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My Angel
Pairing: Avenger Loki x female reader
Warnings: mutual pining, friends to lovers, mild jealousy, swearing, mentions of alcohol, heavy petting, smut, soft smut, sub Loki, penatrative sex (p in v), mild dirty talk, fluffy stuff, smuffy stuff!!
Summary: Loki has wanted more from your friendship for some time but not sure how to tell you, but when an opportunity arises he takes a chance...
A/n- I wrote this for the lovely @mochie85 !! Ever since you sent this to me its been working its way through my brain and came out this!! Thank you so much for your endless support, inspiration and friendship!! You an absolutely amazing person and don't you ever forget it love!! 💚💚💚
Tumblr media
You finished applying your eye liner, touching up your lipstick before adjusting your shirt, pushing your boobs up looking in the mirror. "You are damn hot." You winked at yourself walking into the living room grabbing your boots when a knock came at the door "come in." You called out, sitting on the couch seeing Loki walk in "Hello darling." He said smiling "hey Mischief, what are you up to?" You answer lacing your boots up. "I was wondering if you cared to watch a film with me?" He asked pushing his hands into his pockets. "Oh...um....I'm sorry Loki, I have plans." You said standing up pulling your skirt down, granted it barely covered anything anyway.
"Are you going to that....place again?" He asked, irritation laced in his tone. "Woah there...that "place" is a bar, and yes I am." You said air quoting grabbing your purse. "Are you.." he trailed off as you bent over fixing the lace on your boot "am I what?" You asked standing up "g..going alone?" He asked clearing his throat, you could swear there was a pink tint on his cheeks. "I'm meeting a couple of my girls there....why?" You asked crossing your arms. "I was only curious...what if something happens to you?" He asked looking down. You walked over grabbing his shoulder "You have nothing to worry about." You smiled as he looked up at you, his eyes drawing you in "they have bouncers and security, nothing will happen to me." You said rubbing his arms.
"You are certain you won't change your mind?" He asked "it's open mic night, and I wanna see who all is going to play." You said winking at him seeing him nod looking down again "What's wrong Mischief?" You asked tilting your head. "Nothing, I just wish to make sure my friend is ok, that's all." He said with a smile but you could tell his heart wasn't in it. "Oh come now, you know I'm your best friend." You smiled, the word feeling like ash in your mouth, you wanted to be so much more then friends with this man...God. "that is accurate." He laughed shaking his head. "Come, walk me out" you said lacing your arm with his. "When will you be back?" He asked walking you to the elevator "um..good question, I'm not sure." You smiled hitting the button.
"Will you call me.....if you need anything that is." He said fidgeting with his hands. "Yes, you will be the first." You said as the doors opened. "Ok, I'll see you later Mischief." You said reaching up to kiss his cheek when he turned his head slightly, causing your lips to land at the corner of his mouth. You pulled back looking up at him "i..sorry, I didn't mean to umm.." you stuttered feeling your face heat up "im...I'm just gonna go, bye Loki." You said rushing onto the elevator hitting the button. "Have a pleasant evening y/n." He said smiling as the doors closed. "Uuuugh." You groaned, pressing your forehead to the wall "why can't you grow a spine and tell him?" You asked yourself sighing "cause he's your friend, and you'll just mess it up that's why." You said aloud when the doors opened at street level. You shook your head, hoping tonight will distract your mind, atleast for a little while.
You came back to the table, passing out the drinks you grabbed from the bar. "Do you think the next one will be any good?" Your friend Susie asking taking a sip "can't be any worse then the last one." Your other friend jewel said laughing "isn't that the truth." You said sipping your drink. "Hey, you ever tell that guy you like how you feel?" Susie asked looking at you "no, I wanted to....I was actually going to invite him tonight but I don't think he'd really enjoy it." You said shrugging "besides, he called me his "friend" earlier." You said looking down "ouch...sorry." jewel said rubbing your shoulder "it's fine, better his friend then nothing right?" You asked with a small smile when the announcer came on the stage.
"Hello again! And welcome to open mic night. Next, we have a very special treat for you all!" He said when you looked up "our next performer has never played here before, but if he plays as good as he looks your all gonna love him!" He said hearing everyone laugh "so, without further ado....L!" He said clapping, the room joined him you saw a tall man slowly walk out onto the stage, his long hair covering his face wearing a black button up, the top three undone revealing his chest, his black jeans tight around his legs outlining his muscular thighs, his leather boots echoing through the room as he walked to the mic with purposeful steps, a black guitar hanging from his shoulder.
"Mm...this is promising." Susie said smiling making you laugh. You looked back to the stage freezing as the man flipped his hair back revealing who it was. "Good evening everyone, I would like to dedicate this to a special lady in the audience tonight." He said into the mic, turning back to the band you watched as he rolled up the sleeves of his shirt up exposing his foreams, your eyes tracing the veins running up his arms, his dark jeans hugging every inch of him, perfectly outlining...everything. He turned back to the crowd holding his arms out, his deep green eyes meeting yours as the lights went out, plunging the room into darkness. Everyone sat in silence, a few whispers floated through the room when the guitar riff came to life, the stage lights slowly rising bathing him in a dim green light, fog swirling around him..
Make up your mind...Decide to walk with me...Around the lake tonight...Around the lake tonight
By my side...By my side
You sat back, mouth hanging open as his deep, sultry voice filled the room, demanding attention as his long fingers traveling the neck of the guitar, his arms flexing with the movement. What those fingers could do to you...
I'm not gonna lie...I'll not be a gentleman...Behind the boathouse...I'll show you my dark secret
Locking eyes with you at the last line, he backed away from the mic, tilting his head back slightly as his tongue slipped out licking his lips. "Holy shit.." you muttered not able to look away as he stepped back up, his lips touching the mic..
I'm not gonna lie...I want you for mine...My blushing bride...My lover, be my lover, yeah...
Don't be afraid...I didn't mean to scare you...So help me, Jesus...
He took a step back, looking down at the guitar as his fingers glided across it, his thigh flexing as he tapped his foot on the floor in time making you bite your lip, rubbing your thighs together as he threw his head back, his long curls spraying across his shoulders, a few strands sticking to his forehead a he stepped back to the mic, his eyes meeting yours...
I can promise you...You'll stay as beautiful...With dark hair...And soft skin, forever...Forever...
Make up your mind...Make up your mind...And I'll promise you
I will treat you well...My sweet angel...So help me, Jesus
You vaguely heard your friends cat calling him as his body swayed with the music, his shoulders flexing with the weight of the guitar, his skin damp from the heat of the lights...
Give it up to me...Give it up to me...
Do you wanna be...My angel?
A shiver ran up your spine as his voiced dropped, the deep bass shooting through you.
Give it up to me...Give it up to me...
Do you wanna be...My angel?
"Yes....I do..." you whispered, leaning forward watching the muscles in his neck flex, making you want to sink your teeth into them.
Give it up to me...Give it up to me...Do you wanna be...My angel?
So help me
His voice resonated through, traveling through every inch of you igniting something deep inside you, something...feral. you bit down hard on your lip, scooting to the edge of your seat as he stepped in front of the mic, his long legs spread wide as the solo started. Biting his lip you watched his fingers dance up and down the neck of the guitar, his curls bouncing as his head slowly bobbed up and down. Pressing your thighs together imagining his head between your legs, his head slowly moving up and down, curls rubbing against your skin as he brought you to the brink....
Be my angel...Be my angel...Be my angel
Do you wanna die?...Do you wanna die?...Do you wanna die?...Do you wanna die?
Do you wanna die?...Do you wanna die?...Do you wanna die?...Do you wanna die?
"He's trying to kill me." You said to yourself, feeling the evidence of your arousal in your panties as his deep voice vibrated through you. His eyes not leaving yours as you tried to cross one leg over the other seeing a smirk spread across his face, his lips pressing to the mic..
Well, I promise you...I will treat you well...My sweet angel...So help me, Jesus
The end of the song came as the lights came back up around the room, everyone jumping to their feet clapping and hollering when every women in the room advanced to the stage, including your friends...leaving you alone at the table. Looking up you locked eyes with him, licking his lips he winked before he took a long bow holding his arms out. "Thank you so much everyone! Have a pleasant evening." He said before taking long strides off the stage to somewhere in the back. You downed your drink, trying to compose yourself when your friends joined you again "Dammit, I was hoping I'd get to snag him for the night." Susie said sitting down. "W..was he not interested?" You asked looking down "nope....said he was with someone." She huffed downing her drink.
You furrowed your eyebrows looking at her "he's not with anyone." You said to yourself looking back to the stage. "Hey, I gotta run to the restroom." You said jumping up before they could say anything. You looked around seeing everyone return to their drinks and conversations, allowing you to slip unnoticed behind the stage. You walked around for a minute, checking room after room "Dammit laufeyson, where are you?" You whispered crossing your arms "looking for me?" You heard his voice behind you making you freeze. You cleared your throat slowly turning around, taking in his tall frame still clad in black, his pale skin covered in a sheen of sweat. "L..loki..." you stuttered, your eyes traveling down to where the guitar was before.
"Up here darling." He purred, your eyes shooting to his seeing him smirk. "Did you enjoy the show?" He asked taking a stop forward, looking you up and down "from what I see, I would say yes." He smiled, coming to stand chest to chest with you, leaning down slightly "from what I smell, I would say very." He whispered in your ear. Feeling your face heat up you looked down fidgeting with your fingers "L..loki.." you said, feeling his fingers under your chin making you look at him "yes darling?" He asked, his eyes searching yours "yes..." you sighed grabbing his wrists "yes what?" He asked leaning closer "I want to be your angel." You breathed, seeing him smile you lunged forward, pressing your lips to his pressing him into the nearest wall.
You slid your tongue along his bottom lip, hands exploring his chest gently kicking his legs apart, your hands sliding down his abs landing on his belt, the metal clinking as your fingers worked to open it. His lips parted in a soft moan, taking the opportunity you slipped your tongue past his lips, relishing the feeling of his soft lips against yours, his tongue caressing yours when you unbuttoned his jeans, slowly sliding a hand down wrapping your fingers around his length, slowly sliding up and down as your other hand went to his hair, holding him to you swallowing his moans feeling his hands grip your sides.
He broke the kiss, leaning his head against the wall while you continue to stroke him, twisting your wrist reaching the base. "Aahh gods...d..darling..." he stuttered, screwing his eyes shut slowly rocking his hips with your hand. You reached up, nipping at his pulse point feeling him shiver. You reached over, opening the door next to you seeing it empty, a small love seat in the corner. You removed your hand from his length hearing him whine and look down at you "shh....come on." You said grabbing the front of his shirt dragging him inside. Kicking the door shut your lips found his again as you backed him up to the love seat, his long legs spread wide as you pushed him down standing over him.
You smiled down at him sliding your hands up under your skirt, sliding your panties down as his eyes never left you. You stepped out of them, walking over to him you leaned down, hooking your fingers under the hem of his jeans as he lifted up allowing you to slide them down his legs, your hands gliding up his thighs as you went to staddle him. You grabbed his cock, slowly stoking him as you lined him up "wait..y/n.." he panted, gently grabbing your wrist "is something wrong?" You asked looking into his eyes "no..it's just.." he trailed off looking at you "tell me your mine...please...that this isn't just..." you cut him off, genlty pressing your lips to his, looking into his eyes "Loki...I'm yours...I always have been.." you said.
You watched his pupils dilate, his fingers teasing the hem of your shirt when you leaned back, raising your arms letting him pull your shirt over your head "you are so beautiful.." he breathed, his fingers ghosting over your shoulders making you shiver. You leaned down, nipping and sucking on his pulse point feeling his fingers dig into your hips. "Say your mine Loki...tell me..." you breathed, biting his earlobe hearing him groan "i...I am yours y/n...always...." he breathed, tilting his head back against the couch. You reached down, wrapping your fingers around him lining him back up "ready?" You asked as he leaned up looking at you "y..yes.." he moaned as you slowly sank down on him, feeling your walls stretch around him "fuck...your so big..." you moaned, throwing your head back feeling every inch of him as he bottomed out.
"Y/n...aahh....move please...i...." he moaned, wrapping his arms around your back pulling you to him as you lifted your hips up, slowly sinking back down onto him. He buried his face in the valley of your breasts, your hands threading through his hair feeling his fingers gently ghost up and down your back. "Aahh fuck...Loki..." you moaned, closing your eyes feeling him rock his hips with yours. You sped up your pace, feeling the tightness in your stomach "l...loki....im....ahh...." you moaned, digging your fingers into his hair "I know...I can...ahh feel you..." he groaned, looking up at you "Come with me y/n.." he panted, thrusting up into you.
You leaned down, engulfing his mouth with yours, your tongues exploring eachother as you came hard, moaning into his mouth. Pulling his hair you heard him growl, gripping your hips holding you onto him feeling him twitch inside you, swallowing his moans as he came hard, coating your walls with his release. You pulled back, pressing your forehead for his, seeing his eyes closed making you smile. You sat back, cupping his cheeks when he slowly opened his eyes looking up at you smiling "loki, I don't think we can be friends anymore" you panted, your thumbs running along his cheekbones "w..why..." he started furrowing his eyebrows "because, I want so much more then that." You said pushing his hair back "would you go out with me?" You asked seeing him smile "I would love nothing more...my angel." He said, leaning up pressing a soft kiss to your lips. "Come on Mischief, let's go home, I'm not done with you yet." You winked seeing his eyes darken "as you wish darling." ...
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Man of The Month part 8: September
Series MasterlistMy Complete [email protected] Masterlist
Summary: Bruce takes a turn behind the camera. Pairing: Loki x Reader (eventually) Word Count: 2.4k Warnings: Nudity, Language,
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were distracted today. The light coming in through the studio windows made the most amazing hues of blue and grey. You caught yourself just watching the dust motes float throughout your space. You only did this when you were tired and bombarded with work. You would shut down at the heavy load you had to carry, which made the in-surmounting task more unbearable. You were behind on your work, and this wasn’t helping.
You stayed up late most nights and barely had any time to eat or do basic things just to catch up to a more reasonable workload. Never again, you thought. I would much rather wait out, straddled on a tree branch for my mark, than do another photoshoot like this.  
The train of thought got you irate as you fantasized about ways of getting even with Tony. Maybe I can mess with his photo. No, that won’t be professional. How do I make him uncomfortable? Then suddenly, an idea hit you. “FRIDAY? Would you like to play a prank on Tony with me?”
“What did you have in mind, Miss?”
Knock. Knock. Knock.
The knock on your studio door surprised you. No one ever knocks on your door unless they had a scheduled shoot with you that day. Everyone else, Shaun or Wanda more frequently, would barge in unannounced as if it were an extension of the common room and not a professional working studio where you needed space and quiet and a Certain Level of PRIVACY FOR YOUR CLIENTS!
…deep breaths…
But you digress. The knock on your door rapt your attention once more. “It’s open, Bruce, come in,” you yelled as you tried to continue working on FRIDAY’s coding.
“Scopes?” Loki’s deep voice sent a welcome shiver throughout your body, pooling as it heated into your core. You turned to face him and smiled as he brought you a small plate of bagels slathered with cream cheese. “I figured I’d bring you your breakfast since Xu is currently discussing something lengthy with my brother. I also brought you my cardigan back. I didn’t know if you had one in here.” He started looking around. “It does get rather chili in here.”
“That’s so thoughtful. Thank you,” you said taking the plate from his hands. “You guys dote on me too much.”
“It’s not doting when I’m just being a decent person. I could be doing more. I’m just a friend, who simply wanted to ensure your well-being.” Loki smiled.
He hated the word as soon as it left his mouth. Friend. Loki wanted to be more. He wanted to be your beloved. Your lover. Yours.
You reciprocated his smile as genuinely as you could. Shaun was mean for getting your hopes up as high as they were. There was no way Loki thinks of you as anything else other than a friend. He just said so himself. “Thank you.”
“Who is scheduled for today?”
“Bruce,” you said taking a bite of your bagel. “He should be coming in any minute now.”
“Will you need any assistance? Do you mind if I stay and watch?”
“I would love some help. But it should be up to Bruce...”
“What should be up to me?” Bruce interrupted, walking into your studio.
“Bruce,” Loki nodded in greeting.
“Hey, Loki. Hey, Scopes.” Bruce said wearily.
“Hi, Bruce. You ok?” you asked, your eyebrows furrowing in concern.
“Ya…yeah I’m fine.” He didn’t look fine. He came in agitated and bewildered. “I just got a lot on my plate right now and I haven’t really slept at all. Tony’s been asking me for this prototype with MARK 44. Then he has me doing this shoot.” On cue he yawned, stretching his right hand up and arching his back.
“I’m sorry Bruce. Do you want to reschedule? I don’t mind. I can get someone else here today and you can come back when you’re better rested.”
“No, no. I’d rather do this now and get it over with so I can just go one with my li…FREAKIN’ HELL!” Bruce stubbed his toe on the corner leg of the table. He didn’t see it as he was coming forward and yawning, knocking over your bagel plate onto the floor.
“Oh my god! Are you ok?” you asked hurrying over to Bruce.
“I’m fine. I’m fine. It’s just not my day today. Awe and I ruined your bagel. I’m sorry.” He frowned as he watched Loki discard the bagel in the trash and clean up the cream cheese off the floor.
“Bruce. Let’s call it a day. Spend this time unwinding. Why don’t you join Loki and I for brunch? Would you like that?”
“No. Let��s just get this over with,” he growled. You backed away, seeing that Bruce was starting to bulge a little and turn slightly green on his neck.
“Sure, Bruce. So, whatever you’re comfortable with,” you appeased. Loki could hear the tension in your voice. He looked over at Bruce and saw that he was agitated, to say the least. “How bout we take some pictures by the wall over here?” You pointed away from the windows and kitchen. Away from the glass and sharp objects that you could easily be thrown into in case of a breakout.
“Darling,” Loki whispered in a low voice. “Are you all right?” He entreated quietly while still watching Bruce. You nodded your head and smiled. Your eyes frantically looking to the door of the studio, signaling Loki to get out while he can. Or possibly get help.
Normally, Bruce was so even-tempered. The mild-mannered doctor was always gentle and unassuming. But that was with a good amount of sleep and no annoyances to plague his mind.
The good doctor, as of right now, was agitated, annoyed, and very much angry. You didn’t think he could handle another setback to his day.
“SCOPES!” Tony yelled as he slammed the door of your studio open. You gave an exasperated sigh at Tony barging into your work area. “What did you do?”
“Tony I’m in the middle of working here. On a project, I might add, you gave me a strict deadline for,” you snapped.
“So, I ask again. What did you do?” Tony commanded as he stepped closer to you, pointing a finger in your direction.
“To what?”
“Stark, is this really necessary?” Loki interjected, standing in between you and Tony.
“Oh, you can’t save her Rudy. I was in the middle of a meeting with Fury and some military higher-ups when I asked FRIDAY to start the demonstration. Do you know what she said to me?” he raged.
Your years of training had prepared you for this moment. This moment right here, to school your expression and feign innocence in front of a hostile interrogator.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You raised your chin and looked the other way.
“She called me daddy. DADDY! I said, ‘FRIDAY, run the simulation please.’ And she said, ‘Yes, daddy. Which range missile would you like to fire first?’ At that point I had most of the officials looking at me strangely, wondering if I actually get my AI to call me ‘daddy’ like I’m some narcissistic billionaire with A KINK.”
“Well, in due fairness…” Loki interrupted.
“Stay out of this, Loki.” Tony snapped in his direction. “Fury’s questioning whether to take me off the bill. So I looked up the last person who had access to her coding and lo-and-behold it was you. On this computer. Fess up, Tweets.”
“THAT’S ENOUGH!” The frightening growl came from Bruce. Slowly and unnoticed by everyone in the room, he had started turning and twitching. His linen shirt ripped to shreds as his hulking green muscles came out. Bruce grew taller and taller as his trousers fought to keep themselves wrapped around his waist, finally snapping and letting go, contributing to the growing dust mote population in your studio.
One final roar came out of The Hulk’s mouth announcing his presence. “NO MORE FIGHTING.” He picked up the weight bench in the work-out setup and threw it against the door of the studio, locking everyone inside.
“Someone get Nat.” You yelled.
“FRIDAY,” Tony called out.
“Yes, daddy?” She answered back. Tony sighed as his nano suit formed around him. You could see his eyes roll behind the Ironman helmet.
“Inform the team there’s a breakout in Scope’s studio.”
“Affirmative, daddy.”
“You are changing that as soon as we are done here, young lady!” Ironman pointed to you before he hovered a few feet off the floor and tried to steal The Hulk’s attention away from you.
Hulk picked up more furniture and tried to swat Ironman away. “HULK MAD. HULK FEEL LEFT OUT,” as he picked up the weights and hurled them across the room, one by one.
“Loki. Go!” You pushed him behind the kitchen counter. “Find Nat!”
“I am not leaving you!” He said with furrowed eyebrows. “Are you mad?” He wrapped his arms around your shoulders, covering you, just as splinters of wood came pelting from the ceiling.
“You’re the only one that can materialize out of here. Now go! The sooner you leave, the sooner you can come back.” Loki looked into your eyes. The struggle inside him played out on his face. He did not want to leave you in danger. But he knew you were right.
“Come with me, then.” He tugged at you, ready to materialize both of you out of there.
“My computer!” You pulled away from Loki’s embrace, crawling towards your table. No sooner had you touched your laptop, than Ironman had landed right behind you. On your path back toward Loki. “Go Loki. Find her,” you commanded Loki.
He shook his head. “I am not leaving you here!”
“STOP FIGHTING.” The hulk screamed out loud, propelling something towards Loki, making him disappear in a flash of green seidr. You could only hope, Loki managed to get out into the hallway or appear wherever Nat currently is.
“Tony! Tony are you ok?” You knelt down to grab his helmet. Opening the front mask. “FRIDAY, Vitals!”
“Mr. Stark’s vitals’ are normal. He has a mild concussion. He will be ok.”
“Ok. Ok. Ok. Think Y/N. Think.”
“I-I’m sorry Hulk. You’re right. I should’ve asked you too.” You stood up trying to appease the giant behemoth in front of you. “I would completely understand if you didn’t want to be in the shoot and we can just get someone else.”
You opened your mouth in realization and quickly shut it afterward. “I’m so sorry Hulk. I didn’t think…”
“NO ONE THINKS OF HULK. ONLY BANNER.” Hulk swayed a little bit, his giant torso shifting until he sat down on the floor. His angry face changed into that of pain and trouble.
“Would you like to be in the Calendar, Hulk? I think we can make that happen. Think of it like a special edition. Everyone will want it because there will be only a few printed. You will be ‘special.’ Because you are special. And there is only one of you.” You said as you got closer and closer to him. You laid your hand on his giant arm.
Hulk grunted and nodded his head. “HULK SPECIAL.”
“That’s right. You are special, my friend.” You giggled.
“HULK LIKE SCOPES LAUGH.” He said as he patted you on your head gently. “WANT TO MAKE LOKI AND SCOPE KISSY FACE!” he put his fingers together in proceeded to push them against each other, motioning a kiss.
For the second time that day, you widened your eyes in surprise. “Now, now, Hulk. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.” You laughed nervously, as he continued to pat your head. Knowing Hulk, he probably did have the strength to play with the two of you like you were Barbie and Ken dolls.
Geez, even Hulk knew about your infatuation with Loki. This is getting really embarrassing. Were you that obvious?
“Anyways, let’s get you set up. Pose for me and I’ll take a couple of shots, ok?”
“OK.” Hulk stood up and posed for you under your direction. You got a couple of good shots of Hulk roaring and lifting heavy objects. When you finished, you showed him some of the results on your computer and he picked a couple that he liked.
“GOOD JOB, FRIEND. HULK HAPPY.” The blast on the door stole both of your attention as the team worked their way in trying to get to you before any more damage can occur. “BYE FRIEND.” He grunted as he held out his massive hand.
“Goodbye, my dear. I’ll see you soon. Ok?” you placed your hand against his, noting how your hand was not even a quarter as big.
Loki appeared next to you, suddenly, out of breath. His eyes darted between you and The Hulk. “Darling are you ok? I went and found Nat and the others,” he wrapped both hands around your shoulders turning you in his direction. He dutifully looked you up and down, trying to note any marks or bruises that you might’ve gotten.
“I’m fine Loki. Thank you.” you smiled. Hulk bunched his fingers again and motioned for a kissy face and laughed. He patted both of your heads, and Loki winced, preparing to be swung like a ragdoll.
Nat came around and started stroking his arm. “Hey, big guy.”
“Come on. Let’s get out of here. Somewhere bigger where we can run, huh?”
“OK.” Hulk proceeded to place Nat on his shoulders. She sat there as his hand covered her legs, securing her so she won’t fall off. Everyone watched as they both walked out of the massive hole that was once the entrance to your studio.
“Ugh…FRIDAY?” Tony said getting up from his collapsed position on the floor.
“Yes, daddy?” The AI answered. Everyone turned their heads toward Tony. Mirth and amusement on their faces.
“You’re fixing that now, Tweets!” Tony pointed to you as he ambled in the walk of shame in-between team members who were laughing. “Status report, FRIDAY.”
You bit down on your lip and smiled up at Loki. You couldn’t miss the light and adoration in his eyes at the trick you had just pulled.
Only one word popped into your head as you looked into his eyes, daddy. The following word that came into your head, broke your heart, and that was friend because that’s all he ever saw you as.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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The allure of darkness
Tumblr media
A suave, caring god of thunder has your whole heart and ring finger but the dark prince has your mind. The witnessed consummation ceremony is bound to become a disaster...
▸ warnings: 18+ pv smut, (forced) voyeurism, old-fashioned traditions, language, masturbation, v-card loss ---------
There she was; the untouchable. 
The inevitable doom of Loki’s sanity. 
The tiny girl he had always played with as children became a ravishing woman. 
The grace she carried in her every step and motion was testament to her predestined destiny; a queen.
The alluring woman who could never be more to him than a family member by marriage.
The future queen betrothed to his lucky brother.
Of course you secretly lusted after the younger brother of your fiancé, the dark prince of Asgard. Loki was sharp-witted, mysterious, smelled like leather and a foggy pine forest, his raven curls spilled over his athletic shoulders so regally and his baritone voice spoke with such an eloquence and sobriety that he felt untouchable. 
But he wasn’t yours plus you learned to love Thor instead.
Of course, he was a gentleman, showing his devotion to his future queen every day you woke up and the smell of your favorite flowers was pampering your nostrils. The prince made sure you were entertained at all times and never left your side if you needed him. It would be wrong to say you didn’t already loved him.
Although this marriage was all rigged in advance it felt good and somehow right. Your grandfather might have made an insipid deal at your costs but growing up in the palace with Thor and Loki by your side was excuse enough. 
Your childhood had been heavenly and so shall be your reign on Thor’s side. Whenever your marriage would take place, your heart was ready to be bound to him. Your mind however, never got out of the decadent honeytrap Loki was. 
”Aren’t you afraid of marriage?“ Your friend Kristr��n asked coyly as you gathered on the balcony watching your fiancé train with the notorious warriors three. 
”Thor shall take take of me“ you murmured more absent-mindedly as intended. The ceremonial traditions in the royal society of Asgard were special, strict and mostly unpleasant for all involved. Of course, you were afraid. Far more than you were ready to admit. 
”I would never doubt that but nonetheless, don’t you think it’s difficult enough to perform the marital act at such? How hard must it be to endure the high audience?“ 
”Oh, Kristrún, I wish I knew. Maybe they will be reluctant with sending in too many vitner but to be honest the presence of the Allfather alone sounds horrific“ you finally opened up after looking around and making sure nobody would hear you. Imagine the grand shame if Asgard’s future queen was to complain about cherished traditions as well as about king Odin.
Your friend sighed and shook a little, the cold shiver traveling down her back was nearly audible. As if anyone could react otherwise.
”I wish you much strength, whenever the day shall come. Sadly, the vitner are traditionally male except of the priestess. I would have loved to support you, y/n“ she whispered, caressing the back of your hand that rested trembling on the marble balustrade. 
The only thing you could rely on was Thor’s gentle heart and his heavy weighing promise to keep you safe at all times. He wasn’t lying, you knew it however, the thought of the ceremony was rather frightening than enjoyable. Originally it should be latter since it meant for you to become queen. A tiara with Asgardian diamonds suited you after all. 
”These are the given circumstances whether I like it or not“ you sighed, a vulnerable gaze meeting your fiancé’s soothing ocean blues. Deadly muscles glistened with a thin layer of sweat blanketing them almost lovingly. The strong bulge of Thor’s biceps was prominent, mouthwatering with his blonde, long hair clinging damply.
The god of thunder was a handsome sight to see making it rather easy for lusty feelings to arise. To make a woman want to be bedded by him. To let them revel in unholy dreams about the crown prince.
Nevertheless, your body was at least equally, no, even more drawn to the dark prince. Asgard’s mischievous and uniquely attractive trickster you would never get a taste of. 
Tumblr media
“Keep still you child“ you giggled in Thor’s ear as you desperately tried to braid the small strand behind his ear again. Of course he didn’t pay attention on the metal rings that were woven within and keeping his golden braid in place while he downed combat partner after combat partner. 
“Hmm… What would I get from that Mylady?“ his husky voice snickered, the flying long hair waving the residual scent of a sumptuous meal right back in your nose. The Asgardian royal family splashed out on their lifestyle.
“Careful, brother. You might earn a decent slap“ Loki murmured from across the wooden table.
A playful smirk curled his thin lips while dexterous digits flipped the page of a yellowed book. The intellectual prince was reading when nothing important went down in the royal palace. Needless to say, Mischief had to do it most suggestively with his tongue lavishly licking his fingertips before he gently lifted the old pages. 
“Oh, shut up Loki. Or do you want her fingers to attack you as well?
Thoughtfully knitted brows and a quickly tilted head were enough to let a sudden heat climb up from between your legs. “I don’t see why I shouldn’t“ he spoke, the pitch descending in those unholy octaves that sounded so much more alluring than with Thor’s strong voice.
Loki wasn’t around too often but when he was, your senses never missed the presence of this silently killing predator. Sometimes it seemed like he had shunned you for whatever reason.
“Be my guest, then“ Thor laughed, winking at you as if he just hatched the ultimate, evil plan to annoy his younger brother.
Little did he know, Loki was dead serious about wanting you close, no matter if it was about braiding his hair. He craved your body near to his, your tightly bound corset offering a view of your breasts and your sweet scent numbing his sanity. 
“No, darling. I want you to get comfortable“ Loki patted his leather clad thigh, not even looking up from the old book about seidr as you approached. Haughty arsehole. But you obeyed nonetheless.
Only helheim knew why. 
Your gown slipped up to pool around your hips, the sides hung heavily to cover at least your thighs. Anything else would’ve been most improper since you belong to your fiancé alone. Not his devilish grinning brother whose steady breathing intentionally hitched when your thumb brushed his earlobe to gather a lonely strand of those curls. 
Loki was wordlessly delivering a signal you tried hard to ignore. A signal of his simmering longing for you, his forbidden need you could never sate, even if you wanted to. Deep down in the unholy parts of your mind, the area that uncontrollably mingled with your subconscious, you craved him, too...
While Thor chuckled, relishing in Loki’s feigned annoyed look, your nerves were spiraling with every subtle move of his brother’s juicy thigh. Tepid leather brushed your undergarments causing a nervous redness to conquer your hot cheeks.
A delicious reaction to the god of mischief whose own hand clearly wouldn’t stay away from his cock as soon the doors of his chambers fell shut behind him. Lewd moans of you name would bang against the silencing charm when the sun disappeared.
“Y/n“ he whispered as Thor was occupied with a few entering guards demanding his prompt attention on an urgent matter. 
Your fingers froze intertwined with Loki’s beautiful hair, your slightly widened eyes meeting the emerald mess of his. A certain darkness was veiling them and drawing your attention like the strongest magnet. This expression in his eyes was improper, most suggestive yet you just couldn’t avert your gaze.
No matter how hard your inner perfect Lady tugged at your mind. 
“Have you always been so obedient? Or is that gift a special one only for me?“ 
His gravely words knocked the air out of your lungs in a numbing punch. You had never guessed Loki would go thus far but there he was, a weirdly seductive pokerface adorning the prince, his jaw hung slightly opened and flexed hungrily. 
Then it you like a truck, the subtle nudge of the edge of the table against your back propelling you back to reality. “Erm, I- sorry, what?“ You muttered, blinking rapidly to get a grip of your facial expression that must be collected at all times. Perhaps it was alright if Thor made you look dumb in semi-public but of course not his adoptive brother.
“Loki?“ Thor boomed across the room making your stand up from his thigh again and hastily smoothening the expensive layers of your dress. 
“Father has fallen in an unexpected Odinsleep. I will ascend the throne tomorrow“ 
Thor’s words weighed heavy, the consequences suddenly becoming alarmingly real as you thought about the further meaning of your fiancé becoming king…
“We are to marry tomorrow in the matter of an urgent procedure. But I promise you, my love, we shall be able to cherish our honeymoon instead. Loki will take over for the time being“ he explained smiling, nodding to his younger brother who replied with a dutiful “Of course“ and a wicked smirk dancing around his lips.
“To- Tomorrow?“ You stammered, looking up from the ground that had to endure your shocked expression since Thor announced the unreal pushing of your marriage. Something you had expected a lot later and was crushing you like a Vanir cargo vessel.
“Fear not, my queen. You shan’t have to sleep in your lonely chambers any longer now that our marriage is… well, in sight“ Thor winked, caressing your hollowed cheek so gently. Your eyes fluttered shut, bathing in the comfort his touch provided in light of tomorrow’s fateful events. 
“Move my bride’s personal belongings to the royal premises“ he commanded before kissing your forehead as a small gesture of goodbye.
He had to see Frigga and the high court to initiate the upcoming change of power. You understood, of course. And then, Thor was gone leaving you alone with his sinister brother and his wolfish grin. 
"I presume, as your future brother-in-law I’m still given the honor to call you y/n“ Loki mused, his piercing gaze averted again before he could penetrate your glassy eyes. It was no question but a subtle command veiled in mischievous factuality. 
Tumblr media
“May I assist, my queen“ your new personal maid, passed on from Frigga asked as you awkwardly peeled yourself out of the lavish wedding gown.
If Loki’s dominant eyes would’ve stained every inch he looked at during this evening, the dress had been completely ruined. 
"I- Ughh“ you scoffed shaking your arm violently until the last layer of fabric slipped form your body. Not overly ladylike but your mind was running riot at the moment, your senses shut down and heightened at the same time.
Two ridiculous minutes were separating you from the consummation ceremony you feared ever since your mother had told you about it. 
“Your highness, you look gorgeous“ your old maid, Ilse tried to reassure you with a warm smile as the two other women were rubbing your thighs and arms with sweet lavender oil. A flattery, thin nightgown adorned your otherwise naked body, the red ribbon, Thor’s color, was tied neatly around your waist only for the groom to open it again. 
“It’s time, my queen. Please follow me“ the priestess soft voice dragged a cold close to to your bones making your reluctantly moving legs shiver. You gonna be alright you told yourself repeatedly as the small smacks of your naked feet against the tiles formed a steady but slow rhythm.
She signaled you to wait behind the door frame and stepped in herself announcing the queen’s arrival to the ceremony. “Queen y/n of Asgard, bride to king Thor Odinson“.
Then your husband appeared in your field of view, your muscles relaxing a bit at his cozy smile. It felt good to see him offering you his hand and allowing you to walk behind so that his broad frame shielded you from the vitner for as long as possible.
“The high court and the Allfather’s representative prince Loki are present and have sworn to accredit and defend the marital bond as long as they shall live. The ceremony may begin“
Frantically, you looked around as Thor’s big hands carefully untied the knot of your gown. As the fabric fell to the floor to lavishly pool around your bare ankles your gaze met Loki’s.
You didn’t even really notice Thor’s approving hum while the younger prince, dressed in a less militant version of his green suit, devoured every curve of your exposed body. 
Your situation was cursed.
His strong jaw clenched violently as Thor carefully nudged you backwards, having you crawl up in the regal four-poster bed. The red curtains were of course bound together at each wooden column nevertheless, they at least partially shielded your view from the analytically staring older men.
But of course not from Loki who towered directly on your right, a dirty smirk fighting his pokerface.
Was he enjoying this?
“Relax, my love. Focus on me“ your husband whispered, feeling how your thighs slowly relaxed and opened up to welcome his muscular hips in between.
A big hand wandered up to prop Thor’s strong figure on a flexing elbow next to your head, the other pulling a thin blanket to cover your lower bodies. He knew how it’s done best since the crown prince had attended numerous of those ceremonies beforehand. Macabre but that was how things worked in Asgardian traditiom.
As you felt the cool fabric cover your legs a coy smile appeared on your lips.
“You’re gorgeous, my queen“ Thor growled in your ears making the unfamiliar heat in your core grow and your delicate nipples harden. Your husband was built like the god he was, trained muscles flexing and building defined ridges at his every move before soft lips collided with yours for the second time ever.
The kiss was so suave, reflecting his deep feelings towards you and the pure heart that was cherishing yours from this day on.
You couldn't deny that you reciprocated those feelings.
But a flash of green distracted you once again, Loki’s hungry eyes piercing your exposed breast Thor’s chest wasn’t covering.
The way he bit his lower lip was sinful, forcing your brows to knit in a weird fire of lust the younger prince's demeanor was proudly adding oil to.
The other men’s presence was disgustingly real whereas you drowned on the eyes of only one; Loki.
"Tho- Thor what are you-“ your question quickly turned in a small whimper of pleasure as your husband’s fingers found your nervous clit.
“Shhh, love. I’ll ready you for the act so it won’t hurt“ he whispered against your cleavage, your head lolling to the side to find shelter against Thor’s elbow.
Those feelings being conjured by someone else than yourself was entirely new, almost making you forget about the impatient audience you and your husband had to please tonight.
But just almost.
Your mouth fell agape in a silent o, your fists gathering a pile of duvet to grip as Thor’s low groans and his pointer pampering your sensitive bud slowly became too much. 
Loki stood there feeling his cock hardening the more addicted eyes took in the sight of your body beginning to writhe from building pleasure.
Your subtle whimpers and moans were too loud for the dark prince who had been craving them for a tiring long time. They burnt in his consciousness as the flap of his garment was lifted by the greedy manhood looming underneath. 
A sharp gush of pleasure contorted your face as you found yourself teetering on the bring of an orgasm, hand snaked around the back of Thor’s neck as his lavish kisses drowned the intimate noises. The god of thunder indeed took care of you even more lovingly than he promised, whispering reassuring and comforting praises in your attentive ears. 
The uncomfortable tension of being watched in such a vulnerable state was still burdening the air of your chambers, forcing your gaze to be fixed either on the ceiling or on your husband.
Thor looked sublime hovering above you and hungrily watching every small twitch of your brows in seething anticipation. But as you were about to cum, he withdrew with a pitiful look in those ocean blue orbs. 
“Apologies, love. But you know what is expected from us, don’t you?“ He whispered, hardly audible to the vitner.
Except of Loki, who was suppressing decadent moans as his adoptive brother straightened his back again, the blanket sliding down his muscular back. The center of his wicked attention was revealed like a blossoming flower whose scent made his painfully hard twitch in desperation.
You looked gorgeous, all wet and spread nicely. Loki gritted his pearl white teeth, withdrawing from his conjured duplicate with a flick of his clenched fist.
He couldn’t bear the sight without touching himself, groaning like slut as the loose belt of his trousers freed the throbbing cock all the high ladies of Asgard were dreaming about. 
Would stare at him in the same way as you did with Thor right now; eyes widened lustily yet so innocently insecure about the sight of your husband’s exposed cock?
Sweet saliva would be pooling between your teeth and lower lips, greedy eyes would practically beg for him to enter you, break you like a worthless maid.
You might not yet be aware of the darker side lingering in your soul but Loki had studied you for years, extracting every hint of your true, hidden nature.
A reliving sizzle of agitated nerves traveled the dark prince’s whole body in an electrifying gush as he began to stroke himself. The chiseled shoulder hid by forest green fabric was leaning against the wall, his legs widened lazily as he basked in the sight of your gorgeous body on full display.
“Hold onto me tight, my dear y/n“ Thor panted, lining himself up with your wet folds, collecting every drop of arousal you had to offer despite the adverse circumstances. You bit your lower lip as his thick cock breached your channel for the very first time, your vulnerable whine driving him to stop and allowing you to adjust. 
A captivating feeling overruled every single one of your strained senses before the god of thunder dropped down whispering a sweet little “Good girl“ in the crook of your neck.
Once again your head cocked to the side, making space for your husband whose small kisses on your neck made the stinging stretch between your legs more bearable.
And of course, your eyes found the younger brother again.
“Ohh fuck“ Loki breathed at the sight of your folds parting so willingly, welcoming his brother in a surly heavenly warmth. How fucking heavenly you must feel. Like Valhalla.
Strong jaw muscles convulsed and strained Loki's flawless skin while Thor pushed further, giving your innocent face a corrupted look. Oh, how much better he could make you look with his mouth alone... you would be shuddering and babbling incoherent words when the silvertongue would deliver what you had always wanted.
An addictive expression of pleasure and pain that contrasted sharply with you usual soft smile made him tug his foreskin even harder. It drove Loki feral to see you taking it so well, his fist squeezing his manhood relentlessly. The hot blood surging through tick veins was only spurred on further by his action.
Your cunt would milk him even better.
Loki gritted his teeth, imagining your fluttering walls hugging his cock as he claimed you so much better than Thor did. How your shallow eyes glared up at him, crying out his name instead and making the whole palace hear who was fucking you so good. 
"Godss above… fuck y/n“ lewd moans slipped from his tongue like the usual venom he distributed so carelessly. A greedy thumb brushed the tip of his pulsating cock, Loki imagining how it was the sinful end of your tight channel he’d reach with every deep thrust.
Fuck, he was so close, raven curls pooling across his shoulders as he threw his head back, darkened eyes never leaving the louche scene developing in front of him.
“Ohhh god, Th- Thor“ you moaned finally freely as the haze of sex surged through your body in sinful gushes linked to your husbands careful thrusts. The pain had vanished in hot, dirty air surrounding your sweating bodies and the vitner whose strict eyes were witness to your physical union.
You had almost forgot about them, legs raking around Thor’s hips and coaxing him to take you faster.
“Nooorns, you feel like Valhalla“ your husband groaned, hiding his contorted face in the crook of your neck as his hips snapped faster.
Twinkling stars were beginning to dance in your field of view as the god of thunder made love to you with an amount of passion you never knew the muscular teddy bear hid. But it was a welcome gift you treasured in subtle moans and labored breaths. 
However, your blurry vision fell on Loki again, whose eyes were narrowed, brows knitted in a languish expression you’ve never seen before.
The dark prince did nothing to hide his hungry gaze that trialed across your bouncing body savoring every inch like a maniac artist looking at his most memorable painting. The fast dart out of his wet tongue made you moan involuntarily, a hand reaching out to him before you grabbed the duvet from the approaching climax. 
Thor’s praises got louder, his hips gyrating to hit a sweet, hidden spot with every loving motion.
“I love you, y/n“ his hoarse voice hissed through gritted teeth making your agape mouth shudder in a lust-drunken try to open even wider. But your eyes never left Loki who stared right back, a dirty promise of not telling anyone about your deepest desire was transferred by a decent wink. Bastard.
The real Loki’s pants grew heavier as he watched your hands traveling down to your legs, gripping your thighs and holding them apart like a wanton maid.
Were you putting on a show for him?
The improper noises from the depths of your lungs sounded like symphony as his own Norse curses adding to it.
“I always knew you’re but an obedient, pretty whore“ Loki rasped, scrunching his noice violently as the squeeze around his wide shaft became too much. 
Your big eyes were never averted from his duplicate for a single second, opening themselves up for him to get a glimpse of your awakened lust and longing. For him.
He could smell that you knew how wrong it was but it only sped up the strong strokes from the apex of his thick length all the way up to his tip smeared white with precum.
“Fucking hel, ughhh shiittt“ Loki babbled absent-mindedly lost in the haze of pure pleasure as he smelled your body approaching a sweet relief. 
“I- ahhh I’m gonna-“ you mumbled incoherently, Loki’s twisted mind completing your sentence for his own prurient purpose; I’m gonna cum for you, Loki. My king.
The fabric on his shoulders scratched and tore as he sunk lower against the old wall, his knees shuddering from the sensation of hot seed making it’s way through his pulsating manhood. Thick ropes of regal cum pooled in Loki’s palms as the god’s body quivered wantonly, his gaze fixed on your gorgeous body raking and squirming on full display. 
Thor’s thrusts became sloppy, husky moans thundering through his broad chest as your fiddly hands found support against his flexing pecks. The muscles of a god that worked you closer and closer to a feeling you never knew from real penetration.
“Cum for- by the godssss- me, love. Let go“ he moaned in your eat, your climax making a big jump towards you. Your corrupted walls beginning to grip your groaning husband for dear life.
“It is time. The ceremony reaches it’s peak; the final claim“ the royal priestess announced, her voice weirdly collected against the lover’s pants and moans.
Although it had been difficult for the older vitner to stay composed since it wasn't often that a woman was made such responsive putty during the ceremony, they all gathered closer around the priestess. Hands were clasped in traditional gestures as they waited for the king to spill his seed and finally mark the bride.
As you fought your eyes open again, you saw two versions of Loki, one participating in the ritual and the other leaning against the opposite wall.
Your face contorted in an awe-struck expression as you took in his mighty cock on full display, white ropes of cum dripping from his reddish tip and running down the sweaty fist still clinging to the hard flesh. 
Loki was grinning so salaciously, his wolfish expression exposing the perfect line of peal white teeth as he stood there like a regal slut.
“You brought me in this condition, little minx“ his spent voice panted in your consciousness brining the final realization of what the trickster had done. 
He made himself cum watching the sacred ceremony? 
You couldn’t help it but let out a pornographic moan at the sinful sight of the dark man you had been fantasizing about for years. It was bad. Then, your eyes fluttered shut from the strong orgasmic bliss. 
You came in unison with Thor, feeling his big manhood spilling inside you as your wicked mind imagined how it was Loki to claim you in the marital act. The most improper thought that would’ve brought you banishment if spoken out loud.
But it was the twisted truth hitting you even rougher when your husband whispered sweet praises about how well you did for him and how much he loved you. 
God, you loved him, too and held it high in the god's honor that he made the consummation as pleasurable as possible. You would love to sleep with him again.
It was your duty as a queen to the new king either way but there were a lot of royal matrimonies that lacked any kind of sensual contact since the sacred ceremony. Yours shouldn’t and wouldn’t become one of such bitter kind. It became clear as the night sky when Thor’s gentle lips drowned you in honest romance. 
But Loki was something else.
Someone entirely different and entirely magnetizing. 
He was the wicked wolf luring angelic girls and covering them in venomous desire. Loki wouldn't even need to touch them once in order to have every woman drop to their knees.
How in helheim would you be able to encounter your brother-in-law on a regular basis ever again?  
However, the most embarrassing part of the tradition that reminded you harshly of the presence of those disgusting vitner was yet to come.
Slowly Thor pulled out, taking the elaborately embroidered blanket to snake it around his hips, covering himself whereas you laid bare. Presented like a successfully shot deer; the greatest triumph of hunting. 
You squeezed your eyes shut, knuckles turning white from the most discomforting situation.
Every honored vitne was to to convince themself of the happened consummation taking a strangely cold glimpse at your leaking cunt. 'To ensure the groom hasn't fooled them' your mother always said.
They all hummed in approval, bowed to the now truly married couple, kissed the priestess' ring and disappeared.
Until only Loki was left. 
Carefully, you opened your eyes again, for whatever reason having to watch his inevitable reaction.  A dull thud of his leather boot announced him on the edge of the bed, goosebumps starting to paint the insides of your thighs as you literally felt his piercing gaze wandering along.
A needy expression flashed on his razor sharp features, making the muscles in your legs twitch involuntarily. 
God, the things he did to you, suddenly making you enjoy being on display like a common whore for his snickering emeralds to see. And the prince licked his lips like a starving lion.
Loki’s still semi-hard cock shuddered with a new wave of excitement as he basked in the sight of your most intimate part. Gorgeous.
The fantasies came back as if called by sirens, drowning the younger prince in the imagination that it was his cum adorning you like a piece of jewelry. Marking the most desirable woman as his own after he claimed her thoroughly. 
Loki quickly cleared his throat before proceeding with the intended procedure, stopping for a second with his veiny hand in the doorknob. You peeked back at him, awkwardly unsure of how to feel for the god mischief after all this.
But honestly, did you have any choice but to veil and bury it deep?
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you for reading this absolute filth that secured me my special place in horny jail 🤣
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Loki x female reader
18+| contains smut
A/N: This morning I woke up and there was a cat running around my house which wasn’t mine 🫡
Tumblr media
“Well that was a disaster.” You huffed, pushing the bedroom door open as you stormed inside, beginning to take your earrings out.
“It wasn’t that bad.” Loki insisted, following behind you as he entered, removing his watch.
“The food was over cooked and I almost spilled wine on your mother who also happens to be the Allmother Loki” you listed “I almost spilt wine on the Allmother which would have no doubt stained her dress.” You finished, slightly deflated as you recalled the disastrous night before looking at yourself in the mirror, your lips in a slightly grumpy pout.
“Relax” Loki spoke soothingly as he stood behind you, hands finding your shoulders before he started massaging them “the night wasn’t a disaster okay.”
Rolling your eyes, you looked down before Loki spoke again.
“Chin up” he prompted, tilting your chin upwards so your eyes met in the mirror “repeat after me—”
“Loki—” you interrupted.
“I am beautiful.” He began, cutting you off.
“Loki I—”
“Say it.” He spoke sternly.
“I am beautiful.” You gave in causing him to smile.
“Good, I am smart.”
“I can’t believe I though that Odin was theee god—”
“Lokii” you laughed at his seriousness as you continued looking at one another in the mirror. “I am smart.”
“And I am going to do that thing Loki likes in bed where I—”
“Right that’s enough.” You giggled, turning to face him before your lips met as you kissed him deeply. Despite how badly the dinner with Lokis parents had gone, you still had him and you were sure he’d sit through another hundred bad dinners if it meant he had you too. As the kiss grew more heated, Lokis hands roamed your body, sculpting your curves as you moaned into the kiss. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pulled him back with you as you stepped towards the chest of draws, leaning against them. The perfume bottles and picture frames resting on top of the draws came falling down as Loki lifted you on top of them, barely breaking the passionate kiss. Your dress rode up your thighs, Loki standing between them as your ankles met around his waist.
“So beautiful.” He spoke lowly against your lips, his own plump from the kissing.
“Please” you all but begged breathlessly as you looked up at him.
“Is this how you want it? Can’t even wait to get into bed. You need it now.” He chuckled darkly, licking his fingers before his hand travelled between your legs, pushing your panties to the side as his slick fingers came into contact with your clit making you moan.
“Oh fuckk.” You panted, eyes closed as he drew circles against your clit. Being here like this with him felt nostalgic in the sense that before you both moved out together, you shared an apartment with your friend Natasha which meant sneaking around with Loki when you wanted to have sex. Doing it in the bed was too loud besides, you were both so horny all the time that you rarely even made it that far, not that Natasha knew that.
Undoing Lokis belt, your hand trailed over his bulge causing him to bite his lip as you freed his erection, running your hand over his shaft. Fingers leaving your throbbing clit, Loki hooked his thumbs underneath the waistband of your panties before tugging them down your legs leaving you exposed to him as he pushed your legs further apart. His lips met yours again as he gripped his cock, lining it up with your entrance. Breaking the kiss, you looked down, watching as he began entering you. His eyes left you too, instead focusing on how his cock fit so perfectly inside your pussy as he bottomed out. Your hands gripped his shoulders as he pulled out before thrusting into you again, the remaining picture frames falling to the floor as he built up a momentum.
“Loki yess.” You moaned, head hitting the wall as you closed your eyes, drowning in pleasure. “Ughhh.”
“Y-you feel so good baby, p-perfect.” Loki grunted, his head resting in the crook of your neck as he tried to stifle his sounds. The closer he got to his climax, the more erratic and desperate his thrusts became. Grabbing one of his hands, you brought it to your throat before he lifted his head, eyes boaring into yours as he squeezed gently, hand wrapping around it.
“I—I’m—” you stuttered, unable to talk.
“I know baby” he nodded, feeling his own orgasm about to wash over him. Lokis name fell from your lips as you crashed into oblivion, your walls pulsating around him as you came, toes curling. Loki continued slamming his hips into yours before he stilled inside of you, cumming too. You kissed him as you both rode through your highs, your faces flushed and sweaty.
“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” Loki finally spoke as he pulled out of you before carrying you into bed. You expected him to take you to the bathroom or bring a washcloth but instead, Loki made his way to the bottom of the bed before lifting your legs over his shoulders. Looking down at him, you gasped as you felt his tongue flicking your clit. Your hand found his hair, gently tugging at the loose curls as he swivelled his tongue around the sensitive bundle of nerves before dipping into your dripping hole.
“Lokiii” you moaned as the lewd sound of him sucking your clit travelled up to your ears. His lips wrapped around it, his tongue nudging it as you lifted your hips from the bed, grinding against his face.
“Cum for me princess, just one more time.” He almost pleaded, fingers entering you before rolling his tongue over your clit in lazy circles.
“Fuckk.” You practically screamed, another orgasm spilling from you as your thighs tightened around Lokis head, him smiling as he lapped up your arousal. The overstimulation left your eyes closing as you turned your head into the pillow, legs quivering. You couldn’t move, too blissed out to even open your eyes as Loki pulled his fingers out, licking them clean. You were sure Loki did eventually get you a washcloth but before you could float down from your high, you were soundly asleep, a small smile on your face.
“Beautiful.” Loki murmured, kissing your forehead.
Tumblr media
Loki if eating pussy became illegal 😂
@mcufan72 @mischief2sarawr @lokiprompts @lokisgoodgirl @fictive-sl0th @lulubelle814 @mochie85 @vickie5446 @evelyn-kingsley @lokilvrr @peaches1958 @cabingrlandrandomcrap
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The BEST Loki/Tom Hiddleston Fics I've read: NOVEMBER 2022
SERIES (Two Parts or More)
A fic that completely blew my mind: The Finder of Lost Things by @gigglingtigger
A fic I'm hopelessly addicted to: The Unthinkable Offering by @november-rayne
A fic that's so, so, SO filthy: Trials of Pleasure by @shiningloki
A SOOOOOPER sexy dark fic: Let's Play by @fanficshiddles
A fic that's a warm hug on a cold day: The Things You Find (In The Rain) by @redfoxwritesstuff 
A fic that gave me so much Heartache and Angst: Behind Closed Doors by @springdandelixn
A fic that had me lol-ing: Accidentally Married by @justthehiddleswrites
The Invisible Woman by @gigglingtigger
Denial by @those-late-night-feels
Snowball Fight by @lokischambermaid
Bored by @springdandelixn
Eyes on the Road by @holymultiplefandomsbatman
Pancakes, Poetry and Orgasms by @lokisgoodgirl
Concept by @tricksterlokilaufeyson
Safe House: Clandestine F*cks by @lokisgoodgirl
Please don’t assume all fics are complete. Please DO assume everything is 18+. And for heaven’s sake read the warnings.
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muddyorbsblr · 2 days
the lion and the lamb
See my full list of works here!
Part of the 500 Follower Celebration Requested by: Anonymous
Summary: Loki has some questions for you after Shaun called you two 'lion and lamb'
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Word Count: 1.7k
Warnings: implied smut; slight horndog vibes from both Reader and Loki; some language Mr Satchel would shake his head at; cringe lines from Twilight [let me know if i missed anything]
Things to be aware of: established relationship
Tumblr media
"Miss Y/L/N, my systems are detecting an override on your apartment door," FRIDAY announced into the quiet of your bedroom. "It's Mister Laufeyson. Shall I grant him access to your apartment? This has proven to be a pattern since you two have begun your relationship." 
"No," you answered the AI, an amused smile pulling at the corners of your mouth. "Let him work for it a little." You stifled a giggle as you heard the front door of your apartment open.
"Perimeter breached," the AI announced.
"FRIDAY, honey, I'm gonna have to encourage you to turn a blind eye because I guarantee you once he gets here he'll be breaching more than the perimeter." 
If disembodied AI assistants could blush, she definitely would have by now. "Very well then. Goodnight, Miss Y/L/N." 
"Night, FRIDAY." 
You tried to progress what you could with the remainder of your paperwork from the latest mission before Loki reached your bedroom, providing the details of the drives you and Shaun had recovered that were still pending further analysis courtesy of you and Natasha…which would then set off a whole new set of paperwork to file out. The mere notion of it made you groan and sigh in exasperation.
"Now that is a sound I do not wish to hear unless I am the one eliciting them from you, darling." You couldn't help but smirk as you grouped together all the tedious forms and placed them back in your "todo" folder and placing them inside the drawer of your nightstand. That smirk quickly grew into a smile as you felt the bed dip beside you and a pair of arms wrap around your waist to pull you towards him, situating you between his legs, your back flush against his chest. 
The feel of him pressing his lips to your cheek as he tightened his embrace had you sighing in contentment.
"That is a much better sound, my darling," he mumbled against your skin, trailing his kisses down to your neck. "I have been looking forward to this all day. I've missed you." He kissed his way back up to your ear, making you giggle as he playfully nipped at your earlobe. "Before I get sidetracked, however, I will need your…extensive knowledge on modern Midgardian literature, dear heart." 
"You mean my knowledge on cheesy campy pop culture?" He hummed his agreement against your skin, pressing another kiss, this time closer to the corner of your mouth. You turned your head towards him, letting him capture your lips in a tender kiss, more chaste and playful than anything really. "Ask away," you prompted him, smiling into his kiss. 
"Xu made a comment earlier likening our relationship to some animals…?" he trailed off, his confusion evident in his tone. It took nearly all your self control  not to let out a chuckle as you began to narrow down the possibilities of what Shaun could have possibly said.
"And these animals would be…?" 
"A lion and a lamb," he finished. That did it. You turned your head away from him and your body began to shake in laughter, leading him to once again tighten his arms around you and pull you against him as he audibly mirrored your amusement. "I take it you know the context of the remark?" Your giggles quickly melted into whimpering moans as he pressed numerous kisses along the column of your neck.
"I do," you breathed out, lightly tapping your hand on his thigh in a signal to cease his attentions and allow you a moment to gather your thoughts. With a final lingering kiss to the particularly sensitive spot between your neck and shoulder, he pulled away. "You better buckle in, sweetie, because this is a particularly bumpy ride. We're taking a deep dive into my adolescent years." 
You tried moving out of his embrace so you could grab your phone, but his hold on you didn't budge. "What do you need, darling?" 
"My phone," you answered him, chuckling as both your phones suddenly materialized in his hand in a flash of green. "Hmmm thank you, Mischief," you said softly, craning your head to press a quick kiss to his lips as you reached for your phone, already starting to type in the search engine. "It's a reference to a book and movie series called Twilight. It was this whole phenomenon back in the late 2000s until the early 2010s. Paranormal teen romance, vampires, werewolves…love triangle between a vampire, a human, and a werewolf…people took sides on who to choose between the vampire and the werewolf…"
"And may I ask who you chose in this…riveting crossroads of adolescence?" 
You scrunched your nose at his sarcasm, answering with no hesitation, "The vampire. What can I say? I've always liked my men tall and pale. Oop, sorry." You brought your face a few inches closer to his. "I like my gods tall and pale, too." 
Somehow your playful words elicited a guttural sound from him, moving him to close the distance between you and claim your mouth in a decadent yet possessive kiss. As if he was trying to remind you that you were his and his alone. Not that you needed the reminder; you'd quietly pledged yourself to him long before he even made it known that the attraction was mutual. 
"Watch your words, darling," he groaned against your lips. "Lest you wish for this conversation to take a more…intimateturn." 
"Okay okay I give," you laughed against him. 
"Now tell me about this lion and lamb business," he prompted, smiling against your skin as he proceeded to press his lips to your cheek once more. 
You quickly typed in the words "twilight lion and lamb" into your phone in order to pull up the quote to aid your explanation. "The author really thought that she was being slick with this analogy," you started with a sardonic chuckle. "The quote is being said by Edward, the vampire, likening himself to a lion, a predator. And he's saying it to Bella, the human, likening her to a lamb, the lion's prey." 
"How elementary," Loki groaned, covering his eyes with one of his hands in visible mortification. "Centuries of evolution and that was truly the best that humanity could manage in the realm of literature?" You shrugged, giving him a look as if you were apologizing on behalf of the entire human race. "I beg of you, darling, tell me this paltry piece of adolescent fiction had at least a few better utterings?" 
You quickly pulled up a short list of the most popular lines from the first book, handing him your phone so that he could peruse through them at his own pace that was comparatively – hilariously – faster than yours. 
"I fail to understand how Xu would make that comparison, however. I would never prey upon you. You are not food to me," he grumbled, pressing kisses to your hair as he continued scrolling through the lines. "You are the woman I love." Your heart fluttered at his words. You'd both said it before, of course, but it never hurt to hear the words. Especially when he found so many ways to say it. 
"Might be that Shaun said that because comparatively, I'm…well, weaker," you offered with a casual shrug. "I mean let's look at the stats, shall we? You're an Asgardian, a god, a master sorcerer, and a frost giant. I'm a little girl with a license to carry a gun. From an evolutionary standpoint, I would be prey to your predator." You motioned towards him. "Lion." And then motioned towards yourself. "Lamb. Well…at least I hope that that's how Shaun was trying to articulate it." 
"Oh Norns," he groaned in audible mortification. "Please tell me that this line did not ignite something in you when you were younger, my love." You gave him an expectant look, prompting him to feed the line. "Do I dazzle you?"
You physically recoiled in his embrace as you broke out into a fit of laughter. "At least now I know that there are lines so bad that even you can't save them," you answered. "And for the record, no. That line never did shit to me. I hear that and I go dry. Like sand." 
"This is still quite elementary," he said after scrolling through another page. "But it's less horrendous. If I could dream at all, it would be about you. And I'm not ashamed of it," he whispered into your ear before proceeding to press his lips to the skin just below it. "I'm not ashamed to admit that I've dreamt of you since the day I first laid eyes on you. You consumed my every thought so masterfully, so thoroughly, that I first assumed you were a sorceress playing tricks with my mind." 
"And now?" you queried breathlessly as once again the god found a way to string words together in such a way that you were surely ensnared in his relentless attention, mind, body, and heart. 
"Now…I know simply it is because the moment I saw you that every ounce of my being chose you right then and there. That I would gladly spend my days loving and protecting you; having you return my affection was simply a blissful bonus." His lips traced the outline of your ear as he murmured the next words that completely melted you against him. "My new, glorious purpose." 
"That is so much better than you are my life now," you sighed as you leaned back against his chest. "Now I'm conflicted. I don't know whether to thank Shaun for the comparison or kick his ass tomorrow." 
"A decision to be made tomorrow morning, my darling mortal," he chuckled as both your phones disappeared once again in a flash of green magic, allowing him to wrap his now free arm around you as well. You turned your head towards him, silently requesting for a kiss that he more than happily granted, his lips moving languidly against yours as he ran one of his hands down the length of your torso.
You squeaked into his mouth when you felt his fingers playing along the waistband of your pajama bottoms. "What're you doing?" you giggled as he continued to press his lips to yours. 
"Well, my darling, you mentioned something about going dry," he cooed against your lips. "Allow me to remedy that." 
Tumblr media
A/N: This took a while to finish, but I'm happy how it turned out in the end! I hope you like it, Anon! There were some things I changed because mostly I couldn't write in good conscience that Y/N had a copy of the books just lying around 🤣
Everything tag list: @lokisgoodgirl @lokischambermaid @imalovernotahater @mygfloki @lucylaufeyson3 @thomase1 @springdandelixn @fictive-sl0th @mochie85 @laliceee @xorpsbane @gigglingtigger @silverfire475 @cabingrlandrandomcrap @vickie5446 @salempoe @lokixryss @sinsandguilt @lokidbadguy @alexakeyloveloki @glitterylokislut @arch-venus25 @freefrommars @littlemortals @cakesandtom @girl-of-multi-fandoms @mischief2sarawr @thedistractedagglomeration @five-miles-over @goblingirlsarah @peaches1958 @huntress-artemiss @lilibet261 @iobsessoverfictionalmen @holymultiplefandomsbatman @lovingchoices14 @avoliax @devilsadvocactus @purplegrrl27 @lokiprompts @sititran @imherefortomhiddleston @ladyjames78 @stupidthoughtsinwriting @kikster606 @evelyn-kingsley @kats72 @ronnieissupermegafoxyawesomehot @creationsbyme @coldnique
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peachyjinx · 2 days
Holding Back [Loki Laufeyson x Female Reader] 18+
Relationship: Loki x Female Reader
Summary: You are a new mutant recruit in training with the Avengers, and Loki is brought in to teach you how to use your powers.
Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI! Eventual smut
Chapter 7
The Resolution
Word Count: 3190
Summary: You show off your new skills to the the Avengers, and invite Loki to dinner with the team.
Warnings: : Loki being a dick and doing what he wants. This chapter's mostly plot, with a dash of sexy teasing.
Tumblr media
Your Uber ride feels like it’s taking forever as you leave Loki’s building. You had left quickly, worried someone at the tower would notice you were gone. Loki had created duplicates of the two of you leaving separately this morning, but it didn’t quell the nervousness in your stomach.
Your mind races with excitement and anticipation- there are two things you can't stop thinking about this afternoon. 
One being that you were now sleeping with your training instructor and the former enemy of your bosses.
The other being that you successfully knocked out or killed a weird monster on your own. 
I don’t know which is more unbelievable, you thought to yourself as you zoned out watching the busy city around you. 
How were you going to address these two huge developments? Especially knowing that there was a possible mission you could go on any day now. 
You feel more confident than ever, and know you are definitely ready to be an Avenger, but you need to show the team. You decide that first, you'll ask Steve if you can demonstrate your new powers for him.  You are genuinely excited about showing off, and find yourself smiling for the rest of your ride. 
You throw your keys on your table by the door as you walk in your room. No one said anything about you being gone, and you are relieved to be in the clear. You plop down on your couch, focused on the current task at hand. 
Hey Cap, I have some news! I had a breakthrough in my training session this morning. Can I show you tomorrow? , you text Steve.
You look around your room while waiting for his response, and it feels different than before, but you can’t quite place why. You think about decorating, maybe hanging some art?
That sounds great, looking forward to it! 7 am in Training room B.
You smile and roll your eyes, Steve was just so professional and cordial. Any attraction you had for him in the past is now totally gone, and Loki made sure of that. 
Loki. Your mind drifts to this morning again, and you think about how just a few hours ago he was passionately fucking you in his bedroom. You smile to yourself as you feel that warmth flooding your core. 
Focus, you can think about later.  
Your eyes drift around your room and you decide to go through your box that has been sitting in the corner since you arrived. It’s filled with photos of family and friends, and personal items you never felt like you could really unpack. You mull over how you’re going to approach your new relationship with Loki as you take out small decorations and picture frames, adorning your space with them. 
After a few minutes of playing out scenarios in your head, you decide the best way to ease the Avengers into your new…arrangement…with Loki, is to invite him to the tower more often. He’d already been hanging out more, so if Thor wasn’t the only one inviting him, it may seem more natural. And then when you're ready to reveal the two of you are together, it won’t be too jarring. That will give you time to even figure out what is happening with you and Loki.
So, is he like my boyfriend? Or are we just sleeping together? How does a human date a God? 
You opt to not dwell on what you and Loki are, and try to plan for having him around more. You decide to invite Loki over for dinner with everyone tomorrow night. Your mind drifts briefly about how afterwards, you could secretly bring him to your room and have him all to yourself.
You text Loki, asking him to come over for dinner tomorrow evening. 
Are you sure about that?, Loki responds to your request. 
Yes, if that’s what you desire. And after dinner, I will make you come no less than five times before midnight.
Yea, just promise me you'll be on your best behavior ;). 
You feel your face flush as you bite your lip and smile.
Flashes from yesterday with Loki have been invasive, and you could barely sleep last night- the excitement of showing your powers and seeing Loki all in one day making you restless. 
You slide your suit on, trying not to think of Loki trying to pull it off of your body yesterday in a fit of passion. You clench your thighs together, and take in a deep breath. You refocus on your current task at hand- proving your worth to the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. You close your eyes and give yourself an internal pep talk.
Alright, Y/N, you’ve got this. Kick Steve’s ass.
After getting suited up, you grab a quick breakfast and head towards the training room. You then walk into the large gym that the team normally sparred in, and you’re thankful it's not where you and Loki first kissed yesterday because it would be too distracting. 
You stretch and mentally get yourself into the zone, and see Steve stride in- and to your surprise, others behind him. Bucky, Nat, and Wanda walk behind him, chatting to themselves. You suddenly feel nervous, you didn’t plan on showing this demonstration in front of everyone. 
“Hi, Y/N, how are you?”, Steve walks over to you, very upbeat for so early in the morning.
“Steve, why are other people here, I thought it was just going to be me and you,” you look around at the others as they line up on the side of the mat.
“I’m sorry, I told Bucky, and I guess word got around…,” Steve grimaced. “I can ask them all to leave, if you’d like”. 
“No, that’ll seem weirder! Okay, it’s fine, I can do it,” you reassure yourself. “Can you come to a fighting stance with me?”.
You acknowledge the others and give them a forced smile and a small wave.  Wanda gives you a friendly wave back, while Nat gives you a curt nod, crossing her arms. Bucky claps, “Let’s go, Y/N! You got this!”. You shoot him a look, but you can’t help it as a smile creeps over your mouth. 
The two of you stand across from each other, and you take a deep breath, moving into a jiu jitsu fighting stance.
“Ok, go ahead and come at me,” you confidently instruct Steve, your muscles tense and ready.
Steve quickly lunges forward with a punch, and you immediately put a shield around yourself, deflecting him. He smirks, and you focus your energy, reaching out a hand and quickly enveloping him in a blue sphere while maintaining your own shield. 
“Nice,” he nods at you. Steve touches the sides, knocking on it with his knuckles and testing how strong the field is.  Bucky and Wanda start clapping from the side of the mats, filling you with pride. 
You concentrate, strengthening your stance in the way Loki had taught you, and lift Steve up, off the ground. Confusion briefly shows on his face, but he looks back at you, and readjusts to adapt to your new powers.  He tries to punch and kick at the field he’s in, but it just fizzles with no effect. You raise him higher, and Steve is now struggling to maintain his balance, as the sphere rises up in the air. 
You feel the same strength of your powers like you did yesterday, but it feels easier to wield now. Steve continues to strike against the field, and it begins to falter. You concentrate harder, and feel sweat begin to form at your hairline. 
Suddenly you hear quick footsteps coming towards you from the left, and a brief blur in your periphery. Adrenaline rushes through you and you instinctively reach out as you look over, encompassing someone in a round field. You barely realize what you’re doing before you swiftly throw the field and the person inside against the wall with a loud crash. Dust from the wall erupts around the area, as the shield smashes the concrete.  Nat lets out a yelp as she hits the wall in her sphere, throwing her around like a rag doll. 
The room collectively gasps with you and you immediately recoil your arms, all the fields disappear and Steve falls to the ground with a loud thud.
“Ohmygod I’m so sorry, Nat! I didn’t mean to- it just happened!!,” you run over to her with panic in your voice. The others swiftly run over to you and Nat, surprise and concern on their faces. 
Nat sits on the ground, coughing and catching her breath while you worriedly look at her. She continues to breathe heavily, and looks up to you and smiles, “Well, that’s a hell of an improvement,”. You let out a sigh of relief, leaning over and resting your hands on your knees, feeling shaky. 
Steve trots up to the group, “You guys okay?”, he asks, patting you on the shoulder. 
You reach out your hand to Nat, and she grabs it, pulling herself off the ground with a quiet groan. You’re glad she’s not terribly hurt, but a part of you enjoys some comeuppance for how she trained you in the beginning.  
“Yea, I thought I’d be able to catch her off guard, but it looks like I was wrong,” Nat nods at you as she brushes dust off of herself. 
“Do we have an award for “Most Improved?”, she dryly jokes to Steve.
You let out a chuckle as you continue to quietly pant, smiling at her as you straighten back up, still feeling a bit unsteady from the rush of adrenaline and nerves.
“Yea, that was great, you’re really going to kick some ass”, Bucky chimes in, mock punching your arm.
“Yes, your powers are very unusual, I would love to spar with you sometime. Maybe I could join you and Loki in training as well?”, Wanda asks casually. 
“Oh yea, that’d be cool, I think you’d get a lot out of it, he’s a really good teacher,” you mumble with fake enthusiasm, caught off guard by Wanda’s request.
You turn to look at Steve, realizing you’re anxiously awaiting his thoughts. The group of heroes around you look to him as well, anticipating his decision. 
"Welcome to the team," Steve says proudly, a large smile spreading across his face, reaching out to shake your hand. You beam back, feeling tears of joy starting to pool in your eyes. 
"Oh my god, thank you so much!," you gush, shaking his hand back. You then give in to your urge and jump forward to give him a big hug. You wrap your arms around his waist and he chuckles, hugging you back chastely. 
“Alright, this means you’re now on call for the next mission,” Steve informs you as you step back from the hug, trying to suppress crying with joy in front of everyone.
“Uh, yea, yessir, Cap,” you grin and nod affirmatively. 
All the work from the last few months has paid off and alleviated your fears. As you break from the group, you head to the showers and think about how you can't wait to tell Loki. 
The phone rings and you feel giddy. Not just about the news, but sharing it with Loki. 
"Well hello darling, what a pleasant surprise to see you call me. To what do I owe this pleasure?", Loki sweetly answers your call. 
You can't help but talk fast, excitement bubbling over, "Hi Loki - I got in! I'm an Avenger! I showed Steve my powers, just like you taught me. I made a shield around Steve and Nat- I DID it! I knocked Nat around a bit actually, but she’s okay.”
You hear Loki chuckle, "Well done, Y/N. I'm glad you secured your spot on the team, I know it means a lot to you.” 
"Loki, I really don't think I could've done this without you. I owe you so much…", you drift off, not knowing what words can really express your appreciation.
"Nonsense, you've had this in you all along. You just needed a guide. I'm glad I was able to assist,” Loki assures you. 
"Thanks Loki. Well, I’m kind of beat from this morning, I think I need to take a nap. I still need to run out to shop for ingredients for tonight, too. See you at 7?".
"Darling I wouldn't miss it," he replies in his low voice, a smile obviously on his lips.
Your dinner is going well, just as you had planned. Well, mostly as you had planned.
You had decided to order Italian food (you’re really getting used to the perks of Tony’s unlimited wealth), and make a classic tiramisu. When everyone gathered at the table, Tony told them all that work was not allowed to be discussed (which you had insisted to him since the team was still not completely at ease in Loki’s presence, plus the last time it resulted in the two of you fighting). You hoped this would help circumvent past issues with Loki, and maybe he could charm them all into trusting him. Steve and Tony agreed with you and encouraged the team to relax and skip the work talk. 
It’s a large gathering tonight, with Bruce, Peter, Thor, and Scott attending too. You had pulled Loki aside when he arrived, and reminded him that Nat had seen the two of you in the hall in the restaurant, so he should not treat you differently than the others. You knew she was suspicious, and you wanted to keep things as light as possible around the spy’s critical eyes. 
And you had resolved to not flirt with Loki, even though he seemed to get sexier every time you saw him. He wore a tight black sweater that hugged his form and accented the V shape of his frame, and snug black slacks. He looked like he had strut off the runway, and acted like it too. 
While everyone casually chatted and laughed as the wine flowed, you found solace knowing that things seemed to be going well despite Loki’s mischief. 
Loki had taken the opportunity at this dinner to sit next to you. As soon as he sat down, he slid his hand under the table and onto your thigh, resting it there for the evening. Occasionally he would move his hand dangerously close to your core, fingers ghosting your panties. You cursed yourself for wearing a dress, not realizing Loki would take advantage of the easy access at the dinner table. You don’t know how much longer you can take this, afraid the wine may make you slip up. 
Loki never faltered in his dialogue with Thor and the others around you as he teased you, while you tried to maintain yourself and ignore what he was doing. 
He was relentless, and despite the orders to not discuss work, he complimented you to the Avengers, and even looked down at you to wink at you in front of the others. Luckily, you don’t think those who were around you noticed. 
You could feel your face turn red when Loki even led a toast to you joining the team, the Avengers smiling and unaware as he littered it with double entendres. 
He just loves to torture me. This is his good behavior?? 
Even though he’s irritating you with his inability to listen to your simple instructions, you remember his promise to make you come many times over tonight, and feel yourself get hot. You take a big gulp of your ice water, and look around at everyone’s plates, seeing that dinner is wrapping up.  
You lower your hand and move Loki’s off of your thigh while you pretend to laugh at a joke by Thor, and stand up to start clearing the table. Loki glances up to you but you give him a warning look, hoping he’ll calm down until after dessert. 
While you’re happy that everyone is enjoying each other’s company, and your plan to get them to like Loki seems to be going perfectly, you’re incredibly distracted by the slick between your thighs. You always seem to have these mixed feelings around Loki- crushing on him, irritated by him, and aroused by him. It’s enough to drive you mad. 
Steve notices you clearing the table, and starts to gather plates too, stacking dishes in his hand and following you to the open kitchen. 
"I've gotta say, Y/N, I'm really impressed with what I saw this morning.", he says sincerely while he loads the plates into the dishwasher. 
“We’re not supposed to talk about work at dinner”, you give him a playful look. You pull out the tiramisu from the fridge, and look for dishes to serve them on. 
"Well, to be fair, Loki brought it up first,” Steve jokes as he lays out plates for you. 
You glance at Loki at the table, and see that he is staring at you and Steve, a neutral expression on his face. 
“Well, thanks Steve. I appreciate you being so patient with me, it really helped when I thought I should just give up and leave,” you confessed, looking into his kind eyes. 
“You’re really going to be a great addition to the team. And not just the team! I mean, you’ve been cooking for us, and it’s been really nice having you here in the tower,” Steve says while he turns to look in the silverware drawer, shuffling around. 
You pause plating desserts to look at him. You smile, your heart feeling full and finally at peace with your place on this team. 
“Well thanks, and you’re a good leader too. You’ve been so encouraging, and I wouldn’t have had Loki to teach me if it wasn’t for you. So thanks, Steve, for everything you’ve done,” you cheerfully stated. 
You haven’t noticed over the sounds of your conversation and dishes clattering, but Loki has come into the kitchen as well, quietly walking up behind you. 
"I want to tell you how proud I am of you, you've really come a long way,” Steve says earnestly, looking at you with a hint of pink on his cheeks. His eyes draw from yours to behind your shoulder. 
"Hasn't she, though?" Loki purrs next to you, surprising you. He snakes his arm around your waist and you look at him in shock. 
"I'm incredibly proud of my star pupil," Loki says with a hint of venom in his voice.  
Before you know what’s happening, he plants a passionate kiss right on your lips and you find yourself leaning into it for a moment. You break away and realize what has happened, and feel your stomach drop. The entire room is watching you and Loki. 
"Do you need any additional help cleaning up, Darling?", Loki asks with a wicked smirk on his lips. 
You look at Steve, whose mouth is agape as he looks at the two of you. You scan across the faces at the dinner table in horror, seeing shocked expressions, except Thor and Bucky, who are grinning.
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fi-recs-fics · 2 days
Tumblr media
Week 5
Sorry it's a little sparse this week. I've gotten a couple recs ill try to read for next week.
*Reminder that you can send me fics from any fandom to check out. *
Remember Me by @roguelov 18+ Dream of the endless/f reader - one-shot- a story of memories lost and recovered 😭🥺🔥🔥
unleashed desires by @mygfloki - 18+ Loki/Female Reader - a cute and spicy one-shot 😍 🔥
Thrown by @maple-seed - teen + loki x Ofc multi chapter fic - in progress - 💚 slow burn series canon divergent post Loki Season 1
Stain Me by @sinsandguilt -mature (Loki x Female Reader Drabble) Loki is reassured by his lover 😭🥺
Call Me, Maybe by @mooncat163 Loki x Reader one-shot Loki meets a fan 😆💚
Untitled by @bucky-barnes-diaries - 18+ Pairing || Mob!Bucky x Wife!Reader
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nixymarvelkins · 3 days
Title : Loud Noises
Couple : Loki x Reader
Summary : Loki’s wife has a secret that she never wanted to tell her husband. How will he react when he realizes what it is?
The Stark party was in full swing and where normally Y/n would be dancing and having fun with her husband Loki, she felt very panicked and hid in the corner. She has never told anyone about how loud noises sometimes messes with her anxiety. It's rare but when it happens it can get bad for her. She sat in the chair that was in the corner trying to control her breathing as she hugged her knees to her chest. The loud music making it harder for her to breath as the overwhelming thoughts plagued her mind. Why is the music so loud? You're an avenger, noise shouldn't be this big of a deal. Hurry up and calm down or Loki will worry.
The last thought was true. Loki immediately realized his wife wasn't by his side. For an hour he searched the party looking for Y/n. For an hour he debated on taking the djs microphone to make an announcement on if anyone knew where his wife was. But he found her, curled up in a ball of anxiety with tears streaming down her face. Did someone hurt her? Did something happen?
"Love? Are you alright?" Y/n tensed hearing Loki call out to her. She met his gaze and more tears fell from her eyes as she stared at her husband. Loki got more worried and knelt down in front of her. "What happened? Why are you crying?"
"I..." Then the crowd cheered as a loud popping sound was heard. Y/n winced and whimpered as her breath grew harsher. Her brain couldn't process anything happening around her. She gripped her hair in an attempt to ground herself. Loki quickly pulled her to him and teleported them to their apartment in the tower. As it suddenly got quiet Y/n started to calm down slowly.
"That's it... breath darling. I'm right here with you." Loki traced soothing circles on her back as he swayed them back and forth. "Focus on my heart beat and breath with me." Loki has had enough panic attacks himself to know when someone else was having one. Her breathing finally slowed but Loki kept swaying with his love.
"L-Loki...?" Loki hummed and met his wife's gaze. "I'm so sorry... I d-didn't mean to ruin your night..."
"Darling you could never ever ruin my night. Why would you ever think that?" Y/n looked away and but her lower lip. "Darling please look at me." Y/n shook her head no and buried her face in Loki's chest.
"I g-g-get really bad anxiety... f-for no reason at all... s-sometimes loud noises cause it a-and sometimes silence c-causes it." Loki's heart clenched. 3 years married and 6 years together in total, he had never known this about his wife.
"A-A-And I never told y-you because e-everyone always g-gets irritated with me b-because I ruin th-their night..."
"They told you this? Who is they?" Loki felt very angry that people have told her this, making her hide it from him in fear of losing him.
"Family... friends... myself..." Loki's heart shattered in that moment. He cupped her cheeks and made her look up at him. He wiped her tears with his thumbs and kissed her forehead.
"I will never ever leave you. I want you to understand that you having anxiety changes absolutely nothing. You are my queen, my whole world. If you are struggling I want you to come find me, no matter what I'm doing. I want you to rely on me as I rely on you." Y/n teared up for a whole new reason and smiled a bit. "Do you understand?"
"Yes." It was like a sigh of relief. Y/n didn't need to hide anymore nor did she have to do it alone. "I love you."
"I love you too my darling." Loki then captured her lips with his as he began to sway back and forth with her again. Neither of them making it back to the party.
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lunarbuck · 17 hours
Dance With The Devil (1)
Tumblr media
Pairing: mafia!Loki x f!reader (any race)
WC: 4.4k
Summary: Your world turns upside down, but this is only the beginning.
Warnings: kidnapping, fear, swearing, violence
A/N: Yay first chapter!! I can't wait for y'all to read it :) please let me know what you think <3 Some dialogue is taken from the movie. beta'd by the amazing @purpleshallot :))) happy birthday my dear!!!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
chapter 2
You have always preferred fairytales to real life. True love’s first kiss, fate, all of it. Not to be cliché, but it’s been your escape. From a young age, you found yourself wrapped up in worlds full of magic. Of happily ever afters and fairy godmothers. 
As an adult, you still retreat into those stories for comfort. On difficult days, you lose yourself to mystical places, wishing you could be there, living those lives. You find it cruel, really, to open the door to other worlds like that and not let the dreamers in.
Today, the fall air is crisp and fresh as you board the bus after class. Leaves the color of fire fall from the trees and onto the street, crunching under people’s feet as they walk past. You lean your head against the window and pull out one of your favorite books. You always find yourself returning to it, no matter what happens in your life. You’ve read it so many times you have it memorized by now. The story takes you far away from New York to a place with deadly sword fights, disguised princes, and magic. 
As you turn the page, your heart tugs in your chest, finding yourself at your favorite part of the book. The unassuming and quiet princess meets the prince for the first time. He falls for her instantly, but she doesn’t know who he is, as he’s disguised as a commoner.
It’s easy to get wrapped up in the story, but when your phone buzzes in your pocket, you know you need to check it. You scroll through a few work emails, planning responses in your head when you realize what time it is.
You continue looking at the screen, expecting to see a text from your father that he got home from physical therapy safely. He should’ve been back at least 15 minutes ago.
But there’s no text, no phone call, nothing. Your heartbeat speeds up, you can hear blood rushing in your ears. You try to calm your nerves, telling yourself that maybe his phone died, and he forgot. Your father has always been a little bad with tech. There’s probably nothing wrong.
You repeat the words to yourself the entire commute home, unable to focus on the story that had captivated you just a few moments ago. You keep whispering them over and over as you walk up the cracked steps to your house. You even say them as you search the place for your father.
Your mind goes silent when you find the house completely empty and your father’s cell phone on the ground, the screen shattered.
Your head spins as you try to figure out what to do. This isn’t like your father. He’s never disappeared before. He would never go somewhere without leaving at least a note on the fridge or the counter. 
After a few deep breaths, you pull out your phone and call 911.
“911, what is your emergency?” You barely hear the words leave your mouth as you rattle off your name, address, and the fact that your father is suddenly missing. You tell the dispatcher when the last time you had seen your father was and that you found his phone cracked on the ground.
The dispatcher stays on the line with you, but you don’t pay attention to what she says, instead staring at your father’s spot at the dinner table, a newspaper folded just the way he likes beside a cup of coffee, long gone cold. He always insists on having one in the morning, even though he hates the taste.
A few minutes later, a police cruiser pulls up to your house, lights on but no siren. You scramble out of the house and through the front door and find Griffin, your friend from Undergrad, leaning against the car casually.
He’s dressed in his police uniform, pressed and without wrinkles, but as you get closer, you can see the bags under his eyes. Knowing him, he probably was out late last night drinking. He’s always been that type. Even since graduation and getting a job, nothing’s changed.
Griffin has always been around, even when you didn’t want him to be. Him and his deep brown eyes that are always watching over you with a protectiveness that never seems to fade.
“Hey, Griff,” you say quickly, eyes shooting around the block for any sign of your father. Everything looks normal as if your world hadn’t been turned upside down.
Griffin scrutinizes you; the heat in his gaze is evident to you, and you try to shrink away from it. You know he’s always had a thing for you, but you pretend not to notice just like you always do. You’re too busy, too preoccupied with literally everything, to get into a relationship with him or anyone else for that matter.
“So your dad didn’t come home?” he asks, crossing his arms over his chest as if this were a regular conversation between the two of you. 
“It’s more than that,” you snap, noticing they only sent one officer. Why wasn’t he with his partner? Why did he come alone? “Where’s your partner? Is he out looking for Papa?” The childhood name for your father slips so easily from your lips that you wouldn’t have noticed it had Griffin not made a face.
“No, it’s just me on this right now. I wanted to check it out before we declared him missing.” Anger bubbles in your chest, but you shove it down. Being angry won’t help right now. You need to focus. That’s the only thing that will help your father.
“Okay, where should we start?”
Griffin explains how a missing person case works, and you nod along with him, trying to make sense of it all. Your father has no enemies that you know of, no one that would wish harm upon him.
As you go through this with Griffin, your eyes wander away from him and over to the houses around you. It’s possible someone saw something; maybe they just didn’t know what they were seeing.
You cock your head, noticing your neighbor across the street has a camera above their doorbell. You start walking to the house, not bothering to explain your action to Griffin. He follows, though, seeming to understand.
To your surprise, your neighbor is more than willing to share the footage with you and the police. She brings out her laptop and rewinds the video until Griffin tells her to stop. Your hands shake as she plays it.
In the grainy video, you see a black van pull up outside your house. Four men dressed in black jump out and walk straight into your home. You know for a fact you’d locked it that morning. How did they get in?
It’s surreal. It’s like a movie. A terrible, shitty movie about men breaking into your house and kidnapping your father. The trees blow in the wind, a bird lands on the pavement, and everyone keeps moving like nothing is happening in the house.
A few moments later, the men emerge from the house, dragging your father between them. He’s fighting back as best he can, but he can’t do much in his weakened condition.
You want to scream, you want to throw up, you want to rewind time and make it so none of this ever happened.
The video has no sound, but you can only imagine his calls for help. How they went unanswered.
Griffin thanks your neighbor after getting a copy of the footage and walks you back to his cruiser. Your legs feel like jelly, unable to support the weight of everything any longer.
“Grab whatever you need for the next few hours and come with me,” he instructs, voice tight. “We’re gonna find your dad.”
Tumblr media
When you arrive with Griffin at the police station, you’re surprised by the lack of urgency the other officers give to your father’s disappearance. Is this not important to them?
Griffin lets you sit at his desk while he shows a few people the video, trying to see what people know. The police station feels hospital-like. People rush around, calling out odd codes and names while you sit in the middle of the chaos. Everything smells like the floor cleaner they use. It burns your nose. 
For a while, you scroll through your phone aimlessly, not really sure what you’re looking for before putting it away and reading your book instead.
You finally reach chapter 3. The princess has just discovered the true identity of the prince. The words make your heart flutter despite the noise and disorder surrounding you. You manage to lose yourself in the pages, the world around you fading away.
The prince holds the princess close, cupping her cheek in his hand. They stare lovingly into each other’s eyes, not yet knowing that they were meant to be. The universe had granted them the greatest gift of all, true love. You know what happens next, but that doesn’t stop your brain from coming up with all the ways they might be challenged in the future. 
A hand clasps your shoulder, pulling you from the fairytale world and crashing you into reality. Griffin is at your side, a grim look on his face.
“What?” you ask quietly, not sure you want to hear what he’s found.
“Come with me.” He grabs your arm, tugging you up from the chair. Your book tumbles to the ground, but he doesn’t give you a chance to retrieve it. He guides you to an interrogation room and shuts the door behind him.
“What is going on?” you ask, ripping your arm from his grasp. 
“I got an image of the license plate from the car your dad got into.” You want to interrupt and correct Griffin. Your father didn’t “get into” the car, he was kidnapped and shoved, but you keep your mouth shut. “I tracked it to a few fake identities, but I finally found something solid. All these fake guys work for the same very real mafia family. The Laufeyson family has a pretty big presence around here, and I think they’re the ones who have your dad.”
The mafia? No way. You shake your head, and Griffin gives you a pitying look. You hate it.
“Papa would never get involved with the mafia. He has no reason to. Even when he stopped working, we had enough money for treatments, his inventions always made enough…” your voice trails off when you think of the past few months. How stressed your father had seemed, the odd phone calls, you’d thought nothing of them at the time. But now…
“Look, your dad was sick and desperate. He probably thought he had no other option.” You hate how he talks about your father in the past tense as if he’s already gone.
“Where is he?” you ask before you can spiral into what-ifs and hypotheticals.
“I’ve got an address. There’s no promising it’s where he is, though.” You nod, and Griffin hands you a scrap of paper, an address scrawled messily on it. “We’ll go tomorrow morning. Right now, you need to lie low in case they’re looking for you.” You roll your eyes and scoff. Does he really expect you to wait until tomorrow? 
He’s an idiot if he thinks that.
Griffin drives you back to your house and gives you an awkwardly long hug before getting back in his car and leaving. For a guy that claims to care about you so much, he has a funny way of showing it.
You quickly gather some belongings, unsure how long you’ll be gone, and put the address Griff gave you into your phone. It’s far, too far for you to commute or bike. You don’t have a car, so you decide to call an Uber despite the cost. It’ll be worth it to find your father.
The car arrives after 10 minutes, but honestly, it felt like hours. Every moment that passes, every second that goes by, feels like an eternity being stuck in the unknown. Not knowing what he’s going through.
Your driver is friendly enough, though as he gets closer to the address, he gets more and more cagey. 
Your phone buzzes, and you spare a glance down at it, seeing that Griffin has texted you a few times.
Lmk if you need anything
You wanna get dinner? I got off early.
Hello? Whyre you ignoring me?
You groan inwardly at the messages. Griffin has never been the romantic type, and clearly, nothing has changed since the last time he asked you out. You don’t bother responding, tucking your phone in your pocket as you stare out the window.
The car comes to a stop before arriving at your desired destination. Your driver explains that he can’t go further than this, so you climb out of the car and thank him anyway, tipping even though he didn’t take you where you wanted.
In the distance, you see a giant gated mansion on top of a hill. Without even looking at your phone, you know that’s where you need to go. The place looks straight out of a movie; of course, it’s where the bad guys live.
You make the trip on foot, watching out for anyone suspicious. The gate around the house is tall, but you scale it somewhat quickly, surprising yourself with your newfound upper-body strength.
The sun has set by the time you’re crossing the well-kept lawn, chilling you to your core. You carefully creep around the house’s perimeter, looking for a way in. You find a window cracked open and are stunned at your luck.
The window slides open easily, and you slip through the opening, finding yourself in a large sitting room. The plush carpet dampens your footsteps, making you nearly silent as you creep through the room.
As you push open the door to the hallway, you lock eyes with a man down the corridor. You freeze, unable to move away even as you will your feet to move. The man doesn’t call for help, though. Instead, he tilts his head as if to get a better look at you.
He steps toward you, then furrows his brow, thinking better of it. You wait for his next move with bated breath.
“Your father,” he whispers, eyes darting around, probably watching for other people. “Go upstairs.” With that, he turns on his heel and walks in the opposite direction, seemingly content with pretending he never saw you. 
How did he know you’re here for your father? They must not get many visitors that arrive on good terms; maybe this is a common occurrence?
You wait an agonizing few minutes until you’re sure the coast is clear before you dart to the staircase he’d gestured to.
The mansion is more extensive than it appeared from the outside, and you only realize the size as you climb the sweeping stairs to an upper level of the house. Corridors filled with doors leading to different rooms catch your attention, but you know that you must look for any sign of your father and avoid getting lost in the maze of the home.
A chill runs through you as you pass through the house. Even though you’ve seen signs of life here, it feels like a museum. It doesn’t feel like a home. No one really lives here; they just pass through. Existing and moving on.
As you reach the top of the stairs, you hear him. Your father coughs after every other word, barely getting the sounds out. He sounds so weak.
“Please, someone,” he groans quietly before breaking into another fit of coughs. You practically run down the hall until you reach a room at the very end, the door cracked slightly open. Not caring if anyone sees you, you push the door open to reveal your father.
Bile rises in your throat at the sight of him.
He’s tied tightly to a pole in the center of the room, hands cuffed behind his back around the bar, and feet bound at his ankles. From what you’ve seen, the rest of the house has hardwood or carpet. This room has concrete floors.
This room was built for pain, for bloodshed.
Even in the darkness of the room, you can see bruises bloom around his eyes and on his cheeks. Blood splatters on the ground. You can only imagine the pain he’d been through before your arrival.
Your father must not have heard or seen you come in because he continues to whisper his pleas.
“Papa,” you say gently as you cross the room and crouch in front of him. You place your hands on both sides of his face; he is so cold against your skin. “Papa, I’m here.”
Your father’s eyes open as far as they can with the swelling, but he finally sees you. “Oh, my, how did you find me?” he croaks. You shake your head, reaching around to see how his hands are cuffed. You hold one of his hands in yours and wince at the temperature.
“Your hands are like ice,” you whisper, returning your attention to his face. “We have to get you out of here.” Your father shakes his head, even though the action appears to pain him.
“Please, I want you to leave this place,” he begs, desperation lacing his voice.
You ignore his words, focusing on trying to undo the binds on his feet. “Who did this to you?”
“There is no time to explain,” he urges, “you have to go. Now!” You sit back on your heels and stare at your father in disbelief.
“I won’t leave you!” Your tone is harsh, but you don’t understand why he wants you to leave him behind.
Suddenly, someone grabs your shoulder, pulling you away from your father with incredible strength. You scramble out of their grasp and back to your father, unable to catch a glimpse of the person that grabbed you before they slip into the shadows.
“What are you doing here?” the person, a man, asks harshly, spitting the words at you.
“Run,” your father groans fearfully. You search your father’s face for something, anything, to help you through this.
You spin around, pressing your back against your father in an attempt to protect him from the new man.
“Who are you?” you ask the man cloaked in shadow. 
“Who are you?” the man asks in response, his words sharp and deadly.
“I’ve come for my father. Please let him out; can’t you see he’s sick?” you reply, voice even and calm, not showing how terrified you are.
“Your father is a thief. He owes me.”
You shake your head; he must be lying. “But he could die. Please, I’ll do anything!” Desperation creeps into your voice, but you hold firm. You want to cry, you want to scream, but you don’t. You won’t, not until your father is safe.
“There’s nothing you can do. He’s my prisoner.” The words are swift, his tongue like a whip.
“There must be some way I can–” You turn back to face your father, searching his face for the answers. “Take me instead!” It takes everything in you to pull your eyes away from your father and face the shadowed man.
“You? You would take his place?” He sounds unsure, troubled by what you’ve proposed. As if you’ve caught him off guard.
Your father struggles against the binds, trying to grab onto you. “No! You don’t know what you’re doing!” Even though it pains you, you don’t look back.
“If I did, would you let him go?” You can’t see his face, but you can tell the man is mulling over his choices. He holds your life in his fingers.
“Yes, but you must promise to stay here forever.” Your heart sinks, but you know that it is for the best that you take your father’s place. He has access to the money you’ve been making, to his treatment services, everything. It would be easier with you there, but you know he’ll be able to care for himself until he finds a caretaker. 
As anger burns inside your chest, you stare at the shadowed man in front of you. You want to see the man forcing you and your father into this fate. You want to look him in the eye as he sentences you to death at his hand.
“Come into the light,” you whisper, barely able to form the words. The man doesn’t move for a moment, but after a breath, he steps forward and into the light cast from the window.
Your eyes widen as you take him in. He’s tall, towering over you like a mountain. His black hair is slicked back in the front, though a piece has fallen out of place and covers one of his eyes. Dressed in an all-black suit, the man looks as though he is made of the shadows that had just been concealing him. Bright eyes stare down at you as if they can see right through you.
“No,” your father says, sputtering and coughing. “No, I won’t let you do this!” 
It’s as if you’re in a trance. You can’t break your eyes away from the man in front of you. “You have my word.” The promise slips from your lips as if not yours. 
The man cocks his head, grinning slyly. “It is done.”
All it takes is a quick knock on the door behind him, and the man has summoned two more people to the room.
They rush in, moving you aside and grabbing your father. You try to catch him, to hug him, to just let him know that everything will be okay, but the raven-haired man grabs your arms and pulls you away, holding you against his chest. One arm brackets around your front while the other covers your mouth, muffling your yelling.
You struggle against him, willing him to just let you say goodbye, but your efforts are futile.
It doesn’t take long for the two men to drag your father away. You can’t help but feel like you’ll never see him again. The feeling lodges itself deep in your gut, making you feel a heaviness like you’ve never experienced before.
When it is just you and the raven-haired man left in the room, he releases you. You crumple to the floor, finally allowing your tears to fall freely. The ground is cold and hard beneath you as you wet it with your tears.
The raven-haired man says nothing for a long time, letting the sound of your sobs echo between the walls.
When your throat is dry, and you have no tears left in your body, he moves to stand in front of you instead of behind you.
“Come,” he says curtly as if speaking to a dog.
You shake your head, holding it in your hands. “You didn’t even let me say goodbye. I’ll never see him again.” Finally, you look up at the man. Fury rips through your veins. “I didn’t get to say goodbye.”
If the man feels bad or feels any remorse, he doesn’t reveal it. “I’ll show you to your room.”
His words take you by surprise. You hadn’t thought this far ahead. Is he going to give you a room? It wouldn’t have shocked you if he’d just told you to sleep in this torture room. “My room? But I thought–”
“You want to stay here? In this… cell?” he asks, tilting his head. The faint light from the window makes his eyes shine. You search his face for any trace of emotion but find nothing. His blue eyes stay trained on you, his lips pressed into a line. 
“No,” you reply, annoyance clear from your tone. That earns you the smallest of smirks. His right eye ticks. He must not like being on the receiving end of an attitude. Well, he better get used to it.
“Then follow me.” The raven-haired man doesn’t help you stand. He doesn’t provide you any support as you wobble on weak legs. He just stands by the door, waiting for you to catch up.
You walk a few steps behind the man, following him like a shadow as he guides you through the corridors. He points to different doors, other paths through the home, but you don’t really hear him.
It’s like you’re underwater; everything is muted and warped. Your thoughts spin through your head, and you’re barely able to process them as they fly past. It all happened so quickly, you’d acted without thinking through all the possible outcomes, and now you’re stuck here alone forever.
The man comes to a stop in front of a pair of ornate wooden doors. He stares down at the handles, but you stare at him. He’s yet to tell you anything about him; he is a mystery to you.
“You are to never step foot in the west wing,” he says through gritted teeth, shifting his eyes toward you. “Do I make myself clear?” 
You take a shaky breath and look at the carvings on the door. They seem to tell a story, but before you get a chance to look for the start, you find yourself speaking. “What’s in there?”
“It’s forbidden.” You flinch back from his harsh tone, dropping your eyes to the floor.
The man turns away from the door and guides you down a new hallway. You notice more art hung on the walls in this area, lots of classics. Your heart tugs when you see some familiar paintings; it’s barely a comfort, but it’s something.
“If there is anything you need,” he says, pushing open the door to a bedroom, “my people will attend to you.” The room is simple, with only a bed, a dresser, and a vanity, but it looks clean from what you can tell. 
He doesn’t wait for you to get settled, doesn’t even tell you where the kitchen or anything else is. The second you step into the room, he shuts the door with a thud.
You barely make it to the bed before your legs give out. You throw yourself onto the blankets and pillows, a sobbing heap as you come apart.
You don’t care how loud you’re being. You don’t care that the man might be standing outside listening. Your sobs rip through you, releasing emotions you haven’t felt in ages. This is bigger than just your father, bigger than being trapped in the home of a man you’ve never met before.
It’s only the beginning.
Tumblr media
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cottontears · 21 hours
ೃ⁀➷kinkmas day #5
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ intro ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ roulette ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ masterlist
ೃ⁀➷ P12:#(daddy kink) with C:#13 (loki)
ೃ⁀➷ loki x fem reader
ೃ⁀➷ word count: 300+
ೃ⁀➷ warnings: explicit smut, daddy kink (duh!), p in v sex,
ೃ⁀➷ a/n daddy loki (this is short lol, think of it as a blurb!)
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Tumblr media
──────── ✧ ────────
loki was mean to you. especially when you had not seen each other in a while.
he was desperate when you had been separated for long periods of time.
you did not mean to call him that.
it had been in the tip of your tongue for a while now. the way he towered over you as you lay in bed. his mischievous grin that meant you were in for a ride.
your body shuddered as his hands whispered against your throat. his calloused hands wrapping around your sensitive neck.
“did you miss me sweetheart?” his voice was dangerously low
you groaned, and that’s when your tongue slipped. “yes, daddy.” you whimpered.
time seemed to stop. his lips widened in a mocking grin. your limbs trembled, blood rushing to your face in embarrassment. you tried to turn your head to the side to avoid his gaze, but he would not let you.
“what did you just call me?” his voice was gruff, a tent growing against his pants.
you shook your head.
“come now pet, don’t be embarrassed, speak up.”
“yes daddy.” you smiled, the fact that he enjoyed it making you bold.
he groaned and he was on you in seconds.
his lips on your neck, hands under yours shirt, warming your breasts. your back arched into his touch. your hips bucking on their own, searching for friction.
he rose for a few moments, throwing his clothes to the floor.
he pushed his hips between your thighs. your legs wrapping around his waist, cunt against his throbbing dick.
your pussy gushed as he nipped your ear.
“tell me what you want my sweet girl.”
“i want your dick inside my pussy daddy.”
when he pushed into you you both moaned.
“god, daddy, you feel so good.”
he snapped. his hips thrusting fast. in and out of you.
his thick throbbing dick stretching you, slamming into you without restraint.
“doll���” he moaned.
and with his name on your tongue you were finally complete
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Right Place, Right Time
Part 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: Both you and Loki wrestle with how you feel.
Warnings: angst, slow burn.
A/N: As always, any feedback, comments, reblogs are so much appreciated! | Dividers by @firefly-graphics
If the invasion in New York felt like the blink of an eye, the invasion in London felt like an eternity. The day after Loki left, you and Sara had left the compound, cautiously making your way back to your own apartment. The destruction wasn't as bad as you had expected, nothing compared to the devastation New York had experienced before, but the added security you felt that night because of him would never be forgotten. Glued to the television and your cell phone for any updates on London felt ridiculously obsessive. After two days, the TV was turned off and cell phone put away, promising yourself to only check after Sara was put to bed for the night.
When the Avengers returned home from battle a week later, every news outlet had made it known. There were interviews, press conferences, and panel discussions, all very formal. When you didn't see him for another two weeks after their return, you wrestled with going to the tower to see him. Playing it out in your head, you'd tell the front desk that you were there to see Loki, and then what? Tell him "I'm ready for my kiss now"? The thought alone was cringe-worthy, like a desperate booty call.
It was fine, you told yourself, the two of you had a moment and it passed. What did you think was going to happen with an Asgardian god? That he'd become your boyfriend? You were just a Midgardian who had shown him a little kindness. Honestly, "Midgardian" probably meant simpleton or servant to him. More than likely he'd either forgotten or moved on, which was what you needed to do as well.
It had been almost a month since the attack on London when you saw him again, your heart instantly doing that annoying somersault thing it liked to do around him. Sara had been begging to go to the park for weeks and you finally gave in. He sat down next to you on the park bench as you watched her in the sandpit. You would not be the first to say something, you promised yourself. But it was Sara who grabbed your attention. "Loki!"
She ran up to him, arms out, allowing him to pick her up and set her on his leg. "Hello darling. Have you been keeping your mommy busy while I was away?"
Sara giggled, nodding her head and reaching for his hands. "And what do you suppose is in there?"
"Magic! More magic!"
Loki laughed at her request. "Well, I can't say no to that," and opened his hand to show her a new fireworks display. Sara set her hand out next to his, pretending to emit her own magic. "Alright my darling girl, go play in the sandbox while I talk to your mother."
She hugged him and ran back, not a care in the world. "She really is a sweet girl."
"She likes you."
"I like her." His words were intended for you more than Sara and when he gently placed a hand on your leg, you froze. It would be so easy to give in, to let him sweep you off your feet, but when you looked at him, you knew it would only be temporary.
You placed your hand on top of his and he watched as you guided it off your leg, his face faltering.
"Loki, I like you. I really do. But… I need to protect myself, and… I need us to be just friends."
Silently, he processed your words, tongue pressed into the side of his cheek. "Friends," he said slowly, testing it out on his tongue. "If that's what you wish."
No, it wasn't what you wished. It wasn't remotely close to what you wished for. But the thought of falling in love with him, only to lose him to a war, to a conquest, to another world, was excruciating. You had a daughter to think of. You had yourself to think of.
"Well then, as my friend," he started, cutting into your thoughts. "I would like to invite you to a gathering Stark is having next Saturday."
"Loki…" you warned.
He lifted his hands in defense. "No no, you are my friend. And honestly, there is no one else on this planet that I would enjoy spending my time with more than you."
There was a twinkle in his eye and you weighed your options, unlimitedly deciding that friendships required actual interaction. "Alright, as friends."
Tumblr media
Loki went back to the tower, sighing as he pulled out a book on the early conquests of Asgard, a way to distract himself from his swirling mind, and reclined on the chair in his room. This place had become a prison, and just when he thought he found a bright light of redemption, he had squandered it. When he had arrived back on Midgard, he had expected a cold welcome and told Thor just as much. He prepared himself for the glares, the spews of hatred, even the physical attacks which he found to be quite humorous. But he hadn't prepared himself for you.
The kindness you showed, actually wanting to spend time with him, not once bringing up his past, he was absolutely hooked. But, in London, the more he thought of you, the more he believed he would be a poison to you, just as he was to everyone else. One way or another, he would destroy you. He may be a god, you may be a mortal, but he wasn't good enough for you.
When the team arrived back from their mission in London, he didn't go back to you, as much as he desired it. Through FRIDAY he was informed of where you lived and if you and Sara were safe, but he held himself back from seeing you. It was only when he had read those fateful words that you had quoted to him from War and Peace that he decided he needed to see you again.
He knew that inviting you to Stark's party was playing with fire, and possibly playing with your heart. He was, after all, known as the god of mischief. But you had been there, more than once, at the right place, the right time. Perhaps you were meant to be his.
Tumblr media
The Avengers Tower stood magnificently in front of you. Taking a breath, you rode up the glass elevator to the penthouse where you had been put on the guest list. Loki had requested to pick you up himself from your place, but you refused, insisting that it was not a date and therefore would arrive and leave alone. When a car was sent to pick you up, you grimaced in annoyance. He was going to make it very hard to stay just friends.
The penthouse was beautifully decorated, lavish lounge furniture, an open bar, and large dance floor. Coat and purse checked, you made your way to the bar, hoping that a glass of wine would quiet the nerves while not making a total embarrassment of yourself later.
"I usually recognize everyone at my parties, but I can't place you." You turned to be face to face with the goateed playboy billionaire, your eyes as wide as saucers. "From your off-the-rack dress, I'm assuming you're a new reporter trying to catch a big break. Am I close?"
"I…" your mouth hung open, not exactly sure what to say.
"Stark, I see you've met my guest," his voice had a deep warning tone. He placed a hand on your shoulder, instantly making you feel safe.
Tony looked from Loki to you, trying to make the connection. "So not a news reporter?"
"No, actually I'm–" but your words were cut off as a burly man called out to the billionaire, his attention pulled away. Loki laughed at your reaction. "Ignore him. That's what I usually do." He came around to face you, doing his best not to look you up and down in the glimmering form-fitting dress. "Am I allowed to tell you how stunning you look tonight?"
You bit the inside of your cheek, nodding your head. The truth was, if you had been attracted to him after the invasion, you were absolutely blown away by how he cleaned up with a crisp suit. You drew your eyes from his frame to your drink, trying to focus. "Funny, I was in the middle of getting ready and someone sent a car to pick me up. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"
He grabbed an amber drink from the bartender. "I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about."
"Well that's good since I sent them away." Loki abruptly looked at you with confusion, to be met with a sly smirk. "Only kidding."
He gave an awkward laugh. Was he actually nervous around you? He shook his head. Get it together, she's only a mortal.
Tumblr media
He took the glass from your hand and set it down on the bar, then took your hand and pulled you away, winding his way through the crowds with you in tow.
"Where are you taking me, Laufeyson?" you giggled, following him up a flight of stairs and through a glass door to a balcony. The cool wind made you shiver in the small party dress and his jacket was draped over your shoulders. You looked across the massive city, above the buildings and twinkling lights that stood below and the ocean expanding beyond. "Wow, what a view. It's beautiful up here."
"I wish I could take you up there," he said, pointing up to the starry sky. "Now that is a sight worth seeing."
"What's it like up there?" you asked.
"Brilliant. Beautiful."
"Do you wish you were still up there?"
"Not right now," he said and you could feel his eyes on you. Even with his jacket on you shivered, but not from the cold. You didn't dare turn your head, afraid of what would happen if you did. Instead, you rested your head on his shoulder, taking in the scenery.
"I hope I'm not overstepping," he said after a while, pausing to find the right words, "I'm sorry I didn't come see you when we came back from London. I should have."
You shook your head in feigned ignorance. "It's fine, I just assumed you were busy saving the world."
He took your hands in his, not allowing you to brush it off. "No, y/n. The truth is…you scare me."
"I scare you?" you repeated the words back to him, eyebrow raised.
He smiled, the humor of a god being scared by a Midgardian not lost on him, and tucked a wisp of hair behind your ear. "Absurd, I know. But, you know I am the god of mischief and chaos. And, you are…the opposite of that. You are good and kind and…"
"And…you're afraid I will change who you are."
"No, I'm afraid I will destroy you. Or Sara. I destroy everything I touch." He looked down, thinking of all the hurt that had been caused because of him. "I would never be able to live with myself if you…"
His words trailed off, barely above a whisper. Heart pounding, your fingers interlaced with his and his eyes were drawn from the clasp of your hands to your eyes. You took a small step forward, his words sparking a boldness in you.
"Loki, no one is fully good or fully evil, not even you."
"Yes, but I–"
You cut him off, taking another small step, inching into him. "You did everything you could to save me and Sara during that invasion. Maybe you made some wrong choices in the past, but that's not who you are." His brow crinkled as you placed a hand on his cheek. "Do you want to hurt me?"
"Never," he whispered, and without thinking, you leaned in and kissed him. His lips were soft and warm and exactly how you had imagined. His fingers hesitatingly threaded through your hair at the back of your neck, closing the centimeters between you, a moan slipping from your mouth. You could have stayed there forever in his arms. When you pulled away, he searched your eyes. "I thought you said you just wanted to be friends."
Smiling, you replied, "You make it very hard to be just friends, Loki."
Buy Loki a coffee 😘
Tags: @goblingirlsarah @trojanaurora
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It’s The Avengers (04x03)
Loki x Reader Avengers The Office AU (Slowwwwww Burn)
Season 4 Episode 03: It's Always Sunny with You
Series Summary: Living in the Avengers facility post-apocalypse in a better timeline   Tony Stark has decided to capture every moment by pulling The Office on the Avengers. All of the housemates are pretty used to the idea except for you, who had just come here to finish her degree, and the newest member- Loki.
Warnings: just a bunch of thots
Word Count: this one is short because work is not letting me leave in time to get home, prep dinner and write a chapter.
MASTERLIST in bio, darlings. Tags are open (check bio)
The sound of seagulls out and about was one welcoming greeting while the beach graced the cameras with the best hues of blue and sandy beige. The closest palm tree was one beautiful lazy addition to this breathtaking view. That, unfortunately, could not be said for the gradually increasing screams that entered the scene- with the burning face of one Peter Parker running haphazardly in his swimming trunks while Ned ran behind him with a crab in his hand. The camera swerved to the left to watch Bucky and Sam resting on the beach chairs under that lone palm tree and watching the scene unfold in front of them with a beer in their hand. Bucky chuckled at the Spiderman still running around the beach throwing sand at the little creature while Ned enjoyed the after-effects of his efforts.  "Peter is such a-" Sam was already opening the cooler sitting next to him to take out one huge undone cold cut of a slick fish to throw it with a schlorp on Bucky's stomach, "wuss-OOOOOHH MY GAAAAHHHDDD!!!" The winter soldier frantically got up to slap the thing away from his body. And when that didn't work, he spilt beer over his torso. "AAAH SOMETHING YUCKY TOUCHED ME!!"
Sam: *Still laying on the beach chair* *smirks* ah, heaven.
Along the same beach, a private area of lounge chairs was taken up by Wanda Vision, cuddled up on one corner but exuding their mush vibes all over to the other end of the beach where Pietro pretended to gag while playing volleyball with Steve, Natasha and Scott. Everyone was enjoying the sun and sand in their beach clothes. Everyone else was enjoying the exposed muscles, the abs and those legs for days on display by our very own 'everyone'.  Well, everyone except you. Javier's camera focused on you sitting in one of the lounge chairs, hunched over your laptop, your bed hair still smacked at one side and the bun barely hanging on to the hairband. Your face had the frown of someone having been confused to the point that your nervous system ached and wanted to plot revenge. "Y/N, honey!" Pepper and her huge beach hat came into the frame, sitting in the shade while relaxing her belly, "go join the others. Have some fun!" The camera went back to you just as you looked up from the screen. "I can't right now, Pepper. I'm plotting a murder," you stated monotonously. "Okay," Pepper chimed in, "Well, then go enjoy some beach bods and volleyball after you're done with the plotting." The camera panned in to see a figure shift from the lounge chair right next to Pepper, and a very worried Tony Stark's face came into view to look at his wife and then at the camera.
You: *stand in the sand while out of focus are the others playing beach volleyball behind you* It's vacation time in college and just when I thought I was getting some time to breathe and get just a little bit of my mind back on track after all the *gesture with your hands at space and all that happened last season* this one freaking sonofabeach makes it his life's goal to make me as miserable as he can!  *on the edge of fuming* Sam's voice: Don't tell me it's Da- You: *snap* David! Yes, of course, it's David! The camera zooms out to show Sam pausing next to you with a fresh slimy octopus in his, shaking his head and cursing David.  Sam: want me to break his legs? You: *close your eyes* *breathe in* *open your eyes* *stare directly into the camera's soul* I want to break into his house, move all his furniture by a centimetre, replace his shower gel with tide pod juice, his sugar with baking soda, leave one scratch on his optical reader in his PlayStation, corrupt his headphones, connect his computer audio to the college speakers and leave one visible scratch on the good side of his Benz. *still stares into the camera* Sam: *blinks* *looks at the camera* *slowly slides out of the frame* You: That manipulative bastard convinced the professor to take online assignments throughout the vacation from me to make up for the semester I missed. *grits teeth* *crinkles nose with the red of rage* Nothing good seems to be happening in my life because of mother- Scott: *still unfocused* *shouts* Is that Loki? *get hits by the ball*
Your head whipped one-eighty to find out where Scott was looking. Both you and the camera turned to the sea to find a face appearing out of the water from the ocean, gradually ascending and blessing the viewers with a pair of arms rising up, flexing just as pale fingers ran through those long locks of black hair.  "Oh f***!" A stranger's voice came from the left and the camera turned to record a crowd of ladies and a few men staring at the breathtaking ocean view. "Oh Poseidon, rip that tank top apart so I can see the bulging muscles underneath," one woman commented, making others giggle and snicker. The camera next to the volleyball court was already panning in on your face. The rage, hatred, and misery that was sitting on your nose were melting away to give way to a cocktail of wonder in your raised brow, serenity in your eyes and just a tint of that slow train of thoughts which was bringing up a smirk on your lips. "I bet you fifty dollars I'll make him come to me," one of the ladies- a white woman tanned to a fault- in a stunning piece of duo-chrome bikini announced to her group of hyenas. The camera caught the sudden dilution of that smirk on your face before catching the look of unsurity in your eyes. The God was putting models to shame as he walked out of the water in his black tank top and shaped swimming trunks. The worked-up crowd watched as the confident white woman sauntered towards the God with a tall glass of Sex on the Beach. The camera shifted to perfectly catch the muted gasp of the entire line of humans trying to veil the second-hand embarrassment being felt by the woman when Loki instinctively turned to walk towards you. Loki casually flicked remnants of the ocean water from his fingers onto your face, making you flinch a little. "Oi!" you nearly shouted. "Why do you look so dead?" You snorted. "Don't remind me." The camera could hear the crack of your neck at this distance.  Javier's camera watched the people in the crowd look at you with daggers, or move away disappointed. "Who is that girl anyway?" the woman cursed in your direction before walking away with her girl squad. One of the women tried recording Loki and you but dropped her phone when a 'bee' appeared out of somewhere and scared her.  Javier automatically turned to Scott, finding him tucking away something in his pocket before signalling the camera to shush, only to be hit by a ball again.  "Come take a swim in the ocean," the God advised, taking the towel from an attendant that appeared out of nowhere. Before you could add something, Loki continued. "With me." You paused. A little too long. If it weren't for the extraordinary quality of the device, one would have missed that little millimetre of the moment when your pupils dilated at some unknown thought brewing in your mind. "She can't swim." Clint's voice broke you out of that short trance of that simple request. The archer walked by with a pair of goggles and diving equipment.  "You don't have to go look for the f***s I give in the ocean, Barton. I'll save you some time," Loki quipped, earning a muted mock of his words from the archer.  You chuckled first, then broke out into a wide smile and giggled till there were tears in your eyes. "See? Even Y/N agrees with me." You smacked him on his abs and then gave your hand a little shake while still giggling.
You: *sunglasses on* *sipping on an elderflower cocktail* *smile* *shrug* David can chew on his shoelaces.  The camera zooms out to show Scott enjoying the view of the ocean alongside you while giving one mock of a laugh in the direction of the hyenas as he sipped on his pina colada. Behind you, Tony and Pepper are asleep in their chairs while Zuko rests his head on Pepper's belly. Scott: But you still have your assignment to submit, right? Loki passes from behind you with the volleyball in his hand.  Loki: I'll help you with that tonight. Come on, let's play. You: *share a look with Scott through your glasses* *casually shift your weight one leg and put your free hand in your shorts pocket.* Cool. Cool. *nod*  Scott mirrors you.  Both of you turn back to look at the ocean. A repressed scream seems to come out of Scott's throat, followed by one coming out of you. Slowly your legs start to dance and both of you start slapping each other. Natasha shouts for you two to join them, stopping the happy dance all at once. You: *clear your throat* Scott: *clears throat* Let's go, bro You: Not you. You've been hit enough today.
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wheredafandomat · 2 days
Of course you should, lovely 😍😉
4 and 24 please
Thank you and have a wonderful cozy Sunday afternoon 😊❄️🧁
Thank you 🥰 you tooo!! ❤️
4: “Let me look at you.”
24: “Slower. I want to make this last.”
Walking into the bedroom, you weren’t surprised to see Loki sitting on the bed with his back against the headboard and his body scantily clothed as his eyes followed you. Whenever he’d come back from a long business trip, you’d spent the night showing one another how much you missed eachother but considering that Loki had been on the phone throughout the whole of dinner with the pathetic excuse of work as you tried to initiate a little role-play, you were certainly not giving into him now.
You stepped towards your dressing table, your silk chamise moving against your skin as you picked up a bottle of lotion. Sitting at the edge of the bed, away from Loki, you squeezed some of the lotion on your hands before running them up and down your legs.
“I could do that for you.” Loki offered, you could hear the smirk in his tone.
“I’m good thanks.” You shrugged, continuing.
“Let me look at you” he countered with a quiet “please” at the end. Huffing, you stood up and turned to face him as you focused on your arms. You kept your expression unbothered as you tried to ignore Lokis growing erection which was covered, not so subtly, by the duvet. As if automatically, your thighs clenched together trying to alleviate some of the pressure you felt in your core; it really had been forever since you felt him. Noticing your movements, a coy smile spread across Lokis face as he narrowed his gaze. “Slower. I want this to last.” He spoke as your eyes met. “Go on, undress, you know you want to.” He dared.
Hooking your finger underneath the cocktail strap of your chemise, you began pulling it down your shoulder, agonisingly slow as Loki bit his lip. Shoulder bare, you ran your fingers along it, across your neck and down your chest as Loki began palming his length.
“Do you wanna do the other one?” You asked sultrily, batting your eyelashes at him.
“It’d be my pleasure.” He opined, moving onto his knees before making his way to the edge of the bed. His lips met yours in a passionate kiss before he moved down to your neck. Your head fell backwards as he sucked and nipped at the skin there before trailing kisses across your shoulder, pulling the strap down with his teeth. “I’ve missed you.” He murmured, head tilted up slightly as he looked at you, the chemise falling down your legs and pooling at your ankles.
“I’ve missed you too.” You smiled, his hands finding your waist as he tugged you into the bed causing you to giggle as you fell on top of him. “You really have missed me.” You gasped slightly feeling his straining cock.
“Let me show you.” He insisted, laying against the bed as you settled above him, thighs either side of his waist. Gripping his length, he lined himself up with your entrance as you sat up before sinking down onto his cock, both of you moaning at the feeling as your walls quickly clenched around him. Before long, the room was filled with the sound of your moans as you rode him, the headboard roughly hitting the wall.
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fictionalsimpybish · 3 days
Loki x GN!Reader
Warnings: reader is slightly scared of the dark(?), None just fluff!
A/N: sorry for a short shot, my battery is dying and I really wanted to write this and get it out here, yes it's short, but it's really cute, I love soft Loki and I will forever love him, I hope y'all enjoyed!! <3
Tumblr media
The day stared off rather nicely, no upcoming missions, no potential danger ahead- for once the world seemed- at peace.
Currently-, you where siting at your desk with Loki, he insisted that you do his nail's-, he couldn't choose between black or green nail polish, so he made that decision clearly up to you
Loki was sitting on your desk, you sitting in front of him holding his hand in a clear direction to be able to see his nail's, slowly and carefully applying the nail polish of your choosing
Loki smiled down at you, memorizing your features, how your eyebrows would come together in concentration, he couldn't help but admire you, your beautiful (e/c) orbs, with that glorious silky (s/c), your (h/l) (h/c) locks pushed behind your ear so you could see your work, he could already see the hair about to fall back into place for the fourth time, which he will tuck back-, even if you protest, complain about how the nail polish will be ruined, but Loki couldn't help it, he had to see your breathtaking features
"I'm almost done" your calm tone pulled him out of his daze, yet not once has he took his eyes off you, it made you shift, worried it'll make you mess up, but you never did surprisingly.
Loki gave a small 'hm' and continued to admire you, honestly he didn't want this to end, not that he didn't have enough time with you, already for a week he's been spending his time with you, never once leaving your side unless his brother needed him, he just couldn't help the warmth in his chest, he loved the feeling, a feeling he'd never really had before
Once you've finished applying the nail polish, you gently lifted his hand placing your lips onto his knuckles, placing gentle kisses onto each one, Loki closed his eyes, warmth spreading throughout his body, he could live in this moment forever
You set his hands down, Loki already missing the feeling, that is until you place your lips on his cheek, then to his temple, forehead, nose, corner of his lips, then finally on his lips, you both shared a passionate kiss, one that left you both breathless, parting for air you both stay close together, Loki opens his eyes you see gorgeous (e/c) orbs staring back at him, a soft smile on your perfect lips, he could see the raise and fall of your chest, a soft blush on your (s/c) cheeks
You caress his cheek with your palm, Loki instantly leaning in, your thumb rubbing his perfect cheek bone
"I love you" he whispered with a soft smile
You smile back and peck his lips "I love you to."  You whisper back
Before you could give another kiss, suddenly everything goes pitch black
Your eyes widened and you instantly put your hand forward, your hand accidentally hits Loki, and you quickly apologize
Loki chuckled "it's alright dear" he gently puts his hand over yours, using his other hand to cast a glow of green light so the both of you can see, Loki raises a brow with a smirk "what? Scared of a little darkness darling?" He muses
You scoff and roll your eyes, a small chuckle coming out of your throat, you avoid eye contact which makes Loki's eye brow higher
"Are you?" He asked more softer, he gently rubs his thumb on your hand to provide comfort
You look at his hand, finding his thumb rather interesting, you shrug "it's nothing really.." you mumbled
There's a small silence that lingers in the air, Loki's hand gently squeeze's your's, a silent 'im here', when you don't meet his gaze, he then uses that hand to cup your cheek, you finally lock eyes and see a smile on his lips
"Don't worry my Love, I'm here, and always will be, you not have to be afraid" he leans forward and kisses your forehead
You hum and closes your eyes living in the moment that you didn't want to end, once his lips are of, he still stays close, he gently puts his arms around your frame, pulling you closer, flush against him
"I'll always protect you my dove." He kisses your temple and looks into your eyes "I promise"
You wordlessly nod and kiss him, you lean your forehead against his and close your eyes
Loki softly squeeze's your side, and yours eyes snap open, a grin on the Raven heads face
Your scroll at him "don't even think about it, I don't want to have to redo the nail polish.. it came out perfectly" you playfully glare at him
Loki chuckles and rasies his hands in surrender "of course my Dear" his grin widened
You eye him, but Loki makes no attempt to do anything-, much to your surprise-
You lean your head against his neck, and nuzzle against him which he happily accepts
You close your eyes and inhale his scent, you slowly drift of into sleep
Loki looks down at your sleeping form, the lights come back on and he smiles at the site, he kisses your head and gently picks you up as to not wake you, he walks over to your shared bed and places you down, he too gets into bed, fixing the blanket for the both of you, he brings himself closer and intertwines your hands with his
He kisses your head once more "sweet dreams my love" he whispers and leans his head in yours, drifting into sleep as well
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lokisgoodgirl · 4 months
The Sweatpants [Avenger!Loki x Female Reader] 18+
A link to my Masterlist is HERE Summary: Loki being a sex god in sweatpants. That's it, really. A bit of plot involving Bucky. (w/c 2.2k) Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI. Massive thirst for sweatpant!Loki. Smut. Fingering. Sex. Language. Sexual tension. Detailed descriptions of Loki in sweatpants. A/N: It had to be done.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Even if you were the last man on this planet Loki Laufeyson I would never fuck you.” you hissed, “Never.”
“What about another planet? There are quite a few you know.” he said calmly, the trademark smugness radiating from his stupid smug face.
You groaned in frustration as he chuckled. The doors which led to the outside world away from your infuriating colleague refusing to open despite your repeated attempts.
“…and I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that- “
“-That you're not a ‘man’ - I get it…we all get it…Jesus H Christ.” you huffed as you swiped your key-card again at the exit. The red light flashed mockingly. Why did it never seem to work with him around?
Since an ill-thought-out session of heavy petting at one of Stark’s parties, Loki wouldn’t leave you alone. Everywhere you went, there he was – with a horny glint in his eye and a suggestive comment on his lips.
“Wrong God, darling - but you’re getting very close…” he leant over you, pressing his large hand gently over yours, guiding the key-card in your fingers through the grooves. The green light flickered.
You rolled your eyes, sighing loudly.
“Laufeyson…let me be clear. You could be walking around this tower looking like an Abercrombie and Fitch model and I still wouldn’t be interested. OK?”
Loki was silent. His piercing gaze running over your resolute face as he folded his arms over his suit, containing a smirk. God, he was so smug.
“Fine.” you said, breaking the silence as you pulled the door mercifully towards you, “I’ll see you around.”
Loki waited until the glass pane slotted back in place, watching you leave with a confident spring in your step. It was adorable when you thought you had bested him. “Indeed you will, Y/N.” he murmured to the empty hall. ---
You strolled into the kitchens a few hours later with both hands laden with groceries, heaving one bag awkwardly up to the counter as Bucky ran up behind you, catching a bottle before it hit the floor.
“Nice catch!” you smiled, as he brought the hot sauce to safety.
“No worries doll…you doin’ alright?” he said as he leant against the counter with his metal arm, angling to peek inside the bags.
You nodded. You wanted to vent to him about Loki’s unrelenting flirtations, his appearances which seemed to be becoming more frequent, his heavy innuendos which made your imagination rattle with possibilities. You wanted to ask Bucky’s advice to make it stop – but then you might need to take it.
Your laughs rang around the kitchen as you and the Winter Soldier unloaded that week's junk food. The sound of Guns n’ Roses blared from the speakers as he recounted Steve’s recent attempts to make him cut his hair, "…untidy, apparently. He’s obsessed. So anal.”
You reached to place another of Thor’s boxes of pop-tarts on a high shelf, stretching your arm as you raised on your tip-toes.
“Oh, hey man.” Bucky said casually from behind the open cupboard door. You leaned backwards, peeking out ready to greet whoever it was that had just walked into the kitchen as you slotted the box in place.
Loki sauntered barefoot across the floor as your eyes widened.
He was topless; dark curls hanging around his jaw, brushing against his naked collarbone. The god’s broad shoulders swept down to toned biceps which flexed effortlessly with every stride, making your breath hitch.
A pair of grey jersey sweatpants hung low on his hips, the ruched waistband sitting snug against his pelvis as soft material fell fluidly down his legs. His face was neutral; sharp cheekbones framing exquisite features as he reached the counter and picked up a bag of pretzels.
“Barnes.” he replied lazily, pinching the bag between his fingers and opening it.
You turned your attention back to the pop-tarts, rearranging the boxes on the top shelf and trying to compose yourself as they exchanged pleasantries.
“…I would, but I don’t think Y/N would be interested in playing with me.”
You closed the cupboard door, leaning against the counter as Bucky’s gaze flickered between you and Loki warily.
“Interested in playing with what?” you said, being sure to look at Loki’s eyes and only his eyes.
“With me.” Loki replied, tilting his head towards Bucky, “…and him. Monopoly, was it?”
Bucky nodded silently, clearly wishing he hadn’t suggested it.
“I’ll play with you – just don’t be too sore when you lose…I know what you’re like.” you quipped, grabbing a glass and turning on the tap.
Bucky mumbled about setting up; making his way to the sofa area as Loki leant beside you on the counter, regarding you curiously.
“Excellent idea Y/N – the last thing you want during a spirited game is to be thirsty.”
You turned your head, the expanse of his perfectly defined chest straight in your line of vision as you slowly raised your gaze. His tongue darted to run across his lips as he bit down gently, drawing them into his mouth as he watched your reaction.
Water overflowed from the glass spilling over your hand as he chuckled, turning to walk towards Bucky who was shuffling cards.
You wiped your palms on your skirt, unable to draw your eyes away from Loki’s muscular ass shifting beneath the soft fabric; his long legs moving gracefully across the floor with soft pats from his bare soles.
With the two men occupying the sofas, you took a seat on the floor to complete the triangle, resting your elbows on the glass coffee table as Loki brandished the sheet of rules like a royal decree.
“I will be the Gamesmaster… so I shall be the overseer of any infractions--“
“Dude you’re literally the God of Lies – no way are you 'overseeing' anything…”
You let them bicker as you pressed the metal game token between your fingers. You couldn’t stop staring. Loki’s body was angled towards his adversary, one long leg drawn up to rest under the opposing thigh.
“How dare you insult my pre-ordained authority in this manner…”
His bare torso was tight, the side muscles of his abdominals clearly defined as the ripples danced tantalisingly in front of you. You followed the lines down to his lower stomach, where a fine trail of dark hair ran beneath the band of the sweatpants. His muscular hips creased slightly as he bounced with animated irritation, the thin lines forming on his smooth taunt skin at the edge of the tantalising material making your mouth water.
“Look man, all I’m saying is if someone’s gonna cheat it’s the guy with the magic pockets alright?”
Loki ran his large hands down his thighs, pressing into the skin beneath the soft cotton which clung to him. You could see the muscles shifting underneath his touch, fighting for space against the fabric which constrained them. His palm crested in waves as he slid down his legs firmly, riding the landscape of his sculpted body as he tried to centre himself.
“Your feeble mortal mind cannot begin to understand the complexities of my abilities and why I would never--”
“-- I literally saw you use magic to skip the line at Starbucks the other day so don’t even man…”
Your mind was racing, heat rising in your cheeks as you willed yourself to break away from the sight of the God of Mischief’s insanely hot body wrapped in your sexual kryptonite. It was as though your brain had been in self-preservation mode for the previous ten minutes…and now it had imploded.
Loki had leant back on the sofa, his hands clasped together over his face as he struggled to contain his frustration. His defined stomach clenched under impatient laughter, his bare feet now firmly on the floor as his hips widened. The stretch of those damn grey sweatpants created an inviting curve between his thighs that you wanted to bury your face in.
You noticed that the waistband of the joggers had crept lower. It teasingly revealed the dents of his hipbones, flashing invitingly between the expanse of firm flesh that held the deep V of his lower stomach in definition that would put even seasoned models to shame. Shit, he really was a God.
He shifted again, propelling himself upwards to rest two thick forearms on those perfect thighs. Fuck, how you wanted to bite into those thighs.
You wanted to sit on them. Grind your pussy deep into the expanse of his rock-solid lap beneath you. You craved feeling the soft scrape of the jersey sweatpants against your centre, marking the fabric with your wetness. His biceps strained against the pressure as he bore down on his femurs; shoulders flexing as he wrung his hands together in frustration.
Between his legs you saw the outline of his legendary cock shifting, the one you’d felt pressed hard and rough against your ass the night of the party as he ran his hands down your dress towards your needy clit. The dancefloor had been full, and dark. You had spun to face him, wrapping your legs around him when he raised you to press yourself against his straining length – the moan that had escaped him had been fucking primal. You shivered.
“This is why people don’t like you Barnes you’re so difficult—”
“Wow, wow buddy, I’m difficult? You’re the king of difficult—”
“Well at least I’m King of something, you pompous one-armed scrub…”
“Nice self-burn there pal, shouldn’t you be actually ruling something by now in your five year plan?”
You stood silently and walked back towards the kitchen as the voices became heated behind you, picking up Loki’s discarded bag of pretzels to distract yourself from the sea of pooling wetness between your legs.
The sound of metal clanging against the thick glass table rang as Bucky flipped the untouched Monopoly board, scattering cards and paper money across the floor before striding out the doors.
Loki looked at you with eyebrows raised, a look of amusement in his eyes as he feigned innocence, “I think that means I win by default?”
You rolled your eyes as you crunched another pretzel, trying not to acknowledge him as you spied the god stand and re-adjust the waistband on his hips from the corner of your eye. He approached as you methodically cleared crumbs.
“I take it from your lack of interest that this is not…’Abercrombie and Fitch’ enough for you?” he murmured over your shoulder, his tone notably more earnest than you were used to.
You turned with a smart retort hovering only to be met with his face inches from yours, his bare pecs tantalisingly close to pressing you against the edge of the counter.
“...I had to ‘Google’ it? But I must say, I thought this was a fairly decent attempt.” he smirked, as your eyes involuntarily ran down his stomach – God you could slice bread on his hip muscles.
“They’re just sweatpants, Loki” you choked; the need wavering in your voice as you inhaled the delicious scent clinging to his neck.
“Oh darling. You and I both know that these are not just sweatpants.”
You swallowed. His forefinger began tracing up the bare skin of your thigh, teasing underneath your skirt as he watched you intently for signs of resistance. The tip drew lazy circles on your tingling skin, pressing gently towards your soaking core. Loki’s coy smile widened as his touch drew shortened breaths from your lips, his eyes narrowing in satisfaction.
“Go on, Y/N …you know you want to.”
His words were like a starting pistol. Your starved hands flew to his torso, feeling the waves of his muscles as they slid down his waist. They found the ruched material of his waistband, snug to his impeccably lithe frame as you slipped your fingertips underneath the material and ran them around the tight fit to press into the top of his ass.
A low moan escaped you as he placed his hands on either side of your body, placed firmly to the counter.
Like a woman possessed, you slid your digits to the front of his sinful attire, reaching down to grasp his newly hardening cock which stood proudly against the willing fabric. You squeezed.
Loki’s slid his tongue desperately into your mouth, keening into you as your hand moved fluidly up and down his manhood. Tendrils of his dark hair fell across your face as you felt two fingers enter you with ease, curling deep inside as you groaned into him. The soft material of his sweatpants rubbed against the fronts of your legs as he knocked them wider, his knuckles already soaking with your arousal as he began to pant under the movement of your hand.
Your eyes flickered to the kitchen entrance, the brazen display between you and Loki on full view if anyone walked through those doors.
Adrenaline like drugs hitting your bloodstream flowed as Loki’s palm shot upwards, rubbing against your swollen clit as you moaned into his open mouth; fingers still wrapped around his thick velvet cock.
“I want you, Loki.” you panted between heavy breaths, as his fingers slowed their thrusts.
“I’m sorry darling? What was that?”
You could feel the flex of his jaw against your cheek as he enjoyed a hidden smile of smug satisfaction, the perfect accompaniment to his goading words.
“You heard me Laufeyson…” you groaned, “…fuck me.”
He withdrew from you, stepping backwards. His waistband snapped to his hips at the departure of your touch, the pink tip of his engorged cock poking teasingly out of the top of the trousers flush against his flat stomach as he ran his eyes down your body thoughtfully.
“Just so I’m clear Y/N – you are now ‘interested’ in me?”
You pressed your eyes shut, screwing your face up in a silent grimace as you reluctantly relinquished the game with a nod.
“As I suspected.' he smirked, 'Now say please.”
You opened your eyes, disbelief clouding them at the return of his cocky demeanour so close to your submission. He really thought he was irresistible. Although wearing those damn sweatpants, he was right.
“…fuck me please.” you murmured through gritted teeth, watching a devilish smile curl on his lips still wet from your needy kisses.
Loki ran his hands through his curls, revealing the sharp jawline beneath as his biceps flexed to his sides. His chiselled stomach stretched as he raised his arms, the edges of the sweatpants lowering teasingly against the movement. You felt like passing out.
“Turn around, darling.” he growled, his bulging thighs outlined perfectly against the thin cotton as he squatted slightly, his hand reaching down the front of the trousers to grip his straining cock.
You turned, hips colliding against the low cupboards as one of Loki’s hands pressed on your lower back making you bend. Placing your elbows obediently on the counter, you closed your eyes in anticipation. The vibration of blood rushing to your pussy was electric, the slick entrance between your thighs ready to be filled by Loki’s perfect arousal…finally. You had no idea why you had fought it for so long.
The edges of your skirt breezed upwards, swept to the side as a low hum of approval floated from behind you at the sight. Your breath hitched as his thick tip grazed against your soaking lips, rubbing it teasingly through your folds.
“Lokiii…” you keened, as you strained against him – the strength of his palm on your back preventing any movement. A dark chuckle radiated behind you, before Loki’s wide girth mercifully slid inside you, bottoming out in one slow thrust.
A low rumble of satisfaction dripped from your throat as he filled you, muttering dirty praises from behind as you took all of him effortlessly.
He thrust upwards, the fabric of his trousers which had been pulled down to expose his long cock rubbed against the back of your legs. The feeling coursed over your skin making you clench; the clandestine nature of the fuck heightening every sensation.
He angled himself to hit the sweet spot in your channel; making you whine beneath him, your forehead lowering to lean against your arm as you moaned his name pathetically. Two strong hands made their way to your hips, pulling you back firmly onto his arousal as he purred behind you; calling you his good girl, telling you how well you were taking him. You were definitely going to pass out.
You extended one hand behind your shoulder, grasping for purchase as he hovered before crashing his lips to yours sideways in a desperate kiss.
His firm nakedness pressed against your back; the heat from his skin making your body flex as you teetered on the brink of a devastating climax. Your twisted hand sought the hips behind you, clawing at the sweatpants as he thrust into your dripping channel again and again. Your needy fingers gripped the fabric of his lowered waistband, trying to pull him deeper as you felt the ripples of orgasm fire in your belly around his mighty cock.
Loki moaned wantonly in your ear, the primal sound sending you over the edge. You braced against the countertop as you came hard, a growl of his name falling from your lips as you tried to mute your cries of pleasure.
With a final snap of his jersey-clad hips, Loki spilled his seed inside your channel – your orgasm had been too much to bear. Long curls trailed across your neck as he pressed you down, flattening you against the cool surface below as he panted through his intense release with a loud groan.
You closed your eyes as you listened to his breathing, pining the loss of his cock inside you as he slowly peeled his chest away from your back. Turning towards him, you watched as he slid his lowering manhood back inside the grey fabric, twanging the snug waistband with a snap before raising his wickedly sensual gaze to yours.
“I am amazed that your resilience was broken by a mere piece of clothing, Y/N. Truly…” he drawled sarcastically as he hoisted himself up to sit on the counter.
You inserted yourself between his spread legs, running your hands up the material which clung like heaven to his muscles– the pangs of lustful need still fluttering in your core as you stared up at him.
“Oh ‘darling’” you echoed in dramatic imitation, “You and I both know that these are not just sweatpants.”
Loki winked, a flirtatious smile edging across his lips as Bucky stormed back through the kitchen doors, looking at his phone.
“and another thing – where do you get off telling Thor I’ve been eating his Pop Tarts man, he’s sent me a screenshot…we’re supposed to be on the same si-“
He stopped, taking in the scene before him as you and Loki both looked up with eyebrows raised in anticipation. Bucky gestured towards you, a low laugh radiating from him as he shook his head with a smile.
“I really didn’t think it would work Y/N, I swear to God…Loki you win, man. You’re the King. I owe you twenty bucks.”
Your eyes flickered to Loki as he chuckled apologetically beneath you, understanding dawning as you realised they had been in cahoots all afternoon.
“Cool… well I’ll leave you to it but uh… wash those sweatpants before you give em’ back to Steve ok? He’ll know and then I’ll be in deep shit.”
Bucky pointed to Loki before tipping you a salute, walking backwards through the kitchen doors as your eyes fell to the God of Mischief’s lap, a wet patch of cum leaking out across the fabric.
“You really need to get a pair of your own sweatpants, you know.” you muttered, palming the source of the growing stain.
“How about two?” Loki replied, reaching around your waist to pull you closer between his open thighs.
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