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dilopho-saur-idae · a day ago
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the thang
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brain--drop · a day ago
Creepypasta As Musical Songs I Think They Would Body
I'm gonna get back to writing requests soon, but I wanted to make sure I posted something in the meantime for you guys!//
Jeff: El Tango De Roxanne
The drama and theatrics he would pour into this song, I know it to be true because he is dramatic. Especially on the last part and he would carry on with life as if he didn't just belt his heart out in the middle of his room
EJ: Master Of The House
He'd definitely lock the door to his room or office for this song because he's going all out. I'd imagine he'd sing this song as he's cleaning up around his space and uses his things as props to feel like he's an innkeeper
Ben: The Squip Song
First off, Be More Chill is his favorite musical and I'm not sorry about that. He'll sing this out of random anytime he thinks of it and pulls the best performance imaginable every time without fail
Toby: Meant To Yours
You'd thought I'd give this to Jeff, but no, this is Toby's world and we're just living in it. The rasp in his voice would do wonders when he sings this and he scares people in the mansion often since sometimes he'll even do the scream at the end of the song
Masky: In The Heights
Weird headcanon but Masky/Tim seems like a New York guy in my head, not sure why. New Yorker or not, he appreciates the absolute bop of this song and would give it his all as long as he makes sure he's alone
Hoodie: Feed Me (Git It)
Also kinda New Yorker vibes, Hoodie/Brian would eat this song up when given the chance. Totally see him locking the door to his room so he can dance around in peace without fear of being seen
LJ: The Whole "Being Dead" Thing
He's a Beetlejuice kinnie and he 100% has the voice to pull it off with no problem. He most likely will be performing in his room or around the mansion like he is on the Broadway stage as he should
Jane: Cell Block Tango
Is the song 7 minutes long and has 6 parts, yes. Is that gonna stop Jane from having her gaslight, gatekeep, girl boss moment, absolutely not. She definitely sings this as she's cleaning her space, using the broom as a microphone and dance partner
Liu: The Ballad Of Jane Doe
This is an interesting pick, but I know Liu would leave no crumbs when he sings his song. He'll stop everything he's doing to do this song justice and more than likely sway around to mimic the actual performance
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junk-heart · 18 hours ago
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Ej spread from more than a year ago
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kupcakeey · a day ago
More headcanons but i just project my flaws into the crp boys:3
jeff the killer !!
Tumblr media
Listens to ICP, Marylin Manson, cannibal corpse etc. Blasts his music when everyone’s asleep then when someone confronts him he gaslights them into believing it never happened.
When he’s upset he loses his fucking mind and just starts screaming at people for the smallest mistakes. You drop a glass? Your getting screamed at.
He also likes to take his aggression out on objects. Everytime he breaks something he gets even angrier because it’s a inconvenience lmao.
He’s delusional and has convinced himself that everyone is out to get him a couple times. He didn’t leave his room for 3 weeks bcs he thought someone was going to kill him or something.
Ben drowned !!
Tumblr media
He’s extremely anti-social and is typically locked in his room. He only has a couple friends in the mansion that he talks to
extremely witty and sarcastic once you get to know him. He loves to make fun of his friends and tease them for thing he does all the time.
When he’s locked in his room though, he’s likely blasting songs like, lollia, rebzyyx, Horrrormovies, S3RL, 6barleyhuman etc.
He’s severely depressed and his room definitely reflects it. it’s absolutely littered in trash and mold :( poor baby
in my AU he’s 16 but hes heavily influenced by all the alcohol jeff drinks (since the share a room) so hes definitely a alcoholic too:(. has done some pretty heavy drugs to
Eyeless jack !!
Tumblr media
Again just like ben very very reserved. doesn’t partake in the craziness of the mansion and looks down upon everyone else. only respects the proxies bcs of slender man
Most of his days are spent looking for food, going on walks, kidnapping ppl and practicing surgeries on them, reading etc. he’s a pretty buddy guy according to him
He dosent own technology and thinks it’s stupid. instead he reads or writes to keep him happy! ofc he still watch’s movies off of the mansion tv sometimes.
He’s a viscous demon who has no respect for humans/ghosts. he’s completely lost touch with his human side and sees humans as weak. It’s not worth your time trying to get close to him unless your a demon like him. he’ll just push you away.
Tbh i feel like he’d be a huge Edgar allen poe fan (same). He probably likes murakami and his books probably have a huge impact on how he views woman😭.. im sorry i reallt don’t like this guy LMAO
Also tysm guys for 50 likes!! ik it’s not a lot but tysm :DD !! (also pls follow my tiktok if your not already following it! @g0r3.wh0ree)
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damien2019 · 28 days ago
No beefy masked man is safe from becoming a babygirl
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seemslegitflapjacks · 5 months ago
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Since nobody else was gonna say it.
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citriicacid · 25 days ago
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I havent drawn these two since i was 12-
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ijustwannahavefunn · a month ago
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Get ready for Sunday! I'm gonna drop a video tomorrow 😘 Happy Halloween ❤️🎃
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groovy-goth-gators · 23 days ago
pov: ur goofy ass got nabbed by the creeps,, and Jeff is uh- not very happy
Tumblr media
oh yeah?? well what if I make a y/n's pov crp comic?? huh?? - just kidding,, ~unless~
Tumblr media
b/w 4 the mo0dy vibez
(click 4 better quality)
also js the idea of making a whole ass comic abt y/n's path to the mansion is,, oddly enticing
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teethflavoured · a month ago
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hey you, yes you. the creepypasta enjoyer reading this. you’ve been a good boy this year, so i owe you some drawings i did of some silly goobers for Halloween
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catinsweatpants · 4 months ago
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airtea-y · 29 days ago
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they are so precious to me,
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amaesama · 3 months ago
𝑊ℎ𝑎𝑡 𝑤𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑑 ℎ𝑎𝑝𝑝𝑒𝑛 𝑖𝑓 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑠𝑡𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑒𝑑 𝑙𝑖𝑣𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑖𝑛 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑚𝑎𝑛𝑠𝑖𝑜𝑛
So the Slenderman has chosen another troubled soul to manipulate, force to do his bidding, induct into the mansion, great! We’re all one big happy family here, so I’m sure you’ll fit in just fine! Whatever may have happened in the past is over now. This is your new home, and everything is going to be just fine.
╭── ⋅ ⋅ ── ⨂ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╮
Everyone is really weary of newcomers.
For the first few days of you being there you will absolutely 100% catch people staring at you, like ‘what is this new thing and what do we do with it.’
The first people to come and talk to you are Nina, Jane, Liu and Dina.
Nina wants to make new friends so she’ll try her best to be nice and welcoming to you, she might be a bit too much at first but she means well.
Jane and Liu are there to warn you of any potential pastas to stay away from (*cough*Jeff*cough*), Liu will do most of the talking because he’s lovely.
Sully won’t front straight away, he will watch you when you talk to Liu to see what you’re like but otherwise he’ll leave you alone.
Jane will try to introduce you to Clockwork but 9/10 she’ll be ‘busy’ so it might take a while to get to know her.
Dina is an absolute sweetheart and they will try their best to be welcoming to you and make sure nothing bad will happen.
There’s a chance that they might try to introduce you to Helen but he just will not make an effort to talk to you, you’ll have to find another way to get to know him.
Dina will also introduce you to Ann and Johnathan, Johnathan will be a bit more talkative but you have a feeling that’s only because he wants something out of a relationship with you.
Ann won’t be all that interested. If you actually want to pursue a friendship with her then get beat up and she might be in the infirmary. Might be.
Speaking of the infirmary, that’s the best place to find him E.J, he spends most of his time down there, so if you ever want to talk to him or need something from him he’ll be down there.
He’s not too social and it’s rare to see him anywhere else, but he will always help someone if you’re injured. If you spend time to get to know him he’ll be very happy, though (he’ll probably ask if he can have your kidney somewhere along the line, he’ll assure you that the operation will be safe but he’ll respect you if you say no).
BEN and Sally are also two people that will be the first to talk to you.
Like Nina, BEN tries his best to spark conversations with people. He’ll probably play a few pranks on you though so be careful.
Sally just wants to play so she talks to everyone, she has no ill intentions so she’s a pretty safe person to be around.
You’ll 100% see Hoodie and Masky around as they basically do everything the Slenderman asks them to do, and if you’re new that’ll be to train you and do the whole initiation process. You’ll see Toby less frequently, but still pretty regularly in comparison to most other people.
Jeff will test if you’re good enough to be friends with him by setting Smile Dog on you. If you don’t run away from him or if you don’t try to kill him you’re good.
However, being friends with Jeff means you probably won’t be friends with Sully. Liu is a bit more accepting (strangely enough) but he’ll still be a bit iffy, he believes you should be friends with whoever you want but he probably won’t be around you if he’s there.
Ok onto actual life in the mansion.
Very rarely will you have a proper meal.
And by very rarely I mean only if you make yourself something or on one of the pasta nights.
A pasta night is something that happens every month (or every other month if no one can be bothered) where someone makes a shit ton of pasta for dinner for laughs.
It’ll almost always end in an argument because there are so many dysfunctional people living in the mansion.
And then there’s an argument on who should clean up, in the end they came up with a router where everyone takes turns.
E.J only comes along to these nights because he feels he has to, he can’t eat the food so he just kind of sits there.
Not many people can cook, so it’s usually either Tim, Brian, Clockwork or Liu who make the pasta.
No matter what your background is there will most likely be someone who went through the same thing, so if you’re happy with talking about it and so are they then you’ve basically got a therapist buddy.
Smile Dog is the family pet except instead of seeing him as a full blown family dog he’s treated like a person, minus all the responsibilities and stuff.
He’s a freeloader. That’s what I’m trying to say.
Also a great guard dog.
Not every room is an en suite so there’s a chance you’ll have to share a bathroom with like 5 others. And sharing a bathroom with literal serial killers? Not fun.
They’ll always flush, don’t worry, but some of them take excruciating long. Jeff is known to take long ass showers and sing obnoxiously loud (because he’s a dick) so avoid the bathroom that’s closest to his room.
Honestly it might be best to befriend someone with an en suite. Helen has one (mostly because people were annoyed that he kept going to refill his water when he’s painting), and he’ll probably be indifferent to you using his bathroom.
E.J also has one and he basically lives in the infirmary so he probably won’t notice if you use his, but you’ll have to ignore the mini fridge in his room. You just know what he keeps inside it.
He also doesn’t like being called ‘E.J,’ he mostly puts up with it. With two Jacks around it can be confusing so he understands why people call him that, but when the other one isn’t around he doesn’t get why people call him this. Call him Jack and you’ll be in his good books.
The proxies have their own bathrooms as well, and since they’re always out you might be able to use theirs.
Hardly anyone can be bothered to clean their rooms so they all live in their own mess.
If you complain about it enough then you could potentially bully some people into cleaning them.
Jeff is the worst.
Absolutely vile.
Jane has one of the best rooms because she’s a literal goddess so of course it is.
Helens is covered in paint.
Jacks is passable if you ignore the mini fridge.
Tim’s absolutely sticks of cigs so you probably don’t want to go in there.
Toby’s is- yep. It’s definitely… something!
Also for room arrangements, the people who hate each other are located a far away as possible from each other to reduce conflict. There are multiple floors, probably around 3, with the ground floor being where the living room, kitchen, infirmary and all that stuff is.
Floors 2 and 3 are mostly bedrooms. Liu, Jane, Nina, BEN, E.J, Helen, Dina, and a few others are on floor 2.
Jeff, Tim, Brian, Toby, Kate, Ann (if she’s at home) and some others are on floor 3.
Bless you if you end up on floor 3. It’s so noisy. Mostly because of Jeff.
During the day you probably won’t see many people, you may see them crawl out of their holes to get food but that’s pretty much it.
You’ll most likely get into a few fights because these fuckers are aggressive and argumentative.
Say anything mean to Sally and everyone will hate you forever.
It’ll take a while for you to fully feel like you fit in (a few months to a year) so try to keep on everyone’s good side and everything will be just fine.
If not then you’ll be hated forever. These assholes know how to keep a grudge.
You won’t see Slenderman.
You’ll FEEL him, but hardly ever see him.
If he does contact you it’ll be via Tim or one of the other proxies, or he’ll talk to you telepathically.
If you’re in the house then he’ll always be watching you.
╰── ⋅ ⋅ ── ⨂ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╯
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sensitivecerebrum · 2 months ago
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A quick drawing before bed (:
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kidical · 7 months ago
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cut him some slack he just found out gay people were real like 2 days ago hes trying his best
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venviouz · a month ago
Please like masky. Masky is everything.
Tumblr media
Ps. Math fucking sucks
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