reyboris · 2 days ago
astro observations #32
1. Cancer doesn't trust strangers, Scorpio doesn't trust people in general, and Pisces doesn't trust the concept of “absolute truth”.
2.In the Chinese zodiac there are 3 curious equivalences with respect to the Western zodiac
snake=taurus horse=gemini goat=cancer
It made me curious that those 3 signs were more like their complementary opposite, snake = scorpio (scorpio opposite taurus), horse = sagittarius (sagittarius opposite gemini) and goat = capricorn (capricorn opposite cancer)
3. In general, where you have leo in your natal chart is where you will be popular, and in the opposite house (aquarius) where you will feel different from the rest and perhaps excluded. For example, someone with a Leo in the 9th house may feel popular in college, but with an Aquarius in the 3rd house they may feel awkward in elementary school or among their siblings.
4. Aries in the 12th house may not be aware of his selfishness. The 12th house rules the occult, and Aries, the self, the ego.
5. I have a hard time understanding the cardinal signs, personally I hardly have any cardinal signs in my natal chart: only Neptune and Uranus in Capri. The rest of my chart is half fixed and half mutable, so I only understand the energies from the slow (fixed) and the fast (mutable)... but what is the cardinal thing? fast or slow? is it a bird, is it a plane? It really is a mystery for me the rhythm of the cardinal energy and although I know the basics, that they are pioneers and leaders, that is not enough to understand them.
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astrolophoenix · 16 hours ago
3rd house synastry is severely underrated—particularly when the personal planets are involved. It often gets cast off as shallow or less intense, but communication is one of the most vital dimensions of sustaining relationships, whether they be romantic or platonic. Here, no topic of conversation is off limits, and is embraced to be revisited and refined throughout the connection. There is a strong desire to pick each other’s brains apart and share learning experiences—discerning values and seeking to understand opinions, life experiences, interests, micro-obsessions, quirks, family relationships, thought processes, and overall inner landscapes/monologues. No minute detail is too small or mundane, which keeps relationships endlessly interesting and encourages growth on many scales. In my experience, it can create a therapeutic dynamic between two people + an interest in each other’s psychology, but can be tipped out of balance if venting has no boundaries. Lots of playful banter/wordplay, love letters, frequent texting, and sometimes mind reading (mental sync) or secret spilling. I’ve found that this type of relationship can be especially healing, albeit challenging, for people with harsh aspects to mercury or a debilitated 3rd house in the natal chart (coming from a natal 3rd house lilith and chiron). If you don’t feel heard or understood in your day to day, this type of relationship is a sweet remedy.
If you have a scorpio mercury/Mars or heavy 8th/12th house placements, I highly recommend seeing the movie “Scanners (1981)”💥 (TW graphic violence/horror)
People are really intimidated by square aspects in synastry, but I think they provide strong and much needed medicine for each other. For example, Leo and Scorpio energies seem like day and night on the surface, but they provide the space for much needed light work and shadow work for each other. They supply something that is not individually generated and have a line of sight to point out each other’s blind spots, making each other stronger when handled with care. They often share similar interests and passions, but pursue them in different ways. Squares provide areas of tension/discomfort which leads to movement, which leads to growth. I love these types of relationships because they push us out of stagnancy, out of what is comfortable—yet there is a recognition or familiarity because of a shared modality (which seems so simple that it’s often overlooked). There are overlapping life themes and driving forces and tactics. There are similar security needs and styles of existing with shared modalities, which can be comforting in a relationship dynamic. Despite any conflict that comes up there is an inherent feeling of safety and understanding (though in a more broad and raw, bigger picture sort of way). I think we often forget or don’t appreciate the valuable experience of conflict, that pushes us outside of ourselves to gain a larger collective worldview and exercise our empathetic muscles.
Neptune is the planet of horror that we make Saturn and Pluto out to be (not to say that any planet should be feared in its totality—we must work with all of them to feel integrated). I will probably elaborate on this in later posts.
A reflection I recently had on chiron in the 3rd house is the notion of never being presented with probing or intriguing questions at a young age by those in your daily life. In order to dive deeper into your reflections on the world and self, you need to have people in your life who care enough to not only hear you but push you to hone your inner landscape, as well as challenge and encourage your inner monologue + beliefs. We need people in our lives to catalyze us by asking important and thought provoking questions. The lack of attention and social reflection to one’s mental world from those on the outside leaves chiron in the 3rd feeling stunted in the realm of thoughtfulness, and alone in their own narrative of painful experience
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thegreatalexandria · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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the-pizza-man2 · 2 days ago
Mars-Pluto aspect, part.3 (Mars Trine Pluto)
This trine version of pluto/mars is quite similar to the sextile version of this the difference here is with the sextile you have full access to both planets. A good analogy is how the sayians from Dragon Ball always look within to unlock that power looking deeper to get their strength/ transformation. It requires you to tap into that energy or get more strength/power (see my first post "Part.1" on my page)
While the Trine version of pluto/mars the energy is ready to go whenever it's needed. The strength/power is there whenever you need
To sum it up:
Trine=Energy is ready go at bay
Sextile=energies require summoning to use or to get more of
Pluto Trine Mars:
-Strong Willpower
-Strong Sex Drive
- Assertive
-Amazing Physical drive
-High endurance of any kind
-A Leader
-Fearless or sometimes nervous
-Has lots of power
-A well Oiled Machine
-Usually strong in some way
-Has ability to recuperate
-High pain tolerance
-Actions have impact
-Good health
-Strong gut feelings (applies to all Mars-Pluto aspects)
-Strong Competitor
-A really good athlete or has the talent of an athlete
-Alluring/magnetic Presence
-Can become Dominant
-Highly Courageous
-Can transform Others In a positive manner
-Can Bounce back right up if they are in the lowest point of life/situation whatever
-Can transmute trauma/pain into healing
-Mysterious at times by action
-Their instincts always lead them where they need to be or need to do
A superhero at standby whenever or whatever
The next post is going to focus on the Opposition aspect of this which is really interesting to say at least
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inbloomaesthetics · a day ago
Animes for the Signs:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Darker Than Black
Devils' Line
Soul Eater
Tokyo Ghoul
Deadman Wonderland
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wickedastrology · 2 days ago
Quick messages for the rising signs
Aries: You feel very new to the world, but this is your sign to stop running away from the opportunities that are presented to you. Maybe the pressure you feel from the universe is just trying to encourage you to go after what you want. There’s really no such thing as failure, if you fuck up somehow, that’s a LESSON not a failure.
Taurus: stop being so fucking hard on yourself. This originates from the love you consistently seek OUTSIDE of yourself, you truly should be looking in. You have all the answers, the love you feel for others is just all the beautiful love you have naturally. Give it to yourself sometimes. You deserve it the most. Stop punishing yourself.
Gemini: this message is hard for me to download because I myself am a Gemini rising and reading for myself is 10x harder. But maybe that is a message. Your experience is enough to live through without you overthinking what you should be doing, what you should be learning. Just experience it. Accept the reality. Be easy on yourself. The lesson/the meaning/the reason will come naturally to you when it is SUPPOSED TO, so stop spending all your time trying to figure it out.
Cancer: you are being pushed to go a bit deeper. Make sure you stay grounded, you have ways to get back to reality if you need to. The spiritual world and the physical world both are very real, but you cannot have one without the other.
Leo: take this winter to relax, for real. I feel as though you’ve been exerting your energy a lot, almost like you’ve been trying to distract yourself. It’s time to sit down and write it down. Get back in your body.
Virgo: the perfection you are seeking is literally not real. Even if it was, it wouldn’t make you happy. Is this pursuit making you unhappy?
Libra: not everyone is going to like you, and you honestly shouldn’t want that! If you find people youre close with becoming closed off, you could benefit from being vulnerable and honest with them. Tell them what’s been bugging you. Focusing on making someone like you instead of just showing up as your authentic self, can make others feel as though you are lying.
Scorpio: your hatred for others is truly the hatred you feel for yourself. Forgive yourself. You are enough. You are human, mistakes are meant to be made. Everyone else is human too… how much of the hatred for others is truly you feeling as though you aren’t enough? There’s nothing stopping you from forgiving yourself.
Sagittarius: seems like you’ve been suffering foot-in-the-mouth syndrome recently. Whenever you are with other people, choose to observe more than participate. You’d be surprised how much you can learn in such a short amount of time.
Capricorn: I’m getting an overwhelming feeling that you might need to give up on something. Something you’ve put a lot of energy into, wether this be a relationship or a job. Rework your expectations of life.
Aquarius: you are honestly what the world needs right now, stop holding so much shame. The shame others put on you is truly shame that they have for themselves. People wish they could be as authentic as you. Your shame is making you an aloof prick sometimes…
Pisces: a lot of things are changing, and you are in the front row. Notice the psychic downloads you are having, write them out, communicate them with safe people. Enchant a necklace to protect your energy from the nasty vibes that are everywhere now.
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jesslovespk · a day ago
Grey’s Anatomy Characters Based on Astrology
Aries: Callie Torres
Taurus: Owen Hunt
Gemini: Cristina Yang
Cancer: Richard Webber
Leo: George O’ Malley
Virgo: Lexie Grey
Libra: Derek Shepherd
Scorpio: Alex Karev
Sagittarius: Meredith Grey
Capricorn Teddy Altman
Aquarius: Arizona Robbins
Pisces: Jackson Avery
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seafoamreadings · 7 hours ago
week of september 25th, 2022
aries: your relationships are likely to get a blessing this week but it's probably a blessing in disguise. at the same time, it's you who's the blessing. do something kind for someone else. watch for how your actions are mirrored, accidentally it seems, by others.
taurus: the entire week has a coppery venusian tone about it, which is great for taurean people. it is not a time to pursue or chase, it is rather a time to luxuriate and wait. you're conductive to the currents of desire and they generate a magnetic field of attraction around you.
gemini: your ruling planet mercury goes direct again at the end of the week. but first you are asked to confront your shadow side, the things you like to pretend aren't there or maybe that you've never even quite considered but which lurk in your subconscious. heed the call.
cancerians: relationships are the key this week to unlocking your unconscious. you may wonder why you'd want to do that and if so, consider that integrating your unconscious with your consciousness is the best way to honor your human experience and get anything out of it as a spiritual being. until the weekend, at least, there's no need to discuss what your doing and indeed the shroud of silence benefits you at this time.
leo: see if you can tie your ongoing spiritual growth and development to your money, material wealth, and integrity and values. often the corporeal is considered base and unmystical, but consider the ways in which the highest ideals may condense into solid matter.
virgo: all this week is a flurry of activity in your sign including the much hyped end of a mercury retrograde. but one thing that will be far and wide underestimated is the ingress of ceres, whom i consider to be virgo's "modern" ruler. this gives you strength and grounding and nourishment even as your nervous system re-regulates with the newly direct motion of your "ancient" ruling planet.
libra: just before mercury resumes direct motion and heads back for your sign, your ruling planet venus makes her ingress into libra. so it's an aesthetic and harmonious time, to be sure, at least by the end of the week and into next. ahead of that if there's still turmoil, let this peaceful knowledge keep you elegant and graceful in strange times of upheaval.
scorpio: just in case you've been feeling like things were getting a little too light, frivolous, superficial, or boring, a relatively plutonic week arrives. and while there's still a lot of potential for frivolity, certain aspects of your life deepen, or remember their real depth.
sagittarius: the emotional nature of fire signs is often underrated, but it comes to the surface this week for you as there is a lot going on. people may ask what's gotten into you, but it's really about the things you're purging and processing.
capricorn: a couple of trines to pluto (in your sign) combined with a boost to general earthiness throughout the week will mostly benefit you. the possible catch is that pluto sometimes confers benefits that don't look like benefits. consider hidden blessings.
aquarius: venus into libra brings you a lot of charisma and sweetness in academic and spiritual affairs, and for you it can even bring some sort of long distance relationship or major travel developments. at the very end of the week mercury ends its retrograde and heads back for libra as well. that ingress comes later but it enhances positively the situation begun this week.
pisces: your relationships are meant to be nourishing to you, especially with ceres moving into virgo soon. whatever is leaving you feeling uncomfortably hungry, consider that it may be time to leave it.
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kellyaroman · a day ago
Tumblr media
Leo and Scorpio inspired tattoo for Liz. Ink on paper. Website | Instagram | Shop
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rose-wisteria · 7 hours ago
What scents would you prefer according to the astrological elements?
( Check out your Rising, Sun, and Venus sign)
Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
Tumblr media
Refreshing and citrusy fragrances suit the witty, idealistic, and charming nature of the air signs. Think about the fresh smell of a chilled glass of lemonade or a bowl of fruit punch.  These people are anything but bland so they are not afraid to experiment. They are curious ( to a fault sometimes) and will go for something that has a surprising element to it like their fluttering personality. They are social and fun-loving people who like to keep it light so something that can match and bring out their brightness and happy-go-lucky personality. Fruity notes like apples, peaches, pomegranates, raspberries, strawberries, and grapefruit are great choices for air energy. Something sassy, flirty, fun, and teasing. They can also pull off androgynes scents like sandalwood, orange blossom, aqua, and mint. 
Water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)
Tumblr media
Floral, feminine, and intense scents can complement their romantic and intuitive nature very well. Longevity is important for water-dominant personalities so they should focus more on the heart and base notes when they are looking for a fragrance for themselves. Scents like rose, cherry blossom, ylang-ylang, water-lilies, lotus, chamomile, gardenia, and eucalyptus. Water signs are notoriously known for their intensity and do not like superficiality of any kind in any aspect of their life, and this includes their fragrances. The notes need to be distinctive but also keep everyone guessing. Clean and powdery fragrances like talc are also popular notes that suit the clairvoyant and mysterious personality of the element.
Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Tumblr media
 Earth signs either smell like a woody meadow or an ice cream truck – no in between. They usually go for traditional, woody, and consistent perfumes. Earth energy is rarely called risk-takers but they make up for it with their classy, luxurious, and elegant taste. Personally, I have rarely met an earth person who does not have great taste. They are the type to go for quality over quantity. They have a thing for classical and vintage fragrances so they are not really going to go for super out-there notes as a fire or air sign would. They prefer traditional and natural notes like vanilla, lavender, rose, coconut, and honey. They might also like woody elements like pine, oak, cedar, moss, sandalwood, ginger, juniper, coriander, basil, fennel, and honey. They usually look for something well-rounded, sensual, and balanced rather than flashy, complicated, or overpowering. 
Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
Tumblr media
Energetic, passionate, creative, intellectual, and imaginative, fire signs are head turners. They are extroverts and charming and they will want a fragrance with intense facets and the ability to attract as well as protect. Signs belonging to this element do not go unnoticed. They are outspoken and feisty but warm and radiant. Dramatic and expressive these people do not shy away from the spotlight and deserve a fragrance that will also exude confidence. Fragrances that are oriental and flamboyant like musk, vetiver, oud, amber, frankincense, myrrh, and frangipani are something they can generally gravitate towards. They may also go with spicy notes like bergamot, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, pepper, pistachio, saffron, tonka bean, and patchouli. These people make their mark wherever they go, so the fragrance they should go for should not be any different.
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astrologyshitpost · 18 days ago
Signs and their months on an alignment chart
Tumblr media
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without-ado · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Full Pink Moon in Scorpio by Rami Ammoun (Apr. 2021)
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listenmyguy · 6 months ago
The signs as lyrics from daft punk’s 1997 hit “around the world”
Aries: around the world
Taurus: around the world
Gemini: around the world
Cancer: around the world
Leo: around the world
Virgo: around the world
Libra: around the world
Scorpio: around the world
Sagittarius: around the world
Capricorn: around the world
Aquarius: around the world
Pisces: around the world
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the-pizza-man2 · 2 days ago
Venus in the 8th observation(Sagittarius) coming from a venus in scorpio (venus parallel pluto)
So from experience and due to weird circumstances unfortunately im not with her at the moment however doesnt mean that attraction/tension is strong
I observed that she’ll the type to stalk me thru social media and keep track where im at.
When she does this she’ll come to places that I would be frequently at or show up pass by whatever.
Normally if she does show up out of the blue she made sure it was a frequent place that i go towards or pass by at so she can “casually” show up either to linger around the area im at or attempt to encounter me
The amount of times she showed up in my dreams is fucking insanse and yes in my dream me and her got down in bed and i saw a reblog where venus 8th person would think about the person they like or have a thing for too strongly to the point where the person would dream about them and show them how venus 8th feels about them
(I can confim this is true) i thought i was missing her i mean yes and no but still
The amount of times that me and her trade stares NOT LOOKS stares towards one another is insane like me and her both know what we want from another and what we want to do towards another
If im doing my own thing and thinking about something important sometimes i would get random strong thoughts about her and holy shit the amount times when i do i could not focus whatsoever
Unfortunately adding onto this she has venus opposite saturn and ive intuitively picked up she has insecurities which sucks because it seems like she wants to come forth to talk to me but it seems like there’s hesitation of some sort of fear
(I have venus trine saturn)
Im getting a gist that theres something blocking her way when it comes to me not sure why but time will tell
I sense shes wanting to be passionate with me
I noticed that she doesn’t speak up for herself might have something to so with Saturn(r) opp Venus
Its seems like shes willing to “see me” behind someones back but theres whole a lot context to maybe why not gonna explain because its just weird and doesn’t make any sense on a observing level
Shes with someone toxic/controlling yes she's with someone. There's a good chance had to do with the aspect(maybe that's why she was trying to “see me?”)
Ive heard about the aspect saturn opp venus can isolate people within a relationship i can confirm this is true she said “her and him don’t talk to anybody outside the relationship” if thats not a red flag i don’t know what is
She might have trauma? Pupil is messed up I remember somewhere online eyes could and can indicate trauma i could be wrong someone correct me in the comments
Dyed her hair pink and black at certain points in time
I dont know if she knows how to breakup with a person or end things (just a theory)
I remember a post saying about being a ugly duckling? Well shes that at the moment
With the aspect i dont think she knows any red flags when it comes to people
When she had a thing for me for a bit she would try to get my attention on purpose not sure if she still has a thing for me which that alone doesnt make sense?
I dont think she knows bounderies
Might add onto this post as days go by
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saturnian-venus · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
astro notes pt. iv [beauty & fashion edition]
Tumblr media
♤ most people with upturned catlike eyes have mars aspecting their ascendant ex: megan fox (mars conjunction ascendant) cardi b (mars square ascendant) jordin sparks (mars semi-square ascendant)
♤ ladies with jupiter aspecting their ascendant & taurus/libra inner placements are blessed with an alluring hourglass/opposing triangles figure ex: amber rose (jupiter trine ascendant + libra sun) christina hendricks (jupiter sextile ascendant + taurus sun) peggy lee (jupiter semi-sextile ascendant + taurus venus + libra mars)
♤ simple soft glam makeup look lovers probably have venus in earth signs aspecting the ascendant ex: jamie chung (taurus venus + venus trine ascendant) charlize theron (virgo venus + venus conjunction ascendant) sza (capricorn venus + venus semi-sextile ascendant)
♤ aphrodite (1388) aspecting venus can make you look very photogenic ex: cindy crawford (venus conjunct aphrodite) noah mills (venus conjunct aphrodite) naomi campbell (venus trine aphrodite)
♤ every moon in aries/1st house went through a red hair phase ex: janet jackson (aries moon) rosé (aries moon) gloria estefan (moon in the 1st house)
♤ an aspect that can contribute to having fairy/elf like features is a hard aspect between neptune and the asendant ex: sylvie testud (neptune square ascendant) rami malek (neptune opposite ascendant) kate bosworth (neptune inconjunction ascendant)
♤ females with a gorgeous tringale/pear shaped bodies usually have pluto aspecting their asendant & leo/sagittarius inner placements ex: beyoncé (pluto conjunction ascendant + leo mars) christina aguilera (pluto trine ascendant + sagittarius sun + sagittarius venus), rihanna (pluto inconjunction ascendant + sagittarius mars)
♤ people who have deep attractive voices oftentimes have mercury-pluto aspects ex: mark strong (mercury conjunction pluto) laurence fishburne (mercury semi-square pluto) alan rickman (mercury inconjunction pluto) or pluto in the 3rd house ex: martin luther king, emma stone & laura prepon
♤ having neptune aspecting the ascendant can give you downturned doelike eyes ex: paul mccartney (neptune conjunction ascendant) sylvester stallone (neptune square ascendant) grimes (neptune semi-square ascendant)
♤ celebrities known for their famous hairstyles tend to have fire venus combined with moon-venus aspects ex: audrey hepburn (aries venus + moon semi-square venus) whitney houston (leo venus + moon trine venus) farrah fawcett (sagittarius venus + moon opposite venus)
♤ hard sun-uranus aspects can cause asymmetrical face ex: ryan gosling (sun conjunction uranus) paris hilton (sun square uranus) angelina jolie (sun sesqui-quadrate uranus)
♤ people who have their sun/moon aspecting lilith have dark intense attractiveness ex: taissa farmiga (sun trine lilith) ben barnes (moon trine lilith) mia wasikowska (moon square lilith)
♤ the looking bizarre but in a sexy way aspect got to be uranus harsly aspecting the sun ex: anya taylor joy (sun square uranus) benedict cumberbatch (sun square uranus) gemma ward (sun semi-square uranus)
♤ saturn aspecting the asendant & aries/capricorn inner placements can give the individual model qualities ex: miranda kerr (saturn square ascendant + aries sun) gigi hadid (saturn semi-square ascendant + aries venus) vanessa paradis (saturn inconjunction ascendant + capricorn sun)
♤ most of bold heavy makeup lovers have fire venus in the 1st/10th house ex: dua lipa (leo venus in the 10th house) chungha (aries venus in the 10th house) katy perry (sagittarius venus in the 1st house)
♤ psyche (16) aspecting the sun people have an astonishing beauty ex: diane kruger (sun conjunct psyche) monica bellucci (sun trine psyche) aishwarya rai (sun semi-sextile psyche)
♤ famous for their iconic curly hair they got earth moons with sun/uranus aspects ex: andie macdowell (taurus moon + sun square uranus) corbin bleu (virgo moon + sun sextile uranus) keri russell (capricorn moon + sun inconjunction uranus)
♤ having cosmetic surgery to enhance what they got aspect is sun/asendant/midheaven semi-square venus ex: lana del rey (sun semi-square venus) hailey baldwin (asendant semi-square venus) jennifer lawrence (midheaven semi-square venus)
♤ narcissus (37117) conjunct/trine/sextile sun folks are in love with their reflection spends a lot of time in front the mirror and take mirror selfies
♤ big fans of bodycon clothings mostly have venus in a fire house ex: selena quintanilla (venus in the 1st house) famous for her signature looks with bodycon jumpsuits, khloe kardashian (venus in the 5th house) loves bodycon skirts/pants, kim kardashian (venus in the 9th house) most of her wardrobe consist of bodycon dresses
♤ most people with round captivating eyes have moon aspecting their ascendant ex: zooey deschanel (moon conjunction ascendant) dakota fanning (moon square ascendant) marion cotillard (moon semi-square ascendant)
♤ women with a graceful rectangle/banana shaped bodies could have mercury aspecting the ascendant & virgo/aquarius inner placements ex: charlotte rampling (mercury conjunction ascendant + aquarius sun + aquarius venus) zendaya (mercury trine ascendant + virgo sun) mitski (mercury sextile ascendant + virgo venus)
♤ the majority of people born with red hair have got aries/taurus in their big 6 with sun/mars aspects ex: jessica chestian (aries sun + aries venus + sun semi sextile mars) domhnall gleeson (taurus sun + taurus moon + taurus mars + sun conjunct mars) toby stephens (taurus sun + aries venus + sun sesqui-quadrate mars)
♤ water signs individuals like to put on blue eye contact lenses
Tumblr media
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thetallkiwi2 · 6 days ago
Manifesting With Astrology
Hi everyone!! I'm legit posting today but I do need to do homework lol but I did read some replies from my short astro observations and I noticed you guys did want this! So I was on the bus one day and thinking to myself, "how do you use your jupiter sign to manifest and how to use your venus sign to manifest?"
So now here I am. If you also wanna check the houses of your jupiter and venus placements for additional info and feel free to ask if confused. I will do my best to ensure that I word it in a way you can understand it. Here goessss
Jupiter placements:
Jupiter in Aries: Jupiter blesses you when you know what you want and take risks. Legit don't even think of making a plan (but that helps) just jump right into it and the universe will provide as you go along
Jupiter in Taurus: TREAT YO SELF💅. Literally when you focus on you and taking care of yourself, you are more confident and therefore will express your higher self which will better align you to your desires.
Jupiter in Gemini: This placement blesses those who seek out the info. Seek knowledge because in that moment you will get your desire.
Jupiter in Cancer: you are blessed by expressing cancer cancerian traits! Love on others and nurture them (and yourself of course) like a momma would. Such a beautiful placement.
Jupiter in Leo (my gang🤟): babes we show up and show tf out. We are to let the world know who we are and we make sure they heard our names at least once😉. You're blessed by being your authentic self, give to others and have fun while doing so. We manifest, just like Jupiter in Taurus when we are confident. That is our higher self which better aligns us with our desires.
Jupiter in virgo: karrrrmmaaaa👏👏👏. You get what you give. Give out good and you will get good, even your desires. I don't have to explain what happens if you give out bad, right😉
Jupiter in Libra: another placement where you have to treat yourself. Also, think b a l a n c e d. The more you're able to see things from a balanced perspective, the more you can align yourself with your desires.
Jupiter in Scorpio: oh ho ho. Well one thing for sure, the more you dig deep the more you will find. Take that however you want. Also...🌟sex magic🌟. Hehehehe
Jupiter in Sagittarius: where Jupiter is in its planetary ruler! Well, one of them lol. Expand your mind, travel, and I mean travel to another country. Your desires will come to you once you go and explore the world and be grateful for what you already have. Keep the faith that everything will work out in your favor too!!
Jupiter in Capricorn: you will be blessed by taking on a structured and traditional approach to things. If you want your desires, you better create some sort of structure to achieve it and work for it. Be patient. This is a saturn ruled Jupiter. Where and whatever saturn rules, takes time and effort because daddy saturn only wants the best and nothing but the BEST.👏
Jupiter in Aquarius: Same thing with Jupiter in Capricorn. However, the thing is that instead of creating structure, go crazy. Act and think and B E outside of the box. Things that other people haven't done? Do IT.👏 Things people are scared to try? PURSUE IT. 👏 This placement is also a lot like Jupiter in Aries, just take the freaking risk and go for it. Y'all are technically the trendsetters anyway.
Jupiter in pisces: Ahh, the other ruler of Jupiter lol. This is a natural manifesting placement. Dream your desires and create art that expresses what you desire and it will come to you. If you paint a canvas of yourself that is receiving your desire the universe will be like "Ohhhh okay bestieee I got you!!!" And watch it come right there. Same with your thoughts. Please don't get too far into your thoughts that you lose reality. Just like Sagittarius, have faith. Keep the faith that everything will work out in your favor.
Now for the venus placements!! It's pretty similar to the Jupiter signs in my opinion since both planets do focus on abundance.
Venus in Aries: take that risk of doing what you love babes! Carry that confidence within you and know that you are a badass king/queen that can get anything you want😍
Venus in Taurus: please treat yourself and know that you are that badass that can manifest what you want when you work hard for what you want. Treat yourself after and prove to you that you got this!!
Venus in Gemini: Indulge in the love of knowledge. Get a manicure or something. Just like Jupiter in Gemini, seek out what seeks you babes❤️ as a matter of fact, try scripting or saying affirmations out loud. This is a mercurial Venus so anything with words will pretty much work🤣
Venus in Cancer: love on you and nuture yourself. Consider this as you preparing yourself to receive the desires you want. By creating space for yourself to be free, you make room for your manifestations to come in.
Venus in Leo: Lordtttt. Say some "I am" affirmations, shake your ass when looking in the mirror. Jkkkkkkk. (But that also helps too). Show yourself who you are and then show the world. You are meant to shine. You will attract people too so use that to your advantage (i.e. networking, not using people for your own benefit😅😮‍💨).
Venus in Virgo: you know how you're the type to keep giving as a love language? Well give to yourself instead of other people (I mean...you can do that too as it will create good karma). Treat yourself and love yourself. Don't be afraid to look into the mirror and say "I love you." to that reflection. Go on. DO IT. Also don't forget to connect with nature.
Venus in libra: just like Venus in Leo and Taurus, treat yourself and don't be afraid to right any wrongs. Remember, balance is key here. Just don't overindulge. I think of Aphrodite with this placement and how love is the greatest energy of all. Attract love by loving yourself first and watch what comes to you❤️
Venus in Scorpio (my gang🤟): learn to love your darkness. Learn to love the parts of you that need a lil more tlc, a little more patience and acceptance since no one else accepted that part of you. Study the occult or dark arts and indulge in the intensity of it. Don't be afraid to be the light to the dark. Also...SEX MAGICCCC. Scorpio is sexual, so the moment you about to cum scream them desires, it doesn't matter if you wake your parents up or not just scream it!
Venus in Sagittarius: just like Jupiter in Sagittarius, go out and seek. What you seek seeks you. You will attract what you want by broadening your mindset and knowledge as sometimes it may be simple as a different POV you need to adopt to receive your manifestations.
Venus in Capricorn: stay on that grind and know that it is okay to incorporate some me-time in whatever routine you have. Take time for you to rest and rejuvenate (look to your sister sign cancer for that) and then get back up on your grind. Your desires are your reward❤️
Venus in Aquarius: Enjoy experiencing new things and new perspectives. Do hobbies that require you to think and B E outside the box (like Jupiter in Aquarius). Have fun being the trendsetter.
Venus in Pisces: your love for the reality you want to bring will help you bring it to fruition. Enjoy your daydreaming and watch it come to you. Enjoy your art and watch it come to you. Look to jupiter in pisces for this one.
I hope this helps because like I said, I am still new to this and with more info, I will ne back to provide better information.
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