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Former Bully
Tumblr media
Garret stood idly under the hot shower, allowing the gentle flowing water to cascade over his body. It was definitely nice to finally be able to relax after a long day of not only working at his woodwork shop but also doing some volunteering work at a nearby homeless shelter. He’d been doing it a lot over the last couple years alongside helping out at one of the local elderly homes. Something about it just made him feel like he was really doing something good with his life. But still, getting a nice shower after it all was always a great way for him to wind down.
He had just begun to lather himself up with soap when suddenly it felt as though something were rubbing against his chest. A pair of hands? Yet he looked down and saw nothing. Garret then let out a gasp of shock as he felt a pressure against his back. It was as if something were bear hugging him from behind. And yet looking over his shoulder there was nothing!? He’d already begun panic by this point but it was nothing compared to the horror he felt when something was rammed inside his asshole. A cock!?
Yelping in pain (and a little pleasure), Garret tried his best to free himself from whatever this invisible force was but to no avail. His body had become weak, hardly able to move a muscle. He continued to fight against it but it was no use as the force of what felt like a skinny dude restraining him had begun to fuck his hole slowly. What in the hell was happening!? It felt as though this invisible cock was somehow sinking deeper and deeper inside with every pound until eventually the thrusting stopped. Instead, the invisible spirit’s hips were now sinking inside Garret as well, almost as if this being’s body was somehow entering his body! Once again Garret tried everything he could to break free but this thing just continued to hug him tighter as it slowly but surely submerged itself inside.
Before long this mysterious ghost, spirit or whatever it was had been fully sucked inside the hunky naked man’s form. At first Garret felt release as he was no longer being restrained, gasping for air as he leaned on the shower wall for support. Mere moments later however there was an odd stirring sensation vibrating through his body. That’s when it began.
It all started with the fat cock swinging between his thighs starting to twitch a little involuntarily. This went on for a couple seconds until suddenly it sprung up to full mast! He couldn’t stop a groan from escaping his lips at the feeling of such. He’d never gone from soft to hard that fast before. It was almost instant!
“Hahahaha! Your dick is already obeying me Garret. It won’t be long before the rest of your body does the same!” A somewhat familiar voice echoed inside his head.
“W-who said that!? Who’s there!?” Grant yelled out frantically.
“Take a guess asshole! You basically tortured me throughout high school. You and your dumbass friends beat the shit out of me all the time. You stole my lunch on multiple occasions. Made sure nobody would want to be friends with me. Not to mention the time you stole all my clothes while I was getting changed after gym class!”
With that Garret’s eyes widened at the sudden realisation. “No way… James!?” His mind was immediately thrown back about 10+ years to high school. That’s why the voice sounded so familiar! It was that scrawny nerd of a kid that him and his buddies had bullied mercilessly. The chuckle that echoed through his mind more or less confirmed his suspicion.
“Not for much longer. Soon I’ll be the new Garret Falkner!” As if in cue when James announced this, Garret could no longer control his lower body. His legs were moving completely against his will!
Soon after the bearded hunk of a man began to realise exactly what James meant. “Wait! N-No!” He bellowed. “I-I-I’m sorry! I’m not that guy anymore! I promise I’m not!!!” Despite his pleas Garret soon found his lack of control moving up his body. His glutes tensed for a moment as James took control of his ass before continuing up his back and abdomen, muscles flexing against his will along the way.
“Yeah fuckin right. You were the biggest bully in our school back then. Guys like you never change!” With that Garret’s arms were swiftly taken over only for them to immediately start caressing his hairy pecs and pinching at his nipples. “Which is why when I finally figured out that body possession spell you were the first one that came to mind!” James proclaimed. “Didn’t take long to figure out where you lived and how fuckin hot you’d become after looking through your socials. Well… how hot I’m gonna be anyway!” He laughed
Garret had no idea what he could do or say that would stop this madness. All he could think to do was beg. “Seriously you don’t understand! I know I used to be a huge asshole but I really have changed since then! It’s been over a decade and I’m not even friends with any of those other jerks anymore! Please! You have to believe me! You ha-aaughh… to-rrrghh…” Garret struggled to speak as James’ control spread up towards his neck.
There was a couple moments of silence until…
“Like I’d ever believe you.” Garret grunted only it wasn’t him speaking anymore. It was James. He had finally taken full control of his former bully’s body. He proceeded to grin with an almost sinister smile as he looked down at his stolen body. So hairy and muscular in all the right places. It was everything he’d ever wanted.
Now it seemed to be that the roles were reversed. James was now the one in ownership of the body and speaking aloud while Garret was the one who’s voice only echoed inside their head. He continued to beg and plead with James, trying his utmost to convince the body snatcher that he was no longer the bully he once was. “Fuck fuck fuck! I don’t know how you did this man but you’ve gotta stop! Please just gi-” He was cut off before he was able to finish.
“Not a fucking chance in hell!” James guffawed in Garret’s deep husky voice. For both his own pleasure and to torment Garret, James took to admiring his new form. He stepped out of the shower and made his way towards the bathroom mirror. Flexing his arms, groping his pecs, running his hands through his beard. “Ugffff fuckin hell… I’ve always wanted to be this buff and hairy…” he mumbled to himself.
Tumblr media
He even went as far as to guide one hand back towards his new muscle ass and tease the tight hole back there a little, loving how it tensed at the touch. “Mmm and I’m definitely gonna need to dildo to get this hole used to taking dick before I find a hot bear or daddy to resize it for good.” Hearing James say this threw Garret into even more of a panicked frenzy. Yet there was still nothing he could do to stop the body snatcher from inspecting his ass before giving it a hard smack.
Garret’s cock at been bucking and bouncing at full length the entire time. Though James had done his best to ignore it in an effort to save the best till last, he couldn’t help himself any longer. The inner protests from its real owner only grew as James gently gripped his new member, sending shivers through his body. Garret’s body really was bigger in every way. This new cock was much thicker and longer than James’ old one and man did it feel amazing. It wasn’t long until he was stroking away and allowing moan after deep moan to slip from his bearded lips.
“Ooooh yeaahhh… fuuuck all I have to do is cum… then your body is mine forever!”
Hearing that set off all kinds of alarm bells in Garret’s mind. “W-WHAT!? YOU CAN’T!” He was practically screaming internally now.
“Jesus Christ can you shut up. The more you shout the quicker I want to get this over with.” James wanted to savour his first load a little more but Garret was swiftly giving him a headache with all his raving. And so his pumps grew more aggressive, going back and forth along his entire shaft before rubbing the tip with his thumb and bringing it up to his mouth to taste the sticky precum.
It was almost like that tiny serving of pre had fuelled him with a primal energy as James went back to stroking his dick even more furiously than before! Now he was desperate. Desperate to unload his balls. Desperate to make his former bully pay. But most of all he was desperate to keep this sexy body! “Oh Fuck Yeah! I’m Garret Falkner Now!” He proclaimed as his ass tensed and his loaded welled up. The last thing he remembered was Garret screaming for him to stop but it was already too late. The flood gates opened and before long James was launching stud cum all over the bathroom floor and sink.
From what James understood, he assumed that Garret’s soul would be flung out of the body after he assumed ownership of it. And at first the seemed to be the case. As James slowly came down from his orgasm he noticed how Garret’s inner voice had faded. However he would soon find that his assumption wasn’t all correct.
Moments after busting his new ball batter, James’ eyes began to roll back slightly and twitch as something bizarre took place inside his body. As it turned out Garret was still in there only now the orgasm had triggered his mind to start melding with James’. On the outside it seemed they were just stood their with a blank expression but internally James and Garret were becoming one. All of their memories, traits, likes, dislikes, hobbies, personality traits and everything else that made them who they were started the blend together…
A couple minutes later James came back too, breathing heavily. Only he wasn’t the same as before. Suddenly he had all sorts of new feelings and emotions running through his mind. It was like their consciousness’ had tried to merge but but since James was so dominant it was more like he’d just absorbed Garret instead. He’d gained full access to everything that made a Garret himself, some of it even being engrained into him.
“Oh… fuck…” James muttered as he sorted through all of his new memories. “Guess he was telling the truth…” He saw the memories of Garret beginning to reflect on his actions after high school, cutting contact with his old bully friends and evolving to become a better person. To be honest James probably could’ve figured it out while looking through Garret’s socials but he was too blinded by his memories of the old Garret to ever want to believe he could change.
For a moment their was a twinge of guilt that ran through him… but that was swiftly overshadowed. After all revenge wasn’t the only reason he stole this body. It was also because Garret was hotter than James ever believed he could be and would probably look even hotter while taking a giant dick up his ass! Besides James never claimed to be a good person himself. If anything this was an even better outcome than he’d planned. Now he had every bit of knowledge he’d ever need to pull off being Garret Falkner without anyone so much as batting an eye.
With that James took pleasure in licking his cum soaked hand clean and savouring the delicious taste knowing that it was his now and forever. He took a deep breath and smiled. Perhaps Garret wasn’t as deserving of this punishment as James had originally thought him to be but it didn’t matter now. What was done, was done and their was no way in hell he was ever gonna go back after experiencing what this body had to offer. And so he gave his reflection a wink before stepping back under the hot shower to further familiarise himself with all his new assets.
Three months had passed since that day. ‘Garret’ had been enjoying every moment of his stolen life and even more so being able to fully convince everyone close to him that he was exactly who he appeared to be. After all, with the original now apart of him, the new Garret was able to perfectly mimic the habits, speech patterns and personality of the old Garret. Some of which was intentional, some not as much.
For example he found himself getting majorly into the gym and fitness by tapping into Garret’s drive to stay in shape but at the same time he also found himself loving things like soccer regardless of what he did. Like it was apart of him now permanently. It was strange as he’d never been into it as James but something about relaxing in the evening with a cold beer while cheering as his preferred team scored a goal just felt right. If anything though unintentionally acting like Garret made him ever hornier for this life…
One massive notable difference between the new and old Garret’s that shocked everyone however was his sudden coming out as gay. It was something nobody saw coming considering the amount of chicks he used to get back in college and even still did now up until recently. Many of his friends and family thought he was joking at first until they saw him posting pictures online at gay bars and kissing other dudes.
Of course what he didn’t share online were the parts where half of those dudes ended up plowing him afterwards. Some were bears, some were muscle jocks, some were daddies. He even got a massive bodybuilder dude to jackhammer his ass one night. Feeling all that weight on top of him as that hulk of a man coated his insides with cum was euphoric. He could never have pulled half these guys back when he was James. But now, between Garret’s cute handsome face and hairy muscled body, they all just simply fell into his lap.
Now though he was looking for something more. He’d had his fun turning himself into Garret the cock hungry slut and now he wanted a guy that would stay around for more than just a few good fucks. There was an older guy he worked with that seemed to become more interested him recently since coming out. The man, who’s name was Vince, was about 7 years his senior. Thick furry dad bod, a few flecks of silver in his hair and a nice salt and pepper beard.
Suffice to say he was definitely Garret’s type and had it been anyone else he’d have had no problem asking the older man out on a date. It was mainly due to the old Garret having worked so closely with Vince these last few years in the woodworking shop they ran. They’d known each over for so long and had such a amazing friendship that it was making him nervous. But tonight was the night! After work he was gonna ask the man out to dinner and hopefully if all went well they’d be pumping each overs ass’ full with cum by the end of the night.
That in mind Garret now stood outside his new home in just a pair of gym shorts. He almost couldn’t believe this was his life now. You’d think after three months had have gotten used to it yet still on some mornings he’d wake up and be shocked when pulling back the bed sheets to reveal those well sculpted pecs. Sometimes if it was an early morning it would take his brain a few seconds to process his reflection in the mirror which then most of the time ended with him kissing said reflection. Needless to say Garret had become extremely self obsessed but could you really blame him?
He sighed, snapping out of his little daydream. He needed to get ready for his early morning gym session to get himself pumped for a day full of flirting with his daddy of a co-worker. But there was no reason he couldn’t stand out here for just a few more minutes, subtly groping his body while thinking about the irony of it all. The same man who’d made his childhood seem like a nightmare had now become the very reason it felt like living in a wet dream. He would thank the original Garret for that but being as they were now one in the same, he probably already knew.
Tumblr media
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You want to know why Inigo Montoya remains such an iconic and beloved character even 35 years after the Princess Bride came out?
It's because he's one of the few characters in fiction who has a story where he has dedicated his life to revenge, his whole motivation is about getting revenge....and he gets it! and then he isn't empty or despairing! he doesn't regret it! he's totally satisfied!
because so many stories about revenge or rage are about characters "seeing the futility of their actions" or learning "their desire for revenge has only made them the monsters they hated" FUCK THAT.
Inigo Montoya kills the man who kills his father, is allowed to live in the narrative after and be happy about it and it is so satisfying. it's fantastic. it's iconic.
let more characters rage against the world, bring it down with bloodied hands, and let them be FUCKING RIGHT about it. Let them celebrate their success with sharp grins, and let them live happy, full lives where they always remain proud/fulfilled for what they've done
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Tumblr media
Helen Oyeyemi, from "White Is for Witching"  
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mcrnico · 4 months ago
the power mcr holds in their hands that pictures of todays concert (2022) look like they were taken in 2005
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
happy 10 years to the most iconic song of the century
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soupiii · a month ago
he’s a 10 but he made a deal with the devil to save his wife and himself by killing a thousand evil men but after killing 999 he finds out the last one is himself
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Tumblr media
View On WordPress
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Backstage Brixton Academy 01/28/05
Andrew Kendall
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
grand scheme for the scene
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Diana in her revenge dress waiting for queen in the afterlife:
Tumblr media
(not in heaven ofc, lizzie ain't going there)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Do revenge (2022), Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Black Iris, Leah Raeder//I Will Tell this Story to the Sun Until You Remember that You are the Sun, Erin Slaughter//1Q84, Haruki Murakami//Mirror Traps, Hera Lindsay Bird//Hanif Abdurraqib//Boyish, Japanese Breakfast//Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?, Jeanette Winterson
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
if mtv’s cribs was a competition ray toro would have won it in 2005 for his impeccable interior design choices
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'Give 'Em Hell, Kid'
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Are you coping? Revenge edition
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gonna commit to writing a few shorties, just to get myself back into the swing of it 🫠
I finally came to, unblinking but definitely conscious, looking face up at a whole lot of ass.
Wait… My ass..?
“Whassup, Donovan?” I heard my deep voice say. My body scratched its head right before it turned around to face me, noticeably hard as a rock.
Tumblr media
“What a trip, huh?” My body continued with a cheeky chuckle, said with the same perky cadence as my roommate, Jiao.
Fucking Jiao, I knew it! He’s always been into freaky shit and always ogled at me. Always with the homo shit, too... He orders shit online like money meant nothing to him, and... sure, I’ll admit that I’ve taken one or two things from his boxes when they’ve arrived in the mail, but only because I’m sure with his family money he wouldn’t be missing a lot. And so what? His designer clothes looked better on me anyways, especially how they hugged my frame due to his much smaller size. I thought that’s what the box on the coffee table contained when I opened it up this morning... some more of his hundred dollar clothing to add to my growing collection... but apparently not. I can only remember opening the box and... my fingers barely grazing whatever it was that was inside... and then nothing. Apparently, something much stranger was going on. I couldn’t move my head, I couldn’t move my lips, I couldn’t do anything. I was fucking paralyzed.
“Weird, huh?” He continued as I blasted through hundreds of obscenities and insults, each of them blazing through my head with red-hot fury but none of them able to come out of my mouth. “For a first-time transference? It’s… Whoo, boy, it’s a doozy. Feeling stiff? Feeling confused? It’s natural, don’t worry. But… Jesus, FUCK boy, your bod is fuckin’ TIGHT!” He said, shaking out my large arm muscles and reaching down to pick me up with a giggle.
Tumblr media
He picked me up with incredible ease, as if I weighed nothing at all. I felt my fingers curl around me snugly, turning me over this way and that in the palm of my hand. What in the fuck was going on?? Why was I fitting around in his hand like a doll??
“Let’s take you on a little tour, hmm?” He grinned down at me. He hummed in my booming baritone as we walked towards the hallway to our rooms. Jiao stopped in front of the door to his own room and turned the handle. “And behind door number one...”
He opened the door to reveal his own body... Was it sleeping? Entranced? It certainly wasn’t moving, same stiff-as-a-board, lifeless state as I was currently in.
“Look familiar? I’ll just keep hanging out there until you and I are done here. But now... Ready to see the big reveal?” He grinned back down at me with that same knowing, dickish smirk. He walked towards his bathroom and I could see the reflection of my body walk into the mirror with that tall, glidy strut Jiao always had, but I couldn’t see my own reflection. Looking closely, I could see that he was holding.. some kind of action figure in his hand? Or was it a toy? But with that pink, pearlescent silicone, it looked like it could only be—
“Love this new look of yours, by the way,” Jiao laughed out with a deep boom as he wiggled around the shiny, pink dildo between his fingers. As he wiggled, my vision went to and fro with the wiggle of the dildo. That FUCKING FAIRY turned me into one of his dildos!!
“Don’t worry though, babe, you’ll get back this sweet deliciousness,” he cooed, running a hand down my firm, hard-earned physique. ‘Babe,’ I hated when he called me that. “But first… we have a lot to do together.” He brought me up face-level to him, my own face staring back at me with giant-sized proportions.
“Oh man, you and I are about to get so much closer,” a slurred with a horny grin. He brought me closer to my own face and kissed around me with my soft, pillowy lips. After a few more kisses around the entirety of my new form, he paused for a moment but then rolled my massive tongue out to guide me into his mouth. I could see and feel the dark, warm, wet, fleshiness of the inside of my mouth around my body as he welcomed the top part of my new form into his mouth. He pulled me out with a strong exhale, a giant webby trail of his saliva tracing his mouth to me. He stared at me with this carnal, drunken look in his eyes—my eyes. Like a lion looking at meat.
‘Oh fuck,’ I thought, knowing if my eyes could roll they would.
“Oh fuck,” Jiao repeated hoarsely as if he heard me, fishing my rigid, fat cock out of my briefs, tugging it greedily and intensely as he opened his mouth wide open, plunging me deep into his throat.
As I felt the slick expanse of my new form slide deeply in and out of the fleshy, dark cavern of his mouth, I could feel a whirlwind of sensations. I felt his tongue lap hungrily around my form. I felt the vacuum-like suction of his mouth and throat pull my slightly stretchy form longer and thinner as I felt more of myself slide down his throat. I felt the booming vibrations of his ecstatic moans pulse through me.
He mouth-fucked himself with me for a while until he seemed to be getting close. At which point, he quickly pulled me out of his mouth and lowered me down to his crotch. There, he placed my new form right next to my body’s shaft—a hot, thick, veiny shaft, if I say so myself, though I’d never thought I’d be this close to it—and began to pump me and his shaft together with two hands. With a few more moaning, piston-like tugs, I came face to face with my own giant-sized cock head erupting a pressurized geyser of jizz into the air, spraying out in thick, spurting ropes and dousing the bathroom mirror with noisy splats. His hips seized with jerking thrusts as the last of it seeped out of him, with much of the residual creamy remains coating the entire side of my new form up against his shaft.
With heaving breaths of air, he lifted me up higher again until I was face level with him, widening his mouth open and extending his tongue out, bringing all of me into his mouth one last time with a final greedy suck. He tightened his lips around me as he pulled me out, making sure to ingest every little drop of spooge that found its way onto my body.
“Fuck you taste good,” he smiled with more heaving pants. “Well, not you you, that just tastes like silicone and chemicals… but your baby batter? Dude, I could bottle it up and chug it.” He winked as he pulled my briefs up over my deflating tool.
“Good thing I got that out of the way, too, it’ll make me last much longer,” he reasoned as he stepped out of the bathroom and out of the door towards my own bedroom. “Oh yeah, don’t think this is all over, gotta make back all that money you stole from me over the years. I couldn’t think of a better way!”
He walked into the bedroom and slapped me down onto the low dresser I kept in my room with the suction cup on the base of my form. As I waggled lazily in my upright position, I saw him saunter over to my desktop, waking up my monitor and finding his way online.
I could see over his—my—bulging shoulders that he’d made an OnlyFans account… but using my pics, my likeness, my name, my everything. He’d been planning this for a while, that conniving fucker… He opened the webcam, went live on the account, hit record, and gave a little welcoming speech to his new subscribers. As he talked, I could see him flexing different parts of my body, flaunting my muscles. He lied over and over again about his gym routine and his favorite muscle groups to work, flashing peeks and flexes for his eager fans. Watching him, pretending like he was me, like this was the real me doing something so flashy, so revealing… it made my blood boil.
“Why don’t I just give you people what you came for?” He finally interjected during the middle of his welcome. He slowly lowered the briefs he was wearing, and slowly, eventually revealed my thick cock and balls—still slick and shiny with our session not 5 minutes earlier—to the rest of the world, swinging them around and playing with him like they were his. Standing naked in front of the camera, he did little poses with soft groans between flexes, working my body like he’d always been in it. I could see the firm contours of my ass from my vantage point and wished more than anything that I could do something about my situation.
“Pretty fuckin’ big, right?” He asked the camera, swinging my pre-leaking rod. Goddamn it, I hated him. “But I wanna play with something else today.”
He went off camera for a second, slipping quickly into his room before he came back with a bottle of something. I watched him pound the bottle into my palm, my chest jiggling with the motion, as he opened the cap and squirted something into his palm. He walked over to me and lifted me off the dresser, my suction cup loudly detaching from the wood top. He ran his other hand up and down my form, and I could feel the slick, sticky, jelly-like substance in his hand lather me up from top to bottom. Of course, he squirted a little more and spread his cheeks for the camera, I’m assuming to surround his hole with some lube too, and crawled on top of my bed.
He groaned as he positioned himself downward, extending my firm, round ass into the air, resting on my thick thighs, and looked into the camera with a sly, sexy grin.
“I hope you guys like this as much as I do!”
He lifted me up behind him until I was head-on with my own spread cheeks, my ass hair looking lubed-up and sort of welcoming from this angle. Well, I suppose there wasn’t any fighting it at this point.
He pressed me against my own hole, and I could feel the tight muscles around the rim and the warm walls of my ass surrounding me. Finally, he exhaled and my hole widened enough for him to plunge me in, immediately feeling the tight, moist walls inside my hole surrounding me.
Last thing I remember as I swung in a piston motion in and out of my own virgin hole was the loud, ecstatic, mumbled moans of my own body from outside, relishing every second.
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