leidensygdom · 2 days
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Salros, a warlock tiefling with starry motifs all over, as a commission for @/stillplayinghouse!
This picture has taken me months to get done but I think I'm really pleased with the result, despite how challenging it was! Salros is just a perfect match for my usual aesthetics  I got to designs some new bits for the character, such as the coat and the book, which I did have a lot of fun with! Also, Salros has some drow blood in him, which means it also counts for day 2 of drowcember (Arcane)
As always, comments and reblogs are all much appreciated. This was a particularly hard picture to get done, so any support goes a long way!
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Vanitas by Eleonora Fristachi
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house-ad · 5 days
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devilbooru · 2 days
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arttla · 2 days
I'm a newer follower so I guess the big thing would be what OCs do you have? Or if you have many which are your favorite?
Yeah here's a bit of an introduction to the characters you might see me drawing.
These guys are relatively new so I'm still comin up with ideas for em. They're like a trio of pals that do odd jobs (crimes).
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Chloe - current fav. love this bitch
transfem devil girl
a bit of a goblin, sometimes a gremlin
paints stripes on her horns with nail polish
Mona - the gender devil
smug and very tall, maybe 7'
well studied magic user
been friends with Chloe since childhood
scarred physically and emotionally
is actually affiliated with organized crime
street smart but kinda dumb
would take a bullet for his pals (probably already has)
These three are basically my focus at the moment for original character art. I'd like to do some kind of work to flesh them out and the world they live in. idk what that would be though
I've also got this handful of Oni characters that kinda linger from when I was more japan/anime obsessed. I'm not really doing japanese yokai characters anymore but I'm still rather fond of these guys and their cozy mundane lives.
Tumblr media
Aoi - The earliest character design here. Been drawing her since 2014
big lazy blue oni, like 7' tall
biggest sweetheart of the bunch
works from home and sits around in her undies all day
huge fan of booze
Kenta - A dude I made to pair with Aoi, they live together
anxious and terminally tired red oni 6'
works some kind of low level desk job
does all the cooking
rope bottom
Ume - Grumpy tsundere tomboy type
athletic purple oni 6'1''
sports bras and spandex shorts galore
hard crushes on both aoi and kenta
Ren - The punk-ass goth one (whore)
smug gay purple oni? 6'6'' maybe
partnered with kyou, they live together
rumor has it that he's actually a devil that somehow lost his tail
likes to stay out late
Kyou - Some kind of femboy(not racist)
fem presenting blue oni, as tall as ren if you count the horns
freelance model (also works some kind of onlyfans equivalent)
looks soft but is actually kinda irritable
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hannahorca · 4 hours
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One of the Demon Lords
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1 2 3 4 5 
by Riana Moller
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house-ad · 5 days
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shpepyao · 1 day
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Moon Beast
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chained-demon · 2 days
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dinolich · 2 days
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“Drop to the pavement, knees hit the ground,  I’ll gladly kick you when you’re down!!!” -POISON POP inspired piece for the @QbombBand + @QPopshop show!
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thatdogmagic · 1 day
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I never posted this here, did I?
My half of an art trade with @bowelfly, in which the marvelous tiefling Spike brings top tier DID ANYONE ORDER A PIZZA vibes. :D
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notpikaman · 4 days
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missbetelgeuse · 3 days
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Familiar's Perch
Velo claims all your candy as part of your demonic pact [Halloween 2021]
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yanavaseva · 2 days
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Long time no see...
I spent an inordinate amount of time on this. Almost everyone in the scene has been in a previous picture. She has wings this time (that's not even her final form) because she's feeling inspired and inspirational. Don't worry about the stabbed guy, he'll probably be back in a couple hundred years. Or maybe that's the worrying part. Broadly speaking, he is a minor demon that is constantly attempting to influence people into unhealthy behaviors based on personal insecurities and feelings of discontent, though not the kind that our characters have in particular, so with no way of influencing them he's left raging at them.
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devilbooru · 3 days
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😈 source CeNanGam
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byelacey · 1 day
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sharing this panel from my comic's latest update because i came up with the room sort of floating away at the last second and had a fun time with it
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hannahorca · 1 day
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Aspectus 👁
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