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Bakugou, Shinsou, Hawks, Dabi, Shigaraki x Reader
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𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎𝐔 decides that the moment he sees your foot stumble off the side walk and nearly fall into on going traffic while he’s walking along side you, he’ll never let you stand so close to the road ever again. “Damn airhead,” He grumbles, quickly taking a hold of your school uniform sleeve and pulling you into his side— his calloused hands taking place onto the opposite side of your hip to keep you up and steady. “You an idiot or what? ‘M sure you’d loose your head if it wasn’t attached to your neck.” You softly sigh at his snarky words and roll your eyes, but still allow the blond hot head to tug you down the pathway. “There was a stone on the ground, I didn’t see it.” He sends you a side eye, a look contrasted of disbelief and annoyance before turning his attention to the sight ahead— giving the flesh of your hip a firm squeeze. “There’s no need to lie, Sweet cheeks, s’only us here. Just admit it, you’re clumsy.” Of course he’s trying to make this a competition, that’s so like him— but after the long day of training you had, you didn’t feel like humouring him any longer. “Okay, I’m clumsy. You happy now? Jerk.” You mutter in defeat, and Katsuki doesn’t even try to bite back his shit eating grin because he knows he’s already won. “Of course I am.” ‘Of course i am, and it’s only because you’re here.’ He thinks, his hand leaving your side so he can grab onto your own to tangle your fingers together and rub his thumb along your knuckles. “Now hurry up and walk faster, this date ain’t gonna… date itself.” “That doesn’t make sen—” “Shut it!”
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𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐎𝐔 exhales loudly, tiredly lifting up one arm to swipe the back of his hand along his sweaty forehead, trying to calm his rapid breaths and pulsing heart beat. The ringing in his ears is so loud that he doesn’t hear the sound of your footsteps getting closer and closer until the tips of your shoes enter his vision while he stares at the floor, making him slowly lift his head to meet your gaze. “Here.” You extend out your arm, a cold bottle of water thrusted in front of his beet red face that he waste no time in grabbing, heaving out a small ‘thanks’ before chugging half of it. “You both did good today, take a break and we’ll continue this tomorrow!” You both turn your heads into Aizawa’s direction and wave him off, watching his back as he leaves through the gym doors. “Finally!” Shinsou drops to the floor, rolling onto his back and gazing up at the roof— patting the spot beside him, indicating you to follow through. You do so, kneeling to the ground before flipping onto your side— your elbow planted on the ground to hold your head up while you stare at his face. His chest is still heaving rapidly as he is still not quite used to training so intensely, while his eyes scan around the room— until they land on you. Shinsou pursers his lips, his nose twitches slightly in awkwardness while he try’s to rack his brain for a conversation starter. “You uh… really hit me hard today.” ‘Shit’ now he’s gone and embarrassed himself, again. He’s about to make up some lame excuses until the sound of your laughter fills his ears. His eyes find their way back to your face, watching the way your eyes flutter closed while you break out into a fit of giggles. He smiles at the sight, the sight of your smiling face makes his brain melt to mush and forget about his previous worries. ‘Oh, well, I guess this is okay.’
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𝐇𝐀𝐖𝐊𝐒 watches as you sit up from the couch and walk over to the other one, one that’s five feet away from the one you were sitting on previously— when you were sitting next to him. He’s baffled, eyebrows raised in surprise while he eyes you up and down. “Geez, baby, didn’t know I stunk that bad…” he jokes with an awkward chuckle, the large red wings behind him droop slightly when he doesn’t receive the reaction he was hoping for. “You do, Keigo, go shower.” Picking up the remote and flicking through the channels on the TV, you try not to let your giggle slip when you see him from the corner of your eyes, also stand up and waddle over to you— his wings sadly dragging along the floor as he does do. “That was kinda mean, my feelings are hurt now.” He pouts, taking place right in front of you— blocking your view from the show you started watching. “You’ll live.” You mutter, leaning over to the side to look past his body. Now you’re not paying attention to him, and he doesn’t like that one bit… so without warning, Keigo stalks closer until his knees are pressing up against your legs before flopping down into you with his whole weight. “You big oaf! Get off of me!” You wheeze; the weight of his body is heavy enough as is— let alone him and his freakishly large wings . “Hey! M’not big, or an oaf.” He whines back, his head falling into the crook of your neck while his body lies on top of yours, his feet dangling off the end of the arm rest— kicking happily when you sigh in defeat and tangle your hand in his hair. “See, knew you’d come around… now let’s watch that damn movie.” “Oh, shut it, Keigo. I only gave up because I had to, we will never be friends.”
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𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐈 already has a naturally deep and gruff voice, he knows it, you know it, every knows it. But it’s still a pleasant surprise to hear it go deeper when you wake up in his hold, your bare legs tangled with each other’s while the duvet lays carelessly tossed on the floor after he unconsciously kicks it off the bed in a cold sweat. “You awake yet, angel face?” You can feel the vibrant of his voice resonate through his chest while you lay atop of him, one of his hands resting firmly on the dip in your back while he other rubs comforting circles on your arm. “Barely… M’so cold, Touya, you gotta help me.” You whine, digging your head deeper into the shell of his neck— looking for any type of warmth you can get. He chuckles an airy laugh at the clear sleepiness still evident in your tone, his hand leaving your spine to crawl up under your (his) shirt to rest his palm on your skin and slightly heating up his quirk, not enough to ignite up in flames but enough to produce a small amount heat to warm you up— softly smiling when you let out a small, content mewl at the feeling. “How does that feel, baby? Feel good?” You adjust your head and nod into him, your nose now pressed up against the flesh of his neck while your hair tickling his ear. “So good, thank you… love… you…” he listens as your words quietly fade out, indicating that you’re, once again, knocked out cold. Dabi looks down slightly, watching as your eyelashes flutter along with you chest rising and falling. It quiet, the only sounds being your soft breaths and the occasional car that drive past his apartment. And it’s just the way he likes it.
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The obnoxious tapping of 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐆𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐊𝐈’𝐒 thumbs on the joy sticks hallow around the thin, league bar walls, along with the occasional swear word muttered under his breath and rustles of his coat every time he adjusts his position. “Fucking Tom Nook, stupid piece of shit.” Even from your seat on the squeaky stool at the counter, you can clearly see the way his blue locks tousle around whenever he reaches up to scratch at his neck. “Still in a hundred grand bell dept? What kind of rat needs a hundred thousand fucking bells?” He growls, and when you rise from your seat to walk over and stand behind him— you can just barley see over his head that his net is continuously beating the poor racoon inside his tent. “Babe, murder won’t always erase your problems.” You laugh, leaning down and snugly wrapping your arms around his neck— the soft action making Tomura momentarily pause his rage to drop his handheld into his lap and lean back in the warmth of your embrace, his hair tickling your nose. “Sweetheart, go grab your switch and help me blow this island up.” He looks up at you, his hands gripping onto your forearms— cautious not to place all five fingers on your skin— before pulling you down so your head is nestled in the crook of his neck. “I don’t think your goals of man slaughter are achievable in animal crossing.” You tease, your answer makes him grumble, the device in his lap now long forgotten to the side when he turns around on his knees on the cushions to position his face in front of yours. “Okay then, how about a trip to the new GameStop that just opened up down the road. I like the Pokémon games more anyway…” “…You’re such a sore loser.”
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They’re baaack~
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dabislittlemouse · 12 hours
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A big thank you to that certain animator who gives justice to Dabi
You have the support of all Dabi stans 🫶🏻
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Get ready… To destroy this fake hero society.
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Keigo cumming inside you with a deep groan before changing positions so that he's behind you, holding your legs open as an invitation for Dabi to have his turn with you
I need it. I need them 😳
CW: Smut, GN!Reader, overstimulation, slight choking, brief blood, biting, praise (from Hawks) and just a little bit of degradation (from Dabi), 1.5k words
Tumblr media
You're already so spent- panting hotly while Hawks settles himself behind you till he's nice and comfy.
He lets your back rest up against his chest, while you're still babbling and murmuring away in a daze, trying to recover from your previous climax.
"H-... Hawks?" You ask, your eyes dim and hooded as you look at him, slightly confused from the change of position. He flashes you that reassuring smile, gently cupping your cheek and praising you for how well you took him.
The skin-on-skin contact feels heavenly as he coos along your temple and you go slack, and eventually, it's enough to get your aching muscles to relax. Until he takes a hold of your thighs, digs his fingers into the meat of your calves, and slowly pries them apart.
"W-... wait- I thought- Hawks-" you ramble, hurriedly. Your senses alarmed and overstimulated to the slightest touch.
"Shhh," he hushes you, sweetly. "You can go for one more round, can't you? Don't you wanna be good for me?"
You do.
But you're still sore and recovering from him pounding away at your core. You could still feel Hawks' cum leaking from your hole, thick and warm and milky white as it leaves a sinful trail down your skin.
Your throat is much too dry for you to speak, so you opt for nodding instead, despite the initial hesitation.
"Good. 'Cause it sure would be a shame to leave him out of the fun, wouldn't it?" Hawks asks, smirking slyly towards Dabi.
"Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't ya," Dabi remarks, sarcastically.
Hawks merely grins wider and shrugs.
That burning blue gaze of Dabi's is intense, bright sapphire eyes roving hungrily over every inch of your body. He can't hold himself back anymore. Can't wait another minute to be gut-deep inside you.
The ravenette begins to unbuckle his belt, those long, rough fingers taking their time to slip the leather through the hoops before he's making his way between your parted thighs.
His dick is already hard and throbbing, already leaking at the tip. The veins along his cock are thick and rushing with hot blood.
Hawks' grip on your legs tighten in the slightest bit, as if he's trying to possessively sink his nails into your skin. But your attention is too fixated on Dabi's predatory advance to notice. It takes every ounce of Hawks' willpower to hold himself back from spreading out his wings upon instinct.
"Ya sure you can take it, gorgeous?" Dabi asks you, huskily.
You swallow thickly and nod, too caught up in your own arousal to give him a verbal answer.
"You gotta brain in there, don'cha? So c'mon, use it," Dabi takes a hold of your chin, before sliding the pad of his thumb across your swollen lips. His other hand reaches down to grip your leg, just beneath your knee.
"I can- I can take i- ah! Oh god-!" You choke on a strangled moan and a high pitched whine as Dabi sinks the head of his cock into your entrance, abruptly cutting you off from speaking.
You can feel Hawks tensing up against your back, but he's still grinning smugly.
"Fuck!" You gasp sharply, your head reeling forward with tears pricking in the corner of your vision. Dabi merely chuckles as he sinks deeper and deeper between your folds, splitting you apart around his girth.
"No good. If you can still speak, then ya haven't been fucked hard enough," Dabi smirks. "By the time I'm done with ya, you'll be just a drooling mess. M'gonna fuckin' devour you."
Your only response, is a noise that's stuck somewhere between a choke and a cry.
"Holy shit- the sound you just made right now dove... oh that was hot," Hawks purrs at you, nuzzling his nose along the length of your exposed shoulder. Hawks is surprisingly tender as he kisses your skin.
"Fuuuck," Dabi's groan is low and guttural, throaty too, as he presses his hips flush and snug against yours. He's already fully sheathed inside, pressed to the very hilt, and you're biting down over your lower lip to suppress a torn up whimper from escaping.
It's too much. You think, as the overstimulation sends your brain spiralling into overdrive. It's much too soon for him to already start bucking so roughly. Hungrily.
You reach above your head and behind you, gripping two fistfuls of Hawks' fluffy hair as Dabi picks up the pace.
"Thaaat's it, babybird," Hawks praises you from the side, stroking your sides as if to soothe you. "Takin' it so well. Keep it up now."
The moment your fingers thread through his dirty blond locks, Hawks leans into your touch with a content and satisfied coo, the feathers of his red and pretty plumage ruffling excitably.
Dabi's hips snap brutally against yours, his cock ramming along the most sensitive parts of you. The friction feels like it's burning your walls, and paired up with Hawks who had already pounded you raw, it becomes all too much for you to handle.
You cum too quickly, too sensitive from your previous climax with Hawks. You babble away beneath your breath while your head is stuck in a dizzy, addictive blur.
"Tightening up around me, already?" Dabi laughs. "But I'm only gettin' started," he's still holding your chin captive between his fingertips when he speaks.
"Give em' some credit, man," Hawks chimes in. "The poor thing barely had any time to recover."
"And I wonder who's fault is that," Dabi snaps, baring his teeth at the blond.
Hawks smirks again, clearly getting a kick out of this witty game of back-and-forth.
Dabi tilts your head so he can get a good look at your face, already spaced and fucked out when you spasm weakly around his cock. Spit and drool is just beginning to dribble from the corner of your mouth.
Dabi licks his own lips before he pulls you in for a heated kiss, delving his tongue into your wet cavern while eating up every last one of your pretty little moans with possessive vigour.
He groans lowly while your cute mewls are muffled upon his lips. And without warning, he bites you. Hard.
Enough to prompt blood and bruise you with his teeth.
You wince and yelp, ripped out of your temporary daze while Dabi growls from above you. His hand trails from your jaw to wrap around your throat, before he squeezes your neck just enough to make you stutter on a gasp.
The ravenette watches it all; the way you look up at him with wide, dilated pupils. His hips still rocking against yours, his cock bumping against the gooey, silvery spot that has you seeing stars.
The slick sounds of Dabi pounding into you with his cock is nearly enough to drown out the whimpers that tumble off the tip of your tongue.
It's too much. Too much. Too much. Please. Please, please, please-
You don't even realize that you're pleading out loud.
"S'too much, huh?" Dabi asks, grunting breathlessly, "Then how about this-"
Suddenly, he changes the angle of his thrusts, and it feels as if he's somehow drilling into you even deeper than before. Harder. Faster. He holds absolutely nothing back.
Your eyes roll up into the back of your skull. You can't even think anymore, still murmuring incoherent noises as you orgasm uncontrollably.
"Look at you," Dabi chuckles, hotly. "Not a single thought in that pretty little head a'yours. It suits ya. Makes me wanna fuck his cum even deeper and fill ya up with my own. Think you'd like that?"
"Mmmm... mhmm," you whine.
Hawks watches you and swallows thickly, his libido already prompting his dick to harden once again. The blond begins to pant and whine eagerly as you tug onto his hair.
"I c-can't-" you ramble, feverishly. "It's too much... I can't-"
"You can, and you fuckin' will," Dabi grits out through clenched teeth.
He hisses harshly as his own climax approaches. The trembling and quivering of your walls wrapped around his length has taken a toll on his brutal pace. He has to stop himself before you make him cum too early.
Dabi comes to a halt, just as he's breaking out into a sweat. The palms of his hands feel as if they're burning up against your skin, on the verge of scalding to the touch. It has you squirming, writhing and whimpering in both pain and pleasure, something that doesn't go unnoticed by either of them.
"Fuckin' hell," Dabi groans lowly, letting his face rest into the other crook of your neck that isn't occupied by Hawks.
"Feels good, yeah?" The blond chuckles softly, still worshipping your skin with his lips. You can only shiver and cling onto him like a lifeline.
"Shut up," Dabi snaps again, but his tone doesn't have nearly as much bite as before. "M'not even close to bein' done with em' yet."
"Yeah, well," Hawks sighs sweetly over the beat of your pulse, his topaz gaze honing in on your quivering form with an insatiable appetite, "neither am I."
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Dabi: Just found out my entire personality is a trauma response.
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This is it...
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WIP: They are just hanging out c:
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Get ready to take down this hypocritical society full of heroes.
Bnha ✰ E123
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This coloring is very difficult for me 😩
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uhhhh here have this dabi today
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Can yall hear me SCREAMING !!!
im going to cry literal tears i cant believe we will watch this episode soon
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Found an old sketch 🤷‍♀️
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hmm I need Dabi kind of snapping and venting on how being with Hawks has made everything more difficult, has made him confused and struggle internally, where before he never used to care at all. Everything is different now. But Hawks doesn't really understand what Dabi is trying to say- all he hears is that he's hard to love
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