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jajanvm-imbi 10 months ago
When are we gonna talk about this specific scene in Dos Orugitas?
Tumblr media
Abuela: "Ive never been able to come back here. This river...is where we were, given our miracle."
Mirabel: "Where...Abuelo Pedro....?:
This entire scene, Dos Orugitas, is so powerful all together, but the RIVER. The river is so important to the context of their family and the theme of generational trauma.
At this point we all know what Abuela's trauma is and how it affected everyone in the family, hence "generational trauma" part of the story.
Abuela Alma, while holding her 3 newborn babies, watched the love of her life be slaughtered right in front of her eyes in that river that night.
Tumblr media
At the very beginning of the movie we can see that Abuelo Pedro was standing in the river when he was murdered.
Once again, like we have already seen, Abuela put her own feelings about her trauma aside, and puts on a brave face to comfort Mirabel. But like she says to Mirabel, she had never been able to come back to that river herself, she was only there for Mirabel.
Finding Mirabel sitting at the river, the same place her husband was brutally murdered, must have been very triggering and painful. She was staring at the very spot she watched her husband be murdered.
But here's what's interesting about how the scene continues.
While Dos Orugitas plays, the story of what happened to Abuelo Pedro is shown in detail (at least more detail then when Abuela tells the story at the beginning)
We see Mirabel observing the scene for herself, implying that Abuela is telling the story to Mirabel in great detail, and Mirabel is finally understanding the pain Abuela experienced in that very spot.
Tumblr media
Abuela then apologizes saying, "I am so sorry. You never hurt our family Mirabel. We are broken, because of me"
Now, after understanding why Abuela acted the way she did towards everyone, seeing the pain she is still holding on to after all those years, Mirabel looks out and sees:
Tumblr media
The scene from Bruno's vision.
At first she didn't know where that scene was, but it was when she looked out into the river that she saw what the vision was showing.
Now in Bruno's vision it was very unclear who Mirabel was meant to hug in order to save the miracle for a long time, and it ended up being Isabela. BUT, Bruno's vision had two different outcomes, one when Casita fell down, and one where Casita didn't. How I'm choosing to interpret this is that, in the outcome where Casita didn't fall Mirabel would have to hug Isabela, which is what the vision ended up choosing to display, but in the outcome where Casita did fall, Mirabel would have to hug someone else, which is why the vision was so confusing for Bruno.
Now Casita obviously fell, which means the only way the miracle would be saved is if Mirabel hugged someone else. And because of that scene in Bruno's vision, Mirabel realized:
It was Abuela she needed to help
This is exactly why I think its a bunch of bs when people claim that Abuela was "forgiven too easily"
Mirabel saw Abuela's silent suffering, she saw how much pain was still in her heart from what happened that night, and how much trauma Abuela experienced. She understood why Abuela acted the way she did, and instead of getting angry, Mirabel sees that she is meant to help Abuela, and in turn, help everyone else.
Tumblr media
This river was the place where the most traumatic thing that ever happened to any of them occurred. The source of the family's generational trauma took place at this river. And Abuela herself admitted that ever since that night, she had never been able to go back.
Abuela had to cross the river too, to flee from the bandits (or whoever they are)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
But after she saw Pedro be murdered, she never stepped foot in that river again.
Mirabel understanding Abuela's trauma, and Abuela finally going back into the river after 50 years, you wanna know what this scene is symbolizing????
Tumblr media
After 50 years, Abuela was not only able to go back to see the river, but go into the river. WITH THE HELP OF MIRABEL.
Together, they walk into the river, finally understanding one another, and they both decide together that their healing starts HERE. The rest of the family can't heal before Abuela can heal, and Mirabel UNDERSTANDS THIS. So what does she do????? SHE HELPS ABUELA HEAL.
This entire scene is so important in understanding the entire movie, but the DAMN RIVER IS WHAT STOOD OUT TO ME.
I didn't get why they had to walk into the river in order for this scene to continue, but then it HIT ME LIKE A BUS.
Casita being rebuilt symbolizes the family healing as a whole, but the river symbolizes Abuela's trauma. Therefore, walking into the river symbolizes addressing and HEALING from that trauma.
God this movie is so beautiful and powerful and important.
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itscosmicnerd 3 months ago
Me and the girl I pulled by being funny!! 馃槼馃挄
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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azucareraart 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal in modern Filipiniana (a gift for a twt moot) feat. her cactus friend Stabasti谩n Yatra 馃尯馃尩馃敧
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rivedraw 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Give more Madrigal triplet content!!! Now, Disney! 馃懣馃
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tesseractrave 12 months ago
Quick Cleanup
Tumblr media
The first piece of many to come from me featuring the ever-charming Bruno Madrigal. Concept was inspired from the lovely @alabasterpickles, we had this silly idea of all his rats taking the liberty of cinderella-pampering him. He probably forgets to take care of himself sometimes after being isolated for so long, so I like to think that Antonio may tell his rats to help out with it or remind him to. :]
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gorouirl 12 months ago
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oxfordsxbrogues 12 months ago
Physically i am here
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ichigobunsss 10 months ago
Tumblr media
My Dolores Cosplay! 馃憗 馃憚馃憗馃憘馃徏鉁ㄢ櫏锔
I鈥檓 having so much fun with these encanto lewks馃ズ馃 (also new chapter will be up tmmr night!)
heres my insta i love meeting new amiguitos!! Feel free to dm me! I don鈥檛 bite 馃ぃ https://www.instagram.com/natasharomeroo/
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myohmyimanxious 10 months ago
Encanto headcanons part 3! (Bc I can't stop)
- Pepa, Juileta and Abuela are known for the Madrigal cackle which just gets louder when they all laugh together
- The girls all have it to a degree but no where on the level those three do
- Camilo is secretly very very very intelligent and loves to read, with his favourite book being Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
- He uses the excuse of "I'm reading to the neighbourhood kids" to spend his free time at the library
- Bruno and Antonio make his rat telenovelas after he rejoins the family at Dolores' request
- Isa pretends she hates them, but is actually the most invested
- Luisa has a donkey plush, and it was a gift from Mirabel after the Crumbling of casita (idk I wanted to give casita breaking a name I'm sorry)
- Antonio will come out with the weirdest fucking gossip and then act as if he didn't
- When they're sad, people look to Luisa for a hug, as she gives the BEST hugs
- Antonio has trained birds to attack someone if he screams (it's usually aimed at someone when they kill a spider or any kind of bug)
- Isabela is usually the recipient of it bc she panics when she sees bugs
- Mirabel is disgustingly ticklish, and it's the best way to get her to spill secrets
- Weirdest place the kids have had a sleepover is under the kitchen table
- It was an odd sight for the adults to behold in the morning and yes Pepa did take photos
- You know the Carlos concept art? Well imagine that's like camilo's go-to fuck-boy impression bc it's hilarious
- F茅lix and Pepa dance all the time, anytime, anywhere
- F茅lix taught his boys how to dance bc Dolores was just a born natural
- Agust铆n and Luisa often play piano for each other or for the family
- It was actually Agust铆n who taught Luisa how to play
- Antonio used to have this annoying phase of just grabbing onto peoples legs and not letting go
- Mainly julieta's or Luisa's, which ended up with him basically getting moved anywhere he wants without walking (bc he's a fucking genius)
- He grew out of it, but when Bruno came back he started again and let me tell Bruno was terrified at first but is now used to it
- Dolores and Camilo used to babysit Antonio a lot when he was really little to give their parents a break, and it was easy bc Antonio is a delight
- Isabela makes flower swings on trees for the kids in the encanto
- And flower crowns!
- Isabela, Luisa and Dolores once mocked Mirabel and Camilo about having an 'easy' task of babysitting in the encanto
- They made a bet to see if they could manage it
- They couldn't
- Agust铆n once slipped over on a banana peel and it was exactly like in cartoons
- Even abuela laughed
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the-girl-wh0-cries-w0lf 10 months ago
2 things I think happened BEFORE Encanto:
1. After Bruno made the comment to Pepa on her wedding day, because he ruined the perfect clear skies Abuela sent him away and didn鈥檛 let him watch his sisters wedding.
2. After Bruno decided to leave the family and chose to stay in the room adjacent to the kitchen, Casita opened up the crack in the family picture so he could watch and have meals with his family.
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dos-oroguitas 10 months ago
Tu Amore
Tumblr media
In which you have a hard time showing your love for Camilo and you worry that he cannot feel that you love him as much as he loves you. Camilo reassures you.
masterlist !! Self indulgent fic as I just discovered the song above fit one of the prompts I have been thinking of for a while now.
Posted this one way too early, to everyone who read it when the first one was up, your memory is now wiped out!
Tumblr media
You鈥檝e always had some.. difficulty in expressing love the way Camilo had naturally expressed his for you. His familia was tight-knit, affectionate, and loving while yours weren鈥檛 exactly as showy as they were. Sometimes when Camilo would say such sweet things and shower you with hugs and kisses, you would think to yourself. Does Camilo know that even though you don鈥檛 express yourself as much as him, you loved him just as he had loved you? Was your love enough? Should you show more? Do more? Sure you鈥檇 exchange soft kisses, warm hugs, and 鈥業 love you鈥檚鈥 but it was always Camilo doing it first. And you felt guilty. Your eyes trailed to Camilo鈥檚 face, your fingers finding its鈥 way through his brown curls, gently playing with them as the shapeshifter had rambled about almost getting away with getting seconds from his Tia Julieta. 鈥淎nd I was so, so close, (Name). I could鈥檝e been eating empanadas then, the sweet taste of victory was mine! And then pap谩 had to rat me out.鈥 He quickly shapeshifted into a smaller version of Felix, repeating his father鈥檚 words. 鈥淐amilo, you leave your Tia Julieta鈥檚 empanadas alone!鈥 He says in a high pitched voice before quickly morphing back to himself as after a few seconds, a muffled 鈥業 don鈥檛 sound like that!鈥 could be heard from downstairs. 鈥淒olores, you snitch!鈥 Camilo had whined, having been caught mocking his pap谩. His cheeks puffed into a pout which in turn had earned a giggle from you and had made him pout even more. 鈥(Name), mi vida, it鈥檚 not funny! You were supposed to be on my side!鈥 The shapeshifter had grumbled up at you with a playful frown. 鈥淟o siento, mi amado.鈥 You would say whilst stifling giggles that to Camilo, had sounded like the soft ringing of bells, and he couldn鈥檛 help but smile and giggle as well. 鈥淎lright, alright, maybe it is a little funny.鈥 His giggles would soon die down before his eyes focused on your face which was once again deep in thought. He slowly sat up. 鈥淢i vida? 驴Est谩s bien?鈥 He took your hand in his, gently rubbing his thumbs over the soft palms of your hand before he brought your hands up to his lips to give it a kiss. Snapping out of your thoughts once you felt his lips on your skin, you felt your cheeks heat up before you shake your head a little. 鈥溌o es nada, Camilo.鈥 You try to reassure him but you knew better as he continued to gaze at you, brows furrowed in worry. You took a deep breath knowing damn well you couldn鈥檛 hide anything from him. Pursing your lips, you would avert your gaze as you told him of your worries. And you watched with concern as in turn, Camilo had looked like he was the one in deep thought before a smile appeared on his face, shaking his head a little. 鈥淢i vida, I feel your love.鈥 He says whilst smiling lovingly at you. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the one that never lets me sleep.鈥 He starts off. 鈥淭o my lips down to my soul, you touch my lips.鈥 Camilo leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss on your lips. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the one I cannot wait to see,鈥 He continues, thinking about the times he鈥檚 had to go to his Tia Julieta to be healed up after stumbling and tripping in Casita鈥檚 hallways whilst rushing to meet you on your dates or days out together. 鈥淲ith you here by my side I鈥檓 in ecstasy.鈥 He held your hand in his, intertwining your fingers with his. 鈥淚 am all alone without you. My days are dark without a glimpse of you.鈥 He looked away, unable to imagine a day where he couldn鈥檛 see the twinkle in your eyes or your smile that lit up the world more than the stars in the skies. 鈥淏ut now that you came into my life, I feel complete. The flowers bloom, my morning shines and I can see.鈥 He stood up, gently pulling you up along with him. 鈥淭u Amore is like the sun, that lights up my whole world. I feel the warmth inside.鈥 He threw open his window sills, allowing the warm rays of the sun to envelope the two of you as he continued. 鈥淭u Amore is like the river that flows down through my veins, I feel the chill inside.鈥 He gazed back at you who had listened to every word, unable to stop the warmth on your face or the beating of your heart.
You didn鈥檛 know just how much your love, which you thought you had been lacking in giving, really meant to him. 鈥淭u amore, mi vida.. Tu amore is something that I can never live without.鈥
Tumblr media
No thoughts just Camilo Madrigal. As always thank you for every like, reblog, and comment! I love people enjoying what I write! 馃挄鉁
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jajanvm-imbi 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Still haven't watched the movie but if anything happened to this family/the Madrigal boys
Tumblr media
(Feel free to use any of these memes)
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itscosmicnerd 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Julieta made them wear it! 鈥 鈱涳笍鈽锔忦煫
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azucareraart 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal as Adassa & Camilo Madrigal as Rhenzy Feliz
We Don't Talk About Bruno performance on American Idol
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rivedraw 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鉁 Gift Swap AU Part 1 鉁 This is my design if Pepa had Julieta鈥檚 gift of healing 鉂わ笍鈥嶐煩 a bit more on it on my tik tok @rivecreates !
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tesseractrave 10 months ago
How I interpreted Bruno's role in the Madrigal family.
(Encanto Spoilers!)
Encanto touched on a lot of the roles given to children in dysfunctional families, and the ones that have been mostly acknowledged by those who watched it were the Golden Child (Isabela), the Scapegoat (Mirabel), and the Hero (Luisa).
Many analysts interpreted Bruno as another Scapegoat, which isn't wrong, but something rubbed me differently about why he was treated worse and why Mirabel was treated worse as such.
Mirabel was the family scapegoat due to having no "gift", which is obviously meant to represent no clear talents or abilities in a child, so they automatically treated her worse because she wasn't seen as useful or helpful. She was seen as someone that didn't have anything to offer to the family at all; someone who didn't fit in.
Bruno was the family scapegoat because he had a "gift", representing a clear talent and ability in a child, but it was a gift that was seen by those around him with more obvious downsides than others. He was seen as someone who had something to offer the family, but what he offered wasn't seen as something that was good.
They're both Scapegoats, but for different reasons. Bruno is the child who was ostracized because even though he has a talent, it wasn't seen as a good or useful one, and Mirabel was the child who was ostracized because she doesn't have a clear talent to even be considered as good or useful in the first place.
Many relate to Mirabel because they feel the same as she was, without any big talents or abilities to offer and are perhaps more than a little lost in who they are.
Those who relate to Bruno (such as myself to an immense degree), on the other hand, relate to him because they feel that, just like him, they recognize themselves as having clear talents and abilities, but not ones that are necessarily seen as good enough or praised as much as others.
They're belittled as the Scapegoat because of what talent they have, not because they don't have a talent.
Bruno's talent is still wonderful, too! He's an oracle, a warning for oncoming storms and the one who can notify people to prepare themselves for things that they otherwise would have gone into completely off-guard and unaware. His talent, like many others, is only belittled because of the personal opinions of the people recieving from it. Bruno is a truly good, morally wholesome character, one of the best, in fact! Somewhere else, he could have been ended up as the Golden Child (not that being the Golden Child is a good thing, it's still a dysfunctional family role).
That's one of the biggest reasons Bruno is a really important character to me and countless others. It's good representation of an often-overlooked group of people.
There are the kids who can relate to Luisa who feel like they have to be strong enough, the kids who relate to Camilo who haven't truly discovered who they are yet, the kids who relate to Mirabel who are worried they don't have anything that makes them special, the kids who relate to Dolores who feel like they are stuck in the middle of all the family drama, the kids who relate to Isabela who feel like they have to be the perfect unproblematic child, and probably more!
But Bruno Madrigal is the character for the kids who are made to feel like their talents and passions aren't good enough by those who won't make the effort to understand their worth, and that is hard representation to find.
Tumblr media
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