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cosmiccannibalcamille · a month ago
The Astrology of Fame: Fame Planets
You’ve read about the Fame Degrees-- 4, 5, 9, 16, 17, 21, 28, and 29-- (RIGHT?) but you’re probably still wondering what exactly you’re gonna be famous for. Well, let me present to you the Fame Planets.
The following lists describe the special traits and occupations associated with each planet. If you have one or more of these planets in a fame degree (listed above), then those planets describe what and how you’ll gain recognition. 
What planets are YOU gonna be known for? Let me know in the chat!
Personality / Making one’s mark:
Anything related to your zodiac sign! (Yep, it really is that simple.)
Emotions and/or Mom:
Actors, Writers, Poets
Anything that's created and expressed with feeling
Your Mom–no seriously, your moon in a fame degree usually means your Mom gained some notoriety in her day.
Words / Thinking / Speaking: 
Writers of ALL kinds (novelists, screenwriters, journalists, etc.)
Vocalists, Voice Actors, Comedians
Podcasters / Broadcasters / TV Presenters / News Anchors
Teachers / Tutors
Public Speaker and/or Game Show Host
Anything that uses your voice, wit, and intelligence
Beauty / Fashion / The Arts / Money:
Fashion designers
Fashion models and/or being beautiful (yes, that’s a thing)
Dancer / Musician / Beautician 
Interior Designer / Decorator
Artists of ALL kinds: Painters, sculptors, jewelers, tattoo artists, police sketch artists, etc.  
Action / Energy / Drive / Independence and Daring:
Athletes– basketball, football, soccer, tennis players, etc.
Film or Creative Directors
Cops / Firefighters / Soldiers / Member of the Armed forces
Stunt performers--basically, anything that requires lots of physical stamina or courage.
Travel / Wisdom / Publishing / Luck:
Sports and athletics (esp. Olympians)
Spiritual / religious beliefs and writings (maybe you write the next bible or something)
Philanthropy and generosity
Traveling the world and writing about it on your travel blog
Being a fantastic lawyer
Winning the lottery / winning on Whammy! Press Your Luck or DraftKings
Hard Work / Discipline / Order / Authority:
Starting / owning / building your own business 
Political / Government work (being a Senator, President, etc.)
Consulting people and telling them how to fix / repair their business
Building a multi-billion dollar company while working two jobs 
Striving for success 
Executives, CEO, COO
Eccentricity, Inventions / Inventiveness:
Inventing the hottest app / tech gizmo / tech company
Science / Scientific research / Being an absolute brainiac
Astrology / Occult work
Being concerned with people
Rioting, winning the lottery, becoming a Jeopardy! champion
Reforming the socioeconomic system in your city
Spirituality / Healing / The Arts:
Psychic abilities – clairvoyance / compassion
Faith / energy healing / drugs
Poet, musician, creative writers (esp. novelists)
Painters and comedians
Film (screenwriting) and Filmmaking  
Actors, Singers, Models, Dancers–basically, all the Venus stuff, but more ~mystical~
Taboo / Transformation / Power / Magnetism:
Sexuality and/or mystique (maybe your fetishes? Hey, idk.)
Occult Stuff –psychic abilities, magical abilities, being able to see/sense/talk to ghosts
Research and Investigative Journalism
Obsession with Death / Macabre / Goth – maybe you’re a mortician?
Impressive willpower–like, a rising-from-the-depths-of-despair-to-conquer- the-world type of willpower.
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astroline-official · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Zodiac Lucky Colours
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astrologers-cloud-club · 9 months ago
How I see the Zodiac Signs (2)
Aries: the spontaneous friend who texts you at 2am because they need your opinion on something completely irrelevant, that person in your life who everyone is attracted to, the classmate who could intimidate anyone (including the teacher), the definition of ADHD, the lover who will kiss you 2.0 seconds after a HUGE argument, the bold and brave friend who always takes the lead when it comes to doing stupid things, always tired tho
Taurus: the fancy friend who is always up to date with all the gossip, the person on the street who is either dressed like they’re going camping or to the runway, there’s no in between, the shy but cute flirt (who thinks they can’t flirt but who secretly invented flirting), the friend who loves singing in any situation (good or bad - catch them having a blast at a funeral or sth lmao), that person who always eats out at fancy restaurants but somehow never pays for anything because people simply love them, they might appear materialistic but they secretly only value relationships with other people, from family to friends and lovers
Gemini: that friend who thinks that they are a genius but really can’t do much without the help of someone else, the person you meet at an art gallery/museum and starts talking to you about random things and somehow you end up being their new friend, the one who never shuts up (they either mumble or literally talk out loud about anything), the person everyone gossips about, the person who gossips about everyone, always posting on Instagram stories, easily bored, tries to encourage everyone out of kindness but people read it as “being fake”, has anxiety, the cheeky fun and quite childish friend who challenges your mind, aesthetics are on point
Cancer: the friend everyone goes to for advice, the most sexually aware people I have ever met, sensual and beautiful people who could make anyone fall for them, the colleague who leaves all the work for last minute and then stresses about it, moody, not even near as sensitive as everyone is trying to portray them, the mysterious artist you see at the metro station, the family member who has a significant other but still accidentally flirts with the waiter at the restaurant, probably some of the strongest people you will ever meet, great at whatever it is they are passionate about, always wearing comfy but cute clothing
Leo: the stubborn friend who asks the group for advice but listens to no one, just to come back after a few days and say “you were right about it guys”, the people who will hold back their tears even in front of their loved ones because they don’t want them to worry about anything, if you are their friend you are also their partner in crime, spontaneous, the unique person who gets all the attention, sensible people will label them as selfish but the truth is they are the most selfless people I have ever met, ambitious and determined, the person with the  strongest goals and values, the protective lover who gets jealous easily but doesn’t want to admit it, sometimes their attention span is non-existent lol
Virgo: that person in your life who gets bored very easily and always needs stimulation in all areas of their life, the bossy friend who will try to monitor everyone’s actions and plans but hates when someone forces them to do something, that elegant person you’ve been staring at for the past hour, either super clean or super messy, probably knows how to cook really good meals, the lover who has super high-standards but somehow always accepts the bare minimum from the person they are in love with because they are afraid to lose them, they have a heart of gold but their guard is always up, the colleague who is either the best at their job/the worst (works for students too) 
Libra: the friend who values and NEEDS their alone time even though they might seem to always be out and about, the person with the most unexpected and intriguing hobbies and interests, the friendly person who will listen to anything you have to say even though they secretly dislike you, the lover who is committed but whose romantic past intimidates and worries their partner (because they’ve been with quite SOME people, and are probably still in contact with them, even though they are just friends/ acquaintances), definitely has a past lover who changed their life and gave them trust issues, the friend who most likely has a “flip the coin” app on their phone for moments when a decision needs to be made, always beautiful 
Scorpio: the people who brag about being mysterious, even though everyone knows the tea about them and their life, the person with the nice body (regardless of it’s size) who can build up sexual tension in any situation and with anyone, witty and quick action takers, struggles with their confidence (especially in their youth years), the friend who hates to look and feel vulnerable, they look their best when they wear darker colours, the lover who will manipulate you into doing things their way, if they have a secret and they want to keep it, be sure that they’ll take it to the grave, the people who should really be careful when it comes to addiction and processing + working out their feelings, because they can really fall down dark and deep loopholes
Sagittarius: the brutally honest friend who would much rather break your heart with the truth than bother with making up lies, fake scenarios or sugarcoated stories just to please you, the lover who won’t settle down unless they actually feel like they want to take you with them on all of their adventures, intense feelings and mood swings (occasionally), will immediately sense it if you are fake/masking your true self and will trash the hell out of it, they value open, weird people who are not afraid to look like idiots from time to time, they easily make friends because they are very confident and self-aware, interested in true crime, the paranormal or spiritual stuff (or all of them lmao don’t underestimate them), very, very, extremely, impressively smart 
Capricorn: the friend who likes to pretend they have their sh*t together but is actually crumbling inside, emotional baddie, that one person everyone had a crush on at some point, they post intellectual memes about philosophy that the “regular mortals simply don’t get”, Draco Malfoy vibes, the friend who likes to appear rational and use logic in every situation but is secretly obsessed with tarot tik toks, loves solitude, dancing and sleeping naked in their house while listening to their favorite tunes but despises the feeling of loneliness, will choose money over love even though it would hurt them - love won’t pay their bills, workaholic who will probably open up a business if they don’t have one already (they tend to accustom themselves with working and making money from a young age) 
Aquarius: the friend who thinks they can hide their feelings but who has the most obvious facial expressions and energy shifts EVER (still, they are not good at speaking about how they feel), the hopeless romantic who, sadly,  always gets screwed over, the person who broke more hearts than any other sign but who is completely oblivious to this fact, treats people with kindness (yes, this is a Harry Styles reference), they have very distinct personalities - you just simply know when they walk into a room, glam and extravagant a bit “out there” fashion choices or life choices (or both lol), the person Karens are declaring war against, the lover who is most likely to experience “blind love” or fictional relationships, misunderstood, optimistic despite their idea that they are “depressive and negative”, balls of sunshine and joy who only want to make others smile, they can easily get you addicted to their presence and therefore are the people who have caused major changes in the life of those they have connected with (either good or bad) 
Pisces: the cheesy sensitive lover that will only do what their partner says, only values the opinions of those who they consider as close as family, most of them (not all of them) experienced a thirst for rebellion and troublemaking in their childhood/teenage years, the friend who will help you bloom, the person who catches the eye of everyone and, speaking of eyes, they are know to have the most beautiful, shiny eyes in the entire zodiac (especially Pisces Rising people), has an addiction or an attachment issue 100%, everyone wants to be their friend or lover because their sweetness is beyond unmeasurable, cringe machines, everything pastel and expensive is their aesthetic
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saturnianprincess · a year ago
[mini] astrology 2
These are some astrology observations I have noticed in people I know. Please take what resonates and leave the rest.
Don't copy/repost my work. Thank you :)
I have seen a lot of Virgo moons are not only workaholics but also very social and have good networking skills.
Both Aries and Virgo mars love to dominate and be in control but Aries can come off as more intimidating and sort of bossy.
Venus in Pisces is like a carnival for Venus, these people have high ideals of love & beauty which makes them very picky partners. They are also natural healers so may attract a lot of partners who need spiritual or emotional healing.
People with their North Node in the 8th house may be inclined towards making quick money such as stock market trading, gambling, etc.
When your natal mars conjuncts with the transit moon your mental state of mind may constantly fluctuate in aspects related to the house. For eg., the Moon conjunct Mars in 4H could lead to tension with family or home.
Sagittarius stelliums love traveling. They constantly need spontaneity in life to keep them in check.
Jupiter in 10th house synastry may bring fame or abundance to house person/ Jupiter person in their career.
Honestly, Taurus and Leo placements make really good hosts at parties. They make sure everyone is well-fed and having a good time.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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oyadagod · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Lilith in Pisces ♓️
Desires to feel connected to the greater whole.
Very sensitive & intuitive, their sensitivity often judged unfavorably.
Embracing their sensitivity & intuition to know they’re already apart of the greater whole.
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aeneasx · a year ago
rising signs
Aries Rising
With hyper-motivated Mars as your ruler, you're always on the move. You have so much energy; you can hardly find enough outlets to channel it! A true champion, you thrive when you challenge yourself through exercise or entrepreneurship. You're at your best when you're the boss, especially when that means you're working for yourself. Independence means everything to you, and there's nothing quite like the freedom that comes with writing your own checks.
Taurus Rising
Slow and steady might be your preferred pace, but that doesn't mean you're behind. Instead, you're methodical and deliberate in everything you do because you know quality takes time. With luxurious Venus as your ruler, you have great instincts for beauty and money, which is why so many Taurus-rising people work in art, fashion, or finance. It's all about knowing what things are worth—including your own worth—and you won't settle for less than the right value.
Gemini Rising
There's no one quite as clever as you, Gemini rising. Mercury, the planet of communication, rules you, which makes you an exceptional storyteller no matter the medium. You speak the language of pop culture fluently and often act as a tastemaker for your social circle, and who could blame you? You're as comfortable on the cutting edge as others are on their couches.
Cancer Rising
With the sensitive moon as your sign's ruler, you're innately tapped into the way other people feel. It's an amazing skill to have if you're in the caring professions, as so many Cancer risings are. Whether it's teaching, nursing, or even being a chef, you know exactly how to make those around you feel at ease. It's not enough for you to just go to work; at the end of the day, you've got to know you made a difference.
Leo Rising
There's no denying when a Leo rising walks into the room! You make everything a performance, whether it's giving a stellar presentation at work or throwing a surprise party for your best friend's birthday. You're comfortable with attention in a way that other people aspire to be, mostly because people always look to you to be the ringleader. Like the sun—your sign's ruler—they just gravitate to you. That's why you shine as much in the entertainment industry as you do in the executive suite.
Virgo Rising
Thanks to brainy Mercury as your sign's ruler, you're always looking for a smarter way to do things. You're nothing if not efficient, turning your affinity for data analysis into practical advice that can launch you far ahead of your competitors. Even better, you know how to smooth out even the most unruly details, a gift that makes you a skilled editor and researcher. Whether it's predicting upcoming fashion trends or crafting a scientific hypothesis, you always seem to know what's coming up next.
Libra Rising
With relationship planet Venus as your sign's ruler, all you need is love! Networking is your strong suit, and you have a knack for winning people over, no matter how different the two of you may be. Your secret? You see the beauty inside everyone, and it inspires them to do the same. It's an enviable skill to have no matter what your career trajectory. However, it works especially well in fields where building a strong following matters, like social media or politics.
Scorpio Rising
For the Scorpio rising, life is a mystery to be solved. That's because Pluto, your ruling planet, is always looking for the deeper meaning in things. You take nothing at face value and are your happiest when you're digging beneath the surface, taking on the detective role in whatever work you're doing. Your super-powered intuition and commanding presence make you a force to be reckoned with no matter what business you're in.
Sagittarius Rising
With expansive Jupiter as your sign's ruler, you're an explorer at heart. You love to make connections between disparate things and people, knitting together your experiences with different cultures, philosophies, and ideas into a unique and beautiful whole. It's what makes you such a skilled writer, teacher, and counselor. Your boundless optimism inspires those around you to see the world the way you do: as an adventure to be enjoyed.
Capricorn Rising
There's nobody quite as driven as you are, Capricorn rising! With responsible Saturn as your sign's ruler, doing whatever it takes to get things done is your default setting. You have a natural instinct for what's profitable and can parlay that into a successful business if you combine it with your penchant for hard work. But the one thing that truly sets you apart? It's your patience. You know deep down that good things come to those who wait and have seen that strategy pay off more times than you can count.
Aquarius Rising
Thanks to visionary Uranus as your sign's ruler, you're a one-person think tank. Always a step ahead of everyone else, you have an impressive gift for long-term planning that makes you an excellent futurist. Above all, you care deeply about the human condition and feel responsible for making the world a better place, which you do through humanitarian work or working in innovative fields like tech. Alternately, your natural rebellious streak could find its home in media or film.
Pisces Rising
With imaginative Neptune as your sign's ruler, you live your life like it's a fairy tale. A romantic at heart, you're most motivated by music, poetry, and love. You're deeply empathetic and see yourself as a healer, whether through medicine, psychology, or as someone who uses their art to ease the intensity of everyday life. There's a spiritual dimension to everything you do, and you never stop looking for the higher meaning in your experiences.
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Tumblr media
∆ π ~ Scorpio Facts ~ π ∆
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illusomi · a year ago
Random things about the signs I've noticed
Tumblr media
Remember: These are based on MY personal experience. These may not resonate with everyone.
Pisces: Y'all have had some traumatic experiences, like wow.
Capricorn: If you guys were a chip, you'd be lays potato chips because you're good at first, but after a couple days it seems like people get sick of you.
Taurus: Why do you guys like to buy things you promise you'll use, only to have them sit in the corner of a room untouched for 6 months.
Scorpio: The way you guys apologize is odd. You don't like to directly say, "I'm sorry." Instead, you guys consider texting them or calling them first an apology.
Leo: You take the saying, "Fake it till you make it," to another level. You know you don't always have to pretend you're okay, right?
Cancer: It's awfully hard to differentiate your intuition from your anxiety isn't it. You can never tell the difference.
Sagittarius: STOP ACTING LIKE IT'S YOU AGAINST THE WORLD. You have people around you- wether you realize it or not, that want to help you.
Virgo: Chill out on the ignorance a bit. You aren't always right, and it's okay to be wrong sometimes.
Gemini: Do what's best for YOU. You shouldn't feel like you deserve to suffer, no one deserves to suffer. Ever.
Aquarius: So uh, hows the love life going? Not good? Yeah.
Aries: You either have severe anger issues or are the quiet kid.
Libra: You really don't care do you? Or is that just what you want people to think. Stop lying to yourself babes.
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ariesprincessxx · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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geminizone · a year ago
If a Gemini is being mean, ask yourself, 'have I done something wrong?' 9 times out of 10 you did.
A Gemini
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cosmiccannibalcamille · 24 days ago
Everything you need to know about Mercury Retrograde
     Have you noticed a shift in your mental clarity? Are meetings, appointments and dates getting canceled and rescheduled? Have you been thinking of texting your ex? There’s an astrological explanation for this phenomena, and it’s called Mercury Retrograde. 
     Mercury Retrograde happens three times every year, so it’s really not that big of a deal. Right? Eh, not so much. 
     Astrological Mercury rules all forms of communication, from thinking, learning and studying, to writing and texting, as well as all telecommunications (smartphones, laptops, smartwatches-- you get the idea), electronics and appliances. Naturally, we can expect technological malfunctions, irritating miscommunication, and travel setbacks. Also: be careful with our words! Mercury, named after the Roman messenger god, holds dominion over our verbal communications as well. 
     If you read my article on Mercury like a good astro-student, than you know that mythological Mercury is also a trickster god. And we best see Mercury’s tricks when the planet is retrograde. These tricks take the form of Freudian slips, badly worded texts, DMs sent to the wrong person (or people-- yikes), problems with Zoom and email misspellings or subject-line flubs. 
     Mercury Rx’s tricks also have to do with interpersonal communication. 
     During Mercury Retrograde, exes magically reappear into your life, either in person or through some sort of correspondence. This will be especially prevalent during this upcoming Mercury Retrograde cycle, since it takes place in Libra, the sign of partnerships.  
     Former flames may all of a sudden send you a “Hey, it’s been a minute” text, DM you on IG or re-add you on Snapchat. Exciting though the seemingly unexpected communication may be, don’t continue the conversation. (They’re your ex for a reason, aren’t they?) It’ll fizzle out before anything serious happens anyway.
     Another important note to keep in mind during Mercury Retrograde are the three R’s: Review, Revise, and Reconsider. These were coined by astrologer Trish McGregor, and they are:
Review any texts, emails, or essays before sending or submitting (this includes proposed texts to that ex). 
Revise errors and look for content that could be misconstrued by the receiver. 
Reconsider sending out job/internship applications, or agreeing to any contracts.
     Our decision-making abilities are skewed during Mercury Retrograde, but that doesn’t mean we can’t navigate its choppy communication waters. Mishaps and mistakes are unavoidable, but they’re also not the end of the world. Mercury Retrograde happens three times a year. If you can survive one, you can survive them all. 
To read more, check me out on Medium.com
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astroline-official · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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astrologers-cloud-club · a year ago
Learn to be feisty like an Aries
Learn to be elegant like a Taurus
Learn to be creative like a Gemini
Learn to care like a Cancer
Learn to be confident like a Leo
Learn to nurture like a Virgo
Learn to embrace imperfections like a Libra
Learn to maintain your mystery like a Scorpio
Learn to be free like a Sagittarius
Learn to be disciplined like a Capricorn
Learn to dream like an Aquarius
Learn to swim gracefully through life like a Pisces
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wtfzodiacsigns · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
If you put...
Aries and Cancer in the same
room they will: Make a pillow
fort and watch a movie, maybe
take a nap.
Taurus and Gemini in the same
room they will: Color in
pictures and blast music.
Leo and Pisces in the same room
they will: Jump from bed to bed
and pretend the floor is lava.
Virgo and Aquarius in the same
room they will: Talk about every
single detail in the last book
they read.
Libra and Capricorn in the same
room they will: Have a fashion
show with classy music in the
Scorpio and Sagittarius in the
same room they will: Have a cup
of coffee and enjoy the silence.
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saturnianprincess · a year ago
[mini] astrology 1
Hello everyone! This is my first ever Tumblr blog post. These are just a few astrology observations I have noticed in my friends and family. I am still learning astrology so if there is something inaccurate please let me know :)
Take what resonates and leave the rest. Thank you <3 Please don’t repost/copy my work.
Gemini moons know how to add a personal touch to every relationship by remembering a particular interest/hobby about the other person. They may sometimes get emotionally distant depending on their mood as Gemini is a mutable sign.
Venus and Mercury in Libra can captivate everyone in the room not only based on their physical appearance but also their communication style.
Most of the Leo risings I know give off introverted vibes even though they are very popular and social.
Another difference I have observed is that Sagittarius risings are calmer and less flighty than Sagittarius suns.
Capricorn risings unlike Capricorn suns are less uptight and reserved.
Aquarius moons lowkey love being misunderstood because it makes them feel unique.
Tumblr media
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oyadagod · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Lilith in Capricorn ♑️
Their wound revolves around the persons maturity & the work they seek to do.
Might be unable to finish things they start, or avoid maturity all together.
Using their intuition to decide what needs to be done immediately, making things that aren’t important wait & being comfortable with that.
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astrotattoos · 9 months ago
Play with fire, you get burned
Every Aries Person Ever
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