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mercuryferns · 2 days ago
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wisdom’s daughter (walks alone)
just realized i never posted this here. this is an annabeth chase painting i did about two months ago. the nose is too small and kinda weird with thr lighting? i cant explain it. but aside from that im really proud of this actually. i wasnt specifically referencing leah (mostly because i started this in loadshedding and by the time it ended i was too stubborn to change the sketch) but i hope it resonates with you nonetheless.
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tending-the-hearth · 2 days ago
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happy anniversary to this fucking menace of a book it’s been ten years since percabeth fell into tartarus 🥰
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justaz · a day ago
percabeth on a trampoline and annabeth bounces percy a little too high and thunder rumbles
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cipolm · a day ago
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messy dood for pjotober day 4 bc i am at their service
🚫 please, do not repost or remove watermark🚫
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blink182times · 2 days ago
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Happy National Boyfriend day to the best boyfriend ever, Percy Jackson (obviously)
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jasonandhisbrick · a day ago
jason, when hes known as an excellent strategist but his number one strategy is ask Leo what to do:
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tricuspidals · 2 days ago
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Perseus 🌊
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stanning-reyna · a day ago
If fatal flaws are in the literal sense, as in they're the interal flaw that causes your death, then you could argue that Luke's fatal flaw is loyalty instead of wrath.
Yes Luke led the Titan War because he was angry at his father for the personal pain he caused him and because he was angry at the gods as a power system for the injustice they brought upon their kids but somewhere deep down he must have done it for Annabeth. To give her a future he could never have. Yes he became a bitter man, his veins filled more with rage than with blood, but at some point he decided Annabeth would get to be happier than he ever had been and that couldn't happen when she was lying on the ground of the Throne Room, half dead. Everything he'd spent the past four years of his life doing, the body that he'd literally sacrificed to Kronos, would be worthless if she wouldn't one day reap the benefits. If Annabeth never got the future he hoped she would, the family she deserved, then nothing Luke did would be worth it. And he couldn't bring himself past that. He killed himself because he couldn't break that promise to her. He was too loyal to her.
And if this were the case (I'm just theorizing here since I'm pretty sure Rick said Luke's canon fatal flaw is wrath) then consider that the reason this is never addressed in pjo is that Percy, our narrator, willingly ignored it. He didn't want to consider that the man who ruined his and all his friends' lives was identical to him on a deep, fundamental level. Because it wasn't even a question to him. Percy knew how angry he got at the injustices he saw, how the rage boiled under his skin, urging him to lash out. There was no question that he could be like Luke one day, and that terrified him, so he ignored each and every sign he saw.
Thalia had once said that Annabeth only loved one type of person. He'd come to believe her more than he'd like to. Percy and Thalia were carbon copies, two snarky kids with too much power on their hands and too many off-handed comments rolling off their tongues. But that said something about him and Luke. He knew exactly what it said. He refused to think about it.
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yonemurishiroku · a day ago
Headcanon Ghost King Nico di Angelo is ridiculously up-to-date with the mortal world’s situation, political and all that - considering he has no access to the internet and no connection to the living - just because he talks to the ghosts often.
And people, once you die, you have no secret to keep. It’s not like you can keep your mouth shut when Nico wants otherwise, anw.
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rubies-nightinga1e · 3 days ago
my opinions about pjo cause i’ve been wanting to do this for a while!
some people really only like nico cause he’s gay and written as actively depressed, something gen z romanticizes.
campers are a lot more scared of percy than nico once it gets out that percy can bloodbend. doesn’t matter if he’s a nice dude, scare him and you could possibly die.
leo is actually a lot more dangerous than you think. yes, he’s a jokester but he has like NO control over his powers. a camper could be joking with him but he gets too excited and some part of his body bursts into flames.
people are cautious around piper cause she can literally make them do whatever she wants. and there’s no doubt some of them are traumatized so i don’t think she would be the most popular aphrodite kid. popular, sure, but not what rick makes it out to be in tlh.
apollo kids are a lot more powerful than people/gods give them credit for.
the apollo, hermes, and dionysus campers often have meetings to prank the entire camp.
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pjotvshownews · a day ago
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Writer Daphne Olive’s chair on set (x)
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bbyannabeth · 3 hours ago
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jason’s summer 4/7
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withlovefromolympus · 21 hours ago
Hera: I have named the three little snakes I found in my garden after you three brothers of mine
Poseidon: that’s so ni-
Hera: their names are Bastard, Bitch, and Bore
Zeus: please tell me which one I am. I might cry if I’m Bore
Hera: you’re Bastard, Poseidon is Bitch, and Hades, well, no offense…
Zeus: YES!!
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justaz · a day ago
sleepovers at chb pre-war era. theyre set in cabin 3 bc percy doesn’t have any cabin mates so ultimate privacy. silena brings pocky to play that pocky game (y’all remember? one person on one end of the pocky and the other person on the other end and it’s like chicken, first person to pull away looses) and a bottle to spin. silena spins and gets annabeth, annabeth wins. katie spins and gets travis, travis wins. clarisse spins and gets chris, no loser they meet in the middle. annabeth was doing mental calculations the whole time (weight of the bottle, force of the spin, etc, etc), she spins and gets percy. there wasn’t a loser but they did both pull away before their lips met. silena declares that percy won and annabeth is pissed. she argues w silena for a bit then declares a rematch and meets percy in the middle this time. conner wolf whistles.
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sodamnbored · a day ago
Nico: Just leave it okay?
Jason: I’m sorry, I’m only trying to help. Why do you hate me so much?
Nico, shrugging: I’m complicated.
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lov3leov · 16 hours ago
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zielshindo · a day ago
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it's charmspeak time-
Piper again!! she is fun to draw!
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