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"It makes me so happy to think of you getting this award. My best to you, my love to you and it'd be remiss if I didn't say: For Asgard!" Tom Hiddleston congratulates Chris Hemsworth on Trailblazer Award
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I swear no Loki costume is as under-appreciated as his Jotunheim outfit, so every once in a while I have to bring it back to remind folks what a badass look this is! I feel like it’s about as “sorcerer” as we ever get in the films and I always wished it had more screen time that wasn’t mostly poorly lit scenes. It was also INCREDIBLY complicated to pattern as I found out!
I want to go back to Ice Castles NH sooo badly—it was an amazing place to shoot, even if we did end up choosing a day where it was 25F and started actively snowing halfway through. 🤣 #Loki
Photos by @sennedjem
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Crimson Peak | text posts
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Mayday. Mayday. 😩⚰️Plz don't spank me, daddy.
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I literally can't today. Someone take his bone structure away from me.
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Tom Hiddleston congratulating Chris Hemsworth on his 2022 AACTA Trailblazer Award
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Okay…I’ve been working on something besides my stories!
I’ve been taking all my favorite ❤️ photos of Tom/Loki and feeding them into an AI image avatar maker. The images I’ll be posting are the 8th batch of images I’ve cooked up. It’s not as straightforward as it may seem to get good results with these apps...
But now my fanfics are going to be blinged out!! I love love the images the AI is making now!
Feel free to use the images I post in your fics!!!
I would also love to see what fanfics they inspire you to write!!!
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Sorry if I left anyone out! Tagging is not my forte!
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Tom wishing Chris the best on his Trailblazer Award starting at 1:42.
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The Selection || Chapter Six ||
And here we are again! Welcome back to The Selection! Ready to see how our characters do today??? I am!!!
Chapter Five || Masterlist ||
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Two months passed without much issue now. Two girls were sent home through that time and one of them was Adriana Sirandrew. She had been a worthy contender but upon seeing her leaving interview, you found that she had just left because she didn’t wish to be among a toxic group anymore. You couldn’t blame her. 
“Ladies!” the head maid boomed as she swooped into the shared common room, silencing all chatter and gaining everybody’s attention. “The royal family have announced that you will be dining with them tonight,” the maid announced quickly, ignoring the immediate buzz of excitement in the crowd, “Prince Loki will select one of you to sit beside him tonight. Best behaviour, good luck.” 
With that, the maid left the room abuzz with noise and you watched as your groups slithered closer and closer together. Lorelei had a smug smile on her face as she proposed, “obviously, the Prince is going to pick me!” 
“I wouldn’t count on it,” Phoebe retorted from your side, not looking away from the artwork she was creating on your nails as she spoke with her voice full of venom, “after the impression you made to him and the public all that time ago, you aren’t exactly in consideration.” 
“Well,” Lorelei scoffed, rolling her eyes and glaring at Phoebe and your collected group, “Adriana and Lara went home before I have.” 
This girl was so full of herself, so sure that her pride and money will be able to win her the Prince but she had forgotten that the public also had a say in who they liked. If Lorelei finished, there would be a public outcry and Lorelei wouldn’t marry Loki anyway.  
“What do you think to the other girls?” you whispered softly into the night a month ago with your head rested on Loki’s lap, his fingers buried into your hair, “surely it isn’t just me, right?” 
Loki looked down at you with a small smile before he gazed out of your window down to the gardens and the secret rose garden where he had only been able to take Katerina. “There was Katerina, I suppose,” he whispered, gaining your attention and he grinned at the idea that you could be jealous, “not to worry, darling, you are still very very special to me.” 
You smiled shyly as you looked up at him, your hand sliding up his waistcoat and playing with the golden buttons absentmindedly. “What about Lorelei?” you whispered, your heart thrumming in your ears as you stared expectantly at him. 
“Lady Russodottir?” Loki whispered, a smirk pulling at his lips as he sat you up so he could look directly into his eyes, “are you jealous?” 
Your cheeks heated up as you protested, waving your hands like a maniac and tried to explain yourself but you froze when you heard him snort then begin to howl with laughter.  
“I simply jest, Y/N!” Loki laughed, holding his belly and wiping a faux tear from his eye as he eyed you eagerly, “but in all honesty, I feel nothing toward her. Honestly, she is the worst of the bunch.” 
You smiled despite yourself at the revelation that Loki didn’t like Lorelei either. Spurred on by the knowledge that he didn’t, you whispered, “then why do you keep her around?” 
Loki’s cheeks tinted red, and he began to fumble with his hands on his lap as he considered your question and he smiled nervously. “It would be too predictable to send her home so early, don’t you think?” he asked, his eyes searching yours for your opinion on the matter and you found that you wanted to comfort him and reassure him.  
“I know, but sometimes it’s better to send her away rather than keep her around just because of predictability,” you whispered, standing from the sofa and walking over to the door when Loki indicated that he was going to leave, “you’ll consider it?” 
“I’ll consider it,” he whispered, leaning down and sealing your lips in a soft kiss with a smile before pushing open your door and leaving you soon after. 
You and your group left the common area after a few more minutes and all you could think about was how Loki had not come to visit your room in two weeks. He had been busy with the lead-up to Yule this week but for some reason, you had a feeling it was because he was regretting coming to your room in the first place. With a heavy heart, you forced yourself to focus on the conversation that Phoebe was having with Cleo. 
“Well, apparently,” she was saying in her jovial way, her eyes glistening with excitement as her hands reflected such a fact, “the reason why we are dining with the Royals tonight is because of Yule and then in the morning, we will be celebrating with the rest of Asgard to worship the Gods.” 
“We have different traditions for Yule back home,” Cleo whispered serenely, a wistful smile appearing on her lips as she looked as if she was miles away in a memory of a life she had moved away from, “we burn n wicker dolls in the form of Gods after whispering prayers into them and celebrate with our finest Vanir wine.” 
Katerina ‘ooh’ed and followed at Cleo’s side, the smile on her face betraying her excitement to learn more about this tradition. “On Midgard we put up pine trees and put presents under the tree for children to wake up to in the morning!” she spoke with a passionate smile on her face, looking at the girls and blushing when all attention was on her, “then we gather around a dining table and carve the turkey and we all eat and toast together!” 
Phoebe grinned and nodded eagerly in agreement. “There’s a tree that Norway sends to London every Christmas to honour their participation in the Second World War,” she grinned, her eyes brimming with excitement about being able to finally talk about her home, “everything is so expensive in London that I sometimes think we won’t be able to pay for anything at all.” 
Regan then raised her head from looking at her nails in a shy manner to whisper, “in Niflheim we don’t really have time to celebrate Yule, you can barely even tell when the seasons have changed.” 
You patted her back and gave her a comforting smile, assuring her that it was alright to be different from everybody in terms of how the year is spent. “We’re all different,” you were saying as you approached Katerina’s room, “I, for one, am absolutely curious about what happens in your Realm.” 
Regan blushed and nodded her head before slipping into Katerina’s room and all-but collapsing on her sofa with a dragged-out sigh of relief. You joined her and sat at the very end of the sofa so the girl could stretch out and enjoy the luxury of the sofa. Cleo dropped down into an armchair after grabbing a book from Katerina’s bookshelf. Katerina herself sat on the fluffy rug by the roaring fire and tended to the coals as she hummed. 
“Do you think Prince Loki will dance with Y/N again?” Cleo asked, the book positioned conveniently so that you could not see her face. The girls chittered and the room was abuzz with excited whispers until Cleo looked meaningfully over at you, “I mean- we all know you like him.” 
“He’s the Prince,” you replied softly, watching as all of the girls slightly slumped at your reply, at your deflection, “honestly, ladies, you all have a fair chance.” 
“He danced with you, Y/N,” Phoebe whispered as she sat down beside Cleo’s armchair with a fluffy blanket wrapped around her shoulders that she’d stolen from Katerina’s closet, “what do you think that means? He didn’t dance with anyone else.” 
Katerina nodded before turning to look at Phoebe and blanching when she saw the blanket around her shoulders, “is that my blanket?” 
“Unimportant,” Phoebe replied quickly, a playful smile tugging at her lips. 
You sighed and slumped back in your seat, your fingers rubbing at the bridge as you thought back to the ball. It seemed like yesterday when his gentle hand took yours and you both glided around the ballroom floor to the classical music that just spoke to your soul. His emerald eyes gazing down lovingly into yours never failed to make your heart race and desperation to shine through your body in need of him.  
“Yes, we danced,” you whispered after several minutes of silence with only the crackling of the fire to break it up, “but you all still have as much chance as I do.” 
“Gods, Y/n!” Cleo groaned, slamming her book closed and standing from her armchair to grab your hands and begin the dance that you had danced with Loki – and secretly repeated after you returned to your room every night – much to your surprise. As you danced around the room, your mind strayed back to that night where it felt like it was only you and Loki in that room. Just the two of you. “How did you feel when you were dancing with the Prince?” the girl asked, snapping you away from your memory. 
Special. Loved. Seen. “I felt…” you trailed off, thinking carefully about what you felt indeed while dancing with Loki, thinking of how to weave your tale so it felt like you weren’t falling for him as you would fall from a cliff, “I felt happy, I guess? He truly is a wonderful dancer. I hope he asks one of you, so you get to find out why.”  
The girls all shared meaningful glances and secretly began placing bets on how long it would take you to admit that you were falling for the Prince. Phoebe bet a month. Katerina bet two weeks. Regan shyly chirped up with two months. Cleo secretly signalled to the group that her bet was three weeks. You didn’t realise all of this was happening, you were lost in the memory of the dance with Loki.  
 “And I know deep down, pet,” Loki continued, his voice dropping so the cameras couldn’t pick up what he was saying, “you desire me more than you’re letting on.” 
Stupid Loki, you thought, moving away from Cleo to return to your seat beside Regan, your heart hammering in your chest, why did you make me fall in love with you? 
Dinner came sooner than your group had imagined it would. Time seemed to pass so much more quickly now that you all were used to the routine of the day.  
Now back in your room – properly bathed and dressed – you admired the beauty of your dress in the mirror. Contrasting with the elegant green ballgown you were at the ball, you were now wearing an evening gown that was made of the finest Asgardian silk in a beautiful emerald colour. A shawl was wrapped around your shoulders and clipped together with an emerald brooch just below your bust. Your hair was styled to perfection and yet again, you hardly recognised yourself. 
“You’ve outdone yourselves, girls,” you whispered in awe to Madysin and Charlotte, who preened and giggled, “I am looking forward to tonight so much more now, thank you!” 
The girls shared a proud look and giggled as they stood beside you and gazed into the mirror. “You look so beautiful, my lady,” Madysin grinned eagerly, clapping her hands and bouncing on the balls of her feet, “you will blow the rest of the girls away with this!” 
Heat rose up to your cheeks and you smiled proudly before you hard both of them startle and scurry away and you looked up quick enough to see them running past Loki and out of the door. For a few moments, you stayed silent as you studied the Prince in front of you before you remembered that he hadn’t visited you for two weeks and your expression soured. 
“Why are you here?” you bit out, your eyes cold as you met him half way with your arms crossed and a brow raised. Loki only chuckled at your bitterness and tilted his head as he studied you. Under his calculating gaze, you tried your best to hide how paranoid you felt that he knew exactly what you were feeling. 
“I wanted to see you, so I came,” he replied easily with a shrug and you released a huff of disbelief before shaking your head and beginning to pass him before he grabbed your wrist, promptly stopping any thought of leaving, “why does this now offend you? It’s not like I haven’t turned up unannounced in your room before.” 
You scowled and ripped your wrist from his cool grip and inwardly you missed the contact before you gathered yourself and scowled at the Prince even more. “I didn’t mind because I’d seen you that day before you turned up here,” you bit out, scowling and wishing that he was gone or wishing that he would just end the competition and pick someone so you could get over your silly little crush on him. You really needed to go home. 
“Darling,” Loki purred, awakening a throb between your thighs as his hands gently traced down your arms before he took your hands and looked down intently into your eyes, “I must confess that I have been avoiding you.” 
“That was very obvious, Loki,” you retorted quickly with venom, trying to get away from the Prince so that you could bring back your hatred of him. Your heart was betraying you and you hated him but a side of you that you didn’t realise you had yearned for the contact he was giving you right now. “Why are you here now?” you asked, deflecting from the original conversation to get a breather. 
Loki hummed and seemed to be thinking about his answer before he met your eyes again and you were struck dumb in surprise by how beautiful his eyes looked in the setting sun and how his skin practically gleamed in the last beams of light. “I would like you to sit as close as possible to me,” he whispered, noting your sharp intake of breath and a smirk spread across his face, “what’s the matter?” 
“A seat so close to you when the TV’s are on us? That would make it look like... like...” you stammered, your brain fizzling and shutting down as you tried to think about Donna and Milly’s delight at seeing you in the seat closest to Loki because it was a sign that- 
“It would make it look like you were winning,” Loki finished for you, smiling as your eyes met his and nervousness and doubt showed in your eyes. Loki tilted his head slightly and cupped your cheek, his eyes dropping to your lips for a moment before meeting your eyes when he whispered, “why is it so hard to believe that you’re winning?” 
“There are so many girls better than me,” you whispered, your mind whirring as you thought of the girls you classed as ‘better’. Katerina, Cleo, even Lorelei! 
Loki chuckled and shook his head, his fingers pushing away a stray hair from the side of your face as he whispered, “there is no other girl. Not really.” 
You were about to ask what he meant but you registered the panic in his eyes and he disappeared in a cloud of green smoke and you were left standing in your room looking like a shocked idiot. Cursing, you pulled open your door and hurried down to the dining halls.  
You were the last to get there, much to the head maid’s irritation but once you were in place, she began to speak, “now, ladies, the family has chosen a girl that will sit beside the Prince and that girl is Y/N Y/L/N.” 
The girls in your little group all looked at each other and grinned as they applauded while your face went white as a sheet. Loki wasn’t joking? What the hell? You thought as you were guided into the dining hall first and firmly placed beside Loki. 
Sitting down beside Loki, you felt all of the cameras suddenly turn in your direction and everything seemed to be getting smaller. Your breathing quickened and your hands started shaking on your lap as you tried to blink back tears. You didn’t know what was happening, you didn’t know why you were feeling this way. Suddenly, everything was pushed away as a cool hand slipped into one of your shaking ones and you turned your head to see Loki looking at you out of the corner of his eye with a frown. 
“I’m okay,” you whispered weakly, sniffling and trying to look as ‘okay’ as you tried to lie to yourself that you were feeling. Loki squeezed your hand and his thumb gently stroked over the skin of your hand in a comforting way, settling all of your anxieties and bringing you back to yourself.  
Cleo took the seat beside you and noted Loki holding your hand quickly before the Prince ripped his hand away, trying not to be caught showing affection to a specific girl in front of the cameras. The Vanir simply smiled and held your other hand, gaining your attention and she softly whispered, “are you ok?” 
You nodded weakly and replied in a soft whisper, “yes, thank you.” 
Dinner began and proceeded as it would if you were all dining alone but with Loki besde you, you barely ate in secret worry that he would judge your eating habits and would comment on them if he visited you that night. Cleo noticed your lack of eating and nudged you with her shoulder, gaining your attention long enough for her to offer you one of her chicken breasts but you declined and turned back to your almost full plate. 
Loki noticed and he frowned. Was he so terrible that you didn’t even feel comfortable eating around him? What had he done wrong now? Sure, he had left you on your own with no visits for a fortnight but that was mainly because his duties were elsewhere. Even with The Selection, he was still a Prince and always took time to go down to the city and visit everywhere.  
“Lady Y/N,” came a peaceful voice from opposite Loki and your head snapped up immediately to meet Queen Frigga’s gaze. She was dressed in gold tonight, her hair half up and half down and she looked ethereal! “Are you enjoying yourself here?” she asked with a gentle smile, taking a bite of her food after she had finished her question.  
Unconsciously, you began to eat as you thought about your answer. You had made lifelong friends, that was true, you knew that you would never forget this experience and you knew that Donna and Milly were anxious for you to return to them, so you simply smiled. “I do enjoy it here, your grace,” you answered gently, trying your best to ignore all of the cameras now focused on you and the Queen, “I have made lovely new friends and Asgard is so beautiful.” 
“Perhaps my son will take you into the city during the week,” she suggested with a smile on her face that you knew Loki had inherited – his scheming smile.  
That was when hands slammed down on the table and your eyes flew with your head to the opposite end of the table where Lorelei was downright glowering at you. “Why does she get all of the attention from Prince Loki, hm?” she snapped, her eyes ablaze with fury, forgetting where she was and who she was speaking to and just how many cameras there were now turned to her, “precious Y/N Y/L/N, the poor favourite.” 
“That’s enough,” Odin boomed from the head of the table and Lorelei froze like a wooden plank in shock. “Miss Russodottir, you are excused,” he growled, daring her to fight back. She didn’t.  
Lorelei was escorted from the room and you couldn’t help but feel guilty that you were ruining her chances of becoming Loki’s wife. She didn’t love him. She just wanted the money. But she was from a wealthier family and knew the rules of nobility like you never could. All of a sudden, you felt as far away from reality as you had ever felt in this palace before.  
You left as quickly as you could when the dinner was over, not even wishing your friends a goodnight as you hurried back to your chambers and locked the door behind you. As soon as you were alone, you allowed yourself to break down into sobs and you pulled off your heels to walk into the bathroom. 
Staring in the mirror, you saw the girl you are now, not the girl that you used to be. The girl who woke up at the crack of dawn to help their family in the field and who rejected the prospect of love or marriage for the simple truth of ‘my family needs me more than they need me away’. The girl in the mirror was no longer you. You’d allowed Asgard to corrupt you. Or so you’d thought.  
You left the bathroom and walked into your walk-in wardrobe and knelt on the floor, reaching beneath the shoe rack to pull out a brown box that contained your best dress from when you first came to Asgard. The leggings were still intact, the dress looked as beautiful and worn as you remembered, and you smiled as you slipped out of the expensive fabric and pulled on the dress that felt like home. 
You left your wardrobe and froze when you saw Loki sitting on your sofa, a book in his hand and he was nursing a glass of wine in his left hand. You didn’t understand why he was there – why he was always there – but tonight you wouldn’t question it so you sat beside him and pulled your knees up to your chest. 
“Did I do something?” Loki asked after a pregnant pause and you turned to look at him in confusion before he continued, “all the way through dinner, you didn’t converse with me once. As much as I know you’re stubborn, you seemed off... what did I do?” 
You were stunned at the sight of him. His eyes met yours and he looked unhappy, hurt at himself for even the slightest notion that he had hurt you. “You did nothing, Loki,” you replied softly, resting your head on your knees as you looked at him, “I just think you could have sat next to better girls.” 
“Better girls?” Loki whispered softly, shocked at the suggestion. He set his book and wine down on the coffee table and turned his full attention to you, “why couldn’t you be a ‘better girl’ to me than the rest? What if I consider you a ‘better girl’?” 
 “Then I’d say you’re a fool,” you whispered sadly, your eyes downcast and unable to see the falter in Loki’s mask at such an accusation, “I’m simple, Loki. The Selection isn’t for girls like me.” 
Loki huffed in disbelief, leaning back in the sofa as he looked up to the high ceiling for strength. The Prince cleared his throat and a present appeared in his hands, wrapped with emerald wrapping paper and a black sash around it with a golden bow on the front. Your eyes snapped to it in shock and you tilted your head, “what is this?” you whispered weakly. 
“Midgard’s tradition is to leave a present below a Christmas tree, correct? And for a jolly fellow to come bring gifts?” Loki whispered tentatively, his brow creasing as he searched for confirmation in your eyes and when he got it, he preened and held the present out for you, “I can’t offer you a tree nor the jolly fellow but... I got you this.” 
You stared at the present before taking it and slowly undoing the bow, pulling the paper to see the emerald box beneath and you tilted your head before opening the top and you gasped when you saw that inside was a letter with your name written on the front in your mother’s handwriting, a photo of you dancing with Loki back at the ball and a new book that looked to have the pages custom painted and tears brimmed in your eyes as slowly opened the letter. 
Dear Y/N, 
Your father, Donna, Milly and I watch your progress each day and our gorgeous girl keeps making us prouder and prouder. The ball was Milly’s favourite day, she said you look like a real-life Princess and she misses you terribly. The town is doing so much better now with the money coming in but do not just stay there just because of the money, enjoy yourself, do you understand? You’ve worked so hard for so long and deserve some time to be yourself. 
Donna is doing great with helping the townspeople with jobs, she’s even got an apprenticeship at the bakery! She says that if you ever get to visit, she’ll bake you a special cupcake and even some for your friends!  
Y/N, you don’t have to be there to marry the Prince. I know it is the aim of the game but it is also a way to make friends that you never would have before and to see you branching out and having such a supportive friend group, it brings a tear to my eye. 
If you’re ever feeling homesick just read this letter and know that we will always be here to support you, no matter what. You will always be our little Princess, even if you don’t win The Selection. Seeing you becoming the confident, brave and mature girl I know you are has been the most wonderful gift anyone could give me this Christmas.  
Merry Christmas,  
You didn’t realise you were crying until Loki’s strong arms pulled you into a hug and you were sobbing into his shoulder. The Prince held you and comforted you, rubbing your back and whispering endearments into your ear, knowing how much you missed your family because he’d miss his mother just as much. 
“I thought we weren’t allowed to send home letters,” you whispered weakly when you had calmed down slightly and you blushed at how hoarse your voice sounded. 
“I got approval from my mother two days ago and went myself – disguised, of course – to inform your family that you were allowed a letter,” he whispered with a small smile, his cheeks tinting red as he whispered, “I tried one of your sisters cupcakes... they were thrilling! You don’t find flavour like that on Asgard! Your youngest sister, Milly, she asked if I knew you and when I said I did, she asked me to do this...” 
He trailed off and pulled you back into a tight hug, making you laugh and hug him back. You missed your family so much but having Loki here with you, by the fire and embracing you, you felt better.  
“Thank you,” you whispered softly, sliding the letter back into its envelope and you picked out the photo of you and Loki dancing and you smirked as you looked at him, “they didn’t get me this.” 
“No, no they didn’t,” Loki answered with a lopsided grin, his eyes transfixed on the photo and how beautiful you looked in the emerald dress, “mother helped me get it. I thought you might appreciate it as a present.” 
You smiled and gazed down at the photo, smiling at how perfect loki looked in that picture. His hair pressed back and his sculpted body hidden beneath that wonderful outfit that just hugged all the right places enough to send your mind wandering to different places. 
“They’re all lovely,” you whispered, your eyes rising to meet Loki’s and you sucked in a breath before Loki’s lips were on your own. 
There was something different about this kiss, something more passionate, more loving than it had been before. His lips completed yours and he moved closer to you, the gift box vanishing and reappearing on the coffee table. You gasped into the kiss when you felt him press into you, his hand firmly holding the back of your neck as he shifted his lips against yours. You gasped against his lips when he pulled away minutely to catch a breath before kissing you again. 
You responded eagerly, wrapping your arms around his neck and straddling his lap, allowing his tongue to flick into your mouth as your fingers found their way into his glorious ebony curls. You gave a sharp tug at his hair and Loki sighed beneath you, disconnecting from your lips to start kissing down your neck while whispering ‘perfect’ and ‘beautiful’ between kisses. You sighed happily at the contact and moved your head to the side so he could access your neck easier before you squealed as he hoisted you up into his arms and began to stride over to your bed.  
Loki gently laid you on the bed and hovered over you, sealing your lips in another kiss as his hands explored the sides of your dress, searching for a way to undo it. You eagerly continued to play with his hair, curling strands around your fingers and tugging to receive a groan and a slight bite to your lip.  
Before anything could go further, though, Loki sat up on his knees quickly and collected himself, running his hand through his hair. “I shouldn’t do this,” he whispered, his eyes lowering to meet yours with a frown, “you don’t love me.” 
Yes, yes I do! You thought desperately as you watched Loki slip off the bed and attempt to completely compose himself. You sat up and frowned, watching as he timidly looked over at you again.  
“I would stop it,” Loki whispered, striding over to you and taking your hands, looking into your eyes desperately, his heart on his sleeve, “all of it. I’d send the girls home and choose you. Why won’t you let me?” 
Your eyes dropped and you bit your lip as you tried to think it over. While stopping everything now would be an amazing idea, you’d love it more than anything, you couldn’t do that to the other girls who hadn’t gotten to know him like you had. “I just...” you whispered, sniffling and squeezing his hands, “I need time.” 
“Time?” Loki echoed weakly, biting his lip to study you and his shoulders slumped with relief at the idea that you could eventually allow him to stop this and choose you. “I can give you time, darling, but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay indifferent to you in the eyes of the camera.” 
You nodded and stood from the bed, your hand resting on his cheek and you swore he leaned into your touch. “I just need time,” you whispered softly, your head resting on his chest and he embraced you for the first time as a lover would.  
When Loki finally left, you stood in the bedroom as you had hours ago with your heart thrumming and the promise of a better life right in your grasp. But you shook your head and readied yourself for bed. 
You needed time. 
“She needs time, mother!” Loki whispered as he paced in front of the hearth, his hands fiddling as he stressed, tears hidden behind his mask as he tried his best to hold himself together.  
“So do as I suggested, dear heart,” the Queen answered calmly, standing from her place on the sofa to meet her son and pull him into her arms, pressing a gentle kiss to his temple as she rubbed his back, “take her into the city on a date. You are allowed to do that and even if you only have one camera following you, I know you’d figure out a way to evade notice.” 
A small smile pulled at loki’s lips and he blushed as he rested his forehead against Frigga’s neck and he let out a sad sigh. “I think I'm in love, mother,” he whispered weakly, feeling free to admit it only in front of the second woman he trusts. 
“That is good, Loki,” Frigga replied softly, her nails softly dragging through his curls as she smiled, “so help her love you. It doesn't take much to see that she's falling... so help her, be there for her.” 
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wanna have a rousing discussion about truth? honor? patriotism? ✨
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The way he said “for Asgard” while lifting Mjolnir??? SO WHOLESOME. This feels like Ragnarok era again. The nostalgia. Aww I miss them!
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You attend a family Christmas party and things get very awkward between Tom and Keanu because one of them is your ex-husband and the other your new boyfriend. Your ex did not know you were dating someone and is there to try to get you back while your boyfriend intends on proposing that very night.
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Oooo ooooh, what about what Loki would do if he met someone who he was absolutely infatuated with and he just HAD to have her to himself. Dark Loki :DDD
Tumblr media
Under cut cause it's a bit dark and suggestive non con.
Loki had been keeping an eye on you for a while since you first joined the team.
The intense stare he'd given you when you were introduced did put you on edge a bit, but he seemed harmless enough and the avengers put you at ease saying he had redeemed himself.
But from the moment he first laid eyes on you, he knew he just had to have you to himself. He was always watching you when you were in the same room, but he was sly with it so you felt eyes on you but couldn't put your finger on it really.
Over time though, you started getting random notes slipped under your door. Rather suggestive ones, but you had no idea who they were from.
Then Loki started giving you more attention, often flirting with you and winking a lot. Becoming rather suggestive, you did wonder if it was him that was sending the dirty notes...
Gifts soon started arriving just outside your bedroom door. It varied from chocolates to flowers at first. You weren't sure whether to ask Loki or not if it was him, he was pretty intimidating so you were a bit scared to ask.
But the gifts became more suggestive, such as lingerie and toys... Which really put you on edge.
So putting on your brave pants, you approached Loki one day to ask him if it was him.
'Uh... Loki? I uhm, was just wondering if it's you that's been leaving me gifts?' You blurted out bravely.
Loki grinned. 'It is. Do you like them?'
You were a bit surprised at his easy admission. But glad you knew for sure now. 'Uh... I... The chocolates and flowers are lovely, thank you.' You blurted out nervously.
But a frown formed on his face. 'Do you not like the other gifts?' His tone seemed darker and you felt shivers run up your spine and the hairs on the back of your neck and arms stood up on end.
'I... I have to go.' You ran away quicker than a cheetah chasing its prey.
Loki was annoyed that you didn't appreciate all of his gifts. And he noticed you started avoiding him too over the following few days, which angered him.
He decided enough was enough, so asked you out on a date. Saying to meet at a certain time that evening. But when you didn't appear, too scared to go, he saw red and decided to take matters into his own hands.
He was going to have you for himself, whether you liked it or not.
You were completely disorientated when you woke up the next morning, arms tied together above you on a strange bed. In a strange room that you didn't recognise.
'Ah, you're awake, pet. Now I can finally take what's mine.'
But that voice you did recognise.
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