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dailydccomics · 3 days
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dads back at it again ♡ Superman: Kal-El Returns Special (2022)
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How happy Will was that Dustin got a girlfriend.
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iloveiicecream · 2 days
whys it always “i love you” and never “if they break your heart, i’ll nail gun theirs.”
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mrs-march-ahs · 3 days
eddie being patient and repeating himself if steve has trouble hearing him the first time around
steve encouraging eddie to wear his glasses by telling him how hot he looks in them
eddie whispering into steve's ear what somebody said if steve didn't hear but doesn't want to be annoying and ask
steve calmly taking eddies dirty classes off his face while eddie talks and wiping them then just putting them back on his face
eddie reminding steve to take naps and rest when he has a migraine and stroking his hair while he naps
steve reminding eddie to do his eyedrops or just coming up behind him while he eats breakfast, and tilting his head, kissing his forehead and doing them for him
them caring for each other when they don't want to take care of themselves
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1driedpersimmon · 2 days
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Some sillies :)) learning how to draw B (and continuing to make fun of him heh)
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ur-sapphic-dad · 3 days
Obligatory headcanon post for Wednesday (aka I make them stupid teenagers because that’s what they are)
After all that happened you can’t tell me they’re not all besties. Because, what else do you do after a traumatic situation if not bond with the other teenagers that helped fix it?
Enid’s the strongest one there. It freaks everybody out just a little bit.
Girls fawn over Xavier’s tortured artist persona, so Yoko, Enid, and Bianca have taken it upon themselves to keep him humble.
In contrast, Ajax is Xavier’s hype man at all times. He’s really just everyone’s hype man.
Enid taking every opportunity she can to say “Wanna know how I got these scars?” in reference to the scars she got from fighting the Hyde.
Lots of group punishments from everyone getting involved with something that was probably Wednesday’s idea.
“And they were roommates” jokes about Wednesday and Enid, primarily by Yoko.
Bianca and Enid go hard during every school competition. The two threaten each other with every form of sabotage imaginable while everyone else is just trying to stay out of the crossfire.
Yoko and Divina are that one couple that everyone else in the group can’t stand.
Enid and Ajax split a braincell. It drives Wednesday and Xavier insane.
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ginkgocrown · 3 days
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old sketch
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moonlit-lake-sys · 2 days
Compilation of Pyro sitting like That™
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(Bonus for this one because even though it's slightly different it's still fucking adorable)
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onenicebugperday · 3 days
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@raptor-traptual submitted: Found these wooly dudes elk hunting in western Oregon.
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thegodofsoup · 2 days
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I can’t help but feed you guys early- so here’s a sketch for what’s to come
I’m sure you guys are starving
Repost since I accidentally saved on the wrong file
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Kris Deltarune my favorite gender
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I can't stop thinking "We deserve a soft epilogue, my dear."
And then they got one. The two least likely people to have a beautiful, domestic, hazy-lensed ever after got one.
The Almost-Volstrucker and the Shadowhand. The failure and the traitor. Products of their countries' and their own worst qualities.
Forgiveness. Welcome-home kisses. Friendships. Soft smiles. Love. Gentle, easy touches. And growing green beans.
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godd-3-ss · 1 day
this is wednesday.
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wednesday loves her personal space.
this is enid.
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enid also loves wednesdays personal space.
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learnyouabiology · 21 hours
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an EXTREMELY simplified graph of chordate evolution. I especially like how my generic non-primate tetrapod turned out!
(different colours are just to indicate that ancestral and extant examples are different species, technically)
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