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Timeless delight
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Genre: smut, mild smut, a little bit of fluff, Loki being a servant instead of a hot dom, swearing
Words: 2,8k
Summary: Thor dared his brother to travel to Midgard to obtain a sacred goblet. However, he finds himself in the middle of a royal ball, and a certain woman catches his eye. And he stays a little longer there, just for her.
Tumblr media
‘Put down the book and begin to dress yourself at once, sister!’
You heard your older sister through thin paper walls which desperately needed to be repaired. 
‘I got us invitations to the royal ball, for God’s sake, show me a little bit of gratitude, would you?’ She mumbled as your only maid was tying her corset. You sighed and put Paradise Lost aside.
House of Raven was among the ones losing their noble status - not only were its incomes low, but also there were no male descendants for tens of years which obviously weakened the general presentation. It was therefore a privilege and an opportunity for you to gain allies and connections whilst attending the royal ball to save the house for a few years. 
Your sister was engaged to the queen's second cousin, obtaining the invitations for the family. For which you were grateful, of course, but rather than mingling with noblemen and noblewomen counting the days until your fall you would hire an accountant to solve the troubles (it was no surprise that with a house full of women and ball seasons came a lot of fabric for new dresses hand in hand). However, opposing your sister’s judgement, which was also affected by her fiancé, was highly disrespectful.
You moved to the dressing table, grabbed a comb and started combing your long hair, strand after strand. 
‘Are you not happy, Y/N? We have been waiting for this for half a year.’
‘I know, I am…I only wish we could not have to demean ourselves,’ you gave the comb to the maid who had successfully tied your sister into her undergarments. 
‘I wish so too, but it is inevitable. And we must be thankful for my dear George, we would not have been where we are now without him,’ she twirled around while holding the dress on her chest. You had to roll your eyes.
Yes, the saviour George to whom she had to serve otherwise he would banish her.
In these days, you wished your father to be present. His wiseness would have told you what to do. Perhaps it is the Raven’s mentality to bring the worst upon yourselves. Afterall, your father was not born under this roof.
Torches along the road could have been seen from the carriage. The royal mansion was absolutely breath-taking; at least thirty chambers, a dining room for three hundred guests, and the mansion’s walls were surrounded by gardens with numerous gazebos, ponds and countless flowers given to the royals by other monarchs. Exotic travellers called it the Snow Mansion for its white and uninviting façade, however, they quickly changed their minds after tasting the notorious gastronomy. 
The coachman helped you and your sister out of the carriage. You linked arms with her and began to step closer to the entrance. Not minding the amused faces, you tried to smooth down any wrinkles on your violet dress. Anxiety started creeping in and the only thing you could do to hide it was always making sure you looked neat.
‘Miss Rachel and Y/N from the House of Raven,’ the royal servant announced your presence. Not one was attentive because of the performers in the main hall, for which you were most thankful. Even though you were among the first arriving, the mansion was lively. You were amazed by the flowery decorations placed on columns surrounding the hallways, there were long silk shawls pinned to the ceiling to create an illusion of sea waves.
Royal family was hosting a ball for its coastal allies, Sir Thomas and Lady Aaliyah, main suppliers of fish and shipment management. 
‘There you are, my love. I have been waiting for you,’ you heard a voice too familiar. It was George, greeting your sister as unnoticeably as possible. Although they were engaged, he intended to keep his status private. The reason was unknown, however, everything pointed to the fact his aunt did not approve of it, and he also needed to be seen as a bachelor. 
‘I am delighted to see you as well, Lady Y/N,’ he uttered and nodded in your direction. Your annoyance raised, but you did not acknowledge it properly. There were more exhausting things coming to put your energy into. 
Leading the way, he brought you into the foyer. Possibly to hide you from everyone’s eyes. 
‘Houses are expecting general knowledge, most of them have recently travelled to exotic countries and learned about new trends in fashion. I suppose you know about them, do you not?’
He looked your attire up and down, his upper lip curling in contempt.
‘Are our attires not enough for their holy sight, brother-in-law?’
‘Yes, yes they are. Of course. I am aware of your current situation, Lady Y/N,’ he said with silent mockery, ‘...although I would advise you not to open your mouth, not even place an innocent comment, otherwise you will be the reason for your fall, dear sister-in-law.’ 
You swallowed plainly and bit your cheek. Not expecting any protest from your sister’s behalf, you strode out of the foyer blindly, not knowing where to go. 
He was driving you mad, belittling you, insulting you from the moment your sister brought him home. You could not bear such things. Your sister might have been used to it, but you just could not accept it. And was not willing to.
You locked yourself in a dark cramped room. Sliding down the lacquered door, you were collecting the remaining strength you had left. You were easy tempered, every little thing irritated you. Your whole life you had been compared to others, mocked, demeaned. You were tired of it.
After a few minutes, you composed yourself, and realised where you had cleared yourself away. It was a sort of servant’s room, full of chairs, tables and all kinds of dinnerware. Breathing slowly, you left the room back into the den.
You entered the main hall without your sister. It was apparent she was somewhere else with George, and you did not want to be right. You needed to clear your head before crawling up to noblemen’s arses, so you headed to the dance floor. Thankfully, you blended perfectly with the hired dancers - their attire was somewhat similar to yours. 
A cheerful music were playing the royal bards, who gave you a perfect opportunity to join the dancers. The dance was easy to mimic, and after a few rounds you started to enjoy every move and twirl. 
Your father used to teach you dance. It was your favourite time of the week, he was a great tutor. Patient, kind-hearted one. You were even attending private lessons where he would come to visit you, until the house funds were drained. 
For a brief moment, your vision froze as you were remembering those days of happiness. However, somebody got into your view. And he left you bedazzled.
He had black hair, fallen on his shoulders. What captured your attention were the eyes. Emerald eyes, slightly narrowed, utterly hypnotising. He must have been standing there for a while, he appeared to be quite comfortable in what he had been doing. 
He cannot be watching me, you thought.
You proceeded to twirl in order to see whether his attention remained on you. You glanced in his direction only to see him there, in the same position, gazing into your eyes. Goosebumps covered your skin.
His face was intimidatingly handsome; sharp jawline, slicked-back black hair, and those eyes. You could say for sure no one in this mansion could ever compare to him, his look was other-worldly. Your gaze dropped to his lips, curled in a smirk. You had to bite your lip to control the train of thoughts not suitable for a lady.
And he noticed.
The music abruptly stopped and everyone applauded. With a quickened breath, you followed the dancers disappearing in the hallway. You found yourself in an unknown part of the mansion. In the meantime, when you were trying to recognize any of the paintings, the dancers ran away and you stood there alone. Quiet. Calm.
You walked down the hallway, full of thoughts and images of the stranger’s appearance. His attire did not look familiar; nor a knight, nor a servant. However, the biggest conundrum you faced was the object of his attention.
Why, of all the beautiful women, he chose to watch me?
After a while, you finally recognized the door which you opened earlier. You quickly dove in the room and closed the door. It was something about the dark room which calmed your mind.
It began to be lonely to attend these balls. Your sister was accompanying her beloved fiancé, and you were left alone. Your friends did not belong to the noble, thus were not allowed there. Being thrown into the wolf den where the wolves were waiting for any hiccup and stumble…was simply traumatising for one. 
You turned around and blood in your veins froze.
The stranger stood across the room, not making a single noise. He was hypnotising you, those eyes, those emerald green eyes. Something about him captivated you, maybe the tall, intimidating figure, or the smirk. 
Your knees started to tremble, you swallowed plainly and entirely forgot to breathe. This unusual force, never felt before, pulled you closer to this man. And you wanted more. Much more.
The tension rose as he began to stride closer to you and then, in one motion, place a hot kiss to your lips. It was not surprising you were stunned. You gently pushed him away.
‘Who do you think you are?’ you asked. The closeness enabled you to feel his warmth. You wanted desperately to be touched by him and him only. His charm drawed you in so badly.
‘The best thing you will ever experience, darling,’ he said. His deep voice echoed in your mind several times until you grabbed him by his neck and proceeded to continue what he had begun. He did not hesitate, and pushed you against the wall, shattering all the dinnerware. As his hands were caressing your hips and sliding lower, your hands were exploring his torso hidden under the thin fabric of the shirt. 
It felt unholy, undeserving, forbidden. However, you could not make him stop, nor wanted to.
He planted kisses along your jawline, under your ear, down your neck while lifting your left leg. You had to press on him in order to keep standing. A few pants escaped your mouth after which he smiled. You put your hand on his head, your fingers entangling in his locks, tugging at them. He breathed heavily and lifted you in the air. You could feel his arousal through leather pants. 
When he carried you to an empty table, you locked eyes. There was something tender but devilish, creating a balance you never thought you seek. His eyebrows were relaxed, his lips puffy from your doing.
He laid you down on the table, carefully, and found himself between your legs. Leaning over you, you had the chance to take off his leather jacket and shirt, and thoroughly inspect what you are dealing with. You traced your fingers along his jawline, down his chest, there exploring several scars, whilst he was watching your focused face. Few strands of his hair fell into his face.
He positioned himself to be more comfortable and leaned down to kiss you. He bit your lower lip, searching for your boundaries. You moaned in the kiss, and that was a sign to continue. He proceeded to kiss you further down, along your cleavage. You raised to be sitting, allowing him to take off the straps of your attire. He kept kissing your shoulder when you slid your hand in his lap, eagerly shoving it into his pants, making him exhale deeply.
His lips travelled down your chest, pecking and nipping on your breast, making your toes twist in pleasure. You let out a few inaudible moans, realising that you were not able to catch the stranger’s name. He made his way to the other breast, providing it the same care. You let out another set of moans.
‘Loki,’ he mumbled.
‘The name you search for…Loki,’ he looked up from your breasts, smirking. You nodded and put your hands in his hair, tugging it down in order for him to continue lower. You felt a soft breeze on your chest, his amused answer to your command.
He listened and his lips travelled down your chest, to your stomach. His hands grabbed your legs, lifted them on his shoulders and moved to the area of your inner thighs. He started to caress the tender skin until his breath tickled at your entrance.
‘Loki…’ you sighed whilst trembling from the adrenaline. He smirked and planted another set of kisses at your entrance.
‘...Loki…’ you sounded more desperate. 
‘...Yes?’ he taunted you. You rolled your eyes when he touched you with his tongue.
‘What do you want me to do…tell me, darling,” he said as his tongue slid up and down between the lips. You clutched the corners of the table in sensation. 
‘...this…Loki…dear God…’ you hissed through clenched teeth. Tips of your fingers were tingling. 
‘...funny you say that,’ he chuckled, but immediately got into it. His tongue did wonders, to your mind, soul and body. You were clutching the corners of the table, not minding the blunt pain. He increased the speed, and the few strands of his hair were ticking your inner thighs. You were about to reach your high.
‘I’m…I’m…Loki,’ your muscles flexed, and then slowly relaxed. You were breathless, your mind blank, lying on the table. He put the last kiss on your opening, and moved to your puffy lips, allowing you to taste yourself. 
Although your mind was trying to comprehend the current state of your feelings, it did not mean you wanted to stop. You were hungry. Hungry for him.
Grabbing his neck, you lead him to your lips, entering with your tongue and persuading him to do the same. He helped you to sit, pulling you in his embrace. However, that was not what you had in mind. 
Your hands travelled down his chest to his loin, continuing under his pants. Whilst you squeezed his cheeks, he panted in the kiss. You smiled and bit him in the lower lip. Your right hand moved from his cheek to the front part, sliding lower. He exhaled heavily. You slid your fingers down his full length, following the bulging veins on his shaft.
‘Darling…’ he whispered and kissed you. You slid down again and circled your finger on his tip.
‘...Y/N, Loki,’ you whispered back while leaning your forehead on his, and looked at him. He had his eyes closed, possibly confronting his inner strength. You embraced his thickness with your fingers and started to increase speed. His moaning became louder and louder.
‘Say my name, Loki,’ you beckoned him. He opened his eyes, breathing heavily, casting a long, focused gaze upon you. 
‘Say. My. Name.’ You repeated whilst sliding up and down quicker. You sensed he was pleased. He put his palm on your cheek, he had to hold on with the other hand.
‘...Y/N…Y/N…’ he pleaded. You smiled, kissed him and put forth everything you had to help him finish. After a few pumps, he dropped his head to the crook of your neck, biting you. You felt him flexing, and releasing tense muscles.
You cradled him in your arms, letting him breathe out the adrenaline. In a sudden movement, you found yourself lifted in his arms, being carried and pushed against the wall. He was kissing you fiercely.
‘Fuck this,’ he snarled ferally, having your attire in the way. You started to tuck it up and then threw it on the floor. Hard, cold wall against which you were pressed made you gasp.
He positioned himself for you, gazed into your eyes in anticipation. You granted him by nodding to him. When his full length entered you, you had to dig your nails into his back. And he kept coming and coming.
‘God, Loki…’ you gasped and pressed your head against the wall. He smiled and kissed your chest.
‘Indeed, darling, fucking indeed.’
He started to lift you up and down, securing you in his arms. You were utterly pleased, satisfied. He fit into you perfectly, and heavenly. The quicker he moved, the more moans echoed through the room. You were taking rounds in calling each other's names. When you were about to come, he made you look into his eyes, which you would have done deliberately nonetheless.
‘Loki!’ You screamed with his final thrust, each of you coming simultaneously. He worked his high off with a few thrusts, and then carried you to the table. Tingling in fingers came back, also the blank mind, but the tremble was much more intense. You spent several minutes breathing out the ecstasy. 
‘I told you, darling, I fucking told you.’
Author's note:
Hello to anyone reading this,
I'm really sorry for being inactive for...months. A lot has happened (primarily university and overall fatigueness), but I'm back. Hopefully the inspiraton won't fade away like last time, so fingers crossed!
Thank you for your support (like, comments, rebloggs). It makes me smile and feel worthy that someone has very similar thoughts.
Look after yourselves,
Your Terri
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Here you go tumblr I think you’ll enjoy this ;)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
by aspidaspen on tik tok + their linktree here!
Ever since I saw the original I was hoping they did a Loki version!!!
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Tumblr media
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Close for Comfort
Summary: A new hot tub is installed at the Avengers compound, intriguing you for a feel. You find yourself sneaking a dip at the same time as a particular God. But how much room can steaming water truly hold for two?
Pairing: Loki x F!Reader
Warnings: (18+ Content) Heavy heavy smut, slight degrading, mentions and descriptions of fingering, handjob, details involving heavy intercourse
A/N: this was longer and juicier than i expected but as they say, the fic tends to write itself.
taglist: @lokisgoodgirl @vbecker10 @lokiprompts
Tumblr media
Glistening sweat formed a thin line above your hairline, a few drops slowly running down the nape of your neck.
The heaving of your chest as you wiped the remaining sweat from your face. Still in need of a dip in Starks newly installed hot tub that he just had emplaced. Your body bruised and aching from how intense the workout you had just finished was.
A shade of purple and blue spots aligned various spots on your body. Some held a greener tint due to the start of healing. You hated the look, but nonetheless, you were one of the strongest mortals that made the Avengers.
Slipping on a emerald green bikini, the fabric was snug accentuating your curves. A towel in one hand while another held a water. Closing the door to your room, making way towards the other side of the compound. It was late at night, nearly one o’clock. You knew everyone else was bound to be asleep or doing their own thing.
At least that’s what you hoped.
Sliding the back door shut before passing the in-ground pool that Tony had also splurged on. The cool marble of the backyard patio on your feet with every step. Only to halt at the sight of someone else in the hudson bay spa.
His blue-green eyes turning at your direction, perfect hearing picking up at your presence. Arms rested on the tub’s edge like an eagle spreading its wings to fly. The muscles in his biceps visible, a few veins poking out as well. Your eyes dropped down to his chest, strong pecks on full display. The dips in his broad shoulders giving away the idea that he was fit and worked out frequently.
“I know I’m quite exquisite to look at but there is room for one more in this tub, do care to join me,” The sound of his velvety-voice snapped you from drinking him in.
Your cheeks heated up, a faint blush painting them red with embarrassment. Mentally kicking yourself for gawking at the God in front of you, though you knew he found pleasure in the attention.
Placing your towel and water bottle down before nearing towards the tub. Carefully sinking down into the water, the heat instantly burning your skin. Sighing in content. You leaned against the back wall. The scorching temperature numbing the ache in your exhausted limbs.
Opening your eyes to make instant eye contact with the Asgardian. A smirk pulled his lip, relaxing further back into the tub with a puff in the chest. Pushing his pecks further out, the defined lines of his abs peaking beneath the water.
“Enjoying yourself?,” He spoke after a moment of silence between you two.
Eyes slowly dropping to admire your chest, the cups of your top pushing them slightly higher.
Clearing your throat at the sight of his chest slowly rising up and down with a trickle of sweat running down, “Yes, the water feels very nice.”
“Indeed, it feels very nice. I like the heat…against my thighs,” His voice suggestive, dripping in lust.
Your breathe hitched at his flirty remark. Clenching your thighs together in need, forcing yourself not to drop your eyes any further. Noticing his damp curls sticking to his forehead with droplets of sweat forming. Every bone in your body fighting to run your fingers through his dark-raven hair.
A deep cough snapped you out of your filthy thoughts, his thick brow quirking at you. Posing a question of ‘what are you thinking?’ yet he remained silent.
Both of you scrutinizing each other, drinking in another’s appearance. Atmosphere around you growing thick and heavy, yet all you could do was blame it on the heat. His eyes never leaving yours as you sunk further into the water. The temperature engulfing you like a warm blanket on a cold winters night.
Shutting your eyes closed, in hopes that you’d brush away the burning heat that traveled its way to your core. Along with the dirty images that flooded your mind.
The slosh of water snapping them open, Loki’s body now right next to yours. Stiffening at his sudden move, you turned to look at him. A smirk still plastered on his face.
“Can I help you?” You asked, a bit more blunt than you intended to.
“There’s too much clothing on,” Loki drawled.
“Excuse me?” Your eyes widened at his reply, caught off guard by what he meant.
“You have too much clothing on.” His eyes slipping from your face to stare at your breasts, covered in thin fabric.
“I don’t understand how exactly that’s a problem here.”
“Oh, little dove…” he purred, twirling a piece of your hair with his finger, “I see the way that you look at me. You crave intimacy but most of all, to be touched by me.”
The air knocked from your lungs at his bold statement, your chest tightened as he exposed you. Confused on how he of all people would know about your deepest desire. To be completely and utterly fucked at the hands of one God, the Asgardian Prince himself.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you choked.
His intense gaze burning into your side, mentally forcing yourself to look anywhere but him. You needed to get out. Yet your legs stayed mounted to the charcoal tub.
Intoxicated by his smell, a hint of cologne and cypress with every inhale you took. A staggering breathe from how close you were to the inviting man beside you.
Lips lowered to the shell of your ear. “Oh. But I assure you, my dear, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”
Closing your thighs shut, you attempted to scoot away from him. Desperate to get out before he could tantalize you any further. Hearing the snap of his finger before the material of your top disappeared along with the bottoms.
Yelping in shock, you quickly turned around. The devious look of his amused at your embarrassment.
“Relax love, I prefer you this way. Naked and on display for my pure enjoyment,” he teased. Eyeing your bare breasts, nipples hardening as a chill breeze blew by.
Bubbles arose blasting at the quick speed that projected into the water. Just your luck, the jets had turned on.
Giving you slight coverage in attempt to hide your bottom half. The fast pressure massaging your muscles as you still remained in shock over what just occurred.
You felt completely exposed to the dark-haired trickster in front of you who held no shame.
A few bubbles had splashed up, dripping down his chin while he waited for your next move. His eyes hunting his prey like a meal in need of devouring.
The look he sent you sending an electric shock to your core. A burning arousal stirred inside of you, a temperature that even the water inside of the tub could not satisfy you. The familiar ache of yearning to be touched and pleasured by a man growing by the second.
Your next words even surprising you, a surge of boldness leaving as you spoke. “Well, come fuck me then.”
Closing the distance between you two, moving each leg to straddle his lap. His fingers sliding down to grasp the sides of your hips. Grinding your cunt to ease any friction against his trunks. A moan leaving your lips at the rough material and growth of his erection from underneath you.
Palming his clothed length, a strangled moan could be heard against your ear. A smirk forming in satisfactory from earning the reaction that you craved from him.
Slowly lifting yourself up off him, “I’m afraid that you have too much clothing on,” you whispered.
Moving a hand down to tug the waist of his swim trunks, setting his cock free. Grasping his shaft before slowly working in a pumping motion, up and down. Repeating the movement hastily.
The water becoming a lubricant that slipped through your nimble fingers with ease. Taking note of how easily your soft touch affected him. His breathe staggering with every jerk of your hand.
Lokis hand tugged your own releasing you from his cock, hunger burning in his eyes. He needed to touch you.
“Allow me,” he murmured.
His lips attaching themselves to the side of your neck, hungrily sucking the sweet spot below your ear. Moaning in approval at the magic of his tongue.
Grazing your folds, he delicately ran his fingers through them. Teasing you with one last draw before dipping one inside, your walls welcomed his touch. Adding another digit inside of you. Pumping in and out, a moan leaving you every time in a serene of pleasure.
Digit after digit. He pumped four fingers inside of you.
Moaning with every pump of his delicate fingers, getting lost in not only his touch but the feel of his lips on your skin. His cool fingers sliding in and out of you. Sucking the flesh of your neck to mark up your breasts.
Pulling his fingers out swiftly, you whined at the absence. Chuckling at your reaction to missing his touch. Loki pulled his face away to wave his hand, shutting the jets off.
“Such a needy little one, you are,” he crooned at you.
The bubbles stilled around your naked bodies. Both of you drenched in a mix of salt water and sweat.
“Loki…,” you cried.
“I need you….I need you, Loki,” you began to beg.
Feeling utterly humiliated as you pleaded for the God to fuck you. Your body craved to be full of him.
Loki snickered, “Look at you. Begging for a God’s cock like the filthy, little whore that you are. Is that what you want? For me to fuck you? Fill you with every inch of me until I have you screaming, pleading to your one and only for more.”
His mocking words fired something in you, arousal practically dripping as it soaked your folds. Nodding eagerly, you began to grind your hips ferociously against him. A spill of ‘yes’s’ and ‘fuck me please’ coming from you.
Pulling you up at the grasp of your hips, Loki drooled at the sight of the water that dripped from your breasts. His mind spiraling, completely filled with lust and arousal.
Your focus shifted from leaving kisses on the pale skin of his neck to centering his cock at your entrance. Gently running his shaft along your soaked folds before sinking down. His girth stretching your walls leaving you to fully adjust, taking every inch of him.
A loud moan coming from both of you of immense pleasure. The assumption about him being the perfect size becoming true. Slipping a hand behind the nape of his neck, you steadied yourself for support. Running your fingers through to feel the soft texture of his curls
Beginning to bounce up and down, the water sloshed around you.
“Fuuuuck…Loki, you’re so big,” you moaned.
Your praises fulfilling his ego, boosting him with pride.
Loki thrusted beneath you aiding you both to a hot release. The tip of his cock piercing your cervix with every bounce and thrust that occurred.
His grunts and moans filling your ears, a mix of your own joining with him. Both of you too lost in the pleasure of ravishing another to care about anyone who could hear.
Up and down, you continued to bounce on top of him. Breasts at eye level while he looked up at you in lust and admiration. A cluster of soft moans fell from your lips at the slightest touch of his cool fingers circling your clit.
“Come on love…don’t be shy. Let me hear how good I’m making you feel, let’s put on a whole show,” he coaxed in your ear.
A scream erupted from you, the sudden change in position hitting a different spot than before. Your chest now flushed against the wall as the God of Mischief pounded into you from behind. His attempts at getting you to be more vocal succeeding as your pleasure was heard for the whole world.
Moan after moan, shout after shout, you cried as each thrust that was entered became harsher than the last. Tears brimming in your eyes at the brutal force that Loki used to reaching your climax.
“You feel so good, taking all of me like the good girl that you are,” Loki praised.
Water splashing with every hurried rock of his hips against the flesh of your skin. His heavy balls slamming against your ass, destined to create even more bruises.
The sound of waves crashing around you drowned out by heavy pants and whimpering moans.
“My pretty girl. You look so beautiful filled of my cock,” he moaned. Feeling so full at the warmth of your cunt.
Thrust after thrust, his dick disappeared inside of your folds. Pulling out just before the tip only to slam right back in. Your body jerking every time while you gripped onto the ledge for dear life. His sweet praises and taunts tipping you over as your stomach tightened.
“F-fuck…Loki, I’m gonna…I need to cum,” you panted.
“We shall come together, hold on just a little bit longer my love,” he rasped. Feeling his own stomach coil.
The nickname falling from his lips like honey. Turning your head back to look at him, his dark curls framed his face. His face contorted in sweet pleasure, heavenly moans leaving his lips at the same the. Your walls clenched around him at the scene of you two.
Loki deeply inhaled feeling his cock twitch aggressively as he coursed you to cum. Screams and moans could be heard as the both of you reached your high together.
After performing a couple more lousy thrusts, Loki laid to rest on top of you. Raven curls laying to fall on your shoulder, his breathe warm. A mixture of both of your juices slowly sliding down your thigh. His length still buried deep inside of you.
“That was…..,” he breathed.
“Amazing,” you finished the sentence for him.
Running a hand through his hair, the cool touch of his lips grazed your collar bone.
Slowly he pulled out of you, the ache between your thighs causing you to flinch at the retraction of his length. His lips kissing your cheek in the process. A wave of his hand to clean you both up while also sealing a contraceptive spell.
Turning around to settle your back against the hot tub, exhausted, a well-spent mess of Loki’s doing. As you allowed yourself to relish in the presence of his.
“And I thought it’d take a lot more than me being drenched in a hot tub for you to finally give in,” he jested.
Slapping his chest lightly, scoffing as he teased you. A sudden splash of water hitting you.
“You’re going to pay for that!,” you shrieked.
“I just paid you by ravishing you with my delightful cock,” he rolled his eyes dramatically at you.
Before you could quip back, his greedy hands pulled you to his lap, already missing the touch of your skin on his. You squealed, feeling his lips close the gap between you two at the exchange of a heated, yet passionate kiss.
Pulling away just before your tongues could fully intertwine, Loki sent a wicked grinned your way. The mischief glint in his blue-green eyes clearly evident.
“So next time, we’re fucking in the pool,” he smirked.
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Tumblr media
Tom in glasses 😍
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Tumblr media
“She told me one day I could do it too”
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That one Applebees incorrect quote as Endgame
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
More President Loki wallpapers
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Undercover lover
Loki x female reader contains smut
When you were told you and Loki would be posing as a couple for a mission, you didn’t expect it to last for nearly three weeks. When you had first agreed to it, Steve assured it’d be for a few days max but having gained so little information in that time, you had to stay for longer. You didn’t mind, you and Loki were friends, but having to act as if you were together was starting to awaken feelings within you you had long suppressed. In proving your devotion to one another, your usual friendly smiles were exchanged for lustful smirks. Subtle touches were swapped for lingering caresses and chaste kisses usually given on the cheek were traded for more intimate kisses in less exposed places. You couldn’t even count the amount of times Loki had kissed you on the neck, every time becoming longer and longer. It was addictive, confusing. The man you had grown to accept as a friend was quickly becoming someone you fantasised about at night and the fact that he touched you so tenderly and kisses your skin so softly doesn’t make it any better.
Steve had phoned ahead to confirm that today was the day of the raid of the hotel that the cartel owned and that had been home for you and Loki these past three weeks. Being such a happy couple, you were given one of the more spacious suites which was good as there was a chaise lounge in one of the rooms which Loki offered to sleep in. Occasionally you insisted that he slept in the bed whilst you took the other room which he always refused. You wondered what he’d say if you suggested that you both slept in the bed. It was more than big enough for the both of you and by sure definitely more comfortable than the chaise lounge.
Aware that todays mission would be a dangerous one, Loki had mapped out all of the escape routes that the Avengers would ensure were clear. Being undercover, you both didn’t have any weapons that’d be useful in the gunfight that was probably going to occur. The team as well as Loki thought it better if you left and was taken to the compound whilst the raid happened. It was safer that way and that’s what he had to ensure, your safety.
Since Loki first arrived at the compound, he felt himself drawn to you. You both had a mutual understanding of one another and respected each other’s boundaries. Once boundaries are respected, they begin to dissipate. Loki didn’t enjoy company whilst he read so you ensured you gave him privacy until he had walked into the library early one day and saw you. That day, his days of reading alone ended. As time went on, he found himself growing fonder and fonder of you but never allowed his feelings or actions to reach beyond platonic. All until this mission. The suppressed feelings were hard to stay just that when he had to act as if he was your boyfriend. Whenever he hugged you, he revelled in the scent of your perfume. Whenever he touched you, he felt as if he’d finally discovered peace. Whenever he had the pleasure of trailing his lips over your skin, he felt alive, the feeling was electrifying.
Whilst you were folding away your clothes, you heard Loki come in. He knocked the bedroom door before you told him to enter.
“What’s the matter?” You asked him as he took a few steps in but remained quiet.
“Y/n, you know todays mission could be dangerous.” He began.
“I know, hence why we’re not staying during.” You smiled, packing one of your tops.
“The thing is, a few extra men have turned up and the boss wants me to stay to ensure things run smoothly. If I leave too early, he’ll realise somethings up and that could jeopardise the raid.” He explained, running of his hands over the back of the other nervously. You paused your movements, turning to look at him.
“Loki, you can’t stay.” You insisted.
“I have to, but I’ll ensure you’re out before anything happens.” He replied.
“Loki.” You sighed, walking towards him. “It’s too dangerous plus you don’t even have any weapons.”
“I’ll be fine” he smiled, placing a hand on your cheek.
“You’ve been out of training for weeks now and you don’t even have any comms, what if the team can’t reach you?” You protested.
“Y/n, I’ll be fine.” He said again, putting the other hand on your other cheek too. “Don’t worry about me, worry about getting home safely and finally not having to be around me everyday.” He chuckled.
“I like being around you everyday.” You blurted, catching Loki of guard for a moment as his eyes widened slightly.
“Well, then focus on getting home safely so we can watch a move when I get back.” He spoke as one of his hands began caressing your cheek.
“You’re the one who needs to stay safe.” You answered, eyes beginning to close as you melted into his touch. “Promise me.” You added.
“I promise.” He answered, kissing your forehead, lips in no rush to move as you felt his shallow breaths against your skin before his lips met the space above your brow again before slowly travelling lower to the tip of your nose where he kissed you again before seeing your tongue quickly darting out to subconsciously wet your lips. He wanted to kiss you, desperately wanted to kiss your lips. That’s the one thing that he had denied himself of in the time that he’s been your faux boyfriend. He’s never once had the satisfaction of lacing his lips with yours. Delicately, he tilted your face slightly up from where it rested in his hands before bringing his lips to yours in a short brushing of them. Finally, he thought as he rested his forehead on yours for a few moments, living in the moment. He thought he had overstepped, ruined things but you hadn’t given such indication. In fact, you pressed your lips to his, initiating another blissful kiss only this time it was longer, deeper. This one left you both slightly breathless as you pulled away for air, opening your eyes to look at one another, seemingly seeing each other in a different light before your eyes closed again as well as the gap between you both.
The next kiss grew desperate, frenetic. You pressed your body against Lokis as his hands left your face to roam your body. One hand settled on the small of your back as he brought you closer against him. One by one you began pulling one another’s clothes off, revelling in the feeling of your skin finally against each other’s. You were down to your lingerie when Loki finally broke the kiss and took a step back, appreciating the sight of you. Unlike the one time he accidentally walked in on you changing and quickly had to relieve himself thinking of the quick glance he got at your body, this time he was able to take you in properly, eye you shamelessly. Wrapping his arms around you, Loki lifted you, placing you against the bed as he balanced above you, kissing you again. His lips trailed over your neck, sucking at your pulse point causing a breathy call of his name to fall from your parted lips. His lips moved lower, kissing your chest as he moved over your breasts and then down past your navel before he reached your panty line.
Stopping his movements, Loki looked up at you. Opening your eyes as you felt him pause, you looked down at his silent questioning expression as he hooked a finger underneath the banding of your underwear. Nodding, you lifted your hips as Loki began pulling them down your legs, past your knees and then off from around your ankles. You laid, exposed as Loki widened your legs, settling between them as he kissed your inner thighs. You grew more aroused the closer he drew to your core. You felt him kiss your clit causing you to begin to pant as he wrapped his lips around it, sucking it. You laced one of your hands gently into his hair as he began lasciviously licking through your folds. Your hips lifted slightly at the breathtaking feeling of Loki drawing so much pleasure from you. His tongue licked up your slit as his name fell from your lips like a prayer. Your hips began moving in a circular motion as you reached your peak, your grip on his hair slightly tighter now.
“I’m gonna cum.” You moaned, eyes tightly shut as Lokis lips wrapped around your clit again, sucking until he felt you still, reaching your climax. He lapped up your juices, taking all you had to offer before ending his movements as he looked up at your sated expression. He balanced above you again, kissing you as your hand found the back of his neck, bringing him closer. You felt his erection nudging your leg through his boxers before you reached between you both and cupped it causing Loki to sigh contently. “I want to feel you.” You spoke between kisses “let me feel you Loki.”
Loki removed his boxers, you pushing them further down his legs with your feet as you felt his cock springing free and nudging your entrance. Loki gripped his length, trailing it through your slick folds as he lubricated himself. His tip settled at your entrance before he slowly began to press inside, both of you releasing a moan at the feeling as his thick length stretched your walls. Allowing you time to adjust to his size, Loki kissed your forehead, bottoming out before he pulled out and entered you again. Quickly, he settled into a rhythm that was slow and deep. You felt him so far inside you hitting that perfect spot with each thrust. He sucked on your neck, stifling his own moans as he moved in and out of you.
You felt yourself so close again as Loki swivelled his hips, increasing his pace as he desperately sought release. Your legs wrapped tightly around him, keeping him inside of you as you bucked your hips up. Practically screaming his name, you came again, walls pulsating around Lokis cock. The sensation spurred on his own orgasm as he ejaculated inside of you, coating your walls in his warm seed as he continued pumping lazily in and out of you before he finished. He remained inside you as you rode through your high before pulling out, a mixture of your arousal and his cum trickling out of you. Collapsing next to you, Loki pulled you against him as he regained his breath.
“Promise me you’ll stay safe.” You requested again.
“Well I have to now I know what I’ve got waiting for me at home.” He jested. Kissing you on the top of your head. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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A sheep in wolf's clothing
Loki x fem (virgin) reader
- requested by my dear friend @slaveforloki ❣️ I hope it’s to your liking ;)
Tumblr media
Summary: Loki marries the daughter of the Supreme Valkyrie but isn’t very keen on the type of woman he expects. Y/n turns out anything but a typical cold-hearted warrior and surprises the god of mischief on several levels. When the veil finally reveals you, things get heated and Loki guides you through your first time ever…
Warnings: 18+ smut; unprotected sex, oral sex, virginity loss, language
“Don’t be piqued, my dear son. There is a deeper meaning in everything your father does” His mother's words wandered continuously through Loki's muddled thoughts, giving him sleepless nights since the day Odin ordered him to marry the daughter of Asgards supreme Valkyrie. What deeper meaning could this arranged marriage possibly have for him? What was he supposed to do with a Valkyrie anyway? They were undisputedly the best warriors of the nine realms and Loki respected them but for his wife he wanted anything but a death-wishing, brutal fighter…
“This is your wedding gift for the prince? What about the special dagger your mother brought from Svartalfheim? It would be a much more… how should I put that… fitting gift” your friend Astrid complained as you showed her the book you originally wanted to gift Loki. The two of you were bound to spend eternity together so why not go to an honest level and open up to each other? You loved to read and even wrote your own little novels of which you picked out the best and let them be bound in an old leather book. Your gift for the god of mischief.
That was your initial plan but Astrid’s objection made the determined facade of your argumentation crumble. She wasn’t the first one to criticize your soft, creative core, a trait truly atypical for a Valkyrie. “Are you dead serious right now? The Allfather certainly didn’t chose a Valkyrie for his son for nothing. Not a dreamy bookworm softie called y/n” she threw her hands in the air pacing around the huge dressing room of the outrageously luxurious palace. The train of your beautiful wedding dress blew in the nasty wind of Astrid’s quick, nervous striding. Even if she was right, it was too late.
The ceremony was short but absolutely nerve wracking. Odin's forceful voice made every muscle in your body freeze, the red veil that covered your pretty face was the only thing that gave you strength to breathe. Through the intricately embroidered lace, you managed to get a few furtive glances over to your new husband who wasn’t a complete stranger to you, better said your secret crush for months.Loki looked perfect in his regal, slightly intimidating Asgardian armor, like he always did. You had seen him many times before, at special rallies, royal birthday parties or even in the library. The raven haired prince was tall, regally handsome, terrifyingly eloquent and most of all; unreachable.
And now, after many nights of dreaming about him, you were exchanging the traditional wedding gifts after his big, soft hand held yours gently to put a golden ring on your delicate finger. You were his from now on, a Valkyrie with a massive crush and a prince where all he knew of his wife so far, was her ring finger.
The actual wedding celebration began but like it was typical for the bride, you left directly after the ceremony itself. Maids buzzed around you, hard busy to take off your dress and put you in a long night dress in your husbands signature green. It suited you much better than the uncomfortable white battle suits of your female warrior group.
“This way please, princess” a maid pointed to a golden ornate large door that led to your new chambers. The shared chambers with your husband. Was he already waiting for me? Will he be disappointed with my appearance? A thousand questions were racing for the pole position in your mind, some with a romantic background, others were pure self-criticism.
The door opened and his room became visible to your curious eyes, not leaving a single wish unfulfilled. The light from the scented candles gave the dark mahogany furniture a luxurious orange undertone, the leather covers of the books flirted with the numerous gold ornaments while the open bathroom blended perfectly into the room.But it was the French balcony which caught your attention almost immediately, so you decided to wait there for your husband, overlooking all of Asgards unmatched beauty and listening to the echoing laughter of the guests.
Time went by and completely unnoticed by you, the god returned to his chambers with your book open in his hands. “Princess Y/n? Who’s work is that?” His deep, comforting voice asked, scaring you to the core. “I- uh… it’s mine” you stuttered turning around to face your husband who’s unique appearance made you blush instantly.It was the first time that Loki saw your adorable face and it was a moment that burned itself deeply into his memory. His striking jaw dropped and the words he planned to say were suppressed by a sensual silence while the prince studied every aspect of your body he thought was so different.
“Is it that bad? I’m so sorry! I should’ve gifted you the dagger…” you sighed slowly turning around because you knew you couldn’t take any criticism eye to eye. Loki was still stunned by your unmatched beauty, however, he noticed the nervous, somehow frustrated look on your face. You listened to the dull sound of his leather boots approaching your figure and suddenly two big hands rested on each side of your hips, pressing your back against his toned chest, the sudden closeness left you wondering what more of him would feel like.
“No, your work is brilliant. Can I confess something to you? But promise me that you won’t be mad afterwards” he whispered in your ear creating a lovely pattern of goosebumps on the delicate skin of your neck. You had to chuckle at his unexpectedly relaxed manner and the impressive familiarity the usually cool and reserved prince radiated. “Sure, go ahead” you answered matching his nature with a broad smile plastered on your lips. “I fervently hoped that you were not a typical Valkyrie. Not that I have anything against them just... it's just not my type of woman”.
This was the perfect opportunity to make a move and the sudden boldness his touch ignited in you, let your mouth speak unguardedly. “And what exactly is your type?” you asked tilting your head backwards in a tempting way to meet his penetrating emerald gaze. Loki raised an eyebrow, a wry grin decorated his velvet lips… these damn lips you missed since the first elusive wedding kiss. “Hmm. I think my wife” he growled and his touch on your hips became tighter, your ass pressed directly against the growing bulge which was still kept in place by his regal leather pants.
Your pulse rose to unimagined heights and a hungry heat spread in your lower belly, seeking the gods touch like crazy. “Allow me to make you mine, darling. I can’t wait any longer now that the curtain has fallen and revealed such a gorgeous woman” In a swift motion he lifted you up and placed you on top of the marbled balcony balustrades. Hasty kisses wandered down your neck, letting your head fall back in a newfound ecstasy which already threatened to befuddle your senses. Loki's smooth hands parted your thighs to lift your left leg up, pampering little lovebites on the soft inside of your flesh.
“Loki…oh my” you panted as your hand gripped the cold stone with a loud smack. A sly grin crept into his flawless face and he slowly descended, eventually ending up kneeling in front of your legs. You imagined him touching or even fucking you before but this was an action completely breaking through your virgin imagination. But it only took a few seconds for the prince to notice your questioning, confused gaze. “Darling? You’ve never done this before, have you?” he asked, his eyes meeting yours while his right hand slowly pushed the exquisite fabric of your dress upwards. “Don’t dreams count?” you whispered unable to avert your (y/e/c) eyes from his big digits toying seductively with the stitched-on lace. Loki's deep chuckle was anything but embarrassed by your frank answer. On the contrary, it was honest and loving, warming your heart up like the first rays of the morning sun thaw the colorful flowers of the royal garden.
“If you pray to your god, he might fulfill your dearest wishes. Don’t be afraid, y/n” Loki whispered his hot breath already reaching out to your wet core. His wicked words made you lose your mind, stifling any doubts or anxiety which were about to take over just a few moments earlier. Loki was gentle and loving, he would never hurt you. “My dear god, please show me” the sinful words left your innocent mouth way to easily but it was more than enough to light up a fire in your hungry husband. The sensation of his breath turned into a breathtaking firework of excited neurons as his tongue flicked over your clit for the first time. Loki’s name was the only word which dared to come over your parted lips.
���You’re doing so well. Tell me if anything feels especially good” he breathed in between heavy kisses and penetrating deep licks which covered his face in your juices making his pale skin glisten elegantly in the last minutes of Asgardian daylight. “This! Do- don’t stop, pleeeease” you begged at the fast kitten licks enveloping this special sweet spot over and over again. “Now let go, darling” he cooed, his nails digging in your hips as he held your beautiful cunt close to his face. The feeling intensified terrifyingly quickly but before you could even assess it properly, a wave of pleasure gushed over you causing your legs to tremble uncontrollably. It felt like heaven but still left you wondering what he would feel buried inches deep inside your wanting core.
“Somebody wants more, hm?” Loki grunted as he faced you again, showing off the wetness which covered almost his whole lower face. He had no idea how unbelievably attractive he looked and the admiring look on your gorgeous face drove him wild. More than an enthusiastic nod wasn’t needed for him to let his magic take away his pants, revealing the part of him you thirsted over for months and it turned out to be even more perfect than you ever imagined. But the sight also allowed a specific fear to strengthen again; the fear of being hurt. “Hey, look at me” Loki said, gently lifting your chin up to make you look at him instead. “I would never hurt you, y/n. We might just know each other for a few hours but I’ll take care of you, I promise”.
Long fingers stoked over your sensitive cunt and the tingling sensation of Lokis green Seidr spread through your body like a soothing warmth. You promptly understood what he did and returned his questioning gaze with an exited smile, now that pain wasn’t going to be a part of your next actions. “Ready?” he cooed lining up his glorious length with your throbbing entrance. You wanted him, no doubt. Slowly but steady the god guided inside and your walls immediately hugged him tightly, the stretch felt delicious. With eyes shut you drank in every moment of Loki burying himself deep inside of your cunt for the very first time. “You feel amazing, gods” he praised as his cock was fully disappeared, taking your virginity with him.
“Can I move?” Loki asked after kissing you lovingly while his eyes scanned your mimic for any signs of discomfort. “Please” Your breathing intensified rapidly, eventually becoming loud, animalistic moans as he began to thrust into you again and again. The feeling of his cock alone was overwhelming but the movements his rolling hips generated were heavenly, making you addicted to his intoxicating love making. Droplets of sweat ran down your exposed, stretched neck only to pool around Lokis strong hand which embraced this vulnerable part of your body like a unique necklace. “Is that okay, y/n?” Loki asked under staggered breaths while pumping in and out in a delicious pace which made your toes curl unlike anything else. The soothing dominance this act radiated did something to you, forbidding yourself to ever let him take that damn hand away. The prince dominated you in such a respectful and loving manner, it made you forget anything your innocent self thought to know about sex.
“I love it, Loki. I- Fuck!!” you screamed at the unfamiliar angle he created with holding one of your legs onto his chest. “Does my princess enjoy that, yeah?” he growled almost overwhelmed not only by how good you felt around him but by how gorgeous you looked, (y/h/c) hair blowing in the warm evening breeze and mouth opened in ecstasy. You were a goddess to him. “Hm, yess” A last relatively decent moan left your lips before a new, different orgasm rapidly built up in your core. Loki narrowed his eyes watching your face like a starved eagle who was eyeing his long awaited meal. But not in a degrading sense, instead it made you feel sexy and desirable, only pushing you over the edge of sweet climax.
Your orgasm crashed over you like a collapsing tower, making you scream Loki's name in a symphony of breathtaking pleasure. The god decided to gift you the most amazing first time riding you through your high until your delicious tightness brought him to his knees. “Norns, y/n!” he moaned while coating your insides in the white color of love. His head fell back, eyes shut and teeth gritted, a godly sight you would want to bathe in every single day. It took both of you a few minutes to come down from your other-worldly highs, the soothing sound of Loki's slowing breaths calmed you like a good dose of Propofol. “Are you alright, darling?” his rich voice asked as he held your panting self close to his hard chest, lovingly stroking the naked parts of your back which were exposed by the opened lacing of the green silk dress.
“More than that, my prince” you smiled, gently rubbing your head against him like a child feeling safe in loving arms. “My gorgeous, gorgeous wife... by the way how did you like my present?” Oh damn, you had completely forgotten about his present but no wonder given the tension you’ve carried around with yourself since you left the ceremony for his chambers. “Well, I uhh… haven’t had the chance to open it yet?” you stammered cracking an apologetic smile which was by far the cutest thing in Lokis eyes. “Let’s open it together, shall we princess?” he asked, gently scooping you up from the balcony wall, his toned biceps flexed under your weight which was still nothing compared to what the god could actually move with his bare hands.
“But I guess you have to dedicate me another book of your impressive writing. As an apology, of course” he winked, a mischievous smile dancing around his velvet lips and only a few seconds later you found yourself pulling his head down to get another taste of his silver tongue. Loki was slightly surprised by your strength and the pretty muscles which tensed up to move his tall upper body. But only a blink of an eye later, your true self was revealed again as you shyly blushed under his gaze, your delicate fingers trailing the imprint of the said book which sprung from your poetic imagination. “My little Valkyrie... A sheep in wolf's clothing.”
Thanks for reading ❣️
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Valhalla | Loki x reader
Tumblr media
Thor: Love and Thunder SPOILERS!!! This is also Loki from the original MCU timeline, who, you know died in Infinity War.
Summary: you died on battle after Gorr’s destruction. Once in Valhalla, you search for your dear love. 
Pairing: Loki x reader (no gender specified,  please let me know if you find any discrepancy)
Tumblr media
"It's fine..."
"No, no, no!" He leaned down to you, your wound bleeding out so fast, he knew an asgardian wouldn’t bear a wound from the Necrosword.
"Thor, I am fine," a weak smile appeared on your dry lips. "Go with her."
"I shouldn't have dragged you here," he whispered. The tears forming on his blue eyes. “I’m so sorry-”
"No, I wanted to fight... along with you, I am fine... Don't forget that."
Tumblr media
Your eyes opened. You blinked once, two times. The light was too strong for you, never in your life you've seen this kind of blinding light.
The last thing you remembered was Thor holding you in his arms. Gorr hurted you bad, but the pain was now gone. You sat down on the soft grass, blocking the light with your hand until you were able to actually see around.
There was a huge golden palace far away, a walking path leading you. The sky was blue and bright, just like you've heard the afterlife would be for your warriors.
Was it real?
“Y/N from Asgard,” a voice called behind you.
The man walked, standing up in front of you. He gave his hand to help you get up.
The guardian smiled.
“Welcome, warrior.”
You accepted his hand, rising from the ground.
“Welcome to Valhalla.”
A smile appeared on your lips, the tears running on your cheeks. You hugged your dear friend, letting him know how much you missed him.
“I have someone who would love to meet you.”
Tumblr media
Heimdall guided you through the path until you arrived to the palace. On the way, you encountered a couple of old friends and familiar faces from the Ragnarok and previous battles.
They all wore pretty robes and dresses, just like your clothes. The warriors seemed happy and finally in peace after a life full of worry. It was good knowing you will be able to share feasts with them.
Once you entered the palace, a crowd was able to be seen in the middle of the ball room.
“Is this what you do every day? Eat and drink mead?”
Heimdall chuckled. “Pretty much so, yes. We don’t get to do a lot of things here, you know. We just live peacefully, eat and talk about our biggest fights.”
The guardian started to look for someone within the warriors, you walked by his side.
“Of course you do...”
Making your way through the crowd of people, you finally saw him. The person Heimdall wanted to show you. He was all alone, resting his back against the pillar. His green eyes looked lost, looking all the people around having their feast, a half smile adorning his lips and his skin as pale as always has been. The green and black clothes he usually used to wear now gone and replaced for gold and white.
His eyes went wide and the cup of mead fell off from his hand once he heard your voice. The prince raised himself from the pillar to see you. Heimdall gave you some space to be alone.
“My dear...” Loki got closer to you, his hand touched your cheek as if he was afraid of hurting you. Or afraid to think it was an illusion.
“You’re really here,” you cried, letting him touch your face. You grabbed his hands on yours, his skin felt cold. Just how you remembered.
His arms wrapped around you, squeezing you softly agains his body. Tears fell from your eyes. Finally you felt safe. After all these years, you missed his touch, his voice, his charm. Everything.
“Can we go outside?” you sobbed.
Loki took your hand and walked away with you from the crowd. You found a beautiful garden and a small fountain. He leaned until your foreheads touched, his hand caressing on your cheek like if you were meant to break in any second.
“I missed you so much...” a whisper fell from your lips. Your eyes opened and looked at his green gaze.
“Fate already reunited us. That’s all I care right now, I love you,” he mumbled against your lips before placing a soft kiss on them.
“I have so much to tell you,” you smiled. “I can’t believe I am here, in Valhalla with you.”
“Well we have now all the time in the universe, my love,” Loki kissed your lips one more time.
“You know, besides me Thor is very proud of you...”
“That moron,” he chuckled. “He better is.”
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literature and lust (professor hiddleston)
AO3 here
hi my loves happy Valentine's Day! a completely self-indulgent Professor Hiddleston fantasy for you to celebrate <3 remember that Valentine's Day is actually a manufactured capitalist holiday and nothing matters!! happy horny dreams
Summary: Professor Hiddleston hates Valentine's Day. But he sure as hell doesn't hate you. He can't resist inviting you over as he grades your exam. The only catch? He gets to punish you for every question you get wrong.
Tags: 18+ only, minors DNI, smut, bdsm, cockwarming, spanking, dom! hiddleston and sub. reader, degradation kink, begging, pain kink, breeding kink, "slut", dirty talk, aftercare, slightly whumpy, corny ending, probably typos
Tumblr media
Your fingers hovered over your open text messages, shaking slightly. You’d spent the last two hours in your steaming bathroom, shaving every crevice of your body bare and blow-drying your hair until it fell in a shiny curtain around your shoulders. Glitter shone on your eyelids in the pale lamplight, a delicate pink dusting of blush all over your cheeks and nose.
No, it wasn’t girls’ night out. It was, unfortunately, Valentine’s Day. And the fate of your evening rested on the success of the text you were about to send.
Your stomach was in knots as you obsessed over it. Staring at every word for typos until your eyeballs hurt, trying to picture the reaction of the man on the other end of the phone.
Enough. Fuck it. You hit send.
You: Hello Professor, I was wondering if you were okay? You just seemed very stressed today in class and I wanted to know if I could do anything?
A few seconds passed before the three little dots popped up, then disappeared again. You smirked. He was never one to keep you waiting.
Prof. H: Why would you ask me that?
Oh, god. You tried to remind yourself he liked being coarse with you. It was part of his act. But still, you couldn’t help a little thrill of fear as it shot down your spine. You had already crossed so many lines. What if he changed his mind? With shaking thumbs, you tapped out a response.
You: Only because I’ve made you feel better in the past.
Prof. H: I’m about to grade your exam. Choose your next words carefully.
You: Wait for me?
The three dots appeared, then disappeared, then appeared again. You waited, scarcely breathing. Then, finally-
Prof. H: You have 20 minutes. Wear a skirt.
Your shoes were already on, purse string around your shoulders. The invitation was like a shot from a gun, the way you sprung into action.
You thought this bliss was too good to happen again and god, you were so happy to be wrong. Two weeks had passed since you’d last been bent over his desk, crying out his name as he found places inside of you that you didn’t know existed until you met him.
You were so sore the next morning that you had to lower yourself gingerly into the hard lecture seat with your arms. He’d watched you over the rims of his glasses as he tapped away on his laptop, the tiniest trace of a smirk gracing his lips as you hid the results of his work in plain sight.
It was wrong. So deliciously wrong. You couldn’t stop thinking about it.
And now, you had twenty minutes to cross town and knock three times on his expensive apartment door.
Your steadying breath as you knocked did little to help your nerves. You felt your stomach do a backflip as the door creaked open, revealing the tall, brooding figure that haunted your wet dreams. Professor Hiddleston considered the flush in your cheeks, the red on the tip of your nose from the cold city air before he spoke in a clipped tone.
“Come in, darling,” he said. “You know I don’t like to wait.”
He turned, his broad shoulders leading you through the door and down the hallway towards his office.
He stopped at his drink cart, where six different glass decanters shone elegantly. Each held a different kind of whiskey that you were sure cost more than you made in a week.
His fingers drummed on the cap as he considered one, then unstoppered it with a nod. He poured two deep glasses, not bothering to ask if you wanted one. He handed it to you, a sly smile on his lips.
“To your GPA, my darling,” he said as he clinked your glass with his.
Your brows knitted in concern as you took a long drag from your glass. You had learned it was easier to drink it quickly.
“Should I be worried?” you said meekly, suppressing a cough from the burning liquid. He considered you, loving how you seemed to quiver under his gaze.
“Not if you behave,” he said, matter-of-factly. “Come.”
He put a hand on the back of your shoulder and led you down the rest of the hallway. The elegance of the office matched his demeanor perfectly. Sharp, polished, timeless. Bookshelves lined the walls, and you were sure from the way he taught your English class that he had read every single one. He took your empty glass from you and placed it on top of the crackling fireplace before he spoke.
“So,” you cleared your throat from where you perched on the sofa. He looked up at you, eyebrows raised in attention. “What had you in such a bad mood today, Professor?”
“Ah. Ha ha,” he chuckled with no humor. “It’s nothing, really. I’m just not a fan of, erm, Valentine’s Day.”
“Oh, okay,” you replied, slowly. You knew little about his personal life, except that he liked a rough fuck and that he’d been divorced a few times. His terseness made sense now.
“Bad memories?” you squeaked cautiously.
He looked at you seriously, then back down at his shoes.
“I guess you could say that.”
His leather loafers were loud on the wooden floors as he slowly approached you, withdrawing his veiny hands from his pockets.
“But darling, you're not here to talk about that shit, are you?” he said in a low, sultry voice. “You’re here to be fucked senseless.”
His hands caressed your waist as he backed you into the wall. As your eyes shut, his hands explored your body, his huge palms covering an entire breast, gripping your forearms, squeezing the curve of your ass as he shimmied your skirt up.
He made a noise in his throat when his finger met no barriers. “No panties,” he said slowly. You met his gaze with equal intensity, as if to say what about it?
“What an overachieving slut,” he snarled, his thumb making its first contact with your clit. Your head fell back, a deep moan escaping up your neck as pleasure radiated from where his fingertip circled. But the pleasure was brief. He stopped after just a few pulses, his lips inches from where yours craned to taste him.
“Your grade determines how good you feel tonight, my darling. Do you understand?”
You nodded once. Pleased, the professor removed his finger from between your legs as you whimpered.
“Good. Now, come warm my cock while I mark your exam.”
He strode over to his desk chair with his hands in his dress pant pockets, like he was oblivious to the floods gushing between your legs at his command. Brown trousers, with a white button-down shirt, the sleeves rolled neatly at his elbows.
He sat down in his plush leather chair, his thick thighs spreading wide as a comfortable seat. His hands rubbed over and over his thighs as you approached, a gesture that looked casual but you knew meant he was ferociously horny. You stood in front of him, trembling, his dexterous hands unzipping his pants and freeing his semi-hard cock. Then he spun you around and flipped your skirt up, your bare ass facing him.
“Christ,” he muttered under his breath as he drew you closer to him. He growled in his throat as he took your ass in both hands, caressing and squeezing deep fingermarks in the plump skin.
He slapped you a few times, gentle in comparison to what you knew was coming, each time making you bite your lip in pain and pleasure. It only took a few pumps of his hand against your ass until his cock was straining.
“Sit,” he commanded. You turned around instantly and straddled him, one hand grasping his cock to guide it towards your dripping folds, the other bracing yourself against his firm shoulder. It was a tight squeeze without his fingers to warm up your cunt and you winced a little at the sudden thickness. The pain of him stretching you was temporary, you told yourself, and you sank deeper, whimpering with every centimeter that it disappeared inside you.
Tom moved his hips a little, exhaling in impatient encouragement. His cock slipped deeper inside of you a little too quickly with his movement, causing you to cry out.
“Shit…” you hissed between your teeth. “You’re so big, Professor,” you whimpered.
“I know.” He sounded bored.
His lack of enthusiasm at your tight cunt had you in shambles. You needed his praise, you needed him to show you that your pussy was his favorite. Nearly crying out in desperation, you wiggled your hips a little more, urging your body to loosen up enough to take him to the hilt. With a gasp of pleasure from you, the rest of his length disappeared inside you, and your thighs finally settled on his lap.
“MMmmffuckkk….” you groaned at the delicious full sensation in your lower belly.
You watched his expression carefully for any sign of pleasure. To your delight, Professor Hiddleston was unable to suppress the scrunch that passed over his eyebrows the moment your cunt unexpectedly clenched around his entire length. Sure, the man could keep his mouth shut when he wanted to. But that fleeting moment of pleasure that passed over his expression was like an electric current propelling you forward. You needed more. You wanted to please him so badly. You would do whatever it takes to hear him moan your name.
“Hm. I didn’t think you’d be able to take it raw,” he remarked in such an easygoing tone, he could have been talking about the weather. “You’re more of a slut than I thought.”
You moaned and you pitched forward into his shoulder, unable to resist grinding your hips up and down where his cock impaled you.
His hands flew to your waist in warning and gripped you with bruising fingertips, pushing you away from where your lips caressed his neck. The pain only made you moan louder.
He tsked. “You are always so needy.”
Embarrassment flushed your chest in crimson red.
“I’m s-sorry, Professor.”
“I have work to do. You’re not to move. Do you understand?” he said lowly.
“Mmmm…” you whimpered, your head falling back as his cock twitched inside of you.
Professor Hiddleston spanked you, hard on the ass.
“I asked if you understood,” his tone was even and cool, despite the fact that his punishing palm had caused your cunt to tighten briefly around him. You marveled at his self-control, both infuriating and compelling. He was a challenge to conquer.
“Yes…yes…yes, Professor…” your words were babble. “I understand. I’ll be good. I will show you.”
“We’ll see.” Professor Hiddleston replied shrewdly and picked up his pen, opening the cover of the exam with your name on it. He rolled the office chair closer to the desk, the movement producing a small thrust inside you that made you bite your own thumb to stay quiet.
The minutes felt like hours as you sat wedged with your professor inside you, dripping down his trousers. The only sound was the crackling fireplace and the scratch of his pen on paper as he checked off answers.
“First page is all correct. Smart girl.” Professor Hiddleston said softly, completely unfazed by the tightening of your cunt that happened every time he moved his arm. You rubbed your eyes in
desperation. The exam was nearly 100 questions.
The first admonishment came on the third page. The professor’s pen suddenly scratched a large “x” instead of a check and he clicked his tongue in disappointment.
“Oh, dear. You mixed up Act I and II in Hamlet, darling.” The professor removed his hand from your exam and lifted your skirt with the other, smacking a wide palm on your ass that rippled up your thigh. You muttered a sharp curse at the punishment.
He rubbed the stinging mark chastely, returning his hand to flip the page.
“I know, darling, I’m sorry,” his voice slightly condescending. “You know the rules. You fail to pay attention in my class, you will be punished.”
At his sharp tone, your cunt had gushed around his cock. Warmth was spreading on his trousers underneath you, soiling his front. You were so desperate to please him.
“You’re being awfully quiet for someone as wet as you,” he remarked, scratching a few notes in the margins of your exam. “Perhaps you’re an obedient little slut after all.”
His teasing was excruciating. You wanted to cry out his name, dig your nails into his shoulders and ride his cock until you collapsed.
“Ah. Another lapse in memory, my dear,” he murmured as he scratched out one of your short response questions. “No, see, Hamlet doesn’t kill Claudius because of Horatio, he chooses not to because he thinks that he will go to heaven. That was explicitly in my notes. Did you not listen?”
“I know, I know,” you whined. “Give it a rest, please, I-I was sick the week we did Act II.”
His response was instantaneous. Your professor flipped your skirt up and spanked you hard enough that tears formed in your eyes. In quick succession, he delivered two more hard smacks until your breath came in a choked sob.
“That was for your sass,” he spat. “You know better.”
Your skin tingled with the bruises that were already forming, and you had to clench your fists to stay quiet. You remembered the first time you discovered that pain turned you on beyond belief, recalling how every one of your failed boyfriends had been too scared, too timid to push you to your limits. Tom wasn’t.
Staying still and quiet was torture. By the seventh page of the exam, you’d received two more spanks for getting questions wrong. Through your cock-drunk haze, you were calculating your grade. It wasn’t so bad, so far.
“I can feel you tightening around me,” the professor said in warning after the second spank. “You’re not going to be greedy now, are you, my little whore?”
“N-no,” you panted, shivering at the tightness in your belly. It was amazing how close you could get with so little friction. The tiny twitches of his cock against your cervix were enough to send ripples down your spine. You were sure he could feel this, too. Every time you squeezed around him, he tapped his pen a little faster on the desk. You did this for fun a few times, bearing down on him for the thrill of seeing him react, no matter how small a response.
Finally, three more spanks later, he folded the front cover back over your exam.
“93, darling,” he sighed. “A minus. I must say I expected better.”
You whined and pitched forward in disappointment, only to be caught by his strong forearm. His hand ripped your shirt off over your head in one swift movement, your breasts perched in a pink lacy bra you’d picked out especially for him.
“Did you wear this for me, sweet girl?” Tom mused as he leaned back in his squashy chair, cupping one breast and running his thumb over the lace. This new position shifted his cock inside you and you had to suppress a moan as it pushed against your stomach.
You only nodded in response, feeling a bit foolish now.
“So eager to please me, hmm?” he murmured, squeezing harder.
“Y-yes, Professor,” you stammered, your head falling.
One finger lifted your chin back up to his face.
“Do you think you deserve to come on your professor’s cock tonight?” he murmured.
Your eyes widened and you swallowed thickly. You knew the right response, but it wasn’t what you wanted to say at all.
“N-no, I d-don’t deserve it,” you whimpered, shivering.
“That’s right,” he crooned, trailing his hands down to grip your ass, spreading you wider where you sat on his cock. “I demand perfection in my class.”
You bit your lip to suppress a sob. His scorn was making your pussy clench unbearably hard around him.
“But,” he said softly, “I suppose I’m not entirely a villain. You’ve been sitting here so nicely, so wet for me.”
Your wide-eyed gaze met his and you reached for him, desperate for any chance to prove yourself.
“Why don’t you beg for this cock like the slut you are?” he growled as his fingers found your throat.
“Please, Professor,” you panted. “I can’t take this anymore. I need you to fuck me.”
“Hmm…” he considered you as he bit his fingertip. “I don’t believe you.”
“Mmmmm….” You whined. It was too much to handle.
“Unless…” he stroked your hair again. “Unless you don’t want it at all?”
“Please, daddy…” you cried out. “I don’t deserve it, I know I don’t deserve it, but I’ll do anything for you, please, please just fuck me, I’m begging you, please, daddy, j-just fuck me, fuck me like you want to, like I’m just your dirty little whore. Use me until you fill me with your c-c-cum, please, daddy, please, please…” your pants were desperate and raw.
Your blinked in confusion, unsure you had heard him correctly. Tom was looking at you with lust flaring in his eyes that was unlike anything you’d ever seen. It was primal, the way he locked eyes with you and began to move his hips achingly slow. His facade dropped, any trace of composure gone with the word “daddy” on your lips. “Say it again. Tell me what you are to daddy,” he growled.
“I-I’m your little c-cumslut,” you cried, the slow movements of his hips making your voice shake. The teasing of the last hour had already gotten you so close, the pulses radiating from your g-spot becoming rhythmic around his cock. Still, you persisted, the thrill of succeeding in cracking him giving you the strength to keep going.
“Y-you can use m-me however you w-want,” you panted, trying to steady your voice through his increasing thrusts.
“Good girl,” he groaned approvingly.
Your desperate hips began to move in tandem with his, deepening his thrusts until your hips rolled in time with his cock, wet, unholy noises escaping from your dripping pussy. You felt so utterly full, his thick cock moving inside of you, just where it belonged.
“That’s a good girl, fuck, taking my cock like a good little slut,” he said, breathless.
“Yes, daddy,” you panted. “This pussy is all for you.”
“Oh-,” he gasped. The twitching you felt inside of you told you he was close, and the way his hands reached around the small of your back, pulling you closer to him.
“Be-fuck-be a good girl -ah- and come on daddy’s cock,” he groaned into your breasts. His hand found your long hair that trailed down your back and pulled, hard.
“Oh, yes-” you cried. You began to see white spots, the pain from his grip sending you hurtling over a cliff. The only thing you knew was the pounding of his cock growing faster and faster, desperation with every snap of his hips, the tightening sensation in your core unbearable.
“Come like a good girl, that’s it-oh…” Skin slapping on skin. You were crying out for him, your moans interrupted with every thrust.
“Fffu-huck…I’m coming…” your breath hitched as your climax took over. The world dissolved, replaced with an overwhelming sensation of pleasure. You convulsed around his cock, squeezing him in rhythmic pulses that felt like little electric shocks to his sensitive head. You knew your tight grip on him was too much by the way his fingers grabbed your waist, pushing you down as far as you could take him as his final, sloppy thrusts pummeled your insides.
“Mmm-oh, fuck,” he moaned in a low voice. His brows were knitted together in anguished pleasure as he felt you come around him, his hips slowing until they shuddered with his own orgasm.
You arched your back as he filled you with his hot come, your core pulling his release deeper inside. This, this was exactly what you wanted to achieve. Your professor was conquered. Unraveling together, your panting breaths intermingling as his cock sputtered within you.
Your body was jelly as you collapsed against his chest, breathing unsteadily and your vision spinning around you.
Tom was still holding you deep on his cock, locking his seed inside of you. His hands shook slightly on your hips from overstimulation.
“Jesus, fuck-” he breathed into your hair. “You were such a good girl.”
He sounded far away, and your sweaty hands clutched his arms a little harder. You squeezed your eyes closed, willing the room to stop spinning. This was so embarrassing. You scolded yourself for being too nervous to eat dinner.
“Woahwoah-hey,” worry replaced lust in Tom’s voice when you didn’t respond. “Darling, are you alright?”
In one movement, Tom picked you up, removing his drenched cock from you and laying you on the couch in the corner of his office. He tucked himself quickly back into his pants and knelt beside you, concern crinkling the corners of his eyes.
“Hey, talk to me, darling,” he whispered as he stroked your cheek. “You’re pale. Was I too rough?” he sounded distraught.
“No, no, no,” you moaned, your hands flying to rub your eyes in embarrassment. “I just-whew-” The bookshelves spun as you tried to sit up.
“Shh..sh..sh…lie back, love, it’s all right,” Tom crooned.
“This usually doesn’t happen, I swear,” you stammered, trying to save face.
“Hush, darling, I’m sorry. I took far too long teasing you,” he started.
“No!” your eyes snapped to his, smiling in slight annoyance. “That was the best part,” you sighed, your head falling back onto the pillows. “It’s my fault. I was too nervous to eat before I left.”
Understanding dawned on your professor. The corner of his mouth quirked.
“I see. I’ll be right back.”
With a pat to the couch cushions, he strode confidently out of the room. You heard his footsteps echo down the hallway, and you hoped to God that he wasn’t calling you a cab, or worse calling the dean to drop you from his class.
When he returned a few minutes later, the opposite turned out to be true. He had a self-satisfied smile on his lips as he carried in a bouquet of flowers and an elaborate gold box with a bright red bow.
“Sit tight, darling, I’ll fix this,” he said, setting the flowers by your side and untying the red ribbon.
You watched him, bewildered.
At your confused expression, he chuckled. “They’re for you.”
“Tom, I thought you hated Valentine’s Day.”
“Don’t mind that,” Tom said, bringing a piece of chocolate to your lips. “Open your mouth.”
You obeyed. Your teeth broke the shell of the chocolate delicately, the gooey-sweet center spilling over onto your lips and all over his fingertips. .
“Good…” Tom hummed. He stopped your hand from wiping your bottom lip, instead bending down and meeting your lips with his tongue, swirling the sticky-sweetness away with his kiss.
“Mm..” you moaned at the touch of his lips. He broke away with a little nip to your bottom lip, smiling devilishly. He then finished the chocolate you’d bitten, sucking the caramel off his thumb as he pierced you with his blue eyes.
The sugar perked you up almost instantly. The room stopped spinning and you reached for another one, which Tom happily placed on your tongue with his mouth.
“Thank you,” you told him bashfully once you could sit up.
“You did so good for me, darling,” he said softly, stroking the damp hairs on your forehead. “Such a good girl. No one’s ever made me come like that.”
You snorted.
“I find that hard to believe,” you said as you poked him in the chest.
“Nonsense.” Tom scooped you up from where you sat and reclined on the couch, laying you between his legs so he could stroke your forehead.
“I should be thanking you, love. For giving me an excuse to not be a miserable old fuck on Valentine’s Day.”
You chuckled at that.
“What changed your mind?” you prodded, turning your head to nuzzle his hand with your cheek.
“No, no, I still hate the holiday,” he mused. “But it’s different when you have a crush on the smartest girl in your class.”
Your cheeks bloomed, words failing you.
“Can I make you some proper food, darling?”
He grabbed your hand and you allowed yourself to pulled towards the kitchen in a love-drunk haze. Monday was going to be weird, for sure.
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grippingbeskar · 8 months
sworn to you
Tumblr media
loki x fem!reader
word count: 7.7k
warnings: ADULT CONTENT MINORS DNI (fingering, oral (f receiving), voyerism kinda, mxf intercourse) general sexual content, swearing, mention of weapons, odins a shitty dad
a/n: in case u haven’t noticed I cannot write a short fic so i hope yall have a fucking snack!!!! i’m doing a re watch of the loki show so this is what u get YAY ENJOY!!! btw this gif exactly looks like a part of this fic so im gonna put a little a/n at the scene so u can picture it like i did okay im going now!!
“Please rise and join me in welcoming the Asgardian Royal Family.” You hear from behind the two giant doors in front of you, and instantly you snap into action. Your back straightens and mind goes blank, allowing years of training to guide you through the motions. You are proud of your job, you worked so hard for so long, sacrificed friendships and relationships, all for this. The most prestigious job in all the realms, guarding Odin and his family.
You were damn good at it too. Top of your class, you were at the front of every battle, leading your own battalion at 21. You were lethal, you had to be, a girl becoming a warrior was its own set of battles no one else in your class had to face. Even Odin himself doubted your abilities, you had to present your case in front of his family in order to progress into the royal guard, and it was only when the youngest of them hand selected you as part of his personal guard that they gave you the chance to prove yourself.
Ever since then, you have been working twice as hard as anyone else, wanting to prove to the rest of the family you were worth their trust, and not wanting to let your oath-sworn prince down.
Your relationship with Loki was… complicated. He was your prince, and you would die for him if the time came. He was also the only reason for your career in the guard, and you owed him for that. But, it was also true what the rumours said about the god of mischief, because he was also the bane of your existence.
He made your job so, so hard. Ever since your induction he had tested your attitude , your abilities and your patience. He snuck out constantly, and as leader of his guard it was your job to keep him safe, so you would have to be the one chasing him out of bars, constantly breaking up fights, killing countless men who tried to take him out because of something he’d most definitely caused, and just generally being a royal pain in your ass. He called you uptight, a bore, and maybe that was true, but this was your job, and you had given everything to be here, so you’d be damned if he ruined it over a night in bed with a few courtians.
Marching into the large throne room, Loki was right behind you, and you could hear him muttering and grumbling about whatever niche detail about the day had put him in a sour mood. Whenever he was in a bad mood your attention was heightened ten fold, because a bored Loki was a dangerous one. Your eyes scanned the room, looking for anything out of place as you ascended towards Loki’s throne, taking your place behind him. He smirked at you as he sat down, turning around and motioning for you to lean down so he could speak.
“How is my dutiful guard today? Kill any mindless oafs this morning?” You retain the urge to roll your eyes, the entire court of Asgard currently milling around in front of you, waiting for Odin to begin.
“Not yet. But it’s early.” He laughs and winks at you, and you wish you could rip out the butterfly that floats in your stomach as he does so and stomp it under your boot. You do NOT have a crush on him, and the last thing you would do is jeopardise your position, Lokis reputation as a ‘ladies and man’s man’ already causing false rumours about how you really got your position. You don’t listen, and know that if anyone ever said it to your face you would show them exactly how you earnt this spot, but you can’t help noticing his objective attractiveness. After all, there’s a reason he beds so many people.
“How long is this.. thing supposed to go? It seems futile I even have to attend.” Royal family members are required to attend Odins address, and although you agree they can be, well, boring, you both had to sit through them for what was most likely hours as he addressed all the concerns of the court and updated them on the things he and the guard had been doing the past week. You didn’t need to hear it, you lived it, but your main job here was protecting Loki, and that was definitely not boring.
“You know Odin. He loves to talk to his people.” You stay objective, even though Loki bad mouths the King every day.
“More like loves the sound of his own voice.” He scoffs and crosses his legs, leaning back in his chair with his head resting on his hand, clearly uninterested. Spending so much time around him, you’ve begun to recognise signs of trouble, and with Loki that trouble is almost always magical. Your mother was a mage, so you know what magic looks like and can even practise a little, nothing compared to his power but enough that you can quell some of his smaller and stupider advances. So when you see a small bowl of fruit begin floating up from the banquet table mid way though Odins offical address, you tighten the hands on your staff.
“Loki…” you grit through your teeth, trying to keep your face neutral. You see him look at you, and a hand flicks up, sending the bowl high in the air. You reach out your own magic, a hue of red mixing with his green around the now levitating fruit. He pouts.
“You never have any fun, my love. Lets liven this party up a bit, shall we?” Ignoring the well in your chest at his endearing nickname, the feeling is quelled when he pegs a giant, round shaped fruit at the largest man in the room, a bald lord with his back to the other side. Immediately he turns, and shoves the man behind him, who reacts by smashing his fist into his face. Loki claps and laughs, clearly amused, and with a flick of your own hand you signal to your men on the ground to break up the fight.
You have them trained well, and they weave through the crowd with expert efficiency, but before they can reach them the fight ripples through the crowded floor, and you can count roughly fifteen perpetrators already. You can’t help but shoot Loki a deadly glare as you move from your post behind him, shouting an order to the rest of your men who were holding back. The crowd is soon flooded with the golden armour of your commanded army and they pull dozens of lords and ladies apart, some being dragged from the room and others arrested. You think you might have to get in there and take them on yourself when a booming voice from behind shouts a single worded order, making both you and Loki shudder under its authority.
“SILENCE!” Odin shouts, and the entire room stills. The slam of his own staff into the marbled floor cracks it, and when Odin turns to face Loki, you thank the stars for your training making you able to hold your face plain in spite of the melting fear he strikes into you. “Am I wrong to suppose this was your doing, boy?”
You don’t miss the little wince that Loki tries to cover at the demeaning address, and he straightens on his chair. He opens his mouth to respond but Odin just raises a hand at him, and then looks at you.
“Once again, your short comings to control the court have impacted me. Do you have anything to say for yourself, guard?” Odin has only spoken directly to you a handful of times, all of them being when you haven’t been able to stop Loki in time from causing whatever trouble he’d decided to created, but this was personal. He remembered your failings, and you couldn’t help but think it was more because of what you were than your actions.
“My king, I apologise for the disturbance. My men-“
“Your men have been fighting like children with the lords for the past thirty seconds. Is this a reflection of your training?” You take a quick look at the guard, the fighting has mostly stopped apart from the two guards currently holding down the bald men who started the fighting. You have trained them not to use any kind of lethal force unless absolutely necessary, and you knew if you had commanded it your men would have cut down anyone in the room efficiently, but this was their court, and it was just a dumb fight, no life needed to be lost over this.
You didn’t say any of this though, you only shook your head and began formulating a reply.
“My king, I-“
“She was acting according to my actions. If your looking to throw blame, I would bare it.” Loki cuts you off and he stands, his posture casual. He has only stood up to his father once before on your behalf, and that was when you petitioned to join the guard all those years ago, but you are still shocked when he does it so publicly, feeling the entire rooms eyes on you.
“Often I do blame you, as you so often are the cause. But perhaps I am wrong, if she cannot control someone as malleable as you, how would she command my legions? Lead my men in battle? Perhaps we need to reassess your capabilities, if this is the result of such a small indiscretion.” The wind leaves you when he stops talking, the words cutting you open and flaying you from the inside out. Your eyes burn and your legs threaten to give out under you, the embarrassment of being chided in front of hundreds of Asgards most respected and the men you had trained, who followed your orders.
“I am sorry to have disappointed you, my King. I will deal with this immediately.” You bow your head and your grip is painfully tight on the hilt of your dagger. You waited to be dismissed, hearing Lokis uneven breath beside you.
“See that you do. You may go, take these miscreants with you. Oh, and take my youngest, I have many matters to discuss, and it seems only Thor is mature enough to hear them.” You look up once, seeing the golden prince on the other side, his face pulled together in an apologetic grimace, looking straight at you. Thor had always been kind to you, knowing his brothers indiscretion’s better than anyone, apart from you. You nod and bow again, taking the stairs two at a time, hearing Loki trail behind you.
You shout orders to your men, and a few of them mumble apologies to you as you direct them. They have nothing to apologise for, it was a small fight in court and they handled it exactly how they should have, with the cleanliness and respect these people deserve, and without a single drop of blood spilt. They remove anyone who is still acting aggressive, although everyone has mellowed since the Kings outburst. Within another ten seconds the room is cleared, and you close the doors of the throne room when the last royal guard drags the bald man out.
Loki says your name, softer than he ever has. You face him, the mixed feelings of anger and embarrassment exhausting you, and you can’t hide the tear that falls down your face when you meet his gaze.
“What else, Loki? What could you possibly have to say to me?” He swallowed and took a step towards you before he spoke.
“I didn’t mean for that to happen. I swear it.” You laugh drily, and your throat burns in anticipation of your reply.
“Well, surprisingly your word means very little to me right now.”
“I wouldn’t have embarrassed you like that. I, of all people, would never incur my fathers wrath on anyone.” This you know is true, having been witness to a number of his fathers verbal dressing downs, having to stand there emotionless while Odin screamed at Loki for the smallest of mistakes. If you were honest you understood why he acted the way he did, but it made none of your work any easier.
“You still did it, though. Didn’t you? I’ve said this a thousand times, but no matter what, you will do whatever you want, never thinking about the kinds of consequences everyone around you has to deal with.” You’ve never spoken to him like that, he was your prince, your oath-sworn, but Odin threatened your job. That was the last straw.
“I will fix it. I will speak to my father. He will never threaten your position again.” Loki goes to walk away, but stops as he sees your shaking head and wry smile.
“It doesn’t matter. His opinion of me will never change, today just proved it to him.”
“What does that mean?” Was he seriously that unobservant?
“Odin will never see me as a true royal guard. He was waiting for me to make a mistake, prove his misinformation , and now I have. Didn’t you hear the way he spoke about me? ‘She’. He thinks of me as just that, a woman, out of her place. I never even would have made it out of basic training if you didn’t take pity on me, God knows why.” Another tear burns it’s way down your face and you let it, hoping the humiliation of crying in front of your prince will make you melt into the floor and disappear forever. Loki says nothing and you begin to walk back down the hallway, having to deal with the dozens of arrested lords awaiting your orders. “Forget it. Try not to get yourself killed over the next few hours. I need to work this out.” Marching past him, you follow the voices of your guards murmuring your name.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Hours go by, listening to the droning of the petty issues of the court, them trying to justify why the fight got so out of hand. Unlike the royal family, you outrank these people, therefore you don’t have to take any of their lies. Standing from your seat, you march over and draw your dagger.
“Okay. I’ve had enough. Do you know the kind of scene you caused during the royal address?” The two lords kneeling in front of you begin to speak, but you hold your dagger out to them and they swallow their words. “It was violent. Unhinged. You saw how upset the King was. Some say he considers this mutiny. He has even called for public executions of the perpetrators. Says the safety of his court depends on how he treats his criminals.”
None of this was remotely true, Odin probably forgot about the whole thing the minute he got into the wine, but it does the trick, both of the lords a mess of quivering lips and sincere apologies. You roll your eyes, letting the blade dangle in your hands, a visual threat of their imagined future.
“Lock them in the cells for the night. Maybe a night with the worst of them will inspire more courtly behaviour.” The guards grab them and wait for your order to drag them out. “And if I see either of you step a royal toe out of line, I will cut it off. Am I understood?” They nod rapidly and you cut a look at your guards, who instantly drag them out and down to the cells. They would be fine, fed a meal of royal proportions and given a bed and bath, but you have no doubt they would recount it as the most terrifying experience of their lives, and that would be enough for you. You had enough royal shit for one day, and you leave the room, instructing your second in command to take over. He lands a hand on your shoulder, stopping you before you can leave.
“You didn’t deserve that. You know we have your back.” He is sincere and locks his eyes on you. Smiling, his words reassure that you are at least doing something right.
“Thankyou, Sam. But it’s fine, my ego is wounded more than anything.”
“That God of Mischief will get himself kicked out of the royal family soon enough, and he’ll be someone else’s problem. Once Thor ascends the throne, it will be a new era, and you will be at the front of it, all of us behind you.” You pull him in for a hug, Sam’s constant support and good advice a comfort over the years of training.
His words, however, give you pause as you leave the room, trudging down the steps to your quarters. Would Loki be kicked out of the royal family when Thor ascends? Thor loves him too much, but it does make you think that maybe Loki would leave of his own accord. Would you be forced to follow him, guard him off world? Would you do it willingly?
Yes, he drives you insane, and his constant trouble making was probably going to send you to an extremely early grave, but outside the confines of court, he was sincere. You owed him your life and your job, and even though today was technically his fault, there was no one to blame but Odin for the embarrassment you felt.
When you finally reach your room, you throw your staff in the corner and shed the top layers of your golden armour, letting the heavy weight drop off your shoulders and onto the floor, setting sun streaming in the window making the golden flecks dance in the mirror in front of you. Removing your weapons belt and sliding the heavy pants off, you step out of them leaving you in just the singlet you wear under your armour, tiny shorts and the dagger in your hand. You go to place it back in it’s hilt when you hear something.
It’s such a small sound, if you weren’t who you are you probably wouldn’t have picked up on it. The tiniest of clicks, you crouch and see the side of a boot underneath the door of your bathroom. You fall into battle mode instantly. Your sword is too far to reach in one movement, but the dagger will be enough to take down whoever is on the other side. Keeping low, the door is already opened slightly, and you push it open with your magic, a tiny red sparkle sending enough wind to swing it open, and you launch, grabbing the tall mass of person and slamming them into the wall, your dagger just inches away from their throat and your knee digging into their toned abdomen. Green armour contrasts under your skin, and you drag your gaze to the perpetrators face, inky black hair out of place, strewn over ice blue eyes you would be able to pick anywhere.
“Loki! What the fuck are you doing in my bathroom!?”
“Clearly I’m being held hostage. Do you mind?” He looks down to the dagger you hold at your princes throat, and he swallows, his throat kissing the blade. You don’t move, and instead push your knee into him harder.
“I am well within my rights to cut you down. Answer me. What are you doing in here?” Instantly your brain thinks he’s done something to your room, maybe stolen something, probably just going through your stuff for the fun of invading your privacy. He looks at you and these thoughts disappear, a look of sincerity flashing in his pretty blue eyes.
“I was hoping to- to..”
“Loki! What?!”
“I was coming to apologise! Do you want to remove the dagger from my throat now?!” He pushes against you and you let him, placing the silver metal on the sink next to you with a loud ‘clang’.
“You scared the shit out of me.” Gone was your formal tone, currently standing in front of him in nothing but a singlet and shorts, only they were hardly shorts, doing nothing to cover anything but the bare minimum.
“Yes, well, do you often try to stab your visitors? No wonder you don’t get many.” He walks closer to you, picking up the dagger and inspecting it.
“You were hiding out in my bathroom! Visitors tend to come when your home, and fully clothed! Also what do you know about how many friends I have.” You defend. He was right, your job allowed for practically zero interaction with anyone apart from those you were employed with.
“You don’t think I keep just as close an eye on you as you do on me? I’m insulted.”
“Why do you care who visits me?”
“I don’t.” Loki drops your dagger and your gaze. His hand draws the pattern of jewels that line the spine of it, and you can’t pull your eyes off the way his hands move. You kind of hate him right now, but his touch is light, the dagger not moving under his fingers. You suck in a breath when he moves his hand towards you and then pulls it back. It takes you a minute to find words, any words.
“So, you came to apologise?” He seems to be struggling the same, and he physically shakes his head to remember where he is.
“Yes. I’m sorry, for today. I jeopardised your position.” You sigh, relaxing your stance even though you are very aware of how little clothes you have on, and of Lokis wandering gaze.
“It’s fine. I was angry before, but it’s fine.”
“No. It’s- my father is not a good man. He would absolutely strip you of your titles, of everything you worked for.” You suddenly start to feel nervous.
“Is this supposed to be helping?”
“Um, no. What I’m trying to say is he would do these things, but not because you deserve them. I should never have tested him today and I-“ he swallows. You’ve never seen him anything but cocky and confident, only when he is being berated by his father does that demeanour drop. You have to ask, because your partly confused, and a very small part of you is lit on fire by his words.
“Why would he do that, then? Why embarrass me, why threaten my entire life over a courtly argument, if not because I deserve it?”
a/n: this is where i picture the gif at the start :( “Because he hates me, and will destroy anything I hold dear to keep me in line.” Your mouth drops open a little and you step back. The room spins a little and you blink a couple times to make sure you aren’t dreaming. Was that supposed to be a confession?
“Loki. I am your guard.”
“Yes. I know.” He doesn’t move and your grateful he gives you a moment to adjust. “I just wanted to apologise. I will leave you, but know this.” His hand reaches out to you and you don’t even think before you extend your own towards him, keeping the air between you. He brushes a light kiss to your knuckles and his lashes close when he connects with your skin.
“Know what?” you whisper and his lips leave you. You find yourself longing for more of it, more of him in a way you’ve never allowed yourself to think of.
“Know that I would bring this court, this family to its knees for you, if you would only say the word. They would never dare to embarrass you, to question you, to look in your direction. If you were mine, they would worship you, as would I.” With that, he turns and leaves, and with your inhale you try to scramble air into your lungs, feeling like your breath leaves with him.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
You didn’t sleep a wink, tossing and turning, your brain never being about to stop thinking about Lokis confession. You can’t say he didn’t turn up feelings inside of you that you hated to admit, but everything is so complicated with him.
There are days where you think you could kill him. Spending countless nights chasing him down, having to deal with enemy after enemy, constantly being on edge. He’s the reason you are so uptight, that and your job practically forcing you to be a stickler for the rules. But there are also times that you see him, the real him, and you know he’s more than the front he puts on.
The day he chose you for his personal guard, he’d said that the last thing he was, was traditional, and that he wasn’t going to pick the biggest guy in the room, but he was going to pick the smartest. There was the day when those two kids broke a priceless jewel in the throne room, and he spent the entire night projecting illusion after illusion to make sure they didn’t get in trouble from their father, who so obviously reminded him of his own. Then there was last night, his delicate touch such a contrast from the power you know those hands hold, and his words that dripped promise and valour. He made you absolutely crazy.
Was this thing something that was even possible for you? There were already rumours of how you slept your way to the top, were you willing to possibly destroy your entire career to explore this? Your job meant everything to you, you told yourself, but it’s only because it was so consuming that you never had the time to think of anything outside of it. Now that the opportunity had presented itself, however, in the form of a gorgeously irritating god, you started to realise what you might be forfeiting.
You could see the top of Lokis head in the seat in front of you as you stood in the throne room again, praying today went off without a hitch. Some general was talking about some battle you effortlessly led and won a few weeks ago, but your name is never mentioned, only attributing the success to himself, even though you were technically his superior. Is this the kind of court you want to dedicate your eternity to? To a man you fear, a man who treats his own sons like they must compete for his compassion? Lokis words have seemingly opened your eyes, and as much as you love the life style that comes with being who you are, and the sacrifices you’ve made to get here, you start to think that maybe it isn’t enough for you if you have to give up anything else.
You haven’t spoken to Loki since he left last night, you barely made it in time to march in today. Like he can feel your thoughts turning over, he looks up at you, his eyes piercing straight into your own. You can see him there, so when his voice, smooth as velvet, comes in your ear, you nearly drop your staff in front of everyone.
“You know, it’s highly unprofessional to threaten your prince with a dagger.” He whispers and you can hear his smile. You don’t respond, because the hundreds of faces staring up at the man giving a speech would surely notice if you starting talking to your self. You know it’s an illusion now, the shimmer on top of the head in front of you hinting that the real Loki stands behind you, so close you can feel the warmth of him. Most people can’t tell which one is real, the difference only noticeable to you because you spent so much time staring at the wrong ones. You just scoff at him, and he catches on. “You can speak freely.”
His hand comes on your shoulder and the familiar touch of his magic fills your body. You can no longer be seen or heard by the crowd, taking a step back and seeing a perfect illusion of yourself standing behind the perfect illusion of him, unmoving.
“Well I would say it’s unprofessional to break in to your guards room and stare at her in her underwear, so I guess we’re even.” You turn to face him and a smirk crosses his face, one he usually pulls when he’s about to do something that will end poorly for the both of you.
“If that is what your underwear looks like, no wonder you don’t have many visitors.” You think back, and remember the tattered white singlet you wore and small black shorts. You cross your arms.
“Why are you so obsessed with who’s visiting me? You know what, never mind. We shouldn’t be doing this.” You turn to return to your post but he’s way too fast, appearing in front of you.
“You know why, my love.” He purrs, but he doesn’t make any physical moves. Your fists close around your staff, hoping to alleviate some of the pressure. “Does my dutiful guard have any choice words for her prince, or will she leave him out in the cold?”
“Loki.” His head dips to meet your gaze which is staring somewhere, anywhere but his face. He’s a foot taller than you, so he has to dip quite a bit, but when he finds you, your eyes follow him back up to where he stands.
“I won’t force you to answer. I know I do not offer much besides the destruction of everything you have built, but I would give you all the nine realms to command, if only you would be mine.” Gods, his words were so pretty and laced with promise, it made you weak at the knees. His face was honest, no longer a mask hiding his true intentions, and you were the only one who could see it.
“I wouldn’t need any of that.” You say quietly, and you can see his eyes widen a little, surprised to get any answer at all.
“But I would offer it regardless. You deserve it all.” You breath harder, and he steps closer.
“You know I fucking hate you sometimes, right?” He smiles a little and nods. “Like, you seriously drive me insane. Up the wall, batshit crazy. You make me feel…”
“What? How do I make you feel?” His hand comes under your chin, his fore finger curling under and holding your gaze up at him.
“I don’t know.” You answer honestly. You have no idea what it is, and you haven’t ever stopped long enough to figure it out. “It feels like I’ve swallowed fire every time I’m around you. I’ve never felt anything so..”
“Intense. Passionate.” You nod and blink at him. “I know, love. I feel it, too.” You sigh and his touch leaves you, you find your head tilting forward slightly to chase it. “As I said, I will not force your hand. I know what this would mean for you.” He goes to turn back to resume his position but your hand grabs his wrist, not letting him leave for a second time.
“I don’t know what this is, and you do make me crazy. Insane.” He isn’t looking at you, but instead your hand on his wrist. “But I do know one thing.”
“And that is?” His eyes find their way to you, and you know.
“That I want this. Want you. Want you to-“ His hand comes to your face, and he kisses you, snatching all the breath from your lungs as he devours you. He kisses you like he’s never tasted anything like it and he wants to savour it, not knowing how long it will last. You kiss him back with just as much ferocity, your lips and teeth and tongues fighting for dominance. His free hand drops to your hip and pulls you into him, your armour clashing against his own and there’s too much in between the two of you.
You press against him as much as you can, the hand on your hip snaking behind your back, and it’s only when people start clapping that you remember where you are, and that it’s not just you and Loki.
“Wait. Wait.” Somehow you find it in yourself to pull away, and the look in his eye, so focused on you makes you press another kiss to his lips before he can speak.
“What is it, my love?” Your eyes dart behind him before finding his face. Your view is obscured and you can only just see the heads of a few of the members of the crowd having walked back so far. He catches on and pulls you back to him. “They can’t see. I’ve made it so. Even if they could, let them watch. Let them see how devoted I am to you. Let them watch as I make you feel things no other would ever make you feel. Let them wish they were us.”
You are the one to pull him to you now, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and slamming him into you. The kiss was messy and you loved it, it seemed just to the journey you were about to go on with him. He slipped his tongue into your mouth and his hand found his way into your hair, pulling slightly and you moaned in his mouth.
“Does that excite you, my sweet? Do you relish in the idea of showing all of those self serving wretches below you what they will never have? I think you like that.” He kisses down your neck and you can’t help the shiver that slips up your spine, the warmth of his mouth contrasted with the surprising cold touch of his hand on the back of your neck.
You are wearing too many clothes, he is not close enough. The hand on the back of your neck slips out of your hair and travels down your back, only feeling the occasional slip of his fingers when they come across an unarmed part. The anticipation of not knowing how fast or slow he was moving only drove the growing heat in your face and stomach, and when his hand stops on the hem of your trousers, you nearly whimper when he lifts the slip of your shirt and connects with bare skin.
“Do you have any idea how long I have waited to feel the warmth of your skin under mine?” You shake your head, completely under his spell. “Ever since that day you knelt before me and outsmarted every oaf in that room on your formation day. That look in your eye, you took them down with just that. You were the most glorious being I had ever witnessed.”
Your breath shuddered and his hand slipped under your pants, eyes never leaving yours, waiting for your word. You just kissed him again, and when his hand touched you from the outside of your underwear you felt his smile.
“Ah, did you dress up for me, darling?” You knew he was referencing the lacy underwear you were currently sporting, somehow being two steps ahead of him from his comment earlier.
“Only for you.” You murmur in his mouth and that’s all it takes for him to fall on his knees in front of you. Without him standing there, you can see the faces of people listening intently to whatever the guy was droning on about, and you thank the stars that none of the other royal family members are here.
Lokis hands expertly work your armour away, tugging your pants down so you stand in front of him in just your underwear from the waist down. You can see both of the illusion versions of yourselves staring blankly into the crowd and you hope to the gods no one asks you a question, not sure how Loki would make you respond.
“Such a pretty sight.” He kisses your hips, then the sliver of skin just above your underwear, and then one just over the top before sliding them down your thighs. His hand comes in between you, instantly finding the place you need him most. You cry out as he works you slowly, suddenly patient. “Spread your legs for me, let me show you how much I adore you.”
Your cheeks flush at his sweet words and you do as he commands. He looks up at you and doesn’t break eye contact as his tongue glides over your clit and you let go of a strangled moan, biting your lip.
“I want to hear you. Let everyone hear how good your prince makes you feel.” His name comes out in a string of gasps and cries as he slides two long, slender fingers inside of you. He’s still looking at you, and the intensity of his gaze paired with the public nature of what you are doing makes your head spin.
“Taste so sweet, my love.” His eyebrows are furrowed in concentration and he uses his free hand to hold onto your thigh, forcing you down slightly. Your hands thread in his hair and you move your hips just a little to create more friction, and he moans along with you.
“Fuck! Loki - don’t stop, please don’t stop.” You beg and as soon as you say ‘please’ you hear him moan again, working you faster and faster. If that’s what he likes then that’s what you’ll give him if he keeps making you feel this alive. “Please! Please, my prince. Fuck..”
“You sound so pretty, begging for me. I’ll give you what you want.” He drives into you, fucking you with his hand and tongue until the heat becomes too much, so fast you cant register it and you cum all over his face, the hand on your back the only thing holding you upright.
Your orgasm hits you and it is overwhelming and all consuming. The faces of the crowd and your lifeless illusion disappear in a flash of white and you shout his name, grinding your hips on his face and pulling his hair wildly. He stands and grabs your face in his hand, still slick from being inside you, and the rawness of it is too much, your brain fizzling as he kisses you roughly. Your body still jerks a little going through the aftershocks of such an intense orgasm, so when he scoops you into his arms and you see the familiar green swirl of magic around you, you dont register you’ve moved until you land on the bed.
It takes you a moment to realise how you are on a bed, when seconds ago you were in the throne room listening to a speech about your stolen achievements. He must have transported you - no, teleported you to what you recognise as his chambers. They were twice the size of yours, and the bed was ten times as soft, the green and black bed sheets soft against your skin. Loki starts to take off his elaborate armour, but you jump off the bed and hold his wrists, him allowing you to move them away.
“Let me.” He nods, the soft look across his face pulls at your heart. You wonder if all those times he’s slept with people, if anyone has truly cared. If they had just been a quick and fast fuck, or if anyone had taken their time, drawn out their time with him. The way his eyes trace your hands as you slowly remove the top parts of his tunic make you think not.
You slide pieces of intricate clothes down his arms, over his shoulders and down his back. The more skin you reveal the more insatiable you become and he begins feeling the same, unclipping your armour and letting everything drop to the floor except the belt that holds the hilt of your dagger to your hip, the blade resting on your thigh. You were both naked, except for that dagger on your hip, and you move to unclip it when his hands stop you. He places a soft kiss under your jaw.
“Leave it on.” He whispers, and you fall back on the bed and he crawls on top of you. He was beautiful, there was no two ways about it, and you cant believe you ever doubted how much this moment right here would be worth. You would sacrifice everything for him, and you want to shout it from the rooftops. 
“I’ll give it up. The guard. If I have to.” You say in between kisses and he lays your head onto the pillows.
“You wont have it. I swear I will make this right for you.” He kisses your sternum then creates a line back up to your lips, the soft touches making you whimper and squirm underneath him. His hair falls over his face and tickles your cheeks as he watches you.
“I dont care. Whatever you want to do, I am sworn to you. No one else.” He slides into you as you say those words, and you both gasp and groan at the feeling of finally being close enough.
“No one else.” He echos, and pulls out all the way before rocking into you again, your eyes rolling back into your head seeing stars. 
He starts fucking you harder and you cant do anything but whimper and moan and shout his name. Your hands claw at his back and he kisses your collarbone as he holds himself above you by his forearms and slams into you, a groan leaving him every time he hits the wall of you.
“Thats right. Take it. How does it feel?” You know Lokis ego is big, but when he makes you feel this good, you will indulge whatever he asks of you.
“So fucking good! Please, give it to me.” You cry out as he picks up his pace, those stars covering your vision fading in and out as your second orgasm starts to build. 
“You take me so well, baby. You are made for me.” He murmurs against your skin and the name feels intimate, feels like you aren’t guard and prince, but just a boy and a girl finally falling together after years of pent up tension. 
You tighten around him, and the sound of Loki actually whimpering at the feel of you is enough to send you spinning into your next orgasm, him kissing your open mouth as you scream his name.
He chases you into his own release, the feeling of him cumming inside of you nearly enough to send you over the edge for the third time, and he doesn't stop fucking you until your hips stop moving and your body collapses underneath him, him sliding himself out and dropping next to you. Both of your bodies are hot and sweaty, but it doesn’t stop you both from pulling each other close, your face resting on his chest and both his arms wrapped around you, one hand lost in your hair. You stay like that a while, knowing as soon as you speak the spell will be broken and you will have to face whatever future you hold.
“I meant what I said.” You speak, and he kisses your forehead.
“I know, and so did I. You should not have to lose your career. Not for me.” You hate the way he thinks of himself, as if he is not worthy.
“I would. You are worth that for me. I dont need the armour or the swords or the respect. You are more than enough.” You are sure of it now, no job would beat the feeling of right now, laying in his arms as he breaths under you, heart beating in time with your own.
“And I do not need anything but this.” Your head flips to look at him, and he looks down at you.
“You mean-”
“Yes. I don’t need my family, this palace, these realms, not if I can have you.” You straddle him, flipping over and pinning him to the bed and you kiss him, soft and sweet.
“We can figure it out later. Sneaking around can be sexy, anyways.” You smile and he laughs, moving you on his chest as he does, and you never realised how little you see him smile like that, a genuine, happy smile.
“Who knew the captain of my guard was such a fiend?” You roll your eyes.
“Its cause Ive spent too much time around you.” He pulls you down for another kiss and you sigh into it, completely content. “We could just start our own realm. Take over ourselves.” He leans his forehead agains yours.
“You and me?” You nod.
“You and me.” He smiles and kisses you again, and for once in your life, you relax. 
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lokisninerealms · 4 months
Caught In The Act
Summary: Loki has the worst (or best) timing and ends up walking in on you sunbathing….in the nude.
Pairing: Loki x F!Reader
Warnings: (18+ Content) Contains heavy, heavy smut material, slight oral (male receiving, female receiving), Dom!Loki, descriptions of sexual intercourse
A/N: this has been sitting in my drafts for some time so i’m glad to finally be posting it. this is straight up SMUT oop. and as always, enjoy!
Tumblr media
Your soft skin was met with the scalding rays from the sun. Reclining in your tanning chair, a book in one hand while the other nursed a glass of red wine. The sounds of birds chirping and light whistling breeze around you. Every now and then, a bee or two would fly by but you remained serene in the presence of nature.
Steve had informed you earlier about an urgent call from Tony with needing assistance on a current mission. In a frazzled state, Steve quickly ordered you to stay at the compound in case of emergency. Not that you minded of course, with being an Avenger calls for hectic schedules and nonstop saving the world. So you relished on days like this where you could catch a breathe and just….relax.
A mixture of oil and sunscreen dripped down your body while you laid in the baking sun. Pools of sweat forming at the nape of your neck to your bare thighs. A thin layer already collecting above your hairline as little drops ran down your back. A clear indication that what you read about the heat index being six to be true. Taking another sip of your wine while saving the next chapter of your book, setting both items in your hand down on the glass table. Your eyes slowly closing to rest from laying in the sun for just mere of an hour.
Completely oblivious to the God, of which was nude himself, who sat above you on his own balcony.
Loki’s own body glowing against the suns rays on his pale skin. Unbothered by the extreme heat, him being of frost giant having its perks as he stayed cool. Even in excruciating heat on torturous summer days.
Leaning back in his own tanning chair, he propped both feet up with a cross of his ankles. A book nestled in his hands as he flipped a page or two every so often. Too invested in his newfound novel from Stark’s library to even acknowledge that he was indeed not alone.
A couple moments passed before the Asgardian found himself growing thirsty, his throat craving a cool liquid to settle his alcoholic need. Making his way to the kitchen as he strolled down the halls in nude. His cock moving with every step until he stopped in front of the shared Avenger fridge. Furrowing his eyebrows when he realized his favorite wine was nowhere to be found.
“What the……” He mumbled, eyes scanning around the room only to fall at the sight of you, “….fuck”
His cock twitched already hardening at the sight of your bare self glistening in sweat and tanning oil. Your breasts on display, a leg propped up that shield him from viewing your pussy. Watching as you laid there naked in content.
Eyeing the wine bottle that sat on the table to your right. His wine. He smirked, already knowing that you had a thing for the God which played in his sweet advantage.
“I don’t recall a proper invitation…..would have been much more courteous, don’t you think darling?”
The familiar velvet voice scaring you nearly half-to-death as your heart rate picked up. Beating rapidly against your chest from the sudden interaction. You quickly opened your eyes only to be met with the raven haired trickster. Hovering slightly above you with a signature mischievous grin of his.
Stepping back a bit to give you some space, “Did my presence startle you, my dear?” Loki chuckled.
You huffed already annoyed with his arrogance. But you couldn’t help yourself letting your eyes roam his body. Skin pale with a slight tan from sitting in the sun with defined muscles aligning his biceps and chest. Your eyes stopping at the sight of his manhood sat between his muscled thighs. His thick shaft stood slightly erected in all its glory.
“Eyes up here darling,” Loki teased, “unless you want a taste, of course.” Your eyes snapping back up to his grin plastered face, his eyes gleamed in amusement.
Taking a taunting step closer towards your spot on the tanning chair. He was mocking you.
His cock shifted with each step causing your core to tingle just at the sight of him. A tingling sensation overwhelming every nerve in your body. Clenching your sweat covered thighs in need, arousal building in you.
Your lips parted slightly as he stood right in front of you. The tip of his cock nearly hitting you in the face while you stared up at him, at lost for words under his challenging gaze. Loki darted his tongue out, slowly wetting his lips as he quirked his brow at you.
Challenging you even further when you gave no reaction to his teasing. He nudged his tip forward to rub against your lips, the wet drops of his pre-cum covering them.
“Open wide, pretty girl, I know you want a taste,” he taunted. His mind swirling with thoughts of your soft lips wrapped around his thick shaft gagging on his girth.
Shifting your legs so you could have a better angle, you complied with him as you licked your lips. Batting your eyelashes up at the raven haired man in front of you. His dick eagerly waiting for your plump lips to wrap around them.
Deciding to tease him at his own game, you placed a delicate kiss on his tip. Red and angry while you gently placed your hand to run up and down his shaft. His gaze burning into you through irritated and impatient eyes.
Picking up on your little game, Loki took matters into his own hands when your lips went to slowly suck his tip. Winding a fistful of your hair in his hand behind your head before thrusting his dick forward. Immediately gagging when the tip of his cock jammed the back of your throat.
Slowly retracting his cock before thrusting his hips forwards. Tears welled up in your eyes as he brutally abused your throat with his cock. Sliding in and out while his girth filled your mouth, your jaw aching around him. Allowing your tongue to circle his length, a mixture of Loki’s pre-cum and sweat lacing your tongue in flavor.
Wrapping your hands around his thick, defined thighs you gripped onto him for stability. Never breaking eye contact as his blue-green eyes looked down at you menacingly. The sight of your lips wrapped around his cock causing an itch to bury himself deep inside of you.
Gagging on his dick one last time, Loki roughly pulled out. Coughing immediately while your struggled to find your breathe.
“I will say, for a bratty little girl, you have an excellent work of the tongue” he snickered.
Wiping your lips from the saliva that had fallen, you scoffed at him. What a fucking cocky bastard.
“For being so full of yourself, I’m surprised you let your dick do all the talking for you,” you remarked. Glaring up at him for his crude comments.
“Are you inquiring we test that out?” Loki smirked, loving how quickly his taunts and teases affected you.
Cock still aching for a release to be devoured in your warm cunt. Arousal pooled in between your thighs, the familiar tingling shooting electrifying heat to your core.
A surge of confidence rushing through him, as he ushered to pull you off the chair, setting you on top of him. Rough hands moving each leg to straddle him, his erection rubbing slightly along your folds. The proximity becoming too much while you inhaled his scent, a hint of cologne that left you feeling intoxicated.
He rubbed the skin of your legs, slowly lifting you up to sink down on his length. A loud moan leaving both of your lips. Feeling your walls stretch to his above average size, the veins of his cock penetrating every inch of you.
“Norns….you’re so….you feel so…good…” Loki breathed, his cool hands moving to caress the skin of your hips.
Rubbing slow circles while giving you time to adjust to him, a reassuring squeeze pressed to your sides. Letting you know to take your time before continuing. Your head already spinning from arousal and lust.
Slowly moving up and down, you began to bounce on top of him. Placing a hand on one shoulder while the other traced the defined muscles on his chest. Creating a steady rhythm before picking it up. Loki thrusting beneath to aid in stimulating your g-spot, earning a cry from you.
“Fuck, Loki….Harder….” You cried, your knees becoming numb from the constant bouncing.
The thin layer of sweat on your forehead slowly dripping down your face. His hands tangling in your hair while he gripped onto your for dear life. Loki’s moans filling your ears with every thrust he pounded into you.
“Say it again, say my name,” Loki grunted from his position bottoming you out, “I love it when you say my name.”
He thrusted harder into you, “Let them know my name, who this pussy belongs to,” he growled in your ear.
Both of you becoming a withering mess, a string of moans and vulgar language leaving your lips. Your head falling back to look up at the blue skies, shutting them closed as you relished in his cock.
Every thrust of his hips and riding him relentlessly tipping you both near the edge. Completely entranced in each other that you hardly noticed the Quinjet fly above you.
Too preoccupied in getting a high out of each other. Loki engulfed you in a heated kiss, his soft lips tangling with yours. Biting your lip before quickly slipping his tongue to intertwine with yours. Tasting his own pre-cum in an exchanged shared kiss. The scent of your tanning oil and sunscreen consuming him.
Moving a hand to untangle from your hair, he crept his slim fingers to tease your clit. Your breathe hitching at the cool sensation only to moan loudly against him. His fingers drawing circular motions against the bundle of nerves. Assisting you in reaching your climax faster.
“Faster….I..I need you to go faster,” You panted as you pulled away from him.
Lokis fingers along with the thrusts of his dick inside of you picking up at pace. Your legs feeling like they were going to give out at any second.
“I must say, watching you beg for the touch of my fingers and cock buried deep inside of your swollen cunt is quite delightful,” Loki drawled, noticing your walls clench.
His thick length of a cock abusing your pussy with every thrust propelling you towards release. The coil in your stomach growing tighter with every flick and spin of his finger. Loki continuing to thrust, each one staggering after the other, slowly losing rhythm until his vision clouded.
“I’m…I’m going to come,” He mewled into you, his lust filled blue-green eyes meeting yours once more.
“My face…Cum on my face,” you insisted.
Quickly pulling his cock out of your clenching pussy, he flipped you so you were beneath him. Closing your eyes before hot spurts of his come spilled on the skin of your face. Dripping down the side of your cheek, Lokis face contorting in his own pleasure.
Already becoming aroused again at the sight of his seed covering your face. The exquisite beauty of your being still leaving his breathless.
Still working his fingers to massage your clit, tears welled up in your eyes. A cry leaving your lips, suddenly feeling your walls clench around nothing but the stimulation of him playing with your clit. Missing the fill of Lokis cock studded inside of you.
“L-Loki….I’m close…I’m gonna come,” you panted.
Maneuvering your way to nestle between your sweaty thighs, Loki nudged them further apart. Sinking to his own knees as he became face level with your pussy. Slim fingers continuing to push you towards climax.
“Come darling, let go,” his breathe against the skin of your swollen cunt.
Hot ropes of your own come shooting out, the warmth of Lokis tongue licking every drop of cum that spilled. You tangled your hand through his dark locks, the trickster smirking against your cunt. Darting his tongue out to suck the flesh, swirling his tongue with a flick every now and then. Humming in satisfactory of your savory taste.
Pulling away to meet your tired eyes, his blue-green ones glinted with mischief. You licked the drips of Lokis cum around your lips, leaning to pull him in for another heated kiss. The taste of both of your juices on each other’s tongue.
“Hey guys, we just got back from….Oh, shit…shit…shit”
You gasped, quickly moving yourself off Loki. Both of your faces flushed in embarrassment as he flicked his finger. Cleaning your cum-filled face and magicking a blanket to cover both of your naked bodies.
Loki groaned, “Peter, Norns, you have the absolute worst timing.” Glaring at the poor boy who trembled against the God’s intense stare.
“Sorry…sorry, Hi Y/N!,” Peter squeaked. His voice higher than usual due to walking in on you and Loki’s intimacy.
Looking behind your shoulder, you weakly waved your hand at the young Avenger. Giggling to yourself as Peter scurried off, completely intimidated and humiliated by the God of Mischief.
“Poor kid. I think we traumatized him,” you laughed.
Lokis deep laugh joining you, his naked body still on top of yours. Wrapping his arms around you, the heat of your burning skin under the suns gaze meeting his cool touch.
An arrange of orange, yellow and pink from the suns setting casting an ethereal glow on you. Loki felt his heart beat picking up with every intense stare of your gaze. You were beautiful, more stunning than Aphrodite and any Goddess in the nine realms.
Tucking a hair behind your ear, both of you admiring each other. The breathe you were holding still hitched as the colors of the suns dawn settled against his pale skin. Every feature on his face enhanced with the rich glow of his blue-green eyes on yours. He looked more like a God in this moment, sculpted to absolute perfection.
Loki leaned closer to you, already feeling yourself follow his movements. Melting into each other’s touch for a heated, passionate kiss. This one different from the rest as you fully retrouvaille in the presence of each other.
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Pink tabs
Tumblr media
Loki x female reader (Y/N)
Summary: After finding Loki in YOUR room with YOUR book, you got mad… but can you keep being mad when he start reading form your book out loud?
Warings: 18+, adult stuff, smut, Loki reading smut to Y/N, a bit touching, nakedness, a bit breeding kinks. Pleas tell me if I forgot something.
Words: 681
A/N: You know when you feel like writing something, but don’t know what you really gonna write about. Yeah, that was what I felt few hours ago, sooo here we are.
Picture: I took the picture. Use it if you want, just give some credit. The book is The dare by Harley Laroux. If you need something smutty, kinky and spicy "The dare" is definitely THE book.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I Yelled across my room.
Loki is sitting in my one-man-couch reading a book, I can’t see the book from his big hands.
He looked up at me with a big smirk as closed the book, but still had his thumb holding the page, so he could go back to it, and read later.
“Say something!” I yelled, but he just ignored me and got back to his book.
“Can’t you see, you are interrupting me in the middle of something?” he said as he lifted the book, showing what he meant with “something”.
“Noooo, you can read your stupid littel book in YOU OWN ROOM, and NOT MINE!” 
“Uh, is this not the library, oops?” he said sarcastically.
“Really funny, but now you can go” I pointed to the door.
“Hmmm let me think about it” He really know how to push my buttons.
I walk up to him and snap the book from him.
“Be careful, You might ruin your tabs” My tabs? What does he mean by “Your tabs”. The it hit me. I look down… Is my book.
He could see I realized what he was reading.
“I really like the tab-thing. The pink ones are my favorites, a bit spicy but good” he said mockingly.
He snaps back the book, and opens one of the pages with a pink tab.
“And sweetie, you can get the book back when I’m done”
“Hell no. You can put the book back from where you got it and leave”
He just kept reading like I wasn't there.
“LOKI GIVE ME THE BOOK BACK NOW!” I walked closer to him, in between his knees.
He looks up at I. I try to snap the book from him, but he just moves the book away.
“that wasn’t so sweet, darling”
I didn’t answer him, but just walked over to the bed, trying to ignore he was in my room. 
He looked as I walk away. He kinda felt sad that the fun was over.
I lay down on the bed and pulled the blanket over me, still trying to forget he was here. I took my phone and watched some videos with really high sound, in hope he would get annoyed and leave.
--30 minutes goes by--
Loki walked up to me. I still tried to ignore him.
“Y/N?” I still looked down on my phone. “Y/N” “Y/N”
“Okay, this will be fun” He sits down on my bed, a few inches from me.
I hear him open the book.
“I was laying there, naked. His hand slowly moved up my leg to between my legs, only brushing over my pussy. But still managed to make me squirm and twist by his touch, like I didn’t have control over my body, which I didn’t. Everytime he touches me or just looks at me, it is like my body is being for him”
 I already knew which page he was reading from. The page I had readed so many times, that I have lost count.
He kept reading and before I knew it, I was in another world. Every word that came from his mouth ended up in my mind like a move. I laid the phone away from me.
“He opened up my leg and got his face closer. His voice was so deep and dark, I could come by his voice, if it was for the fact that I hadn’t got the permission. His fingers slowly spread my lips open, I could feel his breeding between my legs” Loki tried to keep going, but it was hard then he knew I was laying there, all worked up.
Loki's hand got under the blanket and over mine shorts. He cared over my hip and kept reading.
His hand got move to me inner thigh.
I tried to not smile, but I think he caught me a few times.
Has his hand got closer and closer to my covered pussy, that harder it was for me to listen. 
As the story ended as his hand got closer.
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