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Thrown - Chapter 23: Lodestar
Summary: Loki learns something new about his own mythology during a camping trip.
Word Count: 2,763
Author's Note: Happy Turkey Day to my American friends, and Happy Thursday to everyone else. Today I'll be attending a Thanksgiving Lunch and then also a Thanksgiving Dinner so if nobody hears from me for the next couple days it's because I'm sleeping off 80,000 calories.
Tumblr media
The faces of Fury, Stark, and Rogers gazed out from the laptop's screen. Loki sat stiff in his chair, trying his best to look like a reformed and respectable member of society. He hadn't been the focus of this meeting, it had largely been about the progress of New Asgard, but there was an implied undercurrent that made it clear that his progress was being examined as well. Thor had not been subtle about dropping compliments for his brother into the conversation throughout the meeting. It was obvious that they were still not keen on his lack of imprisonment. He had to stifle his irritation that these men considered themselves arbiters of his fate, and that he needed to appease them. Fury hadn't spoken once throughout the meeting, but seemed to be absorbing everything that was said. Loki wondered how much Thor had told them about Thanos. It seemed he hadn't mentioned the recent incident at the market.
Stark's voice broke through. "In other news, I gotta say, Prancer, we're all very impressed you haven't tried to usurp the king of Norway or whatever." Loki smiled at him with gritted teeth. Thor frowned. "That is not very fair-" "Kidding! I'm kidding, geeze big guy, lighten up." Thor relaxed fractionally. "We have been impressed." It was Rogers speaking now. "Between Thor's reports and the posts on social media-" Loki's brow furrowed. "Social media?" "Yeah." Stark cut in. "It's this thing people use to talk to each other on the-" "I am aware!" Loki paused to check his tone. "I am aware of the phenomenon. I do not participate." "Sure, but the people around you do." Stark quipped. Thor had pulled up a post on his tablet and handed it to Loki.
"You've made Rogers self-conscious." Stark was smirking. "He's really had to up his game, helping old ladies cross the street and such." The captain rolled his eyes. "Loki has been assimilating well." Thor clapped him on the shoulder. "In fact, this very evening we will both be going camping with a human friend...."
Loki let the conversation drift away as he looked down at the post Thor had displayed on the tablet. It was the photo of him with the foreign couple he had translated for at the market. The caption read: "Um?? My parents said this guy helped them buy souvenirs on their vacation???" He scrolled down to the responses. The bulk of the comments were involved in a very heated debate as to whether the man in the photo truly was Loki of Asgard. Points and counter-points were made. Comparisons of photos were bouncing back and forth. He smirked at the vitriol produced by such an inconsequential argument. Further down, a section of comments seemed to have largely devolved into a discussion about mangos. This must be a reference he did not understand. He made a mental note to ask you about it later.
He looked up, as it appeared the meeting was coming to an end. Stark and Rogers images blinked out. Fury's stoic glare was all that remained. "You're doing well." He stated plainly before he, too, disappeared. It was the only thing he'd said in the entire meeting, and Loki wasn't sure who it was directed to. "That went very well, I think!" Thor grinned and stood up from the table.
Loki felt... tired. It was exhausting, keeping up a friendly facade with three men on a screen who, despite a few bits of praise, very much did not trust him and did not want him on their planet. He couldn't blame them, of course. He did throw one of them out of a window, after all. Defenestration rarely builds trust. Still, it was draining, trying to remain polite and courteous to a group who is looking for any reason to see him as otherwise.
At least the day was only going to get better from here. You had invited the brothers to join you on another hike up the mountain, where you intended to spend the night. Loki had his suspicions as to why you had arranged this outing. After the events at the market last weekend and this meeting today, he could use a respite and you seemed to be well aware of this. But then, perhaps you needed one as well.
You loaned backpacks to him and Thor so they could pack their things. He went upstairs to finish doing so now. They would likely be leaving to meet you soon.
Your cottage came into view as Loki and Thor worked their way up the road. You were sitting in your chair on your porch, Ash lying at your feet, along with a pack and other supplies. When you noticed them you waved and called from your chair.
"Boys! You ready to go?" "I believe so, yes." Thor called back. "You mentioned there were items you needed us to carry?" Ash had already gotten up to greet the brothers. You stood and motioned to the supplies at your feet. "Just some food and stuff. I hope you left a little space in your packs." "Oh, I'm sure we can manage." Thor said as he looked down at the items on the porch. "Certainly." Loki added. Then, with a quick wave of his hand, he vanished the supplies, leaving just your pack at your feet. You stared at the empty space for a moment. "Right. Duh." You shouldered your bag and smiled. "Let's go, then."
You led them down and across the road, to the same trail as before. The hike up was much more cheerful this time around, naturally. Loki could better appreciate the scenery as well as the company. He and Thor stopped periodically to give you a break, and in a surprisingly short amount of time the three of you stepped out onto the terrace once again. Ash took a drink from the stream while the rest of you took a moment to admire the view. It was no less stunning this time. Most of the deciduous trees had dropped their leaves, but the evergreens stood bright and proud. At the higher altitudes the snow that had fallen in the previous weeks had managed to stick around, capping the surrounding peaks. There were even a few remnants of ice lingering here on the terrace, presumably in places that were shaded in the day.
You gave the brothers the job of gathering firewood and starting a fire while you set up the tent nearby. He and Thor completed the job quickly enough, with just a minor disagreement as to how much firewood was sufficient for a single night. They came over just as you were completing your task, the tent's structure had been assembled and you were arranging sleeping bags inside.
Loki was not impressed by the tent. "Surely this material is far too thin to be of any use in keeping out the elements." He rolled the nylon between his fingers. "Trust me, when we're bundled in the sleeping bags, with the combined body heat of the three of us plus Ash in this thing, we will all be plenty warm." You assured. He remained skeptical but decided to take your word for it.
Dinner was cooked over the fire, and for once you had more than just cursory help. This was familiar territory for the brothers, who had spent many nights camped on hunts or for training outings and thus had plenty of experience cooking outdoors. The meal might not have been as refined as those made in your kitchen, but it was filling and comforting and the joint effort was a delight.
The sight of the sun setting was unparalleled, throwing golden rays and deep shadows across the forest and the fjord and the sea. The three of you sat around the fire talking and laughing well after the stars and moon had risen. Eventually, the call to sleep was answered and everyone retired to the tent. You took one sleeping bag against one side, with Ash lying down next to you. Thor took the next bag and Loki the one on the far side of the tent. Once everyone was settled Loki found that it was, indeed, quite warm. A few more quiet words and jokes were shared before each drifted off, one by one.
Loki woke with a start, immediately alarmed by a grating, growling noise. After a moment he calmed, recognizing the source. Thor was deep asleep, and snoring. The tent was illuminated by the moonlight cast through the thin fabric. Loki scowled at this brother for a moment, considering his next course of action when he saw your head rise over the other side of the blond god. Your hair was tousled from sleep, and you leveled a grumpy squint at Thor. Loki had an amused smirk as he shifted up onto his elbow. Your eyes met in mutual understanding, and you questioningly tipped your head toward the door of the tent. He gave a nod in answer, and you unzipped the door, quietly stepping out and pulling your sleeping bag with you. Loki followed and secured the door, leaving the sleeping Thor and Ash, who seemed to be unbothered by the ruckus.
"Snore, God of Thunder." You muttered as you walked away toward the dormant campfire. "That's quite good." "Thanks, I worked really hard on it." Loki scoffed a laugh. "Do you think you can get the fire going again?" You gestured at the charred remains. He placed a few more pieces of wood on the pile, waved a hand, and the fire came crackling to life. You sighed with relief as you sat down against the nearby boulder, your sleeping bag draped over your shoulders. "Magic is so convenient." He took a seat as well. "Yes, I never understood why more of your people don't use it." You laughed. "We have to do things the hard way, I guess." Loki looked out over the vista once more. It was still breathtaking, bathed in the silver-blue glow of the moon. He looked down at you as you shuffled across the ground, huddling against him. "Trying to steal some of your heat." You explained. He chuckled, and gave a lazy wave to the fire, which increased in intensity. "Thanks." You remained against his side. He didn't see the sense in moving.
The two of you sat for a while, admiring the night. Thor's snoring could still be heard in the distance.
"Hey, look, your star is out." You reached an arm out from under your blanket and pointed. "My star?" Loki looked up at the star. It was very bright. "Yeah. Sirius. The Norse called it 'Lokabrenna'." You tucked your arm back under the sleeping bag. "Meaning 'Loki's torch' or 'burning done by Loki'. Or something along those lines, we're not really sure anymore. The story behind it has been lost." He looked up a the star and frowned. "It's Ragnarok." Loki said bitterly. "The burning I cause. Ragnarok. In their stories, I bring the destruction of all the realms in flame. Your ancient people, basic as they were, still knew well enough to cast me as the villain."
You were silent. He regretted it, letting his self-loathing sour the night. It had simply slipped out, risen to the surface unbidden. He took his eyes off the star and watched the fire instead.
After a few minutes you spoke up. "You know the thing that always struck me about the binding of Loki?" He bit back another resentful response, opting instead to hear your thoughts. "What?" "He gets tied up underground with a snake dripping poison on his face, right? After a bunch of other awful stuff, of course. It's terrible, the whole thing is probably the worst punishment they could come up with." You were still gazing at the star. "But his wife is there. She's free, she can do whatever she wants, but she stays beside him and holds a bowl over him to catch the venom. That always stuck with me, that she'd choose to do that, it seemed like its own sort of torture." Your eyes moved from the star down to the fire. "Those ancient people, even when they were dealing him the worst torture they could imagine, they still gave him that. They still deemed him worthy of incredible love and loyalty." You shrugged. "I don't know, it just always seemed significant."
For a moment, he was dumbfounded. Worthy. Of all the words you could have used. He looked at you, but you were gazing at the fire now. He looked up at the star again. It was the brightest one he could see.
"It does seem significant." He admitted. Silence returned for a moment. "Plus," you added, "Some people think Loki was the one that gave humans fire so I think that's just as likely." You looked to him and spoke flatly. "What I'm saying is that you're probably definitely wrong." He couldn't help the smirk. "Probably definitely?" "That's what I said." He chuckled. "In that case I would be a fool not to concede." The two of you quietly watch the fire for several minutes. A particularly loud snore traveled from the tent and you threw your head back in exasperation. "Ugh! Will it ever stop?" "Not likely. I usually have to cast a silencing charm." You looked to him. "You can do that?" "Yes, of course." "Then why are we out here freezing our butts off?" He shrugged. "I assumed you wanted to enjoy my company." "Don't be ridiculous." "I don't believe I was." You brought yourself to your feet. "I want to sleep! Come on."
You marched back toward the tent. Loki extinguished the fire and followed. You stopped outside the door, he snapped his fingers and the grinding snores of Thor abruptly ceased. He opened the door, revealing soundless Thor still sleeping contently, his arm now thrown over Ash. Loki bowed dramatically as he held the flap back for you.
"After you." He gestured to the open door. "My hero." You stepped through.
You both settled back down in your respective places, with a now quietly-sleeping Thor in the middle. Loki stared at the illuminated fabric of the tent and considered his star as he drifted off again to sleep.
Sunlight and birdsong drew Loki from sleep once more. Thor was also stirring, and you were currently leaving the tent with Ash following behind. Loki made sure to drop the silencing charm before stepping outside.
The sun was still rising, glittering across a frosted landscape. Loki joined you on a boulder, admiring the sight.
"Is there ever a time when this view isn't breathtaking?" He asked. "I haven't found one yet." There was the sound of stretching and yawning as Thor exited the tent. "Good morning!" He boomed. "I trust everyone slept as well as I did?" Loki turned to him. "Actually we both woke in the night from a terrible noise. Some kind of beast." Thor's brow furrowed. "A beast? What was it?" "It was a bore." "A boar? Here?" Thor looked around the terrace in disbelief. "Yes, a tiresome bore." Loki glanced at you. You were keeping a straight face but it was clearly a struggle. You tried to elbow him surreptitiously but he casually moved out of the way. "I took care of it." "You should have woken me." "I can assure you, brother, that next time we will." Thor watched the two of you carefully for a moment. "There's something you're not telling me." Loki waved dismissively. "It's not important. At the very least it takes second priority to breakfast."
Breakfast was cooked as the sun climbed. A few more hours were spent in leisure, milling about the terrace, chatting, commenting on the view. It was peaceful. Loki lamented when the time came to break camp. Everything was packed away, and the three of you stood at the edge to take in the landscape one more time before climbing back down the mountain.
When the group reached your cottage Loki returned the extra supplies he had carried and they bid you goodbye. You reached up to hug Thor, as usual. Then you gave Loki the same treatment. He didn't object, and over your shoulder he saw Thor's eyebrows rise.
You went inside and the brothers started down the road to New Asgard in silence for several minutes.
"These humans are so insistent on their physical affection." Loki explained. Thor raised his hands in defense. "I didn't say a word."
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Tumblr media
"Welcome home, brother." Art trade with the amazing @nachtgray
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Incorrect quotes#93
Store Worker: Would a Ms. Y/n please come to the front desk?
Y/n, arriving at the desk: Hello, is there any problem?
*Store Worker points to Loki and Thor*
Store Worker: I believe they belong to you?
Loki and Thor, simultaneously: We got lost :(
Y/n: I didn’t even bring you guys here with me-
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
D(oc)tor Strange: Multiverse of Madness (2022)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: Loki almost killed you during the Battle of New York. You struggle when he returns.
Warnings: If the title didn't give it away, choking. Also, Loki being an ass. Smut. 18+
AN: I'm a slut for comments and reposts!
Why wouldn't he just leave? That irritating smirk, as if something was so damn amusing, lingered on Loki's face, his eyes on you like prey. He was that constant itch that you couldn’t scratch away, the ever looming ache in your side that you couldn’t ignore. While the rest of the team discussed their next mission, you sat at the far end of the table incessantly tapping your foot while he reclined in a chair. It was bad enough that after all the destruction he had caused in New York that he decided to show his face again on Earth, in tow with his brother. But the fact that you had to see him every day, breathe the same air, act like everything was water under the bridge, felt almost impossible. Thor had framed Loki's return in the brightest of lights–that he'd changed, that he had been brainwashed and tortured and wasn't the same person anymore. The rest of the team was willing to be cautiously accepting for Thor's sake, and perhaps were starting to buy into the idea that Loki had turned over a new leaf. But the rest of the team hadn't looked into Loki's eyes, seen that possessive evil, when he had lifted you by your throat while smiling, slowly closing your windpipe as you struggled to break free.
That fateful day had been permanently etched in your memory. New York was under attack and you had been focused on surveillance for the team in Stark Tower when he had shown up, strolling proudly with his scepter in hand. Standing abruptly, your heart pounded as you sized up this towering giant and watched his movements; your combat and defense skills were good, but they'd never been put to the test by a god. "Are you going to attempt to appeal to my humanity?"
His demeanor was so high and mighty, like this was all so far beneath him. "And why would I do that? Clearly you have none."
Your legs mimicked his movements, circling each other around the open loft. He paused and cocked his head, an amused smirk pulling on his face. "Don't tell me you intend to fight me, girl. Adorable, but I can assure you I am no match for you."
"We'll see about that."
"And why would I waste my time fighting you? You could be quite useful to me." He aimed the tip of the scepter at your chest, but you were quicker than he’d anticipated and swiped the staff to the side before kicking him in the chest. It didn't do much, he was as solid as a tree, but it was enough to catch him slightly off guard to kick the scepter out of his hand and you both watched as it slid across the room. Adrenaline pumping, you attempted to lurch at the fallen weapon, but he was faster and grabbed your wrist, spinning you around.
"And where do you think you're going?" His tone was sinister and his large hand wrapped around your neck, lifting you off the ground as your legs flailed. Long fingers slowly squeezed on your windpipe and you struggled to pry them off. Tears blurred your vision and started to stream down your face. "Such pathetic floundering bottom feeders you Midgardians are. I should put you out of your misery."
He smiled while watching you struggle in his one hand, prolonging your agony. Squeezing tighter, the world moving out of focus into black. And then a window shattered and the Hulk emerged, ultimately saving you and smashing Loki in the process.
For three weeks, every time you looked in the mirror you were reminded of what he did to you. Your neck turned black and blue, then purple, then green, then brown and yellow. But even as the bruises faded, it was still raw in your mind.
So when Thor had pulled you aside to convince you why his brother deserved another chance, you screamed internally while plastering a smile on your face. He had to have known the trauma Loki had put you through. "Are you okay with this, y/n?"
The pleading in his eyes confirmed that if you said no, it would break his heart. Thor was like a brother to you, and while his brother was the spawn of Satan, you pushed your feelings aside and lied straight to his face. "If you say he's changed, then I believe you."
Loki knew who you were, what he had done to you. The recognition on his face when you first walked into the room and stopped short was evident. His eyes lingered as you leaned against the far wall, keeping a significant distance between you and him. Absentmindedly, you nibbled at your lip and fiddled with the hem of your shirt.
"Lady y/n!" The bellowing voice made you freeze as you watched the large blonde man stride over, dragging his darker haired brother behind him with a perturbed look. He wasn't actually bringing his brother over to you, was he? "I'm glad you are here," he smiled, like this was a family reunion, "Y/n, my brother Loki."
The expression on your face was blank as you tried to hold it together. "We've met," you deadpanned at the same time Loki said, "I don't believe she cares to meet me, Thor."
The oblivious blonde shook his head at your responses. "Nonsense! The last time you met was a misunderstanding. This is a chance to start anew."
Loki watched the vein in your neck as you clenched your jaw together, your nostrils flaring slightly at the thought of your near death being a "misunderstanding." The way your hand shook by your side. He knew you were not ready for this.
"Please excuse my brother. Y/n, it is a pleasure to meet you formally.”
You studied the carpet as he spoke, noticing a burn mark on the rug you'd never seen before. He turned to leave, pulling Thor with him.
“Is that it?” The words were so quiet you barely heard them yourself. But Loki paused and turned toward you. You didn’t want to look at him, didn’t want to be near him, didn’t want to be on the same planet as him, but you also didn’t want to be the weak girl that he clearly thought you were, so you pulled your eyes from the floor to look directly at him, your eyes blazing with anger. “Is that all you have to say to me?”
“I… No. I am sorry for any pain that I caused you. It is inexcusable, I know that.”
You willed yourself not to bring your hand to your neck, remembering how the person in front of you toyed with attempting to snuff out your existence without blinking an eye.
It's an act. It's just for show.
Glaring at him, you didn’t want to believe his words. If he was expecting forgiveness, he wouldn’t find it from you. "You're right," you replied. "It is inexcusable."
Pushing past him, you hated the feeling that perhaps he had been sincere.
The constant stress of being cooped up in a tower with him was weighing on you. The need to leave rooms, change directions, hide out in your apartment; was it childish? You didn't know. But every time you saw him, your pulse started racing, your throat turned to sandpaper, and your stomach tensed.
When Natasha announced it was time they all went out for a night, you were all in, needing to literally let your hair down and dance your cares away.
Stark paid an exorbitant amount of money to have access to an exclusive club that he and his friends could access at any time. You showed up in a little black number with a mission to let your cares go.
Dancing for hours had left you parched and you made your way to the bar. He was already there, arms crossed as he watched others with a judgmental look of disapproval. You ordered a rum and coke, telling the bartender to put it on his tab, causing Loki to roll his eyes but nod all the same. He turned his attention to you, the hairs on the back of your neck prickling. "Having fun?"
"I was," you snided, sipping your drink. "I thought you enjoyed this type of thing. Thor said you had your fair share of banquets and masquerades."
"Yes, well, my tastes are…a little more…refined."
You rolled your eyes at his snobbery. He was truly the worst. "When are you planning to leave Earth? I'm sure there are other planets just waiting to be conquered."
Hesitating at your remark, he studied you, no longer shaking from nerves and a more bold tongue, chalking it up to liquid courage. Leaning in closer to you, he could smell a mix of your vanilla body wash, sweat, and alcohol. "Why would I leave when my presence is clearly torturing you?"
The sinister smile on his face made the lump in your throat return and you quickly sipped at your drink again, the alcohol pushing your nerves back down. "Look at you. I don't even have to lay a finger on you and you whither in front of me."
Your cheeks went hot under his intense gaze, feeling small as he hovered over you. Swallowing, you looked up at him, butterflies erupting inside you.
"Fuck you, Loki," you breathed. Storming off, you could only imagine that arrogant smirk on his face as he watched you walk away. Heart pounding, blood boiling, you grabbed the first man you saw on the dance floor, gyrating with him under the strobe lights, trying to remove the image of him hovering over you from memory. When you looked up toward the bar, Loki was still watching you, a smile pulling on his lips like he knew exactly what he was doing.
Combat training with various team members was grueling but necessary work, dripping sweat and lungs burning. You and Natasha went at each other, you landing a blow to her ribs, her landing a kick which resulted in an armbar. A few rounds and the two of you had called it a night, her leaving to shower while you stretched weary muscles.
"Your combat skills have seemed to improve since the last time I saw them." You heard him before you saw him. Narrowing your eyes and putting on a braver face than you felt inside, you groaned, crossing your arms.
"You're like an annoying gnat. What do you want?"
"I'm curious, when the team goes on missions, who is the one that babysits you? Do they take turns or is it the same person?"
He was trying to goad you, trying to get a rise out of you, you knew that. Well two could play this game. "How exactly did you convince Thor that you changed? All that talk of torture, did you make that up? Is there even a, what was his name? Thanos?"
His face dropped for the quickest of moments and a part of you regretted your words. But when he recovered, the look on his face made you take a step back.
"Tell me, how many nights have you been kept up at night thinking about my hand around your throat."
Your hand reacted before your brain could and the crack of your palm against his cheek was heard before it was felt. He smiled when he turned his face back to you, taking another step in your direction. Fist clenched, your arm swung up toward him, but he grabbed it and held it in place. Another step, your knee came up to his stomach, and he grabbed that too. You felt the wall behind you, a shallow breath released as you tried to hold yourself together, his chest centimeters from yours. When you looked up at those blue-green eyes though, it wasn't the same look as last time. There was no darkness, no evil, no possession. His smile was covering something else. Slowly, your eyes locked on his, you guided his other hand to your neck. His breath hitched as he watched you wrap his slender digits around your throat.
"Wha–" but you silenced his question with your lips. What started as a desperate need to shut him up turned to lips hovering near each other, tongues dancing together, breaths being shared. He pulled away to look at you, a question playing on his face, his silver tongue clearly tied. Your eyes dropped down, embarrassment starting to flood your mind, and his hand flicked your face back up to his and kissed you again, hand gliding from your neck to the back of your head, gripping onto your hair. Your fist was dropped as he glided his palm down your side, wrapping around your ass, bringing you wanting core to him. A whimper left your lips and he pressed into you with need.
Brains turned off, hands scrambled to pull at clothes and feel every inch of one another. His fingers slipped inside your pants, running his long digits along your silky crevices and you shook as the tip of his finger circled your clit, smiling into your mouth. "Seems like you've thought of this multiple times, pet."
"Shut up,” you demanded, greedily scrambling to free his throbbing erection from its enclosure, pulling at zippers and buttons, a relieved sigh escaping from him when it was freed.
He was quick with his movements and flipped you around, hands pressed against the wall, pants yanked down with a swift jerk, fingertips drawing lines up your thigh, up your hip, up your spine, causing shivers. His hand came to rest on your neck, tilting your head back to him. His warm throbbing cock slid between your ass cheeks and through your thighs, playing with your anxious opening.
"Beg me," he whispered into your ear. A strained cry left your throat as he rubbed his hot erection up your slit.
“Please,” you breathed, then moaned loudly as he stretched your tight opening, flexing his fingers under your jaw.
“Is this what you want, pet?” You wondered that yourself as he smoothly pulled and pressed into you, but as he hit your cervix while locked against him, you knew this was exactly what you wanted all along. A secret desire you wouldn’t even admit to yourself. The noises you made were sloppy, no longer able to make sense. He pulled your head toward him again, gripping down a little harder while pounding into you. “I asked you a question girl.”
“Y…ye…yes…” you wailed. You were close, but if it were to coming or passing out, you didn’t know. His cock hit in places you didn’t know were inside of you, and as he reached down to circle your clit, your body shook violently. The world went black for a moment and you collapsed into him, but vaguely you could hear his words. “I got you. I got you. Good girl.”
Pressing yourself into him on the floor, your lungs burned. He rubbed your neck, your arms, your back, while you came back to full recognition. Looking up at him, he pressed his lips together while you bit at yours. “Do not tell anyone about this.”
He cocked his head, raising an eyebrow. “I doubt they would believe me even if I did, pet,” and kissed your hand. "Do you still want me to leave Midgard?"
Lowering your face into his shoulder, you hid your reddened cheeks. Your lips pressed together, unable to answer, but knowing you didn't want him to go.
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Tumblr media
Tom in glasses 😍
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Tumblr media
some cozy lokis before bed
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Loki: *drunk, singing in Asgardian*
Tumblr media
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That Little Dress: Clandestine F*cks [Avenger!Loki x Fem.Reader] 18+
Part of the Clandestine F*cks Collection [Link] A link to my regular Masterlist is HERE Summary: (13) The Avengers Expo rages on, but after your confessions of love, you and Loki have a little afterparty of your own Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI. Smut. Descriptive Oral Sex (F). Anal Play (Mild). Language. Secret Relationship.(w/c 2.3k)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I want you to ruin me” you whispered, feeling Loki’s breath hitch beneath your palm.
It had been a long night at the Expo. The familiar surroundings were a balm after hours of painful schmoozing, ending with a covert walk from the limo to Loki's rooms.
You had made your excuses to leave before the others, but your secret lover had slipped away earlier unseen. No one would be back at the tower for hours.
“Ruin you?” Loki murmured, running his hands over the curve of your waist still wrapped in that sinfully tempting dress, “why would I wish to ruin what is mine, my love?”
Loki had arrived thirty minutes before you, but had thoughtfully remained dressed in his black Armani suit. His tie was hanging loose around his neck, several buttons undone: the luxuriously woven wool clinging to his muscular limbs in all the right places.
Tonight, you had seen so many women starting at him with blatant thirst. Their eyes crawled over his thick thighs and perfect ass; his wide shoulders atop that strong torso that demanded attention.
They were wondering what it would be like to run their hands through his hair, what it would be like to fuck him. You could almost hear their pussies clench as he passed, the scent of him, the magnetism of him. He could have had anyone he chose.
You had been desperate for him for hours, despite your dangerous quickie backstage. Needy wetness pooled between your legs, sliding between your thighs as you circled each other, mingling with the crowd. Stolen glances were all that you had allowed yourself.
You slipped his tie between your fingers, inhaling the weight of the exquisite cologne that clung to the sliver of bare skin between the open buttons of his shirt. “Say that again please…” you murmured, raising your face to meet his sultry stare.
“My love” Loki whispered knowingly against your cheek.
“My love” you repeated softly, running your hand to rub the growing hardness in his trousers, “I want you to ruin me.”
Loki growled, sending you flying backwards to land square in the middle of his bed. The alluring emerald chiffon of your dress spread around your legs as you bounced, the high thigh split lying open teasingly as his eyes ran wantonly over your body.
You placed your hands behind your hips, pushing your cleavage out with innocent eyes as he crawled towards you.
His gaze was smouldering, brimming with primal lust as he leant back on his knees. Trouser creases gathered around his hips, straining over that deliciously thick cock outlined against the fabric.
“That little dress” he muttered darkly, shaking his head, “the thoughts it has put in my head this night are positively obscene.”
“Show me” you whispered, running your palms up his spread thighs. He groaned as your touch reached his crotch, squeezing the girth that sat so tantalisingly beneath the soft wool.
With a hungry gasp, his mouth descended on yours; devouring you as he lowered you backwards. Loki’s fingers ran a trail down your cleavage, the structured V of your neckline a teasingly sculpted path for his touch to play.
“I love you, darling” he whispered solemnly between messy kisses, his tongue massaging yours, moaning gently.
“I love you, Loki” you sighed, running a hand through his dark hair. The adrenaline level in your blood hadn’t dropped since you had first heard those words from his lips mere hours before. You wondered if it ever would.
“Say that again” he murmured coyly against your ear, the velvet teasing of his words echoing yours making your hips rise involuntarily.
“I love you, Loki.”
He released a deep sigh into your hair. In one swift movement, he slid the pillow from beneath your head as you squealed in surprise: chuckling above you. He placed it to the side, his hands returning to trail down your stiff bodice.
“You realise that that little dress would have you locked away on Asgard?” he muttered, his fingers tracing the bare skin below your heart, “Inciting lust, I believe is the charge.”
“Inciting lust?” you giggled, “that’s a crime?”
Loki raised an eyebrow, regarding you with a regal air of seriousness. “Indeed, darling. Such wanton displays carry a price. Inciting lust within a Prince carries a particularly heavy penalty.”
He thrust his hips forward lightly, watching your eyes fall on his straining arousal with amusement. “Now what was that you were saying about ‘ruining’ you?”
The god effortlessly lifted your hips, sliding the pillow beneath them. You giggled as he gripped the sides of your thighs, fingertips digging into the soft flesh beneath the skirt of your dress. Dexterous fingers crept under the side-split, gripping your seamless thong and sliding it gracefully down your legs.
“Shall we try some further exploration tonight, my love?” he murmured, inhaling the damp wetness of your panties before casting them aside.
You nodded. You had talked about introducing anal play, slowly...of course. Although you would be lying if you said that tonight you didn’t want him to take you straight away. It was tempting. The thought made you squirm with desire as he towered above you in all his glory, removing his suit jacket and vanishing it into thin air.
He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, letting you enjoy the sight as his muscular forearms were slowly revealed; biceps flexing beneath that perfectly fitted expensive cotton. The sexual energy coursing from him was intolerable.
Dark hair fell around his perfectly chiselled face as he plotted the ways to make you a shuddering mess beneath his touch. Your hips thrust upwards as he knelt toward you, placing deep kisses from the inside of your knee to the top of your inner thigh, brushing the green chiffon to the side.
You closed your eyes, bracing yourself for the imminent wave of bliss. A short gasp escaped you as Loki’s warm tongue graced your centre, the flat softness pressing gently against your soaking heat.
“Fuuuuck, Loki…” you groaned, as he chuckled against your wet slit.
He knew exactly how you liked it. Slow and methodical. Building your pleasure with every careful lap of his tongue. It caressed between your folds, winding around your plump lips and pausing to suck them gently between his teeth as you thrust up to meet his open mouth.
His tongue dipped inside your core, making you moan his name shamelessly as he pressed the expanse of it against your swollen clit, sliding back and forth.
He was such a tease, but he knew what he was doing. And gods above, he was extremely good at it. You gripped the bedsheets as you cried out, needy pants rumbling from his throat as he pleasured you, enjoying every second of his submission to your bliss.
You rubbed your foot against his thigh, sliding up to feel the hard length of flesh pressing tightly against his trousers. Loki hissed against your skin, dipping deeper into your cunt; desperately burying his face between your open thighs.
You loved the sounds he made when he worshipped you, every well-earned whimper drawn from your lips making him harder.
Loki’s hands cupped your ass beneath the folds of your dress, raising your legs to rest on his shoulders. His eyes flickered upwards to yours. They glinted with pure mischief; the only feature of his beautiful face visible as he wrapped your thighs around his jaw, that talented tongue never ceasing.
“Lower…?” you pleaded, gazing up at him with your forehead creased in shameless pleasure. The fireworks in your stomach sizzled with a primal desire for him to enact the dirty whispers that had so enthralled you. Naughty, filthy. God, you wanted to feel that relentless tongue slide against the rim of your ass; the god of sex between your raised legs making you yield to him in every way imaginable.
He winked from between your thighs, flicking his tongue briefly over your clit in response. Tease, you thought, as you felt his hand brush underneath your elevated hips.
Loki ran his middle digit leisurely between your soaking folds, coated in a mix of arousal and saliva. He looked at the finger with a smile, licking his lips before latching greedily back onto your warm heat, making your eyes roll back.
Between your loud moans of pleasure, you felt his digit begin to rub your delicate back passage, the soft pressure making your stomach clench with unadulterated need. He circled the entrance, timing each rotation to the swirl of his tongue through the crevices of your pussy. It felt so naughty. So dirty. You were in heaven.
In that moment, you would let him flip you over and take you in any way he chose. You could imagine him tearing aside the layers of chiffon wrapped around your body to reveal what he craved. You wanted to feel his strong cock overwhelm you from behind, fuck you like an animal beneath his primal strength. It felt so fucking good.
“Lokiiii” you moaned desperately, feeling the thrill of taboo-laden orgasm building as he rocked you against his face. His muffled moans filled the air as he lapped religiously at your elevated cunt. A free hand slid down the bodice of your dress, grasping against the stiff material that concealed your breasts as the other massaged your back entrance.
You had never let any man touch you there, and now...you were glad. Loki discovering new pockets of undiscovered bliss was erotic beyond words, a pilgrimage of his devotion.
His finger edged slowly inside the tight muscle, dipping only a centimetre or two as you squeezed your thighs around his neck.
“God, baby it feels so good” you groaned, willing him to go deeper. He purred his approval as your hips raised further to his masterful tongue, keeping you balanced on the edge of climax as he sucked your clit gently.
The god withdrew the tip of his finger, rubbing the hallowed entrance again with a pulsing motion, enjoying the whimpers which fell from your lips as you teetered on the brink.
“Lick me lower...I want more, baby please” you whined, seeing the corner of his eyes crinkle in amusement.
He shook his head. In one motion, he lowered your hips to the bed: freeing himself from the grip of your thighs around his neck. "Not tonight, darling" he murmured, spreading your knees as you squirmed, mourning the loss of the delicate, forbidden touch of his finger.
Loki placed a solitary kiss on your stomach before lowering his face to your dripping pussy once again. You could feel the wet patch on the bed against your lower back between every gentle keen of your hips, the promise of climax dancing behind your eyes.
The sight of his cheekbones hollowing with every long lick against your core. His burning gaze enjoying the muscles in your face twitching with pleasure. His thick, strong arms wound around your thighs. The sight of his hair tangled between your fingers as he ate your pussy without mercy...
“Fuuuuuck, Loki…Loki, godddddd” you groaned loudly, making the most of the empty rooms above and below. “I’m gonna come, b-baby...do you want me to c-come in your..uhhh, fuck...in your m-mouth?”
The question was unnecessary, but it made your stomach soar watching his eyes glaze with desire as you asked it.
He nodded enthusiastically, releasing a deep moan. His nose brushed against your clit as he fucked you with his tongue, rocking you backwards and burying deeper between your thighs.
You felt the wet warmth glide dangerously close to your back entrance. God, how you craved it, you thought, as he returned to lapping your clit in the way he knew drove you to the edge of sanity.
With a strangled cry of his name, you came. Your fingertips pressed into his scalp as he finished you, holding your juddering thighs still. Loki groaned with you as you rode out your high, gently licking the centre of your pussy as your breaths staggered through sighs of release.
You tried to steady your breathing as he crawled up your body, pushing the fabric of your dress so it fanned around your hips. “Goddess” he murmured, a wide slick of your cum smeared across his chin.
There was a sharp buzz as your phone vibrated from your bag. “Leave it” he muttered knowingly, burying his face in your neck with a deep kiss. “It could be important, Loki” you giggled, as the phone buzzed again. “I’ll be two seconds…”
You could almost hear his eyes roll as you stood with difficulty, padding across the bedroom to where you had discarded your bag.
6 New Messages
Shit, you thought. All from Wanda. You hadn’t had a chance to say goodbye to her at the Expo. You checked the latest one.
‘Where the hell are you? I need to talk to you.’
You replied quickly, hearing a huff from the god on the bed. I’m fine! Just tired. See you tomorrow at 10 xx
Your gaze flickered to Loki who had also conjured his phone, looking at the screen with a frown as he leant back against the headboard.
“Everything alright?” you said lightly, your dress fluttering around your legs as you swept back onto the bed, straddling your lover. His phone disappeared in a flash of seidr, a smile returning to his solemn features.
“Yes darling” he said, drawing a finger across your cheek. “Megan sent a reminder regarding tomorrow’s evaluation, that’s all.”
You frowned. “Megan?”
“Yes darling” Loki repeated, his hands running down your back and scooting you over his crotch.
Gentle thrusts of his concealed cock grazed your soaking, naked pussy through the wayward fabric of your dress. “She will be the operations liaison present. She wants to see me beforehand, it’s not important.”
Loki leant forward to kiss you, his desperate thrusts against your slippery heat becoming harder as he sought relief.
“Shall we take this dress off?” you whispered coyly, unbuttoning his shirt as his lips made their way wantonly down your cleavage.
A dark moan escaped his throat, rumbling around the room as you purposefully rubbed your centre firmly against the thick protrusion in his trousers.
“I don’t think so, my love” he purred.
“That little dress is going to stay on all night. And I intend to appreciate it as it deserves. Loudly.”
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Jotun Loki was always my soft spot.
I’m happy that now we have an infinity variations of Loki x)
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That damn walk 🥵
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Pics of the loml 💚🖤
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Pirate Loki and their mischievous magpie companion. They've run their ship aground but that's alright! That's a pirates life!
This is a variant of the original version I submitted for @variant-zine which I liked but wasn't entirely happy with and that's okay.
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Loki : your voice is exquisite.
Y/n: oh.. wait till you hear my moans [chugs coffee]
Loki: *chokes on tea* * wide eyes*..... *smirks*
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