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vhagar-apologist · 16 hours ago
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Humanity is a vampire's greatest weakness. No matter how easy it is to turn it off, it keeps trying to fight its way back in. Sometimes I let it.
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losingthegame · 20 hours ago
is it just me or are fandoms not what they used to be? bc now people are saying “how can you like this character?” “character a literally tried to kill character b, how can you ship them?” “they literally tried to kill all of the main characters friends, they’re not a good guy”
murderous psychopaths use to be the fan favorite what happened
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specialagentlokitty · 2 days ago
Damon x reader - wasn’t expecting it
Tumblr media
Can you do a Damon X Reader where the reader has denied her feelings towards Damon for a long time even when he flirts with her and one day she feels like she owes it to herself and immediately goes to the Salvatore Boarding House and runs to Damon's arms kissing hime - Anon💜
You’d been trying to ignore Damon’s flirting all day, as he wrapped his arm around you, whispered sweet nothings to you, gave you sweet looks and tried everything to get you to agree to a date.
But you knew Damon.
You knew what he was like, and you didn’t want to be just another woman he could add to his list of woman.
As you got home, you were hoping the thoughts would fade, and they did for a while.
Until they suddenly came flooding back and all you could think about how his arm felt around you, how it felt to be stood so close to him, how your heart skipped a beat when he whispered sweet words into your ear.
You couldn’t stand it anymore, you grabbed your car keys and rushed your way to the boarding house.
Running up to the door you flung it open just in time to see Stefan coming down the stairs.
“Where’s your brother?!”
“What’s he done?” Stefan sighed.
“Just tell me where he is!”
Stefan rose a brow in confusion but gave a small shrug as he gestured to the kitchen.
Nodding, you jogged your way over to the back door and stood at it for a moment, trying to catch your breath to calm yourself down.
You could see Damon stood there, hands in his pockets as he gazed up at the stars.
“You know how to make an entrance.” He mused.
Damon turned around, a small smirk on his lips as he looked at you.
You just couldn’t hold it back.
Walking over you stood right in front of him, reaching up, you grabbed his cheeks and pulled him down, hesitantly connecting his lips with yours.
You weren’t to sure about it at first, but when you felt Damon place his hands on your waist and that’s what confirmed it.
You pulled him in further, pouring as much passion into the kiss as you possibly could.
You pulled away and Damon leant forward, capturing you in another small kiss before he finally let you breathe.
“What was that for…?” He smirked softly.
“I don’t know…”
You started to walk away but Damon quickly caught you, spinning you back around into his arms.
“Not a chance.” He grinned.
You shook your head and pulled away from him once more.
“Damon I’m not going to be just another conquest to you.”
Damon’s grin fell and he looked at you with a serious look on his face.
He reached out, taking your hands in his and he gently pressed a kiss to the back of your of knuckles.
“You’re not. I get I may… give of that impression, but give me a chance to prove it, I want you. Just you. I need you.” He whispered.
Damon gave you a warm smile, and you couldn’t help but smiled right back at him.
“Can I stay here?”
Damon hummed, pulling his jacket off as he wrapped it around you before pulling you into his side, arm wrapped tightly around your shoulder holding you close to him.
“Stay whenever you want.” He said quietly.
Damon looked down at you and he smiled to himself, he didn’t think flirting with you was going work, but he also wasn’t expecting you to feel anything back for him.
He adored you, everything about you, and everything he continued to learn about you he was in love with, even though he was never going to admit it to anyone
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jennifersminds · a day ago
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1k followers celebration 💋 → fav ship from (tvd) ELENA AND ELIJAH
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romeestrvjds · 2 days ago
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claire holt via instagram.
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westidia · 2 days ago
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a need.
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luciiiiiii · 19 hours ago
I love Daemon Targaryen, Aemond Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, Klaus Mikaelson, Damon Salvatore and Kaz Brekker and you think I'm going to stop loving Tyler Galpin for being a little silly??? bffr
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zalrb · 2 days ago
If Elena broke up with Stefan and Damon at the end of season 4, because of everything she went through with vampirism and her humanity. How would she and Stefan find their way back to each other?
I wrote a bit about that in the beginning of my drabble:
Stefan hadn’t told Elena where they were going. He hadn’t said anything during the drive either and Elena hadn’t asked. He’d just come into her room a couple of hours before, where she’d been pacing, thoughts racing, emotions barely suppressed, took her hand and said, “Come with me.”
Even now, even after everything, she trusted him absolutely, and that was why the silence between them wasn’t tense but an intimate understanding, a familiarity borne out of knowing each other as deeply as they did.
Stefan stopped the car after another half hour. They were outside of a cemetery. Elena felt something inside of her start to stir.
“Come on,” he said.
He got out of the car and after a beat, Elena followed, walking through the entrance and down a path until they reached a tombstone that read JOLENE. Elena started to panic. Her worst fear. Her worst shame.
“They found her body a few weeks ago,” said Stefan.
She didn’t know how long they stood there, his arms around her, her pressed against him, but when he pulled away, he held her gaze, waiting patiently for her cries to settle, for her breathing to calm, like he had when she turned her humanity back on. After a while, he spoke.
“I never wanted this for you,” he said. “To feel the guilt, the self-hatred, the despair. But now that you have, you have to make amends.”
“I’ll never be able to make amends for what I did,” she said.
“But you have to try. That’s what it’s all about, Elena, you have to try. And the first step, no matter how inconsequential or stupid or useless it seems, is to apologize. To her.”
Elena chewed on her lip, glancing fearfully at the tombstone before walking towards it. With a trembling hand, she touched the stone and then collapsed in front of it. Stefan moved to walk away but Elena called out.
“Please, don’t go.” She needed him there. “Please?”
He nodded. “OK.”
Stefan pulled into the Salvatore driveway. Elena had been emotionally spent after the cemetery and had ended up resting her head against him for the drive, comforted by the feel of his body, the support of his shoulder, the familiar comfort of the crook of his neck. When he idled the car, she pulled away from him and gave a small smile.
“Thank you,” she said. “For today. You knew exactly what I needed to do. You always…”
He looked at her, his eyes searching hers. “I’m always here for you,” he said. “That hasn’t changed." 
I think something that isn't spoken about as much as it should be when it comes to SE is Elena saying -- and this isn't even when they're together anymore -- that Stefan knows her better than anyone, anyone else that's including Jeremy and Bonnie and Matt and Caroline and obviously Damon
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and I think that connection could bring them back together post season 4. Elena never actually has to deal with the fallout of the things she did when she had no humanity, like 4x23 was all about how she was deflecting from the grief and the pain and the guilt by honing in on rage and when she stops, it’s to mourn Jeremy who comes back and then we kind of just move on so I think if Elena was still plagued by what she did or if there were even aspects of having her emotions switched off that she actually missed because life in some ways was easier and she’s too ashamed to admit this to anyone but Stefan knows because he knows her but also because he can understand those feelings with his ripper history and then they start spending more and more time together and the feelings are starting swirl, I think that would make sense but Elena wouldn’t admit to those feelings until a particular moment, which is ---
Something else I've brought up is when they were together and broke up or when they were in the together-not-together phase, a major thing that would bring them back together a lot of the time was Stefan doing something for either a friend or family member:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Even 1x10, when Stefan saves Caroline
Tumblr media Tumblr media
he insists that the potential of violence is why they can’t be together
Tumblr media
to which she says
Tumblr media
but what she’s seeing is how Stefan always strives to protect.
Season 2 is also a great example of this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
and she clearly goes to him for her own comfort in 2x08
Tumblr media
and in 2x09
Tumblr media
but it isn’t until 2x10
Tumblr media
that they reconcile in 2x11
Tumblr media
Even when he saves Matt in 3x22,
Tumblr media
she’d already made her choice before that, but him saving Matt solidified that choice
Tumblr media
and is what prompted her to say this in 4x01
Tumblr media
so I think I would have him risk his life for one of the group or for a complete stranger and it makes the feelings undeniable for Elena.
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ghalibsmuse · a year ago
girls be like *he is my comfort character* and then bam its the most emotionally traumatised ficitonal man you’ve ever seen
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witche-nerd · a year ago
new comfort genre? insanely long and detailed video analyses of the 2010s shows I watched as a tween:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tiktoksthataregood-ish · a month ago
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dianasbow · 2 months ago
it's my comfort show [it's a show where people die, there's a creepy town, the music is horrifying, the characters are strangely all hot, my favorite one is absolutely deranged and needs help]
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noncanonfan · a year ago
I don’t know shit about gif making but y’all’s funky little moving pictures be bringing me so much serotonin. They’re so pretty and then y’all notice these cool parallels in the shows and make gifs from them. And when y’all think of quotes and song lyrics that perfectly match characters/ships/scenes??? Iconic. And your gifs make me notice little details in the show that I didn’t always catch from watching it in real time or just let me relive some of my favorite scenes in a new and creative way. Anyway y’all are the best. Shoutout to the gif makers.
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youxklausmikaelson · 3 months ago
Klaus: Uh oh.
Kol: What?
Klaus: I see an angry girlfriend heading our way.
Kol: Yours or mine?
Klaus: Does it matter?
Kol: If it’s mine, there’s a chance we’ll live, but if it’s yours, we’re dead.
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msgorillagripcoochie · 3 months ago
i just feel you
Tumblr media
pairing(s): klaus mikaelson x witch!reader
summary: klaus thinks they have turned you against him but you don't see the monster they describe.
request(s): i would love to see more klaus fics from you - anon
warning(s): angst if you squint but mostly fluff and unedited work
Tumblr media
You sat on the bed in the large bedroom you had been sleeping in for the past few months.
In front of you was none other than the original witches grimoire, your eyes scanned the words written on the page with curiosity.
You turned the page without ever really touching the book, too afraid. The way you felt when you touched the book scared you, it was as if the person who owned it before was filled with pure evil.
The rain hit the windows at a rapid pace and it didn't seem to be letting up anytime soon but not that it mattered to you much anyways you had your daily dose of the outdoors about 2 hours earlier when it was sunny.
The weather was bipolar, you often compared it to your roommate's emotions.
You could hardly call him a roommate. Perhaps companion was a better fit...you didn't know, you could hardly describe what was happening between them but something was definitely going on.
The longing stares, soft caresses and forehead kisses were certainly getting a bit too much for you.
You almost felt as if you were reading too much into it, maybe you were, maybe your companion felt nothing for you but you felt something, you knew that much.
It was hard not to.
He was like a dream and it was hard to ignore your heart racing everytime he spoke or every morning when you'd find him sitting on the bench in the garden. He'd always look up and say "Good Morning little love"
It was the only time in your life where hearing someone call you something besides your name didn't make you want to rip their throat out. No, instead it made your cheeks warm up and your stomach fill with butterflies.
He had that way about him.
Speaking of him, where was he?
As if on que you heard the front door open and the door slam. You listened to his rushed footsteps clearly somewhat panicked.
Your eyebrows furrowed but you didn't move from your seat figuring he was just in one of his little moods.
You didn't stop paying attention to the movements he made as you listened to him pace back and forth for a few moments, the floorboards from the living area creaking with every heavy step before it stopped for a few moments and with a the sound of a heavy wind suddenly someone was knocking on your door.
"May I come in?"
You had no time to respond before the door opened. You glanced up "You didn't even give me a chance to-" you didn't get to finish your words because he was quick to cut in.
"Sorry for the intrusion my love but I need to speak with you" He had a pained expression on his face, similar to the one you might have if someone you loved dearly told you they hated you.
"Of course, Klaus. Is there something you need?" You asked with a wave of your hand, the grimoire in front of you closing giving your undivided attention to Klaus.
Now with your kind eyes onto him, he struggled to find the words to say without sounding...jealous or territorial.
He sat solemnly at the edge of the bed "I know they have turned you against me" he whispered, your nose scrunched in confusion as you moved towards him on the bed "Huh?"
"I know that you went into town this morning, I know some of the people spoke to you about me" Silence filled the area as you tried to remember what he was speaking about but the silence ate away at Klaus, he would never say it out loud but the idea that they had turned his beloved witch against him hurt him.
"Your silence told me all I need to know" He simply rose from his seat but you grabbed his arm before he could go too far "Klaus" you let out a soft laugh but he stared down at you angrily "Do you think this is funny?"
"I don't even know what you're talking about"
Klaus huffed pulling his arm from your hand "You're lying to me"
You scoffed climbing off the bed to stand in front of him "Is that how low you think of me? I have never lied to you Klaus, during the whole time I have been around you, I've been nothing but truthful. I have no idea what you're talking about! No one has turned me against you" He crossed his arms over his chest seemingly trying to challenge you.
"You were with a few people this morning yes?"
"Depends when this morning, I was around plenty of people this morning"
"A vampire and a girl, Stefan and Elena" he states watching as your eyes lit up in realization "Ohhh them" you let out a laugh "Seriously? That guy was saying stuff about you but that didn't matter to me Klaus"
Now it was Klaus's turn to be confused "You do not see me as a monster?" his voice was shaky.
"I would never see you as a monster"
You smiled at him, the smile that made his heart beat a little faster, the one that he thought about every time he was about to murder someone, the one that made him want to change but you did not want him to change.
You were okay with who he was whether people thought he was a monster or not.
You knew under all that cruelness, he was just Klaus, a man who wanted to be happy just like you.
You moved towards him, the next move caught him off guard. You reached out cupping Klaus's face forcing him to look at you "And when I hold you like this, I don't feel this monster you speak of"
He gulped his voice coming out in a quiet whisper "What do you feel?"
"I just feel you"
As you stared into his eyes, Klaus knew right then and there, those 4 words had just changed the trajectory of his life.
He slid his hand to the back of your neck letting his thumb caress your cheekbone staring at you for a few moments.
He leaned forward pressing his lips into yours.
It was a magical moment.
Subconsciously he was placing his heart in your hands and surprisingly you didn't crush it, no, instead you moved your lips along with his.
He pulled away with a smile unable to form words to describe how he felt in this moment. He just knew he wanted you forever if you'll have him.
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romeestrvjds · 2 days ago
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candice king via instagram.
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