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bkdk / song of achilles
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Would Husband Bakugou defend and protect you? I think he would be very protective over his women.
I think Bakugo would be territorial when young, protective when he’s older. 
Part of it depends on if his S/o is a pro-hero, a normal citizen / quirkless. 
If his S/o is a Pro-Hero:
You’re always on his mind. 
He worries when he hears about large attacks outside of his jurisdiction. What if that’s you? What if today’s the unlucky day? He told you he loved you this morning, right?
It’s not that he doesn’t believe you can do a good job or are a bad hero, it’s just...he has this overwhelming feeling in his chest when he thinks about you being thrown around. 
Every night he comes home and looks at all your bumps and bruises, asking you if feel ok. He just worries, that if he misses something, it will be his fault you get sick and can’t work. 
When that day comes - where you’re both sent to the same active villain attack - and he sees you thrown back against the concrete, something in Bakugo snaps.
To be honest, he doesn’t even remember anything. It takes on of the other side kick's explaining how he nearly nuked the whole battle ground for him to realize what happened. But it was for you, so to him, it’s worth it. 
Because he would do anything for you. Really. Anything. 
If his S/o is a Normal Citizen / quirkless:
Bakugo oddly isn’t as outward as one may think. He isn’t as worried when he knows you’ll be at work or at home, maybe out with friends.
It does stress him out when you aren’t home when he is. There’s lots of wild thoughts in his head, but he tries so hard not let them run wild.
What really gets him though, is when he takes you out to the bar and all these guys (pigs) think they can just... talk to you
Who the fuck do they think they are???
And what’s worse, is you know some of them. They’re friends almost, people you hangout with on nights he’s on patrol, and that stings so badly. Bakugo wants to be here, wants to go out and make you happy and smile, but he’s working.
His insecurity about being home enough, about you falling out of love with him, really takes hold. 
So he holds you close. Like really close. Like hand around your hip, kissing your palm, gross ‘high schoolers who got left alone for too long’ kind of PDA. Because these assholes better get the message about who your man really is.
He also makes the executive decision to buy you a bigger rock. Yeah...that’ll show them!
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↳ Dedicated to my awesomely honey Itz @queenrojpag  ♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )
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the origin trio laughing 
boku no hero academia season 5 - ova #2 
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We’ve all assumed it’s gonna rain as Izuku mourns Katsuki’s death because that’s how the setup looked like.. clouds.. death.. a card..a memory from childhood…and Katsuki hates rain..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
But it’s actually gonna be Katsuki.. mourning IZUKU as it rains all over them when he finally wakes up.. and he’s gonna wake up to a disaster.. Last few chapters have shown us Katsuki can’t do this without Izuku.. and next few chapters are gonna show us Izuku can’t do this without Katsuki..
I’m not saying Izuku will DIE. But he may appear dead. Or he’ll be ALMOST dead. But remember how SFO revived himself with anger and hate when his heart stopped. What if this is paralleled by Izuku’s heart starting again because of love?
And Katsuki.. who HATES rain.. will be drenched in it as he holds a dead (?) Izuku in his arms and screams his lungs out..???? Cause he wasn’t there to protect him…
We are gonna see the difference between the way Izuku handled the sight of Katsuki.. which was utter avoidance, denial and trying not to look at him or even think about him.. let alone run to his side..because he is suppressing a lot of emotions..
And then we’re gonna see Katsuki handling the same thing in a much different way. He isn’t holding back.. he’s gonna run to Izuku, fall next to him, hug him, hold him and scream.. and it’s going to be heartbreaking…
Hori loves defying our expectations like that. And we all collectively assumed we’re gonna get a broken Izuku, morning the death of Katsuki.. because that’s how the setup looked him.. but the setup was for something else…the situation may be reversed…
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Been wanting to do this for BKTD in forever, I finally finished it ahaha
Tiktok | Instagram
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k. bakugou <3
in which a modern day, college! au bakugou receives flowers from his s/o unexpectedly
a/n ;; HEHHRHDHRGRHEH i’ve had bkg on my brain recently so pls take this🙏🏼 just absolute teeth rotting fluff.
your eyes were burning from a lack of sleep, seeing as your excitement kept you up. the sun had yet to rise, so you had every opportunity to sleep, but you chose not to.hands fiddling with the dainty white tulips you just bought for your boyfriend, katsuki, you were quite nervous. would he think this is weird? i mean, not everyone gets their boyfriend flowers. as the line to pay got shorter and shorter , the urge to put them back and leave become stronger. eventually, you were one person away from paying and your brain was loud.
‘what if he doesn’t like them? maybe i should get roses instead? fuck, maybe-‘
“next!” the clerk yelled, you nearly flinched at the sound but moved to pay regardless.the nerves seemed to fizzle from your finger tips and your heart rate slowed gracefully as the clerk smiled at you genuinely.” flowers for a partner , huh?” she gushed, red nails tapping at the register. you nodded happily,” my boyfriend and i are going on a date , ‘ wanna do something good for him,” you beamed. she cooed at your expression,” how adorable! g’luck sweetness!” said the clerk, she handed you the bouquet and you were on your way.
a small ‘ding!’ was heard from your phone, and as you walked a grin etched into your features seeing that katsuki had texted you.
‘hey gorgeous, i’m leaving rn. you leave already?’
seeing as your hands were full you just typed ‘ yes’ and tucked your phone away. you securely set your flowers up in the back seat and started your car. butterflies, a whole colony of them maybe, erupted in your tummy when you thought of katsuki accepting flowers from you. his toothy smile and gorgeous eyes gleaming, it brought a certain warmth to your cheeks. you saw the sun peeking out at you from behind the fog and clouds before you, candy-toned pink and purples hues starting to form like a blanket over the clouds. taking a last turn off,katsuki’s car came into vision.
his broad figure was seated on the hood of said car facing the east, parked in the middle of a grassy area in a park.you both loved secluded date areas. his house, a parking lot date in his or your car, the balcony of your college with books scattered around you ; forgotten. as long as you were together.his legs sprawled out infront of him, he looked so beautiful, just as he always does, you thought. he grinned at you through your window when you came into his line of vision and you parked your car next to his. you were about to get his flowers from the back when he enveloped you in a warm, welcoming and almost yearning hug. his arms wound around your shoulders as he planted a one, two, three, four kisses on you mainly circling the crown of your head. “ ‘missed you,” he mumbled. you smiled into the fabric of his jacket , “ you saw me yesterday on campus, baby.” you tutted, rubbing his back. he let out a breath of a laugh, light as a feather. letting you back up to look up at him with one final kiss to your forehead.
“how’re you doin’?” he asked , his voice barely a whisper. his tone was so soft that his words could be carried by the wind.katsuki had you embraced still, your faces inches away. he didn’t like when you were far from him. this was how he showed love to you, by keeping you close. holding you, kissing you, he was so enamoured by loving you. even as you answered a little,” ‘m always good with you, katsuki,” with a smile, he snorted . “ you’re so cheesy,” he retorted. nothing however, nothing at all would be able to hide the gorgeous smile on his face as he said it. “ shut up, little shit,” you shoved him a bit. he laughed at you, a melodic sound to your ears, “ what about you? how are you?” you asked , hands now toying with the hair at the nape of his neck. he shrugged,” tired, but ‘m happy.” he put simply. katsuki took your hand gently in his own, encasing it as he led you to the hood of his suv. he helped you onto it as he closely followed. the sun was almost up fully now, orange , pink and purple painting a picture so elegantly designed that it nearly planted a feeling of peace in your mind.
katsuki’s leg was thrown over yours, and you glanced over at him. god , he was the most beautiful person on this fucking earth. his crimson eyes were so glossy, low- lidded as he gazed at you. they looked a bit dark in this lighting but they way they shone was godly ; akin to a glass sculpture. his hair was smushed by the black cap he wore, blond locs falling onto his forehead that moved slightly when he tilted his head at you curiously. his cheeks, so gorgeous and clear, soft. a perfect canvas for the new light of day being born before you. katsuki bakugou is the love of your life, so perfect and flawed at the same time. he was impatient, rude. at times he would become so upset over silly things that it seemed he didn’t care for your feelings. he was growing . he had a lot of healing to do but that’s why you loved him, and most certainly why he loved you. you were so patient and kind to him. it made him feel like healing was worth it.
lost in your thoughts, you remember something. you jolted up, surprising your beefy boyfriend. “ wha’s wrong?” he muttered, but you were already rummaging around your back seat. you carefully put them behind your back and kicked your car door shut.slowly, you approached him and your mischievous expression brought a smile to his face. “ooooh, whatcha got there , baby?” he teased you. your feet kicking the ground and nerves rushing through your blood, grazing your legs and warming your face,you approach him. “ close your eyes, ‘suki.” you instructed. he straightens up, closing his eyes and holding his head high. he was so fucking adorable- you could cry. you place the flowers infront of him and the paper immediately causes him to scrunch his fluffy brows in confusion.
his eyes slowly open, and his face is blank for a second. he picks up the bouquet , rough hands placing gentle touches on the petals of each flower.you saw a look in his crimson eyes. you couldn’t tell what it was; sadness, confusion, anger. it was so blank but so expressive all at once. the mountain of a man before you seemed to have shattered over a few flowers. his eyes flick to meet your own. his tone is once again soft, almost cracky, “ you got me flowers ..?” he asked you. you felt regret bubble into your throat and threaten to spill,”i’m sorry , it was a dumb idea, i-“ he holds up his hand, rest the flowers on his thigh.
“ ‘s pretty , y/n. i appreciate it.” he mutters, not meeting your eyes. you grab for his free hand, you could feel the lodge in his tone. like he was holding something back. his mind was racing behind his eyes and it always upset you when he felt he shouldn’t share it. “ what’s wrong?” you whispered to him; like if you spoke any louder- he’d simply shatter.
shatter he did. he looked down and grasped your small palms , his eyes glossed with ashamed and overwhelmed tears. he was upset. why is he so sensitive ? it’s just some fucking plants, if his mother was around she’d tell him to suck it up.
suck it up, suck it up , katsuki.
“ nuffin’” he said, harshly wiping his eyes. you took ahold of his jaw,” no , katsuki. you’re feeling something and i’m not allowing you to keep it to yourself. if you don’t like this you need to say something or i’m gonna keep doing it.” you said sternly, his gaze jumped from your left eye to your right , searching for something. assurance, possibly anger. the tears flowed freely now , his lashes wet. “ no one’s gotten me flowers before , i don’t know why it’s making me mad but it is. ‘m not used to,” he paused, caressing your knuckles “ i dunno, nice people. you’re too nice t’ me. you got me flowers, tha’s it.” his words were spluttered. your heart hurt for him. he wasn’t accustomed to love, you were well aware. hugging him, he held onto you like his life depended on it; because it truly felt like it did.
i actually rly like this fic lol, be safe y’all<3333
don’t steal losers
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measuring cups
bakugou katsuki x reader
Katsuki Bakugou may be brash and rough but he’s always precise. Even if he doesn’t always think twice before he speaks he does in fact think three times before he acts and never has any regrets with what he does.
His actions are thought out and calculated never to be doubted by him because he never does anything he doesn’t stand by. This also counts for the time he stole his mother’s glass measuring cup set.
He took the glass set because he wanted to make his favorite meals at the dorms. He made her write down every single one of his favorite dishes into an all might spiral notebook that has become his recipe book.
He follows these recipes to the letter, he always does exactly as they say and never makes more than a singular portion. So his mom found it a bit weird when she got a call from her son asking why the spicy mapo tofu didn’t taste right after doubling the recipe to make two servings.
She knows her son doesn’t like to share so she was wondering why he was making two portions especially when he doesn’t like having day old food so he wouldn’t be saving it for the next day. She quickly tells him to correct measurements for two servings for each of his favorite recipes and is left to wonder why he was asking.
Bakugou Katsuki does not in fact have a way with words. He can certainly handle a knife in the kitchen but he cannot in fact say the right words half the time when trying to speak to you.
So when you one day offhandedly mention that his food smells great he remembers it. He remembers those words and then proceeds to try and make some for you. He ends up making it but is too shy to outright tell you that he made it specifically for you.
“I made some extra on accident,” is what leaves his mouth as he leaves a steaming hot plate of food in front of you.
He leaves the room with red ears and listens in on you trying it. The sounds of satisfaction encourage him into turning this into a daily routine.
And so he does make it routine. He lies to you everyday and says that he has accidentally made extra even though he has been making these recipes for so long that he knows the single portion measurements by heart. He only ever shares his “extra” portions with you no matter how much Kaminari or Kirishima beg.
Bakugou Katsuki does not in fact do things on accident. His actions all have purpose and meaning with no room left for regret. He uses his mother’s measuring cups well and makes double the portion of food every day because he likes seeing you smile at something he has made.
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And then we explode 😭🧡💚... Ahhhhhhh
Tumblr media
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synopsis: you leave an argument in favour of some fresh air, but it’s night outside. this is how the bnha boys react:
includes: kirishima, todoroki, bakugo + midoriya! wc: 600, 650, 500 and 360 respectively
warnings: TAGS PLS WORK, probably poorly written lol, probably cringe too - posting this with my hand over my eyes, food in kirishima's and todorokis, minimal hurt and mostly comfort, don't be fooled - even tho izuku's is the shortest, his blurb is my favourite
Tumblr media
˚ ༘♡ 𝐊𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐌𝐀: the moment you shut the door behind you, kirishima deflates, already missing you despite the intense and heated discussion you had prior that left his throat scratchy and face hot. even though you were mad at him, the house just wasn’t the same without you, but he respects your boundaries and understands that he should probably just leave you alone. 
that is, until he remembers the time and how dark and cold it is outside, immediately panicking. 
with little hesitation, he all but sprints out the house, grabbing his keys and a jacket for you before slamming the door shut. the second he steps foot onto the pavement, he’s searching left and right for you, with only the dim moonlight and street lamps aiding him. thankfully, you hadn’t gone too far and kirishima could make out your figure before it was too late.
“y/n!” he calls out as heavy, fast footsteps approach you.
he hears you sigh, “what do you want, kirishima?”
he rounds in front of you and holds up the jacket, “it’s cold outside! i don’t want you getting cold!”
you give him a look before brushing past him, continuing your journey. the manner in which you were walking slightly faster told kirishima that you didn’t want to be with him right now, but he was going to insist, no matter what.
“babe, please, i’m serious!”
you don’t relent. kirishima’s always needed someone stubborn to deal with him- and he loves that quality about you, but right now, he just wanted you to listen to him.
“it’s also really dangerous, you don’t know what crime could be happening right now!” he calls out after you still with a jacket in hand.
your head and shoulders drop slightly before you turn around to face your partner, and your holding your hands out expectantly. kirishima sees the goosebumps rising on your skin and can’t help but give you his signature, toothy grin.
“thank you,” you murmur quietly whilst slinging the jacket around yourself. with a quick glance at him, it seems as if you have something to ask, but you opt to keep it to yourself. 
kirishima speaks instead, “is it okay if i… stay with you? i want to protect you in case anything bad happens.”
you furrow your brows a little before reluctantly saying a ‘yes, but i’m still mad at you’, to which kirishima responds with ‘i know, baby, i know’. he’s not sad at all when he gets the clear to trail behind you since he prefers to be by your side (or back, in this case). although keeping a five feet distance is not ideal, kirishima is still grateful that you were rational enough to let a pro-hero stay with you.
too entranced in his thoughts and you, the sturdy hero had no idea how far you travelled until the local 7/11 sign flashed in the distance, and he realised you were looking back at him with a calmer look in your eyes.
you extend an arm out to him, gesturing for him to ‘come here’ and he practically tackles you at the chance, winding a secure arm around your waist as you both stumble in a fit of laughter. 
“what do you say about some ice cream, eijiro?” you question, gesturing to the convenience store. kirishima beams even more at your suggestion.
“let’s go!” he exclaims as he practically drags you across the street (checking for cars first, of course), content and happy to have you in his arms again.
Tumblr media
˚ ༘♡ 𝐓𝐎𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐎𝐊𝐈: the second the door slammed shut behind you was the moment that todoroki snapped out of the fury that he previously let encompass him. the pro-hero stares at the door, dazed, as if waiting for you to come back. he hates this feeling of emptiness that you’ve left behind, your absence squeezing him dry of any warmth as he anticipates your entrance; the click of the door notifying that you were back. 
instead, there’s just silence, and it’s like this for the next few minutes.
immediately, he grabs his phone from his pocket to dial you, knowing that you left with your device.
you don’t pick up.
he tries again. to no avail.
he’s lost count of how many times he’s called you, suddenly feeling unable to move from his spot has his head spins.
this poor boy.
when he decides he’s annoyed you enough with calls and voicemails, he then diverts to texting, spamming you like he’s never done before. literally, if you look at your chat history with the half-and-half, you’ll notice that he tends to send paragraphs and sentences rather than texts following the other.
when you glance down at your device that was now overheating, you’re beginning to feel terrible for ignoring him. there’s desperation in the way he’s texting, forgoing all grammar and punctuation in favour for expressing his desperation.
you don’t know how to talk to him, not when he burned you with careless words he probably didn’t mean. but you’re more than aware of the habit that todoroki has to catastrophize everything, so you shouldn’t leave him for too long.
passing by a 7/11, you know exactly how to fix this.
entering the store, you quickly head to the prepackaged meals section, grabbing two drinks on the way, paying and leaving in record time. speed-walking the way home, you’re trying to chalk up the courage to face him, puffing by time you arrive at your front door.
the sound of a lock unlatching fills todoroki’s ears and he perks up at the noise. when you emerge behind the heavy door, he finally remembers to breathe.
his shoulders sag with relief.
yours tense up at the ridiculous freezing temperature of the apartment, noticing how some objects were beginning to ice over. speaking of which, todoroki hasn’t left the spot he previously stood in.
“you’re back,” he muttered to himself.
“it’s so cold,” you chatter, chills beginning to run up your spine and todoroki only just notices the state that he left the room in.
“oh,” is all he gets out before coming closer, embracing you carefully as he melts the frost that overwhelmed you.
“thank you.”
todoroki is more than content to stay like this for a few moments longer, relishing in the feeling of having you back in his arms whilst he defrosts the walls.
“i got something,” you break the silence that held a series of unsaid words and feelings by smiling shyly at him, raising the plastic bag with the iconic ‘7’ logo, “as sorry for lashing out.”
he softens, “it’s okay, i’m sorry too for letting my emotions get the better of me.”
“looks like we both have some making up to do,” you lead him to the kitchen, grabbing the box of soba and the two juices that you purchased. the dual-quirk wielder can’t help but grin, giddy at the prospect of having convenience store soba and his favourite drink, shared with the love of his life. “i thought we could have this, together.”
todoroki nods, opening the lid as you grab two pairs of chopsticks. he puts the straw of your juice in first before his and when you hand him his chopsticks, his immediate reaction is to let you have the first bite.
even in tense situations, he can’t help but be a gentleman.
“thank you, y/n,” he whispers, sealing his gratitude with a kiss to your forehead.
Tumblr media
˚ ༘♡ 𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎: well, you wanted some fresh air, but bakugo had other plans because the second you were heading for the door, he practically blocked the doorway; which wasn’t hard to do considering his impressive stature.
“bakugo,” you say in the most threatening tone you can muster despite the swirl of emotions pooling in your chest, ones that made you terrified to look him in the eye, “move.”
he huffs, crossing his arms over his toned chest in defiance, “and what if i don’t?”
saying nothing except stare him down, bakugo sighs at your insistence.
“look, i know you want some time alone but it’s late and probably dangerous as shit because dunceface and deku are patrolling the streets tonight-”
“-don’t say that about your friends.”
“-and i don’t trust them to keep you safe, so know that i’m not letting you leave. i’m also tired as fuck,” he yawns just to prove how tired he feels, “and i refuse to go to bed without you there.”
you merely shrug, apathetic to his claims before making a move to the door again. except this time, bakugo intercepts you by stopping you physically.
“i gave you a warning.” 
“and i told you to move.”
he merely huffs before swiftly and smoothly picking you up bridal style, quickly making his way up the stairs whilst you trash and manoeuvre in his arms. anyone would have dropped you due to your harsh and unpredictable movements, but anyone did not include your pro-hero boyfriend, who picked up wriggling casualties and wrestled villains for a living. he long got used to any sort of violent actions, to your dismay.
he even has the time to turn off the lights as he walks past the switch. how despicable.
when bakugo finally enters your shared bedroom, he wastes no time settling you into the covers, placing a kiss on your forehead as he puffs up your pillow at the sheets. in the meantime, the blond quickly goes around and does some final checks of the house, lights turned off, doors are locked, etc. 
when he’s satisfied, he wastes little time retreating to his side of the bed, holding you in his arms and strategically holding you down with his body weight to ensure that you can’t leave- assuming that you want to in the first place. 
you don’t, though, because under the covers, he’s holding you tighter than he does most nights; more protectively. perhaps it’s because he’s terrified to lose you and is doing whatever he can to keep you closer to him. 
he was gifted a personality to match the quirk: loud, explosive, impatient, destructive. however, beyond the superficial, bakugo knows how to provide warmth, new beginnings and light, it’s just a little more quiet than the outer appearance.
“i’m sorry,” he utters against your skin, quiet yet sincere, “for everythin’ i said.”
“it’s okay, we’ll get over it,” you promise as his hands wrap yours around him.
“you sure?”
you ‘hmph’ in return, just to show him that you’re still mad.
bakugo gets you flowers and breakfast the next morning.
Tumblr media
˚ ༘♡ 𝐌𝐈𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐈𝐘𝐀: “wait! where are you going?” the green-haired hero quizzes, a hint of desperation seeping into his tone.
you blink, hand pausing at the door knob, “away from here.”
midoriya takes this time to close the distance between you, hands instinctively coming up to your hand to halt your advances. he’s careful not to press you too harshly, knowing that you’re still vulnerable from the disagreement you two previously had, and in all honesty, he was too. 
except the only way he knows how to heal is with you.
“please don’t leave,” he pleads, eyes watery and glossy with emotions, heart sensitive and aching for a second chance.
you can’t look him in the eye and that fact almost makes midoriya burst into tears (again).
“i need some fresh air-”
“but it’s not safe at this hour of the night! i don’t want to risk your safety because of me,” his fingers clasp around your hand securely this time rather than ghosting over your skin like they previous had. 
you bite in the inside of your cheek, unsure about what to say apart from a feeble: “i can handle things on my own.”
“i know,” midoriya retaliates, “but i can’t.”
you finally look him in the eye and notice that tears are threatening to fall over and dribble down his cheek. realising that these tears were caused because of you, you instantly feel some semblance of guilt and are unable to resist the urge to brush away the drops with the pad of your thumbs. 
“oh, izuku, don’t cry,” you plead and he weakly laughs, grabbing onto your wrists desperately. you almost want to start crying yourself.
“‘m sorry,” he sniffles, “i just really don’t want you to leave.”
it’s because he’s not sure if you’d come back, finally realising that you were too good- too unreal for him and deserved better. midoriya shakes with ripples of heavy emotions at the thought of you leaving and you keep collecting teardrops.
“i won’t then.”
“you’ll stay?” 
“i’ll stay.”
he collapses at your feet, beginning to cry freely now. 
you kneel down beside him, as soulmates do, and continue wiping his tears.
Tumblr media
hi if you liked that pls reblog i'm so tired dude my eyelids are drooping. i didn't do as many characters as i would have hoped - if anyone is desperately wanting shinso, hawks, denki (no villains), i'm more than happy to but only if it is requested bc holy shit i'm so tired AHH
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Tumblr media
fall season <3
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Me: reading 'Suki fanfics and finding out different au's.
My reaction: “whats next? reader is a secretary and about to fuck their boss, Bakugo fucking Katsuki? then a trope thats bakuhoe being friends with benifits with reader?then barbarian prince Katsuki marrying normal villager reader and a princess is furious about it then tries to break in but fails??? BROOO SIGN ME UP!!!”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
every todobaku scene 112/?
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class1akids · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Horikoshi also added his 2c on the proper spelling: it’s Shouto (not Shoto) and Bakugou (not Bakugo).
Official translation overruled, fanfic writers win.
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dekacchannn · 11 hours ago
This latest chapter was just Izuku embodying Katsuki through and through from start to end.. he even used one of Katsuki’s moves. The one where he punches from below and then from above.. it’s that subconscious imitation Izuku is embarrassed to tell anyone about…and he’s been doing it…the entire..time…here…even his hair gets SPIKY at some point.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Can a boy who barks really fall in love with a boy who meows
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