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Avengers AU: Barney Barton's lack of dancing skills
A collaboration with @spectralarchers 💜
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Trying to mend a broken heart
        Part Two
Part One
Tumblr media
Summary: you and Bucky don’t get along, constantly pushing each others buttons, this time he may have pushed you too far
A/N: Non canon; Marvel characters but no superheroes or Avengers; post college AU…..I am focusing on angst for the first few chapters, I’ll decide if it changes to a happily ever after based on feedback
Word count:~1200
Tumblr media
The next morning you woke up and decided you were not going to extend your pity party any further.  Today was going to be a day for you to be self indulgent and selfish as much as you wanted.  It would be the first weekend in a long time that you wouldn’t do a few hours of work at home just to stay on top of all the ongoing projects.  
The first thing needed to start your day was caffeine so you made your way downstairs, happy to see that none of last night's guests were crashing on the couch.  Once your coffee was brewed you put on your favorite Frank Sinatra album that reminded you of your dad and always put you in a good mood.
Deciding to pamper yourself more than your usual self care, you found your most expensive face mask and applied a thick coat to every inch of your face.   
Breakfast was needed, so you began pulling anything that looked good out of the fridge to figure out what you could make.   Before you could get started, there was a knock on the door, knowing you couldn’t ignore it, you answered the door without an embarrassment for being in your pjs or the state of your hair or face.  
The last person you expected or wanted to see was standing there when you opened.  Bucky looked shocked when he saw you, but you ignored it and just stared at him, expecting him to ask for Natasha or at least why he was here. 
 “Uh…hi” was the only thing that came out of his mouth.   
Were you still mad about last night? Yes.  Did you expect him to show up and apologize for the way he spoke to you?  No, but you hoped he would.  
Last night had been a low point for you, sure you had only been dating a few months, but you had hoped that this relationship would go somewhere with Jeffrey.  Then to have this dipshit belittle you like he did in front of everyone hurt more than you had anticipated.  
Deep down you had always hoped that there could be something between you and Bucky.  He was smart, funny, charming, loyal to his friends, and to top it all off, drop dead gorgeous, but his comments last night showed you what he really thought of you.  
It wasn’t playful teasing, like Natasha had tried to convince you through the years. It was mean and hurtful and completely intentional, so right now, him standing in front of you was a bit shocking, but you tried your best to not allow it to show on your face.  
“What are you doing here, Barnes?” you asked, hoping to move this painful interaction along.  
“Right, um, last night” he managed to stutter out.  Was he nervous?  Was he actually here to apologize?  
“I think I left my cell phone here.  I would have called or texted Nat….but I don’t have my phone”   is this a fucking joke?  You scoffed as you opened the door, stupid of you to assume this man had any respect for you at all. 
“I haven’t seen anything but take a look around”  He only nodded as he passed by you, heading into the living room.  
Having no interest in being in the same room, you headed back to the kitchen and started chopping veggies for your omelet.  Focusing on your food, you hadn’t realized that Bucky had entered the kitchen until he cleared his throat to get your attention. 
Staring at him standing there in front of you, you almost forgot the hurtful things he’s constantly throwing at you.  He’s just so handsome that you would probably dissolve on the floor if you didn’t hate him so much.  You scoffed at how you had previously revealed your attraction to him to your roommate in a drunken stupor.
Tumblr media
~~~flashback  (2 months after meeting Bucky)~~~
Today was crazy but you tried your best to get through it without biting anyone's head off.  Being promoted to the head of your department was supposed to make your life easier, but you couldn't be more wrong.  
"All right, gorgeous, that's enough for today, let's go, I'm taking you to dinner." Looking up you see Tony Stark anxiously waiting for you in the doorway. 
"Hi handsome" you shook your head and tried to continue with your work only for him to proceed to annoy you into giving him attention.  
"Chop chop, I'm hungry" he started snooping around your desk without really even asking if you could leave now. 
"Thanks for the invite but I have a lot of work to do" you look at him trying to convince him to leave only to be more agitated by his presence.  
"It wasn't a request, Pepper is stuck in Chicago and if I go to dinner by myself, well we don't want to think what could happen.  And as your boss, cousin and favorite person alive, I insist you join me" he extended his arm to you and you couldn't help but laugh at him. 
 "Ok, you win.  Where are we going?" You asked while grabbing your things and taking his arm.   
Dinner with Tony was a blast, just watching people react and practically trip over themselves to impress thee Tony Stark was very entertaining.  
By the time he dropped you at home, it was later than usual and Natasha and Steve seemed to be waiting up for you in the living room.  "Oh thank goodness you are ok" Steve immediately pulled you into a hug.  
You couldn't help but laugh at his response, "I was at dinner, if you were so worried, you could have called" you booped his nose and laughed again at his response.  
"Are you drunk?  On a Tuesday night?"  That had set you over the edge and you laughed so hard you fell to the floor.  
Only responding with a "yep", popping the P for extra emphasis.  “Oh, and Tony gave me his VIP box at the Knicks game this weekend, so tell  everyone.  M’kay, I’m going to bed”  Heading up the stairs, Nat and Steve were following right behind you.   
“Here, sweetie, let me help you get ready for bed” Natasha was always worried about you when you drank too much, her motherly instincts kicking in to help you out.  
Steve watched from the doorway as Natasha went about helping you wash your face and brush your teeth, before speaking up.  “When you say everyone, does that include Bucky?” He wanted to see you both happy and knew you would be good together but didn’t want to push.  
Your face immediately had a dopey grin at the mention of Bucky, somehow forgetting how he played with your feelings the last time you were around each other. 
 “Oh definitely, he’s so handsome” you smiled at Steve before spitting the toothpaste in the sink.  Steve and Nat exchanged a look that you missed, but you continued to chat about all the positive traits Bucky seemed to possess, almost curious if he was even real.  
Steve left in the middle of your babbling to grab you water and aspirin, but you were curled in your bed snoozing by the time he returned, leaving the items on your nightstand for you to find in the morning.  
Tumblr media
The rest of your week flew by, mostly because you were so excited about the basketball game that you were in a good mood about everything.  When the day of the game finally arrived you were bouncing off the walls, when Tony told you the car would pick up you and your gang an hour before tip off.  
That allowed you all to relax and start the celebrations before heading to the game.  You were on your 2nd cocktail when Steve arrived with Bucky in tow, you were a bit shocked, not remembering anything from your drunken ramblings earlier in the week, but put on a small smile and decided his presence was not going to hinder your good time.  
By the time you all made it to Madison Square Garden, your entire group had a very good buzz going and laughing about anything and everything that was happening.  
The VIP box Tony gave you was fully stocked with food and drinks, but at this point all you wanted to do was watch the game.  You perched yourself on the stool closest to the window to watch the action on the court, even though the game hadn’t started yet.  
Almost immediately the group broke out with the guys huddled together and the ladies hanging by you after everyone had a drink in hand.  Yelena was full of questions, so you did your best to explain the rules of the game, the rivalry between the Knicks and the Celtics, not really paying any attention to the rest of the group.  
Just after tip off the door to the suite opened and in walked Tony.  Most of your friends had met him, and knew your relationship with him was important to you, but most didn't understand the extent of it and that was fine with you.  Tony was your ride or die, he was 10 years older than you and as your only cousin but acted more like a big brother.   
You spent as much time together as you could but when his parents died and he was forced to grow up and run the company, nothing you could say seemed to help, but he knew that when it all got too much, you would be there for him, no matter what.
Tumblr media
He comforted you when your mom passed away when you were 12 and was there for you when your dad started dating when you were 16.  But now, even as adults he kept a watchful eye on you, helping you find your way in the world after graduation, offering you a job immediately. 
A job which you turned down multiple times, as you were determined to make it on your own merit, until you had offers from several of Tony's competitors.  Only then deciding that you would rather work for him than against him. 
 And his continued admiration and constant spoiling you, like giving you the VIP box for you and your friends to watch your favorite basketball team.  You were a little surprised he made an appearance at the game but he was welcomed by everyone immediately.  
"Can you keep it down?  I'm trying to watch the game!" you sassed at him the moment he made his grand entrance.  He made his way over, wrapping you in a hug, and pretended to be interested in the game you were watching.  
Bucky was immediately star struck and watched the interaction without trying to make it obvious.  He didn't know you knew thee Tony Stark, and wasn't sure of the connection but tried his best to get more info out of Sam, as he was the only other person not engaged in conversation.
"So, what's the deal with Stark?" attempting to sound casual but a little to in shock to really concentrate on how he was behaving.  
"Huh?  Oh, Y/N works for him, he is always throwing stuff like this at her" Sam responded without taking his eyes off the game. 
"That's not normal for a boss" Bucky thought out loud still wondering what was going on. 
"Well that's how they act, I think he bought her house for her too" he shrugged then cheering at the play when the team rebounded the ball.  
That has stunned Bucky, there is no way you were just his employee.  There had to be more going on there and he wanted to know, his first thought was family, but he knew Tony was an only child. 
Maybe it was a sugar daddy thing, if thee Tony Stark was buying you a house. 
As Bucky slowly made his way closer to you until Tony noticed and turned to him.  
"You're new, I've never seen you before" Tony eyed Bucky before extending his hand. Bucky didn't react right away, you'd seen it before, how people would be in awe of the mere presence of thee Tony Stark, you found it ridiculous. 
"He's a friend of Steve's" you tell Tony without actually introducing them. At this point Bucky some what snapped out of his daze and shook his hand, introducing himself and immediately gushing on Tony's work on blah, blah, blah.  
You weren't in the mood to talk shop, you were here to have fun and watch the game. Half time had started so you finally pulled your eyes away from the game and refocused on the conversation the two were still having. 
"Well, now you have an in, just send your resume in with Y/N's name as your reference and there won't be any problem" Tony smiled from Bucky to you. 
 "Thank you, uh, I didn't know she had that much pull at Stark Industries" Bucky smirked at you as if he was making a joke, assuming you were some sort of assistant answering phone calls and fetching coffee.  
"What? Didn't you tell your friends about your promotion?  You are looking at the new head of Research and Devolvement" Tony looked like a proud father gushing on his kids report card.  Rolling your eyes at the comment you noticed the look of surprise on Bucky's face.  
"Yes, well, be that as it may, you are going to be late for dinner with your wife if you keeping gabbing" trying to push him out the door while grabbing another drink. "Shit, you are right! What would I do without you, gorgeous?" 
"Crash and burn?   Send the Mrs my love, handsome" he pulled you into a tight hug, kissing your cheek, and with that he was out the door.  
Bucky stood there for a moment, not sure how to continue the conversation without Tony there, but he would try.  
"Head of R&D for Stark, that's impressive" Bucky stated as he sat in the empty seat next to you.  
You eyed him, tempted to start a fight as to why he seemed surprised but decided against causing a scene, you just wanted to watch the game and have a good time with your friends, so the only thing your dumb brain could come up with a was "thanks" along with a forced smile.  
Trying to be friendly seemed way too difficult for you at the moment, but it was 1 night, you could make it through.  Looking at Bucky, you could tell he was expecting more so you took a deep breath and continued, 
"I've been there since I graduated, working hard to make my way up the corporate ladder, but Tony's a great boss, so it's worth it" you shrugged before accepting another drink from Yelena when she plopped down on the other side of you.  
The rest of the night the two of you chatted, nothing deep but you were nice and friendly with one another.  Maybe you could let him into your inner circle, if Steve and Natasha thought he was so great maybe you could try and tolerate him for their sake.
~~~~end flashback ~~~~
Tumblr media
"Found it" he raised the phone in his hand.  You simply nodded and continued to cook your breakfast, not sparing him anymore attention.  
"Um, about last night" he started and you could feel yourself cringe at his comment. 
"Nope, we aren't going there" you shook your head and continued to ignore him.
 "Come on, I just want to" but you cut him off before he could finish.  
"I don't care what you want, and I don't give a damn about what you have to say" your cold glare made him take a step back.  Realizing how badly he had screwed up, he wasn't sure what to do next.  
"You know where the door is, you can let yourself out" you grabbed your food, passed him and headed to the living room to enjoy your breakfast.  
Bucky let out a breath before heading to the front door, closing it behind him as he dialed Steve’s number. 
"That didn't work" he grumbled into the phone before getting on his bike.  
"Ok pal, we'll figure this out" 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
A/N: I couldn't stop thinking about living next to puppy Steve and not knowing he's cap. So here's a mini-series!
Series Masterlist
Part 2
Pairing: TWS!Steve Rogers x Neighbor!Reader
Summary: When you move into your new apartment the last thing you'd expected was the greek god living next door to you.
Warnings: Steve is a literal golden retriever, riding on a motorcycle, mutual pining (a lot), reader doesn't know Steve is Cap, alcohol consumption, being awkward, first date vibes, Steve is a cutie.
Word Count: 5300
The beautiful divider is by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When you found a cheap apartment in an old but well-kept building in Brooklyn Heights, you were relieved.
You'd been searching for a new place to live for a while, after you found out the building you'd been living in was going co-op.
You had no means to pay for that old apartment, and even if you did, you wouldn't have wanted to. It was run down, new problems seemingly appearing every day, and there was no way you would have tied yourself to that place for good.
So when you found your new apartment you were excited; the building was old, but clearly well taken care of, and it was in a safe neighborhood. You lived in Williamsburg before, so you had no problem with staying in Brooklyn. In fact, you preferred it.
It took you about an hour to get to university, but you didn't mind the travel time. You would always spend that time studying, catching up on whatever you were missing, or getting ahead of next weeks readings.
You'd also always loved riding on the train; it could be hot, and cramped, and uncomfortable, but it also provided you with a sort of peace. You enjoyed people watching, or gazing out the window with your headphones on. Riding on the train provided a forced tranquility, because you knew, no matter what, you had to spend an hour or so on there. And so it forced you to disconnect with the outside world and in turn, connect with yourself. Even if it was just for a little while.
The day you moved into your new apartment you remember a feeling of curiosity. You remember lugging your boxes up to the top floor and down the hall, unlocking your front door as your gaze moved to the door further down the hall.
Your neighbor lived at the end of the hallway, while you lived to the right. You didn't know anything about who occupied the space; the only thing you knew was that someone lived there, by the doormat placed on the floor.
The apartment didn't have a specific name attached to its mailbox, only initials, and that was both intriguing and unsettling.
S. G. R.
You've met many people in your life who value their privacy, but not even providing a name on their own mailbox seemed excessive to you. Your first thought was how much of a hassle it must be to have packages delivered - you know for a fact that your online shopping habit would severely suffer if your name wasn't properly visible on your mailbox.
You moved in with no issues, other than a bit of sweat and a few groans of exhaustion.
Within a month, you'd gotten used to living there; it was almost like you'd lived there your entire life. You'd always leave early in the morning to get to class, and you'd often arrive home after dinner time, choosing to stay on campus to study, or go out with your friends.
All in all, it was a normal apartment, and it allowed you to live a completely ordinary life.
Until that fateful day back in March.
Tumblr media
You arrive home earlier than usual. The entire day has been a disaster; first you missed your train, resulting in you being late for class, and then you spilled your coffee down the front of your shirt as you were walking across campus. When class was over, you'd talked yourself into staying and catch up on your reading, only to realize you'd forgotten the book for the course you needed to catch up on.
With a heavy sigh, and even heavier footsteps, you trudge up the stairs to your apartment. You're cursing yourself for forgetting your book, because you know that once you're inside, your urges will get the best of you, and you'll probably end up watching TV instead of catching up on your studies.
You release another heavy sigh when you reach your floor, turning the corner in the direction of your front door. Your eyes are locked on your feet as they carry you along, your bones tired and exhausted from this utter disappointment of a day.
But then your ears perk up when you hear the familiar sound of a key sliding into a lock.
Your eyes flit up to look ahead of you, breath almost hitching when they land on a tall blonde man, his broad back hunched over slightly as he unlocks his door.
Your feet still, making you stop just a few steps from your front door. The change in movement makes the stranger ahead of you glance over his shoulder, his brows furrowing for a moment before he turns around to face you.
"Hi," he says, grazing you with a dazzling smile, "You must be my new neighbor."
His voice is deep yet gentle, matching the hypnotizing features on his face. A strong jaw, chiseled cheekbones, matched with a pair of bright blue eyes and pink, plump lips.
He's fucking ethereal.
You can practically feel your heart hammering against your ribcage as you take in his full form, eyes gazing over his 6'2 frame. Broad shoulders to match his back, curving into a narrow waist, and legs that go on for days. His short, blonde hair is a little mussed up, his eyebrows raised in a question.
He's wearing a navy blue jacket, which matches his jeans, and a white t-shirt underneath. Entirely ordinary yet painfully breathtaking.
You're not sure you've ever seen a specimen quite like him.
When he tilts his head ever so slightly, you snap out of the daze he brought you in.
"Yeah, uh, hi. I guess I am. I just moved in."
You gesture towards your front door, and the stranger nods in acknowledgement.
"I heard some ruckus," he chuckles, bright white teeth practically blinding you, "I'm sorry I didn't come around to introduce myself earlier, I've been a little preoccupied with work."
You wave a dismissive hand as you smile, "Oh, no worries. I know how it is. But I'm glad we finally met, I was starting to wonder who lived next door."
"Yeah?" He asks with a grin, "Why?"
"Because I've never seen anyone," you chuckle, "I was starting to suspect it was an investment property or something. Figured no one lived there."
The stranger laughs, the sound a bubbling melodic tune that makes your heart beat excitedly. It's a beautiful, genuine sound, that makes you feel special in a way you can't quite explain.
"Oh, I live here, don't you worry," he replies, his smile turning softer, "I've been away for a little while, but I'm back now. I did hear you move in, though, but I had to leave for work early the next day, so I didn't have time to come by and welcome you to the building."
You nod, "Okay, I see. What do you do for work?"
His brows furrow momentarily before he shrugs, "You know, I work jobs here and there. I travel a lot, though."
"You're an easy neighbor to have, then," you joke, tilting your head, "I guess I won't have to worry about you making a noise complaint."
He laughs again, the sound is practically addicting to your ears, "No, you won't have to worry about that, I promise. I usually keep to myself."
You nod and hum, holding eye contact for a moment longer before your eyes dart to your front door, "Good to know.. Well, it was really nice to meet you, uhh..?"
He smiles, hesitating for a moment before he says, "Steve. Steve Rogers. Nice to meet you too."
Tumblr media
Two days later, you're out for drinks with your friends, excitedly telling them about the greek god living next door to you.
"I swear to god, he's fucking ethereal. Like, insane. I can't even explain it."
You take another large sip of your drink as your friends giggle.
"You have to show me a picture!" Janine says excitedly, eyes wide as she looks at you, "Come on, show us his social media!"
"That's the thing!" You exclaim, placing your drink perhaps a bit too harshly back on the table, "I tried to look him up but I couldn't find any social media accounts for him. It was so frustrating because apparently he shares a name with one of those Avenger guys, so it was practically impossible."
You take another eager sip as your friend, Melanie, narrows her eyes at you, "What do you mean he shares a name with one of the Avengers? Who?"
You wave your hand dismissively, "I don't fucking know those guys, you know that, but when I googled his name all of these articles for those guys showed up so I couldn't find anything on him. I didn't feel like sifting through all of that."
Your friends share a knowing look before Melanie leans closer to you on the table, "What did you say his name was?"
"Steve," you chirp, sipping your drink through the straw happily, "Steve Rogers."
Your friends share another look, although this one seems more shocked than before, making you look between the two of them.
"What?" You ask, watching their expressions, "What's the matter?"
"Nothing!" Janine immediately interjects, glancing quickly at Melanie before she looks back at you, "It's nothing. But that sucks, you gotta take a sneaky picture next time you're able to."
You snort, "Okay, I'll try, but I haven't seen him since we met the other day. He gets really busy with work, apparently."
"I'm sure he does..." Melanie replies, taking another sip of her drink.
Tumblr media
After one too many cocktails, you called an uber to get back home. You're trying to stay focused as you walk up the stairs to your apartment, swaying ever so slightly with every step.
"Almost there," you mumble as you reach the final step, "God I'm tired.."
You round the corner and head towards your door, pulling your keys out of your bag.
Right as you find the right one, and struggle to slide it into the lock, your neighbors' door opens.
"Hey," a deep voice says, making you glance in its direction, "You okay?"
Your eyes find a pair of beautiful cerulean ones, your cheeks growing warm at his presence.
"Yeah," you drunkenly giggle, moving your attention back to your key as you try to slide it into the lock, "I'm fine, just need to figure out how to unlock the door.."
You hear a quiet chuckle and then approaching footsteps before Steve is standing right beside you, a large hand reaching out to cover your own.
"Here, let me help you."
He easily unlocks your door, handing the keys back to you with a smile.
"Thank you," you hiccup, smiling goofily up at him, "You didn't have to, I could have figured it out myself.. Eventually.."
"Yeah," he chuckles, smiling down at you, "But then you'd probably have spent half your night out here."
You giggle again, shaking your head, "Noooo, I would have figured it out."
"Mhmm," Steve hums, placing a strong hand on the small of your back when you stumble where you stand, "Sure. You need help getting inside?"
"No no," you immediately respond, frowning up at him seriously, "I'm a big girl, I can handle myself."
"Okay, big girl," Steve chuckles as you step over the threshold, "Just make sure to drink some water, okay? And maybe some painkillers, too."
"Will do," you grin, gripping the door handle to keep you steady, "Thank you, Steve."
Tumblr media
3 days later you're walking home from school when you notice a motorcycle parked in front of your building. You look it over for a minute, impressed by how well kept it is despite it being an older model. You don't know a lot about motorcycles, but you know enough to realize it's a Harley-Davidson and that the design is a classic.
Your dad taught you what little knowledge you possess on motorcycles since he owned a Harley himself back when you were a kid.
You hesitantly let your fingers graze over the cushioned leather seat, the material soft against your fingertips.
"This is nice," you mumble to yourself absentmindedly, brows furrowing momentarily. It's clean, practically shiny, which makes you wonder where it's usually parked. Whoever owns it must have a covered parking space for it.
Just as your fingers lift from the leather cushion, the building door opens. Your eyes flit up to the figure walking down the steps to your building, heading in your direction, and you feel a flurry of butterflies when you recognize the man approaching you.
He's wearing a brown leather jacket this time, with a grey t-shirt underneath, a pair of blue jeans to finish off the look.
You can practically see the outline of his undoubtedly defined abs through the tight t-shirt and the thought alone makes your cheeks heat up.
"Hi Steve," you say with a smile as he walks in your direction.
His face splits into a wide smile, shoving his hands into his pockets once he descends the steps and walks over to where you're standing by the bike, "Hey neighbor. Nice to see you again. How's your head?"
Haven't had any complaints so far...
You chuckle, resisting the urge to make the dirty joke that popped into your mind, a small shake of your head as you speak, "That was 3 days ago. Hangover is long gone. But thank you for helping me inside, that was nice of you."
"Of course," he beams, a bashful shrug of his shoulders, "It was nothing. What else are neighbors for, right?"
"Right," you nod, smiling shyly when your eyes flit down to the motorcycle in an effort to hide your flushing cheeks.
"You like it?" Steve asks when he notices your gaze trailing over the bike, "Just pulled it out of storage today. Figured it was time to take it for a ride, now that the weather is getting warmer."
Your eyes dart up to meet his, brows raised in surprise, "This is yours?"
"Yeah," Steve replies, patting the leather seat as if it was a horse, "I used to have a different one but I like this newer model, too. Drives like a dream."
"Of course it does," you snort, fingers lightly touching the sleek silver on the side, "It's a Soft Slim, they're spectacular. Harley does good work in general, but they certainly stepped their game up with this model."
Steve quirks a brow at you, his eyes slowly moving over your face as you continue looking at his bike, "You know motorcycles?"
You shrug, "A little bit. My dad is a Harley-Davidson enthusiast, so I know some. Not a lot, though. But I know this model. She's a beaut."
"Yeah, she is," Steve chuckles, his head tilting slightly as he looks at you, "I was just about to go for a ride. Care to join me?"
Tumblr media
The brisk spring air breezing through your hair send shivers down your spine as you race down the almost deserted highway. Steve takes an exit, heading towards New Jersey, and you cling to him as your arms are wrapped around his waist.
He's in complete control of the bike in a way that seems almost effortless; it moves with him in every turn, and even at high speeds, you sense no hesitation in him.
It almost feels like flying.
Your arms tighten their hold a little more when the cold air nips at the bare skin on your neck, instinctively burrowing your face into his back.
He tilts his head slightly, and lifts his shoulder, seemingly inviting you to tuck your face into the crook of his neck.
You only hesitate for a moment before you bury your face in his neck, pressing your chest to his back, his warm skin heating you up almost instantly. He tilts his head more to give you proper space, leaning his back into your chest.
Your arms tighten in response, a small smile grazing your lips as you breathe in deeply. His clean and fresh scent envelopes you, making the shivers running down your back happen for a very different reason than before.
Your thighs tighten where they are on the outer side of his, holding onto him more firmly, and by all accounts, it appears he's enjoying it.
He speeds up experimentally, making you let out a small squeak before you hold onto him even tighter, and you swear you hear the melodic sound of his laugh before it's swallowed up by the wind.
Tumblr media
Eventually Steve brings you back home, the city of Brooklyn enveloped in darkness, the lampposts on the side of the road the only thing lighting your way.
He drives into a spot in front of the building and you reluctantly unwrap your arms from his waist, sliding off the bike.
He parks the bike and gets off, standing in front of you with a soft smile on his lips. His cheeks are the faintest shade of pink, probably from the cold, and his hair is mussed up in a cute way that makes you yearn to run your fingers through it.
You smile up at him, another small shiver running down your spine, and Steve immediately notices. He shrugs his jacket off, placing it over your shoulders, "I'm sorry, I should have figured you'd get cold. I hope it wasn't too bad?"
He has no idea you've been shivering this entire time, or that your shivers are triggered by something other than the cold.
"It's okay," you respond with a warm smile, "I wasn't cold while you were driving, you're surprisingly hot."
Steve's lips lift into a goofy grin, making you immediately backtrack, "Oh my god, uh, I mean warm. You're surprisingly warm."
"I got it, don't worry," he chuckles, placing a protective hand on the small of your back before he starts guiding you in the direction of your building, "Let me walk you up."
You chuckle, walking beside him up the steps, "I don't think it counts as walking me up when you're going the same direction yourself."
He snorts and shakes his head, "Probably not. But I would have done it if I didn't live here, too."
"Such a gentleman," you muse, your fingers gripping the hem of his jacket. It smells like him, that clean, fresh scent, and you'd want to drown in that smell if you could.
"I try," he jokes, grinning at you quickly.
You reach your apartment door, and once you're standing in front of it, you slide his jacket off your shoulders, "Thank you for lending this to me. That was nice."
"Even if it was short lived," Steve responds as he takes his jacket from you, "I'm sorry I didn't give it to you before we left on the drive."
"Steve, don't worry about it," you reply earnestly, "I promise, I wasn't cold. Not until I had to unwrap myself from you, at least."
Steve's eyes lock on yours, a tension filling the small space between the two of you as you look up at him. His smile is soft, gentle, a quiet hum leaving his lips as he nods.
"I'm sorry you had to do that, then."
"It's alright," you grin teasingly, "Maybe I'll get to do it again some time."
"I would love that," Steve immediately responds, a wide smile breaking out on his lips, "For there to be a next time, I mean. Doesn't have to be a drive, either."
"No?" You tease, your head tilting as your eyes stay locked on his, "What did you have in mind?"
"A cup of coffee?" He asks, blue eyes shining in the dimly lit hallway.
"I like coffee," you smile, nodding, "I'd love to."
"It's a date," he firmly replies, his fingers fiddling with the keys in his hand, "Maybe in the next few days?"
"Sure!" You beam up at him, immediately reaching into your bag, "Let me give you my number, that might make it easier to plan."
"Oh, uh, yeah, okay," Steve responds, hands clasping over his pockets almost as if he's unsure where his phone is.
When he brings out a flip phone, you snort. "That's your phone?"
Steve's cheeks tinge pink, this time certainly not from the cold, a small nod of his head, "Yeah, I uh.. I'm not really good with technology. Needed something easy."
You chuckle, "Okay, fair enough."
You take his phone, putting your number in and sending yourself a text. "There. Now we have each others numbers. Just text me when you have time to grab that cup of coffee."
"Will do," Steve responds, lingering for a moment as he stands in front of you.
When he suddenly leans down and places a quick kiss on your cheek, your breath hitches, and you fight the urge to pull him closer.
"I had a great time," he says as he takes a few steps backwards, in the direction of his apartment, "Have a good night."
"Goodnight, Steve."
Tumblr media
A few days pass without you running into Steve in the hallway again. It's also been very quiet, you haven't heard a peep from your neighbor, which is surprising because the walls aren't that thick. You can always hear your downstairs neighbor, especially if they're listening to music or have people over, so you're surprised you never hear anything from Steve.
No movement, no accidental run ins, no noises. Nothing. Only silence.
It makes you wonder if he's even home.
A week after your bike ride, you finally hear from him.
You're sitting on your couch, watching one of your favorite shows on TV while binging a tub of ice cream. It's Saturday night, and you weren't in the mood to go out even though your friends tried to convince you. It'd been a long week at university and the only thing you were in the mood for this weekend was to stay at home in your sweats and watch silly sitcoms to get your mind to relax.
You phone chimes just after 8pm, alerting you to a text message.
You pick up your phone while licking your spoonful of ice cream clean, your eyes flicking from the TV to your phone screen. Your brows raise in surprise when you see who it's from, a snort leaving your lips.
Steve Rogers: How's your Saturday night?
You: Oh hello there, stranger. I was starting to think perhaps you'd moved
Steve Rogers: I'm sorry, I had a work emergency I had to take care of. I've been gone for the past few days, just got back. How has your week been?
Your brows furrow at his response. What does this guy do for work?
The last time you asked, his response was pretty vague, but he obviously does something that's important enough for him to leave without notice. Often.
You: It's been alright, nothing exciting to report. Mainly just studying and classes. How's yours been?
Steve Rogers: A little rough. Had to deal with a tough project at work, but it's over now, luckily. At home licking my wounds now
You: Wounds? Literal or metaphorical?
Steve Rogers: Little of both
You blink in surprise, putting down your ice cream to be able to text quicker.
You: What? Are you hurt?
Steve Rogers: I'll be okay, I'm just tired. I'm sorry I didn't follow up on our coffee date, though. I hope you didn't lose faith in me
You: Was just about to, but then you texted, so I'll give you another chance
Steve Rogers: Yeah? When do you have time?
Steve Rogers: Are you busy right now?
Your brows raise in surprise at the double text as well as the question.
You: It's a little late for coffee, don't you think?
Steve Rogers: How about tea, then?
Tumblr media
You manage to tidy yourself up a little bit, tossing on a tank-top instead of the oversized shirt you were wearing when there's a knock on your door.
You're still in your sweats from earlier, but you don't really mind that; he messaged you with very short notice, so he couldn't exactly be expecting you to look all dressed up.
You unlock your door before opening it, grinning up at Steve when he comes into view, "Hey there."
"Hi," Steve smiles, his hands shoved into his pockets, "Nice to see you again."
You let your eyes trail over his form; he's in a white t-shirt, one that's tight and allows you to see the firm outline of his torso (you suspect tight t-shirts are his signature, by now), and you apparently guessed right on keeping your sweats on, because he's in a pair of his own. A grey pair, to be exact.
Your eyes move up to take in the features of his face, lingering on his beautiful, baby blue eyes and pink plump lips. But then your brows instantly furrow when you notice the small mark on his cheekbone.
"Oh," you breathe out, instinctively stepping closer, and before you can even stop yourself, you reach up, letting your fingers gently touch the skin right below the mark, "Are you okay?"
You can tell Steve tenses at your touch, making you immediately remove your hand before you step back again, mumbling, "Uh, sorry, I shouldn't-"
"No, it's alright," Steve interrupts, putting up a hand to stop you, "Don't worry, I was just caught off guard. It hurts a little, but it'll go away soon. Promise."
"Okay," you reply with a small nod, smiling softly as your eyes meet his. Then you step aside, gesturing to your apartment, "Well, come on in."
Steve smiles as he walks inside, continuing further as you close the door behind him. He wanders into the open kitchen, eyes moving over the space and to the living room area.
"This is nice," he hums, placing his hands in his pockets, "I like what you did with the place."
You chuckle, "Thanks. I only buy the finest Ikea furniture."
Steve lets out a melodic laugh, following your movement when you walk into the kitchen. You reach up to pull open the cupboard as you ask, "So, what kind of tea do you like?"
You don't hear a response immediately, but you almost jump in surprise when you suddenly hear his voice from right behind you, "What kinds do you have?"
You glance over your shoulder, eyes locking with the blonde man towering over you. You smirk, "Well, you tell me. Seems like you can see better than I can."
Steve snorts, stepping closer before his attention is pulled to the inside of the cupboard. He reaches up, his chest brushing against your back when he grabs for a packet and places it on the counter in front of you, "I like this one."
You release a quiet, unsteady breath when you feel the warmth of him pressing against your back, your fingers reaching for the packet of tea.
"Black tea," you hum, picking two tea bags out of the box, "Good choice."
You slide a little to the side, reaching for two mugs in a different cupboard, still nervously aware of his close presence.
"I'm glad you think so," Steve hums, following your movement. He stands behind you again, taking the mugs for you when you stand up on your tip toes to reach them, "Did you know that was the kind of tea the British soldiers drank during World War II?"
Your brows raise in surprise, looking up at him over your shoulder, "No, I didn't. That's pretty cool."
Steve grins, nodding as he places the two mugs on the counter, "Yeah, uh, actually the British government bought out practically all the tea in Europe in order to be able to give them to the soldiers on the frontlines."
"Wow," you respond, your brows furrowing, "That's actually crazy. How could they even do that?"
You walk over to the kettle, filling it with water so you can boil it, while Steve moves to lean on your kitchen counter. He shrugs, "Guess they just decided it was worth it, to keep morale up."
"Hm," you hum, turning on the kettle before you turn to him, "That was really nice of them. I didn't think the government cared much about their soldiers, to be honest. All you ever hear about are the glory while they're away, and then those horror stories when they come back and have PTSD."
Steve's face falls a little, his hands going back into his pockets as he nods slowly, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Perhaps the British government cared more about their soldiers then they do here.."
"Yeah," you mumble, your fingers reaching for the packet to fiddle with it, "My brother was actually in the army.."
"He was?" Steve asks curiously, "For how long?"
"A long time," you sigh, "Too long. He wasn't the same when he came back home.."
"That happens," Steve replies quietly, "A lot, unfortunately."
You glance over at him, watching how his eyes are trained on the floor. You tilt your head, asking hesitantly, "Is that something you know a lot about? The army?"
"Kinda," he shrugs, offering you a small smile when he looks back up at you, "I was also in the army. I still kind of am, I guess.." He cringes a little, making you turn to directly face him.
You take a small step closer, slowly lifting your hand until your fingers are almost brushing his cheek as you hold eye contact, "Is that how you got this?"
Steve's lips part in a nervous breath when you lean closer, his hands bracing the edge of the counter as he leans on it. His baby blues hold yours, dipping his head ever so slightly until your fingertips trail over his skin.
"Yeah, I guess you could say that."
"But you're not shipped out?" You inquire, your fingers trailing down his cheek to his jaw, "You live here, and you don't go away for months at a time."
"I'm a.. different kind of soldier," he whispers, his face slowly leaning closer to yours, "But I used to be in the army."
"So, you got promoted?" You tease, your voice low. Your fingers trail down his jaw, to the column of his neck, Steve's breath hitching when the delicate touch tickles his skin.
"You could say that," he smiles softly, his eyes burning into yours intensely as he continues slowly leaning closer, "The job isn't very different, though. But I get to go home more often."
You hum, nodding slowly as your fingers curl around his neck hesitantly. You break eye contact for a moment, eyes dropping to his lips, your stomach doing a flip when his tongue darts out to lick them.
Your eyes raise up to meet his again, the hand curled around the back of his neck slowly pulling him closer until you can feel your breaths mixing.
You look up at him with wide eyes, your nerves on edge, and it's almost like your mind goes blank when he whispers, "Can I kiss you?"
You nod immediately, there's no way in hell you'd ever say no.
Steve's eyes drop to your lips, inching himself closer until they softly brush over yours, and then you let out a content sigh when he presses them firmly against your own. You pull him closer by the hand curled around his neck, one large hand landing on your waist to pull you into his chest.
Your other hand slides up his chest to his shoulder, gripping it as your lips glide over his in perfect synchronization.
You lose yourself in the softness of his lips, your unsteady breaths mixing, and you're only faintly aware when you hear the water boiling in the background.
Tumblr media
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randomshyperson · 7 months
Wanda Maximoff x Reader - Date Nights
Tumblr media
Summary: The most important rule in your relationship with Wanda is to attend at least one date per week, so what happens when Natasha needs your help during whole six. | Entirely inspired by the gif. (Short of Requested by my bestie and gif maker abimess)
Warnings: (+18), a lot of teasing and dirty talk, established relationship, smut with some plot, fingering (r giving), heavy semi-public make out and smut, kissing and praise. | Words: 4.430k
Masterlist | Wattpad | AO3
You and Wanda had a simple agreement: Date nights were sacred and mandatory.
Two people with a lot of baggage embarking on a relationship in the middle of a superhero routine was a pretty high risk. Although the feeling was intense, it was necessary to be realistic that if you didn't prioritize your relationship, it was doomed to failure. Therefore, date nights were a rule. 
At least once a week, without interruptions, where you both have time just to be together. For a few fucking hours without suicide missions or killer robots.
The problem was that Natasha Romanoff found out that the Red Room was still functioning. So she needed help. And of course, Wanda understood, she had always been comprehensive. And you apologized hundreds of times - before you went and from the quinjet also by text message - the promises of 'I'll make it up to you' for not being able to go out with her that week.
It was okay. It was just one night.
Except that there was a chemical subjugation serum, and Yelena Belova was apparently your new best friend and they needed your help to free the widows. Again, and again.
Wanda was being supportive.
"I.am.so.sorry." You punctuated each word with a short kiss, and Wanda was trying not to get angry, but you were leaving again - dressed in uniform, and the cuts on your face hadn't even fully healed yet - and she was about to use magic to mess up those engines so you could stay.
Instead, she forced a smile and waved goodbye when you offered her a smile before running to the already started vehicle.
She could do this. A few days, maybe a week or two, and you would be back. And your presence would make that burning feeling in her chest go away.
When you called to say that you couldn't come back because some damn bomb went off somewhere, Wanda didn't hear half the story. Her brain shut down right after the "I'm sorry, baby," and she stared at the bedroom wall.
Pictures of the Avengers, the two of you, and even moments recovered from the rubble of Sokovia stared back at her from the small mural you helped her put up a few weeks after she arrived at the compound. She swallowed the lump of emotion in her throat, and when you were silent, she sighed.
"I get it, darling. But I really miss you." She confessed and it was your turn to sigh deeply on the other end of the line.
"God, I wish I could kiss you right now." You declare out of breath, and Wanda smiles shyly, feeling her cheeks flush.
"How bad do you want it?" she asks - not she teases - in a low tone, only to feel her cheeks burn with the husky, breathless chuckle you let out.
"Don't do this now, Wanda, I'm literally twelve thousand feet high." You whispered back. 
It is Wanda's turn to chuckle, her affected tone much like yours. She settles better on the bed, laying back against the pillows, and can hear you swallowing dryly at the rustling of the sheets. 
"I'm not doing anything, dekta." She says in a fake innocent tone, and sighs softly, tracing her fingers down her stomach under her t-shirt. "Yet." She completes and bites back a smile at the way you gently clear your throat. But all her excitement breaks in the next moment.
"Wands, I..."
"Gotta go." She completes with an evidently disappointed tone and hears you sigh on the other side.
"I'm sorry." You grumble receiving only a hum in return. "Wanda, I love you."
"I guess I'll have fun on my own then." She retorts and you are silent for a good moment. When Wanda is able to hear sirens in the background, she lets her hand slip into her shorts and sighs softly.  "Dekta, it's okay, you seem busy." She teases beginning to trace around with her fingertips over the fabric, a low sound of satisfaction escaping her lips as she sees the wetness increase. You grunt as you hear her. 
"Fuck Wanda, that's a dirty move." You complain, and she lets out a wicked little laugh. "I really, really have to go."
"Don't forget what I'm doing, all by myself." She comments with shallow breathing, and for a moment, it seems like you're going to stay with her until the end. But you sigh and mutter a goodbye that Wanda doesn't answer because she is closing her eyes and burying her fingers beyond the fabric.
You may not be here physically, but you haven't left her mind anyway and to think of you it’s all she needs.
You come back on a Thursday. It was unexpected, to say the least.
The most recent news Natasha gave about the operation was that you were somewhere in Egypt under false identities and that you had been out of contact for a few days.
Suddenly you were arriving by a ride with Maria Hill and barely greeted your other colleagues before pressing Wanda against the corridor wall.
"I guess that's our cue to leave." Ironized Sam aloud at the high-pitched chorus of complaints about the intense kiss you and Wanda were exchanging before the rest of the Avengers all left.
She giggled in surprise against your lips, but her arms remained entwined behind your neck.
"I missed you so much, my beautiful little witch." You stated with a passionate smile after breaking the kiss, and Wanda shyly giggled, feeling you squeeze her waist.
"I missed you too, but you need a shower." She commented only to torment you, you smelled like grass or wood now and she really liked it.
Despite this, you chuckled, nodding. "I would be offended, but I need to prepare for our dates."
Wanda raised a brow in confusion. "Date?"
"Dates. Plural." You corrected stealing another long kiss as if you couldn't stop. "I owe you six of them don't I?"
"Dekta, you don't have to..." Wanda tried but you just laughed and kissed her again before pulling away.
"No, no, Miss Maximoff. A deal is a deal." You say holding her hand, and pulling her away from the wall to suddenly spin her around like in a dance step, making Wanda laugh in surprise. "I hope you like Rockabilly."
Almost an hour later, you borrowed one of Tony's cars - without asking permission and turned off your cell phone when he sent a very rude text message about it - and Wanda found herself in a classic rockabilly club. It was a good thing that you warned her about what to wear.
It must have been one of the most fun nights of her life, from dancing until three in the morning to strawberry milkshakes to hot kisses on the car seat in the parking lot.
She missed this. She missed you.
Wanda would have been satisfied with just the Rock night date, but you meant it when you said you wanted to pay for all the ones you couldn't make it.
On Friday, you woke her up with breakfast in bed - which was a big surprise, because not only did you usually sleep much longer than Wanda, but she was impressed that you managed to get out of her embrace in the morning without waking her up - and right after warning Friday to cancel all the appointments for the day, you took her to the Street Market.
Wanda wasn't very good with big crowds, but having your hand in hers during the whole thing really made a difference.
You bought her new rings, and she bought you a decoration for your room. After visiting almost all the stalls, you had lunch of Mexican food and visited some tourist sites around town.
You didn't get back to the Compound until dinner time, and Steve Rogers was at the counter with reports for you.
"Girls, this is lovely, but we still have work to do." Said the Captain looking guilty of pulling off the easy smile with how you two entered the kitchen.
Wanda swallowed dryly, and was ready to say "right Captain" when you threw the car keys on top of the reports.
"I'm on vacation." You declared simply making him sigh.
"Y/N, that's not how things work..."
"Then I quit." You retorted and pulled Wanda by the hand, ignoring Captain America's protesting comments.
Wanda let out an impressed giggle, letting herself be led down the hallways toward her own room.
At the door, you slowed your pace and leaned against the wall, waiting for Wanda to take her cue to approach.
"You weren't serious about quitting, were you?" she asked as she stopped in front of you, and you dropped her hands to wrap your arms around her waist.
"Nah, I'm just trying to annoy Steve and buy some time." You retorted with a slight shrug, causing Wanda to smile.
"Buy time for what?" she asks raising an eyebrow, her hands moving up your arms to your shoulders.
Despite the mischief in your eyes, you smile sweetly as you say:  "Just to make sure my girl knows she's my priority."
Wanda felt her cheeks heat up, but she ignored this to break the distance, kissing you unhurriedly. You smiled against her lips, sliding your tongue out and onto her lower lip, begging for passage, and Wanda gasped as she granted it. Her head spun as she felt your tongue slide into hers with sensuality, her body quivering with the slow provocative stimulation, your hands gently squeezing her hips.
Her body began to heat up very quickly. Suddenly it seemed an eternity since you had last touched her. She had to break the kiss to catch her breath, and when your lips started a path down her jaw and along the sensitive spots on her neck, she knew immediately that she needed you to touch her again.
So of course someone interrupted.
"Oh, I'm really sorry." Sam asked having suddenly appeared in the hallway as he crossed the corner. You grunted in a mixture of impatience and arousal, and Wanda jumped in surprise, turning her face toward her colleague. "I'll leave you two to it." Falcon said with a teasing tone, making his way back, and Wanda hid her red face between her hands, laughing softly.
"God, he's totally going to tease us for the rest of our lives for this." She complained making you chuckle softly as well. You moved your hands to her forearms so that she looked at you again. 
"And he's definitely going to tell the others the worst stories possible, but who cares." You mutter kissing her again, feeling Wanda smile. When she goes to increase the intensity, however, you break it, a mischievous smile on your face at the other's confused expression. "What's this Maximoff, trying to take me to bed after two dates?" You joke making her giggle breathlessly. She tries to kiss you again and you move your face away with a chuckle.
"Dekta!" She complains but you break the embrace you are in, straightening your clothes as you take about three steps away, and Wanda pouts, crossing her arms for lack of warmth. "Why are you being mean?"
"No, don't make that cute little face." You say in a humorous tone. "I'm being a gentleman. I brought you to your door and kissed you goodnight. See you on your next date."
Wanda lets out an indignant grumble. "You're not even going to sleep in my bed?"
You tuck in the collar of your shirt. "We're two family ladies, Wanda, what an idea." You joke and she rolls her eyes impatiently, just wanting you to kiss her again, and the reaction makes you chuckle. "Let's go to the movies tomorrow darling, what do you want to see?"
Wanda offers you a small smile, "Anything, I won't be watching much." She warns and you let out a short, affected laugh.
"Good night Wanda." You tell her and the girl lets out a soft sigh but turns to open the door, and even after several minutes that you are gone, she can still feel her lips tingling.
So far, movies were the best plan of all.
Wanda had no idea what you were watching, however. She couldn't care less with your mouth on hers.
"We're going to..." You started between one panting kiss and another, hands roaming dangerously over the body pressed against the booth wall, and Wanda was lucky that you always held her waist because her legs gave out long ago, "miss the movie." 
"What movie?" She retorted in the same tone between one kiss and another, and you grunted when you felt her hands scratching your abdomen under your blouse.
Using all your mental control, you pulled your face away and held her wrists over her head.
"Bad movie and then food. Proper date, that's our deal." You remind her, walking away at once and leaving the booth as Wanda lets out a loud, frustrated grumble, following you.
"And what's wrong with us having sex after all these?" She questions almost annoyed and you chuckle softly, looking at her from the reflection of the mirror as you run some water over your face and neck to calm the arousal.
"You still don't get it do you, Wanda?" You retort as you turn around, leaning your back on the sink and looking at her. "Did you really think I was just going to forget about your call that day?"
Wanda swallowed dryly, feeling a wave of excitement rise with the way your eyes were dark and serious.
"I was just missing you."
You smiled sweetly, and it didn't match the glint of pure mischief in your eyes. Stepping away from the sink, you approached her again, making her hold her breath.
"I know, pretty girl, I missed you too." You tell her brushing your lips together, making her sigh. "But I had to stay 14 hours on a mission thinking about your tight pussy and that wasn't very nice, don't you think?"
Wanda chokes affectedly, letting her forehead fall against yours. "Dekta, don't say such things..." She mutters in a mix of excitement and embarrassment, but you give a soft chuckle. "I just want to feel you, why are you punishing me?"
"If I could wait, you can survive six dates without cumming for me." You murmur back, clearing your throat discreetly and taking a step back as two girls enter the bathroom. You offer Wanda a smile as if you were having a casual conversation earlier. "Come on, baby, the movie's about to start."
It turns out that movies were not the best idea at all. In fact, it quickly became the worst when the movie started and your hand found Wanda's thigh.
She had no intention at all of watching, and it became an impossible task when your touch happened. The worst part is that you didn't do what she wanted.
You got chairs in the back, in empty rows, and a movie with enough action that none of the few people there could hear anything. And yet, all you did was offer her a wink and keep your hand still on her thigh.
Wanda was a frustrated mess when it was over, but you didn't flinch in the slightest, commenting on the movie all the way back to the tower.
When you realized that Wanda still had her arms crossed and was pouting, you sighed.
"You didn't like the movie?" 
"I didn't pay attention to a word of it." She retorted with her gaze on the landscape. You let out a small laugh.
"And why was that?"
She let out an indignant sigh. "You know why."
"Wanda, we have rules on date night, don't we? Communication is number one. We do this to have fun together. If you don't like the choice of movie-"
"I want to be fucked, Y/N!" She cut in irritated, and you raised your eyebrow in surprise. But the car window was open, and the loud exclamation made the passenger in the car next to you widen his eyes in shock. You cleared your throat, closing the window leisurely, and Wanda sighed in frustration. "God, you are having so much fun with this."
"Damn right I am. "You retorted with a chuckle, and Wanda rolled her eyes, but laughed too.
"I hate you." She said, turning back to face the landscape. You smiled.
"I love you too." You retorted back, and Wanda rolled her eyes again, but couldn't hold back the silly smile on her lips.
She would like to say that this sweet and sincere moment made things easier, but it only increased the tension between the two of you. 
The next date was at a bowling alley. It was ridiculous how the slightest closeness was turning her into a hot mess.
Like now, your body so close to her, hands around her and mouth at her ear level while you teach her how to bowl correctly. 
Wanda can play your game too. When you tell her to throw, she bends her hips more than necessary to fit her ass against you and bites a satisfied smile at the little sigh you let out.
Neither of you realizes that she has thrown a strike. 
Despite the game happening full of intense glances and stolen touches, you leave the bowling alley laughing at inside jokes and Avengers stories, and the mutual desire to extend the night forever.
Wanda comments that she would like something sweet to drink, and you take her to a dinner a few yards from the bowling alley.
By the time you are seated at one of the back tables, with half-drunk milkshakes on the table, and you have your chin resting on one hand as you watch Wanda so discourteously, she interrupts her monologue about trying to learn the guitar with an embarrassed laugh.
"What?" she asks and you blink in confusion.
"What what?"
She smiles, pushing her milkshake glass aside. "You weren't hearing a word, and you were staring."
"Well, can you blame me? Have you seen your face, Wanda? I swear you're so beautiful I get completely stunned..."
Wanda laughed embarrassed. "Dekta, you're such a flirt."
You give her a soft laugh. "I just state the facts."
She rolls her eyes shyly. "Stop it." She murmurs looking away, and you smile, thinking she looks even prettier when she gets shy like this.
Your hands find hers on the table, making her smile. But Wanda swallows dryly as the time passes with your caresses and exchanges of glances between the two of you, the way you twirl her rings and draw lines superficially making her imagine other things.
Suddenly you give a low chuckle. "You know, it doesn't take a telepath to know when you're thinking about what you shouldn't..."
Despite the way her cheeks warm up again, Wanda raises an eyebrow in challenge. "Shouldn't I? And why is that?" she starts, surprising you a bit, "You're my girlfriend, I have every right to think of you that way. And in so many positions, Dekta."
You lick your lips, your eyes darkening slightly. "Wanda." You say in a warning tone, but Wanda leans in so you can hear her low tone.
"I couldn't help it yesterday, baby." She confesses suddenly, her fingers tracing yours now. "The way you kissed me in the movie theater...I could only remember the feeling when I lay down, and well, you didn't want to come to the bedroom with me."
You choked softly. "Wanda, stop it."
She bit back a mischievous smile, looking at you with dark eyes. "But don't worry, I could only cum when I thought of your tongue."
A grunt rips through your throat at the mental image, and Wanda watches you with a winning smile, resisting the urge to tease you further when she sees you squirm uncomfortably in your seat. 
It's almost comical how quickly victory is ripped from her when she feels your hand on her knee. She nearly jumps in surprise, seeing that you have leaned completely on the table - to look like a clinging couple or just someone tired to anyone taking a chance at the end of the diner - and her breath hitches as you draw patterns on her skin.
"Imagine if I fucked you now." You murmur staring her with intensity, fingers tracing up on her thigh, and Wanda moves forward immediately to increase your reach, making you smile. 
"Yes, please." She whispers in pure arousal, spreading her legs wider.
"My, my, what a naughty witch. "You comment making her breath hitch. "You want my fingers in you, baby? Right under the table?" You teased, tracing your way up her inner thigh and Wanda can only nod dumbly, her brain clouded with arousal. You didn't even touch her and she was dripping in her panties.
The fact that you stopped your movements so close to where she wanted you made Wanda let out a grumble of frustration, and you gave a small giggle.
"Shush, baby, you don't want to attract attention, do you?" You sneer, and Wanda would have replied something quite rude if you hadn't moved your fingers upward, finding her wet intimacy over the fabric and making her choke on her own breath. "You wouldn't want everyone knowing how needy you are, would you?"
Wanda felt her face burning, but she shook her head in the negative, her fists clenched on the table as she felt your fingers drawing shallow patterns against her. Wanda risked throwing her hips forward, and to her surprise, you took the cue, using your thumb to press against her covered clit and she jerked on instinct, closing her eyes for a moment and biting her lips hard to muffle a satisfied moan. "God, you look so sexy like this."
Your compliment only made her blush more, a warm sensation spreading throughout her body. She opened her eyes again and faced you, a silent plea in her gaze, and you sighed softly before pushing the fabric of her panties down and sinking into her at once.
You were quick to lean in and kiss her - stifling her moan with your mouth - before pulling away with a small smile, two fingers slipping in and out between her folds without the slightest resistance. You brought your free hand to her burning cheek, tucking the loose strands behind her ear.
You licked your lips before whispering, "If I had known you were this wet, I would have done this at the bowling alley." 
Wanda let out an affected chuckle, struggling to keep her eyes open as you found a slow rhythm that allowed you to sink in and hit that sweet spot in her before pulling out again, and repeating the thrusts again and again until a bead of sweat began to trickle down her forehead. You watched her with adoration, smiling to yourself as you moved your free hand to wipe away any sign of what was happening.
"Baby, you're so warm and tight, it's so fucking hot." You comment to her as you kiss her cheek, and Wanda grunts low, her walls beginning to throb at your fingerprints. You smile, knowing that compliments always work with her. And lucky for her, you can do that all day. "My beautiful, beautiful, Wanda, you have no idea how much I missed this when I was away."
She moves one hand to cover her mouth - trying to look like she's just propping her face on her chin - but you can hear her letting out sharp muffled breaths against her skin every time you sink in. 
When you adjust to press on her clit with your thumb as you move in and out of her, Wanda closes her eyes tightly, and muffles a whimper against her own hand, causing you to gasp, a wave of pleasure watching the scene.
"You will be the death of me, Wanda Maximoff." 
But you slow down suddenly,  she opens her eyes in desperation. "N-no, please don't stop!" She practically begs, trying to force her hips against your fingers. You murmur in contentment, feeling her heartbeat in your fingerprints. She is so close and made such a mess in your hand.
"You don't deserve it..." You remind her meanly but resume your movements very slowly, feeling her twitch.
"God, I know, I'm sorry!" She retorts affected, her face very red and her breathing quickening. "Just don't stop. I'm... almost..." She shudders in her seat, closing her eyes, her speech turning into an affected, satisfied sigh, and she looked absurdly beautiful and you can't get angry. Wanda gradually cums, biting her lips as the heat in her abdomen breaks into hot waves and she spills on your fingers, resisting the urge to put her head on the table and just breathe a little.
You hum in approval at the expression of pure ecstasy on her face, fingers moving in a gentle motion before removing them and wiping them on her thigh. "Someone is enjoying herself." You mock in a casual tone, using your other hand to wave for the waitress to bring the bill.
Wanda gives an affected laugh and pushes her hair back. "God I can't believe we did that." She murmurs widening her eyes slightly, only now realizing that she had just cum on a restaurant seat. You smile at the reaction.
"In my defense, I tried to be a gentleman." 
Wanda laughs at your comment but says no more because the waitress approaches you. When you insist on paying for everything, and give her a look, she rolls her eyes slightly as she realizes that you are just trying to prove a point.
Her legs are still shaking in a delicious way when she goes to stand up, but as always, your hand finds her waist.
Before you leave the table, however, you lean your face against her ear.
"Hey baby, I hope you know that this little treat has increased your debt." You whisper. "Now, I won't touch you again until the tenth date."
Wanda looked at you in a mixture of shock and indignation, but you offered her a small smile, and Wanda choked when you brought the fingers that were inside her to her cheek, your thumb rubbing her lip.
"What do you say we go to an amusement park?" You ask in an innocent tone, and Wanda lets out a grumpy grunt, turning away from you.
You follow her back to the car grinning.
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amhrosina · 2 months
They Don’t Know About Us (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
A/N: This is another one of the fics I posted on an old account. Some good ole Bucky angst/fluff. 
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky realizes that he loves you, but won’t reveal his feelings because you’re Tony Stark’s daughter. 
Warnings: angst, slight age-gap (legal), fluff, illusion to smut, but no actual smut (fade to black), cursing
The city was beautiful at night. Your bedroom window provided one of the best views of New York in the world, and you’d been sitting on the window ledge for hours watching as the city lit up the night sky. You’d long missed Jarvis' call to dinner, perfectly content to sit in front of your window for the time being and sneak into the kitchen for food later.  
To be perfectly honest, you were starving, but not hungry enough to endure a meal in the same room as Bucky. He’d been acting strange recently, and you were almost positive that you were the cause of this odd behavior. He was acting like he did when you first met him; quiet, broody, extremely reserved. Nothing like the Bucky you’d grown used to over the last six months. It was as if all the sudden a flip had switched, and you were no longer a priority of his.  
Your affair with him had obviously been kept a secret. No one in the tower knew about your late-night rendezvous, save for Jarvis, who kindly served as an alarm clock when you and Bucky accidentally fell asleep in your bed.  
It had started, almost by accident, six months ago. It was 2:30 in the morning, and you were full on sobbing into a book because your favorite character had died. Bucky had knocked on your door after waking to your heart-wrenching sobs. The walls between your rooms weren’t nearly as thick as you’d originally thought.  
He’d awkwardly stepped into the room asking if you wanted to talk about it, and the rest was history. He came by almost every night after that, asking you about your favorite books, movies, and music and in turn, sharing his favorites with you.  
It was an innocent friendship at first, but you couldn’t help noticing his lingering gazes when you were around the rest of the team.  Your heart would quicken when he entered a room, giving you a soft smile as he continued his work for your dad. Lingering stares turned into “accidental” brushes against your hand when you walked by each other in the hallway, or a light touch on the waist when no one was looking.  
Your late-night chats soon became more serious. He opened up about his past with Hydra, providing far more details than he ever had with Steve or your dad. You talked about the overwhelming pressure of being Tony Stark’s daughter and a part of the Avengers. Both of you revealed information to each other that you’d never said out loud before.
The first time you kissed was three months ago. You’d been rambling about your dad’s decision to finally allow you to have a solo mission. He had leaned across the bed and planted his lips to yours, holding your face gently in his hands.  
“I’m so proud of you,” he had said with a wide smile.  
This continued for months, him sneaking into your room and kissing you until the sun began to rise, when he’d begrudgingly go back to his room to avoid suspicion from the rest of the team.  
You had long since accepted your feelings for him, but you weren’t going to be the one to tell him. You had never discussed what your relationship was to Bucky, never talked about labels or the future. For all you knew, you and Bucky were friends with barely any benefits. You hadn’t slept together or done anything else besides kiss.
This troubled your mind when Bucky’s visits became more and more infrequent. He started avoiding your gaze in public and wouldn’t touch you unless it was necessary. The last night he had stopped by your room was almost two weeks ago.  
The past few weeks you had barely talked and ate even less. Everyone in the tower was concerned about you. You’d stopped spending time in the common areas, preferring the solitude of your room. You had no excuse when you were asked why you’d been spending so much time in your room. You’d simply shrug the question off, mumbling an “I don’t know”, before returning to your room.  
In truth, you were avoiding Bucky like the plague. You couldn’t bear to be in the same room as his cold, uninterested demeanor. When you were forced out of your room by your dad, you sat in the furthest seat from Bucky, avoiding the area of the room he was in. The few times you’d snuck a glance at him, he had been slouched in his seat, glaring into his hands.  
Your stomach growled loudly as you rested your head against the window, wondering if you’d ever get the courage to confront Bucky.
A knock at the door startled you from your thoughts. You didn’t lift your head when you heard the familiar steps of the man you loved shuffle into the room.
“You weren’t at dinner. I brought you some of it.” Bucky’s voice was low and raspy.  
You turned your head, glancing at him as he stood just inside the barrier of your room. He looked glorious, as usual, but that thought sent a sharp pain through your heart. His eyes were on yours, full of worry and doubt.
You cleared your throat.
“Thanks, Bucky. You can just set it on the desk.”
Your voice was wobbly, dripping with melancholic undertones.
Bucky nodded, turning to set the tray of food on your desk. You turned your head back towards the window, willing your tears to stay safely inside your tear ducts until Bucky left the room.  
“Y/n...” His voice was closer now. You could hear him shuffling his feet uncomfortably behind you.  
You closed your eyes, a tear slipping down your cheek as you ignored his call. The pain of him being so close after so long was unrelenting.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry.” He was right behind you now, gently running his fingers through your hair.  
“What did I do wrong?” You asked after a beat of silence. By this point, tears were streaming down your cheeks. You hastily wiped them away, refusing to turn around and face the inevitable of him breaking your heart without realizing it.
“Nothing, baby,” Bucky whispered, “Please look at me. I hate seeing you cry.”
You slowly turned to face him. He was on his knees looking up at you with tears threatening to spill out of his eyes.
You kept your eyes on his, waiting for an explanation, or an apology for leaving you high and dry out of nowhere.  
“I didn’t mean to hurt you, y/n. You have to know that,” Bucky said, reaching up to lightly grasp your hands.  
You scoffed, rolling your eyes.  
“I don’t understand what the problem is all the sudden. Everything was fine until it wasn’t.”  
“I know baby,” he nodded, resting his head in your hands, “You have to know I wasn’t expecting any of this when I met you. I thought you were just some spoiled rich girl with nothing to offer. I have never been happier to be wrong. You’re so smart and easy to talk to. You get along with everyone and you’re a really skilled fighter. I would love nothing more than to spend forever hearing you talk about books and music and movies.” He said, looking up at you again.
Your heart was pounding. This was not what you had expected from the man kneeling in front of you. Everything he was saying was what you wanted to hear, but it didn’t make you feel any better. He was obviously struggling with some aspect of the non-relationship you two were having.
You kneeled in front of him, lowering yourself to his level and wiping the tears that had started to flow down his cheeks.  
“I still don’t understand what the problem is, Bucky.” Your eyes searched his for a clear answer, an understanding for why he had been acting so strangely around you.
“I think I’m in love with you, y/n, but I can’t- I mean I want to, but- ugh, I’m so conflicted,” He muttered, shaking his head, “Your dad is basically my boss, y/n. Do you understand how Tony Stark, fucking ruler of the world, could make my life hell if he found out how I felt about you? What he could do to separate me from you? I can’t be apart from you, y/n, I can’t. These last few weeks were torture, and you were only 20 feet away from me. Imagine if he sent me to a different country or something?”  
Your heart was buzzing at his words. He loved you. And he had just said it, out loud, to your face. You couldn’t help but laugh. This is what he was avoiding you for? His eyebrows furrowed as you wiped your tears away and suppressed more laughter.
“What’s so funny?”
“Nothing. Everything. You.” You smiled, cupping his cheek. “I love you, James.”
His eyes lit up. You leaned in, kissing him softly. His arms enveloped you as he deepened the kiss, tongue meeting yours.  
You slowly began unbuttoning his shirt, desperate to feel his skin against yours after being apart for so long.  
He pulled back, resting his hands on your wrists and stopping you from unbuttoning the last button on his shirt.
“Are you sure?” He eyed you, breathing hard.  
“James Buchanan Barnes, I love you, but please, please, take my clothes off and fuck me.”  
That undid any self-control he had over himself. He quickly picked you up, bridal style, and carried you to the bed.
The early morning light seeped into your room, waking you from your deep slumber. A heavy arm rested on your waist and you could hear the deep breathing of a certain super soldier cuddled up behind you. You couldn’t remember the last time you’d awoken feeling this rested.
Why is Bucky still here if it’s late enough for the sun to be up?  
Your eyes snapped open at the thought. Sitting up, you rubbed the sleep from your eyes. Bucky shifted, groaning at the abrupt movement.
“Jarvis,” you said, still rubbing your eyes, “why didn’t you wake us up?”
“Jarvis was updating last night. I didn’t realize you relied so heavily on him for your wake-up calls, my sneaky little offspring.”  
Your head shot up, eyes widening as you looked directly into the eyes of your father, who was standing at the end of your bed visibly fuming. Bucky stiffened beside you, lifting his head with eyes that matched your own.  
“I’m going to let you two get dressed. And then, I expect to see both of you in the lab. Is that clear?” Your dad’s voice was calm – too calm. He turned to leave, and you could’ve sworn that you saw smoke coming out of his ears.  
You and Bucky spoke at the same time.
“Dad, wait-”
“Tony, it’s not what you-”
Your father interrupted before either of you could get a sentence out.
His tone was noticeably rising. “I don’t care. You,” he said pointing at Bucky, “should be ashamed of yourself for preying on an innocent young girl. And you-,” he pointed at you, clenching his jaw, “you should know better than to screw around with a team member.”  
“But Dad, we’re not screwing-”
“ENOUGH. I’m giving you five minutes. If you’re not down there, you both can pack your bags and get out.”  
You watched him as he briskly walked out of the room.  
“Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK.” You muttered, shaking your head. Bucky’s hands rubbed along your lower back as you mentally prepared for the shit storm that was about to go down in the lab.
“What was that all about?” Steve stuck his head in your room and immediately shielded his eyes, “Oh. Oh, man. Oh, man Bucky! What the hell?”  
“Nothing man, don’t worry about it,” Bucky responded, sitting up, voice still raspy with sleep.
“We should get dressed.” He turned to you, pressing his lips to your shoulder.
You and Bucky stepped into the living room, fully dressed and terrified. Natasha, Bruce, Steve, and Thor were sitting in various chairs around the room, trying way too hard to look like they weren’t talking about what Steve saw before you entered the room.  
“It’s fine, guys, you don’t have to act like you don’t know,” you groaned, rolling your eyes.
They visibly relaxed, the room’s energy lightening immensely, and then immediately began pestering you and Bucky with questions.
“How did this happen?” Thor asked
“Why didn’t you tell me, y/n?” Natasha looked hurt.
“Why didn’t you tell me, Bucky?” Steve looked even more offended.
You were not equipped to handle the interrogation from the others. The morning had been shitty enough. Your glowing mood from the events of the night before was seeping away quickly. Seeing that you were overwhelmed, Bucky led you to the elevator, mumbling a “tell you later” to the group.
When the elevator doors opened to lab, you slowly took a step out, sending a silent prayer out to the universe.
Your dad was sitting at his desk working on a piece from one of his Iron Man suits. The silence in the room was unbearable.
“That was six minutes.” Your dad said irritably, looking up at you as he waved away the help of his robot.
“Tony-Mr. Stark,” Bucky stepped forward, “this isn’t what you think it is. I swear, we’re not just messing around. I love your daughter, more than I’d care to admit.” His voice trailed off as he looked at your dad.
Your dad stayed silent, looking Bucky up and down before turning to you.
“It’s true.” You added, meekly.
Your dad’s eyes narrowed. His eyes flitted back and forth between you and Bucky.
“Dad, please don’t freak out. I’m an adult. I wouldn’t have gotten into this if I didn’t think it was worth it. I love him. It hasn’t affected our work and it won’t.” You finally said, your voice strong and unwavering.  
“I don’t like this,” he responded, voice low, “but I can’t stop you, I guess. I didn’t realize you were so...involved with each other. I don’t think I need to say that if you even think about hurting her, you’re a dead man walking, super soldier or not.”  
You let out a harsh giggle, clapping your hand over your mouth as Bucky and your father turned to look at you, one with amusement, and the other with disdain.  
“Do you think it’ll be that awkward forever?” You groaned, falling forward on your bed.
Once you and Bucky were released from your dad’s scrutiny, you went to tell the rest of the Avengers as much information as you could muster. You definitely did not want them getting all the gory details of your relationship with Bucky.
Bucky laughed, “No, I just think everyone’s trying to get over the fact that we’ve been...together...for the last three months and none of them figured it out.”
He sat down on the edge of your bed, reaching over to pinch your side.  
You smiled, climbing over him to straddle his waist. His eyes, an icy blue that had recently become your favorite color in the world, bore into yours as he rested his forehead against yours.
“So...last night was fun.” You mumbled
“Yes,” he affirmed, slightly nodding.
“Does that make me...”
“My girlfriend? I would hope so. Is that something you’d be interested in, Miss Stark?” He smirked, eyes glimmering.
“Yes,” you breathed, smiling.  
“Well then, I guess it’s official.”  
He leaned in to kiss you softly. His lips were the softest thing you’d ever felt. You couldn’t get enough of him.  
You could definitely get used to this.
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missmonsters2 · 4 months
Here You Are | Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x SingleMom!Reader
Summary: Natasha likes to think she's prepared for anything to happen. Nothing could ever surprise her because she was always prepared for the worst. But no one warned that she was sorely lacking in preparing for the best when it came to you.
Please do not repost/translate anywhere. Reblogs/Comments are much welcomed ♥
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Warnings: sorry you gave yourself a bad nickname for Tony to use against you
Count: ~4.1k
"I just—" Natasha sighs. "I just don't understand why I'm the one who has to stay with her."
"You don't want to?" Bucky asks as he licks the remnants of ice cream off his spoon. 
"No, it's not that," Natasha shrugs. "I just—I don't know. She seems really uncomfortable around me."
"I think she's uncomfortable around all of us," Steve sighs. "I don't blame her. Whoever she's running from, it seems serious and she won't even talk about it."
"I think she likes me," Tony chimes in. "I mean, I'm definitely her favorite...or at least Anya's favorite."
Natasha snorts. "No, I think Bucky's her favorite."
"Or his arm," Tony grumbles. "What's so cool about his metal arm? I have a literal arc reactor in my chest."
Bucky merely has a shit-eating grin on his face as he continues to eat ice cream. 
"Anyway, it has to be you for this to work," Tony changes the subject. "Now that a whole hospital was blown up, she doesn't really have a choice about bringing this guy in. It's Avengers business now and just because she won't go after them doesn't mean they're just going to stop going after her."
Tony walks to the counter and pours himself a cup of coffee, measuring out a triple shot of espresso and ensuring it has an inhumane amount of sugar.
Natasha scrunches her nose in disgust at his cup. "That doesn't explain why it has to be me."
"Stop playing stupid, Romanoff," Tony wags his finger at her as he takes a long sip. "It's embarrassing."
"What?" Natasha mutters, but Bucky's just grinning again.
"Other than ignoring the fact that everyone else here has their own mission, you can't ignore that Anya looks the most like you. That dark reddish brown hair, her nose, and the shape of her eyes? You hiding a secret family like Clint is from us? Best friends don't have to do everything together, you know." Tony narrows his eyes in suspicion. 
"Ha-ha," Natasha sarcastically laughs. "You know, that would totally be a plausible theory if I had a uterus. But I don't—because as you all should know—the lovely Red Room gives you an involuntary—"
"All right!" Tony cuts in, putting his hand up to signal Natasha to stop. "God, I hate when you use that one."
"And it never fails to win," Natasha smirks. "Hit me up when you have a comeback for that one, Stark."
"Whatever, Romanoff. You're still going to witness protection with her," Tony grins and starts throwing jazz hands. "Congrats on your new wife and child!"
You stare at the house outside as you hold Anya's hand. It was much more modest than what you had lived in before. In a way, you kind of liked how this cookie-cutter house on the edge of the street blended right in. 
There wasn't much you had to carry into the house with the Avengers disguising themselves as movers and helping you as they checked everything out. 
The move was when it became dark out to prevent too many nosy neighbors from coming up to introduce themselves. 
"Are you tired?" You grin as Anya lets out a big yawn, swaying slightly on the couch.
Anya thought about denying it, but for once, she didn't need to push herself to stay awake. She nods, and you press a quick kiss to her temple before you pick her up.
You were cleared from the hospital a few days ago, fully recovering before you left to live in this new house—new life that Tony Stark had built for you.
"I'm just going to get her ready for bed," you look over to Natasha, who had been working on her laptop at the dining table.
"Oh, yes, of course," Natasha says stiffly. "Let me know if you need anything."
You only nod before leaving towards the bathroom. The entire day had an awkward atmosphere, and the majority of it was your own fault. You couldn't help but be stiff around the redhead.
You were nothing but a liar—a fraud.
A coward.
All you did was probably put Natasha at risk too. 
You wonder what was going through Natasha's mind. You knew she was probably tasked with finding out more about who you were running from. 
A part of you wanted to spill everything, but you knew better. 
Everyone who knew died. 
Granted, if you were found, they were all going to die regardless.
But for every person who knew, Anya paid the price. So, you were never going to reveal who it was. If the Avengers figured it out on their own, that was their prerogative, but it wouldn't be because you helped.
You could offer nothing to stop this person. You had nothing to offer, and you knew it was your own fault it was that way. 
Helping Anya brush her teeth, you walk her towards your room and help her onto the bed. It was a three-bedroom house, but the third bedroom was to be used as an office space. If anyone visited, it would be strange to have three separate beds in the home. 
You and Anya would share a bed while Natasha had her own room. There had been a bit of a fight over who would get the master bedroom. Natasha insisted that you should have it, while you insisted she should have for having to stick out here to protect the two of you. 
In the end, Natasha won the battle, and you appreciate her tenacity.
You look at the time and find it wasn't as late as you thought. With it being winter, you sometimes forget that the sun sets at 4PM. It was 9PM now, and you did actually feel exhausted. 
Determined to have a better start to the day tomorrow, you got ready for bed and slipped in next to Anya.
The way her chest expanded and fell in slow rhythm was comforting. She was so small, yet you don't think anyone could be braver than her. 
What a remarkable child, and she was yours.
You brush her hair, and she stirs, only to settle on her side, snuggling into you. 
The safe sound of her breath and nothing else lulls you to sleep.
Natasha finds it difficult to remain asleep. She slips in and out of slumber every other hour, and it's making her irritated. Letting out a deep sigh, she turns on her back and stares at the ceiling. 
The house creaks as it expands and compresses with the changing temperature. She can hear shuffling and a light snore from the room next to her if she's quiet enough. But she can also hear shuffling in the kitchen. Natasha sits up, sliding her hand under her pillow and grabbing hold of her gun. Clicking off the safety as she quietly leaves her bed, she opens the door silently. She remains slightly crouched as she walks against the wall. 
As the kitchen comes into view, she finds she can't see anything. So, Natasha stands taller and quickly puts her gun behind her back when she sees Anya slowly pushing the dining room chair towards the counter.
Natasha should really say something; she knows she should. But a part of her can't help but watch the young girl so dedicated push the chair inch by inch to avoid scraping it against the floor. When it's where Anya wants, she climbs up the chair, trying to open the cabinet.
"Anya, why are you up?" Natasha decides to interrupt. The young girl jumps slightly and turns around to look at Natasha sheepishly. 
"Oh, hi, Nat," Anya quietly says, her cheeks warm. "I can't sleep. Mom says she used to drink a glass of warm milk to go to bed. I want to try it too."
"And why isn't your mom with you?" Nat quirks her brow.
Anya fidgets on the chair, pinching her pajama shirt. "Mom's tired. She doesn't get a lot of rest, so I want to let her sleep."
Something in Natasha's heart clenches, and she lets a deep sigh out of her nose to relieve the pressure. 
"Alright, how about I help you then?" Natasha offers with a small smile. 
Anya seems to contemplate it before she nods. "Yes, please."
Natasha carefully makes her way over, tucking her gun into her pants at her back before she makes her way around to Anya. She opens the cabinet, grabs a mug, and grabs milk from the fridge and honey from a basket on the counter. 
"You know, if you don't want to wake up your mom, you are always welcome to come to my room," Natasha suggests. 
"You don't sleep?" Anya tilts her head to the side. 
"I also have trouble sleeping at night but I probably don't need as much sleep as the two of you," Natasha explains simply. 
"You should make a glass of warm milk too. We can drink it together," Anya smiles.
Natasha chuckles and moves to grab another glass. Anya doesn't say anything after, making Natasha wonder if the young girl is shy. She seems okay with talking to Natasha, but kids are usually much more chatty at this age. 
There is a moment where Natasha contemplates asking Anya about who you would be running from. Would it be her father? Mother? Is someone related to them?
The last words of that woman imitating the nurse make Natasha believe it was a romantic interest. 
"Cheers," Natasha holds her mug out towards Anya, who stares back at her curiously. 
"You clink glasses and say cheers when drinking with someone else," Natasha smiles, tilting her head at the young girl. 
"Why?" Anya asks. 
Natasha hums. "Good question. People have been doing it for so long. I think to show that we're wishing each other a good time."
Anya's mouth forms a little 'o', and she carefully touches her mug against Natasha's. "Cheers," she mumbles, thinking about how she wants to try cheering drinks with you too. 
Natasha drinks her milk slowly, observing Anya through the corner of her eyes. She feels reluctant to admit it, but Tony is right. Anya's reddish brown hair looks soft like Natasha's, and she can see the shape of their eyes and mouth are similar. 
But Natasha knows that whatever they were thinking—what she couldn't help but think for a moment—is not real. The red room made sure of it. 
So, Natasha starts to theorize who Anya's other parent could be. Tony had said Anya was definitely your match. So, whoever the other parent is would have to have genetic similarities to herself. She would have to look for an influential man with red hair, almond eyes, and thick lips. Or, if it was a woman, she would need to find clinics that did IVG procedures. 
Natasha internally sighs. The scope is still too wide, and she hopes she can get more information as time passes. 
Anya finishes her glass, letting out a yawn.
"Bedtime?" Natasha smiles, and Anya nods.
"I have to brush my teeth again. Mother doesn't like it if I don't brush my teeth," Anya mumbles sleepily. 
"Mother?" Natasha repeats. Anya has been calling you mom, so—
Anya rubs her face, trying to stay away as she slides off the chair and makes her way to the washroom. Natasha follows after, helping the young girl grab her toothbrush and toothpaste.
"Can you do it?" Natasha asks, remembering how you had helped her earlier.
But Anya nods and takes the toothbrush, diligently doing it herself. Natasha wonders if you just prefer to spoil Anya, not that she could blame you. 
"So," Natasha says quietly as Anya brushes her teeth, mentally counting in her head. "Does mother not like when you don't brush your teeth, or does mom not like it too?" It was a carefully worded question.
"I don't know," Anya says sleepily and a little gurgly with her mouth occupied. "Mom always helps me brush my teeth."
Natasha tries to ask more questions, but Anya doesn't seem to want to answer anymore. So, Natasha is left passing the young girl a cup with water in it before she walks Anya back to her room.
"G'night, Nat," Anya mumbles. "Thanks for helping."
"No problem," Natasha smiles. "Good night."
Standing alone in the dark hallway, Natasha is left thinking about what the young girl said. 
How is it that you always help Anya brush her teeth if someone was upset before if Anya hadn't? 
"You're going to be a good girl, right?" You softly encourage Anya, despite your furrowed brows. You were anxious but didn't want to show your daughter that.
Anya nods, pursing her lips to prevent herself from crying. 
"It'll be okay," you reassure her, brushing wisps of her hair out of her face. "I'm going to be back real quick. You'll hardly even have time to miss me."
"But I miss you already," Anya mumbles, and it's so cute that it pricks your heart as you hold her tiny little hands together. You kiss them and smile. 
"Me too, but I'm sure Natasha will play with you," you look over to the redheaded woman and give her a small smile. 
"Well, Tony has dropped off lots of coloring books and pencils. I'm sure it'll keep us busy," Natasha crouches down next to Anya. 
Anya nods and lets Natasha grab hold of her hand as the woman stands up. You put your coat on with gloves and a big scarf, and it engulfs half of your face, and Natasha finds herself staring.
"Alright!" Tony draws the attention to himself. "If we're as quick as Nikon says over here, we'll come back with some of the best hot chocolate."
Anya doesn't react as much as Tony hopes, but she does look curiously at him, and that's exciting enough.
"Nikon?" You quirk your brow. 
"Yeah, you know, like the camera because you have—"
"Creative," you say dryly as you cut him off. 
"I thought so," Tony smirks, ignoring your sarcasm. 
"I actually used to be called Psych in college," you say offhandedly. "I majored in criminal justice."
"Wait, Psych like the show—" Tony starts to say excitedly.
"Ooh," Natasha hisses pitifully for you. "You're going to regret revealing that.”
"Everyone except Anya has to call you Psych from now on. Anything else gets them a punch in the gut,” Tony exclaims.
Natasha sits on the couch, book in hand that she's stopped reading for quite some time. In front of her sits Anya on a cushion over the coffee table. The TV is on with old cartoons Natasha used to enjoy with Yelena. 
The faint sounds of pencils scratching against paper accompany the television, and Anya is dividing her attention between the TV curiously and whatever she is drawing. 
Anya had started with the coloring books but quickly grew tired of them before she moved on to drawing whatever she wanted on blank paper. There had been a couple of pictures she finished, and Natasha stared at them in scrutiny. 
They were all pictures of you. 
There are pictures of you sitting in the garden, cooking in the kitchen, in the dining room, or staring out the window. 
Natasha knows that you have definitely instructed Anya to not talk about your...wife?
Anya would seem to start drawing another person before scribbling it out and turning it into something else. But Natasha wonders why Anya hadn't drawn herself in any of the photos. 
"Aren't you going to draw yourself with mom?" Natasha asks as she closes her book and moves to join the young girl on the ground. She picks up some paper and pencils to help the young girl relax around her. 
"I am in them," Anya says simply as she shades in your hair color. They're outside the lines slightly, but Natasha is impressed by the work nonetheless.
"Oh?" Natasha furrows her brow. "Where? I don't see you."
"I'm watching mom."
Anya stares at Natasha with wonder in her eyes. She sits on the barstool at the counter, her little legs swinging back and forth. 
"Do you like your bread toasted?" Natasha asks. 
Anya nods. 
"How about the crust being cut off?"
Anya nods.
"Do you want jam?"
Anya nods. 
"Do you like it cut in half?"
Anya nods.
"Or left whole?"
Anya nods.
Natasha quirks her brow at the young girl.
"Are you just saying yes to everything? Do you even like all of these things?"
Anya fidgets with her fingers and shrugs. "I don't know. I haven't had it before. I'll eat whatever Nat thinks is good."
Natasha is taken aback. 
"You haven't eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before?" Natasha asks with a frown. When Natasha lived with Alexei, Melina, and Yelena, she would eat them almost daily for lunch. She was sure it was a common food for young children still developing their taste buds. 
The peanut butter sandwiches only stopped when Natasha returned to the Red Room. 
"So, what did you eat before at home?" Natasha asks casually, returning to making the sandwich. She cuts it in half and only puts jam on one half of the sandwich to see if Anya will like it.
Anya hums in thought. "Chicken or salmon with vegetables and potatoes. Sometimes spaghetti or steak."
"That's all?" Natasha asks.  
"Um," Anya frowns like she's being tested. "And salad."
"How about mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza, burgers, fries, chips, or anything else like that?"
"Those are not good for you," Anya said gravely. "It will make you sick."
Natasha purses her lips, trying to not laugh at how serious the young girl looks. But Natasha also can't help but think it's sad Anya is missing out on such common foods other kids get to enjoy.
You don't seem like the type to be that strict on a diet because you had fed Anya M&Ms at the hospital. So, is it the other parent?
"But you had M&Ms before and you didn't get sick, did you?" Natasha points out.
Anya frowns again, thinking back before she shakes her head. "Mom eats M&Ms and she likes them and she's okay. M&Ms are okay."
Natasha can't help but chuckle then. What lovely logic. "I'm sure your mom has also eaten the same things I mentioned. She must like some of those things too. She's okay, isn't she?"
Anya is left thinking about what Natasha said, contemplating the logic. 
"So," Anya drags. "They're okay? They won't make you sick?"
"Maybe too much of it will," Natasha smiles. "But eating too much of one thing isn't good for all foods."
Anya merely nods, accepting Natasha's words. 
The peanut butter and partial jam sandwich is finished as Natasha places it in front of Anya, with no crust. She watches with amusement as Anya stares at it for a moment before carefully picking it up. She picks up the half that has peanut butter and jam and takes a small bite. There are a few careful chews, then a warm, excited smile. Anya takes a bigger bite, eating happily. 
"Do you like the jam?" Natasha asks, and Anya nods, so she fixes the other half of the sandwich while the young girl finishes what's in her hand. 
Natasha eats the leftover crust, scooping some of the remaining peanut butter on the knife. 
They eat quietly, and Natasha thinks it's rather peaceful, and it reminds her of the days when Yelena was so young and they were happy. But unlike Yelena, who was boisterous and playful, Anya was more like Natasha, curious but quiet. 
Natasha is about to say something else when she hears someone at the door before the keys jiggling, and it opens.
"Mom!" Anya smiles as she slides off the barstool, the sandwich still in hand as she runs to you.
Tony comes in after, suited down, and Natasha nods in greeting at him. 
"Hi, sweetpea," you smile as you crouch and open your arms. "Did you have fun? What's that you got in your hand?"
"Uh huh," Anya nods. "Nat drew with me and showed me pinky and the brain and the powerpuff girls." Then she brings the sandwich to your face. "Nat made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's yummy. Have you had it before?"
You look over at Natasha for a moment before looking back. "I have. It is yummy."
It's like your words confirm something for Anya as she bites her bottom lip for a moment before releasing it. 
"Can I please choose what to eat for dinner?" Anya asks as politely as she can. 
"Of course," you smile, kissing her cheek before brushing off some of the crumbs on Anya's lips. "What do you want to have?"
"Um," Anya looks up for a second. "Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza, burgers, fries, chips, or anything else like that."
Natasha is surprised by Anya perfectly recalling what she had listed and said. 
You quirk your brow at the young girl, looking at Natasha for a brief moment. The other woman shrugs with a smile, and you return it. 
"Alright, how about pizza? I'm pretty sure Tony will be happy to get us some since he's insisting to stay for dinner today," you turn your head back to look at him with a look. 
"It's Uncle Tony, and I will happily order some even though burgers are better," Tony nearly sticks his tongue out at you. 
"Burgers next time from Mr. Tony's favorite place," Anya says determinedly to appease Tony. 
"You drive a hard bargain, kid. Also, it's Uncle Tony. Uncle." 
The evening passes with lots of chatter and laughter. Anya is warming up to Tony a lot more, and Tony is eager to get back and rub it in Bucky's face. 
Anya claimed pizza was the best thing to ever exist, but Tony kept insisting the burgers next time would be better.
You hadn't said much during the evening, just smiling at the conversation and doting on Anya. Natasha joked and laughed along with Tony, but she couldn't stop watching you from the corner of her eye. 
There were so many questions just on the tip of her tongue that Natasha wanted to ask so badly.            
"So, how was it?" Natasha asks as she and Tony stand outside on the doorstep. "Did Y/—"
Tony glares at Natasha, and she rolls her eyes with a sigh. "Did Psych do okay out there?"
"It was insane," Tony replies quietly, adjusting his coat. "I've never seen someone with an eidetic memory like her. Most people who have it can usually only recall things for a brief period of time, and not in perfect detail. She's definitely got a photographic memory, maybe even perfect recall."
Tony looks back through the window to see you and Anya on the couch watching TV.
"You should've seen her out there. There was basically nothing left in the area. No footsteps or anything. Just banks of snow but she stared for two seconds before she started walking off in a direction. She just kept doing that until we encountered some bodies."
"Jeeze," Natasha huffed. "How did she react?"
"She didn't," Tony shrugged. "Not really. I think she expected them to be dead. I mean, there's really no means of shelter out there. She just asked if we could go home."
Natasha hums. 
"Did you find anything out?"
Natasha shrugs. "Not much. I think it was definitely a woman that she was seeing. Anya mentioned another woman who was her mother. But I don't know if Anya has a bio dad that's not in the picture or if she was created with IVG. If it's IVG, based on Anya's features and traits, I have to assume this woman in question was also a redhead."
"A redhead who looks like you," Tony smirks. "Can't be too many of you walking around in a position of power. Are you sure it’s not you?” 
Tony asks jokingly but Natasha answers seriously. “It can’t be. IVG was invented well after I left the Red Room. Not to mention children were considered a weakness. Also, Anya is only four, so it would’ve had to have been recent and I would definitely know if someone had used my cells after I left.”
Tony sighs. “Alright. So, a new mysterious, powerful redhead we have to find.”
Natasha rolls her eyes. "I don't think we're gonna find anything about this person publicly. We're gonna have to do some deep digging, but either way, we first have to find out how Anya was created."
"Perfect because nothing is ever easy for us," Tony sarcastically retorts. "Anything else?"
"Just some theories," Natasha shrugs.
"Share with the class," Tony says but then looks around. "Share with your classmate."
"Well," Natasha breathes. "I don't think Anya was allowed to be near Psych. Possibly she didn't even know about Anya until recently."
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vbecker10 · 4 months
Stay the Night?
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Warnings: none really, bit of angst, some slight self depreciating thoughts, mostly just fun with a fluffy ending
Summary: You are still a new member of the team, working in Tony’s lab doing research. You've developed a bit of a crush on Loki and you decided the best way to deal with it was to avoid him. One night, you work too late and Loki runs into you in the kitchen. He insists you stay the night.
A/N: As always, this is way longer than I originally planned lol. I feel like it could have been like 3 chapters 🤦‍♀️. The last time I tired to write a oneshot it was 59 chapters and counting though so this is still better. Hope you enjoy it!! 💚
You rub your eyes and drink the last of your room temperature coffee, you preferred it warm but couldn’t remember how long ago you made it. You look into the empty cup and silently debate making another. Checking the time on your laptop, you groan when you realize its almost an hour later than you had thought.
It was Friday, the end of your fourth week working for Tony Stark and you wanted to make a good impression. On Monday, you had been given a research assignment and were expected to have it finished by the end of next week. You were close to being done and there was plenty of time to finish it, but you had a bit of a breakthrough right before everyone was starting to go home. You decided to work half an hour longer, then an hour longer. Soon you ended up dragging yourself and your laptop into the kitchen on the common floor so you could find something to eat for dinner. You told yourself, after you finished eating you would leave but three hours after that you were on your second cup of coffee and thinking about a third.
“Y/N, what are you still doing here?” a voice said from behind you.
You turn around on the stool as Loki walks into the kitchen. It takes you a moment to register that he had called you by your name, you weren’t even sure he knew what it was. You and Loki had barely ever spoken before, he never really spoke to anyone you had noticed. You had sat next to him in a meeting the day before but he didn't look over at you once.
“Oh... uh,” you grasp for words as he walks towards the fridge, your eyes are drawn to him like always. You had never seen him in regular clothing before. Loki always wore his Asgardian clothes even when he wasn't wearing his full armor, which you had to admit you loved. Now he was wearing what looked like very soft black sleep pants and a emerald green t-shirt. It somehow made him look more approachable, almost like he wasn't a God just a normal guy getting ready for bed... a really hot normal guy.
“I was just finishing up some work for Tony,” you finally stop starting at him and manage to get the words out.
“This late?” he asks and you think for a moment he almost sounds concerned.
“I didn’t plan on still being here, sometimes I lose track of time when I’m really into what I’m working on,” you tell him as you start to save your files, preparing for a quick exit.
He nods as he takes a bottle of water out of the fridge and closes it. He leans on the door and takes a sip, you can feel his eyes on you even though you don't look up. Before he can say anything else, you close your laptop and hop off the stool.
“I guess I should probably get home,” you say as you pick up your empty coffee mug. You walk over to the dishwasher next to the fridge, where he is still standing, watching you silently. You knew he was tall, but you hadn’t realized how tall until you were standing this close. You bend down to add your mug to the top rack and when you stand up, he is looking down at you.
“How far do you live from here?” he asks.
You look up at him questioningly, not really sure why he would be curious about that. When you don’t answer immediately he takes a small step backwards from you, almost at if he realizes he's towering over you and says, “Its already midnight, does it take you a long time to get home?” Again, his tone surprises you, he genuinely sounds worried about your trip home.
You nod, “I actually commute from New Jersey so... between an hour and a half to two hours. I have to take the subway and then a bus... and then walk a bit back to my apartment.”
He shakes his head then says, “I think maybe it would be better if you stayed here tonight.”
It takes you a minute to register the suggestion. You would expected something like that from Pepper or Bruce, maybe even Steve but definitely not Loki. Why was he suddenly concerned about you, you wondered.
"Well, I guess I could sleep on one of the couches in the commons space,” you say, pointing to the large room behind you.
“You could sleep in my bed, if you’d rather,” he suggests.
You’re whole brain freezes for a moment, almost unable to process what Loki just said. You put your hand over your mouth quickly to prevent yourself from saying something before your mind has a chance to review it.
He laughs at your reaction and says, “I should have phrased that better I think.”
You nod, still keeping your hand over your mouth, afraid you would agree too quickly to joining him in his bed. There was no way you would deny you were attracted to Loki. The velvety sound of his voice, his mesmerizing blue/green eyes, his smirk whenever he annoyed Tony or his brother. You had daydreamed more than once during a meeting about running your fingers through his hair to see if it was as soft as it looked.
He smiled at you and said, “I meant... You could sleep in my room and I can sleep somewhere else.”
You take your hand away from your mouth and laugh a bit at how ridiculous you are. How could you assume someone like him would suggest sleeping with you. Before you can dwell on that thought much longer you say, “I wouldn’t want to put you out of your room.”
“I’ve slept on the couches in the library almost as often as I have in my own bed,” he answers with a shrug.
You don’t respond, weighting your options. Leave now and get on the subway alone at almost half past midnight, hope there is a bus within half an hour of you getting to the station, then walking about half a mile to your apartment from the bus stop at around two in the morning... or sleep in Loki’s room while he sleeps upstairs in the library.
“Just spend the night and you can go home in the morning,” he says, trying one more time to convince you to stay.
“Ok,” you agree and he smiles at you.
You pick up your laptop and he motions for you to follow him down the hall. The two of you make your way quietly past the rest of the sleeping Avengers until you get to his room. He opens the door but stays in the hallway, letting you go in first. You turn on the light and the room instantly feels like its Loki’s space. The dark walls are lined with bookshelves that go from the floor to the ceiling. There is leather chair by the window with three books stacked neatly on the nearby table. The room smells of leather, old books and Loki’s cologne, which you couldn’t describe but loved.
He takes a few steps into the room and draws your attention back to him. “The bedroom is through there, the bathroom too. The TV works, but I’ve never found anything interesting on it... I might have lost the remote actually,” he says almost absent mindedly as he looks around a bit.
You giggle at him and he looks up at you with a warm smile. “I think I’ll just go to sleep, don’t worry about it,” you tell him, trying to hide a yawn.
He nods and then asks, “Do you need anything else?”
You think for a second and joke, “A toothbrush and something to sleep in is probably too much to ask right.”
He holds out one hand and waves the other over it, after a bright flash of green Loki is holding some folded clothing with a green toothbrush laid on top. “Wow,” you say without thinking, you can’t help but be impressed. You had heard about his skills with magic but never seen them first hand.
For a brief moment you think you see a small blush rising on his cheeks but you must be mistaken. His fingers gently touch yours as he hands you the clothing and toothbrush and says, “Have a goodnight Y/N.”
“Goodnight Loki, thanks again,” you respond as he closes the door on his way out.
You wander over to one of the bookshelves and run your fingers along the spines of the old leather books. Some of them you recognize but some are in what you assume is Asgardian. You walk to the chair by the window and open the cover of the book on the top of the pile. It looks like a book of short stories but you aren't able to read it. You touch the pages lightly, flipping through the book, closing your eyes you can't help but imagine the sound of Loki's voice as he reads the stories out loud. You smile at the image but quickly shake your head. You needed to stop pretending something like that could happen, he was only being polite when he offered to let you stay. He wasn't interested in you, you scolded yourself as you closed the book.
You left the living area and went into the bathroom to change into the clothes he conjured for you. They fit perfectly, a pair of black shorts with a small bit of gold trim at the hem and an emerald green t-shirt, that looked like the same soft fabric he had been wearing. You paused for a second, looking at yourself in the mirror and wondered if Loki realized he made you clothes that matched his so exactly. Of course he knew he did, he made them, you thought to yourself. He always wore black, gold and green, those were his colors, don’t think too much into it, you shook your head.
After brushing your teeth, you turned off the lights and crawled into Loki’s bed. You sigh as you feel the soft sheets wrap around you. Loki definitely had good taste, you think as you roll over onto your side. You rest your head on one of his pillows and take a deep breath, the whole bed smells like him. Rolling onto your back, you stare up at the ceiling and try to push back the part of your mind that wishes he was in the bed with you. He was just being nice, you tell yourself again but you can't help thinking how it would feel to lay here with his arms around you. You groan, putting your hands over your face as you yell at yourself, stop thinking about him and go to sleep.
The next morning, you wake up and check your phone. Its barely eight but you figure Loki probably wants his room back as soon a possible. You get up and make the bed, putting on your jeans from yesterday but still wearing the green shirt you slept in. You thought about taking a shower first but your mind immediately began filling with images of Loki in the shower so you quickly decided to skip it.
You walked into the kitchen, deciding you needed coffee and Loki might want some tea. It was easy enough to know which he liked, he was the only one who drank that flavor. You set up your coffee in the coffee marker and fill the kettle with water before placing it on the stove. Just as the kettle finishes boiling, you hear two voices coming down the hall towards the kitchen. Bucky and Steve stop talking when they see you taking the kettle off the stove.
“Oh, good morning, Y/N. You’re here early... on a Saturday,” Steve says, looking at Bucky, as if hes trying to make sure it is Saturday.
“Yep,” you answer as you pour the water into the mug and add the tea bag. You suddenly find yourself wishing you had changed your shirt. You hadn't wanted to originally, it really was soft and fit you so well. It even smelled a bit like Loki since you had worn it in his bed all night.
“I actually stayed the night by accident,” you tell them as you open one of the drawers looking for sugar to add to your coffee.
“By accident?” Bucky asks, looking as confused as Steve had moments before.
Before you can answer him, Nat walks into the kitchen. She greets the three of you before heading straight for the fridge. "Nice shirt Y/N. I like that color on you, never see anyone else around here wear green except Loki really. Where did you get it?" she smiles as she pulls the eggs out of the fridge and puts them on the counter next to you.
"Hmm, oh this? Not sure," you lie awkwardly.
"I'm more curious about how you accidentally slept here," Bucky says with a bit of a laugh.
“I was working on a project and didn’t realize what time it was until it was really late,” you explain. "So I just slept here, no big deal."
Bucky nods, seemingly accepteing your reasoning but Nat is a spy and you know she can tell there is more. "Where did you say you slept?" she asks. You vaguely point down the hall where all the Avengers room's are. "There aren't any empty rooms on this floor," she says, raising an eyebrow as you put the box for the tea away in one of the upper cabinets
"Wait, are you making yourself tea and coffee?" Nat asks as she realizes what you are doing.
“I wouldn't bother with that tea, it's awful. Loki is the only one who drinks it,” Steve says.
You try your best not to react, instead you pick up the mug of tea with one hand and grab your coffee with the other. “I know,” you say quietly as you put your head down and walk quickly out of the kitchen.
“Wait... you and Loki?” you hear Nat ask but you ignore her and head towards the elevator instead.
You head to the back of the library, where the couches and reading area are. You stop in your tracks and take a step back quietly, you lean against one of the bookshelves with a mug in each hand. Loki is still asleep on one of the couches, but he is much too tall for it. He’s curled up as much as possible, with his head on a throw pillow but his legs still dangle off the other end. You start to feel guilty about him sleeping up here when you were in his room, you would have fit much better on the couch than he did. Just as you are about to set the tea on the table near him and leave quietly he starts to wake up. He rubs his eyes and you freeze, he sits up slowly and yawn while he stretches.
“Good morning Y/N,” he says, sounding half asleep as he moves to one end of the couch, motioning for you to sit on the other end.
“Morning Loki, did you sleep ok? I'm sorry, I didn’t realize how small the couches up here were. You couldn’t have been comfortable sleeping like that. I feel bad now, you should have stayed in your room, I would have been fine on one of the couches,” you say all in one breath.
He smiles warmly at you and takes the tea you made but forgot to offer him. “Y/N, it was fine, as I told you, I’ve slept here before,” he assures you.
You take a sip of your coffee and he smirks a little before asking, "So, how did you like my bed?" You cough, nearly inhaling your hot coffee and he apologizes quickly. “I'm sorry, are you alright?” he asks as you go back and forth between laughing and coughing.  
You nod your head and clear your throat, finally able to catch your breath. "I'm ok, I'm used to drinking luke warm coffee," you finally manage to joke but when you look up at him he looks worried.
"You sure you're ok?" he asks as he gently puts his hand on your back.
You nod, "I'm fine, really." You can't help but relax as he slowly moves his hand up and down your back. You let your eyes close and find yourself leaning into his touch. He must have noticed because he didn't stop, he just slowly rubbed your back from the base of your neck to just above the top of your jeans.
"Thank you for the tea, by the way," he whispers in your ear after a few moments.
"You're welcome," you smile as you open your eyes but the smile fades quickly when you remember running into everyone in the kitchen.
"What's wrong?" he asks, noticing you shift away from him slightly.
"Nothing. I should go," you tell him. You pick up your coffee mug, almost knocking it over as you stand up to leave.
"Y/N?" he asks as he comes around the coffee table to follow you. He reaches out, his hand catching your wrist lightly. His touch was soft and warm, you could see the concern in his eyes. The look confuses you, before last night he had barely spoken to you and now he looked at you with such care. He slowly lets go of your wrist and you immediately miss the feeling of his fingers on your skin.
"I ran into Nat, Bucky and Steve this morning... I should have told them I was just stopping by for something this morning instead of saying I stayed over. Nat thinks we spent the night in your room, she probably figures we slept together because of the shirt you gave me and the tea I made for you. Bucky and Steve do too and probably everyone else on the team has heard by now," you say, keeping your eyes on the floor as you wrap your arms around yourself.
You aren't sure what kind of reaction you expected from him, maybe for him to laugh at how ridiculous of an assumption it would be but what he said next stunned you into silence.
"I'm sorry that would be such a terrible thing for them to think about us. I didn't realize you would be so... humiliated by the thought of it," he says. "I'll find Thor and explain what happened last night. He'll make sure they know you weren't with me," he tells you as he moves past you to leave the library.
You almost couldn't believe it, he sounded hurt that you were worried everyone would think you had been together. Why would he be hurt by that, you weren't even friends, you thought. Shouldn't he be offended that they thought a God like him would want someone like you in the first place?
You stand there, watching him leave as you think about last night again. This time, instead of the voice inside you convincing you he would never want to be with you, it asked what if you were wrong? What if Loki did care about you, and this is how he had tried to show it? You couldn't stand here and let him leave like this, you thought. You weren't sure if you believed that voice but you had always listened to it when it was being negative. Maybe it was time to listen to it when it was positive for once.
"Wait!" you call to him as your legs finally allowed you to move again. "Loki, wait please," you catch up to him and this time you catch him by the wrist.
He stops by doesn't turn to look at you. "I really didn't mean to upset you, Y/N," Loki tells you and you can hear the truth of that in his tone. "I wanted to make sure you were safe last night, that was all."
"I know, I'm sorry Loki," you tell him, hoping he will turn to look at you but he doesn't. You loosen your hold on his wrist but don't let go, instead you slide your hand down until you are able to take his hand in yours. You hold your breath, waiting to see what he does next, afraid you were wrong. After a second or two of silence, you can hear him sigh as he interlocks his fingers with yours. You feel like your heart skipped a beat when he runs his thumb over your knuckles. He looks at your hands and you see that same warm smile from before spread across his lips. You realized you wanted to do anything you could to make him smile like that more.
"I just... I guess I don't get it. I didn't think you wanted to be around me Loki, you never talked to me. What changed last night? Why were you suddenly so worried about me?" you ask him as he closes the distance between the two of you.
"Y/N, you've been doing your best to avoid me since you started working here," he says. "I've wanted to talk to you several times but you were either busy in the lab or with your friends on the team. Anytime I saw you alone, you would vanish from the room as soon as you spotted me. I assumed you didn't want to talk to me so I decided maybe it was better to stop trying... but I always worried about you," he tells you.
You look at him in disbelief for a moment. "I was avoiding you..." you admit and his smile faulters for a moment. "But not because I didn't want to talk to you," you add quickly and his smile reappears.
"You make me nervous Loki. I feel like I barely know you but... I'm just drawn to you. I wanted to get to know you and be around you but I was scared..." you stop yourself and look down.
He gently touches your chin and raises it so you are looking at him again. "What scared you Y/N?" he asks softly.
"I was scared that if I got to know you, I would fall for you more then I already have and then I would be crushed because... because I know you would never feel the same about me," you tell him. It hurt enough to admit that to yourself, you had never thought you would say it to anyone else, especially not Loki. You cringe at how open you are with your feelings and try to avoid eye contact but his fingers move from your chin to your cheek and he keeps his eyes on yours.
"I want you to get to know me, Y/N, and I want to get to know you," he tells you as him thumb lightly brushes your cheek. "I want to court you," he says in a low voice.
"I'd love that Loki," you smile up at him.
"I do have one other question for you," he says as he slowly pulls away, still holding onto you.
"There's that beautiful smile," he says and you can feel your cheeks heating up as you blush. He laughs a bit and you try to pull away, to hide your face in your hands but he doesn't let you. He wraps his arm around your waist, then he pulls you flush against him. Your hands easily find their way to his lower back and he runs his fingers through your hair with his free hand.
You look up at him and bite your lip subconsciously as you can't help look from his eyes, to his lips and back to his eyes. He smirks and leans down, bringing his lips to yours. Your hands grip the fabric at the back of his shirt while his hand settles on the back of your neck. He keeps his other hand on your lower back as his lips move against yours.
"Hmm, what's that?" you ask him, not able to stop smiling.
"Do you want to stay the night again?" he winks at you.
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On a single night
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: One night between you and Wanda changed everything. Now, your relationship will end up in tears or wedding bells.
Relationship: Wanda Maximoff x Female!Reader - Mentions of Kate Bishop x Female!reader
Warnings: Minors DNI! Fluff, angst, idiots in love, smut, implied smut anyway, alcohol, language, implied lost of virginity, strap on usage, drama, Avenger reader.
Author's note: Hello there guys, so this is a story I just finished while I work on a request and another one. I hope you guys like this one, remember English is not my mother tongue so i apologise for the funny mistakes.
I'm really enjoying this far too much, so if there are any requests...
The first time it happened it was at a party.
One of Tony Stark’s parties, of course.
Those things were like Las Vegas, whatever happened at a Tony Stark’s party, stays at a Tony Stark’s party. That was the rule, that was why Wanda never thought nothing of it.
Wanda had always thought you were the most beautiful woman to ever grace the earth with her presence. By the gods, you were just stunning and after Wanda heard you talk, laugh, and fight she was more than a little fascinate by you. There was one issue though, actually two: first, you were best friends, and best friends didn’t get romantically involve.  And second, you were a flirt. A womanizer.
That particular day, on that particular party though…everything changed.
Wanda’s dream came true.
You had come in with the black suit Tony had given to you for your birthday, with your hair falling freely on your back exuding confidence with a know-it-all smirk in place, eager to just go out there and dance your way around the guests. Wanda knew how this parties usually ended for you, with a girl by your side before the both of you disappeared leaving Wanda empty and miserable.
It was always like that.
Wanda let her eyes wandered on your form, your eyes sparkling with mirth as Tony and Pietro argued and you just said one or two words to keep the arguing going.
“You should close your mouth and stop staring; it’s getting too obvious. And embarrassing.” Natasha Romanoff offered a drink to Wanda who didn’t hesitate to take it and drank it in a single gulp.
“Easy there, Maximoff, this is no water.” Natasha studied the young woman beside her, before she let her eyes wandered to your laughing form.
“God, I shouldn’t have come.” Wanda mumbled turning away from the scene the moment you caught the attention of one of the new recruits from Shield.
Natasha pursed her lips, noticing how your eyes linger in the form of Wanda. It was a game they had been playing for quite some time, and the wagers were high on who would give in first.
“I think you should stop watching from afar and go right there.” Natasha commented shrugging, “that’s what I would do.”
“Easy for you to say so, you’re like sex on legs.” Wanda rolled her eyes when Natasha shot her a look that demand some explanation. “That’s how Y/N refers to you.”
Natasha snorted, “she is a flirt, I give you that but…she is also a fluffy mess, romantic by heart. And loyal.”
This was not the first time the both of them had this conversation, Wanda might be attracted to you, but her main fear was the fact that you were a complete, and utter flirt. You were charming, easy going, and quite the talkative woman; you attracted the attention of both women and men. And while it was quite obvious your preferences were for women, no one was sure if you were ready or even like the prospect of a serious relationship.
And Wanda was not ready to share, and she certainly didn’t want to share you.
But you didn’t know that, and Wanda was not about to tell you that because she wasn’t sure she would take the rejection quite well. She could deal with you sleeping around as long as she knew she was still your best friend by heart, that she got the chance to snuggle to you whenever she had a nightmare. That she had the privilege of seeing your real smile, or your wistful eyes.
You laughed again whispering something in the recruit’s ear, the woman blushed deeply nodding at you. Wanda glanced away the moment you noticed her, and without even giving a glance back to the recruit you made your way to Wanda and Natasha.
“I think I’m leaving…” Wanda started but Natasha offered her that strained smile she usually wore when something was about to happen.
“Too late.” She mumbled, then her whole face broke into one big grin. “Y/N!”
“Nat!” You engulfed the woman in a tight hug, “you guys are late! Where have you been? I’ve put up with Pietro alone for far too long, he is throwing off my groove!”
“Hey! I’m not! If anything, it is you the one throwing off my groove.” Pietro pushed you lightly. “That girl was so into me…”
You rolled your eyes amused before settling them on Wanda, the young woman offered a tiny smile that your returned with one of your own. You stepped forward stretching your hand out for her, Wanda hesitated for a moment before taking it, you winked at her bowing your head letting your lips brushed against her knuckles.
“Damn, Little Witch, you look stunning today.” You said with a voice that was so different to the one you had used moments ago. “You came here with someone in mind?”
Wanda dipped her head her lips curling slightly and a flush on her cheeks; a sight you thought was adorable on her.
“I…no, just…” Wanda stammered before giggling. “I just wanted to have fun.”
You beamed at her, “that’s the right answer, then if you don’t mind…can I have the first dance?”
Natasha watched the interaction with growing amusement. Wanda was right, you were a flirt by heart, however you were a different kind of flirt and person whenever Wanda was nearby. You softened completely, your attention completely on her, your eyes twinkling happily while you devoted everything to make sure Wanda felt special. How did Wanda miss all the signs was beyond Natasha’s comprehension, she only knew that if the both of you didn’t stop dancing around one another this could end with a broken heart.
Wanda could say no to you, so she said yes.
You two danced into the night, and Wanda had never felt as happy as she was that night. Her heart was beating hard, her body tingling all over at your closeness the room was dark with flashing lights dancing around the dance floor. The alcohol and the dancing were getting to your head, your hand on her lower back, and your forehead against hers as you swing around at the rhythm of the music.
You didn’t know when it happened, the only thing you knew was that when it happened you held her tight your lips dancing around hers, your tongue asking for permission before you got a taste of Wanda. In the blink of an eye, the both of you were stumbling over your room…
Wanda knew the moment she leaned in she would end up with a broken heart.
You kissed her as if she was the only person in the world that matter, your hands were mapping out her body guiding her with tenderness until you had her where you wanted it. Wanda tried to hold back her moans, to quiet down her whimpers but it was impossible when your mouth and fingers worked around her body making her feel pleasure mixed with affection.
Wanda couldn’t stop saying your name, and she made sure to just said that and not scare you off by confessing just how in love she was with you. The young woman came undone when your voice reached her out, her fingers working inside her as you whisper her name, her nickname…
“Come for me, Wanda, scream my name, Little Witch…”
It was heaven.
And you gave her that heaven until the break of dawn.
By morning, Wanda was pretty sure she was in hell.
She got dressed in record time, you were still fast asleep with a half-smile on your lips. Wand felt tears pricking on her eyes, her heart breaking just a little at the mistake she made. A drunken night of pure bliss, only to have the rest of her life to regret it. With one last glance at you, Wanda left.
Wanda never mentioned that night. You had been hurt but decided to respect her decision.
After all…
…what happened at Tonys’ party, stayed at Tony’s party.
The second time it happened, she had been crying.
It had been a month since Tony’s party. You were left hurting, wondering what had happened what you had done wrong to have Wanda run on you, and then ignored you. You loved and hated that night, you loved it because you get to be with Wanda, but you hated it because it messed with your friendship.
She had been avoiding you, no longer did she answer your messages or waited for you at breakfasts. Your training sessions were now with Pietro, and your missions had been fixed so you ended up with Sam or alone.
It hurt.
It broke your heart in so many pieces you thought it was not fair. You could take this from everyone but Wanda.
You knew Wanda was off limits.
She was your best friend, she was everything to you and even if you felt an ounce of attraction for her, her friendship was more important than anything else. And now…You tried to forget about it by going out, Pietro was usually your wingman the way you were his.
It was fun, whenever you two weren’t on a mission or training you were out, and it ended up with you bringing over a girl or coming back to the compound late in the morning. It was easier, to just go out and forget the fact you had a taste of what it was to be with Wanda. Only to have it ripped out in the cruelest way.
This went on for over a month, and in all this time Wanda would just look from afar. Never once did she mentioned that night, and whenever you were about to say something, the only thing she said was she had been drunk and didn’t remember anything.
Which was even worse because a part of you had to wonder if perhaps you took advantage of her and that was the reason as to why she had been ignoring you after that day.
“While I have been enjoying you whoring yourself out in the last couple of weeks,” Fury said dryly rolling his eye when you and Pietro giggled like idiots, “I need you to focus on this mission.”
“Right, get the girl make her fall in love with me and then…” You trailed off when your eyes fell on Wanda, the young woman was looking at you with her jaw clenched.
Your eyes dropped for a moment, then you turned to Fury.
“Try to not fall in love with her, anything else?” You asked feeling those green eyes on you.
Fury sighed, he hated dealing with young adults. More so if they were as insufferable as you and Pietro.
“You don’t have to sleep with her…” Clint started, and you just stood up.
“I know. I want to.” You said shrugging, then taking the file you left. “She looks hot.”
Wanda sat there for a long time, her eyes itching with unshed tears.
The mission went smoothly, and as it turned out the young woman you had been ordered to protect and to date was a nice woman. An heir to a great fortune, lost her father on the attack against New York and her mother had been involved with the mob. She was a great fighter, so not as useless or as damsel in distress as you thought her to be.
Kate Bishop turned out to be quite a catch.
And what ended like a mission, in the end was looking to be something else.
Both of you had started a semi relationship, she was unsure of what she wanted, and you were opened to the options. It was a win-win situation. And of course, everyone ended up knowing what was happening.
“Damn, she is hot.” Pietro sighed putting his feet on top of the table. “I really find it so unfair you always ended up with the best missions.”
You snorted fixing your clothes, you were supposed to meet Kate at a dinner party. Something about big money and investors, and then the night was for the both of you. You were ready for her, packed and horny.
“So, how do I look?” You turned to Pietro stretching your hands, Pietro pursed his lips leaning in.
“As someone that’s going to get lucky tonight.”
“Damn right I am.” You winked getting your keys and making your way to the door, you were about to text Kate when you realized you didn’t have your phone on you. “Fuck, where is my phone?”
Soon the both of you dismantled your room without any results, you mused over when you last used it until you remember. The library.
It was there where you found her.
She had her legs against her chest, her back resting against the wall while she glanced out of the window with tears falling down her face. She was sobbing, shivering while trying to hold back the sorrow she was experiencing.
Your heart broke.
If there was something you never wanted it, was for Wanda to suffered or to cry and be this miserable. Without thinking about it twice you approached her, she was so distracted she never noticed until you were kneeling right beside her.
“Wanda? Hey, Little Witch, what happened?” Wanda jerked away from her stupor, she tried to wipe away her tears, but her movements were slow, and her hands were trembling.
“I’m not…It’s not…”
“Of course, it is.” You leaned in, your hand caressing her cheek with tenderness. “What happened?”
“Nothing, you can go.” She tried to say firmly, but her voice broke, and new tears form in her eyes.
You leaned closer, your arms wrapping around her shoulders pulling her to you. In that instant she wrapped her arms around you sobbing on your neck, just as you sat down pulling her to your lap.
“Hey, baby, come on, what is it, Wanda? What happened?” You whispered caressing her hair rocking her tenderly, your hand brushing her red locks. “It’s okay, Little Witch, it’s okay. I’m here.”
You forgot about everything and everyone, the only thing that matter to you at the moment was the woman in your arms. Her hands caressed the hairs on your neck, her sobs slowing down with your hand making soothing circles on her back. It seemed as if she was getting a hold of herself, and you put her closed to you.
You tensed when she stiffened in your arms.
You forgot about the strap on you had put early on. Wanda stopped the movements of her hands, she straightened up and her face was a mixture of tears and embarrassment and something else you didn’t know how to name.
“I’m sorry, your date…” She started but you offered a single smile, your hand moving up to brush away her hair from her face.
“It’s okay, Little Witch, you come first.” You whispered and then it happened.
Wanda leaned in kissing you slowly, tenderly and her hands went down your torso to your crotch. You moaned into her mouth as she shifted until she was straddling you. The both of you struggled for a moment, but soon you had Wanda whimpering and thrusting her hips your eyes darkening at the sight of Wanda riding you placing needy kisses on your lips.
You couldn’t look away from her, but Wanda had her eyes closed biting her lower lip as she rode you hard.
“Wanda…” your voice rough, deep with desired your hand sliding down until you could feel her clit engorged and begging to be touch. Your finger flickered around it, Wanda screamed out and this time it was your name escaping her lips. You smiled doing it again, and again until Wanda crashed her lips to yours and came a second and a third time.
This time around she didn’t run, but she didn’t speak either. Your questions went unanswered and then you were left alone pondering what hell was happening. Wanda was back to her room crying for her inability to be far away from you, for not letting you affect her the way you did.
You two didn't speak afterwards. 
Wanda left and you didn't find your phone.
You met Kate the next day, she had been mad but understanding. You felt guilty, because the young woman standing in front of you was amazing, and at another time, at another circumstance, you would have fallen in love with her.
Kate had understood, your best friend was crying and she needed it you. She knew you lost your phone, and that you needed Stark to locate it, which she found funny seeing as your phone was part of your job. She accepted everything without doubting you for a second.
You felt awful. 
One thing was to sleep around, another thing was to play with someone like Kate. So after a couple of days, you ended things with her, and Kate while affected, was juts the type of woman you knew she was. 
"I suppose this was going to happen sooner or later," Kate lowered her gaze, the corner of her mouth tense and you could see how her eyes gleamed with unshed tears. 
"Why do you say that?" You asked her a little affronted, the other woman chuckled shaking her head. 
"You seemed to be in love with someone else," Kate shrugged then leaned in winking at you, "I foolishly thought I could help you forget."
Your eyes opened wide at the revelation, you opened your mouth and then closed it. 
"I'm not… I don't think…" you scowled glaring at a laughing Kate. "I don’t think I have someone…"
Kate threw her arms around you, her body pressed to yours and the young woman let out a sob burying her face on your neck. You hugged her back, and of course you never noticed Wanda watching from afar. 
When you two parted, Kate kissed you softly. Her tears fresh on her face. 
“Don’t worry, Y/N, when the time is right you will know.” She said offering a tiny smile you returned.
"Kate, I know it's not fair but we can be friends. I want to be your friend.”
"Oh, we are! You're not getting rid of me that easily." The young woman smiled winking at you. "I told you, didn't I? I want to be an Avenger."
You laughed wrapping your arm around her shoulders shaking your head. 
" No, I remembered you specifically telling me you wanna be Hawkeye, who unfortunately, is already taken."
"I can be the legacy!" Kate exclaimed. 
"He has children!" 
And at that moment you knew the both of you were going to be okay. While you enjoyed the fact that lovers to friends was possible, Wanda felt as her life just ended. It was always like that when she saw you in another’s arms.
The third time it happened… 
… you almost died. 
It was a mission like any other. 
Everyone was in position; the building had been surrounded and the last report said there was not an enhanced fighter inside. Only those who had become addicted to the serum, your eyes went to the watch on your wrist. One minute. 
The last couple of weeks had been hard. You and Wanda had drifted apart, it was as if being intimated with her had done more damage than become the opportunity to bring the both of you together. 
It was frustrating, really. 
You couldn't shake the memory of her from your head. Her eyes so bright and expressive, pupils dilated mouth hanging open, harsh breathing as she came undone in your fingers, with you inside her. 
"You okay?" A hand on your forearm, your gaze lifted to find Natasha there frowning with concern in her eyes. 
The other woman pursed her lips, she knew you were lying. Things had not been okay with you ever since Tony’s party. 
But this was not the time to talk about it 
Before Natasha could say something an explosion was heard. 
"The cover is blown!! Something is happening/" 
Everything went to hell from then on. 
They knew they were coming; it was a trap.
You lowered your mask to your face, giving Natasha a wink before jumping into action. You were fighting, you were winning until you were not. 
Wanda screamed. 
It was all it took for you to knock out the man you were fighting with and spurred into action. The witch was on her knees hands on her head while another crazed woman was pointing her fingers at her wisps of white electricity coming from her fingers to Wanda’s head.
“You messed with the wrong witch.” You said with black energy forming around your hands pushing the other woman away from Wanda, you went right to Wanda who was crying holding her head tightly.
You pulled her to you crawling her in your arms. You were so focused on her you never noticed the other fighter; it was too late. You heard a bang, a blinding pain through your body.
Wanda opened her eyes, she was speaking, tears on her eyes and then…everything went black.
**** Wanda didn’t leave your side for days.
She would always be there holding your hand, hearing the medical reports, telling you all about the daily life at the Compound. The only moment she would leave your side was when your girlfriend Kate was over.
Wanda didn’t want to see how the other woman would talk about the both of you, how incredible you two were. Wanda didn’t want to hear how she lost you to another person. So, she usually left without a word. 
But, whenever she was back, Wanda tried to gather the courage to tell you she was in love with you. That you were the only person she thought about every day, that no one, and she meant no one before you had ever touched her the way you did. You were her first in so many aspects, Wanda was afraid to confess. She wished things were different, that you and she were possible…
…Wanda knew it was not possible.
She was so afraid that you would realize she was not the one you wanted.
“Just wake up, please.” Wanda wished she didn’t feel so much, she wished you hadn’t made your way into her heart and she could only love you.
By the third week, in one cold night you took a deep breath.
Wanda woke up startled, her hand on yours her puffy eyes red and green glancing at you hopefully. You groaned trying to talk but your throat was dry, the effort to form words made it impossible for you to say much.
Everything was rushed afterwards, the doctors came in to check on you, then there was the team, your friends, your family and in all this time Wanda never left your side, not even once.
That was until Kate Bishop came rushing in throwing the door open making you jumped in the bed and she threw herself at you before checking for herself nothing had happened.
“What.the.hell.were.you.thinking.” Each word was accentuated with a slap on your arm, you winced, though you couldn’t help the curl in your lips. “Don’t answer, I’m pretty sure you weren’t thinking at all…”
“Miss me much?”
“You’re an idiot.”
“Ah, but I’m your favourite idiot.” You replied tilting your head, Kate snorted hitting you again and soon the conversation changed, your eyes flickered to where Wanda had been sitting only to see the chair empty.
“She always leaves whenever I come by.” Kate followed your stare, settling her eyes on you. “I don’t think she likes me that much.”
“Wanda? Why not?” You wondered puzzle, “I know I haven’t introduced you guys properly, but it’s just…For Wanda it takes time to get use to new people and…”
You trailed off when Kate shot you an incredulous stare, the young woman chuckled grabbing your hand in hers.
“I don’t think it is because she doesn’t know me, Y/N.” Kate could see the confusion in your face, the doubt in your eyes. It was in that moment Kate knew she had been trying to get in the way of something completely unique. Not that she knew, or was doing it on purpose, had she known the deepest of the feelings between them well….
“I don’t think I’m following.” You finally said shrugging. “You’re amazing, I’m pretty sure Wanda just needs time…”
“I think she just needs for me to stop touching you so much, and for you to start paying more attention to her.” Kate rolled her eyes, she glanced at her watch standing up before placing a kiss on the frown you were wearing at the moment. “Don’t be an idiot, and you better make a move before you miss your chance.”
Kate left.
You were left confused.
A part of you, the smart one, knew what Kate was talking about. Another part, the idiot one, was happy with believing it was nothing. That your friendship with Wanda was more important that whatever else might grow between you.
That same night you woke up.
You could hear someone singing, a warm hand grabbing yours tenderly. The voice was sweet, and the song was in another language you knew pretty well even though you didn’t speak it.  
“Shh, sorry, did I wake you up?” Wanda leaned in caressing your head, her eyes gleaming strangely at you.
You stirred offering a tired smile before moving to the side, “it was worthy if I get to hear your voice singing like that, Little Witch. Come here.”
Wanda hesitated for a moment; she bit her lower lip before going in the bed with you. You smiled fixing your arm so she could snuggle closer, soon Wanda was resting on your shoulder, her body pressed tightly against yours.
“What were you singing?”
Wanda felt her heart beating so fast, her body warm and tingling all over. She wished this could be forever, that she could have you the way she wanted it without anything or anyone coming in the way. It was so comforting being in your arms, Wanda knew her heart was beating just for you and it broke her so deeply inside her soul knowing you were…that you could never see her under the same light.
“It was a lullaby,” she finally whispered, her hand on your abdomen. “Momma used to sing it to Pietro and me when the bombings started.”
You fixed your position to look into Wanda’s eyes, they almost never spoke about those times. You knew it was a painful memory for Wanda so you never pressed, but whenever Wanda felt like sharing it was because something was bothering her.
“Wanda, are you alright? Today you left so quick…” You started feeling as Wanda tensed looking away. “What is it?”
“I didn’t want to get in the way of your time with your girl.”
You blinked a couple of times confused; Wanda was still tensed in your arms avoiding your eyes.
“My girl? You mean, Kate?” You asked and before Wanda could stand up you brought her back until she was right in front of your face, your arm holding her tightly by the waist.
Wanda scowled at you, though her cheeks were red and her breathing hitched at the position.
“Wanda, you mean Kate?” You asked again, this time more forcefully demanding an answer from the other girl.
Wanda nodded curtly, and you broke into an easy smile. This was the reason Wanda had been so weird as of late? Was she jealous? Was it possible…? Did you dare to hope?
“Wanda, Kate is not my girl.” You explained slowly, observing as the expression on Wanda’s face changed little by little. “I mean, we were. But…I ended it. We are friends, nothing else.”
There was relief in her green eyes, but there was also fear and uncertainty. You thought perhaps this was it, this was the moment the both of you needed to finally get where you were supposed to be. So you leaned in and kiss the girl, slowly tentatively…
Wanda kissed you back, she threw her leg right above your thighs her crotch on your leg. It was in a matter of seconds, the both of you were breathing hard, she was practically on top of you humping your leg. You were tasting her, her moans, her pleasure as she whimpered for more.
The words were at the tip of your tongue when you saw her come undone right on top of you. And your heart almost stopped at how beautiful she looked. You didn’t say anything, though, you just hugged her putting her to you until you both fall asleep.
The next day, you woke up alone.
This time around, there were tears in your eyes.
But you didn’t know exactly why you were crying.
The fourth time it happened you were complete and utterly mad; Wanda was too drunk and it ended up before it could begin.
The party was supposed to happen at a club, it was an inauguration the best business in town were making and the Avengers were the guests of honour. The place was packed and everyone that was somebody in the city was there. You couldn’t help the amusement in your face when Peter came by with a seal on his hand.
“I don’t get it! I’m old enough to fight aliens, and monsters and crime but not old enough to drink!”
Everyone laughed, you passed your arm around Peter still amused by the whole thing.
“Kid, when you’re ready I personally would bring you here to get you waste.” You winked but Peter merely rolled his eyes.
“Right, just so I wake up to a video of me singing in some karaoke bar with a pair of panties in my head!”
“That only happened once, and in our defence, Pietro is too easy.” You laughed as the other man pushed you lightly, the group was sitting around in the VIP longue watching the dance floor an enjoy the drinks.
The group was growing big, and you were enjoying being a part of the family. The conversation went around, and in all this time, you couldn’t stop watching at Wanda who had been so focused on her avoidance of you. It was almost too painful to watch.
It hurt so much to not really know what was happening between you. One day you were okay, you talk and you laugh and it was like nothing had happened, then the next she would just leave.
“You know, I think you have some drool over here…” Tony teased leaning in to wipe the invisible droll on your mouth.
You slapped his hand away rolling your eyes, “I’m not drooling.”
Tony hummed setting back against the chair, everyone was busy holding conversations or just drinking. Wanda was talking with Natasha, though her eyes had been drifting from time to time to the dance floor and the bar before going back to meet your stare. In those moments, your heart would flip with only those green eyes ever present in your mind.
The music blasted through the speakers; Tony cocked his head to you knowing full well in the last couple of months you had changed. It was something so obvious. Or perhaps it wasn’t. Everyone knew you Y/N L/N were a flirt, and kind of a womanizer; you didn’t need to put too much of an effort in doing so. You were charismatic, beautiful, intelligent, strong, independent, and a celebrity.
There were times in which you enjoyed being the centre of attention, while some others you loved your solitude. In all these scenarios though, there had always been on constant ever since their arrival to the Avengers family. And that was Wanda Maximoff.
Tony thought you would change; it was quite obvious you were attracted to the younger woman but as time passed it was friendship that blossomed first. It was a good friendship, sometimes you needed someone bringing you down to earth, and Wanda was just perfect for the job. Time progressed and, again, it was quite evident something was bound to happen.
But it never did.
Until recently.
And now, it would either end in tears or bells.
Tony was betting for bells. Regardless of how heartless he showed himself to the world, these people were his family and the only thing he wanted for them was happiness.
“You should go to her,” Tony finally said to you, you glanced at him out of the corner of your eyes, “this game has been going on for far too long, but something is going to happen and it could be either good or bad for you.”
The music filled the place, Wanda shot you one last glance before she took the hand of Natasha and Clint following them to the dance floor. You swallowed down your emotions, your lips breaking into a bittersweet smile.
“How long have you known?” You asked in a whisper, Tony pursed his lips pretending to be thinking hard about the answer.
“Ever since we brought the twins to the compound.”
You snorted leaning back on the chair, “I found out about five months ago.”
“You were always kinda slow for these things, Y/N.” Tony replied amused, you snickered glancing back at him.
“I’m scared, Tony.” You finally revealed, the irony of you having this conversation with Stark in a bar didn’t go amiss but you continued speaking because if there was someone who could understand that would be Tony.
“I know.” Tony sighed passing a glass of bourbon to you before taking his. “but if you continue being afraid perhaps you will lose something that would be impossible to recover.”
“I don’t want to lose her, Tony. She is…gods, she is just Wanda, you know?” You clenched your eyes closed, hearing the laughter from the man sitting by your side. “She has been my friend since forever and now…I just…”
Tony straightened up turning to you, he took off his glasses and drown the whisky in a single gulp. You arched a brow at him, imitating his actions until you were face to face.
“Do you love her?” The question was direct, it was either a yes or a no.
You didn’t think it twice, “I do. I love her.”
Tony nodded then he leaned in, “are you in love with her?”
This time around you hesitated, the question was different it held a whole new set of meaning that you hadn’t been ready to explore a few days ago. But now…
“I am.” You let go dropping your shoulders, your eyes growing big at the revelation.
Tony smirked at you leaning back, “then don’t waste more of your time chasing after stupid meaningless things. Go to her because that young woman has been in love with you since you said hi to her.”
You chuckled lowering the glass on the table. The fear was still there, but there was also determination. You stood up turning around and following the rest of the group to the dance floor.
Things, however, were not so easy.
You found Wanda.
She wasn’t alone, though.
It was as if time stood still, your eyes watched for a moment as she danced alongside the young man. She was teasing him, you could tell this was all about leading the man on until Wanda would just rejected him in a fit of giggles and flirty stares. The man seemed partially amused, and partially annoyed. You swallowed down your emotions, you and Wanda were nothing more than friends and you had been doing this very same thing since forever.
The right thing to do was to…do nothing. Wanda had never…
You clenched your eyes closed; your fist closed tightly at your sides. The surged of energy running through your body at the mere thought you could lose her, that Wanda might find someone that wasn’t you. That wasn’t as undecided or insecure as you were about the both of you.
“Y/N you better go over there before Wands splashes the man against the wall,” You heard a voice behind you, you turned sharply to see Pietro glancing knowingly at you. “He is getting touchy, and she is already flashing red…”
You furrowed your brows returning your eyes to the scene to see Pietro was right, the young man dancing with Wanda was trying to get to her. His hands were hard against her waist and arm, and Wanda was already giving him a dangerous smile while her eyes were gleaming red.
You were about to go when a hand around your bicep stopped you, you turned to see Pietro looking at you.
“You are my best friend in the whole universe, Y/N.” He started slowly, then he dropped his voice in a threatening tone. “But if you hurt her, I’m going to kill you.”
You laughed giving him a brief hug, “If I hurt her, I’ll kill myself.”
You took of sprinting towards Wanda and his touchy dancer, Pietro crossed his arms looking back at Natasha and Clint.
“You guys owe me 100 bucks.”
“Come on! I know a place…” The young man trailed off, his eyes flickering to you in confusion.
“I know a place too,” you said grabbing his hand and taking it away from Wanda’s hips. “It’s call hell, and I can give you a one-way ticket there, if you want.”
“What the hell?!” The man tried to jerk his arm away but your grip on his arm was hard, Wanda gasped putting her own hands on you.
“Y/N, what the hell are you doing?” Wanda slurred out; you furrowed your brows turning to her then to the man until you let him stagger back falling on his ass.
“Are you drunk?” You asked the anger you felt before was nothing compared to what you were feeling at the moment.
Wanda lifted her chin, crossing her arms while glancing at you defiantly.
“What if I am? You do it all the time!” Wanda huffed rolling her eyes, “you know what? Fuck it, I’m leaving. Go and fuck one of your many friends, I bet it won’t take you more than a minute to get one.”
You caught up with Wanda at the back exit of the building, the cold air of night hit you straight on the face and the sound of the music kept on buzzing in your ears.
“Wanda! Wait!” You ran to her and soon found yourself thrown against the closest wall.
You had always known Wanda was powerful, you knew there were times in which she held back for fear of losing control of her powers. But at the moment she was very much in control of everything, you could barely move your breath hitched as your eyes found those of Wanda.
“Wait for what? Uhm?” Wanda leaned closer to you, and the breath filled with alcohol hit you hard. “What should I wait for? That was a nice guy, you know? I have every right to go out and have fun and pick up someone and fuck them all night long!”
You clenched your jaw glaring at the woman in front of you, “no you don’t.”
Wanda furrowed her brows letting go of you, “what do you mean?”
The young witch found herself pressed against the wall, her hands around your head and neck while she wrapped a single leg around you. You drank in her moan, your mouth devouring hers your hands touching every single inch of skin you could reach in a darkened alley. In that single moment you understood, and you smile into the kiss without knowing the demons lurking inside Wanda’s mind.
You were pushed back once more, this time around you were ready, and you stopped before you could hit anything. Wanda had her eyes closed, her back against the wall and tears rolling down her cheeks.
“I can’t…I can’t…Y/N I can’t do it again, because every time I do a little piece of me breaks and…”
Wanda let herself be hugged by you, she pressed her face to your chest and held onto you sobbing lightly. You held her tenderly, your hand drawing circles on her back.
“I’m sorry, I just…let me take you home.”
It was not the moment; it was not the time.
The ride home was done in silence, and when you two arrived at the compound Wanda left without looking back.
You sat in the car for a long time, the night had been so full of revelations and emotions. It had been a roller-coaster.
Are you in love with her?
You were.
You really were in love with Wanda Maximoff.
And now, all that was left for you was to make sure you wouldn’t lose her.
The fifth time it happened…it was magical.
The task was simple, to make sure you convince Wanda whatever it was happening between the both of you was real. You were not there for the sex, and you certainly were not there for the rush; what you felt for Wanda was something you had felt for a long time ago but that you had pushed out of your mind for fear to mess up with your friendship with her.
You set to work on your plan as soon as morning arrived.
Wanda came to the kitchen to find a bouquet of flowers with her name on it, there it was warm breakfast and a pair of aspirins and a glass of water. She clenched her eyes closed, the pain of what had happened the night before was still fresh in her heart; but she couldn’t help but melt at the gesture. Your signature was obvious in these little details, it wasn’t the first time you did it and for details like this one Wanda had fallen in love with you.
Vision came into the kitchen with a huge package, he placed it right in the kitchen counter offering Wanda a smile.
“Wanda, I was instructed by Y/N to make sure you received this.” Vision pointed to the box, Wanda glanced at it with curiosity and some apprehension. “She said it was vital for you to use this today.”
“Use? What is it?” Wanda stood up moving to the box, Vision made a face of uncertainty.
“I’m afraid I didn’t ask, but Y/N was quite excited for you to receive it and see your reaction.”
Wanda let out a chuckled, her hands trembling as she undo the knot and open the box. The gasp that left her lips made Vision glanced at her with curiosity. This was the outfit she had dreamt of for a very long time, she had been saving to get the jacket and the boots which were beyond what she could afford at the moment. There was a dress, black with red flowers. Wanda never thought you would remember.
Something inside Wanda broke a little, why was so difficult to just get you out of her head? Why did you insist on doing something so nice only to stump on her heart later?
“Woah, look at that,” Pietro came right in glancing at the contents in the box, “isn’t that the jacket you were dying to buy the other day?”
Wanda pressed her lips together nodding, Pietro placed a hand on her shoulder Wanda looked up to see her brother smiling down at her.
“Good, then go and change because your drive will be here soon to take you to your destination.” He smiled, and his eyes gleamed knowingly at his sister.
“What do you mean?” Wanda was getting confused by the moment, Pietro leaned in so Wanda was the only one who could hear him, even though there was only Vision and them in the kitchen.
“Y/N has something special for you.” Pietro could see as Wanda stiffened under his hand, the young woman looked away shaking her head but before she could do or say something Pietro stopped her. “Little sister, it is about time for you to stop dancing around, Y/N it’s a little dense and you need to stop suffering in silence.”
“Pietro, I don’t think…”
“Then don’t.” Pietro said pushing her playfully. “Y/N really outdo herself this time around, so I really hope you get ready because the ride would be here in over an hour.”
Your breath was taken away by the sight before you.
Wanda had put on the clothes you had given her, fixing her hair in a ponytail and light make up on her you were just charmed by her. You smiled nervously knowing that day would be the day everything between the both of you would change.
“So, I’m here, what is all of this?” Wanda sounded tired, but also curious. She couldn’t help but give you a quick glance over, her flustered expression hidden away by the light scowl on her face. “Y/N about last night…”
“You heart broke every time you and I spent the night together.” You said softly coming to her, your hands grabbing hers. “Why?”
Wanda clenched her jaw looking away from you, she tried to let go of your hands, but you didn’t let her. You sought her eyes in yours, and soon you found yourself captivate by those green eyes.
“Isn’t it enough for you to know that being like that with you breaks my heart?”
You weren’t mean to start the day like this, the conversation was reserved for the surprised you were preparing back at the compound. You offered a tender smile; you freed your hand to brush her cheek and Wanda closed her eyes as if every touch was torture to her. It probably was. You were such an idiot.
“Let me fix my mistakes, Wanda.” You whispered offering a tiny smile, “let me show you, your heart can be healed and that…I will never break it ever again.”
Wanda furrowed her brows, and her eyes glanced at you with a hint of hope in them. You leaned in placing a soft kiss on her lips, your hand intertwined with hers.
“Now, let’s go, I got us VIP passes to the rides in the park.”
Wanda found herself falling in love with you all over again.
The both of you spent the day in the amusement park, going from ride to ride and game to game laughing and talking about everything and anything. Whatever happened between you in the past, whatever had happened to make Wanda miserable was soon forgotten when you just looked at her. When you dedicated every single glance, and smile and words to her.
Your hand against hers, your body closed to hers… it was perfect.
Night had already fallen, Wanda was laughing at some absurdity you were telling her and her laughter made your heart shrank with emotions you were no longer afraid to feel.
“I think it’s getting late,” you said enjoying the disappointment that crossed those green eyes, “but the night is still young, Little Witch, and I still have a surprised for you.”
“You do?” Wanda asked leaning in, you nodded winking at her.
“Always.” You grabbed her hand and dragged her to the parking lot, there was a black bike there with two helmets, you wriggle your eyebrows at her passing one of them to her.
“You don’t think I’m going in that thing with you driving, do you?” Wanda was looking a little unsure about it, you pouted sitting on the bike.
“Don’t you trust me?” You directed the pout to her, your eyes begging to her and Wanda hated her weakness.
“I do.” She mumbled biting her lower lip, you grabbed her hand pulling her to you.
“Then trust me we will be home, and then…” You let the words hanging in the air, Wanda sighed putting the helmet on her.
“If I die, I will come back to hunt your ass.”
You laughed starting the bike, “It’s a deal, Little Witch.”
The compound was made into a great terrain surrounded by mountains, a great forest, and a plateau ready to be used as the headquarters of the Avengers. In the middle of all of this was a great lake, it was the natural border between the forest and the main building and when mornings were cold it was a sight to behold.
You knew Tony had made a small hut, with a harbour right at the other side of the lake. Far away from the lights of the city, or for the watching eyes of Friday.  It wasn’t much, but it was a small piece of heaven you could offer Wanda. A private space in which you would say everything you had been holding back.
The night was warm, and the light of the stars and the moon reflected in the calm waters of the lake. Wanda was trembling, her heart beating fast and her body tingling in anticipation; you came to her from behind, your arms sneaking around her waist putting her to you.
“Y/N…” Your name was like a prayer on her lips, you smiled wondering why you had wait so long to this. To have her in your arms like this.
“Please, Y/N don’t…” Wanda disentangled her arms from her, turning around you could see the tears in her eyes.
Wanda put a finger to your lips, she clenched her eyes closed before opening them again.
“If this is a game just…walk away right now. I promise you we are still friends, and I may need some time apart, but we will be friends.” Wanda said and her voice was trembling as much as her body. “I can’t …. I don’t’ think I will be able to continue if this is a game…”
“How long have you been in love with me?” You asked without any preamble, Wanda gasped her cheeks burning in embarrassment.
“I…” She snorted looking away from you, taking a step back. “I don’t think…”
“Answer me.” You insisted rather forcefully, Wanda clenched her jaw glaring at you.
“Ever since you…” Wanda took a deep breath. “Ever since you said hi to me.”
You shook your head, passing a hand through your hair. Wanda put her arms around herself, the day that had started fairly okay was turning out to be a nightmare.
“I’ve been in love with you since you smiled at me that first morning.” You revealed letting go of the tension on your body, you locked your stare with hers stepping closer. “I knew that I wanted to keep that smile on you forever.”
“What?” Wanda whispered in disbelief, you shrugged cutting the distance wrapping your arms around her again.
“I’m in love with you, Wanda. I’m sorry it took me this long to realise all I wanted was you.”
“Y/N please don’t I just…I was happy with knowing what It was like to be with you, but I can’t not if this is…”
You cut her off with your lips on hers, it was a tender kiss that poured all the emotions you were experiencing at the moment. Her hands went to you, and Wanda was soon submitting to the kiss clinging to every touch, every sigh. When air was needed and you two parted, you pressed your forehead to hers.
“Gods, Wanda you are the only one…only you.” You whispered opening your eyes to let her see the truth behind your words. “I know I messed up, I know I’ve been around and I…I’m just a fool. But…believe me when I tell you, it’s you and only you, now and forever, if you let me?”
Wanda would like to say she was stronger than this, that she could just step back and said no. No because you had hurt her, because she had run away from the possibility of this being a reality and you just…not wanting to be there.
But she couldn’t.
And thus, the both of you kissed under the stars, and Wanda would forever remember the way you took her clothes off, how tender was your touch as you mapped out every single corner of her body, How your mouth taste and marked her skin as she whimper and whispered your name into the night.
The fifth time was magical.
And it was the moment in which the both of you sealed your destiny.
It was meant to be.
You lost the count after the time number 200th.
It was crazy how things change in such a short amount of time, and after that night at the harbour your life had never been the same.
Wanda became your life, and you hers.
It took some time, but the both of you built a relationship around the hardships of being superheroes. You grew together, and separately always pushing one another to be better. You went through tears, and sorrow, happiness and nostalgia. And soon the world changed as well, new heroes came by and you and her were free to retire.
You turned around on the bed, your arms wrapping around the form of your wife. Wanda smiled softly biting her lips as your lips closed around her pulse point, your fingers dancing around the skin under her pj’s moving down to her shorts and making sure to sneak inside the waistband.
“Morning, Little Witch.” Her nickname always sounded right in your voice, she arched her back throwing a leg back right above your hips. “mmm, baby, are you ready for me?”
“Morning, love,” Wanda whispered her eyes fluttering open to find the picture of your wedding looking back at her. “I’m always ready for you, baby.”
You chuckled turning her around and leaning in to kiss her hard, Wanda chuckled into the kiss and everything was going according to your plan when the door of the room banged open and you and Wanda jumped away from one another.
“MOM! Billy messed up with my posters again!!” The little flash of blue jumped in the bed crossing his arms and pouting.
“IT’S A LIE! MOMMA!” Then in came Billy, followed closed by Sparky all of them jumping in the bed.
You held back your laughter at the pout on your wife’s face. The twins were arguing on the bed, while Sparky was barking like crazy.
You wouldn’t change anything in the world for this, for your family. Everything you and Wanda had lived up until this point was worth whatever interruption you get in the morning, the quickies you two enjoyed in the shower or the late nights helping with forgotten homework. Or the early morning making sure the twins and Wanda were doing fine.
Wanda sat up lifting a single hand to stop the bickering, you sat back putting her to you while lifting a single eyebrow at the boys.
“Now, we’re going to start from the beginning without arguing, Billy what happened?”
Wanda snuggled against you, her smile almost impossible to wipe out as you heard the explanation of Billy. Tommy made faces, he disagreed with some portions of the story while wincing at other parts.  Then it was Tommy’s time to do the explanations, Wanda chuckled shaking her head while you just rolled your eyes.
“Okay, boys, since it is almost impossible for you two to share and be nice once in a while, we will make breakfast.”
The twins whined; Wanda chuckled ready to stand up when you pulled her back to the bed. She was surprised, and you loved the fact she still could blush whenever you were so close to her in such an unexpected way.
“And you, Mrs. Maximoff, are going to stay in bed while me and the boys tend to your every whim.” You kissed her slowly, the twins making gagging noises in the back.
Wanda chuckled putting a hand on your cheek, “Baby, last time you and the boys try to cook, you almost burn the house down.”
“It was Tony’s house, I’m not about to burn ours.” You gave her a peck on the lips before standing up.
“Tommy, Billy to the kitchen, we have to defend our honour and present your mother with the best breakfast ever, come on!”
Billy scrunched up his nose, Tommy pursed his lips coming closer to you.
“So, we’re going to do cereal and orange juice?” Billy asked, you shrugged making a face.
“I think that’s our best bet.” You replied wrapping your arms around them.
Wanda laid back down on the bed watching you and the twins going to the kitchen. The road to this moment had been hard, and it began unexpectedly. She never thought it would end up the way it did, Wanda sighed hugging your pillow to her. She wouldn’t want it any other way.
There was a loud crash and then a bark and laughter.
Wanda rolled her eyes, though she never lost her smile and she decided to go and help you and the boys out.
Her family.
Her happily ever after.
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🍓 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐰𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐲 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬. 𝟐 || 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤!𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐜𝐰: 𝐚𝐛𝐝𝐮𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐧, 𝐬𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐦 𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐞, 𝐛𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐠𝐞, 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐜𝐞𝐝 𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐠 𝐯𝐢𝐛𝐞𝐬, “𝐝𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲” 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤, 𝐝𝐫𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭
𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐲 @creme-bruhlee​ : 𝐦𝐚𝐲𝐛𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐢𝐭 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐫𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞 𝐡𝐞'𝐬 𝐤𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐫𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐚𝐩𝐞 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐧, 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐡𝐞 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐝𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐩𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮
𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐨𝐧𝐞
𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐰𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐲!𝐚𝐮 & 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐦!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You listened to the silence in the house.
Quietly, you slipped out of bed, feet padding softly across the carpet as you gingerly poked your head out of your bedroom. You moved cautiously through the house, trying not to catch Bucky’s attention. He was still asleep in bed, giving you more freedom to search the house, looking for any means of escape.
The doors were heavily bolted, reinforced steel. All the windows were bulletproof glass, sealed shut and covered by metal bars, imprisoning you in the house. Bucky had a set of keys somewhere, because he let himself out of the house to get groceries. The outside fence and gate was another obstacle, and escaping seemed like a distant fantasy the longer you wandered around the house. Bucky had spent months building the most secure safehouse he could, one where no one would find you, and you could never escape from. 
An idea occurred to you, filling you with dread. Would freedom be worth killing him? You ran into the kitchen, searching for a knife, pulling on drawers to find them all locked — all except for the one filled with little pink plastic utensils that were for you to use. Disdain swirled in your stomach as you stared at them, loathing the way he infantilized you, even if the smallest part of you enjoyed the mindless babying.
“What’re you looking for?” Bucky asked hoarsely, his voice deep and gravely from sleep.
You froze, pulling your bottom lip between your teeth, trying to think of how to get out of trouble, to shake his suspicion. His gaze was frightening, and you felt like prey caught in a trap. 
“M’hungry, daddy. I didn’t want to wake you up,” you whispered, cheeks heating as you attempted to appease him.
He hummed, uncertain if he believed you, but you opened your arms, reaching out to him. Bucky hugged you, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. He was surprised that you seemed to welcome his touch, making him question if you were really plotting an escape.
“How about some waffles?”
You nodded shyly, gasping as he lifted you to sit up on the counter, the marble cold beneath your bare thighs.
“I want some coffee,” you said, catching his bicep as he poured himself a cup.
“You’re too li-”
“But I’ve been behaving. I’ve been your good girl,” you interrupted, sick of his delusional ‘you’re too little.’
Bucky paused, knowing you were right. You had been good, obeying everything he said for the last two weeks, too afraid of being viciously spanked again. Bucky’s punishments terrified you, his sadism overpowering his desire to protect and baby you. A shudder rolled down your spine at the memory, and a reaction Bucky recognized with some level of satisfaction. His torture was effective.
“Just one,” Bucky instructed, pouring you a small cup with a bit of milk.
You watched him mix batter beside you on the counter, pouring it into a waffle maker as a sweet scent slowly filled the kitchen. You sipped the coffee, noting that it didn’t taste like what you made at home, the desire to escape relit in your heart. It was bitter and dark, causing you to nearly gag on the taste.
“What’s that face?” Bucky asked, gently thumbing over your pouted lip. 
“It’s not like... It doesn’t taste like I thought,” you whispered, glancing down at your coffee. 
You didn’t say “it’s not like the coffee I used to make,” remembering Bucky’s threat to beat you if you talked about your life before him. He said nothing, taking the cup from your hands and pouring its contents down the sink. He frowned when he saw your eyes were glassy, tears welling at your waterline as your bottom lip trembled. 
“Oh, babydoll, it’s okay. Daddy’ll give you your special pink milk later, it’ll taste much better than my icky coffee,” he attempted to console you, his thumb smoothing over your lips.
Bucky cut your waffle for you, placing sliced strawberries on top, making it look pretty and tasty. He adored taking time to spoil you, even though you were never as grateful as you should be. In his fantasy, you appreciated everything whether or not it was clear.
“Go sit down,” Bucky commanded gently, handing you the plate and giving you an encouraging nudge toward the table.
You slowly forked the little bites into your mouth, staring out the window at the sunny day outside. Your captor watched you, studying your longing gaze. With the perimeter secured, he had thought of letting you into the yard today, until he’d woken to discover you searching for an escape route. He’d let you off this time, unsure if your excuse was partially true, and the way you’d hugged him melted his heart. He hoped there wouldn’t be a next time, but it was inevitable that you would try to run, you hadn’t yet accepted fate or fallen for him as he dreamed.
“Eat all of it, please,” Bucky spoke as you poked at the last few pieces.
You began to cry again, too frightened to talk back, despite being too full to finish the last few bites. You knew Bucky was meticulous about your health, but you really weren’t up for the big serving he’d given you, your appetite diminished from your failure of escape.
“Oh, baby. What is it, talk to me?” He tilted your chin up, preventing you from hiding your tears.
“I d-don’t want you to s-spank me for back t-talking,” you sniffed between hiccups, moisture streaming down your flushed cheeks.
“I’m just full, please don’t make me eat anymore,” you cried, flinching as he raised his metal hand.
Bucky’s heart broke, his hand gently coming down to stroke your hair, as he intended. He didn’t mean to make you cry, recognizing that you weren’t just being difficult. He had only attempted to comfort you, raising his hand without considering your fear of being hit.
“Breathe, doll. You don’t have to finish it, it’s alright. You don’t have to eat anymore,” he assured you, taking the leftovers away.
You pulled your knees to your chest, trying to calm your pathetic little sobs. Bucky finished the dishes, walking over to kneel down on the floor in front of you.
“Are all of these tears because you’re overly tired? My poor baby,” he carefully lifted you up, his hands warm under your thighs.
You didn’t answer, hiccuping softly as you sobbed, your cheek resting on his shoulder. He carried you through the house, back to your bedroom, before sitting down in the rocking chair with you. Your thin silk nightie was bunched up around your waist, only tiny pink panties covering your lower half, the sight catching Bucky’s attention.
He wrestled between wanting to calm you down and wanting to rip the little pink silk from your body and fuck you into next week. You were so small and delicate in his arms, and he could see a little dark patch on your panties from the moisture that had seeped through. He wondered if you’d been touching yourself before you got up that morning, or if it was from a wet dream.
“Daddy,” you whimpered, yanking him out of his filthy daydream.
He looked down, realizing he’d been absentmindedly rubbing his finger over the now-soaking cotton that hugged your pussy. He stopped your legs from closing, holding them open.
“Baby, you’re all wet,” he frowned as if it were a problem to be resolved.
“Maybe I shouldn’t let you wear any panties, not when you ruin them like this.”
Another wave of tears threatened to fall as he pried the fabric from your body and slipped it into his pocket for safekeeping. Already, the attire was skimpy, but not wearing panties left you almost entirely exposed.
A broken moan escaped your lips as his thick fingers breached your hole, filling up your tight sex. He stroked you from the inside, his thumb tracing little circles on your clit in tandem until your thighs were trembling.
Pressure built above his fingers, as much as you tried to fight it off, desperately wanting not to come. You gripped his wrist, far too weak to pry him off of you. A helpless orgasm ripped through you, the heat nearly painful.
A grateful sob escaped when he left you alone to clean up while he prepared you a bottle with the strawberry milk laced with sedatives. Dread sank over you, not wanting to be drugged and plaint, but knowing you didn’t have a choice.
You cleaned the mess from between your legs, slipping a clean pair of panties on just as Bucky returned, a disapproving expression narrowing on you when he saw you dressing. 
“Thirsty, baby?”
You didn’t react, even as you were laid down over his lap, your head resting in the curve of his arm. He forced the nipple of the bottle past your lips, squeezing the plastic so the warm, sweet milk filled your mouth. He smiled when he heard your swallows, your eyelashes fluttering as drowsiness settled in. He’d dosed your bottle enough to make you pass out, wanting to be sure you stayed put. 
“Don’t feel good,” you whined, turning your head and breaking free of the bottle. 
“Shh, you’ll feel better once you drink-”
Bucky slapped your ass with his metal hand, delivering a sharp spanking for your protest, ignoring your pathetic sniffles. He pulled your jaw open and made you swallow the rest of the contents in the bottle, until you were asleep in his arms and no longer disobedient. 
He watched you, studying your sleeping features and admiring how peaceful it was. His fingertips traced along the warm skin on your bottom, heat rising to the surface after only a brief spanking. He hated to make you cry, but a sadistic little part of him preferred you like that, submissive and freshly punished. 
He laid you down in bed, positioning you carefully amongst the sheets, placing a white stuffed rabbit under your arm. Bucky’s fingers hooked in the sides of your panties, pulling them easily from your body without your typical resistance. After fetching a camera, he took snapshots of your pussy, peeking out between parted legs.
He took the panties you’d been wearing, before heading to the drawers and taking the rest of them, deciding you didn’t need to be wearing them until you were his good girl again.
. 🍓 .
You had no idea what time it was when you awoke, Bucky’s refusal of keeping clocks or calendars or anything that would allow you to know how much time had passed, adding to your dysphoria. 
The sky was dark, meaning it was sometime in the middle of the night. How many days had passed since you’d been sleeping was unclear, but your stomach ached with hunger. 
You realized he’d stripped you naked, and when you went to dress, the drawers were empty, save lacey little teddies. All the panties were gone, and you bit back an infuriated scream. You searched for something to cover up in, but were left with nothing other than skimpy lingerie. 
Determined to escape, you crept softly to Bucky’s room, standing at the end of his bed, trying to decipher whether or not he was awake. When he didn’t stir or react to your presence, you decided he was out cold, and it was safe to search for the keys to the door. 
Trying to be as silent as possible, you searched through the drawers next to his bed, desperate to find the keys that led to your freedom. 
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, baby?” A metal hand wrapped around your bicep, jerking you backwards into his hard body. 
“Let go!” You shrieked, yanking your arm in an attempt to free yourself from his grip. 
“Trying to escape? Trying to find these?” he snarled, dangling a keychain in front of you. 
You burst into sobs, weakly hitting his chest as you struggled in his arms. 
“I treat you so well, I buy you pretty toys and clothes and keep you safe and fed, and you’re just an ungrateful bitch. I hate that you make me have to punish you,” Bucky shook you as he shouted. 
He threw the keys out of sight before jerking your shoulders and dragging you from his bedroom. 
“No!” your scream rattled his nerves, a visceral wail leaving your throat as you attempted to fight him off.
The screams died in your throat as he slapped you, the sting stunning you into silence. You were dragged into the basement, a dark crypt reserved only for his most violent punishments. The cement floor was cold under your feet, cracks in the ground mirroring the cracks in your mind and heart as he chained your wrists to the ceiling, tight enough that you were just unsteady on your feet. 
Bucky’s metallic hand ripped the garment from you, baring you to the cold, damp air. Blood was pumping in your ears, your head growing dizzy before your cruel captor ever laid a hand on you. 
“Don’t ever try to run from me again,” Bucky hissed, gripping your jaw harshly enough to bruise your delicate face. 
He wasn’t satisfied by your choked whimper, grabbing a leather strap from the wall and striking you with it. Your whimpers morphed into pained shrieks, a broken cry falling from your lips with every welt that spread across your skin. 
Bucky felt as if his soul was withering away as he beat you, seeing red and hating every second of beating you, hating you in that moment for making him punish you. Your limbs were limp, unable to hold yourself up anymore as you shuddered from pain. 
He dropped the implement, walking around your wounded form to lift your hanging head. Your eyes were glassy as you seemed to stare through him, expression on your features. 
“You wanted to be outside so bad?” he questioned, his voice ragged, freeing your wrists as you collapsed onto the stone before he picked you up, hearing you choke as he touched your raw, abused skin. 
You winced, too delirious to notice he was carrying you out the back porch, unlocking the door and taking you into the freezing night air. It was sometime at the beginning of winter, sleet pouring down from the sky and temperatures lowering into tiny numbers. 
Bucky dropped you on the porch, wincing at your pained moan. You began to shiver, your whole body shaking from the cold as Bucky went inside, locking you out in the freezing night. 
When you began to regain consciousness, you screamed for him, the cold seeping deep to the center of your bones. Freezing to death seemed like a very real possibility, and you were overwhelmed with pain and discomfort as you wept and clawed at the door, begging for Bucky to let you back in, to hold you and keep you safe, far more terrified of the cold night than of the man who could keep you safe. 
. 🍓 .
The sun was barely peeking out over the horizon when Bucky threw the door open. You flung yourself against his warm body, desperate for any solace from the winter. Numbed from the cold, you didn’t notice the pain of him hugging your wounded body. 
“I’m sorry, baby. I’m so sorry. Let’s get you warm, my poor sweet girl. This is why you can’t try to run away... It isn’t safe out there,” he nearly cried, pulling you inside of the house. 
“D...da-ddy,” you stammered, your teeth still chattering. 
You wrapped yourself around him as he carried you to the bathroom, filling a bath with hot water. You squealed in discomfort at first, the heat feeling like it was burning your skin, searing the parts of you that had been scourged by Bucky the night before. 
“I know, baby, it’s not gonna feel good at first,” he apologized, stroking your hair as he tried to settle you down. 
He apologized profusely, washing you with soap, your skin cool to the touch. Eventually, you warmed up as the water temperature cooled, and the trembling subsided. 
“I’m going to take care of you and then you can have some food, arlight, babydoll?” he asked, setting you down on the bathmat as he emptied the tub. 
You were weak on your feet, holding the edge of the counter for balance, wrapped up in a towel. He gently dried the water from your skin, and wrapped your hair in a fresh towel, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. 
“Still cold,” you whined, pressing your body against his, chasing his lips as your broken mind searched for affection.
“I’m so sorry, I’ll help you warm up,” he assured you, gently rubbing some sort of salve on your wounds, taking the sting away. 
He held you still when you tried to squirm away, the touch painful at first before it soothed you, tears sliding down your cheeks as he covered your tender thighs with the cream. 
“Shh, I know,” he soothed, kissing you all over before gently helping you into some soft fuzzy pajamas you’d never seen before, the pale lilac flannel shielding your skin from the bitterly cold house. 
Matching fuzzy socks warmed your feet, protecting you from the chill of the hardwood floors as you followed Bucky, limping slightly. 
“You can go wait on the couch, babydoll,” he offered as he warmed up some liquid on the stove to put into a bottle for you.
You shook your head silently, your arms wrapped around his torso and your face buried in his warm chest. As his hand gently massaged through your hair, some of your anxiety dissipated, clinging to him for protection. 
“Alright, this should warm you up,” he said, twisting the top onto a bottle after adding a generous amount of sedatives to keep you still and calm while you healed from his punishment. 
“Warm?” you mumbled blearily, your tone hopeful. 
“Yes, angel,” he promised, sitting down on the couch and laying you down between his legs, a weighted blanket draped over you.
His thumb lovingly stroked your cheek as he held the bottle to your lips, relaxing in relief as you began to drink the contents without protest. He put a stuffed bear into your arms, turning on a quiet movie, his heart melting as you snuggled closer into him. 
“You’re nice and safe with daddy, baby. Never going to let you get hurt again.”
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supraveng · 23 days
Trying to mend a broken heart
part one
Tumblr media
Summary: you and Bucky don’t get along, constantly pushing each others buttons, this time he may have pushed you too far
 A/N: Non canon; Marvel characters but no superheroes or Avengers; post college AU.....I am focusing on angst for the first few chapters, I’ll decide if it changes to a happily ever after based on feedback 
Word count: 1504
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Walking up to your door, ready to end this horrible day, you heard the crowd of people on the other side before even getting your key out.  Normally you would have been prepared to interrupt Natasha's hangout, even join in, but today you just wanted to curl up in bed and cry.  
You deserved a pity party, and their fun wasn't going to stop you. Making your way into the house you took a deep breath and headed straight for the liquor cabinet.  The group quieted slightly when they saw you come in but continued their conversations while you poured your first drink.  
Throwing it back in one go, you started to pour another when Nat spoke up.  "Hey, you're back early.  How was dinner with Jeffrey?". 
You could tell by her voice that she knew something was wrong and was trying to comfort you by not asking the wrong question.  Humming at her, you brought the glass to your mouth, taking a small sip before responding, "we broke up." 
Taking another full gulp, you looked up at her, trying to put on a brave face. "Actually, that's not true….him and his wife are getting back together…..so I'm not needed" you shrugged then finished the drink in your hand.  
At this point you had everyone's attention and was doing your best to appear strong.  Wanda looked at you concerned, you could tell she wanted to ask more but you decided to get it all out of the way now so you could start to move on. 
 "Apparently he wasn't divorced, they were just separated.  Why is it that every guy I date cheats, or lies or is a convict" you start rambling, only to be interrupted by Yelena. 
"Awe, I miss Joshua, I wonder how he's doing". Sam immediately smacks her arm in warning, "what? He was fun".  Natasha rolls her eyes at her sister before focusing back on you.  
"We ordered Chinese, it should be here any minute and there is plenty, join us and forget about that asshole" Wanda begged you to join them.  Looking around the room, you knew your presence would bring down your friend group and declined.  
You were almost to the stairs, bottle in hand, when you heard Bucky mumble something under his breath, but the way Steve smacked the back of his head, you knew it had to be about you, and for some reason you were willing to confront him about it.  
Tumblr media
Bucky and you got along well the first day you met, but since then, you would both made snide comments to each other, and the longer you've known him, the worst they got.  
"What was that?  I couldn't hear you over here" you looked at him waiting for a response, not sure what to expect. 
"I said that's what happens when you date dirt bags" Bucky told you as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.  At this point, all the air seem to be sucked out of the room, you couldn't hear anything besides the blood pumping in your ears.  
How dare he judge me? No one moved as you stepped closer to him, and you took a deep breath trying to calm yourself from slapping him or breaking down in tears, at this point you weren't sure which way you might go.  
"Thanks for the insight Barnes" you stared him down as best you could.  "I guess I need to break this habit of being attracted to cheating, lying, assholes.  And who better to understand that than you, right?" 
Giving him one last cold glare, you exited the room, headed up the stairs and closed your door as quietly as you could, not wanting him to think he angered you.  He couldn't have that control over you after the way he's treated you tonight and for the last 2 years
Tumblr media
~~~flash back~~~
Natasha and you were finishing up the final touches for your house warming party when she spoke up "so Steve is bringing a friend, he's known him since forever and I think you will really like him".  
She made it seem like an innocent introduction to one of her boyfriends friends but you could tell it was a set up.  
"Oh Nat, don't do this to me.  I'm not mentally prepared to meet someone tonight" you pouted at her.  
"I know what you are thinking, but he's different"
And he was different, Bucky came to the party after everyone else arrived and brought a fun but calming energy to the house the minute he walked in.  He seemed to know everyone already, so Steve introduced you and bragged about you to him and vice versa.  
You and Bucky chatted almost the entire night, he was charming and flirty but in the most sincere way.  The smile never left your face the whole night.  As the party was wrapping up, you gladly gave him your number when he asked and were left breathless by the kiss he gave you before he walked out the door. 
Bucky Barnes had left you blissfully happy when you fell into bed that night.  The following weekend was a get-together at a nearby pub to celebrate Steve's promotion at work, and once again Bucky was the last to arrive.  
Except this time, he had a petite blonde with him when he made his way to the table you were all sitting at. He introduced Britney to the table before heading to the bar for drinks, giving you a small smile as he walked by.  What the hell?  
Not sure what was going on you decided to chat up the newcomer.  "So Britney, how do you know Bucky?" taking a sip of your drink.  She immediately looked at you, and you could tell she was judging you from head to toe, but you couldn't care less.  
Giggling before she answered "I'm his girlfriend, why else would I be here?" Her condescending tone made me want to accidentally spill my drink, but you held back.
"Oh? He hasn't mentioned a girlfriend" you smiled at her, feeling stupid for even expecting anything from him besides flirting last week, but hadn't expected things to die before they started. 
"Well, it's new, it's only been a few weeks" she replied and gave you the once over again, apparently judging your response.  "And I'm not the jealous type, I wouldn't worry about him around someone like you" she smirked knowing exactly how her comment made you feel.  Stupid to think mean girls stayed in high school.  
Trying your best to not lose your composure you smiled "definitely don't have to worry about me, I wouldn't touch him with a 10 ft pole.  I have no interest in catching Chlamydia''. You abruptly stood announcing you were ready to dance and dragged Wanda with you.  
~~~~end flash back~~~
Tumblr media
"What the hell is wrong with you Bucky?" Steve was probably the angriest one in the room now.  When he started dating Nat, he took you under his wing like a little sister and always protected you no matter what.  
Bucky was immediately defensive and glared at Steve, "so I'm the bad guy for telling the truth?" 
He scoffs and pours himself another drink, he did feel a bit guilty but you had said hurtful things to him since that night in the bar when he ran into his neighbor and invited her to join the group since her date stood her up.  
Thinking of that night still upset him, he hadn't even got a chance to talk to you when you decided to talk trash about him to Britney.  
At first he thought it was a joke, but the way you avoided him all night and was dancing with some frat boy the whole time, he knew whatever hope he had last week was ridiculous as you obviously didn't feel the same. 
"I still can't figure out why you two don't get along".  
Bucky growled at Sam's remark, "she has been an insufferable, self centered bitch to me for no reason, I really don't care if her feelings are hurt right now".
 But he did care, he's been defensive around you since that night, not wanting to get too close so you couldn't hurt him, but every time he made a snide remark at your expense, it hurt him more than he was willing to admit.  
It was Wanda who came to your defense, “well Bucky, when you lead someone on when you already have a girlfriend, how do you expect them to react?”   Bucky looked at her completely confused, “what the hell are you talking about?” 
Tumblr media
At this point you were finishing your shower and heard the argument going on downstairs, but assuming it had to do with a game they were playing or something on the tv, you turned on your Bad  Bitches playlist and crawled into bed.   The only thing you wanted right now was to be over this day and have a fresh start tomorrow.   
Part two
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kinanabinks · 6 months
The Penthouse
Tumblr media
A group of obscenely rich, horrifically powerful, and sex-addicted individuals share more than one dark secret - but their favorite secret is you. The pretty little thing they've got living in the lavish penthouse they bought together, where they can escape to when they need a break from their families.
Series Warning: Multiple Characters x Reader, adultery, hard drug use, smut, depiction of rough sex, dark kinks (specified in each part).
2: Seductress STEVE ROGERS
3: Special STEVE KEMP
• what it's like for y/n living in the penthouse
• rules of the penthouse
• bucky's other life
• how it all began
• the time brock rumlow broke a rule
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wiypt-writes · 21 days
Tumblr media
Chapter 13: Put On Your Red Shoes And Dance The Blues
Summay: It’s the clash of the titans as Hydra and Shield finally face off, but as Rumlow and Steve come to serious blows, you realise that the only way to end it all might be to sacrifice the thing you value the most…
Warnings: Descriptions of violence, angst, language…more angst…death…ooooh but who???
Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction. I do not own any characters contained within, bar the reader and any other OCs that may be mentioned. I do not give consent for my work to be reposted/translated to any other site. Please comment, like and reblog.
W/C: 5.4k
A/N: So here it is, the penultimate chapter! Thanks to @spectre-posts for reading and adding in her thoughts...
Main Masterlist // Rawhide Masterlist Chapter 12
Tumblr media
Rumlow blazed around the office he was in, kicking the chair over as he went. Langley, long used to his friend and leader’s temper tantrums, merely took a deep breath as he waited. 
“I will not have your Omega sister and her weakling pack get the better of me!”
“Look, if it wasn’t for Carter…”
“How the fuck did you not spot that she was a double agent?”
“Well, technically she was kind of a triple agent.” Bryce’s nostrils flared. “I mean, if she’d been Hydra pretending to be Shield, that would have made her the double agent, wouldn’t it? But she was Shield, pretending to be Hydra pretending to be Shield I mean…” He was cut off as Rumlow gripped him round the throat. Langley automatically landed a punch to the side of Rumlow’s face, and the man dropped him, recoiling from the blow a little. “Know your place, Brock…” he hissed, massaging his neck. “My family put you at the top of Hydra, remember that.”
Rumlow snarled before he sank down into the chair. “And we have no idea where they’ve gone?”
“If we did, you think we’d be here?” Bryce scoffed, “We’ve spent the last two weeks searching. Problem is, Shield have mobilised now they know that we’re gearing up for a fight. Up until your…experiment on my sister, they had no real proof. Now they do. Blue states up and down the country are taking up arms. Even those people that maybe hovered between accepting some of our views but not all of them are swinging to their side because they don't support another war. Montana is now basically impenetrable thanks to Odinson and Stark…”
“They won’t be in Montana, that’s too easy.” Rumlow shook his head. “Locking the state down…that’ll be a diversion.”
“I know that!” Bryce snorted.
Both men looked towards the door, where Rollins stood, an excited look on his face.
“We might have a lead. One of our sources has seen two people, matching the description of Y/N and Rogers, in Bristol. Church Street Wharf to be exact.”
“Is it legit?” Rumlow demanded.
The guard nodded, “he’s a solid source, and what’s more so, he’s taken a recording on his phone so that we can verify it. He’s sending it through now.”
The more you tried to pull your arm away from Steve, the stronger his grip was. The tears were now pouring down you face.
“Steve…let me go…”
“I can’t do that Omega, I need to keep you safe.”
“You can’t!” You sobbed, “I’m sorry, I love you, I really do but…Rumlow, that stuff he shot me with…”
“Was fake…” His voice was desperate, and you shook your head, sadly.
“I wish it was, but he did something to me…there’s something going on and all I know is I can’t fight the Omega part of me anymore…it’s wants him and it disgusts me! Why do you think I ran? Huh? I can’t trust myself!”
“Please, baby…” Steve’s face broke and a piece of your soul did too, and he released his hold on your wrist. “Just please, ‘Y/N get on the ferry… Banner is working on it as we speak, we can fix this. I know we can. We’ll go back until he figures out how to reverse whatever it is that it’s done. You don’t need to leave!”
“You know he ain’t gonna be able to,” you shook our head. “This is breaking my heart and it hurts so much because I love you…I know I do, but…it burns inside…every time you kiss me it really burns because my body is telling me I’m his now, and…”
“Don’t…don’t say that…our bond…” Steve’s eyes were full of tears.
“It’s fading…” you swallowed, hand pressing at the mark on your neck as you cast your eyes down, “don’t pretend you haven’t noticed…” At that your fingers moved your collar aside to show him. Steve studied the once prominent infinity bond on your skin, and he felt his chest ache and throat as he studied it. You were right, it did look a little lighter.
He took a deep breath, his voice cracking.  “Please… just please, come back. Give it a month, or a week. Let Banner try…”
“You have Hydra to…”
“Fuck Hydra!” Steve snapped, his hand running through his hair, before both his large palms covered his face. With a groan, he dragged his fingers back down through his beard and shook his head. “I don’t care about them, not anymore. I love you, I can’t live without you…you gotta give us a chance…”
“You know what the awful thing about all this is?” You whispered, wiping the tears from your face. “You haven’t once tried to Alpha Command me to do as you say.”
“I don’t want to…why-“
“And we both know why.” You smiled sadly, “you don’t want to because you’re scared it won’t work. Scared that I won’t answer to you anymore.” From the look on Steve’s face, you were right. You looked around, your arms hugging your chest, before you took a deep breath. “Fine, I’ll…I’ll come back..but…I can’t…I can’t promise…”
“I know…” His lips brushed your forehead, “but we gotta try, huh?”
You nodded, and looked at his hand as he held it out. Tentatively, you slipped your palm into his, fingers twining together. Steve pulled you into him a little, casting what he hoped was a surreptitious look around, before he led you back towards the ferry.
Neither of you noticed the man a few yards away, with his phone out, pointing the camera in your direction…
As the video cut off, Rumlow scoffed. “Pathetic. He’s actually begging her…”
“Where does that Ferry go?” Bryce looked at Rollins.
“Prudence Island. Secluded enough for a safe house.”  He smirked.
There was a pause as Rumlow and Langley digested that news, before the latter broke the silence. “It could be a trap.”
“I don’t think so.” Rollins shook his head. “They were taking great pains to hide from the CCTV, if it hadn’t been for our guy being there, right place right time…”
“Rogers ain’t that smart.” Rumlow shook his head, “and it aint his style. He’s a soldier, like me. But he’s also persistently blinded by his need to do the right thing, the honourable thing, meaning he doesn’t always see the bigger picture.” His fingers drummed on the desk as he mused through his thoughts. “You know, I’ve been waiting for his Alpha Challenge for the past two weeks, fighting to defend his little Omega Whore’s honour, but it never came. And now we know why.” Rumlow then chuckled. “He’s had bigger issues, because the serum worked.”
“Looks that way…” Langley arched a brow.
“So there’s nothing to make us assume the Alpha one won’t.” Rollins cut in, and Rumlow pointed at him, nodding.
“Guess not.” Langley spoke again, his voice flat.
“What is the matter with you?” Rumlow looked at him.
“I don’t know, I’m just not sold…”
“More like you want to take the serum yourself, because you can’t stand the fact that soon you’ll have no chance against me in a fight.”  Rumlow rose from his seat as Bryce scoffed, rolling his eyes. “Well, neither will Rogers. I almost had him beat last time, and that was without the serum. If it hadn’t been for his guard dog… “ he trailed off and looked at Rollins. “Tell everyone to ready the lab…I want it doing this afternoon. In the meantime, get some of our troops out undercover, see if we can locate this safe house.” He moved out from behind the desk, stopping as he smirked once more. “Shouldn’t take too long, Prudence Island ain’t that big… “
“You think this plan is gonna work?” Clint asked from his vantage point in the tree that sat on the boundary of the property. 
“Not if you keep talking.” Bucky mumbled back. 
"Not for nothing, Steve's thrown it together quick and our girl in there seems a bit...."
“She’s nervous, wouldn’t you be?” Natasha spoke over the comms. “Stop talking and keep your focus. They could be anywhere.”
"Yes, ma'am, Widow ma'am." Clint snickered.
“Amateur.” She replied sardonically
Sam cut through, "knock it, we've got incoming."
Clint scanned the horizon, his sharp eyes licking up t hee movement of a vehicle. The headlights off. “I see it. Can’t tell if it’s  them…”
“Who else is it gonna be?” Bucky snarled.
“A lost civilian…” Clint replied.
“Quit stalling, light ‘em up Hawkeye.”
"With pleasure."
Clint reached for one of his arrows, clicking the small button on the side to arm it. He took aim, and let it fly. It landed perfectly, five foot or so in front of the vehicle, exploding upon impact with the ground.
The car swerved and came to an abrupt stop. Two men exited, armed and scanning the area.
“He he he,” Sam chuckled, “I love it when they do that.”
Clint selected another arrow, “let’s see if this gives them the message…”
This time, upon hitting the ground, it sent off loud crackles of gunfire. The two men were quick to duck and dive back into the car.
Bucky sent a round of ammo their way, watching as it pinged off the bonnet of the car as the driver put it hastily in reverse. It down round, and Bucky continued to shoot until it was out of sight.
“Well, that saw them off…” Sam stated.
“They’ll be back, that was just the scouting party.” Bucky sighed, “I’m gonna head up to the house. Natasha, Clint, any more trouble holler.”
"You got it," Nat replied, her comms giving a crackle as she did so.
Bucky made it back within ten minutes. Steve and yourself awaiting news. "Scouting party cracked through, I'm estimating we'll have about thirty before enforcers show."
Steve didn’t miss the spike of fear that shot through you, your hand instantly moving to your bond mark, but it stopped short of touching it.
Rather, you rested your fingers against your collarbone and tucked your other wrist under your bent elbow. "We should be ready. Rumlow will send everyone, then he'll follow. I don't doubt Bryce will be by his side. He's not the enforcement type."
"Well it's taken them longer than we anticipated." Steve looked at you then to Bucky. "How far out s Fury and the rest of back up? "
Bucky called it in, "Hill says ETA thirty."
"Steve..." You whispered.
"I know. But it's a fight we have to take."
You stood numb. You knew that Steve was right. Rumlow wouldn't stop at anything not until he had you. "Stick to the plan." Steve looked at Bucky then turned to you. “Please, stay hidden in the storm shelter. Banner will be there…”
Your breath shook as it left your lungs. "I..."
“I’ll take her.” Bucky said, “c’mon, Doll…we don’t have much time.”
Your pleading eyes looking at Steve for a final chance, but he just stared. A snarl to his features. You steeled yourself and turned away, following Bucky out the back door.
The sound of gun shots, the unmistaken yells and grunts of fighting rang out in the air in the grounds surrounding the safe house. Hydra had come, and come in numbers.
For the most, Shield held their own. Fury, Hill and Coulson directing their troops, as Steve commanded his. 
But he had one person on his mind, Rumlow. And so far, he was nowhere to be found.
Fury's team had wounded and casualties. Steve and his team, few scratches, close calls and oh there would be bruises. But it was no longer just a battle, this was an all out war. The open fields gave little cover. The tree lines smoked and burned.
Steve dispatched two agents easily, Bucky to his left as they charged through the ranks.
“Where the hell is he?” Steve yelled, “where is Rumlow?”
“I haven’t seen him…” Thor replied, swinging his arm as he took out three agents at once. Steve then raised his shield and sent it flying in an arc, the familiar whoosh and clang almost soothing to him as it flew back to his arm having ricochet off numerous soldiers.
"I'm getting a little tired of," he paused to throw his shield into the neck of a goon, "playing these games."
“Yeah, as far as games go I’ve played with better odds.” Tony’s voice cackled on the comms.
No sooner had Tony spoken, a loud rumble sounded and Steve instinctively looked up to see a large black and red helicopter approaching from the distance.
“It ain’t ours!” Fury yelled back.
"It's about time," Steve growled.
The Hydra troops seemed to pull back and part as the chopper circled. Fury and Hill yelled at their soldiers to fall in as Steve stood still, watching as it touched down in the middle of the field.
Steve's steel gaze stared as Rumlow exited the doors, fourth in line. Bryce preceded him as did two armed men. Sam's comms broke the deaf air.
"I got three more this way," he grunted as others piled out from the other side.
“I see them…” Steve muttered. His eyes then turned back to Rumlow.
There was a snide, almost prideful smirk on his face as he stared back at Steve.
“Where’s your little bitch?” His voice rang out across the battle lines.
Steve wasted zero time sending his shield in reply. He wasn't in the mood for talking.
Rumlow managed to grab one of the soldiers to his side, pushing him into the shields path. He gave a yell and a grunt as he fell to the floor, the shield bouncing back to Steve’s arm.
“Oh, okay…well, doesn’t really matter. Once I’ve killed you, she’ll be mine anyway. That is, if she isn’t already.”
At that Steve audibly scoffed. “What do you mean by that? Course she isn’t yours, she’s mine. We share a Soul Bond.”
Rumlow scoffed, “cut the shit, Rogers, we both know that’s a load of crap. Her mark is fading, I know all about it!”
Steve’s face visibly faltered, even if his stance didn’t.
“Guess that serum I injected her with worked better than I thought.” Rumlow continued to goad Steve. “But, how about we put the one I took to the rest, huh?”
Steve sent his Shield in Bucky's direction, the former soldier catching it quickly. He cracked his neck and his knuckles, "let's dance."
“He’s mine!” Rumlow yelled out, as he advanced, “kill the rest of them but leave him to me!”
The private protection spread out, leaving Rumlow alone; including Bryce.
“I’m gonna enjoy this,” Rumlow picked up the pace as the rest of the Hydra army also began to rush forward once more.
Like a clash of titans, the two came at one another. Steve made first contact, his right hook sending Rumlow a step or two back. Rumlow cracked his neck as he went in with a punch of his own. Steve was quick to duck, flying in with a left hander to Rumlow’s gut.
Rumlow bent forward and Steve's well padded knee met the Hydra head's nose. He dropped down to the decaying grass with a thud, his back finding no cushion. As Steve drew his hand back for another punch, Rumlow rolled to the side and the captains fist connected with the floor where seconds before, his opponents head had been.
It gave Brock the opportunity to get to his knees and wrap a forearm around Steve's neck. But with his fast reflexes, Steve flung Rumlow over him and onto his back again.
"I'm gonna fuckin' kill you, you son of a bitch."
Not even winded, Rumlow cackled and fixed a hooked knee over Steve and pulled his right arm through for an arm bar in defense.
With just a split-second of freedom before his arm was straightened, Steve grabbed onto his lapel with his trapped right arm. He slid his left elbow under Rumlow’s right leg and began shuffling his own legs around to the side. His hips under Rumlow’s foot, he began to twist and roll, eventually turning his entire body inwards which allows him to sneak his head out of the vice like grip. 
Rumlow lost his grip entirely on the Shield Captain and he flexed his back and popped right up. He dove at Steve's midsection but, his tackle failed and Steve was able to suplex him again to the ground.
"Serum's a fail, you fuck."
Rumlow laughed, “shows what you know.“
"I'm waiting."
Rumlow stood straight, grinning as he seemed to be weighing something up. And then, Steve saw the flash of a blade as it slid down the mans sleeve.
“So much for a fair fight…” Steve arched his brow.
“Fuck fair,” Rumlow gripped the blade in his right hand, “I came to win.”
Steve knew his hand to hand combat was already top game, but he knew how quick Hydra could train with a blade. But Steve did as Steve always did, and didn't back down. Instead, he stuck his arm out and extended his hand. He opened and closed his fist, inviting Rumlow to come at him again.
Rumlow slashed at the air in front of him, causing Steve to jump back. Again and again the blade swiped him, Steve dodging in what felt like some kind of perverse dance. Left, right, back, forward, twist…
But, a stray bullet hissing by caused Steve to dodge that ultimately setting himself up for a prick to his side from the blade. He hissed, jumped backwards, and as he did so he heard a yell to his right.
A familiar voice.
Despite himself, he turned and saw Natasha crumpled on the floor, blood pouring from a wound in her neck.
He saw a whirl as Bucky flew past, diving at Langley who had administered the blow, taking him down in a tangle of limbs. The two men began to grapple, flashes of metal arched through the air, Bucky using Steve’s shield to deflect the blows from a now rabid Langley.
Steve stood, watching his friend for a split second, but it was a split second too long. It was the distraction Rumlow had needed, and before Steve had time to realise what was happening, he felt a searing pain in the back of his thigh.
Rumlow had taken advantage and plunged the blade into his leg.
Steve dropped to one knee, and then the blow to his face from Rumlow’s foot caused him to crumple backwards. “You know, that’s always been your weakness, Rogers. Your friends. Loyalty. You care too much. It’s the reason you could never be a ruler, never be as great as Hydra has made me.”
Steve spat the blood out of his mouth. He moved to get up when another blow hit him in the face. 
“You can’t see the bigger picture, can’t see that sometimes you gotta make sacrifices for the greater good…” Rumlow leered over him as Steve lay, the blood from his nose trickling down his throat.
Then he saw the blade as it moved in Rumlow’s hand. And the he gasped as the man’s knee pressed into the middle of his chest.
“Imma enjoy this…almost as much as I’m going to enjoy breaking in Y/N. My only regret is you won’t be there to see it.”
Steve swallowed, attempting to buck Rumlow off, but it was no good. His eyes tracked the blade as it moved towards his neck, and then your voice filled his head.
“I got you, Alpha…”
Before he could even scan the area for you, your shout rang out loud and clear.
“Enough…Brock! Enough…”
Rumlow's head snapped in your direction, distracted and amazed.
“Call them off.” You swallowed, “let Steve go and…you can have me.”
Steve's eyes went wide. "No!" He argued.
A sadistic laugh rumbled Brock's chest, "Oh, 'Mega, I'm gonna enjoy this."
A final harsh blow to the side of Steve’s head left him seeing stars as you felt the tears prick your eyes. Your gaze then flicked to Natasha. Bruce (who you’d arrived with) was now tending to her, attempting to stop the blood flow.
Everyone seemed to have stood still, Hydra and Shield alike. Bucky and Sam took the opportunity to head over to where Steve was laid, unmoving on the floor, whilst Pete, Tony, Thor and Clint all gathered round Natasha and Bruce, shielding them from any attack which may or may not be oncoming.
“Little Bird…” Thor began but you shook your head.
“This isn’t worth it…I’m not worth it.” You whispered, your eyes flicking from him, to Natasha who was thankfully conscious, and then to Steve. Steeling yourself, you took a deep breath, and looked at Rumlow as he advanced towards you. “You got what you wanted. Just call this off. Please.“
As he stood in front of you, his hand gripped your wrist painfully and his eyes studied your neck. “Well, well…not so infinite, huh…”
The way he pronounced the word, like it was something dirty, made you choke a little as you licked your lips. “Oh, it was…until you…you injected me. It’s been fading ever since. If it wasn’t for that, you wouldn’t have stood a chance. And you’ll always know that, no matter what you do to me. That you couldn’t ever have taken me, or defeated Steve, without that Serum. Because you simply weren’t strong enough.”
A stinging blow landed to your face and you heard a roar from Steve, who was now staggering to his feet. He swayed, as Bucky and Sam held him up.
“You’ll what?” Brock laughed, “I have her, she’s here. Begging for me to take her and save you.”
Steve looked at you, and you blinked back the tears. “Steve…”
“Please don’t…” he whispered.
“Please don’t...” Rumlow mocked, “God, you really are fucking pathetic. That all you got, ‘please don’t’? You can’t even stop your Omega from sacrificing herself…” He looked down at you, then to Bryce, and finally to Steve. “I mean…one Alpha command from you would stop this but….oh, yeah, silly me…I forgot. Your bond…it’s worthless now.”
Rumlow yanked you closer towards him. Steve made a move, a snarl rippling from his chest but Bucky and Sam were quick to hold him back. They knew that they were beat, and Steve wouldn’t make it two steps towards you before being gunned down.
A hand gripped your hair and your head was yanked painfully to the side, exposing your mating gland and the faded gold infinity bond. Smirking, Rumlow’s  gaze on the defeated faction, his tongue fell from his mouth and laved up your neck.
You winced, your eyes filling with tears as they locked onto Steve’s face. His expression was sheer devastation.
“I’m sorry…” you whispered, those blue eyes you knew and loved were swimming with tears and you couldn’t look anymore.
With a sigh, you closed your own. And then, as Rumlow’s sharp teeth latched onto your neck skin, the sound of your beloved Alpha’s bellows of distress were the only thing you could focus on. You waited with your eyes screwed shut, every nerve in your body was on fire, the adrenaline coursing through your blood as you fought the instinct to scream.  You could hear nothing but your pulse thudding in your ears, Rumlow’s pants and groans of delight as he laved up the blood on your neck.
And then, you felt him pull back, a frown on his face.
“What’s the matter, Brock…” you whispered, as you opened your eyes, “don’t I taste good?”
For a moment, he merely blinked, and then he moved his hand, pulling the thin, flesh like strip from his mouth. “What the…”
“One of Erskine and Banner’s inventions.” You spoke softly, as he looked at the two puncture marks where his teeth had bitten into the curious item he now held in his palm. “Still in the prototype phase, doesn’t have a name yet but…oh, and speaking of Erskine… the serums were both fake. Shield switched them out before you raided the lab.”
You saw his gaze slide to your neck, and his features slid from puzzlement, to shock, to anger in a matter of seconds as he saw your Soul Bond was there, as bright and as vivid as it always had been.
“Gotcha,” you smirked.
24 Hours Ago…
After your little scene at the ferry port, you and Steve made your way back to the safe house. You followed your alpha to the door, where it was opened from the inside. Bucky, Sam and Clint waiting for the pair of you.
“Banner not here yet?” Steve asked as you headed in.
“No, he’s still putting the finishing touches to the, well whatever you wanna call it. As soon as he’s done then he’ll be on his way with Tony and Thor.” Sam informed.
“And he’s confident it’ll work.”
“It’s a potent neurotoxin.” Bucky nodded, “the only reason we’ve never used it before is because there’s no known antidote.”
Steve took a deep breath, “well, let’s just say I’m very glad Hydra didn’t get their hands on that…”
Client's eyes drew up, "how'd it go? Play the part?"
“Oscar worthy.” Steve smirked, and despite yourself you grinned.
“Think they’ll find this place?” Bucky asked.
“Yeah, we made sure our vehicle was noticeable.” You nodded.
"Now, we wait." Bucky nodded.
As you waited, you went through your plan, over and over again. The first part was already in play. By pretending that the serum had worked, that you were feeling its effects and as such, your bond to Steve was fading, it would give Rumlow false confirmation that the Alpha serum would make him stronger. This, you hoped, would cause his arrogance to win out, have him mobilise and break cover, and more over leave him complacent on the battlefield.
Whilst Steve was still intent on ripping Rumlow’s head off, he had acquiesced and listened when you’d pleaded with him that you needed a plan B. And, after days of deliberation and plotting, that plan was finalised. Should Rumlow get the drop on Steve, then in you’d come, acting the part of the subservient Omega, all the time having a deadly poison concealed on your body. Concealed in plain sight, a small invisible pouch right over your mating gland. You knew Rumlow wouldn’t be able to stop himself from taunting Steve, that he’d try to bond you there and then, and when he did, his teeth would pierce the pouch, unleashing a fast acting, deadly neurotoxin, that would leave him dead in a matter of minutes.
Steve wasn’t completely happy about it, and you knew that he would do his absolute utmost to not even let it get to the point of needing to use you, but you also had no intention of letting any of your friends die. No matter what, you’d be walking onto that battle field and offering yourself up. Because, for some reason, you knew it had to be that way. You knew it had to be you.
A few hours post your return, Steve’s phone went and it was Natasha.
“They’re in the area, just picked two of their goons up. Following the route your car did.”
“Alright, hang back…” Steve took a deep breath. “Inform Parker and have him call me when they pass his watch point. Then we’ll know for sure they’re following the trail.“
"You got it, Cap," she said.
Steve sensed the smirk in her voice.
With a scoff he cut the call, then looked at Bucky and Sam.
“You know the plan. The scout party needs to escape, notify Rumlow they’ve located us.”
"Got it," Sam replied. Bucky merely nodded. 
Clint picked up his bow and smirked. "'Bout time."
“Wait for my signal. As soon as Parker calls I’ll let you know.”
"Yup," Clint followed Sam and Bucky out.
You eyed Steve with a look of major worry. "I hope this works.
“Well, if Mohammed can’t go to the mountain…” he shrugged, “I know it’ll work.”
“What makes you so sure?”
Steve looked at you, before he smiled softly and pressed his lips to yours. “It’s your plan.”
“You fucking bitch…” Rumlow snarled. Those Omega skills you’d been honing with Nat kicked in as you saw the blow coming a split second before he went to make it. You ducked under his arm and twirled around, backing up quickly towards where Steve was stood. Rumlow advanced on you but only made it three or four steps before he stopped, his eyes widening, as he struggled to take in air.
He grasped at his neck, clawing at the collar of his uniform as his face was rapidly turning a puce colour.
“Pretty potent neurotoxin.” You stepped back towards him. “I estimate you’ve got about thirty seconds left.”
You watched as Brock fell to his knees, scratching at the skin on his neck, and you looked down at him, your eyes locked on his, relishing the fact that his pupils were now blown with fear.
“Wanna know the really, really funny thing about all this?” You looked at him. “When I came up with our little plan, it was Thor that had the most faith in it working. Because he’s always said that it would be Hydra’s inability to embrace things that you cannot understand, those which you simply refuse to believe that would eventually be your downfall. And here we are.” You smiled, “I bet you never in a million years would have believed that a lowly Omega could even dream of such a plan, let alone enact it like I did. And, to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have been able to had it not for those extra little abilities my Soul Bond seems to have given me. You know, such as shielding my mind and emotions from you. Had you done your research, give any sort of credence to the fact that this-“ you ran your fingers over your mark, “-might actually be what the myths and legends say, you might not be about to die.”
At that point, Rumlow began to foam at the mouth, his body convulsing as he lay back. Blood was trickling from his nose and his eyes, as he lay looking up at you, the veins in his neck and temple popping. A gurgling noise rose from his throat, before he suddenly stilled, his head lolling to one side. Unseeing eyes looked out of his head, around at the Hydra troops who stood motionless, looking down at their now dead leader.
It was as if time had stood still, no one moved, no one said a word, that was until you heard a familiar voice screeching at you. You wheeled on the spot sharply, as you saw Bryce raise his gun in your direction.
And then it all seemed to happen in slow motion, Steve’s shield arched through the air, knocking the gun from his hand, as Bucky, Sam and Tony ran forward. Whilst Fury barked orders, you watched as the three men surrounding Bryce pushed him to his knees.
“I’ve told Hill and Coulson to clean up.” Fury spoke, as you kept your eyes locked onto your brothers, eyes that were so like your fathers. “They’re beaten, they know they are. We can get the back to our camp and then contact the World Security Council. We’re going to need their help if we want to unite the states…”
“Hydra will never be beaten…” Bryce shrieked his voice almost hysterical, “cut off one head…”
“Shut up.” Sam groaned.
“He has a point.” Steve spoke, looking at Fury. “As long as Hydra have someone to rally around, someone spouting their bullshit cause, they’ll never be gone. And, as such, neither will Shield. We agreed, neither faction can survive. This blue vs red…it has to stop.”
“Then we get rid of him.” Bucky stated, “what was it Rumlow said, you have to make sacrifices for the greater good…”
“Buck, we can’t…”
“Can’t what? Kill him? I assure you, we totally can…”
A heated debate then broke out, the phrase war crime being uttered once or twice, all the time you kept your eyes locked on your brother.  In that split second, a hundred memories from your previous life flooded your mind. The cruelty you'd suffered at his hands, the pain and anguish you'd felt when he had killed your first Alpha.
As you saw Colin's face flash to the forefront of the metaphorical slide show, all you could see was the fear in his face as he told you to run, before he turned back to what he knew would be his certain death, to give you chance to escape.
With a slow movement, you reached out your right hand…
Moments later, a loud bang echoed around the field, causing the arguing party to jump. Bryce slumped to the floor, a perfect shot landed right between his eyes. You were aware of everyone staring at you as you tossed Natasha’s gun to the floor and took a deep breath, simply staring at your dead brother’s body.
“Fuck Hydra, and fuck him.”
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wheredafandomat · 4 months
Bit of a mob boss Loki x female reader
A/N - I just had this thought and thought I HAVE to share it 🤣🤣 contains smut. Mob boss AU
Making your way towards the back of the mansion, you sighted Loki having one of his meetings with some of his associates through the window. Already you could recognise some of them including the reformed Tony Stark and of course his brother Thor as well as Steve Rogers who all worked closely with Loki. When you had left earlier, Loki had assured you that they’d all be gone by the time you got back home and yet here they all were still sitting by the large pool and talking. He looked tense meaning that whatever new business move that was supposed to run smoothly probably hadn’t which explained why they were all still present. Opening the glass door, Lokis eyes met yours before he flashed you a quick wink. Stepping outside, you rid yourself of your kimono, revealing the cutout Gucci swimsuit underneath that left little to the imagination before heading towards the pool.
“If we’re going to make a move, we have to do it now.” Steve insisted.
“We must tread carefully.” Thor interrupted.
“Carefully? Where’s careful ever gotten us?” Stark scoffed before his attention was caught by the sound of a splash in the water, turning, he was met by the sight of you in the pool as you swam.
“Thor is right.” Loki spoke, directing his stern tone at Tony who was practically gawking at you. Turning away, Tony’s eyes met Lokis once more. “If we’re too loud, the others will catch on to what we’re doing.”
“That’s the problem boss.” Steve started, looking at Loki who was now focused on you in the pool. He stopped talking as Loki called your name, clicking his fingers. Seeing Loki gesture for you to come towards him, you swam towards the steps leading out of the pool before beginning to exit it. One by one, each of Lokis friends turned their heads, gaze focused on you as you walked towards them, body glistening in the sun as droplets of water cascaded down you, dripping from your hair and beading on your skin.
“What’s the matter baby?” You asked once you reached Loki, massaging his shoulders oblivious of all the eyes on you.
“Come and sit on my lap.” He prompted.
“But I’m all wet.” You giggled.
“Sit.” He repeated more austerely before you sat across his lap. One of the guys cleared their throats as Loki positioned you more comfortably over him before taking one of your hands in his and bringing it to his lips. You could only assume it was Thor as that was the only one Loki wouldn’t extinguish without a second thought.
“Do you like my nails?” You asked excitedly, presenting them to him, remembering you had gotten them done earlier.
“Yes.” He nodded with a small smirk.
“Look they match.” You added, leaning further backwards as you raised your legs, showing him the result of your very expensive pedicure.
“Very pretty.” He praised. “Now are you going to sit quietly like a good girl whilst we discuss business?”
“Yess.” You nodded.
“Good girl.” He smiled, nudging your nose with his before kissing your neck and resuming his meeting as you sat contently in his hold. You tended to not really pay attention to Loki whenever he spoke business, deciding you’d watch the trees in the distance instead. You were happy observing nature until you felt Loki begin to run his hand up and down your thigh, continuing to speak. When his hand delved higher, meeting your inner thigh as he clutched you tighter against him, you decided to turn towards the crook of his neck as you started kissing the exposed flesh.
“That really is a you problem and just like all you problems I’m expecting that you’ll deal with it.” Loki spoke, rolling his eyes as he looked at Steve.
“But I—” he began to argue, eyes flicking from you to Loki.
“You’ll what? Do as I say whilst I fuck my gorgeous girlfriend in our Alaskan king bed wrapped around our Egyptian cotton sheets?” Loki interrupted leaving no space for arguments as his voice grew sterner, colder.
“Yes boss.” Steve decided, looking down.
“Excellent.” Loki cheered, giving you a quick kiss on the lips before standing up, still holding you “well, that concludes our meeting for today. I expect you can all find your own ways out.” The guys nodded, looking away from Loki as he stepped past them, holding you bridal style as he made his way back inside.
“I can walk myself.” You giggled.
“Yes but I prefer it this way, can’t ruin your pedicure darling.” He grinned causing you to smile wider. “We’ll test if they did a good job.” He added, looking at your feet.
“How are you going to do that?”
“We’ll see how smooth they feel against my shoulders.” He teased, hoisting you higher as you began to slip, laughing at his words.
When you both reached the bedroom after Loki insisted on carrying you the whole way, he dropped you on the bed causing you to bounce slightly against the mattress. You smiled up at Loki who then settled above you, capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. Your hands ran over his back as you gripped the hem of his shirt, pulling it up. Leaning slightly up, Loki raised his arms, helping you to pull it off before his lips latched back onto yours. Hands now free to roam his bare back, you grinned against his lips as he groaned into the kiss, scratching his back lightly.
“Get me out of this.” You smiled, breaking the kiss as you gestured to your swimsuit. Eyes darkening, Loki began lowering the straps, pulling it down your body as you shimmied out of it. Positioning himself lower, between your legs, Loki leant down, kissing your hipbone as he pulled the material lower. “Enjoying the view?” You called, watching Loki as his gaze lingered between the legs you had purposely widened once he had rid you of the swimsuit.
“Don’t I always.” He snorted, settling back above you, kissing you again as one of his hands found your clit. You moaned into the kiss feeling him circling it with two of his fingers.
“Ohh fuckk.” You breathed, head falling deeper into the pillow beneath you as Loki began entering you with his fingers.
“You like that beautiful?” He asked, kissing your forehead as you started slowly bucking your hips up. Feeling Lokis growing erection against your leg only strengthened the need to feel his cock inside of you. Reaching down, you ran your hand over his clothed length causing Loki to sigh contently.
“Off.” You pouted, opening your eyes.
“Very well.” He grinned darkly, pausing his administrations as he undid the button of his trousers before pulling them down, leaving them at his ankles. “Enough?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.
“Noo.” You answered, fingers running under the hem of his Calvin Kleins.
“Want to take them off for me?”
Nodding, you hooked your fingers further underneath as you pulled them down, Loki helping you.
Pulling Loki back down, you pressed your lips to his as his now bare hard cock nudged your leg. One by one, Loki wrapped your legs around his waist, his length gliding against your core.
“I almost forgot.” He interrupted, breaking from your grip causing your legs to fall limp against the bed. “You were supposed to show me where all my hard earned money went today.” He spoke, lifting one of your legs and kissing your ankle before resting the leg against his shoulder leaving you open and exposed.
“They m—” you began, reaching forwards to grip his cock.
“Match, yes.” He finished, smiling down at you.
“Do you like them?” You asked, wriggling your fingers as you settled back down, one leg still on his shoulder. You had asked him earlier but you loved showing them off to him.
“I love them.” He uttered, stroking his length before guiding it towards your entrance. “Fuck.” He exhaled, entering you slowly. Tapping your other leg, Loki prompted you to lift that one too. Doing so, you felt your walls stretching as he stayed still, throbbing inside of you. Pulling out, Loki left no time before he entered you again causing you to gasp. You were full to the hilt. Trying to gain some sort of traction, you bent one of your knees, your foot resting flat against Lokis chest. The pedicure wasn’t for nothing.
“Please move.” You near begged when he remained still. Smiling wickedly, Loki began thrusting in and out of you as you moaned loudly. The sound of his skin hitting yours as well as the headboard banging into the wall replaced your sounds as he continued slamming into you. Despite vaguely hearing the door knock, you continued to scream Lokis name thinking he’d ignore it.
“Come in.” Loki shouted above you causing your eyes to widen as you tried to cover your bare breasts with your arms. “I’m extremely busy, what do you want?” Loki questioned the person that entered as he continued pounding you. If Loki hadn’t angled his hips slightly differently allowing him to hit that perfect spot each time, you would have quickly pushed him away and hid under the covers but the sensation was too good, you fell victim to it. All you could do was lay and pant as your eyes rolled back.
“It’s an emergency Sir.” Jarvis answered, looking away from the explicit scene in front of him.
“And can’t you d-deal with it?” Loki questioned, gritting his teeth as he fucked you.
“It requires you I’m afraid.”
“Fuck sake.” Loki cursed.
“Urgently.” Jarvis quickly added.
Huffing angrily, Loki pulled out of you, lowering your legs causing you to snap back into reality before you scrambled for the duvet.
“Duty calls my love.” Loki sighed, picking his trousers up before putting them on, sighing again at his erection. “Love the pedicure though darling.” He winked, grabbing his shirt before he left.
Tumblr media
Random I know 🤣
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captainsimagines · 3 months
the warmth of the future || one
Summary: It’s been two years since you fell in love with Bucky Barnes, and the holidays are just around the corner. With even more love, more friends, and more family in attendance, you and Bucky fully intend to enjoy these days with as little drama as possible. But that’s not always the case with a relationship like yours, is it?
Pairing: DBF James “Bucky” Barnes x (Fem) Reader
Based on the Song: ‘Willow’ by Taylor Swift 
Tumblr media
Warnings: strong language; age difference kink; exhibitionism; anal fingering (Bucky receiving); blowjob; unprotected sex
Word Count: 7,160+
Author’s Note: Oh, I’m so ready for the holidays this year. Can’t wait for you guys to start this mini-series! I love these characters just as much as you do, and after so many messages this year about this fanfic in particular, I just had to make a mini sequel. I love you guys so much. I hope you enjoy and get into the early holiday spirit. 
     “I take back what I said before. You’re probably going to die by getting hit by a fucking bus.”
The sound of the horn near you is impossible to recover from. You know Bucky heard that over the phone. Still, you continue to sidestep several pedestrians and another taxi, running to the subway. A few weeks ago you two theorized the craziest possible ways you both would die. Bucky bet you’d be abducted by aliens and killed for being so annoying. You bet he would die by falling off a train in the icy Austrian Alps. “Funny, Barnes. Excuse me for being excited for Christmas break.”
Bucky scoffs gently. “So excited you can’t look both ways before you cross the street?”
You’ve navigated New York streets for years now. You know every crack, every turn, by heart. “You want me home on time, or no?”
Bucky grumbles, “Just get home in one piece.”
Home. It seemed like Bucky’s two-bedroom above his bar was more of a home than your own apartment. You spent more time in Brooklyn than you did Manhattan. Peter had practically bullied you about how much money you were wasting on rent. And you were, no doubt. It was a pain to wake up in Brooklyn and have to travel to Manhattan for work, but you did it anyway. And besides, it made sense. Bucky works nights, so him staying the night in Manhattan was illogical.
But home. That was wherever Bucky was. Warm beside him and wrapped up safely. This would be your third Christmas together, the third you’re spending together back home with your dad. It feels like a tradition now. Bucky had tried convincing his sister, Becca, to join this year but she planned an impromptu cruise with her fiancé instead.
Bucky didn’t blame her, though. It was her engagement present apparently.
This time, Bucky had rented a car and you two would be driving down today. With your assistant tagging along. Not because you were working this holiday break, but because Peter Parker had nowhere else to go in the city. His aunt died this year and this would be his first holiday season without close family to celebrate with. Peter was going to meet you at your apartment, but you were running late, and Bucky was calling to scold you for it.
I’ll put the book down after chapter fifty, I promise.
That promise is stale, Doll. I know you.
I prooooomise.
You had not, indeed, kept that promise and read all the way to chapter sixty today. But you had to. This was Loki Laufeyson’s third book in his insanely popular trilogy. It’s an impossible read to put down.
The reception becomes spotty the deeper you go into the subway station.
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll get home in one piece. Hey Bucky, would you love me if I was a worm?” The group of teenage girls swiping their Metrocards giggle beside you.
“We’re not doing this again. Get home.”
Rolling your eyes for no one to see, you bid him goodbye.
Another holiday with your family, another holiday with your friends, another holiday with the love of your life. How could life possibly get better than this?
    Life did have ways of planting the smallest mishaps. Take the snow for example: Did Bucky know driving in the snow was such a major pain in the ass? He figured. Did he listen to your warnings about having to buy chains for the tires earlier? Nope.
One gas station, Peter’s googling of instructions, and an hour wasted putting the damn chains on later, you finally passed the town sign welcoming you home.
Your childhood town looked the same. It always looked the same. Feelings of nostalgia, scents of cinnamon, and an overall sense of calm quickly settled into your stomach as Bucky drove through town. Leaning your head out the window, you grinned widely as the car passed Wanda and Pietro’s flower shop, closed for lunch. Half of you wanted to fly out the car and bust down the door. The other half really wanted to see your dad first. A four hour drive was nothing with a good playlist and some burgers on the way down.
Once you finally pulled up to your dad’s house, you flew out of the passenger seat before Bucky had the chance to put the car in park. He followed less quickly as you, but his face showed his contained excitement. “It looks like the whole crew got here before us—”
Bucky’s voice floats away as your body slams onto the icy grass. “Oof!”
Clint squeezes tightly, his body weight compressing you into a smooshed pancake. “You’re here!”
Bucky’s boot comes into view. “Get off my girl, Barton.”
“You get to see her every single day! Let me have this!”
Struggling, you shimmy like a worm and try your hardest not to touch anything intimate on the giant squishing you. “Clint. Remove…yourself!”
Your boyfriend’s loud sigh precedes his show of strength. Grabbing Clint by the collar of his winter jacket, Bucky yanks him upward and drops him on a high pile of snow. “Idiot.”
Clint’s laugh is interrupted by Pietro’s loud announcement of, “We’ve started decorating already!”
Sitting up, you dust snow from your elbows as best you can. “Without me?”
“We had extra hands,” Pietro reveals, grinning like a mad man. Before you can ask, a muscled body steps from the front door and onto the porch, wearing too little layers for the temperature outside.
“Steve!” Bucky exclaims, abandoning both you and Clint in the snow to run to his best friend. “You lied about visiting your mom!”
Steve runs a hand down the back of his neck, instantly turning red. He meets Bucky at the bottom of the porch and shares that clap-on-the-back slash bro-hug. “She decided to spend it with her partner’s kids and let me know a week ago.”
You huff as you stand, now dusting off your ass. “We had lunch a week ago.”
He meets your eye over Bucky’s shoulder. “And I didn’t exactly lie. Just omitted the truth.”
“Big fat liar.”
Steve ignores you, completely accustomed to your sarcasm and kindergarten insults. His attention returns to Bucky, as you turn your attention to Clint.
“Sometimes I think you want to kill me.”
Clint snorts, “I’m not that heavy. You’re just small.”
He accepts the shove to his shoulder. Clint would never admit it, but he acts this way because he’s an only child. By teasing you, Kate, and Wanda, he’s able to channel all that big brother energy somewhere. Why only you three? No one knows. Pietro is the same age and yet, receives Clint’s best friend energy. Maybe Clint Barton was destined to be a girl-brother—like a girl dad. The words sound stupid in your head as you repeat it.
He pulls your mini-suitcase from the trunk just as Peter emerges, shy as always around new people. “Clint, this is Peter Parker! He’s my assistant, but for the next week he’s just a friend! Got it?”
Clint barely acknowledges a single word you said besides the formal introduction. He shakes Peter’s hand and welcomes him to town, pointing back at the house as Peter lugs his own suitcase forward. With the snow, the pink of his cheeks, and his raggedy bag, Peter Parker fits in perfectly. As if the town gave its blessing.
“On a scale of one to ten, how much do you like Steve?” Clint asks, pulling you from your thoughts.
“Uh,” you mumble, pulling Bucky’s suitcase out. “Ten. He’s been in my life since the beginning.”
Clint nods, a thin smile spreading across his face. Adjusting his hearing aid, he says, “Please let me know the new number when he tells you.”
“Huh?” But Clint’s already running back into the house, carrying your suitcase over his head. He’s lucky his dumbass didn’t slip on the driveway.
When you finally go inside, your dad and Sam are nowhere in sight. You can vaguely hear them near the back of the house, though. Steve is in the kitchen alone, chugging some water and Bucky gone.
“Why am I going to hate you?” you ask, setting your purse down on the dining room table. It’s littered with holiday decorations. Paper snowflakes, red and green candles, baking utensils.
Steve smirks, wiping his mouth. “I’m staying in your room.”
Your brows furrow. “Where the hell are Bucky and I supposed to sleep?”
“Oh, you’re staying in your room, too! Bucky gets the guest room.”
There it is.
“Your dad isn’t taking any chances this time.”
Huh? What kind of joke was this? A cruel game Steve, Sam, and your dad must have come up with before you even entered the damn town, probably. “I’ve been dating the guy for two years! Of course we fuck!”
Steve purses his lips, eyes widening. “Oh, don’t worry, I know!” Sarcastic, loud, sonofabitch. “Fucking know well enough, too!”
One time. One damn time he walked in on you. “Don’t be jealous.”
He blinks. “Jealous?”
“You want to join? Just ask.”
Steve dramatically slaps his chest as he goes to grip at his heart. “I’m going to throw up in my mouth. Then I’m going to spit it on you.”
“You little—”
Your dad practically sprints into the kitchen, arms stretched wide. You jump up and down as you grip him tightly. “Dad!”
“The drive okay? You hungry?”
“Yes and no! How are you? How’s Monica?”
Your dad flushes at the mere mention of his girlfriend’s name. “Great. She’ll be here for the party.”
He swings you around twice, surprisingly strong for a man who works at a desk nowadays. Sam smiles brightly at the sight. “Gosh, I missed you.”
“I missed you too, but that’s diminishing by the second. What’s this about you barring my boyfriend from my bedroom?”
Sam shoves Steve when he starts cracking up, scolding him. Your dad scrunches his face. “Bumblebee, the horror stories I’ve heard from your friends! From my friends! I understand young love—well, young and middle-aged love, really—but I have more guests staying here this season than just you! I’m being considerate.”
You grimace, then gag dramatically. “I don’t know what frightens me more. The fact that my own father views me as a sex-crazed monster or that I’m sharing a room with Captain Rogers.”
“I trust Steve. He’ll make sure no one goes in or out of that room.”
Steve continues to silently laugh behind Sam, who’s trying hard not to break himself. “Have I done something to you? Am I finally being rightfully punished for stealing one of your friends?”
Your dad scoffs playfully, pulling you in for a side hug. You hang limp, a bodily protest. “No, but now that you mention it, the punishment fits the crime.”
Steve pulls you from your dad, side-hugging you as well. “Don’t worry, pal. I’ll make sure she gets her full eight hours of sleep.”
“Suck my tit, Steve.”
“I’d rather not.”
Bucky chooses that moment to join the squabble, Clint and Pietro following close behind. “What’s happening?”
Shoving Steve away, his waist hitting the corner of the kitchen countertop, you disregard his yelp for Bucky’s attention. “Oh, Bucky, it’s horrible! It’s Romeo and Juliet all over again!”
“I may have missed the first time we lived that story,” Bucky says, his head tilting.
“We’re being separated! You and I are no more! The house is split!”
Steve groans, clutching at his side. His voice comes out gravely. “If it’s any consolation, I’m on your side, man.”
“It was my idea,” Sam offers, raising a hand. Looking back at him, he shoots you a cocky smirk.
“Sam…You traitor.”
“You’ll see each other all day. The nights aren’t going to kill you—”
“Shut up, Tybalt.”
Bucky gives you an unimpressed look. He’ll hype your Romeo and Juliet character reference later, but for now he needs to diffuse the situation.
He heard the conversation. He knows what you’re complaining about. Hell, he wants to complain too. But there’s this nagging voice at the back of his head telling him, Hey Bud. Remember that time one of your good friends invited you over during the holidays and you proceeded to fuck his daughter in every depraved position, every single night, while he was sleeping two doors over?
So he surrenders. “How about we continue with the decorations, yeah?”
“Why is it that you never fight by my side when my dad is involved?” you whine.
He clears his throat, smiling that white-person smile at your dad. “Either I stay on his good side and continue being with his beautiful daughter, or we duel and he wins.”
Your dad accepts this. “You earn some points with me by saying I’d win.”
Beside you, you feel Bucky relax instantly. Giving him the side-eye, you notice Peter emerging from the bathroom over his shoulder.
“Dad! This is Peter, my assistant!” Dragging Peter by the shoulders and presenting him like one would their greatest achievement, Peter holds out a timid hand.
“Ah! This is the man who dodges my calls by saying you’re in a meeting,” your dad jokes, shaking his hand.
Something flashes in Peter’s eyes. Alarm, panic, dread. Who knows. “The meetings were real, sir.”
“Well, either way. The couch is all yours! The more the merrier.”
“Thank you for having me, sir.”
“Everyone is welcome in my house! I try to be a good host.”
With those words, Peter’s eyes immediately soften. “Well, I’ve no longer got family in the city so this is a real honor.”
You notice how the words affect everyone. This tradition has run in your family since you were born—since before. It was an unspoken thing that everyone would convene at your dad’s house. Even if it wasn’t the largest, and people had to share beds, and everyone had to chip in for beer. But there was something about the fireplace in the corner, showcasing nine stockings with everyone’s names on them. The Menorah that was missing its final candle. The smell of cookies and pie every single day of December.
To share this tradition with a new edition, even if Peter might decide not to return next holiday season, filled you with honor.
Your dad, the king of making others feel a part of the club, asks Peter, “What’s your menu like? I’ll send Bumblebee to the store later today.”
Can’t forget that tradition, either. It was always your job to get everyone’s groceries for the week.
“I’ll go with you,” Pietro volunteers. “We’ll pick up Wanda along the way.”
You hum in response. “Make a list. Oh, and Steve?”
Steve lifts an eyebrow.
“I like to fall asleep to whale sounds and the sounds of gorilla’s mating.”
Bucky quickly agrees, just to fuck with Steve. The man who’ll be sharing his girl’s room, it seemed. Something silent but feral was festering in the pit of his stomach, but Bucky chose to make a joke of it instead.
Maybe it won’t be so bad. You two have slept away from each other before. You don’t see each other everyday.  
So Bucky won’t let it get to him.
He won’t.
      “You’re forced to share a room with another magnificent and stunning male?” Peggy laughs, clearly entertained by the news you’ve shared. Peggy follows you down the aisle with a basket in hand, waving off Pietro’s constant asks of carrying it for her. Wanda swipes the listed items off the shelves into the cart with impressive speed, only half-listening to the conversation. “I don’t see the problem!”
“I’m with Bucky.”
“And it’s monogamous.”          
Peggy huffs, “Then strike everything I would have said you do if you were me.”
“I personally don’t understand why Steve has to stay in your room anyway,” Pietro interjects. “Like, there are two couches in the living room.”
“Sam is taking one.”
“Then why not have Steve bunk with Bucky?”
Wanda twirls, a box of sugar cookies in her grip. “I can answer this one! Because even though Bucky slept with his daughter, our little Bumblebee is being scolded now. Your dad is getting revenge.”
So by having Steve bunk with you, it’s essentially torture…for you. Because you’ll have to be the one to sneak out if you dare; you’ll be the one dealing with Steve’s horrendous snoring; you’ll be the one who has to go down the stairs. It was brilliant. Evil and brilliant.
“Revenge? After two years?”
Peggy chuckles, moving her basket from Pietro’s reach again. “Fathers. Always such rascals. My father turned a blind eye and I loved him more for it.”
“My father isn’t turning a blind eye. He’s actively engaging in separating us.”
“I think it’s fucking funny,” Pietro admits, covering his mouth. “Sorry, Peggy.”
Peggy waves him off. “I think it’s fucking funny, too.”
“So, what?” Wanda scoffs, throwing a package of napkins in the cart. “So you’re separated for a week. You don’t have to fuck in the house. There are other places!”
“No, no, she’s right on that front!” Peggy admits. “Kate’s bar, the gym Clint attends, the motel!”
You groan, leaning down against the cart. Your chin rests on your folded arms and your back is at an awkward angle. “To stay at a motel like last summer? Then my father will know what we’re doing. And that makes my insides twist.”
“You’re young and you keep your man young. If fucking is the solution, then find a way to accomplish it.”
Pietro sends Peggy an incredulous look, frozen in place as the three of you pass him by. “Does she always speak like that?”
“Address me, dear. I can speak for myself.”
“Okay,” Pietro says, blinking a few times. “Do you always speak like that?”
“Only on Tuesdays.”
Pietro does the mental calendar-hopping in his head. Peggy Carter was the resident grocery store customer you formed an odd friendship with two Christmases ago. She had been outspoken then, and she’s definitely outspoken now. Just because she reigns supreme in age doesn’t mean that all she says and suggests is wise. Sometimes you wonder how she even got past her fifties with her mindset.
“Anyways, that’s my problem right now. Bucky and I will get through it and I will smother Captain Rogers in his sleep. Done!”
Wanda giggles, “He’s cute, though.”
Pietro rounds on her. “No, no! Stop talking.”
“He’s big and handsome and totally not off-limits for me.”
Pietro looks as if he’s just witnessed a mass murder. “I…He’s old enough to be our dad.” Then to you, “No offense.”
“If he had us in his teens.”
Pietro literally whines, “Wanda, I beg you. Do not fuck the Captain.”
“Are you going to let him order you, love?” Peggy asks Wanda, eyebrows high.
Wanda smiles, teeth and all. “Nope!”
Pietro whines again, watching his sister skip down the aisle. He calls after you, so you twist around slowly. “Talk her out of it.”
You shake your head. “You laughed at my predicament. Your sister can fuck who she wants.”
Pietro grumbles as you all pay for the groceries, as you say goodbye to Peggy, and on the drive home. Wanda seems to be two seconds away from cackling.
    “This town is so tiny. It’s like a Hallmark movie.”
You give Peter a side-smirk while also holding the door open for him. He enters the bookstore like he’s on a mission, looking for everything and nothing at once. You figure he’s only accompanying you because he’s got nothing better to do in a strange town. And if he is planning on buying you a Christmas present—because he has literally no one else besides Bucky to buy one for—he probably wouldn’t buy it now while you’re with him.
“There’s talk about combining it with the town next over. But that never goes down well for us small town folk.”
Peter scrunches his nose, shaking his head. “Every place has a personality. Combining two doesn’t guarantee a functioning third.”
“You’ve got the right.”
Two Christmases ago you had found Bucky a perfect first-edition about rejected Christmas tales. This time, however, you’re thinking something different. Last summer you had edited a book and included one of Bucky’s major plot suggestions…which made it into the final draft. Bucky doesn’t know, and getting the book for him seemed like a proper gift with meaning attached to it.
Peter watches you drift into the fantasy section. He huffs a laugh, “Another book? What are you guys? Like, 50?”
“You followed my ass into a bookstore. What did you expect? Besides, we’re both avid readers.”
“So get the dude a bookmark.”
“I’m gonna get you a bookmark, you ungrateful son of a bitch.”
Peter laughs again. He grabs a random book and inspects the cover. “What else have you gotten him? I remember you getting him a book last Christmas, too. Actually, for the past two Christmases you’ve known each other.”
“The first Christmas doesn’t count. I had literally just met him.”
“And you got him a book. What did you get him for Hanukkah?”
Anal. But you’re not about to tell your assistant that little tid-bit.
So you answer, “An appropriate gift.”
Peter shakes his head. "A book is a gift that says ‘I love you’, sure. But you need a gift that says ‘I love you, and I want to screw you forever but as husband and wife.'"
Eyes widening, you practically sprint the short distance over to cover his mouth with your hand. “Shhh!”
“What—What?” he mumbles behind it.
“Don’t you dare mention marriage in this town. The gossip will spread, and next thing you know you’re pregnant with your ex-boyfriend’s child, who may or may not be the actual father because you were plastered when you slept with three different guys that same night.”
Peter blinks, waiting a few seconds after you remove your hand from his face to speak. “That’s too specific to be made-up.”
You shrug. “Happened to a cousin of mine.”
“Did she have the kid?”
“I think so. Haven’t seen her in years—”
The sound of your name cuts off your sentence. That voice distinct—unmistakable. Turning, you’re half-convinced you imagined it. But no—there he is. Beautiful as ever, and so much older than the last time you saw him. Like Bucky, you had missed seeing him every time you visited. Two people passing through and yet, never reconnecting. The voice of the only man you dated from this town.
“Peter,” you sigh, astonished by the chance meeting.
“Yeah?” Peter answers, confused.
“No—Peter,” you say, pointing at the man walking toward you, a bright smile on his face. “Peter Quill.”
“And he is?”
Quill extends his arms out in joyful greeting, surprise written across every feature of his fine face. “Well, I’ll be damned. I’ve heard you’ve been visiting every Christmas since you got that fancy New York job!”
You accept his quick hug. “Ever since! How are you?”
“Same old, same old. Dad retired, so I manage the business now.”
“Oh, that’s great! You always wanted to be the boss!”
He runs a hand down the back of his neck, blushing. “It is great. But I want to hear about you! I haven’t seen you since—”
“Since high school graduation.”
He nods, looking you up and down. Not in a sleazy way, but in a way that conveys pure wonder. Like you were a flower that had withered and magically revived. “You’ve…grown.”
You snort softly, pointing at his chest. “Obviously, both of us did.”
He blushes again. “Well, hey. How about we meet up sometime this week and have dinner or something?”
“I was actually planning on going to Kate’s tomorrow night for the fundraiser. You should come!”
His face brightens as he accepts. “You know, I just might. I don’t remember the last time I just sat down and had a beer in public.”
“Contracting that much of a hard job?”
“I am the boss.”
Peter clears his throat beside you, a half-smile plastered on his face. A somewhat incredulous smile.
Knocked from your one-on-one, you instantly start introducing them. “Oh shit. Peter, this is Peter. Peter Parker, my assistant.”
Quill adopts a proud look. “Assistant? Damn, Bumblebee, you’ve been climbing that ladder.”
Quill was the first one out of your friends who began calling you Bumblebee for shits and giggles. Then Wanda and Kate followed, then Clint, then the whole universe. Guess you have Quill to thank for it, but it still made you squeal as a teenager. Now it just functions as a term of endearment.
Peter waves a bored hand through the air. “I don’t get her coffee if that’s what you’re imagining. I google shit for her.”
Quill nods reassuringly. “A very important job indeed.”
Peter purses his lips. “So, Peter—”
“Oh, I go by Quill. It’s been my nickname since…forever, really.”
“Quill…High school friends, then?”
Your eyes settle into a I know what the fuck you’re doing glance. As if daring Peter to investigate further.
But Quill gives him the answer he’s looking for. “We used to date.”
Peter bends forward, over-exaggerated amusement spilling from his literal pores as he slaps his palms against his knees. “Really!”
“Yeah, like ten years ago,” you deadpan.
“Still interesting news!”
Pursing your lips, you turn back to Quill. “Don’t mind him. He’s this close to being fired.”
Peter puffs, “Who else will close the blinds and lock your office door for you whenever Buck—”
Quickly, you pat Quill’s shoulder. “I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night, Quill. The festivities start at eight!”
He stares down at you, something raw flashing in his eyes. Something akin to eagerness. “Looking forward to it.” He takes whatever was in his hands and pays at the front counter, shooting you one final grin before exiting the store.
Peter steps in front of you, arms-crossed and expression smug. “You invited your ex-boyfriend to hang out with your friends and current boyfriend?”
“Hey, he’s Clint’s friend too! And Quill literally lives here.”
“Did Clint ever make out with him?”
You raise a hand to pinch your index and thumb together. “This close to being fired, Parker.”
He turns and skips down the aisle, ignoring your threat. “I feel like I’m in a movie! Small town, old boyfriend, current boyfriend, the holidays!”
Jogging to catch up to him, you basically abandon the thoughts of Christmas presents in order to convince the little shit he’s reading the situation wrong. “Nothing is going to happen with Quill ever again. Do you hear me?”
“Were you and I looking at the same man?”
Glaring, you promise, “Just because he bulked up doesn’t mean my panties are going to drop.”
“Ah, but you did notice he’s huge.”
You exit the store, leaving him a few feet back. “You’re fired.”
Dramatically, Peter presses, “But who will google the definitions of words that stump you when you’re editing?”
     The air conditioner blasts around your hundredth sigh. And yet, it’s still not loud enough to mask the sound of Captain Steve fucking Rogers snoring on the floor at the foot of your bed.
What the fuck was your dad thinking? This was so fucking awkward for both you and Steve, obviously, but Steve was too good of a man to say anything. He was given the opportunity to play the protect our shared daughter from boys card, and he snatched that shit right up. Now you were cursed with his snoring practically in your ear, a personal assistant sleeping on the couch downstairs, and a boyfriend a whole staircase below you. A boyfriend that was probably wide awake and low key theorizing all the ways he’d kill Steve in the morning.
Because even though he trusts Steve, and Steve has obviously shared space with you before back in New York, the mere fact you’re alone with an attractive male who is not him must be eating at his self-control. Hell, it’s eating at you. It’s not fun when Steve plays the angel card. He’s much more fun when he fights back.
“Steve,” you whisper-yell, locking your muscles tight as you wait for a response. But the only verbal response you receive is another loud snore. “Steve.”
He doesn’t stir. Slowly, painstakingly slow—you slip from under the covers and tip-toe to the door. Looking back, you’re half convinced Steve will roll over and point with a loud declaration of, “Ha-ha! Got you!”
But the big lug snores and chokes, deep in whatever sedated dream he’s currently experiencing.
Rolling your eyes, you then step out into the hallway with the grace of a literal swan. Sidestepping the noisy wooden planks, avoiding breathing when you walk past your dad’s closed door, pausing between each stair on the way down. The second you touch the carpet, you silently cheer.
Now all you’ve got to do is pass Peter Parker and Sam Wilson. Which proves easy as well, considering Peter’s draped over one couch, on his stomach, with one leg out the blanket and a hand tangled in his hair. Out cold. Sam’s on his back, arm folded over his face, and snoring loudly.
Pulling your phone out of your pajama-shorts pocket, you send Bucky a text.
Open the door.
There’s no response, but there is the distinct sound of bedsheets ruffling and soft pads of feet across the floor.
Bucky opens the door, and the soft orange light shining behind him gives him such a lovely halo, such a gorgeous glow, that you’re tempered to fall to your knees and pray.
“I’m not dueling your dad,” he says, glaring and squinting at the same time.
“Then we’ll have to be quiet.”
He huffs, leaning his forehead against the doorframe. The door is only slightly cracked open, like he’s restraining himself. “Doll…”
“Please?” Because what else can you say?
“Fuck…We’ve gone a week celibate before. How is this any different?”
Biting your lip, you admit, “Everyone’s telling me that I can’t.”
Bucky smirks a little. “So, I’m forbidden fruit?”
Now you pull out the big guns. Still biting your lip, you tilt your head down—barely—and lift your right foot up—barely—so it looks like you’re faintly tempted to cross your legs. “Please.”
Bucky’s eyes slowly close, and his nostrils flare. He pulls you in, expertly shutting the door with a faint click. Immediately, you attack his lips, kissing him feverishly. Like you’ve forgotten his taste. Like you can’t get enough.
“I want to fuck you.”
Sucking in a harsh breath, Bucky asks, “Yeah?”
You nod the best you’re able, your lips still pecking his. “Mm, I want to see if you can be quiet.”
Bucky detaches himself long enough to speak, his hands gripping your waist. “And here I was thinking you were a little cockslut for me today. But you actually want to make me beg for it.”
You whine softly in response.
“Torture, is what that is. Selfish, and evil.”
You didn’t even realize Bucky had been walking you toward the bed until he crashed into it, dragging your body onto his. With him splayed out underneath you, your fantasies grow supreme.
“It’s both. I want your cock inside me, but I want to see that look on your face you only get when I fuck you just right.”
Bucky’s hips hitch upward involuntarily. “God, I love you.”
With a small giggle, you lean down to nibble on his neck.
Was it dangerous to do this on the very first night? Not exactly. If you were caught, you would just be bullied to the ends of the earth because of it. You’ll be hearing this story even when you are old and in diapers. Your dad may have some choice words with you in the morning, and his gun would definitely make an appearance—aimed at Bucky, of course—but he’d get over it.
Yes, this whole exhibitionist thing you and Bucky have going on is the slightest bit rude. You’re a guest at your father’s house, not a resident. You don’t pay the mortgage. He asked this one simple thing of you for the duration of your stay: Do not share a room with your lover, one of my best friends, under my roof.
But are you respecting his wishes? No.
Does it feel naughty and so fucking nasty, though? Yes.
By the time you get to the, “Will I feel guilty in the morning?” internal bit, Bucky’s cock is deep inside your mouth, and you’ve been stripped of all of your clothes.
Bucky grips the bed sheets as hard as he can, his metal hand squeaking in the otherwise quiet room. His breathing is erratic, but not loud enough to warrant inspection.
Popping off him, you run your tongue from the base to the tip, swirling it around and sucking—one of Bucky’s favorite moves. His tip is the most sensitive part. And when you dip the tip of your tongue over his slit, Bucky nearly shouts. His flesh hand shoots down to grip your hair, half-trying to ball it into a ponytail and half-trying to move it out of the way in whatever direction he can.
“Fuck, look at those lips,” Bucky praises. His eyes meet yours when you look up at him, cock hard on your tongue, and his mouth drops from a sudden rush of tingling pleasure that hits the base of his stomach. “Fucking born to suck my cock, huh?”
With a few final long licks and deep sucks, you release his cock to stand from the bed. “Born to suck and fuck you, Barnes,” you giggle. “Did you bring the lube?”
Bucky rests his head against the pillow, chuckling softly toward the ceiling. “I brought it in case of a quickie and we wanted to skip your prep.”
Humming, you snap open the lid and walk back to the bed. You don’t miss the hungry look Bucky has as he visibly eats your figure up. Settling between his legs, you pat the outside of his right thigh. “Open up, sweetheart.”
“God,” Bucky quietly moans, and bends his knees. Spreading them farther apart, he presents himself to you. And fuck, is he a treat. Cock hard and red, dribbling against his lower abdomen. His balls locked tight, practically begging to be fondled. And his tight, puckered hole waiting for your fingers.
Spreading some lube onto your index finger, you look up at him. “Do you want to fuck me after this?”
“Sweetheart,” he mocks, sucking in one deep breath as he watches you warm the lube between your fingers. “I don’t come unless you come, too. Got that? Don’t you dare make me feel good and then leave yourself untouched.”
“I can always return to my room and take care of myself there. This is for you.”
You say the last sentence with the most teasing tone you can conjure. Bucky Barnes is wholly complete to you. Meaning, there isn’t a puzzle piece left unturned, a secret left untold, or a wish left unsaid. And even though people claim you never stop learning about a person no matter how long you’re with them, they’re wrong about that. Because even if you “learn” something new about Bucky, it’s a given. Something you may not have guessed entirely accurate, but something irrevocably him that it proves to be the most obvious thing in the world.
And as raunchy as this example was, you know Bucky would never let you leave this room without coming at least once, but you never thought he’d declare it so hot and angrily.
“Fuck yourself in front of my friends and see what happens.”
Smiling wide, you lay the pad of your index against his hole. Bucky tenses, gritting his teeth at the sudden touch. “You want to fuck me in front of Steve?”
Bucky growls, suddenly reaching forward to grip the back of your head to tug you down. With a tiny yelp, you fall forward onto his chest, your lips a centimeter away from each other.
“That’s already happened, and it was an accident.”
Slowly, you push your finger into him. Bucky swivels his hips, the movement itself an ask for you to do something else with the intrusion.
“Oh? I remember you admitting to me that it was one of the hottest things that’s ever happened to you, even if Captain Rogers, one of your best friends, saw my wet cunt stretched around your cock.”
Bucky slams his lips against yours, his mouth parting when your finger starts sliding in and out, in and out. He tightens around you, and his hips swivel again. You rise up so you can get a better view.
“You like when people know how well you fuck me.” Pulling out, you massage his hole before lining up your middle finger. You slide both fingers in as you say, “Especially when I have to look those people in the eye the next day.”
Pumping into his body, you marvel at the way his face scrunches in pleasure. How his mouth parts and his bottom lip shines. How his throat bobs and his skin turns a dark pink. How his chest heaves and his nipples harden. Nipples you find yourself leaning toward and biting softly, pulling the pebbled tip between your teeth. Bucky whines, his breathing quickening.
“Sometimes I just want you to rip my jeans off in front of everyone and fuck me right there. I want you to talk them through it—what it feels like, what you want to do to me. I want a fucking audience for when your cock finally leaves me and I’m dripping your—“
“Doll, I’m going to need you to shut the fuck up or else I’m exploding right here, right now.”
Bending your fingers, you rub against his prostate until he’s writhing. His cock gives a slight pulse, then another and another as you nearly rub him to completion. But you alternate between fucking him with your hand as fast and coordinated as you can, then stopping to stroke him from the inside. It’s a combination that always brings Bucky to fucked-out tears.
“Tell me when you want to switch,” you assure him. “Tell me and I’m all yours.”
“You little minx,” he grunts, hands sliding along your waist and up to your tits. He pinches a nipple with his metal hand, elated when your face slackens. “Now, sweetheart. Make yourself come now.”
With one final swipe at his prostate, you remove your fingers and wipe the excess lube off on the bed sheets. Then, in one of the most practiced moves you’ve come to achieve, swing your leg over until you’re hovering over his cock, and sink onto him.
“Fuck,” he moans, gripping your hips as he readies to bounce you. But he lets one hand travel, one hand rise and smack your mound. Quickly, you cover your mouth with your hand, clenching your eyes shut.
Pussy-slapping. Huh. Everyday you find out something new about yourself.
He does it again. And again, and again, until you get the message and begin lifting your hips. Bouncing up and down, clenching purposely just to teeter him over that sweet edge, pinching his nipples whenever he did yours.
It’s rough and wet and possibly a little too loud for your predicament, but it’s too good to stop. Every spring of your hips reminds you of that glorious fullness, how the girth of Bucky’s cock burns and shocks and blesses you all at once. Reminds you of his sculpted body beneath yours, a body that has lain there and took it, a body that has draped itself over you and encased you with loving warmth. And the whimpers he expels, the way he bites his lip, the way his fingers leave masculine imprints on your skin…it’s evident you’re the same way, that your face contorts the same way his does, that your nails are leaving light red marks on his chest.
A magnificent pair—two bodies, two people attempting to reach a new height hidden at the base of stomachs, at the edges of spines, in the melting slush behind ribs.
Fuck your exhibitionist kink. You can’t stay away from Bucky because you, simply put, can’t stay away. If you weren’t horny tonight, you’d bet millions that you still would have snuck in and simply held him goodnight.
Bucky tugs you forward until you’re chest to chest, practically hugging, and holds you there as he fucks up into you. Fast, deep, desperate.
“I fucking love you,” he whispers through a moan, his voice near your ear. “Love you with all my goddamn heart.”
“I—” He hits that spot inside of you, and continues to hit it once he realizes. “I love you.”
His arms unwrap from your waist so he can grip your ass, spreading you wider as he pumps. “C’mon, Doll. Come for me. Come all over my cock like the cockslut you are.”
Biting into his shoulder, you shatter completely. Black spots impair your vision, and your back practically bows. Bucky fucks you quicker, and with a low grunt, spills into you.
Sweaty and overheating, you lift yourself with weak elbows. His eyes are still closed as you comment, “For the record, the next time I fuck you in this house, it’ll be with a strap-on and you’ll be bent over this bed, do you hear me?”
Bucky smiles through his post-orgasm daze. “Fuck yes. Make me that promise, sweetheart. Make me your cockslut.”
You chuckle deeply. “It’s funny when you say it when you refer to yourself.”
He blinks an eye open. “Funny?”
“Cute,” you correct. “Because it’s you admitting you’re as much of a horny little bastard as I am.”
Bucky snorts softly, and helps lift you from on top of him. Reaching over the nightstand, he snatches a couple tissues. He cleans what he can, but a bathroom trip is required. “You better sneak back to your room before someone gets suspicious about my light being on.”
“Maybe Steve woke up.”
“Steve sleeps through those loud as fuck broadcasted alerts and earthquakes. I highly doubt the jerk woke up on a silent night like this one.”
“Not so silent anymore.”
Bucky rolls his eyes. You dress, plant a long kiss on Bucky’s bruised lips, and slip from the room undetected. Peter hadn’t moved from his spider position and Sam still snored loudly. Nothing in the kitchen has been disturbed.
You succeeded. You actually fucking succeeded. With a wonderful tenderness between your legs and a blush on your cheeks, you gently climb the stairs and open your bedroom door. Steve lies on his stomach now, sprawled out and practically dead.
You’ll have to sleep without Bucky’s arms around you tonight, but knowing he wanted you as badly as you wanted him? Bliss.
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missmonsters2 · 4 months
Here You Are | Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x SingleMom!Reader
Summary: Natasha likes to think she's prepared for anything to happen. Nothing could ever surprise her because she was always prepared for the worst. But no one warned that she was sorely lacking in preparing for the best when it came to you.
Please do not repost/translate anywhere. Reblogs/Comments are much welcomed ♥
Series Masterlist || Library Blog
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Warnings: another fictional child for you to cry over. References to domestic violence. Very exaggerated and incorrect use of eidetic memory.
Count: ~3.4k
Children had only ever been a distant dream. 
You were never truly sure if you wanted them. They were a lot of work, expensive, and honestly, you weren't sure if you would ever have the patience for them. 
And then Anastasia came. 
Everything still held true. You were still unsure most of the time of what you were doing, and it was so much work. While for some people, that maternal instinct never comes...it did for you. 
The love between a child and mother...there's nothing like it. You would've done anything for that precious child. Your precious child. 
Even if that meant walking in the blistering cold and sheltering her with your own heat when you could no longer walk. 
The edge of consciousness tickles the edge of your brain, slowly pulling you closer to reality, when you hear a steady beeping noise. Your eyes flutter open and you first see the ceiling with a dimmed light. 
Your body feels heavy, but it also feels warm. 
"W—Where—" Your voice feels a little hoarse.
"Hey, hey, it's alright."
You turn your head to the side and see a redhead. Her hair fell slightly past her shoulder, braided neatly down her back. She grabs a cup nearby, filling it with water before passing it to you. The sip is lukewarm, but it doesn't hurt your throat. 
"Where's Anastasia?" You say after swallowing, looking to the side of your bed to adjust yourself more upright. "Where's my daughter?"
"She's fine," Natasha reassured. "She had her check-up and she's completely fine. They've warmed her up and she's with Steve right now."
"Steve?" You panic. 
"Steve Rogers," the redhead repeated and then explained, "Captain America."
You let out a sigh of relief.  
Suddenly, tears welled up in your eyes. You close your eyes immediately, swallowing harshly as you will the tears to not trickle out.
"Sorry," you rasp, turning your head away.
"It's okay," you hear the reply back softly. "You've been through a lot. You were really, really lucky, you know."
When it doesn't feel like you'll crumble apart when you open your eyes, you turn to look at the redhead again.
"The doctor said it had been a miracle you didn't have severe frostbite. Frankly, we're all surprised you weren't dead."
You don't say anything in response. 
"I'm Natasha," the redhead introduces herself instead when she realizes you aren't going to talk about being out there in the woods.
You regard her slowly, taking her in from the tip of her head to her toes, and Natasha didn't know what to make of it. She had been studied down to every flaw and perfection she had, but the way you looked at her, it was like you were curious. You were particularly fixed on her hair, nose, and lips. 
Natasha nearly misses it when you introduce yourself, and she repeats your name quietly, testing the feel of it on her lips. 
"I want my daughter," you tell her. "Can I see her now?"
Natasha nods as she pulls out her phone, sending a quick text. "So," Natasha looks back at you. "Your daughter's name is Anastasia? She's been calling herself Anya."
You nod, smiling lightly. "Anya for short. She's still working her way to saying her full name fluidly."
"How old is she?"
"She recently turned four," you were staring intently at Natasha's face again before your eyes drifted to the door. 
It opens, and you see your daughter walking in, holding the hand of a man with a metal hand. Well, his pinky, really. Your face floods with relief, a huge smile as the young child lets go of him and runs towards you.
"Mom!" She cries as she runs up to your bedside, hopping and trying to climb up. You lean over, despite your stiff muscles, and pull her up and into your arms.
"Anya," you breathe out, hugging her tight. "Are you okay, sweetpea?"
Anya pulls back slightly, nodding, her eyes welling with little tears you brush away with your thumbs. "Are you still cold, mom?"
You shake your head, smiling. "I'm all warm now. I'm so, so sorry. Were you scared?"
Anya nods, tears welling again. "But Nat said you were gonna be okay and you just needed rest. Are you done resting yet? Can we go?"
Your heart breaks a little because you don't even know where Anya is asking to go. Where was there to go? You didn't even know where you were going when you took her in the middle of the night. You don't even know what happened to the car.
"Yeah," you tell her anyway. "We can go."
"Well, actually, you can't yet," a voice chimes in, and you look up to see Tony Stark coming up to the front. He eyes the kid in your arms as if debating something but shakes his head.
"I think you've got some explaining to do," Tony grabs a chair nearby and sits in it. "You see, I had to pull some strings to not get the police involved and keep this off the reports."
You feel yourself stiffen. 
"We've done blood tests while treating you here, standard procedure and all. You had to get blood warming done. At the very least, we know this is definitely your daughter, and you didn't kidnap some random kid," Tony makes casual hand gestures while Anya blatantly stares at his chest. "You had your wallet on you, and I thought it was kind of weird for a woman of the 21st century to have no debit or credit cards. Just a thick wad of cash, but at least you had your ID."
"But," Tony gives you a sardonic smile. "That ID came up with nothing. Your blood tests came up with nothing. Everything I used to search about you came up with nothing. There's no record of you anywhere. Same with little Anya here."
You feel your stomach drop.
"So," Tony stares at you, a mix of distrust and apprehension. "Who are you really?"
Anger. Betrayal. Fear. Relief. Frustration.
There were so many emotions that you felt all at once. You didn't think the human heart could endure so much in one moment. 
You hold Anya a little tighter, and she wraps her arms around you. You can tell she's nervous with how her fingers fidget at the back of your neck.
"It's okay, sweetpea," you whisper and pat her back. "It's going to be okay."
"Tony," Natasha placed her hand on his shoulder gently. "Ease up. We don't know what the reason could be. She might be in trouble for all we know."
Tony looks at her and then at everyone else in the room and sighs when they all just stare back at him. "I didn't mean—" Tony snaps his mouth shut and just looks at you, and the expression on his face is probably the closest thing you'll get to an apology.
You just shrug and continue to stroke Anya's back, fingers threading through the ends of her hair. "Hey, sweetpea," you give her a little squeeze and tug at her to look at you. 
The young girl merely turns her head to the side as she peers up at you.
"Did you see a vending machine here? You know, those things with maybe some snacks or candy inside?" You ask her, and Anya takes a moment to think before nodding. "Do you think you can be a big girl and grab mommy something to eat? I'm soooo hungry."
Anya looks determined but then hesitates. "I don't have money."
You turn to look at Tony with a brow raised. "Can I have my wallet with my thick wad of cash?"
Tony coughs, hiding his laugh but nods. "You can but it's on me." He pulls out his wallet and hands Anya the card. "Just tap this card on the machine."
Anya looks at you, and when you nod, she takes the card in her little hands, staring at it curiously. She looks back at Tony, seemingly nervous. 
"What's up, kid?" Tony asks. "Never seen a black card before?" He smirks.
You lean in to whisper in Anya's ear, doing your best to explain quickly what the card was supposed to do. 
"Oh," Anya whispers softly but still a little confused. "What do you want to eat, mom?"
"Anything you want," you brush a loose strand of hair away from her face. "Did you see anything you wanted to try?"
Anya thinks, hesitating to tell you, so she merely nods instead.
"Alright," you smile encouragingly at her. "Go on then."
"I'll go with her," Bucky offers, lifting his metal hand out to her, trying to not smile when Anya brightens slightly. She carefully slid off your hospital bed, grabbing Bucky's index and middle fingers, making sure she had the card in her other hand.
"Thank you, Mr. Stark," Anya says politely to Tony, and you can see something twinkle in Tony's eye.
"It's just Tony, kid."
"Mr. Stony," Anya says and immediately blushes. "Mr. Tony," she corrects, frowning, but Tony snorts.
"I'll go with Bucky to make sure he doesn't break the vending machine," Sam jumps in. Bucky just gives him a scathing look since he can't say what he really wants to say. 
The three walk out together, leaving you alone with Natasha, Tony, and Steve. You turn to look at the three when they're out of view.
"I don't know what to tell you. That ID was valid when I left. It's how I rented a car."
"Start from the beginning. What were you doing out there?" Steve asks.
You can feel your muscles stiffening.
"I was trying to leave town," you reluctantly say. 
"Leave?" Steve's brows were furrowed. "To where?"
You were silent.
"Look," you huff. “I obviously wasn't in a great situation." You indicate the dark bruise at your temple, which felt so tender in the worst ways.
Everyone looks tense with their jaw clenched, but you push on.
"I had the opportunity to leave, and I took it. I didn’t know where but anywhere would’ve been okay. I left with nothing but my wallet and Anya in the middle of the night in a car that wasn't mine until I reached a car rental agency. I was driving, but the snow got more intense until I drove over a patch of black ice and spun out of control," you closed your eyes for a second, flashing back to that moment of total fear that spiked in your heart. 
"We hit a tree, and we were luckily still okay but the car wouldn't turn back on. I knew that I should've just stayed in the car but it was turning into a freezer. I thought I could walk out of the woods. I just—" you took a deep breath. "I needed to keep going."
"Who were you running from?" Natasha asked carefully, uncrossing her arms to look less closed off. 
But you don't reply. 
"Are you still protecting them?" Tony asks with disbelief. 
"I'm protecting Anya," you snap immediately. "If I tell you who it is, then you'll go after them and expose Anya."
"But we can help you," Steve tries gently. 
"No, you can't," you shake your head. "What kind of person do you think I'm running from? This person could go and erase my entire identity along with my daughter's."
Natasha had already thought about that. She was making connections quickly that you had been with someone powerful. At least someone at the government level if they could make all your records and documents disappear.
She could think of a few people on her list, but many of them were already married with children of their own.
Had you been someone's mistress? 
"And do you know why they did that? So in the case that someone runs my ID, they have to alert the police and they'll find me in an instant when that happens." Your jaw was clenched as you gripped the bedsheets. "And you have no idea what will happen if they find us again. You have no idea what kind of danger you'd put Anya in."
"You make this person sound like a complete psychopath. If there's someone that dangerous and powerful, don't you want them behind bars?" Tony rubs the side of his face.
"Who's going to put them behind bars? The police? The very ones I've gone to before that are in their back pocket? The lawyers who tell me that taking them to court could take years, I would be unlikely to win, and I could very well lose Anya in the process? The Avengers?" You snort.
"Why not us?" Tony retorts back. "This is a team of highly influential individuals."
"Not after the Accords that nearly folded your team like a lawn chair," you shook your head. "They may have been abolished but everyone is still watching your every move. Arguably, I'm more in danger of being caught under your care."
The list of people Natasha had been conjuring up became smaller and smaller. You were so sure they couldn't help you, and while Natasha believed part of it was from fear, it also seemed like a known fact to you.
That you knew something they didn't. 
Steve was about to say something else when Anya, Bucky, and Sam popped back in. Bucky was holding Anya's hand in one hand and a stack of snacks in his other arm.
Anya runs to you, and you pick her up and back into your lap.
"What did you get, sweetpea?" You smile slightly at her. 
Anya looks at Bucky, who drops a stack of chocolate bars in your lap. 
"Bucky said I should get everything in the vending machine," Anya says quietly as she looks at Tony, wondering if it was really okay like Bucky had said.
"Hah, just one of everything?" Tony smirked. "Should've just emptied out the whole thing. Bad advice from Bucko."
Bucky scoffs. "My bad. Next time, I'll just buy the vending machine."
Anya puts her hands over her mouth to stifle her little giggles. 
"Ah, so she does laugh," Tony hums. 
Your face softens at the comment while Anya becomes shy again. You dig through the pile until you pull out M&Ms and open the bag. You pour a couple into your hand, separating the red ones to give to Anya. 
"Look," you say quietly while Anya is distracted. "I don't want justice or whatever it is you think I deserve. All I want is to keep Anya safe." Anya looks up at you when you say her name. You beam at her like nothing is wrong, and she smiles back at you.
You pour out some more M&Ms and let Anya fish out the red ones. You look back up to the Avengers. "And to keep her safe means keeping quiet and making sure we're never found."
Tony began to open his mouth, but you cut him off.
"And if you want to help, then the way to help is getting me a new identity, so then I can get a bank account, so I can get a job, and rent an apartment."
It was silent in the room for a moment before Tony spoke up.
"And if I don't?"
"Tony—" Natasha says, but he gives her a look that asks her to trust him. Even if she does trust him, all she can think about is the contacts she knows who can create new documents. She thinks about her own skills that she could use to help you. 
"I can trade you for it," you finally say.
"Trade me? Exactly with what? I don't particularly need the wad of cash you have," Tony looks amused. 
"You were looking for someone in the forest, weren't you?" You counter, watching their surprised expression. 
"How did you—"
"I saw them when I was walking," you explain. "They heard you in the middle of their drop and you spooked them. They couldn't leave without one of you finding them, so they went deeper in."
You look outside the hospital window. "I imagine with the weather, they can't leave yet. So, they've either died or they've found shelter."
"And how exactly is that a trade?" Tony asks. "I could send my bots out there right now and we'll probably find them."
"You might," you shrug. "But it could take days."
"And you think you can find them faster than me?" Tony is in disbelief.
Natasha stares intently at you. A part of her can't take her eyes off the dark bruise on your temple. She's seen so many injuries before, but the thought that someone who claimed to love you could do that...it made Natasha's blood burn. 
"Can you find it faster than Tony?" Natasha asks with her brow raised.
You look at her, and Natasha's surprised by how striking your eyes look at this moment.
"Yes," you nod, "because I have an eidetic memory. I know exactly where they walked even if their footprints are gone."
"Wait—you're saying—" Tony starts to say when a nurse and doctor come through the door.
"Hello," the doctor looks initially shocked to see people in your room but gives a friendly smile. "We heard our lucky patient has finally woken up. We thought we'd do some check-ups."
You stare at the doctor for a moment before nodding. 
"Maybe it's best if everyone leaves?" The doctor suggests, looking at the crowded room, and everyone starts to shuffle to make their way out. Bucky gestures for Anya to come along, but the doctor shakes his hands.
"Oh, no, it's fine. This is your daughter, right?" He gives her a smile, but Anya only moves closer to you. "She can stay, but she'll just have to sit in this chair here."
Everyone begins to shuffle out, but Natasha lingers, dragging her feet as she stares at the doctor and nurse. The doctor looked ordinary, checking your chart while the nurse was helping Anya get off your lap.
The nurse was sporting a light blue scrub uniform, hair tied up, and generally was very neat and professional. 
Except for her nails. 
Natasha could see they were damaged as if she had a bad acrylic removal. 
"Have you worked here long?" Natasha asks, lingering at the door. The nurse turns around, almost surprised to see Natasha still here. 
"I'm just really worried about my friend and all," Natasha gives a nervous smile. You furrow your brows together at Natasha, but she ignores you.
The nurse gives a warm smile. "Been here for years, honey. No need to worry. Your friend is in capable hands."
The words immediately set Natasha into action. No nurse working at this hospital for years would risk getting long acrylic nails done.
"Steve!" Natasha yells as she runs toward the nurse and doctor. 
You immediately spring into action, ripping the needle from your arm as you grab Anya, rolling off the other side of the bed. You shield Anya's body under yours, catching a glimpse of Natasha fighting the nurse and doctor before Steve and Bucky come barrelling through and tackling the doctor down. 
Sam has run to help Natasha while Tony makes it to your side.
"Get up!" He tells you, but the ceiling collapses before you can even move.
"Mom!" Anya screams, lifting up her hand, but you grab it and force it back down.
"Anya, no!"
You close your eyes, bracing for the impact that never comes. When you slowly open them, you find Tony fully suited up, except he sent his helmet to clip around Anya's head.
"This is why I never listen to hospital rules when they say no phones," Tony grunts, lifting the debris and throwing it to the side.
Looking back over, you find Bucky and Steve have subdued the doctor while Natasha and Sam have the nurse.
"Who sent you?" Natasha holds the nurse's head in a tight headlock, only really giving enough room for her to be able to speak. 
The nurse makes eye contact with you, and you feel something violently shudder through you, making the hairs on the back of your head stand.
"You can’t run forever," the words tumble out of the nurse's mouth, breathy but eerily clear. Before anyone could question the two further, they start frothing at the mouth, wriggling in the Avengers' grasp. Natasha immediately drops the nurse while Steven and Bucky jump away.
Bending down, Natasha examines the nurse without touching her. She sighs, "Death capsules."
The silence falls, filling the gaps in the room. You look down at Anya, who is trembling. You grab her, pulling her up as you struggle to not stumble as you stand.
"Alright, new plan," Tony claps his hand together, wincing at the cut on his brow. "Witness protection Tony Stark style."
Chapter 2
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andydrysdalerogers · 5 months
Memory ~ Steve Rogers
Summary: When you come back from a mission injured, you don't remember anything... or anyone...
Word Count: 5k+
Remember Me – Performed by Nick Pitera The Scientist – Coldplay - performed by Corinne Bailey Rae Good Thing – Reel Big Fish Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran
Warnings: traumatic brain injury, angst, fluff, a really cute teddy bear and really smad Steve...
Tumblr media
YN, where are you?
"I'm on my way.  Thirty seconds."  You were running towards the jet, the mission a complete failure.  The rest of your team on this mission, Tony, Rhodey and Sam were already there, waiting for you.  You were separated and got caught on your own.  You had been lucky so far, managing to take down all the HYDRA agents you encountered.  You could see the jet in your line of vision and your thoughts drifted to Steve.  That tiny distraction allowed an explosion to throw you against a tree, hitting your head.
That was the last thing you heard before darkness engulfed you.
Steve waited anxiously for the jet to arrive.  It was hard enough for you and him to be on separate missions but his needed to be a deep cover mission while yours was supposed to be easy.  Sam and Tony promised they would watch over you. He rocked on his heels and then his heart leaped into his throat when he saw the jet approaching.  Bruce appeared with the gurney and Bucky came to stand by Steve.  "She'll be ok, punk."  Steve merely nodded.
The jet landed and the men rushed forward.  You were lying on the center table, a bandage wrapped around your head, cuts and bruises decorating your arms and face.  Steve picked you up to place you in the gurney.  "Baby, can you hear me?"
"She hasn't responded since the explosion Cap," Sam explains. "Her vitals have been ok but so far no response."
"Let's get her to medical and run the scans," Bruce said. Bucky, Steve, Sam and Bruce pushed the gurney to medical with Tony and Rhodey following closely.  Bruce immediately drew blood and started to push you towards the MRI.  He stopped Steve from entering. "I can't let you in there, Steve.  It will be about half an hour for the scans and then another hour for the results.  I'll let you back in when we are done."
Steve nodded and went back to the living room where the rest of the team waited.  Tony had poured himself a drink, trying to calm his nerves. Natasha, Wanda and Vision had joined the guys, waiting for news.  "Bruce is running test.  We won't know for a while," Steve explained.  He paced the floor, deep in thought.
Nat was the first to speak. "What happened?  I mean, it was supposed to be an easy recon mission."
Tony threw back the drink in his hand. "We got separated.  I went in with her and they were waiting.  I went to cover her and she got pushed into another hallway.  She did great until we got out in the open.  Then I don't know how they got the drop on her.  The rest of the us had made it to the jet.  I saw her and a second later there was an explosion and then she flew into the tree."
Hearing the story made Steve snap.  "You were supposed to be watching her," he muttered.  He looked up.  "You fucking promised me that you would take care of her."
Bucky got up seeing the rage building in Steve's face.  "Steve, breathe man." He grabbed for Steve's arm but Steve shook him off.
"They all promised me that she would be safe, that my fiancé would come home to me in one piece." Steve had fury in his eyes, the veins bulging in his arms and neck.
"Steve, we're sorry.  We didn't know," Sam tried to explain.
"I trusted you Sam.  I fucking trusted you.  You're supposed to be my best friend. You fucking promised me that you would have her six! So why is she in the god damn med bay?!" 
Nat stood up.  "Steve, that's enough."  He whipped his head at Nat.  "It was an accident, Steve.  She's alive and they brought her home," she said gently. 
Finally, Steve broke down.  Nat wrapped her arms around Steve as he started to cry.  "I almost lost her."
Bruce walked back in. "She's stable but still unconscious.  Steve, if you want, you can sit by her bedside."
Steve went in and saw you in the medical bed, an IV in your arm, oxygen in your nose. You looked so small but peaceful. Steve leaned in and kiss your forehead.  "I'm here love."
For a week, Bucky, Sam and Steve kept vigil at your bedside, while the rest of the team handled everything else.  Steve rarely left your side, holding your hand.  Sam and Bucky had to convince him to eat something, rest, shower, reminding him how angry you would be if he didn't take care of himself.
On the eighth day, Steve was finally sleeping, exhaustion taking over him.  Sam sat by your bedside, reading a book to you.  He heard a noise and looked down at you, shock hitting him as your YEC eyes stared up at him.  "Holy shit."
"Where am I?" you demanded.
"You are in the medical bay.  Let me get Bruce."  Sam rushed out of the room while you laid on the bed, looking around.
Bruce came in with Sam. "Hi, welcome back." He started to check everything over. "How do you feel?"
"Sore." Bruce went to check on your heart but you recoiled.  "Don't touch me!"
Bruce stepped back.  Sam moved forward.  "YN, sweetheart, we are just trying to check on you."
"Who the hell is YN?"
Sam's mouth dropped open and looked at Bruce.  Bruce looked at you, sympathy crossing his face.  "Ok, my name is Bruce.  This is Sam.  We are part of the Avengers.  Just like you.  Your name is YN.  You are an agent."
You looked into this gentle man's face and understood that he wasn't lying to you.  "My name is YN?"
"Yes. You took a blow to your head about a week ago and you have been unconscious since then.  Do you remember that?"
You shook your head.  You sat up and pushed yourself to the corner of the bed and hugged your knees, scared of what was happening.
"We need to get the team together."
"Ok," Sam approached you again. "I'm going to talk with the rest of the team so we can introduce you slowly to them.  Bruce is going to check you.  I'll be right back."  He left the room to wake Steve and the others. "Steve, man. Wake up." He gently shook the super soldier.
"Sam, what is it?" Steve asked groggily.
"It's YN."
Steve sat up quickly.  "Is she ok?  Did something happen?  Oh god, I knew sleeping was a bad idea."  He started to rush to pull on pants and a shirt.
"Steve, calm down.  I need you to be calm."
"Sam, what happened."
"She's awake.  But there is a problem."
"A problem?"
"She doesn't know who she is or who we are.  Bruce had to tell her what her name is.  She didn't remember him, or me, or what had happened."
Steve's face fell.  "She doesn't remember?"
"No, it doesn't look like it.  Bruce is checking her over.  We need to tell everyone else.  She's scared. Steve," Sam placed his hand on Steve's shoulder, "I know you want to see her but if she doesn't remember who she is, she may not remember you."
Steve felt his heart break. "Ok. I just want to see her."
Sam sighed.  "Let's just get the team together and then see what Bruce recommends.  This has to be overwhelming for her."
The team was gathered with Nat and Bucky sitting with Steve. Bruce came in. "She had severe memory loss.  It may be temporary."  He looked at Steve.  "It may not.  I think it best we just introduce ourselves one by one. Let's not overwhelm her more than she already is.  Umm..." he hesitated.
"Bruce, please just tell us." Steve pleaded with the doctor.
"She has asked for Sam to stay with her."
Sam's eyes widen with surprise. "Me?"
"I think this is like imprinting.  Your face was the first one she saw. She may not trust you but you were there.  I would go back in and tell her about yourself and then we can start introducing everyone else."
Sam looked at Steve.  "I'm sorry."
"No, it's ok.  Just take care of her. But I would like to be next to be introduced."
"Yeah, of course man."  Sam stood up and went to the medical room.
You sat there, chewing your thumb.  Bruce explained what had happened.  It explained why your head hurt but it didn't explain how you ended up here.  You just chanted in your head, My name is YN and I am an Avenger.  The door opened and the same guy as before came back in.  What was his name again?
"Hi YN," he said.  "Do you remember me from earlier?"  You nodded.  "My name is Sam."
"Sam," you repeated.  "You were here when I woke up."
"Yes, I was.  We've been taking turns."
"Others that you will meet very soon." He sat by your bedside.  "How are you feeling?"
"My head hurts and I'm a little nervous, confused.  What are you to me?"
"I'm your friend." Sam offered you a smile.  "I'm one of your best friends."  He took your hand.
"You called me sweetheart earlier.  And I have this ring," you showed him your left hand.  "Does that mean we are engaged?"
Sam stopped breathing.  He took a moment to think about what to say.  He didn't want you to panic.  "No, YN, we are not engaged.  It's... a promise ring.  You made a promise and you put on the ring to remember."
"Oh.  But you like me?"
"Of course."
"And you'll stay beside me?"
"Always YN.  I'll be here for you always."  Sam stood up.  "I'm going to get the next person for you to meet.  I'll be right back."
You finally smiled. "OK.  Thank you, Sam."
"You're welcome sweet... YN."  Sam finally realized why you were now making assumptions.  He stepped out of the room and leaned against the wall.  Steve came down and saw him there. 
"Steve.  We have a bigger problem."  Sam closed his eyes.  "I am so sorry."
"Sorry?  Sorry for what?"
"When YN woke up and was panicking, I tried to call her down. I called her 'sweetheart' on reflex.  You know I've called her that all the time." Steve nodded. "She took that as I was her partner."
Steve looked at him confused until it clicked.  "She thinks you two are in a relationship. Did you correct her?"
"She looked at her ring on her hand and ask if we were engaged.  I said no that it was a promise ring.  I didn't want her to panic more.  That's why she wants me to stick with her.  I'm sorry.  It was a reflex."
"No, no it's ok." Steve rubbed his neck.  "I want to see her, but we can't tell her yet, can we?"
"We should ask Bruce if it will affect her recovery."
"Sure ok.  Umm, let me just see her.  I won't say anything."  Sam nodded and led him into the room.
"YN, this is Steve.  He's our team leader."
You looked at the attractive blonde and smiled.  "Hi Steve. I'm YN.  But you know that."
Steve smiled, trying to keep his composure.  "Hi YN.  How are you feeling?"
"I'm ok.  A little confused."  Steve came to sit by you.  "Are you my friend?"
Steve felt the stab of pain in his heart.  He swallowed.  "Yes, I am.  All of us are very good friends."
"Oh, sorry.  You haven't met the others but you will.  We are a pretty tight group here."
"That's nice.  I live here?"
"Yes, you have a room here.  I can take you when Bruce releases you."
"Do I live with Sam?"
Sam quickly jumped in when he saw the look on Steve's face.  "No, we don't live together.  You have your own room because... because you wanted to have your own space until you got married."
"Oh.  That sounds smart.  Don't want to be involved with someone who might leave," you said with a smile.
Sam smiled back.  "YN, we have to get the next person, but we'll be back."  The pair stood up and walked out of the room.  Steve sagged against the wall.  "Are you ok Steve?"
"Yes, I just... I just wasn't ready for how much that would hurt.  She doesn't know me.  Three years and it's all gone.  And what about her room?  Our room.  She... I..."
"Ok, one step at a time.  We talk to the team first, we'll get a room ready for her, and then we work on getting the truth to her.  Everything is going to work itself out, you'll see."
Over the next few days, you met the team and started to spend more time with them.  As promised, Sam walked you to your room.  It had photos of the team, little knick-knacks that you loved, according to him.  You were right in the middle of the floor between Steve and Sam.  Steve accompanied you, an unknown look on his face. You made yourself a note to ask Sam but promptly forgot it as soon as your head hit the comfortable bed.
Bucky was the one who helped you navigate learning the tech in your room since he had gone through the learning processes the most recently.  But you stuck to Sam as much as you could while he was home.  When he left for a mission, you would stick to Steve, Bucky or Natasha.  They made sure someone was home with you.
Tony eventually made you a tracking bracelet as you would get lost so much.  One incident had you leaving the compound for a walk and not finding your way back through the trees.  You thought Steve would cry when he found you a few hours later.  Steve was very protective of you, even if you didn't understand why.
A few weeks after the accident found the team in the living room for movie night.  You had fallen asleep on Sam's shoulder, much to the ire of Steve.  His jaw was hard, staring at you and the closeness of Sam to you.  Sam had wrapped an arm around you to keep you comfortable.  Steve sighed and got up to get another beer.  Bucky had been watching and followed.
"Punk, you need to relax."
"I can't Bucky.  He gets to hold her.  He gets to comfort her.  What do I get?  I feel like I am losing her.  Like I've already lost her. I love her and she doesn't even know." Steve braced himself on the counter, his head bowed.
"You never know, she could wake up from this fog she's in." Bucky stood next to Steve with his arms crossed. "It's not Sam's fault.  It's not her fault.  It isn't anyone's fault."
"I miss her Bucky. I miss sleeping next to her, I miss her shampoo in my bathroom.  Our stupid stuffed bear she... she insists on sleeping with even though I'm there. I just... miss her."
You stood just outside of the door, overhearing bit of the conversation.  You had gotten up to get some water when you heard the boys talking.  Instead of going in, you headed to your room.  You sat on the couch where a bear was sitting.  You looked at it closely, not sure if this is the bear Steve was talking about.  You saw some stitching on the paw of the bear.
Steve + YN
Sam knocked on your door a few minutes later. "Come in."
"Hey YN, whatcha doing?"
You held up the bear. "What does this mean?"
Sam sucked in air.  Everyone knew about that bear.  Steve had gotten it for you after your first fight.  He had brought it to you with a smoothie and flowers.  You had stitched his name and yours on it and gave it back to him on your first anniversary.  From then on, it was "our" bear. "Umm...."
"Sam, please, just tell me."
Sam closed the door and sat across from you.  "YN, you and I were not a couple.  Friends, yes.  But not a couple."
"Oh."  You remembered the looks that Steve would get.  "Why does Steve look sad all the time?  Why does he act weird around me?"
Sam took your hand.  "Steve and you were a couple.  Before your accident."  You looked at him open mouthed.  "Your ring... it is an engagement ring.  From Steve."
You stood up and backed away from Sam.  "You lied."
"No sweetheart, I just bent the truth.  I didn't want to overwhelm you with information. You were so scared that first day.  I wanted to build trust. I am one of your best friends and the five of us, Steve, Nat Bucky, me and you are the closest of friends."
You started to cry.  "You lied. I don't believe you."  Why didn't he tell me?
"We just wanted to help you recover, YN." Sam tried to take your hands put you pulled away.
"Get out."
"YN, please..."
"No Sam, get out!" You screamed.  Steve and Bucky heard you and rushed into your room. You looked at them, the tears still falling.  You locked eyes with Steve.  He looked like he wanted to comfort you but you just wanted to be alone.  "Get. Out!"
Sam backed away out of the room, sadness filling his face. Bucky followed but Steve hesitated.  He didn't know why you were upset but it killed him to see you so distraught.  "YN..."
"I can't talk about this right now.  Just please, give me some time."  Steve resigned in defeat and walked out, closing the door behind him.  You laid down and wailed.  You didn't know what to trust. You couldn't trust your mind and the one person who you though you could trust was lying the whole time.
Steve, Bucky, and Sam went back to the living room, the rest of the team waiting for them to return.  "Sam, what happened?" Steve asked.
"I dunno.  When she didn't come back from getting her drink of water, I went to look for her and I found her in her room looking at your bear.  She asked me about it."
"Wait, she got up to get water?  I didn't see her in the kitchen... oh," Bucky said. 
The same thought hit Steve.  "You think she overheard me?"
"I think so," Bucky said. He ran a hand through his hair.  "Why was she screaming?"
Sam sighed.  "She thinks I am a liar for not telling her the complete truth."
It took a day before you came out of your room.  Steve left food by your door asking FRIDAY to tell you that there was a snack by the door.  You always waited a few minutes before asking FRIDAY is anyone was in the hallway before taking the food.  It was curious.  You loved the food brought to you, unsure as to why.
Finally, Tony approached your door the next day.  "YN, its Tony. Can I talk to you?"
You got up and opened your door slightly.  "Are you alone?"
"Yes, sweetie. Can I come in?"
You let him in and sat on the middle of your bed as Tony leaned on the dresser.  "You know, the day I met you, you kicked my ass."  He smirked at you.  "You had to have been the toughest agent in your class.  Steve and I were so impressed.  When we brought you in for a tryout, Natasha and Clint begged us to let you on the team."
"Why are you telling me this Tony?"
"So you know how much you mean to us.  I still remember the day Rogers went to ask you out.  He was so nervous.  But you didn't make him feel bad or embarrassed.  You were so patient with him.  He looked like he won the lottery when you accepted."
You felt a tear forming in your eye.  "Why does it hurt that everyone lied?"
"Because you don't know what to trust right now. It's my fault for losing sight of you that day.  I promised Steve I would take care of you, and we failed.  We just wanted to make it right.  You were so scared those first few days."
"Sam should have told me.  Instead of lying."
"Probably, but knowing what you know now, do you think you would have been able to handle knowing you were engaged to someone you remembered nothing about?"
You stopped and thought for a moment.  "No, I don't think I could."
Tony finally sat down next to you.  "What do you want to know?"
"Is he a good man?"
"The best."
"How long?"
"Three years.  Two together. One engaged.  Your wedding is in about three months."
"He's still planning it?" This shocked you.
"Yep.  Something to hold on to when he was scared." Tony remembered the encouragement the team psychologist had given to help him hold on to hope.  Hope that you would be better soon.
"The bear?"
"A gift from him after your first fight."
You hesitated on the next question, but you wanted to know. "Am I in love?"
Tony smiled. "I think you fell in love with him after the second date."
"Is he here?"
"He's in the gym. Want me to take you to him?"
You had to see him. "Yes please."
Tony got up and took your hand.  He led you down to the gym where Steve was punching the heavy bag, his back towards the door.  "Hey Cap, you have a visitor."
Steve turned around and his face turned to surprise.  "Hi YN."
"Hi.  Can we talk?"
"Sure."  He sat down and started to unwrap his hands. 
Tony left the room and you sat next to him.  "We're engaged," you said simply.
"Yes, we were. I – I don't know where we are right now."
You chewed your lip.  "I want to trust you and get to know you again.  I just don't know how to do that."
Steve thought for a moment.  "How about I re-create our first date?"
"You remember?"
"Of course.  I remember the dress and where I took you; what we talked about and how it ended.  I could do that for you."
"Really.  Tonight?"
"Ok.  Sure.  Yes, ok.  First date redux."
"Perfect."  He looked at his phone.  "I'll come by your room in three hours, ok?"
"Ok."  You got up and started to walk out.  You turned back around.  "I'm excited," you said with a smile.
"So am I." Steve flashed you a real smile for the first time. It gave you butterflies.
You ran into Nat on your way to your room.  "Nat, do you remember what I wore on my first date with Steve?"
"Of course.  We went shopping for it.  Why?"
"Steve, he, uhh, wants to re-create our first date. I want to try and trust him." You blushed, remembering the smile he gave you.
Nat smiled.  She took your hand.  "How much time do we have?"
"Three hours."
"Plenty.  C'mon."  She pulled you along to your room before stopping Bucky.  "Hey Buck, can you go into Steve's room and grab that dress from the closet?"
"A dress.  Nat c'mon..." he looked at your face.  "Her dress?"
"I'll be in her room in two minutes."  He ran off towards Steve's room.  Nat pushed you into yours and made you get into the shower.  As you came out in your robe, she sat you down and started to do your hair and makeup.  After what felt like forever, she stepped out to allow you to change.  The dress on your bed was beautiful. A simple skater dress in navy blue with lace sleeves to your elbows and matching flats.  Nat even laid out a necklace and earrings and your ring.  You looked in the mirror at your side sweep hair and easy makeup.  Nothing dramatic which you liked.
Nat and Bucky came back in, you twirl for them and they immediately smile.  "You look beautiful YN," Bucky says.  "You're gonna knock his socks off."
You blush.  "Thanks Bucky." There is a knock the door and you suddenly get nervous. Bucky kisses your cheek.  "You guys are meant to be," he whispers before pulling the door open for Steve.  "Hey punk."
"Bucky? What are you doing here?"
"Helping your girl get confident.  She's a little nervous."  He stepped aside and Steve inhaled, taking in the image of you.  "Wow," he breathed out.
"Hi Steve."
"Hi doll. You ready?"
"Umm... sure."  Nat pressed a clutch in your hand.  "Lip gloss and tissue, just in case," she whispers.
"Thanks Nat."  Steve offers you his elbow and you take it with a glance at Bucky and Nat.  They smiled and watched you walk out.  He led you through the living room to the door, surprise the team that had been gathered there.  Sam watched and offered you a smile.  You smiled back, hoping that when you get back you can apologize to Sam.
Steve drove you to a little town near the compound and to a cute little restaurant.  He took you to a table in the back.  "I don't know if you want me to order for you or if you want to pick something different."
You thought back to the food left for you the last day.  You loved everything brought to you and you assumed Steve had done that. "You order.  You seem to know what I like."
Steve ordered for you and himself along with a bottle of wine.  "What did you want to talk about?"
"Tell me everything."
He described the first time he saw you, similar to the same story Tony told you.  Except he described his feelings.  How he felt like he was in a dream watching you move.  How sassy you were.  How expressive your eyes were when he asked if you would come for a trial with the Avengers.  You both ate and laughed.  You were finally comfortable with him.
After dinner, you went for a walk around the little town.  He stopped in front of a closed business.  "This is a concert venue.  Small but fun.  We saw a band play here that night.  I couldn't find another one but I thought I would at least bring you here."
"Oh, did I like the band?"
"Yes, it is or was, one of your favorites.  I can play you one of their songs."  You nodded and he pulled out his phone.  The music was upbeat and fun. The song was about not wanting to see the love end.  How fitting for the moment.
"This explains the flats," you say.  Steve laughed. "It was a lot of dancing and bouncing.  C'mon," he took your hand and you walked with him to a roof top bar.  It overlooked the town, the lights twinkling.
"Technically this part was part of the second date but since we are missing the band, I figured this was a good substitute."  He went to the bar and brought you a drink while he had a beer.  You looked curiously at the drink.  "It's your favorite," he explained.  You took a sip and smiled.  It was delicious.
You kept talking.  "Tell me about how you proposed."
Steve smiled.  "I did it while we were in bed.  You had had an argument with Bucky, who was being extra annoying that night. You kept huffing as you got dressed for bed, muttering about how you were going to kill him in the morning."  Steve chuckled.  "I knew then, I never wanted to experience another night without you.  I had the ring for about a month by then.  I wasn't sure how I would do it.  But in that moment, with you, your hair in pigtails and your cute angry face, in pink pajamas, I knew.  You climbed into bed and just cuddled into me.  I stroked your hair to calm you as you laid on my chest.  It just came out.  Marry me."
You felt a tear forming, wishing you could remember the day. "How did I take it?"
"You were stunned, for sure.  You sat up to look at me and when you turned, I had the ring out for you.  You didn't say a word.  You just launched yourself at me, kissing me.  I didn't need you to say yes.  You said it just like that."  Steve could see the heartache of not being able to remember on your face.  He took the glass from your hand.  "C'mon, one more stop."
He drove you back to the compound but not to the building but to the lake.  There was a little dock there that you walked out on.  You looked at the moon reflecting on the water. Steve wrapped his arms around you from behind, resting his chin on your head.  "This is where we had our first kiss."
You turned in his arms, wrapping your own around his neck.  He caressed your cheek, the butterflies forming again in your belly. "May I kiss you YN?" You nodded and closed your eyes.  He leaned down and pressed his lips gently on yours. It warm and soft, like a blanket wrapping around you in comfort.  It was home, your favorite place to be, in Steve's arms.  You remembered this feeling, the love for him, for your relationship.  All the hopes and dreams that you shared.
When he pulled back, you smiled.  "Your kisses were always my favorite, Grant."
Steve froze.  "What did you call me?"
You frowned.  "Grant.  Am I not supposed to?"
Steve smiled.  "What's your favorite color?"
"It's blue, Steve, why are you asking..." You stopped. "Oh my god.  I remember." You looked around.  "I remember it all."
Steve pulled you up and swung you around, both of your laughs filling the air.  He set you back down and you pulled him in for a searing kiss. You breathlessly pulled away.  "I'm so sorry Stevie.  I'm sorry I forgot you."
"Hey its ok.  I just hoped that going back to the start would help and it did. Nobody said it would be easy. I missed you so much. I love you."
"I love you too.  We're getting married here on the dock, right?"
"That's how I planned it." He kissed you again.  "C'mon doll.  I'm taking my girl back to my bed. You, me and that stupid bear."
"Our bear."
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