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Red tape ❌
Prince Loki x female reader
18+| contains smut, loss of virginity and other smutty things
Tumblr media
Don’t stray too far from the palace, your mother practically shouted it as you left mere moments after you arrived only having greeted the Allmother and the king, deciding to venture through the unfamiliar town. You left seemingly aimlessly however you knew exactly the place you desired to end up. Despite this being your first time in Asgard, you were aware of its reputation when it came to the lower districts. Unlike your home realm, Asgard had a darker side to it, a more amorous one; it was this place you sought.
Arriving at your destination, you looked around at the different buildings, a stark contrast to the ones closer to the palace. This place seemed void of light, dingy and cold. The floor was wet, puddles settling in between the grooves of the cobbled stone decorating the floor. You swerved through people who were trudging along, clearly intoxicated as they sang like merrymen. Feeling someone too close behind you, you flinched, quickly stepping to the side and allowing them to pass. This place wasn’t for you, you knew that, but neither was the life your family were forcing you to live. This was the only way. You walked further, eyes scanning your surroundings before you lingered outside an inn, watching others enter, the doors swinging open as they did so allowing the sound of music to fill your ears. You dared yourself to go in, sighing when your feet remained firmly in the ground.
“And what brings a fine lady like yourself around these parts?”
Gasping, you spun on your heels to be met by a stranger who’s eyes ran over your from before meeting yours. Your own eyes widened slightly, he was handsome to say the least. Tall, dark hair, great posture and a piercing gaze. Your eyes dawdled on one another for a few moments before you spoke.
“I’m visiting.” You answered, straightening your own posture.
“Visiting hmm” he replied, mulling over his words as he continued to speak “usually ladies like yourself don’t venture this far into Asgard.” He finished, gesturing to your surroundings.
“Ladies like myself?” You scoffed halfheartedly.
“Yes, made up, grandiose, clearly wealthy.” He listed, finger running over the golden necklace that clasped around your neck. He noted the small intake of breath you took as he evaded your personal space, the tension. “And innocent.” He concluded, speaking into your ear before he pulled away.
“W-who says I’m innocent?” You queried, releasing a breath you hadn’t realised you were holding.
“Oh please” he revelled with a coy smirk “I can smell your virtue from a mile away.
“My-my virtue?” You stuttered, eyes widening.
“So demure, so untouched.” He marvelled, eyes dipping to your lips.
“I’m no—” you began defiantly before he cut you off.
“Go on, lie to me.” He smiled, eyes meeting yours again.
Sighing, you decided to tell this stranger your predicament.
“I’m supposed to be wed to a prince” you confessed “as per my fathers orders.”
“Fathers will be fathers.” he huffed under his breath. “A prince huh?”
“Yes” you nodded “I’m to marry a prince in a special ceremony but the ceremony can only take place if I’m a virgin.”
“Oo, there’ll be a ceremony.” He grinned.
“And why aren’t you happy?” He queried.
“I don’t want to marry, especially not a stranger hence why I’m here. No virginity, no wedding.” You explained causing his smile to widen slightly.
“You’re here to lose your virginity, in this disgusting place?” He chuckled “please tell me you’re jesting.”
“Why are you here?” You quipped, anger rising at his reaction.
“You’re not the only one in need of escapism.” He stated simply.
“Well, let’s escape together then, come on.” You prompted, grabbing his hand before making your way inside.
At first you were confused by everyone’s reaction to this stranger you hadn’t even caught’s name. Everyone seemed wary of him. He escorted you to the bar where you both ordered some Asgardian mead and when he went to pay, the man behind the bar refused his money. Others moved away from you both whilst some pointed and spoke. Judging by the man’s clothing, he was wealthy too, well spoken and clean unlike the surface you were resting your hands on. As the drinks flowed, so did the conversation and you managed to find out his name.
“Loki” he smiled, shaking your hand “pleasure to meet you.” He added, bringing it to his lips.
“Y/n” you answered just as enthusiastically as his lips dallied on the back of your hand.
Further into the late evening, when you were feeling exceedingly giddy, you and Loki made your ways towards the piano. By then, everyone seemed more relaxed around him, one man even bowing which you found strange but brushed off in your slightly besotted state. Women smiled at him, hiking their dresses higher whenever they caught his eye but he didn’t seem interested as he sat at the piano chair, pulling you onto his lap before his fingers found the keys, arms either side of you.
“Do you play?” He asked, speaking into your ear.
“I can play, can you sing?” You answered confidently.
Around fifteen minutes later, practically everyone was dancing, hooking arms and skipping around the room as Loki sang heartily, you playing the piano as you sang along to the songs you knew. The atmosphere was completely different to when you both first entered. There was no more tension, no more standoffishness, everyone was aswoon, excited.
“To y/n everybody!” Loki finished, everyone cheering after he did so.
“Too much Asgardian mead.” You laughed as you stood, swerving slightly before you caught yourself. “Let’s stay here.” You suggested considering that this was an inn.
“Don’t worry, I’ve got you princess.” Loki assured, lifting you bridal style as he carried you upstairs.
Once you both reached a room, Loki carried you inside before laying you against the bed, you pulling him down to lay with you.
“Kiss me.” You asked, breaking through the silence.
“Kiss me.” You repeated. “Please.”
Replying wordlessly, Loki nodded as you closed your eyes. He slowly closed the gap between you both, brushing his lips against yours before he pulled away. You opened your eyes to be met by his.
“Take me.” You murmured.
“What?” He near gasped more incredulously than he did before.
“Take me Loki, bed me. I want you to bed me.” You insisted, the both of you sobering up.
“Believe me I want to but—”
“Do it then.” You argued.
“Y/n no, you’re not thinking clearly.”
“Please, or I’ll—I’ll find someone else to.” You decided, standing to your feet as you strode towards the door, opening it a jar before it slammed closed, Lokis hand on it as he encased you, his chest to your back. Spinning around, you faced him before he slammed his lips onto yours, kissing you deeply. His hips pinned you into place, grinding against yours as the kiss grew needier. His tongue pushed passed yours, fighting for dominance before you relented. You moaned into the kiss as he sucked your tongue, feeling yourself growing wetter at his actions. You began removing one another’s clothes, Lokis tunic falling to the floor before he undid the leather bound of his trousers. Your dress was practically ripped off of you before Loki fell to his knees before you, kissing up your thighs. “What are you—” you began confused as he lifted one of your legs, resting it on his shoulder, his lips still kissing your thighs “oh, OH.” You gasped, hand instantly gripping his hair as you felt him at your centre, tongue swirling around your clit. “Yes, yes, just like that.” You moaned, his lips wrapping around it as he sucked gently. Your eyes squeezed shut, your balance wavering as he circled the bundle of nerves. The pleasure was almost unbearable as it built in your abdomen, threatening to spill. “Oh norns.” You cursed, the pressure reaching a crescendo as Loki lapped up your arousal, your slick coating his face.
Lowering your leg, Loki stood before picking you up and carrying you towards the bed. Settling above you, your lips met in a messy kiss again, his obvious excitement making itself known between your legs. Yes he had pleasured you but it still wasn’t enough, you wanted, no, needed more. You lifted your hips from the bed, trying to gather some friction before Loki broke the kiss, speaking.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, please.” You nodded.
“I’ll go slow.” He assured, waiting for you to confirm before he rose slightly, gripping his length before running it through your wet folds, gathering your arousal. You hummed at the feeling, this was already euphoric. Loki asked you again, his tip at your entrance, you said yes before he began to breach you, your eyes snapping shut as he did so. “I’m sorry.” He quickly apologised seeing your discomfort.
“No, no it’s fine.” You tried to smile as he stayed still for a while, allowing you time to adjust before he delved deeper.
“Norns, you’re just so, tight” he spoke through gritted teeth, pushing in further, your nails digging into his lower back. Trying to stop himself from moving too quickly, he paused his moments, nuzzling into your neck as you adjusted to his size.
“Oh, that feels quite pleasant.” You grinned, feeling more comfortable, your walls clenching him as he cursed quietly. “Loki?”
“Sorry, you’re just making it unbearable not to move when you do that.” He spoke, seemingly strained.
“Do what?” You questioned, your walls clenching around his shaft.
“Oh, that” you smiled, doing the movement again “you can move now.”
Wasting no time, Loki began moving in and out of you at a slow pace before you were begging him to move faster. The feeling was rapture. You felt him everywhere. Claiming you, consuming you. His name was the only prayer you knew as you moaned it, screamed it, whimpered it. You had lost count of the amount of times you felt the pressure build in your abdomen before it imploded, washing over you, providing more lubrication for Lokis administrations. He wasn’t quiet either, your name falling fluently from his lips as he rocked his hips into yours. It was bliss, this was heaven.
“One more time princess, one more.” He growled, entering you quickly before you arrived again, your walls spasming around Loki before he pulled out of you, pumping himself to completion, ejaculating into the duvet.
You didn’t remember falling asleep, only that you were now awake, in Lokis arms as he slept soundly hugging you to him. You thought you’d feel different, no longer being innocent but strangely you felt the same. You didn’t mean to stay until morning and you imagined your mother would have been worried by your absence so you untangled yourself from Loki. He barely stirred as you replaced yourself with a pillow, searching for the remains of your dress before deciding to leave some money for Loki, not sure what the protocol for things like this was. It just seemed appropriate to leave money for him. Legs sore, you wandered back to the palace, managing to slip into your room and under your duvet before your mother entered.
“Y/n?” She called out, opening your door.
“Mother.” You yawned, stretching your arms.
“Where were you?”
“Just visiting the local area.”
“Well alright” she answered unconvinced “wash and dress, it’s breakfast soon.”
“Yes mother.”
“And ensure you look presentable enough to greet the Allmother, and the king.”
“Yes mother.” You said again before she finally left.
After bathing, you were accompanied to the dining hall where you were greeted by The Allmother and the king as well as their son, Prince Thor.
“Good morning.” He greeted, kissing the back of your hand.
“Good morning.” You answered before you all entered for breakfast. Sitting next to your mother, you nudged her before speaking.
“Is he the one I am to wed?” You asked.
“No dear” Frigga smiled, overhearing you “I have another son, who’s supposed to be here actually.” Just as she finished speaking, the door opened, another person joining you.
“Good morning all, apologies for my tardiness.” Loki said, making his way towards Frigga and kissing her on the cheek before taking his own seat opposite you who sat aghast, eyes wide and jaw slack.
“Y/n dear, I’d like you to meet my other son Loki, prince of Asgard and hopefully your future husband.” Frigga announced.
“I look forward to getting more acquainted with you.” Loki winked, finally looking at you.
Tumblr media
Y/n’s like suddenly his use of princess makes sense 😂😂
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can you write a one shot about clumsy reader× Loki where the reader is clumsy and falls even if she is sitting or bumping into things and people or burning herself i want to see how loki will be protective torwod her (if you don't feel inspired to write this it's okay love your writing by the way ♥️)
Hii sorry it took me so long to write, I'm a clumsy person and currently own several cuts and bruises from several different things. However it can get so embarrassing at times. I hope you'll like this if you're still here, thank you I'm glad you enjoy my writing 🥰
Falling for you (Loki x Female Reader) (Fluffy fluff)
Tumblr media
The first moment Loki laid his eyes upon you, he found you on the floor, on your knees, collecting a bunch of tangerines that you have dropped, one of them rolled so close to his feet so you crawled towards him and he was going to make a dirty remark like he usually did in a woman's presence but then you looked up and those soft eyes melted him. Just a fleeting moment, so unimportant, he didn't even have time to grasp it carefully before the moment passed but deep down in his rigid icy heart he felt a little something. Later on he had an epiphany that he had fallen for you while you fell in front of him.
"Hiii ..sorry..I slipped..they mopped the floor I guess ..you know they should put those cone sign thingy that says wet floor..the one you know with the umm..the cone –" you followed his gaze and looked where he was looking, there it was, the slab that said "wet floor" in huge clear words "Alright I guess I'm blind then" you muttered under your breath as you felt mortified, you have heard of the tall brooding Asgardian that has joined the Avengers recently and you didn't think this is how your first meeting would go.
"Are you hurt darling?" His voice was so sultry and smooth, it immediately warranted you to look up at him again, he kept his eyes on yours as he lowered himself down slowly in a squatting position before he put one of the knees down on the floor, so graceful like a wild feline. Thankfully he didn't smell like one, he smelled like lillies.  You sat down on the floor as you felt a pain in your ankle, you were busy picking up those tangerines that the pain took its sweet time to register.
"Just my ankle..it's fine ..I'm getting late for work" he didn't listen to you, you weren't fine he could tell, he looked at you before he slipped the shoes off your right ankle and you squealed internally, thanking the lords for the self pedicure you have given yourself just two days ago. He took the sock off and grabbed your ankle to assess the injury. You had luck playing for you today.
"See how awful it looks?" Grimacing look appeared on your face as you looked at the swelling that was only getting worse.
But then you noticed the green shimmer washing over the injury and all of a sudden it was gone, the pain, the swelling, all of it was gone, it vanished, like magic. 
"Oh my god ..holy shit god..thank youuu so muchhh ..you have no idea how much I appreciate this..I cannot afford a leave right now..Robert would have killed Mee" 
He raised his brow as you blabbed mindlessly. Who was this Robert and why did he want to hurt this sweet little thing he wondered?
"Who is this Robert fellow that you speak of?" 
"My boss at the Cupid Cafe? It's on this floor only, I got the job last week.. honestly speaking..nepotism was involved because my mom and Robert went to school together..you see? My friends are so envious of me right now..man you won't believe, they ask me everyday if I saw an Avenger and to be fair I thought I'd faint when I saw Iron man last week..he's shorter in real life though..he looks so tall in pictures and my friend Sheila? She is such a big fan of yours.. would you like to sign something for her?" You finally stopped speaking and he smiled, showing off those pearly perfect teeth, so perfect that you could feel your surroundings lightening up in his presence. God of thunder who?
You wished you had not blabbed though, being clumsy wasn't the only flaw you had, you also had the nervous Verbal diarrhea..
He stood up and put his hand out for you like a gentleman so you grabbed it and he helped you stand up, he didn't let go of your hand though, the butterflies were raging inside you, he was so tall and handsome, you had to look up to even match his eye line.
"Ummm thank you mister Loki..I need to get back to work" you bent down to pick up the basket of tangerines, then you tried to get out of there as quickly as you could without embarassing yourself further, bad move, because you slipped again. Caution : Wet floor and wet panties.
 He shook his head in disbelief then he made it his mission to drop you to the Cafe safely before you'd trip again. No tangerines were harmed in the process.
Loki has never been the one to make friends or acquaintances for that matter but your uncoordinated personality and running mouth won him over, he visited the cafe frequently after that and he'd often watch you trip, drop things, fall down, burn your fingers off hot things, on number of occasions he witnessed you goofing up and the more he witnessed the innate talent you had to get yourself hurt the more protective he became of you.
He made sure no wet floors would ever be on your way ever again, if you were carrying heavy stuff he'd take it away from you right away. He'd heal every cuts, burn marks and bruises you carried on daily basis.
"How many folks you bumped into today my darling?" your cheeks flushed as he questioned you, it's been months since you have been working here and your friendship with him had grown steadily, you never wanted to get your hopes up or that it could ever be more, especially seeing the kind of women he hung around with.
"Just one.. and it wasn't my fault she was looking at her phone"
"Just one huh?" He smirked and you huffed before you rolled your eyes. His eyebrows raised in a questioning manner.
"Okay fine two" those brows didn't tame so you stopped lying to him. "Five.. happy?" He giggled as you said that, in the last few months especially in moments like these he wanted to grab you and kiss you, then he never wanted to let you go, what place could have been more safer for you then his own arms? But he didn't think you felt anything for him, sure he felt the care and concern you showered on him, but he didn't want to get his hopes up or have his heart broken or worse lose this precious friendship he had managed to not fuck up somehow.
"I'll fetch you tomorrow, yeah?" He asked you and you nodded.
He wanted to invite you to Thor's birthday party and as excited as you were you couldn't help but feel scared, a big lavish party like that would require you to look a certain way and you knew you'll have to confront your worst nightmare. The stilettos. You had never been able to walk comfortably in heels and you had tripped a countless times before so you decided to give up on them entirely but you couldn't go to an Avenger's party wearing flats or shoes right?
At the party Loki was around you all the time as if he was scared that you'll embarrass him, that's what you thought, you totally missed that he didn't care about it, he just wanted to keep you safe, he asked you to not put on something you felt uncomfortable in but you insisted.
"I have to attend this quick interviewing session, just enjoy the party and I will be back soon alright?" He told you so you nodded, you got a comfortable spot next to the bar as you sipped on your drink, your eyes fell upon Loki in the other corner of the room, the black suit he had on devastated you completely, so many sexy women were at this party and they all had their eyes on him, you felt saddened as you thought about one of them getting lucky tonight. 
"Ohhh look.. ain't that the girl that keeps messing up our drinks?" Sam commented, making Bucky and Natasha laugh. 
"Samuel, I'd suggest giving up on any games if you want to sleep tonight in your bed instead of the medical wing, my brother is extremely fond of lady y/n" Thor said to Sam, he knew of his brother's feelings regarding you and he didn't want any trouble.
"I'm not even going to do anything..she'll manage it herself.. watch..hey y/n? Hey?" Thor facepalmed as Sam called out for you, you smiled as you heard your name, someone wanted to talk to you? An Avenger wanted to talk to you?
"Come join us?" Natasha yelled and it made you even happier, they were on the other side of the lounge so you grabbed your drink and walked towards them, big mistake because your the stilletos made your ankle twist and you fell down horribly, the sound of the glass breaking brought all the attention towards you, your eyes teared up as you looked around, sounds of laughter erupted in the room. Your whole body felt still, your ears felt hot as the embarrassment drowned you, it was prom night all over again.
Loki stormed towards you quickly and he made you stand up, his eyes circled around the room and everyone got quiet all of a sudden, his searing gaze was enough to intimidate them. A few shards of broken glass had pierced your skin and it broke his heart, he felt even worse when he looked at you and your eyes were filled with tears 
"I'm sorry…I'm sorry loki..I ..I'll just go" his eyes teared up as you mumbled an apology to him. You tried to walk past him but he held your hand.
"Come with me please..please?" His voice was so soft and gentle, you knew that he'd never make fun of you when you felt this way, you nodded and he walked you out of the tower then he made you sit in the backseat of his car as he sat next to you. He used his charm to remove the shards and heal the cuts, you kept sobbing and he didn't know how to comfort you so he cupped your cheeks and leaned into you to kiss you, just a soft gentle peck but it stopped the crying. You looked at him shocked at the gesture, 
"Why did you do that?" You asked him confused, that's when you noticed that his eyes were teary too and that was the moment that gave you the courage to do what you did next.
"I'm sorry if you didn't want me to..I should have asked darling but I just–" before he could finish his words you kissed him this time. He pulled you on top of his lap as you kissed him deeply, your lips moved in the perfect rhythm and your heart soared more and more the longer you felt his lips on yours. It was perfect, it was better than any fantasy or dreams you have had of him in the past few days.
"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you" 
"You could never embarrass me darling, I just abhor how it makes you feel" you looked down as he said that. You abhorred it too.
"I have always been..a little off balanced" you smiled to hide the pain and the embarrassment. You didn't do it on purpose, it wasn't a cute quirky girl trait as movies and books had made everyone believe, it was embarrassing to not have control on your body sometimes. 
"And that is absolutely alright..I find it quite endearing. I just don't want you to be hurt my sweet little thing" 
Or Maybe it was a cute quirky girl trait if God of Mischief found it endearing.
As embarrassing as the fall was, it brought you closer to him, after planning an actual date for tomorrow he conjured a pair of shoes for you and made you discard those abominating heels. He took you back to the party, hand in hand, he announced at the same party that you belonged to him now and if he would witness anyone making fun of his sweet little thing he'd rip their head off their neck then he'd carve out their eyes with his dagger to play chess with them. His words, not yours.
Drunken Thor revealed the conversation that had occurred among them before you tripped. 
Oh and Sam definitely didn't sleep in his bed that night.
Tumblr media
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michelleleewise · 7 hours ago
Sinful Desires..
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Warnings: unintended voyeurism, smut, mutual pining, smut with plot,, NSFW, 18+, p in v smut, unprotected sex, rough sex, dirty talk (whore..etc.), language, swearing, mentions of alcohol, tiny bit of angst, anxiety, Dom loki,
Summary: you had pined for Loki for some time, accepting that it was a dream, when an accidental encounter brings new revelations...
Dividers by: @firefly-graphics
A/n- this literally just popped in my head, no idea why but I had to get it out....haha
Tumblr media
You stood at the far side of the bar looking out at everyone mingling. Another week, another stark party and everyone who was anyone was there. And everyone was with someone, well everyone except you. Your closest relationships were with a pint of ice cream and your favorite toy. You sighed waving the bartender over ordering another drink when Bucky came up next to you "Hey doll, why you over here alone?" He asked waving at his date, a tall beautiful brunette waiting on the dancefloor. "Because...James....as surprising as it may be I'm not in high demand." You shrugged downing your drink.
"I beg to differ, I believe a certain broody God was excited you were coming." He smiled making you look at him. "Oh, you mean him.." you trailed off pointing to the dancefloor, seeing Loki grinding on some blonde with big boobs and a barely there dress. "Oh, well maybe..." he started when you put your hand up "it's fine, I know it was never going to happen, I mean look at me." You sighed looking down. "Well I see a beautiful woman in need of a good roll in the sack." He said winking "charming as always Barnes." You laughed nudging him. "Give him time, he'll come around." He said nudging you back. "What, once he makes it through the female population of New york, or the country?" You snarked.
You looked to the dancefloor again seeing Loki had left with his date and decided to call it. "Y/n, seriously he..." he started "go have fun bucky, I'm going to bed. I'll see you tomorrow." You said "alright, night doll." He said hugging you. You made your way through the crowd walking down the hall towards the elevators when you heard a faint moan come from one of the offices. You furrowed your eyebrows looking around seeing you were alone as you quietly made your way further, freezing when you peaked through the glass of the conference room. You wanted to close your eyes, run away and pretend you hadn't seen anything but you couldn't look away as Loki lifted the woman up onto the table, his hands roaming her sides to her back unzipping her dress.
You felt your cheeks flush as his tongue dove into her mouth as he pulled her dress down her arms roughly. You quickly glanced around to make sure you were alone again before turning back to what was happening just beyond the glass. You watched as the woman threw her head back, gripping his long hair in her hand as he kissed her neck, seeing him bite down making her moan. He stood back up, wrapping his large hand around her throat pushing her down exposing her to him as you watched him unbuckle his belt. You felt a slickness between your thighs, your arousal growing stronger as he man handled her to where he wanted her.
You licked your lips, rubbing your thighs together wondering what it would feel like to be her. To have his strong fingers laced around your throat, to hear his moans of ecstasy for you. You watched him hook her legs around his waist, pulling her towards him when she cried out arching her back off the table. "God, he must be huge..," you whispered to yourself when he began to thrust into her, jolting her up the table making her scream. He leaned over her, grabbing her wrists with one hand, his hips snapping into her when he tilted his head up, his eyes meeting yours through the glass making you shiver. One of his eyebrows arched as a smirk spread across his face, seeming to slam into her harder as you watched.
He stood back up, flipping her over kicking her legs apart, the whole time not breaking eye contact with you as he took her over the table, holding her head down as he thrust into her. You heard her scream his name, pulling you out of your trance you took a step back seeing him smile wider. You cleared your throat before putting your head down and quickly making your way to the elevator, slamming the button hoping he wouldn't come out looking for you. "Why did you do that?" You asked yourself hitting the button again as the doors opened letting you in when you heard the conference room door open "shit..." you said hitting the button for your floor, the doors closing just as Loki stepped out adjusting his suit winking at you. You leaned against the wall sighing, feeling the wetness in your panties "Well, cold shower tonight I guess." You said making your way to your room.
Tumblr media
Monday rolled around and much to your disappointment the world hadnt ended so you had to go to work. It had been two weeks since your incident with Loki in the conference room and luckily you hadn't seen him, deciding avoiding him entirely was the best choice. Luckily being PR director your office was for from where the hero's usually spent their time, you just had to make sure he wasn't around before venturing out. You unlocked your office setting your bag down when Tony knocked "Hey kid, we're having a fundraiser this Friday so we're gonna need to get the word out." He smiled from the door. "Ok Tony, I'll make a few phone calls." You said sitting down behind your desk.
"Oh, we're also going to be announcing horns as an official member of the team." He said looking around your office. "Horns..." you said furrowing your eyebrows "yeah....Rudolph." He said simply still confusing you "you know, laufeyson." He said making horns on his forehead. "Oh?.." you stuttered clearing your throat. "Yeah, so your probably gonna need to meet with him and tell him how to behave in front of the cameras, want me to get him?" He asked "no!...no, I'll meet with him later." You rushed out sipping your coffee "ooook...well then I'll leave you to it." He said slowly backing out of your office. You sighed laying your head on your desk "whyyyy." You groaned hearing another knock, looking up seeing Bucky.
"Hey, you ok?" He asked sitting down "make yourself at home." You snarked sipping your coffee. "I see no roll in the sack for you." He murmured when you glared at him. "What do you want james?" You asked "Well I hadn't seen you around since the party so I wanted to check on you." He smiled. "How kind of you, I'm fine. Now if you don't mind..." you said waving to the door "ok ok, I'll go, but you have to have lunch with me." He said getting up "if I say yes you'll go?" You asked looking up at him seeing him smile "fine...I'll meet you downstairs." You said as he walked out shutting your door. You sat back in your chair with a huff, your crush on Loki was one thing but you weren't sure how you were supposed to even look him in the eye now let alone talk to him. You ran your hand down your face picking up the phone getting on with work.
Tumblr media
You gathered your papers from the table as everyone filed out. You internally fist bumped yourself having finalized the plans for the event the next day, a week of endless phone calls and emails finally over. You leaned over stretching across the table grabbing a file when you heard the door click shut "now that is a view I could get used to." You heard sending a chill down your spine. Quickly straightening up you turned seeing Loki leaned against the door, arms crossed as his eyes traveled up and down you. "L...loki..what can i do for you?" You stuttered seeing him smirk "that my dear is a very loaded question." He said strolling towards you, the deep timber of his voice making your knees weak.
"Stark told me you needed to speak with me..." he trailed off, running one of his long fingers along the table as he strode closer "but....you my dear....have been avoiding me." He said, continuing to advance on you. "Well, I've been busy with..." you trailed off, the rest of the words escaping you as he stepped into your space, looming over you. "How busy are you now?" He asked, running a finger under the collar of your button up leaning closer "do you think you could...fit me in?" He purred looking into your eyes. "I...um yes I think..." you stuttered clearing your throat seeing him smile. "Where do you want me...y/n?" He breathed, his eyes dropping to your lips and back. You felt as if you would implode at any second at his vicinity. You took a deep breath, smelling his mix of cologne and old leather making your head fuzzy.
"A..anywhere you like." You said looking into his eyes, trying not to buckle under his gaze seeing him raise an eyebrow "good to know." He smiled as your cheeks grew warm at his comments. "So, Tony wants to announce you to the public, so I need to teach you how to...behave in front of the cameras." You said hearing him chuckle "I am certian there is alot you could....teach me." He said his eyes traveling down your body again, his hip leaning against the table. "I do have one question before we begin." He said holding a finger up. "Y..yes.." you said "did you enjoy the show?" He asked smirking again feeling your heart race. "Loki, I didn't mean to.." you started when he pushed off the table advancing on you again as you backed up.
"Did you enjoy how I held her down....taking what I wanted?" He asked stalking closer "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have.." you stuttered bumping into a chair stepping around it "the way I bent her to my will...dominated her.." he said, pushing the chair aside undeterred "or perhaps..." he trailed off as your back hit the wall, pressing yourself to it as he towered over you, his long fingers reaching up brushing against your neck "you wished to be her..." he breathed, gently wrapping his fingers around your throat, hearing your breath hitch. "L..loki..." you breathed, your eyes meeting his "confess your sins darling....your God is listening." He purred leaning closer, his breath fanning your cheek. "I...umm you..." you stuttered, feeling his long fingers ghost over your neck to your ear, gently pulling on your earring.
You cleared your throat looking down as he leaned forward, his curls tickling your cheek as he tilted his head "do not try to lie to me...I will know." He whispered in your ear when you felt his lips against your neck. He leaned back slightly as you turned your head, your nose nudging his as his lips ghosted over yours. "Y..yes...i...wish I was her..." you breathed against his lips looking into his eyes, the green barely visible as his pupils dilated. "You are not the only one." He whispered back gently pressing his lips to yours, pulling back testing your reaction "fuck it.." you breathed, fisting the front of his shirt you pulled him down to you, sliding your tongue past his parted lips as your other hand dove into his hair tugging it, his moan traveling straight to your core.
You felt his hands travel down yours sides to your thighs, lifting you to his height as he pressed you back into the wall. Wrapping your thighs tight around him you bit down on his lower lip earning another moan as you both pulled back panting. Kissing along his jaw you licked the shell of his ear feeling him shiver "fuck me Loki...like you fucked her." You whispered in his ear before biting his earlobe "aah..as you wish.." he growled pulling you away from the wall taking you to the table in the middle of the room, throwing a chair aside as he sat you down, his lips engulphing yours. You reached out pulling his shirt out of his pants running your hands along his exposed skin feeling him shiver as you pulled his hips to you.
He pulled back, sucking on your lip as he grabbed your shirt, untucking it from your skirt "I need to feel you.." he panted unbuttoning the top bottom when you leaned forward biting his pulse point digging your nails into his skin "mmm....y/n..." he growled grabbing your shirt ripping it open, buttons flying across the room as you gasped at the cold air hitting your exposed skin "no bra hmm...you are naughty.." he purred wrapping his long fingers around your neck, squeezing gently as he pushed you back, the cold wood of the table making you shiver. "Gorgeous.." he breathed as he leaned over you, his warm tongue swirling your nipple as he free hand massaged your other breast, the pad of his thumb rubbing circles over nipple. You arched your chest up into him wrapping your legs around his hips. "L..loki...please...." you panted feeling like you might explode any second.
"I...I need to feel you..." you groaned, rocking your hips into him. He stood up keeping his hand on your throat looking down at you "don't worry darling...I'll make you feel good." He breathed reaching down unbuckleing his belt. He squeezed your throat before letting go, his hands sliding your skirt up, pulling your panties down you looked down as he put them in his pocket smiling at you. He reached down unbuttoning his pants pulling them down enough to free himself, your eyes widening at the size of him "is it what you imagined.." he purred, slowly stroking himself watching you. You licked you lips looking up at him "no...it's better." You panted as he lined himself up, feeling his tip genlty pressing into you.
"Are you ready darling?" He growled gripping your hips "God yes....please..." you groaned, laying back as he pulled you to him hard, burying his cock in you to the hilt making you cry out. "Gooodss....your so....fucking tight..." growled digging his fingers into your hips. "Loki...ahh move...please!" You cried out trying to rock your hips in his iron grip. "You wish to be fucked like a common whore?" He groaned, leaning over grabbing yours wrists in one large hand pinning them above your head "y.yes! Please..." you breathed "so be it." He growled, pulling his hips back slamming back into you jolting you up the table. "Aahh...fuck..." you yelled digging your nails into your palms as he set an unforgiving pace, thrusting into relentlessly as his free hand held you in place under him.
"Mmm fuck...your pussy is heaven..." he moaned "is this what you want...aaahhh what you fantasized when you watched me that night..." he groaned, bucking his hips hard into you "the way I have fantasized about you." He panted releasing your wrists he leaned back, hooking his arms under your knees, his large hands spread across your thighs pulling you to him "aahh god...fuck...." you cried out, feeling every nerve in your body firing at once, your walls tightening around him feeling every inch of him. "Fuck y/n....say my name.." he growled snapping his hips hard "l..loki.." you panted gripping the end of the table "AGAIN!" He growled sternly "LOKI!." You yelled as he pulled out, flipping you over roughly, the cold wood on your nipples making you has gasp as he kicked your feet apart thrusting back into you.
He gripped your hair, pulling your back to his chest, his arm snaking around your middle holding you to him as he used you like a common harlot. "I have dreamed of this..." he panted in your ear "every moan...every whimper..." he groaned, bucking into you hard as you braced yourself against the table "every...one...was...you." he growled biting into your shoulder making you scream "i...Loki...I'm gonna..." you cried out, feeling the coil in your stomach tighten, your walls clenching around him "c..aahhh come y/n...I fucking need to feel you..." he gritted as your orgasm washed over you, screaming his name as you came hard digging your nails into the table. You felt him twitch inside you, his hips stuttering, he groaned slamming into you holding himself there as he came, coating your walls yelling your name.
He slowly released your hair, guiding you down to the table pressing his forehead to your back as you both came down. "You...darling...are fucking perfect." He panted slowly standing up, gently pulling out of you he pulled your skirt down grabbing your arm he helped you stand up, your knees buckling as he pulled you to him, smiling down at you "im afraid I may have broken you." He laughed tucking your hair behind your ear. You looked up into his eyes, searching them "are you alright darling?" He asked furrowing his eyebrows. "D..did you...mean it?" You asked still looking at him, seeing his expression soften "yes, I did. You have haunted my thoughts for some time now." He smiled "but, the others..." you trailed off looking down "were meaningless...i...I never thought that I would have the honor of calling you mine." He said cupping your cheek.
"Well, you can...if you want." You said looking back up at him seeing him smile. "I would love nothing more." He said, placing a gentle kiss on your lips. "Well I should probably..." you cleared your throat, getting your feet under you when he gripped you tighter "oh...I'm not done with you yet...my little minx." He purred, a smirk spreading across his face feeling your cheeks heat up. "I plan to take you in all the ways I have imagined." He whispered leaning down "it is going to be a very long night." He said against your lips. Closing your eyes you felt a tingle flow through you, opening them seeing you were in Loki's room. "Shall we begin?" He asked sliding your shirt down your arms "y..yes..." you breathed, excitement running through you of what was to come....
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The Ceremony [Asgard! Loki x Fem. Reader]
A link to my Masterlist is HERE Summary: Every 1000 years, the gods of Asgard provide their sacred seed in a revered and respected ceremony🍆✨ Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI. Smut. Voyeurism. Language. Humour. A/N: Inspired by a scene in The Tudors where Henry VIII has a w*nk into a dish held by a servant. @lokischambermaid thank you for being my unwavering bad influence and cackle-merchant. (w/c 3.1k)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Loki sighed, turning and gazing critically at his reflection. He pulled the tie of his ceremonial robe tight around his hips. Green and gold. “Why we must endure this infernal sideshow of lewd banality, mother? It’s absurd.” Frigga rolled her eyes, a laugh catching on her tongue as she tutted gently. “I tell you this every millennia, Loki. The Ceremony of the Sacred Seed is not a sideshow. It is imperative to the good of Asgard.” “Watching the Royal family masturbate onto a garish golden platter is imperative to the good of Asgard? I see.” Loki huffed, smoothing his hair in the mirror.
The material was finest spun silk chiffon, the barely opaque fabric clinging seductively to every curve of Loki’s muscled body. A little too seductively, for Loki’s liking.
Intricate lace was hearted to the edging, pure sewn gold weighing on the hem. The ceremonial dressing gowns were woven by hand, the delicate work passed through generations. Creation of each of the three bespoke items for the gods of Asgard were legend, spanning the thousand years between ceremonies. Only the eldest and most revered weavers of the city were instructed; the knobble-fingered crones, Loki thought. He shivered, the image like freezing water on his balls. Frigga knew he was toying with her, but still...she felt the need to remind him of the role he must play. That all the men in their family must play. “You know very well that the seed is collected, that it is offered to the soil beneath the Tree of All Things to ensure Asgard’s continued prosperity. The people must-” “-The people must see that their gods' are strong, virile and willing to serve the realm with our innate power, brother. Our sacred seed gives sustenance to the tree, which in turn serves the people. Yes, mother?” Thor boomed. His own ceremonial robe hung loose at the waist, his oiled chest on display; the tie dangling ominously close to revealing all that lay beneath. He took a bite of an apple, the crunch making Loki flinch. “Yes, darling.” Frigga replied, squeezing Thor’s forearm as he grinned widely between messy chews. Loki grimaced, turning away. “Why must I always be last? It’s humiliating.” he murmured, tucking his hair behind his ears as he lingered on his reflection. His eyes flickered upward, seeing Thor’s beaming face appear ghoulishly over his shoulder. “Because you’re my little brother, brother.” the blonde smirked, taking another bite of apple. “I don’t know why you always make such a fuss, Loki. This is my sixth ceremony...and your fifth. Just close your eyes and think of someone pretty.” “We are not all as brutish in our carnal delights as you, brother” he hissed, “to whom the mere sight of a curvaceous table leg during a feast has him making a hasty exit to his chambers and the embrace of his hand. Some of us require more complex inspiration.”
Frigga raised her eyebrows, lips pursed at the familiar spat between her sons. Loki’s ceremonial gown swirled around his bare legs as he paced the floor, incandescent with self-satisfied vitriol. “...and inspiration such as that, I shan’t find behind those doors. Especially not as the third act to my father and brother’s sequential onanism.” “Onanism, brother?” Thor scrunched his eyebrows as a low cheer echoed from the hall next door, the sign that Odin’s contribution in the ceremony had been secured. “Self-pleasure, you cretinous rube.” the dark-god muttered, staring out the window-arch at the pink glow settling over the city below. “It’s time, Thor.” Frigga said, sensing the approach of the guards to usher her blonde son to his duty. He tossed the half-eaten apple towards Loki, a flick of his brother’s wrist making it vanish in mid-air. “Time to give the people want they want.” Thor grinned, throwing Loki a wink as Frigga tightened the belt around his hips. “Prepare yourself, Loki...I shan’t be long.” he rumbled smugly, making his way towards the now-open golden doors to the side, striding past the guards with arms outstretched. Loki could hear his brother working the crowd, their welcoming applause making him shudder. Two-hundred of Asgard’s dignitaries waited through those doors; standing in the side-wing of the great hall. Murals of past ceremonies decorated the alcove, visual reminders of memories that Loki would rather forget. Fifty witness spaces were balloted to the citizens of Asgard, the right to attend considered the highest honour. ‘The Ceremony of the Sacred Seed must be witnessed. We must be seen to be benevolent’, Loki thought, recalling his mother’s words in the lead up to his first experience with this accursed tradition. He rolled his eyes silently, making Frigga chuckle. “I shall leave you now.” she murmured, touching his arm lightly before her dress was but a whisper across the marble floors. For the first time, Loki felt the clench of nerves in his stomach. A thumbnail scratched at the gold edging of the robe by his heart, slipping to rub the muscle beneath. He closed his eyes, exhaling deeply as he summoned familiar thoughts of the one he adored from afar. The one he craved. The forbidden one.
His hand slid down his chest between the soft fabric, the tie of his robe loosening. Massaging his soft cock, he could feel the first stirrings as his mind perused well-trodden fantasies. Slipping down the shoulder of her dress to plant a biting kiss, a tug of her wrists fastened to his bedpost, one slick soaped-up calf rising seductively above the rim of his claw-foot tub. Loki shivered, a wave of desire rolling down his spine, ass clenching. The loose fist he had made around his manhood pressed outward, the flesh thickening beneath dangerous thoughts. He was ready.
On cue, respectful cheers rumbled through the wall signalling that Thor’s dutiful service to the realm had been a success. Quick and artless, as usual; Loki thought with a smirk. The engraved golden doors swung backwards, palace guards setting themselves at either side in wait of their prince. Loki took a deep breath, striding barefoot across the marble floor. The flow of his ceremonial garb grazed his ankles with each long step, his shoulders squared; jaw set. He stared ahead, as imposing in the luxurious garment as he would be in his battle armour. The god’s dark hair rested behind his shoulders, one curl falling forward as he gave a curt nod to the high-priestess standing in the centre of the alcove. She raised an arm with difficulty, the long draped sleeves of her white gown made of the same intricate material as his robe. Don’t think about the knobbled crones, Loki thought; cursing himself inwardly.
“Loki Odinson. Prince of Asgard. Second son of our most sacred royal lineage...” Her voice was strong and commanding despite her advanced age, the white of her hair strewn across the back of her dazzling gown. “God of Mischief and Chaos; sworn protector of Asgard and its people. Do you consent to a ceremonial offering of your most sacred seed this night?” Loki’s eyes went out of focus momentarily, the temptation to roll them almost overwhelming. “I do.” he muttered, to a murmur of approval from the shuffling crowd. He ran his gaze around the half-moon congregation, two-hundred spectators waiting with a mix of trepidation and awe as Loki took his place in the centre. His stare crawled across familiar faces from council meetings and feasts, dignitaries and statesmen who had roamed his father's halls all his life. Their presence was to be expected.
In the middle of the crowd, the Asgardian citizens stood, their clothes noticeably less refined. Less...gold. Many held their hats in their hand, reverent and disbelieving at the sights they had seen thusfar as sunset drew closer. Four guards stood in a square around the dark prince, each holding a pole from which white silk hung like a flag. They all turned; eyes cast upward as they raised their posts to conceal the prince from the waist up. Loki heard a disappointed hush of whispers from his left, tilting his head in half-interested acknowledgment of their discontent. Of course, he thought with a smirk; observing a small group of women. The wives and daughters of Asgard’s political elite. With one notable exception. “It is time.” the high-priestess announced, passing the infamous golden platter to her disciple. Loki nonchalantly untied his ceremonial robe, letting the exquisite green fabric fall loose at his chest. He threw a knowing glance toward the women leaning forward in rapt attention as the silk-chiffon slid down his shoulders, catching on the curve of his biceps. They giggled, quickly hushed by their elders. Every inch revealed more of the legendary landscape of his body, forearms tensing as his broad shoulders rolled back. Several of the women gasped audibly, the ceremonial robe pooling on the floor around his bare feet with a soft rustle. Loki knew that the dying rays of sunlight from the circular window behind would be radiating across his skin, sparking the gloss of every strand of raven hair. He raised his chin upward, letting the crowd admire their prince as he gave a nod to the high-priestess. A sudden scent wafted in his nostrils, making them flare. Poppy. Only one person in this palace wore the scent of poppy.
His stomach fluttered, excited murmurs from the crowd becoming white noise as his eyes fell on she who haunted his thoughts. She slid beside the gaggle of women muttering to each other. There you were. Your face collected; dutiful. Beautifully impenetrable. In every way. She’s not supposed to be here, Loki thought; biting his lip as he extended his hand, one of the guards pouring oil into his palm. “Begin, Prince Loki.” the priestess proclaimed theatrically.
Loki’s gaze fell to the man kneeling in front of him, head bent in dutiful reverence with the golden receptacle outstretched, ready to receive his offering. The platter bearer, Norns; Loki thought. Best seat in the house. He closed his eyes, inhaling deeply with his chin tilted upward. The scent of your perfume hung in the air like smoke, tendrils invading Loki’s mind as it began to whirl with lust. So close. You were so close...and you would see him as you had never seen him. As you had been forbidden to see him. Loki smirked, loose grip running up his thick arousal. Sneaking into the Ceremony, against her father’s wishes? What a naughty girl. Long fingers flexed around the base of his girth, giving it a tight squeeze. His lips parted, a low sigh of need escaping under the smallest movement of his hand. His oil slicked palm slid up his member...all the way up, achingly slowly. A gruff ahh caught in his throat as his fingers grasped the sensitive tip, imagining your plump lips sucking brazenly in their place. Loki’s grip tightened; his teeth gritted in concentration as he widened his stance. The marble was cool beneath his bare feet. How many times Loki had envisioned how he would take you upon this sacrosanct floor. The skirts of your dress pushed around your waist as your nails clawed down his back. He would unmake you, devour you, he would free you from every modesty you had ever learned...starting with that beautiful cun- “Fuckkk...uhhh..” Loki moaned, the echo creeping to every corner of the hallowed alcove and beyond. His head fell back further, waves of his hair brushing against the centre of his shoulder-blades as he stroked himself shamelessly under the spell of fantasy. “G-gods...yes.” A shocked murmur rippled through the crowd. The Ceremony was usually a silent affair, perhaps a whine or two at completion from its participants but nothing so...enthusiastic. From the level at which they stood, the crowd began to shuffle, craning to catch a better view of a god lost in his own ecstasy. Above the silk panels, his strong torso was visible from the navel, every thrust of his hips against his palm making that powerful stomach clench. The fading light cast shadows across deep abs, spasms of restrained desire making the muscles at his ribs jolt beneath the taut skin. Loki’s face was marble in motion, exquisite cheekbones sharpening and softening with each biting clench of his jaw, panting sluttishly to the muraled dome above. Loki’s mind wandered to the day he had returned from battle, coated in blood of a thousand foes: dead by his hand. You had run to him, concern etched across your brow, before you realised that the blood was not his own. How innocent you were. If only you had known the things that he would do to you. That he would have you do to him.
In his fantasises, he envisioned you pushing him against the balustrade, ravenously thrusting your tongue into his mouth. You would have relished every drop of him mixed with the sweat and filth of war that clung to his skin; consuming the grime as you would the one that wore it. Dirty girl, Loki thought; his stomach flipping with a wave of adrenaline, dangerously close to climax. You would be such a dirty slut for me. And only me. Loki thought of how your fingers would make quick work of the crusted ties holding his leather trousers at the hips. Of your hands slipping down to grasp his furiously hard cock in your delicate grip. His knees would buckle, delicious cleavage pressing against his bloodied armour; red streaks smeared across your cheek as you savagely took his pleasure at any cost. “Uh-uh-uh...Uh hhhh- y-yes...don’t stop...Gods.” Loki grunted wantonly, his face falling forwards with his mouth hanging open. His cock was bursting, flexing outward against the tight clamp of white knuckles. Blood thundered in his ears, a thick haze of feral lust coursing in his veins as he raised his gaze slowly, ceasing his heavy strokes to a crawl. The disciple at his feet raised his head in expectation, bringing the golden platter forward; flinching back down when he realised his mistake. Loki’s eyes locked to yours, watching him with that same concerned expression that you had worn in the hallway the day he returned. Or wait..., Loki thought as he palmed his cock gently upward, a shiver of desire rolling down his spine; Not concern. Need. Your lips were parted, brows knitted in concentration as you shuffled beneath his simmering gaze. Loki’s eyes ran covetously over your frame, your breasts rising and falling against the corset of that pretty dress. They may not know how much you wish to be behind these silk curtains on your knees choking on my cock, darling; Loki smirked to himself, as you let out a staggered breath beneath his smouldering stare. But I do. He let out a low growl, eyes rolling back as a thumb pressed up the centre of his wide manhood. The oil on his hand was hot with friction, slipping around the velvet skin beneath. Loki’s eyes never left yours, tilting his chin upwards again. His hair fell around his cheekbones, a strand sucked across his lips as he began to pant beneath the renewed pace of his palm. He observed you through half-lidded eyes, biting his lip as his ass clenched with every smooth swipe of his hand against that forbidden pleasure he knew you craved. How he wanted you. How he had always wanted you. Loki hoped your father could see the eye-fucking occurring amid this most solemn of Asgardian festivals. An honour: Loki thought with a sly tug of his lips, that even that odious old fucker could not deny, surely. “Oh-oh, f-fuck...yess.” Loki groaned, close to release; syllables dripping from his tongue like double cream. His fist flexed around his length, palming himself mercilessly while thoughts of you ravaging his cock invaded his senses.
The god’s eyebrows slanted upward, his jaw slackening. A murmur of excitement rolled across the crowd, seeing the prince’s shoulders tense and tighten. Biceps bulged as his free hand grasped his naked thigh beneath the silk panel, an audible gasp from the spectators as he threw his head back. The veins in his throat stood out, jawline sharp as Vanaheim steel in the embers of smouldering sunset. The curtain-bearers tenses in position, the manservant serving the golden platter forward as the muscles in Loki’s legs strained against the precipice of orgasm. His eyes squeezed shut. Knowing you were watching him come undone...that would need to be enough. For now. He could feel breaths catching in his throat, panting like a wolf on the hunt. Stars flashed and simmered behind his eyelids, mutters of anticipation rising from the crowd as his dark moans of shameless pleasure reverberated around the marble walls. In his mind, you were lying in his bed. Legs spread to welcome him as he lowered between your open thighs, melting into the curve of your breasts. “Take me, Loki.” you would whisper against his skin, as you guided his aching cock inside your wet, hot cunt. “I’ve been waiting for you.” With a thundering groan that would wake the dead, Loki came. It rang around the alcove, bouncing to every nook and cranny of the great hall beyond. He heard the group of women gasp in unison, their quiet whines peppering the air as he came undone. Glorious, pure white seed spurted across the outstretched golden bowl as Loki juddered. He steadied against the shoulder of one of the stoic curtain-bearers as shallow pants racked his body. Loki squeezed up from the base of his cock, every drop of his essence secured. For none could remain. Slow claps dotted the crowd, growing louder as the spectators showed their appreciation for his dutiful service to the realm. The god's eyes flickered to where you stood; a coy smile pressing against your dimples as you applauded demurely with a mischievous glint in your eye. He swiped the ceremonial robe held out to him, making a show of whirling it around his body, allowing you a final gratuitous look. Loki tightened the cord around his hips, straightening and smoothing his hair back as the curtain-bearers raised their poles to reveal his whole form once more. I’m still hard, Loki thought, realising immediately that he didn’t care. The high-priestess approached, giving a small bow. She smiled, leaning in toward him. “One can always count on Asgard’s second son for some...unorthodoxy.” she whispered. “It is nice to see that a millennia has not changed you, Loki.” She winked, accepting the golden platter and its contents from the kneeling man shuffling on his knees across the floor. Loki rolled his eyes. “Will that be all?” he quipped, pursing his lips. She nodded, the same smile tugging the corner of her mouth. He gave a curt nod to each section of the crowd, lingering a moment longer toward the one where you stood. Loki could swear there was a thin sheen of sweat on your collarbone, that you pressed your lips together to contain a bite as he raised his eyes to yours.
I have been waiting for you, he thought, feeling his heavy cock throb as he began the short walk back through the golden doors from whence he came. Tonight, my forbidden one; we shall wait no more.
Tumblr media
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lovelysizzlingbluebird · 2 days ago
Little Joys
Part of the Winter Warmers Collection by @lokisgoodgirl
Summary: Christmas is all about counting your blessings and enjoying the little things, right?
Characters: Loki + F!Reader
Word Count: 3000
Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, mild angst perhaps?
This is the first time I’m doing this (posting fanfic on tumblr) and I am frankly utterly clueless as to how this works. I’m probably doing it all wrong. A very big thank you to @lokisgoodgirl for this wonderful initiative that finally got me writing something after a very, very long time. And also for patiently explaining how to post this. I hope it gets posted. I’m going to be very inconsiderate and tag ALL my followers. Yes, all 29 of you. Because that’s the only way I think this will ever be read. Please forgive me and if you don’t wish to be tagged kindly let me know and I shall remove you. 
You pulled the shawl tighter around your shoulders, whilst trying to bury your fingers into the crook of your elbow and simultaneously wiggle your toes into producing some warmth, squished as they were in your four-inch heels.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE START~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It was cold. Way too cold.
You sighed. Who the fuck throws a party on the terrace of the forty-fifth floor on what has got to be the coldest night of the year?
Tony Stark, that’s who.
You would have sighed again if you could handle breathing in the cold air, but considering you were barely managing to not wobble like jelly, you settled for frowning and cussing mentally instead.
Damn these Avengers. Damn these superheroes and their superpowers that left them impervious and oblivious to any but the most unimaginable of physical discomforts, and those too they could tackle on a good day. Whereas you could barely get your teeth to stop chattering long enough to hold a coherent conversation. You looked to where Captain America was chatting with Agent Romanoff and Agent Barton - both gents wearing little more than a blazer or a jacket to ward away the biting wind. And Romanoff - oof! That little red sleeveless number dipped tantalizingly low on her decollete and cuddled her curves so nicely, falling just short of indecent to her mid-thighs...
You could practically hear your brain screaming at you, and you were pretty sure so could Natasha, as you quickly looked down into your glass while she turned to look at - NOT you. Phew!
While you pored over the dark red liquid sloshing gently in the goblet, your eyes happened to wander to your own outfit - or whatever was visible of it. Frankly at this point, you were wondering why you had even bothered dressing up. The shawl you had draped - NO, bundled - yourself into covered most of your dress, your shoulders and your arms, leaving only about three inches of the hem visible to anyone who might care to look. And well, while your dress was nice, the long black pashmina it was hiding under was just that - long and black. You wore nice shoes though - four-inch black peep toes with little silver bows embellished on each. They looked good. They made you feel good. Except now. Now they were killing you. You took another deep breath, belatedly realizing how cold it made your insides. Between the black blanket covering you and the updo you had tried to put your hair in, and the fact that you hadn’t moved from your place in at least thirty minutes, you probably looked like a scarecrow. An overdressed scarecrow - in mourning. 
You chuckled into your glass while you tried to stifle a laugh. See? You could be funny. Just not out loud. And not in a party while surrounded by Earth’s mightiest heroes. You caught sight of Thor and Mr. Stark himself in another corner speaking to some man in a suit. Thor had even taken off his jacket, standing in a linen shirt WITH sleeves rolled up to his elbows. IronMan was wearing…you stared at his outfit for some time, then gave up trying to figure out what it was. Miss Potts was apparently not in the country so that might explain whatever he had on. Either way both seemed very comfortable even in the face of the biting wind that was whipping around everything and everyone. You took two large gulps of your wine in hopes it would warm you up. It tasted awful.
You looked around at the noisy chatter around you. Frankly, you couldn’t blame the avengers. Every single person here was enjoying themselves - talking, laughing, dancing and drinking,, just as impervious and oblivious to the cold as the avengers. Why were you then frozen to the spot?
You couldn’t help it. Born and raised in a tropical climate you were not used to this weather. The cold had always bothered you. Right to the point of making you sick if you were cold for too long. You remembered the last time you’d stayed out too long on a skiing trip with friends. That had NOT ended well. You took one more gulp of the wine. Gah! You hated it.
You hated it all. 
You chided yourself. Anyone who was of any significance in The Tower was at this party. It was way more than you had expected - seeing as your work as an assistant was hardly exciting or glamorous or saving the world in any way - but yet, your boss had asked you to come along, graciously extending this invitation to a lowly assistant she had had for all of six months, over many of the others on the team who had been around a lot longer and no doubt did work of far more significance than you. But your boss seemed to like you. She seemed to like your work. And you were working hard to keep it that way. You liked your job, and you were hoping to be given more responsibility. If that meant accompanying her to Stark’s somewhat-private Christmas party on the forty-fifth terrace on a cold, cold night, then you were eager to appear eager. Now though, the cold had thoroughly whipped away most of your eagerness as you stood, shivering, against a wall, all by your lonesome.
That was it, wasn’t it? You were alone. An entire party of people and you had no one to talk to. It wasn’t their fault, they had no idea who you were, and they had come to have a good time. They weren’t here to make friends with the newbie. You had expected to tag alongside your boss, and hopefully be introduced to some of the guests. Perhaps listen to some interesting shoptalk. Maybe even add in a quip or two of your own, earn an odd chuckle or two. But three steps in through the doors your boss had turned around and handed you her jacket and purse, asking you to make yourself comfortable somewhere and she would find you when she needed to leave. That was the last conversation you had had - over an hour ago. You were normally not very shy but glancing around you were well out of depth here. Everyone was dressed to the nines, everyone seemed to know everyone else, and everyone seemed way more important than you. This was forty-five floors above your paygrade and comfort zone.
Well then, fly-on-the-wall people-watching it was. You occasionally glanced at your boss, who, it appeared, was becoming more and more animated the more she drank. At this moment she was talking with three other men, two of whom were hanging on to her every word, no doubt thoroughly charmed by her flirtatious smile and open demeanour. She now had her hand on the bicep of the third man, who seemed inordinately tall as he towered over them and- Oh!
That was Loki. The ‘Other’ avenger. You had heard of him. Word was that he had reluctantly joined the avengers as some way of penance for what he’d tried to do to the city. He was apparently dangerous and super-powerful - an alien and a - God? They called him? He looked pretty normal, from what you saw. An all black suit with a green tie. Long black shiny hair that framed his smooth pale face and touched his incredibly broad shoulders. His jaw twitched lightly at something your boss said and you could see his sharp, sharp cheekbones.. No! Make that cheekblades… you could see his cheekblades catch the light. He stood with his legs apart, or as apart as they could be in his, tight, tight pants. He had one hand casually placed in his trouser pocket while the other cradled a wine glass, fingers suggestively caressing the bowl, while he seemed to listen to your boss, lips pursed in equal parts mockery and amusement. Yep, he seemed perfectly normal. And you were completely NOT ogling him. 
Seriously, you didn’t think you had ever seen anyone as beautiful as this man. People were blinded by beauty, you were gobsmacked. Sure, all of the avengers looked great. But Loki was… something else. How had you never seen him anywhere in the Tower before? Ah yes, you were a lowly assistant - on the twentieth floor. Suddenly the forty-fifth floor didn’t seem all that bad.
You continued watching Loki, your loneliness all but forgotten. It was strange - you had been observing him for at least a good ten minutes now - and he was yet to say a single word. Perhaps he too, in a party of people, was all by his lonesome. You smiled and shook your head. He was an avenger - probably THE most significant person in this room. He wasn’t like you - no matter what your heart wanted to believe. 
You watched your boss lean more and more heavily against him as her inebriation took over, to the point where Loki was practically holding her upright with his torso. And then, without any warning, he just slipped slightly away from her. Not too much to be noticeable or rude, but enough to cause your boss to stumble in her stupor, before he immediately offered her his arm again. The slightest hint of a devious smile curved on the side of hip lips while your boss profusely apologized and generally made a fool of herself. You couldn’t help but giggle, and Loki’s eyes snapped up to meet yours.
 You stopped. Everything seemed to stop. He stared pointedly at you, making you feel like you were the only two people on the terrace. You felt nervous, as though you had been caught intruding a private moment. And well, you had. You’d been staring your eyes out at him, manners be damned. You looked away and took another gulp, hoping he hadn’t realized what you had been doing, or find it too offensive if he had. You busied yourself with observing the ornaments on the tree - a particular golden goat had the most beautiful horns. Wait, a goat?! Knowing Mr. Stark his choice of decor wouldn’t  surprise you but still-
“A bit too obvious, isn’t it?”
You yelped and turned around, spilling your drink on your shawl in the process. Loki looked at you in amusement.
“Each of the avengers has an ornament dedicated to them upon it,” he continued, pointing his glass towards the massive Christmas tree. “I see you’ve found mine,” he smiled down at you. You stared at him, before realizing you should reply. 
“Oh, Um…” You realized you weren’t able to think of one. 
“Shall I get you another drink?”
You looked at your now-empty glass. You had managed to spill most of it. Great. There were people who couldn’t hold their liquor, and then there was you. A small sigh escaped you before you realized you were again, delaying your response.
“No, thank you,” you said, meeting his gaze with a small smile. “I don’t really like the taste.”
“Why would you drink it, then?” He looked genuinely puzzled.
“It keeps me warm,” you shrugged. “I don’t do well in the cold.”
“I can see that,” he mused, eyes raking over the black fabric draped tightly around you. “I believe there are specific Midgardian beverages to ward off this season’s chill. And they taste quite good too.”
“Yes, but I don’t think asking the bartender for a cup of hot cocoa will work here,” you smiled at him.
“Ah well, good thing we don’t need to trouble him then,” he said, waving his hand and conjuring up a steaming hot green mug out of seemingly nowhere.
If you were gobsmacked before, you were definitely dumbstruck now. Your mouth gaped and you were sure your eyes were comically wide. You stared at him as he smiled that devious smile again and offered you the mug. You hesitated, and perhaps he noticed it because his smile seemed to falter. But then you reached out and grasped the cup. Its perfect warmth seeped into your chilled hands like a tight hug from an old friend. You brought it close and its heady aroma filled your nostrils. Your eyes fell closed as you finally took in a deep whiff that didn’t hurt your insides. With eager anticipation you put your lips to the rim and took a sip, and holy mother of all that was perfect, if it wasn’t the best fucking cuppa cocoa you had ever had. You closed your eyes, took in a mouthful with a sound slurp, forgetting where you were as you swallowed and licked your lips, a large smile on your face and contentment in your heart. ‘Tis the season, indeed!
You suddenly realized where and with whom you were and looked up at your ridiculously handsome Santa, feeling overwhelmed by this tiny act of kindness he had done, but which had made such a huge difference to your evening. No longer was it cold, and no longer did you feel alone or out of place. This alien, god, avenger - a complete stranger - had, with the simplest of gestures and for reasons you could probably never understand, sought to put a smile on your face. Heck, if this wasn’t the spirit of Christmas, you didn’t know what was.
“Thank you,” you whispered, voice too thick with everything you were feeling. “I… You…. It’s delicious,” you said, meeting his gaze. “Thank you, so much,” you repeated, hoping you were able to convey how grateful you felt without sounding like a complete simp. His expression seemed to change as you said the words, almost as if he was surprised at them. You worried that perhaps you hadn’t sounded genuine enough. It seemed as if he almost didn’t believe you. But then his face relaxed and he smiled back, warm and genuine this time. His eyes softened as he spoke the words to you, “No, thank you.”
You looked up at him a bit puzzled, but his smile put you instantly at ease, and the steaming hot cup of goodness in your hand beckoned you again. You took another large mouthful, unable to keep a silly grin blossoming on your face as you savoured it. You stole another glance at Loki from over your cup and he smiled back at you, a mischievous glint in his eyes. You weren’t sure what seemed more delicious - him or the cocoa.
You finished the rest of the mug in silence, looking at Loki and beaming like an idiot as you downed the heavenly liquid. For his part Loki seemed content to be gazing at you so thoroughly ravishing his gift. Between embarrassed smiles from you and sly chuckles from Loki, you were almost on the last sip, tilting your head all the way back to get to the good stuff at the bottom when your boss’ high-pitched squeal jolted you, spilling some of the cocoa on your shawl, again.
Snapped out of your warm reverie you spun around to see your boss half-standing, half-swaying before you.
“Loki!!” she giggled, “I was just looking for you… Say buh bye… I have an important meeting..... Tomorrow”
She noticed you and stared at you as if trying to remember your name.
“Where is my bag?” she frowned, “and what’s on your face?”
You flushed with embarrassment and wiped the last bits of the cocoa that had spilled onto your chin, looking in dismay at the front of your pashmina that was now ruined. 
“Well go get it… I have to leave… It’s getting late!,” she continued to slur, trying to lean against Loki as she waved you off with a hand.
“I have your things right here Ms. Sharpe,” you offered immediately, grabbing her coat and bag from the chair next to you.
“Well then, let’s go. Bye Loki!” she heaved herself off of him, trailing a hand down his chest in the process and stumbled up ahead. 
You looked back at Loki, knowing you had a lot to say but not enough time to say it. “Thank you, once again,” you smiled at him. 
“Hey..! Hurry up will you?” your boss yelled from the elevator. A few people turned to look in your direction. You flashed Loki another smile, and tried to make it convincing, hoping it would salvage the embarrassing situation you found yourself in. You turned before it could get any worse and made for the door.
“Y/n! Wait!” his voice halted you and you turned back to him. He twirled his fingers, a slight smile playing on his lips - and suddenly you felt warm again. You looked down and wrapped around you was a gorgeous emerald green cape, made of the softest velvet to ever touch your skin. It moulded itself around you as if enveloping you in a hug and you had never felt more comfortable in your life. Your surprise and  joy must have been evident in your eyes as you looked at him, once again unable to come up with a reply. Your boss called out once more - this time sounding distinctly annoyed. 
“Merry Christmas y/n” he smiled at you.
You looked down at the cape, and back at him. “Thank you,” you said softly, then turned to join your irate boss.
As you sat in the backseat next to your now snoring boss, you ran your hands over the cape, a smile tugging your lips as you remembered the way he had smiled at you and the last thing he’d said to you, ‘Merry Christmas y/n’ you repeated to yourself and then stopped as realization dawned upon you.
You had never told him your name.  
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Deal With The Devil
​Dom Loki x sub gn!reader
Summary: Your kingdom has fallen into chaos. In your desperation, you request aid from the only ruler powerful enough to help you. But Loki is difficult to convince...
Words: 885
Warnings: 18+ themes; power play, manipulative Loki
This is inspired by the song Church by Fall Out Boy. I’m working on a sub!Loki fic with similar vibes.
main masterlist (more Loki stuff)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The heavy doors fell shut behind you. The loud bang vibrated in your bones.
For a second you just stood there, taking in the extravagance of Asgard’s throne room. Golden pillars, exquisite decorations along the walls that shimmered in the candle light. Nothing could compare.
Especially not the room used by the king’s family back home, which rather served as a business room for anything important. The king even sometimes used the room as his study. It was nothing like this.
“Tell me, little mortal. What brings you to my realm?”
Your eyes snapped towards the throne. The figure sitting on top of it was the very essence of what you’d describe as royalty. Golden armor, a majestic golden helmet with horns on top of messy black hair and a golden staff.
Despite everything, it was his eyes that brought you to your knees. You bowed respectfully before the throne, your gaze fixed on the floor.
“Your Highness, I have come to ask for your aid. My kingdom has been ravaged by war, hunger and poverty. I fear we won’t survive another winter.”
Your heart pounded in your chest as you waited for him to speak. Even your breathing was too loud against the silence that settled heavily on your shoulders.
The echo of heavy steps thundered through the throne room. Your eyes remained fixed on the floor.
A firm hand gripped your chin and tilted your head up.
“And what would you gain from this alliance, little mortal?”
His deep voice made you shiver, just as much as the stare from his blue eyes. You swallowed against the lump in your throat.
“Your Highness, I am but a simple human trying to avoid the certain death of my people. I fear you are the only one with the power to save them.”
Something flashed in his eyes. You could see an emotion almost like recollection or empathy on his face. It only lasted for a second before he raised his head, letting go of your chin.
“And what would I gain from helping you?”
You looked back at the floor. “An ally. In case you ever have any issues on Midgard, or you were in the middle of a war yourself.”
That was rich and you knew it. Your kingdom was small, it definitely didn’t possess enough influence or military strength to help a realm as mighty as Asgard if the situation arose. Not by a long shot.
It didn’t matter; you were desperate. You had to save your people.
His deep laughter shook you right down to your bones.
“Lying to me isn’t wise for someone in your position, little mortal.”
Your breath hitched. His voice had dropped to a deeper pitch, dark and threatening. It rested on your shoulders, pressing you even further to the floor.
“Your Highness, I can assure you –“
He forced your head up once more. His grip was stronger now, long fingers digging painfully into your skin. The burning stare from his blue eyes made the words die on your tongue.
“I am not some simple mortal. I am a King; a God. You’d do wisely to address me as such.”
You couldn’t look away from him. His hand held your head steady and you found yourself caged in by his grip and his stare. You nodded.
“Yes… my King.”
The words tasted strange in your mouth. Yet they felt right, especially when the expression on his face changed. He smiled at you, not losing any of his authority and power. Quite the opposite: his smile only increased it.
“Very good. Now tell me: what would I truly gain from helping you? I know your kingdom well; you have greatly exaggerated its influence and power. If I were ever in a similar position, your meek army would be of no use to me.”
Fear gripped your heart, drenching your whole body in ice. You inhaled sharply. If he didn’t help you, your kingdom and everyone in it would be doomed…
“Anything, my King. Anything you want, it’s yours!”
His eyebrows rose as he looked at you. He released your chin.
This time you didn’t look away. You kneeled at his feet, staring up at him with desperate eyes. You’d give him anything you had, if he only saved your kingdom.
His cold stare slowly became warmer as he smiled; but just like before, the dominant aura remained.
“Anything, you say?”
The almost playful tone sent a shiver down your spine but you didn’t allow yourself to falter as you looked into his eyes. The fate of your kingdom depended on your success.
“Yes, my King. Anything you want.”
He stared down at you in silence, his eyes burning into the very essence of your being.
Your heart stumbled in your chest as he slowly leaned down until his face was almost level with yours.
“Well, little mortal… what if I want you?”
Your knees buckled.
He observed you in silence, his eyes roaming across your body as he waited for your response. That infuriating smile hadn’t left his lips. His stare hypnotized you.
You swallowed hard, accepting your demise.
“Then you shall have me, my King.”
The words had barely left your lips when he leaned in and sealed your fate with a passionate yet gentle kiss.
Tumblr media
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lunarbuck · a day ago
Dance With the Devil - Masterlist
Tumblr media
Beauty and The Beast retelling | Mafia AU
Pairing: mafia!Loki x f!reader (any race)
Status: in progress/chapters posted once a week
Summary: Once upon a time, a young woman made a deal with a monstrous man to save her father. The man, a vicious and deadly leader of his family’s mafia, agrees to take her as his prisoner to pay off her father’s debt to him. What she doesn’t know is that Loki, head of the Laufeyson Mafia, has more to him than meets the eye. A secret agreement with his late father that he get married, have a family. Fall in love. But as the years pass, he's fallen into despair and lost all hope, for who could ever learn to love a beast?
Warnings: dark fic/dark themes, descriptions of violence, blood, injuries, swearing, mentions of chronic illness (Multiple Sclerosis), violence, organized crime, masturbation, smut (p in v), angst, fluff
DISCLAIMER: There are portions of dialogue in here that are straight from the Beauty and the Beast (1991) movie. I will put something in the chapter’s a/n so that there isn’t any confusion, but yeah!! This is the version of the script that I used.
my masterlist | ao3 | fic playlist | movie script
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chapter 1 - to be posted December 5
Chapter 2 - to be posted December 12
Chapter 3 - to be posted December 19
Chapter 4 - to be posted December 26
Chapter 5 - to be posted January 2
Chapter 6 - to be posted January 9
Chapter 7 - to be posted January 16
Tumblr media
Please let me know if you would like to be added to my taglist! You can either be tagged in just this series or all my future works; just let me know. you must have your age in your bio and be 18+ to be added
General tags - lmk if you do not want to be tagged in this serires
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Series tags
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Drunken Confessions // Loki Laufeyson Headcanon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
masterlist | oneshots
being an Asgardian, Loki could hold his own while drinking on Midgard
you on the other hand we're different being human, but you could still hold your own
it wasn't until a Stark party that Thor brought Asgardian mead to the table that Loki showed his drunk side
not even Thor has seen him like this before, he really went in for it. it wasn't because he was in pain or wanted to forget the night, but rather because he had deep feelings for you and didn't know how to express them
to be fair you had deep feelings for him as well and thought it was better to be friends than to be rejected by a prince 
five whiskey sours down and a couple of jell-o shots, you were really drunk — to the point of lying down on the daybed on the balcony
Loki had six Asgardian mead shots, and his reaction is equivalent to your state of drunkenness
“Do you ever think about the future? Like what it will hold or if something bad were to happen again?” You said staring up at the dark sky that adorned bright stars.
“I do, darling. I think about the future all the time. Mostly what it will consist of for you and me.” Loki said nonchalantly and he knew that he'd regret what he was saying in the morning. 
“Of us? There's an us?” You said with a hopeful tone in your voice. 
“Of course, there is, kitten.” Loki turned towards you. “I can't imagine the life I’ve been given if you weren't in it.” He smiles. 
“Oh.” You said sadly, looking away from your best friend and the man you pinned for.
“I cannot imagine a life where you are not mine forever. I cannot imagine a life where you are not my wife, my love, my life. I cannot imagine a life that you are not a part of because then that would be an unfulfilling and depressing life.” Loki confessed.
“I can’t imagine a life without you as the love of my life.” You said smiling.
you didn’t know what to do other than just sit there listening to his confessed love for you. then the alcohol kicked in and you got up to sit on his lap, kissing him deeply.
Loki wrapped his arms around you in a tight hold kissing you back with everything in him
it wasn’t until Tony came out to the balcony to scold the both of you for your “inappropriate actions” on his balcony
this led to both of you drunkenly giggling and leading him to your room which was just down the hall from his
you’d both remember the night before when you woke up, but still, your faces turned all shades of red seeing your sleeping position
you had your head on Loki’s chest with his arms wrapped tightly around you. you weren’t complaining, however, both of you were extremely happy this happened
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lady-rose-moon · 2 days ago
Comfort Me || Loki x Reader ||
A/N: it's 1:30 am and this wouldn't leave my mind so have it. I'll add my taglist in the morning. Goodnight!
Warning: mental breakdown
Tumblr media
"Where's Y/N?" Steve asked, looking away from the new case file to notice that you weren't in attendance at the meeting. The Captain's eyes trailed over to where Loki was anxiously sitting in his seat, wringing his hands and glancing occasionally at the door. "Loki? Do you know?"
The God's eyes flicked over to the Captain and he pulled his lip between his teeth before clearing his throat and whispering, "she told me she wasn't feeling well. May I be excused?"
"Brother there is no need for such concerns for Y/N's welfare!" Thor boomed, clasping his hand on Loki's shoulder and barely registering the stab to his elbow that it got him in return, "I am sure she is fine."
Loki clicked his tongue before disappearing in a cloud of green and reappearing outside of your room. Even with you in a fragile state, he had to respect your boundaries. So, he knocked.
At first there was silence and then Loki heard a soft yet broken 'come in' that sent his mind into panic. He opened the door and swiftly locked it behind him before hurrying into your bedroom. As soon as he opened the door, he saw you on the floor curled up in a ball and his heart shattered.
"Oh, gorgeous," Loki whispered, catching your attention enough for your eyes to snap to his and you to launch yourself into his arms. Looks arms quickly wound protectively around your body and he swayed with you, holding you as if you might break and he was sure in a figurative way, now that he was here you would be able to.
You broke into sobs and your shudders and wails dug deep claws into Loki's chest that made tears well up despite his mask of indifference. "Sweet love," he cooed, cupping your cheek and wiping away your tears with his thumb, "what is the matter?"
"I-...I dreamt of you..." you whispered weakly, bowing your head to release more agonising sobs as your nails dug into his suit, "I dreamt of your death."
Loki's eyes softened and he pressed a kiss to your temple, rubbing your back and shushing you. "I'm alive," he whispered tenderly to you, looking into your puffy eyes and wiping away the fresh tears, "I promise."
Again, sobs filled your body and you became unintelligible as you wailed and clung to him for comfort, searching unconsciously for more than his words to assure you of his safety.
"My love," Loki whispered to you, forcing you to look at him through your tears and giving you a bright smile when you met his emerald gaze, "as if you'd get rid of me that easily. You know I'd put up so much of a fight for you."
Slowly but surely, you calmed down and Loki brought you to your feet, pressing a loving kiss to your forehead. "Come, let's get you to bed and I'll make you some soup," he whispered gently, already guiding you to the bed and changing your clothing into comfy pyjamas.
"My hero," you whispered lovingly to him, smiling when he kissed your nose and headed out into the kitchen.
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simplyholl · 2 days ago
Across the Multiverse PT. 2 [Loki x F. Reader]
Summary: Y/N and Loki’s relationship takes an unexpected turn after one of Stark’s parties. When they are sent on a mission to find their multiversal selves, will they realize they should be together?
Pairing: Avenger Loki x F. Avenger Reader
W/C: 2,051
Warnings: Smut. Minors DNI. 18+ ONLY. Angst. Incorrect use of multiverse travel.
You can find Part 1 here.
It’s been a few weeks since Loki and I hooked up. We have been pretending it never happened, which is easier said than done. That night hasn’t left my mind. The way he touched me, how he claimed me, all the orgasms he gave me. I lost count after five, my brain went foggy after the fourth one.
To him, everything is normal. The same banter while training. He still takes one of my pancakes every morning at breakfast. Every weekend, he still brings a different, nameless woman into his room. Tonight is another party, another night of wishing it was me under him instead of whichever model wins the Loki lottery tonight.
 Natasha, Wanda, and I lounge on the leather sofas enjoying our drinks. “I’m going to sleep with Bruce again tonight.” Natasha beams. “Y/N, why don’t you ever take anyone back with you?” I sit my drink down, turning to face the girls. “I think I almost had Bucky a couple weeks ago, but it didn’t work out.” Wanda smiles sympathetically. “Why can’t we all be like Loki and have them lined out the door?” We all look over to him dancing with the hottest girls at the party.
“Bucky is looking at you, Y/N. Maybe tonight’s the night.” Nat nudges me playfully. I roll my eyes at her noticing Bucky walking over. “You owe me a dance since we were interrupted last time, doll.” He takes my hand leading me to the dance floor. The slow melody plays through the speaker as he holds me close.
I can’t help but be reminded of last time. I let him hold me while I pretend it’s Loki’s strong arms, I’m in. It feels so wrong. I sneak a glance at Bucky’s face. He misreads the situation, leaning in for a kiss. The lips I was so desperate to kiss mere weeks ago now feel like poison against my own. I place my hand on his shoulder, breaking the kiss. “Bucky wait.” He stops immediately searching my face for clues. “What’s wrong?” “Sorry, it just, uh, something feels kind of off.” “It’s no problem, Y/N. Have a good night.” I weakly smile at him before taking off to my room. I slam the door behind me. How could I be so foolish? What was I thinking? A loud knock stops my thoughts.
I open the door to find Loki standing there. “Darling, are you alright? I saw that animal Barnes groping you. Then you disappeared. I had to be sure you were unharmed.” “He wasn’t groping me. I’m fine, Loki, I just got tired of the party. You should go back. Your dates won’t know what to do without you.” “None of them held my interest, love. I was hoping to have you this night. Follow me.” He takes my hand in his heading for the elevator. “Where are we going?” He presses the button for the thirtieth floor. “We are going for a little midnight swim.” We stand in front of the entrance for the indoor pool. Steve’s note in big red letters reminds us “No swimming after 10 pm.” “Steve will kill us if he finds out.” “Fret not darling, he won’t.” Loki waves his hand using his magic to interfere with the cameras. He walks to the edge of the pool removing his clothes. I’m watching as he exposes each delicious part of his body. “It is not polite to stare, pet. Especially when you are still fully dressed.” I give him a shy smile knowing he caught me ogling. I start stripping while he jumps in the warm water splashing.
I follow after swimming to him. He picks me up, my legs wrap around his waist. I lean in, my lips find his. His warm tongue gliding with mine. I pull away as my legs hit a chilly surface. He sets me down on the edge of the pool, kisses caressing my neck. My hands tangle in his long locks as his mouth descends on my breasts. His wet tongue slithers around my nipple while nimble fingers work the other. He grabs my legs dragging me almost off the edge. My thighs find their place on his shoulders as he goes in for the kill. Soft lips fasten to my clit. He laps at my entrance. I try to move, the sensation becoming too intense. But he pins me down, a large hand holding my stomach in place. He swirls his tongue on my clit. I’m sure he is spelling his name against me. That knowledge sends me spiraling.
I sit up when I finish. “Come up here with me.” I grab his hands trying to pull him out of the water. “Lay down.” Loki obeys laying on the wet surface. I lower myself onto him while he grips my thighs. “I could get used to this, Y/N.” I place my hands on his naked shoulders as I start moving on him. “Oh gods… Y/N… you feel perfect... I continue working him roaming my hands over his toned chest. I can tell he is getting close. His hand on my thighs holds me tighter with every movement. He thrusts up one final time, my name on his lips. He holds me against his chest, hands rubbing circles on my back. I wish we could stay like this all night.
 I’m a little worried that Steve somehow found out about our activities at the pool last night when an emergency meeting is called. I take my seat beside Loki. I look around the room, but nobody else seems to know why we are here either. Tony, Steve, and Dr. Strange walk in. “Okay kids, good news and bad news.” Tony starts. “Good news, Cap got everybody donuts.” Cheers erupt across the table. “Bad news is there’s a huge threat coming, and Harry Potter here is going to send us to other universes.” “Tony, we talked about this. Don’t call me that.” Dr. Strange glares at Tony. “I received word that an extraterrestrial being can travel the multiverse. He is destroying cities and killing innocent people everywhere he goes. He knows who we are, and he wants to destroy us in every universe, so we can’t defeat him. It will only be a matter of time before he comes here.” Steve takes control of the room. “I have paired you up in teams of two. You will go to the universe assigned, find yourself, and warn them of what is to come. Bruce, you and Thor will be together. Y/N and Loki.” He hands out papers with our assignments.
 ~Day of Multiverse Travel~
Loki and I are sent to universe 738. We thought it would be easiest to find me first. I locate my family’s old home. Maybe this universe isn’t so different after all. Everything looks the same. We knock on the door, 738’s me answers. She looks stunned, glancing from me to Loki. I look her over too. We have the same hair color, style, and WOW – she is pregnant, like really pregnant. “Hi, um, I am you from another universe. I know that sounds crazy, but we really need to talk to you. This is Loki. I’m not sure if you know him here or not. “Oh yeah, I know Loki. Nice to meet you both. Come in. Have a seat. My husband will be out in a second. I’ll let him know you’re here.”
We get settled in; she calls back into the hallway. “Babe, come in here we have guests.” Footsteps shuffle down the hall when Loki’s variant appears holding a baby. “Who came for a visit, darling?” Loki and I stare at each other mouths agape; eyes wide. “It’s us from another universe. They need to speak with us about a possible threat.”
738’s Loki looks so much like my Loki. His hair is longer, and he might be a little taller. I never thought I would see the day when Loki would be holding a child. He looks so natural though. He sits down beside the other me. The baby, a little girl with big green eyes and raven curls babbles looking between her parents and me and Loki. She reaches out for me to get her. “May I?” I ask my variant, unsure of how to act in this situation. “Of course, don’t be silly.” She smiles warmly as Loki hands her to me. While I’m playing with her, I study her features. She has my nose and smile, but everything else is Loki. From her little curls to the mischievous look in her eyes as she pulls my hair. Her parents apologize while my Loki laughs.
“So how long have you two been together?” 738’s me asks. Loki and I look at each other. I can’t decide if I want to laugh or cry. Before I have the chance to embarrass myself, Loki answers. “We are not together.” He says venomously. He scoots further away from me for good measure. They look horrified. “We’re so sorry. We just assumed with the two of you showing up together.” I push my hair behind my ear. “It’s okay. No harm done. We are just friends.” Loki’s variant speaks up, “Oh you have thought about it surely.” He is speaking more to Loki than to me. Loki sits quietly, so I decide to answer. “We hooked up recently, but only as friends.” My Loki finally breaks his silence. “It meant nothing. It was NOTHING, if I am speaking truthfully.” Loki’s counterpart is saying something to my Loki, but I don’t hear it. I am too busy concentrating on the feeling of my heart shattering. I knew he didn’t think it was a big deal. But hearing him say it was nothing, when it meant so much to me, really hurts.
I look at the beautiful girl in my lap, at my variant’s glowing face as she cradles her bump. Her Loki’s arm around her. The love in his eyes as he looks at her. This is the life I could’ve had if only in another universe. How unlucky am I?            When I finally snap out of it, I figure I should hurt myself even more. So, I ask how they got together. I have to know. “Well, it all started when I joined the Avengers.” Her Loki smiles at her. “I first saw her in a meeting to introduce the newest recruits. I knew I had to have her. I followed her around for a bit. I traded training partners, so I could be with her. We flirted for a time. When I was sure I had her where I wanted, I asked if I could court her.”
“And I said no!” They laugh together before leaning in for a quick kiss. “I was shocked. No one ever refused me. I am a prince after all. It made me want her more.” “I only said no because I knew it would get under his skin. Of course, I wanted him too.” “I pursued her ruthlessly. I would show up with her favorite snacks. I would interrupt her if she spoke to another man. I conjured an entire garden in her room one evening.”
“I finally gave in after the garden. It was really sweet and so beautiful. I was also worried about what else he would put in my room if I kept refusing.” “I planned a picnic under the stars. I bought the most expensive bottle of wine, had the finest food prepared, and gathered her favorite flowers.” She looks at him adoringly, “It was the most romantic date I had ever been on. I fell in love with him instantly. We dated for a year before he proposed. I found out I was pregnant shortly before the wedding. We quit the Avengers to have our family. Here we are now with a beautiful baby girl and a baby boy who will be showing up any day now.”
I blink away the tears threatening to spill from my eyes before Loki can see. “That’s so beautiful! I am so happy for you guys!” Loki rolls his eyes. I’m about to ask them how he proposed when Loki cuts in. “Perhaps it is time to discuss why we are here.”
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lokiandbuckysdoll · 2 days ago
Ok so... this request totally isn't based on real life or anything lol 💚💚
How about you have started to work crazy hours over the last few weeks, even weekends and super late at night. Your boyfriends, Bucky and Loki are both worried about you and want you to slow down so you can relax a bit but you tell them you can't because you need to finish your project by a certain date. The closer you get to the deadline, the less you are sleeping and eating and the more concerned they are. When you finally finish it, they take care of you and make sure you completely de-stress
@vbecker10 I hope you like the fic💚 sorry it took me a while to write it :(
Work Overload
Summary: In the ask^ 
Paring: Winterfrost x Reader
Word Count: 1,295
Warings: Implied smut, mentions of injured reader, (i think that's all but let me know if i missed something)
Exhausted was the only word you could use to describe how you felt both physically and mentally. Your job had been handed a major project, and your boss had assigned you to be a part of the team for this project. You were excited and thrilled when you heard the news, but that quickly died down when you realized how much time this project took from your personal life.  
Your work hours for the project had started off  as your regular 9-5 job for the first two weeks, However by the third and fourth week you kept staying an hour later until you eventually found yourself leaving at 11 or 12 at night. This made your personal life with your boyfriends hard, you had to cancel a night outting or you'd apologize because you won't be able to make dinner on time.  
 Obviously Loki and Bucky both knew how important this project was for you and the company you worked for. They were very understanding, however they had to agree that the hours you were starting to work wasn't normal. You assured them that you were fine and doing okay, they also made an effort to wait up for you and made sure you were taking care of yourself and eating even if it was at 12 in the morning.  Until things took a turn. 
Two weeks before your project's deadline a few employees had quit which made it all the more hard to finish the work on the project. Not to mention your boss had suddenly taken time off to go on a vacation leaving you and a few other co-workers you had left to complete this project.  
With this you had pushed a breaking point, once you got home from the work night before you'd  get only a few hours of sleep before you were up again getting ready for the next day. You had to skip breakfast and lunch, instead choosing to eat some small snacks at work. Loki and Bucky would bring you food to work because they knew you would hardly eat anything when you were home. 
What made them worry even more was the last week before your project was due. You didn’t sleep much, only taking small naps. When they tried to get you to eat and sleep properly you would snap at them telling them you were fine and that you just needed to get this project done. Although they were upset they did give you your space to complete your project.  
You felt awful for yelling but you were just trying to get this project down so you could relax and spend some quality time with your boys. The last two days you had been pushing yourself to get the project done. Once you finally finished  everything you felt like a weight had been lifted off of you.  
So the morning of the due date you were in a rush to get to work and turn the project in, you said a very quick good morning and goodbye to the boys and off to work you went. Your work was crazy that day, people running around trying to get things done. By the end of the day you felt extremely exhausted, your co workers wanted you to go out with them to celebrate but just wanted to rest considering it was already 10pm. 
After leaving work you drove straight home with all the energy you had left, upon arriving at your home you heard the faint sound of music playing. Before you could open the front door Bukcy beat you to it, he stood there looking handsome as ever in just his red henley and sweatpants. 
 “ Welcome home doll” he moved to the side to let you enter. Once you entered the apartment the smell of your favorite pasta hit your nose and your mouth began to water.  
Loki came out of the kitchen wearing only his silk emerald robe while holding a plate of pasta and a glass of wine. “ Oh good your home darling” he smiled as he  made his way over to the sofa.  “Please Come sit” he gestured you and bucky over. “ What's going on?” you question as bucky is helping you take your coat and shoes off.  
“ Well we thought we’d make dinner since you probably haven’t eaten” Loki moved to sit on the sofa as you and Bucky did the same. “ Really?” you meant for your voice to sound cheerful but it ends up coming out as a  brittle one. They both take notice of this and buck is the fist one to speak. “ What's wrong?” He gently caresses your face with his hand. 
“ Nothing it’s just i haven’t been the nicest to the two of you and yet here you are still taking care of me and making sure i’m okay” the dam broke and you began to cry. Their gesture mixed with the exhaustion you were feeling came tumbling down.   
“ Aww darling” Loki pulled you into his arms and let you cry. “ I don’t deserve you two i truly don’t” you moved to pull bucky into the hug as well.  “ Stop that you do deserve us  just as much as we deserve you. We know how important your project was, now that it's over, relax and let us take care of you”  they both kissed the top of your head. 
After a while you calmed down and you were able to relax, you ate the pasta they made and you swear it was the best pasta you had. They laughed at your exaggeration knowing that you were saying that as you were tired. You had the glass of wine  loki brought as well which led to another and soon you felt even more relaxed and bolder.
You move to sit on Loki's lap and you begin to playfully kiss him. They both caught on to what you were doing.  One thing led to another; you ended up pinned between Loki and Bucky that night. 
After last night you’ve never felt more relaxed, You were very grateful for your  two men. The following morning you woke up cuddling between your two loves. You took a moment to admire both of their features, feeling all giddy inside like a schoolgirl.
Slowly and carefully you detangle yourself from their embrace and head to the kitchen. You thought you'd make breakfast for them, you should've just stayed in bed cuddling with them. 
As soon as you tried to reach the top shelf you slipped and hit your shin hard on the floor to break your fall. You knocked everything you had on the counter over. Loki and Bucky were quick to wake up and rush to your aid in protector mode. Bucky with his gun and Loki with his daggers.  “ Y/n? Are you okay!?” bucky dropped his gun and crouched down next to you as Loki cleaned up the mess with his seidr. 
 “ My leg, I think I just bruised it.” you point out as he tries to look at it carefully. “ It looks like you just bruised your shin, you'll be fine” he gave you a small smile as you huffed out in annoyance.
 “ Darling, were you trying to make breakfast?” Loki finally asked. “ yeah” you admit shyly as he helps you up. “ After we told her last night we’d take care of her she does this, i think our pet needs to learn another lesson” he smirked and bucky all but smiled as he picked you up making you squeal “ Bucky!” you playfully hit his chest. “ Your right she does need another lesson” 
Safe to say that day and the following weeknd was spent in bed as Loki and Bucky spent time and time again making you de- stress. 
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ladylovesloki · a day ago
Something Real: Part Twelve
Pairings: Loki X Reader
Warnings: Language
Summary: Loki and Reader learn some things about Maza…
A/N: Sorry it took me a while to post…I was on vacation and then I found out I have COVID…yay me! Forgive me if there are any mistakes…COVID brain 😷
Tumblr media
“Alright boys have a good day at school.”, you kneel down and give the twins a hug. “I love you both, if you need anything have the school call me ok?”.
They both nod, Loki kneels down as well and gives them his own hugs, “we love you both, have a great day.”.
“Love you too.”, they say in unison and then they turn and walk to the school hand in hand.
“I hope Narfi will be ok today.”, you express your worry out loud.
Loki places his hand on your shoulder, “he will be fine, they both will be.”
Loki then opens a portal to the hospital so you can get to work, “what are your plans for today?”, you ask.
“I will be going to speak with Thor shortly.”, he responds quietly. You assume to try and get some more information on Maza.
You nod, “ok…well tell him I said hello. Have a good day…”, you feel awkward now. You want to give him a hug and kiss like you have been but this lingering problem with Maza, you thought better of it.
Loki notices your conflicted emotions and decides to make it easier on you, “I will see you later to collect the children, have a good day at work y/n.”. He opens another portal straight to Thor’s house and it closes behind him. You put your head down and go inside the hospital to start your work day. The first person you see is Kelly of course, “hey y/n! You never texted me yesterday, was everything ok?”
You shake your head, “not really…”, your eyes immediately start filling with tears. “Can we talk?”, you ask her, thankful that you can tell her everything that’s bothering you. She was one of the few people you can trust and you knew that anything you told her about Loki would stay between you both.
“Of course! Amira?”, she gets the other nurses attention, “y/n and I are going to talk in the office for a little bit, do you mind holding down the front?”
“Sure, go ahead”, she says with a smile.
You and Kelly walk into the office and you both sit down, you take a deep breath to calm your emotions. You knew that if you got too lost in them that Narfi might be able to feel your distressed emotions again. You take a deep breath and start telling Kelly what happened, “do you remember that woman from yesterday?”, Kelly nods. “She told me that she and Loki had an affair on Asgard before Ragnarok….”
Kelly’s eyes open wide with shock, “what?! Why the fuck would she come to your job to tell you that?!”
“She said that she felt like I deserved to know and that she had talked to Loki the day before, she assumed that he wouldn’t tell me…which he didn’t and now I know why he was so distant…I confronted him about it when he got home.”
“And what did he say?”.
“He said that he doesn’t really believe her, that he doesn’t believe he would betray me that way…all it did was convince me that he will eventually want to leave me…that I’m not enough and if the kids weren’t here…”, you don’t finish your sentence. You don’t need to.
Kelly looks at you sadly, “y/n no…he loves you..like I told you before, everyone can see the way he looks at you. I don’t understand one thing though…”
You look at her confused.. “what?”
“Why can’t he tell if she’s lying or not? I thought he was the God of them. Wouldn’t he be able to tell?”
You shook your head, “I don’t know, I never really questioned him too much about that. I only really focused on the fact that his variant had cheated on me..”
“I feel like you guys need to address that first..that sounds a little suspicious to me…who is this Maza girl anyway? It’s convenient that she’s the only one who remembers this affair..”
Just as you start to really let Kelly’s words sink in there was a light knock on the door.
Knock Knock Knock
You dry the tears on your face, “come in..”
The door opens and one of the younger healers comes in.
“Hello ladies..a word?”, she asks sweetly.
You look at Kelly and you both nod, “how can we help you Birget?”
“Lady Y/n, as you know I was not a palace healer but one of the palace maids.”, this was the case for a lot of the younger healers, most of them deciding to change professions in New Asgard. “I noticed someone I knew from my time as a maid in Asgard here yesterday…Maza?”, you look at her in surprise and a little suspicion. 
“Yes..what about her?”, Kelly asks for you.
Birget looks to you, “well, my lady if I may, I noticed your swift departure yesterday after her visit and I feel she might have said something that upset you..you see my lady, I worked alongside Maza and I feel there is something you should know. I suspect I am correct and she did indeed say something damaging to you about the prince?” 
You nod.
 Birget nods and continues, “Maza had a deep…obsession with Prince Loki…”
“Obsession?”, you ask.
“She had this idea in her head that if she became close enough with the prince that he would see that they were a good match. She studied things he was interested in, spent her time in the library reading the books he would return after he read them himself. She tried to work her way up to being a personal maid of one of the members of the royal family…but then Prince Loki perished…or we thought he did…and then he was returned and sentenced to the dungeons she attempted to be the personal maid to him there…”. Birget giggled slightly, “silly girl knew that it was the Allmother’s own royal maids that delivered to Prince Loki”, her face grows somber, “…and then…the dark elves came…Prince Loki perished…again…a few years pass…and then the day that Thor returned, revealing Loki’s disguise…Maza was so happy to see him again…”, you interrupt her.
“Wait…Maza didn’t know about Loki’s illusion as Odin?”, you ask.
She shakes her head, “no of course not, no one knew…and when it was revealed that he was infatuated with you a midgardian? That you had been courting him that entire time? She was irate…and after her visit yesterday I can only assume she had said something hurtful to you…I just wanted you to know of her past before she causes irreparable damage to your future..I’ll leave you now…”, Birget goes to leave.
“Wait..”, you stop her, “does Maza have magic?”.
Birget thinks for a moment, “no my lady, but as I said she spent a lot of time reading things Prince Loki had studied, I would not be surprised if she…picked up a few things…”.
“How do you know all of this? You know a lot for someone who just worked with her..”, Kelly asks with some suspicion.
“We were roommates, Maza and I. I always thought she was harmless with her infatuation…but now…”, she looks over to you, “I fear she may do something desperate and as I said the way you left yesterday..I would never forgive myself if she did something to hurt you or your family.”
Birget leaves the room and you look over at Kelly, “huh…I don’t know what to make of that…”, you admit.
Kelly looks at you pensively, “I think you need to talk to Loki about all of this…the possibility of Maza lying about all of this is more likely now…”
The portal closes behind Loki and he closes his eyes, he hated this feeling of you pulling away from him. He needed to fix this, quickly.
Knock Knock Knock
The door opened and Thor looked at his crestfallen  brother, “oh Loki..come in…I assume y/n did not take it well..”.
Loki walks in the house with his head down, “I don’t know where to even begin Thor…she knew before I could tell her..”
Thor’s eyes open wide in surprise, “what? How?”
Loki plops down on the couch, “Maza…she went to the hospital and told her everything…y/n was waiting for me at home when I left yours…she told me she wanted me to leave so she can think about everything and what she wants to do next..she believes that I will become bored of her and leave her and the children..”.
“Oh Loki..”, Thor looks to the ground and shakes his head as he walks over to the couch to have a seat with his brother.
“Not long after I left the house, she called me and said there was an emergency with Narfi at the school.”, Loki continued but Thor interrupted him. “An emergency?! What has happened?!”.
“Relax oaf and I will tell you…his power as an empath is getting stronger and he doesn’t have the ability to control it completely just yet…he felt y/n’s and my emotions and he became overwhelmed…we brought him home and when we started telling the boys that I would be staying with you for the next few days Narfi’s emotions caused him to have his first magical burst.”
“Norns…is he alright?”, Thor asks in concern.
“Yes..he destroyed a good portion of the home which I was able to fix immediately. Vali was actually the one to help him draw his power back…it was wonderful to watch, their bond is getting stronger the more I work with them.”, Loki couldn’t help the goofy proud smile on his face, his children made him so happy, which then quickly changed to a sad smile. “I can’t lose them Thor…”.
Thor places his hand on Loki’s back, “we will get to the bottom of this Loki and if this Maza woman is telling you the truth then…you will have to do everything in your power to prove to y/n that you won’t make the same mistake as the Loki from this time..I’m so sorry brother..”.
Loki nods, “you’re right..I need your help Thor…I need to find out more about Maza, I still don’t believe her story completely.”.
“I don’t understand why you would not be able to tell she was lying..do you believe she has cast some kind of spell?”.
“It’s possible but doubtful…it would have to be incredibly powerful magic in order to get a lie passed me…she could be working with someone who is…”
“Let us go speak with Val, I believe we keep a log of the current population of New Asgard with their past occupations. Maybe we will learn something there.”
Loki nods, “let us go, the quicker I find answers the quicker I get my family back..”
The brother’s walk out of the house and another portal takes them directly to Val’s office. They knock and hear her voice to enter not long after.
“Uh oh, what brings both Odinson’s to my office? Should I be concerned?”
“Val, we need to see the log of current Asgardians living in New Asgard.”, Thor asks.
“What for?”, she asks suspiciously.
“There is someone making claims against me and I need to find out if what she is saying has any merit.”, Loki explains.
“What kind of claims?”, Val questions.
“What does it matter?”, Loki asks annoyed.
“It matters a great deal…did you bring harm to this person? Are you planning on bringing harm to this person with the information you learn? I have a duty to protect the people of New Asgard Loki…even from it’s Princes.”
Thor interjects, “Val please, my brother has no intention of hurting this woman…she is claiming something that could tear my brother’s family apart…if not for Loki…do it for y/n…for Narfi and Vali?…”
She stares them both down and then rolls her eyes, “don’t make me regret this…please..”
They both nod, “thank you Val.”, Loki thanks her in his relief.
She stands and walks to the bookshelf behind her and pulls out the book that holds the information they require, she opens it “name?”
“Maza…that’s all..”, Loki tells her.
“Daughter of?….”
Loki shrugs his shoulders.
“Wow you both came prepared I see..what does she do here currently?”, she asks.
“She works in the newly built restaurant in town, I don’t know what she did previously..”
Val nods her head and uses her finger to skim through the names on the page.
“Maza….Maza…Maza…ahh..here…Maza Issidottir…she was a palace maid..”
“A maid? Oh brother this doesn’t bode well for you…I know of your escapades with the palace maids..”, Thor says in concern.
“Hush brother…I still don’t believe the story she’s telling..”
“What story exactly?”, Val asks curiously. 
Loki just stares at the page so Thor answers, “this woman is claiming my brother had an affair with her just before Ragnarok…”
“Betraying y/n?”, Val says nastily.
“I would never betray y/n. I love her.”, Loki defends.
“Clearly.”, Val sneers in response.
“Don’t speak as if you know, you weren’t there! Neither was I for that matter! My variant is responsible for all of this and I’m here paying the price!”, Loki storms out.
Thor looks at Val, “this has disrupted their lives, the children are upset. Y/n is devastated. Loki feels in is heart that she is lying and I believe him. I will do everything I can do to find the answers he is searching for, I finally see my brother happy and at peace..I don’t want this to destroy that for him.”. Thor didn’t say anything else, he just walked out the door in search of his brother. He finds him sitting on the steps of the town hall, staring down at his hands, Thor sits down next to him and places his hand on Loki’s back. “All will be well brother, you will see.”
Loki snaps his head at his brother and Thor is taken aback by his red tear filled eyes, “how Thor? How will this all be well..she will never get passed this…”
“Loki…y/n loves you…as I said before, if it is true, you will need to prove to y/n that you will not make that same mistake…”
Loki closes his eyes and nods his head, the motions forcing his tears to fall.
“Prince Loki?”
Thor looked up and didn’t recognize the woman but Loki’s body immediately seized.
“Maza. What do you want?..”, Loki asks nastily.
“Are you alright?”, she asks shyly.
“Am I alright?…no Maza, I am not alright…you went to y/n’s job and told her your lies…how do you think I am doing exactly?!”, Loki stands from the step.
Thor stands with him and places a hand on his chest, “brother, calm.”, he turns his attention towards Maza. “Maza…I suggest you leave, you have caused much distress to my brother and his family.”
“My prince, I only wished to…”, she starts to defend.
“To what?! Destroy my life? My family? I came here looking for peace! Y/n, Narfi and Vali are my peace…and you are trying to take them away from me…do as my brother suggests and leave before I do something else to regret.”
Maza gives Loki one last sad look, “my apologies My Prince.”. She curtsy’s and turns away from Loki and Thor. They don’t notice an irate look take up the features of her face as she walks away.
Thor gets in Loki’s line of sight and grabs him by the face, “I know you have those dark thoughts running through your head.”.
“Narfi said it while he was in his trance, how it could be so easy to resolve our situation with Maza…no one would come looking for her…”, Loki says out loud while seemingly staring through Thor like he was in his own trance.
Thor increases the strength in his hold and shakes Loki’s head, “and what of y/n? What would she think of you if you just outright killed her? And your sons? What would you be teaching them?”.
“They would never know!”, Loki tries to convince Thor. And possibly himself.
“But you would”, Thor shakes him again…a little harder, “you would brother and it would destroy your soul…you would feel the weight of this secret every time you looked into your children’s eyes…every I love you you express to y/n will always stink with the stench of your lie…we will find another way…we will prove her dishonesty brother..”
Loki’s cellphone rings. He looks at the screen and see’s y/n’s face on it. He immediately rips himself away from Thor’s grasp and answers, scared another incident happened at the school. It was still early afternoon so you shouldn’t be getting out of work yet. 
“Y/n?”, he closes his eyes to calm his beating heart.
“Loki, I just learned something about Maza. Can you come to the hospital?”.
“Yes, Thor and I will be there in a moment.”, he hangs up and opens a portal to the hospital. Thor steps through with him no questions asked, they immediately run inside and they see Kelly up front. “Kelly! Where is y/n?”, Loki asks y/n’s friend.
“Office.”, she was with a patient in the front so she just points to the door that y/n was waiting behind.
Loki nods his thanks and him and Thor go to the room Kelly pointed to. Loki thrusts the door open but it’s…empty. Where were you? Loki walks out to Kelly and politely interrupts the interaction between Kelly and her patient, “excuse me, forgive me, nurse y/n was in which office?”. Trying to sound like it was a work related situation for Kelly’s sake. 
She looks over to where Thor was waiting and she nods her head, “that’s the office I left her in..she’s not there?”.
Loki shakes his head, “no..is it possible she left to go to a different office?”
Kelly shakes her head, “no..she said she would be in there just in case we got swamped up here…did you try calling her phone?”
“Right.”, he turns and immediately dialed your number and he hears your ringtone but it sounds far away. He looks towards the office where Thor was waiting and sees Thor walk out of it with y/n’s phone in his hand. Loki runs over to Thor and stares at the phone in his hand, it was a picture of the two of them. Loki starts to feel panic. 
“Where is she?”
To be continued…
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terrissoakedworld · 21 hours ago
Timeless delight
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Genre: smut, mild smut, a little bit of fluff, Loki being a servant instead of a hot dom, swearing
Words: 2,8k
Summary: Thor dared his brother to travel to Midgard to obtain a sacred goblet. However, he finds himself in the middle of a royal ball, and a certain woman catches his eye. And he stays a little longer there, just for her.
Tumblr media
‘Put down the book and begin to dress yourself at once, sister!’
You heard your older sister through thin paper walls which desperately needed to be repaired. 
‘I got us invitations to the royal ball, for God’s sake, show me a little bit of gratitude, would you?’ She mumbled as your only maid was tying her corset. You sighed and put Paradise Lost aside.
House of Raven was among the ones losing their noble status - not only were its incomes low, but also there were no male descendants for tens of years which obviously weakened the general presentation. It was therefore a privilege and an opportunity for you to gain allies and connections whilst attending the royal ball to save the house for a few years. 
Your sister was engaged to the queen's second cousin, obtaining the invitations for the family. For which you were grateful, of course, but rather than mingling with noblemen and noblewomen counting the days until your fall you would hire an accountant to solve the troubles (it was no surprise that with a house full of women and ball seasons came a lot of fabric for new dresses hand in hand). However, opposing your sister’s judgement, which was also affected by her fiancé, was highly disrespectful.
You moved to the dressing table, grabbed a comb and started combing your long hair, strand after strand. 
‘Are you not happy, Y/N? We have been waiting for this for half a year.’
‘I know, I am…I only wish we could not have to demean ourselves,’ you gave the comb to the maid who had successfully tied your sister into her undergarments. 
‘I wish so too, but it is inevitable. And we must be thankful for my dear George, we would not have been where we are now without him,’ she twirled around while holding the dress on her chest. You had to roll your eyes.
Yes, the saviour George to whom she had to serve otherwise he would banish her.
In these days, you wished your father to be present. His wiseness would have told you what to do. Perhaps it is the Raven’s mentality to bring the worst upon yourselves. Afterall, your father was not born under this roof.
Torches along the road could have been seen from the carriage. The royal mansion was absolutely breath-taking; at least thirty chambers, a dining room for three hundred guests, and the mansion’s walls were surrounded by gardens with numerous gazebos, ponds and countless flowers given to the royals by other monarchs. Exotic travellers called it the Snow Mansion for its white and uninviting façade, however, they quickly changed their minds after tasting the notorious gastronomy. 
The coachman helped you and your sister out of the carriage. You linked arms with her and began to step closer to the entrance. Not minding the amused faces, you tried to smooth down any wrinkles on your violet dress. Anxiety started creeping in and the only thing you could do to hide it was always making sure you looked neat.
‘Miss Rachel and Y/N from the House of Raven,’ the royal servant announced your presence. Not one was attentive because of the performers in the main hall, for which you were most thankful. Even though you were among the first arriving, the mansion was lively. You were amazed by the flowery decorations placed on columns surrounding the hallways, there were long silk shawls pinned to the ceiling to create an illusion of sea waves.
Royal family was hosting a ball for its coastal allies, Sir Thomas and Lady Aaliyah, main suppliers of fish and shipment management. 
‘There you are, my love. I have been waiting for you,’ you heard a voice too familiar. It was George, greeting your sister as unnoticeably as possible. Although they were engaged, he intended to keep his status private. The reason was unknown, however, everything pointed to the fact his aunt did not approve of it, and he also needed to be seen as a bachelor. 
‘I am delighted to see you as well, Lady Y/N,’ he uttered and nodded in your direction. Your annoyance raised, but you did not acknowledge it properly. There were more exhausting things coming to put your energy into. 
Leading the way, he brought you into the foyer. Possibly to hide you from everyone’s eyes. 
‘Houses are expecting general knowledge, most of them have recently travelled to exotic countries and learned about new trends in fashion. I suppose you know about them, do you not?’
He looked your attire up and down, his upper lip curling in contempt.
‘Are our attires not enough for their holy sight, brother-in-law?’
‘Yes, yes they are. Of course. I am aware of your current situation, Lady Y/N,’ he said with silent mockery, ‘...although I would advise you not to open your mouth, not even place an innocent comment, otherwise you will be the reason for your fall, dear sister-in-law.’ 
You swallowed plainly and bit your cheek. Not expecting any protest from your sister’s behalf, you strode out of the foyer blindly, not knowing where to go. 
He was driving you mad, belittling you, insulting you from the moment your sister brought him home. You could not bear such things. Your sister might have been used to it, but you just could not accept it. And was not willing to.
You locked yourself in a dark cramped room. Sliding down the lacquered door, you were collecting the remaining strength you had left. You were easy tempered, every little thing irritated you. Your whole life you have been compared to others, mocked, demeaned. You were tired of it.
After a few minutes, you composed yourself, and realised where you had cleared yourself away. It was a sort of servant’s room, full of chairs, tables and all kinds of dinnerware. Breathing slowly, you left the room back into the den.
You entered the main hall without your sister. It was apparent she was somewhere else with George, and you did not want to be right. You needed to clear your head before crawling up to noblemen’s arses, so you headed to the dance floor. Thankfully, you blended perfectly with the hired dancers - their attire was somewhat similar to yours. 
A cheerful music were playing the royal bards, who gave you a perfect opportunity to join the dancers. The dance was easy to mimic, and after a few rounds you started to enjoy every move and twirl. 
Your father used to teach you dance. It was your favourite time of the week, he was a great tutor. Patient, kind-hearted one. You were even attending private lessons where he would come to visit you, until the house funds were drained. 
For a brief moment, your vision froze as you were remembering those days of happiness. However, somebody got into your view. And he left you bedazzled.
He had black hair, fallen on his shoulders. What captured your attention were the eyes. Emerald eyes, slightly narrowed, utterly hypnotising. He must have been standing there for a while, he appeared to be quite comfortable in what he had been doing. 
He cannot be watching me, you thought.
You proceeded to twirl in order to see whether his attention remained on you. You glanced in his direction only to see him there, in the same position, gazing into your eyes. Goosebumps covered your skin.
His face was intimidatingly handsome; sharp jawline, slicked-back black hair, and those eyes. You could say for sure no one in this mansion could ever compare to him, his look was other-worldly. Your gaze dropped to his lips, curled in a smirk. You had to bite your lip to control the train of thoughts not suitable for a lady.
And he noticed.
The music abruptly stopped and everyone applauded. With a quickened breath, you followed the dancers disappearing in the hallway. You found yourself in an unknown part of the mansion. In the meantime, when you were trying to recognize any of the paintings, the dancers ran away and you stood there alone. Quiet. Calm.
You walked down the hallway, full of thoughts and images of the stranger’s appearance. His attire did not look familiar; nor a knight, nor a servant. However, the biggest conundrum you faced was the object of his attention.
Why, of all the beautiful women, he chose to watch me?
After a while, you finally recognized the door which you opened earlier. You quickly dove in the room and closed the door. It was something about the dark room which calmed your mind.
It began to be lonely to attend these balls. Your sister was accompanying her beloved fiancé, and you were left alone. Your friends did not belong to the noble, thus were not allowed there. Being thrown into the wolf den where the wolves were waiting for any hiccup and stumble…was simply traumatising for one. 
You turned around and blood in your veins froze.
The stranger stood across the room, not making a single noise. He was hypnotising you, those eyes, those emerald green eyes. Something about him captivated you, maybe the tall, intimidating figure, or the smirk. 
Your knees started to tremble, you swallowed plainly and entirely forgot to breathe. This unusual force, never felt before, pulled you closer to this man. And you wanted more. Much more.
The tension rose as he began to stride closer to you and then, in one motion, place a hot kiss to your lips. It was not surprising you were stunned. You gently pushed him away.
‘Who do you think you are?’ you asked. The closeness enabled you to feel his warmth. You wanted desperately to be touched by him and him only. His charm drawed you in so badly.
‘The best thing you will ever experience, darling,’ he said. His deep voice echoed in your mind several times until you grabbed him by his neck and proceeded to continue what he had begun. He did not hesitate, and pushed you against the wall, shattering all the dinnerware. As his hands were caressing your hips and sliding lower, your hands were exploring his torso hidden under the thin fabric of the shirt. 
It felt unholy, undeserving, forbidden. However, you could not make him stop, nor wanted to.
He planted kisses along your jawline, under your ear, down your neck while lifting your left leg. You had to press on him in order to keep standing. A few pants escaped your mouth after which he smiled. You put your hand on his head, your fingers entangling in his locks, tugging at them. He breathed heavily and lifted you in the air. You could feel his arousal through leather pants. 
When he carried you to an empty table, you locked eyes. There was something tender but devilish, creating a balance you never thought you seek. His eyebrows were relaxed, his lips puffy from your doing.
He laid you down on the table, carefully, and found himself between your legs. Leaning over you, you had the chance to take off his leather jacket and shirt, and thoroughly inspect what you are dealing with. You traced your fingers along his jawline, down his chest, there exploring several scars, whilst he was watching your focused face. Few strands of his hair fell into his face.
He positioned himself to be more comfortable and leaned down to kiss you. He bit your lower lip, searching for your boundaries. You moaned in the kiss, and that was a sign to continue. He proceeded to kiss you further down, along your cleavage. You raised to be sitting, allowing him to take off the straps of your attire. He kept kissing your shoulder when you slid your hand in his lap, eagerly shoving it into his pants, making him exhale deeply.
His lips travelled down your chest, pecking and nipping on your breast, making your toes twist in pleasure. You let out a few inaudible moans, realising that you were not able to catch the stranger’s name. He made his way to the other breast, providing it the same care. You let out another set of moans.
‘Loki,’ he mumbled.
‘The name you search for…Loki,’ he looked up from your breasts, smirking. You nodded and put your hands in his hair, tugging it down in order for him to continue lower. You felt a soft breeze on your chest, his amused answer to your command.
He listened and his lips travelled down your chest, to your stomach. His hands grabbed your legs, lifted them on his shoulders and moved to the area of your inner thighs. He started to caress the tender skin until his breath tickled at your entrance.
‘Loki…’ you sighed whilst trembling from the adrenaline. He smirked and planted another set of kisses at your entrance.
‘...Loki…’ you sounded more desperate. 
‘...Yes?’ he taunted you. You rolled your eyes when he touched you with his tongue.
‘What do you want me to do…tell me, darling,” he said as his tongue slid up and down between the lips. You clutched the corners of the table in sensation. 
‘...this…Loki…dear God…’ you hissed through clenched teeth. Tips of your fingers were tingling. 
‘...funny you say that,’ he chuckled, but immediately got into it. His tongue did wonders, to your mind, soul and body. You were clutching the corners of the table, not minding the blunt pain. He increased the speed, and the few strands of his hair were ticking your inner thighs. You were about to reach your high.
‘I’m…I’m…Loki,’ your muscles flexed, and then slowly relaxed. You were breathless, your mind blank, lying on the table. He put the last kiss on your opening, and moved to your puffy lips, allowing you to taste yourself. 
Although your mind was trying to comprehend the current state of your feelings, it did not mean you wanted to stop. You were hungry. Hungry for him.
Grabbing his neck, you lead him to your lips, entering with your tongue and persuading him to do the same. He helped you to sit, pulling you in his embrace. However, that was not what you had in mind. 
Your hands travelled down his chest to his loin, continuing under his pants. Whilst you squeezed his cheeks, he panted in the kiss. You smiled and bit him in the lower lip. Your right hand moved from his cheek to the front part, sliding lower. He exhaled heavily. You slid your fingers down his full length, following the bulging veins on his shaft.
‘Darling…’ he whispered and kissed you. You slid down again and circled your finger on his tip.
‘...Y/N, Loki,’ you whispered back while leaning your forehead on his, and looked at him. He had his eyes closed, possibly confronting his inner strength. You embraced his thickness with your fingers and started to increase speed. His moaning became louder and louder.
‘Say my name, Loki,’ you beckoned him. He opened his eyes, breathing heavily, casting a long, focused gaze upon you. 
‘Say. My. Name.’ You repeated whilst sliding up and down quicker. You sensed he was pleased. He put his palm on your cheek, he had to hold on with the other hand.
‘...Y/N…Y/N…’ he pleaded. You smiled, kissed him and put forth everything you had to help him finish. After a few pumps, he dropped his head to the crook of your neck, biting you. You felt him flexing, and releasing tense muscles.
You cradled him in your arms, letting him breathe out the adrenaline. In a sudden movement, you found yourself lifted in his arms, being carried and pushed against the wall. He was kissing you fiercely.
‘Fuck this,’ he snarled ferally, having your attire in the way. You started to tuck it up and then threw it on the floor. Hard, cold wall against which you were pressed made you gasp.
He positioned himself for you, gazed into your eyes in anticipation. You granted him by nodding to him. When his full length entered you, you had to dig your nails into his back. And he kept coming and coming.
‘God, Loki…’ you gasped and pressed your head against the wall. He smiled and kissed your chest.
‘Indeed, darling, fucking indeed.’
He started to lift you up and down, securing you in his arms. You were utterly pleased, satisfied. He fit into you perfectly, and heavenly. The quicker he moved, the more moans echoed through the room. You were taking rounds in calling each other's names. When you were about to come, he made you look into his eyes, which you would have done deliberately nonetheless.
‘Loki!’ You screamed with his final thrust, each of you coming simultaneously. He worked his high off with a few thrusts, and then carried you to the table. Tingling in fingers came back, also the blank mind, but the tremble was much more intense. You spent several minutes breathing out the ecstasy. 
‘I told you, darling, I fucking told you.’
Author's note:
Hello to anyone reading this,
I'm really sorry for being inactive for...months. A lot has happened (primarily university and overall fatigueness), but I'm back. Hopefully the inspiraton won't fade away like last time, so fingers crossed!
Thank you for your support (like, comments, rebloggs). It makes me smile and feel worthy that someone has very similar thoughts.
Look after yourselves,
Your Terri
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savash4 · 15 days ago
Loki:so you want me to be your whore?
Y/n:no I just asked you to hand me that pen...
Loki:oh It's fine just sign here so It's legal*hands marriage cerificate to him*
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mlktea13 · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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vbecker10 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Lol should I tag people or just leave it like this...?
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