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1cartooncoven · a day ago
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Ok, Raya had butterflies for Encanto. Encanto had the ship for strange world.
That means there HAS to be something Wish in Strange worlds credits right?
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forgotn1 · a year ago
I'll never understand why Disney is so focused on live-action remakes when they literally own the rights to the Muppets. I would take a Muppet remake of a Disney Animation classic over a live-action remake all day every day.
You can't tell me Muppets Fantasia wouldn't be the greatest crossover event of our lifetimes. Muppets Black Cauldron would SLAP.
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kandiibun · 5 months ago
They did it..
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they made a gay character that has a family, a life, a child though insemination
They didn’t just have her nonchalantly mention she had a wife, they showed her, they showed what a woman couple is actually like, living together, raising a family and didn’t make a big woke spectacle out of it
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theclockworkmonk · a year ago
I feel like people don't talk enough about how insane the ending of Kung Fu Panda is.
There's an almost-universal truism in kids' movies that the hero can't kill anyone. Not even the Big Bad, no matter how warranted it is in the moment or how much the audience wants it. You simply can't do that. Heroes don't kill.
There are exceptions, but this truism is especially universal in the studio that's practically synonymous with kids' films: Disney.
That's why so many Disney villains end up accidentally killing themselves. Usually by falling off of something:
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I can only think of four heroes in the entire Disney catalog that deliberately, intentionally choose to kill a sapient, intelligent villain, and all of them were self-defensive and in the heat of the moment, where sparing the villain wasn't an option:
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(Note: I have seen most Disney movies, but not all of them)
....and then Dreamworks came along, said "fuck that," and had their goofy, lovable Jack Black character ice a motherfucker just 'cause.
Po has already completely won the fight. The day has been saved. He has Tai Lung at his mercy. Tai Lung is terrified:
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And Po's not even reluctant about it. There's no burden of responsibility. He doesn't even give his thoroughly beaten opponent a chance to surrender or be banished or something. They didn't just have Po kill, they had him enjoy it because his method of murder is so wicked cool.
Po is a hero in a kids' movie who not only kills his villain, but fucking executes him. All with that signature Dreamworks smirk on his face:
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I have gazed into the abyss, and the abyss said "skadoosh."
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yamino · a year ago
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I'm definitely going to be seeing this movie a few more times while it's in theaters. 🤩
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queerism1969 · 3 months ago
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dikdikpronouncedxylophone · 8 months ago
4*Town Appreciation
They were given no more information other than "there's a giant red panda attacking the stadium and needs a ritual to help the host get under control, you need to put your whole pussy into singing" and gave it all they had.
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scurviesdisneyblog · 5 months ago
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Rapunzel model sheets by Glen Keane for Tangled (2010)
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fairyinchainz · a month ago
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Fantasia [1940]
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pantalonesdezebra · 11 months ago
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Quality time with uncle Bruno
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inwhichiramble · 10 days ago
Some Disenchanted thoughts (spoilers!!):
Amy Adams has RANGE y’all. She was fabulous
The fact that Giselle, Morgan, Robert, and Tyson all got to be the heroes, there wasn’t just one person who swept in an did it all themselves was just… *chef’s kiss*
Idina Menzel 😍
There was a great balance of magic and real life stuff in a way that was different enough to make it unique from the original but also honor what sets Enchanted apart as a movie
The costume department popped off, y’all
Robert being head over heels for Giselle and being a really good dad is just very soothing to watch lol. And the part where he saved the little girl whose family was identical to his 😭 poetic cinema
Peep James Monroe Iglehart! I got so excited when I heard his voice 😂
Yep I just love everything about this film lol. I don’t think it was better than the original but I don’t think it needs to be, either. It was special in its own way and I’m going to be talking about it forever 😂❤️
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editfandom · 11 months ago
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machetelanding · 6 months ago
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celestialkiri · 2 months ago
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I watched The Great Mouse Detective and let me tell you. Ratigan is the true Disney villain! He ain't after one person or one family for revenge. He harms whoever stands in his way bc that's what he does for a living. He literally paused his musical moment to kill someone bc they made him angry. What a legend. 💀
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laurenillustrated · 2 months ago
Instagram practically begged me to make some Meet the Robinsons fanart
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elizuart · 8 months ago
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Nobody like u ✨
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