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han jisung - comedian of the year!
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Minho: I'm ambidextrous.
Felix: That's what's up, bro, love who you love.
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Gifsets of Lee Felix  ↳ playful baby chick 🐥 | DO NOT REPOST
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2022 MAMA | Thank You Stage - I.N 🍞
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hi hi i get embarrassed about it but can u write a reader x felix scenario where the reader squirts for the first time during s*x 😳 only if you're comfortable with it !
Tumblr media
Felix x Reader ~ One-shot
⚠️ Smut and kinky shit ⚠️
Felix softly played with your hair as you sat in between his legs, back resting on his chest.
You were watching your favourite series together, just like every night, but for some reason you felt weird this night.
Maybe it was the full moon or your unpredictable female hormones, but something just made you ten times more aware of every little sensation today.
How delicate Felix's touches were as he slid his fingers between your tresses, detangling any small knots. How careful he was when scratching or massaging your scalp, making sure he doesn't hurt you somehow.
You were melting into him, the sound of his soft breaths, the way they'd fan your hair and ear, his intoxicating cologne, just him.
His chest rose and fell beneath you, and his warmth seeped into you. You felt him everywhere. He caged you, and you fucking loved it.
At the optimum levels of comfort you currently felt, you released a satisfied exhale that sounded more like a moan.
The arm Felix wrapped around your waist tightened at that.
As if on cue, a rather explicit scene came up, causing the both of you to tense up.
It's not like y'all haven't watched multiple sex scenes together before, but it's still a little awkward everytime it happens.
Also, not to mention how whenever these scenes would come up, you definitely wouldn't be laying on him like this.
He was your bestfriend, and you were both very close. You've known each other since forever. Family friends, basically.
You're both quite affectionate and love to flirt all the time, add to that how your love language is physical affection. If anybody saw the way you two interacting, they'd undoubtedly assume you're dating.
To be truthful, there was definitely unspoken feelings included in here, but it's like the two of you have subconsciously agreed that it'd be better not to make things official yet, due to how you were both rather busy with college and have commitment issues. Very typical.
You know he has feelings for you, and he knows you have feelings for him, but the thrill of knowing without confirmation just makes the experience 10x better. For the most part, atleast.
How did the two of you know you had feelings for each other? Well, you occasionally messed around, helping each other release built up tension. Random make out sessions. Blow jobs. Fingering. Eating out. Alot. Everything but fucking. That was a red line you both drew. Unspoken rule.
It was fun. Having friends with benefits, and surprisingly didn't ruin the friendship. But, it was also confusing. But, its okay, right?
Back to you two cuddled up, you both watched the spicy scene unfold on TV before you.
The girl lead was a moaning mess as the male lead went down on her, his head in between her legs, the sounds he made as he sucked and ate her out lewd and loud.
You couldn't help the arousal growing in you, and your thighs subconsciously pressed together, seeking relief.
You slightly adjusted your position, allowing you to feel the growing bulge against your back. Felix released a low groan.
Oh no.
Felix's face was red, but you couldn't see it. However, you did feel how tensed up he was below you, add to that his hardening cock.
The male lead pulled his head away and resorted to using his fingers.
He was focused at her exposed pussy as he ran his fingers through it, then slowly inserted them into her. Her pussy was wet and red from his earlier ministrations with his tongue on it, so it was easy for him to shove his fingers into her hole.
His fingers moved in her, massaging then fucking her. The girl spread her legs wider, moaning and arching her back.
"Fuck yeah, spread those legs for me," the male lead spoke, and you could feel your panties growing wet.
Your thighs were pressing so hard against each other, and Felix noticed. He also noticed how your breathing got heavier.
"You wish that was you, huh?" He teasingly muttered.
A crimson hue spread over your cheeks, and you rolled your eyes to mask the embarrassment you felt. "Oh, shut up."
"Oh, but you do," he smirked, and you couldn't see his face but you just felt the smirk in his tone.
You remained silent.
"I know you can feel how hard my dick is right now," his arm around your waist slowly slid off, and he begun to trace shapes on your stomach, tickling you a bit.
You still chose not to utter anything, more because you didn't know what to say, and you felt too entranced to think of something to say.
"Want me to make you feel good?" He whispered into your ear, voice deep and hoarse.
You shivered, and slowly nodded.
You felt Felix lightly chuckle below you before his hand that was drawing shapes on your stomach moved to separate your legs.
You had shorts on. Thin material. So, when Felix moved his hand above your crotch, lightly tracing over it, you almost whimpered and flinched, but you held your shit together.
He kept lightly gliding his fingers over your clothed crotch, and you eventually let out a whimper, your hips bucking up.
Felix pushed you back down, his hand on your abdomen, "you're already so riled up, hm?"
He slowly let his hand disappear behind the waist band of your shorts, and you felt his warm fingers brushing over your skin till they reached your wet folds.
He pressed two of his fingers against your folds as he felt you up in a sort of scissoring motion. "Look at how wet you are already," he almost groaned.
The pressure he was applying felt so good, and you rolled your hips into him.
"Stop being so desperate," he pulled his hand away, making you whine. "Or I'll stop."
You huffed and remained still.
"Good girl," he praised in a seductive whisper before he resumed massaging you.
The way his fingers felt gliding through your wet folds, his warm fingers just pressing against them, making your sensitive pussy feel so good.
"Mmm... you like that?" He exhaled, voicy raspy.
You moaned in response.
"You feel so good. I love feeling you up like this," he whispered into your ear, making you melt even more.
You could see his hand moving under your shorts, up and down, slowly, and his bulge pressing up against your back.
The two fingers moved to press on your clit, and you moaned while arching your back.
He massaged circles into your clit, and you swore you could almost see stars.
He knew how to massage you just right. How to make you feel good. How to touch you the right way, the way that'll drive you insane. He knew, and he was skilled at it.
A deep moan graced your ear as you squirmed around at the way he touched your clit. You had caused friction against his throbbing bulge, and you adored the sound he made at that, so you continued to squirm around, rubbing your ass against his dick purposefully.
Felix paused his movements, "I see how it is," he uttered before pulling you off of him, and then pushing you back against the matress.
He pulled your shorts and underwear off, exposing you fully to him, and then aggressively spread your legs wide before diving into your pussy.
He stared up at you as he took your clit into his mouth and immediately began to suck on it, his tongue twirling around it and lips massaging it.
You don't think you've ever moaned louder.
You watched him eat you out so well, licking all over, sucking, quite literally making out with your pussy. You felt his mouth everywhere, his tongue everywhere, his lips everywhere.
Your pussy was dripping with your arousal and his saliva, and it felt so good. He was eating you out so well. He made sure he got every corner, every inch, every skin.
His lips looked so good all wet with your arousal. Glistening with it. He was moving his head slowly, along with his tongue, left and right, up and down.
He kissed your folds, made out with your clit, sucked on it.
He pulled away a bit, his gaze flitting down to your drenched pussy before he brought his fingers to feel you up.
"Oh yeah, I love it when you're all wet like that for me," he breathily remarked, watching his fingers move so gracefully between your folds.
Finally, he inserted his fingers into your aching hole, slowly, taking his time with it, making sure you felt every inch of his finger stretch you out.
His gaze diverted to you while his fingers sunk into you. You were staring down at him with lips apart and breathing heavily.
He curled his fingers in you and you moaned. He smirked as his fingers pressed on your sweet spot, then he proceeded to massage it.
You squirmed beneath him and whimpered, the feeling of his fingers pressing against and massaging your sweet spot was sending you to heaven.
"You like that, baby?" He muttered with that deep, hoarse voice of his, and you moaned again.
He continued to massage that spot as he reached down to latch his lips onto your clit again.
He looked so fucking hot. His black hair fell over his forehead, and his heavenly eyes stared up at you, half lidded, hot as hell, and intoxicating. He was intoxicating.
He made sure you were so drunk on euphoria you couldn't even think or speak properly. He sucked and nibbled on your clit, and then kissed it and licked it; the fingers inside you never pausing their magical ministrations.
His tongue was feeling you up as his fingers scissored you open, fucking into you now, stretching you out so good.
He moaned around your clit, his breath hitting your sensitive pussy, and you arched your back at the vibration that sent electricity up your spine.
"Oh, fuck-" you mumbled while he smirked.
"You look so good all fucked out like that for me. I make you feel so good, don't I?" His half lidded gaze roamed from your eyes, to your lips, your hidden tits, then your pussy, and he watched his fingers disappear in you so easily, scissor you open so deliciously.
You moaned, and he moved his fingers out of you before landing a slap on your pussy, "use your damn words, pretty girl," he almost growled.
You whined, "you make me feel good.."
He hummed with a nod before reaching down again to suck the life out of your clit, humming around it as well.
He was fucking his fingers into you like a maniac, and his make out session with your clit was accompanied with moans and groans and hums from his pretty throat.
You wanted to watch him eat you out. Watch his pretty lips work on you, and his alluring gaze admire you and the reactions you give him. He looked perfect between your legs. Like it's where he belonged; eating you out and slurping you up. And fuck, did it feel good.
Yet, you were too dazed to watch him. You felt dizzy and disoriented, all from the way he was eating your pussy like it was his last meal.
That sinful mouth of his was working you up to ultimate euphoria, to cloud 9, to being drenched, to coming so hard you'd shake and cry out his name.
Wet sounds filled the room as his movement got more intense and his tongue pressed harder and massaged faster and he pressed up against your sweet spot and, you were on the tip, about to fall.
You were seeing stars, and Felix was moaning all over your pussy, mumbling;
"Taste so fucking good"
"Mmm, good girl"
"Yeah, just like that"
"You fucking love my mouth on you, dont you?"
"You feel good, yeah?"
"It feels good, doesn't it?"
And holy fuck was it driving you insane.
You arched your back as your legs shook, and you came, no, you squirted.
Felix's eyes slightly widened as he felt you squirt all over his hand and mouth.
He smirked into your pussy as he kept up his movements, getting you through your orgasm.
You were shaking. It felt so good, like you were falling from a 9 story building.
"You did so well.." he whispered, watching your pussy as it squirted all it had left, and he finally pulled his fingers out, shoving them into his mouth as if he couldnt have enough of your taste.
He moaned, and you were a panting mess.
He placed a little peck on your pussy before he moved up to kiss you.
You didn't mind.
You looked up at him, and his mouth and lips were full of you, glistening with your juices, and he was just smiling down at you, the cutest smile.
"I made you squirt," he almost squealed.
You covered your face in embarrassment, but he just chuckled and pulled your hands away.
"That was so fucking hot. You should've seen how well your pussy squirts and how fucking hot you look squirting. You were moaning and whimpering, shaking and squirting all over with your pretty legs spread for me. Oh, fuck, I wanna see that sight everyday for the rest of my life," he groaned, biting his lip before moving down to kiss you again.
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THE MIXTAPES (lee felix x reader) - Chapter 17
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y/n is a coward that is in love with her bestfriend. what other way to express yourself than posting mixtapes about your love on twitter?
TAGLIST: (pink means unable to tag)
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FELIX ☆ ‘Venom (MAMA ver.)’ [221130]
lee felix.......... the MAN you are.............................
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super secret project! do not enter!!
pairing: lee felix x gender-neutral reader genre/au: fluffiest of fluff, est. relationship word count: 1.1k  warnings: two (2) slightly suggestive comments request: yes (well, mostly) a/n: (oh gods, this has been on the wip list for way too long). hello to the anon from becca’s blog: it’s finally here, the felix wedding scrapbooking fic we’ve all been waiting for! i hope you like it!! ✨
↠ masterlist to reblog |  comments & feedback encouraged! ↞
“Lix?” You called, having not heard from your boyfriend for roughly an hour. While it wasn’t unusual for him to go into his own little world in your shared bedroom, whether that be for gaming, chatting with friends overseas, or just reading—a full hour without him coming to find you or texting you, even when both of you were home, was definitely out of the ordinary.
So, you made your way to the bedroom’s closed door and lightly tapped on the wood. “Yeah?” Came the muffled reply.
“You good, baby?”
“Can I come in?” You asked, opening the door before Felix could answer.
After all, it wasn’t as if either of you had anything to hide. On the rare occasions you did, like when wrapping birthday presents and such, notes to the effect of “Super Secret Project In Progress. Do Not Enter. I Love You!!!!!” were typically taped to the door.
As you entered, Felix looked up with a look on his face you’d only really ever seen on a cat. It was as if you’d caught him just after he’d knocked a glass of water off the counter or had ripped a rug to shreds. Before you could say anything, your boyfriend was shoving the papers strewn over the desk into a pile and stuffing them into a drawer, then standing in front of said desk with a foot on said drawer to stop it from popping open.
You giggled. “Babe, whatcha got there?” 
“Nothing, just something I was working on,” Felix said nonchalantly. As if he could appear anything short of guilty now that he’d so clearly been working on something he did not want you to see.
You sauntered toward him, swinging the overlong sleeves of your—his—hoodie as you went. “You sure about that? Are you sure it’s not something for me?”
“Oh, very sure, honey,” Felix replied, nodding and grinning like a fool.
You hummed, snaking your arms around his waist as you reached him and staring directly into his eyes. “You know, Lix,” you mused, “your ears always turn red and you end up staring into space a little more than usual when you’re lying.” You smirked. “Your ears are red.”
Felix huffed a laugh, returning your embrace. “My ears also turn red whenever I’m particularly excited to see you.”
“Right, that’s not the only thing that happens, baby,” you said, pressing yourself against him and letting your hands slide just that much closer to his ass.
“Oh, no you don’t,” Felix warned, moving away just enough to end up dropping his foot to the floor. Taking advantage of his distraction, you tried to disentangle yourself from your boyfriend’s arms.
“Now let’s see what you were—” you began, only to be pulled away by Felix.
“Nope, secret project, baby,” he insisted, resorting to lightly tickling your sides and kissing your cheek as you squirmed and reached for the drawer. “You are so not finding out what that was.”
“But Lix, I wanna know!” You whined, doing your best impression of his sister’s youngest child. “Please?”
“Nope!” Felix said, now having successfully maneuvered the two of you over to the bed. You quickly found yourself flat on your back on the mattress with Felix over you, still tickling you.
“Please, please, please?” You begged, but to no avail. At this point, you weren’t even sure whether you were begging for Felix to tell you what he’d been doing or to stop tickling you.
“Only if you give me a kiss,” he relented, pausing for a moment.
You stared up at your boyfriend, his eyes sparkling and cheeks ever so slightly flushed—and ears tinged a cherry red—and gave in.
It wasn’t such a hardship, after all.
Craning your neck, you pressed your lips to his in a brief kiss. “Okay, you’ve got your kiss. Can I see what you were doing now?” You said confidently.
“That was barely a kiss,” Felix said sorrowfully. “I’m so unloved. The love of my life won’t even kiss me properly anymore.” He pouted.
And who were you to deny him?
Ten minutes later, you were both quite out of breath and more than a little excitable. “So, Lixie, my baby, my darling,” you panted. “Are you going to tell me what you were working on now that you’ve gotten a little more than just a kiss?”
Felix sighed, burying his face in your neck. “Okay, but it’s a little embarrassing.”
You stroked his hair. “I’m sure whatever it you’ve done is lovely.”
Felix slid backward off the bed, grasping your hands as he went so that you sat up as he stood. “Here, um… Just close your eyes for a moment. Please?”
You nodded, even going so far as to cover your eyes with your fingers.
After some rustling and little comments along the lines of “Okay, that goes there and that goes… Shit. Not there,” from your boyfriend, you felt warm hands cup your cheeks and soft lips press to yours.
“Come see,” Felix murmured against your mouth.
What lay before you on the desk took your breath away. “Is that…” you began, leaning forward to peer at the little photos and dried flowers on the pages of what was unmistakably a scrapbook.
“It’s us,” Felix said, hand securely around your waist.
“Is this a wedding scrapbook, Lix?” You asked, voice quiet with admiration and more love than you knew what to do with.
“I love it, baby,” you said, turning to kiss Felix’s cheek. “Can you show me all of it?”
So, he did. There were pictures of the two of you, more dried flowers—“This is what I’d have in my boutonniere!”—pictures of your friends, drawings of table settings, pictures of suits and dresses and everything in between… In short, Felix had compiled all his dreams and wishes for a wedding into one book.
“Wait,” you said after looking through the entire scrapbook. “Does this mean… Are you… Are we?”
“If you’re asking if I’d like to marry you, Y/N, then yes. Yes, I would, if you’ll have me,” Felix said sincerely. “It would be the greatest honor of my life if I could marry you.”
You threw your arms around Felix’s neck, clinging tightly to him as your murmured—and squealed—“Yes! Yes!” He spun you around, the two of you laughing and giddy, before finally stopping to kiss you soundly again.
“I love you, Felix,” you said, gazing at the man who would someday be your husband. The thought alone gave you such a thrill.
“I love you, too. More than you know.”
“Care to show me?” You asked mischievously.
“Later, later,” Felix promised. “But first I have a very serious question.”
You raised an eyebrow.
“Which one of us will wear the garter belt?”
You burst out laughing, drawing him back down onto the bed again. The rest of the evening passed languidly, the two of you moving from the bed to the bath and finally to the kitchen, content and more in love than either of you thought possible.
Perhaps, some Super Secret Projects were worth the wait…
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FELIX SKZ-Talker ep.51
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Felix x Night Fae
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LEE FELIX  ‘Venom’ at MAMA 2022
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Chan, on the phone: Felix, the worst thing you can do in this situation is taking matters into your own hands.
Felix: Got it. *hangs up*
Felix: We're going to have to take matters into our own hands.
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Gifsets of Stray Kids  ↳ nervous...? sunshine twins ☀️ | DO NOT REPOST
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˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ SUMMARY ; the longer you kept him in your life you'd be in a constant battle with felix. you loved him, so what did it matter?
˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ PAIRING ; lee felix x gn! reader.
˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ WORD COUNT ; 1,161 words.
Tumblr media
— warnings ; reader mentions the fact that felix has a “new” girlfriend, thats not meant to imply that reader is fem!
— warnings ; angst, toxic relationships, swearing, reader starts an “argument”, suggestive (?), pet names (felix calls you “baby”, vice versa).
— notes ; theres a pt.2 (or a whole ass series) to this if u want it.
Tumblr media
he was your favourite memory. you never knew why, you just knew you’d never be able to forget him. the way he smelt. his favourite song. his coffee order. right down to what his lips tasted like whenever you kissed him.
lee felix, the highlight of your life and yet the worst mistake you had ever made. you knew what you were getting into when you started dating him, you knew he’d be your worst heartbreak yet. and still, you ran off with him despite what others had told you.
the blonde laughed down the phone, and you couldn’t help the grin that appeared on your face, he was contagious. “calm down, baby, i’m pulling up now.” just as the words left his mouth, you saw a black car pull up to the curb, felix’s face at the side window smiling up at you.
the blonde laughed down the phone, and you couldn’t help the grin that appeared on your face, he was contagious. “calm down, baby, i’m pulling up now.” just as the words left his mouth, you saw a black car pull up to the curb, felix’s face at the side window smiling up at you.
the blonde laughed down the phone, and you couldn’t help the grin that appeared on your face, he was contagious. “calm down, baby, i’m pulling up now.” just as the words left his mouth, you saw a black car pull up to the curb, felix’s face at the side window smiling up at you.
you lifted up the window, climbing out of it and onto the roof below you. you closed your window, making sure it was open a jar so you could get back inside later.  after climbing down, you ran towards felix’s car, hopping in the passenger seat. you gave him a quick peck, which he quickly turned into more before he pulled away.
he chuckled, pulling away from your shared house not wanting to get caught by your roommates. he turned on the playlist the two of you made together for whenever the two of you went on late night drives. “anywhere, and everywhere.”
the song, ‘strawberries and cigarettes’, played lowly on the speakers as felix drives around aimlessly. you watched the blonde beside you, he looked so beautiful when he drove, he looked beautiful with anything he did. you sighed, opting to look back out the side window finding the courage to ask the question that would ruin the both of your evenings.
“so.. you’ve got a new girlfriend, huh?” felix didn't respond, but out of the corner of your eye you saw his jaw tense and his hands grip the steering wheel - his knuckles going white and you nodded your head slowly.
“she’s pretty,” this time you turned to face him as you spoke, finally taking in his appearance. he had kept his extensions in, sporting a black beanie - the beanie you had gifted him. he was wearing a plain black hoodie along with some sweats, it was no doubt a chill day for him as he wasn't wearing any makeup; his constellation of freckles on display for you to count and admire. god, was he gorgeous.
the blonde sighed, “why’re you bringing her up?” you turned away from him before his gase flickered over in your direction. “i’m here with you, aren’t i?” one of his hands wandered from the steering wheel, landing softly on your thigh, rubbing soft circles into the skin. “besides, i’m not dating her.” you scoffed at his reply, resting your palm against your temple.
“that's not what channie said,” you mumbled, rolling your eyes as you turned, looking back to face the side of the window. you left felix’s hand there, you enjoyed the fact it made you feel better, made you feel safe just by being there; no matter how wrong it was, it made you feel like he was still yours.
the blonde was the one to roll his eyes this time, taking one last quick glance at you, now focusing on the road. the two of you didn't have a specific destination, just wanting to stay in the presence of one another. you felt like you could keep each other calm and sane, despite the fact that you were often at each other’s throats. but it’s great while your good.
“but that's what i said,” he muttered under his breath, deciding now was a good time to pull over having a feeling the direction of the conversation was going to turn into an argument if he wasn’t careful with his answers and he didn’t want to continue driving if that was the case. “do you always believe everything that comes out of chan’s mouth?” he asked once he shut the car off.
you frowned, pushing his hand off of your thigh at his remark. “lee felix, why the fuck am I here?” he winced at that.
“it’s 'lix to you, baby, you know that.” he seemed tired, going back to grab your hand into his. he intertwined your fingers, looking out the window as if he was trying to hide from you. you let out a hum as his thumb rubbed the side of your own subconsciously, and you hated that you loved it.
“lee felix,” you softened out your frown, as sigh now leaving your lips as you bring his face to look at you. “why am I here, baby?” you weren't sure why he picked you up, why you even got into his car in the first place. in reality, you did know, you knew him like the back of your hand. “if you’re really seeing that other girl-”
“im not!” he only slightly raised his voice at you, making your eyebrows raise as you sat back into the seat of the car. he sighed, taking his hand from yours as he ran his hands down his face, he seemed tired. tired of arguing, the fighting with you every other week when he thought you two were good, “why are you making this so difficult for me, y/n?” he laughed humourlessly, “I want you. I've always wanted you, thats why you’re here.”
his eyes held sincerity as he looked over you, “I'll always, want you.”
“lixie..” you stared at the blonde with so much affection, chewing on your bottom lip. his eyes crinkled into a soft smile, his hand falling on top of your cheek, thumb stroking the bone softly.
“I love you so much,” he leaned forward, you following his lead as you met him in the middle. he pressed his lips to yours, and you kissed him back butterflies and fireworks filling the small space of the car. he pulled back from you, scanning your face for any of that earlier distaste for him, “so fucking much. more than you’ll know.”
you couldn't help yourself hands flying to his neck as you pulled him closer to you, your lips smashing against his. it was a fight, but this time it was caring, teeth and tongues clashing together. you felt felix smile against you before pulling away once more, covering his mouth as he laughed. he was so beautiful, you couldn't get enough. you’d never be able to.
you realised this sitting on his lap, head laying on his shoulder as his hand ran up and down your back. you knew, that as long as you were with him, around him; the longer you kept him in your life you'd be in a constant battle with felix, and you might just be okay with that.
you loved him, so what did it matter?
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © property of @luvrhyune . please do not repost, claim or translate my work on this and / or any other platforms. thank you.
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On a scale of Felix, how y'all feelin today?
Part 18
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