Mira: is there something wrong with your nervous system?
Tim: I don't have a nervous system.
Tim: I am a nervous system!
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Might be an odd question, but you know how Jack’s bio parents were musicians and made music; would Jack ever go on to make music like his mother and father? Maybe as his alias ‘EEJAY’? I was thinking about it earlier, maybe Charles could help them, too…
Jack the smaller doesn't really want to start singing as a career.
He prefers singing showtunes with his dad, or to old arias on the gramophone with his father.
He will always feel like he's trying to live up to his mother, or to outdo the man that sired him.
So, no.
Jack wouldn't begin a music career.
Instead, he'd want to be a Doctor House style doctor.
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Elspeth, kicking Richard out: Put what we had aside. You could never be satisfied. God, I hope you're satisfied.
Zephyr, dancing in excitement with Octavian: Well, he's never gonna stay with mom now.
Octavian: never gonna stay with mom now!
Ciero: never gonna stay with mom now!
Patrick: never gonna stay with Els now!
Favio: never gonna stay with mom now!
All kids, excited: never gonna stay with mom now!
Zephyr: that's one less thing to worry about!
Octavian: that's one less thing to worry about
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Happy thanksgiving to all my American followers.
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I was listening to this, and thought of Charles and Jaeson. But, like, if Charles gave Jaeson the chance to sing vocals with him - like they did so long ago.
Jaeson would see it as his chance to grab the spotlight he always felt he had to fight for, while Charles would see it as a chance to sing with his best friend.
And it's only years later that Charles fully realises how Jaeson felt he had to fight for his fame.
And that makes Charles feel...
...like a shitty best friend.
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Octavian, about his green tea: and it has vitamin c, which boosts my immune system.
Olly, with a cup of orange juice: orange juice.
[She takes a couple steps out of the kitchen. Then, comes back]
Olly: with bits.
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[EJ has been in holding; Zephyr has come to pick him up, and looks incredibly intimidating]
Police officer: Sir, you will find that the word "fear" is not in my vocabulary.
Zephyr: perhaps... but it is in your eyes.
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Xe just kinda... grew out of biting people, if that makes sense?
Okay, okay, first-if-all, I hope you’re doing well! Secondly, has Jack ever attacked anyone? Considering that he attacks people in canon (and rips them apart to get their kidneys), maybe it would fit here? Maybe he’s pushed to his limit and instead of insulting the offender, he lunges and bites them (probably when he was younger and maybe he draws blood, sharp teef boi)? Just an idea!
When he was little, he used to bite (like Kate does now). But he hasn't bitten anyone since Papa Jack had some flavoured moisturising lotion on his leg that tasted gross.
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- Jay chose his name (“Jay”) because he thought it sounded nice. However, Jay, in Indian (Sanskrit ‘jaya/जय’), means “victory” and “triumph”, it can also mean “God may protect”, and “to rejoice”. When he learnt about this, he cried at how much his name meant sense to him. Jay triumphed and become victor against his traumatic past, and against his dissociative disorder. Jay loves his name, it means a lot to him and makes him so happy when people call him “Jay”.
- Doby chose his name mainly because it stuck out to him and resonated with him. He is Doby, Doby is him. D, Dream, his beacon ahead; O, Optimistic, looking for the bright and good amidst the dark and bad; B, Busy, his life never stood still; Y, Youthful, eternal look.
- Jack chose his name because Papa Jack helped him to gain some of his stolen independence back. Papa Jack loved him and never shouted at him, Papa Jack is a light and warmth in a dank, dark room.
- Bentley chose his name, and much like Jay, never knew the meaning of it. Bentley was different to his deadname, Bentley was his name, he chose it himself and it removes his connection to Alice. “Meadow with coarse grass”; glorious rolling hills and the tranquil British countryside. Being free from the wrath of a woman far too horrid to call a mother. “Coarse grass” being stronger than before and separating yourself from the girl that let everyone do what they wanted; now a boy with a strong head on good shoulders, and has barriers.
- Jill chose her name because she wanted to have a name that meant she was still close to Jack. Jack and Jill, Jill and Jack. (I actually see her full name being ‘Jillian’)
- Favio chose his name because he’s a momma’s boy, through-and-through. Elspeth means a lot to him and wanted to let her help in choosing is name. “Wisdom and understanding”, it fit perfectly. (Mod, how did you come up with his name?)
- 🏳️‍⚧️🖊
(Actually, I think in Canon that Doby's name is just a nickname that stems from Richard. I like this, but the reality of it that RJ posted was funny).
Ajsjsjssi I loved this!
As for how I chose Favio's name... I think it was more just it sounding fancy/upity.
(Also, Jack probably chose that name because he is... not very creative and it was just what he felt fit him best).
I didn't really know the depths of this.
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Okay, okay, first-if-all, I hope you’re doing well! Secondly, has Jack ever attacked anyone? Considering that he attacks people in canon (and rips them apart to get their kidneys), maybe it would fit here? Maybe he’s pushed to his limit and instead of insulting the offender, he lunges and bites them (probably when he was younger and maybe he draws blood, sharp teef boi)? Just an idea!
When he was little, he used to bite (like Kate does now). But he hasn't bitten anyone since Papa Jack had some flavoured moisturising lotion on his leg that tasted gross.
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(Not necessarily an NSFW ask, but it does allude to it; it’s not the main focus of the ask, though). Since Tim and Jay (almost wrote Tim and Jam…) tend to get “freaky”, and Jay has past traumatic experiences with SA (in his fourth foster home if I’m not mistaken?), how did Jay learn to get comfortable enough to get intimate with Tim?
Under the cut for length and mentions of SA
It was mostly just through years of therapy beforehand (he had been getting support basically from the moment he was adpoted, after he told Naveedah about his past),
learning to trust Tim (through friendship and their affection for each other),
and through Tim's constant concern/want for things to be done "right".
By that, I mean that Tim is always so concerned with making sure Jay is fine that he sometimes gets too wrapped up in his thoughts.
It honestly made him feel really loved, knowing that Tim was so concerned about making things feel enjoyable for both of them.
And I'm not gonna lie to you, anon, the first time between the pair... not that long. Not that... good, in terms of sex. But it was their first (proper) times, and it was a moment they adored.
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Are Sally and Ben good friends? I like to think that they are and like taking care of Ben’s piggies together (I almost misspelt Ben as ‘Beb’)
(Lol Beb).
Yes, they do get along. Sally loves helping with the piggies. She sometimes helps Ben brush them when he needs a hand.
The two find ways to play with them - like setting up snuffle boards with treats for the pair.
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how does Mira, Doctor Baudelaire (such a beautiful name!) help the kids? are there certain plans in place to help them?
(Thank you! I love her name, it's so pretty!)
It usually varies depending on the child. With the ones she's seen longer, it's making sure they're using their coping strategies and helping them heal and move forward from their trauma.
With her more recent patients, it's a matter of helping them develop those strategies, and building up a rapport with them, to help them feel comfortable with opening up to her.
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Richard survives AU Incorrect Quote
Under the cut for length
TW for violence, and mentions of divorce.
[Elspeth is stood out on the balcony, with a champagne flute. Richard clears his throat]
Richard: you look lovely tonight, Elspeth.
[Elspeth turns around. She shrugs]
Elspeth: Thank you, Richard. 
[She goes back to staring]
Richard: Uh, Els? Aren't we gonna talk about this?
Elspeth: about what?
Richard: us! Our family! The d-i-v-o-r-c-e. I mean, how are we gonna tell everyone?
Elspeth: we'll tell the kids tomorrow, and then once it actually happens, we'll let everyone else know.
Richard: …you mean that you're really going through with it?
Elspeth: that was the plan…
[Richard scoffs]
Richard: I cannot believe you, Mrs. Windroe! You've always said how important family is to you, and now, you're just… kicking your husband out!
Elspeth: I'm not kicking you out! I'm asking you to move your things to another room until we get everything sorted!
Richard: you're wanting me to leave!
Elspeth: I mean, it wouldn't be bad if you had a place of your own…
Richard: Face it, Els! You're wanting to just kick me out!
Elspeth: Richard, we have been together since we were sixteen. Married since we were eighteen. I have given to you, and raised with you, four wonderful children. But this was never our choice, was it? 
Richard: what do you mean?
[Elspeth finished her glass. She sets it down and turns around]
Elspeth: our fathers set us up, Richard! They… they paired us like show dogs to get the best results. They arranged our marriage - like a business agreement. And… and now... now, I want out…
[Richard is silent]
Elspeth: the only reasons we were together was to have kids to continue the Windroe family. Well… the youngest of four just turned fifteen this morning. In a couple years, he'll be off to college. We don't need to be together. We can… go our separate ways. We can be happy.
Richard: but… I was happy.
Elspeth: were you? Or were you just complacent? Did you just happen to luck out on finding a wife that could deal with the colossal amount of bullshit you drop on a daily basis?
[Richard has nothing to say]
Elspeth: …I thought so…
[She turns to go inside. As soon as she opens the door, he starts yelling]
Richard: you swore, for better or for worse, you said so!
Elspeth: Richard! Shut up! I told you: we are not talking about this!
[She walks into the party… and Richard follows behind her]
Elspeth: Richard, there are plenty of other people you can talk to-!
[Richard grabs her wrist]
Richard: you're supposed to be my wife!
Elspeth: Richard, let go of me!
[She tries to pull her hand away. Octavian tries to help out, and attempts to tug Richard away]
Octavian: don't touch mom like that!
[Richard elbows Octavian in the stomach]
Richard: don't treat your father like that!
[The two quickly get more physical with each other. They begin throwing punches. Before it can get too far, however, Elspeth pulls Octavian and Richard apart. She checks Octavian over quickly, before turning to Richard]
Elspeth: Richard Vilson, get the fuck away from my son, and get the hell out of my house!
Richard: Fine…! 
[He storms out. Elspeth goes back to Octavian]
Elspeth: are you okay, baby?
Octavian: I'm fine, Mama.
[Elspeth hisses as she looks at his bruised eye]
Octavian: you should see the other guy.
Elspeth: baby, don’t act a hero. That was grandma’s job. Now… are you okay?
Octavian: I’m fine, ma!
[Zephyr walks over]
Zephyr: Mother, what was that about?
[Elspeth sighs]
Elspeth: Zephyr, get Patrick and your brothers. I… have something to tell you all.
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I don’t know everything there is about being muslim, or muslim restrictions, mind telling me about Jay and his muslim restrictions? (Does this make sense?)
(I don't really know that much about it myself, but I've tried to do my research here!)
Jay only really follows the food ones- because they were the big ones he faced with his mum. She didn't want to force him to follow her religion, but she also didn't feel comfortable buying haram foods. So, he grew up eating halal stuff.
He's never had bacon or shrimp.
He also fasts during Ramadan (if he is healthy enough to, as in not menstrusting/on his period/not having a bad mental health time).
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How does eldritch hall make sure it’s inclusive with the children’s (do the adults follow any religion?) religions? (The only ones I can think of right now are Judaism with Toby and Cody, and (TST, hopefully?) Satanism with little Jack)
(Jay also follows muslim restrictions - like his mum).
It's mostly through the parents sharing information, such as when holidays are, what food restrictions there are, etc.
Like, Cody and Toby go to their mother's house on a friday for their Shabbat dinner.
Jack G took the time to learn recipes that all the kids could eat that wouldn't mess with their religious restrictions.
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Charles and Mira!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The pair of bicons! And also Charles' parents!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rita and Winter!
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