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heaven sent
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It's finally here! A chaotic piece brought about by this post that somehow turned into another love story between Loki and the reader. Whoops.
Summary: The guys try a bunch of angel-themed pick up lines on you to see which one makes you fold.
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Word Count: 1.7k
Warnings: none. this is fluff.
Things to be aware of: cheesy pick up lines
Tumblr media
"These are terrible. Who actually thinks that these work?" you heard Natasha groaning from the common room. "Because I was praying so hard? Really?" 
"The one about taking off your shirt so he could see your wings made me want to put them in a death grip," Wanda chimed in. "Although something tells me they might actually like it if I do, so I'll have to blast one of their appendages off, I suppose."
"Alright, what has you two in a quest to chop off limbs? Again?" you asked as you walked in to the common room, Wanda immediately scooting over so you could sit between her and Nat. 
"The guys here are trying to see if they could get us to fold with cheesy angel-themed pick-up lines. Tony's convinced that it's all in the delivery. So far he's not proving his theory right." Nat looked like she'd rather endure getting her teeth pulled out than having to receive another line, so you decided to relieve your friends. 
"Alright boys, these two look jaded and ready to cut your throats out, so consider me their reliever. Gimme your worst." You pointed at the direction of the guys with a 'come at me bro' motion. 
"I wanna try, Miss Y/N." 
"Go ahead, spiderling, but pro tip? If you wanna pick a girl up, let's start by not calling her Miss. Makes us feel older than we are." Peter grew red at the advice but nodded and stood up, straightening his shirt and shoving his hands in his pockets. 
"Will you tell me about your home, Y/N? I wanna know what Heaven's like." 
You nodded your head slowly, as if you were grading his line. "Your delivery lacks confidence, sweetie. You're gonna need some more time mentoring with Stark if you want his swagger to rub off on you."
"My turn," Wilson boomed, standing and doing a comical swagger type walk, clearly taking this entire exercise as a joke. Just like you were. "Y/N, does it hurt to always spend Christmases sitting on top of a tree?"
You furrowed your eyebrows at him. "Why would I be—"
"Because we always put the angels on the top of the tree," he finished with a move to smoothen his brows that had you bursting out in cackles. 
"Well I can't say anything about the trees but I do like spending my Christmases, and any other time of the year really, on top," you answered with a saucy raise of your eyebrow that had majority of the men in the room either doing a spit take or choking on their drink. 
You heard your friends cheering you on from the railing at the top of the stairs. "That's our bitch right there!" Nat hollered. 
"Alright I'll have a go at jellybean over here," Tony announced, standing from his seat and walking over to you with his signature 'Yeah I know I'm hot shit' walk. "I gotta make some training simulations just in case we ever have to face off against angels. You never know. You mind if I use you as the reference?"
You did three slow claps. "I will give you points for creativity, Stark. You still can't get a woman to fold with that line, though. Sorry." 
"I still want to get you scanned for that training sim, though. I’m not kidding, jellybean." 
"Just say when, Tony."
"May I have an attempt?" Your body felt like it froze on the spot at the sound of Loki's voice floating across the common room. Tony and Sam threw you knowing smirks before the former retook his old seat. Asshats. The two were the worst offenders when it came to giving you shit about your crush on the raven-haired Asgardian. 
"Uhm…sure, Mischief. Knock yourself out." You straightened your stance and fought to keep your composure as he took slow, purposeful strides towards you. "Although I'm pretty sure you'll get any woman to fold because fuck it that voice should be a registered weapon," you quipped as he crossed the distance to you. 
He chuckled. "You flatter me, little mortal." He tucked his fingers under your chin, making you look up at him, into his eyes. Focus, Y/N. Don't fold, don't fold, don't you fucking fold. "My mother used to tell me of a legend, that the Norns had crafted an individual for each of us so perfectly, so exquisitely, that when we meet them the only thought that will come to mind is 'There you are. Finally. I've waited centuries to reach you.' I once believed those tales to be pure works of fiction, to give one hope in a hopeless world. But upon meeting you, darling Y/N…"
"Mischief, this doesn't sound like a pickup line," you whispered frantically as he placed his thumb on your bottom lip, coaxing your mouth to form a pout, and used his free hand to tuck a stray lock of hair behind your ear.
He leaned in until your noses were touching, and then he spoke again. "There you are. Finally. I've waited centuries to reach you." 
"Fucking hell, I fold," you breathed out, staring at him with wide eyes, your heart thumping so loudly in your chest you could swear that Nat and Wanda could hear it from the second floor. "You win, Mischief." 
You saw his expression drop just a fraction as he released you, backing away by the slightest. 
"You're gonna need to teach us that, Reindeer Games," Tony quipped from his seat. "So…you win, pick your prize." 
"I didn't know you guys were playing for a prize," you said, turning to face the others, not even so much as daring to look at Loki after…what ever just happened.
"Well earlier the prize was just to not get kicked in the nuts by Romanoff," Tony answered. "Tell you what, Rock of Ages, you go think what you want as your prize and then just text Y/N. Game's over, boys. Let's pack it up." 
You looked up towards Nat and Wanda who were now frantically motioning for you to come upstairs and meet them, and you took that as your cue to run out of the common room. "I'm not even into him but I have to say that would've had me fold, too," the Russian spy commented as you stepped into their arms with a frantic wide-eyed look on your face. 
"Y/N, my friend, that…that didn't sound like he was playing." 
You took a deep, steadying breath. "What're you talking about, Wan? Of course he was," you mumbled. "I'm gonna go out for lunch today, you two wanna come with?" 
Tumblr media
You received a text in the middle of lunch that nearly made your heart start sprinting and almost made you choke on the sandwich you were trying to chew.
I meant it. Every word. Come to me when you're ready. I'll be in my chambers.
"Y/N, you look like you've seen a ghost," Wanda prodded, her tone laced with concern. "What's wrong, dear one?" You showed her the text. "Fucking finally." 
"Fucking finally what?" Nat asked as she got back to the table. You showed her the text. "Oh. That. Well it's about damn time." 
"Excuse you two?? Something you wanna share with the class?" you all but shrieked in the middle of the deli. 
"You might wanna put the mozzarella stick down until after we're done telling you," Nat advised and you stopped yourself from taking a bite. "Mischief's had the hots for you. For months. You've been too busy having the hots for him and making sure that he doesn't figure that out, to even notice. We were hoping that he'd finally fess up when he asked if he could have a shot at the game earlier, and look at that, it finally happened. Hence, fucking finally." 
"So we should finish our lunch, go find you a cute outfit, so that you can be ready for him," Wanda said, wiggling her eyebrows at you, making you throw the mozzarella stick at her face. 
Two hours later, you were back in the tower, wearing a black sundress that fell midway down your thighs, and a gold belt around your waist, making your way to Loki's room. You took a deep breath as you rapped on the door before you could change your mind.
Almost immediately, the door opened to reveal the god in loungewear set in his signature green. He looked at you with a softness in his eyes as he reached for your hand. "Come in, darling." 
As soon as the door closed behind you, you started, "What did you mean--"
Before you could get another word out, he gently pushed you against the closed door and laid his lips on yours. The shock of his actions admittedly caught you off guard, but you quickly shook that off and placed your hand behind his neck, returning his kiss and weaving your fingers through his hair. 
"I know what I want," he murmured against your lips as he lifted you into his arms, making you wrap your legs around him, effectively trapping you between him and the door. 
"You mean out of the game or out of life?" you breathed out, letting out whimpered moans as he pressed kisses from your jawline to your neck. 
"Both, darling," he breathed against your neck. "Out of life? I want you to become mine." He pressed another kiss and groaned against your skin. "But the game, my precious mortal…" he trailed off, kissing a path from your neck to your ear. "I will need your answer before I tell you that."
"My answer to what?" you gasped as he lightly nipped at your ear. 
"Will you be mine?" He punctuated his question by kissing the skin below your ear and then proceeding to softly suck on the spot, making you all but moan your answer. 
"Well then…" He trailed a path of kisses back to your lips. "As my prize, I want you—"
"You have me, Loki. I'm yours—"
"On top." 
Your eyes snapped to his, the air leaving you as you saw the devious smirk on his face. Oh. 
Tumblr media
A/N: Fun fact…the working title for this story while I was writing it was "lines from the corn factory". That is all.
Here's a little bonus gif for everyone who reads 'til the end:
Tumblr media
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New series upcoming!!
Tumblr media
"Another Love" will be witchy y/n's and my version of the Loki series. It will be dramatic, angsty, heartwarming, steamy and romantic💓
-> Just leave a comment <3
New chapter every Sunday starting tomorrow
Click to see what it’s about…
Once upon a time Loki of Asgard was captured by the TVA
Temporarily saved by agent Mobius and slowly trying to accept his faith, Loki took notice of another difficult arrest. Somehow, the nexus event and the captive; a mysterious woman called the dream witch, turned out to have a shocking connection to Loki. Mobius sees the two as the only way to stop a particular treacherous variant, so he brings them together…
🌸What insights come to light when they‘re forced to open up about their past lives?
🌸Will y/n and Loki be able to leave their pain behind while teaming up with Mobius?
🌸Where will their fight against the variant lead them to?
Who might be interested:
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Between cold and warm, hes home
Loki x reader
Warnings: thunder and lightning, physical contact, a confrontational customer nothing to be worried about lol
No pronouns nor skintone used or implied including no hair textures mentioned
Welcome to all body types
Edited to the best of my ability
Tumblr media
With a bounce in your step, a warm sunny morning, the forecast was predicted to be fairly warm, being the beginning of autumn it wasn’t quite time to put away the warmer months clothing, a couple more weeks.
You volunteered to pick up an extra few hours of someone else’s shift so they could have the time for a doctor's appointment, it was going to be fun.
Getting ready you put on a comfortable pair of shorts and a loose sitting t-shirt, a flannel for if your arms got cold, finishing up your morning routine, grabbing your headphones and bag kissing Loki goodbye and leaving for a ten to fifteen minute walk to work.
Why not savor the sun while its still there.
Once at work you put your headphones on and got into the groove of putting new books on the shelves, trinkets on display and checking in boxes of new inventory for next week, helping customers along the way.
A game of magic going on in the corner, hearing the cheers and laughter upon the group, children playing with the interactive center its perfect, or was perfect, taking your lunch break you head to the cafe across the street to get a sandwich and something to drink as usual.
Sitting down in the lounge to eat your sandwich and send off a couple emails and being ready to head back, throwing your trash away, carrying your drink with you, waving goodbye to the person behind the counter.
Clocking back in from your lunch. You quickly get back to that you had been doing, carrying a stack of books to go in the historical fiction section when you trip over books that were left off the shelf, the books in your hands scattering across the floor and yourself falling hard onto your chest not having time to catch yourself. At the moment the shop had been empty save for a few people in checkout.
Picking yourself back up and dusting yourself off and gathering the historical fictions.
Putting them in their place you go and put away the tripping hazard books and start tidying up the interactive area.
Your normal shift comes to an end, starting to work evening inventory, your coworkers clocking out leaving you with closing shift. The clouds rolling in, at first they didn't look like rain clouds but once they cast completely over you noticed that they were looking unreasonably dark grey to just be rain clouds.
Ten minutes or so later the first mark of rain hits down outside, hoping to yourself that it stops in time for you to walk back home.
About halfway through inventory and restock someone comes knocking on the door, a woman tries opening the door finding both are locked and knocking again.
You unlock the door and open it enough to talk "what can i do for you ma'am?" You smile, your customer service voice playing role.
"You know what i want, I’m here to shop" she snaps
Pointing at the closed sign and the printing of the store hours on the window you chime, "I’m sorry but we closed almost two hours ago, you’ll have to come back tomorrow or another time, I’m sorry for the inconvenience"
Trying to push her way in "yes but you’re here so do your job" you close the door quickly locking it, your hands trembling, luckily she leaves while screaming how you’ve lost a valuable customer.
Finishing up you shoot Loki a text letting him know its been a bit of a weird day and that you’re clocking out a half-hour early after getting permission from your boss.
The rain hasn't stopped, infact it seems as though its started coming down harder.
Stuffing your phone and your headphones into your bag after wrapping them in your flannel in hopes of keeping them from getting wet, locking up and doing your best to walk under the store canopies, making it a couple blocks when a car driving past hits a deep puddle splashing you, luckily your bag stayed mostly dry.
A crack of thunder followed by a flash of lightning, lighting up the sky, noticing the leaves on the ground and the ones still changing in the trees. Your first instinct was to try and get home to make sure Loki was okay because of the storm, you really didn't care about how cold and uncomfortable you happen to be without your music, the center of the storm just so happened to be over your city, it doesn't look like its going anywhere.
You a block or so from home and all instinct hits to go as fast as your body can handle, you can see your apartments.
A small cast of warmth creating its place in your chest, finally this strange day is over, running up the stairs you fumble with your keys when the door clicks and opens from Loki.
He’s standing there with a fluffy towel, pulling you inside you feel a sense of warmth wrap around you in tour home, an a towel straight out of the dryer.
Helping you out of your shoes he has you wrapped up in the towel, leading you to the bathroom, "oh my mortal i am so glad you are safe" you can see it in his eyes, he’s relieved.
Helping you rid your body of the soaking wet, freezing cold clothes he helps you into the warm bubble bath he had ran for you just minutes prior to you arriving.
Making sure you are comfortable, he places a cup of tea on the edge of the tub for you, dimming the lights he steps out for a moment but returning with a pair of pajama bottom and a green henley from his side of the closet.
"Have you eaten since lunch?" He questions
Shaking your head he smiles to himself.
"Come on out when you feel ready my love" with a smile he walks out of the room.
Once the water had lost its heat, most of the bubbles had faded and you had finished you tea you pulled the drain, stepping out to dry off, getting dressed in the comfy clothes he left you, you emerge from the bathroom to the smell of your favorite dinner, the thunderstorm much more enjoyable from inside your cozy home he hands you a plate and taking his own, sitting next to each other on the couch eating and watching whatever movie happened to be on.
"I put your phone and headphones on their chargers, and hung your bag up to air dry over the weekend" he mentions.
Once done with dinner he cleans the plates and returns, you’re leaning into his side when feels it’d be more comfortable cuddled in bed where he can hold you close. He truly does love you, whether or not it can change the temperature of his cold skin he feels warmer when he’s with you and its never been such a desperate desire to run through him until he met you, you feel like home.
Helping you up he leads you to the room letting you get comfortable under the covers while he pucks out a book. Joining you he pulls you to where your half on top of him, he places a gentle chilling kiss to your temple before opening the book to read aloud.
The thunder outside and the rustling leaves on the trees, his voice like a lullaby, a love song through each and every heart beat and humm from his chest, if there was an option to stay like this forever he would do beyond anything to make you feel even just a sliver of peace you’ve brought him, truly he sees your gift as unsurpassed, there is nothing he could do to ever show you everything he feels because of you but he plans to spend this lifetime of your trying.
If youre gonna ask what happend to it being shorter than my normal... uhm im honestly asking myself the same thing, this was gonna be 600 words max .. yet here we are at my normal fic length.
Weather is based on what weather is like here in my state i know its different all over the place
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A memory: A confession one Sunday morning
Pairing: Loki x fem!reader
Description: This is a memory. I have a few ideas for these, and to keep the posts short and easy to read in a quick minute, I won’t build them too much in the text. This particular memory is from when you have been dating each other a couple of weeks. 
Word count: 1000
Warnings: smut. Smuttiest of smuts. Smutty smut smut. Although truthfully not as smutty as the smuttiest of smut I write. But still smut. Cute smut. But smut. 18+ 
A/N: After the fall of the TVA a Variant of Loki managed to survive Thanos’ attack on the Statesman. After the events of Infinity war, he met you, and finally got his happily ever after. This is a story of that ever after.
Tumblr media
Loki lay in your arms, sleeping. His breath was hot on your bosom and you felt safe, entangled together under the covers. The morning was upon you, but there was no urgency to wake. Lost in thought, you caressed his head and let your hand play softly with his hair, caressing the nape of his neck. His skin was soft to your touch and you sighed a sigh of content.
Your heart felt simultaneously at ease and bursting at the seams for affection for this person, who held onto you in his sleep. His grip was tight, as if he feared you would disappear would he loosen it. You were overcome with affection, placed a gentle kiss on the top of his head, and pulled him against you tighter. 
“Mmm,” you could hear him murmur and respond to your embrace. The change in pressure was awakening him from his slumber. 
“Good morning,” you whispered. He pressed his nose against your skin to allow room for his mouth to find contact. He kissed the first part of you he could find, breathing in your scent. His manhood, laying against your thigh, quivered, and he let out a solemn sigh.
“Good morning,” he replied and nuzzled your bosom. His hot breath against your skin sent out a tingle along your stomach and you could feel yourself pulsating hungrily. You pressed your chin against the top of his head and breathed in his intoxicating aroma. His scent wafted into your nostrils, filling them with a mixture of autumn rain coupled with a sweet fragrance you couldn’t quite pinpoint. You took another deep breath, trying to identify the scent, when he lifted his face towards yours. He pushed himself upwards, capturing your lips in his all while dragging his body upwards tightly against yours. His pulsating manhood pressed against your lower lips and your nervendings sent out pulses from both of your lips that joined in an explosion in the nape of your neck and sent shivers along your extremities. An involuntary cry of pleasure left your lips as you returned his kiss and let your hand fall down to his waist urging his body to make closer contact with yours. 
“Hngh,” he sighed and pushed you to lay on your back. He cupped your thigh, bringing it to rest against his hips and ferociously attacked your neck. His sultry kisses along the soft part of your neck blurred your vision and you arched your neck to allow him more access. With a smooth movement he entered you and you both let out a contented sigh. 
Your hands found the nape of his neck as he continued a rhythmic motion into you and you pulled him from your neck to kiss him. The kiss was sweet and soft and his motion followed suit, elongating his strokes. You felt each moment entangling with him and the scent wafted between you, filling your heart and soul for this incredible man. Your lips wanted to cry out a confession, but you were afraid. Was it too soon? 
Each stroke into you made your core pulsate hungrily and his kisses continued along your neck. He lifted your backside ever so slightly and the new found angle made you inadvertently arch your back as the wave of pleasure overcame you. 
Loki ceased his movements, letting you experience your peek and softly kissed your neck, adding to your delight. 
Your lips almost divulged your thoughts, but you stopped them. You were still somewhat afraid to scare him away, to admit to your feelings. Surely it was too soon.
Loki resumed his rhythmic thrusts into you with a little more intensity and found your lips again. This time, the kiss was far hungrier, as were his movements, and he gripped your waist for support, letting himself get lost in your lovemaking. Your peak was close once more, as if everything and anything he did brought you to your desire. His tongue attacked yours hungrily as he thrust deep into you, sending another wave of ecstasy flowing from your centre, pulsating around your core, your thighs, your stomach and up along your back into your neck.
This time Loki gave you no time to settle in this ecstasy, rushing towards his own peek at the same time. His thrusts became hungrier and he bit gently at your neck, moments from his own delight. 
“I love you,” he murmured into your neck moments before succumbing to your delight. His words hit you right as you rode another wave of rapture, unravelling together with him and finally falling down, spent, panting and trying to catch your breath.
He lay on top of you, his manhood still inside, and rested his forehead on the pillow. He made to move, but you wrapped your arms and legs around him, beckoning him to relax on you. His breath was fast and his heart raced against your chest. You brought your hand to the nape of his neck and the other to his lower back and breathed in, revelling in the mixture of scents from his sweetness and your lovemaking. He took a deep breath and moment by moment you found yourselves breathing in unison, taking in the calm. His weight on you was soothing, and you kissed the only part of him you could, his collarbone, which was right at your mouth.
Loki rose slightly, just enough to be able to look you in the eye. He brought his hand to your cheek and caressed it. His eyes were sad and fearful, and you could see a tear forming in one. You looked at him softly. He swallowed visibly and whispered:
“I mean it.”
You smiled and let out a sigh of relief. Bringing your hand to his cheek you whispered:
“I feel the same.”
Loki, who had been unknowingly holding a breath, let out a sob as the fear evaporated from his face and the tear let out in relief. As it travelled down his face you leaned in to kiss him softly and inhaled him. 
Lingonberries. Autumn rains and lingonberries.  
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The four horsemen of phase 4!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Incorrect Loki quote #?
Y/n: If I turned into a worm would you still love me?
Loki: what?
Y/n: you heard me, would you love me if I was a worm?
Loki: are you turning into a worm?
Y/n: no. Just answer the question.
Loki: what kinda worm?
Y/n: just a normal worm, just answer the damn question!
Loki: Yes, I would shapeshift myself into a worm so I could still be with you.
Y/n: *heart eyes* I love you so much!!
Pepper: No.
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So beautiful
Loki x (female) reader, one-shot.
Warnings: smut (oral -f!receiving, fingering, praise kink, insecure reader) +angst and fluff
Tumblr media
“Loki I need your help!” You yell out to Loki from the bedroom as he fixes his hair in the bathroom mirror. You were desperately trying to pull the strings of your corset tighter but it was too hard by yourself and Loki insisted on the maids leaving you be.
“What do you need darling?” He asks as he walks out the bathroom, all dressed up in his armour and looking as handsome as ever. You smile at him fondly and then remember what you need him for.
“Can you pull this tighter, please?” You ask him, gesturing to the corset. He furrows his brows and walks closer to you, looking you up and down.
“This already looks significantly tight, my love. Are you sure?” He asks with concern.
“Pleasee, Loki. I can’t go out there to a ballroom full of goddesses looking like…well, me.” You huff.
A confused expression plasters his face. “Whatever do you mean?”
“Look it doesn’t matter, okay. Just…help me out.” You say, growing more exasperated by the minute. He lets out a sigh and reluctantly helps you by pulling it tighter and tying it together for you.
“There you go, darling. Do not blame me if you can not breathe properly for the remainder of the night.” He says jokingly and places a kiss on your temple.
You let out a slight chuckle before finishing up your hair and makeup.
The party had been going for a few hours now and it was good at first, conversing with Frigga and some of Loki and Thors friends.
It was your first time at a party on Asgard and you were somewhat nervous to be surrounded by all these gods and goddesses, but your nerves were eased when Loki was with you, keeping you close and having his attention on you.
That was until now, of course. Loki was talking- no, more so flirting- with this women who had approached him earlier and you just stood beside him awkwardly, he hadn’t even introduced you to each other.
You tried to just convince yourself that he was just being friendly but you had observed her closely and she was just stunning. You started feeling throughly insecure and the second she had place her hand on his shoulder you had enough.
You let out a subtle cough and placed your own hand on Lokis shoulder. “Loki, I’m going to the bathroom, okay?” You inform him meekly.
He looks at you and nods with a small smile. “Alright, love. I’ll be here when you get back.” He tells you in a way that he thinks means well but to you it feels as though he’s stabbed you in the stomach.
You nod and walk out the ballroom doors, the complete opposite way of the bathrooms. You walked hastily to the bedroom and slam the door shut, locking it behind you.
You let out a shaky breath and try to gather your thoughts. You decide to just get undressed and into bed rather than going back to the party, you wouldn’t be surprised if Loki doesn’t even notice your absence.
After you were in pyjamas and wallowing in self pity, there was an urgent knock on the door. You lift you head out of the sheets and look towards the door, you can see the shadow of two feet behind it.
“Darling? Are you in there?” You hear Loki’s voice calls out and his words are laced with concern.
“Y-yeah. I’m here. What do you want?” You say and internally cringe at your harsh words.
“I want to know if you were okay.” He says softly, despite your hostility. “You ran off earlier and didn’t come back.”
You rise from the bed and walk over to the door, opening slowly and hiding yourself slightly behind it and peeking out into the dimly lit hallway where Loki stands.
He’s taken aback when he sees your eyes red with tears. He rushes in the bedroom and takes your face in his hands. “What is the matter, my dear angel?”
“Are you sick of me, Loki?” You ask quietly and vulnerably.
He frowns and lets out a confused sputter. “Are you losing your mind, woman?!” He cry’s. “How could I ever possibly get sick of you?”
You wince and shrug. “I dunno. You just seemed so…enraptured by that girl you were talking to earlier.” You tell him as your eyes are fixed on the floor as his eyes burned holes through you.
“Enraptured. Are you kidding me?! She was simply an old friend, Y/n. I swear that all my love is devoted to you, and only you.” He reassures firmly.
You let a tear slip. “But she’s so pretty, Loki. A-and she doesn’t even need a corset to make her body look good.” You cry.
“Oh, my darling, that’s what this is about? You know that I love you and your body more than anything in all the nine realms.” He says with no trace of deceit.
“Really?” You ask softly.
“I must be a very bad boyfriend if you do not know how much I worship your body.” He says matter off factly. “Allow me to show you.”
His hands travel down you sides and stops at your hips before he kneels down in front of you. He looks up with you with desire and back down to where you pussy meets his face perfectly.
He places soft kisses up your thighs until he reaches your clothed heat and leaves more kisses there. You head falls back at the contact and your growing desire tells you to buck your hips again his face.
You let your body take control and subconsciously place your hands in Loki’s hair, pulling him closer and you moan as his noses comes into contact with your aching clit. “Loki.” You whimper.
Loki smirks as he rubs his nose around in circles on your clit whilst his hands run up your legs and underneath your dress. Once he reaches the hem of your panties, he pulls them down swiftly. You lift up each foot so he can fully remove them.
He then moves his hands to the bottom of your silk nightgown that rests just below your knees and slowly pulls it up, bunching it around your hips.
“Oh dove, if only you knew how much I crave your sweet pussy, every day and every night.” He says huskily. “Will you allow me the honour of tasting you?” He asks gently and you nod quickly.
He tsks. “Words, princess. Use your words.” He tells you.
“Yes. Please, Loki. I need you.” You whine and he smirks in return.
“That’s what I like to hear.” He rises from his knees, his hands still bunched around your waist holding the fabric, he pulls it up over your head and discards it somewhere on the floor.
He takes a step back to admire your beauty. His hands cup your breast and pinch you nipple lightly, causing your eyes to roll to the back of your head. “Stop teasing, Loki.” You say in a breathy moan.
“As you wish, my queen.” He says before lifting you up and throwing you onto the bed. You let a squeal as your back makes contact with the soft mattress.
He climbs up your body slowly with fire in his eyes. He reaches your face and places a passionate kiss to your lips and pulls away, leaving you wanting more, but he keeps going by placing warm kisses on your cheeks, along your jaw, and down your neck.
You let a soft moan and your wet pussy clenches around nothing as you long for Loki to be buried deep inside you. You wrap your arms around his neck as his lips travel along your collarbone.
“Loki. I…I need…” You stop yourself as you grow slightly embarrassed.
“Tell me what you need, love. Don’t be shy, princess.” He tells you as he places more kisses along your chest.
“I want your tongue!” You yell and turn your face to hide it in the pillow.
He reaches up to you and gently grabs your chin to move your head to look at him. “Do not be embarrassed, my love. I am here now solely to bring you the upmost pleasure so you must tell me what you want, okay?” He tells your firmly yet softly.
You nod and let out a whimper. He travels back down your body and rests in between your legs. He quickly removes his shirt before going down on you without warning. You let out a gasp and your fingers fly to his dark curls.
“Oh my god, Loki.” You moan as he licks up your slit and his lips suck your clit harshly. His tongue slides inside you and he uses his nose to rub your clit like he did before.
“That’s it my dove. Oh you’re doing so well, princess.” His praise pushes you closer to climax. “You look so beautiful writhing beneath me. Everyone here tonight pales in comparison to you and your beauty.”
Your breath starts to quicken and your legs shake as you feel your orgasm approaching quickly and you pull his face impossibly closer to you. You open your eyes briefly and he inserts two of his fingers inside you and you clench around them.
“Loki…I- I’m gonna…” you warn him.
“I know, darling, I know. Just let go, okay.” He says softly and his words vibrating against you push you over the edge and you come on his tongue and fingers, your legs close against his head. You let out a relieved breath and allow yourself to relax against the pillows.
You feel him licking up every last drop before climbing closer to you and holding you close. “How do you feel love?” He asks after a few minutes.
“Great.” You mumble while still in post-orgasmic bliss. You knew you were tired before but now after a mind blowing orgasm, your even more sleepy than before.
“Get some rest love, you need it.” Loki whispers in your ear.
You suddenly remember your surroundings when you feel Loki’s hardness against your thigh. “Oh, Lo. But what about you?” You motion to his obvious erection.
“Do not worry about me, dove. Tonight was about you, and your pleasure, and how I much I adore and love you.” He whispers gently and you fall asleep in his arms, you’ve never felt more loved than you have tonight.
A/N: *I know I’m not great at writing smut so I hope this will suffice 😅*
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megthemewlingquim · 5 months ago
a little drabble of sorts! because i'm getting back into writing after a whole semester of Not Writing™️. NSFW under the cut, as always.
You're so, so close.
You're almost completely silent. Loki holds you so tightly and so close to his own body, thrusting into you slowly. His arms are around you; one holds you by the waist (you can feel his wedding ring on your skin; it's cold, but you don't mind) and one holds you up to his chest, hand on the back of your head, so that your head is nestled into the crook of his neck. You're almost hugging. But, of course, you're doing more than hugging.
You whimper, shaking in his grasp. The pressure in your lower stomach is dangerously close to breaking, to spreading across your body. It's a warmth, an electric current. "L-Lo..." you whisper, "'m.. 'm close... s-so..."
Loki hums. You can hear the satisfaction there. "I know... That's it, sweet girl," he murmurs.
He hears the way your breath hitches, the way you go tense as the air in your lungs leaves you. He can feel the way you grip him tighter. He hears you moan out the smallest little "oh".
His smile grows. "Hmm, it seems... like my sweet girl... likes to be praised." His phrases are punctuated by his thrusts into you. "Don't you?"
You can barely manage a nod. But you do, and you are able to whisper out a little "uh huh". Your legs are shaking and twitching just the tiniest bit.
"Come," he says, "come for me. Come on, angel. Be a good girl. Make me proud — oh—"
As soon as the words "make me proud" leave him, you're coming. You're gone, lost in the euphoria of release. You bite his shoulder. He holds you through it... thrusts through it.. while you sob out your little whimpers of pleasure for only him to hear.
He gasps, breath trembling from the force of it. "That's it," he gasps, "there you go... that's my girl..."
He has already made the mental note. She likes that. She likes that... a lot.
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lokis-little-fawn · 10 months ago
Bad Dragon
Tumblr media
My requests are open!
Paring: Loki x Fem!Reader
Word count: 3.3k
Summary: After Loki refuses to fuck you in his Jötun form you decide to take things into your own hands. Will you finally convince him?
The link to the website mentioned is here - https://bad-dragon.com
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU ARE 18+) fingering, oral sex (male and female receiving), BDSM (choking, spanking, general rough sex), unprotected sex, anal (blink and you’ll miss it), breeding kink, use of sex toys, Jotun!Loki, monster fucking I guess?
You had seen Loki in his Jötun form before, but only briefly in your time together.
There had been the time when he had been fighting on a mission and specks blue rippled over his soft skin. Another time you were showing him how to have a snowball fight and ‘accidentally’ hit him in the face with snow, turning his cheek a shade of sapphire.
But you had a favourite memory of him in his true form. It had been the middle of the night, you’d woken up in your large bed alone with Loki nowhere to be seen. You heard the shower running in the connecting bathroom and decided surprise him by joining him, he did always love your presence in showers and baths with him.
Stepping into the bathroom the door was left open just a crack, as you wiped the sleep from your eyes you blurrily made out Loki standing there naked underneath the cascading water of the shower.
As your eyes adjusted to the light you saw him standing there nude under the water facing the wall towards the shower head. There was no steam and the bathroom was cold bringing you to the realisation that the water must be freezing.
Silently you take in his wet black hair hitting his shoulders, the water beating down over his entirely blue skin. The lines of lighter blue almost appearing as tattoos, they traveled over his entire body including his face. Stepping out of your silk night dress you place it quietly on the floor, stepping into the shower.
As you quietly step towards him he turns away from the wall, unknowingly facing you as his eyes remain closed so not to get water in them.
Your breathing growing heavier as your eyes roam down his torso, as muscular as he usually was the sapphire shade seemed to highlight his toned body. Continuing down you take in his length, you’d seen him naked a hundred times, but never like this.
The patterns etched into his skin even covering his cock, which in this light even unaroused looked much bigger than usual. Your breathing growing more urgent as you long to touch him, as you reach out to touch him in a curious fashion his eyes snap open, suddenly aware of your presence.
His red eyes appearing startled by his naked lover standing before him, if you didn’t know him better you could have mistaken his look for anger. You let out a audible gasp as your eyes meet his for the first time.
‘Darling.. I..’ He stutters out, his eyes meeting the floor, looking slightly ashamed.
You jump into his arms and wrap yours around his torso, bumps appear on your skin as you step underneath the freezing water. He reaches back and turns the tap up to a warmer temperature, as you step onto your tip toes placing a kiss on his soft azure lips.
As the room fills with steam and with the heat from your body pressed against his, his skin resumes its usual colour.
‘I apologise my love, I didn’t mean for you to see me in this state’ he gestured to his skin that continues to shift back to its usual light colour.
‘Loki, your beautiful and I mean..’ your words trailing off as blush covers your cheeks.
‘I wouldn’t mind touching you like this as well as just seeing’ you giggle out as Loki smiles politely back at you.
‘Pet I’m afraid that this is one wish I cannot grant’ he says as he brushes your now wet hair from your face, his skin now entirely back to its usual, almost translucent, colour.
‘Why?’ You question pulling a cute pouty face that you know he can’t resist.
‘Because, sweet thing, I wouldn’t want to hurt you. I’m not sure I could contain myself. Also I don’t share my Jötun form with anyone, you could say that i am ashamed of my true appearance’ he says trailing off at the end of his sentence.
‘I don’t mind if you hurt me’ you say as your arm wraps around him gliding down his torso towards his length.
‘And I think your beautiful in whatever form you take’ you say as your hand slips lower, wrapping around his rapidly hardening length.
‘Darling, I..’ his sentence ceased by a strained gasp leaving his lips as your hand begins to pump up and down along his shaft.
You place soft kisses down his torso as he lets out a deep moan. Kneeling, your hand continues to pump his length, placing kisses up his thighs. As you place a final kiss onto his tip you taste his salty pre cum stain your lips.
His hands running through your hair encouraging you to make contact with his throbbing length as you softly kitten lick his tip.
Your soft licks stopping as you place his length into your open mouth, sucking in time with the pumping of your hands. His head falling back against his shoulders as your speed increases, his growls spurring you on feeling your warm wetness pool between your legs.
His hands tighten in your hair, signalling that he was close to his climax, as you hollow your mouth more, his tip reaching the back of your throat causing you to let out squelching gagging noises around his cock. His eyes falling to meet yours as you look up at him as he grinds his length further into your mouth.
‘Darling, look at me as I ruin that little throat of yours’ he says between bated breaths.
Your eyes dart up to meet his as he pulls your mouth further down his shaft, taking in all of him. His hand in your hair tightening once more as the warm liquid spills down your throat. His growls echoing off the walls of the shower as he comes down from his high still in your mouth.
As he heaves for breath you suck him into your mouth once more cleaning the last of the cum from his length, releasing him with a pop.
You stand up to meet him as he presses a passionate kiss onto your lips.
‘Your such a good girl for me my little princess’ he says between kisses.
‘Are you sure I can’t change your mind?’ You ask fluttering your eyelashes up at him.
‘Not in this instance I’m afraid my little love’ he says, continuing to kiss you.
‘Now, let’s get you back to bed’ he says as he grabs a towel, wrapping your body in it before carrying you back to bed, tucking you both in as you fall asleep against his chest.
In the days and weeks following, you practically beg him to fuck you in his Jötun form, his answer always remaining the same, no.
After that night you grew almost obsessed with it, he was beautiful in his other form but you wanted to experience all of him. You almost managed to convince him a few times but he grew too scared of hurting you after a short amount of time, something you found entertaining considering the amount of pain mixed with pleasure he had given you in your previous sexual encounters with him.
After a while you gave up asking, and although you usually lived with him on Asgard, this week you were visiting earth staying in a apartment you shared together when you traveled. A few weeks ago you had recalled a website you’d once seen before you met Loki, Bad Dragon.
You opened up the page and scrolled through all of the options. After a while you settled on one that looked most like his cock, you customised the colour to match his Jötun form and used the customisable option to draw the patterns on it the same as you had seen on Loki’s skin.
After contemplating your choices for a while you decided to buy it, naturally you chose the largest option they had to match Loki’s truly enormous length.
After a few days of waiting you received a text telling you that your package was going to be delivered today, with Loki out on a mission with Thor and the others you thought that this must be the perfect time for it to arrive considering that you were trying to keep it as a small secret from your lover.
After excitedly pacing by the door the parcel swiftly arrived. Eagerly opening the package you take it out and marvel in all its blue veiny glory, admiring how close a likeness it was to Loki’s Jötun form.
Moving to your shared bed you pull a bottle of lube out from the draw in the cabinet beside your bed. You quickly take your all of clothes off, dropping them onto the floor as you lie on your back with your head against the pillows.
Placing some of the lube onto your fingertips you begin circling your clit, your breath immediately catching in your throat as your wetness builds ready to take your highly anticipated toy. You dip two fingers into your warm entrance letting out a quiet moan.
Lifting the toy to your heat you drag the head of it over your clit, gliding it through the synthetic wetness you placed there. Dragging it down through your glistening folds you dip the tip of it inside yourself, a louder breathier moan leaving your lips as you push it in deeper, feeling as if the toy is splitting you in half.
After a few pumps inside yourself you adjust and settle into a rhythm, looking down watching the toy move within you as you imagine the body you wish it was attached to, Loki.
The bumps and grooves on the toy similar to the veins on Loki’s cock stimulating you further as you feel your climax build, your walls contracting around the toy.
As your moans build louder you don’t notice the door to the apartment open as Loki walks into the entrance hall.
Quietly putting his weapons down in the hall he hears noises coming from your shared bedroom. Making his way to the door you left ajar in your excitement the sound of your moans fill his head, causing him to immediately harden within his constricting leather trousers.
He silently pushes the door slightly further open to take a better look at his lover, taking in the sight of you writhing with pleasure against your shared sheets.
His eyes traveling down your body as they meet your throbbing heat, your entrance spread wide as the huge toy opens you to his view.
After a few seconds of watching you he realises that the toy closely resembles his cock in Jötun form, slightly too closely for it to remain a coincidence specially considering all of your requests for him to fuck you in his true form.
Using his magic his clothes vanish as he stands in the door way of your shared bedroom. His hand working up and down over his length as he watches you writhing in the pleasure he wishes he was providing you with. As much as he loved watching you he felt a pang of jealousy spread over him. He knew it was stupid to be jealous of a toy you had created in his likeness but nevertheless, jealousy spread over him like a plague traveling through every cell. Your moans still filling the air as you almost reach your climax, it’s in that instance you feel a cold kiss press against your open inner thigh.
Your eyes opening startled by the unexpected presence between your legs your eyes meet Loki in his Jötun form between your legs. His red eyes filled with lust as he takes control of the toy, thrusting it in and out of you pulling truly explicit moans from your throat.
‘Is this what you wanted little pet? For me to fuck you with my large Jötun cock? To see a monster filling your innocent little cunt?’ He growls out in mock anger.
His pace increases, as with one hand he fucks you with the toy, his other hand circling your clit with his long fingers.
‘Don’t you dare cum on this useless Midgardian toy, if you refrain from this I will show you how it feels for your earthly little quim to cum all over my Jötun cock’ he says with a growled tone as he thrusts the toy even faster within you as he watches you try to stall your impending orgasm.
You try and follow his orders but as much as you try, you feel as if maybe he wants to make you cum as his pressure on your clit builds rapidly pulling screamed moans from your throat.
‘Loki, I can’t.. I’m going to..’ you stutter as one hand grips the bed sheets and the other reaches down to try and stop Loki’s movements against your clit.
‘Don’t you dare little one’ he says as his cool mouth meets your clit, continuing to pump the toy in and out of you.
With the feeling of his cold tongue circling your clit you tighten around the toy cumming all over it and Loki. Your hands reach down for him as your eyes flutter open, coming down from your high.
‘Loki.. I.. I’m sorry..’ you say shyly, you recognise the look spread across his face, pure aroused anger.
Without a word he pulls the toy from you, placing it on the night stand as he kisses and bites his way up your body. He wraps a large azure hand around your throat, placing one kiss onto your lips.
‘What did I say little one, my only simple command. Or maybe you wanted to be punished?’ He asks before he slaps you firmly across your cheek causing a pink blush to spread across your face. Immediately after he presses a harsh kiss into your lips causing you both to moan into the kiss. You had always felt tiny compared to him, but now with him towering above you in his Jötun form, you truly felt microscopic underneath him.
With his free hand he reaches down to his sapphire length, pumping it a few times before running the tip over your dripping sex.
The lines on his length were exactly as you remembered them, you memorised every inch of his remarkable body towering above you with his hand wrapped around your throat.
Without warning he sheaths himself inside you, his freezing length feeling even bigger than the toy that had just made you cum.
‘Oh my god.. Loki’ you moan out, his grip increasing on your throat, your words turning to silence under his grip.
Giving you no time to adjust he begins to relentlessly pound into you, your wetness audible with every thrust as your eyes roll back and your head falls further back into the pillow.
Feeling your second climax already building and your heat gripping around Loki he releases your throat. His hands working their way down to your hips, gripping you tightly as his pace increases. You almost scream as your feel his cock beating against your cervix, the feeling verging on pain as your eyes fill with tears.
Now with your body pressed firmly under him, you realise that this situation was exactly what Loki was trying to avoid, he was hurting you. But in his Jötun form his primal urge had taken hold, there was no way of stopping him even if you wanted to, but luckily even enduring the pain, stopping him was the last thing you wanted.
Your hands wrapping around the back of his neck playing with his hair as he uses his grip on your hips to move himself in deeper. Your legs pushed back almost to your shoulders, his lower abdomen rubbing against your clit with every thrust, threatening to pull your orgasm from you.
Feeling you tighten around him he lifts your body with almost no strain. He flips you over onto your hands and knees, your ass pointed up towards him as you arch your back. He kisses and bites down your spine, as he reaches your ass he bites down harder leaving teeth marks in your soft skin.
Kissing further down he places his lips to your heat, spread open before him he licks a stripe over your clit to your entrance, tasting your hot liquid dripping from you. Without warning be licks another stripe from your clit all the way over both of your holes causing you to gasp. He moans at the taste of you, his low sounds vibrating within your core.
Kissing back up your spine he grasps one of your hips, his nails digging into your skin as he plunges back inside you. His other hand wrapping around the back of your neck, forcing you further into the bed.
‘You asked for this little mortal, I’m going to breed you, my little human will provide me with an heir’ he growls into your ear, his length hitting all the right spots within you making you almost delirious, too cock drunk to protest.
His grip on your hip loosening for a second as spanks your ass hard, as you buck against his length in shock you hear a dark chuckle from behind you before he resumes his grip on your hip. His other hand moving from the back of your neck to the front, gripping your throat once more almost cutting off your air supply.
He pulls you up to him, your back pressed against his chest as he sits you down on top of him still on your knees.
You begin to feel his length pulsate within you, using your body like his own personal toy as you bend easily to his will.
‘Cum for me little mortal, let me feel your release on my true form’ he demands, his hand slipping from your hip to rub quick circles into your clit, maintaining his relentless assault on your sex.
Your orgasm washing over you, you feel yourself gripping his length as you squeal out in pleasure, one of your hands darting to his around your neck, the other pressing against his thigh to hold yourself up.
As he feels you cum around him, he releases inside you, his cold liquid coating your walls, his cock pressed into your cervix holding you against him so that none would escape.
Your mutual heaved breaths filling the now quiet room he kisses down your neck as he releases your throat. As he surveys your body he notices the marks he’s left on you. His hand around your throat had left a bruise, the teeth marks in your ass almost bleeding.
‘My love, are you okay? .. I’m sorry’ he asks and then immediately apologises. Looking behind you, you capture his lips on yours, kissing him deeply.
‘I loved it Loki’ you say with a giggle.
‘Maybe we could do it again? Perhaps in a few days once I can walk again’ you joke, making him laugh in turn.
‘Whatever you wish my darling’ he says kissing you back.
Removing his length from you, he places you down in the bed, taking care of every bruise and bump he had left on your skin.
As he kisses the marks and soothes your aching muscles he begins to shift back into his Asgardian form.
‘No, don’t! I like you like this, you look pretty’ you say as the blue returns to his face, smiling up at you as he rubs an Asgardian lotion over your skin.
Curling up in bed naked together your fingers trace the patterns on his skin as you snuggle and giggle together.
After a few hours you both fall asleep, Loki keeping the bed cool from the warmth of the thick duvet as your wrapped up sleepily in his arms.
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muddyorbsblr · 17 days ago
talking in your sleep pt 1
Summary: Loki returns from a recon mission to discover that you hadn't slept since he left. Four days ago. based on the prompt "I haven't slept in four days"
Pairing: Loki x Reader (friends to lovers)
Word Count: 3.1k
Warnings: accidental sleep deprivation, light cussing, mild angst (?), Tony's a bit of a dick [let me know if i missed anything!]
Tumblr media
"Hey, Reindeer Games, quit blocking the door, will you? I get it, you want out of here already because you can't stand being around us. Trust me, the feeling's mutual. But standing at the door while the Quinjet's still landing won't change a damn thing."
"It will guarantee that I am the first one out these doors, Stark," Loki grumbled in response, not moving an inch from his position by the door. Stark wasn't entirely wrong; he truly didn't wish to be around the billionaire, or his oaf of a brother. But he wasn't entirely right, either; if he allowed himself a moment of honesty, he wanted out of the flying vessel so that he could see you again.
You'd started working for Stark shortly after the god had been sent back to Earth due to a deal made by Thor on his behalf with their father, the Allfather, that instead of wasting away in a cell in Asgard for a thousand years, Loki would be utilized as an asset by the Avengers along with his brother as recompense for his attack on New York. When you'd started working at the tower, you recognized him immediately because of how often the news bombarded you with his face in those few days as well as the weeks – the months, really – that followed.
Not that you were complaining, of course, it was a devastatingly handsome face.
He fully expected you to recoil the moment he saw the recognition in your eyes, but just as much as you could recognize his face immediately, you saw as well that he was not the same man--god, actually--that he was all those years ago when he led the Chitauri to wreak havoc in your home. So with all the confidence you could muster, you smiled at him just like you did the rest and said it was nice to meet him. And that started the two of you on your path to where you were now, friends. Close friends, to be certain, but despite the arguments that would be made by some that you were more.
You weren't more. He would surely know if you were.
"Leave my brother be, Stark. He does not simply wish to vacate this vessel because he's itching to be away from us. He also wishes to be reunited with our dear Lady Y/N." What was that mortal expression again? Even broken clocks were right twice a day? Yes. That was Loki's current sentiment towards his brother. Oftentimes he would read situations wrong, but this time he was dead on. 
"So what's the deal with you and her anyway, Rock of Ages? You hitting that?" 
Loki straightened his stance, as if ready to battle yet again, and faced his brother and Stark. "How dare you insinuate that I would ever harm so much as a hair on her head--"
"Brother, no, you misunderstand our genius friend." He scoffed at the words. "Friend" was not a word he would use to describe Stark. "He simply means to inquire if you're laying with Lady Y/N--"
"Don't be ridiculous, brother," he hissed. "I've simply grown accustomed to her company. And she's too intelligent to get involved with someone as nefarious as I." And too pure, he thought to himself. To make the misstep of courting her would only proceed to corrupt her untainted soul. 
"Oh I get it," Stark's words broke through his reverie. "He's in love." He didn't bother to even react to that observation. "Oh. Look at that. No snarky comeback? No 'you are all of you beneath me'? Are you actually--Oh my god Thor look at him he's seething!" 
"Stark, I implore you to desist." Thor's tone was now cautious. "Perhaps just leave him be for now." Unbeknownst to the god of mischief, his brother had observed how he behaved around you. How he treated you as if you were something precious, and on the occasions that he held you, it was as if you were a delicate petal that might wilt at his touch. Thor had his suspicions, but watching how his brother reacted to Stark's words cemented them into conclusions. His brother was in love with you, and he'd chosen the path that would risk nothing but guarantee that you stayed in his life. 
When the Quinjet landed and its doors opened, Loki let out a groaned "Finally" before striding through the Tower, down a path that was most certainly not to his chambers. Anyone who crossed his path knew to stay out of his way, what with the purposeful strides and the almost gleeful look on his face, there was no doubt he was on his way to you. 
It was only when he was just a few more steps away that he realized the sun had only began to break through the night clouds, not having fully risen. You weren't due to arrive at the Tower for another three hours.
So then why was he hearing movement coming from your office? At this hour? 
He closed the distance to your office and opened the door, half expecting staff to be doing their rounds. Instead he found you, furiously typing away at your computer as you always did, but looking more frazzled than usual.
"Y/N? Darling?" 
You jumped at the sound of his voice, not even registering a few moments ago that the door had opened. You turned your head and looked at the devastatingly handsome features of the god you were fortunate enough to call your friend. Even though every time you referred to him as such, a dull ache would make itself known in your heart. You wanted more. Of course you wanted more. You'd have to be a fool to look at him, to know him the way you did, and not want more. 
But you knew better. You knew your place. You were meek and unremarkable compared to the likes of a master assassin like Natasha, or a powerful witch like Wanda. You wouldn't even be able to defend yourself in a bar fight. Being his friend was all you'd ever get. And you had to be content with that.
I am content with that, you told yourself. Fooling absolutely no one.
"You're back already?" you blurted out, realizing you'd spent a few moments too long spaced out and staring, and hoping he didn't notice. 
"Already? Darling, I was gone for four days, I--hang on." He walked towards you, taking your hand and gently tugging you up to stand. And then he took a good hard look at you, as if trying to remember something. "Something feels amiss with you." 
"Y/N? You're way too early, even for you," Natasha's voice floated in to your office. She threw a quick glance Loki's way. "Welcome back, Laufeyson." Then she turned her attention back to you. "You're in the same clothes from Monday," she remarked, the concern beginning to lace through her voice as she observed the candy packets and coffee cups littered throughout your desk.
"Yeah. Because it's Monday," you answered, wondering why these two were acting so strange. 
"Sweetie, it's Friday. The guys left for a 4-day reconnaissance mission on Monday morning. They returned today. Have you…have you been in here the entire week?" 
Realization dawned on you as the words escaped your mouth. "I haven't slept for four days?" And then your knees buckled.
If it hadn't been for the reflexes of the god who wrapped his arm around you and held you upright, you would've for sure been on your ass on the floor right about now. "Sweetheart," he whispered into your ear, making you question if your heart picking up its pace was from the copious and questionable amounts of caffeine coursing through your bloodstream, or from his proximity to you. "Have you even eaten?" 
"Do those count?" You motioned to the empty snack packets on your desk, causing him to groan as he rested his head against your temple. 
"My darling human," he murmured, the rest of his words spoken too softly to be heard over the thundering of your heart. 
"Alright, Y/N? Sweetie? I'm gonna fix you something to eat. Something proper. And then you're gonna get some sleep. I'll tell Stark you're not reporting for work today. Now go take a shower. Can you walk on your own? Loki, let her stand." He let you go, his arms poised to catch you in case you were to stumble over again; you didn't. And you managed to make your way over to Natasha without tripping over your own feet, which gave her a bit of reassurance. "Okay. Grab a change of clothes from my closet, get yourself cleaned up. Then make your way back down here and eat something before you go to sleep, okay?" 
You nodded as you made your way upstairs. You briefly heard her tell Loki not to follow you, and then holler at Wanda to make sure you made it to her room alright, and the Sokovian met you at the top of the stairs. "Y/N, you look awful. What happened?" 
"I forgot to sleep." The look she gave you prompted you to say more. "For four days." 
She looked towards the common area, chuckling to herself. "No wonder your god looks completely beside himself." 
"He's not my god, Wanda, he's--we're--we're friends." In your compromised state, you could barely contain the hurt that laced your voice as you said the words. "Just friends." 
"But you love him," she prodded. "And I've seen the way he looks at you. That's not a look of friendship, dear one." 
"You're wrong, Wan." You may be sleep deprived, but you were adamant in your convictions. "He simply tolerates me a bit more than the rest of you, that's all. That's it and that's all." 
"If you say so, my friend," she murmured as you made it to Natasha's room. You walked straight towards the shower. "Any preference?" she called from Nat's closet.
"I just want my bits covered, Wan. I'll leave the rest to you." 
Fifteen minutes later you emerged from Nat's bathroom in a fluffy white towel, eyeing the emerald green silk camisole and shorts set that Wanda laid out for you. "Really?" You proceeded to eye her.
She shrugged in response. "Suits you. Makes you look regal." 
"I'm assuming you're not familiar with the concept of wearing certain colors in Asgardian culture, then?" At least your brain seemed like it was a bit sharper, thanks to the shower. 
"No, I am." The smirk on her face told you she'd been hanging around with Thor and Nat too much. "I'm not lying about the color making you look regal, Y/N. It really does. Regal and his." 
"I'm not his," you snapped, making yourself flinch. "I mean I am, but I'm not. I'm his but he doesn't know it. He doesn't care. We're friends. That's it--"
"--and that's all," she finished. "I get it, I get it. Now I'm pretty sure that despite our friendship, sharing panties is where we draw the line, so you'll have to go without." You shrugged, figuring as much, as Wanda turned around to let you change into the borrowed clothes.
She led you back to the stairs where Loki was waiting for you at the end. He threw a look towards Wanda when he caught sight of your outfit, and you were too caught up in making sure you didn't trip that you didn't catch her mouthing a "You're welcome" his way. When you reached the bottom of the steps, he wrapped his arm around you and led you to the kitchen island where Nat had a sandwich ready for you.
"You know I'm perfectly capable of walking, right? I managed just fine a while ago." You did your best to keep your tone light, almost joking. So that he hopefully couldn't see through you and see that you were fighting every urge to swoon and fawn over your current predicament. Just friends, just friends, you chanted over and over in your head.
"I prefer having my reassurances," he answered you simply as he lifted you onto a bar stool by the island. "You're far too precious to be compromised," he whispered as he pressed a kiss to the top of your head. 
"Eat," Nat ordered, placing a glass of water as you took a bite. You winced at the sound your stomach made as your body began to recognize that it was being fed real food and not something ultra-processed and sealed into a colorful wrapper. When you finished your sandwich, she took your hand and gave you a pill. "Melatonin. Drink. Then go to my room and rest. I'll be away the whole day anyway--"
"Nonsense, she's staying with me," Loki cut her off. "You've mentioned multiple times that you keep blades hidden throughout your chambers, some of which are very well within reach of anyone sleeping in your bed, Romanoff. She's safer with me." Your blood ran cold. Sleeping in the same bed as him? In your current state of dress? Yeah, that sounded like the worst idea. 
You opened your mouth to protest but the look on his face told you that wasn't any better of an idea. He seemed hellbent on personally making sure that you were nursed back to your normal state of mortality. He motioned to the pill in your hand. "Drink it, darling." You did as you were told. "Good girl." You fought every instinct you had in order not to show the effect those words had on you. His next words, though? You were completely gone. "Let's get you to bed." 
"You know, Jack Frost, if you wanted to get dear Y/N into bed with you, you could've just asked," you heard Tony quip as he walked into the kitchen. Then he took a look at you, your sullen face and your sunken eye bags. "What happened--"
"She didn't sleep for four days," Natasha answered. 
"I was trying to find a weak point in the security system of a group called the Ten Rings, you might be familiar with them, Tony, they were--" Your words got cut off as you felt the air leave your lungs, your feet leaving the floor as the dark-haired god scooped you up into his arms and carried you up the stairs and away from the conversation. "Hey!" 
"No more talk of work, little mortal. It will still be there when you wake. For now you have to rest."
"Take next week off, Y/N! I don't want to see you in that office of yours for the next seven days!" Tony hollered from his place in the kitchen. 
When you and the god were out of sight and earshot, Nat addressed Tony. "Isn't that a bit too much? I mean today and Monday? Yeah, I understand. But the whole week? What game are you playing, Tony?" 
"Laufeyson's," he answered the assassin. "I'm giving him game. Those two are idiots in love if I've ever seen it. And call it a gut feeling, but I think one of them's finally gonna confess. The week is more a gift to him than her." 
"Aww you're warming up to him." 
"You tell anyone and the next mission I send you on is with Barnes. Just Barnes."
Tumblr media
You finally felt the effects of the medicine kicking in as you laid in the center of Loki's bed, listening to him reading you poetry with his silken voice. You didn't want to but you felt your eyelids falling, despite wanting to keep awake a little longer just so he'd keep reading to you. 
"Sleep, my darling," he chuckled as you let out a yawn. 
What possessed you to shuffle closer to him and rest your head on his chest – his bare chest, mind you – you would never know, but you'd blame it on the Melatonin. "Thank you for making sure I don't stab myself in Natasha's bed," you mumbled against his skin, unable to register that his heartbeat had gone erratic against your ear. 
He pressed a kiss to your hair. "Of course, my precious mortal. I'll always watch out for your safety, you can hold me to this promise." He ran his fingers lightly up and down your side, trying to help you get to sleep faster, so that he could allow himself to lose his feigned composure at the feel of your soft body against his. 
You wrapped your arm tighter around him and burrowed your face into the crook of his neck as you mumbled, "I knew there was a reason I fell in love with you." 
His hand stopped. His breath stopped. He could have sworn his heart stopped as the words left your slumbering mouth. "What did you say?" he all but choked out. 
He felt you shrug against him as you said, "Why the fuck not. It's just a dream anyway." His breath hitched as he awaited your words. "I fell for you. Head first. Absolutely stupid in love." If it hadn't been for the drowsy tone of your voice he could've sworn you were awake. Or perhaps he wished you were, so that he could look into your eyes as you said these words. "I know I shouldn't be. Ruin the friendship and all that. But you didn't exactly make it impossible. You're perfect. Annoyingly perfect. And I was defenseless." 
"Oh Y/N," he breathed out. "My dear heart. My darling, beautiful little human. Are you telling me you're mine?" 
"I'm yours," you murmured. "I've always been yours." You nuzzled more into the crook of his neck, whispering against his skin, "I love you, Loki Laufeyson." The tears escaped him at those words, rolling down his cheeks. "Such a damn shame you don't feel the same way." It was as if the world had stopped turning as he felt you press your lips to his neck, letting out a contented sigh, before you fully succumbed to sleep. He had to tell himself to remember to breathe as he felt your breaths even out, letting him know that you had finally surrendered your body to rest.
The god, on the other hand, didn't sleep a wink. He couldn't. Not when there was so much he wanted to say. Not when there was so much to plan. 
Tumblr media
A/N: Yes there will be a part 2, I'm not leaving it here. I just had to cut myself off because I'm incapable of writing short stories ahhh
Part 2 is up and available HERE!
Taglist: @lokisgoodgirl @lokischambermaid @imalovernotahater @redbluekjw @lucylaufeyson3 @thomase1
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childesiuvr · a year ago
can we talk about this? please i really wanna talk about this.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
look at how genuine and happy he looks. loki looks so excited and unbothered and it absolutely fills me with the most joy i’ve felt in forever. he’s finally found someone he’s comfortable with :( and then he stabbed him in the back but mobius is so soft with loki despite being harsh toward him at times and i feel like that’s exactly what he’s needed. he’s so genuine and kind to loki and it fills me with so much happiness i :((
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i feel like what loki needed for the longest time was to be treated with kindness. to feel like maybe he’s not as bad as everyone makes him out to be and that he’s not all bad. that he’s capable of good. because that’s what he was raised to believe, and that’s how he has always felt — that he was born to cause chaos and tragedy. that’s why he was a villain at a point in time. he didn’t know any better. he was always trying to live up to someone’s standards or expectations, to just feel like he belonged. and mobius has changed that, even if only slightly. you know that one scene in ep 2, where he stood behind mobius?
Tumblr media
that one. when he stood behind him when he was arguing with the other tva agents, because loki knew mobius was going to stand up for him. he knows mobius is on his side. someone, for once, is on loki’s side and is vouching for him, believing in him. mobius has already had an impact on loki. change my mind. he’s made him feel comfortable and happy for once in his life, he’s been so sweet towards him and i respect him wholly and entirely for that.
Tumblr media
i love boyfriends. my favourite duo. that’s it.
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francois-ceverts · a year ago
Fuck the sacred timeline. Make a new one where my boi Loki is happy and thriving
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viribusblog · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
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michelleleewise · 25 days ago
Courting Disaster
Pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: secret relationship, mild smut (nothing graphic yet), jealousy, disastrous blind dates, swearing, mentions of "escort"....
Summary: You are the cousin of THE Tony stark, so when you enter a relationship with the God of Mischief himself you are determined to keep it low-key much to his chagrin. But your lovers meddling brother has other plans......
***this story is in collaboration with the lovely @xorpsbane , we both had so much fun with The Auction we have decided to come together for another!!! We're looking at a minimum 4 parts, maybe 5. Hold on tight, it's gonna be a wild ride!!! 😏💚🤣
Part one-
Tumblr media
"Brother, for the last time I am not interested!" You heard as you walked into the common area, seeing Loki in his chair by the window and Thor on the couch. You walked to the kitchen grabbing a cup of coffee as the argument continued "Come now Loki it will be good for you. When was the last time your "royal staff" was polished?" Thor asked air quoting making you spit our your coffee. "Lady Stark, are you alright?" Thor asked while you choked on your coffee.
"Yes, yes I'm fine. What are you two talking about?" You asked sitting on the other couch. "Well, I was simply telling Loki he needs to get out, go on a few dates." He smiled "and I told my oaf of a brother I am not interested in dating." Loki scowled. "Loki, there are many women and men here on Midgard who would jump at the chance to be with you, I don't see the problem......unless.." Thor leaned forward eyeing him "unless what?" You asked looking between them "unless he is seeing someone I am unaware of...are you Loki?" He asked.
You saw Loki's eyes shift to you before settling back onto his brother. He had in fact been seeing YOU for the past six months but you told him you didn't want anyone to know, insisted upon it. Every few weeks he would come to you telling you he was tired of hiding his affections, he wanted to show everyone how much he cared for you, and as much as you hated it you had to deny him. You wanted to shout from the roof how much you loved him, but being related to Tony, and with their past history you knew he'd lose his shit and you couldn't let him send him away, you needed to protect him.
You heard Loki clear his throat "what does my personal life have to do with you Thor?" Loki asked glaring at him "you are aren't you!?" Thor shouted making you jump "who is she brother, do I know her?" He asked excitedly, he reminded you of a huge puppy. "I..." he trailed off, glancing at you again you heard him sigh "I am not courting anyone Thor." He said emotionless, you heart stung a little at the words. "Well then I'll make you a deal. If you go on four dates of my choosing and none of them work out, you shall never hear of this again." Thor smiled leaning back.
You looked at Loki expectantly, hoping he would make some excuse to not go when you saw a smile spread across his face "Alright brother, you have a deal." Loki said smugly crossing his arms. "Marvelous, I have just the lady for you Loki, ill tell her to meet you at 8 tonight." He smiled bouncing away. You turned back looking at Loki as he picked his book back up. "Umm what?" You snapped watching him turn the page "Yes darling?" He asked not looking up. "You can't be serious! We are.." you started when he snapped his book closed "we are what? Hiding, sneaking around?" He snapped back "if I refuse my brothers deal we could be exposed, he is rather relentless." He said standing up. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date to prepare for." He nodded leaving the room.
You sat in silence staring at your coffee, you wanted to go after him, tell him to call it off, tell everyone in ear shot that your were madly in love with Loki Laufeyson. But you didn't know what Tony would do, what any of them would do and you couldn't lose him, it would destroy you, but the thought of him meeting a woman more appealing then you devastated you. You got up tossing your remaining coffee in the sink when Tony came in "Hey kid, how are things?" He asked smiling "oh fuck off Tony." You said pushing past him. You just wanted to climb back in bed and pretend today never happened.
Tumblr media
Loki showed up at the restaurant to meet....Tina he believed her name was, in all honesty he couldn't really remember. He only agreed to these stupid dates to teach y/n a lesson, and hopefully push her to agree to make their relationship public. He was tired of hiding and hoped a little jealousy might nudge her in the right direction. So he donned his black suit, styled his hair and plastered on his best smile as he left the tower. He walked in recognizing the woman from the photo Thor showed him and walked over.
"Oh heeey, you must be Luke." She smiled "Loki actually. And you are?" He asked holding out his hand "Tina, but my friends call me TaTa." She winked adjusting her breasts "riiight...shall we?" He asked motioning to a table. He pulled out her chair "ooooh your such a gentleman, I hope not in the bedroom though." She said smirking as he sat down. He cleared his throat opening the menu "so, Luke..." She started "its Loki." He interrupted "right, Loki, how long you lived in New york?" She asked blowing a bubble with her gum, he'd only been here five minutes and he wanted to throttle her.
"I have lived here for a few years now, how about you?" He asked trying to be cordial "Oh, I've been here all my life, never wanted to go anywhere else." She said smiling. He looked her up and down, blonde hair, she has so much makeup on she looked like a circus clown, and her top was tight enough he's surprised her breasts didn't fall out. She made a loud pop with her gum bringing him back to reality "so, Thor is what...your brother?" She asked sliding her fingers up and down the stem of her wine glass "yes...adopted." he said matter of factly. "Oh, see I thought he was the one coming..." She said still smiling "sorry to disappoint you." He said setting his menu down.
"Oh, no Luke it's fine. A lay is a lay am I right?" She laughed grabbing his arm "Loki..and I beg your pardon?" He asked pulling his arm back "Well i mean dinner is ok first, as long as we get to the good stuff next." She winked. He sat staring at her "do..do you expect me to sleep with you?" He whispered making her laugh "Well duh, I mean your not really my type but you'll do." She said pressing her breasts up again. "Wait....are you a.." he motioned in the air with his hands "you got it sugar." She winked again as he rubbed his temples. "So, where you wanna do this at? Your place...my place...we could go to a hotel." She smiled as she kicked her heel off, stretching her leg under the table, her foot meeting his member.
Loki bolted up setting his napkin down "I'm sorry madam, but I must be leaving...urgent business you see." He smiled pulling his wallet out "I'll pay for dinner and your cab home." He said setting some money on the table pushing his chair in "Hey, let your brother know if he needs me again.." She said winking again "I shall relay the message, have a nice evening." He said nodding walking as fast as he could out of the restaurant.
Tumblr media
Thor was kicked back on the couch watching a movie when Loki stormed into his room "You buffoon, where did you find that woman!?" Loki huffed slamming the door. "I believe it's called the web, not the one the spiderling has, the one on my phone, Barnes helped me. Did your date not go well?" Thor asked watching him pace "not go well!? Thor, she was a...." Loki yelled waving his hands around "a what brother?" Thor asked confused. Sighing Loki rubbed his temples "how do i explain this so your small brain comprehends......ok, you know the pleasure maidens on Asgard?" Loki asked watching as the reality set into Thor's face "she's a..." Thor started "yes, she was. So I kindly took my leave." Loki said pacing again.
"My apologies Loki, I had no idea. I will try again." He smiled "three more Thor and that's it! I will not be made a fool of!" Loki yelled storming from the room slamming the door. "Big oaf, he's lucky he's my brother." Loki said to himself heading to the kitchen, tea was definately needed. "Hey Loki, how did it go?" He heard, turning his head seeing you sitting on the table. He cleared his throat fixing his tie "Oh it went marvelous, she was quite lovely." He smiled setting the kettle on.
"Loki, i..." you trailed off "Yes darling?" He asked watching you. "Nevermind, when's your next date?" You asked looking down. "I am not sure, when Thor sets it up I suppose." He said. "You know, I don't have to go if..." he started "Loki, you know we can't." You interrupted sighing. You were both silent as Loki finished his tea "Well I've had a long night, if you will excuse me I'm going to turn in." He said heading for his room "did you maybe...wanna come to my room?" You asked watching him. "Maybe tomorrow night, goodnight darling." He nodded heading to his room.
Loki made it to his room, using his siedr he changed into a dark green shirt and sweatpants. He laid down in bed staring at the ceiling, the whole night had been a nightmare. Remembering the look on your face when he returned he was sure "I can't wait to see the look on that oaf's face when she tells everyone." He said to himself smiling, closing his eyes he was confident that tomorrow you would put an end to this charade.
Next part will be written by @xorpsbane 😁💚🐍
@vbecker10 @lokisgoodgirl @holdmytesseract @el-zef @ijuststareatstuffhereok89 @123forgottherest @lovebyloki @javagirl328 @loopsisloops @high-functioning-lokipath @immersed-in-mischief @chantsdemarins @lokisasgardianvampirequeen @midnights-ramblings @slpnbty2001 @angelaf1978 @sinsandguilt @usagishira @xorpsbane @lokifriggadottir365 @your-taste-on-my-lips @asgardianprincess1050 @cakesandtom @agentandreastark @sekaishell @dukes2581 @aniar4wniak @spork-fighter @stupidthoughtsinwriting @d1a2n389 @hypergamer7744 @buttercupbestie @cabingrlandrandomcrap @lokiprompts @daggers-and-mischief @lucylaufeyson3 @kats72 @mochie85 @commanding-officer @lokis-coffee221 @huntress-artemiss @limiworld @lulubelle814 @idfkgabby @glitterylokislut @highkeysimpingforloki @myworldgoesboomz @lonadane
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ladylovesloki · 28 days ago
Hot Tea: One Shot
Pairings: Loki X Reader
Warnings: Language, smut
Summary: You burn your throat with hot tea..Jotun Loki to the rescue.
Tumblr media
You had been in the mood for tea all day. Not the just any tea, the tea you specifically buy for your own personal use that you bust out when you’re not feeling well or when you’re having a shitty day. Today was option B, you had the most irritating day at work and all you wanted to do was relax and have your cup of tea.
You get to your apartment, you say a quick hello to your boyfriend Loki and start making your tea. You’re bouncing with anticipation waiting for this water to hurry up and get to the right temperature. You finally hear that glorious whistle and finish making your tea.
You give it a half assed blow to “cool it down” but immediately regret it.
It is piping hot, you feel like your tongue and your throat are now on fire.
“Fuck!” You start to cough. “Darling! Are you alright!” Loki comes rushing over to you, “what happened?” 
You point at the cup and then your throat and make a fanning gesture with your hand in front of your throat hoping he understands what you’re trying to express.
“You didn’t wait until it was safe to drink again.” It’s not a question, he already knows what happened. You did this often enough, “I’ll get the milk and honey.”
He walks over to the fridge and then it hits you. He’s a frost giant, maybe he could help you with a little bit more than just milk and honey…
You walk over to him, trying to ignore the burning pain in your throat, you didn’t want him to turn you down because you were in too much pain.
You wrap your arms around his waist and start to drift your hand towards his sleeping member.
“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?”
He turns around as much as you allow him, you open the freezer, take his hand and place it inside the ice. Loki’s glamour on his skin starts to recede leaving his icy blue skin. 
You take his now blue finger and put it in your mouth, dragging it down your tongue towards the back of your throat where you let it sit. Enjoying the cold feeling, relishing in the relief, you had your eyes closed and you were moaning so sinfully when you opened your eyes Loki’s pupils were so dilated his eyes were black. You look down and see his tented pants, seeing the effect your little experiment had on him.
“Y/n, you need to tread carefully.” He warns you, you have done a lot of things together sexually but never in his jotun form. He would use the excuse of not wanting to harm you but in truth, he was terrified you would be disgusted by his jotun form. Knowing that his true form lies underneath an illusion might be enough to deter you from ever wanting to make love to him ever again. You tried to convince him multiple times but he always refused, it doesn’t really look like you’re giving him much of an option today.
“Please baby? My throat hurts so much, don’t you want to soothe the heat for me. I’m burning for you daddy.” You’re voice in super raspy from the scalding hot tea, it hurts like a bitch but you were so turned on by this you barely felt it anymore. Now you just wanted to suck his big blue cock.
He looks at you for a moment, closes his eyes and he transforms before your eyes. He doesn’t open them to look at you assessing him, still too afraid of your reaction. You take your hand and you caress his face, trail your finger down his nose and cup his cheeks gently using your thumbs to brush over his closed eyes. You get on your tippy toes and you kiss him, softly at first and then you deepen it. Even his tongue is cold, so naturally, you suck on it making sinful noises as you do. 
You stop the kiss and he opens his eyes, the ruby red of them taking you by surprise at first. Not because you find them revolting, you’re just amazed by them, the ruby reflecting the fire burning in your throat. 
You take his hand, turn around and walk towards the couch. Before you sit him down and you remove all of his clothes yourself. After every piece of skin revealed you leave kisses where the article of clothing was. You start with his shirt, revealing his chiseled blue chest, showing more of his jotun markings. You lick each one. Then you get down on your knees in front of him and you take off his shoes and socks, kissing the tops of his feet. Still on your knees you unbuckle his pants, maintaining eye contact the whole time and finally pull his pants down painfully slow. His long, thick, weeping blue cock bobbing enticingly in front of your face. You lick your lips and start to lick him. 
You rise up from your knees, lightly kiss him and push him lightly so he sits down on the couch, you get to your knees again and spread his legs apart. You grab the bottom of your shirt and lift it over your head, he gazes down at your breasts while he strokes himself slowly, getting some more of his essence to seep out of the tip.
You lean down and lick that delicious pearl, feeling the cooling sensation already. 
“Mmmm, daddy you taste so good.”
“Do I? Is it helping your pain darling?” He’s starting to stroke your hair, feeling his longer pointed nails scratch your head gently. 
“Yes daddy, it feels so much better, but I still feel a little burning..” you take his hand and lay it on your throat, “right here…”
“Well let’s see what we can do about that..” he removes his hand from around your throat and wraps it around the back of your head, pushing you toward his begging cock. You wrap your lips around him and slowly move your head up and down, massaging him with your tongue as you go.
“Yes, oh y/n…”
You take him as deep as you can, feeling the relief from the heat of your burn almost instantly. You keep him in place deep in your throat, enjoying the feeling of his cold cock, you slowly start to move. You start to speed up your motions and move your tongue around a little more, you start to feel him twitch like he’s about to cum.
“Are you close daddy?”
“Yes my darling, so close.”
You can’t have that.
You pull away from him and start to lick him and place light kisses all over him, dragging out his sweet pleasure. 
All of the teasing got him worked up even more, “my darling please, I don’t think I can take anymore. Please I beg of you.”
His nails are ripping into the fabric of the couch beneath him, the sound making you want to give in to his pleas.
You make eye contact with him and take him in your mouth, as deep as you can go. You move much faster than previously and rapidly swirl your tongue all around him. 
“Y/n! Y/n, please!”
You grab his balls and massage them as you shove his cock all the way down your throat, feeling the tip press against the back of it.
That sets him off.
He’s screaming your name and you feel his cock twitch harder than before, then his ice cold cum shoots down your throat, further soothing the uncomfortable burning sensation. The relief you felt when you took his finger in your mouth before was nothing compared to this feeling. 
You slide him out of your mouth slowly, he’s fully reclined on the couch, legs still open wide, cock slowly softening and eyes staring at the ceiling.
He’s breathing so heavy, “you ok baby?” You ask.
He shifts his head and looks down at you, his red eyes staring at you so intensely it was almost like he was seeing into your soul.
“I’m more than ok my darling, how’s your throat?”
You smile, “better, thank you.”
He laughs, “you’re thanking me, after the way you just made feel. YOU are thanking ME?”
He laughs fondly at you again, exasperated by his lady love. “You are unbelievable.”
You rose to your feet and started making your way to the kitchen.
“Where do you think you’re going my love?”
“My tea should be the perfect temperature now!”
“I don’t think so darling”, he runs over to you and throws you over his shoulder walking straight to the bedroom. 
“Wait! What about my tea!”
“I’ll make you more later woman!”
He takes you to bed and makes love to you in his jotun form, you were in such a good mood afterward you found you no longer needed your special tea to make you feel better after all. All you needed was your beautiful prince to soothe you. 
The end.
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mlktea13 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Self worth king
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