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They're on a date
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"oh my god you're such a fucking idiot" but like emdearingly.
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squad-of-idiots · 2 days
Bakugou: *watches seasme street with the kiribaku kid*
The TV: rocks don't have feelings!!
Bakugou: fuckin' bitch
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kristxrt · 2 days
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finished it :p
(click for better quality cuz tumblr messed it up)
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nooepkt · 16 hours
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ArtvsArtist fanart edition hehe ✨
It’s a lot of Kirishima & Bakugo 😉🤜🏻🤛🏻 + my fave while I was wearing a sixties make up hhh
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Screenshot redraw
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Bakugou: you're like an angel with no wings
Kirishima: so like.. a person?
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Are they.... yknow?
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the fursona
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taliamamane · 1 day
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kirishima and bakugou haven't spoken since their argument last week and kirishima got hit by a doggy quirk. kiri is mad at bakugou but he loves him so much that his tail still wags furiously + his ears perk up every time bakugou walks in and he's sooooo mad about it
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catgrump · 2 days
'' if anybody were to kiss me... i would want that person to be you. '' '' i'm not a delicate flower. kiss me like you mean it. '' with kiribaku
Oh I had a lot of fun with this one.
The boys are in their second year at UA in a timeline where there’s no war hehe
In the middle of his side plank, one arm propping him up, Kirishima had the perfect view of Bakugo doing sprints on the training ground to warm up. God, Kirishima can’t help but ogle. He’s thought Bakugo’s hot for ages now.
They work out together at least once a week, and it’s something Kirishima always looks forward to. Sure, he works out on his own or with the class plenty, but he loves getting the chance to be with Bakugo one-on-one.
“You staring, shitty hair?” Bakugo called out, snapping Kirishima out of his trance.
“Ha!” Kirishima hoped his laugh didn’t sound too nervous, “Nah, man, just got lost in thought!”
Bakugo chuckled and started strolling over toward Kirishima, “I never thought there was a brain behind that shitty hair of yours,” Bakugo teased, smirking, “What’s on your mind, huh?”
How hot you are— “We got that dance coming up, man! You gonna ask anyone?”
Bakugo popped a squat next to Kirishima, sitting cross-legged casually next to him, “Psh, I don’t think so.”
“What? Why not?” Kirishima was hoping he could at least see Bakugo at the dance.
“There’s like,” Bakugo’s eyes focused up while he tried to think, “I dunno, expectations when you ask someone to go to a dance.”
“Expectations?” Kirishima just wanted answers to satisfy any disappointment at this point.
“Yeah like… it’s gotta be a date or something. And there ain’t many folks at this school I wanna kiss or whatever.”
Kirishima’s chest was tight with anxiety and the potential for heartbreak. “I mean,” he half-heartedly chuckled, “If anybody were to kiss me… I’d want that person to be you.”
And there was dead, deafening, agonizing silence. Kirishima couldn’t stand it. He had no idea what Bakugo was thinking. It could be anything, for crying out loud—
“Okay then; kiss me.”
“What?” Kirishima was dumbfounded.
“You gonna chicken out now?”
“Come on, Kiri, you say you wanna kiss me so bad—“
“Bakugo, what the fuck?”
“I thought I was hard of hearing here— did you not understand?”
“I heard you just fine—“
And Kirishima felt his entire body tremble as he slowly closed his eyes and leaned closer, carefully finally meeting Bakugo’s lips… it’s something he’s wanted to do for over a year now, and it almost feels like he was going to wake up from a dream any second now. Kirishima’s lips curled into a smile as he gently moved closer.
And then Bakugo pulled away. Kirishima felt his heart stop in his chest and his throat started to tighten. Was he doing something wrong? Does Bakugo—?
“I’m not some delicate flower. Kiss me like you mean it.”
Kirishima blinked a few times, stunned. He shook his head out then grinned, grabbing the collar of Bakugo’s gym shirt, and pulling him even closer. Kirishima hummed as their kisses were deeper, and he moved to be sitting in Bakugo’s lap. Bakugo responded by cupping Kirishima’s face, smirking through the deep kisses.
Then Kirishima took a risk. He gently nibbled on Bakugo’s bottom lip, and Bakugo grunted, pleased, and grabbed Kirishima’s hair, which only made Kirishima push Bakugo toward the ground.
Now Kirishima was overtop of Bakugo as Bakugo lay flat on the ground. Bakugo had a hand on Kirishima’s back as the other remained in his hair. They kept kissing, never minding being on the solid cold floor of the training ground. Kirishima chuckled between a few kisses and Bakugo smirked… it seems they both wanted this as much as the other.
And then they froze in their tracks as they heard the sound of the training grounds’ door open.
“DAMN I CANT BELIEVE I GOT YOU, BAKUGO,” Kirishima attempted to boisterously construct a lie, “You were SOOOOO sure you’d win that spar!”
“Woah woah woah,” Kirishima let out a sigh of relief as he recognized Denki’s voice coming from the door, getting off of Bakugo, “Did I really walk in on a spar or…?”
“Yes.” Bakugo stated firmly, getting up from the ground himself, “That’s all. He managed to… pin me down.”
Denki snorted out a laugh, “Yeah it sure looks like y’all had a good fun spar.”
Bakugo grunted and rolled his eyes, praying that Denki wouldn’t keep teasing them... he wasn't ready for this to get out just yet.
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orange-sunshines · 3 days
kiri and baku cuddling, full on cuddling, bakugo tucked neatly in kiri’s chest, kiri’s arms wrapped around his waist, when kiri says “we’re best bros man, this best friend thing is going to be forever, okay? you’re not getting out of it” and bakugo just lays there absolutely floored. he’s been trying to show kiri he likes him for a month now. he can’t figure out if he’s the stupid one or if it’s kiri
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lexandraws · 3 months
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cool blue
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Happy Birth Kirishima. <3
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