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tonyunser 2 days
In 2019 Golden Wolf | London had invited me back to try out a TV bumper for DTVA鈥檚聽Owl House series聽馃聽Projects like these are few and far between. Being on a small but mighty team is such a treat! 鉂わ笍鈥嶐煍ヂ燛veryone plays their strengths to build up something together. Thats where its at really. Thanks Henry! It was perfect timing honestly. DTVA wasn't interested at the time for an FX person in the US. Commercial work is cool like that聽馃槇 Edit: Noting I only provided FX work. Character Animation was provided by Golden Wolf聽
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gravityfallsrockz 13 hours
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All these Disney TVA kids technically died for a bit
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disneytva 2 days
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Wanted to share a little bit of fun fact in why as opposed to Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network that Disney Television Animation dosn鈥檛 have a anoimated shorts program specially with the rise of Cartoon Cartoons & Nickelodeon鈥檚 Intergalactic Shorts.
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hkthatgffan 6 months
Alex Hirsch just posted a video on Instagram that Joe Pitt made on the day that Gravity Falls was greenlit!
All the way back in 2009!!
A perfect way to wrap up the 10 year anniversary of Gravity Falls premiering!
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batstickblog 9 months
Reblog this post to scare Disney
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@disneytva has been pretty disappointing when it comes to lgbtq+ support before. Praising Disney for having two dad vogue at each other and supporting for the entire episode when just after before they were backing an anti-LGBTQ bill.
The Owl House, which is very openly LGBTQ+, got cancelled because a Disney Exec reportedly had an "unspecified" problem with it. What I'm saying is... but the way they鈥檙e pointing at the queer content made by their queer creators to DEFEND their actions is so fucking sickening. Governor Ron DeSantis who 鈥渁ssured him鈥 that the law would 鈥渘ot be used to weaponize against the LGBTQ+ community,鈥 and for the first time in a long time I am at a loss for words. This is the truth about 鈥淒on鈥檛 Say Gay鈥 and reporters need to start asking about it when they say it鈥檚 to protect tiny children.
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nazrigar 6 months
10 Years of Gravity Falls
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It鈥檚 June 15th here in Indonesia, so I just HAD to pay tribute to one of my favorite shows ever, Gravity Falls.
It was my comfort show back during the final years of my High School, and was one of the shows that made me say聽鈥渢hat鈥檚 where I want to go鈥 when I was in the last few years of high school.
Thank you to Alex Hirsch, Ian Worrel, Dana Terrace and all the wonderful people who made this show what it is, and made it such a beautiful experience, even 10 years later.
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maryheart22 3 months
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Quick drawing of the girls, love their new outfits ^^聽
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kingpagie 9 months
For everyone who doesn't feel like supporting Disney but still wants to watch the shows.
Amphibia -
The Owl House -
The Ghost and Molly McGee -
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fantazulio 8 months
Elsewhere and Elsewhen spoilers without context
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sketchy-julia 2 months
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olympain 4 days
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Teen outcasts find solace in their billowing capes
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disneytva 2 months
Seth Kearley the director and producer of the scrapped 2003 Kingdom Hearts animated show from Disney Television Animation for Disney Channel recently uploaded its full pilot animatic.
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hkthatgffan 4 months
Gravity Falls Fandom in 2012: "Why is Stan not what he seems? Who is the author? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!"
Meanwhile at the Gravity Falls production offices:
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While the fandom was busy trying to solve every mystery in Gravity Falls, the crew were hard at work鈥umping a buffalo?!
Just another day at the office.
Videos from the GF box set.
Song: lvusm-Meow
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khaliarart 7 months
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Are you an Owl House Fan?
Do you want more official content?
Do you use Twitter?
Us staff came up with a plan to show demand for an Owl House Art Book!! Just go to Twitter and follow the steps outlined in my and Sam Kestins tweets to let the studio know that you want more Owl House! 鈾
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alexjohnstonart 6 months
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Soft kisses and nuzzles
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gingerpines 7 months
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that was the hardest thing
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