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#!! - 𝐓𝐖𝐈𝐍 𝐅𝐋𝐀𝐌𝐄 — 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐧𝐞 ; ʙᴏʏ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴏʀᴇ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 : soulmate au, non idol au, angst (in this chapter)
— 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 : chan x fem!reader, hyunjin x fem!reader
— 𝐰𝐜 : 2.6k
— 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 : a nameless stranger, an urgent force that seemed to pull you towards him. and as wrong as it was he left you curious and wondering.
— 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 : I'M SO HYPED TO BE FINALLY POSTING THIS if it won't get any feedback i will cry so if you like this PLEASEEE please tell me!!! ENJOY READING <333
Tumblr media
You never much believed you'd be one to find real love, no matter how much you might be wishing, longing for it. Various of your playlists filled with songs about a certain someone, about this giddy and youthful feeling, your bookshelves stacked with writings and poems about the greatest feeling of them all. Your heart skipping a beat whenever a kiss appeared on the cinema screen before you, and lovers in public, whether holding hands or pecking, swelled up your chest, without you being the one loved. Because ironically, and much to your dismay, you alone felt like the odd one out. Spending Valentine’s Day alone year after year, barely knowing how it feels to have your lips on someone else's. Wondering if the books and songs talked about realness after all, or if everything you've thought to know about love was simply put, a delusion, not fit to be experienced outside of fiction and people's minds.
And still, your wish for that certain someone, your longing to feel the loving touch of a soulmate, of a passionate lover, never fully seemed to leave you, despite knowing it was naïve and childish thinking. And surely, it had to be too good to be true, altogether. The touch of a soulmate that was supposed to bound two people together – how did that work, anyway? It was an old myth you nothing but adored as a young teen, growing to despise it the older you got, and the more relationships happened to disappoint you. When you’ve thought you found your supposed twin flame – another person, whose soul was a part of your own and got separated from you at birth, only meant to reunite again by a simple touch – that same person ended up leaving a gash right to your heart, for you alone to heal and fix. So how could you possibly continue to believe, to hope? How were you supposed to not grow acceptance that maybe, just maybe, no one walking this planet had a designated someone, that each and every person simply had to love semi passionately, never as carelessly and freely as they did – pretended – in the arts? In books and movies and poems and songs?  
Strolling around the supermarket a couple streets down your block you didn’t look for anything in particular, only hunting for some snacks to accompany the movie night you had planned with Chan a little later in the day. From the get-go, you had to admit that you weren’t too hopeful in terms of your boyfriend’s availability, neither for tonight nor any other day you might have planned to spend together for the rest of the year. The last time you had an actual date, one where the two of you actually ate and talked together, actually ended up cuddling and making out back at home before fucking the whole night, seemingly unable to get enough of each other, of the closeness and intimacy, of the passion and love – that was ages ago, you could barely remember. Recalling, it must have been a birthday or anniversary, Valentine’s Day, maybe. Because under normal circumstances, on a usual and regular day, Chan barely ever had the time to go all in for a simple date. Which admittedly, you’ve been fine with at the very beginning of your relationship. You knew what you were going into, knew that he was a hardworking man, always busy, his future and career prioritised. And you admired him for it, for as long as you could remember – until you didn’t, almost out of the blue. Until suddenly the loneliness you felt due to his absence at nights became unbearable, leaving a cold hole next to you on the bed and right at your chest, and until his texts and phone calls got shorter and shorter, always promising for a later but never keeping word. You never blamed him, never painted him as the bad guy – you were two people with two packages filled to the brim with duties and jobs and problems that you carried around while trying to simply get by, and that alone was hard enough, you knew and understood. Yet, you couldn’t help but wonder if any of it was worth it, truly. You knew you loved Chan, maybe not the same you did when you first met but the adoration towards him was something you were sure of. There has been a time you'd called him your twin flame, even – he was the one partner you never doubted from the very first start, the one partner that seemingly fit to you like a puzzle piece, neat and even and perfect. You’ve surely never felt any initial spark, any indicator that he might have been your twin flame after all – no indicator that the myth held truth. But then again, you never much believed in that part of the saying after all – you weren’t supposed to feel sparks, sensations when touching another human’s body; that’s not how it worked biologically and that’s surely not the way to make out your ideal significant other. A myth remained nothing but a myth after all, and certain things were simply not bound to happen to people in everyday life.  
That time, the blooming and warm days when you had set your mind on Chan and the pure staunchness that he alone must be the right one, that you would spend your remaining days with him and only him were long gone though, and it got you thinking. It got you thinking because you’ve been oh so sure of Chan, so determined that he must be the one, until those feelings changed, which you’d never think possible. So, what if twin flames, you thought while grabbing a pack of Chan’s favourite chips and throwing them into your bag, ended up falling out of love as well, just like any other couple could? What if the old tale overlooked a crucial detail in its storytelling and simply forgot that people were still people nevertheless, and that the lives they lived and the way they loved only called for accidents to happen, for feelings and emotions to change and for relationships to deepen, or drift apart? And what if Chan has truly been your twin flame at some point years ago, but it simply never worked the way it should have, the way the both of you would have wanted it to? Twin flames; didn’t the name alone call for the end of all? Wasn’t the name the one and greatest indicator that said flames, the fire, the burning and passion – the love – could run out, be gutted and leave a cold space right where your heart sat? Was that the truth and end of the myth that everyone who knew was simply too cowardly to speak of?
You grabbed a bag of your own favourite snack and slowly made your way to the cash register. Then what was love all about, anyways? If people fall in love as quickly as they fall out of it, if the flame dims down with time and leaves you with memories of a past life, the only question is whether or not people are brave enough to leave those memories, or if they stay buried in them, buried with the one whom they once called their everything. If they’d stay simply for the sake of convenience and habituation, out of fear. Because surely, a person wasn’t bound to have multiple twin flames, after all. If there is only one person, one soul that knows you all, inside and out, this one twin flame you burn with until there is nothing left to burn, until the embers simply start gnawing at you without love and passion left; if there is only this person for you that is able to deify as strongly as this, even if temporary and not forever – you wouldn’t leave that person, would you? Because what was it worth, after all; even if the love ran out, and even if nothing was left to give – you’d only find the same lacking feelings in another lover, because that’s what the myth called. Because there’d be no one else to give you devotion so grand a second time.
You put your groceries on the checkout belt, fishing for your wallet at the very bottom of your bag. You cursed under your breath, finally feeling the soft material of fake leather right before the cashier told the price you had to pay. It was ironic – because surely, which price would you pay? You couldn’t possibly imagine ever leaving and wandering around, searching for something that would never be, so the only other option, whether you wanted it or not, was to endure loneliness in a relationship that once bloomed fields of flowers. The option that meant a never-ending empty space next to you on the bed, forever cancelled plans and nothing of the once known tenderness that you oh so adored and believed to be something permanent, something you’d never have to fear of losing.
You shuddered at the thought of it, at the thought of that being your future, of it being the destiny that’d wait for you, and with a quick shake to the head, as though that would clear your worries, you started packing the food and drinks into your bag, messily, without much system. You couldn’t care less if your other stuff laid atop of the chips, or if the cookies you decided to get for the date night would crush down under the weight of the rest of your groceries. Though Chan would sulk at you for it – there was seemingly nothing he hated more than crushed down chips in a plastic bag. You scoffed at the thought alone, earning an unreadable look from the cashier before he smiled and bowed a polite goodbye, wishing you a good week. He looked almost nervous, blush accentuating his cheeks and ears as though caught red handed when you noticed him staring at you. He must be in school still, probably a part timer. You quickly wished back a nice day, wondering if he ever worried about the things that seemed so all destructive to you. If he ever, as young as he was and only a student after all, spent sleepless nights questioning himself if he’d ever have the chance to die happily with another person by his side, or if life simply wouldn’t grant him that wish. Though, you didn’t know if that was his wish after all. It was yours, but that didn’t mean anything. Maybe, you thought, only the fewest people had the wish to die with a partner by their side anyways and therefore couldn’t care less about soulmates, let alone twin flames – maybe that was a wish only for the foolish, simply for people stupidly blinded by the delusory picture of love. To your dismay you were one of them, led astray by something that was cruel and gruesome behind closed curtains, and led to heartbreak and shed tears more often than not. And yet, you were hopeful. You depicted yourself with someone that would be with you, not only physically but in every form possible, that would love you without running out of patience to show you every single day anew. Yet perhaps, that same hope was the stupidest thing of all, the thing that would destroy you from inside out.
Your phone vibrated in your back pocket, and a quick look at the display showed your boyfriend’s name. It was saved with a heart right to it, and it made you chuckle, reminisce almost about when you first got his number, and then when you added the heart later on. You felt so dumb back then yet so stupidly in love that you couldn’t possibly not change his name in your contacts after your very first kiss, and you haven’t had the mind to go back to a plain old “Chan” ever since. Though it’d seem more fitting now, his name without a heart. You faintly wondered if Chan still had a heart next to your name in his phone before picking up the call.
“Hey, where are you?”
His voice was almost monotone, giving you no clue of the reason he called you while you were out for groceries. You expected bad news, and you felt guilty for it, almost.
“At the store, I bought snacks and drinks for later-… why? Did something happen?”
A sigh on the other end was all that you needed to know your expectations were to be true. And it scared you how cold it left you, unbothered and untouched by the words Chan was about to say, while the weight of the bag around your shoulder dragged you down further by the minute.
“Listen, I- I’ll sound like the shittiest boyfriend, but I have some work left I have to finish. It was super last minute, just got a call from Changbin to come and help him in the studio. I’ll try to not be too late, alright? Maybe- we can like… I don’t know when you’re free next time…”
Chan's voice suddenly got quiet, faintly distanced from you as you felt a cold breeze, a sensation, you might say, wash past you, almost pulling you back into the store again, fully disorienting you and shaking up the ground beneath your feet. You looked back, checking if someone had walked past you and into the shop and accidently pushed you, though it wasn't a touch you had felt – yet even then, the seeming force that drove you back, that completely took you out of your body even for short felt so unnatural, too strong to be caused by a person crossing your way. It was beyond physical, the feeling of it – somehow it felt deeper, an urge you’ve never come across prior, and before you knew it you met eyes with a stranger. He looked just as shaken up as you, pupils wide and brows slightly scrunched, creasing in the middle. He was stopped in his tracks, body as though moving forward yet held back by something he seemed unable to control, something that was pulling him your direction, just like you got pulled towards his. And then you simply smiled, after eye contact that felt like it lasted for ages on end, and he smiled back, a pretty smile that made you wish for that eye contact to hold on for just a little longer. But Chan's voice suddenly sounded in your ears again, and the boy in the store disappeared behind shelves, continuing his business.
“Babe, you there? I asked if you’re free next week sometime to make up for tonight?”
Your boyfriend's voice, though having all your attention now, was still far away to you, as though you muted it out to focus on your surroundings better, to have his words play only in the back of your head, behind glass.
“Yeah sure- we'll see... take care.”
Your own voice sounded almost abnormally clear to you, and your head felt the same. The worries that occupied you just moments prior – the disappointment yet general indifference to Chan cancelling on you, the fear of your future with him – or without him, therefore – the feeling of monotony creeping its way into your everyday life – it all felt so strange now, almost absurd that you ever even wasted a thought on it at all. Chan brabbeled a chain of excuses into the phone that you accepted with only hummed yeses, not actually listening, simply waiting to hang up on him. And while you couldn’t possibly imagine the stranger in the store to be the cause for all of it, for his eyes to be the reason you forgot about Chan and his smile to be the trigger for your calmness, you didn’t understand why your body turned around yet again, though not expecting to catch a look at him, still hoping you would maybe find his dark eyes one more time, nonetheless.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
genre: fluff, angst. content warnings: insecurities, depression, jealousy, fear of the dark, accidental injury, minor illness, alcohol use, driving anxiety word count: 4.6k (500 each)
a/n: my first ot8 post as a little thank you for 2k! i appreciate you so much both for reading and leaving feedback. hope you enjoy this too!
Tumblr media
CHAN — his insecurities are getting to him
“But…you said we could go today…” you mutter, struggling to keep the disappointment from your voice. You’d been looking forward to this day all week. Your boyfriend had promised you’d finally go to the art exhibition in the city. It would be ending soon and then it would be gone forever. 
Your boyfriend looks up from where he is hunched over his desk, where he had been scribbling something in a notebook. “I just can’t today.” 
“Is it work?” 
He looks back at the paper, pen halted. “No.” 
“What’s so important that it has to be done today?” 
“Go with Hyunjin instead.” 
You take a step back, caught off guard. “What?”
“Hyunjin likes art, I’m sure he’d be stoked to go with you.” 
You instinctively look down at your phone, having just texted your roommate minutes earlier. “Yeah, he probably would. But I want to go with you.” 
Chan stands from his desk, keeping his back to you. You watch as he fiddles with his pen for a moment before dropping it and finally turning to face you. “Do you really?”
You frown, walking over to him and adjusting his necklace where it had twisted around his neck. “Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I want to do something with my boyfriend?” 
He’s quiet for a moment.. Most of the time he just speaks, letting whatever he was thinking out—no filters or barriers. You loved him for it, for speaking his mind so freely. These moments when he was clearly preparing his words before voicing them are rare, so you wait. You wait, knowing he was taking a moment to gather his thoughts and that any interruption would throw him off track. 
“Do you ever wonder if someone else would be better for you? If we don’t…click as well as we should?” he finally says, eyes cast down. 
You drop your hands from his necklace, the one you’d gifted for his previous birthday. “No,” you answer without hesitation. “Do you?” 
“Can you…think about it for a moment… before answering. It’s important.” 
“I don’t need to think about it. I’m being honest. I’ve never wondered that and I’ve never had any doubts about you. About us.” You watch as his brows draw together, clearly lost in thought again. “Have you?” you ask him again. 
“I wonder…if someone like Hyunjin might make you happier.” 
You glance at the desk, where the notebook lays open—his scribbled handwriting filling the page. “Have you been feeling bad again?” you ask. 
He looks over his shoulder, following your eyeline. He takes a step back to close the book. You step up to him, trailing your hand up his chest to rest over his heart. “It’s okay, I wasn’t trying to read it. I just…want you to tell me when you’re feeling bad. So I can be here for you.” 
He takes a step away from you, your hand dropping from his chest. “But that’s the problem. I’m always having these episodes; days where I don’t want to leave the house or where I feel so low I feel like I bring you down with me.” 
“Why are you writing?” you ask, a flicker of panic crossing his face at your question. “I’m not asking what you’re writing. Just why you’re doing it.” 
“Because…it…makes it better. Helps.”
“You’re working on it. You’re doing things you’ve been taught will help you get better and that’s why it’s not a problem. You love me and I love you and we are working on ways to be better people because we love each other. Right?” 
“I do… want to be better for you,” he says, pressing his own hand over his heart. 
“And for you?”
A small smile crosses his lips. “And for me.” 
You match his smile, stepping close so you can wrap your arms around him. “I love you now and I’ll love you when you love yourself too.” His arms tighten around you. “I can’t wait,” you finish. 
MINHO — you’re afraid of the dark
“400,” you announce, grinning at your boyfriend across the table.
A grumble of thunder distracts his attention to the window behind you before he looks at you again. “Why the fuck is it 400?”
“I own all 4,” you say, pointing to your monopoly cards.
“This game is stupid.”
“It was invented as a critique of landlords and capitalism, it’s meant to be stupid.”
“Be a nice landlord and give me a free pass.”
“No. Pay up.”
He grumbles, slapping the money in your palm just as your apartment goes dark. You yelp, dropping the paper money and reaching blindly across the table until you feel your boyfriends arm.
“Blackout,” he says, stating the obvious. He stands from the table before you have a proper grip, leaving you stranded. You stand, feeling around the table for him.
“Where are you? Minho?”
“Just getting my phone,” he replies, already sounding much too far away.
You reach out into the darkness, relying purely on your memory of your apartment to navigate. “Come back, please. Minho! Please.”
“Boo,” he whispers, right at your side. You grip his arm, too relieved to be mad at him for attempting to make you jump. The screen from his phone lights up his face, then he turns on his torch.
“I’m gonna find some candles, you wanna stay here?”
“I can get your phone? Won’t be dark.”
“Wanna come.”
He presses a kiss to your forehead. “Poor baby.”
“Shut up.”
You keep your arm on his as he leads you through to the kitchen, standing right by him as he crouches down to dig through a drawer. You hold the torch for him until he stands, holding a few candles and a matchbox.
“Where do you wanna set up camp? Are we finishing the game?”
You shake your head.
“Bath?” he suggests.
“In the dark?”
He holds the candles up. “Come on.”
He leads you to the bathroom and you’re forced to let go of him as he sets up the candles and leans into the tub to turn the water on. You turn to look behind you occasionally, the pitch black hallway making you feel uneasy.
Minho’s breath tickles your neck as he comes to stand behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Would you like help?” he asks, fingers moving to fiddle with the buttons on your jeans.
You look up at the dark doorway. “Could you... shut that?”
He kisses your cheek then moves around you to shut the door as you pull your clothes off. The room is barely lit, the reflection of the candles in the mirror making the small bathroom seem much bigger. He pulls his shirt over his head as he approaches you.
“You’re alright, I’ve got you. Yeah?” You nod and he leans around you to turn the water off. “Hop in.”
You lower yourself into the warm water, watching as your boyfriend removes the rest of his clothes. You shuffle aside to make room as he joins you, lying back so his head rests on the soft neck rest you’d bought him for christmas. He hold his arms up, beckoning you onto him. “C’mere.”
You climb over him, pressing your chest against his and resting your head on his shoulder—just above the waterline. His arms wrap around you.
“Good?” he asks.
You close your eyes, surrounded by warmth. The darkness feels far away. “Mm, good.” 
CHANGBIN — he accidentally hurts you
It was an old injury, so old you’d only ever mentioned it in passing once. You’d get a twinge in your wrist occasionally but apart from that, you practically forgot about it yourself. That’s why when your boyfriend challenges you to an arm wrestle, you don’t hesitate to say yes. You were equally competitive, you challenged each other to silly little games constantly. 
“You’re not gonna let me win?” 
“Have I ever?” 
“Fair.” You settle yourself over the counter, opposite him. He presses his palm to the smooth surface, offering an example for you to mirror. He grasps your hand in his, pulling you over the counter a little more so he can press a kiss to the back of your hand. “Ok, ready,” he says, allowing you to resume your starting position. 
“What’s that?” you ask, pointing over his shoulder with your free hand. As soon as he turns his head you start, pulling with all your strength. You manage to get him halfway down to the counter before he stops you, easily turning the tables. He puts more strength into it than he needs to, thrown off by your headstart. A sharp pain runs up your arm as your hand slams into the counter. 
You pull your hand back to your chest, cradling it against your body as you scrunch your eyes shut—waiting for the pain to dull. It’ll pass, it’ll pass… you repeat to yourself. A soft touch on your shoulder alerts you to the fact Changbin has moved around the counter to your side. “Just a sec,” you mutter, unable to speak properly until the pain has dulled. 
“Let me see,” he says, sounding stoic. He sounds so calm that you’re completely caught off guard when you look up at him and see his eyes watery. You couldn’t remember the last time you’d seen him cry. It’s so shocking it distracts you entirely from the now dull wrist pain. 
You let him lift your hand gently as you watch his face. “Can you move it?” he says, inspecting your skin as if tracking down the source of your pain would remedy it. 
“Yeah, it’s fine. It’s just that old injury flaring up.” You pull your hand from him easily, the hold he has on you so gentle it offers no resistance. 
“I’m sorry,” he whispers. 
You lift his chin with your fingers, his gaze pointed towards the floor. “Was just karma for trying to cheat,” you say, a small smile on your face as you attempt to lighten the mood. 
It doesn’t work, your boyfriend's eyes fix on your wrist—his eyes reminding you of a kicked puppy. You give him no warning when you jump on him, wrapping your legs around his waist. His hands come to support you naturally, a reflexive response to the way you’d greet him every day. 
“Wasn’t your fault,” you mumble against his neck. “I’d forgotten about it too, honestly. S’okay.” 
“Does it still hurt?” 
You pull back from him enough to hold the inside of your wrist up to his mouth. His eyes flick between yours, confused for a moment. Then he brings his lips to your skin, pressing a soft kiss to your wrist. 
“Not anymore,” you whisper, offering him a small smile before replacing your wrist with your lips—pressing lightly against his. 
HYUNJIN — he thinks you don’t love him as much as he loves you
Your boyfriend was a hopeless romantic. You loved that about him, truly. The only problem was when you felt like you struggled to meet his expectations; when you didn’t express your love in a way that fit with his love language. He would wilt. 
“Jinnie? Please talk to me,” you encourage, lifting the blanket from your boyfriend's head. He rolls over to face the wall, ignoring you. You sigh, lying down next to him—resting your hands under your head as you stare at his back. 
“It’s okay,” he says, still facing the wall. “I love you more than you love me, I just have to…accept it.” 
You reach to grab his shoulder, forcing him to roll onto his back so you can crawl over him. You stroke his forehead gently, brushing away a non-existent lock of hair—a habit you hadn’t yet abandoned since he’d cut his hair short. “Stop saying that, it hurts me.” 
His brows pull together as his plush lips press together firmly. “You said you needed space.” 
“Yes, that is what I said. I didn’t say ‘I love you less than you love me’.” 
He looks confused but he shifts a little, bringing his hands up to rest against your thighs. “I’ve never wanted space from you. I want you always.” 
His cheeks are rosy and you can’t help brushing your thumbs across them, cradling his face in your hands. “If I had to see anyone else as much as I see you, I’d lose my mind. It’s because I love you so much that I ask for my own space so rarely,” you finish. 
“Do I bother you? Is that why you asked?” 
“Sometimes anything external irritates me. Anything. My clothes on my skin, a notification on my phone. I just need to be alone sometimes, completely. No notifications, no sound, no other person. Even you. Even though you’re my favourite person ever.” 
“Ever, ever,” you smile, moving one of your thumbs to brush over his lips. You pull his bottom lip down gently, he’s much more relaxed now. “We are different people, hm? It’d be boring if we were exactly the same.” 
“Mm,” he agrees, pulling you down against him. You rest your head on his chest, listening to the sound of his heart as you rise and fall gently with his breath. “I’m sorry,” he whispers. “Sometimes…I get…scared that you could never feel…as much as I do. So one day you’ll just…have had enough of me and because I know that won’t happen for me…it feels like…a clock is ticking down.” 
“You have to trust me. If you really love me, you’ll trust me when I tell you how I feel. I promise I’ll always be honest, hm?” 
“Yeah,” he says, the vibration of his voice in his chest against your ear. 
“I promise I love you,” you say, lifting your head to whisper against his lips. 
“I promise I love you, too.” 
JISUNG — takes care of you when you’re drunk
You stumble up the steps, fiddling with your keys as your friend drives away. You drop them just as the door opens, stumbling forward into Jisungs arms as you lose your balance trying to bend down. He catches you, holding you upright until you're steady. Then he bends down, snatching the keys and poking his head out to look down the street. 
“Where’s your friend?” 
You smile. “Left.” 
He frowns. “Before I opened the door?” 
You reach out to stroke his hair. “You look so cute when you’re worried.” You kick your shoes off, stumbling into your apartment until you find the couch. “What time is it?” you mumble, struggling not to fall sideways and sleep right there in the living room. 
Your roommate drops the keys in the little box near the door before following you, dropping to his knees at your feet. You reach to pet his head again. “You’re a good friend,” you slur, giggling when he frowns. He lets you pull the corners of his mouth up into a smile then he stands, holding his hand out to help you up. 
“Bed,” he says, grunting a little as he pulls you up—your legs practically jelly. You fall into his arms, resting your head on his shoulder. You almost fall asleep just trying to walk to your room, collapsing onto your bed the second Jisung releases you. You close your eyes, drifting in and out of consciousness as Jisung moves around the room. 
He’s leaning over you, trying to touch your face. “Sleep,” you mumble, attempting to push his hand away. He holds your hand down on the bed. 
“Just let me clean this off, yeah?” he says, attempting to wipe the makeup off your face. You relent, going limp to let him work. 
“You’re a good friend.” 
“You’re completely off your head,” he laughs. “Will you remember this tomorrow?” 
“Maybe,” he repeats, the cloth against your face halting for a moment. “Did you…meet anyone tonight?” he asks, resuming his makeup removal service. 
“My friends,” you mumble. 
“I meant…ya know…like flirted with anyone.” 
You giggle, reaching for Jisung’s arm. “Do you flirt, Sungie?” 
“There’s no one I want to flirt with.” 
You pout, sitting up and squishing his cheeks between your fingers. “That’s sad, poor Sungie.” 
“I’m not sad. I’m happy.” 
“You are?” 
He reaches up to smooth down your hair. “Mm. I'm happy if you’re happy.” 
“What if I’m sad?”
“Then I’ll find what’s making you sad and take it away.” 
“You’re a good friend,” you yawn, falling back down onto your pillows. He leans down to press a kiss to your head. You reach out to grab his hand as he stands to leave. “Sungie?”
“Am I a good friend?” 
“You’re a good everything.” 
“...a good everything?” you mumble through another yawn, closing your eyes as Jisung intertwines your fingers. 
“Mm. You’re everything.” 
FELIX — you’re burnt out from uni/work
“What do you want for dinner?” your boyfriend asks gently. He’d been overly gentle with you all day, treating you like a cornered kitten. You loved him, but every question he asked you was wearing away at you. He’d suggested going to your favourite park, the colourful flowers and gentle breeze often did your mindset wonders. You didn’t want to get dressed. He’d put on your comfort film, the background noise was nice—but not enough to distract you from the heavyweight in your chest. 
“I don’t care.” 
“Pizza?” he asks, knowing it was your favourite—your go-to option when you were feeling low. You say nothing, closing your eyes and resting your head back against the couch. 
“Wanna go for a drive and pick it up?” Felix asks, making the decision for you. 
His gentle fingers trace across your knuckles, where you are gripping a pillow to your chest. You relax your grip. 
“I’ll order then,” he says, sounding a little dejected. You lift your head. It feels heavy on your neck. You fall into your boyfriend's lap, head resting against his thighs.  
“Thank you,” you whisper. His free hands come to your hair, stroking the strands gently just above your ear. 
“Anything you need?” 
“Just you,” you answer, closing your eyes again. The sound of the tv is the only noise in the room for the next 20 minutes, your boyfriend's fingers continuing their gentle ministrations in your hair. 
When the doorbell rings he lifts your head gently, replacing his lap with a pillow so he can answer the door. He’s gone not even a minute. That’s all the time you need for your eyes to fill with tears, suddenly completely overwhelmed. He places the pizza on the table then kneels by your side.
You open your mouth to speak, unable to get anything past your lips but an ugly sob. He jumps into action, lifting your head so he can resume his position on the couch. You press your face to his legs for a moment before lifting yourself to climb into his lap, wrapping yourself around him. “So tired,” you sob, his hand stroking up and down your back. 
“I know, baby. I’m sorry. I wish—I wish I could take it away.” 
“Don’t—” you heave in a breath, already struggling to breathe through your uncontrollable sobbing. “Don’t leave.” 
“Shhh. Not going anywhere, promise. Right here…just breathe.” His voice wobbles a little, prompting you to pull back to look at his face. “Breathe for me,” he finishes. His eyes are watery to match yours, his cheeks already wet from where his tears had spilled over. 
You bring your hands to his cheeks, attempting to wipe them away. “Please don’t cry,” you sob. 
He huffs out a laugh through his tears. “You cried first.” 
“I didn’t mean to.” 
His eyes soften, pulling your head back down to rest on his shoulder. “I know.” He lets you cry into his shoulder until your head hurts, finally lifting you from his lap so he can bring you a box of tissues. He takes one for himself. You take in the scene you both make, blowing your noses as your pizza sits cold on the coffee table. 
Felix looks up at you, his nose bright red. You burst into laughter, leaning forward to wrap your arms around his neck again. “What’s funny?” he asks between sniffles. 
“Just love you.”
SEUNGMIN — he comes home to find you sick
You’re faintly aware of a knock at the door, too unwell to even consider getting up to answer it. Instead you groan as you roll over, reaching for the bottle of water on the ground by the couch. You struggle to sit up, lifting your head just enough to sip from the lip of the bottle. The door opens just as you look across the room longingly at the fan, wishing you had the energy to turn it on and drag it over to blow directly in your face. 
“Oh, you’re home. Why didn’t you—” your boyfriend pauses, taking in your sweaty form sprawled out on the couch. “What’s wrong?” 
You’re suddenly overwhelmed, the exhaustion from looking after yourself all day catching up with you. You reach out towards him as your face crumbles, a sob escaping your throat. You don’t see him approach you, your eyes squeezed closed as you feel his arms wrap around you. He pulls you into his lap, guiding your head to his shoulder. 
“You’re sick? Why didn’t you call?” 
“You were busy,” you gasp between sobs. 
He’s quiet, letting you gather yourself. It doesn’t take long, you don’t have the energy to cry. When you’re quiet he speaks again. “What do you need?” 
“Don’t wanna be sick anymore,” you whine, knowing he couldn’t actually take it away but feeling much like you did as a child—begging your mum to make it stop. 
“I know,” he says, palm rubbing up and down your back. “What else do you need?” 
He stands, lifting you with him. Your legs dangle, too tired to cling to him like you usually do. He lowers your legs to the ground briefly so he can hook his arm under your legs and lift you properly. You wrap your arms around his neck weakly, relying on him entirely to hold you against him. 
“Should’ve called,” he mutters, turning to manoeuvre through your bedroom doorway. He lowers you gently to the bed then disappears into your ensuite bathroom. You close your eyes, a small pained sound escaping your throat. 
A cold cloth presses against your forehead and your eyes flutter open to take in the worried face of your boyfriend. “Have you taken anything?” he asks. 
“This morning.” 
He stands quickly, leaving the room without a word. When he returns he’s carrying a bottle of water and a small cup. “Swallow these,” he instructs, sitting down at the edge of the bed so he can help you sit. You do what he says, swallowing each tablet individually with a mouthful of water. 
He places his hand at the back of your head to lower you back against the pillow. “Sleep.” 
“Can’t sleep without you,” you mutter. He pulls his shirt over his head then crawls up next to you, wrapping his arm around you so he can pull you into him. “Do you think it’ll be gone when I wake?” you ask, trying to focus on the warm pressure of his body against your back. 
“Definitely,” he answers, sounding completely sure of himself. You close your eyes as his lips press to your neck, drifting out of consciousness almost immediately. 
JEONGIN — you panic while learning to drive
You’d been putting it off for years, the anxiety of learning to drive completely overwhelming. It wasn’t until your boyfriend offered to teach you that you finally worked up the courage. He made everything enjoyable, every grocery trip felt like a fun day out if you were with him.
“You’re ready to go out on the street,” he encourages again as your hands grip the wheel tightly. You’d only managed driving around an empty carpark so far. It was late on a Tuesday night, the streets were practically empty. 
“I…don’t think I am.” 
“I know you are.” 
You turn to look at your boyfriend, his eyes shining behind his round glasses. You suck in a deep breath, attempting to loosen your grip on the wheel a little. You ease your foot off the break, rolling forward slightly before pressing the accelerator down slowly. Jeongin is quiet next to you, patient as always. 
When you reach the exit you slam the breaks on, suddenly panicked by the open road ahead of you. “We’re going left,” your boyfriend says, still sounding totally calm and confident. 
“I can’t.” 
“Yes, you can.” 
“I can’t, I really can’t.” 
He rests his hand on your thigh. “Baby? Hey,” You take one hand off the wheel to grasp his hand. “You got it,” he finishes. 
Your heart races in your chest as you grip the wheel with both hands again, a shiver running through your body. Jeongin talks to you as you turn out into the street, giving you calm instructions and gentle encouragement. It isn’t until a car pulls out and follows directly behind you that you start to really panic, their headlights shining directly into the car. 
“The car,” you mutter, panic evident in your voice. 
“Ignore them,” your boyfriend says. “You can turn left at the next street.” Your eyes keep flicking to the rear view mirror, another shiver running through your body. Then they honk and you break too fast, swerving to pull up the side of the road. The car honks again as they speed past you, leaving you gasping for breath as you try to stay calm. 
A hand gently rests over yours and you look up to the man sitting in the passenger seat. He pulls his hoodie over his head. “Want me to take over?” he asks. You nod, pulling the handbrake on and stepping out of the car. 
He meets you half-way around the car, pulling his soft hoodie over your head and helping you push your arms through the sleeves. He’d often give you an item of his clothing when you were anxious, the smell of him close to you calming your nerves. The fabric is soft against your skin and you press the sleeve to your face as you climb into the passenger seat. 
You’re both quiet as your boyfriend drives, your heart slowing back to a normal rate as you watch the world go by. It isn’t until the car pulls into an unfamiliar car park that you realise you haven’t been heading home. Jeongin presses a button to open the sunroof then turns the engine off. He gestures to the back seat and you climb over the centre console, your boyfriend following close behind. 
He lays himself across the back seat and holds his arms open, beckoning you to join him. You press yourself against him, head resting against his shoulder—his arms around you prevent you from falling off the seats. You have a perfect view up to the clear night sky, your boyfriend's soft breath tickling your skin.
“You did well,” he says, breaking the silence finally. 
You huff. “I freaked out.”  
“You overcame your fear and drove on the roads,” he presses his lips to your temple. “Proud of you,” he mumbles against your skin. 
Tumblr media
a/n: some of these are snippets from longer wips! may be seen again in longer form in the future...
Tumblr media
please reblog and share your thoughts. caption, tags, replies, or ask box, i read it all. feedback is what motivates me to write more!
↳ masterlist
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ppiri-bahng · 2 months
they come home to find you crying
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i. skz x reader
ii. angst and fluff
iii. @meowmeowisdaname @h0neydewmoon @snow-pegasus @starlostseungmin @spicyfrogbrain @venustired @chriscentric @l3visbby @abiaswreck @septicrebel
Tumblr media
Finds you sobbing uncontrollably in the living room.
He knows immediately from the scattered notebooks and discarded laptop that you’ve hit your breaking point.
You’re curled in on yourself, fingers tangled in your hair as you sob into your knees.
He immediately pulls you into his chest, holding you as tight as he can because he knows the pressure grounds you, pulls you out of your mind and brings you back to him.
When your sobbing subsides he’ll release his hold on you, taking your face into his hands.
He’ll wipe your tears and then place soft kisses on your face from your nose to your cheeks to the corners of your eyes.
He won’t force you to talk but rather hold you and whisper how much he loves you and that he’s there until you finally feel comfortable enough to talk.
The minute he hears the broken tone of your voice when you greet him he’s instantly by your side.
Your cheeks and nose are red, eyes filled with tears.
He cuddles up next to you on the bed, instantly pulling you to him as he begins to pepper your face with kisses.
He doesn’t stop until you’re giggling and pushing at his chest from him to stop.
“There’s that pretty smile.”
If you want to talk about it, Minho will lay there for hours and just listen to your worries. If you don’t want to talk about it he’ll simply cuddle you and hold you close until you feel whole again.
He wouldn’t say anything at first.
He doesn’t want to bombard you with questions and stress you out even more. He knows that you hate crying in front of anyone, even him.
He’s always hesitant to touch you when you’re like this, afraid that you won’t want his touch and sometimes you don’t at first but then end up cuddling up to him.
Changbin will hesitantly place his hand on your waist, moving it up and down your side comfortingly as he presses his chest to your back.
When you don’t pull away he’ll pull you closer to him, arms wrapping around your frame and pressing soft kisses to your hair and your shoulder.
When your sobs mellow out and turn into small hiccups you’ll turn in his hold, shoving your face into his chest so that he doesn’t have to see your face. He knows your ready to talk when you place a soft kiss against his neck.
He’ll gently play with your hair as you speak, letting you voice out all of your troubles to him.
When you’re done and exhaustion has settled in he’ll take you to the bathroom, helping you into the bath and caterers to you the rest of the evening even more than usual to show you how much he cares for you.
The sight of you breaking down crushes him.
He’d pull you into his chest, whispering to you in an attempt to calm you down.
Sometimes his actions don’t get through to you and it breaks his heart.
He’d end up crying with you sometimes, the sight of his lover in pain becoming too much for him.
Hyunjin would kiss all of your tears away.
He’d lay there for hours just holding your hand or cuddling you as you poured your heart out to him.
“It will be alright my love. It may not seem like it right now but it will be. You can get through this I believe in you. I’ll be by your side through it all okay?”
The first time he stumbled upon you crying he didn’t know what to do honestly. He felt like everything he tried only made you cry harder.
However, over time he knew that you liked to be held close—liked to feel him pressed up against you because he was something you could anchor onto and someone who always cleared your head.
When you stop crying he’d gently pepper kisses all over your face before sealing your lips with his.
He’d spend the rest of the day doing anything to brighten your mood whether that be cracking jokes, playing your favorite game with you, ordering your favorite food or even just going on a walk with you to take your mind off of everything.
He would start crying too.
Especially if he couldn’t manage to calm you down it would really scare him.
He’d lay his head on your chest because he knows you like to hold him when you’re distressed.
He’d press kisses anywhere he could, whisper and tell you how much he loves you.
Once you calm down he’d peel your arms from around him and take you into his.
He’d gently caress your face, frowning at the sight of your runny nose—wanting more than anything to take away all of your pain.
You’re still sniffling, trying hard to keep from sobbing again.
He’d nuzzle against you, thumb caressing your cheeks as his lips brush your ear.
Felix would sing your favorite song, the one that would always calm you down.
The two of you aren’t always super touchy with one another despite dating.
However, Seungmin knows that when you’re upset like this that you need to be held—that you need him close.
He’ll pull your body close to his, nuzzling his face into your neck as you wrap your arms around his shoulders.
“It’s okay baby I’m here. Just let it all out.”
Seungmin hold you as you cry, his hands rubbing across the expanse of your back.
He wishes he could do more to calm you down because even though he doesn’t voice it, seeing you like this hurts more than anything.
Jeongin isn’t super touchy with you when you cry because he knows that you need your space.
However, he also knows that he can’t just leave you when you look so broken, sobbing into your pillow.
He’ll sit next to you on the bed, hand reaching for yours that is gripping the pillow hard. He intertwines your fingers, letting you pull his hand closer.
The feeling of your tears dripping against his skin makes him feel awful.
Jeongin wants nothing more than to take away your pain.
When he feels a soft tug on this hand he knows that you’re ready to cuddle.
He’ll slip under the covers with you, pulling you to him before placing a chaste kiss to your forehead. He doesn’t ever push you to talk either and sometimes you don’t want to talk about it. But he makes sure to let you know that he’s there for you either way.
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gimmeurtmi · 2 months
puppy love — bang chan
pairing: bang chan x fem!reader
tags: established relationship, fluff, domestic bliss
warnings: swearing, fluff, puppy!, i wrote this at 4am.
inspo: buzzfeed’s puppy interview
notes: i couldn’t not write this, okay? chan with puppies was just everything i needed.
{ wc: 1925 }
Tumblr media
“okay, don’t get mad,” your boyfriend said as soon as you stepped foot in your flat.
you barely even closed the door behind you yet he already stood in front of you, hands in front of his body as if to protect himself or stop you from lashing out on him.
“what did you do?” you asked slowly, looking around the house suspiciously.
“promise you won’t get mad first,” chan begged, hands now in a small prayer lock in front of his body. he even bowed his head slightly.
“i won’t get mad,” chan sighed in relief, “unless you did something incredibly stupid.”
“no, no, listen,” he tried to defend himself, “it’s not stupid! i thought it through!”
“channie,” you giggled, taking a step forward, “what did you do?”
“it was felix who suggested it and honestly, yeah, i agree with him so i don’t think it’s anything bad, really, i have a whole plan in place so you won’t have any stress about it and i promise i’ll take care of everything and—“
“—chris!” you yelled out, putting both your hands on his shoulder. “just tell me and stop freaking out before i even reacted.”
he smiled sheepishly at you before nodding his head.
“okay, so,” he took in a deep breath, “you know how we had an interview with buzzfeed today?”
“sure,” you nodded, your mind blanking out of any possibilities for what your boyfriend might have done to make him react this way; too nervous to even confess what he did.
“anyway. we have a dog now.”
as if waiting for his cue, just as chan spoke those words, a small puppy ran into the room.
it was black and white, but you could only barely make out his fur as he zoomed around your living room from one end to the other, slipping and sliding on the floor, as if chasing an invisible foe.
“his name is maniac,” chan smiled, hopefully.
“oh, i can tell,” you chuckled, as maniac came over to you and jumped up your leg a few times in greeting.
you picked up the puppy, letting it squirm in your hold as he licked you and kicked his paws around your arms.
“so?” chan raised his eyebrows, his irresistible smile following. “what do you think?”
“no,” you said simply.
“what? why?” he exclaimed.
“chan, you’re never home,” you sighed, “who’s gonna take care of this little guy when you’re away and i’m working?”
“okay, so,” chan took his phone out, “here’s a list of the top ten dog sitters in our area.”
“—and here’s a number for a dog trainer as well, who can look after him when we’re both busy and maybe teach him some manners as well.”
“—and until he’s fully trained i bought these puppy pads,” he pointed to the corner, where a white pad as big as maniac sat on the floor, “so he won’t make a mess. and if he ever does i will clean it up.”
“and when you’re not here?”
“i spoke to a cleaner and they’re fine with coming along to clean the house if that ever happens.”
so he did think it through.
“okay, but what about our trip to jeju island next month?” you raised your brows.
“i spoke to the airbnb and they said they accept animals with an extra charge which i already paid for. and the man suggested some nice dog friendly activities around the area as well.”
it was almost like maniac knew you were talking about him, about an exciting trip, and he started wagging his tail manically before he jumped out of your arms and started rushing around the table in quick circles.
“he needs to be neutered,” you pointed out.
“he has an appointment with a vet tomorrow afternoon for his shots and that as well.”
“you promised me we’re going shopping tomorrow,” you countered.
“felix is taking him after the appointment,” he assured you.
you purses your lips as you stared him down. you had no more objections to raise at him.
you knew your boyfriend, and he was never impulsive. he would’ve thought every scenario through before bringing the dog into the house.
you sighed.
chan did his best impression of maniac’s puppy eyes and fuck did it work.
“okay?” he nearly yelled.
“if you promise to keep up everything you just said,” you pointed a finger at him in warning.
“yes, yes! i promise!”
“and he’s not sleeping in our bed,” you warned.
“you want me all to yourself?” he smirked at you, stepping forward to plant a kiss on your cheek.
“shut up,” you giggled, as he planted more and more kisses on your skin.
chan wrapped his strong arms around your body, pulling you into a close hug before he released.
“okay now that you’re not mad, let’s go get some takeaway from that place you really like down the street,” chan raised his brows at you, dimples on full display, sparkles in his eyes. he knew you couldn’t resist him—and although the would never abuse that power—you both knew you weren’t going to get mad at him regardless of what he did.
you nodded at him, placed a small kiss on his cheek, and waited patiently as chan got the brand new lead he bought along with all the other things your new puppy might need.
chan had to chase maniac around the room three times before the puppy stood still for long enough for chan to click the lead onto the black collar maniac wore.
“maybe we should get him a green collar, so he can match with the song,” you suggested. chan giggled at you.
“we can buy him anything you want, my darling,” he promised, grabbing hold of maniac who was squirming around as he took his keys and wallet off the side table.
the pair of you started walking slowly to your destination, maniac’s lead secured around chain’s wrist as he shoved his hand into his black skinny jeans.
the weather was soothing, the warm air around you relieved slightly by a low breeze, and the sun was still a few hours away from setting. you could feel the hints of autumn in the air still.
the slow pace of your walk, chain’s outfit, the weather—it was all so reminiscent of your first date. chan took you for a walk down to the park where the pair of you sat down for a picnic and talked and talked and talked. he was wearing all black that day too, a plaid shirt tied around his waist. he later on confessed he only brought it along in case you were cold and needed another layer. he hasn’t cut that habit ever since.
your visit to jeju island was planned in order to celebrate two years together, so even the time of year was the same.
it felt like taking a walk in the past—the only difference now was the puppy running circles around you two, and the fact chan was your lockscreen and not the boy you were nervous about holding hands with.
because you could, because you wanted to, you bumped your hand against chan’s, the same way you did that night when you wanted to hold his hand but were too scared to initiate the contact.
when you bumped your knuckles together, chan giggled.
“i was just thinking about our first date, you know,” he mused, “you did that that night too.”
“only took you ten minutes to get my hint and hold my hand that night,” you rolled your eyes at him with a grin.
“i was building up the courage!” he defended, lacing your hands together in a calm familiarity. “you can’t just hold a pretty girl’s hand without preparing.”
“well, i hope you’re prepared for this,” you pulled on your interlocked hands, stopping chan’s walk, before you placed your free hand on his cheek. you pulled him in as you pressed your lips together. chan sighed into the kiss.
“nothing can prepare me for your kisses,” he confessed as you pulled away slightly, eyes still closed.
“even after two years?” you giggled.
“when we’re celebrating twenty years i still won’t be used to it,” he promised, inviting a small family of butterflies into your stomach.
your ears grew warm as you looked into chan’s face and the sparkle hiding in his brown eyes.
at that, maniac jumped up on your legs, urging he gets more of the attention.
so the pair of you resumed your walk, the lead long enough to let him explore while still comfortably within chan’s grasp.
you picked up the food and made your way back home, not wasting any time before devouring your favourite dish.
when dinner was done chan showed you how much food maniac should be having (according to google) and promised to ask the vet for the proper advice on that. once maniac was done eating (he reminded you of jeongin when he ate) the three of you decided on watching a movie.
chan wrapped a hand around your shoulders, inviting you to cuddle into his chest as you watched whatever new film netflix was suggesting first.
chan rubbed his hands up and down your arm, sneaking a kiss onto the top of your hair every now and then.
midway through the movie, maniac jumped on the bed, and you noticed he was holding something gray in his mouth.
he walked all the way over to you, and placed it on your lap. it was wolfchan.
“maniac!” you cooed, “where did you find him? i’ve been looking all over for him!”
it was clear from the way the puppy raised his eyebrows at you that he thought wolfchan was just a toy, and was waiting for you to throw it around so you two could play, but instead you tucked wolfchan safely under your arm.
maniac whined impatiently.
chan patted his lap a few times, his voice raising incredibly high as he told maniac to come sit down.
“good boy,” he said, going even higher, “she couldn’t sleep without him when i’m gone.”
maniac’s head turned 45 degrees to the side, as if he was failing to understand why chan would ever be gone. you’d get along well with maniac, you think.
“chan,” you said after a while, the three of you settled into a warm position. your hand was rubbing up and down the puppy’s fur after he settled down in your boyfriend’s lap.
“yeah?” he hummed before kissing your cheek.
“you said he isn’t gonna sleep in our bed.”
“we’re just cuddling, he’ll jumped down after,” chan promised.
halfway through the movie you dosed off—you realised this when you woke up at five in the morning with an urge to pee.
chan was wrapped around you and so you delicately peeled his hands off you. you were quite used to doing that after all this time.
maniac followed you out of the room, waited patiently—which you did not expect—and followed you back into bed once you were done, as if he was tasked with keeping you safe during the night.
he jumped onto the bed right after you climbed in and settled back into chan’s warm embrace.
he definitely didn’t tell maniac to get off the bed once the movie was over.
it was the only time chan ever broke one of his promises to you—but when you looked at maniac curled into a black and white ball at the edge of the bed, you decided you weren’t that mad about it anyway.
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hyunjinniesgirl · 3 months
☆.。.:*skz as types of couples.。.:*☆
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hi besties!! i haven't posted in so long so here's a lil ot8 fluff i've had in my drafts for a while :') pls note that i'll also be renovating my blog and updating my tag system over the next few weeks months so if my blog looks weird n inconsistent that's why!! okie i hope u enjoy this one!! :33
wc: 2k (roughly 250 words per member)
genre: fluff!! members x gn!reader
warnings: mentions of food
bang chan - the dependable couple
you and chan are the boys’ go-tos when they need any kind of help. since chan is their leader, you often pick up on his habits and take care of the kids without anyone asking you to. if one day one of the members looks particularly down you’ll chat with them and keep them company in attempts to liven their spirits the same way you know chan would if he was there. it may sound weird to others, but chan fell in love with you through the love and care you showed his members. his favorite thing about you is how compassionate and empathetic you are without expecting anything in return, but of course chan does his best to be everything you deserve in a partner. 
the boys will also come to you guys for relationship advice!! if they’re having troubles with their partners the two of you always offer a supportive shoulder, listening to them and helping them resolve the problem in a healthy manner!! the members feel comfortable around you both enough to talk about every aspect of their relationship (even the things you don’t particularly want to know about) and you and chan happily give them a safe space to feel and express their feelings. you two are the designated relationship repair duo and their partners have no clue, they genuinely just think the other boys came to their senses on their own lmfao.
lee know - the practically married couple
all of the members constantly make fun of you two for playing house in the dorm. you don’t even live there but you could often be seen making dinner or reorganizing their fridge (it’s all minho’s ingredients anyway). when you’re bickering over something stupid the boys will make jokes like “ugh the parents are fighting again” and it makes you giggle to yourself but you carry on with the bit for funsies “i’m not your parent until minho gets on his knee and gives me a ring!” “ah jagiya stop with that, i thought we agreed not in front of the kids!” 
despite the bickering—because we all know minho is an instigator—the two of you are seen being sweet to each other a lot. minho likes to keep his arm around you so it’s easy to pull you in for loooong soft kisses whenever he pleases, looking down at you with soft eyes and teasing you before pulling you in for another hearty kiss. the other members just groan when they walk in on you two making out softly on the couch. you’re the deep clean the house on sunday mornings while listening to love songs couple, getting distracted when your song comes on. your cleaning supplies are long forgotten as the two of you dance around the living room, minho spinning and dipping you theatrically making you explode in a fit of giggles before he holds you close, your back to his chest, and sways you in place while singing the rest of the song into your ear. 
bonus: the two of you are kid and pet magnets. soonie doongie and dori adore you, and your little cousin never wants to let go of minho’s hand when he comes with you to family parties. 
seo changbin - the family oriented couple 
even if you aren’t too fond of your family, you’re fond of changbin’s family. changbin introduced you to his family early in your relationship and you knew there wouldn’t be any way around it. you were scared at first, knowing that his mom and sister play a big role in his life and it didn’t help that every time he was on the phone with them he’d talk about you endlessly, praising you the same way he raps—so fast his mom and sister are scared he isn’t even breathing on the other end of the line. of course, the initial meeting goes smoothly and you’re a regular at the seo household. now that he has you, changbin’s mom definitely makes him do more domestic stuff in front of you like help her make dinner and help her clean to show you just how husband material he is hehe. 
baby. photos. so many of them. when you get on texting basis, binnie’s mom will send you baby pictures she finds of changbin and while he doesn’t get embarrassed by it, it’ll become so frequent to the point where if you’re cooing at something on your phone he’ll assume its his mom. your lock screen is def a picture of baby changbin wearing a cute lil sunhat squinting in the sun, and then you unlock your phone and your home screen is big changbin wearing a sunhat squinting in the sun :D
hwang hyunjin - the romantic couple 
i feel like this is so obvious but being with hyunjin is like being the main character in a romance novel. that boy does all the puppy love stuff except he’s actually in love with you. he buys you flowers on his way back from the jyp building, buys you books and writes poems on the back of the receipts, sings to you when you can’t sleep, and always takes the time to understand where you’re coming from if he unknowingly upsets you. the romantic and grand gestures never end with him because he refuses to let the honeymoon phase die, no matter how hard it gets. 
spontaneous trips together are your “thing.” when hyunjin has three or more days off he’ll always want to go on a short trip even if the destination is only a few train stops away. truly the king of romantic staycations!! once you get to your destination your first mission is to stake out the pool and swim together if the weather is nice :’) hyunjin likes to have swimming races with you but when you’re both tired and out of energy, he’ll wrap your legs around his torso and your arms around his neck talking softly while floating around the pool. with the sun setting in the background and hyunjin’s warm body against you, you feel completely relaxed and grateful for the alone time with him. you explore the city for the next few days taking candid photos of each other with hyunjin’s fancy camera :')
bonus: the two of you definitely have a scrapbook or box of film photos and they’re just filled with cute goofy pictures of each other :’)
han jisung - the lazy day couple 
your favorite thing to do together is rot in bed and watch anime. the two of you do go on dates from time to time but nothing beats cuddling on the couch and watching tv with an abundance of snacks surrounding you. the two of you would be blissfully catching up on anime when one of you shifts and accidentally sits on the remote, exiting the show you were watching. you both look at each other with wide eyes, irritated like “why tf would you do that you just ruined the suspense” and when you fish the remote from under your butt ji makes a fake tsking noise. you also nap all day together when he has a day off after continuous exhausting schedules, losing track of time just falling asleep in each other's arms then waking up to kiss and talk sleepily then go back to sleep.
you settle everything with rock paper scissors, always. winner picks the food and loser pays. ji loses almost every time to the point where you think he’s doing it on purpose (not quite sure how you lose rock paper scissors on purpose but ji tries so that you don’t have to pay and you can eat whatever you want :D). you also do rock paper scissors to determine who gets up to turn off the lights, who throws away the trash, who actually gets up to get the food from the delivery person. watching jisung eat is the highlight of your day, watching his puffy cheeks fill up with food, you just peck kisses on him while he eats. 
lee felix - the cuddly couple 
yongbok skinship king :’) he just wants you closer even if you’re nose to nose, and you feel the same way. let’s say you weren’t very into skinship at first but the more felix would sneak up behind you, wrap his arms delicately around your waist and speak softly in your ear, the more you would fold for the sunshine man. when the two of you go to the farmer’s market he always holds your hand, only letting go to check how ripe a few avocados are before grabbing your hand once again. he just really can’t resist touching you in one way or another so that everyone knows that you’re a couple, but not even in a possessive way, he just feels comfort knowing that he can express his affection for you publicly. felix is definitely the type of guy to rub his thumb in small circles while your fingers are intertwined. and you don’t mind one bit. 
he doesn’t mind being affectionate with you around the boys because he’s equally as affectionate with them. he will definitely kiss everyone’s forehead goodnight because he doesn’t want them to feel left out when he kisses yours. he feels no shame kissing you in front of the members, though they are typically rated pg kisses, just pecks or closed mouth kisses, he just isn’t shy with affection. he’ll call you sweet nicknames around them too like honey, sweetheart, baby, literally anything but your name. 
bonus: bokkie likes playing video games but he likes them better when you’re sitting on his lap or straddling him like a koala and he just snakes his arms around you to play (i know that doesn’t sound too comfy but the thought of it is v v cute to me ok.) 
kim seungmin - the couple that no one believes is a couple
kim seungmin reserves his softest moments for you and only you. in private, seungmo kisses your forehead, holds your face in his hands to bump noses and scratches your head when you lay it on his lap, but when you’re around other people he won’t even think about being outwardly affectionate with you aside from a mere “jagi” when trying to get your attention. this raised problems at the beginning stages of your relationship because you had assumed his lack of affection towards you around other people was because he was embarrassed of you. in reality seungmo just wanted you to know that those moments are special to him and he didn’t think your friend circles needed to see the two of you like that. after all of this gets cleared up, minnie makes sure to pull you onto his lap or wrap an arm around you whenever you’re with the other members or your friends.
again i feel like this is so obvious but he likes to tease!! sometimes you’ll pretend to be offended by one of his jokes and fake pout until he holds your face in his hands and kisses all over your cheeks, forehead, and nose. you’ll get him back by threatening to spoil the book or manga he’s currently reading which is a very effective tactic and it shuts him right up.
bonus: in the mornings minnie will make the two of you coffee (or tea if you prefer) and bring it back to you in bed so that you can enjoy your morning together talking about the dreams that you had the night before and your plans for the day while sipping on your drinks hehe
yang jeongin - the aesthetic couple 
if you look up the definition of boyfriend in the dictionary you’ll find a picture of yang jeongin. and if you go through his camera roll, it’s all pictures of you. you with a printed face mask on, you and the big soft serve ice cream you bought at the fair, you holding the big stuffed bear he won you, and every single picture is instagram worthy. your boyfriend has truly been trained well because every picture he takes of you is perfect and all of your friends are jealous. the two of you also make whoever you’re with take plandid pictures of the two of you, especially when you coordinate outfits. 
the two of you coordinate outfits so much that even on days when you don’t intend to, the color of your top and the color of jeongin’s bottoms match effortlessly. And don’t even get me started on shoes. jeongin’s shoe addiction is everyone’s problem, especially yours. because now you’re downing in shoes that match with him; same style, different color. keeping up with the clothes theme, you often steal each other's clothes to the point where you barely remember what belongs to who. innie would be running late for a lesson and be frustrated because he wanted to wear a particular hoodie but couldn’t find it anywhere. that evening on facetime with you he notices you’re wearing the hoodie and just stares at you with his adorable puppy eyes. “what’s wrong, baby?” “that’s not your hoodie!” “yes, it is!” “no it isn’t, i wore it a few weeks ago!” “because i let you borrow it!”
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
thank you for reading!! please reblog, leave an ask, or shoot me a message if you enjoyed :') all my luv always &lt;3
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soseojade · 14 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: kissing, brief neck kissing, nicknames (such as babe, baby, honey), boyfriend stray kids and reader live together in most of these, Christmas-centered since that is the holiday I celebrate
Synopsis: different mistletoe situation with each member, very fluffy, read at your own risk
Thanks so much to my best friend who proofread this for me and even helped me with some!! 🥺 I love you and I’m so grateful for you ❤️❤️
You paused from walking into your shared living room, finding your boyfriend standing on a chair and hanging mistletoe from the ceiling, where the room entrance was. He was focused, biting his lip and squinting his eyes while trying to get the herb to stay properly on the hook he had placed in the ceiling. You smiled to yourself, thinking that it was such a Chan thing to do. He was always one for cheesy cliches, so you guessed this would be no exception.
He jumped a little in his chair upon seeing you, “Oh hey, I-” he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, “you caught me.” He laughed, stepping back onto the ground and putting the chair back in its place. You giggled at his response while he did this.
“Channie, this is adorable.” The mistletoe was the perfect touch to the living room that the two of you decorated together, matching with the warm lights and festive atmosphere. The truth was, you had never been in a household that participated in the mistletoe tradition, and this would be a perfect way to spend your first Christmas with your boyfriend.
“Really? That’s good,” he laughed a bit like always, “I thought it would be a good way to get closer with each other over the holidays and relieve some of the stress of our first Christmas together, yeah?”
You could feel yourself melting at his thoughtfulness. Somehow, he always knew if something was stressing you, and exactly how to fix it. You had been especially stressing over Christmas, from not knowing what to get him, to not knowing what to ask for, to worrying about the day itself. Chan’s gesture of hanging mistletoe helped you realize that those things weren’t actually very important, and it was better to focus on enjoying your shared time together.
“So when are you gonna invite me under there so you can kiss me?” You teased, resulting in the instant reddening of your boyfriend’s ears and a nervous dimply smile, one of your favorite expressions of his.
“Yeah umm…,” he managed, clearly nervous, “I don’t know if I put it on right. You should totally come under here and check it out. You would know, yeah?”
“Yeah, let’s see,” you responded to his flirtation before making your way beside Chan, under the pretty mistletoe. You glanced up, pretending to check if it was properly installed. “Yeah, it looks pretty good to m-” you were interrupted by Chan’s careful hands on your cheeks, gently positioning your head to face his before his lips were on yours. He embraced you in a soft kiss before pulling away and repositioning his hands on your waist and pulling you back in for another kiss.
The two of you stood there for a while, basking in each other’s presence. This was perfect. Everything was perfect- his lips, his hands on you, his arms around you, the Christmas lights that decorated the living room, the tree that the two of you put together, the snow that had built up on the outside of the windows, the warmth of your home, of your boyfriend, of the holidays that you finally got to spend with your perfect person.
Your calves were in severe pain due to the intense workout that was standing on your tipped toes to hang mistletoe in the doorway of the bedroom you shared with your boyfriend. Your hands were shaky from the stress- you were trying to do this as quickly as possible since Minho would be home from work soon and it was your only chance to hang it without him noticing. Unfortunately, you had terrible balance and couldn’t seem to stand still and keep your hands still at the same time.
“Come onnnn…..,” you sadly mumbled to yourself, fumbling with the green leaves, sort of mangling them in the process. Eventually, you got the herb to balance and carefully took your hands away from it, focusing your eyes on it intensely to make sure it didn’t fall.
“Mistletoe?” You jumped upon hearing the voice you had been dreading.
“Y-Yeah?? I thought it would be cute-,” you tried to explain yourself but stopped after seeing your boyfriend’s pretty face, bound in disappointment.
“Baby, no. That’s so cheesy and you can’t even close the door now without knocking it off.” He reasoned using the nicest tone he could.
“Please???” You pouted. You were actually excited to be able to kiss him under the mistletoe like in all the romance movies you had seen.
He let out a deep sigh, “You can just kiss me whenever you want. You don’t even have to ask,” he pointed to the mistletoe that you had put so much energy into putting up, “or- put up some weird leaves in the house.”
He thought this would work, but you weren’t going to take no for an answer, and scoffed at his remark, “or I could just not kiss you at all.”
Minho poked his cheek with his tongue and placed his hand on your shoulder, pushing you against the door frame hard enough to make his point, but gentle enough not to hurt you. His hand then made its way to your chin, bringing your head up before you were met with the smash of his lips against yours. He pulled away with his hand still on your chin and stared into your pleading eyes, squinting for a few seconds before finally opening his mouth to speak.
“Fine. We can keep it. But-,” You didn’t let him say anything more, leaning in to kiss him softly, which he reciprocated. You could feel him smiling against your lips while bringing his hands down to caress your back, kissing you properly now. After a few minutes, he started kissing down your neck, causing you to giggle. Of course, he started to giggle as well, and eventually the two of you forgot about the mistletoe altogether, carried away in the comfort and happiness of each other’s presence. This would be the perfect start to your Christmas together.
The night was Christmas Eve, and you were cuddled up next to your boyfriend on the couch, engulfed in his loving arms, breathing in the smell of his sweet cologne and hot chocolate that he made for you, listening to his relaxed breaths, and nuzzled into the warmth of his chest while being covered in a soft blanket that you shared. The two of you were watching some cheesy Christmas movie after your day of wrapping presents together and doing some last-minute shopping. There was no one in the world you would rather be spending that time with. Changbin was perfect. So perfect.
Neither of you were paying attention to the movie, distracted by how happy you were to be next to each other, but you didn’t know this, and decided to tune in for a bit in case Changbin wanted to talk about the movie afterwards. This was when you saw the mistletoe on the screen.
“Oooo baby, we should do that!”
“What?…” this was when you found out that Changbin didn’t have any interest in the movie either.
“We should hang some mistletoe, wouldn’t that be cute?” You moved your head around to see the adorably confused face of your boyfriend.
“What do you mean? I don’t get it, why would it be cute to hang up some leaves?”
You gasped, not expecting for him to be unaware, “you don’t know the tradition?!”
He laughed at this, “no, I don’t, honey. Please enlighten me, you seem very invested in whatever this is.”
“Okay,” you shifted in your seat excitedly. You had never met anyone who didn’t know this, “so basically, when you have mistletoe, if you stand underneath it with someone, you have to kiss them. Like no matter what.”
“Really,” he sounded unamused now, but you figured out why this was after feeling his hands snake their way onto the back of your neck, and bringing your head forward to kiss you, “hmmm,” he brought your lips against yours gently, then pulled away, creating a soft sound, “should we cover the ceiling in mistletoe then?” He asked, somehow sounding completely serious, making you burst out in laughter.
“No, no, that’s not how it works. If you want to kiss me for that long, though, then you should just do it.”
Upon hearing this, Changbin brought his hands to your waist and leaned forward until your lips were centimeters apart, “I think I will then,” was all he said before kissing you again. He kissed you for a while, adding to the warmness of the scene. There was nothing more perfect than kissing on the couch with your boyfriend late at night in front of a forgotten movie and hot chocolate.
“Changbin, this day was seriously perfect,” you told him before planting a peck on his cheek, “I can’t wait for tomorrow…”
His smile was the most beautiful thing in the world while he listened to you excitedly rant about everything you wanted to do on Christmas Day. Changbin loved you more than he had ever loved anything, and spending time over the holidays brought you two closer than before. It made him realize just how special you were to him, and he wasn’t going to let you or himself forget it.
Waking up on Christmas Day was magical- being cozy in your pajamas, snuggling with your comforter, the bright light coming from the window, there was just one thing missing, that being your boyfriend. Usually, you’d wake up with him curled behind you and holding onto your waist, still asleep. However, that was not the case for you that morning. Upon gaining more consciousness, your best guess was that he was in the kitchen, since you could smell something sweet cooking.
Yawning, you got yourself out of bed and looked through the window to see every building covered in snow, which was beautiful to see in the comfort of your bedroom, which was nice and warm. You walked to your bedroom door and opened it to find your boyfriend cooking breakfast as you suspected. He brought his head up from the stove to see you in his pajama pants and T-shirt, looking adorable despite having just woken up.
“Hey, babe! Good morn- WAIT WAIT!” he put his hands out, palms facing you to signal for you to stop moving while he ran over to where you were. You stood there like he asked, extremely confused. Hyunjin then grabbed your face with both hands and pressed his lips against yours. The kiss was soft and sweet, like he was expecting you to crack or crumble. When he pulled away, you were in a state of even more confusion. Why couldn’t he just kiss you in the kitchen?
“What was that for?” You were far from offended, but curious of his thought process. He laughed in reply, pointing up to the top of the door frame. You looked up to where he was pointing to find mistletoe hung above the both of you, then looked Hyunjin in the eye to see a cheeky smirk on his face.
“You’re such a dork,” you laughed, playfully hitting his shoulder and walking into the kitchen to see what he was making, “ooh! French toast! My favorite!!” You smiled at your boyfriend who was now back in the kitchen next to you.
“I knew you’d like it! Minho gave me a recipe, I hope I didn’t burn them.” He reached out to a plate that already had a stack of the toast and handed it to you.
“I’m sure they’ll be amazing,” you told Hyunjin, kissing his cheek while taking the plate from his hand.
“Hey, after we eat, can we please open presents? I’m really excited to give you mine, I’ve been waiting for you to open it for like 3 months!”
You felt so surrounded with love. From the magic of the day itself to your boyfriend who was as excited as you were to spend it together, this was exactly what you needed to forget about everything and just spend time with Hyunjin. While you ate together, you couldn’t think of anything you would rather be doing, and you were sure he felt the same way.
Christmas time with Jisung was something special. It was definitely refreshing to spend time with him instead of working. He was a little ball of energy, getting excited about everything, but especially when going Christmas shopping.
“Babe, come here!!” He yelled at you from across the men’s clothing section. You knew you couldn’t ignore this and ran his direction to find him swimming through a rack of clothes to find the right size.
“Did you find something for Chan yet? I was thinking of getting him a drone, but some colorful clothes might actually be a good idea….” After hearing you, Jisung stopped looking through the clothes and stared at you.
“No, we’re getting him a drone. What? Anyways,” the excitement was brought back to his face as he lifted two hangers with pajamas on them, “we have to get these matching reindeer onesies, right?!?! Look how cute they are oh my god!” He brought the one your size up to your body, “baby, pleeeaasssee this is gonna be so cute.”
You took a deep breath, almost embarrassed to be seen with him, but secretly adoring him on the inside, “yes, we can get them, but you have to start be serious about shopping after, okay? Otherwise we’re never gonna get this done.”
“Okay!!” He answered excitedly, reaching into his coat pocket to pull out his mistletoe once again and holding it above both of your heads and smiling at you expectedly, to which you rolled your eyes and kissed him. All day, he had carried this mistletoe in his pocket to hold in the air and demand kisses from you.
“How many times are you going to randomly make me kiss you? Do you see that there are other people here? And you can just kiss me? Normally?”
He laughed while heading toward the electronics section. You followed.
“Yeah, but this is more fun! It’s so easy to get bored Christmas shopping, you know?”
You would never admit it, but you were having the best day of your life running around stores with your dorky boyfriend. He made the mood so much nicer, cracking stupid jokes and demanding kisses out of nowhere. You adored him, and he adored you, and you stopped caring about what everyone around you thought. You weren’t going to let anyone stop you from having the best Christmas ever with Jisung.
“I don’t know, Hyung. What if she’s not into me like that?” Felix looked up nervously at his friend Chan, who was placing mistletoe above the door frame that was the entrance to the laundry room from the kitchen. Felix had made the stupid decision of deciding to finally confess his feelings to you at a Christmas party you were both attending. After seeing Felix get nervous, Chan had the brilliant idea of hanging mistletoe so his friend would have an excuse to kiss you without confessing anything. Then, he would be able to tell if you liked him based on how you kissed him.
“Who isn’t into you like that? Have you seen yourself??” Chan asked, finally getting off his tipped toes and looking at the mistletoe that he finished hanging, “and you’re dressed very nice as well since we’re at a party. How could anyone resist you in a suit?”
“She’s not like that though, she’s…. She would never like anyone just by their appearance, that’s one of the things I like about her,” Felix said as he watched you in the crowd, dressed beautifully and laughing with your friends. He couldn’t help but smile just from seeing you look happy.
Chan put his hand on Felix’s shoulder to comfort him, “I’m sure it’ll go well. You’re not just beautiful on the outsi-,” his pep talk was cut short after seeing you meet eyes with Felix and start to walk toward him, “haha, good luck, I’m out!” And like that, Felix’s support man was gone. He was on his own now.
His heart was racing as you continued walking toward him with that pretty smile on your face. Once you finally reached him under the door frame, he swallowed hard. He could feel his hands getting sweaty and his face getting hot.
“Felix!! Hi! It’s so nice to see you here,” you greeted him with an even bigger smile, somehow making him more nervous.
“Yeah, uhh… you too, umm,” he looked up to make sure the mistletoe was still there, and after confirming that it was there, and looking back down, he found you staring at it. Shit. How could he be so stupid?! Of course you were going to see him looking up.
You brought your eyes back to Felix’s, “well, looks like we have to kiss now,” you laughed nervously with him.
“Yeah- umm, is- is that okay with you?” He asked, moving his hand up to his neck to feel his pulse.
“Yeah, of course! Isn’t that the tradition?” You looked at him with that sweet smile again, making him almost forget what you were talking about.
“Yeah, but- if you’re uncomfortable with it, I wouldn’t want you to-”
You shut him up, grabbing the collar of his dress shirt and pulling him in for a kiss. He was surprised at first, but eventually melted into the kiss, carefully placing his hands around your waist. After a few seconds, you both pulled back and looked at each other, then decided to kiss again. And again. And again. And again. It was safe to say that your feelings for each other were reciprocated.
“I see everything has gone to plan?” The voice of Chan interrupted you two, making you stop and look at him.
Felix laughed and nervously rubbed his bottom lip with his thumb, “yeah, umm this was all Hyung’s idea…,” he looked at you to see what expression you’d have on your face.
You smiled, finding Felix’s nervousness incredibly adorable, “oh yes, I know. I saw you two hanging it up.”
You and Seungmin had been inseparable since you first started dating a month ago. However, since you were still getting used to each other and didn’t know how to go about a big holiday like Christmas, the boys invited you to their dorm to participate in their Christmas to help you feel more comfortable. Which it did; however, that didn’t stop from the massive teasing you were receiving from the boys.
You couldn’t kiss each other without hearing “ooo”s similar to ones in a middle school classroom. You couldn’t touch each other or say something flirty without comments from the other boys. Which, honestly, you didn’t mind. You and Seungmin had the same feelings about it, so you could ignore the boys and go about your own businesses, or even take things further to make the boys uncomfortable until they shut up.
Everything with Seungmin that night was fun. He made jokes that made you burst out laughing, he held you while watching a cheesy Christmas movie, he gave you the most beautiful necklace as your Christmas gift, and thanked you greatly for the gift you gave him, which wasn’t nearly as good as his.
“Brownies are done!” Felix exclaimed, taking a pan of brownies out of the oven and placing them on the countertop. You and Seungmin were the first to get off the couch, racing each other to counter, but were quickly interrupted upon hearing the stern voice of Chan.
“WAIT! Wait! Stop!” You both stopped in your tracks and turned around to find the rest of the boys giggling like teenagers.
“Oh boy, what is it now?” Seungmin asked in an irritated tone.
“Look above you,” Jisung insisted between laughs.
Looking up, you saw mistletoe hung directly above you. How childish.
“Hahahah you guys have to kiss now!” You heard someone exclaim.
Seungmin rolled his eyes. “You guys are a bunch of middle schoolers.” The comment only created more laughter among the boys.
“This is ridiculous,” you added, turning to Seungmin with a bored expression. In reply, he turned to you and gave you a short peck on the lips, earning squeals and giggles amongst your audience, before pushing you behind him and running back to the brownies.
“I win! I get the first piece!!”
Your boyfriend could be secretive about things, but especially during Christmas time. He might have spoiled a few things here and there, but for the most part, his lips remained sealed around the holidays.
Jeongin grinned at you, clearly up to something. “Close your eyes,” he told you in a mischievous manner. You did so without question, but displayed a confused expression in hopes of getting an explanation. You didn’t.
“Okay, and just to make sure…” Jeongin picked up a ribbon and tied it around your head to cover your eyes.
“Is this really necessary?” You asked him, still feeling confused. You were excited though, his surprises were always the most fun.
Jeongin held onto your shoulders while guiding you to wherever the surprise was. “Yes, it’s necessary. I can’t have you seeing or it won’t be a surprise, stupid.”
You laughed at his remark until walking into something and hitting your head.
“Oh! Baby! Don’t go that way!” Jeongin giggled, amused by your clumsiness.
“Stop laughing, it’s your fault! How did you lead me into a wall when you can see?!” You replied, causing both of you to laugh, and your boyfriend to guide you more carefully so that didn’t happen again.
Finally, he stopped you somewhere and took a deep breath, almost sounding nervous, “Okay, here it is.” He took off the blindfold and kissed you immediately, placing his hand on your back and caressing it softly while carefully moving his lips against yours. His kisses were always the most passionate, like he was pouring his feelings into you.
It took you by surprise at first, but you melted into it slowly, wrapping your arms around his neck and deepening the kiss. After a while, you pulled away, still holding onto each other. You gazed into his eyes, which were glistening in the warm glow of the Christmas lights hung around your shared apartment.
“It isn’t exactly a present but it’s something I was excited about,” he said, looking up at the dangling mistletoe with a beautiful and satisfied smile on his face, showing his dimples.
“Jeongin, this is so sweet!” You declared before moving your arms down to hug around his torso, squeezing him as tightly as you could.
“Okay! Okay! Let me go, I can’t breathe! Don’t make me regret this,” he teased.
“Aw, you don’t like my hugs?” You pouted, half offended, yet still squeezing the soul kid is him.
“Not like this!” He replied with a big grin on his face so you knew he was joking.
“Oh yeah? You’ll pay for saying that!”
“No! Stop! AAAAAA,” Jeongin laughed loudly while being tackled to the floor with your tickles, “AHAHAHAAA OKAY!! OKAY I LOVE YOUR HUGS!!!”
Christmas had always been magical, but especially spending it with with Jeongin. He always left you in surprise, and it was wonderful to have someone so playful to be around. You were truly grateful to spend your favorite holiday with your favorite person.
A/N: Hey guys! Please don’t forget to leave feedback or requests!! As always, I am dyslexic and would greatly appreciate it if you would tell me if there is a spelling mistake so I can fix it :) I hope you enjoyed.
❤️❤️ I love you all ❤️❤️
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thevampywolf · 18 days
Hypocritical Butt Hater
Tumblr media
Genre: fluff
Warnings: none
Request: no
Character: Chan
Word Count: 1.6k
Y/N and Chan stare at the single bed in the middle of the room in silence.
It looks tinier than most beds, and the two of them blink slowly as they realise there's no way they can get out of this; all the other rooms in the hotel are full.
"Well," Chan clears his throat as he continues to stare at the white bedsheets. "It sure is … um … funsized ... yeah."
Y/N sighs, dropping her bag onto the floor. She'll never understand why their university continues to endorse so many overseas trips, and why they continue to think sharing a room with the opposite gender is completely normal.
She barely even knows this man. They're mere acquaintances who engage in vague small talk when they awkwardly stand next to each other.
"Funsized?" Y/N repeats. "Really? I don't even think a child could sleep in this without rolling off the end."
Chan winces suddenly at the thought. He instinctively covers the corners of the bedside table with a hand.
"Tonight is … going to be interesting," Chan blinks.
Y/N is silent. She's not sure what else she could possibly say.
She yawns. Fatigue is slowly catching up on her and she wills herself to just magically fall asleep and wake up at home to realise this is all just a distasteful dream.
"Are you okay with this?" Chan asks, snapping her out of her thoughts.
"With what?"
"Sharing a bed?"
Y/N stares at the bed. The longer she stares, the smaller it seems to get and she inwardly recoils at the thought of laying down with someone who is near enough to being a complete stranger.
"We could just lay back to back," Chan suggests, quietly registering the anxiety growing in her eyes.
"I'm not laying back to back with you … with you and your butt touching mine," Y/N shivers.
"My butt?" Chan asks, cocking his head to the side in confusion.
"Have you seen that thing? It's huge."
Chan self consciously moves his hands to his behind, suddenly very self conscious about his form. "Is it really that bad?"
Y/N's shoulders drop as she softens. "It's not a bad thing. It's just … prominent."
Chan repeats the word 'prominent' with a huff of a laugh under his breath before dropping his own bag to the floor. He pulls out a spare hoodie quickly from the top of his trolley case and pulls it over his head on top of the hoodie he's already wearing. "It's okay. I'll sleep on the floor."
"What? But it's cold tonight," Y/N says, eyes widening as she watches the man plop himself onto the floor.
"It's okay," Chan says again as he smiles up at her. "I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. You sleep in the bed and don't worry about me, okay? Besides … sleeping on the floor is good for … um … posture. Have you seen my posture? It's really bad."
Y/N stares at him. He's rambling and she's not sure if it's because he's nervous or if he's naturally this chatty.
"Are you sure?" Is all she can ask, and when he nods determinedly before stretching his legs out across the carpet and turning away, she can't do anything other than slip in between the bed sheets.
"Goodnight," Chan calls out softly, and a few rustles later, it's dark in the room.
But Y/N can't sleep. Nothing new for her … exhaustion floods through her veins but as always, her eyes don't want to coordinate with the rest of her body. She stares into the darkness, the thin bed sheet tucked up underneath her chin as cold winter air slips into the bed and snakes around her ankles.
She curls her legs up to her, inhabiting a weak foetal position. A few sleepless, boresome hours have passed, her thoughts bouncing off of each other and the walls of her brain like ping-pong balls. She shivers, and her drooping eyes snap open as she can't help but suddenly think guiltily of how cold the poor man on the floor must be.
She turns over. She peers over the edge of the bed and looks out to see a dark, curled up shadow of Chan on the floor. Now that she's facing him, she can hear the chaotic chatter of teeth and the erratic breathing coming from him … her heart twinges and she bites her lip, feeling dreadful.
"Chan," she whispers, deciding to push her personal feelings aside for a moment. "Chan."
He murmurs in his sleep; he sniffs and his nose sounds so bunged up that Y/N can't take it anymore.
She leans over and gently places a hand on his shoulder. She winces. The material of his hoodie is like ice. "Chan. Wake up."
"Hmm?" His eyes open slowly and he moves his head; when he sees the girl's face, his eyes fill with worry. "Is everything okay? Are you okay?"
Y/N resists the urge to sob at the question … he wakes up and that's the first thing he asks?
Calm down, stupid heart.
"I'm okay," she whispers. "You're freezing. Come share the bed with me."
Chan furrows his brows in confusion. Now that he's awake, he seems to feel the cold even more; he automatically wraps his arms around himself as he sits up, looking up at the girl on the bed.
"But you said … "
"I know," Y/N murmurs. "I don't care about that right now. It's freezing … I can't let you sleep there. You'll catch your death."
The sleepy man's lips twitch in amusement. "You don't mind if my butt touches yours?"
Y/N can't help it; she giggles quietly, the man smiling at her reaction. "It's okay. Just lay however you want to."
"You do realise there's only one other way to lay in that bed, right?" Chan asks softly, his nose flushing crimson in the dark. His face glows with shyness under the mop of curls slowly spilling over his forehead.
"I know," Y/N says. "I mean … it can't be that bad, right? At least we'll be warm."
Frowning at that, Chan suddenly stands up. He reaches out, giving Y/N enough time to move away if she wants to. But she doesn't, and Chan gently cups her cheek.
"You're freezing too," Chan murmurs in wonder before pulling away. "You better get back into bed."
Nodding, Y/N does as he says and rolls onto her side, away from him again. She hears him pulling off his extra hoodie before tentatively sliding in behind her.
She can immediately feel heat from him - strange, considering how cold he was. He doesn't move closer, and Y/N wonders if he's overthinking sliding closer to her; there's no way he's comfortable barely hovering on the edge of the bed like that.
So she moves back into him. The man freezes ever so slightly before his arms slide around her waist; he doesn't let his touch stray, his hands politely resting on her stomach as he wriggles closer to her. His chin automatically lands on top of her head, his knees bending onto the curve of hers and Y/N can't help but smile. They're so close, and yet, something about the way he's holding her is so respectful that her heart skips a beat.
"Is this okay?" Chan whispers. His fingers are delicate as they begin to absentmindedly caress the soft cotton of her top, his touch so gentle on the fabric that she doesn't feel it against her body.
It takes her a moment to reply. She's too distracted by the heady scent of his cologne. Usually such a strong scent would be a massive turn off for her … but for some reason, the scent on this man feels so cosy and warm that she can't help but softly melt further into him. Heat has begun to flood quickly through his body and it travels through his warming hoodie and into her back, making her feel drowsy.
Not to mention, the safety of being so tucked up into the curve of his body has begun to make her feel like she never wants to leave.
"Yes," she whispers, and he ever so slightly pulls her closer; just barely, as if it's his first instinct to do so. "Are you okay?"
Chan hums; he sounds like he's already dozing off again, his nose brushing the top of her head as he curves around her.
"Your hair smells nice," he mumbles, the words half incoherent but still making Y/N smile.
"You smell nice too," Y/N whispers, stifling a yawn. She notices that neither of them are shivering anymore, nor are they breathing like they've just run a marathon. Chan's heart drums steadily and slowly against her upper back, sending a strange, peaceful vibration through her body.
"M … thank you," Chan's words are even more slurred now; his head dips as sleep catches a hold of him and his face buries into the back of her neck
Y/N shivers as his hot breath tickles her skin. She's confused; for someone who didn't want his butt to touch hers, she feels hypocritical for now wanting him to hug her tighter.
But she's too sleepy to care; she snuggles further down into the bed, the small mattress and thin duvet suddenly feeling like the most comfortable, most warm place to ever exist. She moves her hands and carefully lets them rest atop Chan's entwined hands. She watches with growing affection as they slowly wrap around hers, the man tangling their fingers together in his sleep.
Tag list ~ @koos-euphoria @es-kay-zee @raethethey @hugs4chan @hotmesshapa @manonblackbeak-trash @hendsernoodle @stanskzseungmin @ateez-babygirl @dalamjisung @dinosdawn @cookiemonstermusic258 @strwbrryfroyo @gazelle-des-pres @qtieskz @stigmvta @necromancersupreme @super-btstrash-posts @changlix-mp4 @exonations @fluffybitch0325 @jeyelleohe @rae-blogging @planetdemon @dani41 @jumbocircus @octalalica @velvetand-roses @foivetimesacharm @anaaam @waverzzzzzzzz @peachy-flxwr @justamessofablog @elizabeth11moreno @lenfilms @xhazmania @starshine-moon @justoutfromdead @snow-pegasus @lixiesbabyhands @bbychannie97 @laylasbunbunny @g1ventaken @americanokisses @bluechans @minhosify @bellamuerte1987 @meowmeowisdaname @killer-quokka @chanssmiles
(let me know if you wanna be added or removed)
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starrgaziinggg · 1 month
BOYFRIEND TEXTS | christopher bang
idol bangchan x reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ok so perhaps I wrote another one hehhehehe these are honestly so fun to make and I’m enjoying it so much so if you want more let me know !!! This one is for @dadonbabysworld <33
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rachalixie · 2 months
stray kids reactions | when you’re sad
how the boys act when you are experiencing depression/depressive symptoms
warnings: stray kids x gender neutral reader, depression/mental health, mentions of food
genre: hurt/comfort
word count: < 3k
a/n: for my love @ moonacholy. i love you baby :( feel better real soon, okay? also this is a broad spectrum of depression symptoms, nothing too extreme! mostly comfort than anything else.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you don’t move as you hear the front door open and close; the thought of shifting from your curled up form on the couch sounded more exhausting than it was worth. you normally loved greeting chan at the door, loved kissing him hello and dragging him to bed when he gets home late but you can’t unglue your limbs from one another enough to even sit up, let alone walk all the way to the door. 
your eyes drift to the clock on the wall as you take in the time and realize that you should have already been in bed hours ago. you never wait up for chan when he gets home past midnight, and yet you are wide awake at 3 in the morning, having laid here since noon after he left to go to the studio. your phone lays dead on the table in front of you, untouched for hours, and you just now notice how tired your eyes feel.
“sweetheart?” chan’s voice floats to your ears, loosening your tightened muscles a bit. chan’s here now, he can take care of you, your tired brain supplies. you hum as he approaches, closing your eyes when his hand runs through your hair and whimpering softly when it leaves. the couch dips by your head as he sits next to you, his warmth already reaching your cold heart and thawing the edges a bit. “you’re not in bed yet?”
“can’t,” is all you can say. you don’t have the words or the energy to tell him that you didn’t even realize you should have been asleep, you didn’t realize how many hours had passed as you just laid there staring at nothing.
but he understands.
he pulls you up, catching you when your sore limbs buckle under your sudden upright weight, and he leads you to your bedroom, depositing you on your side of the bed. he leaves and comes back with a bottle of water before you can blink, pushing a straw into your mouth and coaxing you to drink, praising you when you take a few tentative sips. you feel a little silly by how good it feels, him telling you how good you are just for drinking water, but you let it drape over you like a comforting blanket as your mind finally loses the battle against sleep and you drift off in the comfort of his voice.
Tumblr media
“hi honey,” minho’s voice floods your brain from where you’re still curled up in bed. it’s well past noon, past the time where you were supposed to meet him at your favorite coffee shop in town during his lunch break. you feel a pang of guilt that makes you curl up even more, soft despair settling into your bones. you want him to leave. you want him to never leave you alone again. 
his hand finds the nape of your neck, massaging there gently before his fingers run up to your scalp. the action soothes you, and you can’t help but find comfort in him even though you’ve just let him down. you don’t even know why he’s here, taking care of you when he should be out doing something else-
“whatever’s going on in that pretty head of yours, stop it.” he orders, sitting next to you on the bed and tilting your chin up so he can meet your eyes. “i love you, okay? i want to be here with you. i want you, during the good times and the bad.”
it’s like he’s read your mind.
next thing you know he’s easing you into a seated position and massaging the feeling back into your fingertips. you hadn’t even realized they had fallen asleep until he started, and you wince as the pins and needles sting against his touch. he’s pulling you up then, waiting a moment for your eyes to adjust to the shift before tugging you into your bathroom. before you know it, your clothes are off and you’re under a hot steam of water, his hands on you in the most comforting way as he massages shampoo into your hair and rinses the day off of your body. he’s humming idly, his soft voice echoing off the shower tiles and absorbing into your brain. you feel like a sponge, taking all of his love and keeping it inside of you like it’s the one thing that’s keeping you upright. 
as he dries you off with a fluffy towel, you lean in to press a soft kiss to his cheek, causing the tips of his ears to burn pink; it’s silly that such an innocent gesture makes him blush like that, but you think of it as an physical imprint of your love on him, your gratefulness, everything you want to say but can’t. 
Tumblr media
“we’re going outside,” changbin suddenly announces, his voice deep under your ear from where your head is snuggled into his chest. you jump a bit, peering up blearily at him.
“outside?” you ask, voice slow and confused. you had been content laying there with him all day. you preferred that, in fact. you had no desire to move, no energy to make your muscles work, no motivation inside of you to do anything other than lay and hope the day passed soon so you could go to bed.
so why is changbin saying that you’re going outside?
“yes, outside. up, up!” he’s too enthusiastic, his voice is too loud in your mushy head, and you glare up at him with squinted eyes.
“have to?” you say, knowing that you’ll lose this battle against a man who can physically pick you up and make you go outside if he wanted to.
“have to.” he nods, interlacing his fingers in yours and yanking, bicep flexing, wrapping his arms around you tight when you stand up on wobbly legs. he holds you there for a second, letting you breathe him in before he pulls you through your house, out the back door and into the backyard.
the worst part was that the air felt good. the soft breeze on your face felt so refreshing, washing over you like a brand new day. the soft grass felt nice under your feet, your toes curling into the cool blades. his hand was warm in yours, guiding you around the perimeter of the fence, walking and walking until you begin to feel the band around your temples loosen, the furrow of your brow unwind, the tenseness of your muscles deflate, like you’re a puppet whose strings were loosened just enough for you to garner some control.
“better, yeah?” he said, soft and satisfied. you him in response, squeezing his hand as you keep walking.
Tumblr media
you sigh as you enter through the front door, body weighed down and leaden and each step feeling like a mile from the way they made you exhausted. you immediately collapse onto your couch and click the TV onto the kdrama you’ve been using as background noise for the past few weeks. the episode continues from where you left off, and your eyes don’t leave the screen even though you’re not absorbing any of the content. its just swirling colors and words in a box to you right now, your brain is not comprehending anything, but it’s a nice distraction from the swirling thoughts that were there before.
even when hyunjin leaves your room to pad over to you, draping himself beside you on the couch and wrapping an arm around you, your eyes remain on the screen.
and you sit. and sit. the minutes were ticking away, slow as ever, and you just sit.
until hyunjin turns the TV off, and you don’t even complain because it had gotten to the point where your eyes hurt. you relax into him, startled when he moves to stand up instead, leaving you slumped into the cushions instead of him. 
“dance with me,” he says, putting a song on his phone and setting it on the side table. you blink up at him from where he’s standing, hand outstretched waiting for you to take it. he tilts his head a bit when you don’t move, smile encouraging and eyes in crescents, and you sigh and take his hand. you let him pull you up and move your hands around his shoulders as he takes your waist, and he leads you as you both gently sway and step to the beat of the song. 
with each step, you felt lighter and lighter, the lead weights you were feeling before disappearing with each breath you can feel on your neck from where his face is pressed. the music he has playing is swirling around you both in a flurry of notes and chords, the rhythm you’ve set with your steps is soothing, and you feel more content in this moment than you’ve felt in days.
Tumblr media
“baby?” you hear from outside your bedroom door, stirring you out of your fitful nap. you never fell into sleep, you’ve been lying there for hours with your eyes closed and you couldn’t sleep. you’re so tired. 
you hear him knock again and a whimper leaves your throat when you try to answer. the words won’t come out, they’re stuck, trapped down deep. he opens the door anyways, closing it gently behind him before walking slowly over to you and kneeling by you. his hand brushes your hair back, stopping in surprise when he sees that your eyes are open. 
“thought you were asleep?” he says, voice soft and timid in the darkness of your room. you shrug, lips twisting into a frown. is it bad that you were awake? that you were awake and hadn’t left your room, even though you knew he was home for hours? “well, if you’re not, then-”
he cuts himself off as he climbs right into your bed, slithering under your covers and plopping himself right on top of you. his chest covers your back, his legs tangle with yours, and he presses his head into your neck, fluttering small kisses there until he can hear your breath catch on a laugh.
“get off of me, jisung,” you croak out, the first words you’ve muttered all day. the smell of his shampoo is invading your senses, his cologne is seeping into your skin. 
“if my baby gets to stay in bed all day, they i get to stay there too.” he declares, squeezing you tight, better than a weighted blanket, trapping all the bad things inside and replacing them with his good.
“can’t breathe,” you choke out in another laugh, the noises you make sounding foreign to your ears. has it really been so long since you’ve laughed? smiled like this?
he rolls off of you suddenly, pulling you along so you were trapped on top of his chest instead, the blanket rolling along with you and wrapping you both in tight. 
“yeah, sung. i’m better, now.”
Tumblr media
he passes you a whisk, looking pointedly at you when you don’t move to the counter where he’s standing. you roll his eyes at him before finally moving your feet, standing from where you’ve been sitting at the kitchen island on a barstool watching him work. he has dinner ready on top of the stove, and a bowl of brownie ingredients on the counter waiting for you to mix together.
“c’mon, love,” he says, perking up a bit when you finally get the whisk inside of the bowl. “we can’t have dinner without dessert, hmm? and we can’t have dessert without you. the most important ingredient in the recipe.”
“lix,” you whine, voice tired and a little furled around the edges. i’m not important, you want to say. “i’m not an ingredient,” is what you say instead.
“oh, really?” he said, reading right through you. he arches a delicate brow at you before moving behind you while you’re whisking to wrap his arms around your middle. he presses his cheek to your shoulder, nuzzling it there like a cat. his lips find your jawline, where he lays a few wet kisses there. “then why do you taste so sweet? sweeter than chocolate. and you’re tough, like unmelted butter. and don’t forget sharp, like cocoa powder.”
his words dig into your brain, battling against the negative thoughts that have been living there for weeks. your self doubt, your insecurity, your low mood fight against them, trying to tell you that he’s lying, he’s just saying that, he doesn’t really mean it. but the longer he stays there, his skin right up against yours, the more those thoughts get beaten down, slayed by the blades of sugar in his voice.
he dips his finger into the finished batter, sliding it into his mouth and swirling it off with his tongue. 
“mm, i was right. you taste much better than this.”
Tumblr media
your feet drag as you walk to your apartment, exhausted from just the one class you had today for no reason at all. it was fine, but even getting out of bed this morning was almost impossible. you felt absolutely drained by the time you got to your lecture, and you don’t think you absorbed a single piece of information for the entire hour and a half you were there. 
when you finally made it through the front door, you felt as if there was a pile of bricks in your bag weighing you down, and you quickly dropped it to the floor in favor of collapsing onto the couch next to seungmin. he looked cozy, dressed in an overside hoodie and sweatpants, glasses perched high on his nose and a smart looking novel in his hands. you wiggle your head underneath his arms and press your head to his thighs, feeling bad about taking up his reading time but not willing to stand another second being alone. you’ve been so lonely, all day. he made you feel lighter already, just by his presence, the pressure on your shoulders and around your temples beginning to fade already with his touch.
“bad day?” he asks, not drawing his eyes away from his book but moving one hand to card through your hair, fingers light on your scalp. you hum, not wanting to explain to him that this was just one bad day in a series of bad days, that it wasn’t any better or worse than the last yet you felt even more exhausted by the end of it than you had the day prior. you didn’t want to tell him that you felt tethered to him like he was your lifeline, the one think keeping you afloat in a sea of helplessness. 
“read to me?” you say instead, wiggling a bit as you get comfortable in his lap and looking up at him with wide eyes. he looks down finally, expression softening when he takes in your face, and he nods with a soft smile before beginning the chapter again just for you.
Tumblr media
when he finds you spread over the couch, arm hanging limply over the edge and eyes glazed over from looking at the ceiling, you don’t even realize how much time has passed since he left for work. he’s already home? you swear it had only been an hour, or two max. 
“did you eat?” he asked, walking over to you and pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, letting his lips linger for a moment, a stamp of compassion. 
“no,” you said, only realizing now that you hadn’t eaten all day. the sun was setting outside, bathing the room in a golden glow, and you couldn’t bring yourself to be hungry, let alone make food and eat it. he clicked his tongue, fox eyes narrowing before leaving your side completely. you sigh at his absence, knowing that he was going to get a snack that you simply wouldn’t want to eat.
“ramen, soup, or grilled cheese?” he asks, materializing in front of you, holding a pack of noodles and a can of soup in one hand and a bag of week-old bread in another. you’re honestly surprised it hasn’t molded yet; probably helps that you haven’t even opened it since you bought it.
“none. i’m not hungry,” you say, crossing your arms and curling up into yourself. you’re sure that you’re pouting, making the picture of an angry toddler with your bunny slippers on your feet and your hoodie swathing your frame. you don’t care. he leaves the room with a sigh again, making you deflate into the couch cushions; you thought he would have fought a little harder, but it’s not his responsibility to make sure you feed yourself, is it?
he startles you out of your pity when he sits next to you, the sofa dipping under his weight and the warmth of his thigh feeling nice next to your head.
“up,” he instructs, nudging at your shoulder until you sit up simply to stop him. he’s holding a half-eaten tub of your favorite ice cream in one hand, two spoons in the other, and he’s wearing a big smile on his face. “i know we’re not supposed to be eating ice cream for dinner, but it’s not like chan hyung is here to say no, is he?” 
you grab a spoon wordlessly when the thought of ice cream doesn’t make your stomach turn. one bite couldn’t hurt, right?
the encouraging smile he gives you when you tentatively take one bite doesn’t hurt, either.
Tumblr media
taglist: @daceyena @isilentprincess @woahfruity @chvnnie @katieraven @agustd-essert @chanssmiles @sweetestcherrywine @foivetimesacharm @sstarryoong @bakugossanity @skzho
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l-luvr · 2 months
5:51 P.M. "don't leaveee" a voice in the darkness called out to you. you peeked your head around the doorway to look at the lump on your bed. "you can't leave me," the voice huffed as the lump shifted. you smile at it and move backward to walk into the room, "i have to go though." The lump began shifting violently as the voice groaned in annoyance. there wasn't much light coming through the windows as the sun was just starting to rise but there was no you wouldn't notice the head of fluffy and curly hair pop out from beneath the lump of the comforter and pillows.
"nooooo," the voice's accent came out strong, making you laugh because that only happened when it- he was sleepy. a hand jutted out from the lump, moving everything off the person that was under it. a pillow or two falls to the floor and you giggle at the strong pout pointed in your direction, his eyes in narrow slits. he is so cute when he's sleepy. "chan- chris, baby. you know i have to leave, i told you-" a very loud groan cuts you off and you sigh loudly back in response. "now, honey-" "don't you honey me." his voice was as fierce as a kitten's meow as his pout deepens. you push off the wall and walk closer to the bed, reaching your hand out to pet his messy bedhead curls. he hums and leans into your touch. "chan, i would love to come back to bed with you," you smile as he closes his eyes and sighs out. you stop petting to lean down to his ear, ignoring the way he leans in toward you, "but i have work so you'll have to deal without me."
you're quick to move out of his reach as he tries his best to capture you, laughing out loud when he perks straight up onto his knees with his eyes wide open and nose scrunched in distaste. you successfully make it back to the doorway before turning around and smiling at him, "go back to sleep, grumpy." he shakes his head with vigor, pointing at the bed with emphasis. "tell you what- i'll come home early today, okay? and i'll bring your favorite treats from the coffee shop down the street." he groans in response but flops down onto the bed. you take that as a win and begin walking away, "i'll see you later, hon!" "i'll never forgive you!"
you shake your head as you pull on your shoes and head for the front door. you open it and yell, "I love you!" It takes a couple of minutes but there's a rapid footstep making their way downstairs before his head pops out from around the corner, "I love you too." he whispers, waving a little hand goodbye. 'so cute.'
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chvnnie · 8 months
bang chan x fem reader
word count: 4.7k
genre: fluff, minor angst, smut - MINORS DNI
warnings: best friends to lovers, soft dom!chan, sub!reader, nicknames “bunny” and “sweet thing” used for reader, daddy kink, a bit of a size kink (reader is described as small and chan uses the word “little” as a descriptive word), sliiiiiiight innocence kink? maybe?, reader’s personality in the bedroom different than her day to day one, fingering (f), hand job, cum eating (i have a problem okay), thigh riding, dirty talk, big dick chan, no piv sex, chan is absolutely fucking whipped. if i missed anything - PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
summary: best friend movie night takes an unexpected turn when you start a show jisung recommended.
a/n: honestly felt like i absolutely exposed myself in this fic so don’t come at me lmao. i’m such a sucker for a best friends to lover story line, especially with a bit of angst mixed in, so i hope you love it just as much. ALSO, I HIT 100 FOLLOWERS TODAY! i’m so excited! thank you all so much for reading and supporting my work and i’m sending you a million and five virtual kisses. maybe i’ll celebrate it??? idk i know it’s a small milestone, but i’m so excited anyway :)
this is a work of fiction. this fic in no way represents bang chan as a person or stray kids as a whole. you are responsible for the media you consume. please read responsibly.
There were three things Chan was absolutely certain of.
First was that tea was better than coffee, no matter what anyone else wanted to believe.
Second was that the only proper way to get ready for bed was to shower first, brush your teeth second, and wash your face last. That was the only correct way.
Third was that he was absolutely in love with his best friend.
He had met you through friends. You grew up next door to Changbin, whose closest childhood friend was your brother. He had heard your name a handful of times, but never had a voice or face to match it.
The first time he heard your voice was in the car with Changbin. The two men were driving back from a trip, using the car ride to prepare for work the next day. In the middle of the conversation, Changbin’s phone rang.
He looked at his phone before sighing. “I have to answer this, sorry.” He looked at Chan apologetically before swiping the answer call button. “Hel-“
“Yah! Seo Changbin!” The call wasn’t on speaker phone, but your voice filled the car nonetheless. “Where the hell are you?”
“What? Why does it matter? Why are you yelling at me?”
“You were supposed to attend a charity luncheon with me, remember?” You said. Chan watched the wheels click in Changbin’s eyes before his friend sighed deeply. “You absolute asshole-“
“I’m so sorry.” Changbin said, voice genuinely apologetic. “I completely forgot. I can be there in an hour if you still need-“
“No, it’s fine.” It did not sound fine. “I’ll just go talk to a bunch of rich old people by myself.”
“I’m so so-“
“You owe me.” The line went silent.
Changbin leaned his head back, letting it hit the headrest. He dug the heel of palms on his eyes and rubbed them. “I’m a dick.”
Chan shrugged. “I mean, yeah.”
“You’re not helping.”
“It was an accident.” Chan looked away from the road to look at his friend, who was nervously picking at the skin around his nails. “I’m sure you’ll make it up to her somehow.”
The first time he saw your face was when Changbin did make it up to you.
It was Changbin’s birthday trip. He offered to pay for your plane ticket as an apology for ditching you at a charity event, and you immediately jumped on it.
The plan was to meet at the airport. After checking luggage, everyone would go ahead and go through security and meet at the gate for the trip. That way everyone could come when they were ready.
Per usual, Changbin was the last to arrive. This time with you by his side.
Chan couldn’t tear his eyes away from you as the two of you got closer. Hair thrown in a ponytail that swished as you walked. You wore all black; black leggings that hugged your thighs and formed to your legs perfectly, a sleeveless crop top that exposed just an inch of your skin above the leggings, black sandals. You were focused on a cup of yogurt in your hands, scrapping for the last bit of it onto your spoon when Changbin leaned in and said something to you.
That’s when Chan got a look at your face, and if he didn’t know any better, he would have swore his heart stopped. Your eyes were bright and wide, filled with a sparkle that made Chan think of stars twinkling on a clear summer’s night. Your lips were pulled back in a wide grin, one he would learn was your mischievous smile. It captivated him, from that moment on, he knew he wanted to be around you all the time.
When the two of you approached the group, he could make out your laugh. Out of all the sounds in the world, that was his favorite; butterflies filling his tummy every single time, still to this day.
“Sorry we’re late.” Changbin said when they got closer to the group. He went around, hugging and greeting all his friends before he turned and introduced you. You offered a smile and wave to each person, nose scrunching as you giggled at a joke Felix made.
Finally, Changbin had introduced you to him. Your eyes immediately met his, and nothing could draw his attention away. Your hello was brief, but thinking about it still gave him the chills.
Your seat was in between Changbin and his. Most of the flight you spent nagging Changbin to open the window shade, wanting to see the water below you.
You released a yawn, arms stretching above you as much as they could. You turned your head to your left and tugged one of Changbin’s headphones out.
“Give me your hoodie.” You said, not bothering to ask.
Changbin’s eyebrows narrowed. “What? No.”
“Please, I’m cold.” You whined as you pulled on the sleeve of the hoodie he was wearing.
“I told you to bring your own, but you decided not to listen to me.”
“Fine. You were right, I was wrong. Now give it to me.”
The two of you bickered, Changbin shoving your hands away as you tried to pull it off him. After about a minute of bickering, you gave up with a huff, letting Changbin win. He smiled triumphantly as he closed his eyes. “Don’t bother me again.”
You pouted, pulling your knees up to your chest in an attempt to warm yourself. Chan could see the goosebumps on your arms, and he couldn’t stop himself from removing his own hoodie.
“Here, use mine.” Chan said, offering it to you.
It was the most he had spoken to you since boarding, and he couldn’t help the way his hands shook slightly as he spoke to you.
“Oh, no, Chan. I’m okay. I don’t want you to be cold-“
“Come on, take it.” He placed it on your knees before you could say no again. “I know you’re cold, you have goosebumps. You can give it back to me when we land.”
You smiled gently at him before pulling it over your head, whispering a “thank you”. If he thought you were pretty before, the sight of you in his clothes drove him absolutely insane. His hoodie swallowed you, your hands not even touching the cuffs of it. You curled up into a ball, content in the warm softness of Chan’s hoodie, and slowly fell asleep.
It was your favorite hoodie of his to steal.
In fact, it was the one you were wearing now. Three years later, and it still swallowed you, barely covering the spandex shorts you were wearing underneath. You had taken it the moment you walked into his apartment, immediately finding comfort in it. It always smelled like Chan, woody and musky, and that made it your favorite. The scent of him was your favorite, and you took any opportunity you had to drown in it.
The two of you sat on Chan’s couch, a throw blanket covering both of your bare legs. You scrolled through your phone as Chan clicked through Netflix, humming softly under his breath as he browsed.
“Any suggestions?” Chan asked, eyes focused on the tv.
You dropped your phone on the couch as you looked with him. “Hmm, what about that anime Jisung keeps talking about?”
Chan grimaced slightly. He knew exactly which anime you were talking about, and the last person he wanted to watch it with was you. Not because you were a bad person to binge shows with; if anything, the amount of tv series you’ve completed together in one night proves the opposite. No, he didn’t want to watch it with you because of how fucking horny it was.
Jisung, who was constantly trying to put his dick in something, couldn’t shut up about it. When you caved and asked him about it, he described the plot perfectly, but failed to mention the amount of suggestive content in it. It was anything but subtle, and according to Jisung, incredibly hot.
So Chan couldn’t watch it with you. Not when he was in love with you, not when your bare knee was touching his, not when you were wearing his hoodie over those tiny fucking shorts he hated so much. Every time you wore them, he lost focus, unable to do anything but try not to pop a boner when you were around. He couldn’t watch that show with you because he was already half hard and he knew it would just make his situation so much worse.
“I don’t know if you’ll like that one.” Chan answered, quickly clicking away from the anime section.
“How do you know that?”
Chan shrugged, hoping you couldn’t see how red his ears were. “Just doesn’t seem like it would be something you would enjoy.”
You glared at your best friend before leaning over him, crawling across his lap and almost sitting on it as you snatched the remote away from him.
“Only one way to find out, right?”
Before he could stop you, you hit play and shoved the tv remote between the couch pillow and the arm. You pressed your back against the arm, sticking your legs out to drape them over Chan’s.
How was he supposed to keep himself calm during the show when he could feel your soft skin against his? After you had practically straddled him? It was impossible. He wasn’t sure if he could make it through the evening.
You paid attention to the show, laughing at the right moments and reacting appropriately to the dramatic scenes. Chan, on the other hand, just stared at the tv. Sure, he picked up some of what was happening, but for the most part, all he could focus on was how throughout the first episode you had sunk lower down the couch, the bottom of your thighs on top of his now. He had felt your body against his in innocent ways many times before, so he didn’t understand why tonight he couldn’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to be in between your legs.
You shifted onto your side to get more comfortable, butt lightly brushing against his ribs.
Chan needed to get the fuck out of here, and fast.
It was like the universe knew he needed an out, the episode ending as soon as he decided he couldn’t take it anymore. Chan pushed your legs off his, trying to not seem too eager to get away from you.
“Want anything from the kitchen?” He asked as he stuck his hands in the pocket of his workout shorts, subtly hiding his throbbing boner.
“Got it.”
Once Chan was safely in the kitchen, he placed both hands on the counter top and hung his head, trying to control his breathing. It was getting harder and harder for him to be around you; both emotionally and physically. Everything you did completely consumed him, and he found himself falling in love with new things about you daily.
Chan first realized that his crush was much deeper than he thought when you remembered his go-to order at his favorite takeout place. You had only known each other for a few months, yet you remembered something as small as that about him. He remembered the way you scolded Changbin, flicking the back of his head when he asked him for his order. You said if Changbin was truly his friend, he would have his order memorized by now.
From there, it spiraled.
Sometimes it was big things, like the way you would bring him homemade soup whenever he was sick, or the way you always carried cash on you just in case someone was in need of it. Sometimes it was little things, like the way your hair clings to your face with static and sweat after you wake up, or how you always leave your socks just lying around his apartment. No matter what you did, something about you made him feel like it was the first time he met you, over and over again.
He would find a way to bring the moon to the earth for you. He would do anything for you.
And the thought that you might not feel the same way about him crushed him in ways he didn’t know could break.
Chan splashed some cold water on his face to help lower his body temperature a bit before grabbing two water bottles and a bag of chips. When he got back in the living room, you were sprawled out on the couch, completely on your back. The dim glow of your phone lit up your face, revealing a small smile playing on your lips. Chan dropped the bag of chips on your chest, forcing your attention on him. A look of annoyance crossed your features until you noticed what kind of chips he threw at you.
“Oh, my favorite!” You exclaimed, immediately sitting up. You looked up at him and gave him the smile you only gave when you were really excited or when you started giggling, your nose scrunching up and making you look like a bunny. That smile was his favorite; teasingly calling you “bunny” every time that smile broke out. “Thank you, Channie.”
The way you said his name, voice light and sing-song like had him flushed all over again.
How was he going to make it through the night?
As the hours passed, Chan found himself more engrossed in the show, momentarily forgetting about the confliction of feelings you made him feel. There were only two episodes left in the first season, and both of you agreed to finish it out before calling it a night.
You were on your back again, butt against the outer edge of his right thigh, supporting your legs that slung over them. Chan was slouched, man spreading, his hand holding your thigh over the blanket. Cuddling like this was normal for the two of you, and Chan was calm enough not to think too deeply about it.
That was, until a certain scene came on.
Chan had heard about it from Jisung more times than he could count. His younger friend swore it was one of the hottest things he had ever watched before, and that he thought about it for days after. Every time he would bring it up, Chan would always roll his eyes and tell Jisung that stuff like that wasn’t really his thing.
So, when the animated characters started touching each other, Chan was surprised to find himself attracted to what was unfolding in front of him.
The main character sat on her love interest’s lap, straddling one of his thighs and rode it quickly. He had one hand on the back of her head, tugging her head back every time she slowed the movement of her hips. His free hand flipped the hem of her skirt up, exposing herself to him as he talked her through the process.
Okay, maybe it was pretty hot.
But never would he admit that to Jisung. Never would he admit that to you, who he was actively watching the show with. He would simply tuck the idea in the back of his mind, storing it for inspiration later when he-
He didn’t expect to feel the bottom of your thighs flex against his, or the blanket getting tugged in between your legs. What he really didn’t expect to see was your eyes wide, mouth slightly open as your breaths deepened, your legs firmly rubbing against each other under the blanket.
He didn’t expect to find his best friend, who never left his mind for even a moment, turned on by the show they were watching. Literally right on top of him.
The question left his mouth before he could even consider it. “Whatcha doing down there?”
Your eyes shot up at him, legs suddenly stilling. “Nothing.”
“Really? Because it felt like you were clenching your thighs on top of me.”
Your face drained of color, mouth dropping open as you stared at him. He tried his best not to smirk, but was unsuccessful. Chan had fucking caught you red handed, and he couldn’t believe his luck.
“No, I was just readjusting.” The lie was bad, and you knew he wouldn’t buy it.
He didn’t.
Chan leaned closer into you, hand pushing further up your thigh. “Did that turn you on?” His low voice sent shivers straight to your core, and you couldn’t help but clench your legs tighter.
“N-no. Not at all, I just-“
Chan hummed, hand now gripping the outer edge of your thigh at the very top. He loved how small you looked beneath him, lips trembling and eyes blown wide.
In a split second, Chan threw all caution out the window, deciding that he couldn’t take another second of not touching you. If you didn’t want to stay friends with him after this, so be it, but he was seizing the opportunity that was presented so nicely to him.
“You know, I could help you with that.” His thumb drew circles on your thigh over the blanket, applying just enough pressure so you could feel it. “If you want.”
You froze, and for half a beat, Chan’s heart dropped into his stomach. Did he just fuck everything up? Did he just lose you forever because of his pussy-clouded brain?
Then, you nodded meekly, almost like you were afraid to ask him for it, and every ounce of doubt left Chan’s body in a second.
“Oh sweet girl.” Chan whispered, grip on your thigh tightening. “I need words.”
Your hand found his, softly squeezing it. The way you were staring at him made his brain short circuit - your gaze was so full of lust and trust, and what Chan hoped was mutual affection.
“Yes, please. Help me.”
That was the green light Chan needed, and nothing would hold him back now.
In two quick movements, he pulled the blanket off your laps. Once your body was exposed to him, his hands found the hem of your hoodie, pushing it up just enough to reveal the waistband of your shorts. He pulled them off your legs quickly, making sure to leave your panties on. A hand gripped your outermost thigh, rested right on his knees and pulled it open, letting your foot drop and hit the ground with a thud.
His eyes fell immediately to your cunt, a low groan falling from his lips. Your panties were simple - white cotton with a small pink bow at the waistline. The wet spot in the middle had turned them a light grey, showing just how wet you were without even taking them off.
Two fingers pressed gently against the wet spot, running up and down your slit over your panties.
“Fuck, bunny.” The nickname rolling sweetly off his tongue. “Already so wet and I just started touching you.”
You squirmed from his words, hips bucking at the sensation. Chan just smiled at you, slowly rubbing you through your panties. He always thought if ever presented with this moment, he would be too eager, jumping on you before you could get another word out. That quickly changed once he saw how just a few small touches made you writhe and deepen your breaths.
He was going to take his time with you.
Slowly, Chan grabbed your panties and pulled them down, savoring the way they stuck to your core from the wetness. Once off, he stuffed them in his shorts pocket. If this went well, you were never getting that pair back.
Fingers on you again, he spread the lips of your pussy open, unable to look away. You were so pretty all soaked, and it was all for him.
His fingers moved down to your hole, slowly sliding one finger into you. It went in smoothly, your slick helping lubricate it. He didn’t stop until he was knuckles deep, and then slowly, he dragged his finger back out. As he thrusted back in, a low moan fell from your lips.
He was convinced nothing could rival your laugh. Turns out, your moans almost took the prize for best sound in the world.
“You’re so tight, and I only have one finger in you. I think you can take another one, hm?”
It wasn’t a question, but you answered him anyway. “Yes…” he didn’t hear the second word, only the “y” sound it ended with.
“What was that?” He stopped his torturous movements, finger all the way in.
You turned your head and embarrassingly whispered out: “Yes, daddy.”
He couldn’t help but chuckle. You, who was always ready to fight any of your friends and never afraid to stand up for yourself, one of the strongest women he knows, was too shy to look Chan in the eyes as you called him daddy.
He pulled his finger out completely, causing you to whine at the loss of contact. One of his hands gripped your chin, pulling it to look at him. When the two of you made eye contact, Chan smiled sweetly at you.
“Don’t worry, bunny.” He whispered. Without warning, Chan shoved two fingers completely inside, thrusting faster than before. “Daddy will take care of you.”
A mangled cry left your lips at the faster place, back arching up in pleasure. The sight of that alone had Chan thrusting faster, determined to have you fall apart from his fingers alone. Hand releasing your chin, he moved to your clit, circles matching the rhythm of the fingers inside you. The faster he moved, the louder you moaned. Your hands reached up and grabbed his hair, pulling him down and crashing your lips onto his, moans filling his mouth as your tongue explored his.
Never did he think you would kiss him first. But, then again, he hadn’t pictured himself knuckles deep inside of you during it, either.
Chan felt you shaking underneath him, loud whines filling his mouth. You broke the kiss, looking at him with big doe eyes.
“Daddy, please.” You whined, breaths getting faster. “So close.”
Chan kissed your nose, pace relentless as he pushed you closer to your edge. “Come on, bunny. Be a good girl and make a mess on my hand.”
Within seconds, your head fell back as you came around his fingers. He couldn’t help but moan at the feeling, imagining what it would feel like if it was his cock you came around instead.
His fingers fucked you through your orgasm, pulling out when he was sure you finished. Chan held his hand up to his face, spreading his fingers out and watching the cum cling between them. One by one, he popped them in his mouth, sucking them clean while staring right at you. The look of him hungrily eating your cum had you wet all over. His eyes rolled back each time he tasted you, muffled moans filling the space.
There was now a fourth thing Chan was absolutely certain of.
Nothing would ever taste as good as your cum on his tongue.
Your hands grabbed Chan’s waist, pulling him closer into you until his thigh was pressed against your pussy. As he continued to clean his fingers with his tongue, you slowly began to thrust your hips up and down his thigh, needy moans falling from your mouth.
“Need more of you, daddy.”
Once he was sure his hands were clean, Chan put his hands beside your head, caging you underneath him. He smiled at you fondly, his heart swelling with both love and lust at the way you humped. He moved a hand to cup your face, thumb rubbing your bottom lip softly before tugging it down a bit.
“Such a needy little bunny, humping daddy’s leg like this.” He saw the affect his words had on you from the way whimpers fell from your pouted lips to how your eyes watched him like he was the only person who could care for you like this.
And fuck, did he want to be that person.
“Tell me what you need from me.” His thumb released your lip which you immediately tucked in with your teeth.
“Want daddy to fuck me.” Your hands gripped his hips, stabilizing yourself as you began to move faster. “Want daddy inside me so bad.”
“Oh, your greedy pussy needs me? Haven’t you cum enough already?”
Your eyes widen, shaking your head quickly back and forth. “No, no. I wanna cum again.” Your words began to slur together, the pace of your hips slowly starting to lose control. “Need to cum more for you. Need to show daddy how good bunny can be.”
The moan left his lips, hands flying to your hips to stop your movements. All this time, he swore he would do anything for you, and while he still firmly believes it, he couldn’t believe that you would do the same for him.
His hands pushed your hips down and against the couch, stilling you completely.
“Don’t move.”
You would listen. He knows you would. You stared at Chan as his hands pushed up your torso, pulling his hoodie and your shirt up. Once he got to your armpits, you lifted your arms up to help him pull it off you until all you wore was a dainty, light pink bra.
“Undress me.” Chan whispered, placing a gentle kiss on your lips before sitting up on his knees.
You sat up, slowly removing his shirt. Once it was off, your fingers traced down his chest, feeling every ridge of his toned body. You hummed slightly, a soft smile painting your lips as you moved to his shorts. Grabbing both sides of his hips, you pushed them down, freeing his cock.
You stopped your movements, eyes focused on his member. Always so humble Chan, who was, unbeknownst to you until this very moment, walking around with the biggest cock you’ve ever seen. Both thick and long, your legs clenched at the mere thought of the way he would stretch you out.
Hands shaking slightly, you reached out, firmly grasping him. His hissed at the contact, your hands both soft and cold as you slowly moved your hand up and down in half circles.
“Daddy’s so big.” You whispered, completely focused on his cock. Pre cum leaked from the tip, and using your thumb, you wiped it off. Dropping his cock, you brought your thumb to your lips and looked at him. Mimicking Chan, you stuck your thumb in your mouth and slowly began to lick the pre cum off of it.
“Oh, fuck.” Chan hissed, hands cupping your face. You continued to suck, refusing to break eye contact with him as he watched. “Taste good, bunny?”
You nodded, moaning against your thumb. If Chan didn’t have any self control, he would have came on spot. The way you stared at him, completely naked except for your bra, moaning at the taste of him had him completely feral. He wanted to both take care of you and completely ruin you for anyone else, making sure you only came back to him again and again.
Chan grabbed your thumb and pulled it out of your mouth, bringing it back to his hard cock. You began to pump again, movements quicker this time. You came all over his hand, it was only fair that he now cum all over yours.
His head fell back, pants and groans filling the living room. The feeling of your hand on his cock felt so good. The touch he’s wanted for so long overriding all of his senses, making his brain slowly rot. You. All he could think about was you. You bent over. You on your knees for him. You begging him in your soft voice to fuck you.
You’re all he’s wanted and more.
And he wasn’t about to ruin that by cumming now.
Chan gripped your wrist, still your hand. You pouted at him, eyes filled with confusion.
“Daddy didn’t like?” You asked with a sad pout, disappointment growing in your lower belly.
He hated that look on your face.
“No, no.” He whispered, immediately reassuring you. “You did so good, bunny. Daddy just wants to fill your little pussy up.”
Your shoulders released the tension, excited smile painting your face, nose scrunching.
“Please?” You asked sweetly, dropping back down on the couch. “Please fuck me, daddy.” He watched as your legs spread out, inviting him to do whatever he wanted to you for as long as he wanted.
Chan was now certain of a fifth thing.
There was no way he was letting you leave this apartment without making you his in every possible way.
©: chvnnie 2022
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hwajin · 2 months
#! — [ sleep ] Bang Chan
— gn!reader // sfw // mentions of insomnia? rlly soft otherwise <33
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A quiet, low pitched snore tore you out of your calmness, causing you to convert your eyes from your phone down to the figure laying soundly in your arms. The sound was so unfamiliar to you, so unknown that the only thing you were able to do for a few moments was simply stare and look, fascinated. Chan always seemed like he was barely ever sleeping, already awake when you opened your eyes in the morning and never the first to fall asleep at night, no matter how late. There was a time you wondered if he ever slept at all, never catching him taking naps or dozing off in your presence whatsoever, and at some point in your relationship 'sleepyhead' was the nickname you earned from him — after all he was always left watching you sleep, and a nickname for it was only given.
Now Chan was the one sound asleep in your arms, however, much to you surprise, yet satisfaction. The warm and all in-taking feeling that made its way through every fibre of your body every time you saw your boyfriend sleep, in your arms especially, was overwhelming every time anew. He's told you many times that 'your arms was the only place he'd sleep hours on end' and that 'next to you was the only time he'd ever find peace for even a couple hours' — and seeing it true, having him breathing slowly and snoring against the crook of your neck and chest had you feeling some kind of pride, almost, or a feeling deeper then what you could grasp at all. Your hands, phone long forgotten and resting on your pillow, were tangled in his hair, knowing the feeling of scratching at his scalp relaxed him just this much more. Your body was almost stiff, careful to barely move, determined to not be the reason he awoke much too early. You knew he wouldn't be sleeping for too long anyways, would wake up sooner or later and stay up the rest of the night to seemingly work on more projects, yet even the short moments he managed to find his quiet was too precious for you to interrupt, at all. And you couldn't help but smile down fondly at him, not when his puffy lips were puckered up in a pout, his limbs so heavy and hugged closely around your body, his hair a mess and tickling your skin. It was a sight you never wanted to let go, a view so pretty you forever wanted to remember.
Until he stirred open, until he suddenly flinched in the hold of your arms, his tired eyes opening in a confused manner, as though a dream shook him awake, or a sensation that you didn't get to notice scared him to his senses. It was another sight you adored, though you would have enjoyed to have him sleep just a little more. Yet the pureness and innocence in his manners and face right after a a nap, or a good nights sleep was nothing but endearing, a giggle eliciting out your throat unintentionally. Chan looked up at you, your chest vibrating against him and causing him to blush just slightly, feeling caught, as though falling asleep was never in his plans and you watching him was as embarrassing as nothing else could ever be.
"Good morning, sleepyhead."
A giggle from your lips, and Chan burried his head just this much more into your chest at the sound of you calling him your designated nickname. Your hands snuck around him even tighter, relishing in the feeling of having him close to you like this, without second thoughts and so freely it got you dizzy. You could feel your boyfriend shake in laughter against you as well, arms pulling you closer to his body, as though needing to feel you closer, as though longing for you on an even deeper level than you were already. It started to get warm under the blankets you were tangled in, but neither of you could care any less.
"I'm sorry, I didn't wanna fall asleep on you."
You laughed out loud, typical for Chan only to apologize for something as banal as sleeping, and you ruffled his hair in adoration, earning a fit of tickles to your sides from him. Moments like this were bound to turn into memories forever, and you wished to be able to live in them forever more, to stop the time and replay them on repeat, for the end of times.
Tumblr media
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tasteleeknow · 1 month
— push, pull
Tumblr media
pairing: chan x fem!reader genre: smut, angst, fluff, established relationship. content: 18+ minors dni. warnings below cut. word count: 3.1k
a/n: specific is good, helps me figure out what you want! hope this is somewhat what you were looking for! i went maybe a bit heavy on the angst lmao also sorry for being so late, couldn’t post for a few weeks.
Tumblr media
afab!reader. body image themes [general insecurity, no mention of weight]. unprotected intercourse [grinding, desperate!chan, creampie, overstimulation].
Your boyfriend was much clingier than you, physical touch was just how he expressed affection. You loved hugs and soft touches just as much as the next person, until you didn’t. There were times you couldn’t stand it. You’d spiralled a few weeks ago after a friend had sent you a terrible photo of yourself. Sometimes that was all it took. You’d throw yourself into your work to distract from the suffocating feeling of wanting to crawl out of your own skin. It would usually pass after a while, dissipating into a sort of neutral acceptance of the body you inhabited. But this one? You hadn’t had an episode this bad in a long time. Years.
Chan had hardly tried to touch you at all the past few days. It was such unusual behaviour it had snapped you out of the hyper focused haze you’d been in. The past few weeks had flown by—you'd been so focused on work and nothing else. You knew you’d been brushing him off and you hadn’t initiated sex at all, he had to have noticed—even if he hadn’t said anything. 
You were attempting to make a meal—one way out of your skill level—before he got home from work. It wasn’t much of an apology, but you were embarrassed. Too embarrassed to just sit down and just admit why you’d been acting off. What would you say? ‘Sorry, I’ve been totally closed off and weird because I saw a bad photo of myself and instantly spiralled into such a deep pit, that the idea of anyone touching me makes my skin crawl.’ It made you feel ridiculous. You’re so deep in thought the sound of the front door unlocking makes you jump, spilling liquid from the measuring cup you’re carefully filling. You wash your hands quickly and rush out of the kitchen to see your boyfriend at the door, taking his shoes off. 
“You’re home early.” 
“Yeah,” he says, offering no explanation. 
“I made dinner.”
He groans a little as he stands, a clear sign he’s had a rough day. “Alright, just gonna have a shower,” he says, slinking past you without his usual greeting kiss. You frown, then mindlessly you grab a towel so you can warm it for him in the dryer—like you always did. 
By the time he’s done you’ve set up the table and laid way more food than two people were capable of eating. It had taken you hours. He dawdles into the room wearing sweatpants and a small towel around his neck, hair still dripping a little onto his bare skin. When his eyes land on the table he pauses. “You made all this?” he says, looking up at your face for the first time since he walked in the door. 
“Mm, it might not be very good. I had a few mess ups,” you say before leaning over the table to set a vase down in the centre. The red rose reminded you of the bouquet he’d given you on your fourth date, it was huge—so big you hadn’t been able to see in front of you. He’d laughed as you’d attempted to peek around the flowers and then offered to hold it for you until you’d arrived at your front door. You’d spent the walk home working up the courage to ask him to come inside. 
A warm hand at your waist makes you squirm, turning just in time to see Chan’s expression drop. He takes a small step back. You’ve brushed him off, again. Fuck. You open your mouth before pausing, unsure what to say. He walks to the other side of the table wordlessly, settling himself into his usual chair. 
“Thank you,” he says, tone flat as he reaches to serve himself. You were fucking this up already. You walk around the table and take the utensils from him so you can serve him yourself. He leans back in the chair, putting up no protest. When you ask him what he wants, if that’s enough, if he’s sure he doesn’t want more—he makes monosyllabic responses. ‘Sure.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Mm.’
He eats silently and you wonder if maybe something bad happened at work, he was acting so unlike himself. It had to have been more than your bad mood affecting him. “Did you have a good day?” you ask, breaking the heavy silence finally. 
He finishes his mouthful before answering. “Not really, to be honest. I’ve…been feeling a little uninspired.” Okay, he was struggling with his creative process. That would always upset him. Your shoulders lighten as the guilt lifts a little. 
“Want me to take a listen?” you ask. He’d often ask you to listen to his tracks when he got stuck. You were never much help but he’d brighten up a little after, as if just your involvement was enough to lighten his load. 
“Nah, don’t worry about it,” he mutters as he picks at his food. You slump a little, the guilt returning. This was definitely your fault. You’d done this and you didn’t even have a good explanation. He was never going to think of you the same again. You were petty and childish and ugly and so, so embarrassed. A soft sniffle snaps you out of your spiral. He’s hunched over even more now, hair falling over his eyes. 
“Baby?” Was he…crying? He falls back against the back of the chair at your soft probing, hands covering his face. You stand abruptly, chair scraping against the floorboards. He sucks in a shaky breath as you round the table to crouch at his side. When you reach up to gently pull his hands from his face, he doesn’t resist, letting you get a clear look at the tears rolling down his cheeks. You drop his hands and quickly reach up to take his face in your hands, warm cheeks wet against your thumbs as you attempt to brush them away. 
“Please—please don’t cry. Baby? Look at me.” He sniffles before his watery eyes meet yours. “Talk to me,” you prompt, feeling instantly guilty for asking from him what you’d failed to do yourself. You feel your eyes start to burn as you attempt to hold back your own tears. He doesn’t answer you, eyes dropping back to his lap. You stand before lowering yourself into his lap, edge of the table pressing lightly against your back. 
He looks up at you again, his hands gripping the bottom of the chair. “Why did you do this?” he asks, voice shaky. Your heart drops, thinking he means the way you’ve been acting the past month. Then he clarifies, “It must have taken you hours, I don’t—I don’t understand.” Oh, the dinner. 
“I-I love you. You do nice things for people you love.” 
“You still love me?” 
Oh, god. You’d fucked up so much worse than you’d imagined. “Why would you ask that? Of course I do, Of course I do, baby.” 
“You won’t touch me. You won’t let me touch you.” 
“I know, I know. I’m sorry. I-I fucked up. I’m so sorry. I’ve been…not well.” 
His hands move to your hips as his brows pull together. “You’re sick?” 
“No, I mean…my head. It’s silly. I should have just told you. I saw a photo, and I spiralled. I just feel so gross sometimes and when you touch me… I just—”
“You don’t like me touching you?” 
“I do. I love you and I love how you’re always touching me. I just have had a bad few weeks, it’s not about you. I just…haven’t been feeling good about myself. I should’ve told you instead of pushing you away.” You lean forward to press yourself against his chest, his arms wrapping around you properly for the first time in weeks. “I’m sorry,” you mutter again. 
“Can we…just stay like this for a bit?” he asks, arms tightening a little. 
“Mm, as long as you want,” you whisper, reaching up to stroke the hair at the back of his head.
By the time he releases you, the food is mostly cold. You don’t leave his lap, each of you taking turns feeding each other a little of the food on his plate. He doesn’t say much, a small compliment on your cooking, a little small talk. 
“Are you tired?” you ask, rubbing small circles into his upper back. 
“Are you?”
“Why don’t you shower while I clean up? I’ll be in soon,” he says, helping you off his lap so he can stand. 
“I can help, it’ll be done quicker.” 
“I’ve got it.” 
You try not to let your worry show on your face. He was clearly still feeling down, the air felt thick with everything left unsaid. “Alright,” you mutter, pressing one quick kiss to his cheek before leaving the room. 
Tumblr media
You pull the covers up over your shoulders, anxiety building in your chest as the sound of his electric toothbrush stops. You couldn’t go to sleep with everything up in the air like this. You had to make sure he had no doubts about how you felt about him. He didn’t deserve this. 
You quickly shut your eyes just as the bathroom door opens. Coward, you chastise yourself. The bed rocks as he climbs in next to you. Usually he’d wrap himself around you, lips pressed to the skin at your shoulder. Not now. Now he settles on his side of the bed, the gap between you feeling much greater than the few centimetres it was in reality. 
You suck in a deep breath then open your eyes, rolling over to face him. You meet his eyes in the soft light, hoping the right words will magically come to you. They don’t. So you move instead, shuffling your body closer to his. When you press your lips to his softly, he doesn’t react, letting you kiss him but taking no active role. The anxiety in your chest transforms into panic. You push his shoulder so he’s on his back, climbing over him. You press your lips to his again, feeling frantic. 
His arm wraps around you and then he’s sitting up, taking you with him. He pulls his lips from yours. “Stop,” he whispers, “Please.” 
You lean back, chest heaving. He looks pained. “Did I hurt you?” 
He looks up quickly, eyes flicking back and forth between yours—like he doesn’t understand your meaning. You consider your words. You’d meant just now but… of course you’d hurt him. You’d been hurting him for weeks. 
“You don’t need to do this,” he says finally. “I don’t want this if it’s not what you want.” 
“This?” you breathe, heart racing. He didn’t mean…the relationship? Your eyes sting from holding back your tears. 
“You’re trying to—I mean I don’t want this right now. Not after I pressured you into telling me what was wrong. If you don’t want me touching you, right now…it’s okay.” 
“I do, I do want you to touch me. I-I cooked all afternoon because I’m too stupid to figure out how to just tell you with words. I miss you,” you pause, catching your breath. “I miss you and I love you. I love you so much.” 
“Don’t say that.” 
You frown. “But—”
“You aren’t stupid.” Oh, that. “It’s okay to feel a little down about yourself sometimes. I-I struggle with that, too. Just…talk to me about it, yeah? I just…I want you to tell me so I know…I know you’re okay.” Your tears finally break free, all the tension leaving your body as he speaks. “So I can tell you how beautiful you are to me,” he finishes. 
You struggle to speak, overwhelmed. Finally you manage to gasp out, “I’m sorry.” 
He pulls you into his chest, hand moving up your back to rub gentle circles. Much like you’d done for him earlier. “You’re okay. We’re okay. I know it’s hard,” he soothes. 
“I didn’t realise at first, I-I was distracted. I didn’t realise I was pushing you away.” 
“Shh, it’s okay. You don’t need to say anything else. I got you.” 
You pull back from where your head rests against his shoulder, looking into his eyes again. “You believe me though, don’t you? You know I love you. You said… earlier you said—”
“I know,” he whispers, “You might not have touched me much recently but… you showed me you love me in your own ways.”
“I did?” 
“Mm, you never stopped making me breakfast, or putting my towel in the dryer for me while I showered,” he smiles. “Even asking me how my day was, you never miss a day. I was waiting for you to tell me what was wrong. I just…I had a hard day and I…usually when I have a day like today I can come home and hold you. I just—I needed you today and I let it overwhelm me. Then I thought I’d pressured you into telling me when you werent ready…” He runs his hands up and down your arms. “...into touching me when you weren’t ready.” 
“I am ready,” you whisper before pressing your lips to his again. This time he’s responsive, his hand coming to rest at the back of your neck so he can guide you. You can taste his toothpaste and a little saltiness from your tears. 
“You sure?” he mutters between kisses. 
“Mm, sure,” you answer, pushing him onto his back. He lifts your nightgown up as you kiss him, forcing you to pull away for a second so he can pull it over your head. He pulls you down against his bare chest, skin to skin. 
His arms are wrapped around you, holding you tightly against him. He mutters into your mouth, “Feel you…feel…more…” He sounds desperate, like he’s finally let go of whatever he was holding back. Some of the guilt seeps back in. 
“I love you,” you tell him again. He moans into your mouth as he his hips lift off the bed a little, grinding up into you. You weren’t used to having him underneath you like this. He usually liked being on top, hovering over you as he filled you. Apparently that wasn’t what he needed right now, he was making no attempt to change positions. He just keeps grinding up into you, muttering into your mouth as he works himself up. 
You attempt to pull back a little so you can reach down and help him take his sweats off. He holds tight, trapping you against him. “Just for a second,” you whisper against his lips. He shakes his head, reaching down to free his cock from his waistband—not bothering to pull his pants down anymore than he has to. He aligns himself up against you then resumes his grinding, his bare cock brushing up and down your cunt with his desperate movements. 
Usually, you’d tease him for being so needy. But right now, you just want him to feel good. He deserves to feel good. So you press your lips to his neck and let him hold you tight, let him take what he needs. It isn’t until he’s practically panting that you take some control, pushing up a little so you can reach back and guide him to your entrance. He looks completely out of it, like he could have just kept fucking himself against you and wanted for nothing else in the world. You watch his face as you push back against him, his tip pressing inside slowly. You want to savour it, having been without him for so long. You barely get half way down his cock before he pulls you back down against him and thrusts all the way in. 
You gasp, breath knocked from your lungs at the sudden fullness. He’s still, one hand coming to hold the back of your head. “Alright?” he asks, sounding equally breathless. 
“Mm,” is all you can offer him for now, focused on the way he’s stretching you—how it feels to have him this close to you again. He’s only still for a few more moments and then his hands move to grip your hips, giving him the leverage his needs to begin fucking up into you—desperate again. 
“Missed you,” he breathes out, practically panting as he pulls you up and down his cock to meet his thrusts. 
You want to tell him you missed him too, that you love him so much, that you’re sorry for pushing him away—but you can’t. You can’t speak, or think. You’re just feeling. The feeling of his hands gripping your hips, his breath against your mouth, his cock fucking you full.
“So perfect,” he mutters, pressing a messy kiss to your mouth—both of you too fucked out to attempt anything other than messy and desperate. His words sink deep into you, knowing that at this moment he’s really just saying whatever comes into his head. That he means it. You attempt to catch your breath, to focus on getting the words out you need to tell him—but then he fucks into at an angle that makes you blank. You collapse, head falling into his neck as you whine. He keeps fucking into you as you come down from your high.
“Got you,” he pants, “Gonna—Gonna fill you.” He pulls you down hard, cock buried deep inside as you feel him lose himself—his deep groan filling the room. It’s messy, his cum spilling from you as he pulls himself free just to fuck his tip back into you again. He whines as he overstimulates himself, cock slipping through your folds as he grinds against you a little again.
When he finally stills, you expect him to relax—for his arms to loosen around you. They don’t. He holds you tight as you both catch your breath, like he’s afraid you’ll just get up and leave him. You lift your arms up to slip under his neck, silently reassuring him. You’re staying. He loosens his hold a little, muscles relaxing. 
“Think you’re perfect, too,” you say, finally. “I need you, even when I was pushing you away, I needed you.” You lift your head to meet his eyes. His cheeks are red, his hair sticks to his forehead. You pull one hand from behind his neck so you can brush it aside. 
He smiles, one of his full smiles—dimples making a welcome appearance. “Yeah?” 
Tumblr media
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ppiri-bahng · 2 months
making grabby hands at them when you’re sleepy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i. skz x reader
ii. fluffy
iii. @meowmeowisdaname @h0neydewmoon @snow-pegasus @starlostseungmin @spicyfrogbrain @venustired @chriscentric @l3visbby @abiaswreck @septicrebel (if you aren’t here it’s cause i couldn’t tag you)
Tumblr media
you do it often to him but it still makes his heart flutter nonetheless
“does my baby need cuddles?”
he laughs when you press your face against his neck, clinging onto him so that he can’t escape
“don’t worry y/n, i’m not going anywhere.”
he just blinks at you for a moment before making his way over to you
slips himself into your arms before peppering your cheek with multiple kisses causing you to giggle
“stop being so cute,” he whines as he presses his face into your neck, “it’s not good for my heart.”
he would actually coo at you
changbin thinks you’re so cute like this, all sleepy and in need of his attention
would pull you into his lap and let you cuddle up against him
“you have no idea how cute you are do you?”
the minute you make grabby hands at him he’s diving into bed
he’ll rest his head on your chest, allowing you to wrap your arms and legs around him
“I told you not to wait up for me my love. Look how sleepy you are,” he’d whisper before pressing a kiss right above your heart.
“couldn’t sleep without you,” you pout.
if it was possible he would be in a puddle on the ground
you look so cute cuddled up on the couch and reaching out to him
he’d whine before falling into your open arms, pressing soft kisses against your lips
“my sleepy baby you’re so cute. you want my cuddles hm?”
giggles like actually giggles
finds the gesture so cute especially the soft pout on your lips
you don’t even have to say anything more to him he’s instantly in your arms
“you’re so cute you know that right?”
he’d tease you about it for sure
even though he finds the gesture endearing he has to have a little fun with you
“awe you want me to cuddle you baby?”
it’s when you whine and pout that he finally gives in, falling into your arms as you happily cuddle up to him
he gives you the softest smile
his eyes would turn into crescents as he approached you, gently brushing your hair back
“are you tired my love? do you want me to cuddle you?”
before you can answer he’s slipping beneath the covers and pulling you against him, allowing you to get comfy before the two of you fall asleep in each others arms
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lotus-dly · 3 months
Tumblr media
i. dad!chris x gn!reader
ii. dad fic, fluffy, slight angst
iii. Reblogs help to boost works on this platform not likes! If you enjoy this fic please reblog, it would be greatly appreciated!
Tumblr media
Dating Chris had a lot of perks. Of course you could spend hours talking about everything that you loved about being with him. However, one of the best things had to be his daughter. The little bundle of joy that was a carbon copy of her father, from her looks to her sense of humor, she resembled him in every way. Without realizing it, she had quickly wormed her way into your heart. Saying that a six year old was your best friend might have been odd but it was true. Ellie had latched onto you quickly and you in turn had done the same. 
Not to mention Chris was more than happy that the two of his favorite people were getting along. It had been three years now since you and Chris had started dating. Since then you had moved in with them and had been given the opportunity to watch Ellie grow. Every waking moment spent in the father-daughter duo’s presence had been more than a dream come true. 
Just the three of you against the world.
The warm summer air caressed your skin as you relaxed atop an old picnic blanket, watching Ellie skip around the park. You couldn’t help the smile that kissed your lips at the sight of her dark brown curls bouncing as she played and the small dimples that appeared as she waved happily to a puppy being walked nearby.
You sighed as you watched her play, wishing Chris was here to spend the day with the two of you. However, it was always nice to spend some one-on-one time together with Ellie.
You smiled to yourself as you recalled the events that had taken place earlier. 
You just so happened to have the day off and you and Chris had planned on spending your day at the park with Ellie. However, Chris was called into work suddenly, which meant that he wasn’t able to join the two of you.
“Me and Y/n day,” Ellie had cheered at the news, pumping her fists as she did a little dance causing you and Chris to both break into a fit of giggles. 
He tried to act hurt despite his laughter at the sudden celebration, arms crossing over his chest as he began to pout.
“I can’t believe that you are celebrating the fact that I can’t join the two of you. I’m hurt,” he exclaimed as he dramatically clutched his heart.
“Y/n and I need some big people bonding time!"
“Ahh, I see,” Chris nodded back as he squatted down in front of her small frame. 
“Am I not big people?”
Ellie thought for a minute, bringing one finger to rest against her chin as her other hand remained on her hip. However, before she had the chance to answer, Chris’s fingers were digging into her belly–sending the child into a fit of laughter.
“I hope you enjoy your big people bonding time,” Chris dramatically sniffed, after he had finished tormenting the child with tickles.
Ellie laughed as she threw her arms around his neck. 
“Don’t worry Daddy! Once you come back we can have big people bonding time too,” she tried to cheer him up as she placed a wet kiss against his cheek. 
Chris in turn blew raspberries onto the little girl's cheek and neck causing her laughter to echo once more throughout the apartment. You couldn’t help but to sit back and watch the two of them, a deep sense of fondness blooming inside of you at the sight. 
“Y/n, Y/n,” Ellie called, pulling you from your thoughts as she rushed over to you.
Her curls fell into her face as she plopped down next to you. Reaching out, you attempted to tame the unruly tresses that fell into her eyes but ended up failing. 
“Did you see? Did you see the puppy," she was bouncing slightly with excitement, her big brown eyes staring up at you. 
Gosh she looked so much like him.
“Yes sweetie,” you laughed as you let your hand caress over her hair. 
“It was a very cute puppy.”
She nodded happily, reaching out to the bag of grapes had placed in front of you.
“Do you think daddy will let us get a puppy,” she asked as she chewed on the fruit.
You hummed before retracting your hand from her head.
“I don’t know. We’ll have to ask him when he gets home.”
Ellie nodded excitedly as her eyes flickered around the park, eyes shining as she spotted another dog. 
“Puppy,” she exclaimed happily as she stood, taking off in the direction of the dog.
You shot up from the blanket, quickly following the child as she made her way across the park towards an older lady and her dog. You gasped as you came to a stop in front of them, watching as Ellie happily bent over to pet the excited puppy. 
“Ellie! You can’t just run off like that,” you scolded softly, watching as the little girl pouted slightly. 
“Sorry,” she mumbled as she continued to pet the small dog.
Your eyes met the older woman’s as she looked between the two of you fondly. You bent your head mumbling a quick apology to the lady but she shook her head. 
“It’s fine dear, really. He loves kids,” she assured you, watching Ellie giggle as the dog began to lick her hand.  
A moment of silence passed between the two of you as you both watched Ellie play with the animal.
“Is she yours?”
You froze in place, suddenly taken back at the lady's words. Ellie seemed to perk up at the question as she stood from her squatted position, slipping her little hand into yours. A big smile made its way onto her face as she looked up at you. 
“I–uh,” one look at Ellie’s big awaiting eyes and the words had left you before you had time to process.
“Yeah, she is.”
The older lady smiled at you, although a little strained as if she was sensing your internal conflict. 
“Come on Ellie,” you tug softly on the child’s hand.
“We should get going. Daddy should be home soon.”
At that, Ellie was quickly waving goodbye to the older lady and leaning down to give the puppy one last head pat. As you watched Ellie skip back to your picnic set up you tried to ignore the weight that settled in your chest as you recalled the words you had uttered only moments ago.
Your mind was occupied the rest of the evening with the events that had taken place that day. You didn't realize you had been drifting off into space until Chris had asked you if something was wrong. The same feeling from earlier had began to bubble in your chest once again.The two of you had never talked about you officially becoming a second parent to Ellie. Chris had never brought it up and neither had you. Your heart twisted in your chest as you felt like you had gone behind Chris’s back, had done something irreversible without asking if it was alright or not. But you recall the way Ellie had looked at you in that moment, like she was waiting for you to accept her as yours–as if she had been waiting for you to do so. The rest of the day Ellie had seemed over the moon but even with how happy she was, you knew deep down you had to talk to Chris.
When Ellie is tucked into bed for the night and Chris returns to the living room, that’s when your tears finally begin to fall.
“Baby,” Chris’s voice is filled with concern as he kneels in front of you, taking your face into the palms of his hands. 
“I’m sorry,” you gasp out, the apology falling from your lips repeatedly.
Chris gently shushes your cries, shifting his position to sit next to you on the couch so that he could properly take you into his arms. 
“Please tell me why you’re so upset my love.”
“I just—,” you cut yourself off with a hiccup.
“We we’re at the park today and Ellie saw a dog and ran after it and then this older lady s-she–.”
“Hey, hey breathe my love it's okay.”
You squeezed your eyes shut as you pressed your head further into his chest. With a deep, shaky breath, you told Chris what had happened.
“The lady, she asked if Ellie was mine and I-I—.”
You felt the warmth of Chris’s hand on your cheek, gently caressing the skin beneath your eyes as he wiped away your fallen tears. Your eyes fluttered open, still refusing to meet his gaze—too afraid of his reaction.
“The way Ellie looked at me with so much hope in her little eyes I just—I couldn’t say no Chris. I know I should have talked to you first before saying anything in front of her, I just—.”
“Baby you didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not upset with you.”
Your eyes widened, sniffing softly as you met his gaze. 
“But she’s your child Chris I can’t just—,” your words were silenced with a soft press of his lips against yours.
His eyes were swimming with emotion as he pulled away, thumb gently caressing your cheek.
“Ellie’s just as much yours as she is mine. I know we haven’t talked about it but I love you and I can see how much she loves you too. Sometimes I think she loves you more than me,” he pouts, earning a laugh from you as you weakly smack at his chest. 
“She’s ours Y/n, okay? So please,” he whispered as he rested his forehead against yours.
“Don’t upset yourself like this. The three of us have always been a family okay? Like I said, you’re a parent to her just like I am. You mean the world to her, to the both of us. I couldn’t ask for anyone more perfect to raise a child with.”
You let out another sob, this time not from sadness or fear but from the overwhelming love you felt as Chris confirmed all of your wants and desires. He held you as you cried, a few of his own tears finally escaping as the two of you shared a wet kiss, one filled with so much love and affection.
“We’re all yours my love. For as long as you'll have us,” Chris whispered against your lips. 
“Forever then?”
Something shifted in Chris’s gaze at your answer as he moved to claim your lips once more but he stopped suddenly, turning his attention to something–or rather someone behind you. 
You turned to find the little girl standing at the edge of the living room, rubbing her eyes sleepily before squinting in your direction. Chris stood, releasing you from his hold with an apologetic smile to which you shook your head in understanding. You watched as he approached Ellie, crouching down in front of her before ruffling the hair atop her head that mirrored his own. To say your heart didn’t swell at the sight of the two of them would have been a lie.
“What’s wrong bubby? Why are you up?”
Ellie turned her attention from her father to you, snuggling her teddy bear closer to her chest. 
“Want to be tucked into bed.”
Chris frowned as he looked at you before turning back to the little girl. 
“Daddy just tucked you in baby.”
A small pout formed on her lips as she turned her sleepy gaze back to her father. 
“I want you both to tuck me in.”
You had to blink away the tears as you stood, a smile making its way onto your face as you approached Ellie. 
“Let’s get you to bed sweetie.”
Ellie’s eyes lit up as she took your hand in hers, softly tugging you in the direction of her room. You turned to find Chris following the two of you, the look in his eye all too familiar to the one your gaze held when you looked at the two of them. Chris ended up reading a short story to Ellie at her request, making her laugh and giggle at his dramatic gestures and silly voices. You couldn’t help but to giggle at his little show, receiving a playful glare from him. Ellie had fallen asleep towards the end of the story, soft breaths leaving her as her chest rose and fell peacefully. You felt a brush of lips against your temple, turning your attention from the child to Chris. He didn’t have to say anything and neither did you. The look you shared was much more than words could ever say. 
The three of you were a family.
Always were and always will be.
Tumblr media
♡ taglist: @multifcndoms @tueblurtle @hauntedtreeface @lixesque @jisungsbff01 @softie00 @cb97i @chrissybang @leechanniee @zoe8stay @lenfilms @meowmeowisdaname @nightrayseishina @arraby2 @h0neydewmoon @starlostseungmin @snow-pegasus @seungly @venustired @bearseungmin @bluechans @sstarryoong
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charmercharm3r · 2 months
I dont know if you're taking requests but
Imagine camping with friends and SKZ are in the campsite next to you and you start flirting with chan or any of 3 racha and you end the night getting fucked in their tent or an a table or something
Idk I've never made a request .....
ooo I like the way you think... perfect timing with chan's birthday :3 hope you like it!
Camp Out
wc: 3.4k
Synopsis: You made some great friends on a trip you didn't even want to go on.
warnings: smut, sexual explicit content, unprotected sex (do not do this), mentions of exhibitionism, little bit of ass slapping, creampie
You should’ve never let your friends convince you to go camping. You hated the outdoors, at least living outside for a few days. It never seemed appealing, no hot shower, no running water, having to use nature’s bathroom. But still, they assured you that you’d have fun and that it’ll be great for making memories together. So reluctantly, here you are at a campsite.
Surprisingly, there were a few people around doing campy things like barbecuing and playing in the lake. Sure, it was nice for a few hours. Then the boys at the site next to yours came over, inviting themselves to your campfire for some s’mores. They’d introduced themselves as Jisung, Changbin, and Chan, cool guys. Probably had no idea what they were doing because their attire screamed city, just as yours did. None of you were prepared for camping.
You had to admit, you didn’t hate the new addition to your camping group, the three boys were quite easy on the eyes. Chan in particular caught your attention, finding his quick-witted jokes and curly hair to be rather endearing. He lingered around you, making conversation that felt so natural as if you’d been lifelong friends. It felt right to stick around him, maybe throw in a flirt here and there. 
Your now extended group laughed and had fun together until the sun went down, and you were forced to choose tents. Since there were four of you and three tents, one tent would be shared between two. It was just your luck that you got a tent to yourself— in the dark, in the middle of nowhere.
Chan and his friends were around when your group decided on sleeping arrangements. To keep the fun going, one of your friends invited them to move their site to merge with yours. How could they say no to a group of girls inviting them to sleep oh so close by?
Yeah, the boys were underprepared with only one tent for the three of them, not that they minded. They all seemed pretty close and the tent was a decent size. The tents were set up in a lopsided circle, the boy’s next to yours and you were thankful there was a few people stronger than you in case something happened.
Seeing your hesitancy to sleep alone, Chan offered you the baseball bat he kept in his car to accompany your measly pepper spray for protection.
“Don’t leave any food out, bears can smell it,” Jisung nonchalantly said, packing his leftovers into the sealed garbage bin. Your voice caught in your throat at the mention of bears possibly lurking around.
It was like Chan could read your mind. “Don’t worry, there’s no bears,” he whispered, nudging your arm gently and giving you a warm, dimpled smile. 
His words didn’t ease you. By the time the sun had completely set and everyone dispersed for the evening, you were practically shivering with anxiety. It didn’t help that no one else seemed to understand your worry. So you tucked into your sleeping bag with the bat within arm’s reach, unable to fall asleep.
Somewhere between tossing and turning and your mind racing with the different possibly exit strategies, a twig snapped outside and made you jump, causing a small squeal to escape your lips. Scrambling to slip your shoes on and a jacket, you clicked the flashlight onto the highest setting and grabbed the baseball bat. Your hands trembled as you unzipped your tent, hoping to get into one of your friend’s tents as quickly as possible.
Your feet stumbled onto the grass and the bat instinctively raised at ready position. Just as you turned to walk towards the other tents, another body moved and you jolted the bat back, winding up to swing.
“Whoa, whoa! Down, girl. It’s just me,” Chan said quietly, throwing up his hands in surrender. A relieved breath pushed past your lips.
“What the hell are you doing?! You scared the shit out of me.” Lowering the bat, you relaxed your stance and shone the flashlight in Chan’s face.
“Checking on you, I thought I heard you scream. Will you not point that in my eyes?” He squinted and covered his face from the bright LEDs, you muttered an apology and waved the beam around the floor. “Maybe I’ll let the bear eat you next time.”
Terror suddenly made your jaw chatter, “you wouldn’t.”
“Wouldn’t I?” Chan scoffed playfully, turning his back to crawl into his own tent.
“W— wait— Chan?” The unusual stutter of your words had him pausing, body half in the tent and half outside. He didn’t say anything, waiting for you to continue. “Will you stay with me?”
Blinking blankly, Chan stared straight ahead at you. He didn’t answer for a few moments, brain short circuiting because this person he’d just met a few hours ago was asking him sleep with them.
Well, not sleep with them— just sleep next to them. Shaking his thoughts out of the gutter, Chan nodded and secured his tent with his sleeping friends inside of it. You wrapped your arms around your body, scared as he made his way over to you. All he did was put his hand on the small of your back to guide you into the tent and you felt warmth instantly shoot through your body. 
“Oh wait, let me get my sleeping bag,” he said hushed as you were already getting back into your own. The thought of him leaving you alone was terrifying, making you reach out to grab his arm before he could leave the safety of your tent. There was a genuine terror in your eyes, making Chan nod and close the tent. “O— okay. Just hold on.”
The sleeping bag was expandable, knowledge you didn’t possess until he’d unzipped and rezipped it to fit two people. Chan waited for you to lay down first, unsure of what to do with himself because he’d only spoken to you this very same day. You faced away from him on your side, so he took that as a sign to lay on his back, unassuming in the way the back of your thighs touched his. He could feel your body warmth through his sweat pants, how were you so hot to the touch?
Against better judgement, Chan snuck a glance beneath the sleeping bag, seeing you in just shorts and a large shirt. He let out a deep sigh, and just as he did, your arm reached back, finding his. You pulled him to lay on his side behind you, draping his arm over your torso. His breathing hitched, holding it in until he was comfortably holding you.
Another glance below the covers, he took extreme notice of how closely your butt was to his crotch. Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, he thought to himself, imagining anything but your ass coming into contact with the half chub he was starting to involuntarily raise.
Your eyes were open, gripping tighter onto his arm and pulling him closer until you were flush against him, chest to your back and hips to your ass. Was it unnecessary? Sure. But Chan was hot, there was no denying it. And he seemed like he was the kind of guy that enjoyed saving the damsel in distress judging by how quickly he’d gotten up to see if you were okay when you screamed. He’d gotten into your tent with little to no convincing, it’d be a shame to pass up the opportunity to tease him a bit. 
His hand hovered over your stomach, unsure of where to touch, so you interlocked fingers, tugging him slightly upwards to rest just under your breasts. When you pushed your hips back just the slightest bit, you felt it. He was hard, incredibly so.
It was so unlike you, inviting a stranger into your bed. But maybe that was also what excited you. There were no strings attached, no feelings, you could enjoy yourself without having to worry about the aftermath.
That’s why when you heard Chan gasp at the contact, you didn’t stop. You pushed harder into his crotch and rubbed your ass over him, his grip on your hand tightening. The more you grinded back into him, the more confident he got, now absolutely sure of why he was here. So he propped himself onto his elbow, brushing your hair from your neck and leaning in, placing soft, experimental kisses to your skin. Unaware of his own neediness, Chan rubbed harder into your backside. 
The feeling of his lips ignited you and made the warmth in your stomach spread. He nipped at your neck again, growing hungrier and hungrier as his hips picked up speed. Turning your head just enough, you met his lips with the same fervor, only the sound of heavy breaths and the swapping of spit echoing in the tent. 
Chan untangled his hand from yours to bring it to the hemline of your shorts, tugging at them. It was rushed and slightly awkward, but you managed to get them down to your ankles. As soon as you did, Chan snuck his fingers towards your core, hot and wet from the second he agreed to stay with you.
His fingertips only grazed your clit and touch-deprived hole, making your body shudder. “Sensitive thing, aren’t you?” He whispered, voice deep with lust. You could only mewl in response, wanting more.
With the lightest touch, he flicked at your bundle of nerves, getting you to arch into his chest and whimper again. A dark chuckle erupted from his throat as Chan swiped some of your arousal, using it to spread over your pulsing mound. He played with you like this, legs instinctively spreading wider the more he rubbed circles into your clit with just the right amount of pressure, just the right speed. He alternated between gently biting onto your earlobe and whispering, “dirty girl. Letting a stranger touch you like this. You’re loving it, hm? Practically begging for me to fuck you.”
He pinched your clit between his fingers, getting you to moan louder. “Please,” the word all you could speak.
“You want that? Want me to fuck you here? Your friends might hear, y’know. They’ll know how badly you’ve wanted me all day.”
You mumbled an, “mhm,” followed by another moan.
“Use your words, baby. Tell me what you want.” He circled your entrance, your hips lifting to give better access. Though, he only teased you, running them around the outside and making a mess of your essence.
“Fuck me, Chan. I know you wanna, too.”
Caught, he let out a guttural growl, shifting slightly to bite into the crook of your neck and plunge his fingers into you. Three digits, he was knuckles deep in your cunt and leaving bruising marks to whatever skin he could get his mouth on. You could only lean further into his body and let your jaw drop, mumbling his name as the heel of his palm nudged your clit and fingers picked up speed.
“More, don’t stop,” you pleaded, failing to keep a lid on your noises.
His fingers curled just right, doing exactly as you asked and not stopping until you crumbled. Obscene squelching and wet noises filled the tent as you came, Chan rubbing his palm into your clit through your high.
When you came down, he pulled his hand away and brought his fingers to his lips, sucking on them and letting go with a pop.
“Tastes like heaven. You’re gonna have to let me get more than a sample next time, babe.” Want shot through you again at the thought of a next time with him, the thought of his plump lips and fat tongue on your cunt instead.
“Are you—“
“On birth control, yes. Now c’mon.”
In a hurry did he pull down his sweats, just enough to get his cock out. He lazily pumped himself a few times before running the tip through your sopping folds from behind, lifting your leg for better access. Holding up your leg and keeping himself propped up left Chan with no hands, missing and sloppily playing with your aching cunt. You reached between your legs, arching your back to get his cock to slide into you. And when he did, oh how your eyes rolled back and the lewdest of moans escaped. Chan had to shut you up by towering over and smashing his lips into yours.
He bottomed out in a matter of moments, your walls slick with arousal and orgasmic bliss. But he stilled, just feeling how you convulsed and sucked him in deeper with every clench.
“Move,” you urged, grinding your ass into his hips harder. The tip of his cock just barely brushed against your sensitive spot, but not enough. It was hardly anything and Chan was too lost in the heat of your cunt, so much so that you took it upon yourself to buck back onto him, fucking yourself on his cock while he relished in the way your body moved. 
It must’ve looked pathetic, how eager you were to come that you wriggled in his grasp to get him to screw you.
“Please,” you cried in a more desperate manner, voice rising an octave or two.
Chan took the hint, sitting up straighter and resting your knee in the crook of his elbow. He rocked his hips slowly, testing both yours and his limits. It was too gentle, too soft how he took you. There was no way you’d be able to come again like this.
“I said fuck me, Chan.”
His hips stilled, lodged in your pussy. “Hm, I don’t know, pretty girl. Beg me again.”
“I’ve been begging,” your voice grew broken, gone.
“Say please just one more time.” The teasing tone in his words made you want to curse him for even toying with you while he was balls deep. But no matter, you still caved.
“Please fuck me harder.”
A satisfied chuckle left his lips, messily peppering a few kisses to your keep and neck. “See, was that so hard?”
You groaned, playfully annoyed until he pulled out. The sudden emptiness made you whine. But Chan had another idea, gently guiding you onto your stomach and hiking just your hips into the air, back arching to the heavens and face planted in hell. His large hands smoothed over the area of your ass cheeks, placing wet kisses to your back where your shirt had ridden up. Chan hastily pulled his sweats lower to get more comfortable and took hold of his cock again, sliding in and filling you once more.
Upon your moans filling the space, he took both your hands and pinned them behind your back, using them as leverage to pull out and thrust back in hard. Your ass rippled when his pelvis collided, cunt tightening around his cock and making Chan’s eyes roll back.
“God, you’re a fucking sight to see,” he uttered, unsure of whether or not he really meant to say his thoughts out loud. 
Steady, solid pounds he left as you whimpered into the sleeping bag. Much to your pleasure, Chan had a mouth on him.
“This ass, been staring at it all day. Those fucking leggings, lord have mercy. Wanted to bend you over the picnic table and fuck you right there, in front of everyone.” His admittance to wanting you just as badly made you cry out louder. “You like that? Putting on a show for all your friends to see? I know my friends would die to see this ass up close. Guess they’ll have to settle on hearing you scream my name.” Chan brought his hand up, bringing it back down to leave a smack on your ass cheek. 
You groaned into the comforter again, biting on it to keep from making too much noise. However, Chan wasn’t having it. He pulled the fabric from between your teeth and swiped your fair from your face. “Don’t hold back, baby. Let them hear how good I’m making you feel. Make them wish it them getting to fuck you this good, that it was them getting to cream around my cock.”
Cream, you did. Chan was fixated on it, the ring formed around the base of his cock every time he pulled and pushed into your quivering cunt. He couldn’t look away, too pleased with himself because it was proof of how good you felt.
Good was an understatement, you were fucking levitating. There was a numbness in your legs that could only have been caused by a good fucking, and Chan was there giving it to you. So yeah, you cried his name as he kept your arms bound behind you using only one of his large hands as makeshift handcuffs on your wrists, the other hand reaching around to circle your clit again. When the pads of his fingers made contact with the bundle of nerves, your body jolted forward, presenting your cream covered pussy even wider for Chan’s viewing pleasure.
Oh, did that sight go to his head. His hips stuttered deep into you, head falling back as he let himself breathily moan your name. The pause he put on finishing each other off was only for a moment, because then he stole his hand from your clit and pushed into the top of your ass, signaling for you to lay flat on your stomach.
That position was the beginning of his end. As soon as you were how he wanted, the build up of cream spread further up your ass cheeks, covering them as he somehow slid deeper into you. 
“Fuck,” he let out a deep sigh, letting go of your wrists. Chan took your hands with him as he leaned over your body, wanting to hold onto you somehow.
When he started to hammer into you again, your ass jiggled even more, slapping sounds bouncing off the waterproof fabric of the tent. If water couldn’t get in, then it couldn’t get out. The both of you were a sweaty, sticky, creamy mess, unable to get enough of one another. Chan’s hips practically bounced off your ass with every thrust, keeping a steady rhythm until his balls grew extremely heavy. 
“C— close,” you managed to mumble as your brain grew hazy with every smack of his skin on yours.
“Just a little longer, baby. Fuck, you’re so wet, so tight. So fucking good for me.” His assault didn’t cease, but it did get sloppier. 
His rhythm faltered, speeding up and turning into shallow thrusts to constantly make your butt ripple and the head of his cock nudge into the sensitive spot inside you. A few more minutes, a few more rough slaps of his big hand smacking against your skin, the smell of sex filling the tent and now both your and Chan’s pleasure filled moans probably scaring away every animal within a few yards of the campsite. He couldn’t stop, you felt too good around him, your pussy was begging to milk him dry. 
“Gon— gonna cum,” you whimpered breathlessly, hiding your face Chan’s hand that kept his weight up next to you. Your cunt squeezed and released at a relentless pace around his cock, spurring him into a frenzy to reach his release.
“Go ahead, pretty girl. Let go, cream real good on my cock.” His permission allowed for you to relax into the pleasure, let it wash over you for a second time and bite into Chan’s wrist to muffle your moans— not that it did any good. You cried his name as white took over your vision and body turned into jelly beneath him. 
Limbs weak, you let Chan continue to pound into you from behind until he found his peak as well, burying into you with a deep sigh and soft call of your name, walls spasming and welcoming his seed.
Heavy breaths, Chan collapsed onto you, trying and failing not to let all his weight press you into the ground. Even though you were both a sweaty mess, he still found comfort in kissing the back of your neck, rubbing soothing circles into your hand and hip, cock still plugging your hole to keep his sperm from spilling out. 
“Probably don’t have to worry about bears anytime soon,” he mumbled into your skin, eyes closing at the comfort of your body’s natural scent.
“The only bear in my tent just fucked me six ways to Sunday.”
Both you and Chan began to drift off, feeling content and full with his body acting as a blanket. Just as you were falling into darkness, Jisung’s voice called out, “Hope you’re both done scaring the animals and traumatizing your friends.”
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