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"katsuki is straight" my dude, katsuki wants to hold his rivals hand. its all he thinks about. his last thought before he died was izuku. they are rivals and more vital to eachother than any other character can connect with. thats gay. thats hella homosexual. hes also a whole ass dude magnet. most of his guy classmates have clung to him. hes no where near being straight. he has not even looked or blushed in a girls direction or tried to flirt with any girls in manga or show wise. where are you getting that katsuki bakugou is straight
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the origin trio laughing 
boku no hero academia season 5 - ova #2 
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Do we all just agree that Katsuki Bakugo is possessive? Like if you’re his, you’re his. End of discussion. And it goes both ways. He belongs to you and you belong to him and that’s that. End of discussion. And you know he’s loyal as shit because he likes very few people, why would he mess up something with the one person he loves? Yeah he’s possessive and loyal but not controlling. Like when you go out for a girls weekend, he just kisses you passionately, hands cupped around your neck, and when he pulls away he leans in, nose brushing against the shell of your ear, before whispering “don’t forget, you’re mine. Behave and be a good girl. I love you. Have fun.”
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Smutty Fluff, Bakugou x female reader, 1/4
Part of the Cute as hell Collection
Tumblr media
"Come on, beautiful. Haven't had any time with you all week."
You moved your hands out of his reach as he grabbed for them. You stopped searching for a playlist and fixed your gaze on your driver. His eyes darted to you before shifting back to the road. He had one hand on the wheel and the other on the center console, but it looked ready to lunge at you again.
"First of all, that's your fault...you assigned yourself to that mission. Second, I'm not stupid...I know you did it cause you thought it'd take a week longer and you could skip the trip." You laughed, glancing back at your phone again. "Dumb ass plan...you somehow forgot you're good at your job."
"I am, huh?" You groaned and rolled your eyes.
"Oh my god...so what is it you're trying to get me to stroke? Your dick or your ego?" He laughed and tried to grab your hand again, while you giggled and hid them beneath your thighs.
"Didn't you fucking miss me at all, brat?"
"You were only gone a week." His hand slid in between your legs and you moaned before he could touch anything more than the fabric of your shorts. "Fuck...of course I missed you." He hummed and tugged your wrist, pulling you towards his lap.
"Missed you too, beautiful...want your hands on me."
You knew this was a bad idea, right? He was probably more tired than he was letting on. He probably needed to stay focused on the road. Although, it was the middle of the night and you hadn't seen any other cars in a while. And as annoying as he could be about it, he was great at his job. You trusted he'd never lose focus completely...or maybe him pulling his hard and swollen cock out from his black sweats was what actually convinced you to reach your hand toward him.
You licked your lips, wishing you could have a taste. You paused for a moment before pulling away from him. He frowned and opened his mouth to say something, but grinned instead when you licked your hand. You reached into his lap, rubbing the tip of him before sliding down and grabbing him at the base. He groaned and you wished he had just pulled over. You really had missed him...the way he moaned your name when you squeezed, the way he would bite his lip before he said fuck, the way his neck and cheeks and ears would flush as he got closer to cumming for you, the way he looked at you like he would give you anything...but all you wanted was him.
You realized he had been looking at you for too long. You looked up at the road to see you were at a red light. His hand gripped the steering wheel tightly. He jerked into your hand as you moved up and down. You let your thumb slide up to rub that spot he loved beneath the head of his dick. The wet sounds coming from his lap kept pace with the sharp tapping on the window. Katsuki turned to face you when you froze, your hand still wrapped around his still very hard dick.
"Y/n?" Your mouth fell open as the officer tapped his nightstick at the window again. Katsuki groaned before turning toward the sound. "Shit."
You slowly tucked him back into his sweats, folding your hands into your own lap as innocently as you could as he lowered the window. You sunk into the oversized pullover you had on. Your face had never felt so hot before in your life, but maybe if you covered it enough you could just suffocate and die?
The officer raised the visor of his helmet, revealing a glare was already fixed on his face. Shit. Shit. Shit. You covered your eyes with your hands. Fuck, this was so embarrassing. You jumped when you felt a hand on your thigh, but relaxed a bit as he rubbed his thumb against you. Your eyes went back to the officer's face as he cleared his throat and focused his glare on your leg. Your ears felt hot.
"Dynamight, I'd wonder what your wife would think about your late night drive?" Bakugou sighed deeply enough it almost sounded like a growl. His grip on your leg grew firm, but stayed gentle.
"This...is...my...wife." Your panic receded as you felt his anger. He was trying his hardest not to shout. You slid one hand down and on top of his, while the other hit the light above you so the officer could see your face. You were a little startled by how quickly the officer's face shifted to a kinder version as he recognized you.
"Ohh? Hello, Render! Didn’t realize it was you, ma’am. It’s so nice to see you again. I was on the scene of the building collapse last year. The one you worked with Deku. I was lucky enough to get his statement and he said you were an integral part of preventing further damage in the incident."
Your mouth had fallen open, and your brain eventually caught up to the new situation. "Is that right? I'm always happy to do my part. I just helped cover what Deku couldn’t."
"No need to be modest, ma'am. He regards you highly and says you've always had a good relationship." You noticed he pointedly glared at Dynamight.
"That's so kind of him to say. He’s such a sweetheart."
A huff sounded beside you. Your mouth parted in shock as Bakugou rolled his eyes like he forgot what started this in the first place. He didn't seem to care that the officer was glaring at him again.
"Um, so I'm sorry about the...the trouble, officer." He turned his gaze back to you and smiled.
"No need to apologize, ma'am. You don't have to worry about a thing." He clicked his green pen and finished writing something. You couldn't help but notice the pen's bunny like ears flapped around as he tucked it back into his pocket. He ripped a paper from the pad, passing it to Dynamight. Bakugou frowned down at the ticket now in his hands.
"Thought you said we didn't have to worry about anything."
"She doesn't. You were going ten over before you got to the light."
Tumblr media
Thanks to @tiphandoms for spreading the brain rot that 9:35 left her with. I wouldn’t have thought to do this one without her input. 🖤
Read Part 2
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k. bakugou <3
in which a modern day, college! au bakugou receives flowers from his s/o unexpectedly
a/n ;; HEHHRHDHRGRHEH i’ve had bkg on my brain recently so pls take this🙏🏼 just absolute teeth rotting fluff.
your eyes were burning from a lack of sleep, seeing as your excitement kept you up. the sun had yet to rise, so you had every opportunity to sleep, but you chose not to.hands fiddling with the dainty white tulips you just bought for your boyfriend, katsuki, you were quite nervous. would he think this is weird? i mean, not everyone gets their boyfriend flowers. as the line to pay got shorter and shorter , the urge to put them back and leave become stronger. eventually, you were one person away from paying and your brain was loud.
‘what if he doesn’t like them? maybe i should get roses instead? fuck, maybe-‘
“next!” the clerk yelled, you nearly flinched at the sound but moved to pay regardless.the nerves seemed to fizzle from your finger tips and your heart rate slowed gracefully as the clerk smiled at you genuinely.” flowers for a partner , huh?” she gushed, red nails tapping at the register. you nodded happily,” my boyfriend and i are going on a date , ‘ wanna do something good for him,” you beamed. she cooed at your expression,” how adorable! g’luck sweetness!” said the clerk, she handed you the bouquet and you were on your way.
a small ‘ding!’ was heard from your phone, and as you walked a grin etched into your features seeing that katsuki had texted you.
‘hey gorgeous, i’m leaving rn. you leave already?’
seeing as your hands were full you just typed ‘ yes’ and tucked your phone away. you securely set your flowers up in the back seat and started your car. butterflies, a whole colony of them maybe, erupted in your tummy when you thought of katsuki accepting flowers from you. his toothy smile and gorgeous eyes gleaming, it brought a certain warmth to your cheeks. you saw the sun peeking out at you from behind the fog and clouds before you, candy-toned pink and purples hues starting to form like a blanket over the clouds. taking a last turn off,katsuki’s car came into vision.
his broad figure was seated on the hood of said car facing the east, parked in the middle of a grassy area in a park.you both loved secluded date areas. his house, a parking lot date in his or your car, the balcony of your college with books scattered around you ; forgotten. as long as you were together.his legs sprawled out infront of him, he looked so beautiful, just as he always does, you thought. he grinned at you through your window when you came into his line of vision and you parked your car next to his. you were about to get his flowers from the back when he enveloped you in a warm, welcoming and almost yearning hug. his arms wound around your shoulders as he planted a one, two, three, four kisses on you mainly circling the crown of your head. “ ‘missed you,” he mumbled. you smiled into the fabric of his jacket , “ you saw me yesterday on campus, baby.” you tutted, rubbing his back. he let out a breath of a laugh, light as a feather. letting you back up to look up at him with one final kiss to your forehead.
“how’re you doin’?” he asked , his voice barely a whisper. his tone was so soft that his words could be carried by the wind.katsuki had you embraced still, your faces inches away. he didn’t like when you were far from him. this was how he showed love to you, by keeping you close. holding you, kissing you, he was so enamoured by loving you. even as you answered a little,” ‘m always good with you, katsuki,” with a smile, he snorted . “ you’re so cheesy,” he retorted. nothing however, nothing at all would be able to hide the gorgeous smile on his face as he said it. “ shut up, little shit,” you shoved him a bit. he laughed at you, a melodic sound to your ears, “ what about you? how are you?” you asked , hands now toying with the hair at the nape of his neck. he shrugged,” tired, but ‘m happy.” he put simply. katsuki took your hand gently in his own, encasing it as he led you to the hood of his suv. he helped you onto it as he closely followed. the sun was almost up fully now, orange , pink and purple painting a picture so elegantly designed that it nearly planted a feeling of peace in your mind.
katsuki’s leg was thrown over yours, and you glanced over at him. god , he was the most beautiful person on this fucking earth. his crimson eyes were so glossy, low- lidded as he gazed at you. they looked a bit dark in this lighting but they way they shone was godly ; akin to a glass sculpture. his hair was smushed by the black cap he wore, blond locs falling onto his forehead that moved slightly when he tilted his head at you curiously. his cheeks, so gorgeous and clear, soft. a perfect canvas for the new light of day being born before you. katsuki bakugou is the love of your life, so perfect and flawed at the same time. he was impatient, rude. at times he would become so upset over silly things that it seemed he didn’t care for your feelings. he was growing . he had a lot of healing to do but that’s why you loved him, and most certainly why he loved you. you were so patient and kind to him. it made him feel like healing was worth it.
lost in your thoughts, you remember something. you jolted up, surprising your beefy boyfriend. “ wha’s wrong?” he muttered, but you were already rummaging around your back seat. you carefully put them behind your back and kicked your car door shut.slowly, you approached him and your mischievous expression brought a smile to his face. “ooooh, whatcha got there , baby?” he teased you. your feet kicking the ground and nerves rushing through your blood, grazing your legs and warming your face,you approach him. “ close your eyes, ‘suki.” you instructed. he straightens up, closing his eyes and holding his head high. he was so fucking adorable- you could cry. you place the flowers infront of him and the paper immediately causes him to scrunch his fluffy brows in confusion.
his eyes slowly open, and his face is blank for a second. he picks up the bouquet , rough hands placing gentle touches on the petals of each flower.you saw a look in his crimson eyes. you couldn’t tell what it was; sadness, confusion, anger. it was so blank but so expressive all at once. the mountain of a man before you seemed to have shattered over a few flowers. his eyes flick to meet your own. his tone is once again soft, almost cracky, “ you got me flowers ..?” he asked you. you felt regret bubble into your throat and threaten to spill,”i’m sorry , it was a dumb idea, i-“ he holds up his hand, rest the flowers on his thigh.
“ ‘s pretty , y/n. i appreciate it.” he mutters, not meeting your eyes. you grab for his free hand, you could feel the lodge in his tone. like he was holding something back. his mind was racing behind his eyes and it always upset you when he felt he shouldn’t share it. “ what’s wrong?” you whispered to him; like if you spoke any louder- he’d simply shatter.
shatter he did. he looked down and grasped your small palms , his eyes glossed with ashamed and overwhelmed tears. he was upset. why is he so sensitive ? it’s just some fucking plants, if his mother was around she’d tell him to suck it up.
suck it up, suck it up , katsuki.
“ nuffin’” he said, harshly wiping his eyes. you took ahold of his jaw,” no , katsuki. you’re feeling something and i’m not allowing you to keep it to yourself. if you don’t like this you need to say something or i’m gonna keep doing it.” you said sternly, his gaze jumped from your left eye to your right , searching for something. assurance, possibly anger. the tears flowed freely now , his lashes wet. “ no one’s gotten me flowers before , i don’t know why it’s making me mad but it is. ‘m not used to,” he paused, caressing your knuckles “ i dunno, nice people. you’re too nice t’ me. you got me flowers, tha’s it.” his words were spluttered. your heart hurt for him. he wasn’t accustomed to love, you were well aware. hugging him, he held onto you like his life depended on it; because it truly felt like it did.
i actually rly like this fic lol, be safe y’all<3333
don’t steal losers
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Late Night Workout
Pairings: Katsuki Bakugou x f!reader x Eijirou Kirishima 
Genre: smut, fluff if you squint 
Warnings: threesome (kinda? Idk they take turns with you lmao), degradation, praise, dry humping, teasing, like one spank I think, implied masturbation, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, Kiri loses control for a moment (in a good way), uh I think that’s it- 
Summary: The three of you sneak into your regular gym to work out after hours only to get locked inside. Surely there’s a way for you three to pass the time? 
WC: 5.2k words
1k followers event - 42. “Here, you look cold.” 52. “Were you watching me?” 78. “Guess we’re going to be here for a while…”
Read on AO3!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Hurry up, guys!” Kiri shouts, turning to look over his shoulder at you and Bakugou. 
“Shut up, dumbass. Someone will hear you,” Bakugou snaps, lightly grabbing your arm to speed you two up. Kiri’s cheeks get a little pink as he sheepishly smiles at you two while he waits for you to catch up. 
“Sorry,” he whispers. You giggle and loop your arm through his when you reach him, giving him a reassuring smile. 
“Don’t worry about it. Bakubro is just nervous.”
“Don’t call me that, shithead.” 
“Well, I’m excited!” Kiri softly cheers, bumping his hip with yours. You hum and bump him right back, letting the two boys lead the way. 
“Here, you look cold.”
You stop when Kiri stops, your eyes widening a bit when he tugs his hoodie off and brings his shirt up with it. You quickly advert your eyes, finding Bakugou has stopped to watch the two of you. 
“No, that’s okay. I don’t nee-”
“I can see the goosebumps on you,” he teases after pulling the material over his head, offering the hoodie–which happens to be the one you got him for his birthday–to you. You smile sheepishly as you take it, pulling the blue material over your head and humming at how warm it is. 
“Thanks, Kiri,” you say softly, watching his smile widen at your words. 
“Don’t mention it,” he says as he takes ahold of your hand and leads you over to Bakugou. You now loop your arm through Bakugou’s and bite back a smile when he acts annoyed by it but tugs you closer to him nonetheless. 
When you reach your destination, you all grin widely (Bakugou more so smirks). “Okay, we have to be quick,” you whisper, starting to head for the door, “Onizuka should be doing his final rounds right now.” 
“Remind me again why we can’t come to the gym during the gym’s hours like normal people?” Bakugou asks with a sigh, watching you sneak around. 
“Because that bitch Rosalia thinks she’s so much better than me and she always comes to the gym when she knows I’ll be there. She’s always trying to compete with me and follows me around the entire time,” you groan. 
“Right. And we are here because…” Bakugou grumbles, crossing his arms over his chest. 
“Because you’re supportive friends. You know she has a crush on you both. So, with you not being there either, she can eat my dick. Plus I need someone to spot me,” you conclude your explanation as you creak the door open. Bakuogu snorts at your lovely explanation and follows you inside the building. 
“I still think this is overkill.”
“I’m here for you, (Y/n)!” Kiri whisper-shouts, giving you an air pump. 
“Thank you!” 
With that said, you three sneak inside the building and move your way toward the locker rooms. You make sure to avoid Onizuka, and once you’re sure he’s gone, you all (read: you and Kirishima) cheer. “Sweet, we’re in! Let’s get ready!” 
Bakugou grunts and walks away from you both to go into the guys’ locker room. Kiri gives you a thumbs up before following him inside. You walk into the girls’ locker room and start undressing, pulling on your leggings and sports bra. Hero training, especially pro hero training, can be hard stuff, but you have to say, you’re happy with how it makes your body look. You’re hard in all the right places and soft in the important ones. 
After getting changed, you come out to find the boys waiting for you. “Well, let’s get going,” you say with a smile before jogging into the gym area. You completely miss how their eyes are roaming your newly exposed skin. 
You three workout on and off for about two hours, just letting yourselves feel the burn and work up a good sweat. After doing some cooldown exercises, you three call it a night. “We’ll meet you outside, yeah?” Kiri asks as he runs a towel over his hair. He wore it down today, and with how much he’s sweating, you can’t help but think he looks delectable. 
“Yeah,” you agree, quickly looking away from him and downing some of your water. You then head inside the girls’ locker room, taking a deep breath and trying to calm down. Your heart is just still going fast from your workout is all. Yeah, that’s all it is. 
You decide to take a quick shower, figuring that the cool water will feel nice on your overly hot skin. It doesn’t really do you much good though since you end up touching yourself anyway…
After letting the water rush over you for a few minutes once you’re done with your fun, you hop out and wrap a towel around your body. You hum to yourself as you walk over to your locker, swaying your hips a bit as you pull out your clothes. Just as you finish tugging on your underwear, you hear a throat clear behind you. You spin around to find Kirishima with a red face and Bakugou with a smirk on his. 
“Guys! What are you doing in here?” You grab Kiri’s hoodie and press it to your chest to hide your body from them. You’re in your bra and panties, so it could be worse, but you’re not exactly decent. Remembering who your best friends are, you gasp and playfully squint your eyes at them. “Were you watching me?” you ask in a teasing tone, knowing they wouldn’t actually do such a thing and act like creepers. 
“No! No, of course not, (Y/n)! We just came to tell you…” You raise a brow when Kirishima suddenly trails off. 
“Tell me what?” you ask, picking your towel up with your free hand to run it through your hair. 
“The doors are locked,” Bakugou finishes for him. Your brow raises higher as you toss your towel onto the bench in front of you, your free hand resting on your hip now. 
“Uh, yeah, I know,” you reply with a small snort and roll of your eyes. Does he think you’re a moron? 
“No. They’re locked from the outside. We can’t get out without a key,” Bakugou explains, crossing his arms over his chest as he squints his eyes at you.  
“Oh…” your voice falters, your arm falling down by your side. Yeah, maybe you are a moron. 
“Yeah…” Kirishima mumbles, rubbing his arms sheepishly. You sigh and close your eyes, placing your hand onto your forehead as you try to think. “Guess we’re going to be here for a while…”
“God, I am so sorry, guys. I shouldn’t have roped you into my shenanigans,” you mumble, feeling guilty. Your hand holding Kiri’s hoodie scrunches the material, the hoodie shifting to reveal more of your skin when you do so. 
“Hey, don’t worry about it, (Y/n). You had no way of knowing. Besides, we can probably find a window or something,” Kiri reassures as he walks over to you. He goes to place a hand on your shoulder before remembering that you’re not exactly wearing much. You blush at this as well and tug his hoodie closer to yourself with both hands. 
“We’d probably set off alarms if we touched any of the windows,” Bakugou advises, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning his weight onto one foot. 
“I’m really sorry, guys…” you mumble again, looking at the ground in shame. 
“Hey, I already said not to worry about it. We aren’t mad.”
“Speak for yourself,” Bakuogu pipes up with a scoff, starting to walk towards you both. You look up at him with big eyes, reminding him of an innocent, little bunny. 
“Bakug-” Kiri starts warningly, but Bakugou just cuts him off. 
“That just means you’ll have to make it up to us, sweetcheeks,” Bakugou finishes, a sinister smirk appearing on his face at that moment. Your brows knit together as you try to guess what he means, worriedly glancing at Kiri only to find him looking just as confused as you. 
“C’mon, man. She doesn’t owe us anything.” 
“Oh, I think she does,” he argues as he stops right in front of you, making you gulp. 
“What do you want?” you stutter out, nervously staring up into those pools of fire. 
Bakugou looks up towards the ceiling as he places his hands on his hips again, seeming to think about your question. “How about…” he starts, bringing his head back up to look down at you. You jump and drop the hoodie to the floor when he suddenly surges forward, his hand slamming onto the locker by your head. You press yourself back against the cold metal, goosebumps raising from your bare skin touching the cool lockers. “You get down on your knees and make it up to me?” he coos menacingly. 
You gasp and feel your eyes widen tenfold, your throat bobbing as you swallow. He doesn’t mean…
“Bakugou…” Kiri mumbles, bringing the blond’s gaze to his best friend. 
“What?” he asks in a bored tone, lazily looking over to the shorter male. 
“We talked about this…” 
“Did we?” he asks at the same time you ask, “You did?” 
“Yes…” Kiri mumbles awkwardly, a flaring red blush coming to his face as he awkwardly looks between you two. 
“Mm, too bad I don’t recall,” he purrs as he turns to look back at you. 
“No. What did you two talk about?” you demand. Bakugou raises a brow at the assertive change in your demeanor, a corner of his mouth twitching. 
“You really wanna know?” he purrs, looking at you up and down. This is when you realize you dropped the hoodie you were clutching to you earlier and you’re practically naked. Though, with the way he’s looking at you, you don’t think you really mind. 
“Obviously,” you snap, clenching your jaw as you determinedly stare up at him. He only smirks at you, as if you were nothing more than a puppy growling and trying to make itself look bigger. 
“Should I tell her or would you like to do the honors?” Bakugou speaks up, never taking his eyes away from yours. You, however, bring your gaze over Bakugou’s shoulder to a very embarrassed and flustered Kirishima. 
“Uh…” Kiri starts, seemingly at a loss for words. You don’t think you’ve ever seen him so red. 
“We had a little competition going on to see who could win you over,” Bakugou confesses, not hesitating for a second. He doesn’t even seem ashamed or embarrassed. Not even a little. 
Your jaw completely drops open at this, looking between the two to see if he was joking. From the way Bakugou is cockily smirking and Kiri looking like he wants the floor to swallow him whole, you figure he must be telling the truth. 
“Excuse me?” you find yourself saying, gaping at them. You’re not necessarily mad, but you’re not just going to accept this mind-blowing information either. 
“No. It wasn’t a competition necessarily,” he stutters out, stepping closer to the two of you, “We’re so sorry, (Y/n). We-”
“Speak for yourself. I’m not sorry at all.”
You scoff and bring your eyes back to Bakugou, finding him relaxed and cool as ever. You defyingly tilt your head up at him, crossing your arms over your chest. This, of course, causes your breasts to squish together and both of their eyes flicker down at the action. Your lips twitch with the threat of breaking your angry expression with a smirk. Honestly, you’re not angry at all. If anything, your stomach is swirling with excitement and desire. 
“Well, you should be. I’m not a trophy you can compete for. I’m a person,” you sass, squinting your eyes at him. He doesn’t falter at all though, continuing to stare you down with that stupid cocky expression. 
“Oh yeah?” he challenges, tilting his head to the side as he brings his face closer to yours. 
“Yeah,” you respond confidently. Well, you think you sound confident but by the way Bakugou reacts to you, you must’ve sounded like a scared chipmunk. 
“Oh. That’s interesting coming from the person who eyes us like we’re two slabs of meat for your pleasure and enjoyment.” Oh shit. Were you that obvious? 
Your surprised, wide-eyed look makes Bakugou chuckle lowly, his body pressing closer and slotting one of his legs between your own. 
“I…I don’t do that,” you lie, no longer making eye contact with either of them. Bakugou laughs, actually laughs, at this. 
“Right. So I guess it was just my imagination when Kiri gave you his hoodie earlier, you were slobbering over his abs when his shirt slipped up a bit.” You gasp and look up at him in shock, your eyes looking over to Kirishima. He seems just as surprised as you though. That’s good at least. You weren’t too obvious if he didn’t even realize. Then again, Kiri can be oblivious to things like that. Just last week this woman he saved was practically slobbering all over him and trying to ask him out on a date. He was completely unaware and just told her to have a nice day. The thing was, she still swooned over him despite getting shot down (though unintentional). All he has to do is smile and no one can stay mad at him. Hell, even Bakugou falls victim to that. 
Bakugou just happens to be an overly observant prick, got it. 
“Yes, it was,” you deny, your hands squeezing your upper arms crossed over your chest. 
“Hm, guess I have an overly wild imagination since I could’ve sworn you were looking at my ass while I was doing squats,” he teases, his smirk still ever-present. 
“Nope,” you further deny. Your cheeks aren’t the only thing that’s warm. Your whole body feels like it’s an inferno. 
You gasp when he suddenly grabs your hips and makes you grind down on his leg. “What are you doing?” you shout. You make absolutely no move to get away from him though. And he notices this. 
“You clearly aren’t going to confess on your own, so I’m going to force it out of you.” You tremble against him as he keeps rubbing his thigh against your pussy. You start moving on your own accord, grinding against his muscular leg as you bite your lip. 
“Bakugou…” Kiri says softly, entranced by the way your body is moving. The blond turns to look at his best friend over his shoulder, his smirk turning into an arrogant grin. 
“Why so quiet? I almost forgot you were there,” he teases. Kiri crosses his arms over his chest, whether that be because he doesn't appreciate the teasing or it’s his way of protecting himself from the embarrassment, you don’t know. 
“C’mere,” he suddenly demands, reaching his arm back towards his friend. Kiri audibly gulps as he takes the last few steps forward to reach you both. Bakugou loosely wraps his arm around Kiri’s shoulder and presses him into his side. “Kiss her,” he whispers into his ear. Kirishima gasps and turns his head to look at the older man. 
“What?” he asks, shock written all over his face. 
“Yeah, do it,” he commands. Kiri starts shaking his head, refusing to make eye contact with you. 
“This isn’t ri-”
“Look at her,” he interrupts, pushing Kiri’s cheek with his fingers to bring his head towards you. Kiri finally looks at you and feels his cock twitch in his pants. You’re flushed now from all the moving you’re doing. You’re trembling as you search for release against Bakugou’s pants. 
You look hot. 
“She likes it. She likes us,” he reassures his best friend. “Isn’t that right, princess?” he suddenly asks you, turning to look at you once more. When you don’t respond, he squeezes your hips hard and makes you come to a stop. You whine and wiggle your hips, trying to break free to continue. “I asked you a question,” he says lowly, uncaring that you’re whining and trying to finish what he started. 
“Yes. Yes, please. I wanna cum,” you beg, looking up at them both with pleading eyes. Bakugou hums and turns to look at the redhead. 
“What do you think, Eijirou? Should we let her cum?” Kirishima gulps once more and you watch the way his adam’s apple bobs at the action. 
“Yeah…” he mumbles, his eyes roaming your bare skin and stopping on your panties that are very obviously drenched. Wow, you really like this, huh? 
“Yeah?” Bakugou asks, tilting his head. 
“Yeah,” Kiri confirms, biting his lip with his sharp teeth. 
“Hm…” Bakugou hums, looking you over in consideration. “I don’t think the little liar deserves it,” he decides. He lets you go and takes a step back. You whine and slump against the lockers, feeling close to tears. Who would’ve known Bakugou was such a big tease? 
“Please,” you beg, looking between each of them. 
“Admit that you’re always staring at us then,” Bakugou decides with a shrug. This has you pausing. What little pride you have left wants to refuse, but ultimately your body overrules your pride. 
“Okay, yes. I check you out a lot. You do the same thing to me though,” you respond. You didn’t actually know if they did or not. After everything that’s just happened though, it makes sense for them to do so. 
“I never said we didn’t, sweetheart,” Bakugou casually responds as he sits down on the bench. You feel another whine forming in your throat but swallow it down. Why isn’t he touching you anymore? 
“Well, go on, Eijirou. Touch her.” 
You’re surprised Kiri doesn’t get whiplash from how fast he turns to look at Bakugou. “What?” he asks, just like how he had done earlier. Bakugou leans back on his hands on the bench, his eyes glancing down at his friend’s obvious hard-on.
“What, you don’t want to?” Bakugou asks innocently, tilting his head with a raised brow. 
“No!” Kiri shouts. He then blushes and shakes his head. “No, I mean yes. I want to, yes. But…” he trails off, turning to look at you. He can’t look at you for too long though, but at the same time, he can’t look away. You just look so needy and desperate.  
“Kiri, please. Touch me. I want you to,” you plead, grabbing his arm and forcing him closer. He licks his lips as he nods his head, giving you a once-over. 
“Okay,” he barely whispers before leaning and connecting your lips. You happily hum into the kiss, his warm body sharing his body heat to warm you back up from where you got cold after Bakugou moved away from you. You gasp into the kiss as his hands leave from where they were cupping your cheeks to trail down your body. He’s very respectful on the way down, moving in the valley between your breasts down to your panties. There, one hand rests on your hip where Bakugou’s was not too long ago while the other slips to the front of your underwear. He starts rubbing your throbbing heat through the wet fabric, listening to you mewl and try to grind against his fingers. 
“She’s so wet,” he suddenly speaks, trailing kisses down your jaw to your neck. You moan and look over his shoulder at Bakugou, who is palming the tent in his joggers as he watches the two of you. 
“I could’ve told you that,” he laughs, his free hand coming to rub the wet spot you left on his pants. Your blush worsens at the teasing, your head falling back to give Kirishima more room to work on your neck. 
“Can I have her first?” he suddenly asks as he pulls away, his ruby red eyes staring into your half-lidded ones. 
“She’s all yours…as long as she’s okay with having the rough treatment after the gentle one,” Bakugou answers, smirking at you with the same dumb smirk he’s had on his face since he first walked into the locker room. 
Kirishima stares down at you as he awaits your response, his eyes searching yours. You inhale and exhale shakily before nodding your head. “Just make sure to actually make me cum,” you tease, your usual personality shining through your current wrecked one. 
“Mm, trust me. You’ll be begging for me to stop by the time I’m done,” Bakugou boasts. You don’t get the chance to reply though since Kirishima is hoisting you up and pressing you harder into the locker, your legs tightly wrapping around his waist. It doesn’t surprise you that he can lift you up so easily. The amount he benches is actually insane. Then again, most pro heroes can bench around what he does. 
You gasp when you hear a ripping sound, pulling back from the kiss to look down. You find your panties in shambles, the ripped shreds falling to the floor from Kiri’s hands. “Sorry,” he apologizes on a breath before bringing his lips back to yours. You moan and grind against his hard cock still hiding from you in his shorts. 
“Don’t be,” you breathe when he pulls away to focus on taking your bra off. He smiles at you right before the clasp comes undone and your breasts are revealed to the chilly room. 
“Wow…” he breathes, his hands resting just below the swell of your chest. Your nipples harden from the cool air and the pair of eyes staring you down. 
You do a double take when you realize that Bakugou has moved since you last looked at him. He’s now standing off to the side, hand shoved down his joggers. You can’t see his dick either, but you can see the way his hand is slowly pumping his shaft. You lick your lips as you watch, realizing he must’ve moved to get a better view of the show. 
“Well, don’t stop there. Fuck her,” comes Bakugou’s deep voice that seems to be even deeper than it was before. Kiri sharply inhales as he nods his head, reaching between you two to tug his shorts and boxers down in one go. You whine when you see his pretty cock, unashamedly eyeing it up. 
He’s clean-shaven and the tip of his dick is a pretty red color, looking a little swollen and weepy from how turned on he is. He’s easily six inches, possibly longer.
You don’t really have time to admire it since he’s rubbing the head against your entrance, rubbing your wetness up towards your clit before going back down. “You touched yourself, didn’t you?” he whispers, seemingly already out of breath before you’ve even started. You look away from his mesmerizing cock to look up at him. 
“What?” you ask, almost missing what he said entirely. You still caught it though, but you’re surprised he asked you such a question. 
“Your hole…it’s already stretched out…” he says a little louder than before, maybe keeping Bakugou up to speed with what’s going on. 
“No…” you lie, trying so hard not to stutter. You cry out when Bakugou is suddenly by both of your sides, grabbing your hair and yanking your head back. 
“Oh, you little slut.” You whimper at the name, your back arching off the locker for a moment. 
“I bet you were thinking about us. Weren’t you, you pretty little whore,” Bakugou coos, hand still fisted around your hair. 
“Yes, I was,” you admit breathily. You smirk though as you turn your head to look at Bakugou head-on. “And what are you going to do about it?” you taunt. He seems to be thinking it over, but he doesn’t get to do anything since Kiri takes the initiative. 
He starts inching himself into your cunt, your eyes rolling back into your head at how full you feel once he comes to a stop. “Good boy, Eijirou,” Bakugou mumbles, licking his lips as he watches Kiri push his length all the way inside of you until he can’t fit anymore. 
Kirishima whimpers at the praise, tightly gripping your hips as he starts thrusting in and out of your crying pussy. You moan and grasp his upper arm with one hand while the other rests on Bakugou’s shoulder for support. 
Your gaze floats up to the ceiling, your eyes struggling to stay open as Kiri thrusts in and out of your gaping pussy. You gasp when Bakugou’s grip on your hair suddenly tightens before he’s forcing your head down. Your eyes instantly find Kirishima’s pretty cock disappearing into your pussy before reappearing wetter than it was before. You moan at the sight, your hole clenching around the man fervently fucking you. 
“Watch him as he fucks you. You should be more appreciative,” Bakugou chastises, keeping your head held forward to make sure you stay watching Kirishima. You scream in ecstasy as your body shivers in pleasure, your cunt gushing around Kirishima as you cum. “Dirty slut,” Bakugou mumbles as if he’s disappointed or disapproving over this fact. In reality, though, he’s eating it up. 
Kirishima cums shortly after you do, pulling out just in time to coat your stomach and thighs in ropes of white. It’s not even a minute later when Bakugou is letting go of your hair and manhandling you out of Kirishima’s hold and into his own. You blink wearily at him before looking down, finding his joggers are already on the floor. 
His dick is around the same size as Kirishima, possibly a little bigger. His cock though is covered in bulging veins and the head is more on the purple side while Kiri’s was pinker. His tip is just as weepy as Kiri’s was though. 
You scream when he forces himself into your sensitive pussy in one go. You claw at his back, his entire body being pressed flush against yours. He doesn’t hesitate for a beat before starting to thoroughly fuck into you. 
You moan and mewl with each thrust, your head resting on your arm that’s wrapped around his neck. You stare at Kirishima as Bakugou roughly rails into you, watching as the younger man slowly sits down on the bench. His cock twitches in interest as he watches his best friend have his way with you. 
“You like being treated like a common whore? Hm?” Bakugou asks. He pulls you away from the lockers, his hands cupping your ass to keep you up on his bulging cock. You pull back with a moan, desperately nodding your head as he bounces you up and down his throbbing dick. 
“Yeah?” he asks, bringing one hand away from your ass only to bring it back down in a harsh slap. You shout his name as you throw your head back, placing your hands onto his shoulders as you help him thrust you up and down. “You like being my personal sex toy that I can use how I please?” he taunts. You nod your head rapidly, your eyes rolling back into your head as you clench around him. 
“Little slut gonna cum again already?” he taunts, moving you up and down faster. You scream his name as you do just that, causing a circle of white to appear around the base of his cock. “Look at you…creaming all over my fat cock…” he taunts. His voice sounds a little shakier though as he throbs inside of your tight cunt. Guess he’s getting close too. 
After a few more pumps, he rushedly pulls out just as he starts to orgasm. He points his cock right at your used pussy, shooting his seed all over your wet cunt. He smirks as he watches his cum join Kiri’s, his chest rising and falling rapidly. 
He slowly puts you down, laughing when you cling onto him as your legs shake. “Hope I didn’t break you,” he teases, watching you lean back against the lockers as you try to come down from your high and get ahold of your bearings. 
“Fuck you,” you snap lowly, tilting your head back to look up at the heavens, hoping this will help you calm down faster if you can’t see them. 
“I just did,” he jokes, making you groan and Kiri chuckle lightly. Kiri suddenly appears in your field of vision. You bring your gaze down to look at him, smiling at him when he seems sheepish now. 
“Sorry about your underwear. I kinda just got lost in the moment…” 
You giggle as you bring a hand to the back of his head and pull him down for a kiss. “Don’t worry about it. It was hot,” you reassure. He grins at this, loosely wrapping his arms around you for a hug. 
You look over at Bakugou to find him pulling his joggers back on. Your attention returns to Kiri though as he suddenly swoops you up into his arms princess style. “What are you doing?” you ask, wrapping your arms around his neck. 
“We dirtied you-” he stops when Bakugou snorts and says something along the lines of ‘yeah we did.’ He rolls his eyes as he brings you to the showers, slowly setting you down and turning the hot water on. “It’s the least I can do to clean you up,” he says softly and you swear you’ve never felt so warm and fuzzy inside until this very moment. 
“Awe, what a gentleman,” you coo, giving him another kiss. “Too bad they can’t all be like you,” she jokes pointedly giving Bakugou a look. He scoffs and comes over to the shower you two were occupying. 
“Hey, he cleans you up, I make you food,” he offers with a shrug, crossing his arms over his chest. You hum as you think about it, putting your hand out to feel the water’s temperature. 
“Fine. You both have to cuddle me too.” 
“Okay!” Kiri says with a happy grin at the same time Bakugou rolls his eyes and grunts out, “Fine.” As if the fucker isn’t excited too. 
You smile and give them each a sweet kiss. “It’s a date then,” you declare with a wink. 
Kiri helps you clean yourself off before drying you off, in which Bakugou then helps you get dressed again. Once that was all done, you sigh and sit down on one of the many benches. 
“Now what? We’re still stuck here until the morning,” you sigh. When you don’t get a response, you look up at your two best friends, who are possibly more now. 
“We should be able to get out through a window…” Kiri says softly. You stand up at this, placing your hands onto your hips as you raise a brow at them. 
“But I thought you sai-”
“I lied.” Your jaw is once again unhinging as you stare at Bakugou in shock. You then scoff, laughing a little as you hit his chest. “You think you’re so clever.” 
“Yeah, a little,” he agrees with a shrug. You roll your eyes as you leave the locker room and head for one of the many windows in the place. 
“Besides, even if an alarm did go off, we’re all heroes. They know we wouldn’t break into a place. We’d just explain it was a misunderstanding!” Kiri says confidently. You hum as you study the window before pulling it open. 
No alarms go off. 
“Oh, I am so getting you back for this,” you swear as you point at Bakugou with squinted eyes. He just gives you a sleezy grin. 
“I can’t wait.”
⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰
More with Bakugou and Kiri
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Special thanks to @spicygremli-n​ and @iris-archives​ for being my super sexy beta readers 
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thingsoverheardatua · 17 hours ago
Kirishima: [pouting in a corner]
Sero: Why is he sulking?
Ashido: Because daddy was keeping a secret from mommy~
Bakugou: Whatever! Why does everyone insist on referring to us like we’re husband and wife?!
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smallmightsupremacy · a day ago
What we wanted Second to be:
Tumblr media
What he actually was:
Tumblr media
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ayustuff · 2 days ago
Me: reading 'Suki fanfics and finding out different au's.
My reaction: “whats next? reader is a secretary and about to fuck their boss, Bakugo fucking Katsuki? then a trope thats bakuhoe being friends with benifits with reader?then barbarian prince Katsuki marrying normal villager reader and a princess is furious about it then tries to break in but fails??? BROOO SIGN ME UP!!!”
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dogwaterdish · a day ago
Kaminari: Are you the big spoon or the little spoon?
Bakugou: I'm a knife.
Kirishima, from across the room: He’s the little spoon.
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glaamingo · 2 days ago
There is no heterosexual explanation for this
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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oniku-niku · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Oi, Nerd.” a raspy voice called out, catching your attention from the gate. You looked up from your phone to see Bakugou sauntering towards you. He was wearing an orange hoodie that looked too big even for his built frame and his hands were shoved into the pockets of his black sweatpants. Upon seeing him, you smiled before waving when he got closer.“You look comfy.” you noted when he was in front of you, eyes peering down at your figure. Yes, you did say that you will keep your feelings in check around him, but you couldn’t help your heart beating faster being this close to him. 
“I just threw on some stuff and came down.” he mumbled, starting to move as you two made way towards the store, his vermilion eyes trained on the road.. Walking in a comfortable silence on the sidewalk, dodging people when it was necessary, you found yourself eyeing him every once in a while.
Occasionally there would be a gust of wind that the November air blew by, rustling the trees and moving dead leaves that were scattered along the street. You could swear the wind was carrying hints of his cologne past you, the sweet smell wafting through your senses before leaving as quick as it came. As the sun was going down and taking away its natural light, numerous restaurants turned on lights of their own.
When the two of you rounded the corner, the convenience store was sitting right across the street. With your excitement, you bounded to the crosswalk and with the “Walk” sign blinking from the other end, you didn’t mind looking back and forth. But before you could even get a step out, “(Y/N)!” came your name and Bakugou’s hand flew out to grip your upper arm to yank you back towards him, his other arm quickly wrapped around your front without thinking. Your back hit his chest at the same time that a car zoomed right past you, its tires kicking up dust from the road and roaring loudly down the street.
Your heart was racing too fast, thinking about what could have happened if Katsuki wasn’t quick enough, thinking about how it felt when he was holding you close, thinking about how panicked he sounded when he called out your name. 
“You alright?” he asked. Even you could see his eyes widen when you looked at him. When you nodded, he let go of your arm and motioned for you to keep walking.
“Dumbass driver.” he grumbled out before you two reached the other side of the road. When you entered the store, you were still shaken by what just happened, and Katsuki noticed. But he didn’t want to say anything, instead, he just dragged you throughout the store to buy the snacks that the group told him to get, occasionally asking you what you wanted to buy as well. When it was time to get to the counter, you quietly pulled out your wallet to pay for it , all the while Katsuki was watching you. 
For reasons unknown to him, he didn’t like the way that that little incident left you. There was a little irking in his chest at how upset you seemed. When the cashier bagged everything up, he quickly took the handles and allowed the both of you to leave the convenience store, the little bell chiming when the door opened and closed behind them. He knew that he couldn’t let the two of you return to the dorms like this because the others would ask what happened and he didn’t think that you’d appreciate bringing it up again.
So instead, “Oi, come here.” he said. You looked at him, about to ask what was happening, before seeing that he was pulling out a chair at the table in front of the store. His head motioned for you to take a seat as he placed the bags of snacks on the ground. 
And before you even got to ask what he was doing, he cut you off, “Stay here. I’ll be right back.” and the bell of the store chimed again to indicate he went back in. Within a few minutes, he came back out with a bag of his own in one hand, holding some steaming box of food in the other, and gripping some chopsticks with his teeth. He walked to where you were sitting and placed down the food before taking a seat side by side with you. 
“We have about an hour and a half before those extras at the dorms start the movie. So eat.” he said quickly before cracking open a can of soda for you both and unwrapping an onigiri he got for himself. You stared at him for a few seconds before smiling and digging into the spicy ramen that he got you. 
Looking at you slurping the noodles from the bowl, he couldn’t help but let the corners of his lip curl up before catching himself, sipping his drink to hide it. Yeah, he was a little proud that he was able to get your mind off of what happened earlier. When you were all done, you wiped your mouth with a couple of napkins before discarding the trash in a bin and starting to head back to the dorms with the bags of snacks. 
Just as you guys walked past the campus gates, another gust of wind blew past, this one stronger and colder than the past few. Even through your long sleeve shirt you felt it and it sent the chills up your spine into a shiver. This didn’t go past Katsuki’s eyes and before he knew it, he was pulling off his own hoodie.
“Here.” his outstretched arm handed you the hoodie. You were hesitant to take it but he rolled his eyes and took the bags from your hands to allow you to put the garment on. In an instant, everything about him overwhelmed your senses once again. The way his scent clung onto the thick, soft fabric. If the sweater looks big on him, it now looks like it swallowed you. You immediately felt warm, and took a deep breath to raise your shoulders and delved into the warmth before relaxing and looking at him. Maybe it was a trick of the light but you thought you saw his cheeks dust pink before looking away.
“Thanks, but won’t you get cold?” 
“No. I’m always warm anyway. It’s what my quirk does.” he shook his head before opening the doors to the dorm for you to go through. 
“(Y/n)! Bakugou! You’re finally back!” Mina immediately noticed and came bounding up to take the bags.
“Geez, what took you guys so long?” Kirishima asked as he walked past. As you go to answer, Katsuki beats you to it.
“Convenience store was almost out of snacks.” 
“Wow...I guess it was an...UN-convenience store huh?” Denki popped his head out from behind a wall just to make that joke (which made you laugh) and Katsuki held back the urge to throw a bag of chips at him.
“Well come on! We’re almost starting!” Mina grabbed your arm to urge you to the living room. But you stopped when you saw Katsuki still standing where he was. Mina looked down at the sweater you were wearing before her eyes quickly darted towards Katsuki in surprise. She decided to go to the main room without you guys, smirking as she rounded the corner.
“Katsuki? Aren’t you coming?” you asked, unknowing of his decision earlier not to come. Katsuki stared back at you and, clearly for the first time, he felt his heart speed up at the sight of you. You were just standing there, eyes wide and expectant of him, lips slightly curled up into a smile, hair was pulled into a loose messy bun, and you were wearing his oversized hoodie for god’s sake. 
His heartbeat ran throughout his entire body and he could feel it from the tips of his fingers to the way he let out a soft breath at your question. It was as if you were pulling him to you and he gave in, “Since I’m already here, why not”. That only made you grin wider before the two of you moved to where everyone else was waiting. 
The living room radiated comfort as everyone settled down in front of the large screen and the lights were dimmed down. With the couch being already taken, you and Katsuki took a seat in front of the coffee table with your own bag of chips. Izuku tapped your shoulder to hand you a spare blanket, you almost missed the wink he sent you, before sitting back in his seat next to Ochako. 
So yes, night went pretty well. Katsuki seemed to think so too considering how fast his heart was still racing when you fell asleep on his shoulder an hour into the movie.
Tumblr media
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Hello may I request shoto as a big brother to y/n headcanons? Where y/n is also in class 1a along with shoto? Thanks
You are like siblings | Headcanons
gender neutral
-> The character and you have a sibling-like relationship, as you are an only child.
-> Katsuki Bakugou, Hitoshi Shinsou, Shoto Todoroki.
Katsuki Bakugou
Tumblr media
Maybe it was because you reminded him of himself, feeling all superior and then extremely humbled when you lost in a random fight, after being admired for many years. Maybe it was because you were an only child as well and didn’t share a strong bond with anyone. But Katsuki liked you.
Even Izuku couldn’t tell why, but the blond seemed to want to train you, help you to get better. Sure, he would also yell at you whenever you would follow him around, just like Denki and Kirishima. But he would also burst into laughter when you would slip so bad you fell on the head. People kept talking about this to this day.
So, without really anyone being able to understand, not even yourself, you and Katsuki became really close. Maybe it helped that he saw how much you cried when you rescued him from villains during the summer, and that he had to hug you to calm you down. Well, you had hugged him and he allowed you, but still. It felt odd.
« Your quirk is so strong ! It’s unfair ! It’s like you were literally born strong. I had to train for my quirk to change like that ! » You whined after you lost yet another fight against him. « Stop being jealous, you’ll get even uglier. I can already barely look at you. » He replied. You huffed. « I’m literally embarrassed to stand next to you when your pants are so low that you walk weird. » Look at you, picking a fight you can’t win.
He would often laugh at stuff you would say. He would often agree with you -you two had the same kind of personality and state of mind to begin with, after all. But he would also comfort you, in his own way, after you would cry -one thing that differentiated you from him. « Why would he take you to the pool for your first date anyways ? Sounds like a trap. He’s a dumbass and you are one for even agreeing. » Well… it worked, I guess.
Hitoshi Shinsou
Tumblr media
You were an only child that would spend a lot of time with Aizawa as he had been training you since the beginning of your year in 1A. Shinsou was an only child that would spend a lot of time with Aizawa as he had been training him since the sports festival. So you guys would see each other a lot.
Even before you would actually meet, you thought he looked cool during his fight against Midoriya. So how delighted you were when you learned that Aizawa had seen the boy’s potential and decided to train him with your help ! And thus, as training buddies, you guys got close real fast.
You would also share some lunches together, spending time together outside of the training sessions -it started when Aizawa asked you to go to the store together for him, and sharing your same experience as only children. Seeing Aizawa more than your actual parents and thus seeing him as a father figure also helped.
So, even before Shinsou would train with the hero branch, in order to get transferred there in second year, he would sometimes spend time with them as you would bring him over to the dorms. A Halloween party ? You force him to go there and dress him as a ghost. The Christmas party ? « We never get to celebrate it with many people ! It’s the occasion ! »
You guys would also have those « Aizawa family meetings » once Eri is also present in your life. Present Mic would often hang around so you would joke that he is a parent as well, like a family. It seemed weird for others to see you that close to Shinsou, but to you it only made sense, and he learned to like you as you helped him get better, just like Aizawa did.
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
After Shoto got rid of his attitude, you guys grew close rather quickly. Sure, you would always talk to him before, but he finally genuinely replied and tried to continue the conversation after that. Not so surprisingly, you guys became close sharing one thing : doing stuff together that you didn’t as lonely kids.
When you learned that Shoto never spent time with his siblings, you told him that he didn’t have to feel like he missed stuff, like enjoying a family trip or just some activities that are better in a group ; you had never done those neither ! Maybe he didn’t understand well what you meant, but he decided to hang out with you so you would have « sibling activities » together instead.
« Shoto ! Let’s try this restaurant for lunch ! » you would say, excited. And he would agree. Sure, he would talk about it to his actual siblings and say it would be nice to go there with them. But he enjoyed those times with you ; he considered you one of his bestest friends, after all !
This wouldn’t stop there : he liked to congratulate you during trainings and help you out. He knew you admired his quirk and his strength, and since he didn’t want you to feel bad or not enough, he would often reassure you or just give you a thumbs up after seeing you do something.
« Shoto ! You cleared the mission in 3 minutes ! How did you go so fast ?! » you asked during the hero class. He smiled and pat your head -Natsuo and Fuyumi would do this to each other, and he thought it looked pleasurable. « You did great too, (Y/N). And I just used my quirk to increase my speed. I’m sure your quirk can be useful in this mission, as well. » Who would have thought that the asocial kid from the beginning of the year would be the one reassuring you right know ?
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cowcat44 · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
…..old might❤️
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sweetnsour1 · a day ago
Fluff, Bakugou x female reader, 2/4
Read part 1
Part of the Cute as hell Collection
Tumblr media
"That!" You followed her pink finger as she pointed across the room. "How do you put up with that?"
Bakugou was barking something at Deku as he snatched your duffel away from the confused green-haired hero. You bit your lip to keep from laughing. You didn't want to make his mood any worse than the officer had. He'd never take it out on you, but here at the Class A reunion weekend...no one else at Momo's beach house had the same guaranteed safety that you did. You coughed to hide a chuckle at the way he went out of his way to shove his shoulder into Midoriya as he stomped over to the staircase. You opened your mouth, but Mina yelled at him instead.
"Hey! Leave her stuff down here. She's sleeping with me tonight." You giggled as you felt her cheek squish into yours. He turned...choosing to glare at her instead of look at you.
"The fuck she is-"
"Actually, Bakugou...girls are down here and boys are up there." He narrowed his eyes at the earphone jack used to direct him up the stairs.
"That's stupid-"
"It's not stupid. It's nostalgic...it's like the dorms again!" Uravity clapped her hands together before downing the rest of her drink with a soft hiccup.
"She wasn't even in our dorms!"
"That's funny...could've sworn I remembered her roaming the halls once or twice."
"Nosy bastard!"
You blushed and watched Bakugou lunge at Kaminari. He ran off to hide behind Jirou, who didn't flinch. She had already resumed her conversation with Hagakure as the men danced around her. Yea, Katsuki may have been in a bad mood, but you would never get tired of being in a room full of people that understood him well enough to tease him like this. You heard a gravelly voice above you and didn't need to look up to know who was resting their chin on top of your head.
"Calm down, man. You'll get her back in a couple days." You tilted your head up to grin at your self proclaimed brother-in-law. "Thanks for dragging him here, y/n." You widened your eyes.
"I don't know what you mean, Kiri? Katsuki begged me to make time for you guys. You know how he loves celebrating with people." You earned a hug and a laugh. He released you back to Mina and walked across the room to greet his feral friend, saving Kaminari in the process.
You frowned a little at the sight of your bag being tugged from his grip. Part of you had hoped he'd win his argument. You didn't really want to be in a bed without him. You'd done that the last six nights and had hoped to be settled in his arms finally. You turned when you felt someone poking your cheek.
"You like him so much still. It's kinda gross." You rolled your eyes and laughed.
"Shut up, Mina." Your eyes followed the furrowed lines on his pouty face, before drifting down to those same black sweats he would've had to change out of if that officer hadn't stopped you when he did. You shrugged. "He's likeable."
"You must be into some weird shit, huh?" You blushed as Mina turned to the rest of the girls sitting around the kitchen island. "Let's start off with truth or dare!!!"
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