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eldritch-hall-asylum · 5 months
could you make picrews to show what everyone’s parents look/looked like?
Aight. Bet. Link is the same as the other refs.
First up, Jack K's bio parents, Anna-Claire and Bruce.
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sanriosratz · 7 months
Dorothy/Ferris headcanons!
@eldritch-hall-asylum I think the name ‘Ferris’ would be cute! However, I’m not against ‘Dorothy Ferris [Windroe]’… Anyway, I’d love to hear your headcanons, too (yes, this is my new hc fixation lol)
➤ Ferris is a multipurpose service/assistance dog! He is mainly for psychiatric/autism purposes, but does/can alert and respond to fainting/PoTS episodes.
➤ His tasks include, but are not limited to:
↳ ༉‧₊✎ Retrieve dropped items/carry items
: ̗̀✎ alert and respond to fainting episodes
: ̗̀✎ grounding/DPT (Deep Pressure Therapy) during panic/anxiety attacks, meltdowns/overloads/shutdowns and flashbacks
: ̗̀✎ interrupting panic/anxiety attacks, dissociative episodes, flashbacks, and self-harming behaviours (eg. scratching, skin picking, etc.)
: ̗̀✎ crowd control (circle handler to create space)
: ̗̀✎ medication reminders
➤ Ferris helps guide Ciero away from her triggers as well as create a physical barrier between herself and strangers/crowds (tasks: crowd control and laying between Ciero’s legs to create space between her and people behind her).
➤ He can also provide an excuse for Ciero to leave a situation if she’s stressed/uncomfortable/triggered/etc.
➤ Is 10000000% the bestest and smartest and goodest boi!
➤ Ciero might dye his tail, but I’m unsure if that’d work on Ferris’s fur?
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 3 months
hope you’re doing alright! hope college is going well, too! :3
Jeff: Remember that time you dared me to lick a swingset?
Liu, probably: No, I said "Jeff, don't lick that swingset" and you said "Don't tell me what to do" and licked the swingset.
Ahsusuehee this is funny
(And yes, college is indeed going well).
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 8 months
Cody: you've had coffee today, didn't you?
Toby during a manic episode: coconut cake, and coffee!
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 4 months
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Sad Ciero
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 3 months
Jack G and Jill G were in an (abusive?) orphanage together, right? Can i know about their trauma from their time there? Did they ever get to move out from the orphanage?
Jack and Jill were not abused in the orphanage, but they definitely suffered from growing up there.
They felt unwanted, alone, and scared. They didn't know their medical histories. Their only comfort was a boy that lived near them.
Isaac helped Jack get his first part time job in a kitchen, where he saved up enough money to get to America on a scholarship. Jill also went - through some of her freelance model work.
They mostly felt as if nobody wanted them. They aged out of the system and just... moved. They started college together in America and life went on.
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 2 months
i found a picrew and, upon discovering it had Eejay’s mask, made Eejay
Tumblr media
the black, polyamorous, bi, trans, disabled k i n g who is adopted by two gay dads. rad as hell
the most oppressed bitch to roam the earth <- a quote from Eejay themself and is probably in Eejay’s instagram bio /hj
Shauwyeyeueu it's the boy! The child! The (not so) wee man!
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Ong, the ticci toby redesign looks so good! 😩
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