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lovejuliana · 3 days
summary: what the genshin men has to say about their lover, you.
featuring: diluc, childe, kaeya, zhongli, xiao, scaramouche
genre: fluff (gn!reader, pls tell me about any pronoun mistakes)
content warning(s): ooc
note: FIRST GENSHIN POST!! im not that proud of this but i think its quite nice.. might make a part 2 if requested!! happy reading <333 
likes and reblogs are appreciated. :)
DILUC ― lovers
“hm, is there any particular reason why youre curious about them?
oh, venti mentioned them? ah well, they have known each other for quite awhile.
tell me, what exactly did that drunkard tell you?
‘ dont tell master diluc that i said this to you, but he is absolutely inlove with them. in all my lovely years of drinking, i have never encountered a man THAT inlove with someone. ‘
i see. although i have the urge to kick that man out of the dawn winery, i cannot deny his words.
i am truly inlove with yn.”
CHILDE  ― (childe is planning to propose shhhh)
“ oh traveller, youve seen yn already? i was hoping to introduce them to you. well, i guess its too late.
youre asking my relationship with them? ahah, you see, the lovely yn were talking about is my significant other, although i prefer to introduce them as the person im married to, they always tell me that
‘ were not married childe ‘
and me, someone who doesnt miss an opportunity, replies to them with
‘ not married yet ‘ “
KAEYA ― lovers
“ oh, yn? theyre a childhood friend of mine. although nowadays i can proudly call them ‘my lover’. 
i met them when i was just a young child. they accepted me for who i really am. before i met them, i never knew i could trust someone as much as i trusted myself.
it seems like i was wrong.
oh well, thats all for now, traveller. “
ZHONGLI ― married
“ ah, yn is someone i hold dearly close to my heart. as much as i dont want to admit it, i have childe to thank for that. he introduced them to me.
i never expected for a relationship to blossom, but here i am, married to them.
i have agreed to many contracts, but im very much sure that our marriage was something special only between the two of us.
i cannot find the right words to describe how breathtaking they are. maybe i should have them meet you, traveller.
fortunately, yn is a very approachable person, one of their traits that i fell inlove with. “
XIAO ―  lovers 
“ yn is... forget it. “
“ what business do you have with them? 
tsk, you want to know about them?
too bad *bleh* “
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bro who even ARE YOU??
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis: you ask ganyu for her number so she can help you with the upcoming due project, unbeknownst to you she accidentally gave you her brothers number instead. He's also a streamer!! And he seats next to you in class!! And you're positive he hates you!! great.
a/n: okay so I think my posting schedule is going to be 2-3 chapters a week..
TAGLIST. @kitsuvil @vensuyu @koiir @kiamei2010 @prefesro @r0ttenhearts @kairxse @lunavixia @venusflwers @sakiimeo @h-8chi @shineshua @purpl3bo1 @ohno-caroline @opchara @redactedhimbo @cloudxemoji @percyval-archives @dazaisfavgf @scaraapologist @lumiconic @xiaofries @pooonyo @kokxm1 @belovedxiao @mikismusings @kunikuzushiit @incendiotriaaa @kunikuzushi-mybbg @ely3ia @bubblesmei @plinkuro @omfg-its-tay @dennraeh @tsuyus-dream @chuusposts (ask to be added! If bold means I cannot tag you.),
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42. r u asking me out
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
prev | mlist
a/n i guess that wraps it up, thank u to everyone that supported me throughout this journey !! i made some wonderful moots and i cant wait to see what else i write for you guys:))
taglist ! @mikctp @ferumie @whats-humanity-lol @skatercashew @plinkuro @5sos-wdw @sunizome @dollpoetwriting @unknown-kitsxne @yohoo-tehee @g6nyyyu @luvvmeilin @ioverjn @hey-comrade-hold-stil @meisuuu @themusingsofmany @layla240 @tartagliasmoneybag @chosomybeloved @sheiiy @pooonyo @lunavixia @alumi78 @rvoulte @sweetstrawberrybabe @apyrose @yorina @cridtiins @uwak-uwak-uwak-uwak @sukunasrealgf @venyan @r0ttenhearts @q1ngx1n @scarasaver @lleoll @shnezen @prrs-hn @flowersforalois @iveriiii @roguebox yejixz @dainsleif-when-playable @scaranaris-lil-niko @kitsunechan707 @h1karinooo @shirmxie @twistedrxses @zannivrs @kiamei2010 @thenightsflower @yur1as @kairxse {1/2}
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Tumblr media
Early morning kisses
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can i get kazuha or albedo rejecting reader confession? smau 🙏🏻
Them rejecting you through chat
characters ; Kazuha, Albedo, Xiao, Venti
warnings ; ooc, rejection obviously, etc
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Having A Bad Hair Day ?
xiao x gn!reader
Xiao is having his bad hair day, sir Zhongli wanted to help. Did the help made his day much more worse?
nothing, just pure fluff <3
I know you guys are waiting for a new chapter of "Kitty Cat". But hey, have this fluff! Xiao is jealous of scara having your attention, you know?
Tumblr media
Tommorow, students are going to have quiz. Just some brainstorming quiz, nothing hard.
But Xiao doesnt care neither it is just some fun-quiz or not, he needs to get the best grade. He is now studying in his room, without any breaks.
He was just reading some books about the quiz tommorow. Until his attention was broked by a knocking on his bedroom door.
"Xiao?" Said a deep, muffled voice from the other side of the door.
"Come in" He answered.
His door opened revealing sir Zhongli, his adoptive father (which he never considered as), wearing an apron with a tray of water and a bowl filled with almond tofu which he cooked into a snack-like dish in his hold.
Xiao turned his head to the door upon smelling the aroma of the food.
"What is it?" He asked, uninterested, turning back to his book.
"You should rest for awhile, its just some fun-quiz Xiao" Zhongli worriedly told him while placing the water and food next to Xiao.
Xiao didnt answered anything. Instead, he leaned down further to get a better view of his books.
All Zhongli did was just sighing back upon his actions. He then placed a hand on his shoulder and pat it there softly.
"Xiao, I appreciate your determination to get good grades at school. But please rest" He once again lectured him, worriedly.
This time, Xiao only answered with a hum.
His amber eyes dilated from left to right. His face was covered by his long bangs if you look from the side way, how does it not bothering him?
Zhongli noticed this and moved his hand to Xiao's face to tuck his bangs behind his ear.
This action made Xiao turn to look at Zhongli. Staring at him with a stern gaze.
Zhongli only hummed, "Just eat the food I made and dont get dehydrated. I was just tucking your bangs behind your ear to make you have a better vision of the book your reading" Zhongli confessed, as he was reading Xiao's mind.
"Good luck" Zhongli left his side and left his bedroom.
Xiao's gaze lingered awhile at the closed door. He then turned back to his book and countinued studying.
Its the next day's morning, Xiao woke up early to review his notes last night.
It the bathroom, he was having trouble with his hair, unable to create a great hair style without having his eyesight disturbed by his bangs.
He was getting frustrated, he already even make a mental note to go to the hair salon after school to have his bangs shortened.
After awhile of being frustrated, he surrendered. He left the bathroom with a frown on his face, brows furrowed hard with messy hair.
He payed no mind to it and went downstairs to have his breakfast.
Zhongli noticed his behavior as he placed down Xiao's breakfast infront of him.
"Having a bad hair day?" Zhongli asked as his back was turned on Xiao. He is washing his hands on the sink.
Xiao only answered with a groan and just started to eat his breakfast.
"Want me to help with your hair? I have some pomade (boy hair styler)" Zhongli offered as he dried his hands with towel.
Xiao answered with an annoyed hum. He actually dont need help with his hair. But what could he do? 'Atleast its better than having messy hair..' He positively thought.
After ahwhile, Zhongli came back with a small jar of pomade he has. He positioned himself behind Xiao and started to style his hair as Xiao countinued his breakfast.
"How do you think?" Asked Zhongli as he handed a small mirror for Xiao to check with.
Xiao moved the mirror to left and right to get a better view of his hair. He was quite unsatisfied with his hair. But why does it matter anyways? The pomade had dried up and the only way to restyle his hair is for him to get a hair wash first, which will have him late for his college.
He answered with a hum and a silent "thank you" to Zhongli.
He arrived early at school. But not earlier than y/n, his seat mate.
Y/n greeted him with a "good morning" as he moved past behind them to get to his seat. He replied back with a silent "good morning".
"Its nice to see you too Xiao! Have you learned for today's quiz?" You questioned his as you leaned in to the palm of your hand and faced him.
"Yea" He answered as he take out his notes without a bother to give you his attention.
He never have the balls to even face you well, he has this small crush on you. Yes, small, he thought. And in this kind of situation, inside, he would panic. Like, does he look good?! Would you notice the sudden change in his hairstyle?! He has to look good infront of you!
These thoughts run in his head all the time with you being his seat mate. He never really look at you with a focused gaze or without his eyes wandering anywhere than your face when you two are conversing.
Well, with you, you noticed this behavior everytime you two converse. You never payed no mind to it. You thought like: 'ehh, he is introverted anyways. Maybe he is nervous with socializing?'
But today, something look different from him. You squinted at his hair, you were just unable to put your finger on it.
Inside, he was begging for you to not notice his hair as he just countinued with his notes. 'Please.. Please.. Dont notice it y/n..' He silently begs.
"Xiao is it just me or does it seems like theres something different from you?" You questioned him with a confused face.
'Fuck..' He mentally sweared. He was scared that you wont like his hair style.
"It must be you. Im sure theres nothing different from me.." He nervously declined. He raised his book closer to his face to hide his faint nervous blush.
"Really?" You retreated your hand which was previously supporting your head. You slightly tilted your head in confusion.
"I think.. Its your hair!" You exclaimed as you lightly clasped your hands together.
"It seems.. Sweaty? I dont know.. Wet? But it looks quite sticky.." You tried to figure out.
'Sweaty? Sticky?' Xiao was getting panicked by your guessings. He slowly touched his hair bangs.
Well it sure is, Its the pomade. It had melted and become some-like sweat? Maybe its the heat.
He got insecured with his wet-sticky hair, you noticed this.
His bangs was already disturbing his visions, now wet? Thats worse.
You hummed and turned your back on him and searched something in your bag.
After awhile, you found what you were finding, turning back to Xiao with a small pouch of rainbow-coloured hair clips you have.
"Hey Xiao! Pick your favorite!" You taunted at him as you handed the small pouch of rainbow-coloured hair clips.
He was about to decline, when you suddenly forced him to take his favorites once more.
He sighed through his nose and just picked two hair clips with his favorite colours, the turqoise coloured one and yellow.
As he was about to question you, you were quick to take the hair clips he had choosed.
You leaned closer to his face and raised your hands to his hair.
His voice seems to be stucked in his throat, you were too close to his face. He was trying his best to not blush, he doesnt wants you to notice it.
He only closed his eyes and try to calm hiself down as he enjoys your warm touches on his hair. Your warm touch then came to a stop as he heard clipping sound, twice.
He let out a held breath that he even never knew he was holding as he felt your breath of his face. Signaling that your face isnt infront of his anymore.
He opened his eyes and looked at you who was giggling into the palm of tour hand.
"There! I clipped the hair clips on your hair! I hope this way you could have a better vision. Its not the best but atleast its better than having wet-sticky bangs bothering is it?" You assured him after your giggling.
He only hide his face with his hand and nodded slowly.
"You look prettier this way you know? I can get a better view of your face now" You flirted at him as you leaned further into the palm of your hand which was supporting your head.
He just looked away from you to the window beside him. 'Guess I wont be able to have good grades this time with them being in my head..' he thought.
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I had a dream abt xiao w/ a metal arm and I can’t stop thinking of a like scenario where like reader helps him if it hurts or something (if h don’t wanna write that’s fine)
prompt ✧ helping you
character ✧ xiao
warnings ✧ robot!xiao idk
authors note ✧ this is so random?? it made me laugh, but i’ll gladly write it for you (this is more abt how much he loves you rather than his arm.. i could not figure it out)
Tumblr media
“does it hurt too much?” you mumble, voice soft and caring towards the man seated in front of you. he shrugged, hoping not to worry you but ultimately was failing anyway. you sighed, knowing exactly what he was thinking.
he’d just gotten back from a battle, he was slightly bruised and had a few open wounds in various places. when you caught sight of him, he was clutching his arm— or rather the metal. he’d gotten the injury in a bad fight long ago, before you met him. xiao never actually went into detail about the whole ordeal, so you assumed it was a touchy subject and didn’t ask about it much.
you cleaned up his wounds, bandaging each one of them up. you inspected his bruises, making sure they weren’t too bad. you checked his head for any bruises or signs of a concussion. you did all of this for him and it warmed his heart. he’d never met anyone, human or adepti, that were as kind and caring as you were. his heart hurt from how much pure love he held for you. and when you caught him staring at you, a look of worry spread across your face yet again.
“is there anything else i can do?” you questioned, clearly wanting to do more to help him. after all, he protected you and the rest of liyue every day. he’s always looking out for everyone, making sure they’re safe. but who was looking out for him? well… that’d be you.
xiao smiled at your readiness to help care for him before leaning forwards and stealing your lips in a kiss. it was filled with his emotions towards you; love, adoration, compassion, devotion… you felt it all through his actions. and even when he pulled away, the effect still lingered. his eyes met yours and he opened his heart to you once more.
“i really do cherish you. more than you could ever know.”
Tumblr media
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lilac-cat-draws · 1 hour
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Dead friends watching their anemo friends from the afterlife
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guettaes · 2 days
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Genshin impact anime thread part 3/3
part 1 and part 2
beautiful all <3
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Qiqi's Playdate
"What was Doctor Baizhu thinking? How would Xiao be a good babysitter in anyway? Let alone spend the entire day taking care of the same child whom he had harmed years ago! Well, luckily for him, if it has a certain traveller joining him... Perhaps he wouldn't mind the task much."
A bit of spoilers for QiQi's backstory
Fluff with a dot of Angst (SQUINT HARDER)
Reader is traveller (Aka ppl call you traveller but you're not ACTUALLY Lumine/Aether, you basically take their spot and save their asses)
No love confessions (Poor boi u fell asleep at the wrong time)
You can still talk
Mentions of Cocogoat and Cocomilk
A/N: Sumeru's desert has coconuts, right?? Those oasis areas HAVE to have coconuts, right??????? Also I HC that Xiao takes care of Qiqi sometimes cuz it's cute even though she doesn't remember him.
Your romance begins here
The Adepti's harsh response was told in a cold tone, his golden eyes glaring back at the calm green haired man who only smiled. "Xiao, I understand that you are an Adepti, you have your own duties to attend to and I respect that, truly I do."
The dark haired Adepti, sitting on top of a tall rock and peering down at him, scoffed at his final sentence. "Then, why task me with something that is none of my concerns? Do not make me repeat myself once more; My awnser is no."
"Simple. You're one of the very few people I trust little Qiqi with, it just so happens that out of everyone, you're currently the only one who's not occupied." Baizhu explained, his gaze upon the mighty Yaksha never faltering.
"Do you simply assume I do not have my own responsibilities to attend to just because I am sitting here?" Xiao asked, as though he was offended. Truth to be told, with how the traveller has been helping around Liyue after Osial's attack, there was little to no trouble brewing any where. It was as if they were a good luck charm that conveniently stumbled into Liyue, dispelling all the evil and filth within.
He simply decided to wander around the bamboo forest, fending off a few Hilichurls here and there. But other than that, he was just as free as a bird.
"Yes." Baizhu awnsered casually, ignoring how his single word awnser only ticked off the dark haired male more. "Now, I know you're only trying to avoid Qiqi herself by trying to intimidate me, but you should already know by now that the same strategy would never work more than once." The green haired doctor stated, after all, this wasn't the first time he had asked Xiao to take care of the little girl.
"Besides, you wouldn't want Qiqi to simply wander off without anyone to take care of her, would you?" The pure white snake chimed in, it's ruby red eyes glistening under the sun.
Xiao looked away, grumbling under his breath when he thought about the same little girl, who he had accidentally killed and later on resurrected, get injured again. Sure, she may be technically immortal, but she's still a child that can get hurt.
"You mortals shouldn't be taking responsibilities if you're just going to rely on someone else to handle them for you... When will you return from Sumeru?" Xiao asked, looking over at the green haired doctor who would be gone for an entire day. Maybe even longer. Just spending a day with a child who he and the other Yakshas brutally murdered on accident.
He has looked after Qiqi quite a few times before, but only for about an hour or so. Spending the entire day with her? He's not sure if he's even up to that task.
"Ah, so is that a 'yes' i'm hearing?" Baizhu asked, only receiving an annoyed expression from the Adepti. "I'll take that as a yes. You can find Qiqi at Bubu Pharmacy tomorrow at 6 in the morning."
It's not even tomorrow yet and he's already regretting the half-assed decision.
[Time skip]
"Welcome to Bubu Pharmacy. I am Qiqi."
Xiao blinked a couple of times, standing at the entrance in confusion for a few seconds before squinting his eyes at the counter. "How may Qiqi help you?"
"Oh." Xiao muttered as he approached the counter, looking over and down to see the same lifeless pink eyes, still full of innocence, staring right back at him. "...Qiqi." The dark haired male greeted rather awkwardly and in an unintentionally cold tone, from what Baizhu had told him, Qiqi wasn't supposed to be working today.
"Sir." Qiqi greeted back in her soft spoken, yet, monotonous voice.
The Adepti sighed, leaning over the counter to pick up the girl as if she were a stuffed bear. He's held her small hands before, even allowing her to sit in his lap, but he was never used to picking her up. If anyone were to pass by, they would assume the Yaksha was trying to steal the child.
"Baizhu has told me that he will be occupied on some expedition to Sumeru for the rest of the day... I will be looking after you in his absence." Xiao stated as he placed her down on the ground, now on the other side of the counter. "As much as i'd like to leave you in the hands of a more... suitable human, it seems... Iaam the only one who can take care of you for the time being."
"But Qiqi needs to work." Qiqi tries to return to her original spot, only to be stopped by the taller male holding his arm out to block her path.
Xiao clicked his tongue, annoyed when she tried to walk around his arm to reach the counter. "You will have another mortal to serve the Pharmacy in your stead, did Baizhu not tell you today was supposed to be your day off?" The Yaksha tried to reassure, reaching out to grab her. "Will you cease your pathet- Stop. I have some important manners to attend to, but I am not allowed to leave you alone. You will be coming with me."
"Qiqi's orders cannot be ignored or cancelled." The purple haired girl said as he lifted her up, though she did not put up much of a fight to escape his grasp.
Though before Xiao could grumble another remark, a pair of footsteps approaching the pharmacy could be heard by the entrance. Dealing with the girl's stubbornness was already starting to annoy him, having to deal with mortals would only fuel the fire. "Leave. Now—"
"Hey! That's no way to greet your old friends!"
His golden eyes widened in shock, seeing 'The Hero of Liyue' and their floating partner now standing right in front of him with a large box in hand.
It was the traveller. The same traveller whom fought by his side against Osial. But what are were doing here? Last he remembered, they were planning to venture off to Inazuma in search of the Electro Archon. Had the traveller succeeded in their mission? And in less than a month too?
Though, at the same time, he'd have expect it to be a piece of cake for them. He knew the traveller was no ordinary mortal.
"Xiao, Qiqi, long time no see." The traveller greeted with a smile.
There's that feeling he felt again. That abnormal feeling swirling around in his chest when he saw that smile, it was just like the time they attended the Lantern Rite festival together. He had been unknowingly craving to see that smile ever since their departure from Liyue.
"...Traveller. Qiqi remembers you." The purple haired girl smiled and offered a wave, to which they returned with an amused chuckle and a wave of their own.
"Xiao, what are you doing?" Paimon asked, wondering why the Adepti was holding up Qiqi like she was a teddy bear.
Xiao cleared his throat and placed Qiqi down, opening his mouth only to have the said girl wander back behind the counter. A sigh left his lips, turning around to fish her over the counter. "Doctor Baizhu is on some kind of expedition to Sumeru, he has chosen me to look after her... Though, I was not given much a choice anyway."
"Oh, that explains it. But... you? Of all people? Why not Zhongli? Or Xiangling?" The floating companion asked, hovering around Xiao who now refused to let Qiqi down until he was done talking to the traveller.
The dark haired male merely shrugged in response, it was none of his buisness to stick his nose into anyone's affairs. "Are you sure you're up to the task? Paimon didn't know you can take care of children."
"Paimon!" The traveller scolded, gently tugging her small legs downwards.
"Hey! Don't pull on Paimon's leg!" The floating fairy whined, stomping her legs mid air like a child having a tantrum.
"I don't blame you for having that thought process of me. I only accepted because—... I had... nothing better to do." Xiao hesitantly said, thought it was mostly true, anyways. "It's a surprise to see you here back so soon, traveller. What brings you here?"
"Well, I recently returned from a trip to Sumeru's desert." The traveller held up the box in their hand, opening the lid to reveal several bottles inside. "And I found a lot of coconuts! So I made some coconut milk!"
The dark haired boy looked up at them with a confused and unamused expression. They came back from a journey... with an entire box of coconut milk.
However, Qiqi's pink eyes sparkled upon seeing the bottles. "You brought back cocomilk?"
The traveller snickered, every time someone (specifically the zombie child) mentioned anything related to 'Cocomilk', they can't help but remember wasting their time searching for something that didn't exist.
"Yes, Qiqi. A whole box of Cocomilk just for you." The Traveller said as they placed the box down and fetched a bottle, handing it over to the girl who happily took it.
Opening the lid, Qiqi took a sip of the liquid, her smile growing slightly bigger than usual. "Thank you, Traveller. Qiqi loves it."
"Glad you like it, Qiqi. I don't mind getting you more when I return to Sumeru." The traveller stated. For an odd reason, Xiao furrowed his brows in confusion at her last statement.
Return to Sumeru? But didn't they just arrived in Liyue? And now they're leaving so soon after giving Qiqi a box of her favorite drink? Was that the actual reasom why you're back? What about him??
"You're returning to Sumeru so soon?" Xiao blurted out on accident, his golden eyes that were normall cold and unfazed now showing a bit of sorrow. Why was he upset with the thought of them leaving so... upsetting?
He didn't remember being this upset when they left to Inazuma. Sure, the whole time he was wondering if they were safe, debating on whether or not he should check in on them, but he also knows how capable they are in combat.
Still, that dreadful feeling of wondering 'When would they return?' continued to linger in his mind every night.
"Well... Paimon and I still have a few... unfinished buisness. But, ah, if you'd like... We could stay here a little while longer." The traveller stated, rubbing their forearm shyly while averting their gaze away from the Adepti.
'If you'd like.' Does the traveller possess something more powerful than just the ability to control elemental power without a vision? He was feeling something warm grow in his cheeks, his chest tightening as though they created a vine that constricted his heart.
Would they really put their journey on pause just to spend some time with him? Why was he enjoying their company more than anyone else? And why was he desperately craving it?
"Traveller, you're staying?" Qiqi asked, her bottle of cocomilk now empty and her pink eyes suddenly shining in what looks like excitement.
"Uh—" "Qiqi wants to show you something... But, Qiqi still has orders." The purple haired girl looked over at the counter, blinking slowly but still stuck in Xiao's arms.
"Where's the other mortal that was supposed to take her place?" Xiao grumbled in annoyance, glancing at the entrance in hopes of seeing the said person. Unfortunately, they weren't there.
"Is it supposed to be Qiqi's day off or something today? And Paimon's pretty sure you can cancel Qiqi's orders." Paimon reminded.
The traveller chuckled, taking her out of Xiao's arms who didn't even try to take her back. "There is. If I recall, all I have to do is hug you with 'a lot of sincerity', right?" Without waiting for her to awnser, the traveller gave the girl a loving hug.
Qiqi immediately wrapped her small arms around the traveller, happily snuggling into their warm embrace. "There. So, will you listen to what Xiao says, now?" The traveller asked softly, patting the child on the back of her head.
"...Ok, Qiqi will listen to you." The child spoke as the traveller released her from their hug.
"How did you know how to...?" Xiao didn't finish his sentence as Qiqi went up to his side, from your point of view, he looked like a confused father taking care of his innocent daughter.
Meanwhile, Paimon couldn't help but see a pair of parents happily enjoying their time with their daughter.
"It seems you know more about her then I do." Xiao muttered, hesitantly looking at the traveller in their eyes. "Perhaps... that's what I admire the most about you. Your understanding with others."
The Traveller's eyes widened, staring at Xiao who was blatantly unaware of what he had said. The Adepti only stared back with a blank expression, raising an eyebrow when the traveller attempted to open their mouth to say something, only to stumble over their words.
"Qiqi still wants to show you something, traveller." Suddenly, she ran out of the pharmacy without a warning.
"AHH! QIQI!! DON'T JUST RUN OFF LIKE THAT!!" Paimon squeaked, chasing after the surprisingly fast child as fast as she could with both Xiao and the traveller trying to catch up to them.
The location was a little far from Liyue Harbor, leaving Yujing Terrace and entering a forest. Wild boars and squirrels scattered away, allowing Qiqi to continue running without any interruptions.
While Paimon continues to frantically call for the child to stop, the traveller was panting harder than Xiao as their energy slowly began draining. "...Traveller?" Xiao called as the traveller began slowing down, trying their best to not collapse.
"Haha... I haven't... ran this much since that one time in Mondstat." The traveller let out a breathy and weak laugh, their back hunched over with hands on their knees. "...Guess i'm getting out of shape, huh?"
Looking over at Xiao, they notice him staring at them with a blank look on their face. Embarrassed about looking weak in front of him, the traveller sucked in a breath and got back up. "Ahaha... Sorry about that... I've just been travelling non-stop when I got to Sumeru. I'm alright. Come one, let's get going."
"You shouldn't try to push yourself over the limit. If you're tired, allow me to assist you." "Eh?— AHHH!! XIAO!?"
Without even giving them a warning, the unsurprisingly strong Adepti had swooped them off their feet, a hand in between the back of their tighs and knees while the other held their back. The traveller instinctively wrapped their arms around his neck, unintentionally getting closer to his chest.
"What's the matter? Are you not tired?" Xiao asked nonchalantly, to which the traveller only gave him a confused glare.
"I— No– I-I mean, yes!- Uhh... b-but you didn't have to carry me like this!" The traveller reprimanded, though, they weren't flailing around anymore and was now resting in his arms without struggle.
"Don't you mortals like to be carried this way by the ones you admire the most?... Or is it the other way around? To be carried by someone who admires you the most?..." The traveller swore their faces could explode in embarrasment soon, looking away just to avoid his curious and perplexed eyes that held innocence. How could such a dangerous and powerful Adepti like himself seem so oblivious, yet, innocent at the same time?
He has seen several humans carry eachother like this who seemingly adored being held in the same why, so why was the traveller's reaction the complete opposite of what he expected?
Fiddling with the hem of their upper clothing, they mentally tried to form words in their head to complete a proper sentence, but was interrupted when Xiao began moving.
Now, they were somewhat alone together. The traveller resting in Xiao's arms as he slowly continued to follow the faint high-pitched yelling that could still be heard from a large distance.
The atmosphere felt thick, but at the same time, quite comfortable, complete silence between them during the entire walk. It was like a dream for the traveller, being held in his arms as they gazed up to see him being bathed in sunlight from above the trees peering through the leaves. He looked absolutely breathtaking.
Without even realizing, they were now fully staring at him. And he couldn't help but grow flustered from the pair of eyes that held admiration stare at him.
The wind breezed across the traveller's skin, their eyelids growing slightly heavy. Being held like this by Xiao... they've never felt this safe before.
And before they knew it, their eyes ceased to remain opened.
Hearing the light snores, Xiao stopped moving and looked down at the traveller, sound asleep in his arms. His golden eyes trained on them, admiring how peaceful they looked in their sleep, as if they hadn't had a good rest in decades.
Perhaps their journey has been taking a toll on them without them noticing.
Xiao had completely forgot about why they were in the forest now, his attention and focus entirely on the sleeping traveller. '...I shouldn't wake you up. Not after what you've possibly been through lately.'
Walking over to a nearby tree, the dark haired male sat down underneath the shade that blocked the sunlight, allowing the traveller to rest their head on his chest. He continued to hold them as if they were made out of fragile glass, afraid of letting them go and shattering them into pieces.
"To see you go through such great lengths searching for your kin... I envy you. Your determination, bravery and strength... How you continue onward, without letting anyone stop you, all for someone who you hold dearest to you. Perhaps... that's what drew me towards you in the first place." Xiao raised his hand up, hovering it in the air for a second with hesitation before gently carresing their face.
His chest swirled with the same emotion he felt back at the Lantern Rite festival. The joyous smile they held on their faces as the golden light from the sea of lanterns framed their face perfectly, an absolute masterpiece in his eyes."What do you humans call this?... Romance? Love?... That must be the correct word. I wonder how you would react when you're having that emotion, and would it be directed towards me?"
As if they heard his words, their lips turned upwards, snuggling closer to his chest. Though asleep, they could hear the sound of his heartbeat. The rhythm acting as a lullaby for them to fall into a deep slumber they hadn't experienced in a long time. Perhaps one day... He could tell them the true reason about why his heart beats only for them.
"...One day, I hope I will be held close to your heart too."
"Xiaaaao! Travelleeeeer!"
"哥哥(Brother in Chinese). Traveller."
"Xia- oh!" Paimon closes her mouth, gently patting Qiqi on the head as a signal for her to stop calling.
Qiqi follows her gaze that landed on the said Adepti resting under a tree, his eyes closed as he held the sleeping traveller in his arms.
"...They seem tired." Qiqi whispered, a small smile on her face realizing that Xiao's wish might've happened. "Let's leave them alone for a bit."
"...It's fiiiiine, i've babysat Teucer before, anyway. I think i'll be fine... Ugh, but you better treat me to some food after this, traveller..."
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do you mind?
summary. sharing a table with a stranger because the cafe is full / them shooting their shot with you
characters. xiao, scaramouche, heizou, venti, kazuha x gn!reader (separate)
tags. modern au, fluff, crack
warnings. use of pet name in heizou's, kind of ooc kazuha ??, alcohol in venti's
Tumblr media
Internally panics, but welcomes you to the table with a small nod. He would be the shy type, looking everywhere except your general direction just to avoid eye contact. God knows how many times he glanced outside the window just to look at the decorative plant. he even counted the leaves.
We all know that social interaction is not his strong suit. It doesn't help that you're attractive.
He'd definitely be the type to pretend to be doing something on his phone; swiping left and right, scrolling back and forth, typing keyboard smashes in his own profile's messages, just to make it look like he's unbothered and actually has a life.
When, in reality, he's sweating because archons he's sharing his table with a pretty stranger; what if you suddenly start a conversation or something?
And you do. Because you, too, found him pretty. You introduce yourself first, then ask for his name.
His heart skips a beat. He's not sure if it's because of his nerves or if it's because you found him interesting enough to start up a conversation with, despite ignoring your presence for the past 10 minutes.
Though he's wiping his sweaty palms under the table, he plays it off coolly: tone flat, intimidating gaze, and a look of disinterest.
That causes you to frown, giving you the social cue that he's not interested in talking to you. So you simply nod and press your lips together in a thin line, saying nothing more.
He notices this, of course. Cursing himself because he just lost the chance of getting to know you. So he thinks of a way to redeem himself.
"Oh, okay." You say in response to his answer. You're embarrassed, to say the least. You spent a whole ten minutes, bouncing your leg repeatedly, debating whether or not you should make the first move to talk, only to be met with disappointment after you finally mustered up the courage.
You lightly nip your bottom lip and tap your fingers on the table. You remain silent as you wait for the servers to call you so you can take your order and go. You really didn't want to embarrass yourself further in front of this stranger.
"I, uh..." You hear him speak up. You don't assume immediately that he's talking to you, so you don't pay him any mind. He coughs loudly enough for you to look at him in concern. Your eyes widen as you see him already making direct eye contact with you.
"Yes?" You ask, taken aback that he was referring to you. Your eyes light up in hope and excitement, curious as to what he has to say.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come across as cold earlier," he says sheepishly. A soft tone, unlike the one he had previously used.
You smile in understanding and shake your head at him. "No, no, don't worry about it! I get like that sometimes too."
He hesitantly returns the smile. It suits him, you think. You found it cute that he chose to apologize to you instead of just letting it be. Most people would move on from this, not wanting to make the situation more awkward. You're relieved to hear that you weren't the only one embarrassed earlier.
"I'm not used to people, especially ones that are as beautiful as you." He suddenly adds.
You blink as you process what he just said. Your face then begins to heat up. You try to hide it from him by placing both of your hands on either side of your cheek.
What? Was he flirting with you? No, it can't be. He doesn't seem like the flirty type. He's definitely more socially awkward than you. And he said those words absentmindedly. Perhaps he didn't mean it that way.
"...if it's okay with you, may I have your number?"
Tumblr media
Glares at you menacingly, like a cat trying to hiss someone away. Him? Sharing a table with someone? Hell no. He refuses. This table is his.
Will look you straight in the eye while placing his backpack on the chair in front so you can't take the seat.
"It's occupied," he tells you before returning to whatever he was doing before. You, not impressed, take his bag and dumps it on the table. You sit firmly, giving him a challenging look as if to say "try and get me out of this chair you brat"
His mouth hangs open, surprised by your audacity. He scoffs and grumbles to himself. Something along the lines of "well, at least you're not a pushover" because if he's going to share the table, it might as well be with someone interesting.
He eventually caves and begrudgingly shares the table with you because it's not like he can be a little bitch about it when the cafe is packed.
Leaves you alone for the most part. You pretend not to notice the irritated glares he gives you whenever you smile or laugh at something on your phone.
A female server approaches your table to serve your drink. She looks at you both and notes that neither of you ordered anything to eat. She smiles sweetly and offers a 25% couple's discount for two strawberry shortcakes.
He gives her a look as if she just offended his entire family. if he has one in this universe lmao He looks just about ready to attack the employee right then and there but you quickly clasp your hand over his mouth and smile widely at her, accepting the discount.
The server's eyes twinkle with delight as she takes down your order on her notepad. She then walks away with a slight skip in her steps.
You heave out a sigh when you see her leave. You feel a vibrate on your hand as the glaring stranger attempts to speak, voice muffled. Before you could even withdraw your hand from his mouth, you felt his tongue move, giving your palm a slow, wet lick.
"Gross!" You immediately retract your hand from his mouth to wipe it on his sleeves.
He swats your hand away, avoiding all your attempts to touch him. "Get your germs off of me!" He exclaims.
"You're the one who just licked my hand!" You argue.
He scowls at you. From his expression alone, you can make out the thoughts that are going on inside his head.
"The hell was that for? First, you hog my table-"
"I wasn't hogging it, we needed to share!"
"-interrupting my peace with your presence-"
"I was minding my own business!"
"-but then next thing you do is make us out to be some kind of couple?"
"Shut up, they might hear you! We'll lose the discount!" You whisper yell, looking around to see if any of the staff heard you.
"You have some nerve."
You roll your eyes at him. So dramatic. He acts like you did something so unforgivable.
"I had to grab the opportunity. It's strawberry shortcake." You reason out.
"We just met. How dare you take advantage of me to get a discount."
"It's strawberry shortcake." You repeat.
He clicks his tongue in annoyance. "What kind of reason is that?" He huffs. "Fine, go eat your stupid cake."
"You don't want some?"
"I hate cakes."
"Why?" Who doesn't love cakes?
"Why? I hate them. I hate sweets in general. Life isn't sweet. Life is full of bitterness and sorrow. I don't get how people manage to laugh in this world. It's annoying."
Well, that explains the glares he kept sending you earlier. How the hell did a conversation about shortcakes turn into something so depressing?
"Damn, who hurt you?"
"My mother."
You gasp slightly, not expecting him to joke about something like that so casually. A smile starts to form on your lips.
No. You shouldn't be laughing. This isn't a laughing matter. But you couldn't stop one from escaping.
Hey, this guy is kind of funny. He's growing on you.
He gives you an odd look as he watches you laugh at his words. He looks almost mesmerized. He mumbles something incoherent to himself and looks away, resting his head on his palm.
"Fine. I'll eat both cakes then. I'm the one paying anyway." You say after calming yourself. He remains silent and glares at nothing in particular.
After a few minutes, the same girl returns with a tray containing two servings of strawberry shortcake. When you were about to hand over your money to her, the stranger beat you to it, placing his own cash on her palms.
The employee smiles knowingly at you. "Ah, paying for the date, how chivalrous!" she exclaims before walking away to return behind the counter.
The indigo-haired man in front of you said nothing to deny her comment and simply took one of the plates from the tray. You stare at him, puzzled. "I thought you said you don't like sweets."
"That's right." He says while he stabs the dessert with a fork and takes a grumpy bite of it.
"But it'd be a real waste of my money if I don't enjoy this with you."
Tumblr media
Has already been observing you since you entered the cafe. And wow you are stunning. Stares at you dreamily from afar as you order your food and drinks.
He will definitely make the first move. He knows his table is the only one available, so when you start looking for a seat, he's the one who offers to share before you even ask.
"Over here!" he waves at you eagerly. As if you were an old friend he hadn't seen in years. You're confused at first because you've never met this person. But you don't have anywhere else to sit, so you simply accept with a grateful smile.
Once you do, oh boy, expect him to be very chatty, flirty even. But you click with him immediately, finding him easy to talk to.
Will ask you all sorts of questions: What's your name? Your age? Your birthday? Your favorite color? Any pets? Exes?
Even taking guesses as to what your answers might be. and he got them all right, if not, then close.
"What's your ideal type? Is it me?"
"Aside from being pretty, what do you do for a living?"
"Have you ever committed a crime before? Because now you have." He says while clutching his chest.
God, you could hardly keep up. You're so flustered that you don't even question if he's a dangerous person or not. He's asking way too many personal questions.
You, in turn, ask him similar questions. It's not a one-sided attraction. He's charming and attractive; he gives you the vibe of someone intelligent. You'd like to get to know him as well.
He willingly answers them, happy to know that you're reciprocating.
Will place his head on his palms and move closer so he could look at your face up close. Observes your little features. Your lashes, lips, eyes, nose. Even moles, freckles, and blemishes, if you have any. And he'll appreciate all of them because he thinks you're lovely.
He will speak whatever is on his mind while watching you eat. You occasionally hum and make small comments to let him know you're listening.
He'd be the type to reach out and take small bites of your food while chatting. He does it so shamelessly that you're impressed, so you just let him.
This boy is so confident with himself, flirting so casually like it's second nature.
He wouldn't go as far as to touch you, of course. He knows his limits and will keep his hands to himself. But he acts so relaxed and friendly with you that you think maybe he's just playing you.
You're not dumb, you know he took an interest in you. It's not like he's being subtle about it either. Although you do feel the same way, you can't help but think of the red flags.
Is this how he always approaches strangers? Is he flirting with you for fun, or does he actually intend to make a move?
"Hmm," he hums and taps his chin lightly. "Your expression tells me you're not sure about my motives, is that correct?" he snaps, raising his index finger, a gesture you noticed him doing repeatedly ever since you met.
You giggle softly and nod. "That's right. A point for you, detective."
He lets out a breathy laugh. "It's funny you say that. Being a detective is my full-time job."
You mouth him a small "wow," because he never mentioned this in any of his chit-chats.
So that's why he's so perceptive and good at interrogating.
"That's quite... attractive." You admit with a light blush dusting your cheeks.
"You think so?" He gives you a teasing smile. He leans back and crosses his arms. "To wash away your doubts, sweetheart, I do plan on pursuing you."
You feel your heart flutter. You think you're about to swoon because of all the flirting you received from him today.
"I'm serious about this one. Only a true detective can crack the case of this heart theft!" he winks.
"And my prime suspect is you."
Tumblr media
When you approach him, he reeks of alcohol. He's drunk. In the middle of the day. At a cafe. Do they even serve alcoholic beverages here?
He appears to be half asleep, his eyelids heavy and his head resting on his arms. You notice the coffee cup beside his head and peek to see what's inside.
Yup, you guessed it. It's alcohol. How the hell did he sneak that in here? You're surprised none of the employees notice him as they pass by.
You choose not to disturb him and invite yourself to his table instead, keeping your distance and not waking him.
Then he suddenly jolts awake, startling you
"Oh! Hello stranger!" he's now fully awake lmfao
Doesn't even bother to know your name and ask why you're sitting at his table. He just starts talking about whatever comes to mind.
Will discuss the dramas he has witnessed in his life. You listen because the way he tells stories is interesting as hell. You're fully engaged in the conversation.
"Earlier, I saw this red-haired dude beat the ever-living shit out of this blue-haired dude. It was amazing ehe!"
That's just one of the many things he shared.
Like?? Does he see stuff like that on a daily basis
You're surprised he's sober after seeing him nearly pass out earlier.
Like Heizou, he will also steal some of the pastries you ordered, albeit in a more subtle manner. He thinks you don't notice this lol.
"You've got a fine taste in sweets, stranger! Tell me, what's your opinion on wine?" He inquires.
"I don't really know much about them; I just drink whatever I want," you respond with an amused smile.
You admit that, while you were wary of him from the start, and your encounter with this stranger was definitely strange, you didn't expect him to be this entertaining. You grow more interested in him, charmed by his open and carefree character.
"Hah, I thought so! I cou-" He's cut off by his own hiccup. You stifle a laugh as you offer him some water.
"Whoops! Sorry 'bout that," he lets out a bubbly laugh and accepts the water.
"As I was saying," he clears his throat after drinking, "if you're interested in wine, I could tell you more about it! I'd say I'm an expert."
"I can tell."
"But if you're not, then.." He trails off.
"..I'm still very interested in having a drink with you sometime! You're quite the gorgeous stranger, you know," he whispers, leaning in and winking.
"So what do you say about keeping in touch?"
Tumblr media
Probably the most normal one to welcome you with that sweet, endearing smile of his. Will even stand up from his chair and pull yours back so you could sit on it. Just a small gesture to show his kindness.
He'll strike up a casual conversation with you just to get to know you better because he thinks you look breathtaking.
Unlike Heizou and Venti, instead of stealing your food, he offers you his instead. He pushes his plate towards you so you could get some.
You refuse because you're too shy and you aren't shameless enough to eat someone else's food.
BUT THEN. But then. He gives you a pout. "Come on, take a bite. Just a bite." cue puppy eyes. How could you refuse him? With that face??
So you take your fork and slice off a tiny piece, just enough to taste it.
He notices this and frowns. He takes action, slicing off a larger piece with his own fork and placing it near your mouth.
"Say aah" You follow, face burning red. So embarrassed that you look like a tomato
He beams at you, pleased to see you eating.
Despite his sweet and gentle vibe, he's actually pretty bold with his advances.
When he sees some of the bread's cream on the side of your lips, he reaches out to wipe it with his thumb and then proceeds to lick it off his finger
He smiles at you innocently too
"You're acting awfully sweet to a stranger." You point out.
"Am I? How could I not, if the stranger is you." He gives you a shy smile. "We could fix the stranger part, how about friends?"
"Are you sure just friends?" You playfully raise a brow at him.
"Well, we could be more in the future." He chuckles softly. Then his eyes widen as he realizes something that didn't cross his mind until now. "But," he quickly adds, "if you're already seeing someone, being friends is enough."
You giggle, covering your mouth behind your hand, finding it adorable that he's still worried about that despite already making a lot of advances. "Don't worry, I've never dated anyone."
He looks at you in disbelief. "Really? That's surprising. I thought someone like you would be off the market by now."
"I get to find and keep the treasure then? What an honor."
Tumblr media
note. fun fact i wrote this because my friend and i had to share a table with this one attractive guy hahdjajdje so i had the urge to write this coz why not 🤷‍♀️
i'm not proud of venti's and kazuha's bcoz i couldn't think of anymore hcs and scenarios for them TT
Tumblr media
main taglist. @catsfavoriteperson @c0nn0rv8 @altariasu @scaramouchekink @sevynnee @scaramouchesmoocher @scarahours @mcryv @hutaosgraveyard @mellobee-draws @sunizome @justanacorn @xiaossideburns @5wirl-z @elitestar @ahopefulldreamscape
send an ask if you want to be added/removed!
Tumblr media
© skaramush do not repost, translate, or plagiarize any of my works on any platform.
Tumblr media
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He protecc
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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41. she’s his what?
it was 9:53 when you finished getting ready, you kept checking your phone every 2 seconds to see if he had texted you; he hadn’t..at least not yet. you hoped..
a ringing came from your phone while you saw a car pulling up; more specifically, his car. he looked at you and smiled.
‘agh! yn you just saw him and you’re blushing already! get it together!’
you smiled back and got in his car, he looked at you with a fond look in his eye and turned to start driving.
“you guys are adorable! do you mind if i take a picture?”
the sudden voice startled you and you turned, there was a woman with amber colored hair sitting in the backseat.
“oh, sorry for not introducing you. this verr, my s-”
“his girlfriend! i’m his girlfriend!”
you froze. his what?
“ah! is that so? it’s..um it’s nice to meet you..?”
she started laughing at you, “the pleasure’s all mine.”
she winked at you and you turned back around towards the front.
meanwhile you couldn’t see xiao he looked at verr disgustingly in the mirror, she stuck her tongue out and she gave him a ‘just go along with it look’ he sighed and shook his head.
when you arrived at the themepark verr was the first one to get out, you were about to get out but xiao held you back.
“don’t listen to verr..she’s like my older sister. she runs the place i stay at.”
“ha that’s a relief.” you sighed and stepped out the car, not realizing what you had just said. when you closed the door what you just said ran through your mind. ‘eh?’
of course on the outside you acted normal, the whole day continued like that and you actually had a really fun time.
“she’s cute, i’m glad i got to meet her!”
“yeah? well you’re not meeting her again..”
“aw c’mon! i think she’s perfect for you!”
“shut up!”
when he shut the door he put his hand over his mouth while blushing
“i think she’s perfect too..”
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a/n i included verr goldet cause i thought she’d be fun to add :))
taglist ! @mikctp @ferumie @whats-humanity-lol @skatercashew @plinkuro @5sos-wdw @sunizome @dollpoetwriting @unknown-kitsxne @yohoo-tehee @g6nyyyu @luvvmeilin @ioverjn @hey-comrade-hold-stil @meisuuu @themusingsofmany @layla240 @tartagliasmoneybag @chosomybeloved @sheiiy @pooonyo @lunavixia @alumi78 @rvoulte @sweetstrawberrybabe @apyrose @yorina @cridtiins @uwak-uwak-uwak-uwak @sukunasrealgf @venyan @r0ttenhearts @q1ngx1n @scarasaver @lleoll @shnezen @prrs-hn @flowersforalois @iveriiii @roguebox @yejixz @dainsleif-when-playable @scaranaris-lil-niko @kitsunechan707 @h1karinooo @shirmxie @twistedrxses @zannivrs @kiamei2010 @thenightsflower @yur1as @kairxse {1/2}
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Shrine Maiden Aether and Demon Xiao AU
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Same smile
Edit: your tears fuel me
Image description under keep reading
[Image description: Lined art featuring Xiao, Arataki Itto, and Bosacius from Genshin Impact. Smiling, Itto approaches Xiao, who is standing with his arms crossed and his eyes closed. Written above Itto are the words, “Yooo”, “little dude”, “little dude”, and “hello”. Itto smiles a wide, toothy grin at Xiao. As Xiao glances up at him, behind Itto is a translucent image of Bosacius wearing an identical smile and saying “Alatus!” Xiao’s eyes widen.
Itto: Huh? What’s that look for? You wanna fight? Xiao: . . . Apologies. I didn’t mean to stare. Itto: Hehe, that’s ok, little guy! Hey, do you like beetles? Xiao: . . . They’re alright. End image description.] 
Image description is thanks to imber-florum on tumblr
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