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Tumblr media
an email
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I'm on tiktok so u don't have to be anyway here's what hozier's up to
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This One Thing Made Alex Jones Stop Lying 
Alex Jones will have to pay millions to the parents of Sandy Hook victims.
Fox News might be on the hook for over a billion dollars after making bogus 2020 election claims.
It turns out there actually might be a way to stop the constant stream of lies coming from the right-wing media. How can we do it? Two words:
Sue. Them.
This won’t defeat the right’s media ecosystem overnight — but defamation law may prove to be one vital weapon in the battle against misinformation. Let me explain.
Alex Jones, you may recall, had used his website InfoWars to portray the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre as a hoax involving actors, aimed at increasing gun control. Parents of victim children sued Jones and his media company for $150 million — ultimately winning an initial settlement of $49 million.
Courts in Texas and Connecticut had already found Jones liable for defamation. And as a result, Jones’ parent company, Free Speech Systems, filed for bankruptcy.
Even though Jones lost this case and finally admitted that the Sandy Hook massacre was “100 percent real,” he’s probably not going to stop making harmful and deceptive videos anytime soon.
But this defamation lawsuit will serve as a warning to both Jones and others in the media who build their business models around spreading lies.
Like OAN.
One America News, a Trump-allied media organization that pushed conspiracy theories about the election, is facing so many defamation lawsuits from those harmed by the start-up network’s lies that its future is now in doubt.
Cable providers have dropped OAN like an extremist hot potato, and the network is now only available to a few hundred thousand people who subscribe to smaller cable providers.
Talk about cutting the chord.
Defamation lawsuits have also been filed against more established right-wing media organizations, like Fox News.  
Dominion Voting Systems, a maker of election information technology used widely across the country, is suing Fox for $1.6 billion over false claims they say the network knowingly made about its software following the 2020 Election.
The case could potentially be a huge financial blow to Fox, and serve as one of the most consequential First Amendment cases in a generation.
Again, to be clear, defamation litigation will not single handedly stop the rampant spread of misinformation taking over the airwaves and the internet. These lawsuits can take years and often end up being expensive, plus some of the media organizations peddling lies are bankrolled by conservatives with deep pockets and a radical agenda.  
It can also be abused, and in some cases, pose potential threats to the free press. Although, if news outlets are alerted to errors and correct them quickly, defamation shouldn’t be a problem.
But at a time when social media companies clearly can’t be trusted to moderate themselves against weaponized lies — and elected officials have done little to step-in — the courts might be the best avenue we have to take on manufactured deception and put it to rest.
Where other methods to counter half-truths and exaggerations being spewed by Fox News and their ilk have failed, defamation law might make companies think twice before they knowingly spread falsehoods — and help stop the vicious cycle of lies, clicks, and profits that further divides our country.
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Tumblr media
A new PV for cour 2 will be debuting tomorrow (30th September) at 18:00 JST, so get your alarms set!
Pre-warning as there will be potential minor spoilers of what’s to come for the remaining episodes of TIGER & BUNNY 2.
Are you ready?
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Who at the MPL office edited this? I just want to talk.
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ig: @larasilva
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cigarettes after sex ✌🏻
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you can watch it in video form too but it would take like 9 minutes
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Fellow Yidden... we were robbed. This is so good. And so much better than what the show ended up with.
(And the notion that it was “not sufficiently relatable” is how you can tell that Fiddler was really not written for a Jewish audience. This is quite possibly the most relatable song I have ever heard in my entire life.)
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Esquivo 10 golpes
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Tumblr media
A round up of all the TIGER & BUNNY 2 related news that was released today! First, the most important news, we have a new trailer for cour 2! A reminder that the final set of episodes (14-25), will be releasing on October 7th (yes just 1 week away!) @ 4pm JST - worldwide over on Netflix.
If you haven't seen the trailer already, check it out here:
Next, the cast watch parties, hosted by the troublesome buddy duo - series' seiyuu Hiroaki Hirata (Kotetsu) and Masakazu Morita (Barnaby), will be making its return, with hopefully more cast/staff guests!
The first watch party will be streamed live on the 7th October at 21:00 JST over on the BNPictures Youtube (note - this is most likely to be region locked again). This will then follow with weekly Saturday streams for episodes 15 - 24 at the regular time of 21:00 JST, from the 15th October onward. The final watch party for episode 25 will be hosted on Christmas Eve (also known in the fandom as BUDDY REUNION DAY) on the 24th December!
We hope that Anime Netflix will continue to translate these episodes for us and release them a week after they air, like the 1st batch of episodes.
Want to catch up on the past watch party shenanigans? Check out this handily put together playlist which contains all the episodes so far!
Tumblr media
Moving on, the 2nd Blu-Ray cover art and slip case box art has been released, featuring Rock Bison and Origami Cyclone! The art on the left was drawn by series' main character designer, Masakazu Katsura, whilst the art on the right is by one of the series' main key animators, Mika Yamamoto!
Tumblr media
This will have 3 episodes, along with many special features:
>Cast watch party episodes 4 (special guest Inoue Gou - Keith Goodman/Sky High), episode 5 (special guest director Mitsuko (Atsuko) Kase) and episode 6 (special guest Mariya Ise - Pao-lin Huang/Dragon Kid).
>TIGER & BUNNY 2 -Precious EVE- night performance recording
>Making of T&B2 Part 3 : Behind the scenes of 'Style 3' hero suit production! (Long ver.)
>Making of T&B2 Part 4 : Infiltrate behind the scenes of "Taibani 2" recording! (Long ver.)
>Special booklet (16 pages)
and a special audio drama CD! Drama #2 "From a Former Hero Academy Student" - summary of the story:
"Ivan is asked to be the MC for a radio show featuring only heroes from the Hero Academy, and he goes to see Edward to prepare a story for the show. On the day of the recording, however, things take a turn that Ivan never expected."
Tumblr media
And finally, there will be a Greeting Event held in Japan, to celebrate Barnaby's birthday on the 30th October! The special Barnaby Birthday Party live stream over on Twitcasting will also be delivered on the same day!
Plenty of exciting things to look forward to over the upcoming months. Not long to go until the 7th October, get emotionally prepared!
Source: TIGER & BUNNY Twitter
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CoCo performs “Hanbun Fushigi,” 1990.
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