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the best joke i ever heard 馃槀
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鉂冿笌 random jeongin gifs [2/鈭瀅
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Jeongin: Hey, if I ask you a boy question, do you promise not to be weird?
Minho: I promise.
Jeongin: So there鈥檚 this guy, Beomg-
Minho, firmly: You can do better.
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2022 MAMA | Thank You Stage - I.N 馃崬
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I.N 馃巵 24 to 25 MV (feat. bang chan and hyunjin) my favorite innies 1/?
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[200705] god's menu / I.N
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漏 candy cane ww | do not edit and/or crop logo
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Tumblr media
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Bangchan: Where are you two going?
Jeongin: To Haechan's.
Beomgyu: Johnny let's us vape. Yeonjun took mine cause I kept blowing smoke in his face.
Minho: Jeongin!
Chan: Jeongin! You kn-
Minho: You know I'd let you guys vape here. I let you snort cocaine in the middle dinner didn't I? Go invite Haechan over.
Seungmin: Yeah that was a confusing birthday dinner.
Bangchan: Wait, what?!
Minho: I'll make jagerbombs for you and your friends.
Bangchan: What? Seungmin, Felix, Jeongin pack your things and come with me.
Seungmin: Nah I'm good
Jeongin: Me too.
Felix: I'll come with you.
Hyunjin: I heard there's a free room? I'll get my things.
Minho: Good, I always find him sleeping on the balcony.
Bangchan: You make him sleep outside?
Minho: Only once. He likes it out there. He's welcome to my bed but he said he doesn't like the look on my hands.
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Stray kids - anything christmas related?
Christmas With Stray Kids || GN!Reader
The two of you hadn't expected to get trapped in Korea for the holidays, your flight had been cancelled thanks to the weather and so had Chans leaving the two of you the only ones in the dorms. Not wanting to miss out on the holiday cheer, the two of you decided to decorate the entire living room with any decorations you could find and spent most of the day attempting to bake cookies from Felix's cryptic texts. The younger boy claimed he didn't want you to have the full recipe so he could still feel needed.
"I'm sorry Christmas wasn't what you were expecting this year," Chan mumbled before you rolled your eyes at him and shook your head.
"This is better than anything i would have been doing back home," You mentioned to him, pushing a piece of cookie into his mouth before sealing the deal with a kiss.
It was going to be your first Christmas together as a couple and it was safe to say that Minho was more than nervous about it all. He'd been texting back and forth with his mother all week long trying to make sure he had all of the cooking recipes he was going to need with him.
"Can I do anything?" You questioned, watching as your boyfriend rushed around your kitchen in a panic and you could have sworn there were beads of sweat beginning to form on his hairline.
"Can you check on the turkey?" He looked at you with pleading eyes, he had originally wanted to be the only one cooking but it was becoming clearer with every passing second he was going to need some help. You nodded at him, quickly pressing a soft and sweet kiss to his cheek and going to help him with everything.
It worried you how busy Changbin seemed to be lately, he seemed to be spending every waking second he had in the studio working on something. Something that was top secret and he wasn't letting you see. Christmas eve was here and he was finally home and yet it still didn't feel as though your boyfriend was with you.
"Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?" Your voice shook as you questioned him, you worried that maybe he wanted to end things between you and he just didn't know how to tell you.
"W-What? no...I just..." he sighs before pulling the headphones from his laptop and hitting the space bar. Before you could ask what he was doing music began to flood the room, and Changbin's soft vocals joined in.
"Its your Christmas present but-...i couldn't finish it in time," He mumbled sadly before you grabbed his hands and shook your head.
"This is the best christmas present in the world." You kissed him
Christmas was always spent with his family, the two of you would wake up early on Christmas morning so that the two of you could make breakfast for his parents wanting them to have a nice relaxing morning.
"Did you shape them like trees?" Hyunjin quizzed, titling his head to the side as he looked down at the pancakes that you were plating up for his parents.
"Yeah, and the toppings will be the decorations," You laughed softly and looked up at your boyfriend who was just staring at you with complete love and adoration in his eyes. Every second he spent with you he fell deeper in love.
"You know, we don't have to have a real tree," You told Jisung who was still struggling to get the massive tree he was "positive" would fit in your living room. Turns out, it was far too tall for it to even fit through the front door of your house.
"But that's the fun part," Jisung grunted, shoving with all his might but it didn't matter which way he pushed or even how hard the tree wasn't going to fit unless you chopped some off the top.
"I'll go and climb through the kitchen window and cut the top off?" You suggested while looking at Jisung who was now drenched in sweat and panting to himself,
"That sounds good," he huffed out, slouching down on the floor as you made your way to the back of your house.
In the lead-up to Christmas the two of you spent most of your time baking, deciding to give the gift of baked goods to those around you. That included your neighbours and friends and family which also meant a whole lot of baking. So much so that it was all you did apart from watching movies and sleeping early.
"I love baking but I'm so happy that this is the last lot," Felix sighed as he boxed up the final box of cookies and tied it together with a bow smiling proudly at you as you loaded them into a bag to carry around with.
"Me too," You put the bag by the door of your apartment and looked back at your boyfriend who had a bunch of flour all down his front.
"Before we go, lets shower." You suggested, slipping your hand into his own and taking him toward the bathroom.
The smell of burning filled the house as you and Seungmin looked down at the floor sheepishly, your landlord yelling over the phone at you. The two of you had decided to try and cook your own Christmas dinner this year but it hadn't exactly gone according to plan. The turkey was burnt so much it could be used as a hockey puck and the vegetables were all burnt to the bottom of their pans.
"I think Minho will have extra," Seungmin said as you hung up the phone and turned to look at him.
"Lets try and beg him to let us in," You laughed, both of you just thankful you hadn't physically burnt the house down and only burnt the food.
The two of you hadn't been sure how to spend the holidays, you usually spilt it every year. One year you would spend it with your family and the next it would be with his but both of your families were busy this year. Neither of you wanted to be the one to cook so it was spent ordering take out from any place that was open and spending the day cuddled up together.
"Do you want the last spring roll?" You questioned while waving it under his nose and giggling a little at the way his eyes tracked the piece of food.
"That's a yes," You whispered pushing it into his mouth and laughing as he grunted about how full he he was and you cuddled close to him, turning your attention back to the Christmas movie that was playing on the screen
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Jeongin: *holding a knife* wonder how much it would hurt to stab myself
Changbin: Jeongin, I think for everyone's safety I should ban you from the kitchen
Jeongin: fair
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him with curly hair and no makeup is absolutely adorable 馃槶 <3 .
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藲 嗉樷櫋鈰 3:06 a.m. 锝∷ 鉂聽
Tumblr media
a short minho pov: <3
I love eating out with colleagues and all, but sometimes it's just emotionally draining. Long unending conversations about topics that frankly don鈥檛 matter, asking about their wives and kids when I clearly had other things on my mind excruciatingly bored me. 鈥極ther things鈥 being the tingling sensation of her coffin tipped acrylic nails scraping over the thin fabric of my slacks, fingers resting on my thighs. Her voice silky soft as she compliments my work ethic to my supervisor, eyes batting at me, but all that goes from one ear out the other, her presence surging adrenaline straight downwards.
It's been too long, I needed her. Needed to feel her whimpering voice linger on my cock, fingers clawed against my thighs. Needed to feel her velvety walls wrapped around me, sucking me in, ascending moans holding my mind hostage for her own pleasure. Needed to feel the stream of juices running down my fingers as I bring her into a soaring realm of existence, and I鈥檒l lap it up, drunk on the elixir that is her. Need her, just her.
As the dinner concludes, we walk to our car, slamming the doors behind, as I turned on the heating and rested my head on the steering wheel, turning slightly to face her. Finally. Just the two of us.
鈥楳inho?鈥 she said with a slight tone of confusion, concerned for my lack of participation in the dinner conversation.
God damn, her voice, so sweet, as though it could leep and dance all the way around the sanity I merely had left from the dinner. 鈥榊eah my love?鈥 I replied, now raising my head from the wheel, placing my hand on the exposed part of her thigh, hooded eyes infatuated by the midnight blue satin fabric of her dress that made her shine so bright.
Her concern embers whens she sees the strained bulge against the zipper of my slacks. Our eyes met as something shifted in the air. All of a sudden, it was thick with tension, fogging my mind like the heater misting up the windows of the small vehicle.
Plump lips curling into a knowing smile, she whispered, 鈥楧on鈥檛 you want to know what鈥檚 under this?鈥 gesturing to the hem of her mini dress.
鈥榃hy don鈥檛 you show me, pretty girl?鈥 I breathe out, voice laced with urge, thirst, lust.
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽:聽.鈽 .聽:鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
minho's mama looks are making my head spin,,,
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jeongin on bubble
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漏 Stray Kids Japan
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