lamest girl in their university to fall for them? felix hated the bet, but he hated the thought of being an outcast just a little bit more so he went along with it. but when he starts to fall for you, his "nerd" of choice, he realizes just how much he's going to regret it.
WARNINGS | cursing, ANGST, mentions of food, alcohol consumption, partying, unprotected sex (reader is on bc but wrap it before you tap it), oral sex (fem rec), felix is an asshole (sorry) but he gets redeemed, overprotective bff shin ryujin, maybe more, please let me know if i missed anything.
WORDS | 12.1 k 
NOTES | PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STORY IS BASED OFF OF THE MUSICAL "DOGFIGHT" AND IS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE. reader is not actually a "nerd," especially not in any sort of offensive way, if you read through the entire thing, it will all be explained.
i have spent countless months on this one. i am so so so excited to share this one with everyone !!!! i hope you all enjoy it
Tumblr media
Anyone who didn’t live under a rock knew about the eight boys who “lead” the most popular campus fraternity. They called their little band of hooligans “Stray Kids” and they were more rotten than any of the other frat boys on campus. 
They were notorious for pulling pranks, betting on their sex lives, and ruining the lives of any girl who fell for any of them. They were rude, cocky, and thought they were better than anyone else on campus. But despite all this, most girls couldn’t resist their good looks and charms. They were at every major party and typically brought a different girl each time. Even knowing they would get thrown away in a singular night, most girls would give anything for the chance of one night with one of them.  
“I’m fucking bored,” Hyunjin groaned, hanging upside down off of the couch in the living room of the fraternity house.  
Chan didn’t look up from his phone when he answered. “Then find something to do. I’m not in charge of entertaining you.” 
Hyunjin groaned again and pouted, pulling out his own phone and scrolling through his social media. Beside him on the couch, Jisung gasped and then showed Hyunjin his phone. In a matter of seconds, he was sitting upright to get a better look at the phone held in front of his face. Jisung then went to Chan to show him some kind of text message before showing Changbin, Seungmin, Minho, Jeongin, and Felix. Jisung had gotten a text message from one of their other fraternity members asking them to host a party at the frat house that night. 
“We’re hosting that party then, right?” Jeongin asked, looking at Chan, the self-proclaimed leader of their little ragtag gang. “There’s this girl I want to take.”  
“What girl?” Seungmin looked at Jeongin so fast he almost cricked his neck. “Wait, that lame nerdy one from your math class?”  
Jeongin nodded enthusiastically, “Changbin bet me that I wouldn’t be able to pull her since she’s such a “good girl” but I bet that I would. If I can get her to come with me, I’ll win the bet.”  
“Hey,” Minho spoke up, with a wicked grin playing at his lips, “Let’s have a dogfight.”  
“Dogfight?” Jeongin cocked his head to the side, confused. Since he was the youngest, he was the only one who’d never participated in one of their “dogfights” before.  
“You don’t know the rules, Innie?” Hyunjin gasped.  
“The guy who brings the nerdiest, most “goody two shoes” girl wins the pot. We all put money in―twenty dollars each. And then we pick our girls. Whoever’s got the nerdiest girl gets the money at the end of the night.” Chan explained the rules and Jeongin listened intently. “So are you in?”  
After thinking it over, Jeongin smirked and stood up, pulling his phone out of his pocket to call his girl. “Sounds like fun. Let’s do it.”  
The dogfight was on.  
Tumblr media
You were walking from your last class of the day with Ryujin when you saw Lee Felix walking towards you. You rolled your eyes and whispered something about him being a “prick” in Ryujin’s ear. She scoffed and agreed, glaring as he got closer to the two of you.  
He looked at you with a smirk that would have charmed any other girl, but you weren’t any other girl. You just found him annoying. At least, that's what you told yourself as he started talking. “Ryujin. Yn.”  
“Felix,” you all but hissed at him, hugging your books closer to your chest. “What do you want?”  
“To talk,” he shrugged one of his shoulders and continued to smirk.  
Ryujin laughed, but there was no humor in her laugh. She pushed past him, pulling you along with her. “We have nothing to say to you. Go find some other girl to bother.”  
“I wasn’t talking to you Ryujin. I want to talk to yn.” He grabbed your other arm, stopping Ryujin from dragging you away. He looked at her coldly before turning his gaze back to you and smiling softly. It was a much different look than his typical smirking and scowling. “I’ll be fast, don’t worry.”  
Ryujin didn’t let go, instead looking at you with concerned eyes. You just sighed and gently pulled your arm away from her, reassuring her that you’d be alright. “I’ll be fine, Ryujin. He said he won’t take long. I’ll meet you back at the apartment.” 
Hesitantly, Ryujin walked away, sparing one last glance back toward you before she disappeared around the corner. Felix let go of your arm once Ryujin was out of sight, then turned to face you again, charming smirk upon his face once more. You scoffed at the reappearance of that stupid half smile but didn’t say anything about it.  
“What do you want?”  
“I want to take you to a party,” he smiled at you with his teeth this time and you barely resisted the urge to roll your eyes at him.  
“Me? To a party?” 
His grin never faltered as he watched you answer, and neither did the almost animalistic look in his eyes. You couldn’t believe he was asking you to a party. You definitely weren’t a part of the party crowd and you also didn’t associate with or hang out with anyone who was a part of that fraternity.  
“Yeah. I want to take you to a party.”  
You laughed and finally allowed yourself to roll your eyes at him. “Uh, no. I don’t think so. No thank you.” 
As you started to walk away from him, he grabbed onto your shoulder stopping you from going. When you turned to look at him this time, he’d lost the smirk, a more genuine look gracing his features. His eyes were gentler and his smile was softer. This was a side of Lee Felix you’d never seen or heard of before.  
“Why would I go to some stupid party and with you of all people? We don’t even know each other.”  
Felix’s smile widened and he tilted his head to the side as he watched you. “Well, isn’t that what parties are for? Getting to know each other?”  
You weren’t entirely sure about that, but with this new soft side to him, you were starting to understand why girls had a difficult time saying no to him. You weren’t sure if parties really were for getting to know each other, but you figured what’s the worst that could happen? You could always leave if you didn’t like it. You'd always wondered what it would be like to go to a party 
So you sighed and waved your hand at him before turning to walk away, “Fine. I’ll be there.”  
He grinned, but you didn’t see it—you were already walking away. But it didn’t take long for the realization of what he was about to do to you to sink in. His smile fell. What was he thinking? 
Two days after Felix invited you to the party hosted by his fraternity, you found yourself standing in front of your mirror, trying on outfit after outfit, dissatisfied with each one. Ryujin sat on the edge of your bed, watching intently as you changed your outfit again.  
“I don’t know Ryu, what do you think of this one?”  
She stared at you for a long moment before answering, “No. Not that one.”  
“Well, that’s pretty much all I’ve got,” you sighed exasperatedly as you pulled yet another outfit off and tossed it on the ground. “Why do I even care this much?”  
“Because you’re going to a party with a ton of popular people. Just wear that one dress you got for your birthday last year. You always look really good in that one.” 
“Are you sure? I just want to—” 
“Just put on the goddamn dress.”  
Ryujin helped you with your hair and makeup—she was better at that sort of thing than you were. You didn’t really care for fancy hairstyles or layers of makeup. You knew that you were beautiful without it. Though, you didn’t mind getting dressed up on occasion. It was fun, usually. But right now you just felt nervous.  
“Do I look okay?” you stood up, looking at yourself a little closer in the mirror. “Felix will be here any second.”  
Ryujin rolled her eyes and pulled you away from the mirror, forcing you to look at her, “You look killer. And if he doesn’t see that he’s an idiot. Also, if he hurts you, I swear to fucking God I’ll—” 
“You’ll kill him, yeah, yeah.”  
Before Ryujin could say anything else, there was a knock on your apartment door. You grabbed your purse and gave Ryujin one last nervous hug before opening the door to find Felix (stunning as ever) standing in the doorway with his hands in his pockets.  
“Wow, uh… hi.” You cringed at the awestruck tone of your voice and hoped it wouldn’t be as hard as you thought to keep yourself from staring.  
“You look beautiful,” he smiled at you, a real smile. And you didn’t know it, but he was being honest. He really did think you looked beautiful. 
He hated himself for using the dogfight as his excuse to finally talk to you. He hated that he could see the outcome of it. He knew once you found out (because with the way his friends talk when they’re drunk, there was no way you wouldn’t) you would hate him. And he was terrified.  
Felix had liked you for so long, but no one knew that. There was no way he could tell his friends—they all thought you were a stuck up priss who only cared about homework and graduation. They didn’t see you the way he did. And of course, he’d never told you how he felt. He didn’t have the balls to do that.  
“Well, should we go?” You cleared your throat after a moment of staring that lasted just a bit too long. “I wanna get there before all the good snacks are taken.” 
He smiled as you squeezed past him, watching you walk down the hall. You had just given him another reason to like you. Fuck, it was going to be so hard to lose you. 
The walk to the frat house was silent. Both of you felt awkward, unsure of what to say. You fidgeted with your dress, suddenly self-conscious of your appearance in his presence. He kept his hands tucked away in his pockets, resisting the urge to reach for your hand. But once you reached the front steps of the frat house, he finally let himself reach for you, stopping you from going inside right away.  
“Hey, um, before we go in I just wanted to… tell you… uh my friends are fucking stupid so if they try to say anything, just ignore them, yeah?”  
You were a little shocked that Felix didn’t want you to meet his friends. After all, he’d always seemed to be the epitome of the frat boy stereotype—partying, one night stands, always hanging out with his friends. But you didn’t argue, you only nodded. 
He led you inside, holding your hand to guide you through the crowds of people. He took you straight to the kitchen where there were drinks and snacks. “Do you want a drink?”  
“Yeah!” You had to shout a little to be heard over the loud music, conversations, and laughter flooding the house.  
He poured a drink for you and you watched carefully. Though he did invite you and had seemed nice so far, you could never be too careful.  
“Oh my god look!” You pointed to a bowl of chips—your favorite kind. “Okay, I automatically love whoever picked out the snacks. These are my favorite.” 
You were too preoccupied with getting yourself a snack to see Felix’s ears and cheeks turn red. He had been the one to choose the snacks. And since he’d been silently (creepily) observing you for the past three years, of course he knew which chips to buy. But he couldn’t find the words to tell you that it had been him.  
“Do you want some?” you offered some of your snacks to him and he smiled gently before shaking his head.  
“Those are yours. Make sure you eat them all. I want to make sure you’re satisfied first and foremost.”  
His words made your head spin. Who was this version of Felix? You’d never heard of or met him before. The Felix everyone knew was cocky, arrogant, rude, careless, and a player. But the Felix standing before you was sweet, caring, and so genuine. You were confused. Which version was a façade and which was the real deal?  
You finished your food and your drink in quiet contemplation. When the drink in your hand was empty, Felix filled it without you having to ask for another. And when you looked up at him to ask if he wanted to dance, he seemed to read your mind.  
“Do you want to dance?”  
You downed your second drink and threw the plastic cup away before grabbing his hand and pulling him to the living room—packed with people dancing and laughing and making out in dark corners. Felix looked different under the LED lights that lit up the living room. The regular ceiling lights had been turned on in the kitchen, so he looked like he always did. But under the colored lights he looked different… he looked more attractive than you were willing to admit.  
You had to stand close to him to avoid getting separated and, of course, because the throng of people continuously pushed you together. He rested a hand on your waist, and you could feel how cautious he was being not to touch your bare skin. You weren’t sure if it was out of respect or restraint. You didn’t care either way, you just wished he’d touch you.  
You danced and laughed to a few songs, had a drink or two more, and when the room started to spin, his voice was a welcome anchor.  
“Hey, wanna get out of here?” he yelled at you over the loud music. 
His smile was intoxicating and you were already a little tipsy so you clung to his arm and nodded enthusiastically. He guided you out of the crowded living room and up a set of stairs, down a hallway to an empty bedroom. You stumbled a little when you walked through the doorway and he held onto you to steady you. You giggled when his hands touched the bare skin of your arms. He was warm and your brain was fuzzy and he was finally touching your skin.  
“You’re really—” you hiccupped as your words fell out of your mouth, thoughtless, “really hot.” 
He grinned at you—not the usual sexy grin he flashed at his one-night stands, a genuine smile. “Yeah? You think so?”  
You nodded and hummed in affirmation. He laughed softly and led you to the bed, helping you to sit down. Your eyes went wide as you watched him pull off his jacket. You held your hands over your mouth dramatically and whispered. “Oh my god. Are we gonna have sex?”  
“Oh, sweetheart,” he laughed again, looking at you with some sort of fond look that you couldn’t quite describe. “Do you want to?”  
“Do you want to?” you countered, squinting your eyes at him dramatically.  
“Sweetheart, I think you’re a little too tipsy for me to have sex with you right now. At least, not in good conscience.”  
You crossed your arms, pouting and glaring at him simultaneously. “That’s never stopped you from having sex with the other girls. Why not meeee?”  
“You’re different. You’re not other girls. And I want to have sex with you when you’re sober enough to remember how good it feels.” In your intoxicated state, you didn’t notice the dark haziness of lust that clouded his eyes.  
“But I’m sober enough now.” 
He shook his head and smiled at you again. He seemed to be doing that a lot around you. Smiling. “Not enough, darling. Why don’t we sit here for a bit and talk while we wait, yeah?” 
You groaned and flopped back onto the bed, staring at the ceiling. Felix kicked his shoes off and pulled yours off as well before opening a mini fridge beside the bed and pulling out a plastic water bottle. He opened it and sat down next to you, urging you to drink from the water bottle. He looked at you with a look in his eyes you’d never seen before from anyone, let alone Lee Felix.  
“Soooo,” you started as you laid back down, turning so you could look at him, “why did you bring me to the party?”  
“Am I not allowed to?”  
You shook your head, a pout forming on your lips again, “That’s not what I said. I just want to know… why me?” 
Felix didn’t answer for a long time. He just looked at you, eyes flickering over every detail of your face. He was trying so hard not to kiss you. You didn’t know that, though. You thought maybe he was about to say something cruel but he didn’t want to hurt your feelings.  
“I just… wanted to bring you. You never go to parties. And you’re not like any of the other girls I’ve been with. You’re interesting, and smart, and funny. And… that scares me a little to be honest.”  
You weren’t sure whether you should laugh or not. He had to be joking. There was absolutely no way that Lee Felix was scared of you.  
“Oh.” You decided not to laugh. 
“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he whispered after another painfully long moment, pushing your hair out of your face. You shivered as his fingers ghosted over your skin.  
“You’re just saying that because you’re horny.”  
“I’m saying that because it’s true.” 
You looked at him. Really looked at him. His eyes shimmered under the blue LED strip lights stuck to the perimeter of the ceiling. You could see each of his freckles, prominent even in the dim light of the room.  
“Felix,” you whispered, already aware of the sticky wetness forming between your legs, “I think I’m sober enough now.”  
“Are you sure about that, princess?” he asked, eyes never leaving yours.  
“I am.”  
He leaned forward slowly, pressing his lips to yours. You were a bit surprised because you had heard that Felix never kissed the girls he had sex with. People speculated it was because he viewed kissing as an intimacy shared by people in love. And since he never had feelings for the girls he fucked, there was no reason to kiss them.  
But goddamn he was a great kisser. You didn’t ever want to stop kissing him if this is what it would always feel like.  
You moaned into his mouth and grabbed the front of his shirt, using it as leverage to pull yourself on top of him. “Fuck, you’re good at this.”  
“What,” he laughed, pulling away from you, “did you think I’d be bad at it?”  
You didn’t answer, you just leaned in to kiss him again. He sat up, pulling you so that you were properly straddling him and cradled your face in his hands. You rolled your hips against his and he groaned low in his throat. You shivered at the deep noise your movements elicited. You were certain it was sexiest thing you’d ever heard.  
“Your fucking voice makes me horny,” you whined, moving to press kisses to his throat and neck.  
“You make me horny,” he growled, throwing his head back as you continued to kiss down the column of his throat. “God, from the moment I saw you back in our first year I’ve thought you were hot as fuck.” 
“That’s impossible.” Your lips found his again and you kissed him hard, rolling your hips steadily over his, turned on by how his straining erection felt against your throbbing core. “It’s impossible, you didn’t even know me back then.”  
“Mm, that’s where you’re wrong, princess. We had Statistics together. I sat behind you and from the minute I saw you I was fascinated. I was too scared to say anything though. Stupid of me, really, but I've never been all that bright.”  
You moaned and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips before sucking a deep mark onto the skin of his collarbones. “You’re lying.”  
“I’m not. God, I’ve thought about this moment for so fucking long.”  
He grabbed your head and pulled your lips back to his, sliding his tongue into your mouth in the process. You clung to his shoulders before pulling away and pulling his shirt over your head. The second you flung the shirt towards the corner, he was pulling you against him and kissing you deeply again.  
“Wait, wait, wait,” you pulled away for a second, keeping your forehead pressed against his. “Who’s room is this? Are we about to fuck in some random frat boy’s bed or—”  
“Relax. This is my room,” he chuckled, holding you close to him again.  
“If you’re going to kiss me like…this, I want to date you,” you whispered, kissing him again. Maybe it was just the alcohol talking. You hardly even knew him. So what if he was a good kisser? That’s all he was. You didn’t even know if he was a good person.  
He smiled against your lips and tugged on the zipper of your dress. “Keep kissing me back and I just might hold you to that.”  
He finally got your dress undone and pushed the material off your shoulders, watching intently as it fell around your waist, revealing your bare chest and stomach. His hands wandered over you, thumbs rubbing over each nipple as he groped your chest. “God, if I thought you were beautiful before… you’re absolutely stunning.”  
You ran your hands over his chest as well, dragging your fingers down his stomach to the hem of his pants, unbuttoning them with shaking fingers. You couldn’t believe you were about to have sex with Lee Felix. When Ryujin found out about this… she was probably going to murder you.  
You helped Felix tug his pants off and then you pulled your dress the rest of the way off and pushed the articles of clothing onto the floor, leaving both of you in only your underwear. You tried to swallow the fear that crept up your throat, but it showed on your face and Felix pushed himself away from you, keeping the distance between you.  
“We shouldn’t do this.”  
Well, that’s not what you wanted at all. “W-wait, I’m just a little nervous but I didn’t want to stop!”  
“No,” he shook his head, his jaw set firmly. “I want you to be completely certain. And I know I’ve got a reputation—not a good one. I want to… I want to get to know you better. If you want?”  
Your breath caught in your throat as you stared at him. He wanted to get to know you? He didn���t just bring you here to have sex? You did want to have sex with him (he was a dream to look at no matter how much of jerk he was), but somehow hearing that he wanted you for more than just what you could give him sexually made your stomach turn.  
“I-I mean,” he looked away when you didn’t answer, stumbling over his words to try to cover up his moment of vulnerability, “we can have sex… if that’s, uh, all you want. I-I’m good with that…”  
You stood up, still too shocked to speak, and grabbed your dress off the floor. You tugged the material over your head and turned your back towards Felix, “Will you zip me up?”  
He wasted no time in grabbing the zipper. He didn’t want to make you upset, even if his heart felt like it was shattering.  
You waited as he pulled his clothes back on, then you turned around again and grabbed your shoes, but didn’t put them on. You made your way toward the door, but he didn’t follow you. When you turned to look at him, the look of hurt on his face vanished so quickly you wondered if you hadn’t imagined it.  
“Are you coming?” you asked, pulling the door open and waiting.  
His eyes lit up and he sprang to his feet, hurriedly pulling on his shoes before following you out of the room. You felt nervous as he made his way through the crowd beside you. What would people think? Did you really care that much? But once you were outside you felt like you could breathe again.  
Once outside, you fell into step beside him, holding your shoes in one hand. He looked straight ahead, hands shoved in his pockets. You couldn’t help but admire the way his skin looked under the gleam of neon store signs and moonlight. He was beautiful. How had you never noticed? 
“Did you mean it?”  
He looked over at you at the sound of your voice. “Mean what?”  
“That you want to get to know me. Did you mean that?”  
“Yeah,” he nodded, looking down at his feet in an attempt to mask the blush spreading across his cheeks, “Yeah I meant it.”  
So you started to tell him about yourself. You told him silly, insignificant things like your favorite color and your favorite drink. You also told him stories from your childhood, what you were like when you were younger, your favorite memories with your friends and your biggest fears.  
And he did the same. He told you why he ended up joining his fraternity alongside his friends, he told you about his family back home in Australia, he told you about what he hoped his future might look like, and he told you what scared him the most.  
“I’m scared that people will see me for who I really am. And I’m scared that, when they do, they won’t want to be around me anymore.”  
“Is that why you put on this act and keep people at arm’s length?” you asked, stopping and turning to look at him. He couldn’t meet your gaze.  
You watched as he swallowed and his posture straightened as his jaw clenched. You hoped you hadn’t struck a nerve. “Yeah. That’s exactly why.”  
He kept walking. So you followed him in silence. Neither of you spoke much as you walked. You didn’t really know where you were going at first, but you quickly realized that you were headed in the direction of your apartment. You couldn’t help the pang of hurt that bloomed in your chest when you realized he was taking you home. You had hoped you’d spend the night with him.  
"Can I give you my number?" Felix asked softly, hands in his pockets once more. "So we can... continue getting to know each other?"  
You looked up at him so fast you heard your neck pop, but you ignored the split second of pain as you stared at him with wide eyes. "You—do you really want to?"  
He looked back at you and the soft smile you'd grown to love over the course of the night made an appearance, "Yeah. I really want to."  
So you exchanged numbers when you made it to your apartment, smiling shyly at each other as you parted ways. You hesitated before turning to leave before you made a split second decision. You pressed a chaste kiss to his cheek, "I had a really good time tonight. I'm glad I decided to go."  
"I'm glad you did too. I'll talk to you later, yeah?" He shoved his hands back into his pockets and looked down at his feet, cheeks turning pink beneath your gaze.  
"Yeah, for sure. Bye Felix."  
He watched as you walked into your apartment building, standing and staring at the door for a moment longer before turning around and walking back, smile spreading across his lips.  
When he finally made it back to the frat house, the party had died down, leaving almost no one except for the members of the fraternity. They were gathered in the living room, sitting on couches and bean bags. They all looked up at Felix as he walked in and sat on the floor beside Hyunjin.  
"So, we decided on a winner while you were gone," Chan cleared his throat, watching as the smile fell from Felix's lips and his posture straightened.  
Felix nodded, "Right. Who won?"  
"Jeongin!" Seungmin groaned, falling back into the couch cushion with a huge sigh. "Can't believe the baby beat all of us. And in his first dogfight too."  
Felix reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled twenty dollar bill, placing it in the youngest's outstretched hand. Part of him was relieved he didn't win. The dogfight had given him a chance to talk to the girl he'd been head over heels for since freshman year. At the same time, he couldn't ignore the guilt bubbling in his stomach. If she ever found out that he'd only had the courage to talk to her because of a stupid bet—a game—she'd be so hurt.  
He hardly noticed as everyone stood and went their separate ways, some leaving to go to bed, some leaving to hook up, some leaving for a midnight snack. He stayed sitting, lost in thought. Hyunjin stayed beside him.  
"Did you pick her because you actually like her?" Hyunjin finally asked, voice soft in case anyone was close enough to hear. "Because it kinda felt like you didn't even try to find someone that would help you win. I-I mean, don't take this the wrong way if you like her, but she's hot so she doesn't exactly fit the dogfight criteria." 
Felix was quiet for a moment, staring intently at his hands in his lap. But with a sigh he gave up on trying to deny how he felt. He looked at Hyunjin as he answered. "Yeah. I used the dogfight as an excuse to finally talk to her."  
"Dude. She's going to fucking hate you if she finds out she was a part of the dogfight. No matter what reason you have."  
"I know," Felix groaned and buried his face in his hands. "I'm so stupid."  
Hyunjin didn't say anything because he agreed. It was stupid of Felix to use the dogfight as an excuse to talk to the girl he'd been practically in love with for years. But he wasn't in any position to judge. He was just as stupid for involving innocent girls in their games. "I won't tell anyone."  
"Thanks." Felix didn't say anything else and neither did Hyunjin. They sat together in silence for a few more minutes before Hyunjin finally stood up, helping Felix to his feet.  
"Get some rest."  
Felix nodded, "You too."  
Tumblr media
As soon as you walked into your apartment, you were ambushed by Ryujin who demanded to know all of the details from your night out with Felix. She had a million questions but of course the only one you heard clearly was, "Did you have sex?"  
You blinked yourself out of your daze, trying to focus on what she was saying to you. "N-no we didn't have sex!"  
"He didn't hurt you? Take advantage of you?" 
"No!" You pushed Ryujin away as she started to examine your bare arms, "He was sweet. I... I had a really good time."  
She stood up straight and looked at you, blinking slowly. "Oh. Y-you do realize that Lee Felix is a player right? He's basically a trained lady charmer."  
"I know, I know. But he seemed... genuine—" 
"Yn," Ryujin interrupted you, frowning and crossing her arms, "You don't... like him... do you? I just don't want to see you get hurt by him." 
"N-no," you lied, "No I don't like him. I-I'm going to bed. My head hurts."  
You understood that Ryujin was only looking out for you, but after having a great time that night, the reminder that Felix had more potential to hurt you than take care of you felt like a ton of bricks. You closed your bedroom door and curled up on your bed in the dark, not bothering to change out of your dress or wipe your makeup off. You had left your heels on the floor by the door and when you glanced over them, you felt a wave of tears as you thought about how Felix had carried you out of the house just so you wouldn't have to put the uncomfortable shoes back on.  
You turned away from the door and closed your eyes, willing yourself to sleep.  
You woke up the next morning to your phone buzzing on the bedside table. You reached out a hand and grabbed it, opening your sleepy eyes to read the text message notification displayed on your phone. When you realized who it was from, you sat up quickly, ignoring the pounding in your skull as you read the message and then read it again.  
Tumblr media
You stared at your phone, trying to decide how to respond. Should you even respond? Should you ask Ryujin? No, definitely not. She would tell you to ignore it and block him and you didn't think you wanted to do that. You chewed on your bottom lip as you debated on your response.  
You did have a really great time at the party. You did think he was hot. You did want to see him again even if you knew it was a bad idea. So, with a deep breath you responded.  
Tumblr media
Felix stared at his phone in disbelief. Though he had been hopeful, he hadn't really expected you to answer, especially not so quickly. Your best friend was Shin Ryujin who notoriously despised him. And until the party, he had thought you did too.  
Without thinking, he hit the "call" button, deciding he wanted to hear your voice. As he listened to the phone ring, he grew more and more anxious. Why had he thought this was a good idea? What if you didn't want to talk to him?  
But then you answered and it felt like his anxiety melted away. Your voice made him smile. "Hello?"  
"Hey!" He chirped, perhaps a little too cheerfully. He cleared his throat and tried again, "Hey. I just thought it might be easier to make plans over the phone rather than just... texting. To be honest, I wasn't really expecting you to answer so I don't really have any solid plans for us yet."  
"That's okay! I'm okay with anything. I just... want to see you."  
He could hear the smile in your voice and that made him smile too. He nodded even though you couldn't see him. "Then, I'll pick you up at two. Is that okay?"  
"Yeah! I'll see you in a few hours."  
You hung up before he could say goodbye, but he didn't mind. He was just glad to have heard your voice. And he was glad you wanted to see him. It felt like a dream come true.  
Time couldn't move fast enough as you got ready for the day. It felt like every minute was the longest minute you'd ever experienced. Ryujin wasn't home when you got up and you had found a note stuck to the fridge stating she wouldn't be back until late that evening. You tried doing things to pass the time—reading, scrolling through social media, watching TV—but you couldn't focus on anything for longer than fifteen minutes and you couldn't stop checking the time.  
When Felix finally knocked on the door of your apartment, you all but leapt up and sprinted for the door, shoes already on and bag slung over your shoulder. You paused and took a deep breath before answering the door, grinning when you saw him standing before you in a white sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. His hair looked soft, like he'd just let it dry on its own after a shower. He smiled at you when you opened the door.  
"Hi," you breathed back, leaving your apartment and locking it behind you. You followed him to his car. "Where are we going?"  
"You'll see."  
He was being cryptic and that made you a little nervous, but you also got the feeling that he wouldn't do anything sketchy. How you came to that conclusion, you were uncertain, but you clung to it. When you pulled into the parking lot of the shopping mall, your eyes lit up.  
Felix endured you dragging him excitedly to multiple stores and window shopped alongside you, enjoying how happy you were to be there. You felt bad for dragging him along after you, so you let him choose the next place to go. And of course, like the game-loving boy he was, he chose the arcade.  
“Goddamn,” Felix huffed as the claw slid right off of the stuffed bear for the third time. 
You giggled at the pout on his lips. He's cute. You shook the thought away and put a hand on his shoulder, “It's seriously not a big deal, Felix. I don’t need it.”  
“Yeah but,” he sighed, sliding another few coins into the slot of the claw machine, “I'm usually really good at these. This is as much for me as it is for you.”  
“Wow, such a gentleman,” you teased, poking him in the side as the machine started up. 
“That's not what I meant—” 
“I know, Lix.”  
He huffed again, ignoring the heat in his cheeks at the nickname and going quiet as he carefully tried to maneuver the claw over the stuffed bear in the middle of the machine for the fourth time. His lips fell into a pout again and his brows furrowed in concentration. He got the claw where he wanted it, took a deep breath, and pushed the button to release it. You both watched in anticipation as the claw dropped toward the bear, clutching onto the head before pulling back up, bringing the bear with it this time.  
Felix let out an elated cheer, a huge grin spreading across his face as he turned to hug you, “Oh my god, I did it!” 
“Of course you did. I knew you could. You're just good at everything, aren’t you?”  
“Well,” he looked away shyly at your compliment, bending down to grab the bear out of the retrieval slot, “I wouldn’t say I'm good at everything.” 
“I think you are,” you took the bear from him as he extended it toward you, smiling sweetly. 
He shook his head, looking straight ahead instead of making eye contact as you walked out of the arcade area of the shopping mall. You sighed loudly and he looked at you, worried. You pouted and put a hand on your stomach, hoping he would understand what you were trying to say.  
“Are you hungry?” He finally asked.  
He grabbed your hand, pulling you toward the area of the mall where the food court was. You stood in line for food, and he let his hand slip out of yours. He didn’t say anything and the line moved quickly, so it didn’t take long to order and get your food. You sat at a clean table and ate in silence.  
“Thank you for hanging out with me today,” he said softly, poking at the food on his plate and looking up at you. 
You shrugged, taking a bite of your own food, “I should be the one thanking you. I've heard you're not one for hanging out with a girl more than once.”  
“My reputation precedes me,” he sighed, leaning back in his seat with a small frown. “Well, the people who say that aren’t wrong. But I thought we already established that you're different than the other girls, hm?”  
"Yeah, I guess."  
"Hey," he leaned forward, reaching across the table to turn your face to look at him, "I mean that. You're way different than any other girl I've been with and I love that."  
His words comforted you and so you offered him a small smile. He leaned back in his seat again, grinning at you, "Atta girl." 
Your face felt like it was on fire and you coughed, hoping he wouldn't catch on to how flustered you were. He stood, gathering the trash from your meal. "I'd better get you home before it gets too late." 
You nodded, unable to find your voice, and stood after him. You were quiet the whole way home, still feeling flustered over the minimal skin to skin contact and his few words of praise. When you arrived at your apartment, you couldn't help the pang of sadness in your chest. You'd had such a great time with him and you didn't want the day to end just yet.  
He opened your car door for you and led you into your apartment building, handing you the teddy bear he'd rescued from the claw machine. "I had a really good time today."  
"Me too," you said softly, grabbing the bear from his hands and holding it close to your chest.  
The two of you stood in silence in the lobby of your apartment building, neither of you wanting to leave but also having nothing else to say. Felix felt guilt bubble in his stomach and the urge to tell you about the real reason he'd invited you to the party sat heavy on his tongue. He knew it would be better to just tell you and explain that really it was just an excuse to finally talk to you. At the same time, he was terrified you'd be upset and would never speak to him again.  
"Right, so," you cleared your throat, smiling sweetly at him and kissing him on the cheek, "I'll text you later."  
He nodded as his cheeks burned, "Y-yeah. I'll talk to you later."  
Felix watched as you waved goodbye and made your way further into the building and to your apartment, silently cursing himself for getting you involved in the dogfight.  
Tumblr media
Over the course of the next couple of months, you and Felix spent as much time together as you could, watching movies, going on picnics, visiting the mall, and spending late nights and early mornings talking and lying in bed together. With each day that passed, you fell for him more. He showed you a side of himself that he'd never showed anyone and you found yourself opening up to him in a way you'd never opened up to anyone.  
But also with each day that passed, Felix felt more and more guilty that you didn't know about the dogfight. He'd tried to tell you, he really had, but every time he started to, you said something that caught him off guard. He needed to tell you, but at this point, he was so in love that thought of losing you terrified him even more than it had before.  
It was a Saturday afternoon when he decided to finally tell you. The guilt was eating him alive and he knew if he didn't tell you, you'd find out eventually from someone else. And that would be infinitely worse.  
"Hey, yn, can we talk?"  
You looked over at him from where you were curled up on his couch, scrolling through social media. "Yeah, what's up?"  
"I..." He took a breath, willing confidence into his body, "I have to tell you something about the first time we hung out. At the... at the party."  
"Okay... What is it?" You felt nauseous. He looked so nervous to talk to you—something that had never happened before. It had always been easy for the two of you to talk.  
"Have you ever heard of... the dogfight?"  
"No... should I know what that is?"  
"It's a... stupid thing the guys in my fraternity do. The guy who brings the nerdiest, or... like, most “goody two shoes” girl to a party wins the pot. All of us put money in―usually about twenty dollars each. And then we pick girls. Whoever’s got the "nerdiest" girl gets the money at the end of the night." 
You were quiet for a long moment, processing everything he'd said to you. You breathed deeply and looked at him through narrow eyes. "So, you're saying you invited me to the party as a part of your stupid frat boy game?" 
"No. I mean... I mean, kind of, but—" 
"So it was all just a lie?" You whispered, unable to meet Felix's gaze. "I was just a part of some stupid bet?"   
"Yn, it's not like that anymore, I swear—"   
"Did you at least win? Or am I not even good enough for that?"   
Felix was silent. Nothing he could say would ever make up for the mistake he had made. He hated what he had done to you. He hated himself for being so selfish that he dragged the bet on for as long as he did just to have you for a little while longer. Finally, Felix swallowed thickly, finding it in himself to speak.   
"I understand if you hate me and—"   
"I don't hate you," you shook your head sadly as tears slipped down your cheeks, "I hate what you made me feel. You made me feel like what we had was real. And I loved you. I do love you. And I hate that."   
Felix reached for your arm, fingers wrapping gently around your wrist. "It was real. A-at least, it became real. Sure, it started out as some stupid bet, but I love you."  
"Don't say that you love me if you don't mean it." You pulled your arm away from him, hugging your body as if you could disappear in on yourself. You were beyond hurt. And you felt so stupid. Felix watched with his jaw set as you took a deep breath and turned to leave, trying not to show how much it hurt that you were leaving. "Please don't reach out to me. I don't want to talk to you."   
And like that, you were gone. You were out of his apartment. Out of his life. Gone.   
"Fuck!" His throat burned with repressed emotion and he screamed. In anger? In pain? Maybe both. He couldn't tell. He couldn't think straight. He shoved all of the clutter off of his desk, blinded by white-hot hurt. The one person he'd finally felt he could open up to and be himself around was gone. And it was entirely his fault.   
His phone started ringing but the sound of his ringtone felt ten times louder than usual and his head was already pounding. He pulled the cell phone out of his pocket and threw it at the wall, almost hoping it would break and the ringing would stop. He hoped it would shatter—a visual representation of how his heart felt. He knew he was being dramatic, throwing a tantrum like a toddler, but he didn't care.   
He fell to his knees on the floor in the midst of the mess he'd created before he laid down on his back, staring at the ceiling as tears finally fell and the burning in his throat subsided with each sob. He hardly noticed the passing of time, hardly noticed the throbbing in his skull, hardly noticed when Chan knocked on the door and came inside, crouching beside him.   
"Felix," Chan murmured soothingly, "you should drink water and eat something."   
Chan didn't even ask what was wrong, as if he knew. Maybe he did. He'd always been able to see right through Felix's carefully created facades. Did Chan see the toxicity of the dogfight? Did he hate it as much as Felix did? Probably not. As caring as Chan was to his friends, he was still heartless to outsiders.  
Felix shook his head, pushing Chan away from him weakly. He didn't want to drink water. He didn't want to eat. He didn't want to feel better. Not yet. He wanted it to hurt. He'd done a terrible thing; it didn't feel right to feel okay yet.   
Chan just sighed and stood, leaving the room and closing the door behind him. Felix noticed the water bottle and bowl of soup he had left behind. He sat up slowly and the room spun. He put the bowl of soup and the water bottle on his desk before crawling into his bed and curling up, another wave of tears washing over him.   
But if he had known how you were reacting back at your own apartment, he would have done a lot worse than destroy his room.   
You had locked yourself in your room too, refusing to open the door for anyone. You had hardly made it over the threshold into your room before collapsing in a bout of sobs, back pressed against the door and your face buried in your knees. You weren't sure if you were crying because you were sad or because you were angry. Maybe you were crying for both reasons.   
You were sad. You had opened your heart up to Felix, had truly fallen for him and his precious smile and goofy demeanor. And you were angry. Maybe more at yourself than at him. You were angry that you had allowed yourself to fall for his lie and angry that you had let yourself be wrapped up in his sweet words and pretty smile. You were hurt. Had it all really meant nothing to him?   
There was knocking at the door but you couldn't be bothered to answer. Your phone buzzed constantly on the floor beside you. Everything sounded muffled—like you were hearing it through water. Your head felt heavy and your brain felt fuzzy. Your throat burned and your face was wet.   
It had felt so real. And the truth was, you didn't want to believe that it hadn't been. After all, who could be such a good liar that every smile and laugh and kiss and date felt as real as it had? You'd never even thought it was fake. Not for a second. Was he that good of a liar? Clearly he was. You weren't sure why you were still questioning it.   
You should have listened to Ryujin. She had tried to warn you. She had tried to protect you. But you were foolish and had listened to your heart instead of your head and now here you were sobbing on the floor of your bedroom while Felix was probably out with another girl, playing her the same way he had played you.   
A memory flashed in your mind and you clung to it because for a brief moment, it eased the pain.   
You had woken up before Felix did—this wasn't surprising, he often slept later than you. Morning light filtered in through the cracked blinds of his bedroom, falling in long stripes across his face. You carded your fingers through his hair, dyed blond and fluffy. He shifted a little beside you and you let your hand fall from his hair to his face, fingertips tracing over his brow, down the bridge of his nose, over his soft lips, over his freckled cheeks.   
You wanted nothing more than to wake up beside him like this every morning. But deep down, you were scared you wouldn't be able to, so you devoted these quiet morning moments to memorizing every curve and angle of his face. If you couldn't have him every morning, you wanted to at least be able to conjure the memory of when you had him.   
His eyes fluttered open and your fingers stilled against his skin, your palm cupping his face as he woke up. He smiled sleepily at you, kissing your palm as his hand settled on your waist beneath the blanket covering the two of you. He closed his eyes again, a content sigh leaving his lips as he nuzzled against your hand. "Good morning, pretty."   
"Good morning," you whispered back, fingers continuing to trace over his cheekbones and jawline. "How did you sleep?"   
"I always sleep well when you're with me," his deep voice was raspy as he spoke, eyes remaining closed.   
You hummed in response, committing his voice and his face and the way his hand felt against your waist to memory. The silence between the two of you was comfortable. It always was. He opened his eyes again, watching as you memorized his face in the morning light.   
"Nobody has ever looked at me the way you do."  
His words surprised you, as did the softness of his voice. He sounded so genuine, and his eyes were sincere. No one had ever looked at him with as much adoration and love as you did. And that made you feel kind of special. But you didn't say that out loud, you just pulled him into a sweet kiss.   
"I love you," you whispered when you pulled away, closing your eyes and snuggling into his side, anxious to see his reaction.   
He pulled you away from him so he could look you in the eye as he spoke. "I love you so much more."   
As the memory faded you choked on another sob, burying your face in your knees once more. You missed him. And that brought on a fresh wave of pain and anger. You hated that you missed him, that you still cared about him.   
"Yn," Ryujin called from the other side of the door, "Please open the fucking door and tell me what's going on."  
You finally moved away from the door, unlocking it and letting your best friend inside your room. She sat on the floor next to you, wrapping her arms around you as you cried into her shoulder. She didn't say anything, she just held you. When you finally found words, you spoke, not looking up from her shoulder. "You were right." 
"What are you talking about?" 
"You were right about Felix. I never should have trusted him."  
She was still quiet, trying to determine the right thing to say, or whether she should say anything at all. Finally, with a sigh, she spoke, "What did he do?"  
"It was all a fucking lie," you choked out. "A stupid bet. They call it the "dogfight" or some stupid shit like that."  
Ryujin felt the urge to snap out an "I told you so" but she figured that wouldn't make you feel better, so she held her tongue. She held you as you cried and when you finally calmed down, she helped you to your bed so you could rest.  
She made sure you had everything you needed to rest comfortably before leaving your room and closing the door behind her. And then she left the apartment.  
Chan hadn't expected banging on the front door of the frat house at seven o'clock in the evening, but he made his way to answer the door anyways. When he opened it, he was surprised to see Shin Ryujin standing in the doorway, eyes narrowed coldly and arms crossed. "Is Felix here?"  
"Uh, yeah, but I don't think he's in any position to talk to anyone..." Chan's voice trailed off as Ryujin pushed her way in.  
"I don't really care how he feels right now," she snapped, "My best friend is alone, crying in her room because of him."  
"Yeah... well, she's not the first."  
"I don't fucking care if she's the first, the fifth, or the five hundredth. I told Felix that if he hurt her, he'd have to deal with me. And he hurt her. So now he has to deal with me. Take me to him or you will too."  
Chan shrugged and led her up the stairs to Felix's bedroom. He knocked on the door, "Hey, mate, you've got a visitor."  
"Tell them to go away," Felix croaked from inside.  
"Sorry, bro, she won't take no for an answer."  
Ryujin heard shuffling from inside and she watched, eyes still narrowed, as the door cracked open and Felix peered out. His face blanched when he saw her. Chan patted him on the shoulder, muttering a quiet "good luck" before retreating to his own room.  
Felix opened the door wider, silently inviting Ryujin into his room. She followed him in, taking in his haggard appearance. His face was swollen and his eyes were red and puffy. His hair was a mess and his clothes were disheveled. She noted the full bowl of soup and unopened water bottle on the otherwise bare desk—the previous contents strewn about the room. She also noticed the cracked phone lying on the floor by the far wall, just under a dent where the phone must have hit it.  
"You look like shit," she scowled.  
"I feel like shit." 
"Good. You deserve it, asshole."  
Felix sighed and nodded, rubbing at his face. She could see the hurt in his eyes and the exhaustion etched into his skin. And she knew this hurt him as much as it hurt you. She needed to get to the bottom of it.  
"Did yn tell you?"  
"That you only brought her to the party because of a stupid frat boy game? Yeah. But I think there's more to that, isn't there? Otherwise you wouldn't have continued to spend time with her for months. So what's the truth? That's what I'm here to find out. Not for your sake. For hers." Ryujin sat in the chair by his desk, watching carefully as Felix collapsed onto his bed, as if his legs were too weak to carry the weight of his body.  
"My freshman year I took a Statistics class. The same one that yn was in. She sat in front of me for the whole semester. I had a crush on her the moment I saw her. And the more I heard her speak and answer questions, the more I fell. But that year, I followed Chan into the fraternity. Chan is like a brother to me. I came here all the way from Australia and I didn't know anyone. But we connected and I felt a little less alone. Joining the fraternity was simultaneously the best and worst decision I've ever made. I feel like I've lost myself. I don't know who I am. At the same time, I've made friends. Friends who are deeper than friends. Brothers.  
"That doesn't make what I did right or justifiable. It's just insight. My whole life, all I've really wanted is to fit in. To belong. And being in the fraternity... I felt that. But I've always felt this pressure to do whatever everyone else is doing so that I keep fitting in. So I played girl after girl, trying to create an image for my brothers. All the while, I still liked yn. Every time I saw her in the hallways, it felt like my heart was beating a million miles a minute. She's so beautiful and she's smart and funny and kind. She's everything I don't deserve.  
"When the boys suggested another dogfight... I decided to choose her. It would be my excuse to talk to her without anyone questioning it. But the truth is, she didn't ever fit the criteria of the typical girl chosen for a dogfight. Sure, she's smart and studious, but she's not a nerd. She's no "goody two-shoes." But I chose her. Because the dogfight was what I needed to give me the confidence to actually approach her. And after I did... it was like magic. We got along so well and I... fell in love.  
"But I felt so guilty not telling her about how it started. I knew that if I didn't tell her, she'd find out from someone else. So, even though it took me a few months, I worked up the courage to tell her. But once the time came, I choked and I couldn't fully explain it to her. I did a shitty thing and karma caught up to me and I lost the one person who I actually felt like I could open up to. I'm a shitty person. I lied about the dogfight. But I never lied to her about loving her. Everything I ever said to her, other than why I took her to the party, was true. I love her. And I think I always will."  
Ryujin was quiet for a long time after Felix stopped speaking. She'd listened to his entire story, she'd listened to her best friend's and now it was time for her to pass her judgment. She sighed and stood up. "You're an asshole Felix. And you did a shitty thing. But you're not a shitty person. Give yn a few weeks and then ask if she'll let you explain everything. Tell her what you told me. After that, it's up to her, but at least you'll have tried. If you love her, you can't stop fighting for her." 
Felix looked surprised that Ryujin wasn't beating the shit out of him, but he swallowed carefully and nodded. "I will. Thank you." 
"Don't thank me," Ryujin glowered, opening the bedroom door, "I'm not telling you this for you. Everything I've said has been for her."  
"Still... thank you. For listening to the whole story."  
She just nodded before leaving, closing the bedroom door behind her and starting the walk back to her apartment. Felix stared at the ceiling for a long time after she left. She had been right. He couldn't just stop fighting. He would try one more time and if you didn't want anything to do with him, he would learn to live with it. But he would live knowing that at least he tried. 
So he took Ryujin's advice. He gave you space for a few weeks, checking on you through Ryujin. It hurt him to know that you were so sad all because of him. But finally the day had come for him to try again. It was a Saturday and Ryujin was gone.  
He bought flowers and made his way to your apartment, nervous to see you. He knew you would be upset, but he hoped you would be willing to listen. So there he was, standing in front of your apartment door, flowers in hand. He hesitated for a moment and then he took a deep breath, knocking firmly on the door.  
It took you a minute, but you finally opened the door, looking just as beautiful as he remembered. You looked shocked to see him and then your face hardened. He opened his mouth to speak but the words never made their way out because you punched him as hard as you could in the nose, holding your throbbing knuckles afterwards.  
"Ow! What the fuck," Felix held his nose, grimacing as he drew his fingers away, stained with blood, "I think you broke my nose!"  
"You broke my heart, you deserve a broken nose!" You huffed defensively. Though, deep down you did feel a twinge of regret for being so impulsive.  
"Okay, that's fair," he sighed and held the flowers out to you, "I brought these to you. A peace offering. I want to explain the story to you in full. And after that you never have to see me again if you don't want to, but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't at least try to explain everything to you. You deserve that much."  
You didn't speak at first, just staring at him as he held his bleeding nose in one hand and the flowers in the other. But after a long moment, you sighed and let him in, grabbing tissues for his nose and putting the flowers in a vase with water. After he had cleaned himself up and the two of you were settled on the couch in the living room, he explained everything to you in full, the same way he had explained it to Ryujin.  
"So, yes I lied to you about why I was taking you to the party. But I never lied to you about loving you. That much has always been true. I did a really shitty thing and I'll understand if you hate me forever, but... I needed you to know why I did it. And I needed you to know that I'm so sorry."  
You hadn't said a word to him the entire time he told you his story and you didn't say anything for a long time afterwards either. You mulled it over in your mind. You pondered every word. You inspected it for truth. And, finally, you concluded that he was sincere.  
"Lee Felix, you are a broken man," you said softly, smiling at him sadly, "but then again, I, myself, am broken. Aren't we all a little broken? You did a really terrible thing. But, even if I wish you had told me about the dogfight sooner, I appreciate that it was you who told me in the end. I think it would have hurt more to find out from someone else. I think what I'm trying to say is... I want to try again. I miss you." 
Felix watched you with wide eyes, waiting for you to laugh in his face and tell him you were joking. That you hated him and he was foolish to think you'd ever forgive him. Stupid to think you'd ever want him. But you didn't. You just cried and pulled him into a hug. And then he was crying too.  
You kissed him through your tears, molding into him perfectly, like you'd been made for it. He welcomed your warmth against him, holding you impossibly close to him as you kissed and cried and hugged and made up.  
"If you ever pull shit like this again though—" 
"No! Absolutely not. I will never do anything like this again," he interrupted, laughing through his tears. "God, I really learned my fucking lesson."  
"Good," you whispered, leaning in to kiss him again.  
You clambered off the couch and he looked confused before you grabbed his hands and guided him to your bedroom, taking care to lock the door behind you in case Ryujin happened to come back early. Once in the safety of your bedroom, you held his face in both hands and kissed him deeply. His arms wrapped around your waist without a second thought as he pulled you against him.  
"I love you," he murmured, pulling away and looking into your teary eyes deeply.  
"I love you." 
And this time, when you kissed him, it was like that first time in his bedroom. You couldn't get enough of him and he couldn't get enough of you. He was quick to slide his tongue into your mouth and you pulled him toward your bed. He tugged his shirt over his head and you followed suit before kissing him again.  
It felt like a blur—you didn't know when you'd both taken off the rest of your clothes—but suddenly there you were, lying in your bed with Felix between your legs, cheek resting against your thigh as he looked up at you with the most adoring look on his face. "Can I eat you out?" 
"Please," you whimpered, threading your fingers through his hair and guiding his face closer to where you needed him.  
He pressed gentle kisses to your thighs before attaching his lips to your clit, sucking carefully and watching you intently, gauging your reaction. He went slow, but not too slow, fast but not too fast. He was perfect. He felt perfect. You felt perfect.  
His fingers traced shapes against your entrance and it took you a moment to realize that the shapes were letters. And the letters formed his name. When you felt close you pulled him away, looking down at him through heavily lidded eyes.  
"I want you inside," you whispered, your hand holding his hardened dick carefully.  
He nodded and let out a shaky breath as you guided his tip to your entrance. For a moment he wondered if he should have stretched you out first and he felt panic bubbling in his chest at the thought of hurting you. But you didn't wince as he slid himself deeper, pleasure overpowering any pain you may have felt.  
You held his face, making him look at you once he bottomed out. "I love you."  
"I love you so much more," he murmured, thrusting slowly at your guidance.  
He felt like he was in heaven. He had to be. Nothing else could possibly feel this good. As he found a steady pace, he reached between your bodies, rubbing gently at your clit. He wanted you to feel as good as he was feeling. You clung to him, gasping as he touched you.  
He wasn't sure he could last much longer, not with you squeezing him the way you were. Not with how perfect you felt. He held you closer to him, burying his face in your neck. "I'm so close, fuck."  
"It's okay," you mewled out, "I am too."  
"Do you want me to pull out?" He groaned into your ear, nipping at your jawline.  
"No. I'm on birth control."  
"Then, I’m cumming."  
He moaned low in your ear as he finished deep inside of you and you sobbed as you came around him. Everything about the moment was so perfect. He moved to pull out after you both came down from your highs, but you tightened your grip around him. "Stay like this for a little longer."  
He held you like that for a few minutes before he helped you up, taking you to the bathroom to get you cleaned up. After he got you back into bed, he went to the kitchen to find you water and a snack. You sat up as he came back, closing the door behind him. He settled into the bed next to you, helping you drink the water he'd brought for you.  
He laid down with you when you were done and you curled into his side, sighing in content. "I'm glad you didn't give up, Lix."  
"Me too."  
The two of you drifted into sleep, exhausted from weeks spent apart, crying, and everything that came after Felix's apology and explanation. Finally, everything felt like it was as it should be. You'd never slept better than that night in his arms.  
When you woke up, it was completely dark in your room except for the moonlight seeping in through your curtains. It reminded you of another moment with Felix like this, in the early hours of dawn. Shortly after you woke up, he stirred beside you.  
Your face burned as he opened his eyes to find you already staring at him. He giggled softly as you hid under the sheet, snuggling closer to him. He hummed contentedly, arms wrapped around you tightly, sharing his warmth with you. "Morning, stranger." 
He was teasing you. But after weeks spent bitterly apart, you felt a little bit like a stranger, so it was, in a way, fitting. You poked him in the side and laughed along with him. It felt so wonderful to be with him again. "It's, like, the middle of night, Lix."  
"I know," he smiled, "but that's my catchphrase."  
"Maybe for your one night stands. Switch it up a bit for me, Felix," you chortled, hand coming to rest on his hip as you spoke.  
"Hi, my love." He whispered against your temple. Your breathing hitched at the tenderness of his voice. You didn't say anything for a long second and neither did he. "Was that better?" 
"So much better."  
You moved to kiss him, but he stopped you. You watched him, confused, but he just smiled and shook his head, holding your face in his hands. "I just want to look at you. I want to remember you like this." 
He studied you a moment longer and then you leaned in and kissed him. He relaxed against you as you mumbled against his lips, "I'm not going anywhere."  
And you weren't. Not anymore. Because you loved him... and you knew he loved you too.  
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