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could i request riding but mostly fucking han in a new set of lingerie? (like a new set for him as a present for anniversary or something?)
i just cant get han out of my head lately bro 😵‍💫
oh wowww I love the idea of hannie being into lingerie. may I suggest another one of my own that alsoooo stirs that pot a bit ;) (sharing is caring) ONTO THE NEXT!!!
Scarlet Letter
wc: 4k
Synopsis: Night owl workaholic boyfriend, needy horny girlfriend. What else needs to be said?
warnings: smut, sexual explicit content, softdom!jisung, porn with no plot lol, thigh riding, thigh fucking, pretty pretty lingerie, nicknames (good girl, bunny), cum eating, reader gets a bit dumb but he loves it lol, lmk if I missed anything :3
This was a bad idea, a very, very bad idea that could end catastrophically. He hated surprises, so why were you doing this? It would’ve been easier if you’d just told him you were frustrated, god knows he would’ve been more than happy to make sure you were fucked and happy.
But no. Difficult is your middle name. Jisung wasn’t any easier going, but you knew he hated surprises, especially ones that interrupted his creative process. Then how did you still manage to put on the deep red lingerie and get to his studio? It was so cold out and you were dumb enough to hide the lace set beneath a big trench coat, one Jisung knew you to wear during the winter.
You’d been together a good amount of time, explored new sexual territories together that broadened both your horizons. However, this was exponentially new. His studio was scared, untouched and pure and free of distractions. Yet that only made you want to christen it even more.
Twiddling with the necklace he’d given you for your three month anniversary, the letter “J” was cold beneath your fingers and made you shiver. The metal against your warm skin was sort of soothing as you anxiously looked outside the window of the cab. Soon enough, the company building was coming into view and your leg started to bounce. The driver all but kicked you out, probably annoyed because it was pushing midnight and people were supposed to be at home in their warm beds.
Thankfully, the visitor pass Jisung had gifted you a while back was able to open the door after hours. You remember he asked for those privileges by begging on his knees to his manager that, “someone needs to drag me away from this place eventually. I’m just such a hard worker!” The memory made you smile for a second before fear washes over you upon heading up the elevator.
The beeping of your arrival to his floor was nowhere near the sound of your heart beating out of your chest.
He hates surprises. Oh god, he’s gonna be so mad. Maybe he’ll be happy to see me? No, he hates things like this. I should’ve just added a day to fuck in his google calendar.
Your brain wouldn’t shut up as you paced back and forth, still in front of the elevator. His studio was just a few doors down, there wasn’t supposed to be anyone else here. There was no way you’d get caught, so that wasn’t an issue. But oh, if Jisung were to get mad, you’d cry and probably sleep alone for the next few days. You couldn’t have that.
However, you missed him. Sleeping alone wouldn’t be far off from what was currently happening between you two. Jisung had been spending more and more late nights and coming back so early into the morning, just to leave as soon as the alarm went off at 8 a.m.
And you were desperate. So desperate that you’d found the deeply hidden courage to walk up to his room and open the door before you could talk yourself out of it.
“This room is occup— oh! Y/N!” Jisung sat at the desk with a pair of headphones much too large slung around his neck. A pen and yellow notepad lay in front of him with crumbled balls of paper scattered around the room.
His smile was big and bright, though eyes ridden with sleep deprivation. The same toothy grin faded within a few seconds, “baby, it’s so late. Why are you here?”
Closing the door behind you and locking it, you placed your stuff onto the couch behind him. He didn’t move, which meant he was busy, so you came to him. You walked behind his seat and wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing in his hair and nipping ever so playfully at the tops of his ear. “I’ve missed you.” Truthful enough.
He took the answer well, kissing your wrist in front of him and nuzzling into your arm. “I’ve missed you too, but—“
“Ah, no but’s. I wanted to see you.” Jisung looked at you over his shoulder, confused. You’d kissed the questioning expression off his face too quick for him to retaliate, Jisung taking in your lips happily.
Though, he pulled off a moment later, “your lips are so cold. I should turn on the heater.” He moved to stand, but you pushed him back down by the shoulders and pulled out his rolling chair away from the desk. “What’re you doing? Aren’t you freezing? That coat isn’t warm enough.”
Now or never, I guess. 
“Then warm me up,” the words were a sultry whisper. A good start, Jisung hadn’t told you to go home just yet.
The stumble in his words gave time for you to stand up tall and confident, then untie the front of the coat. His jaw dropped along with the garment to reveal the scarlet lingerie. Jisung was practically drooling, eyes raking up and down your body unsure of where to look. You particularly liked how he ogled you, running your prettily painted nails over the snuggly fit garters around your thighs that made the flesh slightly spill over, then up the lacy underwear– the hole in the crotch was a wonderful touch that he could find for himself– and finally snapping at the strap of the sheer balconette bra.
Jisung groaned deeply, slumping back into his chair and spreading his legs. “What did I do to deserve this?” His voice strained as he pushed his hair back.
As you slowly walked up to him, Jisung hurriedly hooked his fingers into the strappy garters and tugged you closer, now standing between his legs. Warm hands palmed at the skin of your thighs and up your ass as he took in your appearance, his tongue quite literally hanging out of his mouth. You let him touch and grope you because just having him near was already rewarding in itself. His tongue disappeared back into his mouth as you reached down to cup his face, thumb swiping at the wet spot he’d left. “You’ve been away too long, baby. Been needing you so badly.”
You simultaneously threw one leg over his lap and moved to straddle him, exposing your bare cunt as you towered over his figure. However, his gaze fell onto your chest right in front of his face, not noticing the crotchless panties until you stripped one of his hands off your ass to cup your pussy. Jisung’s eyes went wide at your assertiveness as well as the sudden wetness that coated his fingers. “What– oh, have mercy. Look at you.”
He slid his fingers through your soaked folds as his thumb played with the lace hem of your panties, clearly enjoying the filthiness of it all. As you moved to remove the headphones from around his neck, Jisung’s horny brain snapped back into work mode. “Fuck, babe I can’t. I have so many things I still need to finish. You’re so incredibly hot and you have no idea– No. Fucking. Idea– how badly I want you. I just can’t right now.”
Pouting your lip, you caressed his cheek and pushed his bangs back, only barely grinding your hips against his hand that didn’t move. In fact, he pressed harder against you, letting you spread your slick around his fingers and rub your cunt into his warm skin, “then tell me to stop.”
Jisung didn’t speak, just watching you roll your hips and use him for your pleasure. It wasn’t until you let out a muffled whine did he finally pull away.
You looked at him with wide, glossy eyes, confused. “Poor baby. Are you that desperate you’ll take just my hand?” You nodded embarrassingly quick, not truly registering the mocking tone of his voice. “Have I been neglecting you so much you had to come bother me at work? Like a needy little bunny.”
He was getting worked up, as well. It was obvious in the cheekiness of his grin, moreso in the tent in his pants. Jisung tapped your hip to make you stand so he could pull his pants and underwear down. When you went to straddle him again, he stopped you. Jisung patted one thigh, and you knew what he wanted. He took his hard, leaking cock in hand and tugged slowly, awaiting you to take a seat. You let out another whimper, almost hesitating as you eyed his smooth thigh. “C’mon now, bunny. I have a lot of work to do. Didn’t you say you needed me?”
The nickname made you shudder. “B– but I need–”
“My cock? No, you don’t deserve that yet. What makes you think you could interrupt me and still get what you want?” The involuntary pout of your lips again made him softly reach for your hip to bring you closer and coo, “maybe if you do as you’re told, you’ll get a reward. Be a good bunny for me.”
Slightly reluctant, you did as told and climbed into his lap again, only this time his bare thigh was between your legs. Jisung radiated body heat like a furnace, you could feel it without your core even having to touch him and it made you throb in anticipation. No, this wasn’t what you wanted, not even close. But it was a step in the right direction. Bracing your hands onto his shoulders, you looked at your boyfriend with pleading eyes. He only nodded his head, not giving in.
Jisung’s head fell back against the chair, watching you hungrily through his lashes when you sat down fully. Lip between your teeth, you didn’t know what to do next. Truth be told, this isn’t something you’d ventured before, even with Jisung. The way he was looking at you, though, lustful with his cock in his hand and restrained frenzy that you knew he could unleash at any moment, you wanted so badly to appease his wishes. The only problem was how humiliating it was.
The same humiliation was something you loved coming from him. Jisung made you feel small, miniscule even as you towered over him and he was laid out bare. Using his thigh to get off was a new low blow to the embarrassment that was usually fed to you in words, nicknames like the one he decided to use today.
“I’m losing my patience, bunny. Use me now or you’re not coming at all.”
Use me now, oh how delightful that sounded. The three little words coerced you into rolling your hips forward. A stifled moan found it’s way out your mouth at the new sensation, his hot skin a strangely wonderful feeling. So you pushed your hips back, deciphering whether or not you could physically will yourself to continue or whine cutely until your boyfriend gave you what you wanted. After all, he always wanted you just as much as you wanted him, no matter how much he denied it.
But Jisung was always impatient, releasing his dick to grip tightly onto the garters and force you to move faster, guiding you and flexing his thigh. You verbally whimpered at his assistance, more like assertion in how roughly he pushed and pulled your body against him. Even if he wasn’t touching himself, you could see his own neediness when his cock twitched upward and leaked even more precum. How badly you wanted to lick it off, suck him until he was whimpering just as much as you were now.
Oh, you were picking up speed now. You probably looked feral at how quickly you’d become accustomed to this sinfully delicious feeling. Using your boyfriend like this, in this sacred room, you were coming undone much too fast. You wanted to savor this and make Jisung see how much you’d been needing him, but the feeling was too great.
His dirty mouth didn’t aid in prolonging the fun, “that’s it. Good girl, such a good bunny. What a horny little thing, aren’t you? If I didn’t know any better, I wouldn’t let you come at all. Make you ride me like this all night, deny you for bothering me and making a mess all over my thigh.” You cried out louder at that, almost scared he’d actually take his own words seriously. Humiliation and desperation is all that coursed your veins and made you reach under Jisung’s shirt, hooking onto the bare skin of his shoulders. You just wanted to feel him, feel that he was just teasing the way he always did when you were like this.
“Please, please let me. Need it, need it, need it. Have to cum. Have to—“ your words strung together as you grinned mindlessly against him, no longer needing his guiding hands. Still, he kept a firm grip on the garters and watched with his mouth slightly open. 
“Running out of time, baby. Gotta get back to work. Cum now or don’t cum at all.”
That was all the motivation you needed to lean forward into his neck and press your clit the hardest into his thigh you had all night, clenching your own legs around him as the high made your body tense powerfully. If anyone were to have walked past the studio, they’d have heard your loud, lewd, borderline pained yet blissful moans as your hips came to a halt.
You almost didn’t hear Jisung whispering in your ear, his hands coming up your back and pulling your upper body closer to his. The feeling of his chest beneath your fingers was the only thing grounding you from the embarrassing yet scandalously delicious actions you just took part in. 
“Come back to me, baby,” he said sweetly, digging his hands beneath your ass and grasping firmly. You hummed in response, then yelped in surprise when he stood up and took you with him.
Your ass came into contact roughly with the desktop he’d been working at. To catch yourself from falling you’d accidentally knocked away the notepad and scattered the crumbled papers to the floor.
Jisung no longer looked relaxed like he did when he was below you. This was the frenzy, the lust and unadulterated nature that came forth when he was frustrated— whether that be from work, life, sexually, anything and everything. And you were there to take it happily with your legs wide open.
He had to do very little to get you to spread for him again, cunt glistening from your orgasm and new wave of arousal from seeing your usually reserved boyfriend so worked up. The dim yellow orange lights lit up his face beautifully, hungry and so full of love at the same time. 
As if second nature, you took the initiative to scoot forward on the desk and make more room for Jisung to tap his heavy cock against your sensitive pussy. Nerves raw, the feeling made you jolt and clench around nothing. “Oh, how cute. Such a pretty pussy. My bunny’s got the prettiest little cunt. Perfect for me.”
Mindlessly he muttered, just running the tip of his cock through your wet, used folds. “Listen to that, baby. You’re so wet. What’s got you all worked up?” He made a show of spreading your arousal even more, precum mixing and coating his dick thickly. 
“Y— you. Need more, need you.” Jisung chuckled at that, your voice reeking of deprivation.
“Fuck yeah, you need me. Clenching around nothing like a slut. Are you a slut, bunny?” You only hummed, to which Jisung lightly smacked his dick against your overwhelmed clit and made you jump again.
“Yes! Yes, a slut— your slut. Please,” hips bucking up, you reached for his disheveled shirt to tug him impossibly closer. Jisung gave you that, let you pull him in and push his shirt over his head though not taking it off entirely, just enough so his abs were on display for you.
Dragging your nails down his chest, Jisung’s eyes fluttered closed as his handle on your thighs tightened. He let out a guttural moan before hiking your knees up and taking a step in. At this angle, all he needed to do was slide in, but first he’d placed your knees to his pecs, heels steadying you on the table. Your nails trailed over his biceps and forearms, finally enticing him to fill you.
The initial stretch was so intensely maddening, you’d been craving it for so long that your eyes physically crossed and rolled back, another loud moan following. Jisung himself wasn’t any sturdier, stuttering into your cunt as you engulfed him in heat. It took him a minute to calm down when he’d finally gotten to the hilt, taking in your lips with a sweet, reassuring kiss. Even when you were contorted like this, Jisung never failed to make sure you were comfortable.
When he’d regained his composure— all the while you were slowly losing yours— he moved his grip from your legs to your ass, taking in handfuls as he pulled out half way before slamming back into you. It was lazy in the way he opted for pulling you to him rather than pushing his hips towards you, though you didn’t mind. The desk shook and he’d met his own actions half way, hitting your deepest parts from the very start.
It wasn’t sloppy but it wasn’t graceful, either. Nowhere near should it have been considered lovemaking when he was taking you so harshly, so primally that all you could do was whimper and hold on for dear life. All the more, it was the kind of fucking you’d been so helplessly needing.
Solid, consistently Jisung kept his rhythm until his own touch starved body began to betray him, orgasm arising much too quickly for his liking. He had to pull out before he finished prematurely.
You hummed sadly as he did, bringing the previous (weightless) threats to the forefront of his mind again. “Still not satisfied, bunny? You got to cum, even had my cock. What more could you want?”
Relaxing your legs and letting them hang off the desk, you took his hand in yours and pulled him in for another uncoordinated kiss. Against his lips, you muttered, “want your cum— inside— cum inside me— want it— deserve it—“
“Oh no, you don’t deserve it,” Jisung detaches from your lips and kneaded the flesh of your thighs, toying with the garters again.
“But I was good. Did as you asked—“
He looked around the room for anything to clock you on. Your hand rested on top of the yellow notepad, ink smeared and crumpled, he smirked. “Where are we right now?”
You looked at him, confused, eyes watery and shaky. Still, you answered him, “your work.”
“That’s right. You barged in here, baby, demanding I fuck you. Is that right?” You nodded, ashamed. “I think I’ve been more than generous. You don’t get my cum tonight. Bad girls need to learn.”
With that, Jisung stepped aside for a moment to bring your legs together then lift them up, hooking them into the crook of his arm and gently leaning them to the side. If you were confused before, you were even more now. Though, Jisung always had a way of impressing you with his genius mind.
Creative as always, he took his cock in hand again and used your arousal as lubrication. You watched him intently, hole clenching around nothing, so needy and wet. He kept it that way, pushing the blunt cockhead into your raw clit before messily sliding it up and between the warmth of your closed thighs. You suppose you were both trying new things tonight.
This was torture in its sinfully purest form. Only barely did his dick graze your swollen bundle of nerves on every push and pull. Jisung almost laughed at the desperation on your face— almost. He couldn’t really do that, he had to push down his cute aggression to just give in and just fuck you senseless, though you were already half way there. No more concept of time or where you were, you were brainless and pliant beneath his hold.
“Perfect little fuck bunny,” he muttered, occasionally catching his lip between his teeth. “Look what you made me do. Wish I could be fucking you right now. My bad girl needs to learn, though.” You held back tears, overwhelmed from your previous orgasm and his words, paired with the shameful way he used you and that you were loving it. If your moans didn’t give you away, the useless clenching of your cunt surely did. “My naughty bunny with her pretty hole. Want to be filled? Want me to stuff you full?”
“Yes, please! All I want, I won’t bother you again. I promise!” Jisung smiled down at you, his eye catching the initial necklace around your neck. Simultaneously, he gripped your legs tighter with one arm, brought his free hand down to your cunt and circled your entrance with his fingertips, while leaning forward and connecting his lips to your neck. You had to steady yourself from tipping over at the sheer force of him.
One more pleading cry, he sunk two fingers into you, picking up the pace of his slick cock between your thighs. It took him a second, but matched the speed of the digits with his thrusts. It wasn’t nearly as good as his cock would’ve been, but the light graze across your clit was slowly nearing you closer to the delightful edge once again.
His teeth somehow found the pendant of your necklace, keeping it in his mouth as he fucked you, fucked himself and using you to do it. It was so dirty and taboo, the location just being the icing on the cake. Your hand tangled itself in his hair and pushed his face deeper into your bra clad chest. Your scent was overwhelming him, teetering him on the very brink of combustion until you regained half the mind to speak.
“Be good— swear I’ll be good. Good bunny. Cum, please cum.”
Jisung couldn’t hold back anymore. A sudden rush of extra adrenaline made him rut faster into the ring of your plush thighs with no more pattern. His thighs slammed against your ass and finger pushed deeper into your cunt, your pleasure just barely behind his own desire to get off in this very moment. When he finally came, hand in your cunt stilling then decorating the scarlet garment with his hot, white seed, Jisung’s brain flipped. He watched your mouth drop and let go of your legs, falling to his knees and immediately attaching his lips to your clit. The pace of his fingers was nowhere near the speed they were before, but rather focusing his energy on sucking you in. The softness of his lips were soothing and stimulating at the same time, a wonderful change of pace that was all you needed to reach your own final high. The blinding white light clouded your vision and made your body shake in pleasure, with Jisung holding you down through all of it.
When your muscles relaxed and you slumped back onto the desk, your boyfriend stood, taking you into his arms. He was sweaty, you were sweaty but also covered in his cum. Brushing your hair from your forehead, Jisung used the same two fingers that were in your pussy and picked up some of his cum, bringing them to your lips. You took it gratefully, tasting both you and him as you swallowed everything he gave you.
Humming satisfaction, Jisung stripped his shirt off and draped it over your tired body. It was a sweet gesture considering you only had a coat for the ride home.
He kissed you gently, helping you off the desk and into his chair while he reorganized the room. “Was that worth the interruption?” You finally spoke up, somewhat nervous of his answer.
Jisung looked up at you from where he crouched on the floor and picked up the fallen papers. He sported the goofiest, brightest smile, “definitely worth it. Can I schedule another one? I’ll put it in my google calendar.” 
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sleepy hyunsung for hyunsung ♡
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Han x fem!reader Word Count: 3k Summary: A mutual agreement leads to a passion filled night with your best friend. Warning: 18+ please!!!, loss of virginity (m & f), swearing, drinking, smoking, oral, unprotected sex, penetration, creampie. Usual sex stuff yanno
NOT EDITED - I suck at grammar cause french immersion fucked me over as a kiddo. That's why @littleforeignaffairs usually checks it for me...but this is her bias. SURPRISE BITCH.
"Are you sure I won't hurt you?" Han questioned shyly, his fingers slowly sliding your panties down. It was a drunken, high on edibles night that had gotten you into this position with your best friend - missionary to be exact, and the idea for both of you to lose your virginities. "I don't know." You half giggle, hands covering your face. "I've only rubbed my clit...so I don't know...I just don't know." You mumble through your hands. Han let out a little laugh, grabbing both your arms and moving you so you were sitting up to face him. Sure he was your best friend, everything felt comfortable, you were definitely relaxed enough and Han was...very good looking. But you may be having second thoughts. "Hey Y/n, you know we don't have to do this right?" His voice was soft, his touch even softer as he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and looked into your eyes. "I mean it. If you're not comfortable we can do it another time...or you know -" You cut him off, "I think I just need more liquid courage, but I want to do this." So you made your way to the living room, stealing Han's shirt - which was all you were wearing and he following behind in just some basketball shorts. The two of you downed a bunch of shots and Han had someone convinced you to take a bong rip with him, which ended with you coughing your lungs up and him laughing uncontrollably. Now, with the music blasting and the two of you dancing and singing your hearts out, things just seemed to fall into place. You were in the middle of a twirl when you lost balance, falling onto Han's lap, who had been sitting on the couch taking another hit from the bong. "Oh- Hello." He said with a laugh, the surprise expression on his face sending you into a giggle fit. You wrapped your arms around his neck, using one of them to ruffle his hair. "Guess I fell for you. That wasn't in the agreement." You slur, having pretty much lost your filter from the concoction of weed and alcohol. Han's hand ran slowly on your thigh, sending goosebumps throughout. "Agreements are stupid anyways." He mumbled, bloodshot eyes moving to focus on you. "Lay down." Han said softly. He hovered over you, searching your face to try and figure out what state you were in. Having been best friends since childhood, he knew how to figure you out and could read you like a book, but since you had both turned 21, things had shifted slightly and almost every drunken night out had ended with you two back at one or the others place, usually waking up in joking disgust, stating, "You again." It was all fun and games until now, as the male lowered himself slightly, moving some hair from your face. "Open your eyes Y/n." He said softly. You were met with a gentle smile as he leaned down, placing a kiss just under your ear. "I think you're too drunk." He whispered, his lips working their way to your neck, making you moan softly. His kisses turned into gently bites, moving from different spots of your neck down to your collar bone. "But fuck, I want you so bad." Han he managed to get out.
You snap out of the slight daze he had you in, catching his lips as he was working his way back up. You pressed your lips deeply into his, which he retuned, kissing you softly as you moved your legs slightly, allowing you to pull Han even closer to you. "I need you." You whisper, causing him to stop and look down at you with soft eyes, still filled with lust. "And I'm not to drunk. Scouts honor." Your words made him fully smile shyly, his cheeks flushing a deep red. It was your version of 'I promise' which you had been using since being kids. "Scouts honor?" He asked, slowly moving his lips back to your neck. You nod confidently, leaning up to take the shirt you had stole off and tossing it to one side. Han pulled you into him, crashing his lips into yours as his hand gripped your hip and he leaned back to pull you on top of him. It shocked you a little when you felt how hard he already was, your bare bottom resting perfectly onto his length as you followed his previous movements and moved your lips to his neck, biting and gently sucking at his salty skin. His hips bucked into you as you bit down a little harder, a quiet curse escaping his mouth and his hand smacked down on your rear, causing a small whine of pleasure to escape your lips. "You like that?" He questioned sheepishly. You leaned up slightly, biting your lip as you gave him a little nod, and started to move down his body. Freeing his erection, you wrapped your hand around his length and ran your thumb over the tip, swirling the pre-cum around before leaning down to clean up the little mess you had made from trying to figure out what your next move was. Han's moan was loud when you started to suck his cock, your mouth uncontrollably watering as you found a comfortable rhythm he seemed to enjoy as his hands tangled in your hair. As you continued to bob your head and explore his cock, you managed to hit your gag reflex, causing Han to jerk your head away and look down at you concerned. "Are you okay?" He asked, pulling you back up towards him, hands cupping your cheek as he looked at you intensely. Moving his hands down to your sides, placing slowly tender kisses on his lips as you moved to position him over you. "I'm fine, just new at this."
Han's lips worked at your neck once more, his bites a little rougher than previously, his hand worked it's way between your legs, pushing them apart slightly before running along your folds, sending a shiver through your body at the unfamiliar touch. Moving his lips back to yours, he kissed you deeply as he pushed one finger into your entrance, moving it slowly as his thumb naturally found your clit and moved in small circles. Whimpered moans escaped from your lips, glancing down as Han was now moving down, placing kisses towards your nipple, gently sucking for a moment then positioning himself so his cock met your entrance. His eyes locked to yours and you nodded, reassuring him that this is what you wanted. He ran the tip along your folds once more before slowly pushing himself inside you, making you curse in unison as he paused, allowing your tight inside to adjust to his size. His thrusts were slow at first, easing you into the feeling and trying to keep himself from finishing right away.
As the pace picked up, you felt your body loosen and go fully into relaxation, causing waves of pleasure you'd never felt before. Han's face was hidden in the cushion next to you as his hips started to pick up speed, muffling his moans that he couldn't control anymore. "So fucking good." You hiss, feeling your body start to jerk, an unfamiliar wave of pleasure building. His face lifted from the pillow, cursing again as he pushed his lips into yours, roughly kissing you as his hips picked up pace and your nails dug into his back. "I'm gonna cum." You managed to get out through kisses. Han nods against you, his lips moving slowly from your lips to just under your ear. "Where do you want me to cum?" He moaned, slowing his pace a little to look into your eyes. With a small smile on your lips, you let your fingers rest gently on his jawline "I want us to cum together." you confirm, pulling him back into the kiss as his hips picked up speed again making your walls tighten around him as his cock starts to twitch inside you, sending you both into a furry of moans. "Fuck, Y/n... fuck." Han cursed, his cum warming your insides as you felt him climax, which only pushed you over the edge. Your lips met again as your bodies calmed, melting back into each other as Han slowly pulled out of you, the cum dripping from your insides as your legs shook from the pleasure. His twitching cock rested against your folds as he pressed his forehead into yours, a shaky laugh escaping his lips. "I'm glad it was you." He smiled, placing another gentle kiss, "Me too." You agreed.
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jisung — skz-talker ep. 52
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When the video is low quality but your name is Han Jisung
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Jisung + purple for @hanjesungs 
24 days of gifsets - Day 6
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hanji for @strayklds ♡
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↠ 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐲 𝐊𝐢𝐝𝐬 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐠𝐞/𝐌𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐛𝐨𝐚𝐫𝐝 ↞
SKZ X Studio Ghibli Movies
Han X Howl’s Moving Castle
Bangchan / Lee Know / Changbin / Hyunjin / Felix / Seungmin / I.N
- Admin Kath
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Stray Kids: When you're insecure about having a small chest
Tumblr media
This was requested on my other account! Hope you enjoy! Please reblog or comment if you did! :)
This work contains smut and is 18+ only. Minors do not interact. This work also contains mentions of low self-esteem and insecurity as well as feminine terms for the reader.
Bang Chan: Oh gosh it completely breaks his heart to see you upset because of this. He knows exactly how you feel as someone who also gets insecure. This means he also understands that it can be hard to shake the negative feeling no matter what people say. But nonetheless, he makes sure to be extra attentive with you. When he notices you getting this way, he'll shower you in words of affirmation, compliments, and lingering kisses and touches.
"Darling, you're gorgeous," He hums, head pressed into your chest as you grind your hips into his, desperately. He looks up at you, lovingly, keeping his chin perched upon you. "I wouldn't change a single thing about you..."
Lee Know: He loves you so much, exactly how you are, that he can't even comprehend why you feel this way. Of course, he won't disregard your feelings in any way, but I think his way of comforting you involves some assertion. He'll tell you you're beautiful, and that's that. There's nothing more to negotiate to him. But he also understands it's hard to look past, so he'll make sure to be gentle but very honest about how he feels at the same time.
"So perfect..." He mutters, holding up your ankles while he pumps into you. "Minho..." You whine, covering your chest when you feel his burning gaze upon your skin. He quickly sets your legs down, grabbing your wrists to pin them over your head. "Uh uh, I told you to let me see you." He commands, taking you by surprise as leans down to suck on one of your nipples while picking up the pace of his hips.
Changbin: Oh this boy, he adores you to the moon and back. And he'll amp it up 10x more when he notices you feeling this way. Sorry if you get annoyed at his clinginess, but he's not letting up on you until you admit that you're beautiful no matter what. He's glued to your side, wrapping strong arms around you and looking at you with heart eyes. He just admires you so much and wants to see you happy with yourself again.
"No, no. None of that..." He wipes your tears when he catches you crying in the new dress you got, frustrated over the way you couldn't fill the top out. He pulls the straps down enough to expose your breasts before sitting you down on the edge of the bed. "Changbin, w-what..." "Shh, doll." He cuts you off getting down on his knees. You shake as he pulls your panties down, hiking up the dress. You moan as his tongue grazes over your clit and his thumbs come up to rub circles around your nipples.
Hyunjin: What do you mean you don't like your boobs?? He loves them! You turn him on so much, he finds you so damn cute. Your tits are his favorite part about you, and he's more than happy with the size of them. He loves seeing them perk up under your thin tops or how your nipples harden when he pays good attention to them. When he catches you feeling sulky over them, he's going to immediately pull you into his lap and worship your body until you feel like a queen.
"Don't you dare ever think you're not good enough, baby..." His thumb pushes past your lips as you moan when he places a kiss on both your hardened nipples. "You're everything I want and more..." He tells you, sending a wink your way before kissing in between the valley of your breasts.
Han: Honestly, he feels the same way as Hyunjin. He practically worships the ground you walk on and to hear that you feel bad about any part of you completely throws him off. He'll make sure to hype you up, telling you how pretty you are to him several times through the day, making sure you see his lingering gaze. He's going to shamelessly flirt and be goofy with you until he sees you smile.
"Oh fuck! Oh god... so fucking pretty!" Jisung mewls over the wet sounds your cunt is making as you bounce up and down his cock. "Ji~" You respond has he flicks his tongue over your nipples, slurping around it before moving to the other one. "I love these tits so much, baby fuck! I don't want to ever hear you say anything bad about them again..."
Felix: Like Chan, he's absolutely heart broken. It really hurts him to see someone he loves inside and out talk negatively about themselves. He's not leaving your side or taking his eye off you until you feel better about yourself. He takes every opportunity to assure you that he adores you just the way you are. Whether it's watching you change with a dark gaze, or fastening the necklace he got for you before placing a kiss on your neck and letting his hands wander up your sides.
"F-felix, i'm gonna cum!" You cry out, making the hand on your clit go faster, contrasting to his fingers gently rubbing your nipple. "Good angel, I want you to think about how beautiful you are when you cum, can you do that?" You nod frantically, desperate for your pending release.
Seungmin: He's gonna give you a lecture tbh lol. But a kind one, where he makes you sit in his lap and he wraps his arms around you. He'll rest his chin on your shoulder and hold you close while he gives his speech. He can be very serious when it comes to stuff like this, he doesn't take it lightly, especially coming from someone he cares about. He'll tell you it's important to love yourself and that he loves you and thinks you're beautiful the way you are. Then he'll have you screaming for him...
"F-fuck! Seungmin!" He has your legs pressed to your chest by the back of your thighs as he slides the tip of his cock repeatedly through your folds, catching your clit. He suddenly pushes into you, letting go of your legs to play with your perky breasts. "Mmm, my beautiful girl with her pretty tits. All for me to enjoy?" He carries on just like that before you cum around his cock and he pulls out to cum on your chest with a low moan of your name.
Jeongin: No cause he's down bad for your boobs. If you thought Jisung and Hyunjin were bad, he's on a whole other level. He will almost beg you to stop talking bad about them, he wants you to see how much he admires them and you so much. They also turn him on, and honestly kind of get his size kink going. But for real, he'll do anything to make you see he loves them and that you should love them too. He especially likes to lay his head on your chest and whisper how he's so comfortable like this and how nice your chest feels.
"God, it's so hot how they just get swallowed up by my hands." Jeongin groans, encasing your mounds within his large palms. You yelp as his thumbs rub over your sensitive nipples. making you throw your head back and grind harder down on his thigh. "Good girl, so cute." He says, leaning down to kiss over one of your breasts. "Keep doing this and i'll fuck you real good, okay?"
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sleeby quokka 🥺
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Jeongin: Isn’t it weird that we can’t ride any other animal except horses. Like if horses weren’t a thing, humans would be fucked cause we couldn’t ride any other animals. Like riding animals wouldn’t really be a thing. We should probably be more grateful to horses
Chan: Elephants
Jeongin: Blocked
Changbin: Camels
Jeongin: Extra blocked
Hyunjin: Donkeys
Jeongin: Ultra blocked
Jisung: That dick
Jeongin: ...Followed
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stray kids as the 1975 songs
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– pairing : skz!ot8 x gender neutral reader
– genre : fluff
– warnings : none
– word count : 9k
author's note: fun fact, this was supposed to be posted on my one year anniversary on tumblr which was on the 19th of November but I simply forgot so here it is now, enjoy hehe
taglist: @seungly @notonehorangdan @staykkk @yaelx @qnjayn @gold-dragon-slayer @starlostseungmin @bluechans @starshine-moon @lachinitaaaaa @comet-falls @lix-ables @yejis-biggest-simp @l0veph0bia @snow-pegasus @crispybangchannie @bakugossanity @l3visbby @chrispychans
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Bang Chan:
Why would you go back to your home country for the holidays? - was the question Chan would ask himself every morning he wakes up in the cold king sized bed he usually shared with you. Two weeks! You were gone for just two weeks, but Chan felt horrible, he needed you. He needed your warmth, your kisses and your cuddles. You were on his mind constantly as he begged for the time to pass faster so he could finally have you in his arms after those painful weeks.
Cause a minute spent without you was a waste of his life.
Lee Know
You've known Minho since you were 10 years old, but you never really knew if you were close friends or you were just used to being around each other. Well, you knew how you felt about him, but your friend is someone who is very reserved and it was impossible for someone to know how he feels not matter how long they've known him.
You found yourself alone in his living room after the movie night you had with your mutual friends. "I should head home." You said as you got up ready to leave. "Why?" Minho asked. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. The truth is, he was only reserved in front of you because he didn't want you to find out he has a massive crush on you.
"It's just you and I tonight. Why don't you figure my heart out?"
You! And only you! He was obsessed with you, in the best way possible. Every time Changbin looked at you or heard your voice his body would fill with pure serotonin. You were everything he wanted, everything he desired. "I'm in love with you!" is the sentence Changbin would tell you at least a few times a day, because he knows you deserve to hear it, you deserve to be showered with love and affection, and he did just that.
Fame! Fans! Money! He had it all. He worked so hard to get wherever he is now, to be able to stand on stage with his members and perform for his many fans who are always eager to see him. But there was only one thing Hyunjin wanted...no, he needed, he needed you. Ever since the first time Hyunjin laid his eyes on you he knew you were the one.
"I want to hold you, come on." Your husband whined as he made grabby hands at you. You laughed at his cute antics. "Finish your dinner and I'll give you all the cuddles you need, okay?!" You sat back on the stool in front of the table after putting your dirty plate in the sink. "I'm going to make myself some tea." You announced as you stood up again. "I love you!"
And that's all he needed to hear.
Walking down in the street of New York, you held hands and searched for the nearest cafe to get coffee and get warm. Living in New York was a big challenge for your husband. You often worried about him, too many people, very loud and hectic streets, it was too overwhelming for him, but he always managed to say "The only time I feel I might get better is when we are together." And it was the truth! You are his comfort, the person he knew would always stay by his side and help him if he needed help. Jisung felt at ease whenever he was with you, no matter if there were 1000 other people around you, he felt like it was just the two of you.
Felix has always been a very energetic and loving boy, and no man on earth could say something bad about him, or at least the people who knew him. But deep inside Felix has always been missing something, or should I say someone. Always acting happy in front of others to get away from awkward situations or unwanted questions. He lived like this until you showed up with your beautiful smile. Felix could never hide anything from you, for some reason you always knew if something was wrong. And that's why he chose you, because you completed him, because you were his happiness.
Sitting at the cafe with your notebook placed on the table in front of you, you took a sip of your hot chocolate, the warm liquid filling you body. "Hey!" You heard a familiar voice. Lifting your gaze up away from the cup you met your boyfriend's eyes. He smiled sweetly at you as he grabbed the cup filled with the warm beverage, bringing it closer to his lips before taking a sip out of it. "Order your own, Seungmin!" You scoffed before a chuckle left your lips. "How did you know I was here?" You asked the grinning boy that sat in front of you.
"I followed the sound of your heart."
Jeongin was confused. He thought you were his best friend, he thought you would always be his best friend, but there he is now standing in front of you after confessing his feelings for you he didn't even know he had. "I think I'm falling for you." He said one more time to make sure he wasn't only thinking inside his head. "I think I'm falling for you too."
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endless han jisung fancams | 5/∞
Stray Kids ‘MANIAC’ @ SBS Inkigayo
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