curlicuecal · 2 days ago
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Halloween papercraft of this gorgeous artwork by @catadromously. I love the idea of chickens holding a seance and accidentally summoning their dinosaur ancestor.
Have to confess, I got an hour into those little feather and bone details and seriously reconsidered all my life choices, but I am so happy with how it turned out. <3
Thanks again to catadromously for permission!
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teddy-takeda · 2 days ago
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Tsukishima Week - Day 2 - Dinosaurs/Invitations (and family)
What do you MEAN ‘not a big deal’ it’s TSUKKIS DINO BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! (Akiteru helped draw the card)
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supersonicart · 5 hours ago
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Scott Listfield’s “The Lost World.”
Opening Thursday, September 29th, 2022 at Talon Gallery in Portland, Oregon is artist Scott Listfield’s extraordinary solo exhibition, “The Lost World.”
Of the exhibition, Scott writes:
“My name is Scott Listfield. I paint astronauts and, sometimes, dinosaurs. That's been the opening line of my artist statement since I first started painting astronauts, a long time ago now. In more recent years, some internet person will occasionally pop up to comment “Hey! What ever happened to the 'sometimes dinosaurs'?” Well, random internet person, this next show is for you.
I've found myself thinking about dinosaurs lately. I've been watching, over and over again, the incredible new documentary series Prehistoric Planet, on Apple TV, narrated by David Attenborough. I've also been thinking, not for the first time, about dinosaurs as a metaphor, during a time when we seem increasingly driven to follow in their large footsteps towards extinction. And during a time when certain political factions seem intent on sending us back in time to the stone age. I want to remember a simpler time in my life, when I could sit and draw dinosaurs for hours and then go dig a large hole in my backyard because I thought maybe there might be a Stegosaurus down there somewhere (there wasn't). And so I made an entire show of dinosaur paintings.”
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ladyorlandodream · a day ago
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fundinofactoftheday · 2 days ago
Dinofact #32
Sinosauropteryx, first described in 1996, was the first dinosaur outside of Avialae (birds and immediate relatives) to be found with direct evidence of feathers. Additionally, fossils of Sinosauropteryx preserved pigmentation, showing direct evidence that the dinosaur had a dark and white banded tail, and possibly displayed countershading, that is, it had a lighter belly and darker back.
Source: wikipedia
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makairodonx · a day ago
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Allosaurus fragilis couple bonding
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kodachrome-net · a day ago
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Jurassic Park T-Rex, on display at Icons of Darkness, Hollywood, California
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theaphol · 10 hours ago
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Strength test
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queenclaudiabrown · a day ago
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I find this absolutely hilarious because for as long as I can remember, my family has joked that whenever there’s a dinosaur or other giant animal around and someone gets into a vehicle, we all say “lunch box” because they predictably get eaten.
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lizardsfromspace · 2 days ago
The statistic that 40% of Americans believe humans co-existed with dinosaurs is fun since those 40% are wrong, in that they believe that for creationist reasons...but they're, entirely by accident, correct and it's the 60% that's wrong, since the question (I looked up the poll) doesn't specify non-avian dinosaurs and humans do live on the planet at the same time as dinosaurs, and sometimes they go look at them with binoculars or throw them bread crumbs
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tropacant · 3 months ago
have some shitty chaotic pride flags ^^
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check out the rest of the flags on my profile since tumblr has a 10 image limit lol as well as the fixed versions of a few of these cuz I’m big dumb
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winterstars21 · a month ago
Spinosaurus full combo attack animation by Jean Nguyen!
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sleepy-bebby · 8 months ago
Chinese giant salamander (娃娃鱼) a.k.a ‘baby fish’ due to the sound they make that sounds like a baby crying.
The Chinese giant salamander is one of the largest salamanders and one of the largest amphibians in the world. It is fully aquatic and is endemic to rocky mountain streams and lakes in the Yangtze river basin of central China.
The Chinese giant salamander is considered to be a "living fossil". Although protected under Chinese laws, its population has faced severe declined over the last 70 years and is currently (2022) listed as threatened. There are evidence indicating that the Chinese giant salamander may be composed of at least five cryptic species, further compounding each individual species' endangerment. It can reach up to 50 kg (110 lb) in weight and 1.8 m (5.9 ft) in length.
Here is a video of a 200-year-old Chinese giant salamander that was found in a cave.
Here is a video of it making the crying sound.
Here is another video
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armadillorollup · 5 months ago
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Beach field trip
based on: 
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