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physical affection ★ tokyo rev
Tumblr media
gosh. he never stops touching you. it doesn’t even have to be in a sexual way his hands are just always on you. his hands around your waist, arm around your shoulder, you sitting on his lap.
TAKEOMI ran mitsuya wakasa kazutora koko hanma
weird way of attachment on you: holding you by the back of your neck, resting his head on your shoulder and then bites it, massaging your hand, leaning onto you to the point you almost fall, all indirect but direct touching—
sanzu lol hakkai (timeskip) draken south rindou smiley seishu
gets shy about physical affection but he takes it any day. like he’d be taken aback when you hug him but he sinks into it and it lasts for hours.
chifuyu shinichiro takemitchi rindou angry
honestly you feel shy/scared to touch them but he wants it he wants it bad. he’d take initiative to show he’s okay with physical affection and slowly gets closer to you with brushing his hand on yours and slowly intertwines them.
baji MIKEY izana pehyan
Tumblr media
(not accurate just assumption) characters who’s love language is physical affection: ran, mikey, chifuyu.
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Tumblr media
a/n: I wanted to write something short and sooo here’s this
Hope you enjoy <3
reader is gender neutral!
characters: mikey, baji, chifuyu, kazutora, ran, and hanma
tw: cursing, obviously making out, hand-on stuff, etc.
Tumblr media
Mikey has two ways he’ll make out with you. The first would be a sloppy, clumsy make out where he’s half-asleep and just wants to kiss you. He’ll gently cradle your face and slowly, but surely sloppily make out with you. In the moment, you always giggle because you can feel his breath on your face, and you can see he’s practically asleep. It’s more of a sweet make out that anybody would love. The second way would be a more serious make out. He does these when he’s either really happy to see you or when he’s getting ready to go into a fight. He’ll pull you close and put all his feelings into one make out session. You can always tell what he’s feeling in these situations, and you always wrap your arms around him in return. Sometimes he nibbles on you lip, other times, he just stares into your eyes, sad to be leaving you. It really just depends on the day. Either way, it’s a nice feeling—making out with Mikey is. Then again, all Mikey-make outs are amazing.
 Baji is surprisingly shy when it comes to making out with you. Honestly, he’s afraid of making you uncomfortable, so for the first while, you’ll have to initiate. It may be awkward at first because you’ll both be stiff but once you get into the flow, everything’s alright.  He’ll happily pull you closer, and passionately kiss you. He always pours his feeling into it, especially because  this is one of the only ways he can get his feelings across when he doesn’t how else to communicate. I think in general, Baji would just love kissing you. He loves the passion, the connection you make when you kiss, and especially when you make out. He always pulls you as close as he can, and grip on the shirt you’re wearing. He usually gently nips against your lips because he loves how you squirm when he does it. Sometimes he’ll run his finger through your hair, very gently though. A lot of the time, Baji is just really gentle with you. After all, he doesn’t want to hurt you! Overall, Baji can be a little shy, but once he gets into it, making out with him is amazing. And trust me, he loves making out with you as much as you love making out with him!
 Chifuyu always super sweetly makes out with you. It’ll always start off with a conversation and mid-way through he’ll get distracted. He’ll just stares at you and your lips, so in love. Then he’ll go in for a make out, but he always ask permission first—always. The last thing he wants to do is make you uncomfortable, so he always asks you first. If you say, then he’ll gently pull you close and start off with a sweet kiss to the lips. He’ll almost always smile before he pulls back in for another. It’ll slowly get more intense and soon enough, you’ll be making out! He’s always so gentle, so sweet with you. But trust me, he’s not shy about letting a giggle or moan out against your lips. Sometimes he lets his hands wander or he lets his tongue slip into your mouth, but only when he knows you’re comfortable with it. He’s always so sweet and gentle with everything. He really is such a sweet guy, isn’t he?
 Kazutora is like Chifuyu, and he’s super gently and sweet everything. With him, everything comes on so naturally. Making out just sort’ve happens when it feels right. Of course, Kazutora always asks your permission first to make sure you’re comfortable. If you say yes, things will just naturally happen from there. He’ll pull you close and kiss you with an incomparable passion. He puts all his emotions into one kiss, as do you. And he’ll just moan against your lips. You always run your fingers through his hair, sometimes tugging at it because you know he loves it so much. He’ll let his hands wander, though he’s always gently about it. Everything he does is so gentle and passionate. It’s always so full of love. Kazutora just loves you so much and he loves showing it to you. And what better way to do it that make out with you?
 Ran being the smooth-talking bastard he is, has made out with a lot of people. But out of everyone, you’re his favorite. He loves everything about you, from voice to your touch. And trust me, he loves kissing you more than anything. He’s the type to tease you and take things slow on you, but trust me, he’s just as eager as you are. He just loves to see your reaction when he teases you. When he finally does give in and kiss you, he’ll be super passionate. He’ll pull you as close as he can and kiss you with so much emotion you know exactly how he feels. Sometimes, he gets a little rough with you and he’ll grab your ass and bring you as close as he can. He’ll slip his tongue in your mouth and happily moan. Other times, he just wants to casually, almost sleepily make out with you. It really just depends on his mood! Of course, if you’re rough, he’ll have no problem with switching from a casual make out to a serious make out. After all, he loves it when you’re rough. Overall, Ran can be a bit of an asshole, but he really is good at making out with you. After all, he knows exactly what you love!
 Hanma loves making out with you. And I mean LOVES. He’s the type to make out with you anytime, anywhere. He’ll happily run his hands all over your body and smirk against your lips. He always makes sure you know how much he loves being with you and kissing you. He’ll pull you into his lap and just bring you as close to him as possible. He’s really not shy. Of course, he always makes sure you’re comfortable. After all, all he wants to do is make you happy! He really just loves pleasing you. He loves hearing you giggly or moan because of something he does. Maybe it’s reassurance or his love for you, but he really does love making you feel good. Of course, if you just want a casual make out, that’s fine with him too. As lone as he gets to kiss you, he’s happy! After all, who wouldn’t want to kiss you?
Tumblr media
masterlist || reblogs are very appreciated <33
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
༊*·˚ COLLEGE CLICHES. featuring haruchiyo sanzu, manjiro sano, keisuke baji, ken ryuguji, takashi mitsuya.
∴ SYNOPSIS : sappy and stupid college cliches i think the tokyo rev boys would fit.
Tumblr media
∴ CONTENT : highschooler tries to write about college, fluff if you squint, this is a little silly, gn reader (no referring pronouns.)
∴ NOTE : if u would wanna see this with a few other characters feel free to lmk! hope u enjoy :]
Tumblr media
༉‧₊˚. HARUCHIYO SANZU — who is your lifeline in adv calc, when your teacher is the biggest asshole and neither of you are as good at math as you thought.
sanzu slowly rubbed over the skin on his face as his eyes danced between his computer screen and textbook, and he came to the conclusion he genuinely had wanted to just die right then and there. 
his professor was driving him absolutely insane; another old man with a stick up his ass, who he swore only took up teaching to make a bunch of college kids feel like idiots, and it didn’t help that he was shit at his job either. sanzu wasn’t built for school, let alone calculus, and every day he remained in that class he questioned what the fuck possessed him to take it in the first place.
he threw the cover of his textbook closed and picked up his phone, opening his messages to the only reason he hadn’t dropped the aforementioned course.
sanzu: this prof is fucked
sanzu: like seriously wtf is half of this shit
♡: switch courses i dare u
sanzu smirked down at his phone when you had responded so quickly.
you two had made an agreement upon meeting at the beginning of the semester, and quickly bonding over your regret for choosing adv calc; the first person to drop the course owed the other one $100. (a good chunk of money, considering you were both broke.) it was the start of a beautiful friendship, and an even more passionate shared hatred for the man you were meant to be learning under. plus, haruchiyo couldn’t deny that he enjoyed talking to you outside of complaints and 3am meltdowns over whatever the hell the derivative matrix was.
♡: or come study with me
♡: cus idk wtf im doing either
sanzu: switch courses i dare u
♡: kys come over
sanzu snorted to himself, swiftly turning around in his chair and throwing his belongings into his cross body bag. as shitty as his class was, at least he had met someone worth sticking around in it for.
sanzu: im omw relax
♡: can u get coffee on ur way
sanzu: what happened to please
♡: please haruchiyo my favourite man in the whole entire world
sanzu: drop calc with me and i will
♡: shut up tbh
it was worth a shot.
Tumblr media
— who hit a volleyball straight into your cranium and insisted he buy you lunch as an apology.
embarrassed was an understatement for what you felt.
it was like some terrible romcom, something you only see happen in movies with an unrealistic representation of what post-secondary school was actually like.
some blonde boy— one who you’re sure you could have gone your entire life without knowing rather peacefully— handed you a bag of ice, along with a neatly wrapped egg sandwich from the cafe he’d dragged you to.
“you sure your head is okay?” he watched as you pressed the cold plastic to the back of your skull.
“yeah, i don’t think it hit me as hard as it looked.”
“well, it did kinda knock you off your feet.”
you glared at mikey, and he had to stifle a laugh at the expression on your face.
“i’m sorry! you’ve gotta admit it’s kinda funny right?”
you used your teeth to unwrap some of the parchment paper and took a bite from your sandwich, at least the food was good.
“you nearly took my head off.”
“well it's less funny when you put it like that.”
you couldn’t stop the chuckle that slipped past your lips at how casual he was being, despite the context that you were two total strangers.
“seriously though, ‘m sorry. y’know i never would have hit you if i was playing soccer, volleyball is a shit sport anyway” the way he crossed his arms and pouted like a little kid was the slightest bit endearing. “i mean, why use your hands when your feet work so much better?”
maybe it was the spur of the moment, or the likely concussion giving you a skewed sense of judgement, but part of your brain was starting to like him.
mikey couldn’t explain it either, but a similar part of his brain was glad he had gotten the chance to meet you, though the circumstances weren’t ideal.
“hmmm…i dunno,“
he tilted his head at you, wondering where your sentence was headed.
“i think you’re gonna have to buy me lunch a couple more times to make up for it.”
mikey couldn’t help but smile, he poked your forehead.
“i must have hit you way harder than i thought.”
Tumblr media
— who always throws the best parties, but never actually enjoys them unless you show up.
the pounding on the door of your dorm was quick to pull you out of your focus, forcing your nose out of your books. there was only one person who would knock so aggressively at such an ungodly hour, and he’s lucky your desk chair was becoming uncomfortable and you were planning on getting up to stretch your legs anyway.
swinging the door open, there stood baji, hair tied loosely into a bun at the back of his head, and two coolers occupying each of his palms.
he handed one to you, you gladly took it.
“so this is what you’re doin’ instead of partying with me right now?”
keisuke followed you into your dorm, making himself comfortable on top of your bed, you sat on the free space beside him as you cracked open the can in your hand.
“i told you i couldn’t come like, three days ago.” he groaned at your answer.
“i didn’t think that meant y’would actually flake!” you chuckled as you sipped at your drink, eyes playfully rolling back.
“you’re gonna thank me when this exam rolls around and i actually have notes to give you.”
baji’s lips formed a tight line, he hated when you were right.
“what’s the big deal if i didn’t go? literally almost half of campus showed up at your dorm hall anyway.”
he groaned again, yet louder this time, sitting up so he could open his own drink. he reached his free hand out to flick you right in the tip of your nose, earning a quiet ‘ow..’ from you.
“cus it’s lame when you don’t come around!! and who else is gonna take care of me after i blackout huh?” he took a long swig from the can in his fist.
“how about you go drink your body weight and i’ll come get you in an hour?” although the offer was tempting, and you could see keisuke consider it for a moment, he shook his head and flopped back down on your bed.
“nah, rather chill with you anyway.”
he reached over to hold his drink in the air beside you, and you gently cheersed his can, being careful not to spill any liquid on your bed.
“so, the hell is the exam s’posed to be about anyway?”
Tumblr media
— who sits in front of you in engineering, and covers up the entire white board in front of you.
not one note.
not one single note in your binder was finished, all half written or only partially filled out. you wouldn’t have bothered spending the money on equipment to take cute notes if you had known some giant would be sitting in front of you. how were you meant to write anything down when you couldn’t even see the damn board?
at first he intimidated you, how could you not be at least a little afraid of a man who stood at nearly twice your size? however, that intimidation quickly turned into pure irritation upon another day of more blank paper, and you were following him out of the room at the end of class before you had a chance to react.
“hey, you.” 
ken turned around to see who was calling out to, who he assumed to be, him. 
“oh, hey—“
“you’re switching seats with me tomorrow .”
“because you’re way too big and i can’t see anything past you when you’re in front of me! and i am way too behind in my notes to even hope to pass anymore unless i get caught up!”
ryuguji stared down at you, who was oh so short and angry, while blinking silently as he processed the words being said to him. it was surprising how small you started to feel so quickly when he had to crane his neck down to make eye contact.
“we’re like, two weeks into the semester and you’re telling me this now? i would have moved if y’had said something sooner.” ken chuckled and placed a hand on his hip, leaning down to your height with the most smug look suddenly dawning on his features. you opened your mouth to respond, yet only a jumble of stutters fell off your tongue. the irritation had subsided, and the intimidation was back in full throttle.
“i'll tell you what,” he began, “why don’t you sit beside me tomorrow, and i'll share my notes with you so you can catch up.”
you supposed that would work. 
“my way of apologizing for bein’ ‘way too big.’”
…you really did need those notes.
“okay, fine. that’s fine.” with a small bow, you turned around to begin your route to your next class, eager to run away from the awkward conversation you’d stuck yourself in.
“thanks, um, tall…guy— whatever your name is.”
and as quickly as you came, there you went. 
it was about to be a whole other problem when the next day rolled around, and you would discover ryuguji’s terrible handwriting.
Tumblr media
— who is your favourite study buddy, and knows your cafe order by heart.
the smell of freshly brewed espresso and slightly stale confections danced through the air, a comfortable aroma for mitsuya to sit in while he scribbled at a design that had been picking his brain all day. the headphones in his ears played some random pre-made lo-fi playlist as he sipped his coffee (—black, 2 sugars) that had long turned lukewarm, yet was just hot enough to warm his palm through the paper cup. the booth by the window he was slouched in was empty, save for him of course, and he waited ever so patiently for his classmate to join him and fill the space across from him.
the sound of the cheap bell above the cafe’s doors chiming alerted him that you had finally arrived, and he pried his attention away from his doodles to see you shuffling over to the spot you both had become perfectly familiar with, laptop in hand along with a knit hat and matching scarf keeping you warm from the autumn breeze.
“how late am i?” you plopped down in your seat, placing the tote bag hanging from your shoulder onto the seat beside you.
“probably,” he checked his phone, “twenty minutes.” mitsuya pulled his headphones down so they sat slack around his neck. 
you groaned at his answer, you hadn’t meant to have gotten so hung up with club activities.
“i’m sorry, this stupid– festival is seriously giving us a run for our money. i didn’t even realize what time it was.”
takashi listened to you intently, nodding his head quietly as he pushed a small plate towards you; a croissant decorated in your favourite jelly, as well as a coffee cup similar to his own, the only difference being the mound of cream and sweetener inside yours.
the action had become so normal, you hadn’t even paid any mind to the way he would always order for you anymore, having your order ready by the time you arrived to meet him was just the usual.
mitsuya truly remembered the littlest details about your coffee order, from how thick you liked the foam on top to the temperature. not to mention his mental database of the variety of pastries you would eat alongside them.
“tell me about it. what’s your club doing again?”
he remembered, takashi just enjoyed the way you got so excited talking about it.
he listened to the way you rambled on, the way you so easily talked to him, how you could do it for hours, and not once would he be anywhere near sick of hearing the sound of your voice
Tumblr media
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I don’t speak to whores
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bonten x AroAce!GN!Reader
Genre: Crack, SMAU
Word Count: 1.2K
Warnings: Canon divergent, profanity, ooc, whore behaviour, qpp relatinship, NO ROMANCE, just reader bullying Bonten
pt. 1 | masterlist
Tumblr media
“Oh, hello baby, here so early?” Rindou leaned against the fax machine, smugly sipping his coffee.
The break room was supposed to be silent at this time of day, but apparently, Satan had other ideas for you, because just as you were about to make yourself a smoothie, the brother of the harlot showed up.
Trying to contain the urge to spit in his face, you thought for a second about how you weren’t even sure an action as plain as a taking sip of coffee can be smug, yet here the jellyfish was.
Being smug.
His voice, like a fork on a glass window, drilling into your skull from 7:13 motherfucking a. in the m.
“Good morning mr…. Sorry, what is your name again?”
Rindou simply grinned.
Of course, you knew his name, you weren’t that stupid, but rather you just wanted to annoy him a little.
Give him a taste of his own fucking medicine.
Just as he opened his mouth, you turned the blender on.
Shutting the blender off, you threw him a confused look.
He frowned, just a little, before trying again.
On the blender went, as you shamelessly stared him dead in the eye.
“Rindou. Or Rin.” He tried to out-talk the noisiness of the blender, but to no avail.
“That is my brother. I’m Rindou.”
Off, now paired with a cute tilt of your head, letting him know you were just an innocent little cretchure meaning no harm, except the broken shins.
Rindou blinked.
“You know what, never mind,” He shook his head, decided from that moment on you were a fucking asshole, but mostly stupid, and clearly Kokonoi and Ran were losing their pick-up game, “Whatcha printing?
“Oh, nothing much,” You solemnly said, picking up the papers the printer spat out to straighten them out, “Just something for the meeting.”
Something small stirred in Rindou’s chest.
He has a bad feeling about this.
Tumblr media
And oh, how right that bad feeling was.
“No, y/n, baby, that won’t make sense-“ Ran was silenced with a blast of water to the face, before you dramatically cleared your throat, picking up a piece of paper.
“Do cars run out of honk?”
No one said a word.
They would have laughed, probably, but you instilled the fear of God into their stupid little brains and they didn’t dare breathe and at this point, while Mikey was honestly considering if your next bonus should be a house.
Because you are a God-sent, and this morning, you rolled up into the meeting room with a Super Soaker and a stack of papers, all containing their search history.
The rules were simple.
If they interrupted you, touched you or in any other way behaved in a less than professional manner, depending on how much you hated them at that moment, they either get splashed, or their most embarrassing Google search read out.
In the case of Ran, he got both, because he was a slutty little man with a slutty little waist who needed to be taught a fucking lesson.
Continuing your presentation, you were interrupted at least another four times, which at this point, was an actual joy.
Maybe you were a little bit of a sadist, because watching them lose all of their arrogance and crumble away with shame brought a new joy you never knew could be possible in your life.
You almost wanted to do a Powerpoint on just the dumb shit they Googled when they thought no one could see or know.
But you knew.
You knew all their sins and you knew every single time they as much as sneezed and you knew everything they have ever done to wrong you and God both because they’re fucking idiots and obvious as fuck.
Like the bug they tried to plant on your jacket last week, thinking you wouldn’t notice the tiny device.
Oh, how wrong they were.
“Okay, y/n, seriously this is getting a little weird-“ Kakucho was interrupted by slamming papers and the dreaded sound of you, clearing your throat.
“Kakucho’s top dumbass search was ‘How to boil water?’ followed by ‘How to boil an egg?’”
Kakucho shrunk in his seat.
Rindou looked at Mikey, betrayal written all over his face.
“Boss, you won’t stop this? I mean- This is a cruel and unusual punishment! This is public humiliation-“
Mikey merely stared at his executive, not saying a word.
At this point, he was fearing for his life too.
And because you hated Rindou, by association mostly, he also got water sprayed on his face.
“How much cum do you need for your daily dose of protein?”
Rindou wanted Earth to swallow him right then and there when he saw Sanzu wink at him.
“Seriously, Mikey, stop them-“ Kokonoi was your next victim, and truly what a joy it was.
“Elon Musk x reader smut.”
At this point they gave up on complaining.
Which was a shame.
You still had ‘Can you circumcise yourself?’ and ‘Do women like nipple hair on me?’ on your list.
And you were truly saddened you’ll never get to reveal Mikey googled ‘Bing’.
Tumblr media
Public humiliation worked.
For two fucking days.
Either all of them were extremely passionate about ruining lives, or there was some big money going around in the ‘Get the secretary to quit’ betting pool because these bitches were persistent, to a concerning degree.
It was getting kinda sad, honestly.
You would have felt a little bad, but as the weeks passed, another unfortunate issue arose.
None of them did any of their fucking paperwork, with the exception of Kokonoi, but you lost all respect for him already.
You had no idea if they didn’t do the paperwork because they didn’t want to, or because they genuinely had no idea on how to fucking read complex sentences, and honestly, you were starting to suspect it’s the latter.
And they naturally, tried to dump their work onto you, as if you didn’t have enough on your plate due to their absolute, universally recognised idiocy.
Which brings you to your new headache.
The pink gumball wannabe son of a bitch.
“Babe~” Sanzu whined like a child, sprawling across your desk, shoving everything you’ve been working to the side.
What a fucking attention whore.
“Sanzu, I am the secretary, not your personal assistant. Get off my damn desk.”
“Pwease?” He pleaded with a puppy like expression, getting way too close to your face, “I won’t bother you for a week!”
You sighed, rubbing your eyes.
“Pleaseeeeeee y/n?????”
He wasn’t getting on your nerves, he plucked them out and shook his head chewing them like a fucking dog.
“Y/n~” He let out a pornographic whine, finally pissing you off enough.
Professionalism, y/n.
“Fine! What documents?” You gritted out, pushing him off the damn desk onto the floor.
He perked up like a puppy.
At this point, expected.
“Here!” He happily handed you the pile, sitting cross-legged on the floor, swaying slightly in excitement.
You carefully accepted the documents, examining them once over.
And Sanzu had to observe as you wordlessly pulled out a lighter and lit his damn papers on fire.
The fire alarm blared above you as Sanzu stared at you, betrayal written all over his stupid face.
You merely smiled as the sprinklers turned on.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
pick a flavour—
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recoshana · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I want to express the smoke in a different way, but it looks weird, so I'll fix it. w
Twitter: https://twitter.com/recoshana
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Pulling them in for a kiss by their belt/ tie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: you pull them in for a kiss by their belt/ tie, how do they react?
pairings: post-timekip!rindou x gn!reader; ran x reader; inui x reader; kokonoi x reader; hanma x reader
warnings: suggestive [not nsfw but still a little spicy]; mentions of alcohol consumption in inui’s; use of princess/ doll in ran´s, use of doll in hanma´s but gn pronouns in both; kinda implied that hanma and ran are taller than the reader; reader is a teasing menace
a/n: finally, a tokyo revengers post again!! i´ve been down bad for seishu ever since @virtue-and-beneviolence shipped me with him and it shows; if you enjoy the fic, i´d be so grateful if you´d share your thoughts with me through reblogs, comments or asks!! ♡
tokyo revengers masterlist
Tumblr media
Humming to yourself, you made your way to your bedroom. Leaning against the doorway, you studied the sight before you. Your boyfriend was currently getting ready for a work event he had been complaining about all week. And since it was strictly gang business, outsiders weren´t allowed to attend.
With avid interest you watched Rindou´s back muscles flex as he pulled the white dress shirt on. If you looked closely enough you could still see the black lines of his tattoo through the material. You sighed as he rolled up the sleeves, revealing the black ink on his right forearm completely.
Your boyfriend´s formerly blank expression softened the slightest bit as he turned around and came closer to where you were standing, extending a hand to cup your cheek. “I´m sorry, angel, I know I´ve been busy with work lately. But I really can´t miss tonight. I´d rather stay here as well.”
“It's okay, Rin, I´m not upset or anything. Work´s work, after all.” You didn´t have it in you to correct his interpretation when he was being so cute about it. “Anything I can help with?”
“Well, if you´re already offering, mind buttoning up the shirt?” Again, you doubted your boyfriend had any ulterior motives when asking but you sure had when agreeing to. Straightening up, your hand reached for his hip as you hooked one finger in his belt loop and pulled him flush to your chest. “Y/n?!”
“Well, I need you to come a little closer to properly do it, wouldn´t you agree?” There was a mischievous lilt in your voice but if he thought you were going to stop with just this, he was sorely mistaken. 
Your boyfriend was already looking so handsome tonight, surely nobody could fault you for the way you ran your palms over the planes of his defined abs, which twitched at your touch. The fingers of your left hand slowly traced his tattoo, leaving goosebumps in their wake and sent a shiver down his spine.
“Y/n.” Your name came out more sternly this time, something which didn´t deter you from your ministrations but only encouraged you to keep going. Through hooded eyes, you held his gaze as your fingertips non-chalantly dipped beneath his waistband. A small smirk tugged on your lips at the way his breath hitched at the contact. But before they could venture any further, Rindou firmly grabbed your wrists and held them up to his chest. “I swear to god, you can be such a menace.”
“Sorry,” you giggled. “But you´re right. We don´t want to you to get too excited before the night even started.”
“Remind me again why I asked to date you?” He groaned as he fixed you with the most deadpan expression you'd seen in a while. 
“Because you love me, of course~”
“Highly debatable.”
“Oh come on,” you cooed as you twisted your wrists out of his grip just to press them against his pecs and slide them over his shoulders. Gently scraping your nails down his nape, you leant in close to his ear and whispered “We both know you wanna kiss me so badly. Denying it only makes you look stupid and, I assure you, it´s not a good look on you.” 
When you leant back again, Rindou seemed to still process your words as his lips were left slightly parted. But then, they pressed into a tight line as he fixed you with a mean glare that normally meant pain for the person at the receiving end. Seizing your chin in one hand, he tilted it so you were staring at each other head on.
“So that´s how you wanna play, brat?” 
“Sure is,” you hummed with a grin just to see his jaw lock.
Apparently, “please” wasn´t the only magic word to get what you wanted because after your reply left your mouth, the only thing on your lips were Rindou´s. The kiss started out fast and powerful, the hand on your chin cupping the back of your neck instead to angle your head however he wanted while the hand on the small of your back kept you pressed against him. You kissed back with just as much fervour, palms pressing against his chest and occasionally lightly digging your nails into the muscle there.
But before long, it mellowed out into soft traces on each other´s skin and slower rhythms. You concentrated on the beating of his heart under your fingertips as you parted without any haste to catch your breath. Instead of creating any physical distance you simply pressed your foreheads together. 
“I won´t forget this, you hear?” It was probably meant as somewhat of a threat, yet in your ears it was merely an enticing promise.
“You´d better not,” you laughed breathlessly.
[“Are you done pushing my buttons now?”
“Mhm, I still need to button up the ones on your shirt though”]
Turning in front of your floor-length mirror, you ran your hands down the sides of your evening attire, hoping to smooth out whatever wrinkles and creases might have formed while getting dressed. When you were satisfied with your handiwork, you started putting on every accessory you had chosen for tonight.
A few hours prior, you had received a cryptic text from your boyfriend to “not make any plans for tonight and put on something nice”. While it might have been a surprise to somebody else, you hardly batted an eye, thoroughly used to Ran´s antics by now. 
You were fiddling with the clasp of your necklace when a low whistle rang through the room. Through the mirror you saw the man of the hour leaning against the doorframe, clad in a fitted suit and his hair styled to perfection, his lilac gaze running from your head to toe and back up as he studied the view in front of him. With an amused grin and his eyes never leaving yours in the reflection, he slowly approached you before taking the two ends of the jewellery and clasping them together for you, the tips of his fingers lightly trailing the skin of your neck as they lingered longer than necessary.
“My, my,” he mused, “I know I said to wear something nice but look at you…Trying to seduce me all over again, doll?”
Leaning back into his chest and pulling his hands in front of you, you hummed as if deep in thought while running your fingers along his slender ones. “And what if I said yes?”
“Then I'd have to admit it's working.” One of his arms wrapped around your waist to pull you closer to him as the other brought your hand, which still held his, up to his lips to press fleeting pecks to your knuckles. “Hmm, just what did I do to get so lucky?”
“Considering what you do for a living,” you couldn´t  help but tease, “it's probably something you didn´t do.”
You felt your boyfriend´s chuckle just as much as you heard it, the fingers on your hip playfully pinching the skin there. “Careful now, Princess.”
“Or what else?” You cocked an eyebrow as you mirrored his smirk. “Hate to break it to you but I´m not really scared of someone who can´t even give their significant other a proper kiss.”
“Oh, is that so?” The skin around his eyes crinkled as he narrowed them in mirth. “And what, pray tell, would be ‘a proper kiss‘ in your eyes?”
Turning to face your lover, you swiftly latched onto the tie that sat so nicely over his chest and gave it a firm tug. Your sudden action caused Ran to let out a surprised noise not many got to hear before, his usually cocky smirk replaced by wide eyes for once as you brought his face level with yours. Eyes flitting between lilac ones and a pair of very kissable lips, you took another moment to relish in the fact you caught the Ran Haitani off guard before finally closing the gap between you. 
Your boyfriend caught on quickly enough, though, once your lips moved with his, hands coming alive against your hips again to pull you flush to his chest once more. In return, your palms slid over his pecs to his collarbones and to his nape; one slipping under the collar of  his crisp white button-up, the other settling in his hair with every intent to ruin the meticulously styled strands.
When a muffled moan left you as he grabbed the underside of your thigh to wrap it around his waist, Ran wasted no time tangling his tongue with yours, hoping to pull a few more noises from you. Sure, you might have surprised him but it only further encouraged him to get you back for it. Even as you pulled away from him for some much needed air, he simply moved on to your jaw and down your neck, mouth never once leaving your skin. With your head tilted to the side, your gaze fell onto the clock on the wall.
“Ran,” you panted, slightly tugging at his hair again, to detach him from the curve of your neck. “Dinner…We really need to go soon…”
“So, I can´t even finish what you started, doll?” His typical grin had returned as he tucked your clothes back into place. It was his fault they were dishevelled in the first place, after all. “But you´re right, we should get going. The earlier we leave, the earlier we´ll be back.”
“A proper kiss needs to be properly followed up, don´t you agree?” Licking his lips and shooting you a cheeky wink, you realised you might have dug your own grave with your little stunt. “Mmh, I think I´ll really enjoy the dessert tonight.”
The bass was pulsing in your ears and your blood felt like it was on fire, whether it was the music or the shots you did with your friends you didn´t know. All you knew was that you felt good.
Swaying your body to the music, you sang your heart out as your friend pulled you into her, moving you in time with her, your other friends eagerly cheering you on. When the song ended, you both parted as everyone raised their glasses, laughing. 
Out of the corner of your eyes, you saw the lounge the rest of your group was occupying and you gestured to your friends you´d be taking a quick breather. Shoving your way through the masses on the dance floor, you headed straight to where your boyfriend was sitting. As you approached, you noticed he had his eyes already on you. Grinning, you came to stand behind the back of the velvety couch, hugging him as you bent down. 
“Hello there, beautiful,” you sing-songed with your lips next to his ear, all the while letting your fingers explore his front. “You alone here?”
“Seems like I won´t be for much longer,” he chuckled. Taking hold of one of your wandering hands, he placed feathery kisses from your knuckles to your wrist before turning his head to meet your eyes with lidded ones. “That is, if a pretty thing like you would like to keep me company?”
“How could I possibly say no to such a charming man?” you giggled. 
Rounding the couch, you made sure to take your sweet time as Inui watched you with amusement playing around his lips. When you finally made your way over to him and came to a halt between his spread legs, you couldn´t suppress your own grin anymore. Just as you tenderly placed a hand on his cheek you felt his hands rest where your hips met your thighs, trailing them higher agonisingly slow.
It was as if his touch ignited a fever in you, electricity seemingly sparking from under his fingertips and running up your spine as you sighed his name. Leaning forward and placing your knee between his, you raked your fingers over his scalp, pushing his hair back as his bright eyes met yours. 
“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked, tone genuine as he studied your expression.
You hummed as you traced your thumb over his cupid's bow. “Very much so. But it's even better now that I'm with you.”
“That's good to hear.” With one fluid motion causing you to yelp in surprise, Inui had pulled you flush into his lap, your knees framing both sides of his hips as your hands found purchase on his shoulder to balance yourself. “I, too, am enjoying having you finally to myself.”
“Sheishu!” You dug your nails into his back as he attached his lips to your pulse point after pushing your top to the side. “We´re in public!”
“So? Nobody cares anyway. Besides,” It was his time to low whisper in your ear, “if they wanna watch, might as well give them something to stare at, right?”
One of his hands moved to massage the back of your head as he resurfaced from the crook of your neck to check your expression for any discomfort. Meanwhile one of your hands had come to rest against his chest and was fiddling with his tie as the other was still slung over his shoulder.
“Unless you wanna stop?”
That was what cemented the answer you had already known deep inside.
“Hell no.” In a fit of impulsiveness, your fingers tightened around the fabric between them as you simultaneously leaned in. Apparently, Inui had expected your sudden burst of courage and turned his head in time to cushion the way your lips crashed onto his. Using the hand on the back of your head to angle your head to his liking, he quickly took control of the kiss as you pressed your chest deeper into his. 
His hand squeezed the fat of your thigh causing you to moan his name but before you could pull back and cover your mouth, your boyfriend had already taken the opportunity to tangle his tongue with yours as you pointlessly fought for dominance, making you grab onto fistfuls of his dress shirt.
When you had to pull away to gasp for air, you didn´t get far before a hand on your jaw kept you in place. Inui carefully traced the features of your face in a stark contrast to his previous actions. His thumb finally settled on lightly pulling on your kiss swollen bottom lip, seemingly lost in thought as he ran the digit back and forth.
“Have I told you how absolutely gorgeous you look tonight?” The only answer you could manage was a dazed hum, as you watched the coloured lights reflect in his eyes with rapt attention. 
“What do you say we take this home, pretty? Some things should stay between just the two of us after all.”
Relaxing against the plush cushions of the couch you were seated on, you took the moment to rest your aching feet. All the walking you had done today would certainly come back to bite you in the ass tomorrow. You loved your boyfriend, you really did, but when it came to shopping trips, Koko could be absolutely ruthless.
But this would be the last store, he promised, so you sat back and let him do his thing. You were already aware that his standard for basically everything was pretty high, that was why it didn´t really faze you to see him try on fifty different jackets, trousers, shirt, shoes, you name it until everything went together the way he wanted it to. Looking put together was what put his mind at ease and made him feel comfortable, making these trips worth the sore feet.  Besides, you got to see Koko in so many different outfits in one day alone, so in your mind you were very much winning.
The last missing puzzle piece was a belt. You watched the shop assistant pull out the whole register before leaving the two of you to your own devices. To be quite frank, you were mostly there for moral support, listening to Koko´s thoughts and every now and then quipping in a “I think it looks good on you” because everything did look good on him, no lie found here.
Little by little, belts were ruled out until he was only switching between two different ones. As you studied him turning in front of the mirror, a knowing smile made its way onto your face. You were pretty sure, he had already decided on one in his head and just kept questioning his decision. Time for you to shine.
“Babe, do you want to share your thoughts with me?” With an exhausted sigh, your boyfriend turned towards you and pinched the bridge of his nose. 
“It´s just… I like this one but I´m not sure if it´s the right choice for the outfit.” He fiddled with the strap of the chain belt currently decorating his waist and hips. “Maybe a bolder statement piece would look better…”
“Hmm, I actually think it works quite well together,” you hummed. “Especially, if you want to wear other jewellery with it. It could be too much with a statement piece, you know? Besides, I think this one goes better with your other clothes too.”
“You´re right. Thanks, love.” With a soft smile he moved to where you sat and pressed a quick peck to your temple. “I guess that means, you prefer this one then?”
“I do.” Your reply came out rather absent-minded though, as you ran your fingers up his thighs. In the back of your head you wondered where this was suddenly coming from but truthfully, you didn´t really care. And as your eyes met normally narrowed ones now blown wide in shock, it was already too late.
The belt´s first stress test was you yanking on the golden chain hanging from Koko´s hip, causing him to stumble forward, bracing himself on the back of the couch with one hand as one knee came down on your side.
“Y/n, what are you doing?!” Koko´s yell came out hushed as he tried not to alert the shop clerk. 
“What? I have to make sure it´s a quality belt, right?” Your boyfriend did not like the way your eyes lit up with mirth and started to form little crescents at your next words. “And for that, I think I need to take a closer look.”
With your fingers now hooked under the main strap of the chain, Koko was promptly pulled all the way down and onto your lap. The position caused him to bury his face in the crook of your neck as you laughed, able to feel the heat radiate from his glowing cheeks. 
“Something wrong, babe?” you cooed as you ran a comforting hand up and down the expanse of his spine. 
“Nothing in my life has brought me closer to death than you and that says a lot,” he grumbled into your neck, which caused you to let out another burst of gleeful laughter. Then you gently tugged him back so you could cup his face between your hands.
“I didn´t mean to fluster you this much, you know. But I´ll remember it for the future.” You gave him your cheekiest wink which made him groan again but this time he couldn´t hide his red-dusted face. In a soft whisper you called for his attention. “Hajime, look at me.”
With tender care, you connected your lips as you felt him shift his weight on top of you, with one hand still balancing himself on the headrest. There was no need to rush the way your heads turned and angled in unison or the way your thumbs caressed the planes of his cheekbones. Soft strands of hair tickled the left side of your face and you gently pushed the tresses back, noting the small sigh that escaped your boyfriend as your fingers worked over his scalp.
Although you´d do nothing rather than stay in this moment forever, you were still in public. Begrudgingly, you parted from one another but the hand in his hair continued playing his velvety locks as both of you just lovingly gazed at the other. You were the first one who broke the silence and just couldn´t help yourself but tease him just a little more.
“Yeah, this one's good.” For emphasis, you tugged on the belt strap again. “Can´t wait to see what other outfits this would go with. Maybe we should try it out once we get home.”
“I don´t wanna go.”
“Shuji, you have to.”
“But meetings are always so booooring,” he yawned. “Nothing fun ever happens.”
The sheets rustled as you rolled over to come face to face with your boyfriend, his amber eyes still droopy with sleep and his black and blond locks tussled into a fashionable bedhead. 
A few minutes ago, both of you had been woken up and robbed of your chance to sleep in by the sound of his phone ringing. Hanma´s presence was required for an unscheduled Toman meeting and Kisaki made it clear that not attending was not an option. A reality the man next to you refused to subscribe to.
“Seriously, Shuji,” you said as you leaned on your elbows to give him a stern look “you´ll be late if you don´t start getting ready soon.”
Moving faster than a half-asleep person should, he wrapped his arms around your middle and pulled you close enough to bury his head in the crook of your neck. “Already told ya, I don´t care ´bout that stupid meeting.”
“Well, I do,” you warned “because we both know Kisaki´s going to be on my ass just as much as yours if you miss it and that´s no fun either. So, get dressed.”
“Babe´s such a kill-joy today.” His voice was muffled against the skin of your neck but you could still make out his words well enough to pinch him in the ribs for it. “Alright, alright, I´m going. Jeez, can´t even have a chill morning around here anymore.”
And with that, your boyfriend dramatically slid his lanky frame out of bed and towards the bathroom, all the while grumbling to himself. Resigning yourself to the fact you wouldn´t be able to go back to sleep anyway, you left the comfort of your bed as well and threw on one of Hanma´s shirts on the way to the kitchen. Obviously, you weren´t happy either your precious morning together with your boyfriends was cut short so unceremoniously but you really didn´t want to deal with Kisaki´s nagging.
While waiting for your coffee to brew, you pulled out some bread and scoured the fridge for something to make breakfast with. As you finished the first sandwich and placed it in a lunch box, Hanma appeared in the kitchen door, basically unrecognisable from the man who had not too long ago laid in bed with you. His hair was styled with no trace of bed head left, an ear thread was dangling from his left earlobe and round glasses were framing his almond eyes perfectly. But most importantly, the pinstripe suit he was sporting was tailored perfectly to enhance his lean physique, his muscles visible as he fiddled with the cuffs.
“Here.” Holding out the box to him, you watched as his attention drifted to you as his expression shifted from surprised to grinning in a split second before stepping closer. “Thought you might get even more cranky without breakfast.”
“Aren´t I lucky?” he chuckled. “Yer the best, doll.” 
“Are you only realising that now or…?” you teased despite Hanma slowly crowding you against the kitchen counter. And before you could react– “Hey!”
Smiling down at you after setting your mug back down, you almost regretted being so generous with breakfast. “Even made coffee for me, I really landed the jackpot here, don´t cha think?~”
“Oh shut up, will you?” You crossed your arms, looking to the side and pretending to be upset, you paid no mind to the way Hanma´s arms came to cage you between him and the edge of the counter, no doubt wearing that infuriating grin you just wanted to wipe off. And you might just have an idea on how to.
“Make me~” 
Just the answer you were expecting.
One hand flying to his tie, the other finding purchase on the back of his neck, you pulled him down even further than he had already leant down and crashed your lips together. Taken aback by your sudden action, you swallowed the surprised noise that escaped him before he regained awareness of what was happening. 
As the movement of his lips fell into rhythm with yours, two strong hands hoisted you up on the counter before sliding to your thighs to spread them just enough so your boyfriend could slot himself between them. With you sitting pressed tightly against him on the edge of the counter, his now free hands started to wander again, never staying in one place for too long, groping here and there as he pleased.
“Weren´t ya the one who wanted me to go so badly? And now you pull a stunt like this?” His low voice rang out close to your ear as his hot breath fanned your cheek. “So what´s it gonna be, sweetcheeks? Ya want me to stay, don´t cha?”
“Obviously, I want you to stay, I´m not mental. But–”
“Yeah, yeah, I get it. Responsibilities and all that crap.” The way he rolled his eyes and grimaced would have been enough to convey his clear distaste for all that crap but just for good measure, he laced his voice with a distinguished air of disinterest, yet his next words were nothing but seriousness.
“Don´t think that just because I´m leaving it means I´m done with ya, sweetheart. Ya better be ready for when I´ll come back to continue this.”
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tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang · 2 days ago
All Mikey's are good but I like blank faced Mikey the best.
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Definition of head empty no thoughts.
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xxelfmamaxx · 2 days ago
Chibi Mikey 🥺💞
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kallikrein · 2 days ago
[ 15:16 ]
Tumblr media
Wakasa couldn’t recall the last time he had told you he loves you.
Between his business and, well, other more pressing matters, he has no room to ponder whether he had said those words to you this morning or whether he had whispered it in your ears last night before going to sleep.
After all, he was the kind of man who believed that actions speak louder than words. Plus, he liked to think he’s a simple man. And simple men settled for simple, mundane gestures; with time simply spent together rather than saying what they lavishly feel out loud.
Out of the blue, he thought of the first time you had said those words to him.
It was one of those lazy days. You stood beside his bike. A handkerchief in hand and covering the giggles you got from his driving. While he sat still on his seat, revving the handle before him that made his engine proudly roar, as a slow, gentle smile form across on his lips.
“Why are you laughing?”
“I don’t know.”
“Oh, but you do.”
Your eyes crinkled in the corners, and you giggled at him once more. The delicate sound filled Wakasa’s chest with warmth. Then it started to envelope around his heart — so swift and careless, that the muscle inside his chest rampaged so wildly. Yet, it didn’t feel bad at all.
In fact, it felt pretty amazing.
“Do I have to kiss it out of your mouth?” He teased.
Gasping at his boldness, you playfully hit him with a gentle fist to the shoulder. “You don’t need to do that,” you protested. “With a fancy bike like yours, well, it was funny how you were speeding below the minimum speed.”
He shrugged, “Just felt like it.”
Maybe his words turned out to be an inside joke, or maybe he was an idiot in love who didn’t fully understand what he’s saying. But, if anything else, you became more beautiful when you belted out a full-on laugh. The brilliant smile you wore. The tears of laughter you got. The easy acceptance of his stupid reasoning. It made him lowly chuckle alongside you.
“You’re something else, Waka,” you said. You shyly tugged his wrist so he’s properly looking at you, and when he did, you softly planted a kiss on his cheek, “Thank you for driving slow.”
“Whatever,” he mumbled. An embarrassed flush creeping up his neck. “You should get in,” he pointed at your door.
“Fine. So grumpy.” But before you could get ten steps further, you came back skipping with an unreadable look on your face. “Drive safe, alright? I love you,” you rushed to say in one breath before bowing 90-degrees, and went back again to foolishly barrel your door.
“What the hell,” was all he could mutter while he shook his head from the shock. Then a silly grin blossomed on his lips.
“I will,” he said to the cold air, “and I love you too.”
Now, he couldn’t exactly remember the times he was the first one to say it. Perhaps he did say it first on a few occasions and he only didn’t keep count. Maybe he did say it back last night and this morning because he could still remember the way you had smiled at him, with that bashful flutter of your lashes when he gazed at you.
However, this time around, he was absolutely certain he’s saying it first.
With springing tears in his eyes and a gaping hole in his chest, Wakasa whispered ‘I love you’ for the first and ironically the last time as he traced your face’s outline through the casket’s glass.
“Imaushi-san,” he suddenly heard someone speak, “they found the driver. It was reckless driving.”
Tumblr media
this ain't proofread. dunno what i was doing. excuse the wonky timestamp and grammatical errors. i’ve been (( r u s t y )) lolol. i just wanna write down this shit. i missed writing for waka. anhywHey, hru guys :') oh wait, hi @mochi-coffee bshshjsjd
taglist. @baji-san and @gwynsapphire.
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sanzusmentalstabilityy · a day ago
A very canon of baji
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yaeran · 2 days ago
when he goes in for a kiss and you move back, dodging him just to see his reaction afterwards ��� the reaction:
Tumblr media
only makes him make the kiss rougher when he tackles you down on your bed and suddenly, a peck turned into a heated make out session.
kazutora RAN wakasa south
after staring you with disbelief and laughing it off cause it kinda hurt his ego— he slowly holds your chin and kisses you.
draken takeomi baji rindou mitsuya hanma
would say sorry— like he thinks oh maybe they don’t want to kiss maybe they haven’t brushed their teeth and they just go back to whether they’re doing…pretty much unbothered. will just wait for the next time they can kiss you.
nahoya seishu koko pehyan pahchin
would give you the silent treatment afterwards. not even cause they’re angry they’re just embarrassed.
mikey hakkai souya izana kakucho
falls onto you and whines. “why would you dodge me yn?!”
shinichiro chifuyu sanzu
Tumblr media
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spicym3i · 11 hours ago
Could u pleasee make a reaction of the tr men to you having a plush toy of them? Thank you! 🥺🥺 (you can ignore it if you want)
Hellloooo! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately! Wasn’t feeling to well hehe… Thank you for the request! I’ll have the other ones done soon!
TR peeps and the plushie you have of them
Is deathly jealous of it, “I’M (Y/N)’S CUDDLE PARTNER”
Mikey, Baji, Hakkai, Sanzu, Hanma, Ran, Senju, Shinichiro, Izana, Angry
Thinks it’s the cutest thing ever
Inui, Draken, Emma, Takeomi, Angry
Is the one who gave it to you
Koko, Mitsuya, Draken, Hina, Benkei, Chifuyu
Is weirded out initially, learns to appreciate their junior
Rindou, Kakucho, Wakasa, Yuzuha, Kazutora, Taiju
Gets one of you
Mitsuya, Koko, Draken, Mikey, Izana, Emma
“Why do I look cross-eyed??” Bawls.
Ran, Ryusei, Sanzu
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rozcdust · 2 days ago
I don’t speak to whores
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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xlappy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Man…this hits different now (and yes this is official)
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mazestars · 18 hours ago
You know what would be funny?! If the first time leaper was Kazutora, because then I would understand why Kazutora kept on saying
“it’s Mikey’s fault”. Doesn’t this image look familiar to any of you?! Hmm 🤨
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007nam · 18 hours ago
been having an urge to draw Mikey and Shinichiro since the recent chapters....
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