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missinyouiskillingme · a day ago
'Almost' is the worst way to love someone.
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wordsbyjenpoetry · 2 days ago
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Music and my heart are entwined eternally. Just like the memories I share with you.
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onurtaskiranpoetry · a day ago
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Just like Turkish Delight, I want to bite those sweet, tender lips of yours.
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I love how gracefully you sneak in to my world no matter how far I go away, and for how long. One sunset, Chase Atlantic, the backseat of my car and flashbacks of a few days lived next to you, that's all it takes for you to begin to breathe again in every buried pieces of me. If not this, what else is love? If not the sound of our footsteps on this invisible bridge between us, then what is a love song?
Sabina Yesmin
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xoxoariellove · 2 days ago
Sometimes I wonder…
Is there anything that you could say
That would make me let you go?
I’ve debated asking you for it
But then a friend reminded me
“Would that even work?
Would you let them go?
Or would it just add more pain
To an already painful situation ?”
I sat with that and I still don’t know
So can you tell me?
Is there something you could say to me
That might free me from your hold?
And even if there was, the question is
Would I believe you?
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everytimeyousaygoodbye · 2 days ago
Love was crimson so was
My heart, her eyes were jade
So was my quest for her, she
Was poetry wrapped in a song
I was the barren land, memorizing
Her mirage, to delight the eyes
Of the mundane and the void..................
*im sick again*
everytimeyousaygoodbye ©
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quotationsworld · a day ago
I never understood
what made your lips on my neck
such an intimate affair
until your teeth grazed my pulse
and I realized
you could tear open my throat
and make me bleed out in your arms
but instead
you choose to kiss
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oldhabbits · a month ago
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lilllium · 9 months ago
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—Mahmoud Darwish, from In the Presence Of Absence
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2armsnaheartbeat · a month ago
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was-auch-immer · 5 months ago
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missinyouiskillingme · 14 hours ago
„You'll get over it...“ It's the cliches that cause the trouble. To lose someone you love is to alter your life for ever. You don't get over it because 'it' is the person you loved. The pain stops, there are new people, but the gap never closes. How could it? The particularness of someone who mattered enough to greive over is not made anodyne by death. This hole in my heart is in the shape of you and no-one else can fit it. Why would I want them to?
— Jeanette Winterson, Written on the Body
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universallovebot · a year ago
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love is stored in the kitchen
perhaps the world ends here - joy harjo // the world unseen (2007) - dir. shamim sarif // text post - @jacebeleren​ // daidai’s kitchen - @pakchoys​ // text post - @bicarusgf​ // in the kitchen - helena janecic // letter to donald windham - tennessee williams // お仕事  - @tomokohara​ // summer kitchen - donald hall // perhaps the world ends here - joy harjo
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xoxoariellove · a day ago
Today I am breaking
Cracking really
Under the pressure
Of this sadness
Missing you,
Loving you
Nothing seems to soothe
Beyond the words
Typed into a text thread
You are the only antidote
To this terrible sickness
And I’d swallow every ounce
You willed to give to me
Somehow this makes me
Love and hate myself
In equal measure.
Do I feel like this to you too?
I imagine sending you soothing water
A cool breeze
The type of love that just feels good
And fills you with breath
I hope you can feel it
But If you’re in this entrapment
Just as I am
I think we’ll both only be freed
If we surrender to it.
I want you, deep in my bones, and there’s nothing I can do to shake it. So I succumb instead.
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everytimeyousaygoodbye · 2 days ago
I'm tired of the voices
In my head, I wish they
Spoke a foreign language
So exotic, I forgot the
Annihilation they bring................
*it's crazy up there*
everytimeyousaygoodbye ©
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meatluvrr · 6 months ago
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“i have loved you. i have had to deal with that.”
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living-in-love · 2 months ago
the thought of being able to kiss them every day ?? when we wake up next to each other, when one of us leaves for work, when i’m proud of them, when they’re making dinner, when we’re watching a movie, when we’re doing absolutely nothing <3333
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