z-mizcellaneous-z · a day ago
I've seen a lot of theories on why Deku is afraid/in denial of love, but out of curiosity do you have any theories?
I’m gonna be completely honest, I more enjoy reading other people's theories than making my own up, so I’m just gonna talk about some (probably) already existing theories and add my two cents:
Izuku is simply mistaking his love for admiration. We all know that Izuku is extremely sharp and observant when it comes to quirks, battle strategies, and everything hero related. However, he’s not this sharp when it comes to romance. He’s emotionally intelligent, but only in emotions specific to hero work (anger, fear, guilt, etc). In Izuku and Katsuki’s fight at Ground Beta, Izuku brings up how even though All Might was his hero, Katsuki was the one who was actually there. He’s placing both All Might and Katsuki in the same category—the category of admiration. He’s placed Katsuki in this category his entire life, so he’s inclined to keep him there. He hasn’t yet realized that what he feels for Katsuki runs deeper than the fanboy admiration he has for All Might.
He’s afraid of the consequences of being in love with another man. We’ve seen some situations of LGBTQ+ representation in MHA, but we haven’t really seen how same-sex relationships/feelings are viewed by the public eye. There’s always the chance that Izuku is aware of his feelings, that he knows that he’s in love with Katsuki, but he’s scared. Scared of how people will react if they find out. Would they be open and supportive? Or would they be disgusted and closed-minded? Sure, friends aren’t forever and if they’re toxic he can cut them off, but what about his mother? What if she doesn’t accept him? Or even worse, what if Katsuki becomes grossed out by Izuku and ends their friendship right then and there? Izuku wouldn’t be able to handle it.
He thinks that he’ll only hurt Katsuki the closer that he gets to him. First, Katsuki gets kidnapped by the League of Villains at training camp. Izuku goes after him to rescue him, revealing to All For One that Izuku cares enough for Katsuki to come after him. Then, the war arc. At that point in the story, Katsuki and Izuku have definitely gotten closer. They’re not the best of friends per se, but they’re on much better terms than before. Katsuki then proceeds to get stabbed protecting Izuku. Izuku, seeing the person he loves getting hurt, goes fucking berserk. You all know how well that goes down. When Izuku wakes up from the coma, he avoids Katsuki and only leaves a letter. He knew that if he were to tell Katsuki his intentions of leaving in person, Katsuki would try to stop him, or worse, decide to come with him. Vigilante arc begins. Then you get to the oh-so-infamous apology from Katsuki. Under different circumstances, Izuku would have been more than thrilled at this change of heart and would have tried to actively get closer to Katsuki. However, in the circumstances of the war and All For One, Izuku seems to do the opposite. It’s like he’s trying to distance himself from Katsuki so Katsuki doesn’t get hurt because of him. So you can imagine the pure agony that Izuku’s in when he sees Katsuki’s (at this point still) dead body. He knows that if he lets his emotions and feelings for Katsuki take the wheel, he’ll lose the fight. He’s trying to distance himself from his feelings because he’s aware of how intense they are. 
And yeah, that’s it lol. I’m like 95% certain that these theories have been discussed in much better detail/with much better evidence than this, but this is just my personal take on them :)
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slug-cube · a day ago
WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS POSSIBLE FOR BOTH IZUKU AND BAKUGOU TO DIE. FUCK OFF!!!!!!! i cant take it. i cant take it. if i have to witness a katsuki looking at a dead izuku, im going to die. i WILL die. of heartbreak. please please do not let me witness it i dont want it. out of sight out of mind.
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fizzlewizard404 · 17 hours ago
my mom found this worm on a string of mine in her bag and my mind just went:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thathetaliablogg · 2 days ago
I think Francis has issues with not wanting to look vulnerable or hurt in front of people, constantly covering up any and all of his trauma, exactly the same as Arthur, but he handles it totally differently. I think Arthur is one of, if not the only other nation that he will let his guard down around and truly relax and just be himself. Arthur knows that he's often quieter than people think he is, that he doesn't just look flawless naturally the way he makes out, that he has dark circles under his eyes and that he's smarter than most of their peers think too. Arthur gets to see him scrub off the concealer with a cotton pad and plait his hair to protect it, him wearing his glasses to read and him playing sudoku to relax before bed. Francis often talks of how he'd liked to have owned a farm had he been human, with chickens and horses and cows. He's as afraid and as traumatised as any other nation but he's exceptionally good at covering it up, because he seems to believe his outward image is all he has of value. Arthur watches him say goodbye to everyone in the meeting room with a gleaming smile and a chirp in his voice, and then watches the act drop immediately as soon as they're in the lift together. He hears Francis heavily sigh. He offers him a cig. He says "I love you", and Francis returns the gesture. He loves Arthur too.
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nerves-nebula · a day ago
I love making different versions of the same characters and using them in different stories. Like yes they’re madly in love in this story, yes they’re divorced in that story, yes one of them killed the other one brutally in this story (but he got better omg why is it even a big deal it was so long ago!!)
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tumblezwei · 16 hours ago
I very rarely read books that were written really recently, I’m not someone who follows new releases and just kinda goes off of whatever passes the vibe check, so it’s a very strange experience to be reading Nona and be hit with the concept of anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists who mine cryptocurrency.
Like “oh yeah, this book was literally released this year.”
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littlegoldfinchh · 18 hours ago
Went through my screenshots and i found a dick shaped carrot ???
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waragainstintelligence · a day ago
I despise the anti-natalist idea that people shouldn't have children in order to protect the environment. It's obscene and philosophically worthless, implying as it does that climate collapse is simply the result of too many useless people kicking about. It's a complete surrender to the logic of capitalism, which not only wrecks the planet, but uses this as a moral excuse to rob you of the right to contribute to the most basic, most natural processes of life itself. It's life reduced to instrumentality, to the poverty of understanding existence purely as cost vs. benefit.
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gretchensinister · a day ago
I don’t know how much of a thing this is, but a pronoun-use oddity I’ve both observed and participated in (without thinking about it until afterwards) is using they/them for a person whose gender is known and is, as far as can be noted, unambiguously cis (this is to say, the they/them use here isn’t to avoid using a trans person’s correct pronouns)
The situations in which this occurs are ones where, like, the person being they-them-ed is like, someone who has caused a minor problem at work, or someone who has delivered or has possession of information that no one actually wants to hear.
Like, for example: A singular, apparently cis, man, knows information about when tables will be arriving for an event. The tables were supposed to be at a location at 9am. The singular man tells me that the tables will actually be arriving at noon. This is not something he has control over.
When I relay this information to another coworker, it sometimes comes out naturally as “they said the tables will be here at noon.” But we both know it was one individual man who told me that, there’s no one else who had that info.
It’s like...saying “he said the tables will be here at noon” is placing responsibility on him and I don’t want to do that? He’s not in control of table delivery, he was just passing along the message. 
Non-they/them pronouns as markers of individual responsibility? 
“She told me X” (and if she told me something incorrect, there should be consequences)
“They (referring to the exact same person) told me X” (the information has somehow gotten to me. I am trying to confirm it but I don’t want to make a big deal out of it.)
For the record: this odd they/them use is something that I’ve noticed mostly in work/professional situations. Maybe it’s meant to show an understanding of the lack of power most individual employees have? If some problem is happening it’s probably not her or his or xir fault, it’s probably the company, which is collective and genderless. Or maybe I’m trying to be too logical about this. I’m noticing this in the American midwest, which has a lot of arcane politeness rules to begin with.
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sillyscribbles3 · 2 days ago
I FINALLY get the confidence to cosplay as my favorite obscure Monster High character for the Internet, but then they pull this shit on me?!
Tumblr media
Don’t get me wrong, he looks more like a gentle giant, which I love, but I’m just upset about his fit. I mean, a cow print undershirt AND a sweater vest with geometric designs? It just doesn't look right. (I’m also lowkey upset the ditched the nose ring.)
It’s not all bad, though. I thought for sure they wouldn’t renew his trademark. And I am curious about what direction they’ll go in with his personality. All in all, Manny's new design making me feel conflicted, but hopeful.
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arrowsperpetualcringe · 2 days ago
Trainwreckshipping except Volo gets eebie deebied into present day Unova.
Emmet picks him up in the subway like a wet cat and takes care of him.
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mycringefactory · 9 hours ago
For some reason I had this thought where Swatch knows the undo dog from Mario Paint (it’s the game’s undo button).
Tumblr media
Then I thought about that scene from Gravity Falls lol
Tumblr media
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missbaycj · a day ago
I’ve watched ANDOR ep. 1 - 4
First, I am a rebelcaptain hard-shipper, so when watching ANDOR, I try to rationalize how Cassian’s past in ANDOR shaping Cassian’s relationship with Jyn. And it really mean so much for me when they try to put parallel between cassian and jyn’s early life, I don’t have any doubt that they are canon. I mean, they’re really soulmate, and the kyber necklace,, KMN..
Here’s what I got:
1. My first thought was Jyn reminded Cassian of his sister, because I assume that Jyn was the same age as her. The way he’s scanning Jyn from head to toe in the command center, made me think that he might wonder how his sister would be (the same age, same hair color, and maybe height), beside also profiling for his interrogation. Therefore in the shuttle and in Jedha, he let her have her way (with the blaster), protected her and did not leave her. He didn’t want to leave ‘his sister’ behind anymore (believe me, its very hard for me to write this, but I cannot hide the fact that I saw the connection,,T.T)
2. But Cassian also saw himself in Jyn. Jyn was like firecracker, she’s reckless and did anything to survive/achieve her purpose. Her rap sheet consisted of smuggling, assault and attacking facilities, just like Cassian’s in his heyday. Her fire remind him of his old self, the one which he tried to put in a cage because he didn’t want to jeopardize the Cause. This was agonizing for him, he might hate her because she still had the privilege to act like that, still have the privilege to care about someone. That's why he’s kinda hot and cold to Jyn between Jedha and Eadu, I think he really wanted to hate her (because the mirror hurts) but at the same time also want to protect her, to protect ‘his old self’.
3. However, Jyn had a very unique character. She’s fiery, she could defend herself, she wouldn't take no for answer and independent; some quality that might be valued by Cassian (I might be wrong; need to confirm after ANDOR end). Some of these virtues could also be found in Marvaa and Bix, people who’s valued by Cassian. The way he watched Jyn fight in Jedha; during her speech in the shuttle to Scariff or even when she found the Stardust plan in the tower, showed how he really adored her. He fell for her HARD and he couldn’t do anything about it
4. In the end, Jyn was EVERYTHING. Cassian might see his sister, himself and someone that he adored in Jyn, and he wanted a REDEMPTION. I think he knew that Jyn couldn’t give it to him, therefore he didn’t want to make the same mistakes that he did to his sister, himself, Marvaa or Bix. Protecting, caring and loving Jyn become the easy choice. Jyn became the sun that he’s orbiting and he would be her home whenever she need him. Damn, I’m crying again...
So, in conclusion, Cassian might remember his sister in the beginning of their meeting which provoke the protective side of him, but in the course of their relationship, Jyn become more and more significant for him. Given more time, I’m sure it will develop into deep love, they just didn’t have time to recognize their feeling and act on it. So in the end, they just tried to cherish each other in front of the doom caused by the Death Star. Now I want to bury myself in AU fanfiction, BYE. 
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thathetaliablogg · 2 days ago
Imagining Francis breaking down softly crying over the past, and Arthur doing his best to comfort him... Francis holds his face in his hands, weeping gently and Arthur is.. terrified. He does not know how to healthily handle his own feelings, let alone other people's; but he hates seeing Francis upset like this and in his mind it's just not right, so he has to do something. He is frozen for a moment, unsure of what to do or say, so he finds himself sitting next to Francis and hoping his presence is good enough. Arthur thinks about the hundreds of times he has similarly broken down, (though Arthur's emotional outbursts tend to be more on the angry, panicked and violent side of things), where Francis had been able to break through and comfort him. So, he finds himself thinking "what would you do..?", and this question leads him to gently pull Francis into his arms, though he is nervous, and stammer some words of reassurance. Francis cries harder, scaring the hell out of Arthur, but only because he's so, so happy. He knows that it takes more courage for Arthur to be soft than it does to be hard. He appreciates it, and sobs over the fact that he must be loved if someone so stubborn is willing to learn just for him..
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downydig · 2 days ago
I hyperfocused on a project and stayed up too late I teach for the first time tomorrow what am I DOING
Tumblr media
Also check out some of the yarn
Tumblr media
My desk is gone 😔
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nerves-nebula · 19 hours ago
heyyy genuine question: am I using the word intrusive thoughts wrong??
I use the word to refer to the following:
triggering thoughts my brain forces me to think (which sometimes results in my physically reacting like yelping or hitting myself)
stuff that used to bother me more and would be generally considered disturbing by most people (brain saying i should kms, violent depictions of parts of my body being mangled if I’m, say, holding a knife or something.)
and prolly the most irritating, detailed and triggering scenarios i get lost in where people i like hurt me (example: I start to warm up to a teacher and my brain is like “what if they assaulted you. quick, lets run down a list of how you should react and prepare just in case. It would SUCK if you had to keep going to class with them lol but we both know you wouldnt do anything about it” and then depicts them violently assaulting and abusing me)
the thing is that they can get really violent and disturbing, or at least I assume disturbing to other people cuz im kind of just like “well that happened. anyway.”
but they’re almost never aimed AT other people. It’s almost never like “what if ur friend got pushed in front of a car.” and half the time it’s more annoying than distressing cause I know damn well I’m not gonna jump in a river and drown. So is this the correct usage or what.
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thetragicallynerdy · a day ago
Pumpkin Spice Latte is on orally administered antibiotics for the next few weeks (she's fine, just has a lil infection on her belly) which means she gets swaddled twice a day for meds
She's very cute before the meds
Tumblr media
[ID: a photo of Pumpkin Spice Latte, a golden Syrian hamster, swaddled in a blue hand towel so that just her head and one paw are sticking out. Her ears are up and she looks attentively at the camera. End ID.]
And very full of woe afterwards XD
Tumblr media
[ID: PSL, still partially swaddled, but now with her head pressed to the side, her ears drooping, and her eyes partially closed. She looks very sad. End ID.]
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