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buggee22 · 25 days
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honestly the urge to cover toby in blood everytime i draw him is so strong,,,though i must resist,,
Tumblr media
+smth i had to get out while at work. toby hates literally everyone
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somewhat-crazy · 3 months
creepypasta au where everything is the same but instead of "go to sleep", jeff says "go to therapy"
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road-killkid · 2 months
Marble Hornets and Creepypasta aus where we actually keep the canon characterization of Tim and Brian, that they still actively work against the slenderman and that they dislike each other but work together for a end goal of being free.
The aus where they don't make Toby an annoying kid for no reason when the idea that he canonically works blindly for slender, doesn't question it's order and is manipulated to believe it's a Savior is RIGHT THERE.
That you can still have Tim not like Toby because Toby is exactly what they have been fighting so long not to become, that Toby is everything Tim and Brian hate and have worked against. And they hate him for believing the lies and not looking past the manipulation he's been fed.
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spezzaru · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a comic about my Jeff the Killer! you can ask any questions you have about him if you are interested haha, he's basically an antihero. i think he has extremely strong opinions and he's not so easily swayed on those opinions.
i don't usually make comics this serious so please leave a like or something lol 🧡 also I'm taking requests. so u can leave those too!
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krayolacolor · 5 months
Nyctophilia (ch 1)
Slenderman x gn!Reader
Summary: A walk to your friend's house goes terribly wrong.
Key: (y/n) - Your Name, (y/b/f) - your best friend, (f/c) - favorite color
CW: paranoia, getting lost, anxiety. (Lmk if anything else needs tagged)
Tag list: @temegotchi (lmk if you want added!)
How You Meet
You are sitting on your bed scrolling through Tumblr on your laptop when your phone vibrates beside you. You reach over blindly, patting around the bed before your fingers come in contact with the device. After picking it up you swipe through your notifications to look at the message, you see it was sent from your best friend.
‘Come over.’ it reads, you quickly type your reply.
‘Now?’ you ask, glancing back at your laptop screen, and reblogging the last post you read.
‘Yes now, get your butt down here.’ is the response. 
You sigh and roll your eyes, shutting your laptop before grabbing your (f/c) backpack from the floor. You walk out of your room, telling your parents that you’re going to (Y/b/f)’s house as you pass them going out the door.
The walk to your friend’s house isn’t long, but it's getting late, the sun is starting to go down and you have to walk through the woods. You take a deep breath then step onto the path, the woods have always creeped you out a bit, it always felt like the trees watched you.
It’s darker in the shade of the leafy canopy, the wind blows softly rattling the upper branches making the overall atmosphere eerie as you start into the woods. You clutch your phone, using it as a flashlight as you walk, staring at your feet trying to keep from tripping. As the light fades from the sky you start walking faster not wanting to get caught stuck in the woods at night. Looking at your feet to keep from falling, instead of what path you were taking.
A branch snaps behind you, you whip around, turning on your heel to shine your light back the way you came. You don’t see anything. You shake your head, just because it was creepy out here didn't mean you had to freak out at every noise, you tell yourself, it was probably just an animal. Turning back around you start walking, but now you can hear something. 
The noise is very faint, but it almost sounds like TV static?
You can feel your heartbeat speed up in your chest, becoming frantic. Anxiety pools in your gut. The trees have eyes and you keep looking over your shoulder every few seconds, searching the trees for something that shouldn’t be there. Looking for whatever was watching you. 
The noise suddenly gets much louder, as if whatever was causing it is right behind you. Turning slowly to look, you shine your light into the dark trees behind you. It's suddenly silent, the quiet making your ears ring. There is nothing there.
You turn back to the path, letting out a sigh, only to have your light shine on a pair of polished dress shoes. You move the light up, slowly it creeps up two long long legs, and a stick thin chest, the blood red tie of a well dressed man. A very well dressed  man, with no face.
You want to scream, but the sound is trapped in your throat. Taking a step back from the ominous presence, you trip over a stray root stumbling to try and catch yourself before falling onto your back.
The creature tilts its head, leaning down towards you. Shutting your eyes tightly, you wait for death.
No need to be frightened, (Y/n), I do not wish to hurt you. It’s voice seems to echo in your mind rather than be spoken out loud.
You slowly open your eyes as a slender tendril wraps around your arm, pulling you to your feet. The tendril even dusts you off once you remember how to stand.
As you stare up at the creature in shock and confusion about how on earth you're alive a name comes to mind, Slenderman.
I only wanted to tell you that you made a wrong turn on the path, if you wished to go to the house of your friend you are very lost. Slenderman says, the tendril it had brought out disappearing behind its back.
You look around after it speaks, realizing that you don’t recognize this section of the path, this is why you shouldn't stare at your feet. Your eyes widen in fear as you look back to the strange creature, this odd fae that came to inform you that you went astray, you wonder, a bit deliriously, if it was going to eat your soul now.
You can almost hear the sigh when you see the deep rise and fall of its chest.
Here let me take you there, it will be much faster. Slenderman bends down offering you a pale bony hand.
Hesitantly you reach out and take it, feeling very small compared to this giant.
Static surrounds you, filling up your eyes and ears with rumbling fuzz. When the static clears you are standing at the opening of the road looking at (Y/b/f)’s house across the street, lit by the orange glow of the street lamps. Slenderman lets go of your hand and uses a tendril to nudge you into the open.
Good-bye (Y/n), I will see you on your return home, even if you will not be seeing me…
You turn to question that, but as you would’ve guessed the creature is gone. You walk across the street and onto your friend’s porch, giving the woods a last glance before entering. You never told the Slenderman your name.
I hope you enjoyed this first chapter! If you did leave a comment or rb to share the story with others who might enjoy it! ♡
[Chapter 2]
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romantich0micide · 5 months
Sully: God, give me patience.
Jeff: I think you mean 'give me strength'.
Sully: If God gave me strength, you'd be dead.
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dollmakersfans · 2 months
Hello! I was wondering if you can do some random hcs about the proxies or creepypastas?
Have a nice day or night :)
Thank you for asking!♡♡
I will do some Hc for every creepypasta and proxy I can remember
• He sometimes forgets he has his mask on and sleeps with it
• When someone annoys him he ignores it or gets angry and tries to kill them
• sorry to say this but Masky doesn't have practically any emotions, so no he won't hug you and love you mr/mrs. Masky simp
• He doesn't care for anyone, not even for himself
• he SHOULD be dead but Slenderman needed him so he gave him life
• He is never talk to anyone expect Masky Slenderman and sometimes the other proxies, never to creepypastas
• He likes to walk in the city on christmas night
• His ticks get worse (he can hurt himself) when he's sad angry or stressed
• He doesn't annoy Masky with that "hey Masky"
• He once slapped Slenderman on purpose and said it was a tick, he does this every time and gets away with it
• for Slenderman she is very easy to manipulate
• She never washed her mask so it's full of blood.. Dirt and none touches it, they put that mask in a plastic bag when she isn't using it
• She walk with Rouge... She walks Rouge*
• She is practically an animal
• She has 2 personalities who Slenderman can altern by manipulating her
• She is practically always out in the woods killing
Ok let's finish here with the proxies I know there are others so if you want I will do them
• He hates Slenderman and tries to make him go away for as long as possible
• He doesn't hate Sally or Ben, he doesn't lovr them either, he just got used to them
• I'm not ashamed of saying this: he has those man boobs.. Soft men boobs
Laughing Jill:
• lesbian.
• She likes to celebrate her birthday
• She rarely wears heels, too uncomfortable
Jason the toymaker:
• Wears boots with platform
• When he's sad his hair becomes black
• He is superkind to Candy pop
Candy pop:
• He always forgets to knock and walks in when ppl are grtting out of the shower
• He is italian, and swears in Italian when he gets mad
• He is the one cooking
Nathan the nobody:
• He is calm but never make him mad
• Since both him and Vine are schizophrenic they sometimes talk about what they see
• He likes to cook with Candy (they are besties♡♡)
Vine the dollmaker:
• He is a tornado of emotions on the inside but on the outside he always has a calm face
• Sotthing and charming voice
• Probably one of the most smart creepypastas. Why? He can read and write russian and he teached hinself english. We are talking about 2 different languages
• He plays the piano very well
Julius the dressmaker:
•Dreamed about a sugardaddy when he was young
• Always dresses like it's Milano fashion week
• Wanted a dog a parrot and a cat, Killian said no so it's no
I think I'm gonna stop here because rn I can't think of anything else for anyone
Thank you again for asking have a great day beautiful♡♡♡
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duskooky · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Made some more Jeff x EJ art just for Halloween! 🎃🖤 This was supposed to be just Jeff and EJ dancing together while cosplaying for Halloween, but my stupid brain turned that initial cute idea into this- 😭 I seriously should stop drawing these 2 when it's like 2-3am because each time I do, I end up drawing sus stuff XD Jack isn't a vampire but he does have fangs, which means he could actually bite XD he can't suck blood tho lol I went with a cel-shading here and I think it looks nice, especially the hair. I hope that overall both pose and colors look good :,)
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racoondit · 3 days
Some old drawings with Raccoon toby
Tumblr media Tumblr media
These are from before summer, I forgot to post them back then.
Yes hoody's carrying Toby in one of those baby backpacks
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theart-dragon · 3 months
Tumblr media
Toby as wheatley yes. I struggled so much with the design.
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clayteland · 9 months
Why are the shadows telling me to set fire to my house?🤨🤨
Tumblr media
Toby answer another toby :D
Hope you like this :]
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buggee22 · 2 months
Tumblr media
TW blood
been thinking about jane A LOT lately,,,
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somewhat-crazy · 1 year
Slender: adopt some children, they said.
*from the other room*
Masky: Now let’s stay calm and not panic—
Nina: *assorted yelling*
EJ: *demonic screeching*
Slender, without breaking 'eye' contact with Splendor: it’ll be fun they said
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nikoisanidiot · 4 months
Explaining my AU||Background Info and The Creeps
The Creeps are a group of killers outcast from society that lurk in the woods of Denver, Colorado. In my au, some creeps live together in cabins, while others live completely alone, secluded basically(for good reason). The Creeps don't exactly have a boss. Slenderman/Operator is a sentient being the creeps are trying to find more out about because boy oh boy does that being cause chaos. The main 3 proxies are Tim, Brian and Toby. These are the three usually leading hunts for the Operator or giving out commands for solo missions. The creeps don't kill at random, but that being said, the more unhinged, otherworldly do kill at random. The unhinged include EJ, LJ, Candypop, and Kagekao. Though rare they do, it's only random people that wander a little too close to the cabins they inhabit. Onto the creeps!(I will be doing more details for each individual in the future, but this is just a general look into the character.)
Eyeless Jack- 26 yrs old||Goes by he/him||Died by sacrifice. Jack prefers to go by just Jack but when there's two Jacks in the group, it's hard to refer to him as just "Jack", as LJ and EJ would get mixed up a lot. Jack is a medic, and does a lot of the repairs for the team. He likes to be alone, and often the others stay away from him, mainly cause they are scared of the man. EJ does have a separate room in his cabin(he lives alone) where he does all his operations, like fixing up Jeff for the millionth time that week. He also does all his organ harvesting in there. Jeff Woods- 22 yrs old||Goes by he/him||Isn't dead. Jeff(or better known a Jeff The Killer) is a 22 year old Hispanic man. He was acquired by the team when he was found lurking alone in the woods after killing his own family(all except is brother, Liu Woods). Jack is the "strongman" of the team, carrying a lot of brute strength and weird patterns of behaviour. Jeff lives in a cabin with one of the other creeps he gets along with. He live's with BEN. BEN- 19 yrs old||Goes by he/they/it||Died by sacrifice. BEN is a nerd, I'm throwing that on the table right away. He's a computer nerd and does most of the tech stuff the creeps need to have done. BEN is probably the least social guy you will ever fucking meet, he often stays in his room and doesn't come out for hours at a time, busy on his devices or doing something for the team. Toby Rogers- 20 yrs old||Goes by he/him||Isn't dead. Toby is one of the three men that leads the team on hunts/missions for the operator. He isn't immature but also isn't mature either. When it comes to living with people, he live's alone. He's not fond of newcomers, and certain creeps. He doesn't like Jeff all that much, or Tim. Mainly cause Tim and Toby just butt heads a lot. Toby has CIPA, tourettes, and PTSD. All three of these illnesses are dangerous to his mental health and physical health, but he's coping. Toby is an alcoholic in my AU.
Sally Williams- 14 yrs old||Goes by she/they||Died by murder. Sally is a spunky girl, she's very sweet and love's to pull pranks on the creeps. Many of them love her, as she grew up with them. Sally carries around a stuffed animal bear. While she's not fond of killing and rarely ever does, she does like to scare adults, play with kids and learn what being a teen is all about.
Jane Richardson- 24 yrs old||Goes by she/her||Isn't dead. Jane Richardson isn't a creep, getting that off my chest right now. She is a lone assassin killer looking for Jeffery Woods after he killed her family, alongside his own. Jane is a lesbian and her favourite thing on a woman are their hands. Hands tell a story, and she love's stories. She can be cold towards those around her but is mostly sweet to them. Jane is a romantic-goth!
Tim Wright- 29 yrs old||Goes by he/him||Isn't dead. Tim is kind of an asshat sometimes and is also really sweet at the same time. He's the head of the creeps, self titled with Brian. He is a leader, has that personality. This man does have DID and Schizophrenia. Tim is the only one who has come close to the operator and has severe night terrors over the haunting image that was the operator. Cigarette addict(Trying to still keep this a little accurate). But overall? Nice guy who is just tryna survive.
Brian Thompson- 28 yrs old||Goes by he/him||Isn't dead. Brian is a bit of a secluded guy who only really interacts with Tim, sometimes EJ if he's felling up to the task. But more often then not, he's alone in his room. He and Tim share a cabin. Brian likes guns, he prefers them. They are easier to handle. Note about Tim, Toby and Brian. Tim, Toby and Brian all look the most human, so typically, these three are the ones who go into town to get supplies for the others. Like food, water, clothing, shoes, new weapons, ect. Toby usually wears a mask over his mouth to hide his scar, he looks human, other than that.
These are just a few pasta's for now!
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spezzaru · 30 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
messing around with random stuff, still writing stuff for fun in my au! hope you guys like it
if you have any questions feel free... fades away
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krayolacolor · 1 month
Got any spare fluff?
Always do!
EJ likes to sleep on the couch in the main common areas so they can keep an ear out for their family :3
Jeff likes to rough house around with everyone, but especially Ben & LJ because they're both a lot stronger than he is, you can often spot them rolling around in the floor & laughing!
Slender might be busy, but he's always got time to sit with one of his boys if they need him, holding a warm cup of tea and helping them with anything that might be bothering them
If Doby notices anyone feeling down, he'll start doing something silly to try and make them laugh, if he can make them laugh maybe it'll help ease them out of their slump
Image a movie night with a cool old school projector & everyone eats popcorn & cuddles :3
The creeps might be a nuisance to Tim & Brian but they're /their/ nuisance & if anything bad happened to them they would fight God & Satan-
Proxy cuddles- like normal cuddles, but cozier! ;3
They are a big family okay! They all love each other! They're messy & they aren't perfect, but that's love baby!
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