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this is definitely about minho
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minho moments [6/∞]
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Hyunjin: If Jisung and I were drowning, who would you save?
Minho: You guys don't know how to swim?
Jisung: It's a hypothetical question.
Hyunjin: Yeah, who would you save?
Minho: My time and effort.
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2022 MAMA | Thank You Stage - I.N 🍞
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Another relatable quote from Mr. Lee
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— i need it
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→ PAIRING: Hwang Hyunjin x fem!reader
→ GENRE: idol!au | smut — MDNI!
→ SYNOPSIS: hyunjin struggles to contain himself during a meal, causing him to lose control.
→ WARNINGS: smut | established relationship | sub!hyunjin | dom!reader | oral (M) | use to sex toys (vibrator) | orgasm denial | public blow job | felix gets an idea of what is happening | humiliation | use of the word 'slut'
→ WORDS: 2.4k
→ requested by anon | requests are currently: closed!
Feedback and reblogs are highly advised and appreciated!
→ m.list — → you can also read it on my ao3
Tumblr media
"Shhh darling. You're too loud." You coo, looking up at a flustered Hyunjin through your lashes.
"S-Sorry. Just.. too good." He hums, eyes fluttering close. His dress shirt bundled up at his stomach, his hands barely keeping it in place, back against the hard stone wall of an abandoned alleyway. His cock pulled through his boxer shorts and the zipper of his dress pants.
"Do you want people to hear how much of a slut you are? Mhm?" You cock an eyebrow, lazily stroking his saliva soaked length. He whimpers, shaking his head slowly. "Didn't think so." 
You were due to meet the member 15 minutes ago for dinner, however, Hyunjin thought it'd be a good idea to beg and whine on the way there about how good he feels, about how he desperately needs you; to feel you.
"What is it huh? You weren't like this back home. Is it because we're in public? Do you get off knowing that someone could walk by at any minute?" You tsk, rolling your eyes. Hyunjin shakes his head side to side fast, tears prickling in the lower lash line.
"I just– feel too good, y/n'' You hum, wrapping your lips around his hard, angry cock. You instantly deep throat him, throat closing around his length as you swallow. A strangled moan falls past Hyunjin's lips, his legs shaking as they struggle to support his weight.
Your feet firmly planted on the floor, legs spread wide apart, with your dress raised to the knees, giving Hyunjin a full view of your clothed core. He whimpers, watching your fingers rub your clit through the material of your lace panties.
"I wanna…touch – fuck!" You hum around his cock, ignoring his desperate plea. You flatten your tongue, stroking the underside of his cock as the sides brush up against your cheeks. Hyunjin groans, too lost in the pleasure to care if anyone can hear him.
So lost in the moment, he forgets. Forgets what he is and isn't supposed to do. His hips buck suddenly, his cock reaching deep inside your throat causing your eyes to widen and to gag. Hyunjin's eyes widen, your gagging bringing him back down to reality.
A wave of submission, fear and worry wash over him in waves as you pull his cock out of your mouth with a wet 'pop' before slowly standing up straight. You glare at him, aura overpowering and making you feel taller, bigger than you are, whilst doing the opposite to Hyunjin.
He felt so small, small as a mouse. Desperate, pathetic whimpers and pleas escape his lips. Your hand squeezes the base of his shaft as you lean in slowly.
"Did you just–?" 
"I– sorry, I didn't mean it!" Hyunjin stutters. You lick your lips slowly, watching Hyunjin tremble in front of your very eyes.
"Slut." You speak in monotone, Hyunjin swallowing thickly. Hyunjin lets out a shaky breath, your hand releasing from his shaft, disappearing into your purse.
You pull out your phone, bringing up an app before your thumb swipes on the screen. Hyunjin's eyes widen, his legs bucking beneath him. You smirk, enjoyment evident on your face as you watch your submissive boyfriend shake and struggle. The strong vibrations ripple through his body, his cock throbbing and dripping with pre-cum. 
"AH– stop, i can't… so much, too much– so good!"
"So pathetic." You tower over Hyunjin, his legs shaking. His back slowly slides down the concrete wall, desperate whimpers and sobs shake his body. "Look at you. So consumed with pleasure you can't even stand straight."
You scoff, tongue in cheek. All Hyunjin can do is nod and whimper, his mouth loosely hanging open, pants leaving his lips at a fast, erratic pace.
"Stand up and get dressed. We're late enough as it is." You giggle, turning down the strength of the vibrator so Hyunjin can at least stand straight. He fumbles with his clothing, hands shaking from pure adrenaline. You lean in, kissing his lips sweetly, your actions contradict your previous actions.
"Oh, and try not to make it obvious that you have a toy inside you. Don't want your friends to think you're a slut too. But maybe you'd like that." 
You both enter the restaurant, apologizing and making up some excuse as to why you arrive late. Hyunjin was doing his best to control himself, hide his raging hard on. His underwear soaked with his pre-cum, he could feel the material sticking to his length, the low vibrations buzzing throughout his body. He felt disgusting, humiliated; but he didn't hate it. He loves it.
You take your seats, Hyunjin sitting next to Felix. Felix kept an eye on Hyunjin, he knew something was wrong. When you're friends with someone for so many years, you learn about certain behaviors and moods. The way Hyunjin is presenting himself, shifting in his seat every so often, pausing between sentences to stop an explosion of moans escaping; he knew something was going on.
You knew Felix had an idea and that spurs you on even more. Your hand sneaks under the table as you're chatting casually to Seungmin, gliding it up Hyunjin's leg. His breath hitches in his throat as your fingers come into contact with his crotch.
You palm his length, slowly at first applying little to no pressure. You keep your idle chit chat, Hyunjin grabbing his glass of water and downing some.
"Are you okay, Hyunjin?" Felix leans in close, whispering. You squeeze Hyunjin’s crotch suddenly, a whimper escaping his lips as soon as he opens his mouth to reply to Felix. Felix blushes, as does Hyunjin. A deep shade of red.
He looks down at his lap, embarrassed and ashamed. You palm Hyunjin, adding more and more pressure the longer you carry on before pulling away; much to Hyunjin's relief. You casually pull out your phone, instantly opening the app. 
Hyunjin's head dips low, his legs shaking as his hands bawl into fists on his lap. He squeezes his eyes shut, his pants replacing his moans. You smirk, amused by his reaction as you lick your lips slowly. You feel the material of your lace underwear sticking to your folds due to your slick, the look of pure desperation on Hyunjin shaking your core.
You lean in, lips ghosting along the shell of his ear as you whisper seductively. "Poor Hyunjin. You look so desperate, it's quite cute." Your tone of voice mocking, Hyunjin shivering at your words. Felix is watching, swallowing thickly as he shuffles in his seat.
He knows.
You smirk, licking your lips, keeping eye contact with Felix. You tilt Hyunjin's chin up so he is forced to look at you. You hum, content with his lewd look. His eyes glossy, tears threatening to spill, cheeks a nice rosy red, bottom lip swollen from biting it too much.
"You're so adorable. Your eyes are begging. it turns me on." You coo, stroking his plump, swollen lip with your thumb. 
"It hurts." He whispers, his legs continuing to shake.
"What does?" You coo some more, pouting as you cock your head to the side.
"My cock. I-It hurts so much. I want to cum.." 
"You can't." You state, almost demanding. "I told you this back home. No cumming until I say so. Understand?" 
"But–" You raise your brows, your hand now gripping his face. Hyunjin whimpers, swallowing thickly.
"Not until I say so, Hyunjin. And don't even think about sneaking off to the bathroom because there will be punishment and you don't want that now, do you?"
"N-No ma'am." 
"Good boy." You smile sweetly, releasing your grip on his face. You pull your phone out, showing Hyunjin the app you've been using to control his vibrator, purposely showing Felix at the same time. Felix notices, his eyes widening and looking away as his cheeks flush pink. You smirk at his reaction, making a mental note that you would like to play with Felix, that he too, also radiates sub energy.
"D-Dont raise it anymore. Please, I beg!" Hyunjin whispers, almost on the verge of it becoming a shout. You pout, finger hovering over the screen.
"P-Please!" Hyunjin sobs. His sobs make you shiver and hum in satisfaction.
"Mhm, I do love it when you beg, almost makes me want to ride you right here, right now." You coo, rubbing your thighs together to create friction. Hyunjin shivers, his hands gripping onto his dress pants as he struggles. He lets out a pathetic whimper, loud enough for you and Felix to hear. Felix swallows thickly, trying his best to ignore the sexual tension and the situation that is currently happening beside him.
You smirk, noticing Felix struggling to compose himself. You raise a brow, licking your lips. A burning desire to play with both men tingles at the tips of your fingers. 
"Oh shut up, Hyunjin. Any louder and your friends might hear you." You coo. "Oh wait, someone already did."
Hyunjin looks at you with wide eyes. You cock your head in Felix's direction. Hyunjin slowly turns his head, his eyes meeting Felix's. Felix blushes deeply as does Hyunjin. You lean over Hyunjin's lap to speak to Felix.
"I would love to play with you two." You whisper. Both men look at each other and whimper, thoughts and scenarios rushing through their minds. You giggle before resuming your position and talking to the members.
You go back to idle chit-chat, 'ignoring' Hyunjin. You laugh, joke about with the others, joining in on the teasing and the serious conversations. You had to elbow Hyunjin and give him the stern look, secretly telling him to act normal; which is impossible when lust is coursing through his veins at lightning speed.
Deciding that Hyunjin has gone long enough with the vibrator being on low, you decided to be cruel. Sure, Hyunjin isn't going to like you for it, but he knows it's all fun and games at the end of the day. He knows you will be pampering him in kisses and praises, telling him how much of a good boy he is for you. He thrives off the praises, makes him feel good because he knows you're enjoying this just as much as he is; that's why he obeys you so much. 
You grab your phone, side eyeing Hyunjin. He's too busy talking to Chan to notice what you're about to do. He picks up his glass, taking a sip of his beverage. You smirk, increasing the vibrations to max. He splutters, coughing on the liquid.
"Are you okay?!" Chan asks, concerned as he passes Hyunjin a napkin to wipe himself clean. Hyunjin nods, not trusting his own voice. He knows if he speaks, it will come out as a pathetic squeak or worse; a moan. Felix looks over at you, then Hyunjin, then you again. You raise a brow, smirking as you wave your phone in the air. Felix understood instantly, the tips of his ears going red as he clears his throat.
He cannot deny that what you and Hyunjin are doing is turning him on. It's also making him curious. He has never seen his friend act like this before. He thought it was the other way around, but seeing you act so cocky and confident, causes his mind to race with thoughts. One thing he knows for sure, is that it's going to be a long night of pleasuring himself when he gets home.
"I–I can't! Turn it down." Hyunjin begs, his eyes filling with tears as he shakily breathes in.
"Mhm?" You look at him, pretending you didn't hear him. "Oh! You want me to turn it down?" Hyunjin nods fast, his cock straining against his clothing making it painful for him. His underwear soaked in pre-cum, sticking to his skin. He's uncomfortable. His cock hard, burning, desperate for release.
"No." You say with a grin before going back to your conversation with Jeongin.
He's so close. So close to embarrassingly making a mess in his own underwear. He's never done it before, he never plans on doing it. It's not unusual for you to tell him to hold his orgasms, but that's when he is naked. He's never had to worry about staining any of his clothing because he's never had to.
A wave of shame washes over him, desperation and eagerness. He's so close. His body threatened to betray him. The longer the vibrations carry on, the closer he becomes. His thighs burning, head dipped low so the members don't see the stream of tears falling down his face. He's in pain. He wants it, he needs it. But he doesn't want to go against your word. He's loyal to you; like a dog.
But it hurts. It's so painful. He cannot bear it any longer. His dress shirt sticking to his body due to his sweat, sweat patches forming under his armpits. His hair sticks to his forehead as he bites down harshly on his lip, drawing blood. He digs his own nails into his legs, clawing at them desperately.
He grips onto your arm desperately. You look to the side, your core throbbing at the sight of him. It takes everything in your power not to fuck him there and then. You reach out, placing a hand on his sweaty cheek and stroking it gently as you coo.
"What's wrong, baby?"  He leans into your touch, broken sobs shake his body. He forgets where he is, forgets he is with friends as he whispers;
"I'm going to cum." 
You smirk, reaching down and giving his hard cock a squeeze over his dress pants. That was the final push he needed. He grips onto your wrist, head hung low as his body shakes and convulses. Warm, sticky liquid coats his underwear, a feel of embarrassment and disgust washes over Hyunjin.
You watch your sub shake, struggling to come to terms of what he's just done. You cannot deny the fact that it was attractive. His nails dig into your skin, making you hiss. Hyunjin looks up at you with doe eyes, smiling lazily. Fucked out. That's the only way you could describe his current expression. 
"Excuse me." Felix stands up and rushes off to the bathroom, making you giggle to yourself. Clearly he heard and needed some 'alone time.'
"Shh baby. You're alright, I'm here." You coo. Hyunjin whimpers, hoping you feel sorry for his embarrassing action; but you don't. It just encourages you even more. You lean in, ghosting your lips over the shell of his ear.
"I think you need a lesson in how to behave considering you can't do that, don't you think?"
Tumblr media
→ note: wooo. idk what this is but uh, yeah. lmao! its a requests and like 'reunited', it became to long in word count for it to be a drabble and such. just a reminder (even though i have it stated at the beginning and on my pinned post) requests are closed. i need a few days to catch up, start my own stuff and just feel like myself again. i hope yall enjoy!
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→ TAGS [open]: @chaneomma | @sstarryoong | @laylasbunbunny | @dilucpegg3r | @chanssmiles | @meltheninja13
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🐰🐿👻 something wicked this way comes
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THE MIXTAPES (lee felix x reader) - Chapter 18
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y/n is a coward that is in love with her bestfriend. what other way to express yourself than posting mixtapes about your love on twitter?
You looked around the venue, taking it all in. The school really outdid themselves this time, having invested in proper equipment to make the showcase of the year. You remember Felix always complained that there should be more funds put in the dance department. Your palms sweating the second your thoughts went to Felix. You don’t understand why you let Minho drag you here, but now you’ve arrived and there was no going back as you saw Chan and Jeongin waving you over. You quickly made your way through the crowd to the front row seats and sat down beside Jeongin.
“Hey, how are you holding up?” Jeongin asked, laying a hand on your shoulder.
“Well, I’m here so I guess I’m fine,” you took a deep breath to calm your beating heart, feeling the anxiety rise again.
“I’m just very anxious to see him again.”
Jeongin nodded and leaned over to give you a side hug. You felt yourself relax in his arms for a little bit – before the rest of the boys came along and soon the lights were dimmed and the performance began. You had been to a couple of these performances before, and each time you were just as mesmerized by Minho, Hyunjin and Felix. Especially Felix. Sometimes you couldn’t believe that you had such talented friends, and it hit you at full force at times like this. 
Felix’s whole class was to perform either solo, in duets or like in their case – a trio. You barely even registered the performers, until it was announced that they were next.
You sucked in a breath as they came on stage. You would never get tired of seeing Felix in his element, the focus in his sparkly eyes, his whole body oozing of confidence and dominance. And when the music started, it was all over for you. 
You were hypnotized by the way Felix moved his body to the music, which you now recognized as the song they recorded together, Taste. It was sensual and powerful, and you were hooked from the second he started dancing. Unfortunately it was over way too soon and before you could react Jeongin and Changbin were dragging you next to the stage where there was a door with the sign Performers Only. You got to stand in front of the door for approximately 10 seconds before Minho and Hyunjin stormed through the door with Felix hot on their heels. The second you locked eyes with him, it seemed like the whole world stopped.
Felix halted his steps and his eyes widened. He didn’t think you would actually come, and now that you were standing in front of him – he almost wanted to cry.
Fights weren’t usual with you two, and the fact that you haven’t spoken in what seemed like so long made him more emotional than regular. He blinked away the moisture in his eyes to get a proper look at you. You looked beautiful, as always. 
“So, we will leave you guys alone so you can talk. But you must hurry.” Said Minho and began ushering the others away so you and Felix would be left alone. 
Felix took a step towards you, unsure if you would bolt the other way if he got too close – but you took a step towards him and soon you stood no more than arm’s length from each other. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he can get a single word out, he is interrupted by someone on stage tapping on a microphone.
“Hi, I’m sorry but is this on?” The voice sounded kind of familiar, and you whipped your head to the side, only to see Jisoo standing on the stage. Your gasped, and it’s like she knew exactly where you were beforehand, for she cast a quick glance at you and smiled sweetly.
“As you can see, I’m not here for a performance exactly. I am here for some good, old revenge. I’m sure everyone here has heard about the Mixtapes account on Twitter?”
People began murmuring amongst each other, and you froze in place. Somewhere in the crowd you could almost hear Minho yell at Jisoo to get the fuck down, but everything except her voice at that moment went unnoticed by you.
“Yes, I know I lied about it, but it’s really not my problem the person behind it is a coward! In fact, the coward is here with us today!” She gestured at the crowd, and you could still not get yourself to move. Beside you, Felix was confused by the whole situation. What was Jisoo trying to do exactly?
Minho got his attention; he was trying to get Jisoo to get down from the stage before she said anything else. He was joined by Hyunjin who begged her to get down.
“Come on, Jisoo! What do you gain by doing this?!” he yelled over the whispers in the venue. 
“Sorry guys, but she had this coming for a while now. But to prove what I’m saying is true, you must hear something first.” She turned around and went over to the large speakers on stage, and plugged her phone in. Only seconds later you heard you own voice echo through the hall.
“Min, I’m serious!”
“I know! I’m just telling you what I think would be best, it’s not my fault that you’re too dumb to listen to me.”
“I swear to God, Min, I will kill you one day.”
“Shut up, you won’t. Or else you wouldn’t have told me the account was yours to begin with.”
“Ugh, I hate that you’re right.”
“So you’ll tell Felix then?”
“God, no! I already told you what is going to happen if I tell him I love him.”
“Oh no, that would be just the end of the world, right?”
“And there you have it people, “ Jisoo unplugged her phone and made her way to the side of the stage exactly where you and Felix were standing. She locked eyes with you while continuing her verbal assault.
“Poor Y/n crushing so hard on her very own best friend that she has to make anonymous confessions online. I mean, I get why she’s afraid, why would someone like Lee Felix settle for her?” Luckily before Jisoo could say another word, Changbin tore through the security and jumped on stage to rip the microphone from her hands.
After that everything was a blur, Felix’s shocked face, Minho and Hyunjin yelling after you when you ran straight through the nearest exit all while you felt everyone’s stares and their judgemental looks. Now you’ve fucked up for sure, Felix would surely never forgive you for this. Neither would you, though. After all, you are the one who got yourself into this whole mess.
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blueprint & surfin' - sparklers 🎇 <3
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the best joke i ever heard 😂
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Favourite Genres of Jisung -  4/?
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han jisung - comedian of the year!
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incorrectskzquotes · 2 days
Chan: Hey, will you get something from my back pocket for me?
Minho: What am I getting out of this?
Chan: A chance to touch my butt?
Minho: Deal.
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